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Character Sheet Template Wrote:
Character Name: Blockbuster

Color: Blue and Yellow
Type: main

Species/Breed: a VHS

Age: 30

Neighbourhood: Blockbuster Road

Appearance: Blue and yellow

Personality: Late Fees

Other notes: the best

S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats:
- Strength: 900
- Perception: 900
- Endurance: 900 years
- Charisma: 100
- Agility: 100
- Luck: 10 because netflix
Blockbuster Video WOW! what a difference

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Re: Character

Post by Hlaoroo »

Hi there, and welcome to Housepets and the RPs.

I strongly suggest you read the roleplaying forum rules as a character sheet like this will need a lot of work if it's to be accepted by a GM.

I also suggest you read the Housepets Forums rules as those govern the RP section as well as the rest of the forums.

If you can edit this sheet up then it could be a passable character, perhaps as a robot in a futuristic RP like Steelhaven or Apollo City.

If you've any questions or concerns then don't hesitate to ask any of our staff at any time.
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