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Mint&Pumpkin(PG 13) 
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Post Re: Mint&Pumpkin(PG 13)
um, I think the only thing that Peanut care to admit is the fact that he like cats, but just because is frowned upon by the entire pet comunity, and this probably cause him several problems, not only being marginated (it's the same with Fido, he's totally honest, except with that part, because he know the problem that this implies. Even Spo say is illicit). If you remember, in the 'Cat tail' Arc, Peanut not hesitate in prove to Grape that there is nothing wrong with he's drawing. However, I think in your FF, this issue isn't really too drastic like seems in the comic (maybe in the first home of Mint, the dogs don't care about this too much, but in babylon garden may not be well. )

About Pumpkin, I know he doesn't love her and why he do that, just say that this probably would have caused Mint have a crush on he "now", but of course her love wouldn't be reciprocated, at the same with Peanut and Grape (I didn't know she used to have a crush on Pumpkin, you never mentioned until now XD). The triangle (hypothetical) I was thinking it was: Lester (totally love her) --> Mint (she like Lester but now have a crush on Pumpkin) --> Pumpkin (he apreciate her but for now he don't love cats). If you analyze the central love triangle of the comic (in the Peanut perspective) you will see the similarities: Tarot (totally love him) --> Peanut (fine with Tarot but for now he love Grape) --> Grape (she apreciate Peanut but for now love Maxwell). However, I don't try to change anything, this is your story and really like what you're doing. You know your characters better than anyone XD

And for the anime reference, I am not too otaku to understand what you say (I mean, I saw several animes, like Dragon ball, naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Fairy Tail, Soul eater, Black lagoon, Death Note, Gurren Laggan, etc etc, and actually, I read manga, well, only Fairy Tail, Bleach and Trigun; but as you can see, I only saw Shonen and some Seinen, other genres like rakuen, echi, shoho and whatever, not interested to me). It doesn't matter, I think I know what you meant XD


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Post Re: Mint&Pumpkin(PG 13)
Okay, but heres the thing, Mint doent care about the whole social H-bomb thing. She figures if someone cant get past a prefrence(you know what I mean), then she would be miserable as her freind anyway. Also, Pumpkin has no problems with dating cats, and if he found a cat he really loved, he would probably do what Fido did.

Also, Mints crush on Pumkin passes and returns randomly. Also, Mint has a crush on Lester, not the other way around.

Also, DONT BE AFRAID TO GO OTAKU! :mrgreen: ! the line is "I cant wait to play with your soft fluffy tail." Noel has a love for all things soft and fluffy, and so will Pumpkin.

Turkish Angoras are well known for being soft and fluffy.


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Post Re: Mint&Pumpkin(PG 13)
Ch. 3 contined.
All characters exept the Icecream family belong to Rick Griffin

"Okay, next time I have a choice between leaving voulintarily and your way, Im choosing 'leave voulintarily'." King said, he was still rather shocked from doing it my way. Let me explain, My way is, or at least in this situation my way is: yanking the cover off the person and turning it into a sack, stuffing the person inside the sack, calling the persons freind to catch the sack, an then let them out of the sack.

"Smart dog." I said non-chalantly. Then, I remembered, "Ooops, I forgot something, I need to go home to get." After Fox said it was okay, I ran home, I said hi to mom and dad, grabbed my spell book( hey, gotta learn other things, like voodoo) and my knife. I needed to practice a spell after preparing for the party. I quickly caught up with Fox and King, I guess they were waiting. I decided to play with my yo-yo.

"Hey, I would be careful with that." King warned, barely missing the yo-yos swing.

"Come on, its not like Im going to hit someone as we turn this corner." I said. Then, after a thud, and a quick yelp of pain, I said, "I just set up the plot didnt I?"

Fox and King noded simoultaniously, and then I heard, "Whats your problem? You JERK!" I saw the dog, he was a brown dog, with a tag with a "B" on it.

"Oh, Im really sorry! Are you okay." I reached out my hand for him to take.

He simply slapped my hand away. Then he said, after dusting himself off and getting up (he was taller than me by the way), jabbing his finger in my chest, "Dont you DARE pity me."

"Bino, leave him alone, he didnt mean it." Fox said, coming to my rescue. Bino obliged, but as he left, he said something I couldnt hear.

"Thanks Fox." I said gratefully. I then became curiouse. "Whos was that Bino person anyway." when I looked at Bino, there was a horrible aura surrounding him, like he was the pure embodiement of Envy and Pride. Fox explained to me who he was.

"Dont trust him, or youll end up with a face full of catnip." King said.

As we started approaching the club house, an image passed through my head. "G-guys, when you open that door, get out of the way instantly, trust me."

Fox nodded insantly, but King was skeptical, so, deciding telling one more person wouldnt hurt, told him my story. He then agreed instantly, "Never thought that cat would bring GOOD news." He muttered this so softly, Fox didnt hear him, I did, but decided to ignore it, thinking it was because he was a dog.

Terror filled me as Fox opened the door, so climbed up a tree. No sooner was I up on the branch, had a large dog pounced on the space that I occupied two seconds ago. Fido(If your wondering how I know him, I have Sabrinas MEMORIES, so I know theyre little secret, I cant beleive interspeices relationships are a taboo here. What happened to a rose of any other name is just as sweet!) then came out and scolded him, but I couldnt hear them, so I decided to make my presence known. "Im Pumpkin Spice Icecream, and could I join the Good Ol' Dogs Club?" I said, jumping off the branch, landing perfectly on my feet.

The big dog then looked at me, and tryed to pounce again, "SEE Fido, I told you I smelled someone new! Pumpkin, isnt that a boys name?"

"Well," I was saying, my pride in peices, and jumping out of the way before he pounced on me, "thats because I AM a guy." Before the dumb dog could respond, I asked Fido again, "Could I join the Good Ol' Dogs Club, I just moved here today."

"Of course, but I have to ask you a few questions first." He said it nicely, but he seemed rather irratated with Mr. Dummy Dog.

"I can answer the questions, whats the first one."

"Well... theres actually only two, are you a cat-lover?"

Hypocrite. Hate me all you want, my opinions staying the way it is. "Unless you count love for a sibling, no, Im not into cats."

"And the second one, are you willing to put work into parties?"

"I can cook and carry heavy things, will that help? I can make cupcakes for the party your preparing."

"Making cupcakes will be perfect! We only have two other members that can cook , and one of them caught a cold, so it should help us a LOT!"

"Thanks! Whats your name anyway?" Sabrina has a good reason for liking this guy. Hes nice, even if he is a hypocrite. Receiving Sabrinas memories can be helpful. Of course, memories of what they do sometimes.... ugh. Then, I relized something, "Why do you have a mouse on your head?"

He looked surprised, then grinned, saying, "Wow, not a lot people notice that. Come out and say hi Spo. Oh, and Im Fido."

Tha small ball of gray fur started to speak. He looked at me. "Whos the girl?"

"Im a guy."

"You sure?"

"I wonder how well you would get along with my freind, Mr. Mousetrap. I really want to show you to him, he just LOVES meeting new mice...." He instantly shut up. "Smart rodent." I looked at a rather surprised Fido, "Im known for my perspectiveness, so is me sister." With that, after asking Fido where the kitchen was, I went into it.

"Hi, Im Daisy!" Was what I was instantly greeted with, a very pretty, cute, beautiful, nice smelling, charming.... where was I? Oh yeah.

"Hi Daisy, Im Pumpkin Spice Icecream. Nice to meet you."

"Hi, Im Daisy!" Huh? Did she just say the same thing again? Must be my imagination.

"How are you doing Daisy?"

"Hi, Im Daisy!" Was this girl stupid or something, oh well.

Weirdo I said in french. My mom took french class as a kid, and my dad took spanish class. They both taught us the language. I generally only speak French to insult people, so they wont know what I said.

Well, thats just rude, how DARE you!? That sweet, sweet smile was replaced with an angry look.

You can speak French?

Yes, I can speak French, I can also speak Japanese, Spanish, Hungarian, well, I can speak all the languages exept Engish, all I can say 'Hi, Im Daisy!' Consequently, many people have the notion that Im..... mentally challenged. She seemed rather sad. Unfortanately, theres nothing I can do about it, the language is too hard to learn. Shall we cook delicious pastries. Pumpkin Spice Icecream, what excactly do you think we should cook.

This girl was a polite dog, so nice, sweet, pretty... where was I? Again? Oh yeah. O-oh, Mr. Fido a-asked me to make cupcakes, w-would you help me make them, D-Daisy. She decided to help me, around 4:00 PM, we noticed a small gifted box.

On it was a note, it was from Bino, apparently. On the note, it read, "Dear Pumpkin, SORRRY for being a jerk, take this as a peice offering, I hope we can become freinds, Bino." Oh, how nice. Or, it would be if King hadnt warned me. Plus, Mom took a class once on bombs.

She also trained us so we would know how to fight, just in case people from PETA or kidnappers come and shes not there. Of course, we had done it voulintarily, if we had said no, mom would have just dropped it. We often worked together, Mint and I, when we fought mom. She was a ruthless fighter, and, more often than not, mom came out victorios wih onlt one or two bruises. We, on the other hand, were lucky to get out with only 5 bruises. Of, course, it helped us, and it was our fault, we asked her to go all out.

Doing what mom told me to do in this situation, I took the box out the window, and opened the lid.

BOOM! Huh, thank you momma. "Why that little...." I looked at the clock in the kitchen(hey, they never really specified what the club looked like in the comic, here, its almost as big as a mansion, have a problem, go complain to Otake-Boy, this pup couldnt care less.). It was 5:00, time to leave, but first....

After 10 mins. of making 1 more cupcake and a smoothie, I left to kitchen to "greet" Bino. "What do you want little pup, like the little present." He said with a grin. Fox over heard this, and went up to Bino.

Before he could say anything though, I said, "Yeah, and heres my present to you!" With everyone looking, I smooshed the cupcake into Bino's nose. "One for the money!" I then dumped the smoothie all over Bino's fur (it was a big cup) "Two for the show!" I then kneed him in the stomache. "Three because I just plain dont like you!" And, with percision, kicked him in the freaking jaw! HARD! "Lets go!" The kicked knocked him out, obviously. I looked at Fox, asking, "Thanks for bringing me here Fox! I had a lot of fun!"

"Your welcome?" Fox said. "Im surprised, you seemed the kind of person who would shrug something like that off." He then gave me a funny look, "And couldnt kick like somebody out of an action anime."

"Our mom trained Mint and I so we could do stuff like that." He still looked confused, but ignored it. "Normally I would shrug it off, but with somebody like him, doing nothing would make him think I was a pushover. I need to be assertive every once in a while." I suddenly relized something, everyone was staring at me! "Can I go now, I really dont like being stared at." I whispered to Fox. "Plus, I really need to do something."

"I think you had enough fun for one day, but I have to stay for something."

I left the club, after saying goodbye to Daisy. I started to walk towards the woods. Of course, anybody walking toward and into the woods arouses suspiscoun. I should have paid more attention, because a dog named Ralph noticed me, he had a blue jacket, and started to follow me....

I was in the woods in no time. But my mind started to drift. "Why was I stuttering around Daisy? I dont act that way around other dogs, so why should she be different."

Then my mind drifted to Bino, "What was his problem, and why didnt I see it coming? My visions almost always come when Im in danger. I guess since I was already trained on what to do in that situation, and since I wasnnt in any real danger. Who MAKES a catnip bomb?! ..... Aw crap. I REALLY hope he doesnt tell everyone I beat him up for no reason, although, if he does, Ill probably tell everyone my age, whos going to beleive a 3 year old pup, albeit a tall one, beat up a dog for no reason? I dont care anymore. As long as he doesnt get in my way or tries to mess with my sister, he wont get beat up again."

Then my mind drifted to Fox, "Oh no, what will Fox think of a kid who beat up one of his freinds, he probably hates me now! The first freind I make, and now I probably blew that freindship out of the water!"

Deciding this was something to worry about tomorrow, I simply moved further into the woods. Then I saw a dead tree, deciding to use that for my.... "little experiment". I took out my knife, and plunged it into the tree. I then opened my spell book. "Lets see... oh, here it is. So I do this set of movements, and the tree will be in full health, it also says 'in case off using it on an animate objest, place the knife ON the person, not IN the person'. That seems rather obvious but okay. So time to get this started." I did the set of movements, if you want to know what it looked like, ask any Kirby in Dreamland fan. His victory dance.

When I was done, the tree started to glow. I then heard a gasp. I turned around, camera in hand, and when I saw the K-9 officer, who looked very confused or scared, took his photo. I then pushed him down, then stuck my hand out. "A-are you okay?!" I was saying, mocking what a concerned person would say.

"Yes, what happened, what am I doing in the woods?"

"I was hoping you knew, I saw you enetering the forest, and when I finally caught up to you, you fainted!" Huh, I could be a very good liar when the occansion rose. After that, and after convincng the dog to drop the subject, went home, exausted.
"Why were you going into the woods, and why did you bring a book?" I asked Pumpkin, after he finished his story. Som heres what he told me: he met two new freinds, he beat up bully who tried to prank him, and he nearly got in trouble with a cop.

"It was so peaceful, I wanted to read a little, I didnt know it looked suspicious."

"So, what happened to King?"

"He was upstaires at the time, so didnt notice anything happened."

"Oh." I sighed, his day was..... productive. "So, you have an assertive side."

"Dont bring it up, its embarrassing. I definitly overreacted."

"No you didnt, I probably would have done the same."


Hmm... Ive been wanting to do this for a while. "Hey, Pumpkin, wanna-"



"No way Mint, I hate when you do that."

"Come on, its not like anyoner will find out."

"No means no, and nothing y-"

"Ill let you play with my soft fluffy fur if you do." Got him. If Pumpkin had one exploitable trait, it was his love for fluffy things.

"...... Okay."
I was playing with Mints fur, and I was so happy. Its so fluffy. So soft. Like a cloud. I found this out tommorrow, but apparently, I was so distracted playing with her fur, she had kissed me on the lips every so often to see how I would react, of course, I didnt notice. Something tells me she had more than one motive though. She always had a tiny crush on me.

Oh, and if you want to know what Mint was talking about, in short, she likes to dress me up in different outfits, and I hate that she likes to do stuff like that. Call it a weakness, but Im a sucker for soft things, and turkish angoras are known for being fluffy, you know the rest.

Good night.

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Post Re: Mint&Pumpkin(PG 13)
Otaku-Boy Wrote:
she had kissed me on the lips every so often to see how I would react, of course, I didnt notice.

Wow, it seems that Pumpkin really likes soft and fluffy things.
He didn't even notice getting kissed on the lips! :lol:

Good update. I like his reaction to Bino after the exploding present.

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Post Re: Mint&Pumpkin(PG 13)
He seems like a very blunt person. I hope he can be nice, too. :)

Having to put in an Author's not or sidebar detracts from an otherwise great story. You might want to work on writing those things in rather than summing it all up like that.

There is at least one picture of the GODC's clubhouse from the outside, and it looks like a normal sized home, maybe a second story, maybe not.But then again, it is all relative.

Can't wait for the next update! I wonder why he wanted to test that particular spell out...

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Post Re: Mint&Pumpkin(PG 13)
I created that forest scene! :ugeek:

Pumpkin can be blunt, but hes really nice, if you leave his sister alone that is...

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Post Re: Mint&Pumpkin(PG 13)
all characters exept the Icecream family belong to Rick Griffin
I woke before Spicer, and relizing he was still in the outfit I put him in, Im still blown away by the fact that he had no real reaction other than smiling dreamily and saying 'Im so happy' every once in a while for me putting him IN it (note to self, you are dangerous fluffy weapon to Pumpkin), so I quickly took him out of the outfit. He would KILL me if he found out I put in something like that. I then decided to wake him up. "Spicer, wake up!"

"Ugh.... what time is it.."

It was 6:00. "6Am."

"Go away, its to early." We were in my room.

"Hey, I woke up 4 hours earlier to deal with some annoying cat singing on the fence for some reason, and Im all up and ready to go!"

That seemed to get his attention. "Excuse me? I didnt quite get that, you delt with an annoying cat? How?"

"With a wooden baseball bat."

"MINT!" He seemed horrified.

"I didnt beat him up with it, I simply knocked him off the fence, by THROWING the wooden bat at him." Why throw you ask, I was tired, and annoyed, dont you dare judge me. Of course, the after effect was brutal, I didnt notice untill after I threw the baseball bat, but the ground on the other side was cover in painful looking rocks. That cat was already missing part of his right ear, which made me curious about how he lost a part of his ear. But ehy did he look so familiar? .... Spicer knew about Fido and Sabrina, despite not even meeting the latter, I wonder if he knew about this person. "Hey Spicer, do you know about a cat with a part of his right ear missing."

He thought for a moment, then said, "Maxwell. Ex of Sabrina. Currently dating Grape. And just because I know you so much, the reason part of his ear is missing is because he found out the hard way how hungry ferals can get." Oh that was awesome. "Also Mint, I have to talk to you about yesterday." Huh?

"Sure, what you wanna talk about." He gave me a really serious look.

"Please dont try to get Penut and Grape together." I looked at him, surprised. "Penut is already dating someone, and he really loves her as much as she loves him. She loves him, but if Grape truly decides to give her heart to Penut, she will back down without a fight. As for Max, Grapes one of the few people who actually cares about him, and Max is truly in love with her. Hes already had his heart broken once, and, from his perspective, it was for nothing. In all reality, it was because Sabrina met Fido. If the same thing, under the exact same circumstances, happened to him again, he would break down mentally and emotionally, and it no one would know about it. So, Im going to ask again, please dont try to get Penut and Grape together." I was surprised, theres no better way to put it. I wasnt even curious on how Spicer knew all this.

"Okay, I wont try to get them together, but I do have a question, why do you care? You generally dont care unless theres something in it for you, or it concerns you."

"It concerns my freind, therefor it concerns me. Max may seem like a jerk, but hes nice when you get to know him." Pumpkin said. I took his word for it. I might have to apoligize to Max, especially since hes probably covered in bruises and cuts. We ate breakfast, said goodbye to Viola and Greg, and left. I went to Penuts house, and knocked on the door. The person who opened the door was an extremely mad Grape.

"Oh, Penuts in his room, asleep." She said coldly. Grape definitely didnt want me in her house. She let me in anyway. I saw a bandaged Max on the couch. He was bruised. Those rocks DID look sharp.

"What happened to him?" I asked, hoping to appear innocent. Viola actually trained me, but Grape was mad, and Spicer wasnt by my side. If I told her what happened, she would probably kill me.

"One of the new neighbors cant appreaciate a good welcoming song." Max said. Oh yeah, hes really freindly.

"Oh, well I hope your okay. Hi, Im Mint Chip Icecream!" I shook his hand. "Uh.. tell Nut I said hi! Grape, Im sorry about yesterday." I said nervousely. I needed to go, or Grape might find out who did that to Max.

I walked for a while, then I saw a HUGE park. I saw a bunny. He said his name was Zach. "Would you like to play with me Zach?" He nervousely said yes. He seemed to be careful about what he did. He also seemed overapoligetic. When he accidently knocked me down when we were playing tag, he became horrified. But hes really nice to. Kind of reminded me of Spicer when we first adopted him. Except Spicer always seemed like he was about to cry.

We played for a couple more hours, then I started to notice something, "Is that.... a ferret wearing jacket and star sunglasses pushing a giant slingshot?" I ran over to him, after saying goodbye to Zach. "What are you doing?"

"Whats it look like Im doing stupid cat? Im pushing a giant slingshot!" Well thank you Rudey-rude-rude-rudster. Ignoring his mean comment, I asked if I could test it. Hey, I had nothing better to do today, so I might as well fun! He suddenly had an evil grin. "Suuuuure. You can test it right away. Plus it will be funny to see you go splat!" I didnt quite get that last part, BUT WHO CARES! IM GOING ON A GIANT SLINGSHOT WOOHOO!!

"On my mark and not a second to sooner!" I told him, he simply nodded.
"3." I couldnt beleive it!
"2." I was going to fly!
"1." Like a SUPERHERO!
"GO!" Of course, when I was in the air, I relized something.

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Post Re: Mint&Pumpkin(PG 13)
Mint does not think much before doing something, huh?

Seems Pumpkin and Sabrina are about as close as possible memory wise. Wonder if that means the time is coming soon.

That is one very exploitable weakness Pumpkin has. He needs to stay away from Fox and King! :lol:

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Post Re: Mint&Pumpkin(PG 13)
french. All characters exept the Icecream Family belongs to Rick Griffin.
Sabrina was waiting for Fido, she had told him to meet her in the woods after the preparing was over. It was an important matter. When he arrived five minutes later, she decided it was time to tell him. "Fido, we need to talk."

"Yes Sabrina, what is it?" He was nervous, but considering the urgency in her voice when she asked him to come here this morning, it was understandable.

"Its time we told everyone."

The look on his face was one of sheer horror. "WHAT!"

"Not all at once, mabye we should tell our freinds first, then tell other people if our freinds exept it." She really needed him to say yes.

"I dont know Sabrina. It seems really risky."

"Please Fidey!" This was her trump card, if this didnt work, nothing would.

"...... Sorry Sabrina. But if this gets out, we'll both be in trouble. My freinds might react violently, and I dont want to see you get hurt." He said. It was true and she knew it, even though her old freind would make anybody who even thought about hurting her pay, she would still be in trouble if the secret came out. Fido more so.

Relizing this was true, and not wanting to see Fido get hurt either, a dissapointed Sabrina kissed Fido goodbye, and left. Fido leaving shortely after.
Sabrinas memory ended, this obviously happened yesterday. Poor Sabrina, but Fido did have a point. Somebody could react violently, and it could very well end up as Juliet's tragedy for the loving duo. Why cant people just accept the fact that if you truly love someone, speices doesnt matter.It would make matters a whole lot more easy for Fido and Sabrina. I really wish there was something I could do to help, but Im just a kid. Nothing I can do about it I suppose.

By the time the vision ended, Mint was out of sight. Im going to bed. What, you thought I was going somewhere, no freaking way! Its freezing! I got my yo-yo and other stuff,but only to fool Mint. I was JUST about to head back to the house when I heard this, "Hey Pumpkin." Raise your hand if you that one coming.

"Hello Fox. Hey King." I said to them. I must say, Im rather surprised King was up. I think he was to. I also learned Fox doesnt care about Bino's well being, considering he never brought up the subject.

We started heading toward the club. I started to tell them one of my stories. As we were outside the club house, I ended the story them. "And thats why Im not allowed in (state or country of your choice)." They seemed horrified.

"How did yo- on ssecond thought.. I dont want to know." King said.

As we walked in, I saw Fido and Bino( who had a nasty bruise on his jaw) arguing, or actually, Bino yelling angrily and Fido speaking in a forced calm tone. "I already told him he's in the club Bino. Its to late to tell Pumpkin no." Okay, Binos mad because of what I did yesterday, so now because of his position, he's trying to kick me out. But because of the fact that Fido is the co-founder, and Fido already said I was in, all Bino can do is argue.

"How do you know he isnt a cat-lover!?" Thats ironic, considering who he's talking to. Also, I hate you to Bino.

"Because he said he wasnt." Wow, Fido must really trust me.

"And you trust him." More than you.

"More than you.." I heard King mutter under his breath. I looked at him and gave a hidden grin. I just relized this, but if Mint saw King, theres a good chance he would become her new dress up doll.

"Yes I do trust him, and he's staying in the club." Fido said. And then he left somewhere, Im hoping to be with Sabrina, they need to be with each other. Bino was mad. I really dont need conflict, so I went into the kitchen.

Hi Pumpkin. Said a smiling Daisy. Hello Nurse! Uh... forget that.

Hello Daisy, what should we cook today? I asked her, wanting her input.

How about some cookies. I felt my tail wag, stupid anatomy! I swear the moment I get home, Im going to find a spell so I can control my tail like Mint can. She wags her tail willingly. If I cant, Im chopping it off.

We cooked for a couple of hours. We put "eat me" on clock shaped cookies. I started thinking about something, why did Sabrina try to get Fido to tell somebody. Also, she gave up rather easily. It must have been an important matter though. I wonder.... no, thats not a likely possibility.

"Come on let me in, I need to go talk to Spicer!" Huh? I looked out, and saw Mint arguing with an angry Bino. "I know he's here! Let me talk to him! Please!" I decided to leave the kitchen, saying goodbye to Daisy of course, but stay out of sight. This could get interesting, and I was getting rather bored, entertainment would be nice right now. There is no real physical danger, Bino's probably weaker than those weird freaky hairless breed used as accesories, poor things.
"No! No cats allowed!" Said a very mean dog. Funny enough, up until he I was a cat, as he had his back turned, he was nice, he thought I was a dog, which I consider a good thing.

Oh, you wanna know what happened to me, well... I landed in a tree...then a branch.....then another branch.....then six more branches... then the ground. Owwwww.. My leg still hurts. Then I found a dog in a cat suit, his name is Joey. He was really nice, and we are playing together tomorrow. It turns out he 's also buddies with that cute dog I saw yesterday, so I might find love yet! Joey's relationship with that mouse was so cute. Though that does make me wanna ask a few questions.. Ill ask them tommorrow. Anywho, I asked him where I could find Spicer, and Joey told me most dogs would be here. So, here I am!

"I just need to tell him something, its not like Im trying to join you." Joey, his mousey freind, and the cute dog(who's name is Letser) dont come to the club meetings, so Im not really interested. I looked around. I saw Penut, apparently, he woke up by now. Good for him. But no Spicer. I also saw a very cute corgi, who at the moment was setting up streamers, fall off a ladder that Fox and a white and brown dog girl let go of when they heard the commotion. The corgi fell on them. I hope they're okay, Ill have to say sorry to them later.

"I dont care! No cats allowed!"

"I just wanna talk to my brother, whats the harm in that?!" I think this drove him over edge. I hope he's okay.

"YOUR A CAT, THATS HARM ENOUGH!" That stung. "WHAT PART OF NO CATS ALLOWED DONT YOU GET!" Why do people insist on yelling when they're mad.

"Im not going to yell, just tell me where my brother Spicer is. Please!?"


My throat was starting to get a lump in it. "I just-"


I felt a tear. I might as well put on a cheery face, if I can at least fool myself. "Well, okay.. BYE!" I dont know why, it was probably cause Im stupid, but I took out the claws from my left hand, and swiped it across his chest, there were probably velvet curtains on him.. I left the club house.. with a sad smile. I winced because my leg still hurts. I cant blame him for not letting me in(I know Im going to have to say sorry), but beleive me when I say Pumpkin will regret not making himself known. Im no moron, nobody could ignore that. I asked repeatidly for him to show up, and it was a small matter to leave the club for a couple of minutes to talk with me, but he decided to stay hidden, probably for the fun of it. He is so dead when he gets home.

My personality's like a dog, why cant I just be one. It would make my life a lot easier. Oh well, me paying attention to the bad stuff isnt smart, and will only make me depressed, and make me want to ditch getting revenge on Pumpkin. I was near a two story house when I heard this. "Come back tasty bunny!"

"L-leave me alone! Im not FOOD!" What the ham? I saw looked behind me, and Zach ran into me.

"Z-Zach!? Whatcha running from?" He pointed weakly to 3 wolf cubs.... oh no.

I put on a brave front. I got in front of him. One of the little beasts asked me, "What are you doing?"

"What were YOU doing!"

"We were going to eat him!" One of them tried to reach for them.

"Oh no you dont!" I slapped his hand.

"What was that for, were you going to eat him, cause we saw him first."

"What! N-... Yeah, I was going to eat him, its to bad for you." I looked at Zach and whispered this into his ear. "When I say now, we turn and run like these wolves are going to eat us, which they probably will!" He nodded.

"No fair!" He then got a wicked grin on his face, and looked back at the other two, who were a little more than upset to lose their meal...uh-oh. They were about to pounce. "Mad! March! Gettem!" Otaku-Boy better not make a lot of these jokes.

"NOW!" We turned around and ran, with the wolf cubs only a little behind. My leg was killing me, and a couple tears fell down my face as we ran. This is NOT my day! After a couple minutes, Zach pointed to a house, I assume it was his. We ran in the house slammed and then locked the door.
I saw her happy face, but I know by now when she's simply faking, I also saw a single tear.. Well, now I wish I went up there when I got the chance, make her some breakfast tommorrow with an extra apology. To late, I suppose. Bino alredy got his treatment.. but perhaps a week full of nightmares(oh yeah, theres a spell for that) will be my extra revenge. Right now, I needed to see if King, Fox, and that other dog were okay. I saw that fall, it looked painful! I wasnt doubting they were uncouncious. I was right. Fox and the female dog were under King, they looked like the letter "H". So, after a quick trip to the kitchen, I doused them in water.

Fox and King groaned. The other dog said this, "Foxy! Kingy! Are you okay!" She seemed worried for them, despite just in the same position herself.

"Yeah... are you okay King?"

"Yes. What happened anyway?"

"You fell off a ladder and landed on Fox and...."

"Sasha! Great to meet you!" How was she so cheerful? She was just uncouncious!

"Nice to meet you to? Im Pumpkin, but my freinds call me Spicer." I said, then something came to mind. "King? How did yo-"

"Dont ask." King said, pretty flatly.

"Okay... Fox?" Time to change the subject. Fast.


"Just out of curiosity, when is the party happening?"

"Probably tomorrow." He seemed pretty happy to change subject.

Sasha seemed excited. "I cant wait for the party to happen!" Her tail was wagging. She must be perky. "They're always fun."

The club could use some red roses, or some teacups, but other than that it was pretty nice-looking. "Whats the occasion anyway?"

"Just to have fun!" Huh, I guess thats a good enough reason, Im sold anyway. Sasha's really nice, probably even more than Mint.

Penut(what part of I HAVE SABRINAS MEMORIES DONT YOU GET) came up to us. "Hiya!" I dont know why, but I never liked him. Which is odd, my opinion on somebody generally is also Sabrina's opinion, but she likes him. I always worry that Tarot might not get her happy ending, its one of the reasons I got my mom and dad to come hear. He looked at me, "My name's Penut, who are you."

"My name's Pumpkin. Nice to meet you." This wasnt a freindly sentence, I left something out, the right answer gets a cookie.

"Oh so your Pumpkin! I met your sister Mint yesterday." He is way to happy.

"I know, she told me about you." I noticed something in his hand. "Whats that?" I pointed to it.

"Oh yeah! I almost forgot, a cat with red eyes gave this to me to give to you!" Huh? A cat with red eyes? Oh well. He gave me the bottle... it smelled really sweet. Guess what words were on it.

"I dont think its such a good idea to drink it." Fox said. I know its an idiotic reason, but I love sweet things, a lot, so I downed it.

"This is really.... sweet. It tastes... like cotton... candy."

"Are you okay Spicer?" I think King said this. I fell to the ground uncouncious so Im not sure.

WOO-HOO! I finally finished the update. Ill update quicker next time, I promise. Dont worry, Mints okay, and I think Spicer will to. Mint's lucky AND unlucky huh?

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Post Re: Mint&Pumpkin(PG 13)
Boy, neither of them seem to be having a good day at this point.

I want to know what was in that stuff that Pumpkin drank.

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Mon Jun 04, 2012 11:37 am
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Post Re: Mint&Pumpkin(PG 13)
Nice 4th wall break there. Very tongue in cheek.

Hmm... a lot of people keeping secrets. Hope it all comes together soon.

Huh. Who could hate Peanut? He is just so loveable!

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Mon Jun 04, 2012 9:11 pm
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Post Re: Mint&Pumpkin(PG 13)
french. All characters exept the Icecream Family belongs to Rick Griffin. thought
I woke up on a giant desk... in space... huh, never thought Id say something like that. I then looked up... there was a giant grinning fox... sorry Kitsune, nine tails, in front of me. Huh. Thats something that you dont see very often. "Exuse me, Mr. Kitsune. Can I take your picture?" I want to have proof that this isnt some hallucination.

He looked confused, yeah, I dont surprise easily. Actually, Ive seen pretty crazy stuff from Sabrina's memories, like a giant green dragon, whom I have since nicknamed Ms. Spirit, as I do not know her name, so weird stuff is met with indifference, sometimes. Although all of those type of memories are really fuzzy. "THATS the first question you ask me? Where's the wit, the surprise, the terror. Your a boring one." Jerkface. He's confusing me with Mint.

"And your not supposed to exist in ANY plane of nature. I guess we're both in the wrong." I could have been harsher.

"Touche. And no, you cant take my picture, you were rude." Darn it.

"Okay, then you mind telling what the heck is going on here, and why you had Penut give me a bottle that put me to sleep." Im not going to lie, I half-expected this(me fainting and confronting someone), and half-expected me to shrink when I drank that bottle.

"Well, I gave Penut the bottle to give to Mint, but my mistake was not telling him to give it to Mint." Ill take a guess.

"You told him to give it to a one of the new neighbors, and because he's frends with my sister, you assumed he would give it to her." Its a silly guess, but it seems likely.

"It would seem obvious, yet he gave it to you." I had a pretty good idea why. I was a little curious on why he turned into a cat though, isnt a Kitsune basically a dog.

"My guess is he smelled the cotton candy smell, and Mint probably told him, while they were playing video games, at she didnt like sweet things, but I did. So he gave it to me." Its probably what happened, and it didnt get to complicated. Then a thought came to mind. "Why did you want to see Mint, and why didnt you just wait for her to sleep, this wouldnt have happened if you did." This is the only way to explain this. Also, why did he only pursue Mint when we moved here, he could have done any other time... aw forget it, Im only going to confuse myself.

"Thats probably what happened. And to answer your questions, it doesnt concern you." Are you kidding me, my guess, he's an impatient jackal, theres my answer.

"It involves my sister, you better beleive it concerns me!" She may be older than me, but that doesnt change the fact that this concerns me.

"No. No it doesnt, and even if it did, I wouldnt want you meddling in my affairs, but just in case, Id better explain everything.." I dont know who this guy is, which is reason enough not to trust him, but he also manipulated Penut into indirectly drugging me, I do NOT trust this sorry excuse for a fox. I read his mind(I told you I dont trust what he says), he wanted Mint to be his 'avatar'... what the heck is that. He's going to give her powers if she becomes his avatar? Knowing her, she'll say yes in a heartbeat. Well, that cant end well, I better make sure Mint doesnt become his avatar. How am I going to do this though.

Say you Mints boyfreind. Was that Ms. Spirit? I didnt say anything, the Kisune didnt seem to notice anything, so she's probably sending messages to my mind. Did she just say to-


Not really. Do you love Mint? Also, nice to talk to you to Spicer.

Yeah, AS A SISTER! NOT AS A GIRLFREIND! I really dont like her plan.

Doesnt matter, if you love her, and you state your her girlfreind, even if its not that kind of love, then Great Kitsune cant have Mint as his avatar, which is something you dont want, trust me. Great Kitsune? Does that even count as a real name, apparently so.

...Oh come on now, there MUST be another way to make sure Mint doesnt end up as his avatar. Right?

Is she a hybrid of two animals beside a cat or dog? Huh, I do not know the answer to that question.

Actually, Id like to know that myself.

Ill take that as a no. There's no other way Im afraid. Well, that sucks, and Im talking about the rhyme to. I had to ask her this obvious question.

Are you sure me telling him Im Mints boyfreind will help? It seems to only be a technical answer, if that much. It would make more sense that if Mint didnt love me, she could still become his avatar. What do you mean its not obvious? 'there's no other way Im afraid' my orange tail.

You are right, unfortanately. I was actually stalling, so you wouldnt do anything brash. I now have a plan to get Mint in love. She told me her plan, and told me I would have to help, which I agreed to do. Then a question came to mind, and it was rather confusing.

Um, Ms. Spirit?

No, Tarot doesnt know about your deal with Sabrina. I had a hand in that, think of it as a favor. And no, Great Kitsune cant read minds, but he knew you could, and he simply let you read his mind. Now, farewe-.

If this was all stalling, why didnt you try to just make conversation, instead of trying to make me spaz out?

Well, Im sorry, I couldnt think of anything else, plus, nothing happened, so dont whine.

Im just saying, it would make a whole lot more sense if you just-

Quit complaining, your role comes in at 7:00, dont forget that. For real this time, farewell. I have a good feeling Mint would make a comment on that.

I looked at my clover tag, under my scarf, it wasnt missing any clovers, good. I just needed to check. Now, I needed to know something from Kitsune, who had just finished talking. "Why do you want Mint to be your avatar."

"I might as well tell you, Mint has imagination, a rather disturbing one *shudder*, but an imagination nontheless. She also has purity, although that part is debatable. And just in case your about to ask, your on another team, the one Sabrina is on." I dont want to know.

"This entire thing has been meaningless hasnt it, your still after Mint?"

"Yes and yes, please keep out of my way. Now, do you want to leave?"

"I would, would you please tell me how to leave."

"Wel, thats easy. Just wake up."
This is a horrible plot-device, and the likes and dislikes section CAME INTO WORK!! I had to break down this part so it wouldnt take a month again, the rest of the day shall come soon!

Wed Jun 27, 2012 9:28 am
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Post Re: Mint&Pumpkin(PG 13)
Well, that explained a lot at once. Tired of trying to get it all out?

So kitsune cannot read minds. Well, let us hope he doesn't allow just anyone to go strolling into his.

Hey, mind some constructive criticism from time to time?

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Post Re: Mint&Pumpkin(PG 13)
please drop some constructive critisism, it will make this fic better!

Thu Jun 28, 2012 9:34 pm
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Post Re: Mint&Pumpkin(PG 13)
One piece of advice that I have, put your apostrophes in. With words like don't and that's.

You should always do your best to do that no matter what you are writing or typing. (It might help if you type your stories up in Microsoft Word or something, it will catch you when you don't do it)

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Post Re: Mint&Pumpkin(PG 13)
the story going very well so far.... to be honest your fan-fics are more organized than mine's. :lol:

anyways some integral improvements to your grammar shall help with the story and could help with the understanding to the story. ;)

And I hope that Mint doesn't get into some trouble with the Cosmic Nerds. :roll:

Fox: Ah ignore Peanut fighting Bino, you want churro, no? King: Si!

Let's Dance! *falls to floor*

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Post Re: Mint&Pumpkin(PG 13)
french. All characters exept the Icecream Family belongs to Rick Griffin. thought
I did wake up.. only to see Fox about to throw a cup of water on my face. "W-wait! Im aw-" I didn't speak up soon enough. "Ah!" I was soaked, but this was probably karma, and it was pretty funny.

"Pumpkin, are you alright?" A worried looking Fox said, he had a look that revealed he saw I was awake a little to late, but he wasn't going to mention it. I only saw the dogs who were there when I fainted, Sasha, King, Fox, and Penut, so I wasn't out that long.

"Yes, but I have two questions."

"What are they."

"How long was I out?"

"About 2 minutes, the moment you were out, I went to get a cup of water." I was out WAY longer than 2 measely minutes, it was more like a month!

"Thank you for that, and for my second question, why does it smell like cotton candy?" This question had an obvious answer. I also felt something in my scarf. I searched through it untill I found a small black box. There had better not be a ring in it. There wasn't, but there WAS gold lazer pointer in it, with the words "Or was it" enscribed on it. Well thats subtle. How does a lazer pointer make any sense, and the 'it was all a dream' choice, in this scenario, isn't even an answer choice here. I put the box back in my scarf.

"When you opened that bottle, it started to spread it's scent, pretty soon the whole club's going to smell like cotton candy... what was in that box?" Penut answered/ asked.

"A lazer pointer." Honest is the best policy, mainly because I suck at lying.

"Oh okay." Well, somebody doesnt surprise easily.

"Why do you have a lazer pointer?" King asked, I dont know why, but King seemed the most likely to ask that. I always found something weird, now that I think about it, King has appeared in Sabrina's memories, but when he did, it was like all the memories with Ms. Spirit.

"Ill tell you later."

"Oh hi Biney! Why do you have bandades on your chest?" Sasha's aura reminds me of the kind Mint use to have, pinkish-red for the most part, but a baby blue in the center. Huh, oh Im sorry, I was off topic. Biney(HAHAHAH!) was coming toward us. He was rather upset.

He glared at King, Penut, and I before answering. "Some crazy cat came here and scratched me for no reason!" LIAR! How DARE you, why I outt-uh...can you forget that please. I let my emotions get the best of me. I saw King turn his head, then I heard snickering, I snickered a little bit to. King's a good guy in my books. "Whats so funny!" He looked miffed.

"Oh nothing, we were just curious on why you didnt fight back." Yeah, it is SO much easier to lie to people you dont like.

"Well, it was hard, but I just told myself to be the bigger person. I mean, if I wanted to, I could easily snap that cat in two! She's lucky I dont hit girls." In your dreams, and even she would put up one heck of a fight. It took all my will power NOT to break out in laughter. Although, I would feel sorry for him if he said the girl part around Mint, because she would beat him with the heaviest object she could find. A bully made that mistake once... it didnt end well for him. Mint hates it when people underestimate her because she's a girl, I would NEVER make that mistake.

"Who was the cat Biney?"

"I dont know! Some weird green cat wearing a jacket and gloves." Fox winced, but Bino didnt notice.

"What was so weird about her?" Fox asked. Im pretty sure I know this answer.

"She smelled like a dog, untill I saw her, I thought she was one." I was right.

"A cat that smelled like a dog?" Sasha looked confused. Fox glanced at me... Im going to have to explain this to him later.

I need to change the subject fast, or something bad might happen. "So Bino, why did you come over here anyway?" I asked. That sounded rude even though I didnt mean it to.

"Oh yeah. Why does it smell like cotton candy, the scent is strongest here!" Huh, I shouldve seen that one coming.I noticed a broken bottle on the floor, the bottle must have broken on imact with the ground. I picked it up. Mint would hate being in here. Bino noticed the broken bottle. I told him this is where the smell came from, he seemed to beleive me. I looked at a clock, it was only 5:00, oh come on! It must be later than that.

"I cant wait to go to the party Biney!" She then glomped(look it up, Mint does it to me all the time)him. Is this a change the subject party. That girl must be spoiled sweet at home.

The conversation about the party lasted about an hour after that, King and Bino, who I learned is daiting Sasha(Opposites attract apparently) somehow got in an argument, dont ask me 'about what' I have no freaking clue, which I took as a sign to leave... unnoticed for that matter. Fox was trying to prevent the argument from escalating, and Sasha was about as confused as I was. Unfortanately, Penut noticed when I left, and left to, not wanting to be brought up in the argument.

"Hey Pumpkin, wait up!" I tried to lose him, and apprently he cant take a freaking HINT! My role comes itno play, but I guess I have to entertainment him a little. Darn.

"Oh, hello Penut, how was my sister yesterday?"

"Oh, she was really nice, she's also awesome when it comes to video games!" I put on my usual smirk.

"Oh, good." I hope Sabrina made the right choice not to erase Penut and Grape's memory of her secret. "Did she and Grape get along?"

"I think she and Grape will become freinds soon!"

"Nice, say, I need to go to someone's house, its very important, so you mind if we make a small detour?" The one Im going to get probably knows Penut, or Penut can at least help convince him to sleep over, Mint will surely fall in love with im if he does, man that girl falls in love fast... of course, its still not a PEMANENT solution, as she falls out of love just as fast.

"Sure, okay. Who's house are we going to?" Ms. Spirit never told me his name, only directions. I told him he would have to wait to find out. We walked there. I knocked on the door. WE'RE FINALLY HERE!! Good thing to, I almost went insane, because Penut just kept on talking, and going to jail for murder isnt a thing I want.

The same dog who Mint went after yesterday opened it. "What do you want?! Im in the middle of Lucky Star!" He then loooked at Penut and I. To say he was annoyed was an understament. His mom then came to the door. She looked at hm dissaprovigly.

"Exuse my son, he gets... agitated, when his manga reading is interupted." He shouldn't be so agitated, he'll be able to read it later. "Now, is there anything I can help you two with?"

"Actually yes, I would like to know if your son would like to sl-"

Before I finish, she jumped in the air. "WAHOO!!! YES! YESYESYESYESYESYESYESYES!!!!!" Wow, I wonder how long she waiting for someome to ask, given she actually interupted me and is now giggling like a little child!

I turned to Penut, he was JUST as shocked as I was. The woman went back inside. "Penut, may I ask you a question?"

"Yes, what is it."

"That dog, what's his name?"

"Huh?" He looked shocked, then again, I DID bring him here, so it is jusified. "Uh.. his name is Lester."

"Okay, he doesn't have a lot of freinds does he."
WHY DOES IT TAKE FOR ME TO UPDATE! Lester's going to be miffed for a while!

Sun Jul 29, 2012 2:14 pm
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Post Re: Mint&Pumpkin(PG 13)
So Lester is going to (hopefully) be sleeping over and falling in love with Mint. Or so is Pumpkin's plan. Should be an interesting night to say the least.

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Post Re: Mint&Pumpkin(PG 13)
Who said anything about LESTER falling in love?

Sun Jul 29, 2012 4:03 pm
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Post Re: Mint&Pumpkin(PG 13)
Hmm... King and Pumpkin will be great friends.

Well, Lester is about to enter his own manga adventure! :lol:

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Post DragonsMintPumpkin&Trollin'
Mint got out her laptop-

Uh, no.

Hm, !! Mint! What are YOU doing here!

I'm narrating this story, get lost!

Mint, my contract says I-

I don't CARE what your contract says, you skipped over WAY to many details in the first two chapters!

You aren't even aware of what those chapter are about!!

Doesn't matter, Otaku-Boy says your fired, I'm just his messanger! You gotta problem with it, take it with him!


Uh, I'm pretty sure Pumpkin(who is way better than you)-

What? Why were you using paranthesese?

I ust relized I used the wrong command for thought. Anyway, Pumpin and I are already better narrators than you, so get lost!

No. I have a contrac- WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?

Ripping up your contract, bye bye, SECURITY!!


Well, now that that's over time for the disclamer: Housepets! is owned completely by...ehh...Rick ....Griffin...yeah, yeah Rick Griffin, ownes everybody , except Me, Spicer, Viola, and Greg....WAIT A MINTUE!! There are OTHER people besides my family that are OCs! Fine fine we'll get there when we get there. Yada yada Rick ownes Housepets! not us, he doesn't own us, we ain't gettin' payed for this, and ANY similarities to people(unless said otherwise) and OC characters that aren't O.B's are completely coincidental (unless said otherwise). that this overly long intro(along with a lame excuse on why CH.1&2 sucked) ON WITH THE READING!!!
"Umm...Mint, what the heck are you doing, and why do I have to stand in front of your...laptop(?), which you still haven't taught me how to use by the way." Spicer said getting a chair to sit on, when he got one, he then sat down next to me in front of my laptop, which I put on the kitchen table.

"Sorry Spicer, but when I showed you how to use a remote, you made me go temporarily insane." Ironicly, I was talking to the unstable dog who regularly carries around a butcher knife(among other things) in his collar, or scarf if its winter, and only shows truly SUBTLE changes in facial and vocial emotion(unless you've known him long enough, then you don't even notice he's rather emotionless).

"Sh-shut up. You asked me over here right? Well, aren't you going to show me what your doing, I was reading 'Define "Normal"' when you came into my room and asked to come here." He was blushing slightly from embarrasment, and playing with his earing while looking down because of what I said.

"Well, a while ago Lester told me one of his favorite past-times is going on a D&D forum and say "I prefer the (censored to prevent flames) edition of D&D and anybody who doesn't is a big idiotic loser!" Then read all the comments for a quick laugh." I beleive the correct term to call Lester would be a Troll. Trolling usually isn't something I do, but I'm curious on what happened. 3...2...1..

"Um...Mint?" Called it. I told him what forums are, but he still looked confused, oh well.

"Come on Spicer, I explained it to you, I can't help you know little to nothing about computers! Or technology in general! You'd think you would learn something from me trying to teach you, but unfortanately, it seems to not be the case. Aren't you supposed to be the smart one?" Wow, I'm still confused on how pets can blush through fur, but red from ANGER, wow...a- oww ow owowowOWOW!!! Pumpkin is currently chomping on my arm. "QUIT BITING MY ARM!!" I started punching his head, but the pain robbed most of the force, either that or Spicer is REALLY mad! OWOWOWOW!!!!

"No untih oo hay sorah!" That's not even sentence!

"OW!! OKAY OKAY I'M SORRY!! I'M SORRY!! OWOWOW!!!" He took his mouth off my arm. "Why was violence NECESSARY anyway!? Maybe what I said was uncalled for, but you didn't need to BITE me!" My fur had a bite mark on it, stupid Pumpkin...

"Are we going to do what we're about to do or what?" DON'T YOU PRETEND YOU DIDN'T JUST BITE ME!!!

"Are we seriously going to pretend that didn't JUST happen?"

"Yes, yes we are going to pretend that didn't just happen. Now, what about the show me the forum thing. " Smart-tail! Oh whatever, if Pumpkin drops something, he won't mention it ever again. This is the only reason why I don't ask him on how he knows so much, because he'll just look down and stay silent untill I change the subect.

I opened the laptop and typed in my enter password, after making Spicer turn around of course. After that, I went to the forum Lester told me about. Lets I don't need to register...that's not how most forums work. Actually, I don't think ANY forums run like that! Oh well, I went to a random thread discussing DnD, and posted what Lester said.


"Okay, now would you please tell me why I had to come to see you post it. Why didn't you just get me when'comments' came?" ....Carp, I guess that would be smart.

"Because I forgot people need time to look at and post comments. ...DON'T ROLL YOUR EYES! EVERYBODY MAKES MISTAKES!"

"Spare me your shouting Mint I was`just joking. There's a good chance somebod already commented." Grr.....jerk. I refreshed the two comments! What does it say...WOAH!! How old IS this guy, and WHO taught him that word!!

"Mint...what does that mean?"

"It means your not telling Viola and Greg what we did today, lest I get grounded." That would suck.

Okay, there seems to be one below that one also."

Hm.. lets see: "Chill out dude, he's just trying to mess with you." There seemed to be a comment under that one....refresh page....WHAT ON EARTH!!! Apparently, 3 more people oined, because there were 3 more posts.

"You think your edition is so special, it's the worst edition EVER :twisted: :twisted: "

"H-hey, I have that edition-" I saw what was written after that and covered it up, much to Pumpkin's irritance.

"It was boring spam after that." I lied, these are the words of a LIAR!!

"Fine...just get to the last comment." He was still rather mad after that.

"Lets says:'HEY YOU!!! YOU DARE CALL ME A LOSER! WHY I OUTTA BEAT YOU WITH A STICK! I HOPE YOU -' Ya know what this wasn't my smartest idea, lets just drop it."

"Come on Mint."

"Sorry, but as your older sister, I say you drop it. Understood."

"Your only older by 4 months!"

"Those 4 months make me older, so you must do as I say."

He pouted for a little while, but for the most part just went with it...phew!

A day later, while waiting for Kammotavva to show up so we could finally play, Joey seemed rather...mad.

"What wrong Joey? You seem mad." Lester just gave oey a bored look as I waited for him to answer.

"Nothing, but that guy returned."

"And who excactly is that guy?" Lester asked, with a sense of irritation in his voice. "Be more specific."

"Well, this guy shows up every once in a while and says: "I prefer the (censored to prevent flames) edition of D&D and anybody who doesn't is a big idiotic loser!". When ever he does that, the topic they say it in gets into a flame war that spreads to the ENTIRE forum, and then the forum gets closed for a while, it's really irritating." He wasn't mad now, but he did look rather irritated.

"AHAHAHA!!! HEY GUYS I'M HERE!" Tavva said. going into the dog house to join us. Lester looked at me, relizing what I did, while I stared back at him, relizing the effect of what we did...well, I pray Joey doesn't find out...I hope Pumpkin doesn't tell him about it...


Wed Nov 28, 2012 7:56 am
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Post Re: Mint&Pumpkin(PG 13)
Hmm, interesting, In guess? I was never much into trolling myself...

So violent! They are quite a pair...belong in a pound if he is that quick to violence...

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Wed Nov 28, 2012 10:51 pm
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