How do i join into roleplays

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How do i join into roleplays

Post by MoonyTheDwarf »

How do i join in? i there some sort of char sheet?

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Re: How do i join into roleplays

Post by Deske »

Main OOC Thread <<< The Main OOC thread has all the answers you'll probably need. If not, you can ask questions in that thread as well.

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Re: How do i join into roleplays

Post by Hlaoroo »

As Deske said, the main OOC has all the information you seek in the first three posts. Joining RPs is as simple as asking the GM of that RP for permission and posting a character sheet in the OOC for that RP. When the GM approves your character you can start posting.

Please read the first three posts in the main OOC that Deske linked because they have all the information about how the RPs work and all the rules governing this section of the forums. If you have any more questions or concerns after reading that then feel free to either ask in that thread or to PM any RP mod. :)

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