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Post Housepets! Forums Index: Not the Comic
Please do not reply with off-topic comments.

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[Not the Comic] | [Media Median] | [Forum Games]

[ web design knowledge)] - I couldn't help. Whoops.

[2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa] - Bad refs marred the matches, but the vuvuzela players saved everything and I had fun watching.

[A Bit of Computer Help] - We can't all be Steve Jobs.

[A project] - America bashing! Also, a school project is briefly mentioned. Warning: Pro-America posts are subject to instant deletion.

[A sbemail-themed logic puzzle (Seek and Spell!)] - I could have sworn I'd mentioned that mathgrant makes puzzles. This would have been more interesting if Speak and Spell had been involved, IMO.

[Achtung!] - Buck listened. Yes, he did. And now I love him forever, as a brother or somesuch.

[Animals walking upright.] - Heartwarming. No, really.

[Anouncements of leave and return] - Occasionally, people have to leave. Then they come back. Unless a werewolf eats them. Then they never come back.

[Any artists here?] - Always a worrying line of inquiry.

[Anyone here play the game S.T.A.L.K.E.R.?] - Yes, I'm a -- Oh, wait.

[Art that I made in my Spare time~] - It's arttastic.

[Ask Rick!] - Originally "Questions for Rick," I tried to turn it into "Questions for Everybody" but nearly everyone assumed I was answering for Ol' Furret-Face.

[Autechre] What is that I don't even.

[AwesomeTeachers] - They teach you how to be awesome.

[Backwards Thread 2: Electric Boogaloo] - Electric Bugbear? Huh? *stares blankly*

[BACON!] - This essay is largely responsible for Buck's elevation to the rank of moderator.

[Bad Days...] - If your day's not going your way, share the misery and get some hugs.

[Birthdays~!] - Post your birthday so I can give you a random video. I mean, a present.

[Blacksad Volume 4 comes!] - But does it leave?

[Bolt.....] - Nut! Oh.

[Candy.] - Darn you, sugar lumps! Darn you to heck!

[Cartoons, Anime, whatever you call em!] - Yeah, that's them, all right.

[Chat thread] - Without a doubt, the happiest thread on Earth.

[Computer issue(s)] - More computer problems? Huh.

[CONGRATS!] - Buck got promoted, Slippy said "You'd better treat me right!"

[Congratulations, Ebly!] - Somebody thought he was getting promoted and had to work hard at being gracious when it turned out otherwise. Can you guess who it was?

[Convention Thread] - Conventional Convention Conversation

[Creative Writing Story] - Yeah, I don't read a lot of fan fiction. Can you guess how many witty comments are coming for the Roleplaying and Fanfiction index?

[Decade in Review] - It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, why haven't I read the rest of this book yet?

[DeviantART] - I have an account there; if you find it, you get a prize bomb.

[Did I miss something?] - Yes.

[dragons, do you like them?] - Is a Timberwolf 45 T5 lower-pitched than a Timberwolf 45 T6? Heck yeah, it is.

[Early Strips Lineart] - You know, for practice!

["Emmeration"?] - EMMEEEEET!!!?!!!

[Experiment 0009 (My Webcomic)] - Yeah, that Experiment 0009.

[Fan art .3.] - Fan art has a tendency to bounce around; maybe we should start a comprehensive thread or the admin could make a sub-forum?

[Favorite band] - Band together, band together!

[Favorite Books/Authors] - Mine's Rick Griffin.

[Favorite Film Directer(s)?] - Stanley Kubrick Wins Forever.

[Favorite MOVIES (?)] - All Dogs Go to Heaven, All Dogs Go 2 Heaven.

[Favorite New/Upcoming Vehicle?] - CG(X) Next-Generation Cruiser (U.S. Navy)

[Favorite TV Program?] - Anything on Fox News Channel, basically.

[First Signature] - Braggart!

[Fool's Gold Loaf] - I'd eat it.

[Forum Updated] - Standard update, nothing to see here, move along. I said move along.

[Free STEAM game: PORTAL] - This is apparently a big deal, for some reason?

[Für Ebly] - Elby is as Elby does, y'all!

[Game I'm working on] - RockstarRaccoon displays his creative talents. So there's this raccoon, see...

[General Halp!] - I'm from the government, I'm here to help.

[good days!] - Havin' a good day? Tell us about it!

[Gravatar not changing] - Ack! Ack! *refresh refresh refresh*

[Guys I'm gonna be on vacation] - "Since when do you draw comics in advance?" "Since I'm not going to have Internet next week."

[Halloween...] - Live somewhere that celebrates Halloween? Just like to dress up in weird costumes and beg strangers for candy? Yeah.

[Happy New Year everybody!] - New Year 2009! Party Hard!

[Happy New Year everyone~] - New Year 2010: The Best Keeps Getting Better

[Happy pie day!] - Pi!

[Has a Movie ever made you cry?] - "You can never come back, you can never come baaaaaaack...!"

[hi! im new! yay!] - Part of the reason for a thread index.

[Hobbies] - What do you do in your free time? I make sure there isn't already a thread for a topic before I start a new one.

[H'oh yeah!] - You won't believe it, you just won't.

[Housepets in your style] - Do you draw? Show us your take on Grape, Peanut, and the Other Rascals!

[Housepets! IRC: Everyone is welcome!] - Except werewolves.

[I um... I drew some things] - ...some amazing and awesome things...

[Im NEEWW!] - New People: There is an intro thread.

[] - It's actually fun, if you have lively partners.

[Jokes] - If your joke gets deleted for being offensive, post it again and talk about how it's not really offensive.

[Kyderra is the awesomeness] - Worship Kyderra, for he is the only other person to draw in Housepets! style.

[Look! It's a map!!!] - A creepy, stalkery map that records your location.

[Male or Female] - See, if I start a thread, nobody can stay serious. If Alex starts a thread, everyone's too scared to derail it.

[Mass Effect 2] - Subtitle: Also, Gravity

[Kamen Rider Dragon Knight] - I see.

[Music.] - Where the trendy kids show the rest of us how irrelevant we are.

[Merry Christmas!] - Yay!

[Musicality] - Like music? Play music? Talk about it here!

[MY GOD GOOGLE BOT] - Ebly's religion is based on Google Bot.

[My apologies] - Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

[MY present/tibute I guess] - Thanks, dude.

[NaNoWriMo] - Do you NaNo? You don't? Oh. Well, then. *flees with alacrity*

[New beyblades!] - So it's some kind of animated series about a game all the kids play?

[New Gundam Series!] - Being a seven-year veteran of a Gundam forum, you'd think I'd've made an appearance in this thread.

[New Series Speculation] - There will be one.

[Not the Comic.... But other comics] - The first thread for discussing other comics. Why don't people look before making new threads?

[Now a movie] - It was, but not anymore!

[Oh hay guyz guess wut(Gaming News!)(MMO)] - None of us from the Old Days have anything positive to say about whoever it was.

[Online/Offline Gaming? Do you play any?] - Does Starfox64 Count?

[Other comics] - Because some people have lives outside of Housepets! Huh, go figure.

[Other uses of comics...] - I use them to rehabilitate sociopaths. Well. I tried to.

[OUR comics!] - Mine would be called "Joey!"

[Poetry Corner] - Real Men Write Poems.

[POLL: So... Who here's a furry?] - Surprisingly, not everyone.

[Post your computer specs!] - Because some people are Steve Jobs.

[ROBOTS ARE ATTACKING YOUR BASE (Hypothetical Scenario)] - That being the case, wanna snuggle and watch cartoons?

[Salve!] - I'd mock the author for failing to use the intro thread if the title weren't in Latin. Woo, Latin!

[Scary Moments] - ! !! !!! !!!!

[Second Annual "To Write Love on Her Arms" Day!] - Ebly does his part to spread the word about the anti-suicide day.

[shall we say, RPG?] - Yes. Yes, we shall.

[Shameless Self Promotion (Ben E. King Cover)] - Ben E. Keith is a frozen fish distributor.

[Signature rules?] - We have them?

[Snow!] - In the South, snow warrants at least one discussion thread.

[So... a book. Yeah.] - Writers abound on the Housepets! forums!

[So no comic this week . . .] - In a world without updates, Rick contemplates his future. "And the words of the prophets are written on the subway walls..."

[So this 'College' thing] - My understanding is that we were supposed to try to guess which college we each went to. Uh. There used to be a lot more university students around here.

[Social Experiment using Sims 3] - Turns out people are bad.

[Some Photoshop Work] - Looks good to me.

[Spread the love.] - The Gift that Keeps On Giving.

[Summer] - Spring, Winter, Fall.

[Tails] - He was pretty awesome, am I right?

[Tech Talk] - Discussion of Arkansas Tech University. Wait, wrong Tech? What!

[The Broke Thread] - Sinder is my homeboy. Dragon. Thing.

[The Musical Side of You] - I play euphonium. I also sing, but Ebly can attest that I do not sing well.

[THE OFFICIAL "HI MY NAME IS..."] - A.K.A. "If you start a self-introduction thread, Dissension will mock you in the index."

[The Picture Battle!!] - Now known as the First Image War, it was then called "The Picture Fight to End All Picture Fights." How naive we all were.

[The wrath of Don (CYOA)] - Everybody dies.

[There she was] - Just a walkin' down the street.

[Things i learned from the happening] - I didn't learn anything, actually. What's the happening?

[ToastyJester's RPG CYOA] - Our first attempt to adventure together. Or whatever.

[Tropes!] - Everybody Dies.

[Tundra] - Sub-Arctic Temperatures.

[Undeservedly cancelled TV shows] - Everybody dies?

[URSA Major Awards 2009] - Ew.

[VIDYA JAMES R ART] - LOL, English majors.

[Vericon 2009] - How 'bout that... Vericon...?

[Videogames, Music, Movies... Whatever!] - We now have separate threads for each, but in the old days we only had the one!

[Webcomics Weekend] - Dissension only reads Housepets! currently, so he's at a loss.

[Welcome Tread for Noobs (For New members only)] - This was literally posted right above the introductions thread.

[What are you best dreams?] - The ones about werewolves.

[What do you do for fun?] - It involves werewolves.

[What makes a story with fuzzies not "furry"?] - Could it be your intended audience?

[What to enter in Photo Contest] - Ya know what? I'm betting he doesn't need advice anymore.

[Where are you going for the Fourth of July?] - If you're not American, why not?

[Where y'all from?] - In case you didn't know, Ebly is Australian.

[Winter Sports] - For me, this consists of DDR.

[Worshippers of the mighty ALL,] - I'm told this has something to do with a band?

[woops] - Uh, you didn't see this.


[Your Earliest Memory] - YEM reminds me of yams. Get it?

[Your favorite non-alcoholic beverage?] - Anything without alcohol in it.

Note: Completion of the Housepets! Forums Index will continue following the 4th of July holiday break.

rickgriffin Wrote:
Diss is literally the Devil

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Post Re: Housepets! Forums Index: Not the Comic
[A Bit of Computer Help] - We can't all be Steve Jobs.
Who'd even like to be that jerk? I certainly don't.

[Tech Talk] - Discussion of Arkansas Tech University. Wait, wrong Tech? What!
Leave my home alone! >:U

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Post Re: Housepets! Forums Index: Not the Comic
I think a topic like this should become a sticky.

I ship Grape&Peanut and support King&Bailey

Fri Jul 02, 2010 8:12 am
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Post Re: Housepets! Forums Index: Not the Comic
I notice Ebly is mentioned a lot.

.. You cheet'n on meh, boih? >8C

Fri Jul 02, 2010 10:52 am
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Post Re: Housepets! Forums Index: Not the Comic
Dr. Prower Wrote:
I think a topic like this should become a sticky.

If it doesn't get floated, people won't know it exists, and I'll have wasted a lot of hours putting it together!

Slippery-Q Wrote:
I notice Ebly is mentioned a lot.

.. You cheet'n on meh, boih? >8C

I do not recall us being exclusive, Slip.

Also, tomorrow will see the addition of the Media Median and Forum Games forums, which will necessitate another "Easy Navigator." Yay!

rickgriffin Wrote:
Diss is literally the Devil

Tue Jul 06, 2010 10:37 pm
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Post Re: Housepets! Forums Index: Not the Comic

deviantART! 8D


Wed Jul 07, 2010 12:34 am
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Post Re: Housepets! Forums Index: Not the Comic
Dissension Wrote:
If your joke gets deleted for being offensive, post it again and talk about how it's not really offensive.

That's referring to me, isn't it?

Wed Jul 07, 2010 8:31 pm
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Post Housepets! Forums Index: Media Median Sub-Forum
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[Not the Comic] | [Media Median] | [Forum Games

[Media Median Sub-Forum]

[Art Thread] - For artin'.

[Danny Boy] - Ebly: "Everyone should listen to this." Me: "Please don't listen to this."

[Desktop Background] - Mine's currently a Nova Scotia EHS ambulance. Go figure.

[E3 2010] - Crazy kids and your video games!

[Favorite Pictures] - You should all check out my Flickr gallery. No, really.

[Favorite Videos? (Keep It under a certain level k?)] - You wouldn't believe some of the crazy stuff I've posted in there.

[Feline weightlifting] - Gag me with a spoon.

[Free avvies] - Limited Time Offer! Call in the next 10 Minutes!

[Furry-art. Searching for tutorials.] - Because not everyone is Rick Griffin.

[Housepets! Jam] - Betelgeuse!

[Housepets! ...of yours] - Stranger's a youngish feral catten that we feed from time to time.

[MegaMan - The (Fan) Moive. BETTER THAN YOU THINK!] - Like that's a difficult accomplishment.

[NationStates] - Mine have traditionally been authoritarian dictatorships.

[Neko's Signature Shop] - Rare signatures from the Qin Dynasty, even!

[Oprah's contest: Your own Show!] - I'd call it Joey! Oh, wait.

[Picture battle game !] - Why can't we have picture peace?

[Post pics of yourself.] - Phrased in the form of a command, so we have to obey.

[Rick has a microphone now] - A giggletastic development.

[Second Life (don't hurt me)] - As if any of us has a first life.

[So i have this idea for a YouTube video...] - As long as there's an EHS ambulance in it, I'm game!

[some more comics] - For discussion and sharing of other comics, sillies!

[Video of Secret US Interrogation] - This is what happens when you fail to file your flight plan with the FAA.

[[Video] Short documentary about Furry suits] - Fursuiters. Fursuiters? Fursuiters!

[What THEY do for us!] - When Animals Attack Save People

[YouTube's] - Have a YouTube account? Share your amazing videos with us!

rickgriffin Wrote:
Diss is literally the Devil

Wed Jul 07, 2010 8:52 pm
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[Not the Comic] | [Media Median] | Forum Games

[Forum Games Sub-Forum]

[Another game.] - ^<V, ^^;; When will it end!?

[Ban Hammer] - Buck, Dylan, Ebly, Foxstar, and inaki are all banned for no reason.

[Change a word!] - There was an explosion. Hands everywhere! There was an explosion. Heads everywhere!

[CHUCK NORRIS FACTS] - Chuck Norris doesn't exist.

[Corrupt a wish!] - "I wish you were dead."

[CYOA: a "Normal" life.] - "Normality" takes on a new definition. See the quotes?

[Doodle story] - It was the best story ever.

[make your stats!] - Mine were awesome!

[meowing to stuff.] - Creepy is as creepy does. Shut up!

[Nonsense Thread] - Because every other thread on the Housepets! Forums makes perfect sense.

[Nostalgia. The thread in which we reminisce about stuff] - I remember when people didn't play all these silly forum games. But I kid!

[One of two (the game)] - Murder or Supermurder?

[Quote chat!] - You're going to ruin everything!

[Riddles!] - Wordplay! No puns allowed!

[The above poster suits ...... most] - Pete

["The Bad Translator" Thread] - "Bad translator! Bad!"

[The next word!] - Pang!

[The Rating Game] - Not to be confused with The Dating Game, eh?

[The Vending Machine Game!] - If you insert Ebly, you're pretty much guaranteed to get a punch in the face.

[Things you've learned from video games.] - The guard holding the keycard always wears a slightly different color uniform than the rest of the troops.

[This job, not THAT job.] - "I'm a doctor, not a bricklayer!"

[Werewolf (Year One)] - Werewolves! Awesome!

[What's the last thing you ate?] - You wouldn't want to know.

[You know your addicted to Housepets! when...] - volunteer to make a thread index, created images for the cast page six months before Rick updated it, found and learned how to use a gallery plug-in for phpBB five months ago, and you report every post that even remotely violates the rules?

rickgriffin Wrote:
Diss is literally the Devil

Wed Jul 07, 2010 8:56 pm
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