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Bad Days... 
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Post Bad Days...
So I'm having a bad day >.< I thought we could all share bad day stories.

So most of today was fine.. until a few hours ago... I decided to make some dinner, Ramen Noodles, the college kid's gourmet meal... I put it in the pot and turned on the stove, went back to the computer...

Half an hour later my smoke alarm goes off... Now the guys that live up-stairs from me sometimes smoke inside even though they're not supposed to... and that sets of the alarms, so I was like muffins and cookies THEM! and then I was like... OH I'm a loaf of bread with no raisins.. MY RAMEN! And ran out to the kitchen, turned off the stove, slapped on an oven mitt and yanked that sucker away, I gently poured some cold water into it, then I let it rest inside another pan to cool off... GAH!

So that was that for dinner... Decided not to try again.. I walked down to the roast-beef sandwich place to get take-out... They close at 9:00..... *looks at watch* frig... 9:15... so I walk back home and order pizza... the pizza comes and I sign the receipt.. the guy turns around and walks away without another word.... oh I'm a loaf of bread with no raisins.. I forgot to write in a tip.... doesn't that mean he can write in whatever he wants? Crap... so I called Dominos and told them what happened, and they let me leave a $4 tip for him... If I find charges higher than that on my card... the district manager is getting a call!

UGH... Tuesdays....


Tue Jan 06, 2009 10:02 pm
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Post Re: Bad Days...
It's hard to remember bad days when today has shaped out to be an excellent day, thanks to massive extension on massive assignment.

Think we can make it a Good Day/Bad Day thread?

Also, how burnt was the ramen? Cause it can still be good when it's a little black.

How are all you guys doing, huh? Guys?.......guys?

Tue Jan 06, 2009 10:19 pm
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Post Re: Bad Days...
ferret, i can only hope your food fiascos go better in the future. i sympathise with the raman + fire alarm...i spaced out boiling eggs once, and came back to find an empty pot and a black husk of what i guess was once the egg.

my bad day was more a bad car ride, but it's pretty recent and fresh in my mind. plus it ...slightly relates to the current fiasco which drew most people to the forum.

day started bad because i had to fight to get some money out of the bank to buy a bus ticket. i'm rarely in this country and an ATM card to me seems just ...pointless. i have ID, i can take it out at the counter, right? well, i apparently got the snarkiest clerk in the world who got on my case, scrutinized my ID, wanted DIFFERENT ID and finally snarled that she would let me withdraw 20 measley dollars just this once...which suited me fine.

so i went, bought myself a bus ticket. both the schedual and the ticket said the bus arrived at 11.53, so i was at the stop by 11.30 drinking a tea and waiting. noon passed, and it was getting towards 12.30 when i decided to call the bus company and see if the bus was delayed. the company informed me that the bus did not in fact run that day, despite the ticket and schedual saying otherwise.

this prompted an argument when i tried to get my money back where the clerk attempted to tell me that the time on the ticket was the time i bought the ticket. which was impossible, because i was at the bus stop at that point. eventually, i did get my money back, and after some calling around managed to catch a ride home with my sibling and her friend.

and this...this is where the day gets bad.

i climb into the car and within two minutes learn three key details.

1- nobody knows the way home (but thanks to my handy dandy notebook this shouldn't be an issue)
2- the driver is a complete moron (more on this) and
3- the driver is smoking a decidedly illegal substance from a decidedly obvious glass pipe in decidedly plain view of the window.

for those who do not know, in the state of New Jersey, if one person in the car is charged with posession you are *all* charged. your bloodwork can come up clean as a whistle and you can attempt any proof of your uninvolvement you desire but in all likelyhood you are going to enjoy a night in the slammer with a year probation.

which would have effectively killed my plans to attend graduate school overseas.

so in addition to smoking this illegal substance in clear view of the window, the driver put the car on cruise control and put her feet on the dashboard, started talking on her cell phone and would randomly swerve and honk the horn whenever she was excited. we almost wound up plowed into the back of a subaru because she needed to flirt through the window at some "cute guys" in a car that pulled up beside us.

this was on the garden state parkway, mind you, where you can practically count the miles in under cover cop cars which you pass. trying to get them to stop the car and let me out was prettymuch pointless, since they thought i was joking around and being "dramatic."

somehow through a miricle we made it to the destination without being pulled over. but come to find out, not only does no one at the destination care about this, but i'm told to stop talking about it...and pay this bimbo's gas money. i'd expect that kind of reaction if it were, say, a house full of frat boys. but mine and my sibling's mother? came as a bit of a jaw dropping shocker, especially due to her intense anti-drug attitude.

i'm still upset about that. mind you i'm not straight-edged nor am i even anti-drug, but i believe there's a time and a place for everything. behind the wheel is never the time or place for drugs or alcohol, especially when you're jepordising the future and safety of others.

course, not like this bimbo cared...

do you think the girls here ever wonder how they got so pretty?
well, i do.

Tue Jan 06, 2009 11:43 pm
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