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HPU: RGV: Radient Gardens Vineyard 
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FlanDab Wrote:
Gameb18oy Wrote:
He shrugged at that "Dad says I needs to get better at listening for stuff like that, but it's not caused me any actual problems yet." The soon arrive at a small mexican restaurant. Ferrum seems careful about handling the door handle for some reason. "Find yourself a place to sit while I see if I can find one of the owners, they usually don't just serve pets or strays here, but my dad has a deal with them since he's the only one that can help them with the cooking equipment if it breaks down."

"Ey. It's okay. No harm done," Pierre replied as he followed closely behind him.

"Must be nice to have friends like that," Pierre remarked.

Pierre heeded Ferrum, and headed for a seat. Once he had settled, his hands began to wander, touching everything on the table: the napkins, the condiment shakers, the table mantle, the chairs. His eyes also wandered, examining the walls, the ceilings, the floors, and the fellow customers. His intense fascination soon calmed down.

Ferrum kept in sight of Pierre as he looked around for the owners. He pretty much just needed them to spot him, after that, they’d bring him his usual plus the usual chips and salsa. He was sure there would be more than enough there for him and Pierre to share.

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Post Re: HPU: RGV: Radient Gardens Vineyard
Buster Wrote:
((You know, i spent stupidly long trying to come up with an answer that wasn't this but... *shrugs* never did. so you get rua acting like bonnie cause i don't know what to do with that post.))

"Thank you professor wikipedia. you can stop now." She states flatly, "one, I already answered that at the start, yes. and two, are all police officers this redundantly longwinded? we passed the 'testing' point a good fifteen minutes ago."

"Fine." The officer said. He then pulled out a folder filled with documents and handed it to Rua. "These are the adoption papers. Please sign them, and I will take them to the shelter."


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