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New Fic 
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Hi's! :3 This is my first time writing in months so, ... yeah. I have two fan made Characters... All of of the Comic characters, I tried to keep in character. As I say in my other thread in another site, I take criticism well, be it from Fido (good), from Bino (Bad), or Joey (random). Just so you know, It may be a looong read. :P


Name: Violet Trobor

Species: Cat

Color: Completely white, with light purple paws [hands and feet] and tail tip

Eyes: Same color and shade as her purple parts.

Collar/Tag: matching purple Color/ Large clear Marble with very noticeable purple swivel going through it.

Bio: Calm, quiet, and always polite. She is rarely seen without Kenn, and can be very protective of him. She was rescued from a cosmetics research facility, which accounts for her odd fur color. Truth be told she hates her fur color, but all dyeing attempts proved temporary at best, so she just deals with it. It doesn't help she was renamed after her fur color- as such, she sticks to Vi. While she abhors the idea of eating mice, she cannot resist when she sees seafood. Even though she often helps and carries Ken around, it is obvious that Kenn plays the older sibling in their relationship, and she's okay with that.

Name: Kenneth Tobor; Kenn, for short.

Species: Mouse

Color: Mostly light gray

Distinguishing features: Black patches around his eyes, and a smaller one just above his nose, connecting them, giving the look of glasses.

Eyes: Blue

Collar/Tag: Simlple black collar/ no tag

Bio: Cynical, Logical, yet enough of a child to give into wonder, Kenn likes to believe everthing that has happened, and will happen can be explained by math, science, or any mixture of the two. Like Violet, He was also saved from research lab- but a lab for a different purpose. As a subject, to several psyche experiments, his IQ grew rapidly. Soon, bored all the time, he became lethargic, and distant. Just as he was about to be moved to more severe experiments, PETA had the place shut down, and the scientists, disbanded, and the animals adopted. He was very lucky to be adopted by a nano-tech scientist who loved to tinker, as he began to work on projects himself. He's even invented a few things! He is very assertive for his size and relies on his wits to get him out of tight spots. LIke most Mice, Kenn avoids cheese, but loves dry oats.

Story to come later.

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Post Re: New Fic
Woo, another fic without the fic.

I hope by 'later' you mean 'soon'.

I was going to make a joke but then I did.

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Post Re: New Fic
Yep, I already have about nine-ish pages written up. If I can, I'll post tomorrow. :)

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Post Re: New Fic
MC_Hollis Wrote:
Yep, I already have about nine-ish pages written up. If I can, I'll post tomorrow. :)

Well, that's a lot of pages. Looking forward to it!

I was going to make a joke but then I did.

Tue Jan 19, 2010 10:44 pm
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Post Re: New Fic
MC_Hollis Wrote:
Yep, I already have about nine-ish pages written up. If I can, I'll post tomorrow. :)

Well, I hope I can start reading that much with the time I have.

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Post Re: New Fic
Okay, Here's a teaser. Why, Cause I got class tomorrow and I'm evil. :3 :twisted:

teaser.PNG [ 95.38 KiB | Viewed 6869 times ]
Tue Jan 19, 2010 10:53 pm
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Post Re: New Fic
MC_Hollis Wrote:
Okay, Here's a teaser. Why, Cause I got class tomorrow and I'm evil. :3 :twisted:

...You are sicking. :lol:

Make Pasta not war.

Tue Jan 19, 2010 10:55 pm
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Post Re: New Fic
Here it is. My first installment.As I do with that other forums, Kenn, Vi, and Mrs. Kindra Tobor are (c) me; Everyone else (c) Rick Griffin.

Cat and Mouse
Installment one.

It was a perfect Spring day. The Sun was shining, and there a nice breeze to keep everything cool. All the Neighborhood pets were out an about enjoying the wonderful day. Even Bino was in good spirits as he walked down the sidewalk hand and hand with Sasha. Rex and Fox playing a game of Frisbee while Fido, and his mouse friend, Spo, kept score. Peanut was spending time, with Tarot, as well. She was teaching Peanut how to meditate. Much to his disappointment, going “OOOoooooommm...” was not included.

“Let your mind go blank, dear,” she coaxed. “Relax, and let everything come to you.”

After, evidently trying, Peanut opened his eyes. “I can't do it. Not like you.”

He looked up at his mate, feeling disappointed in himself.

“These things take time, Peanut,” Tarot, said, levitating- immersed in her green ethereal field. “I didn't start out like this, you know.”

While all the pets were outside playing, their owners took the time to sit back and relax on their patios with a nice tall cold one [of iced tea]. The Sandwiches smiled as they watched Grape and Max compare notes on the latest Pride Lands installment, and Peanut sharing Tarot's interests. It was then, that they noticed a care they hadn't seen before, a shiny new, red 2010 Camaro. It was followed by a moving truck. They were headed to the house just down the street.

“Huh”, Mr Sandwich sighed after nice long swig. “So someone's finally bought that house, huh?”

“Yep,” replied his wife. “About time, too. I heard the wife's an ex-PETA member- after that event with Fox.”

“Yeah...,” Mr Sandwich said, recalling said event. “And the husband?”

“Not sure... But I heard it's something to do with nano-tech, and micro-construction.”

“Wow,” Mr. Sandwich nodded, impressed. “So, what about her pets.”

“Oh, yeah,” Mrs Sandwich said, curled up trying to hold in her laughter. “Get this- a cat and a mouse.”

“What?” Mr. Sandwich asked.

“You heard me. A cat and a mouse, and they get along like our cat and dog, from what I hear.”

“Okay, point made.”

Meanwhile, down the street, the Camaro pulled up into the the driveway, while the moving van parked in front of the yard. Out of the passenger door, emerged a female cat. She was completely white, except her paws [feet and hands], tail tip, were a light purple. Her collar was the same shade of light purple, as were her eyes; it was decorated with a large, clear marble with a noticeable swirl in it- also matching in color. A small, light gray, mouse was perched on top of her head. He had small, but round patches wound his blue eyes, and a small patch of said black fur running between them, giving the appearance of glasses.

“Now, Violet,” said a female voice, from inside the car, “you two can go play, but it's up to you to look after Kenn.”

“'Kay, mom,” the cat responded.

“And you be careful, too, Kenn”

“Okay, Mom, answered the mouse, as he slid down the side of Vi's head and down onto her shoulder.

The two made their way back up the street to introduce themselves. On their way, the walked past a Cat, playing tag with a dog. Their collars were the same color, but the cat's was decorated with an M, while the Dog's had a T. They looked at each other- they seemed like a nice place to start. Vi took a deep breath and walked up to them.

“Hi,” she said, walking up to them.

The cat and dog stopped chasing each other and looked over this new cat with a mouse on her shoulder. They both smiled and extended their paw.

“I'm Marvin,” said the cat. “And this is Tiger.”

“Charmed,” Tiger said, quickly.

“Sorry, about him,” Marvin said. “He gets on edge around new faces.”

“It's okay. I'm Violet,” Vi said, shaking their paws. “Vi for short. And this is Kenn. We just moved her.”

“Hey,” Kenn said, waving.

“New here, huh?” Marvin said. “Well, let us show you around.”

With that, Marvin and Tiger went back in and came back out with a tall Caucasian man and a white rabbit, hiding behind him.

“So,” said the man. “These are the new pets in the neighborhood. Nice to meet you. I'm Jerry, and this Zach.”

“H-hi,” Zach said, timidly.

I thought we could show them around, and stuff, Marvin said. You want to come?

“Me?” Zach asked. “Um,.. okay.”

“Not me!” Tiger said suddenly. “I am NOT going anywhere near Bino, NOR his little dog 'club'!”

With that he stormed inside, and Jerry, embarrassed. Quickly apologized and followed Tiger. Marvin and Zach sighed as they begun the tour. They were shown around to the cats and a few dogs. Most of which were a little confused to see a cat and mouse so close to each other, and surprised to see Zach out and about. But midway, in front of Rex's house, Vi had to ask.

“Um, excuse me,” she said. “But why doesn't Tiger like Bino?”

Marvin paused and sighed. “It's not just Bino. He really doesn't like any of the other dogs here. He simply dislikes Bino most of all.”

“I figured as much,” Kenn said. “It's because of his name, isn't it?”

Marvin turned around at Vi and Kenn, somewhat surprised, and relieved. He finally had someone to talk to.

“Yes, yes it is.”

“And this Bino...” Kenn continued, “most likely teased him, either more frequently, more harshly, or both.”

Marvin, just standing there, answered. “both...”

“Then it stands to reason that he holds at least some influence of this 'Dog's club' Tiger mentioned.”

“Yes!” Marvin gasped. “Yes. He and his older brother, Fido, founded the Dog's club. Fido's cool; Even the cats look up to him. But, Bino...”

“He has another brother, doesn't he? Most likely a younger one?”

“He's good...” Zach said, wide eyed.

“Yeah,” Marvin agreed. “Joey. How did you guess.”

“Simple.” Kenn said. “From what you told me, I got the impression that Fido is the star of the Pet community, casting a shadow over Bino. If it were just the two of them, he would simply act out. But since he tries assert himself, he's obviously got a younger brother, who either found his position in the status quo, or simply opted not to care about it. If that were the case, That would also spur the need to vent his insecurities upon upon someone else.”

Marvin and Zach just looked at the little mouse while Vi simply smiled.

“I love listening to him when he goes all detective,” she said. “And you'd better get used to it.”

“I do that a lot, Kenn continued..

“Guh-good to know,” Marvin said before Kenn could continue, on with the tour.

Marvin and Zach lead them over to Fox, who greeted them with a nice paw shake and smile. Daisy was just as friendly as ever. But when they got to Rex, Marvin and Zach shied away. As they did, Kenn took at look at him. A big bulldog with the stereotypical red, spiked collar with a skull on it. With him were to dogs. Both had the same light brown fur, but one was obviously more built, and he was sporting a pair of sunshades. The bigger of the two was obviously trying to get a point across while the smaller one didn't seem to listen.

“That was Rex,” Marvin said.

“Bino's muscle,” Kenn guessed, “and one reason why no one has challenged him?”

“Yeah.” Marvin said. “The other reason-”

“Would be his brother,” Kenn continued. “Many feel that if they were to try and pull something against Bino, they'd be doing the same to Fido, even though they are worlds apart.”

Marvin chuckled. “Hey, who's giving here?”


“I told you he does that a lot,” Vi smiled.

“So I see...”

Moving on, they walked into the middle of the park where Tarot and Peanut were meditating. Kenn was taken aback when he saw Tarot – in lotus position, several feet off the air and her eyes glowing like something off the Mummy.

“I'd love to see how she's doing that,” he thought out loud.

“It's no trick,” she replied. “What you see is what you get.”

Kenn looked at the Pomeranian suspiciously, and decided to drop it. Peanut opened his eyes to see Vi and Kenn. He stood up while Tarot exited her trance and levitated back to the ground.

“I'm Peanut,” Peanut said, getting up and extending his paw.

“I'm Tarot,” Tarot said, doing the same.

Kenn an Vi introduced themselves. Kenn still looked around the area for signs of anything, that could have made her levitate, but soon gave it up. A little something for him to work on.

“So, you wanna come in and play some games?” Peanut offered

“Sure,” Vi said.

“Just don't bother with Mouse Trap,” Kenn smiled, half jokingly

“Deal,” Peanut chuckled.

“We'll have to talk to Mom to see if we can.” Kenn went on. “Can we use your phone?”

“Sure,” Peanut said. “Let's go, my house is right over there,” He pointed towards the north eastern corner of the park, and led they way. Y”ou wanna come too, guys?”

“No thanks,” Marvin answered. “But we gotta go home and make sure Tiger doesn't eat all the cookies again.”

“Bye,” Zach, called back to Vi and Kenn as they left.. “I'll see you later. And it was nice meeting you.”

“Same here,” Vi answered, following Peanut ant Tarot

When they reached their house, the Sandwiches were already waiting on them.

“Hi, Peanut, Tarot” Mrs Sandwich said, giving them a hug. “These the new pets?”

“Hi, mom,” Peanut answered. “Yeah. Meet Violet and Kenn.”

“Well, It's very nice to meet you two,” Mr. Sandwich said.

“Likewise,” Kenn said.

“Everyone is so friendly around here,” Violet smiled.

“Yep,” Mr. Sandwich replied. “It is pretty nice down here, isn't it? “

“Is there anything we can do for you?” Mrs. Sandwich asked.

“Um, yes please,” Vi answered.

“Peanut invited us in to play,” Kenn continued, “and we were hoping to use your phone and call our mom on her cell and let her know where we'd be.”

“Sure,” Mrs. Sandwich said. “Come in. You know her number?”

“Yes,” Vi answered, walking in. “(982) 316-2876.”

“Okay,” Mrs. Sandwich said, having pulled out her own cell, dialing the number.

She waited for a second while the phone rang. Soon the other end picked up

“Oh, hello,” she said after a bit.” This is Mrs. Sandwich.... Yes, um... I have your pets here and they wanted to play with one of mine.... Sure okay,” She handed the phone to Vi. “for you two.”

“Thank you,” Vi said, lifting Kenn back on top of her head as she took the phone. “Hi, mom!...Yes. .. He's here too.... ... ... Thanks, mom! You're the best... .... ...”

Kenn suddenly plopped back on Vi's head, obviously upset. Peanut was bout to ask what was the matter, but Mrs. Sandwich put a hand on his shoulder.

“...No, mom. He's not....” Vi sighed. “Okay.... Alright.... I know... Personal.... Okay. Thanks! ... Love you too.”

With that, she punched the disconnect button. “She said we can play. And she's going to hit redial when it's time for us to go home.”

“Okay,” Mrs. Sandwich said. “But what's wrong with Kenn?”

“Nothing” Kenn sighed. Those All thumb movers totaled my 1/100 scale model of the Eiffel Tower with working lights and everything. I was this close,” He put his index finger to his thumb, “t to finishing that thing, too.”

“Aw, I'm sorry.” Tarot said.

“It's okay.” Kenn said, sitting up. “To be honest I enjoyed building it, but it's still crushing to see all your hard work demolished, because of ill-educated manual labor; I don't even know what's salvageable, yet. It's like having that ONE game file where you've beaten that almost impossible, 24- try bosses, and you forget to save, or you did save, and someone wrote over it with a new game.”

“I've been there,” Peanut said. “But speaking of which, I got Mario Kart, If you want to play.”

Kenn brightened up at that. “Sure, I'm game.”

Yay!!” Peanut cheered as he went to get his game ready.

“But, how are you...?” Mr Sandwich asked Kenn.

“You saw Ratatoullie, right,” Kenn replied.

“Yeah,” Mr. Sandwich answered.

“Same concept.”

Trying to picture it, Mr. Sandwich was left speechless

“Vi! Kenn!” Peanut called from the living room, “Game's ready!”

“Okay,” Vi called back. “We're coming!.” She looked back at the Sandwiches. “Excuse us.”

The game started, Peanut handed Vi the second controller while Kevin took his position on Vi's head, taking some short locks of head-fur into his tiny paws. Going off of they ways he tugged on the locks of fur, Vi acted out what Kenn wanted. Kenn/Vi chose Luigi, while Peanut chose Mario. Being the guests, they chose the hardest level unlocked. Peanuts owners walked in and sat next peanut and Vi, curious to see how Kenn planned on acting through Vi in real time. Mrs. Sandwich kept an eye on Kenn, while Mr. Sandwich looked at the screen. Both Peanut and Kenn were “in the zone”. Tugging and jerking at the locks of fur in his paws, Kenn told Vi what to do, and she acted on the tugs and cues accordingly before she could even think. Mrs. Sandwich was impressed. She had noticed that while they way Vi turned the wheel prompted sharp turns, she avoided leaning from side to side, keeping the mouse in place. Mr. Sandwiches was impressed, as well. They were winning! While Peanut was leaning from side to side, with the sharp turn he had to make, he still kept slipping on banana peels, or or running into exploding koopa shells. Soon, the Kenn/Vi team had come in 1st place and Peanut was in 7th. The Sandwiches, Peanut, Included, were completely shocked. If they hadn't seen it, they wouldn't have believed it. A mouse, using cat's body had beaten a well experienced dog in video games.

“Aw...” Peanut moaned. “I lost.”

“Should have warned ya,” Kenn said. “We practiced like this a lot.”

“And we're real good, too,” Vi smiled.

“So we can see.” Mrs. Sandwich said, getting over her initial shock.

Just then, the door opened and closed. A voice sounded.

“Mom, Dad! It's me and Max.”

“In here, Honey!” Mrs. Sandwich called from the living room.

Grape and Max walked in and saw Violet with Kenn laying on her head.

“Um... Hi?” Grape waved.

“Grape, Max.” Mr. Sandwich said. “Meet Vi, and Kenn. Vi, Kenn- Grape, and Max. Grape is ours. Max lives up the street.”

“Hey,” Grape said. “Shaking Vi's paw, then Kenn's.”

“Nice to meet you,” Max said, following suit.

“Same here,” Kenn said, while Vi smiled.

“So what's up,” Grape asked.

“Kenn and Vi beat me at Mario Kart,” Peanut answered still having.”

“Like together,” Max asked,

Peanut nodded.

“Really,” Grape asked. “How?”

Grab the controller, and We can show you.

“This I gotta see.” Grape grinned. “Set it up!”

“Yeah,” Max put in. I'm game, too.”

“Okay,” Peanut obliged.


Grape and Max sat there, wide eyed and slack-jawed. They couldn't believe what had just happened. Each had played against Kenn/Vi and lost; Grape came in at 4th while Max came in at 5th. Vi and Kenn looked over at the two cats, grinning.

“Okay, Okay,” Grape finally said. “I give. You two win!”

“How did you two do that?” Max asked.

“Like Kenn said earlier,” VI answered, picking Kenn up and placing him on the table. “We practiced. A lot.”

“I'm too small for the controls,” Kenn said, “but I can see the time and place to strike, or lay traps that my opponents will most likely run into.”

“And I simply can't,” Vi said. “I'm not the best- strategy wise. But Kenn saw that if he managed to sync his actions with mine, we could be unbeatable. And, being Pets, we usually have a lot of free time on our paws.”

“I see...” Mr. Sandwich nodded. “That was ... pretty creative of you.”

“Thanks,” Kenn said. “You should have seen my Tower before we moved.”

“Tower?” Gape asked.

“Yeah,” Kenn sighed. “I built a 1/100th scale model of the Eiffel Tower, with working lights and everything.”

“Whoa, seriously”? Max asked.

“Yes, seriously,” Vi said. “You should have seen it. It was fantastic. All it was missing was its antenna.”

“What happened to it?” Grape asked. “I'd love to see it.”

“Can't,” Kenn growled. “It got totaled in the moving.”

“Moving here,” Grape asked.

“Yes,” Vi said. “And he work so hard on it, too.”

“Ouch,” Max said.

“Yeah, That's harsh,” said Grape. “Need any help?”

“I don't know yet.” Kenn said. “I haven't taken a look at it to see what is salvageable, or not.”

“Well, If you ever need any help,” Peanut offered, “just let-”


Mrs. Sandwich's cellphone went off. The pulled it out of her pocket and answered it.

“Hello?” She asked. “... Oh, hey!... Hm? Oh, no trouble at all.... Yes. A Wii. ... I saw... You could have thrown that one out there. Oh, Okay.... Yeah. It's 1293 Garden Lane... Yeah, real close... Okay. See you in a bit... Yes, they'll be ready. .. `Kay, bye.”

“That was your mom Vi, and Kenn,” Mrs. Sandwich said, hanging up. “She says she'll be over in a minute or so to pick you up. So, no more game.”

Aw...” The pets moaned.

“But maybe you can come over tomorrow, and play,” Peanut said.

“Vi can, but I can't,” Kenn said.

“Oh, Yeah,” Grape recalled. “Your tower.”

“Yes, that,” Kenn replied. “Among other things I was working on. I have to check on them, too.”

“Busy little guy, ain't he,” Max smiled.

“Well, You know,” Kenn blushed. “Idle hands, and all that. And now, Vi will have someone to talk to about her Pride Lands books.”

“You too!” Grape gasped, leaning in. “What page are you on!? What book?”

“ I'm on the third book of the New Prophecy line,” Vi, answered. “And as for Page number, not sure. But I'm just past the Part where Kurok's son is about to choose whether or not to takes his father's place. Don't tell me if you've already passed that part.”

“We did.” Max said. “Let me tell you-”


“That's probably mom,” Vi said.

“I'll go check,” Mr. Sandwich said, getting up.

They watched him go and answer the door.

“Who is it?” he asked.

“Mrs. Trobor,” a female voice responded, as Vi laid her paw out on the table.

“That is mom,” Kenn sighed, climbing into Vi's paw. “She's really fast. Well, we had fun. Nice meeting you.”

“And thanks for having us over,” Vi smiled,

“Same here,” Mrs. Sandwich said. “And any time.”

The pets all said their good bye's as Kenn and Vi opened the door and got into their mom's car.

“I hear they behaved themselves,” Mrs. Tobor said.

“Ah-ah... No trouble,” Mr Sandwich stammered. “None at all.”

“Just then,” Mrs. Sandwich joined her husband at the door. “Honey, is everything-.! Okay?”

Sh was, like her husband, taken aback, they Mrs. Tobor was, simply put, gorgeous. Black, Silky hair running down her back, flawless, chocolate skin, and sparkling brown eyes- all kept wrapped professionally in a simple shirt, and jeans- obviously for the moving and sorting of the dishes and furniture, etc.

“You must be, Mrs. Sandwich, Mrs. Tobor smiled. Thanks again for having them over. Maybe we can return the favor...

I'd like that.

Well, again, thanks, Mrs. Tobor sad, turning to leave. But, My husband's got dinner on. Tonight's fish stew.

Vi's excited squeal could be heard from the car.

“Now I really have to go,” Mrs. Tobor giggled as she turned to leave. “We'll see you around some time.”

Okay, the Sandwiches replied, closing their door bye!”

In her car, after she closed her door, Mrs. Tobor laid her head back and sighed.

“I just found out why we got our house for so cheap,” She said. Kenn, “I'll bet even you can't guess this one.”

Kenn sighed climbed under a buckled seat-belt. I don't have to. I already had the address looked up.

“You knew?!?” Mrs. Tobor gasped. “And you didn't tell us!?!”

“Knew what?” Vi asked.

“I tried to, Mom! Kenn explained, “but when I finally got the chance, it was too late.”

“Knew what?” Vi asked. “What did he know.”

“Well, let's put it this way,” Kenn sighed. “We just became next door neighbors to a pack of wolves.”


Dunn-Dunn-DUUNNN :P

Well, Here it is. Comments are welcome. But please know flames.

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Post Re: New Fic
That's really good!!
But somewhere, you put Bino as Lino :lol:

My RP characters

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Post Re: New Fic
Blast You Spell Check!!! :x

And thanks. If anyone wants a cameo in this, I can swing that. And I'm up for cameos myself- Just PM me, and give me credit for all and any characters used.


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Post Re: New Fic
I'M BAAAA-AAAAAACK! :3 But Until Finals are done, I won't be able to write. However I have a few arts to tide you over.

File comment: Violet's Sad I'm not Writing no More's and Kenn's not happy, neither! X3 Summer- wait till the summer...
KIC000002.jpg [ 12.4 KiB | Viewed 6653 times ]
File comment: A little Fan art from Warriors. But I thought he could double as some Housepets fan art. :3
Smudge.jpg [ 32.84 KiB | Viewed 6653 times ]
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Post Re: New Fic
“I tried to, Mom! Kenn explained, “but when I finally got the chance, it was too late.”

Is that right? :roll: It's barely readable in my end with all those added characters.

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no longer active, sorry

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Post Re: New Fic
No, it's not. It was just fine last time I was here.... :o

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Post Re: New Fic
Repost it and make sure its plain text.

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Post Re: New Fic
They were fine before, but like with Buck's info thread, the special characters you can get as automatic replacements in some programs (e.g. … instead of ... and – instead of -) don't show up right in old posts. They show up right when you post them, but old posts eventually mess themselves up.

I was going to make a joke but then I did.

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