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Tales of Des-Cyrus 
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Post Tales of Des-Cyrus
Tales of Des-Cyrus Academy
Tale One
A New Beginning or Something Like That

It was the eighth of *Anil, the school year was going to be starting again soon. Rayne Varsanant, a fifteen year old skunk, has just finished his fourth year of medium school. Finally he could join a mastery school, where he can learn to fight monsters and be an adventurer. Rayne has already learned basic demon magic and defeats low level monsters around home. Now we shall watch him and see his adventures in his new life or just shenanigans.

“Rayne Get up!” His mother yelled.
Still tired he rolled himself out of bed. No matter how big the day Rayne never liked waking up early.
“I’m up ma!” he bellowed “When does the *mana come to pick me up?”
“He comes about 12:32. Get your stuff and put some cloths on!”

Rayne had the normal skunk pattern , black fur with a big white stripe. Purple headfur hung from his head to about where his nose is, a teensy bit hanging in front of his face. His eyes where yellow naturally, but he liked using contacts to turn the left one blue. Rayne put on a orange hooded jacket unzipped, with a bright red t-shirt, His collar equipped with a pentagram tag that added +5 Will, and just any old jeans.

Rayne packed his games, laptop, cloths , and a bottle of his mother’s musk.
“Ma where is dad’s ring?” He asked desperately. His father was very important to him. Rayne made a promise that he would wear his dad’s ring when he becomes an adventurer.
“Its already on the living room table!” His mother yelled from upstairs.

He picked up his beloved ring. It was made of white gold with a grand dragon on its face. A beautiful diamond in the dragon’s mouth that shine brightly in the light. Rayne Varsanant the name of him and his father inscribed on the it. A treasure he will always have equipped, it even adds +10 will.

He said good bye to all his friends, got some of his favorite orange-cream ice cream ,and waited to be picked up. Rayne began to think of his cousin, Leon, again. Leon used to be a skunk like Rayne, but one day Rayne was practicing alchemy and turned him permanently into an ice dragon. Knowing this the school has already forbidden him any alchemical practices.

Rayne waited for quite a while, he already finished 4 ice cream bars.
“Jeez, it’s taking long. I never liked waiting.” He moaned to himself.
“Patience is a virtue kid. Don’t ya know that?” Rayne heard an aged voice from behind him.
“Huh, did you just get here?” Rayne looked behind himself.
“Nope, been here for a while kid.” He laughed. Behind him Rayne saw a golden mana. The mana had the body of a large snake, wide as a desk and long as a garden hose. The snake mana bore a large beard , beautiful in its luster. With ought arms or legs he held a platinum staff in his tail. Then Rayne noticed the symbol of his new school on it, the symbol of Des-Cyrus academy.

“Hey, you’re the one who is supposed to be taking me to the academy.” Rayne’s face grew into a scowl “Why the heck did you just sit there for so long!?” Yelling at the mana.
“Cause I like screwin with people. Now grab onto the staff and I’ll take you Mr. Impatient.” Rayne did as he said and in one quick headache later he was there. Right in front of the gates to Des-Cyrus Academy his new home for the, hopefully, next five years.
End Tale One

*Anil-April all the months are named after the 12 heroes which will be explained later

*Mana- a powerful creature that forms contracts with mortals. Which will be gone more in depth on in another chapter

So I have a bunch of characters and I have no Idea hat to do with them. I'm not a good enough artist to make a comic. So instead I right a story about the world my Fursona lives in. Clearly its a RPG world given that he has states and all that.

So check out my Deviant art It has ponies, furries, and the link to my tumblr!

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Tales of Des-Cyrus
Tale Two
New School New Friends. No wait New Wierdos
Rayne was awe struck. At last he was at the school of his dreams. All that lie between him and destiny was a really freaking big gate.
“So how do I open this?” Rayne asked the mana
“Well ya gotta beat the crap out of it, kid.” The mana said holding back his chuckles. Not one to be defeated by a gate Rayne prepared for battle. Rayne planted his feet firmly into the ground and tensed his muscles. Channeling his will the air near his hands glown a bright red as he cast the fire spell, agi, at the gate.

The fire ball went full force against the gate, then it just puffed into smoke. The mana started laughing like a mad man.
“Kid, its gonna take a lot more than a low power fire spell from a level 10 skunk to take that down.” He said nearly choking on his own laughter. Rayne hung his head down only now realizing he really wasn’t anything special.
“Don’t worry bout it kid. You need the armies of every country in *Balmiera to take that gate down.” Then the mana looked up to the top of the wall. There was some sort of avian keeping the gate up there.
“Ey, Jare open up the gate! Did you forget all the new students were coming in today?” The mana shouted towards him.

As ordered the gate was open immediately. Beyond the gate was an unbelievable campus. The grass and bushes were beautifully lush. The buildings displaying elegant *morona era architecture. Even a few statues and fountains made of pure high quality granite. In the center was the main building larger then life it stood superior to the others.

“This place is un-freaking believable!” Rayne remarked with a sparkle in his eyes. He was sp happy he had to struggle not to cry.
“Yeah, but you don’t have all day to gawk over it. The other first years will be coming soon. Follow me to the auditorium.”
“Hey I just noticed. Why did you pick me up specifically when everyone else is being brought together.” Rayne questioned, hoping he may be special after all.

“Well I knew your father so when I saw your name on the enrollment list I was interested. My name is Dwayne, anytime your in trouble or need help come to me ,kid. I’m your personal counselor.” Rayne grinned, now truly believing there was something special about him,
“Also going by what we’ve heard about you’re gonna need me”
and then Rayne frowned.

So about an hour or two later all the new students were in the auditorium. Principle Cecil, an incredibly aged man was giving an incredibly long speech that you defiantly don’t want to hear. Next to the principle was his own mana, a large *thunder bird. Rayne, who wasn’t listening in the least felt a sudden tapping n his shoulder. He looked behind him, there was a skunk girl about his age.
“Hey, I wasn’t expecting to meet another skunk on my first day. My name is Sianna. Meet me outside when this is over, kay.” She gave a big friendly smile towards Rayne. He couldn’t really see her in the crowd. It was dark and she was between two other girls. He did manage to make out her wavy headfur was a faded pink colour.

Old man Cecil went on for a long time of course he finished eventually. Having no one else to talk to Rayne waited outside the auditorium for Sianna. After the flow of students Sianna finally came out. She was a very pretty skunk. Her eyes were a light violet with a face of pure femininity. She had a figure just as girlish to match. Her headfur was Long and wavy down to her shoulders. It even had a single curl hanging down to her chest.

“Hi there as I said be fore my name is Sianna. Sianna Thair.” She grinned and bowed a bit as she introduced herself.
“Hehe, hi there. Err my name is Rayne Varsanant.” Rayne didn’t really have to much problems talking to girls, but he was bad with people his age in general. He always had to get use to everyone before he could even dream of a real conversation.
“So umm, are you gonna go first?” Rayne was referring to the skunk tradition of smelling each others musk upon first meeting. Suddenly Sianna became withdrawn. She looked down at her feet hiding her face blushing through her fur.
“You can go first.” She murmured. More than happy to share Rayne sprayed enough of his musk for her to smell. The foul amber mist raised from behind him. Rayne made a wide grin always being proud of his own work.
“I call it Hyper Love.” He advertised. Despite it’s name Hyper Love was a very powerful smell, strong enough to inflict poison on enemies. Of course to skunks and anyone who liked the scent it would enhance there attack.
Sianna’s ears perked at the scent.
“I like it. Its verry umm, well I don’t really have the words. Its just awesome.” Sianna suddenly turned back to being happy and bubbly.
“So how about yours?” As soon as Rayne asked she withdrew into herself again.
“Kay, just please don’t say anything bad.” Sianna’s voice was very faint as she sprayed her own musk. Her mist was pink as musk comes in many colours. However something was wrong it didn’t smell rank or foul. Instead her musk smelled of flowers and citrus.
“Umm are you sick or something? I don’t think musk is supposed to smell like that.” Rayne was completely shocked. Never had he herd of a skunk with good smelling musk before. Hers was useful though it had the ability to heal an entire party.

Sianna began to cry.
“I knew you wouldn’t like it. Whenever I spray it smells like flowers.” She continued to cry. Any skunk would be ashamed having stinky musk was their highest honor.
“Hey don’t cry. Its okay I don’t really care to much just don’t cry. If you want me to be your friend I will. I don’t know anyone here at all and it’ll be easier with another skunk.” Rayne couldn’t handle crying especially if it seemed like it was his fault.
“You really will. Your awesome!” Suddenly from crying girl to hyper girl Sianna jumped right onto Rayne and gave him a big hug. Rayne grinned she felt really warm like he could feel her happiness radiating onto him. Then a small figure walked out the auditorium.

“Sianna we need to find your dorm. You can’t spend all day conversing with some boy.” There was a very disgruntled small creature. It was bipedal, about waist high. It had the legs and ears of a rabbit. It’s fur was cyan with a bit of green in the mix. Its eyes were pure red, slanted, and had the shape of an oval. A red gem sat on the creature’s forehead gleaming in the light. Finally there were markings on each arm, a white dragon on the left and a black dragon on the right.

“I’m sorry Fa. I was making a new friend. Say hi to him!” Sianna pushed Rayne in forward eager to introduce her new friend. Rayne said the only thing he could at this moment.
“Umm hi my name is Rayne.”
“Greetings Rayne. I am Fa’haka. I’m Sianna’s mana and she is my duty. Now if you escuse me we don’t have time for idle conversation. Sianna is here to learn not fool around.” Everything Fa’haka said was delivered coldy and bluntly. Sianna became sad again.
“Fa that’s no way to introduce yourself.” Sianna said upset by her mana’s behavior.
“And this is no way to start your first day in a new place.” Fa’haka retorted.
Fa’haka gestured at Sianna to follow. Sianna walking behind her mana turned back at Rayne the last time for the evening.
“I’m sorry she’s always like this. I’ll talk to you again tomorrow.”

Rayne didn’t learn much about Sianna, but he managed to label her as a roller coaster of sad and happy. With nothing else to do Rayne headed to hso own dorm. It took him another hour to find it but he got there. He entered to the main room of the boy’s dormitory. It was full of first years, fifth years, and everything in between. Rayne wasn’t any good with crowds. He resorted to wandering through the main room hoping for help.
“Hey are you Rayne Varsanant.” Rayne looked up to see a rather buff Reptile standing in front of him.
“Umm yes sir.” Rayne responded sheepishly
“I’m professor *Firy. I teach Heavy weapon warriors. I am also the dorm master, got any problems with the dorm bring them to me.” He tried to sound as unthreatening as possible, but with his voice and body it didn’t work.
“Right sir. Where is my room.” Rayne said literally shaking where he stood.
“Room 56 on the second floor.” Rayne took the awnser and sped to his new room. He knew there was no reason to be afraid of faculty, but trust your narrator Firy is a scary looking person.

Rayne entered the door to his new room. There was a skinny coyote already laying on the bed. He was already in his pajama’s when Rayne came in.
“Umm hello, I’m your room mate. My name is Rayne.”
The coyote hid his face under the covers. He was being shyer than Rayne was.
“Umm hello. M-my name is *Kyo Kiragi.” The coyote stuttering his words.
“Are you afraid of me.” Rayne asked making his room mate uncomfortable was the last thing he wanted to do.
“No! I can fight!” Ryo shouted and rose up out of nowhere. “I’m not afraid at all!”
“Come down man I’m not looking for trouble. I just want to talk.”
“Sorry I’m not good with people. I do have one friend here though.” Kyo started to calm down. “His name is *Qualite Di-Rawst. If you see him around he‘s the green sparrow with an attitude”
“So Kyo what are you specializing in here?” Rayne didn’t know many other questions to ask
“Um. Duel wepons and a bit of magic. I have chakrams, as far as the magik I’m only any good with lightning. So are you a first year too?”
“Yep, Rayne Varsanant, black mage. I have my own scythe, but it’s special.” Rayne summoned his scythe out of thin air. The way everyone brings out there weapons in this world. “See it’s a mech scythe. If I press this button and swing the blade flings as a projectile. If I press this button the blade comes off on a chain. This scope right here is for the sniper rifle function.” Rayne whent on for a bit, but Kyo was already a sleep.

When Rayne finally noticed he was a bit disappointed that some one fell asleep on him. He got over it though. Finally the end to a long day has came. Rayne got in his own bed and slept for the night.

*Balmiera-(Ball-meer-a) one of the seven ground continents
*Morona ere- A time period similar to the Renaissance
*Thunder Bird- basically a lightning phoenix
*Firy- (Feer)
*Kyo Kiragi-(Kee-O Kee-Rah-gE)
*Quillant Di-Rawst- (Kwell-ont Dee-rost)

So yep here is his day of introduction to the school, Alot longer than the first part. I had to introduce 2 main characters in this part. Sorry to anyone who thinks the RPG elements are getting in the way a bit. Also I'm really not a great English student. I realized I used "and" a lot and problem have commas in a lot of the wrong places.

So check out my Deviant art It has ponies, furries, and the link to my tumblr!

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Post Re: Tales of Des-Cyrus
Well, it's definitely different. I like the style. I hope you keep this up, it's pretty good.

My characters
Everybody has a story to tell. What's yours?

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Post Re: Tales of Des-Cyrus
Tales of Des-Cyrus
Tale Three
The Really Freaking Long Ceremony
“Wake up!” Rayne and Kyo were rudely awakened.
“Class starts in three hours get ready. I’ll only be waking you up today.. Your on your own for the rest of the year.” Rayne look over; his personal alarm clock was Prof. Fiyr. Rayne groaned as he forced himself out of bed. Kyo on the other hand jumped right up and was already putting on his uniform.

The school uniform had a special enchantment. During school hours it was the uniform, as soon as it hot three pm or you left outside it changed into whatever cloths you equipped that day.The uniform for new students was a simple navy blue outfit. Students got class specific uniforms after the first week.

“Are you a morning person or something?” Rayne yawned.
“Not really I just don’t like wasting time in the morning.” Before he Rayne knew it Kyo was already out the door. About ten minutes later Rayne finally got his cloths on. He head down the stairs and suddenly his nose was blessed with the magnificent smell of breakfast.

There lie the dorm breakfast hall, a display of the magnificent food fit for a king. Waffles, pancakes, French toast, sausage, strudel and all that other good stuff. Rayne had never seen such a grand set of food. He plopped himself down in a seat got as many sinnamon pancakes as he could and drowned it in buttery maple syrup.

“Sinner” Rayne heard some one mumble under their breath.
“Escuse me?” Rayne looked over; the student next to him was a zebra. He wore a white robe uniform with a red cross on the front signifying him as a priest. His eyes were grey and he bore no headfur.
“I said you’re a sinner.” The zebra pointed at Rayne’s plate. “Sinnamon was made as a special technique to weed out the sinful. It’s fantastic flavor attracts sinners. You can even tell how sinful someone is bye how much they desire it.”
“I don’t really understand how that works, but I am not a bad person.” Rayne glared at the priest feeling his very character had been insulted.
“I’m not trying to offend you. If you ever desire help I am available however if your sins cause trouble I will have to strike you down.”
The zebra got up and walked away. Rayne wasn’t sure what to make out of what just happened ,but he was pretty sure he didn’t like that guy. He finished his meal and headed towards home room. Room 216 Prof. Kassy. Rayne found himself nice seat in the center of room.
“Om my goodness we have the same home room!” A familiar voice rung in Rayne’s ears. It turned out that Sianna had this very same class.
“Hey Fabreez.” Rayne chuckled.
“Hey! What’s that supposed to mean?” Sianna was on the verge of bursting into tears.
“I just sorta thought of it. You call your mana Fa and you smell like a spring breeze.” Rayne grinned thinking himself clever.
“Oh in case it sorta sounds nice.” Sianna gave Rayne the hug of a life time. A hug that hurt a lot.

“Uh, hi Rayne. Should I just go somewhere else?” Kyo had this room as well. He was sorta intimidated bye what he was seeing.
“No, no Its fine man. This girl is Fabreez.” Rayne said desperately tried to pry himself free of the hug.
“Actually my name is Sianna Thair, but you can call me Fabreez if you want.”
“Hello I’m Kyo Risaki.” Kyo spoke very quietly.
“Nice to meet you.” Sianna gave Kyo what was possibly the cutest smile he’s ever seen. Kyo blushed and hid himself behind Rayne.
“What your scared of girls Kyo.” Rayne taunted.
“be quite.” Kyo hid his face under the table.

Professor Kassy came in from the other room. He was a mutt mostly hound the other part was anyone’s guess. His fur was all brown and scruffy. His headfur was spiky and completely defied gravity, which isn’t too special. He was fairly younger than most of the other teachers.
“Good morning people. Its good to see you all found the room. I teach general necessities, cooking, symbology, and alchemy.” Rayne frowned at the mention of alchemy. “Now we aren’t going to be having any classes today. The first day is all about assigning you all mana’s. Now we understand some of you may not want a mana but you have to attend anyway. While we’re at it does anyone here have a mana already?” Sianna raised her hand right up.
“Good will you please share your name and mana with us?” Sianna stood up.
“I am Sianna Thair. My mana’s name is Fa’haka I inherited her from my father.” Sianna made a gesture. Suddenly a beam of white and black spiraling light came down. When it dispersed Fa’haka was in its place.
“Hello Professor I am Fa’haka.” She introduced herself with a polite curtsy.
The class was verry impressed with Fa’haka.
“Nice to meet you. Would you please give my class a demonstration of your power?” Fa’haka shook her head.
“Sorry but I do not wish to use my power unnecessarily. Good bye professor.” In a flash of light Fa’haka when disappeared.
“Sorry class I guess that’s all your seeing today. My mana has been very tired lately. Talk amongst yourselves for now. The ceremony is in fifteen minutes.”

Nothing special happened in those fifteen minutes. When time hit all classes went to the cathedral of rites. The room was grand in its size and sophistication. Symbols were on the ground for a number of rituals. Huge stain glass windows portraying powerful mana and demon alike. A whole in the ceiling for the stars to be perfectly in view.

All the students sat in the rows of seats. Rayne, Kyo, and Sianna all sat together. Instead of principle Cecil Tellah Odalas, dean of rituals, held the ceremony. He was an old Dingo, but he was the most knowedgable in the tongue of mana and demon.
“Good day to all students, teachers, and mana alike. Today we once again bestow blessing upon are new youth. Those of you who accept the responsibility of a contract shall be granted the power of a mana.” The crowd roared in applause. “ You shall be called down in alphabetical order by first name.” Rayne quickly became frustrated only now realizing his name was near the back of the alphabet.

About an hour in an interesting thing happened.
“Dionysius Orsidium!” A young ferret boy got up. He had long wavy blond headfur. He wore glasses and had eyes of amber.
“Whoa, he goes here!” Kyo’s eyes widened. Rayne woke up from his bored sleep.
“What’s so special about that guy?” Rayne yawned he didn’t really care what the answer was.
“He’s Dionysius Orsidium. His family is a high ranking member of the *Reanilan aristocracy. All Reanil nobles are really powerful fighters.”
“Dionysius do you vow to the conrtact to the a mana?”
“Yes, sir.” Whit that Tellah began performing the ritual. It was in mana tongue, but it was translatable.
“Dear Mama, creator of mana and granter of the soul, we ask of you to bestow a mana upon this practitioner. A partner in life and in battle. Be he unable to protect his partner his soul is sacrifice. Be the mana unable to protect him may his soul go to the heavens.” It was a lot longer in the mana tongue.

Something different happened this time. No one appeared.
“What the! What just happened?” Dionysius was enraged, shouting at Tellah like he was a simple servant.
“You were denied by the mama, child.” Tellah spoke empathetically, “This happens on occasion you can still be a fine practitioner with ought a mana.”
Dionysius was indignant, he was entitled to a mana. He could not accept this at all.
“Denied? I can’t be denied! I deserve this as much as all the others before me!”
“Dionysius! Don’t make a scene. You are nobility. You should be above acting like this.” Tellah spoke boldly. At his age Dionysius had no real power over anyone. Dionysius stormed off with ought anymore words. The audience quickly began gossiping amongst themselves about what just happened.

“People we are continuing the procedure!” Everyone became quite again. After a some more names another interesting one happened.
“Elia Zeakard!” A female from the front stood up. She was a of crossbreed of cat and some kind of lizard. The only real cat features she had was the ears. Her eyes where blue and she bore no headfur.
“Elia, do you accept the vow of a mana?”
“Gratefully, Dean.” Elia kneeled down. Terra performed the ritual umpteenth time. When the light dispersed there stood giraffe. He was on his knees groaning.
“Ahhh, where the heck did this headache come from.” He looked up, “And, wait! Where the heck am I? Are you guys some sort of cult?” He began to hyperventilate.
“Are you okay mana?” Tellah tried to calm him down.
“What in the world is a mana? My name is Terance Pherimel. Where am I?” He was shouting now.
He was standing up now. He had short black hair parted to the left. He wore a blue jacket with a *yellow emblem on the right.
“Please get a nurse to take Terance and Elia to the counselor.” As requested Nurse Aerith came and put Terance in a wheel chair and took him down the hall. Elia followed.

“*Emphimere Aweyrn”
“I know him!” Sianna just woke up when after the business with Elia.
“Oh who is this guy then?” Rayne asked still as bored as when they started.
“He was I guy I dated in medium school. He’s a manipulative jerk face. Even then he’s still a pretty nice guy.” Sainna’s eyes started to tear, no one noticed though.
“Emphimere, do you accept the vow of a-”
“Ya ya cut to the point. People are asleep ya know.” She forgot to mention he was very cocky.
“Nice guy huh.” Rayne teased.
“Well he is when he wants to be.” Sianna was still hiding her tears.

Tellah grumbled, but he did it anyway. Flames burst from the ground. Once the flames died it reveled a small Kneed high dragon.
“Sup, the name’s *Zyre.” He kept his arms folded. His scales where crimson red. Zyre had a bit of a belly on him. His eyes where emerald. Zyre didn’t have any wings on him.
“You’re a small little thing.” Emphimere said with disdain. He was hoping for something much bigger.
“And you have the figure of a women.” Zyre retorted. Both of them had a smart mouth on them. Emphimere ignored Zyre’s insults and marched back to his seat with Zyre in tow.

“Kyo Kisaragi!”
“Hope you get a cool one.” Rayne jabbed Kyo’s arm. Kyo walked down the hall to the summoning circle.
“Kyo, do you accept the vow of a mana?”
“Y-yes, sir” Kyo was trembling. Being the center of everyone’s attention filled him with anxiety. Cid said the saim word she said a million times by now.

A ball of light appeared. There was a treble clef radiating from the orb.
Kyo touched it. Suddenly it became an ear ring on his right ear. The light burst to reveal a small mana.
“Hiya! My name’s Concerto nice to meetch’ya.” The mana was small and white furred. He had beady little eyes. Floppy little dog ears hung from his head. There was a silver saxophone in his hand. Kyo squatted down so he was about eye level.
“Um, hi I’m Kyo Kisaragi.” Kyo was dumfounded bye how small he was. Concerto was just about the size of a teddy bear.
“cools! Ya like music?” Concerto jumped on top of Kyo’s head.
“Yeah, sure I love music.” Kyo’s face was blank. He stood back up and walked back too his seat. Concerto kept on talking the whole way back.

“Rayne Varsanant!”
“Thank god finally.” Rayne got up and stretched.
“Rayne , do you accept the vow of a mana?”
“Definitely” Rayne bowed his head to the dean.
The words of the ritual where starting to get on everyone’s nerves at this point. In just a simple flash of light a girl stood before him. Rayne was afraid something like Elia’s fiasco was happening to him.
“Hello. Are you Kon’s new contractor.” She said. “Kon is glad to be part of a contract again.” She was a dog, a shiba to be exact. Her fur was straight and silky. It’s colour being an almost holy seeming white. Kon’s eyes where a faded blue. She had short headfur down to nose eye height. All she wore was a white gown only a little past her waist.

“Is there any reason your talking in the third person?” Rayne asked, but in reality he found it sort of cute.
“What do you mean. Is there something wrong with the way Kon speaks?”
“Um, never mind. Lets get back to the seats.” Rayne was sorta glad he didn’t get a small mana. He wasn’t expecting a girl though.
The was only one more person Rayne noticed before they all slept again.
“Reanbell Colt!” A little girl got up and skipped down the hall.
“Wait is that a little girl.” Rayne asked
“Yeah I think so. I’ve heard she was some sorta prodigy and got accepted at four. She couldn’t come here till she was nine seven though.” Kyo responded to Rayne’s question before nodding of with Concerto in his lap.

“Reanbell, do you accept the vow of a mana” Tellah spoke in a much more gentle voice than he did with everyone else.
“Of course mister.” She answered with a smile.
This time Tellah changed the words a little bit.
“Dear Mama, creator of mana and granter of the soul, we ask of you to bestow a mana to protect this young practitioner. A guardian in life and in battle. Be her unable her mana die my soul is sacrifice.” Not many people noticed the difference. Either they were asleep not paying attention, or just plain because they couldn’t speak the language.

A spiral of flame came down from the heavens. A large flaming hound stood before the girl. “I am Cerberus. It is my duty to protect you.” Cerberus let his flames down. The girl climb on his back and rode him back to her seat. Rayne and all his friends slept through the rest of the ceremony. It was about ten pm when it was all over. Once they got back to their dorms they all just slept till the next day.

*Reanil - a rich country in Bamliar heavily based on its aristocracy.
*yellow emblem - there is a picture in my Gallery of Terance of Elia to get an accurate look at it.
*Emphimere Aweyrn (Em-fi-meer Ah-wern)

I realized afterwords that some sentences are interrupted by page breaks I'm sorry. So first the sinnamon thing is just a flavor I came up with. The thing with the Zebra can make a good plot device for an arc later. SMore importantly though this chapter is to entroduce some characters and there mana's. Don't think that I've shown all the important cast though. There is still more. Infact afterwords I realized I forgot a character. I also forgot to even mention what animal Reanbell is. This will all be handled in the next Tale.

So check out my Deviant art It has ponies, furries, and the link to my tumblr!

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Well, the story is moving along nicely. I like it so far.

My characters
Everybody has a story to tell. What's yours?

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Post Re: Tales of Des-Cyrus
Not too shabby, my friend. Just one word of advice, you're spelling "without" wrong (Please don't take this as being mean :oops: I like your stuff)

Mon Jan 24, 2011 7:38 pm
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Post Re: Tales of Des-Cyrus
Okay to anyone who was expecting to read this on regular updates I'm sorry (Mr.Noms and Copper).
But My mom has talked me into making a full book and getting it published.
Which mean s no more updates to here.

So check out my Deviant art It has ponies, furries, and the link to my tumblr!

Tue Feb 15, 2011 6:28 am
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Post Re: Tales of Des-Cyrus
Oh well. Good luck on the book!

My characters
Everybody has a story to tell. What's yours?

Tue Feb 15, 2011 12:23 pm
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