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Spirit Animals? 
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Post Spirit Animals?
(I know that a lot of people have spirit animals, and i was curious about everyone else.)
Post your spirit animal and don't forget to mention its symbolic purpose:

My spirit animal is the CENTIPEDE: The sign of the Warrior

Profile: The centipede is an animal that is constantly on the prowl for violent creatures as a caster of vengeance. much like the snake, they are crafty and always seem to have what they need, especially when they really need it...more uniquely; they are fast and ruthless hunters that rarely let opportunities pass them up. with so many species of this insect in the world, people with the centipede spirit tend to have large families

Whats's yours?

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Post Re: Spirit Animals?
Another reason to explain why this little miscreant is on my shoulder.

My Spirit Animal is the MOUSE: The Sign of Awareness

"You have a gift for paying attention to the minutest of details in everything your do. You can easily discern which details are the important ones and which one do not need your attention. Your heightened awareness of your surroundings allows you to spot danger long before others around you. You also tend to be rather timid or shy in time of stress. Your temerity does not go unrecognized by yourself however and is often compensated for by your adaptability and determination."

And for more information: I can walk, looking down at my phone, and still navigate without hitting anything or anyone. I always try to get things to look like they would in my head when drawing, right down to a hair spike. I can hear a speeding car before it ever turns the corner. I can't stand it when everyone claims me as, "The Smartest One In Class", and then expect me to answer everything.

Here are all my characters. Here are their voice claims.

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Post Re: Spirit Animals?
My spirit animal is the Wolf. Don't know what sign it is though.

Characteristics: Sharp intelligence, deep connection with instincts, trust or lack thereof in someone or in yourself

Spirit Animal Profile: The wolf offers some of the most striking animal meanings in the realm of spirit animals. The power of the wolf brings forth instinct, intelligence, appetite for freedom, and awareness of the importance of social connections. This animal can also symbolize fear of being threatened and lack of trust. When the wolf shows up in your life, pay attention to what your intuition is telling you.

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Post Re: Spirit Animals?
Really not sure what mine is. I got to go and get tested.

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Post Re: Spirit Animals?
Mine is a Phoenix. Hot, angry and whatnot and always recreating himself.

Sat May 23, 2015 11:48 am
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