Peanut Butter Sandwich reads the entire internet?

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Peanut Butter Sandwich reads the entire internet?

Post by HariSeldon »

I would like to know if PBS is trying to read the entire internet after cleaning out his local library, and/or doing interlibrary loan.
When Tarot read Peanut Butter's mind, what came out was a lot of knowledge, actually.  That makes sense, since PBS read the entire library. ... d-like-me/

The question is, now that he's finished with the library, is he trying to read the entire internet?  He has internet access, since: ... o-reality/

But if PBS has access to the internet, he might love TED, for example:

Tipping Point author Malcolm Gladwell gets inside the food industry's pursuit of the perfect spaghetti sauce -- and makes a larger argument about the nature of choice and happiness. ... sauce.html

PBS seems like the professor Superdog so he likes science.  PBS seems to be far more a memorization person not an understanding person, so if someone asks him about some random topic he could spout conspiracy nonsense from the internet or come out with something really awesome like:
The latest version of the LittleDog robot (to replace the housepets) can strategically place feet on unknown extremely uneven surfaces, and also react to unexpected changes in its balance so it's safe for kids to pick up:

But yeah, since PBS wants to be like Professor Spot, he might even (try) to listen to high school and college lectures:
Yes the above even includes 2 semesters of physical chemistry lectures from McGill: ... iences-2/1
Though PBS might be more interested in these Culinary Institute of America lectures: ... picurious/
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Re: Peanut Butter Sandwich reads the entire internet?

Post by Foxstar »

Is there a point your trying to make with the dozen links and rambling?

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Re: Peanut Butter Sandwich reads the entire internet?

Post by Zander »

Maybe he gets paid to advertise the college lectures or something?
Fursona! :3

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Re: Peanut Butter Sandwich reads the entire internet?

Post by Dissension »

I'm pretty sure this is just a bunch of spam with no purpose.

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