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Why does Peanut have a messenger bag? I don’t know! But he certainly likes it. Click here to vote!

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Have you ever wanted to draw a Housepets! strip?  Well, now’s your chance!  Beginning next week, we will run guest strips.  Please send your entries directly to me – neodissension at gmail dot com.  If your entry meets the comic’s PG rating and tone, I will add it to the rotation.   There is currently not a deadline and the frequency of posts will depend on the number of entries received.  We reserve the right to reject entries for any reason and without notice.  You are welcome to request your own alt/title text; if you do not do so, I will write one for you.  All entries will become the property of Rick Griffin Studios at the time of submission.

Get yer comickin’ on, I’m excited to see what y’all can do!

ALSO, please be sure to vote for Housepets! at  The current character sheet incentive is King’s!

Housepets! will be on hiatus for at least a week, following Rick’s hospitalization.  You can get status updates via @HousepetsComic.  Thanks for your patience, understanding, and support.