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HPU: Sunset Plateau 
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Post Re: HPU: Sunset Plateau
"No thanks." Meeko replied to Chris before it was made moot by the red panda, leaving it up to Chris to be the only one to help Will. "You go ahead, seems like Will will need you more now."

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Thu Nov 08, 2018 5:36 pm
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Post Re: HPU: Sunset Plateau
Hlaoroo Wrote:
Scotty nods happily and pats the arm of his new chair.
"So... Now what?"

"Now you use these levers to move it around. Just like moving your own car." The human showed the cat how the commands worked. "See? Forward, turn left, right, backward...And by moving your fingers on these pads you get to regulate the speed. Everytime you want to leave the chair, just stop it and do like the first time. As it is, you may take a stroll around and show off. Batteries are full, and I guess you're too excited to just sit here, eh?"
xhunterko Wrote:
Mitch nods.
"Well, at least it wasn't left alone in a nursing home, I dunno how humans can do that," Mitch says, "So, are you related to anyone else in the pack?"
Mitch paused, and counted on his fingers, stopping once he had counted all the wolves.
"Oh dear," he says, concerned.

Bel nodded "Amadora is my big sister. Caesar, is my brother-in-law, as the humans would say. Scipio and Constantine are my brothers. Oh, and Constantine really admires your lot, Mitch, he is pressing for the Palatinium Pack to become part of your own community."
Welsh Halfwit Wrote:
"Of course," Zachary said. "Well, I think. I'll check." So saying he nipped up and stuck his head into the back room. "Do we have any, um, bread 'thingies' for our guest whilst he waits for his food?"

One of the cooks, a brutish thing with a heart tattooed on his right arm, gave Zach a cross look and said, "Go take a basket of pizza bread by the oven, watch it, it's hot. And it has gluten!"


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Post Re: HPU: Sunset Plateau
"Thank you, sir," Zachary said brightly, taking the designated bread and a pat of butter over to Trevor. "It has guilt in," he warned.

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