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Secret Santa! (Unofficial) 
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Post Secret Santa! (Unofficial)
Well, I thought it was close enough to Christmas to do a secret santa and the way we did it when I was a kid is a little different to what normally happens and I've wanted to try it here for a while.

1. People sign up with a present prepared. It doesn't actually have to be made but you do have to know what you're going to do.
2. Write a short description of your present and post it on here in spoilers. It can be personal to whoever ends up with it so if it will be, say so. (Eg. A hand-drawn picture of the receiver's fursona.)
3. When we hit a certain number (depending on how close it is to Christmas), I will collect all the presents in one post, create a random order of players, post it and begin the game.
4. The first player will be informed and get to choose a present. ONLY CHOOSE ONE! Revealing all the present and choosing one you like most ruins the game (and, you will ultimately find, is pointless).
5. Once they have "unwrapped" their present, they post what it is. I will then post to confirm and the next player will be informed. PLEASE WAIT until I confirm each post.
6. The next player will get to choose a present and unwrap it. Now, if they prefer the present the first person has, they can choose that one instead and the players will swap presents. The player posts their intentions and I confirm with a post and a PM to the next player.
7. The next player repeats, unwrapping a present and choosing if they wish to swap with EITHER present already unwrapped. They post their original choice of present as well as their final choice and I confirm and the process repeats.
8. This continues until all players have unwrapped all presents and swapped when they wanted to. Because of this, it's obvious that one wants to be picked last so they have the best choice of present.

I've called this unofficial because people may not want to play this game because of the implications of never being swapped, however the aim of the game is for people to produce GOOD presents, NOT to put down bad presents. For this reason, DON'T SNEER, MOCK OR OTHERWISE PUT DOWN ANYONE'S PRESENT IDEA!! For example don't say "Oh I don't want this one so I'll choose the other one." Obviously, follow all other forum rules and generally be nice.

I'd like to do the unwrapping over the course of one or two days close to Christmas, however I understand because of people being busy it may have to be like a one-a-day unwrapping or something. Let me know what you'd prefer and hopefully we can get a heap of people in on this. I won't be involved because with all my mediating, I'd get to see all the presents. Plus I don't really have anything to offer...

Finally (sorry for the huge first post, but as you can see, this game is a bit involved), your present can be anything you wish to give. It can be an actual item, it can be a drawing, a song, preferably something you can give over the internet but if you're happy to pay for postage and the receiver is happy to give their address to you, go nuts. Obviously, trust is involved here so be sure to state if you're unhappy with this idea and don't give out any details you receive. Also, don't make your description too in-depth, a one line description should be fine.

Anyway, Merry Christmas and I hope you guys get involved in the game!

Feel like you need a friend? I'm happy to talk anytime! :D

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Fri Nov 16, 2012 9:42 am
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