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The Machine Of Death: Forum Game 
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Post The Machine Of Death: Forum Game
Hopefully, the premise alone doesn't break the rating of the board. Ahem, allow me to begin.

For those unfamiliar with 'The Machine Of Death', it started as a thought a cartoonist had. The thought was, what if, in a fictional world, there was a machine that, with just a tiny blood sample, could tell exactly how a person was going to die. The person would place a finger in a hole on the side of the machine with a needle in it, sanitized of course, and the needle would take the sample. Then a small piece of paper would slip out below somewhere and would have words, or a short phrase on it. The obvious ones being CRASHING, MURDER, BURNING, FALLING, etc. The unobvios, of course would be DEATH BY WATER, NOODLES, ELEVATOR, INTERNET. Now, of course, the logical thing for said person to do would be to avoid or prepare for said occorance so it doesn't happen right? So, for instance, an example would be getting the word BOAT. Now, logically, staying away from water and moving as close inland as possible to avoid any and all types of boats would keep one safe yes? Now, what would then happen, is that while driving down the road, said person could be diving behind a transport truck full of, boats. Guess what happens? I'll let the mind fill in the rest. And that's the point of this game.

Say I say that dissension is going to die by NOODLES. Now, dissension can't say how I die. But Seth posting below me can. Now dissension can state how I die, but what if Valerio then says how Seth is going to die? Then Dissension is knocked out for the next four posts and then he may say how the post above that is going to die.

For a further example:
I say the person beolow me is going to die by EATING A PILLOW.
Psyke posts that I'm going to die by PEBBLES.
(i can't post until the fourth post, if no one else beats me to it)
The Game says Psyke is going to die by VOLLEYBALLS.
Ctmjh says the game is going to die by SOUP.
(I can't post at this point becuase I have died by PEBBLES because Ctmjh beat me to the fourth post.)
The Game says Ctmjh is going to die by A PASSIFIER.
Ctmjh tries to say The Game is going to die by TIRES but can't because it's not the fourth post so he can save himself and can't post for another four now.
Psyke then says The Game is going to die by TIRES but can't because TIRES has already been used this page.
Dissension says Psyke is going to die by HAMMER.
Valerio says Dissension is gonig to die by FLYING TIGERS.
I say Valerio is going to die by TAR and The Game can't post for another four posts.
RandomGeekNamedBrent says I am going to die by SAW BLADES.
Psyke says *WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM SMASH TINKLE TINKLE TINKLE GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!* that RandomGeekNamedBrent is going to die by SHARDS OF GLASS. (He's also immune for the next four posts for making elaborate sound effects.)

And so forth.

Now, the same death sentence can't be used on the same page twice or it doesn't count. Also, you can't use the same sentence twice in a row. It can't be NOODLES, NOODLES, NOODLES. But it can be NOODLES, SAUCE, NOODLES.

When stating a sentencing, please bare in mind only the most ridiculous, outrageous, unheard of, but mostly the most imaginative ways that come to mind. Also, please obey the forum rules and keep it PG. Thanks

(Also, if you happen to get knocked out, using the most elaborate typed sound effects in your next post makes you immune from being knocked out next post. But not twice in a row.)

I'll start since no one's above me.

The person below me dies of:

(hopefully this game itself doesn't break rules that I'm not aware of)

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Post Re: The Machine Of Death: Forum Game
Person above will suffer death by kitties.

Sent from my conifer.

Wed Nov 16, 2011 6:22 pm
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Post Re: The Machine Of Death: Forum Game
Yehoshua will get hugged to death by me
(this is a lot like the deathnote game)

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