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Computers as a Premise 
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Post Computers as a Premise
Okay, a little backstory about me. For longest time, I've loved creative, but I've only ever used it in my english classes. The I thought, "Hey, I love writing, and what better way to do that than make my own story!" So, with this goal in mind, I set out to make my own story. So, without further ado, here we go!
Nickola "Nick" Volten property of Vespier Leo
Sindy Morvoc Property of sonic id furreh!!
Constructive criticism is Appreciated.
Prologue: The King’s awakening
In Which We Show off The Main Trio

“Morty? Hey, Mort! WAKE UP!”

“AUGH!” screamed a young fox boy, as he was broken out of his daydream. Mortimer Thompson was a red fox, and quite thinly built. He wore a white button-up shirt with a red tie and blue jean shorts. He also wore a Gatsby hat, which covered his messy blond headfur, and kept it out of his bright-green eyes.

“Finally! I thought you were dead or somethin’!” said the one who woke him up. Sindy Morvoc was a rabbit-girl with bright-pink fur. She wore a blue and white baseball jacket with a matching cap, as well as a pair of white shorts and a blue tie.

“Now, Sindy, where are your manners?” came a voice from behind her. A furless hand reached out to help Morty up. Nickola Volten was a human (a rare species in this world) with light skin and electric-blue eyes. He wore a pair of jeans and a striped red and yellow shirt, as well as a black tie and a long, white lab coat, of which he was famous for constantly wearing. His hair was slicked back against his head, except for one large hair that stuck out of the top of it.

“Thank you, Nick.” Morty said.

“Think nothing of it, my friend,” Nick said while waving his hand. “Sindy and I were just wondering what you were still doing in class.”

“Hmm?” Morty tilted his head inquisitively.

“Geese, Mort, were you really THAT spaced out?” Sindy asked with an overly-evident amount of exasperation. “School ended ten minutes ago!”

“Oh,” was the only thing he could think to say. “I guess I musta been thinking about something important then.”

“You guess?” Nick said with a thoughtful look. “Are you sure you’re okay? Do you need to go to the nurse’s office?”
Morty swiftly shook his head from side to side. “No, no, no, I’m fine, just a bit tired is all! Nothing to worry about, really!” he quickly reassured them.

“If you say so,” Sindy said with a skeptical look.

“Just tell us if anything’s wrong, okay?” Nick said with a great amount of worry in his voice.

“No, seriously guys, it’s nothing to worry about, really. Let’s just stop this and go get something to eat, kay? My treat.” He said as he started pulling them both to the door of the classroom.

“oooh, does that mean I get to eat fried steak today!?” Sindy exclaimed happily as she slammed the door behind them, leaving the room quiet. Except for the rumbling of a computer turning on.

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Post Re: Computers as a Premise
I'm glad to finally get to read this. I look forward to seeing the story develop.

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Post Re: Computers as a Premise
“Geese, Mort, were you really THAT spaced out?”
Did you mean geeze? I'm sorry, but since Wolfy has been helping, I've been able to spot mistakes out more easily
I'll see if there's any more

But good job. (^з^)-☆

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Post Re: Computers as a Premise
Great job so far Kalloon! I like the character developement so far! :D And it seems Nick has take on my since of manners. :lol:


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