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AdventureRPG - An IRC Adventure. 
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Post AdventureRPG - An IRC Adventure.
Buck told me to put this here.
Welcome to AdventureRPG, an IRC RPG that I randomly started. Kudos to Zeek For revising. Tell me if it's too big.

CHAPTER 1 - A New Adventure
[20:47] <+Dynaslash> SO, what did the quail miss?
[20:49] <+Zander> the flying monkey cactus
[20:49] <+Argent-Flame> hey
[20:49] <+Zander> it flew around this banana like pop-rocks in a chicken factory.
[20:49] <+SilverClaw> ...Hello
[20:49] <+Argent-Flame> YOU!
[20:49] <+Zander> ._.
[20:49] <+SilverClaw> I knew you'd get on. :P
[20:49] <+Dynaslash> The quail smell your lies. +5 Anger. +2STR.
[20:49] <+EchoFireant> ....
[20:50] <+Zander> lol
[20:50] <+Zander> no seriously, there was a flying monkey cactus
[20:50] <+Argent-Flame> interesting
[20:50] <+SilverClaw> It was amazing
[20:50] * +EchoFireant grabs the quail and puts it on a barbecue
[20:50] <+Dynaslash> The quail grows annoyed. +2 Anger.
[20:51] * +EchoFireant pours marinade on the quail and plucks its feathers
[20:51] <+Zander> dang, that beach ball dont got nothin on barreta..
[20:51] <+EchoFireant> >_>
[20:51] <+Argent-Flame> so what's going on?
[20:51] <+Dynaslash> The quail becomes enraged. AngerMAX.AttackMAX.
[20:51] * +EchoFireant throws the quail at Zander
[20:51] <+Zander> santa suit smells like loaded boxed cardboard. nothing like the sweet taste of linguini
[20:52] <+Dynaslash> The quail rushes ECHO.
[20:52] <+Zander> cant you see im trying to be random and southern at the same time here!?!? *pulls out bat and hits the quail wihth it*
[20:52] <+Argent-Flame> haha
[20:52] <+EchoFireant> <_<
[20:53] <+Dynaslash> The quail takes 30 damage. The quail is badly damaged.
[20:53] <+Zander> broken ps3 wrapper got nothin' ta sniff when the paper is wry.
[20:53] <+Zander> hotwheels. eat that.
[20:54] * +EchoFireant puts the quail on the barbecue and turns up the heat. "Barbecued quail :D
[20:54] <+Dynaslash> The quail is fully healed and transforms into Firebird.
[20:54] <+EchoFireant> Oh ffffffff
[20:54] <+Argent-Flame> heh
[20:54] <+Zander> the video camera filmed teh large collection of rubber bananas, there femininity being blushed as the chicken was wrinkled
[20:55] <+Dynaslash> (should've killed it first)
[20:55] * +EchoFireant runs inside his bunker and grabs a fire extinguisher and sprays it on the quail
[20:55] <+Zander> i am random....
[20:55] <+EchoFireant> a good barbecue, ruined. :<
[20:55] <+Zander> OMG A NARWHAL
[20:55] <+EchoFireant> (now a firebird >_>)
[20:56] <+Dynaslash> The Firebird takes 65 damage. The Firebird is full of fighting spirit.
[20:56] <+Zander> ill tell you what man, i loalto rlor drjdogjfjo mustardmasknparkplace toomaninusmomcomeshomeendupplayingstratego man.
[20:56] <+Zander> (3276723 health points if you tell me where that from
[20:56] <+Zander> exactly'
[20:56] <+Zander> )
[20:56] <+Dynaslash> (King Of The Hill)
[20:56] <+Zander> (a specific poop of it)
[20:57] <+Zander> (whats it called?)
[20:57] <+Dynaslash> (FFFF)
[20:57] <+Dynaslash> (NOONE CARES ABOUT YTP THAT MUCH)
[20:57] <+Zander> (go lol)
[20:57] <+Dynaslash> (Can't rules.)
[20:58] * +EchoFireant now sprays the firebird with a fire hose
[20:58] <+EchoFireant> >_>
[20:58] <+Dynaslash> The Firebird takes 85 damage. The Firebird is feelin' fine.
[20:58] <+SilverClaw> ...
[20:58] * +SilverClaw splashes a glass of water on the firebird
[20:59] <+Argent-Flame> yeah, that's going to be effective
[20:59] <+Zander> xD
[20:59] <+SilverClaw> I'm helping?
[20:59] <+Dynaslash> The Firebird thakes 4 damage. The Firebird scoffs at you.
[20:59] <+Dynaslash> *takes
[20:59] <+EchoFireant> hah
[20:59] <+Argent-Flame> at least it's not attacking back?
[20:59] * +EchoFireant pours liquid nitrogen on the firebird
[20:59] * +Zander catches on fire
[21:00] <+Zander> <___________>
[21:00] <+Dynaslash> The Firebird uses FIRE WALL.
[21:00] * +EchoFireant whistles while he's doing that.
[21:00] <+Dynaslash> The Firebird is FROZEN (3 turns).
[21:00] * +SilverClaw is now panicked
[21:01] * +SilverClaw runs away
[21:01] * +Zander is still on fire.
[21:01] * +Argent-Flame is now slightly melting
[21:01] * +Zander never learned to stop drop and roll.
[21:01] <+Dynaslash> The Firebird is FROZEN (2 turns).
[21:01] * +EchoFireant douses the fire wall and proceeds to tow the fire bird to a swimming pool
[21:02] <+Zander> bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
[21:02] <+Dynaslash> The Firebird emits heat. The Firebird is thawed!
[21:02] * +EchoFireant dumps the frozen firebird into the swimming pool
[21:02] <+EchoFireant> dang D:
[21:02] * +Zander uses Vuvusela
[21:02] <+Argent-Flame> Nooooooooo!
[21:02] <+Dynaslash> The Firebird reverts to a quail.
[21:02] <+Dynaslash> Quail: Hello there.
[21:02] * +EchoFireant sprays Zander with a fire hose
[21:02] * +SilverClaw trips and falls into the swimming pool
[21:03] <+EchoFireant> Hey Quail. You look tasty
[21:03] <+EchoFireant> And I'm from Peta. No, not that crazy terrorist cell.
[21:03] <+Dynaslash> The quail flings a sharp feather at ECHO.
[21:03] * +EchoFireant dodges just in time D:
[21:04] <+Dynaslash> Quail: I am not a meal.
[21:04] <+EchoFireant> but quails have been eaten since the dawn of time, or at least when your kind existed.
[21:05] <+Dynaslash> The quail sheds it's disguise. Quail transformed into a Copybird!
[21:05] <+Zander> >_>
[21:05] <+EchoFireant> ....
[21:06] * +Zander uses "annoyance" everyones charisma decreases by 10 for 3 turns
[21:06] * +EchoFireant throws zander into the barbecue pit.
[21:06] <+EchoFireant> >_>
[21:06] <+Dynaslash> Copybird was slain by samonella!
[21:07] <+EchoFireant> D:
[21:07] <+Dynaslash> (bet your glad you didnt eat it)
[21:07] <+Zander> lol
[21:08] <+Dynaslash> You learned spell: Bio 1
[21:08] <+EchoFireant> but don't heat kill those pesky things?
[21:08] * +Zander lays down "nothing" onto the feild. every creature of every type gets placed on the top of each players decks, the decks are then passed around and shuffled
[21:09] <+Dynaslash> Echo: Not in ADVENTURE RPG
[21:10] <+EchoFireant> :<
[21:10] * +EchoFireant puts a tombstone on the quails carcass
[21:10] <+Dynaslash> Copybird dropped 1,000G
[21:11] <+EchoFireant> grabs the gil and spends it all on potions
[21:12] <+Dynaslash> Lonely TAILOW appeared. The Tailow asks if you can help it find it's mother.
[21:13] <+EchoFireant> Sure, yeah. (is thinking bout the potions he will be using)
[21:13] <+Dynaslash> QUEST ACCEPT - Find Swellow! (Reward: 50EXP, Spell - Ice 1)
[21:14] * +EchoFireant finds a Swellow just besides the tailow "uh..."
[21:15] <+Dynaslash> The Tailow stares at you confused.
[21:15] <+Zander> xD
[21:15] <+Dynaslash> Tailow: "What, do you see someone?"
[21:15] * +Zander caries a swellow into town, going to eat it for dinner.
[21:16] <+EchoFireant> your mother was just besides you looking at you all dumbfounded when that guy, zander took it away.
[21:16] <+Dynaslash> The Tailow sees you holding air. "What are you holding?"
[21:16] <+Zander> xD!
[21:16] * +EchoFireant chases Zander and knocks him down, snatching the Swellow away from him, returning it to Tailow
[21:17] * +Zander dies from the impact of the ground, leaving behind 300 g
[21:17] <+Dynaslash> "we have to go find momma! She said she was going to the field!"
[21:17] * +EchoFireant returns and grabs the 300g. "More potions :D"
[21:17] * +SilverClaw jumps out of the swimming pool
[21:17] <+SilverClaw> I'm back!
[21:17] <+EchoFireant> Waait, this ain't your momma? *looks at swellow...*
[21:17] <+Dynaslash> "What are you looking at?"
[21:18] <+EchoFireant> another swellow
[21:18] <+Dynaslash> "There's noone there."
[21:18] * +Zander thinks tailow is lagging.
[21:18] <+Dynaslash> (Nope, more serious.)
[21:18] <+SilverClaw> (It'
[21:18] <+EchoFireant> ok, lets go to the field
[21:19] <+SilverClaw> (it's a ghost!! D:) *
[21:19] <+Dynaslash> FIELD AREA 1
[21:19] <+Dynaslash> "Momma said she was getting berries here."
[21:19] * +EchoFireant looks around for any signs of the tailow's momma.
[21:20] * +Zander walks up with a sharp sword. "I know one way for you to shut up." he cut off the tailows head.
[21:20] <+Zander> o.o
[21:20] <+EchoFireant> D:
[21:20] <+Zander> xD
[21:20] <+SilverClaw> Well that wasn't very polite
[21:20] <+Dynaslash> GAME OVER BAD END - Continue?
[21:20] <+Zander> xD
[21:20] <+EchoFireant> Y.
[21:20] <+Zander> xD!
[21:20] <+ShadowServ> What the heck Zander?!
[21:20] <+Zander> :=(
[21:20] <+Zander> OMG I HAVE AN IDEA
[21:20] <+Dynaslash> FIELD AREA 1
[21:20] <+Zander> XD
[21:20] <+EchoFireant> Aww man..I had a yo momma joke lined up D:
[21:21] * +EchoFireant looks around for tailow's momma.
[21:22] <+Dynaslash> The tailow looks around. The Tailow Whispers " Momma's been gone three days now..."
[21:22] <+EchoFireant> "Oh you poor thing. maybe yo momma went to a better place."
[21:23] <+Dynaslash> "To where?"
[21:23] <+Zander> :=(
[21:23] * +Zander walks up to the two talking, sword sheathed "Whats going on?"
[21:23] <+EchoFireant> maybe she went someplace where all dead swellows go..
[21:24] <+Zander> <<__>> way to be gentle about it, hero
[21:24] <+Dynaslash> "B-b... but mmma's n-not dead..."
[21:24] <+Dynaslash> *momma's
[21:24] <+EchoFireant> well, lets look around some more
[21:24] * +Zander lookes at the tailow. "well.. you just never know these days.."
[21:24] <+EchoFireant> (note, I'm playing a kinda stupid hero who spends his money on potions)
[21:24] * +SilverClaw looks around
[21:25] * +EchoFireant searches for any signs of the swellow
[21:25] <+Dynaslash> FEILD AREA 2 - You see a ghost swellow. The tailow starts crying.
[21:25] * +Zander picks up the tailow. "There there.. at least we know shes in a better place"
[21:26] <+EchoFireant> aww..don't's a joke, "Yo momma's so fat that every time when berries sees her, they squish themselves first rather than her crushing them."
[21:26] <+Dynaslash> "th-this is where daddy died..."
[21:26] <+EchoFireant> never mind
[21:26] * +EchoFireant asks the ghost swellow where is the tailow's momma
[21:27] * +Zander looks at the dead swellows body, kicking it to make sure its dead.
[21:27] <+Dynaslash> Swellow "She's up ahead, but she's surrounded. You'd best hurry."
[21:27] * +EchoFireant runs yelling "LEEEROOOOYYYY JEEENNNKKIIINNNSSS" towards the next area
[21:27] <+Zander> xD
[21:27] * +SilverClaw follows .-.
[21:28] * +Zander unsheathes his sword.
[21:28] <+EchoFireant> (I love acting like an idiot XD)
[21:28] <+Dynaslash> FIELD AREA 3 - You see a pack of bears.
[21:28] * +EchoFireant casts bio1 on self
[21:28] <+Zander> <_______>
[21:28] <+Law> ( >.> )
[21:28] <+Dynaslash> Echo has been POISONED.
[21:28] <+EchoFireant> That way, when the bears eat me, they die
[21:28] <+Zander> xD
[21:28] * +EchoFireant runs to the bears
[21:28] * +SilverClaw uses longbow on bear
[21:28] * +Zander stabs EchoFireant on perpous.
[21:28] <+Dynaslash> You smell blood.
[21:29] * +EchoFireant is stabbed and bleeding
[21:29] <+Zander> echo dies, the bears attack and maim him, while eating
[21:29] * +EchoFireant uses a potion on self
[21:29] <+Dynaslash> You see the female Swellow, with blood on her foot.
[21:29] * +EchoFireant runs towards the bears and hugs one of them
[21:29] <+Zander> maim mame maym emame mama same thing
[21:30] <+Dynaslash> The bear used a crushing blow on ECHO.
[21:30] <+Zander> ._
[21:30] <+Argent-Flame> going to go
[21:30] * +EchoFireant is crushed but uses another potion on himself
[21:30] <+Dynaslash> bye arg
[21:30] <+Argent-Flame> bye
[21:30] <+EchoFireant> ok Argent
[21:30] <+EchoFireant> bye :3
[21:30] <+SilverClaw> bye~
[21:30] <+Dynaslash> The Tailow rushes to his mother.
[21:31] * +EchoFireant stupid bears. casts bio1 on all of them
[21:31] <+Dynaslash> The Bears are slain of POISON!
[21:31] <+Zander> ._.
[21:31] <+EchoFireant> boy, I'm typing a lot of typos today.
[21:32] <+Dynaslash> YOU GOT 50 EXP and Spell - Ice!
[21:32] * +EchoFireant skins the bears
[21:32] <+Dynaslash> The Tailow thanks you profusely.
[21:32] <+SilverClaw> Yeah I know
[21:33] * +EchoFireant pours a potion on the swellow and tailow to celebrate
[21:33] <+Dynaslash> The Tailow asks to join you.
[21:33] * +Zander stabs the tailow
[21:33] <+EchoFireant> allows......D:
[21:33] <+Dynaslash> GAME OVER BAD END
[21:33] <+Zander> xD
[21:33] <+Dynaslash> Continue?
[21:33] <+Law> ( >.> )
[21:33] <+EchoFireant> Y.
[21:33] <+Dynaslash> The Tailow and Swellow ask to join you.
[21:33] * +EchoFireant says yes
[21:34] * +Zander doesnt stab the tailow... he stabs the swellow
[21:34] <+SilverClaw> ...
[21:34] <+EchoFireant> ...
[21:34] * +Zander stabs a banana
[21:34] <+Dynaslash> The Tailow is horrified and collapses.
[21:34] * +EchoFireant continues to skin the bears
[21:34] * +Zander stabs the tailow
[21:34] <+EchoFireant> ....
[21:34] * +Zander stabs a grain of salt
[21:34] <+Dynaslash> Tailow evolved into Swellow!
[21:34] * +Zander stabs pop rocks
[21:34] <+EchoFireant> D:
[21:35] <+Zander> <__>
[21:35] * +Zander stabs swellow
[21:35] <+Dynaslash> Swellow used ROOST!
[21:35] * +Zander continuously stabs swellow
[21:35] <+Dynaslash> Swellow pecks out your eyes.
[21:35] * +Zander uses "Nuclear bomb" on swellow
[21:35] * +EchoFireant is still skinning the bears.
[21:35] <+Dynaslash> Swellow changed into Demon Swellow!
[21:36] <+Zander> <______________>
[21:36] * +Zander dies from food poisoning
[21:36] * +Zander drops 89,000,000g
[21:36] <+Dynaslash> Swellow casts AREA DEATH!
[21:36] <+Zander> the 89,000,000g dies and goes away
[21:36] <+EchoFireant> ......
[21:36] <+Zander> .....
[21:37] <+Dynaslash> GAME OVER - Continue?
[21:37] * +EchoFireant skinning of bears : Successful.
[21:37] <+EchoFireant> Y.
[21:37] <+Zander> xD
[21:37] <+EchoFireant> Come on, let me skin those bears D:
[21:37] <+Dynaslash> The Tailow and Swellow ask to join you. (Yes - Get Summon)
[21:37] <+EchoFireant> Yes.
[21:37] * +EchoFireant starts skinning the bears again
[21:38] <+Dynaslash> YOU GOT SUMMON - Sky Attack!
[21:38] * +EchoFireant obtains bear skins.
[21:38] <+EchoFireant> :D
[21:38] <+Law> ...
[21:39] <+Dynaslash> UPTOWN - Recieve EXP +50, Ice 1!
[21:39] * +EchoFireant sells the bear skins for gil
[21:39] <+Dynaslash> You get 300 x 10 G.
End Ch1.

[04:08:26] <+Dynaslash> Schrodinger's GIANT ROBOT
[04:08:54] <+Frooxius|Busy> (for sore throat and common cold and souch)

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Post Re: AdventureRPG - An IRC Adventure.
Heh, this is one of the best/funniest thing I ever read. Maybe I should join the IRC... If I ever have the courage for that.


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Post Re: AdventureRPG - An IRC Adventure.
I was so random in the beginning xD

Fursona! :3

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