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Pet Friendly: Mt.Morris OOC 
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Post Pet Friendly: Mt.Morris OOC
How best to describe Mt.Morris? I guess a general location might help. In central Michigan about 30 miles outside of Flint, lies a town. It is a small town, and often overlooked. Its a town where the word Yooper and Troll don't get tossed around, but the pre-conceived notions of a more Canadian-like Upper Peninsula are common. It's a quaint little town, mostly revolved around small town drama. Due to it's proximity to Flint, it may be one of the less attractive towns to live in. Though the residents of this town are very loyal, and as such, the kids are the same. It's the kind of place, after you leave, you don't realize how good it was, until your gone. But where did Mount Morris come from? Well ironically enough, it came from New York.

Back in the late 1800's a group of settlers, coming from New York, had settled in the area now known as Mt.Morris. They had also come from villages and cities in New York, but many lived in another Mt.Morris. Intending to keep the name, for familiarity, or some other reason is unknown, they named it Mt.Morris as well.Ironically enough, the town in New York named Mt.Morris, was near an actual Mountain Morris. In Michigan however, there was no such Mountain, with the mountains mainly in the Upper Peninsula. This would puzzle many children, whom would learn from various sources about the origins of the name, for generations to come. As such zoning was placed and all that fun stuff. So Fast forward to 1970's. This when the city began to expand. It expanded, because of its proximity to Flint, whom at the time was experiencing a boom in manufacturing jobs. Of course, when the Auto industry fell out, many also moved out of houses, and left many houses on the market. Unlike Flint however, they were not plagued by foreclosed houses, but eventully people did come to the town once again. Although, they never were able to build up to its former glory. Now, a contractor has added a new suburb to the city, and with the help of the City Council, they allowed the town to become Pet Friendly. It wasn't a big change in reality. Pets were already common among the general populace. In fact, you'd be hard pressed not to find some pet or another on every street. The new suburb attracted many new people, as well as the Pet Friendly label. Though the old city folk were stubborn, and hated to see another suburb built when plenty of housing was available in the many streets of the city. Of course, there were plenty of places for the pets to mingle as well. And this is where our story begins, with a meeting of old and new pets.

This is an actual town, and the location is described pretty accurately. As such, if you look for a map of it, you should have no trouble finding it, considering you have the time. I am from this town, born and raised. When I moved, I realized how sheltered I'd been, but also how lucky I was. As such, you may write this off, as me trying to re-discover my nostalgia of this place. Although, I think I may have accidentally romanticized it a bit. Ah well, better to have the best memories. As such, in re-discovering nostalgia, I realized it'd be the perfect place for HP! roleplay, considering many in the town had pets. There are several places of importance of which I will mention in the next section.

Locations(Actual Locations)
Elizabeth Ann Johnson High School
As any big town, the football games are pretty important. Mt.Morris is no exception. Although they weren't the best team, they were usually good enough to defeat there rivals, but usually lost a game or 2. Before the Pet Friendly tag, pets had not been allowed, but know they get to the game any chance they get.

Round School
The Middle school, named the Round School, due to the main hallway going in a big circle, with classes on the outside of the circle. This is where a giant field resides next to, and where the Middle Schoolers have there football practice. When not preoccupied, the field may be used to host a game of pick-up football.

Kids Kingdom
Despite the name, this is where many older kids hang out, though usually not the sort you want to hang around with. Although some decent kids do stop by. Another field lies west of it, which usually hosts some soccer games. A favorite game played is "woodchip tag" in which you cannot touch the wood chips on the ground, and basically a game of tag with that rule. If you touch the woodchips your "it".

The Forest
West of the city lies The Forest. It doesn't have a proper name, although it probably doesn't need one. Many High Schoolers host parties in a clearing in the forest, with a big bonfire to end the school year, by burning everything they don't need(Paper's pencils ect). Although sometimes The Forest is used for more devious things, it remains a popular hang out.

The Pond
A place where teens and pets also hang out. It isn't that good of a swimming hole, though fish may be caught here, and its a spot for some people just to relax. Not many people know it exists, and the few who do, tend to keep it secret, unless it comes up in general conversation.

McDonalds, Taco Bell, and Dairy Queen
3 places spaced equally apart, and usual hangout for teens and pets. Usually on an afternoon, you can find at least several students just hanging around the McDonalds, and the same if it's hot day, at Dairy Queen. Taco Bell is the least popular, though there food is no less loved.

Town Square
In the town square resides a number of shops including: Marks Places, Mikes Barbershop, and a store who switches owners and themes every so often.

Marks Place
Remember when your grandfather says things cost a nickle that are now a dollar? Marks place is one of the few places left that offer candy at very cheap prices, around a dime usually. They have several arcade machines, that were obviously bought in the 70's and have never been refurbished or prettied up. The counter clerks are usually agressive, for no apparent reason.

Mike's Barbershop
Mike is probably the coolest guy you'll meet. Besides a great haircut, he is a good and loyal person. If you need advice, he'd be the guy to turn to, whether your pet or human. He usually has some candy in a bucket, and for a dollar, some chocolate. Advice is free of course. Though very few know about his shop, or how good the man is, he has many regulars that keep his business alive(Usually an older clientele).
(True life story, this guy saved me from a beating from some random group of kids...They tried to make cross the street, and I ignored them, and they kept following me, and I broke into a run, and they started chasing after me. I ran into his store, and he asked what the problem was, and I explained the situation. He went out there and yelled at those kids like no other...Even knew one of their mothers... Needless to say, this is when I first met Mike, and I've been indebted to him since then. And none of those kids messed with me again :))

Unknown Shop
This shop continually changes hands, because the businesses that buy it always fail. By far the best business to own it, was a restaurant, that made some pretty good doughnuts and other food goods. But now, it remains unused, and rumors spread that its bad luck, and that's why no ones bought it lately.

Some useful info
As previously stated, these are real, and do exist. However, the fiction behind them, may be altered, if it is in the best interest of the roleplay. If you go looking for a map, you most likely not see these landmarks, but I may have a map up soon. Also, 90% of all the places described can be walked to from most points in the city. Also, most pets will probably reside in the new suburb, to keep people together and whatnot ;), though with my permission, you may be in one of the outlying suburbs, being in an older neighborhood.

So you may apply a regular CS when you want, and if we get a good amount of people(around 7-12), we will begin! I will have my CS tomorrow, since all my writing effort went into this today :L.


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Post Re: Pet Friendly: Mt.Morris OOC
I'm sorry, but as interesting as this idea is, we aren't accepting new RPs at the moment. On top of that, you didn't ask for permission. We have rules for a reason. Besides, we just accepted Exotic Acres about a week back. Focus on filling the old stuff before establishing new stuff.

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