[webcomic] A Miracle of Science

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[webcomic] A Miracle of Science

Post by Tola »

With people already threatening withdrawal during this guest week(s) or saying they're already suffering it, I thought I'd share one of my favorite older comics. It's not as colorful as Housepets by any means, and it has a furry quotient of zero (just to warn those of you who feel that's a deal-breaker), but it's got a good solid story with mad scientists, killer robots and ray guns.


If anybody feels like throwing links to their favorite reads up as replies, I certainly don't see why they shouldn't.

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Re: [webcomic] A Miracle of Science

Post by Sleet »

While we have nothing against your comic, and are glad you've got a creative endeavor of your own, we don't allow people to use the forum for advertising, and will have to close the thread. Sorry about that!
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