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Shibuyah's Pixel Corner--16-bit world of nostalgia~ 
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Post Shibuyah's Pixel Corner--16-bit world of nostalgia~
Hey everyone, Shibuyah here--I've been looking for a new forum to post my stuff, so I hope you don't mind me posting WIPs here every now and then. < <;
To start off, I'll post a couple of my favorite pieces, and my most recent works--here goes...

Here's a little GIF of my version of Link running--not overly impressive, but it was my first true foray into animating Zelda style.
I tried basing the movement a little on A Link to the Past, while adding my own styling.

This is a little old as it doesn't have the revisions I've since made, but here was my first attempt at making the protagonists from Summon Night:Swordcraft Story 1+2 in Tales style--though, I feel that Cleru(boy in blue), and Pratty(girl with spiky, white hair)turned out shorter than they should--I believe this was because I based them too much on their in-battle sprites...Also, I included an OC I made named Kai right between Cleru and Pratty.
Then there's Kutty, the cute little squirrel Summon Beast you can start off with in the first game--and Edgar, and Aera from the sequel.

Now, here's the new stuff.

A couple of character concepts for an RPG idea I had recently--I've so far titled it 'Somnio Rex', which I think translates to Dream King?
The red cat's name is Tigre Leorinh, and the blue-haired boy is Lyon Hinelh.
Tigre is a large fellow with an inferiority complex, while Lyon is a physical manifestation of his innermost desires from the Dream World.
Whereas Tigre can't protect himself at first, Lyon wields Crucifix, his cross-shaped sword to fend off vile nightmares.
...Come to think of it, I still don't have a solid idea for Tigre's offensive capability...oh yeah, Lyon also has school, and cameo costumes, and a false nightmare version.

Last but not least, here's a revamp to Cleru, and Pratty--made pretty much from the ground-up, these were based more on their artworks this time around, and made a little taller to fit better with Edgar and company.
Speaking of which, I think Edgar will be my next target--I feel that his front-most are is a little too high up, plus I want to have his outfit resemble his artwork.

So, that's it for now--I'll try to stay in touch with new ideas and the like, and feel free to put in your input on what you'd like to see. If I can figure out how tall the 'Housepets!' cast is, I might plan on trying them sometime. :3
Have nice day/evening--and stay safe.

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Sat Jul 20, 2013 10:33 pm
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Post Re: Shibuyah's Pixel Corner--various styles may be seen.
These are pretty slick, and I love the Summon Nights series, I can see the influence in the sprites.
About Tiger's offense, how about a dreamcatcher? It's more of a defensive thing, but it sounded like a perfect contrast to the Crucifix.


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Sun Aug 04, 2013 2:57 pm
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Post Re: Shibuyah's Pixel Corner--various styles may be seen.
kurowolfe Wrote:
These are pretty slick, and I love the Summon Nights series, I can see the influence in the sprites.
About Tiger's offense, how about a dream-catcher? It's more of a defensive thing, but it sounded like a perfect contrast to the Crucifix.

Hehe, thanks--I truly enjoyed Swordcraft Story II, I played it on my DS Lite most of the time.
A dream-catcher? That's not......bad at all, it's unique, and I've never seen it done before.
Thanks for the idea Kuro, I'll need to figure it out, then I can sprite it--I think it might work kinda like a magic orb(ala Viola in Soul Calibur V)in a basic fantasy-based sense. :3
Sorry for taking so long to get back to you--I wanted to make something new first, but I got sidetracked. < <;

Here's the refux versions of Edgar and Aera, the protagonists from Summon Night:Swordcraft Story II.
As with Cleru and Pratty, the new versions are based heavily on their official artwork I found via Google.
Aera was the hardest to finish, and I think there's still a few things wrong, but I'll look into fixing it later. :3
And last, but hardly least--another original RPG idea.
I've decided to call it Dragonvale, since there are, well, Dragons, and to refer to Gunvale, the hero's sacred lance.
On the left is Colin Kristenn, and the right is princess Kiera Celeste Lubern.
Colin is a young man who grew up in the country--a dependable fellow, he's an experienced animal herder since it was his father's business.
Before realizing it, he's chosen as Gunvale's herald, and is whisked away to an adventure beyond his average daily life.
While he welcomes the change of pace, he comes to realize that his simple life was all he ever knew, and quickly feels out of place in the cold world.
Kiera however is quite the opposite--thorny, and often short to other people, she's a little hard to get along with, but Colin quickly warms up to her...well, somehow anyway.
Colin wields the fabled lance Gunvale--a weapon that can make use of six magical gemstones, and can shoot magic bullets.
Kiera uses broadswords, and her strength to beat opponents into place.

So, what do you guys think? Feel free to voice your opinions, and maybe suggestions if you feel like it--I'm open to other point of views. :3

Tue Aug 27, 2013 4:41 pm
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Post Re: Shibuyah's Pixel Corner--16-bit world of nostalgia~
...*Sigh*--it sure is lonely when your normal hang-out forum is down. I don't know how long it's been that way, but the Tales series forum seems to be closed--I click the link, and it automatically asks for a username and password, but it won't let me in no matter what. - -;
So, I guess I'll have to post my brain-storms and random ideas here--if nobody objects that is.

I had an idea for a story I want to try writing called Nanoria, which revolves around a young man named Aerahn, who had to undergo a Nanorium implant surgery--Nanorium is a metal-based substance that recreates a section of the body that's been damaged--such as Aerahn's hand, which was damaged in an explosion he couldn't recall.
However, there was a percentage that his memories would reset after his hand healed, but to keep his parents from the extra effort, he consents--and forgets half of his life, retaining only his talents, and childhood memories.
As part of his therapy, he has to move back to his home-town, Hope Springs, a town based a little on Atlanta, but a little more quiet.
As Aerahn interacts with new friends, and goes on with his 'new' life, he may remember what was lost--or would he be happier with his new mindset?

Here is the cast so far--Aerahn Kellis, 16 yrs., Strayde Flentlocke, 21 yrs., Helena Aebrams, 17 yrs., and Jasmyn Nettles, 15 yrs.
Due to his Nanorium hand, Aerahn is quite powerful, but his timid nature doesn't make him a threat unless a fight is the only way.
Strayde is Hope Springs High's local hefty delinquent, but he is overall good-natured and honorable--takes to Aerahn quite quickly, labeling him 'blue-hair'.
Helena is the class president, and a bit of a cactus in terms of social kindness--watch out for the whip she carries with her.
Now Jasmyn, a sweet young lady has a sweet and innocent disposition, and generally enjoys everyone--except for those who tease her for being a little on the short side. >:I

Here we have costumes for Aerahn and Strayde--well, two to be technical, with a variation on the first.
We have Aerahn wearing his hoodie, both with the hood on/off, and his swim-trunks--he's a bit shy, so I gave him a tank-top.
As for Strayde, he has his jacket on his back like a cape, and has it on--included a more natural hair style instead of his pony-tail, and gave him green trunks, and a light-green bandanna wrapped around his arm.

Last off, we have a little thumb-nail I whipped up for DA/FA--but, DA wouldn't let me use it since the cast line-up image wasn't too big. <v<;
Going by this, I think you can guess who loves Aerahn very much. XD
In all seriousness though, Jasmyn is a good friend that he forgot about, thanks to the Nanorium reacting to his body the wrong way, and wants to help him remember her--and possibly win his heart along the way.

So...what do you think? Good idea, bad idea?

Sat Sep 28, 2013 10:39 pm
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