Exotic animals let loose, being killed.

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Exotic animals let loose, being killed.

Post by Keeshah »

In Zanesville Ohio, Terry Thomson the owner of an exotic animal farm was found dead, an the cages to all the animals left open.
48 exotic animals are loose. Lions, tigers, wolves, bears, an apes.
over-reacting authorities are hunting them down with "shoot to kill on sight" orders. No attempt is to be made to even try to capture any of the animals.
25 innocent animals have been shot dead at this time..
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Re: Exotic animals let loose, being killed.

Post by Sleet »

This is a really terrible situation. I hope no more animals or people are hurt. :/

However, there's a tough decision here:
-These animals can hurt people, and an effort to subdue them safely can endanger human life.
-These animals are innocent, and they did nothing to deserve death; this wasn't their fault.

I don't see this thread ending well, especially with this many animal lovers on one forum. This is a really controversial topic and therefore it's not really for discussion. I'm sorry. :(
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