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So... a book. Yeah. 
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Post So... a book. Yeah.
I've had the idea for a furry novel for a while, and I actually wrote a few scenes before I stumbled onto this comic. After I did start reading this comic though, I started to throw myself into the task enthusiastically, and I've gotten about 30-40 rough draft pages written so far. I just wanted to get some feedback from a largely furry community and since I'm afraid of most of them... I figured here would be a safe place.

Basically, the book is a romantic comedy centering around a doctor and his co-workers. Real original, I know, but it's very different from what I usually write.

For now, here are some of the character's, made with Tony64's "Create a Fursona" game. I'm not sure whether I want to go with them having hair like they do now, or take a more pure approach, but it doesn't really matter I guess.

Jonas, a mutt, is the main character. He's sort of a . My mother dropped me when I was a child, which explains my actions entirely, and his best friend is gay. For some reason that even I don't understand, he'd prefer a salad over a steak any day, which catches him a lot of flak from his friends. He's a doctor in the ER, hence the lab coat thing. (If you can't tell, he's modeled after my avatar, except he's not as steampunk.)

Aria, a black cat with a tuft of white fur on her chest, is Jonas's girlfriend. The story more or less opens with the two of them meeting in the hospital where he works, she being one of his patients who is to be discharged shortly.

Eric, a husky, is Jonas's best friend, and also an ER doctor. He has just come out about his sexuality a few weeks/months before the story opens, and Jonas is still uncomfortable with it. He loves to tease Jonas about everything, especially his unusual diet.

Adrian, a gray wolf, is Eric's new boyfriend. He quickly and easily falls in with the rest of the group. He is a pediatrician.

Al, whose real name is William but everyone calls him Al, is an appaloosa horse and just generally a really swell guy. He's outgoing, funny, and charismatic. Haven't decided what sort of doctor he's going to be. (I know he looks like a teenager in the picture and that he doesn't have a tail, but he's actually around thirty and does have one.)

Karen, a squirrel with dyed-pink fur, is a nurse and a mutual friend of everyone. She loves to gossip. (She isn't supposed to look like a hippy.)

Jake is a gecko who also works in the ER, and is sort of friends with Jonas. He loves to sneak up on Jonas, and is a little off. (Picture looks horrible, but it was the best I could do.)

I realize that three of the names start with 'A,' and no names start with a letter that comes after 'J' except for Al's, kinda. It bugs me too, and I'll probably change some of them.

What a beautiful waste-
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Post Re: So... a book. Yeah.
How 'bout them Cowboys!

What a beautiful waste-
hangnail whispering, "Let's be lonely together."

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Post Re: So... a book. Yeah.
what about the Longhorns? lol...
sounds like a good series to me.

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