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Author:  FunkyChickenFace [ Wed Jul 07, 2010 11:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Dark Tendencies of Life Main OOC

Welcome to "Dark Tendencies of Life", the nittier, gritter Housepets! Role play

Note that "DT" or "Dark Tendencies" will hereafter be used for ease of typing.
OUR IRC: #DarkTendencies

Game Master (me, unless otherwise specified, also acronym = GM) has authority over the entire system. PM me for room making requests and major issues over the rules in each room. MY WORD IS FINAL, unless you can bring up a VERY good point. Feel free to make points until I shut you down, though.
Room Moderators (RMs) control each individual room.
Players control each character.

The basic premise of "Dark Tendencies" is the exploration of the much darker and grittier side of the Housepets! Universe. Just because some places are Pet Friendly doesn’t mean that their nice. You make a character as per the system below and engage in adventures with the other Player Characters, though they are now not light-hearted and funny but can actually drastically effect the lives and attitudes of your character. Rebelling against an Oppressive Dictatorship, for example. While there will be times where life is happy, these are not the majority of the time.

KEEP IN MIND that intense play is NOT NECESSARY. You could RP inner-city Chicago if you wanted.

In all cases, Rick’s comic canon is the base for each scenario, though the setting will be altered. The main point is to have fun and do whatever the room’s premise is. Rick’s characters do NOT make appearances in these RPs.

Furthermore, note that while this is an action-adventure style RP, this is not going to be Fight-scene after fight-scene after fight-scene. That sort of thing is reserved for IRC. This will be done almost entirely over the Forums. Repeat: This RP will be on the Forums almost entirely, exceptions excluded.

Exceptions: Reasons for an IRC chat would be if you and another character are having an entirely one-on-one conversation or if you are writing a one-on-one fight scene. Anything that involves more than three people should be worked out on the Forums.

Allowed: Explosions, blood in small quantities, broken bones, stabbing, throwing people off roofs, action-moves (Jet Li Kung Fu, etc.), flamethrowers, ad-hoc and legitimate weapons (from brooms to cross-bows) Armor, action gear (traps, ropes, grappling hooks, NVGs, etc.), evil characters, evil henchmen, Weapons of Mass Destruction. Any body who sustains a heavy injury is assumed to be unconscious unless the Player kills off the character

Disallowed: Excessive Gore (Ripping out intestines, caving in skulls, etc.), anything breaking the Forum Rules, excessively lengthy combat (fight scenes should not take six pages to conclude unless they are of the Epic Boss Fight type), Deus Ex Machina (“Suddenly, a giant mecha appeared to fight the bad-guy!”).


THERE IS VIOLENT DEATH, BUT IT WILL BE RESERVED FOR CHARACTER KILL OFF. If a character is completely failing, they may die spectacularly, but it must be A) In an at least mostly heroic or epic fashion, B) Not involve complete dismemberment and other such heavily gory things, C) Not involve any of the prohibited items or events, D) be initiated by the player who owns the character.



RP rooms will have a set premise of their own (Take Over the World, Steal the Greatest Treasure Ever, Viva la Revolution, etc.) and decide their own fates. While some rooms may be following traditional neighborhood format, I left room for people to form, say, Sly Cooper style groups for RPing. This includes the Main Plot, Side Quests, NPCs, Weaponry, Equipment, Environment, and Other Miscellaneous. These will be discussed individually below.

Main Plot: The Main Plot will be loose and modular, meaning that it can change in a heartbeat. The Main Plot MUST follow the premise set by the Room Moderator (RM) unless otherwise approved. For example, if your RM has set a premise of “Steal the Treasure” but you start RPing a plot involving starting a revolution, that is a fail. EXCEPTIONS: If the plot change can contribute successfully to the premise. Taking the same example, if the revolution distracts the National Government of Iran and you are able to steal the Really Ancient Textbook for Furniture that’s worth several million dollars because of the revolution, then the revolution is an appropriate plot sequence. YOU MUST MAKE THIS CLEAR, or the RM has the authority to crush your plot into oblivion. MAKE SURE that you alert me in the OOC and I give the go ahead, I don’t want anything that breaks the Forum Rules.

Side Quests: Players and RMs can hold a referendum for various side quests. Helping old ladies across the street, killing some bandits, etc. Do this for the lulz or for the money, but the point is for it to be a bit of fun to get away from the gritty plot for awhile.

NPCs: Players can create Non-Player Characters to facilitate the plot. NPCs are NOT ways to “save the day”. If you write yourself into a corner, have the floor collapse or something, but DO NOT have a character save you all.

Miscellaneous: Basically, things the room comes up with to determine a “canon” and “not canon”.

Joining is simple! Make a character using the below template and mind the rules, then find a room with extra space!

Character Rules:
1. Have a reasonably pronounceable and easy to type name. Acceptable: Matt. Unacceptable: !Xobile (click-Bi-lay)
2. Character type: Main or Guest. Main characters are who you usually RP. Guest characters are characters that pop in as Deus Ex Machinas and other plot sequences.
3. Species. Anything that can be domesticated. Ferrets, parrots, a sugar baby, just provide a Wiki link to show that it can be domesticated. Animals that cannot be domesticated and sold in pet stores (ie: Bears, Tigers, Lions, etc.) can NOT BE USED.
4. Age. 1 human year = 3.5 animal years. Small animals (sheep, hamsters, etc.) convert 1 human year = 7 animal years.
5. Room. This can be a Neighborhood (exe: Yorkshire Fields), an Operation (exe: The Cooper Gang), a lair (exe: The Batcave), a Region (Gondor), or Other (make it up!). These ideas are NOT BINDING, but any Room must follow the basic premise above.
6. Appearance. Pretty self explanatory. Provide enough details to allow us to fully visualize the character without overloading. You will need to provide at least the following: Fur color, collar appearance, and gear they are wearing with associated coloration.
7. Personality. This will form the core of your interactions in the Rooms. If your character is crazy, then it will do crazy things like blow up an orphanage for kicks (which is also illegal in the Forum, so DON’T DO IT).
8. Random Notes. Trivia about the character. Have fun with this.
9. Weaponry: Weaponry can be key in Extreme Ways. Due to the darker and grittier style, weaponry can commonly become important. Individual rooms will have their own rules, such as brooms for the Mashed Potato Men from Mars room and katanas for the Feudal Japan room.
10. Equipment: Equipment is similarly important. It determines how the characters will interact with the environment and conduct action-adventure style movements. Again, individual rooms will have their own rules, with the MPMfromM room equipped with Space suits and such while the Feudal Japan room will have ninja-suits. Don’t forget that explosives are available at all times as long as it’s canon for the room.

Used with permission from Vault-Tec, the SPECIAL trait organization system assigns point values to your traits of Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck. Maximum 10 and minimum 2. You have 42 points to distribute among the traits.

1. Strength: physical ability to move things, carry loads, and punch people in the face. 2 = a mouse. 10 = Can Carry a Heavy Machinegun Without Issue
2. Perception: the amount that you are related to Legolas in LotR. IE: your ability to see things in the distance as well as your ability pick up on body language and such. 2 = Uber-nerd without glasses. 10 = Legolas
3. Endurance: Your HP. 2 = Mario in Super Mario Bros. 10 = The ability to get an arm chopped off and go “whatevs”.
4. Charisma: Your ability to influence people, whether that be romance or outright lying. 2 = Ugly Betty. 10 = The World’s Most Interesting Man.
5. Intelligence: the amount that you are related to Einstein. 2 = Brain Damaged. 10 = Einstein.
6. Agility: the amount that you are related to Shawn Johnson or Nastia Liukin. 2 = Unable to walk without tripping. 10 = Shawn Johnson or Nastia Liukin.
7. Luck: the amount that you are related to Joy Toye during the Battle of Brecourt Manor. For those who don’t know, Joe survived two grenades going off under his freaking butt without a scratch. THAT is luck. 2 = Walk out door and bash face into said door. 10 = Joy Toye at Brecourt Manor.

Small animals (ie: mice, hedgehogs, etc.) take a -2 hit to either Strength or Endurance. Animals with special abilities such as flight and echolocation (among others) only have 36. The ability will make up for it.


Finally: go take the quiz at the following link. If you score 20 or below, you’re fine. Otherwise, rework your character to get below that score. I CAN TELL IF YOU FUDGED IT.

(The following is based off of but modified from rules originally penned down by Brittles and Buckdida. Mad Props to those two for being such BAs. Anything that looks or sounds quoted probably was.)

Young animals, such as pups, cut either their strength or endurance by half (rounding down) and neither of those stats may be above 7, and their intelligence can not be above 5. Young animals simply have not had enough time in the world to develop their bodies and minds. (Ages younger than 10.5 years old/3 human years)

Old animals can not have agility or endurance scores above 4. Old age simply slows people down. (Ages older than 70/20 human years)

SPECIAL points must be whole. You can’t split them (i.e. S-4.5 P-5.5 E-6.5 etc).

You may only have up to two main characters. Secondary minor characters, such as humans or other random pets, are allowed, but their involvement should be minimal. The reason is simple: Too many pets = not enough character development = blowing things up instead of actually RPing.

Guest Characters: So, sometimes, you get an idea for a new character, or you want to have someone who's part of your main character's backstory show up. With a character limit of two, what do you do?

Make a guest!

--Players have two main characters which are played at all times.
--Players have one guest character slot
--You can have a pool of 3 guest characters to swap between (bringing your total characters up to 5)
--Players can swap out the guest at the start of each arc, and only then.
--"Strike Characters" are characters that are only used ONCE, but do not add to your guest character pool. They take up the guest character slot when used.
--Guest and Strike Characters are NOT WAYS TO GET OUT OF BINDS. You wrote yourself into one. You must suffer the consequences.

RP Rules: These rules are incanted to ensure that everyone has fun, and that everyone participates in the community as a whole. There’re the forum rules and house rules. Pay attention to both, or you could risk being reprimanded. I’m sorry, but these things are necessary!

Dark Tendencies will operate on an almost Zero Tolerance policy. Seriously, I do NOT want the entire Mod Posse descending on me for one of you guys doing something stupid. I will PM you ONCE. Then I will report you. End of Discussion.

Forum Rules: These rules have to do with the community as a whole. Check the main forum rules thread. All regular forum rules apply here as well. The following are special reminders for rules that have been broken in the past.

-The forum is rated PG-13: Stay within that limit for ALL of Extreme Ways related things, or you will be removed from the RP and given a warning.

-Swearing: If and when your character might swear, self censor all of it, or the mods (especially Buckdida) will get annoyed.

-Politics: It’s flamebait, pure and simple. However, this is an extreme gray area, as characters could have political ideals, particularly with pet rights. In context of the pets and comic, it can drive an entire arc if done well (Communists V. Captialists, for example). Done badly (Obamacare V. Private Sector, for example) will engage the Almost Zero Tolerance Policy.

-Stay in good standing: I will assume that you aren’t a total butt (where butt = a swearword starting with B). If I receive news that you ARE being a total butt, you will be banned from the RP. If you return, I or the RM has the authority to report you and possibly get you banned from the Forums.

House Rules: Rules added so that the RP runs smoothly.

-Stay canon!: Stay on genre in your rooms, and remember that Housepets! is still Nirvana and Rick is still the Buddha.

-RP canon is IC thread: Story and character development and interaction is only "real" in your "In Character" thread. Anything that might be done elsewhere is considered "non-cannon" and does not affect the IC thread or its story.

-Mind the stat gap: The stats for your character are more of a guideline then a hard set rule. However, this does not give you an excuse to godmod or powergame with your character. Mind your limits…and mind what a stat 10 and a stat 2 can do before you take them.

One stat is not a replacement for another: Keep in mind that something such as luck is no replacement for any other stat. Your luck 10 is not going to help your strength 2 when you’re tying to push a car! Perhaps you might be able to get good footing in the mud to push it out, but that thing still isn’t going to budge…without the help of another character, that is.

Character control: When you’re fighting someone, you can’t go: “I punched” and wait for the other guy to go “I punched back”. The character control limits are ONLY off for combat scenes and ONLY for exchange of blows. You MUST keep the other character IN CHARACTER. ANY attempt to make the other man lose for the lulz will cause you to be reported.

Acceptable Example:
“Frank pulled a Right-hand Reverse Back Chop and impacted Luke’s face with enough force to break his nose. With a yell of pain, Luke recoiled, waving his arms for balance, before returning fire.”

Wait for the next post.

Avoid scripting: Some scripting is okay…like brainstorming ideas of where you want the current scenario to go. Otherwise, plotlines and plotholes can emerge when characters you can’t control don’t stick to the script you set for them. While this is a work of fiction, let's avoid using the cop out, "A wizard did it."

No crossovers in the IC threads: The time-space continuum is breakable only WITHIN any one thread.

Participate in the entirety of the forums: There are two other main boards; use them! Please make an effort to interact with the community beyond the RP when you can. While this is more of a suggestion than an actual rule, remember that this is a webcomic community, not a roleplaying one! Be sure to comment on the comic and emerge from the Roleplaying cave every now and again!

Addendum For Catnip and Other Such Things: Catnip has appeared before in the comic, and thus, is okay to use in the RP in great moderation, though should more often than not be avoided (might be hard to avoid at parties though, and occasionally, people eat the wrong things by mistake). This means there may be no severe addicts allowed. Furthering that, Alcohol is simply NOT allowed. If it MUST be there, use the creative equivalent: Catnip Tea. Again, no "tea-aholics," or anything similar. Treat Anise, the catnip equivalent for dogs, the same way. If anyone mentions smoking, it is automatically catnip or anise depending on the pet. (Or perhaps ferrotone.) Mind that any other substance is not allowed, and warnings can be issued if they are brought up.

Posting Organization:
This is the main OOC. Here, you post character sheets, organize new neighborhoods, and ask general questions about Extreme Ways. However, nothing else is allowed here. If found, it will simply be ignored.

However, the will be a OOC for each neighborhood, in which you can discuss and comment on plot, ask questions to other RP’ers, and do some light scripting if necessary. If someone wants to do something…radical, shall we say, with the neighborhood, (like a time skip, or dropping an arc and ending it early) it must be put to a vote in the relevant OOC!

Of course, there are then the different In Character, or IC threads…differentiated by their neighborhood name. This is where you post for your character! Make sure you post in the right neighborhood, as mentioned in your character sheet.
Do not make OOC only posts in the IC threads. That’s what the OOC is for.

If you have a problem with another player, try to discuss your problem with them, and work it out. If you can't, then contact me (FunkyChickenFace) via PM.

Players can interact more easily with your characters if you put a link to your character sheet and stats in your signature. This is entirely optional.

Some players complain that, "They can't seem to get their foot in the door." The answer to this is quite simple: Take your character and force him/her to interact with another character! Jump on someone! Attack them! FI-AH YO’ LAZAR!!!!


Each point you assign to Endurance will equal ten points of health. So an individual with Endurance +4 will have 40 HP. You lose five HP for each weak hit, 10 for each hard hit, 20 for each Crippling Hit (ie: break a kneecap), and ½ your health for each “head shot”.

Damage is based off the adjectives used, the body part being attacked, and the stat points used.
For example: “Mike smashed his shovel into Tom’s skull (Mike’s Str = 8).”
With the combination of the adjective “smash”, the fact that it’s Tom’s skull, and Mike’s Strength of 8, this would be counted as a “head shot”.



After much discussion with Buckdida, RockstarRaccoon, and other experienced GMs, I've decided to ditch the combat system. It's up to the RMs of each room to come up with a combat system on their own. By default, rooms will run on "free form". IE: The moderator watches to make sure the fight doesn't get out of hand or outside of a character's abilities. Again: Deus Ex Machina is NOT ALLOWED.


Buckdida, for being my mentor. Seriously. There is no way in a blue moon that this could have even got to here without Buckdida’s guidance. Over the course of two weeks, Buckdida has patiently guided me through the steps of writing these rules without freaking out (much).

Neko, Rubin, CY_Law, and some other people from the #BsM channel on mIRC. Those formulas you see up there? Those were their ideas. Buckdida helped too, but these guys all contributed massively. They formed ideas and launched them in rocket ships while Buck pointed them in the right direction and I caught them.

Buckdida again, simply because he was that awesome.

I can’t think of anyone else, so THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT.

IF I MISSED ANYBODY. Please PM me and I’ll add you to the Acknowledgments. Seriously, you’re help was important.


Yorkshire Fields: Follows a more traditional Neighborhood Format. In essence, you live in a city that is not only expanding rapidly and encroaching on the wild, it's also ruled by an iron-fisted company called BIZMART CO. Expect fast posting rates, possibly with multiple pages a day. That's why the IRC is so useful. Try and survive, kiddies.
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Author:  FunkyChickenFace [ Wed Jul 07, 2010 11:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Dark Tendencies of Life Main OOC

Example Character Sheet and My Character for Yorkshire:

Name: Gordy Freeman
Species: Cat (Brown Tabby)
Age: 9 years, 31.5 human years

Room: Yorkshire Fields

Gordy is your stereotypical brown tabby appearance. No real distinguishing features except that he’s always seen wearing a pair of glasses. It was a really good Christmas present and Gordy’s managed to make them somehow industructable. He also tends to wear a lab-coat or other long-coat-like-thing.

On the OTHER hand…

Gordy has a rather unique personality. He’s either quiet and soft-spoken or sarcastic, snarky, and caustic. It depends on his mood. Which fluctuates rather rapidly. Gordy is also a intentionally vague visage Bookworm in that he can do unholy things with a crowbar and PVC piping. He’s a fan of explosions but thinks that the one K-Bar guys is overly enthusiastic of them.

-Other Notes-
Gordy, as mentioned, is very skilled with the application of a crowbar. He’s done MANY things involving escapes and bashing of heads with his crowbar, which is a special pet-sized one. Gordy is also an engineer by trade, and as such is able to solve fairly complex problems and do many things with PVC to solve said problems.

Favorites list:

Favorite artist – Billy Joel
Favorite food – Red Curry
Favorite activity – Building Potato Guns
Motto: “When in doubt, bash it with a crowbar.”


Strength: 6
Perception: 6
Endurance: 4
Charisma: 4
Intelligence: 8
Agility: 7
Luck: 5

Author:  Neko [ Wed Jul 07, 2010 11:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Dark Tendencies of Life Main OOC

Name - Jake (Page was his human last name)

Gender- Male

Species - Wolf

Age - 19 in pet years (would be 5 in human years) (This is very debatable, my reasoning being he was 19 as a human, so he'd be 19 in pet years)

Room- Yorkshire

Appearance - Jake has all dark gray fur except the lighter gray fur around his muzzle and torso. He stands a little over 5 feet tall, his muscles can be seen bulging underneath his fur. He has green eyes and wears a black collar.

Personality - Jake is kind of a blank slate, after he lost his memories. He is friendly and kind to other pets, but he does have a bit of a temper if you get him angry enough.

Back Story: (Warning, SPOILERS)
Jake was not always a wolf, but he doesn't remember that now. He used to be the child everyone felt bad for. The kid that grew up in a orphan house, the one who was to old to be wanted by another family. He grew up in that home, and graduated from high school. The home wouldn't support him for much longer so he got a job so he'd be able to afford a place when he got kicked out. When he became 19 he was told he could no longer stay, so he started renting a small apartment downtown. The kind where its one bath,a small kitchen, and a bedroom. One night when he was walking back to his apartment from work he ran into a strange figure. Now Jake wakes up in a strange neighborhood as a wolf with his memories gone. The only reason he remembers his name is from the tag that hangs from his collar.

Other Notes -

Str = 9
Per = 7
End = 6
Cha = 4
Int = 8
Agl = 5
Luk = 3

Author:  FunkyChickenFace [ Wed Jul 07, 2010 11:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Room Board


Yorkshire Fields: Follows a more traditional Neighborhood Format. In essence, you live in a city that is not only expanding rapidly and encroaching on the wild, it's also ruled by an iron-fisted company called BIZMART CO. Expect fast posting rates, possibly with multiple pages a day. That's why the IRC is so useful. Try and survive, kiddies.
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Author:  Rubin [ Wed Jul 07, 2010 11:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Dark Tendencies of Life Main OOC

EDIT:Im gonna strip away the spoiler tags as other chars realise what they are, cause it wont be a spoiler anymore. that stuff needs to be found in my spoiler feild.

Rubin Wrote:
Keeth Analdur

For KFC’s new RP, Extreme Ways
Occupation: Student
Age: 11 (3.1 human)
Gender: Male
Race: Arctic Fennec Fox
Height: 3’ (metric on request!)
Weight: 78 lbs (metric on request!)
Eyes: his eyes shift between blue and green, depending on the lighting.

General Appearance:

A pale grey fur coats his body, except his feet, witch are covered in black fur up to the ankles. His has longer, hair like fur on his head. It is silver, with an underlying layer of white, and often has the scent of citrus fruit. (Lemon lime is his favorite) and his hair is silky smooth because of shampoo and soaps.
He wears it just past his shoulders, often in a ponytail (10” - 13” (Metric on request)).

He has large silver tipped ears that point perpendicular to his head and a big fluffy black tipped tail. He likes baggy pants (usually cargo), with a T-shirt and button up shirt. On any given day, you may see him in black cargo pants, a dark Tee, and a brightly colored camper (When you roll up the sleeves, you can button them up).
His face holds the boyish charm of youth, but still shows the cold emotions that the world has thrust upon him. Image Cute hunh?

9” and 12” daggers. Each about an inch thick, tapering to a point. The grip is 4” from the blade. They are sheathed with leather bindings in the leg pockets of his pants. He bought them from a pawnshop.

Armor: (section included for posterity.) NONE YET (Cotton!)

OH EM GEE SO MANY SPOILERS! I’m going to cut this down considerably, for the sake of sanity, and for others to resist the temptation of ruining it.
I am going to start this one with a short explanation of energy.

Energy is the universal force that ties all living things together, and is generated by life. It can be transferred between entities.

Limits: Using colored energy (including light and dark) takes energy from your body. Using too much at a time can give the same effects of not eating for a day. The exception is Null. Energy cannot consistently move a stationary object. If you loose all of your energy (by using it or having it taken from you), you will be incapacitated and in some cases, even die.

Rubin, in a PM to KFC Wrote:
as for the energy, think of it as alternative to Chi, similar concept, different physics. it wouldn't be Fireballs, so much as little pockets of disrupted space.
Seen Harry Potter? Imagine walking through a ghost, and what that must feel like. its a weird feeling, right? like your limbs might go to sleep?
Its probably not gonna kill, but it feels like your touching whatever element of energy just passed through you. you may feel like your on fire, and you will defiantly heat up, but your probably not going to get burned by it without an object to charge it through.

However, it can be used in other creative and useful ways. If its a disruption, then the energy naturally cultivated in other people is a disruption too, and thus is detectable. by spreading tendrils of energy, one might be able to sense another person, like a spider dose the fly on her web.

Passive defense: In most people, energy emanates from the body without the person realizing, dispersing into the air were it collides with the Null energy. Keeth subconsciously bends this energy so it forms a second skin around him, giving slight deflective properties for projectiles (Projectiles with less momentum) and weaker spells (directional or small area of effect spells).
A crude representation.
Think of the deflection as a magnetic repulsion. if a negative is shot past a stationary negative, the moving one will curve out of the way. so I suppose that the proper word is momentum. something with less momentum then a bow with a 50 pound draw (black) will be deflected enough to miss, the above mentioned arrow (pink) may nick him, and most things that are bigger and faster (red) wont see much effect at all.

Passive absorption (future possibility): Some energy users can passively absorb some of the energy that is deflected off the passive defense.

Manipulation of energy: Keeth can manipulate energy into various shapes outside of his body, into semi tangible objects, like swords and other objects. These can be overlaid onto existing objects, like his daggers, or released from a punch to disrupt the opponents’ energy flow. This can put them off balance momentarily, and prevent mana users from casting spells properly. Released energy from a strike does need to make contact, but the strike its self does not. It is the energy that maters.

Energy is ethereal. A normal object cannot stop it. This gives a penetrating effect for all energy-biased attacks affecting the energy in an opponent directly. It can go through non-magical armor shields and can permeate through 2 inches of solid granite. Stretched through the air, it could affect things from 7 yards away before loosing its potency. However, the farther it is stretched it is, the thinner its effect will be. The longer the distance, the more it is stretched. It can also be thrown about 10 yards without dissipating. This means that Keeth could disrupt the flow of energy in the opponent with a well-aimed Force Palm.
It takes about 10 seconds to charge a energy ball for throwing

His unarmed combat style is based on constant motion; “If he can’t touch me, he can’t hurt me” he tries to set off his opponent by continuously changing directions.

Although he is relatively weak, he can still do substantial damage to an opponent due to his training in karate.

He is rather inexperienced. The only people he has fought were members of his dojo and neighborhood children. People who have a unusual fighting style may throw him off guard.

Other: Keeth's Unarmed fighting involves quick jabs(improving his range at the sacrifice of power), and powerful palms, (improving power, at sacrifice of range) as a method of keeping his balance on a miss.

Keeth is a bubbly, ‘Happy-go-lucky’ type. He is generally smiling, because he realizes that if anything goes wrong, it is just ‘water under the bridge’. One of his favorite quotes is “I do not fear tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I live today.” - Anomalous.
It is because of this mentality that he is able to forgive people easily.

Likes: Fishing, sparing, poetry, videogames and Artistic Seminary
Dislikes: Humans, politicians, television, injustice, guns

Fears: Death, destruction of nature
Virtues: He has a mild sense of justice that causes him to try to prevent others from wrongdoing.
Vices: Despite his virtues, he is not above theft.

S-5 P-6 E- C-6 I-7 A-9 L-2
Note: charisma -3 when interacting with humans, replaced with a strength +2 (anger) and an agility +1 (adrenaline). this is caused by his hatred of humans.

Bio: With heavy spoilers! Don’t read if you can’t forget!

Keeth’s father was killed in a raid. Of Corse, his mother would never tell him that. When he asked her about him, she just looked at him with a teary smile and replied, “He is gone for today, and wont be back tomorrow. Perhaps he will come another day.
That was when he was 4, and every other day after that He would ask the same question and the same answer would always return. After two years, his mother decided it was time to move on, and enrolled him in a mixed Karate class. From his first session, he was hooked. It was all he could talk about. It seemed like he had forgotten about his father.
Wile in this class, he made very few friends, and he would soon forget about most of them, except for one.
He was a human boy who was only a week older then Keeth. His name was Eduran. On the surface, the two couldn’t be more different on the outside, but they had the same personality. They could even tell you what the other was thinking. From the day they met, they were inseparable, and for a long time, it stayed this way.
On Keeth’s 8th birthday, a new girl moved in to the house across from his. Attracted by the merriment, she found herself at the front door, turning the knob. Wandering in, Keeth was the first she spotted. She saw that Keeth had a pleasant, warm aura. Smiling, she crept in further, only to see Eduran from behind. His aura was cold and misleading. She shied away, but before she could leave, Daisy (Keeth’s mother) stopped her.
“Well hello there! Are you lost?”
“No ma’am. I’m right here!” the girl grinned. She was a small elf owl with navy feathers and brilliant speckled amber eyes.
“What’s your name?”
“I’m Maluit. Nice to meet you ma’am,” She looked back in the other room, and asked “What’s his name?
Daisy placed hand on her shoulder and guided her into the living room, “That’s Eduran, and that is my son, Keeth,” Raising her voice she announced, “Boys! This is Maluit. She just moved in across the street. I want you guys to play nice now.”
The two boys turned and nodded, smiles on their faces. But the moment she saw Eduran’s face, she clung to Daisy and hid behind her, peeking at the human boy, “It’s alright dear. He won’t hurt us.”
Maluit relaxed a bit and approached the boys. She kneeled down and stared at the boys, unsure of what to do, but Keeth made the first move.
“We were just kinda talking, want to join us?”
So they all began talking and before long even Maluit was having a good time, but several minuets later, there was a pause. Maluit was the first to speak, “So tell me. Do you guys know about ‘energy’?”
Eduran laughed, “Of corse! It’s what powers the lights and stuff.”
A sour look flashed across her face “not that energy,” she went on to explain the basics of energy and seeing auras. Keeth was fascinated, Intent on remembering every word. However, as she went into detail, Eduran stood up, “Well, that’s interesting and all, but I don’t buy it. It’s 4:00 and my mom wants me home, so I guess I will see you two later,” And with that he left.

For the next year, Maluit taught Keeth everything she knew and eventually, they were helping each other make new breakthroughs on the field. Nevertheless, all the wile, Keeth and Eduran met further and further apart, until they hardly saw each other at all. It wasn’t until 2009 when they truly parted.
It was at the dojo were they first met. The wind stirred the stale air. Eduran was much different then he was then. From the looks of the bandana sloppily tied over his greasy black hair, it looked like he had joined a gang.
“Hey Keeth.”
“Hey,” The two boys stared at each other for a short time from across the dusty parking lot, “It’s been a long time.”
“That it has.”
“I wish things could be like they were back then,” tears came to Eduran’s eyes as he remembered what things were like when they were children.
“Y-you know that that will never happen… Get away you stupid furry!” and with that, the human turned and ran, crying quietly to himself.
“So he was just one of ‘them’,” Maluit walked up behind Keeth, her eyes fixed on the human, “I knew that it was too good to be true.”
“Mal! How much did you see?”
“All of it. He is just as racist as the rest of them.”
“Yah…” Keeth looked at his feet, “let’s go home.”

*Three months later*
Keeth awoke to the sound of breaking glass, followed by the laughing of a familiar voice on squealing tires driving into the distance. A crimson glow flickered on the walls, illuminating the room. He sat up and looked out the window. The living room window had been broken and a fire had quickly spread through the house. Springing to his feet, he climbed through the window and ran across the street. The fire seemed impassable, but concentrating, he bent the flames away and created a path through the house. With little more then a glance, he carried Maluit back through the way he came. Setting her on the ground she awoke and as Keeth was on his way back into the house she shouted, “No don’t!” A large section of the ceiling caved in and fell to the floor making the way impassable once again.
Scanning the house, she walked around to the side, “It’s alright. They weren’t in there,” they stood at the curb, watching the house burn into the night.

Coming Soon: ‘Maluit’

are we doing the color thing here too?
If so, I want #800000 for Keeth, and #88000ff for Maluit.

EDIT:Im gonna strip away the spoiler tags as other chars realise what they are, cause it wont be a spoiler anymore. that stuff needs to be found in my spoiler feild.

Author:  FunkyChickenFace [ Thu Jul 08, 2010 8:47 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Dark Tendencies of Life Main OOC

Hey, just want to make sure anybody who reads this and goes "Yorkshire's not for me" realizes that they are free to open a new room on their own. Just post something in here or PM me about it!

Author:  Zander [ Thu Jul 08, 2010 10:19 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Dark Tendencies of Life Main OOC

Name: Scythe (no last name)
Species: Cat
Age: 6 years, 21 human years

Room: Yorkshire Fields

-Appearance- (Read the other notes first please xD)
Scythe's fur is completely black, but the blackness is broken with red stripes, like a tigers, cover his back, arms, and legs. a single red stripe goes behind his head, and over and stops at his snout. He has sharpened stainless steel teeth which meet evenly in a zigzag motion, except for the front 2 fangs. they were extended during surgery, and stick out of his mouth so when his mouth is closed, they still stick out the side.
His Paws have non-retractable sharpened stainless steel claws. He has red eyes, and a chain for a collar.

-Personality-(Read the other notes first please xD)
Due to Scythe's dark past, all he's ever know how to do was, fight, pain, kill, get hurt, recover, kill, fight, kill, get hurt, kill, pain. And ect. ect.
He's definitely not the nicest pet in the whole world. He always has a slight growl to his voice. even if hes not mad or agitated, you get the impression he is just by his voice.

-Other Notes-

When scythe was bornin the middle of Detroit, his given name was Dale, he was soon adopted by this gang, Scythe was cute and cuddly back then, like any normal cat would.
Soon after they adopted the cute little furball, he noticed something was different about these owners. They didnt "Take care of him" they didnt "Feed him" all they did was make him work, pushing around stuff, pulling stuff, just pure workout, nonstop through the whole day.
After numerous beatings, lashes. the cat, now 1 year, 2 months old, was brought to this place, not really a "Back alleyway" but somewhere where regular people wouldnt see. They strapped him to a table and put him out with gas.
When he woke up, all he remembers is straight out pain. his snout was hurting, his paws were hurting, everything was hurting. He passed out from the pain, and when he woke up this time, the pain was a little more bareable this time, he tried to get up, because noone was around, but found he was still strapped to the table. At this moment in time it was raining, the gang had ran for cover from the rain, leaving poor "Dale" out in the rain. Little did he know right then that the reason why he was hurting, was because they took out his teeth, and replaced them with Stainless steel ones, and took out his retractable claws, and added stainless steel non-retractable ones.
Further on in his so-far miserable life, he was entered into the animal fighting league, where he face other animals, mostly cats at first, and some dogs.
He became an instant success. Later on they put in non-fighting animals that they found in the street, just so Scythe could kill them and provide a show for the crowd. Dont get me wrong, Scythe didn't like killing, its that if he didnt fight others, they would kill him. so it was for survival. and if he didnt fight the strays they found, he would be beaten. The gang members got rich off the bets they had won, but didnt spend a dime of it on Scythe. for 3 years of his life, he was someones toy, a fighting toy. the rules of the fight were "You kill them or knock them out, you win. use anything and everything in your possession to do so."
When he was 4 years, 3 months old. he ran away from the fighting. They said that if he ever ran away they'd find him, and kill him. but to this day he hant seen a bit of any of them. so for right now he is safe. he wandered through 13 neighborhoods, 3 countrysides and 2 citys, all of them seemed to "Happy" for him to fit in. Until he stumbled upon Yorkshire Fields. They gloom left in the place seemed like a perfect atmosphere that he could fit in.

Favorites list:

If asked, this is what he would repond:

Favorite artist – "Artist? whats that?"
Favorite food – "Cooked Squirrel, or uncooked. it doesn't really matter to me."
Favorite activity – "I- i dont really have a favourite activity.. unless you count "Survival" as an activity..."
Motto: “Win to survive, survive to win."


S I dont care how frikkin huge you are, or how tough you are, your going down. Scythe was put through H*** for 3 years. he can take you.
w Guns :P

S he doesnt give a crap about weather. he'll walk in an open field when a hurricanes going on.
w His bad luck. if he were to walk during a hurrican, a flying sign might hit him or something..


Strength: 9
Perception: 5
Endurance: 7
Charisma: 4
Intelligence: 5
Agility: 6
Luck: 5

Can i haz this color :3[color=#BF0000]

Author:  JOFOXX [ Thu Jul 08, 2010 6:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Dark Tendencies of Life Main OOC

Totally joining this when I get home. GAWD this is gonna be epic.

Author:  D-Singer [ Thu Jul 08, 2010 7:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Dark Tendencies of Life Main OOC

Count me in!

As soon as this sanity-be-d***** writers block subsides...

Author:  The Game [ Thu Jul 08, 2010 8:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Dark Tendencies of Life Main OOC

I really wanna join. I really wanna join.
what they hey. I'll join!
dangit, now I have to think of a kick-butt characters that would wimp out in something like this....

Author:  FunkyChickenFace [ Thu Jul 08, 2010 9:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Dark Tendencies of Life Main OOC


Yar, so just post a character sheet in here and in a room of your choice and yur all set!!

Note, again, that if you don't like Yorkshire, you can make another.

Author:  Zander [ Thu Jul 08, 2010 9:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Dark Tendencies of Life Main OOC

The Game Wrote:
I really wanna join. I really wanna join.
what they hey. I'll join!
dangit, now I have to think of a kick-butt characters that would wimp out in something like this....

no one can beat Scythe in a fight @_@

Author:  JOFOXX [ Thu Jul 08, 2010 9:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Dark Tendencies of Life Main OOC

This is in kind of a beta stage I guess. I'm thinking of making some changes. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

(Note: If you read the spoilers, you cannot use their information to the benefit of your character.)

Name: Ghost
Type: Main
Species: Cat
Age: Unknown

Room: Yorkshire Fields

-Appearance- {click}
Ghost gets his name from his silver fur, which shines in the moonlight, making him look like some spectre returned to the land of the living to wreak havoc. He is a scraggly cat, his fur wild and matted, and his muscles are lean under his skin. Ghost has a deep gash down his right arm that never healed correctly. It is a fleshy pink collar, and about a centimeter deep. Another battle scar is his right ear. A slice goes right across it, nearly to the center, leaving the two halves of his ear like seperate flaps. No one knows what Ghost's face looks like, as he wears a gas mask constantly. It is unkown why he wears it, as the fumes from BIZMART are toxic but livable. A pair of bright green eyes can barely be seen through the dirty visor of the mask. He wears a thick, red sash around his right arm, concealing some of the scar. It is rumored that he cuts a triangle out of the edge of the sash for every kill he makes. There are currently 8 cuts in it. Also, see the weaponry list for the locations of the guns on the red belt he wears.

Not much is know about Ghost's personality as he speaks in an emotionless monotone. The only thing that can even remotely hint at what he is like is his actions. His actions, however, are never kind. Ghost supresses his emotions because often times they interfere with his work. This meaning, he isn't completely emotionless, but he often portrays himself in that way. Underneath the mask, he's exactly like everyone else.

-A .50 caliber Action Express Desert Eagle. This gun is large and impossing, a frightening weapon to behold. This is the gun he is most often seen holding, and is wedged in the place between his belt and his back. Unknown to everyone, he rarely actually uses this gun. It's unnessecary power makes it less effective as an actually weapon, but very effective in psychological warfare.

-A pair of 4" steel .357 caliber semi-automatic revolvers. They are holstered on his left and right sides.

-A long(1.5 ft), curved dagger is slipped into the front of his belt.

-A 10" blade that ejects from a hidden device underneath his arm-sash.

-a small bag is strapped to his belt. The bag contains misc. items, both useful and not.
-Contains: Chili Powder, 1 flash bang, a small amount of ammunition, a pair of binoculars, and misc. items.

S-8 P-7 E-7 C-1 I-7 A-7 L-5

(This will be subject to change)

-He is loosely affiliated with Those Guys

Author:  The Game [ Thu Jul 08, 2010 9:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Dark Tendencies of Life Main OOC

Zander Wrote:
The Game Wrote:
I really wanna join. I really wanna join.
what they hey. I'll join!
dangit, now I have to think of a kick-butt characters that would wimp out in something like this....

no one can beat Scythe in a fight @_@

she won't even try :lol:
unless he does something to really tick her off of course ;)

EDIT: oops....moved

Author:  Neko [ Thu Jul 08, 2010 9:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Dark Tendencies of Life Main OOC

Guys, post the color you want in the neighborhood's OOC, not in here...

make sure you post a link to your sheet in the neighborhood's OOC as well.

Author:  JOFOXX [ Thu Jul 08, 2010 9:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Dark Tendencies of Life Main OOC

Neko Wrote:
Guys, post the color you want in the neighborhood's OOC, not in here...

make sure you post a link to your sheet in the neighborhood's OOC as well.

Not sure if I want to post it yet... I may still make changes... Meh. Oh well.

Author:  D-Singer [ Thu Jul 08, 2010 11:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Dark Tendencies of Life Main OOC

Zander Wrote:
The Game Wrote:
I really wanna join. I really wanna join.
what they hey. I'll join!
dangit, now I have to think of a kick-butt characters that would wimp out in something like this....

no one can beat Scythe in a fight @_@

I really think it’s bad idea to call a player ‘unbeatable’. I don’t much care if you have claws and teeth made of steel... :?


Don’t take that the wrong way, I mean. Just leave room for competition.

Author:  Zander [ Thu Jul 08, 2010 11:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Dark Tendencies of Life Main OOC

I was joking :P thats why I had the "@_@" after it.

Though it would be very hard to beat him, unless you had a gun, or some other long range weapon. Then again guns aren't actually "fighting" there more like who has the better gun and can aim better.

And also hes my fursona. If you were to beat him It would be a personnel attack toward me.
Also if you were to beat him he would probably kill himself. Fighting is his life and all he's ever known. He's never lost a battle to trained fighters, why would he lose to a regular pet?

Author:  D-Singer [ Fri Jul 09, 2010 12:27 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Dark Tendencies of Life Main OOC

Ahh, I know what you mean, just sayin. Imo, the use of firearms only makes for a different type of battle. When it comes down to one on one, hand-to-hand combat, all things must be considered. I normally guess the outcome of a weaponless fight based on the fighting style and experience of each opponent.

Personally, I’d think you’d have to be a holy fool to go alone against someone like Scythe >_>

Zander Wrote:
And also hes my fursona. If you were to beat him It would be a personnel attack toward me.
Also if you were to beat him he would probably kill himself. Fighting is his life and all he's ever known. He's never lost a battle to trained fighters, why would he lose to a regular pet?

I almost certain we all feel that way about our own...I do anyways...

p.s.- I don’t think it’s 'regular' pets he should ever be worrying about...

Author:  D-Singer [ Fri Jul 09, 2010 12:33 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Dark Tendencies of Life Main OOC

Also- NEW DOG!

Name: [Diesel]
Species: Mutt (GSD/Doberman)
Age: ~7 (dog years~24)
Gang: D.O.G.9-D6- (K9 Infiltration ops.)
Neighborhood – Yorkshire Fields

-Appearance- [Illustration courtesy of Zander]
A sturdy looking mutt, he has a body shape that indicates he’s a shepherd mix of some sort. The fur covering most of his body and head is jet black, but has a dark brown tail and limbs. His eyes are dark grey. –Color/breed reference photo - He stands at exactly 4 foot 11 inches [not counting ears]

Diesel generally keeps a low profile. He wears a broad, black, SWAT-issue, kevlar insulated cordura collar that covers most of his neck, along with a pair of ‘special’ shades of matching color. The collar has attached dog-tags, but they’re almost always tucked away to keep from making noise. Other attire usually consists of an old sentinel jacket, and long, durable, dark green strips of fabric, wrapped from his soles up to his knees to protect his feet, the only parts left exposed are his toes, to permit use of his claws. His equipment is carried in a tattered looking military assault pack.

Diesel has an assignment, and until it’s completed he won’t be returning to ‘home’ anytime soon. Goals are set in the eyes of this professional, and he’s fully aware of how arduous the work will be to accomplish each one. It’s not exactly going to be a fun job, nonetheless it must be dealt with.

It’s a common tactic applied by this individual to use cynicism, indifference, and a very fine tuned mental resilience to keep things in order during a job. For Diesel, this was a hard-earned skill, and has brought him through many painful situations. Though this doesn’t mean that lack of resources and connections continues annoy him to no end. Generally isn’t fazed by threats or attempted insults, keeps his head and tail wired together no matter the situation. But in spite of the seemingly cold attitude, he does in fact have a strong sense of justice, sympathy, compassion, and morality, which often gives him a rather powerful drive. Note that he puts great effort into concealing all of said character traits.

Favorites list:

Favorite artist – [???]
Favorite food – Whatever’s best tasting that he can get his paws on
Favorite activity – [???]
Motto: [???]

-Other Notes-
[Information records]

Magpul FMG9 [MAIN]- Diesel’s primary weapon, this ingeniously innocuous firearm resembles little more than small, plastic, block in folded form, but at the flick of a switch it’s true nature is revealed. It’s a lightweight, accurate, and reliable folding sub-machinegun which Diesel can have drawn and ready to fire in under a second, accuracy of this weapon in his hands exceeds 90+ yards. This incredible 9mm SMG was rumored to have never been put into official
production so how Diesel came into possession of one is unknown.
-magazine capacity: 30Rds- -Semi, full auto, and three round burst capabilities- -Diesel keeps five, fully loaded additional magazines hidden in his jacket at all times- -Spare ammunition is kept in his pack- -A tactical LED light is attached to the top handle of the weapon- -Extremely combat effective-

-SPECIAL- [specifications to individual abilities sealed]
Strength-7 : -----
Perception-7 : -----
Endurance-5 : -----
Charisma-2 : -----
Intelligence-8 : -----
Agility-8 : -----
Luck-5 : ----

Author:  Zander [ Fri Jul 09, 2010 7:47 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Dark Tendencies of Life Main OOC

D-Singer Wrote:
p.s.- I don’t think it’s 'regular' pets he should ever be worrying about...


I just dont want this to turn into Oasis Towers,

I was implying that he was very hard to beat because ive learned from experience that "If you give someone a chance to be better. they will take and exploit it."

His whole personality is fighting. and if someone were to make a character just for fighting, but somehow better, that would practically give my character no purpose to exist.

That relates to Ot, which i left because the same reason, because i made a very rich character. and someone else comes along and makes a character that practically has infinite money. giving my character no purpose whatsoever. So i moved my character to a different neighborhood where he could actually be unique.

Author:  The Game [ Fri Jul 09, 2010 9:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Dark Tendencies of Life Main OOC

So I have to wait until 9 pm to make my first post?

Author:  FunkyChickenFace [ Fri Jul 09, 2010 10:59 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Dark Tendencies of Life Main OOC


1. HOORAY for character sheets!
2. HOORAY for Diesel the Antagonist! (I think he's working for BIZMART?)
3. HOORAY in general!!

Have a nice day!

Author:  Buckdida [ Fri Jul 09, 2010 8:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Dark Tendencies of Life Main OOC

First in my line of crack characters that I will not use for DT, as I do not plan on joining. These characters are just ideas that popped into my head, so I'll share them with you.

The Quick Thinker: Richie
Species: Ferret

"Get me outta here!" The Quick Thinker when he's out of his element
"Oh, just do this, this and this, blah blah blah and problem solved. Or would you like me to explain it? We don't have much time..." The Quick Thinker on improvisation

Room: Yorkshire

Appearance: Richie is much like your average ferret in body shape, though a little bit smaller. He possesses with a brown mask over his eyes as per usual, with the strange difference is that his midsection is colored cream, while his shoulders and above, arms, as well as his waist and bellow, are colored gray. He's a pet, so he's got a collar, a simple brown one, with a round tag and the letter R on it.

Personality: Richie, by all accounts, should not be here. He's not trained in any sort of fighting, and dislikes direct confrontation. He prefers solving puzzles or coming up with Rube Goldberg machines in the comfort of his own home. He's friendly, though slightly paranoid at times, and is usually an optimist. Usually. Richie has a deadly knack for improvisation, and can come up with quick solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems out of, literally, almost nothing. Bomb about to go off? No worries, he'll find a way to deflect the general blast away from everyone using cardboard. Need to climb up a building? He'll spot a route up in three seconds, and have built a grappling hook in thirty. There isn't a single problem that he can't seem to ******** his way out of, and that's how he does so well.

Other Notes: It would be hard pressed to say that Richie was thrilled when he heard that his father got a new job, in a corporation area known as Yorkshire Fields. His human father would get far better pay, a nice place to live, and it was said to be nice for pets. What could the downside be?

After they moved, paychecks came to the doorstep with increasing frequency, but his father was seen less and less, until he outright disappeared. When a rather distressed messenger dropped off a ragged letter, Richie's human mother quickly set off, saying that she'd be home with his Father soon. He didn't let her go without saying that he told them there was something fishy about the entire place.

It's been a month, the paychecks have stop coming, and Richie is on his own regretting that he was right. His goal now is to find out what happened to his parents, rescue them if they're still alive, and then leave this ****hole posthaste.

Strength: He can pick up and use literally everything, from a TV cable whip to a torn off table leg, to interesting effect as an improvisation weapon, though he often prefers the Frying Pan if he can get a hold of one.

Strength: He'll often invent small gadgets or machines on the spot to deal with the situation at hand, or find solutions to problems that nobody would have thought of. Some have called him Dues Ex Machina in a tube sock.

Weakness: He can't use guns or bladed weapons. Guns have far too strong of a kick for him to handle correctly, (firing a Desert Eagle would probably stagger him) and he's too small to use bladed weapons correctly without hurting himself.

Weakness: Unless it gets him closer to his parents, and there's no way to craft a solution away from it, he refuses to fight, running if need be, though defending himself if cornered or if he can tell he can't outrun his assailant. Some might call this cowardice, he calls it, "knowing I'd get my tail handed to me in a physical fight." Either way, he doesn't like to fight much.

S 3
P 10
E 4
C 3
I 7
A 5
L 10

Author:  DarkHeartsAndSuch [ Sat Jul 10, 2010 12:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Dark Tendencies of Life Main OOC

Well, it took me long enough, but here we go!!!

Name - Penta Graham
Species - Cat (I don't know what they're called, but those cats that have the really long poofy fur.)
Age - 35 Pet, 10 Human
Room - Yorkshire Fields
Appearance - Penta is sleek, slender, and all grey except for the black and white stripes on her back. Of course, her poofy fur hides her slenderness. She has a ring of black pentagramical shapes patterned in her fur. Her eyes are red; not blood red as if she's always angry, but more of a soft red, like a Santa outfit. Speaking of Santa outfits, Penta wears an oversized Santa hat that fits on her head perfectly, but the poofy white ball at the end stretches down to her heels. She also wears red Santa style (white trimming around the openings) gloves and boots. The gloves have a white triquetra stitched in.
Personality - Penta has a generally happy demeanor despite BIZMART's tyranny. She's often found whistling a tune while carrying out her duties, illegal or not. However, it is really easy to make her mad.
Notes - Despite all of the magical symbols on her and her clothing, Penta is not magical.
She is probably one of the only pets to have a job; Suppy Worker.
She steals supplies from the depot where she works, hiding them in her hat to later deliver to Those Guys. However, it's not for free.
Penta lives on the edge of town, and has a tunnel in the basement leading out of town; it's used as another source of supplies.
She learned archery during an "Out-of-town" tunnel raid, and is now quite skilled.
Weaponry She carries around a curved stick with a string connecting the two ends and a hinge in the middle to allow it to be folded in half. AKA, a bow that can be easily hidden or disguised. Always has at least a dozen arrows in her hat.
Equipment - I'm guessing this is where the Santa-style stuff fits in.
Favorites and Such (Filled in quote form)
Artist - "I don't know, there's too many Christmas singers to choose from."
Food - "Cookies. You said you had cookies. Give me the cookies!!!"
Activity - "Delivery!"
Motto - "Why be like your hero when you can be your hero?"
Affiliation - Neither, but obviously supports Those Guys. Might even be a spy, who knows?
Color - #FF0000

Author:  CoffeeJunkie [ Sat Jul 10, 2010 7:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Dark Tendencies of Life Main OOC

Name: Rowly Johnson
Species: Dog (Rottweiler/German Shepard Mix)
Age: 16 years, 4.5 human years

Room: Golden Plains

He has the typical fur color of a doberman but has the snout and ears, cropped, of a Shepard. His eyes are a light blue and look somewhat translucent. He wears a red collar with a normal dog tag hanging from it.

He is a rather comedical dog and always speaks his mind. He has watched too many movies and shows about post-apocolyptic worlds, and thinks he knows everything. Rowly is a very smart dog but has a hard time putting his knowledge to good use, except for making brilliant escape plans. His actions always seem to lead him into some bad situations but he can always get out of 'em. He likes to be right all the time and is quite stubborn. AKA He is the epidemy of Comic Relief.

-Other Notes-
- Rowly actually likes to get in trouble, just so he can do some weird thing and save the day.
- Don't get him started with Horror Movies or he wont shut up.

Favorites list:

Favorite artist – Lenka
Favorite food – McDonalds regular Hamburger with extra ketchup and no pickles
Favorite activity – Watching Horror Movies
Motto: "If this was a movie, you'd be dead right now.”


Strength: 4
Perception: 8
Endurance: 3
Charisma: 7
Intelligence: 9
Agility: 7
Luck: 4

Author:  FunkyChickenFace [ Tue Jul 13, 2010 11:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Dark Tendencies of Life Main OOC

Name: Thaddeus J. Worthington
Species: Cat (Manx Shorthair)
Age: 54, 15.5 human years

Room: Yorkshire Fields (for approval)

Clad in an Late 1800s style suit [reference: ... rtlett.jpg] and fat as a barrel, Thaddeus J. Warthington almost never leaves his house and general lounges on his luxurious, scratch-proof leather sofa across from a bank of monitors attached to a mainframe computer that has video feeds from across the city. His whiskers are always curled into a moustache and he has a pocket watch in his breast pocket. If forced to leave the house, he generally dons a black bowler hat and a lever-action Remington 30-06 special order rifle that in everyway resembles the classic Winchester Lever-action, with the only difference being the bullet fired. He also may wear a monocle in his right eye that functions as nothing more than a fashion statement, as it is completely useless.

On the OUTSIDE, Thaddeus actually seems like a pretty likable guy. His round fatness and his outwardly jovial personality make him seem instantly likable. He does, in fact, have many acquaintances. Many acquaintances, but few true friends. For on the inside, Thaddeus is a cold, cruel, jaded and unforgiving cat, liable to have you quietly shanked rather than deal with the possibility of you singing like a canary.

-Other Notes-
Thaddeus greatly enjoys the Pet Equivalent of the following alcoholic beverages: Brandy, Scotch, and Vodka. These would be Grape Soda, Bleinheim Ginger Ale, and Crème Soda. Thaddeus also has sufficient clout in the BSF high command to have Boylan Brand Grape and Crème sodas imported to his home. The same goes for the Bleinheim Ginger Ale.

THADDEUS SEES YOU. No seriously, Thaddeus (Old Thaddy) doesn’t actually need to go out that much. The thing is, he’s rich enough to pay people to spy for him. When he can, he will watch you from security camera feeds but rest assured: if it moves, Thaddeus knows about it.

He sells this knowledge to the BSF for a tidy profit. Hence his richness and his ability to import fine sodas.

Favorites list:

Favorite artist – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Favorite food – Roasted Muscovy Duck with Creamy Mashed potatoes and a side of Honey Stewed Carrots
Favorite activity – Drinking Ginger Ale while reading some high-breed novel.
Motto: “Any problem can be solved with sufficient sums of cash.”


Strength: 4
Perception: 8
Endurance: 4
Charisma: 8
Intelligence: 8
Agility: 4
Luck: 6

Author:  rempar11 [ Sun Aug 08, 2010 10:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Dark Tendencies of Life Main OOC

Here It is So ya Just waiting for it to turn into a real rp
Name:Black Dust
Species: Dog-Alaskan Klee Kai-survivor
Age: 20 human years

room: Golden Plains

He wears a over coat.His main color is brown with spots of white and black.He wears a pair of red shades with a cross in the middle of the two glasses.When he gets out he a white pair of wings around his neck. he has 2 black gloves that he wears all the time

He used to be a normal house pet, until the infection came the more severe it became the more deeper he got.his real name is "Dust"
but his nickname is duster he became insane once they were coming from the dead.he wanted to end it but as well he is the worst shooter in his family but once his family died he became a marksman. Hes a loner and mostly works alone.

-Other Notes-
duster was put in a asylum when he became insane. He has two golden dessert eagles and he drives a black hummer


Strength: 6
Perception: 7
Endurance: 7
Charisma: 4
Intelligence: 6
Agility: 7
Luck: 5

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