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animated shorts 
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Post animated shorts
These are my fav and I want to share with you all. It will tug your heart strings.

Wolfsong- A mother wolf breaks into a hunter's den and takes back her cub, only to find it a motionless trophy. She sings a lullaby hoping that the cub would finally sleep. [Mod Edit: Mild violence warning]

Steadfast Stanley Stanley the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is left behind in the break of an apocalypse.

The Girl and the Fox When a mysterious fox starts killing her livestock, a young girl must track him through a cold, foreboding wilderness.

Kagemono: The Shadow Folk It is the story of Beopup, a little fox who goes hunting in the woods and uncovers something rather unpleasant.

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Fri Jun 17, 2016 12:31 pm
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Post Re: animated shorts
I can now scratch "filling a pool with tears" off my bucket list.

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Sun Jun 19, 2016 1:46 pm
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Post Re: animated shorts
Some spoilers ahead for those who haven't watched

That Wolfsong short gets a lot of people crying (including me) but some outright want the hunter to suffer even after the little "heel-face turn"...Which mostly likely he is since hunting wolves and baby animals are strictly against the law in many places..that, and the fact ya know, he was MAULED by a wolf.. which is not a pleasant thing in many ways.. It is still sad as rain when it comes to performance and what it is about, but at least the wolves meet together in heaven, the hunter/?poacher is going to have a horrible time.. (Medical bill, treatment and tests for diseases, then getting hunting license, firearms, and probably his vehicle taken away, and most likely short to mid prison sentence plus fines..) So hurray for karma bitting the guy in the buttocks later and somewhat sweet ending for Mom wolf and pup!

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Sun Jun 19, 2016 2:50 pm
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Post Re: animated shorts
Oh man I have a good animated short, but unfortunately it would be neither a good idea nor in good taste to post it here. Just a little too violent, I'd assume.

Really liked Kagemono though. Brent found it for me after I gave him a short description of it since I couldn't find it myself. That was a few months back though. Wolfsong didn't really pull any tears from my face, pacing just felt wrong for it. Something just felt disconnected in it, but I can't put my finger on it. The Tale of the 3 Brothers is always a good one. My personal favorite has to be "Tales of Alethrion: The First Hero" I couldn't tell you why it's my favorite, it just is. I think it's the whole feel good story with a fantasy setting. If you like Lindsey Stirling you might like "The Gaurdian" by NeroGeist. Not as fancy an animation, but a good one nonetheless; kind of a series, but not really. You can find a lot of good ones if you start with a single short then keep going through the recommendations list. I've binged shorts for hours before, with a bowl of popcorn or some other food, makes for a really easy-going day.

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Sat Jul 02, 2016 2:16 am
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Post Re: animated shorts
Do Pixar shorts count for this thread?


Thu Aug 11, 2016 1:28 am
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