a;sldkfjdal; I need a moderator.

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Moderators: CyberDragon, Serence Frostbite

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a;sldkfjdal; I need a moderator.

Post by Dissension »

OK, so, after not hiring anybody for a long time, I guess I'm kinda missing it, so... if you're an active role-player, and you wanna be a Roleplaying moderator, post in this thread. You're allowed to nominate someone else here, too, but please don't nominate anyone who's not interested. We're not looking to have a repeat of The Incident.
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Re: a;sldkfjdal; I need a moderator.

Post by CyberDragon »

I'm interested. What should I do?
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Re: a;sldkfjdal; I need a moderator.

Post by Legotron123 »

Personally not interested in it myself, but if they’re up for it, I think Cyber and Welsh would make good choices.
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Re: a;sldkfjdal; I need a moderator.

Post by SeanWolf »

I'm interested as well, though I also think Cyber would do well as well.
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Re: a;sldkfjdal; I need a moderator.

Post by Hlaoroo »

Looks like Cyber won the promotion!
Congrats, Cyber!
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