2019/11/1- It's True, It's All True

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2019/11/1- It's True, It's All True

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Title Text: to be filled in later
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Well, looks like the shenanigans are spreading...

And another poem for you, if you'd like it...

Marion, take a chill pill,
You both are gonna be fine,
It's a test of your will,
And your sanity's sure on the line!

Poncho's just as confused as you,
A truly perplexed wolf guard,
But please don't eat his face, Marion,
He'd surely slap you hard!

Well, if wolfy didn't see a thing,
Who knows where this might go?
The temple fell, so where's the bling?
The power must still flow...

Seriously though, it seems real odd
That Poncho saw nothing,
Lois now is four-pawed
Without a glimpse of bling...

At least Lois has the decency
To keep her thinking level,
But now we'll just have to see
Who did this- the dino-devil?

Whoever did it wasn't Poncho,
That much, I hope, is clear,
Marion, just calm down, whoa,
The end isn't yet near.
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Re: 2019/11/1- It's True, It's All True

Post by Dissension »

Sorry, but to keep from having a bunch of people racing each other, please allow staff to create the discussion thread.
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