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Immortel Shadow Fanfic Kings Faith 
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Post Immortel Shadow Fanfic Kings Faith
This is the first fanfic I have ever written, and I only have one thing to say, and that is... I am not that funny, so this fanfic may not be focused on comedy all the time, or not even at all. I do apologize to any one who was looking for laughs, but this is here to give a kind of happy, sad dramatic type.. thing, so I hope you like it, and would love to hear comments on it.

Chapter 1: Lost Memories.

All she could hear was the slowed panting that came from her. She looked around the shadows, picking out the

streetlights and roads that lay ahead of her. She made

her way to the roads, knowing that if she left, she would never be back again, and that she will find him and be

with him again.

The silence was odd for her, as she expected more people to be on the cities streets that night. Halfway across the road, lights sparked from her rightside as she stopped instinctively frozen.

The lights grew, first as one, then in a pair of two, she stared hard into them, trying to discover what could be headed to her.

She heard a loud screeching sound when it reached up to her, it made her jump, and she froze.


A rough voice yelled, she saw a small shadow fly towards her, and the sound of an object hitting concrete, an

unnatural mettalic sound came from it.

That sound was the only thing that made her bolt off into the darkeness, as she hid near a sewergrate, looking up at the small bridge above her, it only made her think scoldingly to herself.

Great job Faith, your hardly even on the street an hour and you've already gotten yourself in trouble.

It pained her to think of how stupid this was, and what she was even going to do to find him. It led her into more

thought, but only about him.

Andrew, where are you?

A loud bang and flash came across the sky, it was enough to make Faith jump. As it started to rain heavily, she knew

it wouldn't let up anytime soon, she moved
forward. A slight fear came to her, the scattering of rats and other vermin could be heard a mile away.

I haven't been in this part of the city before, where am I?

She thought bitterly, but once she found the streets, her nerves rested quickly.

She crossed a street again, this time she didn't stop. Faith found an allyway, and started
to walk down a dark gloomy path, with the only light being a flickering lampost.

More flashes filled the skies, and rain kept falling from the shadows upove her.

She walked cautiously, as the atomosphere around her started to get tense, she wondered if she was being followed, or if someone was there. Faith turned, looking back at the street.

I guess it was nothing then. She corrected herself.

She looked foward, and jumped at the sight of a dog easily twice her size.

"What are you doing here!?"

He barked, teeth bared at her.

"I- uh -I"

She stammered on, surprized by his silent appearence, as Faiths ears dropped a little.

"Leave then! Or I make you."

He barked again, as Faiths ears dropped completely.

I always hated dogs barking she thought.

"Well, leave!"

He raged, teeth still bared. Faith started to walk back slowly, as he followed, once she had him in the allyways

lampost, she had a good look at him.

Almost undescribable, black ragged patches of fur hanging from him, a violent stare in his eyes, and sharp canines

from his mouth, just his basic and shocking appearence was enough to scare Faith, but the way he looked made her

even more scared.


The stranger basically growled violently, and Faith froze again, her tail and ears were facing the ground, she

started to shake.

"Keith! Thats enough."

Faith looked to the voice that saved her, a white cat stood in the lamplight, with a grey dog behind her.

"Rose, who said you were suppose to boss us around, and Blaze, why do you always pick sides with her?"

Keith demanded violently.


Rose snapped, which got his attention quite quickly.

"Rose, you know the rules we had on trespassers."

"She's only a pup Keith, how dare you act like that to her."

Keith started growling violently again, his eyes narrowed sharply. Faith then realized that they are preying on

their instincts, and that these strays had gone feral.


Faith perked up, surprised at the fact she did.

It definitly got all their attention, and frankly she felt smaller that they acknowledged her.


Rose intrigued.

"I- I could go around, I don't mind."

Faith stated quietly They all stared at her. (With the exception of Keith, who was still staring angrily at Rose.)

The silence lasted hardly a second, but it was still enough to make Faith think that she just did something wrong



Rose finally spoke.

"Come on through, we don't mind."

She stared hard at Keith.


Keith barked bitterly.


Rose hissed back at this, and to Faiths surprize, he backed down.

"Well come on." Rose spoke with a friendly tone. Though Faith stayed in place, and didn't dare to move.

"Don't be scared, we won't hurt you."

"I- I'm not scared."

A flash and bang hit the skies, it was enough to make Faith jump, and to definitly keep everyones attention.

She heard some giggling in the back, and saw the ragged grey dog behind Rose starting to laugh. A friendly smile

came across Roses face.

"Yes, we clearly see that."

Faith noticed the rain pick up, and quite heavily at that, she looked up, and saw lights from the clouds above. When

she looked foward, she saw Rose doing the same.

"It dosen't seem like the rain will stop anytime soon, why don't you spent the night with us."


A call for protest came from Keith.

"Keith, do you honestly want to let a pup go out like this alone?"

Rose remarked, it was a quick sharp sound that came from her, like a winters breeze. Keith stopped silent, and only

left himself in thought, Rose turned back to Faith.

"Well, lets see if we have room for you to rest."

"I honestly think I should just get going."

Faith said with uncertianty, looking at the rain and light from the clouds, she knew that no other stray would be

this nice, but she just wanted to leave as soon as she

"Your hesitant, you really should stay for the night. I am sure it'll clear up in the morning."

Faith was quiet, only stared really.

Rose was right, Faith knew that she would have struggle getting through the night, especially if she left now.

The rain itself would prove walking through the streets harder, and the darkness of the night would only make it harder to see.

"Well... I guess one night wouldn't hurt."

Faith replied cautiously.

"Very good."

Rose began happily.

"I'll see if I can find room for you."

"Th- Thank you."

Faith oddly said.

"Your welcome. Now come, follow me."

She urged Faith to follow, Faith was hesitant, then felt a little more relaxed with everything.

Rose led her to a small overhang, kinda like the top of a shop, inside, there was newspapers, old blankets, and

ruined pillows.

Faith only thought about how long these three have been out here, and if they've ever had a home. She stepped
inside after Rose, and was surprised at how warm and dry it was.


Rose murmered.


Faith interrupted politly.

"I believe that you can rest here."

She explained kindly, which made Faith feel safe, which was surprizing to her.

It wasn't much

Faith thought.

Specially if you compare it to a bed next to a beautiful endless flame of a fireplace, and the thought of having

everything again.

Faith felt the warmth from this place, she was curious about all of it, the people, how they've lasted this long,

and how they ended up here.She decided to lie down, and

wait for the lot of them, she only hoped that they wouldn't mind answering a few questions about themselves, just so

Faith can feel a little bit more comfortable here.

(Not that she would stay long. She just thought a proper introduction would be nice.) Though Faith didn't stay up

long, it onlty took minutes for her to fall asleep...

She awoke in a meadow, flowers everywhere and the sun as bright and yellow as the dandelions around her. Three

humans sat near her, she looked to her leftside.


She said happily. Much to her surprize, he didn't say anything, only smiled and petted her, and it made her feel

beyond happy. She looked to her right.

"Maria, Joseph!"

They both sat beside each other smiling happily and peacefully, thats when everything went dark.


She cried out frantically.

"Faith. I'm right here."

Faith sat on Andrews lap, she could feel them moving foward, but she wasn't moving. She looked around, Faith was

sitting in a large open space, windows to both sides, and lights in front of the windows in front of her and behind her.

"It was just a bad dream, everything`s fine, I'm right here."

He spoke softly, and she lay her head down, rising it to the sudden bounces from whatever she was inside.

"It's okay, there's no reason to panic."

He said cheerfully, as he started to stroke her fur, she felt a peacefulness rising from her.

"Now what in the world is that?"

Joseph said.

"Dad, what do you see?"

At that very second, the entire thing they were in flew to one side, shards of glass flew around the inside, and

everything went black for Faith.

When she awoke, she was in flame. Faith shrieked, and saw the flames grow towards her, she looked around, and saw

everything was upsidedown.

She saw a way out, and went for it, when she felt cold air, she breathed deeply, coughing inbetween her breaths.

A man sat on his knees in front of the flames, she went to him, and felt pain in her front leg. Limping, she moved

to him, all she saw was him crying.


Faith asked.

"Faith." He said, his voice held no exspression, and his gaze was held frozen. Faith looked back at the flames, she

saw another one of those things, on the leftside of
the one she came out of.

"Where's Andrew and Maria?"

He looked at Faith, he was still crying.

"Gone, they're just gone."

He kept crying after that, and Faith stood, looking at the flames and smoke rise to the nights endless and starry

sky. Again everything went black, and Faith awoke back inside the strays home, the rain stopped but it was still dark out, and she heard three voices outside.

she walked towards them, and stopped at the enterance to eavesdrop on the three.

"Rose, why did you let a stray stay here? You never had before."

Keith whispered harshly

"She was only a pup, and who knows how long she has been out here for."

Rose replied in the same tone.

"To be honest Rose, I believe it's because your feeling guilty."

Blaze said, the sound of his voice surprized Faith, he sounded very young. Faith heard Rose scoff.

"What could I possibly feel guilty for."

"You know exactly what I'm talking about, we all felt guilty for abandoning him."

"We've discussed this!"

Rose hissed.

"We promised to never bring Joel up again. May I remind you, I simply asked him to leave, you and Keith were the

ones that got violent."

"That is true, and I have beat myself up for it everyday since we've been out here."

Blaze started to cry, this seemed to have shocked Rose and Keith.


Keith empathized, his ears dropped

"Hey, this happened years ago, and.."

Rose started, her voice was breaking up.

"I miss him too, but the streets weren't a place for him, he deserved better. You all know that, and I know that he

made it through okay, in fact I bet he's out there
helping people right now."

It went quiet, and Faith decided to come out of their home.


She perked up, her voice itself broke their silence, and she was able to make Keith and Blaze jump. The two murmered

something, but she heard them.

"Well, that was one way to ruin the moment."

Rose looked at her, and Faith got a little tense from her.

"I do apologize, did we wake you up?

Rose asked.

"No, I woke up on my own, and since the rain has passed, I guess I'll be on my way."

Faith replied softly. She turned to leave, and started to think of where she was headed next.


Blaze stopped her. Faith flinched back away from him.


Faith choked out nervously.

"Where are you headed?"

Blaze asked curiously.

"To Babylon Gardens, with any luck, I can find an old friend there."

"Well, you are headed the right way, how bout I guide you to the road leaving town, help you on your way out of the


Faith looked at him oddly, then realized why he was acting so kind.

"Well thanks, I could use a little help, I've been getting myself lost all night. That was until I met all of you,

and you have helped a lot, why are you helping me anyways?

Faith played along, and hoped none of them realized that she heard their conversation.

"That." Rose butted in. "Is for another time, I hope to see you soon, and once you reach the road out of the city,

it's only a mile or two to Babylon. Goodluck, oh and
if you find a stray under the name of Jericho, I'm sure if you say that you know me, he will help you out."

"Thanks for all the help." Faith replied with appreciation.

She follow Blaze down the dark ally, and down a small road, and when they finally reached the cities entry sign, she

turned to Blaze.

"Thank you."

He smiled kindly at her.

"Anytime, and goodluck."

They didn't say anything more, she simply turned to the road, looking at the bottom of the sign.


Andrew spoke highly of the place.

Faith pondered.

If he would be anywhere, that would be it.

She looked up at the night sky, surprized that the moon was still out, and the endless stretch of stars that danced

silently on the horizen.

Andrew, I pray I'll find you there.

She then started her way down the road to Babylon, keeping her virgil along the way.

Please Andrew, be there.

With that she looked back, the lights of the city weren't too far off, but she didn't care about it, or the home she

had, it was Andrew, and Andrew alone.

She turned once more and started again, never looking back.


I decided to go with your classic runaway tale, and the intro I partially remember from a kids fim I watched when I was younger. (Can't remember what though.) So I hope you enjoyed this, and I will try my best to update every weekand, it's just depending on how school looks... I just really hope I made it long enough. and that I will get encourging critisism on this. Thank you, and I would love to hear from everyone. (Written by Immortel Shadow, and I would really hate it if someone took this writing for their own benifit, I am just doing this for fun you know. Oh and it may seem book like, It's just the way I write stories, so it'll seem like your reading a novel.) I apologize for grammer and spelling mistakes, hope it can be overlooked.

And Note, Recent Change Wth The Format, Due To A Very Helpful Reply, I Hope This Is What You Meant.

A restless Night before hand, the cries of the Night truly a form of Natures significance over mankind, showing that not I nor man can comprehand the True form of Nature, and that form is the Wolf.
Written by Immortel Shadow.

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Post Re: Immortel Shadow Fanfic Kings Faith
Pretty good intro, Shadow.

Wow... So King's pets are still alive. That is amazing.

And I wander how Faith will figure into this....

My characters
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Post Re: Immortel Shadow Fanfic Kings Faith
Great first update! what an interesting and unique story- I hope your keep up with it,
I do apologize to any one who was looking for laughs, but this is here to give a kind of happy, sad dramatic type..

Don't apologize for it!- its great to break away from the norm.some people are just born a little darker then the norm, and enjoy well placed sadness/Drama and such. ( I for one am one of those people). - And I like where this is going. - :D

My only real complaint would be its formatting, if you added new lines between paragraphs and dialogue would make this piece exponentially easier to read. I found myself getting lost a couple of times that might just be me,I don't use the same media as everyone else(Ipad\ and cell phone sometimes). other than I would have to say your first update was really good and I can't wait to see more!

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Post Re: Immortel Shadow Fanfic Kings Faith
I think its great keep up the good work
Also who cares if its funny if its a good story people will read it any ways

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Post Re: Immortel Shadow Fanfic Kings Faith
Since I am not going to be here over the weekand, I thought it would be best to post this a day early. I hope the storyline is going well with this next chapter. (Because, it's one of the only things I am finding importent, That, and the length.

Remember, any encouragment and replies will be nice, I would like to know if I've made a big mistake.

I hope everyone has a great weekand, here's Chapter two.
Chapter 2: The Hope Of Home.

Looking out the window of a house in Babylon, King had trouble sleeping for the night.

He had a rare sight at seeing the lights of his city in the endless distance.

He couldn't say much for himself, for one fact he was turned into a dog, for another he wasn't the best guy for pets.

But out of it, he still found some ground. He had a
friend, Fox, and a lot of other dogs have been wanting to talk to him.

Though, he could never take talking to them. Best of all, Pete's gone, along with the entire house.
(In which he was still wondering how that happened.)

He had quite a bit of comfort here, living with Miles and his family, (He still had some odd feelings about them
though.) Yet a small cloud hung around him, in the back of his mind his old life kept digging in, trying to find a way back to him.

And still, no matter how much he wanted it, he couldn't change back to being human.

He was getting used to this whole dog thing though, but he still needed to practice on talking with other dogs, especially when they're all in a group.

He knew that it would be a lot better then curling up into a ball like he normally does.

He heard sounds outside his bedroom door, and he took a wild guess at which three mischiefs were behind it.

He tried to go back to bed, but there was no way he could. He looked at his alarm clock.

11:17 P.M.

Jeez. King thought. Maybe if I turn on the radio.

He fumbled around with the clock, and turned on the radio, he had the volume on high, so the sudden start basically made him jump from his bed and rush to put the volume on low.

Well, there's no use sleeping now... I am definitly awake now. King gave himself a handful of thoughts, anything that could help him sleep.

He decided to keep the radio
on, and scanned through the channels.

"You are listening to 103.5 QM FM and- *static*"

Aww, what's going on here? King pondered, flipping the channels.

"This is 93.7 JR FM And we've had a set of odd requests tonight so here is our first song of the night."

A light tune filled the air, and King himself didn't like the song, but something got him to keep it on, some of his memories went through his mind when this song was playing, mainly about his parents.

Just turn the song off, they did nothing wrong. King told himself, the tune of the song was depressing enough for him, but the lyrics were what hit him the most.

He turned off the radio, and just closed his eyes to get some sleep, or at least hoped he would, it was a long night, but he finally fell asleep.

A loud bang came from outside his bedroom door.

"WHAT IN THE?" King jumped from his sleep. He looked at his door.

Hey things don't explain themselves. He thought, he turned and looked at his clock again.

3:30 A.M.

King knew that Mile's cubs would have been in bed hours ago. He got up and grasped the doorknob, he opened the door and walked into the hallway.

He looked around in the darkness, trying to find what fell.

Okay now. He stepped foward, and lost his footing

THE STAIRS. He fell down, and the commotion he made was probably enough to wake the entire nieghberhood. A light turned on from above him.

"KING!" It was Daryl, he went down the stairs to him.

"Hey you okay?"

"I'M FINE, just slipped." King grunted painfully, holding his bumped head, He got up, and stumbled a bit while getting balanced.

"What were you doing!?" Daryl asked quickly.

"I heard a loud bang from outside my door, I went to go see." King said holding his head still.

"Well, I've been awake for quite some time now, and I didn't hear anything." Daryl replied.

"I guess I heard something then." King yelped.

"Hey, how bout we get a drink, it may help." Daryl suggested.

"Okay. It's a good idea." King claimed.

"I'll be fine, I just need some water." King got up, and walked over to the kitchen, it was obviously clean, for the fact that they've haven't used it much.

He grabbed a cup from the cupboard, and put it under the tap, he filled it up, and took a drink.

"You know King, most people turn a light on before going into dark places." Daryl joked

"I put my foot in a bad spot. OW! That really hurts." King grunted again. King finished his glass, and put it in the sink.

"Well, I'm going to try and go back to sleep." King informed.

"Hey King." Daryl said happily.

"Yes?" King said

"Don't fall down again okay." Daryl had a laugh, but King didn't have much of it, he simply walked back up the stairs, and into his room. His eyes scanned the clock.

3:37 A.M.

He got into bed, and finally fell asleep.


The road was old and dark, Faith could see Babylons town lights from where she was, but she could barely see where the road was in front of her.

It also didn't help when she looked around, covered in the dark shapes of trees, and the odd sounds of animals from all directions made it very hard to stay calm.

Her ears dropped, as she walked by, A light came from in front of her, and she moved out of the way of them, only to see one of those moving things, and it reminded her of flame, and the night she lost it all.

It passed her quickly, and she stepped back on the road. Looking up, she noticed that the moon wasn't there.

Thats why it's so dark now.

She remembered all the things Andrew taught her, how to read stars, and tell time by simply looking at the suns direction, but even so, she knew she wouldn't get much of a chance if it Babylons lights weren't there.

A siloutte came closer, and she noticed it was another sign, she had difficulty reading it, but she got what it was telling her.


She was halfway there, and a smile grew on her face.

The faster I get there, will be the faster I get to Andrew! Faith told herself, getting excited she sped up a bit, but not enough to bring attention to her, she really didn't want anything coming out of the forest, like a coyote, or a bear.

She swallowed and kept moving, hoping that it won't take too long to get there.

She looked back at the skies, and saw the stars, becoming brighter and dimmer every second of the way.

She only wished during the silence, she would have had a chance to talk to someone, she thought it would calm her down a bit, but since there was no one there with her, she might as well have started talking to herself.

She decided not to though, and kept quiet during her walk to Babylon, but she did think about what she would do when she found Andrew.

She looked ahead of her, Faith saw a sign, in big letters it said.


"Finally, I made it." Faith said, breaking the silence around her.

There was only one problem though, the communities front entrance was blocked by a large gate, with
the words Babylon Gardens at the top of it.

How am I gonna get in? Faith thought hard, and noticed that the wall had loose bricks from top to bottom.

Well, it's better than waiting till morning. She went to the wall, and tried to find a place to put her footing.

She heard laughing above her, it made her jump back. As she looked up, she couldn't see who it was, just a pair of eyes staring at her.

"W-Whos there?" Faith shook, keeping her eyes on them.

"Hey, there's no reason to get scared, I'm just wondering what your doing here." The stranger explained in a tone that was quite annoying to Faith.

"I'm looking for someone here, but I can't get in." Faith remarked.

The stranger had a laugh.

"I can help, but I really don't think I should.

Faith sighed. "Can you please let me in."

"Hmmmm. I'll think about it."

Faith sighed again. "what will I need to do." She said hesitantly

"For what?"

"To get in." Faith stated.

It got quiet, and she thought they left. In the background, winds passed through the trees, and carried the sounds of the city.

It made her feel homesick, but she knew if she went back, there was nothing for her back home.

"Hey" the stranger interrupted the silence.

"I may have something you can do."

"Really?" Faith said with a small curiosity.

"Yes, you see, I lost something worth value to me in this part of town, and found it."

Faith looked at her, confused.

"What would you need me for then?'

"I can't reach it, but I think you can."She replied joyfully, and it only made Faith feel off about this.

"So, you'll let me in?" Faith asked.

"Of course, but only if you help."

Faith thought it over, it was simple, just grab her item and give it to her, and she was in Babylon.

"Okay, I'll help, where is it?" Faith held a smile, which she didn't know if the stranger would see it or not.

"Oh, th- that's great uh, just let me get the gate open."

Faith heard a creaking of the metal hinges, and realized that the door was electronically powered.

"Well come in, before someone realizes the gates open." The stranger urged on, and Faith went in qiuickly.

"Over here." The stranger called to a spot by a house.

"Hey, what am I getting anyways?"

The stranger was waving her hand to Faith, probably to tell her that her thing was there.

"Oh, the pendant on my collar broke off and fell down here, now come get it please."

"Okay." Faith came up to her, and saw a broken part of the house, that was just enough for her to get her paw in. She felt around, but the light they were in wasn't
helping Faith.

"Uh, I think I got it." She pulled out an odd shape, and when she got some of the mud off, she was holding a silver B.

"I think this is yours." Faith said handing it over to the stranger.

"Yes that's it, thanks a lot, if I didn't have this when I got home my mom would kill me. Hypothetically speaking of course."

"Your welcome, and thanks for opening the gate for me." Faith replied. The stranger turned to leave.

"Wait, I didn't get your name." Faith perked up, it made the stranger stop. She turned to Faith, still fiddling around with her collar and pendant.

"Bigglesworth." Faith stared at her.

"That's an... interesting name."

"Yeah, lets say my mom made a mistake with naming me." Bigglesworth replied

"What's your name?" Bigglesworth curiously asked.

"I'm Faith, and I hope to see you again sometime." Faith Smiled, and only thought about where she would find Andrew.

"Well it was nice to meet you Faith, but I really have to get going." Bigglesworth turned again, and made on her way down the street, leaving Faith alone in the night.

Well Faith, you made it... but now what, if Andrew is really here I'll have to find him. Faith pondered.

A park, he loves parks. She looked around, and decided to follow the only street that lay in front of her.

He'll probably not be there right now obviously. She thought to herself, looking at the lamposts following the street.

But I can always wait there for him. But... is there even a park around here? She started to worry about this, and then thought of some other place he could be.

Well, he loves reading, so a library or a bookstore would be good as well. Faith felt her stomach rumbling, and forgot to pack food.

"No, how could I forget something as simple as that?" Faith started scolding herself, she remembered that she forgot her bag back at home, and it had everything in it.

She reached a part of the road, in which it split off into four seperate roads, all going in different direction. She didn't know where to go next, and only looked at the roads.

This is just great, I forget all my supplies at home, I'm stuck in the middle of a road going in all directions, and worst of all I'm hungry.

Faith started to get upset, when something silver hit her eyes. She looked at her chest, and saw her silver heartshaped locket. The mere sight of it made her smile.

At least I didn't forget my locket, if I did I would go back home just to get it. Faith stopped smiling, she could smell something, and all that went through her mind was food.

Thats coming from down there. She looked to her right, and started down the street. She followed her nose, it was the only thing she could do. She stopped when she came to the front of a house, and looked around.

"Hey, look at this!" Faith heard a voice from the side.

"You found food!" Another spoke. Food? Faith thought. Who knows, maybe a little surprise could scare them off.

She followed the houses wall, keeping to the shadows she came up behind the pair.

Raccoons? Great, I didn't think I'd see any on these streets. Faith stood behind them.

Just yell, it should be enough to make them bolt off. Faith thought to herself.
Okay one, two, three and...

"HEY!" Faith yelled as loud as she could, and it did exactly what she thought it would. The two jumped and bolted off yelling and panicking down the street.

Hm. She smirked deviously.

I showed them. Now, I just hope this food isn't bad.

Faith sniffed around, hoping to find something fresh, when a light shone on her from behind.

"Are you raccoons at it again? Get out of here!"

Faith turned to see an old man holding a broom, and wondered if he would really go ahead and hit her.

"Oh?" He stared at Faith, and lowered his broom.

"I didn't know we had stray pups running around these parts." The man exclaimed, Faith didn't say anything, just stepped back slowly.

"Come now, do you honestly think I would hurt a pup? Now I bet your hungry, let me get something fresh for you to eat." Faith didn't speak, for she didn't know what to make of the old mans kindness, or if she could even trust him. She was hungry though, and something fresh would make her feel better.

Before she could talk, the man disappeared into his home, and she was left in the dark for a couple minutes. She kept quiet until he came back holding a silver tray.

"Now all I have is some of my sons leftover steak, but I'm sure he wouldn't mind if I gave it to you." Faith stared while he put the tray down, then she finally found the courage to talk.

"Thank you." Faith spoke, while she walked up to him.

"I don't mind, just please bring the tray by the door when your done." He left again, and Faith started to eat. Even though the food was great, Faith ate bitterly, she got lucky this time, and she didn't know what they did to strays here.

What if they kick me out? Or what if they get the cities pound to come pick me up? I'll be right back where I started. Faith kept eating, and wondered where this road
would take her.

All I need to do is find a park and wait, it shouldn't be too hard to find one here, this place is huge.

Faith finished eating, and put the tray by the door, she walked off the steps and started down the street. She kept walking, and saw lights on at many houses.

Wow, people really like to stay up late here.

She kept walking down the road, until she saw two shadows coming towards her.

"I can't believe how great the park is at night." Faiths ears perked up to the sounds of the talking. She assumed it was a girl talking.

"Yeah I know, you happy I suggested it?" A boy talked that time, but she couldn't guess how old the two were.

"Yes, I loved it, it was a lot better then watching a movie."

Faith wondered how she could get the location of the park from the pair.

Just play it cool, I'm sure they wouldn't mind.

Faith considered walking on the sidewalk like they were, she just thought it would make her seem more normal.

"I simply loved being out here tonight, we should do this more often." The girl said

"I know an-" He stopped talking when Faith walked up to the two.

"I'm sorry to bother you, but do you know where the park is? I need to meet someone there." Faith asked the two with high hopes. They started to talk to each other, and Faith was able to get a good look at them.

The pair were cats, one with dark fur, the other with white fur and brown spots.

"Yeah, its just down the road apiece." He pointed down the road.

"You should be able to see it on your right." The girl added.

"Thanks." Faith said, and started on her way down the road. She got to another road spanning off in all directions, but this time she could see the silhouettes of trees making it easier for her to choose what road to take.

She walked down the park, and saw what the couple meant by the park. She saw lights lit around the ponds, and
around some trees. She also saw a small bridge lined with lights, and other things.

This is odd, it's nowhere near Christmas, so what's with the lighting? It took her a while, but she realized that there was no lamposts around the park, and they also probably had the lighting to make it more interesting.

Faith yawned, she had been traveling for most of the night, and wanted to rest. She looked back at the small bridge.

It looks pretty dry around there, it will be a good place to rest. Faith told herself to go there, and she went under the bridge. (which had a lot of room because the bridge was arced.)

She lied down, and felt how dry it was, she simply closed her eyes, and within minutes was in a deep sleep, thinking of Andrew, and what she was going to do next.

Well I hope you enjoyed chapter 2, and I hope that it is going well, I would love to read your replies. Check in next week for another update.

A restless Night before hand, the cries of the Night truly a form of Natures significance over mankind, showing that not I nor man can comprehand the True form of Nature, and that form is the Wolf.
Written by Immortel Shadow.

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Post Re: Immortel Shadow Fanfic Kings Faith
It was a good update. A few mistakes in spelling and grammar, but nothing too noticeable.

Faith is in for a shock when she wakes up, huh? ;)

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Post Re: Immortel Shadow Fanfic Kings Faith
Liked it a lot! :D :D
Faith is pure adorable, daaawww!


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Post Re: Immortel Shadow Fanfic Kings Faith
what a Great update! - I really liked it
Liked it a lot! :D :D
Faith is pure adorable, daaawww!

I for once I completely agree with you valerio.

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I myself, have just read though all of the comments here, and I am very happy, and extremely surprised that you all are enjoying it, I myself am just hoping to get Ch: 3 done A.S.A.P So I can post it on friday, I am very close to finished, and it also seems to be longer then the other two. I hope to be hearing more from everyone, and I really like that you are all enjoying it, and hope I can keep up the good work. ;)

A restless Night before hand, the cries of the Night truly a form of Natures significance over mankind, showing that not I nor man can comprehand the True form of Nature, and that form is the Wolf.
Written by Immortel Shadow.

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Another week has come and gone, and I still hope everyone is doing well. I hope you enjoy what is being posted next... Love to hear feedback.

Chapter Three: That Little Thought.

Flames burned through an endless darkness, she could hear him calling, but didn't know where it came from or who it was.

Engulfed in a black smoke, she tried yelling back and only coughed.

She looked around, her eyes watered, and her vision became blurry. She looked at a source of light and saw a window, a silhouette of a small

dog stood there. Then she couldn't see again, and blacked out. She awoke in a start gasping, and noticed that she wasn't around flames, or smoke, or in the presence of

any form of danger.

What was that? I've never had a dream like that before. Faith wondered at what could have made her dream like that, and then looked around at the lightened sky.

Hey, I didn't see that! Faith looked at a tall post, which had a clock in the middle.

Wow, it looks really old. Faith stared in awe, and had only seen them in old photographs.

Now, I just hope I remember what Andrew taught me. She studied the clock, and started thinking of times.

9:30 ? No, 9:43. Faith looked around yawning, and saw the sun shining through a row of trees. It made her feel at peace, but she snapped back when she heard the sounds of scampering feet.

"Can't catch me Dallas!" Faith heard barks of excitement, and a shape bolting past her.

"Dakota, you know I can't." She saw another running to her, and slowed down to catch his breath.

"Well come on Dallas, hurry up." Faith stood watching the two.

"Jus- Just give me a moment." Dallas panted out, he turned towards Faiths direction.

"Hi." He said kindly. Faith placed a paw back, and noticed the two of them watching her.

"Would you like to play tag?" He said again. Faith stared quietly, and didn't know what to say.

"DAKOTA, DALLAS COME!" Faith jumped at the yelling, and didn't know what to think.

"Dallas, moms calling, lets go." Mom? Faith thought. I've never heard someone's mom yell like that.

"Well, bye." Dallas turned and the two bolted off, and Faith stared down at them.

She could see the two pups, and two humans, but there wasn't a single older dog in the bunch.

That's odd. Faith pondered, but she simply decided to ignore it, she left from that end of the park, and decided to look around the rest of the park.

Andrew normally comes to the park around 12:00, he also would be wearing his favourite jacket.

Faith looked around and saw very few people.

Well, I do have a couple hours, maybe if I looked around the town.

Faith looked for a way out of the park, and once she found one she started down the sidewalk hoping she could find something to occupy her.

She turned down one of the streets.

Wow, I didn't think they would have a market in this town.

She walked down, reading the signs on each one of the stores.

Tailor, General store, Pharmacy, and a couple others.

She reached one of the stores. The sign brought big hopes for her.

A bookstore, this is great if Andrews not at the park, I can check here.

She reached an arced street, leading back to the park, a fine row of houses was on both sides of the street.

They have a lot of residents.

She kept walking down, and wondered if she was the only one outside.

Faith looked at a huge house, that lay at the top of a hill, a single street leading to a large gate up to the house.

Thats huge, I wonder who lives there?

Faith passed the huge gate, and decided to go back to the park, their wasn't much to do, and she didn't want to get lost again.

It didn't take her long to go back to the parks bridge, Faith looked at the clock.

10:20 A.M.

Whoa, I thought I was only gone a few minutes, not forty.

Faith found a bench near the bridge, and lied down on it.

I guess the only thing I can do is wait.

Faith felt the suns warmth, and without warning, fell back asleep.
On other turns...

King had just awoken to the sounds of Babylon awakening, he looked out at a guiding light from his window. King yawned looking towards his clock.

10:20 A.M.

King yawned again, and knew he wouldn't get anymore sleep today, and was surprised that Miles' cubs were quiet for the morning.

He got up, grabbing his wallet, and went downstairs, and all that went through his mind was the peaceful sounds of the winds breeze through the trees near his new home.

"Hey King."

King turned towards one of Miles cubs.

"Good morning." King spoke in a friendly tone, and was quite surprised that he did.

"Wow, you sound very cheery, and I'm pretty sure it's midday now. Oh how's your head?"

King forgot all about what happened last night, and was wondered why it wasn't hurting.

"I guess Daryl told you. My head is fine, I'm just getting a drink and going out." King didn't let him say anymore, but just casually walked down the stairs, he knew a walk would help him think.

He went down to the kitchen, and grabbed a cup from the cupboard and run it under the tap.

I hope I can find out what's going on with me. King pondered about it, and didn't know why he felt the way he did.

A cold substance hit his paw, making him drop the cup from the sudden change, it shattered on the kitchens floor.

Great, now you have a cup to clean up.

He cleaned it up, and just went out the door, no one saw him leave.

King looked down an empty street, and a cool breeze came over him. He felt actually happy, confused, but happy.

What is going on with me today, I guess that fall I had last night actually helped a little.

King started down the sidewalk, and just let the wind guide him, feeling the breeze change from one direction to the next.

He kept walking, and was surprised at how quiet it was.

"Hey! King!" King turned and saw a familier set of dog chains and a bomber jacket.

"Hey Fox." King said in this new tone, which made Fox stop.


"Oh nothing, I'm just wondering what your doing out here at this time."

"At this time? It's at least ten AM, I'm surprised no ones out." King shared, and was still surprised at how joyful he was.

"Are you okay? I- I mean your very happy today." Fox asked, staring at him oddly.

"Yeah, I'm fine, I just don't know why I'm so happy." Kings expression changed quickly.

"King?" Fox turned and saw exactly who King saw.

"Great..." King grunted, and he knew that Fox realized that his tone changed.

"It's only Bino." King stared at him, and knew that Fox made a mistake saying that.

"Oh that reminds me, I've been trying to get you back into the GODC."

"Fox you've already tried that, but ever since Binos little prank at christmas, I really don't want to be around there.

"But King." Fox said in a quick protest. "The other dogs in the neighberhood really want you to come to this weeks meeting."

"I rea-"

"There will be food at this weeks meet." Those words made Kings ears perk up, then back down again.

"You were able to get me into a party at your place with that, and didn't tell me that it was hosted for the K-9 unit."

"King, you had some fun at the party."

"Yes, but if I recall, I also went ahead and got tackled by a dog three times my size, and humilated myself in front of them." King remarked, then noticed Bino walking towards their direction.

"Oh this is definitly making my day." King growled, and didn't realize he could do that.

"Come on King, just play it cool."

"Hey Fox. I was going to the park, would you like to c-" Bino stopped in midsentence when he saw King.

"Oh, your hanging out with Shorty." Bino growled a little, and King notice him making fists with his paws.

Before Fox could speak, King butted in.

"Actaully, I was just leaving, Miles needs help with something, and I thought a walk would be nice before I did." King said, a growl deep in his voice, he wasn't going to let Bino ruin his morning.

King decided to head the opposite way they were heading, he thought it would be best if he found a different place to stay for the morning.

A small breeze came to him, and started to change his thoughts.

I could go to the GODC meet this week, even though I hate it, maybe if the rest of the dogs meet me, they wouldn't bug me as much.

That settled it, if King went to this single meet, he may be able to live the rest of his life in some quiet.

King stepped down the sidewalk deep in thought.

He felt his stomach rumble.

That's right, I forgot to grab something to eat.

He was about to turn back home, when he realized that Bino was still talking to Fox down the street.

Great, and going all the way around would take to long. But, maybe I wouldn't even need to go back, how much change do I have?

King looked in his wallet.

$.95, $1.00, $1.75.

That should be enough to buy a hotdog for lunch.

King continued walking down the sidewalk, and wondered how long it would take to get to the shops.

The fastest way to them is by going to the park, so about thirty minutes.

He started on the sidewalk down to the park, he could just make out the tips of trees in the far distance. He walked down anxiously, and just kept on his way.


"Dallas, I'm sure she isn't, its eleven forty-five, she's gone."

"No, she's right there on the bench."

Faith awoke slowly to the sounds of the talking, she looked up, and saw the pup that was talking to her before.

"Hi again." Faith stared at him, then finally decided not to act all paranoid about everything, if they truly didn't allow strays, she would have been caught by now.

"Hey." She replied. then looked at Dakota.

"Hey there, you a little shy." Faith teased.

"I'm not shy, I just don't think my younger bro shouldn't talk to strangers." Dakota remarked.

"Well, maybe if I introduced myself, I wouldn't be."

Dakota looked down at Dallas, who was anxious to meet her, and sighed.

"Fine, I guess you should have that chance." He grunted

"I'm Faith, What's your name?"

She said kindly, and it made Dakota reply bitterly

"I'm Dakota, and this is my brother Dallas."

"Well, it was nice to meet you Dakota." Faith smiled brightly.

"Are you finding this funny." Dakota snapped back, which made Faiths smile disappear.

"Why would I let my brother hang out with a stray dog, do you honestly think I'd let him be near a feral!?" His rage escalated. It let Faiths ears drop.

"I'm not a stray!" Faith scolded herself. Big mistake.

"Then what are you!? You obviously don't live here!" Dakota remarked.

"Dakota." Dallas whimpered.

"Dallas go back to mom, I'll handle this." He said, teeth bared at Faith.

Dallas scampered off, and left the two alone. Faith stared into the cold enraged eyes of the pup, and was ready to bolt off.

"Finally, I thought he'd never leave." Dakota said kindly, staring at Faith. Her ears perked back up.

"What?" Faith stared back at him confused.

"I don't know much, but I know if you were truly feral, you would have attacked me. Also, I know that you must have came from the city."

Faith couldn't argue with that, he was right.

"You're a runaway." His words pierced her ears.

She stared in silence, and didn't know what his intentions where.

"I was a runaway too, I came here in hopes of finding a new home. But as you can see, I did." His voice was soft, and it surprised Faith that she was actually listening to him.

"Wait, so you aren't going to tell anyone that I'm here?" She asked him, his back was turned, back to the direction he came.

"Well, my brother is already going to tell someone that there is a new stray on these streets, but the people here don't mind, so long as you don't cause too much trouble. I hope to see you again." He left her there, and she looked at the clock next to her.

12:10. thats the number that came to her.

Faith hadn't seen Andrew anywhere at the park.

Maybe, I should check out the bookstore.

Faith started her way to the parks exit.

I'm bound to find him there.

King rounded the parks sidewalk, and walked down to a small diner.

Here we go.

King went in, and saw another dog there.

Great, hopefully they won't recongize me. King looked at the menu, and in his luck noticed that the price for lunch was only 1.50

"Hey, King right?" A voice perked up from behind him.

King turned, half panicked from the sudden voice.

"Ye- yeah." He stuttered out. Staring at the dark blue eyes of a jet-black Labrador.

"So, I go to the GODC and I'm one of Fox's friends, I'm just wondering if your going this Saturday."

King stared at him, a blank exspression on his face, then he decided to calm down.

"I thought it over, and yes I will be there." He said in a friendly tone, hoping that the conversation would go quicker.

"That's great, see you there." The dog exclaimed happily, and then left the diner, leaving King alone once again.

"Hey dog, are you gonna order or what?" King turned to a teenager.

"One hotdog please."

The teen called to the back Kings order to the back of the diner, and King caught the scent of cooking meat.

"It'll be done in a minute." The teen coldly expressed. King didn't pay any attention and sat down, and figured that the kid hasn't had a good day.

King turned to the sound of a door opening, looking at someone walk in.

"Hey, here's your food." The teen pointed over to the counter.

"Oh, thanks."

King said, turning to the teen. Picking up his lunch, he walked out the door.

I have really got to stop doing being so paranoid.

King thought to himself.

"Hi King."

A voice came from beside him, he jumped and looked at a familier white pelt, the pink heartshaped pendant, the kind smile.


King stared at her, sitting on a bench outside an ice cream parlour.

"Hey, come sit with me."

King kept his eyes on her.

"Shouldn't you be with Bino right now? Or doing something else?"

King spoke oddly, his tongue felt heavy, and he was nervous being around her.

"No, Bino's with Fox at the park."

King thought for a while, he only thought about the Christmas party back at the GODC, and how he got upset and yelled at everyone.

Then, what ran through his mind was how Sasha actually showed him some kindness.

"Well, I guess staying around for a bit won't hurt."

King thought of his words, and didn't know if the choice he made was a good one.

"Well, sit down, I've got alot to tell you."

King walked down to her and sat next to her.


Without warning she hugged him unexpectedly. King almost jumped from her sudden move.

"Thanks so much."

King sat in a confusion.

"For what?"

"For my Valentines gift silly, when you showed it to me, you left, and I didn't get to say thanks."

King dug back into his memory, and remembered that he did leave after giving to her, without even a goodbye.

"Oh that sorry."

He laughed out nervously, and only hoped that he wouldn't embarrass himself too much.

"Sorry? I guess you mean for forgetting your staple gun there."

King stared at her again.

"Oh yeah that, sorry."

He laughed nervously again.

"Oh did you hear that there's a new stray in Babylon?"

This was the first King heard of this, and it sparked a small interest.

"No, this is the first I've heard about it."

He expressed his interest in it to her, hoping the conversation wouldn't lead to anything bad for him.

"Oh my gosh, I have soooo much to tell you."

Faith came around the streets, looking intently for the bookstore she saw before.

Okay, you saw it near a bakery and an icecream shop, it should be there.
Faith neared a corner, and looked down the street.

I know this place.

She walked down, and saw the set of familier shops she saw before. She breathed easily, and knew after her mistakes with the roads that she really didn't want to backtrack all over again.

Finally, now to find that store.

She looked to her right, noting that some of the stores she saw before were there.

She then realized that she must have gone around the entire thing, and must have come up the other side.

That's why I'm so confused, I went all the way around.

Faith crossed the road and to the right side of the sidewalk, she walked on, towards a familier store.
"Then he said that his brother scared her off, and that the stray ran back around here."

King thought for a while about Sashas story.

"So the stray is going around causing trouble?"

King was surprised at how calm he sounded now.

"Well... thats what the pup said."

"What does she look like?"

King saw Sasha look at him in an odd expression.

"He said that she had a bright golden pelt, perked ears, and a somewhat long and slightly curved tail. He also said she had a silver chain and a heart across her neck."

Something silver hit Kings eye. He grunted from the sharp light, and looked in its direction, along with Sasha who, was wondering what he was looking at. He saw a

young pup walk down the street towards them.

Wow, A Golden Retriever Shiba Inu cross, I haven't seen a dog like that in years.

"Hey." Sasha said, catching both their attentions.

Faith froze at the sound of the other dog, and saw the two sitting there staring at her.

"That's the stray they were talking about!"

Sasha exclaimed, and King kept his eyes on the pup.

Faith saw a large dog get off the bench, and start to move forward. Faith didn't decide to stay any longer, and just-

"Hey, where's she going?"

Kings eyes followed the pup bolt off, he didn't pay much attention to what Sasha was saying.

A little young to be a stray, and hardly even looks like it. If I took a guess, she has only been out here a couple of days.

King simply stuck to his thoughts, and let Sasha continue talking. He wasn't being mean, he was just simply thinking.

"You know what we should do?"

King finally tuned into Sasha.


He said sarcastically, or at least it seemed like it.

"We should get some icecream."

Sasha replied happily.

"Well, I'm sorry, but I don't have any money.

He stated, and started to laugh nervously again.

"Isn't that money there yours?"

King looked in a small confusion, looking at a old five doller bill, right next to the park benchs leg.

What luck.

King thought to himself.

"Okay Sasha, how about I buy you some ice-cream."

Faith appeared on the side of a store, slipping around a puddle and crashed into a silver trashcan. She yelped, and got up.

Nice one Faith, next time lets go straight for a brick wall. That would knock some sense into me.

Faith looked around the back of the stores, and saw a fence next to her, which looked over to a huge grass field.

She walked forward, feeling a small pain near her chest.

Great, you even hurt yourself.

She walked down the back alley of the store, and thought about some food.

I could grab something before I get to the bookstore.

Faith caught onto multiple scents, and followed them. Before she knew it, she was behind a diner. She heard a sound in front of her.

"Okay Shawn, here's the shipment your father needed."

"Thanks for getting here quickly, we really needed this, we are almost out of supplies."

"I just need you to sign here."

Faith saw a man hand over a wooden checkbook to a teenager, and then caught onto the scent she found.

This is going to be a stupid idea.

She thought, while she snuck up behind the two and found an open door to the diner.

She snuck past the outside light, and bolted under a table as quietly as she could when she heard footsteps behind her.

"Thanks again."

The teens voice was strong, and sounded grateful.

"Your welcome Shawn, and try to get your grades up okay."

The teenager laughed a bit.

"I'll work on it."

Faith looked up at him pushing three boxes on a small platform, and then saw the teen disappear. She moved to a corner of the room, near the diners front door.

"No dad, I can get the rest."

The sounds of footsteps came towards Faith, she flattened her body against the slightly shaded wall and saw the man just walk past her. She could smell food coming from where he came out of.

When he comes back in, he's going to see me. Think Faith Think.

She looked at the diner door, and saw what seemed to be a small alarm system.

Maybe, if I was able to fiddle around with that, I could set an alarm off, therefore, distracting him from me.

Faith reached for the system, and hoped that she would have a couple seconds to mess it up, before the teenager comes back.

She opened the panel quickly and looked at a set of buttons around it.

Maybe if I... No that wouldn't work. How about... No. Oh never mind, just pull the wires out.

Faith looked at the small sets of wires. She then thought about what would happen if she got shocked.

Well Faith, Andrew always showed you what he studied.

Faith looked at the wires and buttons again. Then she examined her left and what was behind her.

Wait... isn't that a fire alarm next to it?

If I pulled that, an alarm would defenetly go off.

Faith went to the other alarm, and jumped to the sounds of footsteps, she bolted to another spot of the diner.

"What was that."

An older man was talking to himself, looking around for anything odd. He was standing a little bit further ahead then Faith, so she decieded to sneak behind him, and

through the open door. She walked into a large kitchen, and looked for whatever she could eat.

There we go.

She found that there was food simply staying warm on a grill. She grabbed something from it, and turned to see an open window.


She heard the teenager behind her, and bolted forward, jumping out the open window.


She simply heard yelling from behind her, she turned sharply to the open street, bolting across it, almost running into two cats and a dog, and into another alleyway.

It took Faith a little while to realize it, but she realized she was laughing.

I haven't had that much fun in a long time!

"Huh, that was quite the spectacle."

Faith jumped to face her behind, and saw a brown cat. A distinctive black spot was around his left eye, and another set on his back. Emerald eyes stared at her, a smirk

on the cats face.

"What do you want?"

Faith was surprised at the small growl she made.

"Hey, I only wanted to congratulate you on that, most strays wouldn't have the guts to do that."

She stared at him, then bared her teeth.

"I know what your playing at, I went hungry for three days before on the streets because of someone like you!"

Faith always hated going to that part of her memory, and only remembered what happened to her in her past.

How her real parents suddenly disappeared, leaving her to be forced on the streets, and become a stray, begging for food and being betrayed by the people she thought were her friends.

She felt her heart beat faster, and her face became red.

"He- hey, there's no reason to-"


She barked at him, and he held a worrisome look.

"Hey, you okay?"

Faith didn't speak.

"How about I start by introducing myself, my name is Jericho. What's yours?"

His name made her think back unto her first moment on the streets as a runaway. How she met Rose and her friends. Faith finally spoke.

"Do you know a cat named Rose?"

Jericho stared at her intently, almost surprised that she said that.

"Yo- you know my mom?"

His reply made Faith go dumbstruck.

"Your mom?"

"Yes, you know her?"

"A snowy white cat right?"


"Living with two stray dogs?"

"Yes Blaze and Keith."

"... Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know tha-"

"That's fine, I've done that too."

Faith stood in silence for a long time just thinking.

"Are you going to eat? You made a strong point about it."

Faith stared at him. She let herself calm down, and then thought that doing something nice for him would be better then leaving this on a bad note.

"Would you like some?"

Faith said innocently, and knew that he knew why she was doing this.

"I guess a little wouldn't hurt."

They both ate together, sharing some of their stories about Babylon, and how long they've been there.

Faith didn't realize at how much fun she was having, and actually felt that for once in a long time, she could trust someone.

Faith looked behind her and saw some lamposts light up.

"Well, I should get back to the park. Bye Jericho, and again I'm sorry for my outburst."

"That's fine, and I hope to see you around."

Faith left, looking down a maze of streets, and finally realized how to follow them, she didn't know if it was an instinct of hers, or if it was a talent she picked up.

She walked back to the park, seeing the silhouette of a dog near the entrance.

As Faith approached the dog, she realized who it was.

"Dakota? What are you doing out here?"

Dakota turned to her.

"News moves pretty fast around here."

"Oh, then I guess you heard about my little trick."

"Little trick. I'm pretty sure it was more then little."

Dakota stared at Faith, and she didn't know what to think of.

"Hey, you want to look around the park with me... Just a bit."

Faith didn't spend a second to think this out, just simply looked at a parks clock.


"Sure, a little while won't hurt."

And with it, they both walked through the park, admiring the lights, and the moonlight that shined between the two.

"I wonder what all this is for."

Faith whispered, believing that if she spoke too loudly, she could ruin someones moment.

"Oh, you haven't heard of the Spring party on Saturday?"

"Spring party? Not in the city."

"Well, this is set by Milton, the person who runs Babylon, or did."

"Did? What do you mean?"

Faith had a naive tone in her voice, which made Dakota stare at her oddly.

"Well, I don't know what happened, but his pets are in control of his fortune, and they thought this would be a nice publicity stunt."


Faith, stared back at Dakota.

"You haven't lived in the city very long right?"

"Well, no, My owner, his wife and son had a ranch far away from the city, but they were forced to move from it."

"It must have been beautiful living out there."

Dakota had this, unexplainable strong interest in the subject.

"Well, we would always go to this open field at lunchtime, have a picnic on a small hill near the ranch. Everything was perfect for me."

"Well, what happened."

Dakota spoke slowly.


Faiths voice broke up.

"I don't know."

Faith felt tears sting her eyes.


Dakotas ears dropped.

"I'm sorry Faith, I- I didn't mean-"

Faith felt her tears fall, and all she wanted to do was cry out, it stung inside her. Digging in, because she believed it was her fault, that all of it was her own fault.

Faith noticed that Dakota started to cry.

"What's wrong?"

She managed to choke out, as Dakotas tears came.

"I know the same thing."

He said in an intensely soft voice.

Faiths memory burned her, and it made her fall to her knees, and all she did was cry out.

She closed her eyes, feeling a large pain in her.

Yet through it all, something brought her up and all she felt was a warm and tender embrace.


Faith felt herself being held close to him, and heard him finally let his tears fall.

She felt her heart skip a beat, and knew that Dakotas did the same.

Faith felt her tears fade, and noticed Dakota had stopped.

"I- I'm sorry, I didn't mean to-"

Dakota went to let her go, but she wrapped her arms around him.

Feeling the warmth that came from both of them, and knew she had never felt this way before.

"Thank you Dakota."

She whispered softly into his ear, and it brought a smile to both their faces.

She went and simply looked at him.

His light hazel and blackish-blue muzzle, his Black-blue and hazel pelt, his sharp, oddly violet eyes, and his loving smile.

Dakota did the same, looking upon Faiths richly golden-white face and pelt, all patterned between dark and light gold, her silver chain and locket, her sharp, deep amber eyes, and the smile that came from her.

Dakota looked up, and his expression changed.


Faith held concern.

"Oh no, it's that time already!?"

Dakota exclaimed. Making Faith turn to see the parks clock.

"Why? What's wrong?"

Faith replied in her same concern.

"I was supposed to be back a couple hours ago, Dallas would be terrified by now."


Faith said, she held a sense of disappointment.

"Could I come with you?"

Faith asked, and it made Dakota smile kindly.

"I'm sorry, but he's still hyped up about before."

Dakota turned to leave, and Faith grabbed his arm softly.

"Please, I don't want you to leave."

She was surprised that she said that.

"Don't worry, I'll be back tommorrow."

Dakota said, leaving her there.

What, just happened?

Faith looked at the clock again, examining it more closely.

10:23!? How did, I...

Faith sat in her confusion.

The day went by that fast, and I still didn't check out the bookstore.

Great job Faith, you complete-

She stopped when she heard a P.A system go on near her.

"To All Residents In The Park, We Are Testing The System For Saturdays Spring Celebration, So We Are Placing The F.M. Radio System On. Thanks For Your


She heard a very familier song fill the park, it wasn't loud, but she knew it.

This was one of Andrews favorite songs.

Faith went under the small bridge, and listened to the small loving song that filled the air.

She came in at the chorus, her favourite part, and decided to sing with it.

Thank-you for the life you've given me.
Thank-you for sharing all your love and your dreams.
Thank-you for every tear of happiness I've cried.
Thank-you for laying down beside me here tonight."

... I always loved the chorus, though I never understood all of it.

Faith closed her eyes, and was finally at some restful peace.


King had a grunt of frustration, and put his face into his pillow.


King looked out his window, the city lights he saw before were gone, and all that was there was the moonlight staring at him.

Maybe a song?... No I'm not fighting with it again.

King closed his eyes, hoping he would get some sleep.

Come on King, fall asleep.

After a twenty minutes, he called it quits, and went downstairs.

He heard three knocks on the door next to him.

Who could that be? It's like 12:00 P.M.

He opened the door, and saw someone walk in.

"Hey King."

A very happy, and joyful voice.

"Sasha? What are you doing here?"

"Oh, Dad locked the door to the house again."

King stared into darkness.

"Oh, so I guess you need a place to stay for the night."

No sounds came from the two, but sure enough...

"Well, if you don't mind, I already tried Bino, but he wasn't there either."

King thought for a moment, and wondered if Miles wouldn't mind if he let her sleep here.

I'm not considering this... Really King.

"Fine, I guess if your here for one night, no one would mind."

King said in a forced joyful tone. He was still upset about his problems sleeping.

"Well, where can I sleep?"

King hadn't thought of that, he looked around, and a vague memory came to him.

Keith? Oh yeah he loved sleeping next to a fire.

"Okay Sasha, I know where you can sleep."

King left back to his room, and grabbed any blankets he could find, when he got back, he set them down near the off fireplace.

"I'm sorry but this is the best I can do."

King was slightly annoyed, but at least this would give him something to do, and hopefully help him sleep.

He noticed her eyes drop to the fireplace, and he could almost see the smile on her face.

"Oh a fireplace, Bino and I would always cuddle by one during sleepovers."

It made King go a little speechless, but then he went ahead and turned it on. The fireplace ignited in a large flame, and it gave a small dim light in the entire room.

"Well, I hope your warm enough."

King turned, looking at the small dark shapes of stairs, but before he could even start walking up, he heard Sashas voice from behind him.

"I don't like sleeping without friends."

"... What?"

King looked at Sasha, and just went blank. She sighed.

"My dads home right now, it's just that he'd been drinking something again and started to act mean... Again."

Sasha had this small cry deep in her voice, or at least King sensed it.

Well King, what are you going to do about it?

The memories of Christmas Eve came to him.

You are not going to do this are you King? I mean she had... Well she did... ... She did nothing wrong.

King sighed, and decided to.

She didn't do anything wrong, and in fact, after King thought about it, she had done more things right.

She never went and hurt anyone, she'd never seemed to lie, and also, she never brought anyone down.

Kings ears dropped, and a very small memory brought itself up.

I could have done more things better, so... Maybe now is my chance.

"Okay Sasha... If it would make you feel better."

King expressed lightly. He almost jumped when he saw Sasha jump up and hug him.

"Oh thankyou thankyou thankyou Kingy!"

Sasha exclaimed.

"Okay okay."

King replied, half strangled.

"Oh sorry."

Sasha let go of him, and King breathed in deeply.

She lied down facing the small fire, and was asleep in a couple minutes. King was lying down beside her, looking towards the darkness of the room away from Sasha.

Her light and peaceful breathing was enough to make King drowsy, he looked around the room again. Looking at streams of moonlight coming out the windows, finally closed his eyes, and fell into his dreams.

Well, I really do hope that you enjoyed reading this, and I will try my best to update it again next friday.

Good luck.

A restless Night before hand, the cries of the Night truly a form of Natures significance over mankind, showing that not I nor man can comprehand the True form of Nature, and that form is the Wolf.
Written by Immortel Shadow.

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Post Re: Immortel Shadow Fanfic Kings Faith
Great update! i really like your writing style. you seem to really capture the environment with your attention to details- and you great descriptions- I'm starting to like this faith character -Johnny Reid - Thank-You-*I think* interesting choice of music ;) -I think says a lot about the character but that could just be me over analyzing things.

as far as areas of improvement are concerned, your dialogue seems to be good but the actions after it almost seemed to slow down the pace sometimes it almost feels like reading a script or screenplay- I am very guilty of this myself and in my writing. and its a hard habit to break other then that perfect 3ed update! oh and the last part with King Sasha was very well done, great work! what a great update!=~

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Post Re: Immortel Shadow Fanfic Kings Faith
Another good update.
Just a note, though: Since your dialogues are mainly 1-liners, you may want not to separate each and every line. It uselessy make the update longer to read and more confusing.
It's ok to separate when you shift locations, or times, but as it is, I'd make the text compact.


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Post Re: Immortel Shadow Fanfic Kings Faith
It's good that you've dcided to write something for us :)

I must say that you're doing a great work here. The first chapter was confusing sometimes, but not because of the plot, but because you were puting description how the dialogue was spelled, rather than in same line. But this changed. You're improving. :)

Also, your plot and character conception is very interesting. It catches attention and work on reader's mind.

So keep up the good work. :)

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Post Re: Immortel Shadow Fanfic Kings Faith
I do apologize for not being able to post earlier, but I have had an extremely busy week, and haven't been able to get much writing done. (Due to school work and normal work.) I will try my best to post the next chapter by sunday, then bringing everything back on track. Here's hoping.

A restless Night before hand, the cries of the Night truly a form of Natures significance over mankind, showing that not I nor man can comprehand the True form of Nature, and that form is the Wolf.
Written by Immortel Shadow.

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Post Re: Immortel Shadow Fanfic Kings Faith
Well, I was able to get Ch:4 written up, Oh it was also like 3 am when I finished, so I'm pretty tired, and it may sound off. (To be honest, I really didn't think about what would happen in Ch 4, but Ch 5 should be a major comeback.)

Well, I Hope you enjoy it...
Chapter 4: The thoughts of an old friend.

Awakening in a bright light, King looked to a sunny, and bright sky from the window. Sasha lay next to him, still sleeping silently and peacefully.

I wonder what the time is.

King got up, and went into the kitchen. He stared at the stove.


Wow, and I'm wide awake, I thought I'd be sleeping until ten again.

A small sound came from behind him, causing him to suddenly turn to the open window.

It's just a sparrow King.

He turned back to the fireplace, looking at Sasha who seemed to be smiling lightly, and still sleeping peacfully.

Wait... I thought Miles and everyone else would be awake by now.

King slowly walked up to the stairs, making sure he didn't wake Sasha. He walked up, thinking about where everyone could have been.

Am I honestly getting this worried about them?

He moved quietly through the hallway, noting that everyones door was open.

I guess they left. Well King there's no reason to worry about them.

He went back, looking into his room, and the light that came from it. Out of his curiousity, he opened it. Nothing was in disarray, but the light was on.

I didn't leave the light on, maybe they were going to bring me with them.

King casually went back downstairs, looking at the sun lit living room. He felt more relaxed then he normally was, noting that he felt the same yesterday.

Today's friday isn't it? Then I better tell Fox that I'm actually going to the meeting on saturday.

King almost considered leaving, when he realized that maybe he should just grab something to eat, and wait for Sasha to wake up.


Flames burned intently, as smoke filled the air covering off the pass of stars and creating a darkness that surronded her.

Faith looked around at a familier dream, watching her only memory of everything starting.

But when her dream changed, she didn't like it.

A loud bang came to a door, and she stared into the slightly yellow eyes that were her fathers.

"Faith, go out the back now. Your mother and I will find you later."

His voice was slightly panicked and rushed.

"Go now!"

She only remembered bolting out the back door, looking at the two shadows of men at the front door.

She heard the door break, and then the sounds of growling, and her fathers silhoutte jumping out at them.

She was further off now, but she looked back at the windows of the house flashing, and nothing after that.

Her memories came back, and the last one she remembered was being found and picked up by him.

The kind smile he made, and being brought to a home. Andrew found her, and saved her from her hard times on the streets.

She awoke in a sudden breath, looking around at the bridges underbelly, and taking notes on how quiet it was.

She crept out from the bridge, and looked at the old clock next to it.


She looked at the airy and peaceful place around her.

It was only a dream Faith.

Its all that ran through her head, she looked around, and saw a small figure walking up to the bridge.


Her voice was slightly loud, and he stared with a small smile.

"Hey Faith."

She smiled brightly, and walked over to him, noting a sling over his shoulder.

"So how are you."

The question made Faiths head spin a little, she had no intention on telling him her dream, so she only started casually.

"I'm fine, how have you and Dallas been."

She just said what came to mind.

"We've both been fine, had to watch a movie with him though."

His voice sounded off, and it made Faith a little curious.

"What did you have to watch."

She held a small smile and a joyful, yet curious tone.

"He chose The Fox and The Hound. I always hated some of the parts on that movie."

"Really, why?"

Faith asked in an odd, yet curious tone

"Just some of the parts make me cry."

He said, making Faith realize that, frankly she didn't know what he was talking about.

The only thing she remembered doing at home was having a book read to her by Andrew.

She remembered that they started the book The Call of The Wild, and didn't understand most of it.

"I have a question though."

Dakota went a little puzzled.

"Okay. What is it?"

"What is a movie?"

Dakota went blank.

"I guess you never had a television at your ranch."

Faith thought for a moment, She remembered having one in her first week while living in the city, but other then that, she never had really seen one.

"We didn't have one at the ranch, but we did in the city. I myself never really liked watching it. Neither did Andrew."

"Who's Andrew?"

Faith was surprised that Dakota said his name, and realized quickly that she never explained who Andrew was.

"Oh, Andrew was my owners son."

"... Was?"

It only took that word to make some of Faiths memories to haunt her again, but, now they had a light, a light that guided her through her darkness.

A small light that got her to realize a lot, not only of herself, but of him.

And it was Dakota alone that guided her, and found the loving heart she believed she'd lost.

She had this feeling that she could trust him with everything, and he wouldn't tell anyone.

"Dakota, can I tell you a secret?"

He looked at her, and she noticed the small expression he made.

"I came here to find my owners son, because he went missing. I believe that he came here, and I hoped I could find him here."

Dakotas expression changed.

"So your saying he ran away?"

"I don't know, he just disappeared."

Faith replied.

"How long ago was this?"

"Its' been about three weeks since he disappeared."

Dakota held a small concerned look.

"Please don't tell anyone."

Faith begged a little, and it made Dakotas attention to come back.

"Okay. I won't."

"You promise?"

"I promise."

Faith had a strong sense of trust when she was around him, and Dakota seemed to have the same.

Faith heard a light growling. It almost caused Dakota to smile a bit.

"I take it your hungry."

Faith waited in silence for a couple seconds.

"A little."

She replied in a small, shy voice, Dakota smiled again, and reached over to his sling, revealing a small bag.

"I thought you would be, so I decided to get something for you."

Dakota happily opened his rucksac, and pulled out a small container.

"It's last nights dinner, I guess it's a lot better then trying to sneak back into the diner again."

Dakota handed over the container, and Faith took it willingly, noting how warm it was.


Faith stated in a slightly shy tone, she could barely think of things to say.

"Your welcome, and if you would like help in finding your owners son, I don't mind asking people."

Faiths expression changed.

"But wouldn't that be telling people that I'm looking for him?"

Dakota thought for a second.

"Well, I wouldn't be telling anyone who is looking for him, just if they've seen him."

Faith smiled a bit, realizing that he really wanted to help her.

"Okay, if you really want to help, I would greatly appreciate it."

"I only need one thing."


"What does he look like?"

Faith had to think it over for a minute.

If he was out here, he would probably be wearing his favorite leather jacket.

"Well, he has light brown hair, a distinctive scar on his right arm. He should be wearing his fathers large leather jacket, which has some really old patches on it."

Faith held a small smile, and only hoped Dakota would have done the same.

"I'll see what I can do, but for right now, I have to get back home. I was only supposed to be out here for a bit."

Dakota turned, facing the same way he came.

"Oh, don't forget about this saturday."

"I won't. Will you be here?"

Faith saw him smile.

"My whole family will be down here. I also hope to be back down here today, so I can get the container back. Bye"

Dakota said happily.


Faith replied, watching him walk off. She looked around, still wondering why there wasn't many people at the park.

She turned, and started walking down a path, but after a while. She realized that she was lost.

Walking down a sun lit pathway, with trees on both sides, Faith looked around her surrondings.

Where am I?

Faith looked around until she saw a clearing ahead of her. causing her to walk into a large field, just outside row of buildings.

I saw this place from outside the diner.

She sat down, looking at the clouds that passed by. A light breeze came to her, that made the grass around her sing.

A happy memory finally came, and she let it play through.

Faith looked around her familier meadow covered with beautiful flowers, and the large and old tree standing in the middle of it.

She looked around her faint memory, and saw Andrew next to her reading.

She couldn't hear anything in her memory, but she knew what was happening.

She then heard a faint sound in the distance, causing her to open her eyes.

She heard commotion near the stores ahead of her, perking a sudden curiousity.

What's going on?

She moved quickly to the whatever was making this small disruption. Looking past the gate, a brown shade shot past her.


She called out, watching him smirk as he bolted alongside the opposite part of the fence.


The yelling made Faith turn to a familier young voice. Watching the teenager from the diner running down the allyway.

She heard Jericho laughing faintly behind her, with the teen yelling and panting in the front of her.

"Yo- You better get back here!"

The teen exclaimed, catching his breath.
Looking up at the human, Faith kept her spot; until he looked down, causing her to bolt to a covered spot of the fence.

She held a small smile when he walked away in an angry way, and made her way to Jericho, who was watching him as well.

Faith walked over in haste, and only saw the cat smiling deviously.

"What was that about?

Jericho started laughing.

"You haven't heard anything have you?"

"No... What is everyone saying?"

Jericho went wide-eyed, and was in a little shock.

"You really haven't... You have got to hear what the other strays are saying."

"Other strays?"

"Of course. You've made yourself a real famous in Babylon."

"I have, how?"

"You've already met the diners teenager Shawn right?"

"Yes I have."

Jericho shot a smirk.

"Well, no one has ever been able to get past him, the fact that you got in the diner was amazing enough."

Faith thought a little, she really didn't do much.

"I only wanted something to eat."

She lightly said, causing Jericho to laugh again.

"You did a very good job to get what you wanted."

Faith heard some noise from one the corner of the ally. It caused her to turn to it.

"Hey Jericho."

She was looking at a much younger black cat.

"Oh Kiyu."

He looked at Faith.

"Faith, this is Kiyu. I was hoping to talk to you about something very importent, and I am happy that you saved me a trip."

"Your welcome?"

Faith confusingly said.

"Yes, sorry. You see Kiyu and his younger sister were stray kittens I met back in the city a year back. Since you are so good at getting in and out of places, I think you could help us."

"Wait, help with what exactly?"

"Kiyu, can you show her?"

Kiyu limped to the left, showing his leg. A large disfigured scar held a strong impression of a jagged and sharp object.

"What happened?"

"Kiyu injured himself back in the city protecting his sister. It was an extemely bad injury and it prevented him from pretty much walking."

"So what do you need help with?"

"Decent food around here is very hard to find, and his sister is sick, and gets sick very easily. If you could... Lets say borrow food from the stores around here, it could really help."

"You mean you want me to steal for you?"

Faiths was astonished by his request leading her into thought.

On one hand, I'm stealing. On the other, I'm helping someone who needs it.

"It would really help me and my sister."

Kiyu perked up.

"And it would help out the others too."


Kiyu and Jericho stared at her, then Jericho finally perked up.

"Yes, there are a lot of strays from the city around here. We have a hideout for them."

"You do, where is it?"

Jericho and Kiyu looked at each other, the sounds of hushed whispers came.

"We won't tell you until we know we can trust you. I have your first job."

Walking down a sunlit sidewalk, King started his way away from Fox's house.

Where is everyone? I haven't seen a single person out today. I can't even find Fox.

King looked at a familier figure.

"Hey Fox."

Instead of being who he thought it was, the black labrador from the diner turned to face him.

"Oh hey King."

King went dead quiet, and didn't have much to say.

"I guess your looking for Fox. Last time I saw him was at the GODC club, just setting up for tomorrow night."


Kings voice sounded alien to him, but it was enough to get the dog to leave.

He turned, knowing that if Fox was there, he should tell him that he is going to be there on saturday.

Now, all I got to do is get to the club.

King looked down both streets.

Now, where is it again?

rounding the corner of a street, King looked for anything that could help him remember where it was.

Something made him look up, and all he saw was puffed clouds floating above him.

He looked back foward, and walked past a store. A T.V. stood in the window with a sale sign beside it.

"And our weather forecast seems to start raining lightly in the city today."

King walked past, but didn't hear a small but importent fact.

"But down in Babylon, there appears to be a storm that will be happening tommorrow afternoon, starting possibly around 9:00 to 10:00 P.M."

Who knows what persueded her into saying yes.

It's very simple Faith, get in get out.

She looked at a large sign of a small store, she walked towards the slightly arched roof.

A closed door was in front of her. She walked in slowly, hearing a small set of chimes start to ring above her.


She looked up past a counter, looking at an old woman who was standing at the register.

Faith moved up slowly, making sure her body was pressed right up against the counter-side.

This is really stupid Faith.

She shook out that thought, keeping her mind clear.

The womens attention went back to what seemed to be counting. It didn't distract Faith, but it did scare her a little whenever the women would call out a number or two.

Faith walked forward, looking at a row of shelves. A small blinking red light caught her eye.

"Oh, hello there."

Faith turned to the old women who was looking over the counter at her. Faith looked above the women, noticing a small T.V. above the counter.


Faith gave a small wave and an innocent smile, and started walking back down the isle. Looking at the camera as she did.

Faith, your not in trouble. You haven't been caught... Yet.

She looked for any other cameras, and only saw two more. Then when she knew she was hidden, She took whatever she could, hid it, then walked back towards the door.

"Are you buying anything?"

A kind voice came from behind her, and Faith turned slightly towards it.

"No, I was just looking."

Faith made her best attempt to hid her guilt, then simply walked out the door, and down the street.

That was simple enough, I just hope it stays like this.

She went back into the small alleyway she came, looking for Jericho and Kiyu.


A happy voice came from behind her. Turning on the spot, she faced the two.

"Were you able to get anything?"

Faith revealed a couple packages she took.

"Nice work!"

Kiyu limped over, admiring the packages.

"It was simple, just get in, get out."

Her words made Kiyu go wide eyed.

"Okay Kiyu, I already trusted her before this, but do you?"

Kiyu changed from being impressed, to dead serious.

"No, I think we should have some more tests. I'll get in contact with you tomorrow."

King finally found the club. He looked around for Fox, hoping he would finally be able to find him there.

"Hey it's that new dog."

King turned towards two other dogs.

"H-Hey, have you seen Fox?"

"Yeah, its called going inside the club and looking."

The two laughed at him, King left, ignoring their comment.

"Hey Fox!"

King said in an upset tone, when he was inside the club.

"King, you okay?"

"I'm just here to tell you I'll be coming tommorrow. What time?"

King was still angry, but tried his best not to show it.

"That's great, the party will start hear at eight P.M."

"Thanks bye."

King left in an upset heap, causing Fox to go into a lot of cofusion and concern.

King heard someone chuckling when he got outside, and knew it was those same two. He ignored them, and decieded it would be best if he hung around the park for an hour or two.


Faith looked at the large sign of her destination.

Finally, I made it to this bookstore, now I just hope Andrew will be there.

Fatih walked in after some hesitation, and looked at the inside of a gigantic building.

This place is huge.

Faith looked around, and saw an in and out box near a counter.

It's a library and a bookstore? no, it's just a library?.
Movements of some people caught Faiths eyes. Looking up at the second level of the building, and admiring the beautifully made railing that followed its sides from the top to the bottom floor.

"Hey Shawn." The name made Faith jump. "You signing out some books for your studies?"

She just noticed him right at the counter in front of her, backing up near the door in case she needed to bolt off, she listened to the two talk for a while.

"Okay, All I need is your card."

Faith looked at Shawn passing a small card to the young women on the other side.

A sound came from the computer desk, Faith listened to what they were saying.

"That's odd, the server just crashed."

"Can you reboot it? I really need to get some studing done."

"No, the entire server is down. It would take a couple hours."

"I guess I can stay here and study."

Great, if he stays, I obviously can't.

Faith left the library, and went on her route back to the park. Her stomach reminded her of something.

Dakotas container. How could I have forgotten it.

She started her way back to the giant field she found, looking at the path she first took in the morning.

After some search, she picked up the container. She remembered one more thing.

Dakota's probably at the park right now.

Faith went down the trail. Noting how dark it was now that it was a little past the afternoon.

I hope I can get there before Dakota does.

"Hey King."

He heard a concerned and familier voice. King turned from looking at the first gate of the park, to see Fox who must have followed him.

"What's wrong? You just stormed out there for no reason."

"Nothing, its just those two dogs in the front of the club."

King growled a little

"Don't mind them, they're just here visiting their cousin. They are both gone tomorrow."

King turned and walked into the park, with Fox behind him.

"Hey, they're just hanging out there."

A loud sound came from behind the both of them, causing them to turn suddenly at the small figure of a white and brown cat bolting away from the two.

"I always hated strays. YEAH YOU BETTER RUN."

The voice was too familier for the both of them.

"Great, now Bino's here."

The pair looked at him approach them, a small evil smile on his face.

"What was that all about?"

Fox asked, a serious tone was in his voice.

"Just a stray cat trying to steal something from me."

King guessed that either Bino didn't see him, or just ignored him. Yet, he did get a little satisfaction that someone else didn't like Bino all to much either.

"Stray cat, looked more like a kitten to me."

Fox held a somewhat upset, and dissapointed tone. King only thought about where the kitten could have gone to.

"What were they trying to take?"

"I found this golden chain underneath a park bridge."

Faith went down towards the opening of the park. She looked at the gold sunset from where she was standing, and started walking again.

She slipped forward suddenly, and her leg hit cold water. Looking into the water of her reflection, she noticed that her locket was missing.

Faith, don't panic, you probably left it right underneath the bridge when you took it off last night..

She walked back to the bridge, hoping it would be there, when a figure bounced up to her, then stopped suddenly.

"Hey your Faith."

A small brown cat looked at her with widened eyes.


"Wow, I have heard so much things about you lately."


"Yeah, oh an I found your locket.

Faith went blank, then held a small smile.

"Are you going to give it to me?"

"Well that's the thing, I don't have it, but I can show you who does. Follow me."

"Who's this Faith?"

Fox said looking at the back of the locket, then back at Bino.

"I don't know, that's why I was going to go to the store and sell it."

"Why would you do that if it's someone elses?"

"Because there's no one around, and it's obviously made out of gold."

"You should at least ask around before you do that!"

"Not like anyone would care, I've never even heard of this Faith person, and neither have you!"

"I'm Faith."

All three of them turned to see her, King took note that it was the stray he saw the day before.

"Yeah right, and what proof is there that you are."

a light brown dog snapped.

"Simple, open it and look at the back of the first picture. It says this: "With love, from your father Dodger "Bishop" Baxter."

The three opened it to the picture of a dog in a different type of K9 unit vest, then looking at the back of the picture, the brown one gave it to the white one.

"Yeah that's what it says, it is hers."

"Now wait, what is he part of?"

The brown dog had a strong interest in it. Causing Faith to think.

"I think he said he worked for some special police work thing, and would help find things."


The brown one said in a rough tone.

The white dog took the chain from him, put the photo back, and gave it to Faith.

"There you go."


Faith looked at a smaller dog, then back to the two. She simply turned from there, and went back to the bridge. Making sure they didn't see her when she did.

She looked at the old clock.


Dakota wasn't at the park at all while I was here, I guess I'll just give his container back tomorrow.

"I've seen that stray before."

Bino jumped to the sound of Kings voice.

"Oh hey shorty, your so small that I didn't see you beside Fox... And what do you mean by stray?"

"Well, someone told me that she's the new stray in Babylon."

"Great, I just gave the most expensive thing I've ever found to a stray."

Bino growled about it, but when Fox snapped at him (In the kindest way he could.) It shut him up, and the only thing King could do was smile. Bino stormed off, mumbling and complaining.

"Well, I better get home."

King waved goodbye to Fox, and made his way back home.

At the doorstep, King stopped to think. Then just decided that everything will be fine.

Walking into to a lit living room, King looked at Miles who was eyeing at him.

"Is everything fine? You all just disappeared this morning."

"Yes, we all went out for a bit. We wanted you to come along, but when I found you sleeping at the fireplace, I decided to let you sleep."

King wondered if he'd seen Sasha there with him.

"Well, I'm just gonna get some sleep."

King walked up the stairs, and into his bed. For that one night, he finally got some sleep.

*Knock Knock Knock*

Or so he thought, the knocking woke him up. Gazing towards his clock.

10:56 P.M.

Your kidding right?

King went downstairs, and opened the door.

A blast of cold damp air hit him, and he finally heard the light tapping of rain.

"Hi King."

"Sasha? It happened again?"

"Well, yes. Can I stay with you again tonight?"

King put his hands to his face, then looked at her.

"Fine, Miles didn't seem to mind that you were here."

Sasha jumped up again, and basically hugged him... again.

"Thank you."

King held a forced smile.

"Well, like I said, Miles didn't mind."

End Of Chapter 4

I really do hope you enjoyed my quick, and tired attempt at writing. Hope to have some feedback.

Oh, and again, I am sorry for the late update. Working you know.

Also, I read through Chapter three, and there seemed to have been a format problem which will be edited right now. (Now that I have a minute.)

Have a wonderful week.

A restless Night before hand, the cries of the Night truly a form of Natures significance over mankind, showing that not I nor man can comprehand the True form of Nature, and that form is the Wolf.
Written by Immortel Shadow.

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Post Re: Immortel Shadow Fanfic Kings Faith
Kondog Wrote:
Great update! i really like your writing style. you seem to really capture the environment with your attention to details- and you great descriptions- I'm starting to like this faith character -Johnny Reid - Thank-You-*I think* interesting choice of music ;) -I think says a lot about the character but that could just be me over analyzing things.

as far as areas of improvement are concerned, your dialogue seems to be good but the actions after it almost seemed to slow down the pace sometimes it almost feels like reading a script or screenplay- I am very guilty of this myself and in my writing. and its a hard habit to break other then that perfect 3ed update! oh and the last part with King Sasha was very well done, great work! what a great update!=~

Well, I am really glad that you are enjoying this, also, you are correct at the song I have used. Johnny Reids Thank You always helped me think, and I thought it would be a good spot to put it.

A restless Night before hand, the cries of the Night truly a form of Natures significance over mankind, showing that not I nor man can comprehand the True form of Nature, and that form is the Wolf.
Written by Immortel Shadow.

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very nice update I like were this is going keep up the great work! :mrgreen:

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Post Re: Immortel Shadow Fanfic Kings Faith
Great work! I liked it a lot. all the characters seemed to interact relative well together, and its nice to get some back-story about Faith -- Oh BTW i love the name Jericho --. anyway great update I can't wait find out what happens next.

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there is so much sadness and pain, I can't belive I never looked it over before... and Bino being perfet as normal~

"few things in live make you feel more alive then pain"~ OverLord Kel


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Here's Chapter five. (I myself think I wrote a little too much.) I hope you enjoy it, and as usual, I love feedback and general comments

Chapter Five: The Thunders Heart.

Faith awoke in a sudden wet and cold area. Jumping up to the bridges underbelly, she looked around at some water that must have gathered the night before.

That's one way to wake up.

Faith left the bridge, looking at the bright sunshine that surrounded her. To her surprise, she actually saw people around the park.

Most of them were wearing shirts saying volunteer, and they were all busy setting everything up for the night.

Wow, this event must be huge if there's so many people helping out with it.

She walked around the park for a bit, looking at all they were setting up, and really hoped she would see Dakota there.

What time does this event start again?

Faith turned to the sounds of a sudden scatter, and turned to see the brown cat she saw the night before.

"Hey, thanks for finding my locket, you must have bolted off the night before."

The cat was quiet, just stared at her with yellow eyes.


"Oh." He shook his head side to side. "Kiyu wanted me tell you where to meet him."

"Okay, where is he?"

"He told me that he would be in near the entrance of the town, and that you should meet him now."

"Thank you, Oh I didn't catch your name."

"Yes, I'm Jiji. Now, please follow me."

Faith laughed a little.

"I know where the gate is Jiji."

"No not the front gates to Babylon. The way we got into Babylon."

Faith went blank, and didn't think that another way into here was possible.

"Well come on, follow me."

Faith followed the small cat out of the park, and down a nearby yet hidden road. Looking at a gloomy, dark alleyway, the cat urged Faith forward.

Yet all she did was hesitate. The darkened and dangerous look scared her, and all it did was reminded her of some of the alleys she went through years ago.

"Fine, I'll go first."

Jiji walked down the alley relaxed and easily, he turned, and Faith knew what he saw.

He saw nothing but a tense and scared pup.

Come on Faith, you'll be fine, that was years ago.

"I'm coming, sorry about that."

Faith called out in a tense tone, and walked down the alley towards him. Looking over the surprisingly dark, and confined space, her memories flowed through her.

She shook them off, and followed Jiji into a well sized, and broken part of a fence.

Crawling through it, she brought her head up and looked at a trail covered with trees, and the icy cold bars of an ancient broken gate.


Faiths voice was filled with wonder and curiosity, as she walked to it, and eventually saw a familier young black cat limp towards her.

"Kiyu, you said you needed something?"

"Yes... A couple hours ago."

He said looking over at Jiji in disappointment.

"It wasn't his fault, I just woke up."

Kiyu looked at Faith, then at Jiji.

"Never mind, but we need you to 'borrow' some more things for us."

"Again, already?"

"Not for food, we need you to get some blankets, or anything that can provide some warmth."

"It's the middle of spring, what would you need that for?"

Faith almost started to laugh a bit, it was an odd request, and it only led her into some thought.

"It gets very damp and cold where we stay here, it would really be appreciated. Will you help?"

Faith thought about it for a minute.

Getting food is one thing, but getting something like a quilt or blanket would be harder to conceal.

"Do you have anything I can use to carry and conceal it?"

Jiji got Kiyus attention, and they started to talk for a bit.

"I got just the thing."

Jiji stated after a minute of chatter.

"Come with me, I got something to show you."

They went through the old gate. Faith looked around at a really old, and small building with trees surrounding it all the way back to the gate.

"What's all this?"

"Oh, there was an old abandoned town around here. It's been there even before Babylon was built. Someone used to live here, and did for a long time; they left years ago though, and no one has been near here since then.

We kinda use this for a storage space, we got everything here from really old and ruined blankets, to very nice backpacks, and a lot of other things."

"Well come on, I got just the thing for you to use."

Faith followed up behind him, and he opened the door. He closed and locked it on his way in, and left Faith outside alone.

Talk about rude
... I guess he's just trying to keep everything secret.

Faith waited outside of the shack, and wondered what was taking him this long. Yet after a while, he finally walked out holding a large light blue backpack.

"Hey, you can use this, but be careful with it, this is our best bag. The only thing I'm worried about is that people will find it odd that you have it, so try your best not to get seen okay."

He handed the bag over.

"I will, thank you."

Faith slung it on her back, and was surprised at its weight.

"Hey, hopefully after this, you can finally meet all of us."

He gave a very odd look, almost like he was having a bad feeling about this.

Faith shot a small smile.


She walked back down the trail, and walked through the open gate, but when she saw the small space she would have to climb through, she knew she wouldn't fit if she had the bag on.

So she took it off, and slid it under the gate.

That's one problem with having this, lets just hope it dosen't slow me down later on.

She crawled through, grabbed the bag, and started her way down to the stores.

Lets just hope I don't get seen.

A light came flickering in a paced darkness, causing him to look back at the lights of his house.

"Come on Joel, we can't stay here."

He heard the concerned and edgy voice, and turned to a white cat, with the two silhouttes of dogs behind her.


Her voice was soft, and he went a step ahead, and didn't turn back.

Everything went black.


He stared into the sharp dark yellow eyes of his friend.


It was the only thing that came from him.

"NO!" Blaze shook his head side to side. "DON'T CALL ME THAT."

Blaze snapped and viciously ripped off his collar, only to throw it on the wet cement that they all were standing on.

It hit the pavement with a loud echo, and that echo rang through him.


A black ragged looking dog yelled, and pushed him down to the pavement, and then ripped his collar off, and threw it at him.


He cried out, then looked at the white cat, who could do nothing but look away. Yet the only thing that gave him comfort was the tears that came from her, she was looking up in neglect and guilt, and at that moment, he knew that she didn't want this to happen.

Then everything changed.

He was looking up at the rain picking up in the skies, and himself starting his way home after being neglected and confused and being out there for only a couple days.

and the only thing that came was back when he was human about two years ago, and a newspaper article that caught his eye, and only the slightest segment of what it stated.

"Bishop Baxter famed and only lieutenant K9 unit was..."

And all he did was see the sudden white light of a quick awakening.

King looked around the room, and was back by the fireplace again.

Jeaz. Now that was odd.

King got up, stretched, and heard the sounds of music.

*Show me what it's like
To be the last one standing
And teach me wrong from right
And I'll show you what I can be
And say it for me
Say it to me
And I'll leave this life behind me
Say it if it's worth saving me

Heaven's gates won't open up for me
With these broken wings I'm fallin'
And all I see is you
These city walls ain't got no love for me
I'm on the ledge of the eighteenth story
And all I scream for you
Come please I'm callin'
And all I need from you
Hurry I'm fallin', I'm fallin'*

King went upstairs, and noticed his radio on.

That's odd, my alarm wasn't on before.

He turned it off, and went downstairs. Noticing that Sasha wasn't there.

Now where is she? She was here last night.

King looked around the room, then a movement caught his eye from the kitchen.

He walked towards it, and the first thing he saw was the oven clock.


Then he turned, and saw Sasha standing there.

"Oh, hi King."

She gave a small innocent wave, thats when King saw the mess behind her.

King went blank, but in the nicest tone he could he asked.

"How did this happen?"

She laughed nervously.

"I was trying to make something to eat."

She gave another innocent smile, and King went blank again.

"Well, I couldn't find any kibble and I was hungry."

King put his hands in his face, then thought for a minute.

"Wait, where did you get all these supplies for food!?"

King exclaimed

"From the refridgerater silly."

Well King that is definitly obvious.

"There was actually food in there?"


King was puzzled.

They actually brought food here? That's a first.

"Well, I know a thing or two about cooking. How about I make something?"

Sasha looked around at the mess she made, then back at King.

"I think some help would be nice."

Faith looked down an alleyway, at the open and surprisingly busy street.

Great, this is going to be harder then I thought.

Faith made sure her body and bag were hidden from the people crosing by, and looked at a store on the other side of the busy road.

She watched eagerly, hoping that all this would let up at some point. Yet after the time she had to wait, Faith decided to continue down the alley.

"What do you mean you won't be able to come?"

Dawn bounced back a corner, staring at a teenager. He was holding a small black object in his right hand.

"Shawn, your our only singer, and our only fiddler... You live here for petes sake, can't you just ditch the studies... Oh, well what do you suggest we do, they are letting us play at this... festival... thing. WHAT! I can't sing you know that... Well your saying that the rest of your families going, can't you? They're leaving now eh? Can't you go..."

The teenager walked forward, and Faith took her chance with sneaking past him. Once she got past, she heard his footsteps behind her, and all she did was try to relax and kept walking.

"Jeaz, what am I going to do here?"

Faith almost jumped at his voice, and turned back to see five other.

"I don't know, like you said Shawn is our only singer."

Faith walked by, and decided to keep walking down the alley until she found a way across.

She looked at a large shop, and then looked around in some panic.

Seeing no one there, she went to open the door, but it wouldn't move.

What's with this stupid door.

She looked up at the door, and saw a sign.

Sorry, back in ten minutes.


Faith looked at the door again, then took the backpack off that was digging into her shoulders.

Why is this so heavy?

She opened it, and looked at a lot of things in it. Most of it was plastic, but there was some metal and other things in there.

She pulled one thing out that surprised her. She first believed it was one of those pocket knives, but when she opened it, it revealed a specific edge that looked like it would fit into the keys hole.

A lockpick?

She started to laugh a bit.

I remember my father teaching me how to use one.

She placed it into the keyhole, and put the tension wrench

After a little fight, the door clicked, then she paused.

The diner had an alarm system, would this place have one?

She took a deep breath, and opened the door. No sounds came from it, and she went in, looking into the dark shop, and hoping she could find what they needed.

She gave a smirk, and looked for what Kiyu needed.

She found some, and put them in the somewhat full bag, she then turned, only to see a large shadow.

"Hello? Who's there?"

The voice sounded young, and Faith froze, then slowly crept to the shadows of the darkened shop, hoping she wasn't spotted by him.

They reached over the counter, and pulled out a long metal object, much like a pipe.


He walked over, and Faith saw him moving to a switch beside her.

She snuck off to the side, then made her way to the open door, she could only smirk when sunlight hit her, and she was about to bolt off when she ran into someone.

"Hey would you watch where yo-"

Faith looked at the brown dog who found her locket at the park.

"Your that stray dog from the park."

He had a little growl deep in his throat, and it almost made Faith flinch.

"Y-yes I am, is there something wrong?"

"... Well no."

"Okay then b-"


She bolted right by him, and it knocked him over, causing him to land in a puddle and it got him completely soaked.


She almost laughed, other then the fact it offended her, she ran as fast as she could, but the bag was weighing her down, she looked back, and saw another brown dog by them, along with a group of people.

"Hey Faith."

A white cat came bolting up beside her.

"No time, I'm a friend. Follow me."

She bolted into an alley, and Faith followed. They led her up a part of a store, and off the gate to the field. Faith dared herself, and looked back.

The brown dog stood at the other side of the gate yelling and flailing his arms up in the air.

And all Faith thought about was how silly he looked, and hoped that not many people saw her.

She continued following back to the fence, then cat turned to her.

"Well you may be wondering who I am. So I'll give you my name, I'm Storm, but everyone calls me Bandit, because I seem to be very good at doing the wrong thing at the right time."

"Well, Kiyu asked me to go get you, he believed you were caught and taken back to the city there."

"I wasn't out for very long."

"It's been two hours, you must have had some real trouble getting to those shops."

"... A little, nothing I couldn't handle."

"Uh huh, well, if you'd like to come and see everyone, nows your chance."

"Did Kiyu say I can?"

"Who cares what he thinks, it's Kiyu. He's always against something."

"Well, I got to go meet a friend, maybe later."

"Okay, bye."

Storm took the bag, and snuck back under the fence, while Faith went to the park.

Hopefully Dakotas there now.

She reached the park, and looked around with a high hope, and saw him.

She was about to call out, but when she saw Dallas and the two older humans, she decided it wouldn't be a smart idea.

Dakota turned slightly, and Faith knew he could see her with the corner of his eye, he gave a small smile, then went back to talking to Dallas.

Faith turned herself, and saw the two cats that she saw from the first night she was here.

"Hey Fiddler, hey Keys."

Faith heard Dakotas voice, and snuck in with the crowd so she wouldn't be spotted by Dallas.

"You know the band playing tonight right?"

"Of course, some small town band."

"Yeah, well their singer and fiddler can't make it tonight, and they really need someone to play, do you think you could do it?"

Both their eyes went wide.


They both yelled out simultaneously.

"I really don't think you both have thought this out."

The two paused.

"Wait, are we going to be doing anything like rock?"

"Just on singing, I'm sure you can handle it."

They shot back nervous glances.

"Yeah we can handle."

They both said after a small discussion

"That's great, your'll be going on stage in an hour, go meet the band."

Something just hit Faith.

How did Dakota know that the bands singer wasn't coming?

"Hey Faith."

Dakota waved to her. "I can't hang out right now, but there's this one spot in the park which should be quiet."

King heard the phone ring, Sasha had been long gone by now, and he was just finishing his clean up.

He picked it up.


"Hey King, are you going to the park today?"

"What's happening down there again?"

"The spring festival that the Milton ferrets put on."

"Okay... Are you going."

"I'm already leaving, meet me there okay."


King hung up the phone, then looked at the kitchen.

It was clean enough, he was able to get everything fixed and shined up.

He went to the door, got out where a surprisingly cold wind hit him.

"What time is it?"

He had a vague memory of the ovens clock.


Okay, good enough for me.

He closed the door, and started walking down the sidewalk.

"Hey Mr. Obvious."

King turned to a mocking voice, and saw the two dogs from the front of the GODC, and a smaller dog that looked related.


"So Mr. Obvious, where are you going?"

King felt a little growl build up, then realized how childish they were.

This is just like that time in grad one.

"Well know-it-all, I was going down to the only place everyone else was heading to, but that should be obvious enough for someone like you to know."

King saw both their expressions change.

"What did you say."

King started laughing.

"If something as simple as that was enough to upset the two of you, then you really are like most people out there."

"Why you li-"


From right behind the two, a teenager appeared, it was more then enough to make the three dogs in front of King jump.

"We are going to be late, and the band can't start without their bass player."

He snapped at the two, and the smaller dog tried to get even smaller.

"Sorry pup."

He said in an extremely kind voice, and King felt a small apprectiation for him.

At least he punishes the right people.

The teen turned to King, he was tall, and at least 17.

"Don't mind these two, they still need to learn some obedience, and I have the best way too."

The teen gave a sinister smile, and it made the two freeze.

"No no no no please don't do that again."

he pulled out two leashes and put it on both collars of the dogs.

"There, I think that should help put them in check, don't you."

King snorted, the leashes they had were old, and they definitly weren't for male dogs."

"Hey, It's not my fault they're using my sisters old leashes, they won't buy any good ones."

King looked at the smaller dog who waved shyly.


She said with uncertainty, and was completely scared for the entire time.

King left in a happy mood, for the seconds he thought he was going to laugh hard enough to cry.

I have got to tell Fox about this.

King basically wanted to bolt down to the park, but he decided to walk, and admire the lights he could already see.

For once I can't wait till I to get somewhere.

The sounds of music started up, and Faith was sitting on a bench at a poorly lit part of the park.


She looked at an intense darkness around her, and she got fractions of what they were singing, it was a song she had never heard before, but they were very good at playing it.

A small crack of a branch made her turn towards two figures walking by.

Faith always hated the dark, it made her feel alone and unsafe.


Dakotas voice made her jump to the skies, she froze and started breathing heavily from it.

"I'm so sorry I di-"

"That's fine, I just didn't think you would do that."

"Sorry... Oh, I have something to show you, follow me."

Dakota started walking back to the lights.

"Well come on."

Faith jumped down from the bench, and started following him, he led her to an area where the moonlight hit a timeless pond, and an opening of grass in front of them.

Tall reeds reached for the skies, and fireflies lit up the air.

Faith felt her breath get taken away from the sight of it.

"It's beautiful."

"Yes it is, I've heard that this place has been here for years, I myself have never been here though. Not many people can."

"It looks like something you'd see in a fairy tale."

Faith was looking up into the skies, staring at the moonlight that hit them both once again, and the stars that shone brightly and strongly for them.

Her heart was beating so loudly, and she feared that Dakota would hear it, but a small feeling came to her, and that was the feeling that Dakotas was doing the same.

She turned to him, and he was staring into her beautiful amber eyes, her perfect golden and white face, and the small distinctive white spot on her right ear, watching the same smile that he saw before.

She became embarressed at his watchful eyes, and was concerned at how she looked, yet that small loving smile came.

"Your beautiful."

The words made her heart start to beat faster, and all she wanted to do was hold him closer again.

Faith lied down and looked at the sky, and without hesitation, Dakota joined her.

The song changed.

*From underneath the trees, we watch the sky
Confusing stars for satellites
I never dreamed that you'd be mine
But here we are, we're here tonight*

Faith asked a question for Dakota.

"When we were first in the park together, you said you knew the same thing I did, what did you mean?"

*Singing, "Amen I, I'm alive"
(I'm alive)
Singing, "Amen I, I'm alive"*

Dakota sighed, and looked into the moon and the stars.

"My mother and father were both stray dogs on the streets and they both just... I don't know."

*If everyone cared and nobody cried
If everyone loved and nobody lied
If everyone shared and swallowed their pride
Then we'd see the day when nobody died*

"I remember the sun hitting the mornings horizen, and they were both laying there after a group of feral dogs came at us the night before."

*And I'm singing
Amen I, Amen I, I'm alive
Amen I, Amen I, Amen I
(I'm alive)*

"And then my mother was talking. 'Dakota, talk care of Dallas, don't you ever leave your brothers side.' Then I remember my father speaking. 'Your mother and I love you, and we will always be with you.' Then I took my pup of a brother away. Yet I still don't understand what happened."

*Singing, "Amen I, I'm alive"
(I'm alive)
Singing, "Amen I, I'm alive"*

"And they told me to talk him away from there, far away. So I did, and then I lost him."

Dakota was crying a bit, and it almost made Faith cry too.

*If everyone cared and nobody cried
If everyone loved and nobody lied
If everyone shared and swallowed their pride
Then we'd see the day when nobody died

If everyone cared and nobody cried
If everyone loved and nobody lied
If everyone shared and swallowed their pride
Then we'd see the day when nobody died*

"We were cutting through a strays alley, and we met a new friend who helped us for a little while. Yet eventually and unfortunatly, the same gang of ferals that attacked us came back, and tried to take my brother from me, after hurting our friend.

*And as we lie beneath the stars
We realize how small we are
If they could love like you and me
Imagine what the world could be*

"That's horrible, why would someone do something like that?"

Faith cried out and it almost made Dakota start to cry.

"I don't know, but our friend was hurt bad, and the same thing happened, but instead he told us to go here, and he gave us a chance."

Dakotas voice broke up, and Faith saw tears falling from his eyes.

*If everyone cared and nobody cried
If everyone loved and nobody lied
If everyone shared and swallowed their pride
Then we'd see the day when nobody died

If everyone cared and nobody cried
If everyone loved and nobody lied
If everyone shared and swallowed their pride
Then we'd see the day when nobody died*

"Thats when Shawn, his mother, and father found us, and gave us a home."

Dakota was crying now, and it made Faith feel nothing but guilt.

*We'd see the day, we'd see the day
(When nobody died)
We'd see the day, we'd see the day
(When nobody died)
We'd see the day
(When nobody died)*

"Dakota, I didn't know.. and I di-"

Faiths memories came back, but she didn't care. Dakota stood up to leave, tears rolling down his face, and all she could do was bounced up and hold him close.

She only hoped that her loving embrace was enough to make him smile, she only hoped that she didn't ruin her only chance with him.

She felt his arms wrap around her and they held her close, and all she could do was feel his heart beat, and knew how she felt abou him.

"Thank you for telling me Dakota."

The song changed again to Fiddler and Keys singing in Unison.

"Hey, would you like a dance?"

Dakota asked nervously, and it made Faith perk up completely.


She looked down, and then at him with a smile.

"One won't hurt."

He held Faith close, and started off easily trying to keep in step with the song, in the midst of a slight settling fog, and the beauty of moonlight between them.

Just like a fairy tale. It was all Faith finally thought.

They say diamonds are forever
Their beauty will always remain
But put the two of us together
And those stones just roll away

Time goes by and rivers run dry
And mountains will crumble and fall
On that final day when the smoke clears away
One thing will stand through it all

And the way our love is going
When this world comes to an end
We'll just start forever over again

When the colors all fade from the rainbow
And the ocean has swallowed the sun
Our two hearts heaven made will still love just the same
When everything is said and done

Time goes by and rivers run dry
And mountains will crumble and fall
On that final day when the smoke clears away
One thing will stand through it all
And the way our love is going
When this world comes to an end
We'll just start forever over again*

After their soft moment, Dakota and Faith walked back down the pathway, Dakota eyed the clock.

"Oh no."


Faith stared with him.


"I have to get to the Good Old Dogs Club tonight, they're finally letting me in now that I'm old enough. I do apologize, but I got to go. Sorry Faith, I'll see you tomorrow."

Dakota left her there, but he was looking back the whole time he walked away. All Faith felt was her heart calling to him, then she turned, and made her way back to the small bridge of hers."

"Hey King, took you long enough."

Fox called out waving at him.

"We're already heading down to the GODC."

"You know, I would've been here a couple hours earlier if someone could have helped me find this part of the park, this place is huge."

"Well, follow me... Hey maybe if we get there a little late, we won't have to sit through Binos speech."

"Hey wait up!"

A small dog bolted up to Fox.

"I almost forgot, King, meet Dakota, a lot of us are hoping he gets the chance to join in the GODC"

King saw Dakota smile a bit, then it faded and he looked behind him down a darkened path.

"Well, lets get going, before Bino gets mad."

Dakota froze, and kept looking down the pathway.

King perked up.

"Hey Dakota, we got to get moving."

"Oh sorry."

King walked behind Fox, but had a small instinct to keep turning to face the younger dog, almost as if he would just disappear.

King looked past the lamposts, and to the small row of colorful lights outside the GODC, which brought a nice tone to it for the night, and it made him feel peaceful.

Yet he was concerned about one thing out of it all, and that was all the clouds forming above them.

"Okay, in here."

Fox said, and the trio walked in, and sat down in the back of the club.

"And we would all like to bring a great amount of Appreciation to Fox, one of brothers best friends for helping set up tonight, and everyone else who helped bring in the necessities to make tonight possible."

"Wait, that's not Bino."

Dakota whispered to Fox, while King was sitting there in a small, and nervous panic.

Okay King, no one has noticed you yet."

"Well, no, that's his brother Fido, he works with the K9 unit... Wait, where is Bino?"

King just sat there quietly, there was a majority of different scents in the room, and it only made King want to be smaller.

King, just occupy your mind with something... okay, take a guess at the dog breeds are in the room.

King had a slow scan around, and took a guess at some of the dogs in the room. When he got to the two dogs beside him, he took a guess at what kind Dakota was.

Now, what kind of dog is he...

King thought of some of the neighbers and friends from the schools he went to.

... He's a Border Collie, that easy enough.

"Last, we would all like to greet our newest member for the GODC, I would like you all to meet Dakota, who has moved to Babylon since last year. Stand on up and say hi."

Fido urged Dakota up, and King heard Dakota nervously clear his throat and stand up.

"Hi, I'm Dakota, and I am very happy that you let me come in tonight."

All the dogs stared at him, and it took some of the pressure off King.

Hey, maybe with this pup, I wouldn't have to suffer meeting everyone alone.

"Well, I am done talking here, I guess you all can go meet him now, and there is food so just relax and enjoy tonight."

Most of the dogs stood up, and a lot of excited chatter started up in the room.

The dogs went to the back of the room, and it was enough to make King panic, but he had a lot of relief that none of them were talking to him.

He simply turned, and looked out the open door. It was pouring out, and King saw a flash in the distant clouds, but eventually, the wind picked up, and it was enough to send the rain to fly sideways.

Great, and I'm going to have to walk in this.

'Hey there King."

A cheery voice came from behind him, and it made him turn in panic; yet all he saw was the black lab from the diner.

"Hi there..."

He replied quietly.

"Hey, I'd like you to meet some of my friends, come with me."

"... Sure I guess."

King went ahead and followed him past a row of table that had food on them, and went to a group of dogs in the back.

"Hey guys, I'd like you to meet King."

"Hi there."

Most of them perked up, and the had a friendly wave. Two dogs in the back of the group were the dogs that were bugging him when going to the park, and he almost laughed again.

"Well King, these are my friends, all of our owners play in the band that were playing at the park today."


He waved with a smile on his face.

Something went into the clubs door, with a soaking wet umbrella.

"Okay, I'm finally here."

Bino said from the entrance of the club.


Fido waved at him.

"Yeah great... Sorry that stupid cat of a brother I have went ahead and hid my speeches on me, then he went ahead and got me in trouble."

"Well, Bino, Fido has already said a speech for us."

Fox perked up from beside him.

King stared at Bino from the other side of the room, and noticed his hands change to fists, then Bino simply tried saving himself the embarrassment, and attempted to relax.

"Well Fido." Bino growled a bit. "Thanks for introducing everything for me in my absence."

Fido smiled brightly.

"Your welcome."

King could hear Bino growling from where he was standing, and he almost laughed again.

"Hey Fido"

Bino growled.


"Who's the new dog?"

"Hi there." Dakota held his hand out to greet him. "I'm Dakota."

He said in a friendly tone, and everyone was shocked he did that, but it seemed to calm Bino down a bit.

"Hi there, I'm Bino."

He shook his hand, and gave a slightly twisted smile, that same smile King remembered at Christmas Eve. The smile of dominence.

I am not going to let Bino ruin his first time here like he did mine.

King went across the room towards Dakota, and walked past Fox, who was staring at him walk by him.

"Hey Dakota, how are you enjoying your first night here?"

King said in a friendly and slightly annoying tone.

"Oh, Hi King."

Bino stared at him, and King knew Bino was surpressing his growling.

"I think this is great, I've gotten the chance to meet a lot of new people, even the chairdog of the club, as you know already."

Binos growling stopped, and he held that same smile.

"So you know who I am."

He asked deviously.

"Yes, Fox told me, and I am sorry for my unexpected appearence."

Binos smile became even more twisted.

"You know, I think your a great dog, maybe you can help me with something."

"Okay... What will be helping you with?"

"I just need you to get something of mine back from someone.'

All Faith heard was the shatter of glass on the wall next to her, and a man crying out.



His words were slurred, and he was crying.

"It was all, I don-"

He started crying out his sons name, and it only made Faith feel worse, he'd been acting like this for three weeks, and now she had enough.

The only way she could get him to stop was by finding Andrew, it was the only way how their family could be back together.

It went black unexpectingly.

"Have you forgotten why you came here?"

Faith was looking at her reflection talking to her.


"Of course you did, your here to find Andrew, not have some romance between a stupid pup!"


She struck the glass, and everything around her shattered, and all of a sudden she couldn't breathe, and was freezing cold.

She awoke drowning in water, and was confused with where she was.

she looked around underwater, and saw the bottom of the bridge.

She swam up quickly, broke out, and breathed in for the slightest second, and was back underwater.

Within her paranoia, she swam under the bridge, and shattered out of the water around her, and was back on solid ground in the park.

Your fine Fai-

A flash of light shot down, and hit a tree some distance away from her, causing it to fall over, and crash on the grassy bed.

It made her bolt forward, and out of the wet and rainy park, all the lights were off around her, and she could just barely make out lights in the closed distance.

She took her chance, and ran towards them, her chain and locket hit and flew around violently around her neck and chest, causing her to hope she wouldn't lose it.
A loud bang and flash of light made everyone jump.

"Everyone, we're all fine, it's just some thunder."

Fido calmed everyone down from the oddly loud sound, and simply explained that it would leave shortly.

King looked outside again, and everyones lights were off all around Babylon.

"Wait, what about our parents?"

Someone perked up.

"Well uh-"

Fido was unsure with how he would answer this.

"Everyone, we may have to stay here for the night."

King perked up.


Some panic started up.

"It's too dangerous to go out there."

"What?" Fido said. "It's only thunder, it's not dangerous."

A flash of light came from the sky, and hit the tip of a tree a decent forty meters off. It made some people duck down in panic, including Bino.

Dakota kept standing though, and simply looked out at the street leading towards them. King looked over as well, and saw an odd shape approaching from a far distance.

Yet King didn't pay much attention, and just decided to help Fido out, which surprised him himself.

"Your pretty good at handling these situations King."

Fido's words made King turn to him.

"Well, it's not that hard, just don't panic."

King remembered all of what his school taught him, your classic take shelter and keep away from metal objects trick helped him and his class before.

For once those stupid drills are actually useful.

"Hey Fido, is it possible to get all these lights disconnected from an electrical source."

"Well, yes they are pluged into the house right next to here, they let us use their outside electrical outlets."

"All the lights are off there, shouldn't ours be?"

"They're not there, they haven't been here all day."

King thought for a couple seconds.

"Okay, what I am going to do is go over there, unplug the system, and come back here. I'll be back in a couple minutes, keep everyone calm okay."

"I shouldn't let you do this."

"I'll be fine."

King left the club, and looked at the flashes in the sky, he went and climbed over the peoples fence, then stumbled around in the darkness for the outside outlets Fido was talking about.

Faith was getting closer to the lights, and saw the shape of someone standing at the door, with the darkness covering her, she doubted they saw her.

She jumped into the light, and saw Dakota in front of her, then everything went black.


It was the only sound that came after Dakota was pinned down by Faith.

"Is everyone okay?"

Fido called out in darkness.

"Yes, I'm fine, I fell that's all."

"Do you need help?"


Dakota looked at Faith.

"What are you doing here? What happened?"

He spoke in a hushed and concerned tone.

"I panicked, the spot I was sleeping got filled with water. I simply panicked."

She replied in a scared and quiet tone.

"Faith, your freezing cold, are you okay."

She turned her head and coughed, then back to him.

"I'm fine, just a little cold."

Faith shivered, and Dakota felt it flow through him.

"Now, can you please get up?"

"Oh, sorry."

She stood up, and Dakota did after.

"Well, we can't go out there, so come on, lets go to the back and see if you can warm up."

Dakota took her hand, and helped her shuffle through the layout of the darkened room, when they were at the end, Faith finally felt some warmth there.

Faith backed up slightly, and bumped into someone.

"Who's there."

Fido called out.

"Sorry Fido, that was me."

Someone walked into the room.


"It's just me Fido, and it seems that the storm is starting to dim down."

King called out.

"It is? That's good, do you think you should go reconnect the system again?"

"I think we should wait a couple of minutes."

King had to hand it to Fido, that no matter how scared King was near the K9 units, Fido actually seemed to be the only normal one in the bunch.

Now King didn't feel so scared of everyone, and this reminded him that they are only pets, and that he was human and can use this to his advantage.

King walked forward with a smile on his face, and he knew no one could see him, but before he went in, something made him turn to a flickering lampost.

All he saw was his own familier memory, but this time, he saw Rose completely, and he was right about how she felt about them doing that to him.

He knew that they all cared, and when he looked up, all he saw was clear skies.

"I'm going to get the lights back on, I have a feeling we're fine now.


King went back across the street, and he kept seeing this small image of their lifes go by, and it haunted him on his short time next door.

Why am I seeing all of this?

King tripped over something, when he looked back, it was the set of wires for the club.

He pluged the wires back in, and the lights went back on in the club.
The lights went on around Faith and Dakota, Dakota pushed Faith behind him and against the wall.

Watching everyone get back up, he tried his best to conceal her from everyone.

"Wait, who's that?"

Fido perked up from beside him, and it made Faiths heart stop.

Everyone started getting up, and were mainly paying attention to the open door.

Dakota saw Bino get up, and then saw his hands change to fists.

"I know you!"

He pointed a finger at her, and Dakota just stood in front of her.

"Oh isn't that cute, you think you can protect her tough guy!?"

Everyone was staring at the two by now.

"Now what did she do to you!?"

Dakota barked back.

"Other then embarress me in front of a lot of people, getting me in trouble with a store clerk, and claim that something I found was hers."

Faith placed her paw over her pendant, and Dakota saw this from the corner of his eye.

"Bino that's enough."

Fido cut in, and it only got Bino more upset.


Bino was yelling in anger, and it made some people back away from him.

King walked in from behind him, and he himself seemed to be a little upset.

Why am I seeing this?

King looked towards Dakota, and saw the pup behind him.

I- I saw her from... What is happening here?"


The final set of words Bino said on Kings entry gave a reaction similier to putting gasoline in a blazing fire. He could hear Dakota growling violently by now, and Kings mind simply cracked.


King was yelling even louder then Bino could, and it made him spin around.



King snapped even louder.

"That's enough!"

Fido said, wedging his way between the two.

"Bino, go home! King go cool down a bit, I'll deal with this matter."


Bino's voice came in protest.

"No, you, go home or I will tell Jeff about tonight understand!"

He had an effective measure on getting Bino to leave the club house, he stormed off yelling to himself and growling bitterly.

King decided to stay, now that Bino was gone, he could probably enjoy this night.


"Dakota, who is she?"

Fido asked.

Dakota swapped glances with her.

"She's an old friend."

He said in a calm tone, but Fido could still sense the growling inside him.

"Can I have a name?"

"It would be her choice then."

Dakota remarked.

"So, whoever you are, can I have a name, I'm Fido?"

Faith backed up, and felt her back against the wall.

"Do you have a place to stay at least?"

Faith went blank, now that her spot has flooded over, she dosen't have a place to stay for the night.

"She's going to be spending the night with me."


Fido looked at him oddly.

"Come on Faith, now's our chance to leave."

Dakota whispered in haste.

They both walked past him and outside into the darkness.

"I can't believe that, how could Bino just start yelling."

"Well, I kinda did run into him, and he fell into a puddle."

Dakota started laughing, and Faith started to with him.

"Well, do you have a place to stay tonight?"

"Lets just say that a close friend of mine asked me to sleep over."

He smiled, and she started laughing again.

They looked up into an open sky, and back at each other.

"Hey, who was that small dog that started yelling at Bino?"

"Oh, that's King, he moved here around last year. He dosen't normally hang out with other dogs except Fox, ever since Bino pulled a mean trick on him at Christmas."

"What could someone like Bino do that was that mean and probably that smart to pull."

Dakota started laughing again, he had a smile on his face, and could barely speak.

"I heard that he rigged a present full of catnip to explode when someone opened it."

"Yeah right, I'm amazed he is even in your club."

"He made the club."

Faith laughed.

"Now that's even harder to believe."

"No, he literally did, but what I heard is that he is bad at running it."

"Trust me, I witnessed that earlier tonight."

The pair approached a house with their lights still one.

"Dakota! Where have you been?"

"I was at the club mom, I'm fine, don't worry."

Faith didn't see a dog pop from the shadows, instead, she saw a human.

She looked at Dakota, then at her.

"Oh, who's your friend?"

"I'm Faith."

Dakota walked up to his owner.

"Mom, she really needs a place to stay for the night, and this was a last resort."

She looked at him, then towards Faith.

"I'll see what I can do, come on in."

Faith walked into a well lit house, and the first thing she saw was a kitchen to her right, and a living room on her left.

In front of her was a small entrance which split off into two hallways, one led to a bathroom, and beyond that was a stairway to a celler.

The other hall led to a staircase, which went upstairs.

"Wow, this house is huge."

Dakota and Faith turned to the sounds of someone coming down the stairs.


Dallas bolted by Faith and hugged him.

"Okay, okay, I'm here there's no reason to panic."

Dakota laughed, and Dallas let him go.

"Where were you, I lost you at the park."

"I was with a friend."

He looked at Faith and smiled, Dallas turned to face her.

"Your that dog from the park."

"Hi Dallas."

She smiled, and he walked off happily.

"Huh, you handled that pretty well, most of my other friends try their best to keep away from him."


His owner called from upstairs.

"Yes mom?"

"Your friend can sleep up here, I've already set it up for you."

"Thank you mom."

Faith was quiet.

"Why do you call your owner mom?"

"Everyone does it around here."

That's odd, I've never referred to my owner as mom or dad.

"Well, let me show you where you will be sleeping tonight. Follow me."

Dakota walked up the stairs, and Faith followed shortly after, They both walked three rooms.

"Dakota, in here."

Dakota turned into a room and stared at his mom.

"I thought she was going to be sleeping in the guest room?"

"No, remember a water pipe broke in there. Your father still has not fixed it yet."

Dakota walked in with Faith behind him, and his mother had set up a bed out of a couple pillows and some blankets.

"Well, I hope your comfortable, if you need anything, come down and ask."

She left, and Faith was looking over the large room.

"Wow, who's room is this?"

"This is my room."

Dakota said, and it made Faiths eyes go wide.

"This is huge."

"So, are you hungry? Have you eaten anything?"

Food, it just came into her head.


She always hated asking other people for something, just as much as she hated her talent for thieving.

"I'm a little hungry"

He shot a smile.

"Well, come on, how about we both get something."
That actually went well tonight, now I hope I'll never ever have to do it again.

King went up to his room.

10:47 pm

He yawned, and looked out the window, hoping that he could get a complete night of sleep.

He climed into bed, and closed his eyes.



He looked to his right.

3:45 A.M.

He walked down the stairs to see the shape of a dog outside.

He opened the door and felt the cold wind blast at him.

"Okay, Sasha, I'm starting to think you are purposely coming here instead of going to Binos."

"I'm not Sasha, It's me Tarot."


She walked into the house, then turned to him.

"There is something extremely odd going on in Babylon, one of those things is that I can't see into the future anymore, another is that I can't reach the Spirit Dragon for help."

"Okay, what am I supposed to do about it?"

"I don't know, have you met anyone odd or new in Babylon."

"Oy vey, there is only a decent group. A lot of people from the city are here with their pets for the week, how am I supposed to know?

"Keep a lookout for anyone who is completely odd or different."

"Well, there is this one dog."

"Okay, what do you know?"

"All I know is that she's a stray, and that one of the neighborhood dogs has a crush on her."

"Good, start there, but keep an eye out for anyone, we got to find what's going on."

"By we, you mean you right? What would I be able to do, this is concerning you."

"I think they are working for Pete, and if this is true, you'll going to be in trouble as well."

"Great... Fine, I'll help."

"Good, now get some sleep, we got a long day tomorrow."

She left, and King went back to bed.

End of Chapter Five

Well... I really do hope you found this at least half decent.

I also don't mind if I put the names and bands of the songs I used.
(I thought the use of something a little cheesy would be a nice touch.)

Hope to hear from all of you.
Good luck to another week.

And to be honest, I started crying while writing this. (Don't you judge now.)
...Hey who ever said you couldn't find love within your pain.

A restless Night before hand, the cries of the Night truly a form of Natures significance over mankind, showing that not I nor man can comprehand the True form of Nature, and that form is the Wolf.
Written by Immortel Shadow.

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Post Re: Immortel Shadow Fanfic Kings Faith
Wow what a update! This one really has a lot of meat to it, and I am not just talking about length. your character portrayal was really good especially Fido and King's - Very believable. Ok now to address the length. This update was Huge over 8000 it took me a good 45-50 mins to complete. (I am a slow reader) I found myself having to look back a few times to (but that's just me) your attention to details is also pretty good - And i love how you seamlessly shift in to an action scenes. The part where Faith almost drowns is very well done -

Theirs a lot more to faith then what meets the eye thats for sure.
She struck the glass, and everything around her shattered, and all of a sudden she couldn't breathe, and was freezing cold. She awoke drowning in water, and was confused with where she was.

This have been a fun read with and the Hook at the end makes me want to read even more I can't want to see whats next - Great job this week Immortel Shadow you really out did yourself on this one. (Also I really like nickleback) good choice!

YsF: Konnie

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Very good update. I found it to be very cute for the most part.

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Well, It's a day late, but I've got exams to study for so, it will either be late or not on here eh. Hope you enjoy it, pulled an all nighter writing this so I'm a little tired. Love to read comments.

Chapter Six: That Hopeful Heart.

A crackle of flame lay beside her, and she stared into the dancing fire. She looked around, and watched the flame cast light around the dark room.

Faith finally felt at peace, and then took out a small booklet. When she opened it, she was staring at the small heart shaped photo of her father, and the few photos of her mother.

She smiled and stared up, studying the howling wind of snow outside the window next to her. A door opened from behind her with a slight creak, and she turned and stared at two people in.


A familier voice said, she stared at him bend down on one knee.

Faith stood up and walked towards him with a wagging tail, and he smiled then took out a small wrapped up box.

A rosemary bow was tied on the top of it, and it had colorful stripes all around it.

"I have something for you."

Faith walked slowly towards the mysterious box, and sniffed it. She backed away from it, and stared at him with large eyes.

"What is it?"

She replied in a curious voice.

"Open it and see."

He smiled again, and put it down on the carpet in front of her.

She walked up slowly again, and untied the bow on it. When she opened the box, a small black velvet case was in it.

She picked it up with a strong curiousity, and opened the case. A silver heart lay in the middle of a blue inside, and when she took it out, a gold chain held it from falling to the floor.

She looked at the bright design on the front, then read the small description on the the back.

'For my reason,
I may sin,
And will commit treason,
For the family I'm in,
To survive these seasons,
And others within,
My heart will lay like the sun,
But I will never forget my love.'

"My grandmother gave me this pendant years ago, and she told me to give it to someone who is important to me."

Faith stared at him with surprised look.

"I never understood why the chain was so small, then I learned that her dog gave it to her, before he left."


"And now I'm giving it to you."

He smiled again.

*Faith, wake up.*

"Now, I think it would be best if you get some sleep, we're moving to the city next month."


Faith awoke with a start, and saw Dallas at the door of the room.

"Have you seen Dakota? He's not in the house."

Faith got up and stretched, yawning she looked at him.

"Did he say where he is going?"

"No, he just left, or something."

"Have you asked your mom?"

"She's still asleep."

So you decided to wake me up eh, guess I was the first person he would've thought who knew where he was.

"He hasn't told me where he went, does he do this often?"

"Sometimes, but I think he should've been back by now."

Faith looked behind her to the window, and all she saw was a clear, sunny blue sky.

"I bet he's fine, He probably went out for a walk or something."

"When did he leave?"

"Around seven."

"What time is it now?"

"About nine."

He's been gone for two hours? Where could he have gone?

Faith went downstairs with Dallas.

"Do you know if he went out with anyone?"

"A brown dog came over."

Brown dog?... Oh no.

"I gotta go bye."

Faith waved goodbye, opened the door, and bolted out the front.


"So what are we going to do?"

King yawned, and stared at Tarot and Sabrina with tired eyes."

"While your going to find out as much as you generally can about the two, Sabrina and I are going to discover as much as we can to what they are."

"What do I need to find out exactly?"

" Just find out where they both came from, and why they came here. You know, just the basics."

Sabrina added, and handed over a card with there phone number. King took it, and studied the number.

This is a number for a pay phone.

"Okay, but what happens if one of them is some demonic creature thing?"

"Good luck."

Sabrina patted him on the back.

"Now get going."

Great, thanks a lot.

King walked out the darkened front room of their house, and down the freshly lit street.

Jeaz, first she wakes me up at three in the morning, and now they expect me to be willingly ripped apart by a possible demon... Great.

King crossed by a street, and saw large groups of people walking down the sidewalks.

All I know is that Dakota let her stay with him last night... Wherever that is.


King turned to the stranger.


He took note that it was the same young pup he saw with those other two when he was going to the park yesterday afternoon.

"Your King right?"

"Yes, I am."

"Thanks for humilating my brothers yesterday, I'm Melantha."

She held her hand out to greet him, While he went ahead and shook her hand.

Her handshake almost gave him a chilled shiver.

She's freezing cold.

King looked at Melantha, she was trembling slightly, and held tired gaze, and looked a little pale.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, of course."

Her tail wagged slightly, and she gave a small smile. A tense feeling ran through King, and he looked at her slightly shaking hand.

On her ring finger was a silver ring, but King only got the slightest glimpse of it, and even then it only lasted a second.

She walked off, and King saw her shaking a bit.

Either she's completely paranoid about people, or those brothers of hers a real jerks.

King walked past a group, and then an idea came to him.

Fox; he probably knows where Dakota lives, and then hopefully I can figure this out and not have to worry about it.

Did that go well?

'Yes, I say it did.'

What else do I need to do?

'That will arrive when needed, no hush, I need to plan'

She looked around the busy and noisy crowd.

Fair enough.


Faith shot towards an old matteress, jumped up and off it then landed one the opposite side of a fence.

Finally, why can't you do something like that more often Faith?

Faith came back out the alley, and onto the street.

It was barren, and quiet. Faith was surprised no one would have been down here.

She looked around the row of buildings and the street that followed the suns direction.

Where are you Dakota?

"Hey, Thief, how are you?"

Faith jumped back, and saw Storm.


"You okay?"

"Other then the fact I almost had a heart attack, I'd say I'm fine."

Storm chuckled, then gave her a signal to follow.

Faith did, and Storm led her into another alleyway.

"What do you need?"

"Well, I was wondering if you would like to have some fun."


"Yes, you see I know this store that always has something of interest in it."

"You mean stealing something? Is this for Kiyu?"

"No, it's just something to do. So this store always has something in it worth taking."

"Well since I don't need anything, I really don't think I should steal."

"You know, I've taken things from this place tons of times. They have everything there."


"It's always a good idea, you know getting something extra. Who knows when your'll need it."

"Do you guys need this stuff?"

"Oh come on, we are both of the same thing, renegades, thiefs, bandits, whatever they call us, it's what we do."

"I, uh..."

"Live a little, it'll be fun. Lets go."

The only thing that ran through her head was Dakota.

He's fine Faith.

She corrected herself


She said weakly, and followed Storm happily walk down the alley.


"So you don't know where Dakota lives?"

King held disappointment,

"No, but I've heard that he likes hanging out with Peanut."

Fox replied, looking at him oddly.

"Do you know where they hang out?"


"I just want to talk with him, you know."

Fox stared with the same look.

"Okay... I've heard he's usually at the park. If he's not there, he's probably down at the thrift shop."

"Thanks Fox."

King waved bye and started his way down to the park. The park wasn't that far off from Foxs house, and King only hoped that something would come easily for him.

He reached the park, and turned to the sounds of voices on the trail, he recognized one immediately.


He dived into a bush, and sat quietly, watching the pair approach.


King was staring at a large gray dog, and his size itself almost made King flinch.

"Rex, all you have to do is get her, then I can take that stupid golden chain of hers."

"If it's hers why are you taking it?"

"Because I found it, she stole it from me."

Who are they talk-... Wait, She never stole it, she proved it was hers.

"How did she take it?"

"The same way everyones been talking. Fido doesn't believe that this stray dog is the person who is stealing everything, even when he saw me get knocked over by her. But unlike everyone else, I know she has been stealing things from here."

They are going to try and turn her in, all because he wants something of hers. The fact she may be stealing is enough to get anyone on his side. But I know that the only thing he cares about is that necklace. That isn't right.

"How are we going to get her?"

"We stay at the park until she comes around, then we grab her... It's very simple."

King looked at Binos expression.

Wait, I bet he's hoping to find Dakota there too... I got to warn him.

King snuck off, but the cracking of a branch made his heart stop.

"Who's there?"

Binos voice held a deep growl.

"Hey I see them."

He heard Rexs voice, and it was his signal to bolt off.

"Get him!"

Bino yelled.

"What am I supposed to do when I get him?"

"Just bring him back here, I'll deal with it."

King broke into an open field, and when he turned, he saw Rex just come out of the park.

He then looked ahead of him and saw an iron fence.


King looked to his left and right quickly, and looked at an open gate. He ran through it, slamming it shut while he ran past.

King kept running, and went into a small pathway through two buildings, and into an alleyway.

He looked at a large teen in a white apron down the path, luckily for King the teen turned, and jumped back.

"Hey what are yo-"

King looked back at him, and saw Rex coming around the corner.


The teen called out, trying to block the alleyway.

King bolted out of the alley.


King got pushed to the ground, and he looked up at a black and hazel pelt.

"Dakota, are you okay?"


King looked at a brown dog walk up to them.

"Yeah I'm fine Peanut."


"Sorry Dakota, stay right there, I'll be back."

King bolted off, and turned again, watching Rex bolt out of the alley and down the street.

"King? KING!"

Dakota yelled at him in confusion. Staring at Rex bolting up to him, King looked at Dakota who shot up a grin, and he stuck his foot out as Rex ran by.



King stopped, and looked at Rex who crashed straight into a set of trashcans.

"Hey watch where your going!"

Dakota snapped.

"You did that on purpose."

Rex said standing up and looking at him.

"Really? What proof is there I did!?"

Dakota snapped again.

"Your being mean."

Rex recoiled.

"Yeah so, why are you trying to hurt my friend!?"

Dakota barked.

"Dakota, what are you doing?"

Peanut perked in.

The next set of words King couldn't hear.

"I'm not hurting him. What made you think I would?"

"Oh so you think having someone who is easily ten times larger then another, and chasing them around the entire town is a game?"

Dakota scolded him.

"... No."

"Then what were you doing?"


King looked at Dakota, and just held his ground, looking at him give a smirk.

"Yeah right, what where you doing?"


"Rex! Where have you been? I've been looking around everywhere for you."

A tall man was walking up to them.


He said quickly, and went down to the man who was calling.

King walked up to Dakota, completely freaked by what just happened.


"Hey, I was only helping."

"Holy... I- uh, thanks."

"Now that's what you should of said in the beginning."

King suddenly started laughing.


"I can't believe you actually did that."

King had trouble breathing from his laughing.

"Your crazy."

Dakota himself started laughing.

"You should have seen me back at the park, he just bolts after me and we run into a field."

"No- now that would be fun to see."

"Then I bolt past a gate, and into an alley where we almost hit this teenager."

They were both laughing, and it lightened up everything.

"I can't believe I tripped him, and then me snapping."

Dakota brought up, trying to breathe. King felt completely tense and scared when Rex chased him, but now he felt more relaxed then he'd ever been.

"It was some really good acting."

King complimented.

"I was completely scared with the size of him, and when I tripped him, I couldn't believe he actually said I was being mean."

King calmed himself down, and then brought himself back to business.

"I think Binos going to try and get back at you and your friend today."


Dakota stopped laughing.

"I heard Bino talking to Rex back at the park, they're going to try and steal your friends pendant."

"What do you know?"



Storm said, and Faith looked at the sign of the store.

Thrift Shop.

"Storm, this is a second hand shop."

"So. If no one wants it, we should just be allowed to take it then."

Faith thought for a moment, hoping that this wouldn't take to long, and still hoping that Dakota was okay.

"Fine, lets get this over with."

"Okay, so what do you want to take?"

"... I didn't really think of that."

"Okay... then just take something of value, we can get some of our friends to trade with others from the city."

"You trade with other strays?"

"Yes, lets just say it's a busy market. Now lets go."

Faith started her way to the street.

"Where are you going!?"

Storm exclaimed quietly.

"In the store."

Faith replied.

"You twit, if he sees you, he'll know your a stray and chase you out."

"I don't look like a stray."

"Maybe a couple days ago, come here."

Faith walked up to her, who was looking at her reflection in a puddle.


Faith stared at herself, and she looked a lot more like a stray then a runaway.

Her fur was ragged and wet, not to mention covered in dirt, and her eyes were sharp, making it seem like she was feral.

"I didn't know I'd look that bad."

Storm started laughing.

"Look bad, Thief, you haven't been on any streets long enough to look bad."

"Why do you keep calling me Thief?"

"Well that's what you are isn't it?"

Can't argue with that.

"Fine, are we going in?"

"Yes, but through the back."

Storm smiled, and it made Faith feel like she was making a friend.

They snuck into the back of the shop.


Storm whispered so quietly that Faith almost didn't hear her.


A young child sat there drawing on paper with crayons, and an older child was looking after him.

"Great, how are we going to get past them?"

Faith replied in the same tone.

Storm gave a devoius smile.

"Hey Faith, what kind of tricks do you know?"


"Kids love pets, especially those that always have some kind of talent. Get their attention, and I can get in."

"I'll see what I can do."

Now, what can I do... I got it.

"Okay Bandit." Faith gave a grin. "Hide behind the door there, I've got an idea."

Faith went to the other side of the alley.

I saw a human do this, how am I sure this will work.

Faith took a breath, and bolted forward, straight towards the far wall.

"What are you doing? I said a trick."

Storm whispered, while Faith jumped straight up at the wall, pushed her foot off it, and flipped backwards. Landing softly, and looking at the open door.

"Whoa, sis look at that."

The young child came out to the door, and Storm backed behind it.

"Can you do it again?"

He said.

"Louis, get away from her."

She grabbed him and pulled him back.

"I wasn't hurting anyone, I was just trying something."

Faith gave a pair of innocent eyes, and her expression made Faith know she reconsidered.

"Okay stray, lets see what you can do."

"Okay, just give me a second."

Faith went to the other side of the alley.

Lets just hope I can do it again.

She bolted towards the wall again, when something caught her eye.

A young dog passed by the alleyway, her pelt was dark with patches of a greyish white. She was shaking, and looked paranoid and tired.

Faith looked at her, who did the same; while she was jumping up the wall, and she saw a darkened shape fly straight for her.

It made her want to cry out, and when she placed her footing for pushing off the wall, she did it wrong.

Faith used what she could to salvage her trick, and she pushed off, and instead of just flipping, the flip had a spin on it, and she landed perfectly.

Faith looked at Louis and his sister both were dumbstruck.

"Ho- how did you do that."

Faith saw Storm who held a 'play along' expression.

"Oh, yeah I do things like that all the time."

Faith said in her most peaceful voice, and had to fight off the shaking she had from when she saw whatever that was.

Storm winked at her, and snuck in.

Now all I have to do is stall.

So all you wanted me to do was walk by? Awww, but we could have had fun with her.

'In due time, for now, you best not disobey me.'

*Please get out of my head.*

Shut up, we are busy, now when I get the chance I am going to rip-.



'Don't blame her, she's only mortal, she dosen't understand what's happening.'

Why can't we get her now though?

'Because her faith is strong, and we must crush it.'

"So you think that Faith is in trouble?"

"Binos definitely going to try and take that chain of hers."

"What are you guys talking about."

Peanut butted in.

"Just, chatting."

"Dakota, I got this really, really, really cool thing to show you at the park."

"I'm sorry Peanut, but it seems like I won't be able to go to the park for a little while."

King thought for a minute.

"You know, if your looking for something to do, I guess we could go to my place."

"And hang out with Miles cubs again?"

"Yeah, totally?"

King looked at him oddly.

"You've met Miles family?"

"Yeah, when they first moved in here, Miles was talking with my dad."

Huh, well I guess Miles actually does do something around here.

"Come on lets go."

Faith left the alleyway.

"Faith, over here."

She turned to Storm, who was holding a large black back pack.

"You have got to check out what I took, and I am loving this backpack I took."

She opened the bag, and there was more stuff in there then Faith could have thought.

"Hey, here's a little somethin for you."

Storm tossed over a silver watch, which gleamed with the suns light. Faith caught it, and studied the watch.

"This looks extremely expensive."

"It probably is."

Wow, I've never seen anything that looked so expensive before.


"Hey, I gotta say this."

"Yeah what?"

"Where in the world did you learn to do that."

"Do what."

Storm put her hand in her face.

"You are joking right?"

"Oh your talking about the trick I did."


"I don't know, I just did it."

Storm went blank.

"You just did it... okay now that was extremely descriped. Who taught you?

"No one taught me."


Storm sighed, and only put her hands back in her face.

"You really don't get the point of informing someone do you."

"I'm being serious, no one taught me how to do that, I remember seeing this person doing it."

"Whoa... wow, okay. Hey what time does that watch say?"

Faith looked at the watch.

"I doubt this is correct."


"Well it says that it's three forty-seven."

"Thre- oh great, Okay well I gotta go."

"Where are you going?"

"Kiyu and Jericho wanted me back at four, there's something importent going on at our hideout."

"I'll come with you."

"Sure, we can chat while Kiyu speaks about what is so boringly importent."


"Hey Peanut!"

Miles cubs came up to the three.

"Hey guys."

Peanut had a small spring in his step when he was walking over to them.

Some excited chatter started up between the group, except for King and Dakota, who were still trying to figure out what they were going to do.

"Where's your friend now?"

"How should I know, I've been out here since seven."

"You really don't like talking about this."

"No I don't."

"Okay, do you know where she could be?"


Dakota sounded upset, and King knew he was going at this wrong.

"I'm only trying to help."

"I don't need it."

"So you think you can deal with Bino alone?"

"If that's what it takes."

"You honestly think you can take Bino?"


King sighed.

This is getting me nowhere.

"Is there anything I can help with."

"Yeah, get off my back."

"... You really like her don't you?"


"I just want to help."

"Fine, you really want to help."


"I really shouldn't do this."

King heard Dakota mutter to himself.

"Okay, she is looking for someone here, that I can't seem to find."

"So just ask around."


"Can I have a description?"

Dakota sighed.




Jericho came up to the two.

"Where have you been? Kiyu was expecting you back an hour ago."

Storm turned to Faith.

"You and your doubting."

"... Sorry."

Faith gave an innocent smile, which caused Storm to chuckle.

"If your done, Kiyu would like to see you two."

Both of us? I thought he only wanted to talk to Storm.

They walked into the trail. Looking around intensly, Faith studied how deep it went on both sides.

"It looks like it goes on forever."

"Only about halfway to the city, now hurry up, your all late."

Jericho said sternly, but it seemed like it was mainly intented for Storm.

"Don't go all dominent Jericho, your not the boss of me."

Jericho grunted a bit, then the group came to a clearing.

Faiths eyes widened in awe when they walked through. A small human town was here, most of it was burned to the ground, but there was still a few buildings standing.

"Whoa, look at her."

Faith looked to her left, and saw two dogs standing there.

One looked like he belonged further up north, while the other looked like he was from a different place.

"Eh, you have had your chance with the lot of em' remember last time."

"Yes, so what."

"Fine, go right ahead."

Faith looked back forward and kept following Storm.

"Hey there."

He said with a smile on his face.


Faith shot a nervous smile, and kept walking.

"Hey, you know I know of this perfect spot to hang out."

"No thanks."

Faith looked back to her front.

"Come on, it'll be fun."

"I'm fine."

"Really, there's nothing wrong with it."

It almost sounded like he was starting to growl.

"Hey, I'd say thats enough."

The other dog approached.

"What about it, what are you gonna do about it."

"I can do plenty, but I know that you can't."

"Say it again I dare you."

"Oh look I made him mad, not like he'll do anything."

"Thats it!"

Faith backed away from the pair, while they went into an all out brawl.

"Oh, don't mind these two idiots, they keep on getting into fights about something."

"Do you think they should just keep going at it?"

"No... HEY GUYS!"

They both stopped.

"Why do you to keep doing this? your best friends for or are you two that blind!"


He turned to his rival.

"I'll see you later."

"Don't worry eh, I'm pretty sure you will."



He walked off.

"You, go see if anyone needs some help."

Jericho turned to Faith.

"Come on, before Kiyu starts losing his head."



Come on now, don't be like that.


Ha, I don't think I should.


'Come on love, don't start torturing her now.'

aww why not? I'm finding her reactions to them amusing.

'Stop forcing her to see those images and just keep her quiet.'

What, you don't like looking at the stunning images of Hades?

'I originated from there and so did you. Now keep her quiet!'

One more please.


Yes, here's what the River of Styx looks like.

*NO! just please stop*

'Okay love, that's enough.'

Aww what about Cerberus, she hasn't seen her yet.

'No, I need to think. Now quiet.'


"King! King."

King turned to one of Miles cubs.


"I almost forgot, Fox was here earlier."

"What did he need?"

"Said he had something extremely importent to tell you."

King turned to Dakota.

"I should get going then."

"How bout I come along."

"Sure, why not."

King left with Dakota following him, and started there way to Foxes house.

"Are you sure that your willing to help Faith and me?"



"Oh, yeah of course. I myself would really like to get to the bottom of her appearence."

"I already told you, she is looking for her owners son Andrew. Who has brown hair, and wears a large leather jacket with old patches."

"Was that the description she gave you?"

"Yes, yes it was."

"Very descriptive, it's only identifying generally everyone here and in the city."

"Hey, it's all she could give me."

King sighed bitterly, noting that they were getting closer to Foxes.

"I'll see if I could find anyone who knows, but unless you get something more descriptive, No one will ever be able to find him."


The yelling made both of them jump.


They both looked up on Foxes roof.

"Fox, what are you doing up there?"

"Trying to fix the t.v. antenna for my dad. He can't seem to get to it right now."

"What did you need?"

"There's something extemely importent on the news."


"SO! This is going to change the lives of a lot of people."

"What's going on?"

Fox looked down at King, his expression was something King couldn't explain.

"Their getting rid of most of the laws for pets and strays."


Dakota yelled in surprise, which made King look at him oddly.

"Yeah so, what's the big deal."

"Simple." Dakota said. "It's called that all strays must be rounded up, and either adopted or put in the back room of the animal clinic or pound."

"Back room?"

"You've never heard of the back room? All pounds and clinics have one."

"I've never heard of this either."

Fox called out from above.

"They say that when they bring anyone back there that's not human, they're never seen and heard from again."

Back room? What in th- Oh... OH the use of the room for putting animals... Down.

"I've heard that they are sending people to round up all the strays here tonight."

"I got to find your friend."

King said.

"What are you talking about."

"I need you to get Faith as soon as you can."

King bolted off.


Hopefully I can find her before they do, and then I can find out what Tarot needs.


"What do you mean they've taken all laws from pets?"

A cat perked up.

"Exactly what I said."

Kiyu remarked.


"Some story about a group of dogs and K9 units not doing their jobs."

This is horrible.

Faith turned to leave the group.

"Faith, where are you going?"

Jericho was staring at her when she turned.

"We can't stay here, I bet they are sending people down here to get us."

"No one knows where we are."

"Your strays have loud mouths, I'm pretty sure someone could of heard something."

"That's too far fetched, none of these strays will betray anyone, we are our home."

"I don't trust this, I'm sorry but I'm leaving."

It's just that small gut feeling that's getting to me.

Faith left, and decided to start her way at the park. She looked at her new watch.


... Storm said this watch was back an hour before.

Faith fiddled around and adjusted it back an hour.

Now maybe I can have a better sense of the time.

Faith looked up at the parks entrance, and all the trees that swayed in the wind.

It's so quiet here.

Faith walked in, and jumped.

"Hey there she is!"

Someone called out.

"Well don't just stand there, grab her!"

Another ordered.

Faith saw the slightest part of a large shadow going straight for her, and she bolted off into the park.

She ran past bark benches, dodging bushes that came at her.

Who is that?

She rounded a courner, and cut through a set of trees.

Why would they be chasing me?


I bet they could help.

King jogged up towards two cats, they were obviously strays. Wet and ragged fur, and he could smell them from a mile away.

"Hey there, have you seen Faith anywhere?"

The pair stared at him intently.

"Who's asking?"

"A concerned friend that's who!"

King remarked, he didn't have time for this.


"I need to warn her, people from the city are going to be coming down to round you all up."

"Yeah right."

King turned to the sounds of a vehicle coming up from behind him. King read the sign on the side of it.

Dog pound.


"Dude, we gotta go, come on."

The two bolted off and the car stopped behind King.

"Hey you, come here."

A surprisingly rough voice came from her.

King walked up to the van.

"Nope, he's got a collar, that's good enough for me. Lets go."

Hmmm... I thought they usually check dogs collars.

Now where is Faith?... Oh no.

King bolted to the park.

She probably did too.



He yelled.

Faith bolted out of the bush away from the larger shadow.

"Oh no you don't."

Another shadow popped out in front of her.

Faith realized that she went around in a circle, and was right back where she started. Something grabbed her arm, and she was looking at a familier dog.

"You! Let go of me."

She shoved him off, and the larger dog grabbed her.

"What do you want?"

"The chain I found."

"I already proved it's mine."

"You got lucky, hand it over."


Faith went ahead and bit the larger dogs arm. Causing him to cry out, and let her go.

"I don't think so."

The brown dog grabbed her.

"Your not going anywhere until I that chain."


There they are.

King bolted towards the three shadows, and looked at Rex and Bino.

I can't believe he is actually going this far to get that chain.

*What are you going to do about that King?*

A soft voice reached him.

What? Who's there?

*Are you willing to go to that extent to protect someone?*

King ignored it, and judged his speed to Bino's size.

Yeah, I'm going fast enough.

When he got close enough, he yelled at Bino.


Bino turned to him, and at that split second, King knocked him over.

"Faith go!"

She bolted off, and King got the glimpse of something silver flying off her hand. Yet he didn't stay to find out what it was. He bolted off with her.


Bino screamed at the top of his lungs, but King knew it was too late for him to bolt after them. All because they were already on the darkened street.

"Hey, your that dog that yelled at him in the club."

"Yes, I'm King, I'm a friend of Dakotas."

"Well thanks for your help."

Faith went to leave.

"Hey, wait, you really should get of the streets for the next couple of days."


"The city pound is here collecting every stray they can."

"I thought they would. I got to tell my friends."

"No, I'm sure there fine, no one knows where they are."

"How can you tell?"

"Because if we did, the pound would have been here a lot sooner, and the K9 unit would have been alerted."

"Then why'd you get me?"

"Because everyone knows that you, and one or two cats are the only strays on these streets. Now come on, I'll let you stay at my place for a couple nights, and I really suggest you get a collar."

King explained, and she stared at him completely dumbstruck.

"So I'm supposed to just trust you, even though we've just met?"

"Yeah pretty much."

The pair was quiet, then a set of headlights shined on the two.

"Great, okay just play along okay."




The van pulled up and slowed down.

"Hey you two, come up here."

"Come on, you can trust me."

King whispered.


She replied quietly.

"Why don't you have a collar?"

"She lost it a little while ago, I'm helping her find it."

The woman raised an eyebrow, then looked down at her.

"So why does it look like she's been out here for a couple of days?"

"We ran into some trouble with two strays at the park, I really think you should check that out."

The woman eyed them suspiciously, then turned to her driver and told him to get to the park.

"The perfect thing to throw them off the scent. Now come on, I got to try and find you a collar, but for know, I suggest you get inside."

"Why are you helping me?"

"A friend asked, and I'm doing them a favour."

And myself one.

"Come on, we don't have much time.


Can't we just rip her faith out? Along with her heart, and a couple more things.

'No, we will need her for the hundreth time love.'


:The shatter in front of her, and the cracking sound of glass, she stared intently at the disfigured image of her. Darkeness covered her, and went into the very depths of her soul.
"Sister, are you okay up there?"
Her brothers concerned voice reached her.:

*Just get out. Why are you doing this.*

Because we are having fun.

'No, because your hope is weak, and we need that to get to her faith.'

*What are you talking about?*

'Writing a new history, a new future, and a new path of faith and hope.'

And to have some fun


*Who are you two?*

'Believers and creatures from the depths of our underworld, and we believe all of you are unworthy of your titles.'

:Force fed images raced through her head, all of darkness, suffering, and hate. She struck the countertop, which echoed through her mind.
"Sister! I'm coming up there."
"No! I'm fine.":

Come on, let him up, then I can show him the true meaning of fear.


'Okay, love, I think I found the path to take."

:An image of fire and smoke filled her mind, the screams that came from inside were devestating, and the cries that were made outside were those of anguish.:

'Your going to help us.'


:Her knees let out, and she hit the floor, crying out.:



"How's this?"

King said, looking at Faith.

"It's fine, thank you."

Faith stared at the makeshift bed he made by the fireplace.

"In fact, it's perfect."

Faith gave a small smile.

"If you need anything, just ask."

"Well... something to eat would be nice."

"Yeah, we have a refridgerater in there, help yourself."

King smiled.


She got up and walked into the kitchen, while King bolted to the phone.

Now time to call Tarot.

King pulled out the card, and dialed the number.

It started ringing, when a familier voice came on.


"Hey Tarot."

"King! what do you have?"

"I have her at my place right now, she needed a spot to stay for the night."

"... Okay, what do you need."

"Can you get over here at some point and talk to her, I bet you'd be better at this then me."

"Yeah, Sabrina or I will be over there at some point tonight okay."

"Yeah okay, bye."

King hung up and looked around.

She probably didn't hear anything either.

A scent filled the air, and King took hold of it.

Is she cooking?

King walked into the kitchen.

"Hey are you okay in here."

"Yeah of course."

That's new, I've never thought a pet would now how to cook.

King heard a door open and close.

They're already here?

King came out of the kitchen, and into the living room. Looking at Miles and Daryl.

"Hey guys."

"Hey King."

Daryl said.

Great, they'll probably wonder what I'm doing.

Yet to his surprise, they just went into the backyard of the house.

Whoa, I thought they would just. Whatever.


Faiths voice made King jump.

"Thanks again for your help."

"No problem."

"Well, I better get some sleep. It's been a long day."

"Yeah, I know the feeling."

King went upstairs, and went into bed.

Knowing Tarot and Sabrina, they'll probably wake me up at three in the morning.

He closed his eyes, and got some needed sleep.


She struck a match, and lit the fireplace up.

The fire crackled and jumped around behind the glass door.

It's better then nothing.

She closed her eyes and fell into her dreams.

She awoke looking at Andrew.

"Faith, we gotta go."

She got up, and started following him, looking around the empty house.

"I can't believe we're actually moving."

"I can't either, but I think of it as a chance for an adventure."

"Andrew, we're leaving."

"Come on Faith."

She walked up to a small steel body, Andrew walked over and opened the door.

"In here."

He gave a loving smile, and she jumped in.

"We'll be there in no time, and who knows you may meet some new friends."

*Well she seems normal*

*Ar- are you sure? I have no idea who else this could be.*

Faith awoke, and perked her head up towards a dog and a cat.

"So this isn't what your looking for."

"No, come on, there must be someone else you know of."

King sighed, then his expression changed.

"I remember meeting someone earlier today, she said her name was Melantha."

"Melantha? That's Greek."

"Greek for what?"

"It means dark flower. Is there anything else?"

"She had dark fur, and it seemed like she was acting paranoid about something."

The cat sighed.

"Okay that could be a clue, anything more?"

"I shook her hand when meeting her, and she was freezing cold."

"Paranoid and cold, I'll speak to Tarot, she would know some more. I gotta go, bye, but we may still need her."

Faith closed her eyes, and acted like she was sleeping.

"Bye, tell me if you know more."

The dog went upstairs.

What is going on around here? This entire place is messed up.


Faith went back to sleep, still confused and what was happening around here.


So do you have your plan?

'Yes, it's perfect, now we just need to hope that the Great Kitsune can't figure out how to contact them, and lets just hope that everyone plays their parts in our new destiny correctly.'

You can't change destiny.

'Right now it's vulnerable, anything can change now'

'So just do what I say, and we can make our world.'

End of Chapter 6

Well I hope that you enjoyed chapter six, and I really hope that I will be able to post something next week. Again I would love feedback

A restless Night before hand, the cries of the Night truly a form of Natures significance over mankind, showing that not I nor man can comprehand the True form of Nature, and that form is the Wolf.
Written by Immortel Shadow.

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The Plan, The pain, The Fear And The Darkness~ HA HA Haaaa!

I Whole heartedly Approve of this chapter.


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Very very good Job with this chapter! I think this was your best thus far keep up the great work! I can't want to see how this turns out!

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Well, due to my unfortunate use of time working for two weeks now (Due to school exams and some jobs.) I haven't hardly had the time to write enough to post a chapter (Which really sucks a lot.) But know that my school exams are almost finished (Only one more, and the subject I'm really good in.) I'm hoping to get the chapter done by sunday (Which is going to be a lot of writing and take a lot of time.) Here's hoping! (I can't believe that we're all almost halfway through the year already let's hope next year is even better.)

A restless Night before hand, the cries of the Night truly a form of Natures significance over mankind, showing that not I nor man can comprehand the True form of Nature, and that form is the Wolf.
Written by Immortel Shadow.

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Don't worry :) Duties are more important and we will always wait for your update :) I know how it feels like, because I'm ending semester soon and I have a lot of work to do too.

Good luck on exams :) Hope you get good grades and you will pass everything without problems.

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Well, after a lot of my work was done, I finally had the time to right the next chapter. I really hope you enjoy it, and I hope it won't be this late again. Enjoy and I love feedback.

Chapter 7: The Discovery Of An Old Love.



"Blaze, Keith! Time to go!"

She bolted through their alleyway, awakening the pair with a start.

"Let's go now!"

Rose yelled, turning to the shadow of a man coming at them. The three ran off into the shadows.

"Rose, what's going on?"

"How should I know!? Just run!"

They bolted off into the darkness of the night, and into an open street, where they stopped.

"Why are they chasing us? We did nothing wrong!"

"I don't know."

Rose coughed out. Then out of the darkened night, a set of lights shined on them.

"There they are!"


Rose yelled, and pushed Blaze towards the alley that Keith bolted to.


Rose yelled, while the sounds of an engine started up.

Rose turned to Blaze, who was limping towards her.

"I can't, I must've stepped on a piece of glass or something."


"Keith! Get over here and help me!"


Kieth yelled out into the darkness

"Keith get over here now!"

"We're going to have a problem!"

"What!? Just get over here and help me!"

A faint shape came into a small light, the shape of a large group of dogs.

"ROSE!" Keith backed up franticly from the shadows. "IT'S THE-"

A shadow of a dog jumped at Keith. Rose saw the shape of his teeth, and heard the growling between them.

Rose lost track of who was who in the fight, but she finally saw a set of teeth draw down upon one, and heard the loud cry coming from him.


Rose shrieked out, whilst Blaze shot towards their assailant to protect her.


"Faith, It's time to go."

Faith stared at Andrews familier shape, and got up merringly.

"It's dark out, where are we going?"

Faith said, looking around the small house they had near the surprisingly busy city street.

"I have been awarded something that's very importent."

Faith stared at him with wide eyes.

"What is it?"

"I'll show you when we get there."

*Hey, who's this?*


An older man was calling from outside.

"Come on, you'll be late."

*Bro, what are you looking at?*

"Honey, lets get going before your father gets upset."

A women appeared behind Faith.

*Someone's sleeping in our living room.*

*Hey... There is someone. Go get dad, I'll wake whoever it is up.*

*Okay, okay, I'll get dad.*

Faith awoke from the pairs chatter. She blinked, looked up, and turned to them, in the fractions of seconds.

He was right in front of her, his face close to hers, and his saphire eyes seemed to go straight into her eyes.


He stepped back, and fell over from her sudden wake up.

"Who are you?"

The question echoed within Faiths mind, she would've liked to know who he was.

"I- uh."

Faith stammered out.

Just lie, and start from the top.

"I'm a friend of Kings, uh... My owners are, uh... Out of town!... Out of town for the time being, and they forgot to leave the door unlocked for me."

Faith smiled nervously.

"Okay, what's your name?"

"I'm Faith, what's yours?"

It went quiet.


The sounds of footsteps came into the room, and Faith was staring at an oddly huge dog.

"Who's this?"

He asked in a surprised and concerned voice.

"Hey dad, this is Faith, one of Kings friends."

Faith backed up a bit, looking at the size of him.

"Well what is she doing here?"

He said in a surprisingly soft and curious tone.

"I- I am here because my owners are out of town, a- and King let me stay here after they forgot that the door was locked."

Faith shivered at the sound of her own voice, and backed up some more, bumping into something.

"Hi there."

Faith jumped away from the loud voice, and was staring at another large dog.

"H- hi"

Faith hesitated, and had the intention to back up again.

"Are you okay?"

"Y- yes of course I am."

Everyone eyed her suspiciously, when the sounds of the door closing diverted their attention.

"King! There you are, come in here."


King said confusingly, and walked into the room holding a light brown leather collar.

"Do you know this person?"

King stared at Faith, then back to Miles.

"Yes, she's a friend."

King walked over to Faith.

"Play along."

He whispered to her.

"I finally found that collar of yours."

Come on Faith, all you have to do is play along, and you can get out of this.


She took the collar from him.

"Where'd you find it?"

King went blank.

"... Uh. From the park, where we were searching last night."

"Oh, okay."

Faith nervously shot a smile, and put the collar on.

"This should help, the pound still hasn't decided to check the addresses. So your safe for now."

King whispered to her.

"I need to get going, I have some things I got to do."

She whispered back.

"Fair enough."

Faith turned to the other four people in the room.

"Well, thank you for letting me stay for the night, but I should get going."

"Okay, I hope to see you again."

The pup that woke her up, smiled at her nervously.


Faith replied politly, and walked out into the open sun, clear blue skies, and a bright sidewalk.

"OH MY GOSH! Really!?"

A dog yelled from across the street, and it made Faith freeze, and turn towards her and another dog.

"Yeah, I heard that Hope's older brother Stalin is coming back, along with her owners daughter Melanie, and some other guy."

"Where were they!? No ones seen them for a couple years now!"

"I've heard they were in a different country for some weird reason."

"Really, wow I've always wanted to be in a different country!"

"Actually, I've also heard that a lot of humans are down there right now, you know, docters, mechanics, uh... Pilots."

Pilots? In a different country? My owner was a pilot.

It was Faiths first thoughts

"And other people for some reason."

"Really... What for?"

"I've only let on for the whole time we where talking, that I don't know why they are down there."


Faith turned behind her with the sounds of a bush rustling.

"Thief? Is that really you?"

"Storm! Are you and the others okay?"

"Of course we are, the city pound isn't that smart. Neither are the humans running it."

They both laughed about it, while Faith started to continue down the sidewalk.

"No wait."

Faith turned back to Storm, holding an assuming look.

"We need you to get food for us, we can't get back out there with the cities pound trying to sniff us out.

Faith looked down at the bright sunlit sidewalk, sighing conspicuously, then looked back at her.

"Do you really need my help."

"We really do."

Storm pleaded repetitively, while Faith looked back to the sidewalk.

"You do understand that this is a great risk for you all, if they find me stealing, and follow me to you, your all done for."

"Your our only chance right now, can't you help us?"

"... I'll help."

"Thank you! So much!"

Storm jumped out of the bush and hugged her.

"Hey, hey, there's no need for that."

"Oh!" Storm let Faith go. "Sorry."

"So what do you need first?"

"Just food of any kind really, we're almost out."

"Yeah, I can manage that."

"Good luck Thief, I can barely get near the stores now."

"Good luck, I'll see what I can do Storm."

Faith started walking to the park.

If I cut through there, I can get there quicker.


"Did we lose them?"

Blaze panted out.

"I think we did."

"Why in the world is that stupid gang in these streets."

Keith growled bitterly.

"The Taurus Angels have been using these streets for years."

Rose said.

"They were! You and I both know that the police dispanded their gang years ago."

"Maybe Taurus got the chance to make another gang."

Blaze perked up.

"That's not possible, for one, he's way too old, and for another, he has an injury that's too severe for him to basically walk with."

Rose replied.

"What are we going to do then? We can't go through the streets, or the alleyways!"

Blaze grunted out painfully.

"We'll wait for a bit, then go somewhere else.

Rose replied.

"Blaze, are you okay?"

"No, I said before, I must've stepped on something."

Rose sighed bitterly, looking around the old sunlit warehouse they snuck into, noting the broken in rafters, windows, and the dust that rised and was seen only in the sunlight.

"Let's see what we can do."


Looking at the endless rows of trees across the parks gates, Faith took note at the puddles that covered the sidewalk and that were all over the park.

She looked into the skies, cloudy, but the sun held strong in the endless sea of blue and white.

I wonder why the days here are always beautiful.

She looked towards a van pulling up to her.

"Hey there."

Faith heard a familier voice, and was looking at a woman in the van.


Faith said in confusion.

"I'm here with the city pound, and I'm just doing a check around the neighbourhood, have you seen anyting out of the ordinary here?"

Faith thought for a couple seconds, then smiled.

"No I haven't, is there any reason I should be?"

The woman turned to the driver of the car and talked for a couple minutes.

"Have you read or heard any news lately?"


"Well, what happened was that a group of strays attacked some K9 units while they were on an important job with the fire department."

She explained

"That's horrible."

Faith said.

"Yes it is, they just barely got a young teenager out of that fire."

".. So your getting all the strays?"

"Yes we are, it's the only thing we can do."

"Well, I haven't seen anything, I'm sorry I can't help."

"That's fine, no one has actually seen much here."

The van started up, and went back to following the roads.

Why would strays attack K9 units?

Faith kept walking down a busy street, deep in thought.

Would Kiyu's group attack them? Did they attack them? Did Rose and the others play me on to steal for them?

Faith looked back to the park.

You know what, I'm gonna sort this out right now.

Faith started backtracking.

It'll be best if I do.


'Stop bothering her please!'


'Just do it love, I know she's had enough.'

:She lay there on the bed of her room, tears fell from her face, whilst she only whimpered in the paced darkness.:

But now that I've had the chance to go deeper in her mind, I've learned that her brother is in the middle of a human war.

'Well it's not helping me! Now, can you please stop showing her humanity's violent past and find something to occupy yourself with!'

I'm only teaching her, she didn't even know where he was, in spite of everything, I'm doing her a favour.

'By showing her the darkest parts of human history, I don't care what you do, just don't hinder us and please don't bother me love.'

I'm only having some fun.

'Just don't bother her! Please, I need to find exactly where we can stage our plan.'


: "HOPE! Hope!" The sounds of yelling came from downstairs, then footsteps falling on the stair case up.
She perked up.
"ST-" The sounds of him falling came out front her door, then the knob rattled and turned. He burst through the door, causing light to flow through the room and shine on her light brown fur.

"Stalins coming home!"

"Stalins coming home, he'll be back tomorrow!"
She jumped forward and hugged her brother, a small smile came from her, as they went into more chatter.:

'My love, I just realized, whenever you take control of our friend here, does her appearence change physically?'

Yes, but only to specific people.

'Is there anyone here like that?'

Of course not, for I haven't found any.


"Hey King."

King turned to Fox, who was waving a couple feet off.

"Hey Fox."

King smiled and waved back.

"So what did you need my old collar for anyways?"

"Oh, a friend of mine lost her's, and I didn't have an extra one... I hope that's not a problem Fox."

"Nope, It's just an old collar."

King looked around at the group of people shifting by.

"Hey, The GODC is going to have a meeting tonight."

"Yeah, so."

"Everyone wants you to go."

"... WHAT!"

King yelled out.

"There's no need to yell."

"B-b-but why in the world does everyone want me to go."

Fox paused to think for a minute.

"I really don't know."

Yeah that really does answer my question Fox.

"I know I shouldn't be there."

"Well, no one knows why, but Bino is in real big trouble with his parent... and what I've heard, a shop owner."

This has got to be good.

"What happened there?"

"Something about him stealing a watch."

The thought of silver flying from Faiths arm the other night came back into Kings mind.

A watch huh, well even if she did steal it, Bino got what he deserved one way or another.

"Yeah, I'll be at the GODC, I'll also try to get Dakota to come along."

"Thats great! See you there."

Fox left, leaving King at the sidewalk.

I guess going there can't be too bad, and Bino's not going to be there either.

King shot a smirk to himself.

I have a feeling that this is only going to get better.


There's no possible way I can steal anything out here.

Faith looked around the groups of people walking by.

At this rate, I'd be lucky if I even got to shop.

Faith went around the crowd almost franticly.

I have to help them somehow.

Faith paused, and looked at a store owner leave their shop.

Now's my chance.

Faith watched him walk out of sight, then walked into the store.

"Hey there."

A voice called out from behind her. Faith turned to see a cat on the cashiers counter.


Faith smiled and waved to him.

"I've never seen you around town before. Are you new?"

"... Uh yeah, I'm visiting some of my friends for the week."

Faith looked around the shop. It was a small store, with a single camera that seemed to be able to record the entire spot.

Great, there's one problem.

Faith looked back at the counter, staring at the cat for a second.

And there's my other problem.

"Do you need any help over there?

The cat was staring at her, he gave off this feeling that he was willing to help with anything.

"No, I'm just window shopping."

Her words made his expression change quickly. He stared at her suspiciously, and did very little to hide it.


He started to ponder.


He stared up to her.

"I just find it odd that your window shopping here, most people go to the actual mall here for that."

"There's a mall here?"

"Yeah, well no, not exactly here. I-I mean that there's a large mall near here."

"And where's that?"

"Down in the city, of course."

Yeah that helps.

"How do you get to it?"

"Ask your owner, or there's a bus that goes to and from the city."


"Where is this bus?"

"Right outside the town, it's right there, you can't miss it."

It'll probably be better if I hitch a ride, I want to see this mall.


Faith said, smiled and waved. Then she proceeded out the way she came.


"It's clear."

Keith called out into the warehouse, after turning away from the shattered window in front of him.

"Good, come on Blaze."

Rose said softly.

Blaze limped forward to her, she eyed him in worry, he was hurt bad and wouldn't tell.

"Do you need help?"

"I'm perfectly fine, let's go."

He said in a strong, correcting voice.

"I'm too old for this."

Blaze growled bitterly.

"Your only fifteen years old, you still have at least another fifteen."

"That is true, but I'm still too old for this rubbish."

"Come on, we have to go."

Keith whispered harshly.


He said again.

"Blaze, we have to go, do you need help?"

Blaze growled to himself, then looked at Keith.

"A little assistence would be appreciated."

Keith went to walk beside him, while Rose opened the warehouses door.

"Where will we go?"

Blaze said to Rose.

"Away from all this."

She replied, and the light from outside came onto her, whil they all walked out into the afternoons light.


"Hey, uhhh... King right?"

King turned to a young teen.

"Y- yeah, am I in trouble?"

"No, uh, do you know a someone named Dakota?"

"Yeah, I know Dakota, he's a friend of mine."

"Well, he asked my dad if he knew someone named Andrew, and he said he didn't know."

"... Okay."

"I need you to tell him that I know a guy named Andrew, he works at the cities school, he has brown hair, and loves this leather jacket of his."

It sounds like the guy that Dakota is looking for.

"Yeah, thanks I'll talk to him about it."

"Great uh..."


"Yeah King right."

the teen walked off with his hands in his pockets, and pulled out an MP3 player.

Dakota's house is on this street... I think

King walked down the sidewalk, looking at each of the houses.

"Hey King."

A familier voice made him jump, and he turned to Dakota.

"Did I scare you?"

King looked at Dakota, and shot a smirk.

"Yeah you did."


"That's fine, But I've got something very importent to tell you."


Faith reached a giant building with a sign on it.

Mall. There we go.

Faith smiled darkly to herself.

I can't believe the puppy eyes worked on that bus driver, now this is going to be easy.

She thought to herself while she walked in, following a crowd of people.

She looked around the bright mall, despite the fact that it was dark outside, and it appeared as if it was about to rain.

Beautiful, simply beautiful.

She smiled again, and walked into the first shop.


The three cut through a darkened alleyway when they spotted a familier white van. Blaze's injury was worse, to the extent that Keith had to sling his paw over his shoulder and had to help him walk. Rose kept a look out for any sign of their attackers.

"It's quiet."

Rose whispered to them.

"I really don't like this."

Blaze whimpered a bit.

A scampering sound came up from behind them, Rose turned to it, and when she did, a small shape jumped at her.


She dodge to the side, and watched a large rat scamper along.

Keith started laughing nervously, while Blaze remained quiet.

"It was just a ra-"

A larger shadow jumped out from the corner of Rose's eye, she turned with her eyes widened when the shape of a dog pinned her down.


Blaze cried out, and realized how stupid it was that he did. Keith shot for Rose, while Blaze looked at the dogs coming up the alley behind him.

"I always liked cats, they're so scared and easy to finish off."

The dog brought her teeth down, and attempted to bite Rose head, Rose brought her clawed paw up, and across the dogs face, cutting her and causing her to howl out a bit.

"Your'll gonna pay for that!"

The dog attempted to bite again, when Keith tackled her off. Rose gasped a bit when this happened.

"Why are you doing this!?"

She only laughed and shot for him.

"Because it's fun of course! She's not one of us!"

She mocked him, while bringing her claws to him. He shot to the other side, and pushed her over again.

"So you'd hurt someone like that for fun!?"

Keith barked at her, causing her to giggle.

"We're from bigger cities then we left for the woods, and we traveled a bit together. We are nothing more than a group of coyotes."

So these aren't the Tarus Angels.

Rose thought.

"Why'd you come to the city? There's no point!"

Rose spoke in a quick and a strong tone.

"We like to have some" She jumped up quickly. "FUN!"

She shot forward and tackled Keith, biting his shoulder. He cried out in pain, and pared her face with his claws in his own defense, causing her to let go in pain.

*What's that noise?*

*I don't know.*

*I'm checking it out*

The talking of humans caught all their attentions.


Keith yelled out, while the two of them ran into the open street, and towards the cities exit.

"Where's Blaze?"

"I don't know."

Keith replied to Rose, while a yelp came from behind them. They turned to Blaze, who was standing by the cities sign.


Keith walked over, holding his injured shoulder. Rose looked at the cement, and heard thunder in the distance. Red splotches were following Keith when he walked towards Blaze.

"Keith, are you okay?"

Keith growled at him.

"I'm just peachy you yellow-bellied dog."

Blaze looked at the ground and sighed.

"I probably deserve that."


Keith yiped out, and sat down. Rain picked up in the darkened skies, and those red spots started to wash away.

"I couldn't do anything, I can barely walk."


Keith cried out in more pain.


Rose said softly.

"Where will we go Rose?"

Rose looked around, and saw a sign up ahead in the darkness. She caught a glimpse at what it said.

Babylon Gardens
Two Miles.

"I know just the spot, come on."

She helped Keith up, then had to help Blaze walk. She only prayed they could make it there okay.


'Oh this is beautiful, this is PERFECT.'

What is it? Time for some fun?

'Yes it is. A school, she will be heading towards a school tomorrow looking for her owners son.'

I get to burn something?

'Yes love, you get to burn it down, and everything inside it will fall and crumble.'


'Just make sure our little friend is outside when it does, I'd like to keep her as a pet.'

ahh, okay.

'My love.'


'Make sure our Faith is inside it when you burn it down.'


"Storm! Jericho! Kiyu!"

where is everyone?

Faith looked around, holding a bunch of bags of stolen goods.


A small voice whispered from the bushes.

"We're over here."

"I got everything."

Faith whispered.

A lot of people sighed in relief.

"Thank you Faith."

She heard Jericho's voice from behind the others.

"Be careful out there, the city is getting a lot better at this."

"I will Jericho. I will."

Faith turned and walked into darkness.

Where will I stay for the night though?

Faith thought about some ideas.

I could talk to that King fellow, try my luck with him.

Faith started walking towards King place.

I can't go with Dakota, because his mother knows that I'm a stray.

She looked into the darkness, and at the silhouettes of the buildings around her. She jumped at the loud booming sound that came from the skies above, and the rain started to fall heavily.

Just run.


"Fido we've been at this forever, just let me go!"

Bino snapped at his brother.

"I can't let you go until you tell me why you stole this watch."

"I didn't steal it, that mutt of a dog did!"

Bino's fists were shaking, and he was starting to yell.

"You've gone on and on about this dog Faith."

"Just hear me out for once!"

Bino barked at him.

Fido sat back a bit and sighed.


"Thank you."

Bino took a breath and calmed himself down.

"Okay, yesterday when I was in the park with Rex, we both saw her running in the park, I previously saw her before, but without that watch."

"Okay continue, give me some more information about her."

"Okay, I first saw her in the park with Fox, who was hanging out with..."

"With who."


Bino said, his voice held venom, it was sharp, and quiet.

"I found a silver locket with her name taped on it."

"What's her name?"


"Okay, so this small stray cat see's me with it, and tries to take it, and he runs off. Then this light blondish- brown haired dog comes up and claims it's hers."

"Anything else?"

"Yeah. She said that the first picture in the locket was a picture of her dad, and the words that were written on the back of them."

"What did it say Bino?"

"With love, from your dad Dodger. Bishop in this weird line thing, and Baxter.

"You mean quotations, I'll have a search on owners by that name."

"It wasen't her owner, it was a dog in the photo."

Another dog came into the room.


Fido said, looking at sargent Ralph.

"How is everything?"

"Fine, he's descriping the person he believes is the suspect."

"Okay, what do you have?"

"Her name, and her birth father."


Fido turned to Bino.

"What else?"

"Okay, so this Baxter guy was wearing this K9 vest I have never seen before."

"What did you say?"

Sargent Ralph turned to Bino."

"Oh this weird black K9 ve-"

"Not that, give me this dogs name."

"Okay... It said Dodger Bishop Baxter on the photo... Oh yeah I forgot the vest had this weird rank thing I've never seen before."

"Lt Baxter."

Ralph whispered out.


Fido said in concern and confusion.

"Bino, does this pup have a white spot on on of her ears."

"Yeah why?"

"I need to talk to my officer, wait a moment."

After about twenty minutes of waiting, Sargent Ralph walked into the room.

"Bino, you can leave now, Fido, I need to talk to you now."

"Finally. Jeaz took long enough."

"See ya Fido"



Fido followed Ralph down the police station, into the armoury, where there was beyond excited chatter going on.

"Sargent, what's happening around here?"

"I, uh, It's complicated, very complicated."

"You've never had to talk to your officer before though, not like that anyways."

"Don't question me, I will be explaining this shortly."

After Ralph went into the room, it was dead quiet, everyone had their attention on their superior, and he started to speak.

"As you all know, the famed Lt Baxter of whom had trained at our police department years ago, was found in the city streets with a close friend in an unfourtunate and sad way. Now what had happened was beyond a mystery for all of us, but we now may have a lead. There seems to be a pup on our streets that is Baxters child, and who may know what happened to him and Michelle, a close friend of his."

Fido placed his hand in the air after hesitation.


"How come I, and possibly others haven't heard of this Baxter?"

"That's because he worked for S.W.A.T and assisted the FBI, he was the best of anyone. He helped undermine an entire Mob within the city near here, and was said to have done similier acts in other cities."

Fido's hand went back up.


"The way your speaking about him, It's as if he just came out of nowhere."

"That's because he did."


"He just appeared with his owner who was a vice cop, that was until his owner disappeared a couple nights before Baxter and Michelle was found the way they were."

"Sir, we will be searching for this supposed pup of his then?"

"For the time being."

Fido thought for a minute.

"We are done here, just be on the look out."

Everyone got up and left leaving Fido and Ralph alone.


Ralph said, causing Fido to turn to him.


"I worked with Baxter, and he was a good friend. See to it that his pup has a decent chance."

Ralph left without another word.

"Yes sir."


Come on King.

Faith looked out at the sidewalk, rain fell loudly, while she shook her wet pelt off.

The door opened to a small pup, his blue eyes reminded Faith of who he was.

"Hey your Faith."

She shot a small and a nervous smile.

"Yeah, uh my owners locked me out, and didn't answer the door."

Faith lied to him, and it worked as planned.

"Oh so you need a place to stay for the night. Come in, I'll find a spot."

She walked into a room lit by a fireplace, King was sleeping there, with another dog sleeping by the fire.

"Who's that?"

"Oh that's Sasha, I let her in. She's here because her owner was yelling a lot about something. By the way she was talking, I'd say a lot of yelling."

It almost made Faith feel guilty, but she shook it off, and followed him.

"So why are you awake?"

"Just bad dreams."

Faith looked up the dark stairs, and saw him start his way up them.

"Well, I have a bed that I ain't going to be using, you could have that one."

"Thank you, that would be nice."

He opened the door next to him, and other scents came to her.

"Is there other people sleeping in there as well?"

"I have two brothers."

"Is there any other spot."

"Well you could use King's room, but I think I'd get in trouble."

"Ohohoh he wouldn't mind at all."

Faith shivered nervously and smiled.

"Well..." He opened the door near the stairs, and Faith went in. "If you say so."

"Thank you... uh... I never got your name."

"Well, uh... I'll get back to you on that. good night."

He closed the door for her, and she got into Kings small bed and after a small fight, was able to fall asleep.


"We've made it."

Rose looked at the sign saying what she was hoping it would.

Babylon Gardens
A pet friendly community.

"Now what?"

Keith asked.

"I think my son and his friends live here, they can help us."

"Jericho right, if memory serves me correctly."

"Yes, lets just hope he's here, and that he will help us."

I hope you enjoyed this chapter, and I hope to be able to post the next chapter ASAP for all of you to read.

Good luck, and I'm looking forward towards another hopfully good week.

A restless Night before hand, the cries of the Night truly a form of Natures significance over mankind, showing that not I nor man can comprehand the True form of Nature, and that form is the Wolf.
Written by Immortel Shadow.

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Post Re: Immortel Shadow Fanfic Kings Faith
oh man... now the K9 are going to get in the way even more... why can Goody-Goodys ever just stay home?


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Post Re: Immortel Shadow Fanfic Kings Faith
Great update as usual! and you did excellent job at character believability and your descriptions~! great work I am really starting to like this fic!

oh man... now the K9 are going to get in the way even more... why can Goody-Goodys ever just stay home?

because that would be just too easy now wouldn't it

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Post Re: Immortel Shadow Fanfic Kings Faith
Just got done reading through the story. Great stuff! With King's old pets coming in, I wonder if they will meet. It should be interesting indeed...

Faith has quite the past, it seems. I wonder who those spirits are.

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Post Re: Immortel Shadow Fanfic Kings Faith
I've had a real wacky timeline this past two weeks now, and I apologize for not being able to post anything. (To anyone who's enjoying this I do apologize.) I just now have some freetime, but I have no estimate to when I will be able to post, but I am ushering myself to get this done.
Thanks for understanding, and I hope I can post a.s.a.p.

A restless Night before hand, the cries of the Night truly a form of Natures significance over mankind, showing that not I nor man can comprehand the True form of Nature, and that form is the Wolf.
Written by Immortel Shadow.

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Post Re: Immortel Shadow Fanfic Kings Faith
Oh my gosh, I am sorry that I basically left and ditched the story. (Completely forgot XD) But I am hoping to get the next chapter posted on Saturday. (It's been like three month's, I'm so sorry.) Yet; you shouldn't be disappointed, I'd say my writing abilities have changed drastically since the last update. (Soooo sorry that I forgot, it just hit me and then I couldn't stop laughing about it.)

A restless Night before hand, the cries of the Night truly a form of Natures significance over mankind, showing that not I nor man can comprehand the True form of Nature, and that form is the Wolf.
Written by Immortel Shadow.

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i find your lack of faith disturbing... then again I'm not the one to talk...


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Well, I got impatient with me'self so I decided to post what I got so far ^^ Enjoy. Note I did like rewrite this at least three times, hated how it sounded originally, but I'm loving it now ^^

Chapter 8 A Fire's Rest. (Pt 1)


The morning cold, frigid as light shattered through. Darkness was thrown off,
holding Faith to her wake. She held her eyes to the blazing sun that came through
King's room and brought her paw up to defend her from it. Giving a long
disapproving groan she stretched her back and arms outwards with a yawn and
stood upwards. Brushing the fur from her own face, Faith yawned once more,
taking a look out the window that oddly directed itself down the road and towards
the city. Silence was the only virtue within the house, that and it's darkened halls as
the door cracked open and Faith walked outwards. Wind howled through the
darkness, blowing against Faiths chest with a cold and soft caress.
'Creepy' The words played on her thoughts, her eyes stared deep into the
darkness before finally taking her steps and following the stairs down.

The living room was much warmer, a blaze of heat struck her with ease as the
blinds were open and the sunlight was just beginning to touch the carpet of the
living room. She scanned the window that held a tree not too far off, the green
crisp leaves touched the suns grace, lighting up with a vibrant emerald that slightly
pushed a small glow into the room. Noticing the fireplace was still alit, it's heat
pushing against the sight of some blankets; Faith caught sight of both King and
Sasha whom were both still asleep. Staying quiet, she stepped outside, closing the
door with a slight creak. Crisp and cold air pushed and surrounded her; bringing
memory into her eyes. The ranch, her ranch; it's hills rolling aroung within the
baking sun and the wind blowing hard enough to let kites touch the clouds. A tree
came to her mind, every lunchtime spent underneath it as Andrew sat next to her;
reading her a story that always would make Faith bright-eyed, anxiously waiting
for the next exciting moment. The sounds of a horn barked and pierced her ears; a
cohensiding yelp was all she gave before jumping to face the form behind her.
'Oh no.' The thought was feeble as the sight of a white van stood, it's fender right
in front of her. Within its reflection she notice the brown leather collar, worn
down from all the other times it was used and gave a sigh of relief out.
"Hey! You gotta watch ya self there." A voice was soft but scolding spoken as
Faith noticed the driver staring out the window at him.
"Oh, s- sorry about that." She replied with a nervous smile and paced breath.
"It's fine, just focus on what yer doin' I really don't want to hit you." Faith stepped
back onto the sidewalk as the vehicle passed by, the words painted on the back
only sp- '
Cities pound' She read the words again and again.
'They're leaving?' It brought joy to her, a bewildered thought that riddled mystery
and arose questions; questions that need answers, though answers led to


Warmth was the strongest virtue, the feeling that entered her lost cold heart. Hope
didn't think he'd ever come back, but in the dead of night, he arose at the door;
those knocks so soft but echoing through the house. She only knew that her older
brother was back; and she didn't need to be bothered by his other brother and his
cousin. It was a memory of sonnets, a ballad that arose within thoughts and love,
and life. All that ended with that sharp and sudden barb.
The voice too familiar, Naomi, she left with him that day. A light made her press her
back against the dark cold wall. Her eyes stared at the lightened brown wall with
their splendid red curtains she loved. The old black stone fireplace surrounded by
two white pillars holding the mantle above it. She, for once held a strong and
honest smile. Joy and happiness was all that overtook her; she could finally feel
peace. Alas it was him, now silent as the morning before that made her see the
guilt he truly had. It churned her heart and made her stomach light. His silence was
the virtue that created awareness. Awareness that was the only true enemy to

"Yes." Naomi's voice caught her slightly folded ears.
"He won't talk about it." Her voice sounded harsh from there, sharp with a shaken
anxiety. Diverting her attention elsewhere, she left back to her room only to hear
those voices, bickering as the coldness invited her inwards.
His voice barked out, echoing off transparent walls. A small cackle came through,
screeching the walls of Hopes head with a sting.
'Please? I just want to see what he's done. I can feel it around him, wavering like
flame within wind.' Her voice was dark, too dark as it sent shivers through Hope.
'No Melantha!'
Silence from there, bitter with its colder words. Hope from there found herself
sitting on her bed cross-legged. It felt like a jump, a simple and quick one.
'You still haven't told me why you’re doing all this.'
Melantha spoke, as small cute mew coming from the sound.
'Kitsune, that's why.'
'Why do you hate him so much?'
'That stupid fox ruined my chances! I should be in his place right now!'
'Oh, I see.'
A violent growl rolled through. When Hope closed her eyes the shock of a place; an
entire world enveloped around her. A forest; she'd never seen one so beautiful.
Walking around its tall strong trees, a clearing of roses and violets and other
flowers. The colors were bright, powerful with the sounds of the forest all around
them. Within the distance the sight of the two came into view. Melantha, she was
blazed with a shadowing flame of light. Changing shapes every couple of seconds.
He, he held a slithered shape, wrapping and coiling himself around like a cobra,
oddly enough his form changed only into a fox, shining bright lights within her
mind, flowing gold all around them.

Footsteps interrupted it all, and the door knocked with a familiar light sound. She
opened it to see Stalin, standing tall and broad. She could remember her brother,
how he protected her, how he was always there to guide her.
"Hi Hope." His voice was exceptionally soft, a peaceful tone that touched her ears.
'Where did you go?" His smile turned into a dull blank frown.
"I've been busy..... Come now, we are all going out for lunch. Dads treat."
Hope saw the curves of his face, the smile he gave was small but kind; uplifting
from the sight. Though it was her body, thrown to the ground in a sudden daze.
"Hope?" Air, ripped and torn away; She felt her heart race, pounding against her
"Hope!" Hitting the floor with hardly a sound, her heart only raced, and it kept
racing until her world was engulfed into darkness.


"Jericho!" Her voice called out, the shadows of the trees surrounding her fanned
all round the clearing. The gate was far behind her by now, and the soil was as dry
as a cold winter wind. "Anyone!?" She called out once more, her tone more
uneasy as the forest grew darker from the growing foliage. Sounds casted all
around, sending sudden noises fourth that could only make Faith jump. Soon, all
went quiet, and she couldn't tell if the silence was worse. Footfalls caught her
attention, forcing her to look behind her to the sound. The path was empty and
dark, the light that pierced above; bestrewed from the emerald leaves that
reached the skies above her. "H- Hello?" Faiths voice seemed to echo both ways,
she felt lost. "T- This isn't funny." A shadow shot across her face; nothing was
around her though, nothing but the forest itself. A few moments later led to a
startling shape. Falling back, Faith brought her paws up to defend herself...
Somehow. With some giggling that came after, she was staring into the eyes of a
much older dog.

"Hiya pup." Her voice was kind, and fur a dark brown.
"Wh- who are you?" Faith shook, wondering if she should run or not.
"I'ma friend, and a nice one at that.'' Her tone was still upbringing and kind,
though it was her scent; how it blended so perfectly with the forest; as if she'd
lived within them for a long time.
"I - I Don't know you." Faith's voice sounded a bit more confident, thought her
fears were still there.
"I know you though Faith." Her name made Faith flinch; her eyes studied the other
dogs for a moment.
"I got to go." Faith said shortly after, walking down the maze of trees.
"You won't find your friends here, they're dealing with a problem." Her words
made Faith stagger before she walked on.
'She's lying.' It came to Faiths mind.
"I know who you've been looking for. After all, Andrew was always one of the
better kids on the block." Faith came to a complete stop.
"H - How do you know about Andrew?"
"Oh, just that he volunteers at the elementary school in the city." She spoke with a
"You have the wrong person." Faith replied coldly.
"And that he got his scar from a mechanics accident when working with his father
on their plane back when he was eight." Faith stopped dead once more, staring
back with a blank expression.
"H, how di-" She got interrupted.
"He told me, now pup; he's going to be leaving real soon; I suggest you go down
there and find him." She held a soft tone, something that shocked Faith with
"Who ar-"
"You have to leave now though, if you don't you won’t get there on time. And take
this." She dropped a small paper slip on the ground. "It's a bus pass; You have to
leave now Faith... And good luck." The stranger pointed Faith towards the town.
"But who ar-" Faith looked around, but; the golden retriever was gone.


"Now will you tell me where he is?"
"Of course child, just give it until after today."

I am soo sorry that it's short, but it is only part one ^^ Hope you enjoyed it, and my improvements of writing since the other chapter; I've just been sooooo busy lately (Than I forgot about it but that's beside the point.) Stay tuned and I will post the second half A.S.A.P Thank you sooooo much for waiting and reading ^^ Huggles for all of you it does mean a lot!

A restless Night before hand, the cries of the Night truly a form of Natures significance over mankind, showing that not I nor man can comprehand the True form of Nature, and that form is the Wolf.
Written by Immortel Shadow.

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Post Re: Immortel Shadow Fanfic Kings Faith
Poetic in it's description, though you may want to tone it down the smallest bit. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Only one or two small spelling errors.

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copper Wrote:
Poetic in it's description, though you may want to tone it down the smallest bit. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Only one or two small spelling errors.

Thank you for your comment ^^, but 'Tone it down' Did I pass the pg rating? Because I'll gladly rewrite it to make it acceptable for the board.

A restless Night before hand, the cries of the Night truly a form of Natures significance over mankind, showing that not I nor man can comprehand the True form of Nature, and that form is the Wolf.
Written by Immortel Shadow.

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Post Re: Immortel Shadow Fanfic Kings Faith
Oh No, nothing like that! :lol:

I just meant that your descriptions sometimes are too in depth. It interrupts the flow of your story a bit when you over describe things. You are good, you just need to find the balance now. That is all I meant. :)

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Post Re: Immortel Shadow Fanfic Kings Faith
Again, I got impatient and decided to post another part. Hope somebody finds it interesting. (Note, tried 'toning it down' it is a lot more difficult than I thought it would be, kinda couldn't.) As noticed this chapter is based more on Dakota and Dallas; and I hope someone notices the small movie reference in this chapter (P.S I know it's not long, again; I'm still working on scrounging up the time to write and finish this chapter.) Enjoy ^^ I know I did when I wrote it ^^

Chapter 8: A Fire's Rest (Pt. 2)


Another quiet morning, his normal routine happened earlier than expected. Being awake about an hour before Shawn (Who usually got up at five) He spent the majority of his time paceing, back and fourth; from one room to another.
"Alright Dakota, I got to get going; take care of Dallas." Shawn spoke with a smile, before walking out the front door and waving goodbye at the living room window. Dakota sighed, though it wasn't peaceful. He felt tense, nervous and downright confused. Dakota's own thoughts drove him into anxiety, his confusion only making him more upset about the whole ordeal.
"King said he knew where Andrew was." His thoughts came out as words, but it wasn't that which bothered him. The sound echoed softly through the house, except other sounds joined it.
'Great.' Dakota thought in annoyance. 'Dallas.'


Crayon in his paw, the gentle strokes he brushed against the paper colored the image he tried to create. The soft sound of music from alongside with the light screech and squeak of the artist's journey. Changing to a pencil, he placed a lead stroke, fleshing in the face of a cat, and the shaded background of a broken, rain-filled street. Changing to color once more, the song changed to one all to familier. The bright sound of an instrumental sound led to a musician he remembered.
'Huey Lewis!' Dallas always loved his music (Along with every other artist.) But this song he always listened to. A sounding footstep echoed through the house as the door closed shut. Looking at his picture, it was colored and finished of all mistakes.
'I always was good at drawing.' A ring of satisfaction. (He'd even surprised Shawn with some of his drawings!) Walking downstairs, Dakota was walking around in a slow paced circle. Dallas knew that he'd only do that when he was confused. Concealing light, his body casted a shadow upon the white wall that Dallas stood up against. Dakota's face pointed away, a light mumble that spoke silently and within secret, broke the quiet blanket that covered the room.
"Dakota." Dallas spoke softly, not knowing what to make of the situation, but after an annoyed sigh...
"What?" His voice sounded harsh, venom filled in fact. Dallas had hardly heard him speak like that, and whenever he did, Dallas hated it. Dallas felt himself shiver, a small jump that arose from Dakota's tone.
"I, uh... finished that picture I've been working on."
"Yeah, good to know." Dakota replied in an odd cold tone. It reminded Dallas of the other dogs at obedience school, the ones who made fun of him.
"Wo- would you like to see it? I uh.. I've spent the past couple days drawing it."
"Not right now, I'm busy." An obnoxius reply. Silence from there, Dakota only mumbled some more, studying the living room around him. Lost within an unperceived silence, Dakota sat down on the coach, just staring at the ceiling with a light, and harsh breath. Dallas felt himself shake more, though he knew it was normal for him to do that within the presence of his older brother.
"A-" Dallas looked away when his brothers gaze snapped onto him. "Are you okay?" He shivered outwards, his heart starting to beat quicker. Dakota shortly replied with a harsh, refrained gasp outwards before softly speaking.
"I'm just.. I'm perfectly fine." The silence was short, though eternities passed for Dallas. Dakota stood both paws on the back of his head; his eyes closed and another light sigh broke the silence.
"Da- Dakota?"
"Just get lost!" Dakota barked out, his hands whipping back down so quickly the air around was snapped by him. Dallas flinched at the sudden yelling with only Dakota's voice echoing through the empty house. Just silence, and Dallas ran back upstairs almost in tears.


'Annoying littl-'
Dakota's thoughts cut off, just lost within memory and reality.
'King said he found Andrew.' The conversation repeated again and again.
'Helps out at a cities elementary school. Why wouldn't Faith have known this?' The question that pounded his skull, and really started to peeve him. His only thoughts led him to his past though, the haunting memories of the dark, cold streets were the only thing he never wanted to revise. A lengthy sigh led to tears, that single cold morn; the one day he lost the only people who was there for them.
'Dad.' The first person that came to his mind, he always remembered how he talked about courage.
"Now Dakota." His voice was soft, yet the sterness still soaked through like rainwater. "You don't have to be everything to have courage, courage isn't about always succeeding and being the hero. Courage is where your scared but you still do the right thing, no matter what." He re-spoke those words, the only conversation that stayed with him.
'Alway protect and defend you brother; in the end you may be all he has left.' The other part his mother spoke, and it really put him in grief. Tears still fell from him, and all he saw was those darkened streets.
"Over there!" A dogs bark, he remembered seeing the pack before. Just some gang within the city. They attacked them, his mother and father; like some sick game. A long charge, they came straight for Dakota, but changed for Dallas. A shiver brought him back to the cold shock from the room. He could still hear his brother cry out, but from there it was lost. Dakota only knew that his brother was scared of him after that, stayed away or acted kind and happy all the time. Yet it was a lie, Dakota could see how Dallas shivered and shook whenever he was near; how he feared and even to thought - hated.
'What did I do that day?' 'How can I protect him if all I've done is scar him?' He never deserved anything around him, and that's all he felt. The house and family they were fortunate to have, he should have left when he got the chance. He couldn't tell if Dallas even liked him any more, and didn't know what to do. 'Dakota, talk care of Dallas, don't you ever leave your brothers side.' His mother's voice, the only thing that warmed his mind and heart. Standing with hesitation, he B-lined for the stairs, stepping up he went to Dallas's door. A chocked sob, all he heard on the other side.
"Dallas." He spoke in a soft voice.
"NO!" Dallas snapped out. "Just go away." Dakota could hear his voice toning down with the sounds of his tears.
"Dallas." His voice still soft, the door knob turned slightly.
"Why should I!?" The door slammed against the frame, and Dakota stepped back from the white wooden door.
"I'm sorry." Words that should've been spoken a long time ago. The door opened all the way, a blur of fur came through, and all that happened was warmth of fur. Dallas's arms wrapped around Dakota's stomach, and nothing but the sounds of sobs coming from him.
"I miss mom." A whimper out and more tears was all that came.
"Yeah, I do too." Silence, something that held them together.
"Why did you hurt him?" An empty shiver ran through, a startling set of words that rippled and echoed through his head.
"Hurt who?"
"That dog a long time ago... Y- you know, t- the one in the alley."
"I hurt someone?"
"Yeah, you bit him, real hard." Both of them shivered within the silent and cold moment. Dallas shortly let go and stepped back into his room; shivers of fear as noticeable as the picture he drew on the floor. The basic scene caught Dakota's eyes; the rain, the alleyway's it was all that Dallas ever drew. having a short gaze around the room, his walls held all of the pictures he drew taped on.
'All of them are all based on those moments. There all just drawn using different ideas.'
"D- Dakota?" Dallas's voice was shaken and the room felt cold.
"Where did I bite him? Dakota spoke in the softest of tones, his eyes busy scanning the only picture on the wall that held no color.
"I, I don't know. Bu, but h-he wasn't moving much after."
"I, I didn't mean to hurt anyone." Dakota spoke out, seeing every time that Dallas spoke to him; he always cower and shiver. Every time they went to the park, Dallas felt nervous; every time they went anywhere together, he acted like that. A regretful and guilt fed memory, Dakota could see it now. The clouds picked up in the skies, the older dog they met broken and mangled in the alleyway, hardly a couple feet away. Dakota and Dallas were split beside each other, staring at the darkened muzzles of a pack of coyotes; or at least it seemed. Teeth bared, and growling, Dakota felt his shaking stop; and his heart pick up. They charged for Dallas, that one dog did; just a bolted stride that made Dakota jump forward, and shred into the first thing he could grasp. It was a mistake and he didn't mean it. He only wanted his brother to be safe, yet Dakota heard a name that was called, Tarus; a female in the back called it out. From there they ran, ran as far away as they could, and found themselves on a open and free road outside the cities limits.
"I would never hurt you Dallas." He stepped forward, his arms open for another hug. Dallas jumped back, his tail fallen and his ears flattened.
"G- Get away from me." Another step led Dallas to start growling, his fur on their tips. "I said get away!" Dallas jumped forward, and Dakota fell back; hitting the wall of the hallway.
"DALLAS! STOP!" The door slammed. "I'm sorry.' And from there silence engulfed the barren walls once more.


'Eight o'clock and nothing to do.' King decided to go for a walk, the town itself was silent. The park held no sound except the ticking of the olden clock, and the rusted screech of a swing swaying from the suddenly cold and strong wind. It bit down into his fur as clouds above came into postion, only scattering where the sun's rays were strongest. The sounds of footsteps came shortly behin him; a quick patter of footfalls that made him turn as a voice called out.
"Dallas!" Kings eye met with Dakota, his hand clasped around his muzzle; calling his brothers name out.
"Dakota?" King called out, staring at him with an odd look.
"Oh, thank god I found someone." He gave a choked sob out.
"Is something wrong?" King's voice came up, way above his normal level of worrying about something.
"Dallas ran away and I've been looking for at least two hours, I don't know where he's gone; it's dead silent in this town and no one's around; Shawns not at the diner and I haven't seen Faith for the whole day, the dogs at the Good Ol Dogs Club barked at me and told me to get lost and Fox isn't anywhere either and I don't know what to do and what to do with myself right now and I can't find him and I ju-"
"Hey hey, hold up here." King slowed him down a bit. "Just breathe for a moment. You said that Dallas is missing?"
"Yeah and Bino spread rumors and told all the dogs at the club that I'm some freak and no one will help me or talk to me or let me in the club so I can't find Fox or any member of the K9 unit to help and I can barely hear myself think right now because I messed up and now Dallas has ran off and isn't going to talk to me." Dakota cried out, choking on sobs between his words and his face was red. Dakota's panic made King try to calm him down.
"Okay, okay. Dakota, everything will be fine."
'Great, just when I thought I'd have a good day.'
"We're both going to go to the club and we will try to find Fox, than we will get a search party to help us find Dallas." King saw Dakota fight between his thoughts.
"W- w- why are we getting Fox first?" Dakota spoke slower now, his words still choked on his sobs.
"Because those dogs will listen to Fox before they ever listened to Bino."

Dakota gave a few more gasps before calming down more. His face was still red, making him look embarressed from it all. The sounds of silence entered into the town once more; the two quickly made their way down to the GODC clubhouse. Shortly along arrival, the sounds of voices and arguements sprang up. The mixture of voices brought a slight concern to King, the main topic; Faith and Dakota. King's name came along within the arguments as well, being thrown in every now and then only to spark up conversation.
'Seems like I'm not the most impotent thing to talk about.' King's own uneasy feeling hit him, the nervousness; the fear arose like the suns light. Acting like a majestic and powerful figure, the same feeling that wanted him to flatten his ears and leave. Yet looking at Dakota; his wet, pup-like eyes; his scared and shaken body; that's what made King feel strong enough to walk in, and face the monster himself.

Author's notes: Hope you enjoyed it, kinda... dramatic this chapter piece, But fret not... I have no clue what else to do next... Yet I shall discover! And hopefully I got all the spelling mistaks out of here ^^ (That's just cheesy of me)

^^ Thanks soooooooo much for reading.

A restless Night before hand, the cries of the Night truly a form of Natures significance over mankind, showing that not I nor man can comprehand the True form of Nature, and that form is the Wolf.
Written by Immortel Shadow.

Sat Feb 25, 2012 12:31 pm
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Post Re: Immortel Shadow Fanfic Kings Faith
Only one or two little spelling errors. Nothing to worry about. I enjoyed it! It was very well written, as always, and packs quite the emotional punch! ;)

Well, there goes Bino, being a jerk as always. I swear, Pete would have done well to make him his avatar. They probably would have gotten along rather well.

Description still a bit much, but not bad really. Just your style I guess. Can't wait for another update!

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Sat Feb 25, 2012 8:36 pm
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