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2014/01/22 - Adventure Time 
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Post Re: 2014/01/22 - Adventure Time
Galaxygaze Wrote:
For the past few comics on this Imaginate adventure thing, I really don't understand what's going on. :c

Please try reading the posts. People have been telling of what's going on.

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Thu Jan 23, 2014 1:04 am
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Post Re: 2014/01/22 - Adventure Time
people are dying in ways that are reminiscent to the rhyme seen in this strip

supposedly the anonymous person who invited them all to the island, and then accused them all of being involved with the death of one or more individuals, has something to do with it. so the men went to try to find their host, but came back emoty handed and with another dead person on their hands

that help at all?

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Thu Jan 23, 2014 1:10 am

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Post Re: 2014/01/22 - Adventure Time
RatHead Wrote:
GEEZ 2 minutes to search a whole Island?!?! They must be really good at searching, or be very organized, or be well trained, or have...

In the book, which I just pulled out to verify and found I had a bunch of details wrong*, it is suggested via details mentioned in passing (like the nearness of the house to the sea) that there isn't much to the island other than the house; later on in the book someone mentions that the house itself is a much more likely hiding place... because the murderer could hide by a method which turns out not to be how the murderer is actually hiding, but is used in one of the Kindaichi Case Files manga mysteries; it's an ingenious suggestion for a fictional murderer in a sealed house where there are already multiple victims and no lockable doors, although it might not work in practice in reality. Bet you thought I'd explain it here because I used the spoiler tag -- heh heh heh.

*Geez, there really IS a mention that the island is shaped like an Indian head in the book. (In my defense, it appears to be mentioned only once, in passing, near the beginning.) And I had Lombard and Blore's reactions mixed up in my earlier post; it's Blore who is there under a false name, not Lombard (although by the scene shown in this strip, that point has already been threshed out; it gets brought out within a few pages). Mea culpa, I'll try to make sure not to post any further spoilers without rereading to check that they're accurate.

Thu Jan 23, 2014 4:01 am
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Post Re: 2014/01/22 - Adventure Time
HundKatzeMaus Wrote:
D-Rock Wrote:
Well, that search was less than fruitful, especially since they're now short another member.

I wouldn't say that. At least they know Sabrina isn't the murderer :lol:

Welp, might as well just sit there and wait for people to die then.

"Don't worry guys! six more deaths, and one of us is bound to have a good idea who the murderer is!" :P

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Thu Jan 23, 2014 8:43 am
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Post Re: 2014/01/22 - Adventure Time
deepskycyan Wrote:
"Don't worry guys! six more deaths, and one of us is bound to have a good idea who the murderer is!" :P
As it turns out, that's the sneaky twist at the end, in the book ██████████████████████████████.

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Thu Jan 23, 2014 8:48 am
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Post Re: 2014/01/22 - Adventure Time
I just thought of a quip that can fit Sabrina in this strip:

"I've been dead before."



Thu Jan 23, 2014 11:15 am
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