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Re: Pet Friendly: Main OOC

Posted: Sun Jun 20, 2010 3:42 am
by ChewyChewy
I'm not against the idea of mean characters becoming nice, even if it does take a long time--but there's a difference between characters who are mean because they're arrogant jerks who think they're the best and only ones in the world, and those who are mean because they're hurting and want to hurt the world back. And I suppose life would be dull without SOME bullies, but my main complaint is the sheer NUMBER of mean characters I've seen--as well as the EXTENT of their meanness. Collectively it really weighs you down.... :(

I honestly thought that Vanilla was at the most extreme point regarding characters who weren't exactly the friendliest--but compared to too many other characters she might as well have a personality more like Honey's--or even Liz's, for that matter.

I don't feel right "axing" a character, especially one I didn't create, but the closest one so far to one that I've seen that I'd want to do that to is Drake. That post of Zack's as Drake is STILL up there in Radiant Gardens and I hate even looking at it--I'd thought that whole thing was going to be cut out (since we pretended it never happened anyway) but it's still there.

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Posted: Sun Jun 20, 2010 4:13 am
by Buckdida
ACK! I forgot to do that! Blargh, PM me the post starting where I need to delete, to the end post I need to delete. Send me the links, when you get a chance.

Re: Pet Friendly: Main OOC

Posted: Sun Jun 20, 2010 4:25 am
by ChewyChewy
Have done so. Thanks. :)

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Posted: Sun Jun 20, 2010 4:26 am
by Buckdida
There, that's gone. If there's anymore I need to get rid of, let me know.

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Posted: Sun Jun 20, 2010 4:28 am
by ChewyChewy
Buckdida wrote:There, that's gone. If there's anymore I need to get rid of, let me know.
Probably that whole Betawolf thing, I'll PM you the links to that as well....

EDIT: I don't know if anyone else wants it gone, but Buckdida hasn't gotten rid of it yet in case anyone doesn't....

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Posted: Sun Jun 20, 2010 4:37 am
by D-Singer
Name: Stetson Gardale
Species: Australian Shepherd
Age: ~7 (Dog years~24)

-Appearance-[Illustration courtesy of ctcmjh]
A very handsome dog, Stetson has mid-length, perfectly groomed fur, and is the standard 'Red Merle with tan points' breed color. The fur on his head styled so his bangs hang over his eyes on either side. Around his neck, he wears a red bandanna with bright gold, silk-shined edges and custom designs sewn along the sides, and under it he has a brown leather collar with a polished brass ID plate, which he uses to carry his cash, cards, keys, ect. He wears a red and gold Rolex watch over a red wristband on his right paw.

Stet is likely the happiest dog you will ever meet, and with good reason. He lives ‘the good life’ to the extent of any dog’s dream. He’s a pedigree with blue ribbons, is owned by the president of a successful outdoorsman company, has landed himself multiple roles as a K9 actor, and has a smooth southern drawl in his voice that only complements his pretty appearance and breed. His reputation and lifestyle have garnered and spoiled him with nearly every heart’s desire a dog could have. Great food, endless money at his paws, and friends and acquaintances galore.

While it’s a life that could easily drive people to both insanity and bitterness, Stet ‘s view is solid. Anything beyond his looks and friends is just gravy. If there’s anything that stands out aside from his looks and voice, it’s the incorruptibility that only a dumb dog could have...

-Other Notes-
-Stet has gotten into the habit of mimicking some human celebrities, usually members of popular bands or actors.
-One particular skill he has is playing the guitar. This is likely due to his affinity for rock and country music.
-The irony that Stetson has practically none of the skills that make his breed valuable for the most part goes unnoticed by his ‘fans’. He has little physical stamina, can’t perform any impressive tricks, and can’t heard.
-Due to the fact that his owner is so busy, and knows his prized pet is such a freewheeler, Stet is often times supervised by either a trainer or security animals.


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Posted: Sun Jun 20, 2010 9:47 pm
by furryovrlord
my new character

-name- Ace spades
-species- Beagle
-Age- 4 years (14 pet years)
-Neighbourhood- Oasis towers
-appearance- completely brown undercoat with a lighter shade patch on his hind left flank and another light brown patch over his right eye that goes to the back of his right ear.
He wears a red leather collar with ‘fake gold’ plate and a spade attachment dangling from it, it is a bit too big for him and often ends up chafing his throat. His ears are very soft and floppy, often they hang down the side of his face, they only ever get rigid when he is angry.
He has a mild build, not too muscly not too scrawny but whenever he has been eating his belly is always protruding and rounded (he gets fed well)
His eyes are two different colours, one being green the other being a bright blue

-personality- he is the type who likes to gamble, if ever the opportunity arises he will place odds upon it. He gets lucky a lot and life always seems to go his way. He is very open about things and will engage a conversation with anyone. Being a smaller creature he gets very defensive about jakes against his height and he also gets very insulted when people bring up anything about his floppy ears.
He has a passion for food which is only equal to his love for art, though, on at first glance he never seems like the artsy kind of guy.
He is full of energy and is quite ‘bouncy’ but because of that he can bur out and run out of enthusiasm quickly.
He loves all kinds of card games
he loves to explore
-extra information- he was born on a dog farm where his ‘father’ bought him.
He inherited his love for card games and art from his father who is an art curator and an amateur poker champion.
His fathers name is Ian spade and is renowned throughout the city as the “luckiest guy around”
he was just newly adopted

s- 5
p- 8
e- 2
l- 9

Re: Pet Friendly: Main OOC

Posted: Mon Jun 21, 2010 12:44 am
by Vadiant
Hm... Quick question. Considering 'exotic' pets such as wolves and dingoes and foxes have appeared before, what about pets like... Bats? :twisted:

Re: Pet Friendly: Main OOC

Posted: Mon Jun 21, 2010 12:49 am
by Buckdida
Bats...would probably be okay.

But under normal rules, they would have only 36 points to spend (or whatever the rule says), since they can fly and echo-locate.

Re: Pet Friendly: Main OOC

Posted: Tue Jun 22, 2010 1:48 am
by Vadiant
Hopefully, this is okay. ... And no, I haven't lost the irony in making a character with nocturnal sleep-issues, while suffering from insomnia.

Ryan Belfry


18 (About 5 human years)

Oasis Towers

From the neck down, Ryan's fur is all a dark brown, the same as his eyes. A white ring of hair runs around his neck itself, before turning to a golden brown color that covers his head. He's surprisingly light weight for his size, though he's lean to start with. As a bat, Ryan has wings running from his arms down his sides, that go a bit past his fingertips, when extended. He wears a thin orange collar, with an engraved bell attached as a tag. Oddly, the bell doesn't make any noise-- the clapper's been removed.

Generally friendly and a little bit stubborn, Ryan is hard to convince he's wrong when he's made up his mind. He judges others based on how they act, so he isn't phased by flashy showmanship or wealth. Though generally well-meaning, Ryan isn't above lying if he thinks the truth would be worse than the lie itself. He's also a big movie fan. his dad owns a movie-rental shop in the city, so Ryan gets his fill of them. ... If you can't guess what his favorite horror movie-monster is, you're really not trying.

-Other Notes-
-He doesn't drink blood-- he's a fruit bat, not a vampire bat. ... However, this doesn't stop him from periodically showing off his fangs and pretending to be a real vampire, as a joke.
-Being naturally nocturnal, Ryan has a rather... Unusual sleep schedule, from trying to stay awake during the day. As a result, occasionally he'll have trouble sleeping, or have the opposite problem and fall asleep suddenly.

Strength- 2
Perception- 8
Endurance- 6
Charisma- 5
Intelligence- 7
Agility- 5
Luck- 3

Re: Pet Friendly: Main OOC

Posted: Tue Jun 22, 2010 2:44 am
by ctcmjh

Re: Pet Friendly: Main OOC

Posted: Tue Jun 22, 2010 7:25 am
by Keeshah
Finally having the time to write this up...

Her speaking color is..#8000FF

Precious (Abbott)


Alfred and Helena Abbott

Dog, Rottweiler

14 (About 4 human years)

Oasis Towers - 4th floor, apt. 433

Not your standard Rottie by any means, Xena can be best described as being a muscular ripped beast of a she-dog, from having accompanying her "dad" on his weight training exercises these past 2 years.
Of more of a normal look, she has the usual black coat with mahogany markings of her breed, an soft amber eyes.
However back to the unusual, her tail is not docked! as she is sporting the short bushy tail, rottweilers otherwise would have.
She wears a purple nylon color, with the words ~Crazy Dog~ printed on it along it's length. from which her vaccination an Bone shaped license tag hangs from a ring. Her license tag bears her legal name of "Precious".
While she would prefer to go about in the fur, her mother insists upon that she be clothed, so she will be wearing something when out an about.

She is laid-back an easy going, an won't usually offer to "get all medieval on you" unless fairly well provoked. She is just out for fun an adventure. She doesn't pre-judge anyone, instead she will employ the standard rottie behavior of being aloof. taking a sit-back wait an see attitude, before deciding allowing them to become friends or avoiding them.

-Other Notes-
-Being called "Precious", will make her cringe. taunt or tease her with it at your own peril!
-Her father is construction contractor, an flips houses on the side.
-Her father is a dedicated body builder, an got Xena involved when her mother had no interest in the sport.
-Her mother is a purchasing agent for wal-mart, an travels often on her job.
-Her mother is a bit of a prude, an doesn't think "pets" should be running about with "everything showing", an insists Precious, and other pets wear something. *embarrassing*
-She is an adventurer, an will take risks.

Strength - 10 (She is a body builder!)
Perception - 5 (generally alert)
Endurance - 5 (works out, but not a marathon runner)
Charisma - 3 (Hideous beast or Goddess depending on how you feel about female body builders)
Intelligence - 5 (just avg. awwww)
Agility - 8 (Big, strong, and quick!)
Luck - 6 (Likes risky adventures)

Re: Pet Friendly: Main OOC

Posted: Tue Jun 22, 2010 6:38 pm
Terrance "Terry" Todd

-Character Type-

Male Cat


Brookshire Meadows

-Appearance- {click}
Terry is a lanky cat. His limbs are long and thin with little muscle, but he makes up for his weakness with the speed in his long legs. Terry isn't disgustingly skinny, however, he still has a healthy build. "Sexy" he would say. His dark, blue tinted fur is slightly shaggy but not long. Terry has emerald green eyes that stand out against his dark fur. He where's a green collar around his neck with an emerald green heart dangling from it.

Terry is an outgoing cat. He's pretty spastic and loves nothing more than getting right into the middle of everything. He loves to have fun, often making up ridiculous schemes and games to amuse himself, and has kind of a twisted sense of humor. He loves to put other people in awkward positions, thinking of it as a hobby. Another thing that should be noted: Terry is flaming gay. About as straight as hula-hoop. Though you wouldn't be able to notice in everyday conversation.


-Strenghts and Weaknesses-
Strength: Terry is extremely fast and flexible.
Weakness: He is very weak, and is likely unable to defend himself.

Strength: Terry is a very talkative cat, and is never short of something to add to a conversation.
Weakness: A lot of waht he says makes no sense or is useless to the topic.

The color code is:

Code: Select all

[color=#0000FF][/color] Last color on the top row.
((I understand that for some reason this sort of character may not be taken lightly, but I give my word that I will be no more graphic with this character than would be acceptable with any other.))

Re: Pet Friendly: Main OOC

Posted: Thu Jun 24, 2010 3:24 am
by ctcmjh
Princess Grace Kuddles Juniper Wiggles Buttons Cutiepie Loveydovey Baby Williams. (Grace)

Cat, Turkish Angora

14 (4 human years)

Oasis Towers


Grace tends to act a little like an emo. She sometimes acts like her life sucks, but really, her life is really good. She is a pessimist and people sometimes think it's for attention. She can be nice to others, and does so very often, just don't expect a smile out of her unless your willing to take a few claws to the face.

-Other Notes-

Her owner is a fashion designer who has designed clothes for some of the top stars, both male and female. Grace has taken after her owner, and she designs pet-clothes and custom collars. She hand makes the expensive collars.
-She hates her name, so she insists on people calling her Grace.

Strength- 4 "I'm not going to help you carry that! Are you mad?!"
Perception- 8 "The stitching in this dress looks a little uneven. And you used two slightly different colors."
Endurance- 6 "I'm not running. But I could if I had to."
Charisma- 3 "What are you looking at?!" *Death-Glare*
Intelligence- 7 "Idiots..."
Agility- 7 "Clumsy idiots..."
Luck- 7 "Yeah, I tend to win. It's kinda a mix between my luck and your suck."

Re: Pet Friendly: Main OOC

Posted: Thu Jun 24, 2010 7:35 am
by Dr. Prower
ctcmjh wrote:-Name-
Princess Grace Kuddles Juniper Wiggles Buttons Cutiepie Loveydovey Baby Williams. (Grace)

Re: Pet Friendly: Main OOC

Posted: Thu Jun 24, 2010 12:12 pm
by ctcmjh
Dr. Prower wrote:
ctcmjh wrote:-Name-
Princess Grace Kuddles Juniper Wiggles Buttons Cutiepie Loveydovey Baby Williams. (Grace)
It's mot my fault she has a long name. It's her owner's fault!

Re: Pet Friendly: Main OOC

Posted: Thu Jun 24, 2010 12:22 pm
by Alex
Okay, I'd hate that name, too.... How did you think of it, anyway? The next thing you know is that your pet will be named Hadžihafizčumčumrdžinić or something....

Also, if I knew gay characters are allowed, I'd mention that my guest character was homosexual...

Re: Pet Friendly: Main OOC

Posted: Thu Jun 24, 2010 12:26 pm
by ctcmjh
Alex wrote:Okay, I'd hate that name, too.... How did you think of it, anyway? The next thing you know is that your pet will be named Hadžihafizčumčumrdžinić or something....
I just thought of it. Hadžihafizčumčumrdžinić? Really? My other pets are named Duke, Winch, Bianca, Ginger, Max, Liz, Morrigan and Tobias. There's nothing wrong with those names.
EDIT: Hadžihafizčumčumrdžinić is going to be my next pet. He will be a, jk.
Alex wrote:Also, if I knew gay characters are allowed, I'd mention that my guest character was homosexual...
That was a little out of left field. When did anyone every say gay pets weren't allowed? And if they did, when did they lift that rule?

Re: Pet Friendly: Main OOC

Posted: Thu Jun 24, 2010 12:29 pm
by Alex
Er... no-one said it... ever. I just thought they're not allowed. And I didn't want to ask, feared I'll be banned - there were no mods back then, just Rick, so I had no-one to ask.

Re: Pet Friendly: Main OOC

Posted: Thu Jun 24, 2010 12:34 pm
by ctcmjh
Well now, I don't think you'll be banned for making a question. IMO, I think that the homosexual pets wouldn't be a problem.

Re: Pet Friendly: Main OOC

Posted: Thu Jun 24, 2010 12:55 pm
by Alex
I know now they're allowed - I talked to a mod about it yesterday.

Re: Pet Friendly: Main OOC

Posted: Thu Jun 24, 2010 1:54 pm
by ChewyChewy
I didn't know gay pets were allowed either, and had assumed they weren't.

Obviously it would be forbidden to talk about sex among the pets, or anything that would go beyond the rating of the forums (and I know it's possible to avoid that while having gay characters--I read Vinci & Arty) but it honestly never occurred to me that it was okay to have a character in the Pet Friendly RPG who was gay....

Re: Pet Friendly: Main OOC

Posted: Thu Jun 24, 2010 2:12 pm
by Teh Brawler
Yay, new character!

Name: Carrie Elloway

Gender: female

Species: Dog (Russo-European Laika)

Age: 6 (human years), 21 (Dog years)

Neighborhood: Oasis Towers

Appearance: Carrie has black and white fur, and wears a red collar with a paintbrush tag of the same color.

Personality: Carrie is generally happy, and excited. She loves being around pets, and often tries to lead. However, she is aware of others, and is very willing to help. She can be serious, and is capable of real love very quickly.

Other notes: Carrie is an artist by hobby, and has come to the Oasis Towers on a job to paint a mural in a wealthy client's house. However, she has decided to live here permanently. She is accompanied by her owner, Sarah Elloway, who is a lawyer with Harris Records, a famous music company. She also happens to be a fan of many artists under contract of Harris Records, including a certain "Projection".


Strength- 4

Perception- 5

Endurance- 7

Charisma- 8

Intelligence- 8

Agility- 5

Luck- 5


I'll introduce Carrie later into the RP, but I wanted to post her Character sheet now.

Re: Pet Friendly: Main OOC

Posted: Fri Jun 25, 2010 2:57 am
by ChewyChewy
All these new neighborhoods seem to be taking the activity out of the old ones.... :(

Re: Pet Friendly: Main OOC

Posted: Sat Jun 26, 2010 12:59 pm
Gonna try out this wild animal business.


-Character Type-



Brookshire Meadows

-Appearance- {click}
Pifer is a slender creature, long and thin. He stands at just under 3 feet tall, but usually stands slightly hunched at around 2'7". His fur is mainly brown, save his light-tan underbelly and white "mask" fur. He seems scrawny but has powerful muscles stretched across his long frame. His long tail has a near-black "puff" at the end, and he is missing half of his right ear. Pifer's eyes are a dark violet that makes him seem like he's looking through you.

Pifer is remarkably relaxed for a weasel. While he still gets the "gitters", he can mainly be seen acting like any other animal. In stressful situations, however, Pifer can't be still. At least one part of his body can always be seen moving. Pifer is a friendly feral. At least he tries to be. He is wary of strangers at first, of course, having lived by himself his entire life, but has grown to like some of the more open-minded housepets. Pifer has a dark side, however. When he or any of his loved ones are threatened, his animal instincts kick in, and he becomes a "wild" animal.

-Other Notes-
-his hearing is completely unaffected by his injured ear
-has a silver collar with metal studs that he found in a dumpster. He can often be seen with this when he is exploring residential areas
-can easily "slip out of" tight spaces due to his slender frame
-has lived in the same "cave" under an enormous oak tree for most of his life
-his "bloodlust" state can be countered by any number of shocks (severe pain, extreme temperature, etc.)

S-8 P-8 E-6 C-4 I-3 A-8 L-5

-Strengths and Weaknesses-
Strength: Pifer is very strong and agile, and can easily fend off or escape from danger.
Weakness: When Pifer is suddenly thrown into stressful situations he sometimes enters a "Bloodlust" or "Bloodrage" mode that makes him almost blind in a rage.

Strength: Pifer is very intelligent in the ways of survival and can figure out solutions to tough situations easily.
Weakness: He isn't very educated in human society and will often be seen as "dumb".

Re: Pet Friendly: Main OOC

Posted: Sun Jun 27, 2010 11:34 pm
by Dusty
I think I'll hop into this with a character :)

Name: Ranger

Species: Dog - German Shepard

Age: 6 years ~ 22

Neighborhood: Oasis Towers (pending)

His most noticeable feature is a long thin strip of white down his normally black-furred back, an unlucky scar from his tour to Iraq. He stands right at five feet, and wieghs around 120lbs, his training as an army dog gives him a lean, muscular look. His ears are always twitching back and forth sensing for unseen threats, his whole demeanor gives off a feeling of tension. His normal outfit is digital camo collar with his actual dog tags dangling around his neck. When outside he wears his ACU cap (called a Cover) that has his name on a velcro tag around the back.

Personality: Skittish is the most common adjective used to describe him, he can be slow to war up to people but very caring and protective of those he does care about, especially his owner whom he served a tour with in Iraq. Though skittish in normal social interactions he ironically displays a very cool demeanor when something falls within his comfort zone, be it sniffing out a bomb or playing his drums.

Other Notes:
-His Dog tags are real.
-He was trained to sniff out bombs, weapons, and drugs and help in the apprehending of combatants.
-Though he doesn't look it he's actually an avid percussionist, owning a homemade drumbone and a steel drum pan.
-His owner's name is Travis was his handler is Iraq, both are members of the national Guard and are fresh back from active duty.
-He's suffering from mild Post Dramatic Stress disorder, which is why he's always tensed up.


Re: Pet Friendly: Main OOC

Posted: Mon Jun 28, 2010 11:28 pm
by caelei
Neighborhood: Oasis Towers (main character)

Name: Jayda Grey

Age: 16 HP years (or about 4.5 human years)

Species: Cat (Ragdoll)

Appearance: Jayda has long, silky white fur, with light cream-colored markings covering her ears and extending down over her eyes to her pink nose. She had the same color marking on the tip of her fluffy tail, as well. Her eyes are a bright blue (all Ragdolls have blue eyes). Instead of a collar, Jayda wears a pale pink ribbon around her neck, tied in a bow. She doesn't wear any sort of identification.

Personality: Most people would assume, from the way Jayda's mother (Lilian Grey) croons over her, that she's a spoiled cat. She's not. In actuality, Jayda somewhat despises the attention/money that her mother smothers her with. As a result, she hates it when people give her any type of gift, and usually simply shrugs them off, or gives the gift away (failing either of those, she has fun destroying what they gave her). She's prone to sneaking out her room while her mother's not paying attention, and has developed the tendency to get mad when people don't take her seriously. She's sometimes kinda obstinate, and doesn't willingly accept orders (and will sulk if she has to). She is hardly athletic, preferring to lounge around and read. One thing she loves to learn about is mechanics (though she doesn't know hardly anything about them), because her father (Maxwell Grey) is a wealthy mechanical engineer.

Other Notes:
1.) Jayda goes completely limp when someone picks her up (something that most Ragdoll cats do).
2.) Her mother tries to protect her from everything, so Jayda's never been outside.
3.) She calls her mother by her first name.
4.) Her father travels a lot on business.
5.) She lives on the 17th floor, room 1769.
6.) Jayda's declawed, front and back feet.


S - 4
P - 8
E - 5
C - 9
I - 6
A - 5
L - 5

Re: Pet Friendly: Main OOC

Posted: Mon Jun 28, 2010 11:31 pm
by ctcmjh
Yay! Another female cat!

Re: Pet Friendly: Main OOC

Posted: Mon Jun 28, 2010 11:32 pm
by The Game
yeah, BsM didn't work for me so ignore this and go on with your merry lives

Re: Pet Friendly: Main OOC

Posted: Tue Jun 29, 2010 5:41 am
by Alex
The Game wrote:Age: 17.5 (5 pet)

C-4 (guys usually see her has 'just a friend')
You mean 5 human years and "AS just a friend"?

But yeah, I didn't post just to fix your small mistakes. I want to join another neighborhood, too. RV is going too slow for me, kinda. I will edit this post with a new character sheet.


Owner names
Hannah and Joe Harris

Character Type
Main character

Dog - Dalmatian, male.

8 human years/28 pet years

Oasis Tower

Glenn has the appearance of a normal dalmatian, white with black spots. He has a bit more black spots than other dalmatians, covering every bit of his body, except his tail, of course. However, none of the black spots is "large", and they all look almost identical in size. He has a long, white tail, and is often called "handsome". Is usually noticed by other pets. Wears a green collar with an ID-tag shaped like a ruby. (It's not a real ruby though) His eyes are also green.

Glenn loves to be with a small group of friends, but never in a larger group. 5 pets max. He's cheerful, loves to talk, loves to read, and he always wants to help and never wants to harm anyone. There's just nothing bad about him... almost. Glenn's gay, which explains the ruby on his ID-tag. He's trying to hide it, but despite his high charisma, if he's ever asked about it, he will rarely be able to successfully lie about it.
Glenn wasn't changed by his wealth at all. He isn't very rich, but rich nonetheless.

Other notes
-Glenn's body is weak when it comes to sicknesses. He often gets sick, like, 1-2 times per month.
-He lives with his mom, who owns a pet restaurant - a place only for pets.
-Most of the money his mom gets is from his dad, who's a drummer in a heavy metal band. He's rarely home because they're on tour currently.
-He usually gets up at 7 and goes to the restaurant to help the people working there, usually doing the waiter's job. Stays there until he gets bored, which is usually around 10 o'clock.
-Nobody knows that he's gay yet, except him, that is.
-Lives on the 18th floor (Room 1810), but the restaurant is on the 2nd floor.
-Absolutely loves to swim. Takes a bath every day before sleeping.

Strength: 5
Perception: 7
Endurance: 4
Charisma: 9
Intelligence: 8
Agility: 4
Luck: 5

Phew... hope I did everything right.
This will be his color. Hope no-one uses it currently, but even if someone does, does it matter?

Re: Pet Friendly: Main OOC

Posted: Tue Jun 29, 2010 11:09 am
Alex wrote:RV is going too slow for me, kinda.
You do know that Oasis Towers is a slow neighborhood right? They have a post limit of like 2 per day.

Re: Pet Friendly: Main OOC

Posted: Tue Jun 29, 2010 11:13 am
by Alex
2 slow RPs is just the perfect speed for me. I couldn't possibly participate in BsM or RG, that's going way too fast for me. I've got other things to do, too.

Re: Pet Friendly: Main OOC

Posted: Tue Jun 29, 2010 11:22 am
by The Game
thanks for that Alex... :lol:

Re: Pet Friendly: Main OOC

Posted: Tue Jun 29, 2010 12:15 pm
by Alex
Thanks for what?

Also, edited the sheet a little, before my first post.

Re: Pet Friendly: Main OOC

Posted: Tue Jun 29, 2010 12:54 pm
by Keeshah
JOFOXX wrote:
Alex wrote:RV is going too slow for me, kinda.
You do know that Oasis Towers is a slow neighborhood right? They have a post limit of like 2 per day.

Post limit is 3 per day, actually...

But compared to RV's 1 post every other day pace, it's fast..

Re: Pet Friendly: Main OOC

Posted: Thu Jul 01, 2010 4:02 am
by Jyoukaagje
I would like to start to RP if there is still room available

Aaltje Walker van de Straat, but introduces himself as Al

-Character Type-
main character

3/4 timber wolf, 1/4 husky

25 dog years, ~7 human years

Oasis Towers

Al has the markings typical for a timber wolf, but he is only as big as the average dog. His fur is scruffy and sticks out a bit and he sheds almost year-round due to not being used to the heat. His collar is plain brown leather, he has no tag and the collar doesn't come off, it is permanently clasped with a blued-steel valknut(three interlocked triangles) set in the center. He often wears a bandanna and wraps his left hand and both feet when he goes out. Al seems to have some scars from a long time ago, and there is a patch of fur missing on his right leg. His expression is usually either amused or mildly interested with his ears and tail perked, he has an easy smile even though it's a bit creepy from a scar

Al has an easy, calm demeanor and rarely gets flustered. He seems to put out a tough exteriour and people will often think him odd at first, but that's just 'cause he has some difficulty expressing himself to strangers. Although, once you break the ice with this guy he can tend to talk too much. Al secretly loves to be affectionate, but usually lets other people approach him first. He moves with a surety and an easy grace, always aware of his surroundings.

-Other Notes-
Apartment: One bedroom, one bath, full kitchen, dining room, living room, spacious accommodations, furnished, 5th floor
Business: Al is moving to Oasis City to open a smithy/welding shop mostly doing decorative work and minor repairs. He is here to start the business up while his owner is selling his old business.

a little background: Al is a bit of a wanderer, he was born wild and remained so for almost a year before he found a nice, warm home to take him in. He couldn't stay there long, however, for he felt the now familiar wanderlust. It is evident that he has hit upon hard times in his past but he doesn't ever seem to reflect on them. His master found him happily strolling along an alley in a small town in Arizona, slightly drunk on orange soda and very dirty. The man took one look at Al and started laughing. Long story short, they got in a fight and the man ended up taking Al in, even gave him his name. The man, named Arjan Walker, was amused by the obviously down-and-out dog's swagger; walking as if he owned the place and had nary a care in the world even though he was starving.

Al is an avid Buddhist and does several soft-style martial arts whenever he can.


Strength- 6


Endurance- 6


Intelligence- 7

Agility- 6

Luck- 6

Blargh, I think this is good, I'm open to suggestions.

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Posted: Thu Jul 01, 2010 8:10 pm
by EchoFireant
List updated. Please PM me if I accidentally left anyone out or there is a problem :mrgreen:

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Posted: Fri Jul 02, 2010 2:08 am
by DarkHeartsAndSuch
I got another one!

Name ~ Kylie

Species ~ Mustela (Weasel and ferret family)

Age ~ 5.5(19.5)

Gender ~ Female

Neighborhood ~ Brookshire Meadows

Appearance ~ Kylie has reddish-brown fur with white running down her front. She has dark blue eyes and abnormally small ears.

Personality ~ Kylie tends to be a bit impulsive, jumping to conclusions and reactions about situations almost instantaneously. She also tends to have an optimistic view on things and is often credited with being quite naïve.

Other Notes ~
-She likes to hang-out in trees
-Most of her family “disappeared,” but she just thinks, “Oh, they just moved somewhere else!”
-She’s lived in the wild most of her life, ‘cept for one little time when she was 1 (humanly) and lived with a normal American family. She “disappeared” after 5 days.


Strengths and Weaknesses -
E - Kylie talks really fast, but is hard to understand when she gets emotional.
E - She knows a lot about animals and trees and stuff, but hardly anything about human life.

Color ~ #BF4000

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Posted: Fri Jul 02, 2010 4:12 am
Yes! Two weasels!

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Posted: Sat Jul 03, 2010 1:01 am
by RockstarRaccoon
Seeing as he's now a major character...
Name - Taku
Species - Raccoon (North American)
Age - 16 (4.5 human years)
Gender - Male
Neighborhood - Brookshire Meadows

Mid-sized, Gray and brown, North American Raccoon. Looks very similar to Rikki except he is younger, smaller, and doesn't have any scars.

Taku has a long way to go before he's like his father. He's old enough and smart enough to live on his own, but hasn't fully matured. Rikki hoped he would find a mate and have kids, thinking that it will make him grow up, however, Taku is currently injured, and may not be released back into the wild until next winter.

Other Notes:
Rikki's immature and unlucky son, and has spent his entire life in the wild, unlike Rikki.
Because of a recent injury (broken nose), Taku cannot speak (his mouth is tied shut) and is being held as a "Rehab-Animal", meaning he will not be released until he can survive in the wild.
Taku's nose has healed from the recent injury, but still has some scarring, and causes him to speak in a nasally voice.
Extremely ignorant to the human world, gaining almost all insight from his father.

SPECIAL - Str = 6; Per = 6; End = 7; Cha = 4; Int = 4; Agl = 7; Luk = 4;
Strengths and Weaknesses:
Strength: Skilled in combat and survival like his father. (not as much though)
Weakness: Clumsy, Young, and Immature
He'll probably fade back out once he heals enough to leave.