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My Upcoming Webcomic: GrimmSouls 
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Post My Upcoming Webcomic: GrimmSouls
I've been working on this comic for a while now (Namely the background info and the world it's set in) and I want to see what you guys think of my idea.

The comic is called GrimmSouls and it tells the tale of Merick Wilson (spelled just like that), a detective from the 1930's who lead a standard but good life and was one of the top detectives on the force in his home town. But all that changed when, on a assignment to investigate a cult, his soul is ripped (or, in this world, reaped) from his body by an unknown assailant. He finds himself in heaven and learns that he can still return to the land of the living, but he can't appear as himself, rather as a member of the Reapers, a group dedicated to helping or reaping souls from Earth to one of two destinations: Paradise or The Underworld. Now with his Soul Reaper shotgun and the power to see mortal souls, he is now tasked to help the souls of Earth to their final destination, while at the same time protecting them from forces who will stop at nothing to either take control of a mortal for their own selfish desires or destroy the Grim Reapers. The first story-arc in the saga is entitled Reaper's Shadow and it will set up the world and characters while having Merick understanding his role as a Reaper more and more. The third story-arc (Don't ask I just thought of it while I was working on the comic) is entitled Ragnarock and it's basically Merick VS Garmar in a battle for Earth. As of this post, I got the main characters written down and their weapons, along with the symbols, or ReapEyes, symbols only Reapers can see, and the type of world they live in.

If I can be honest, the whole comic came from two inspirations: First was a older comic I had planned called Darkness Before Salvation and it was going to be about a vampire hunter, who is also a vampire like Blade, going around the world hunting both Vampire and werewolves before coming face to face with the head vampire himself. The other inspiration is actually the current story-arc for Housepets...or rather the characters of Pete, Cerberus and The Great Kitsune and my odd idea of how it'd be interesting if Cerberus had a helper of sorts.

So yeah, I'd be interested in hearing what you guys think of it and I'm open to ideas for the comic!

Wed Jul 16, 2014 5:53 pm
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