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The ^ < V game 
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Post Re: The ^ < V game
↑ When it comes to video games, their preferences are narrowed to puzzles and platformers. Should probably try to boraden their horizons a bit and try other types of games.

← Has tried a wider variety of video games than ↑. Mostly action games like shoot-'em-ups, beat-'em-ups and drive-'em-ups, but has also dabbled in a bit in platformers...REALLY loves building games as long as they have a goal you need to achieve rahter than just building for the sake of building. For example, Command And Conquer back in the day...and Transport Fever for something much more recent.

↓ Has also played a fairly wide variety of video games?

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Tue Jan 02, 2018 11:06 am
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Post Re: The ^ < V game
.↑ Appears to be operating under the irritatingly common fallacy that an unpopular opinion must be an uninformed one. For your info,
← has 521 titles in her steam library, and have had another 200+ over the years as physical copies, many on my PC but about half of which are from the NES through Gamecube, from every genre under the sun, and I have played ALL of them. some not for long as they weren't my thing, but they still count. It's how I know I don't like the majority of genres. I prefer games that challenge my mind more than my reflexes, and cater to my desires to collect create and explore.
.↓ will change the subject.


Wed Jan 03, 2018 7:09 pm
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Post Re: The ^ < V game
^ Honestly, I think she’s a pretty good RPer. Certainly better than me.
< is a GIANT fan of Power Rangers. While each season has its ups and downs, I just love the goofiness of the premise and the creativity of the monster designs (though that’s mostly on the Sentai). While I will admit it’s not perfect (and I’d rather act like Operation Overdrive and Megaforce don’t exist), I can over look most of the flaws as long as it provides cool robot battles and a couple of laughs.
v Likes something most people consider childish?

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Wed Jan 03, 2018 7:25 pm
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