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Author:  Dr. Prower [ Mon Jun 21, 2010 9:50 am ]
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"It's definitely my favorite," Jacob whispered, putting his arm around her shoulder. "But, Enya...can I ask you something?"

Author:  thrasherblades [ Mon Jun 21, 2010 9:53 am ]
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"Uh.....yes?" Enya asked, wondering what could it be.

Author:  Dr. Prower [ Mon Jun 21, 2010 9:56 am ]
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"I thought for sure you'd leave me once you saw Frank, so...why didn't you? We've known each other for a day, and you've probable known him for a while, so why did you pick me?"

Author:  thrasherblades [ Mon Jun 21, 2010 10:04 am ]
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"I knowing Frank one day too, meet at party. But Frank busy after that and I heartbroken see Frank letter, say he chasing fangirl. I actually go Frank house to ask for date before I receive letter. Then you come Enya house, I asthma attack, you first run to me and take care me. I....first see you eyes....I fall in love..."

Enya paused, wiping a tear from her eye, the guilt still living in her. Then she looked up at Jacob again.

"Frank know I love you, and it okay he say." Enya said, much more confidently.

Author:  Dr. Prower [ Mon Jun 21, 2010 10:08 am ]
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Jacob smiled. "I love you too, Enya." He pressed his lips against hers for what felt to him like an eternity.

Author:  Zander [ Mon Jun 21, 2010 10:12 am ]
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Joy bit her lip. How did he know? she wondered.
"err- What occasion?" She asked, then remembered she had told him she had to be back home soon. "Oh- right... Just... my moms friends from where i used to live?"

Author:  thrasherblades [ Mon Jun 21, 2010 10:22 am ]
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"Ah I see..." Shep said nodding. "Well I'm sure their nice fellas and all...heh yeah..." Shep said, still wondering what hit on Joy all of a sudden.

Enya grabbed his head as his lips touched hers, her heart pounding heavily as she hugged him. She had finally felt free from the guilt she had been living in the past few hours and silently thanked Jacob. She purred as she fell asleep on him.

It is 8.00pm.

The two vehicles silently rolled into the driveway of Brookshire Meadows and stopped in front of the gates of Enya's mansion. Uncle Florez killed the engine and walked towards the gate in exhaustion, opening them to let Enya's band mates move her equipment back into the studio apartment of her house. The chauffeur drove into the big garage and parked it, switching off the engine. He then opened the door for the pets to come out. Shep and Joy exited the vehicle first, making their way to Joy's house first.

Author:  Zander [ Mon Jun 21, 2010 10:29 am ]
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joy looked ahead at her house, there was a different car in the driveway. Oh *swear* she looked around her front yard as they approached, no signs of anybody. They must be inside. she thought.

Author:  Dr. Prower [ Mon Jun 21, 2010 10:32 am ]
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Jacob slowly moved Enya off of him, trying not to wake her. Once he got her off, he stepped out of the limo and lifted her up and out. He carried her into her house and proceeded to take her upstairs to her bedroom.

Author:  thrasherblades [ Mon Jun 21, 2010 10:38 am ]
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"Mmmmmm? Jacob? Is this.....home?" Enya asked, blinking her green eyes repeatedly. She was now in Jacob's arms, being carried in his arms. Her heart flew as this was a moment she never would have pictured herself in. She lay her head on his chest as they approached Enya big bedroom.

"Mmmm thank you Jacob. I appreciating much." Enya said.

Author:  thrasherblades [ Mon Jun 21, 2010 10:42 am ]
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Zander Wrote:
joy looked ahead at her house, there was a different car in the driveway. Oh *swear* she looked around her front yard as they approached, no signs of anybody. They must be inside. she thought.

"Alright Joy. Listen." Shep said, noticing her concerned expression far enough and he was itching and dying to know. "I need to know, really. What's wrong? You've been like this since in the limo." Shep said, his hands on her shoulders.

Author:  Dr. Prower [ Mon Jun 21, 2010 10:44 am ]
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"You're welcome, Enya." Jacob took her into her bedroom and gently laid her down on her bed. "You get some rest, and I'll come over and spend some time with you tomorrow, okay sweetheart?"

(lol two colors for 1 person's speech)

Author:  thrasherblades [ Mon Jun 21, 2010 10:52 am ]
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"Mmmmm okay Mr "A night to remember.." " Enya jokingly said, undressing and crawling into her bed, hugging a stuffed toy and drifting of to sleep, now dreaming of Jacob and herself riding a unicorn over an rainbow.


Author:  Dr. Prower [ Mon Jun 21, 2010 10:57 am ]
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Jacob kissed her cheek gently and left her room, closing the door behind him as quietly as possible. "That girl is really something," he whispered to himself, making his way downstairs and heading home for the night.

Author:  JOFOXX [ Mon Jun 21, 2010 11:02 am ]
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What a weird day... Ian strolled along the street, skipping absentmindedly over the cracks in the sidewalk. The corgi was still abuzz over meeting all of the pets in his new neighborhood, and he thought he could grow to like it here. He peered down the street at his house, only a few doors down now. He was a little tired and couldn't wait to get home. Ian jerked to a stop suddenly, however, and clutched his ears in his paws a piercing sound broke through the air. Ian grimaced, tucking his head into his chest as the noise rang through his head. He couldn't ell where the high-pitched electronic sound was coming from, but he breathed a sigh of relief as it slowly faded into the distance.

Ian looked up in the direction he figured the sound came from, releasing his ears from his pained grip. "What was tha-" He stopped at the sound of pawsteps coming toward him. The pattering sound was moving swiftly, and before Ian could turn a familiar shape rushed past him, calling over his shoulder.
CY_Law Wrote:
"Bye~! Ian!"

Ian was to surprised to respond at first. When he finally willed himself to say something, Xuan was already inside. Ian raised a hand awkwardly. "Umm... Bye..." He said quietly. Then something dawned on him. Xuan had just gone into the house across the street from his own. A smiled crept across Ian's face as he continued home. The little corgi barely touched the stairs as he hopped up onto the porch. "Mom? Dad? I'm home!" He called. "Hey, champ. Welcome back!" His father called back, followed by his mother. "Did you meet any interesting people?" The smile on Ian's face stretched into a grin. "That's the understatement of the century."

Oh yeah, he could grow to like it here.

((I don't know why I was complaining about losing my original post on the iPhone. This one is better. :D))

Author:  Zander [ Mon Jun 21, 2010 11:02 am ]
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"I- err. my moms friend has a cat and.... i- im afraid you two... wont get along." They approached her house. Joy jumped up onto the porch and took a deep breath as she walked up to the door. she closed her eyes as she reached for the handle. She opened the door and saw no one. she breathed a sigh of relief.
She took one step into the house and was instantly greeted By Felix with a bouquet of flowers.
She was surprised that he would be waiting for her. He leaned in and faster than you could blink his lips were touching hers. At the same time he wrapped his arms around her. in a hug.
He stopped and looked at her eyes with his. Joy wasn't expecting that...
Before anyone could even blink a second time he said. "Oh my God ive been waiting for you for so long. Come on i have to show you my moms new phone." and ran off toward the kitchen.

Author:  thrasherblades [ Mon Jun 21, 2010 11:15 am ]
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Something inside Shep cringed as he saw her lips on Felix's. His tail which was wagging on excitement earlier on now stopped and his ears which were perked up high were now drooping down low. He continued to stare in shock as this other cat who began hugging Joy. Don't panic, don't panic....they haven't met for a long time so they are doing this.....well if that's the case that's one heck of a kiss! Shep thought as he shook his head, clearing his mind from all that trash.

"Uh....hi? Joy? Earth to Joy? Wh....what is happening?" Shep asked as he walked towards the stunned cat.

Author:  Neko [ Mon Jun 21, 2010 11:28 am ]
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Cale made it back to Sam and Rocky, noticing everyone else had left. "Well Flake had to go to clinic but he should be fine. Where did everyone go?"

Sam shrugged, "Everyone just kind of split."

Cale looked at the setting sun, "I hate to say this but, Me and Rocky should probably go home for dinner. Do you wanna do this tomorrow for sure?"

Sam nodded, "I'm gonna hold you to that!" She started rollerblading back home, turning and waving. "Bye!"

Cale waved back, "See ya!" He turned to Rocky, "ready to go eat?"

Author:  Zander [ Mon Jun 21, 2010 11:38 am ]
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thrasherblades Wrote:
Something inside Shep cringed as he saw her lips on Felix's. His tail which was wagging on excitement earlier on now stopped and his ears which were perked up high were now drooping down low. He continued to stare in shock as this other cat who began hugging Joy. Don't panic, don't panic....they haven't met for a long time so they are doing this.....well if that's the case that's one heck of a kiss! Shep thought as he shook his head, clearing his mind from all that trash.

"Uh....hi? Joy? Earth to Joy? Wh....what is happening?" Shep asked as he walked towards the stunned cat.

"Uh. Huh?" She turned toward Shep "I- im so sorry i- he- we- i was going to tell him later. uh- i..." She trailed off and wrapped her arms around Shep. "Im sorry. He doesnt know... yet.."

"Aww isn't that sweet.." Felix walked back into the room that had the cat and dog hugging.

Author:  thrasherblades [ Mon Jun 21, 2010 11:48 am ]
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Shep froze as he heard a voice. He blushed a bright pink as another cat appeared behind the door at the porch from where they were now hugging. "Ah.....okay..." Shep whispered to her back.

"Hi! I'm Shep! How do I address you sir?" Shep asked, extending his hand.

Author:  Zander [ Mon Jun 21, 2010 12:04 pm ]
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"Hello Shep, Im Felix. You must be one of Joy's friends." He said in a happy tone with a smile. He lovingly pulled Joy over next to him. and wrapped one of his arms around her and rested his head on her shoulder, still looking at Shep. "And she is my life" he nuzzled against the side of her face.
Joy put on a fake smile for Felix. but wasnt enthusiastic about it.
"Whats wrong? Something seems to be bothering you." He let go and looked at her.
"Is it another cat? Let me know where he is and ill beat the snot out of him." He smiled as he said it and playfully punched the air.
Joy giggled to herself nervously.
"Yeah-... I think its about time you go home. its getting late." She scratched the back of her head.

Author:  RockstarRaccoon [ Mon Jun 21, 2010 2:25 pm ]
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(( One last bit of IRC ))
Zeke was startled by the broken controller, he was even more shaken by how sharp the plastic had apparently been. "Don't worry about the controller," his ear twitched, "lets get you bandaged up!" He ran to the pantry, gasping at all of the things inside. "Shelly, Where are the bandages?" he shouted behind himself, hoping he was heard. grabbing some paper towels, he darted back, pulling a sheet out to wrap around Riki's hands. "we should get you washed up." he pointed the way to the bathroom.
Rikki stared at the paper towel, he stopped licking his paws, dropping them to his chest, "what am I supposed to do with that??" he asked, confused: that was NOT a bandage. He looked down, he'd gotten splotches of red on his chest now. "Gah! Zeke! You need to get me some real bandages!" He started licking again, slowly closing the wounds...
"Umm, right!" He darted out. He had never had to know where bandages were. in a sudden burst of inspiration, went into the cabinet above the toilet. 'Yes!' he thought to himself as he pulled out bandages of various shapes and sizes. Dashing back into the bedroom, He quickly pulled out some of each, and displayed them for Riki. "Which do you need?" He asked in a half panicked voice.
Rikki looked at his paws, he'd closed the wounds finally. He took the bandages and wrapped crosses on his paws to protect the fresh scabs. "Ok... I think I'm fine now..." He looked down at himself. He had splotches of red all over him. "But my fur isn't.... I think I need a bath..."
"Umm, sure, Let me show you the bathroom." He wasn't sure how the controller had broken to begin with. "Right this way."
Rikki followed him to the bathroom, looking down at his hands as he walked...

"You know how to use a shower, right?" Zeke said as he entered the white porcelain room.
"Yeah," Rikki answered, looking at Zeke. Had he been digging? "It looks like you need one too..."
Zeke looked at his paws. They did look like they needed washed after the fishing trip. "I guess," He stammered silently for a moment.
"Alright then, let's get you cleaned too then..." Rikki said, taking Zeke's paw and turning on the shower. He took off his collar and layed it on the ground before he stepped in and washed the blood off while it was still cold, enjoying the feeling of the water a bit.
Zeke shuddered as blood rolled off the raccoon's fur into the tub. "I cant see how you were so calm in there."
Rikki looked up at Zeke, "hmm? What do you mean?"
"The blood. Its like you didn't even flinch!"
Rikki gave a bit of a laugh, "Yeah, you learn not to be scared of things when you see the world. I've seen alot more blood come out of me than that." He gestured down at the scar on his leg. He leaned into the water and rinsed the rest of his fur out while it got warm.
"I guess..." A chill ran up his spine.
Rikki leaned out of the water, his fur clean, and gestured to Zeke to join him. "Alright, your turn." His tone was almost like a human parent's.
eke hesitantly got in. He didn't like the water, but he realized it was necessary. He rubbed his hands together under the water, trying not to get his head wet.
"Hold on." Rikki said, before Zeke could get all the way in. He took him out and took off his collar, laying it down next to his own. "Now you can bathe." He took Zeke back in and began to wash him, much like a parent would. Making sure he was clean behind the ears.
Zeke flinched as the water hit his head, but he let Rikki wash him.

Rikki made sure that every nook and cranny of Zeke was nice and clean before turning the water off: his paternal instinct was getting away with him. "Alright then, hold on a second" he said, walking out of the shower and dropping to all fours. He vigorously shook the water off and went to get a towel. "Your turn" he said.
Zeke Imitated him, and pointed at the cuppord. "towels should be in there." he got out and brushed past Rikki. grabbing a towel, he let one slide twords him, for Rikki to use. He patted himself down.
Rikki took Zeke's towel and began to rub his fur in a few different directions. Getting it shiny, finishing off by rubbing it in the direction it would lie in. Then he picked up his own and did the same thing. When he finished, he walked over to Zeke, putting his arm around him and pointing at a large mirrored wall. "Lookin' good eh?" Rikki didn't look as mangy anymore, and they both had shiny-clean fur.
Zeke admired his reflection. He had to admit, Rikki did make him shine. "Wow. I don't usually shimmer!" he looked at him. "And you look like a completely different person!"
Rikki laughed. "I don't get to shower like that much, only on special occasions." he ruffled Zeke's headfur and went to get their collars, putting his own back on and handing Zeke's his back.
Zeke chuckled at that. He took the collar and fiddled with it, trying to put it back on. "Never did get the hang of this." he stated, turning his attention to the now soaked bandanna. He pulled it off in one go, not thinking.
The bandanna had been covering a round patch of skin, where the fur refused to grow.
Rikki moved to him and helped him with his collar, turning him around and hugging him like a son. He moved to pick up the bandanna, which he'd forgotten, rung it out, and opened it up, flapping it dry. He looked at the spot on Zeke's arm, and held out a finger and ran it along it, "What's this, you've got a bit of a scar here or what?"
"Huh? Oh!" He blushed furiously and covered it in one hand. "Its nothing, Honest!"
Rikki looked at Zeke for a little while. Staring into his eyes with a piercing gaze, which he held for a while.
"What?" He blushed more. "[color=#bf00bf]I said it was nothing!" Rikki's gaze unnerved Zeke. He felt like he was gasing into his very soul. After a few moments, he snapped. "Ok! it was a burn. I dont know where I got it." He looked away.

Rikki broke the stare. "Alright then, if you say so." he moved on from it "the offer still stands." He tied the bandanna back. "There you go. Now, you want to go out back for a bit?"
"Sure, Why not," Zeke smiled at Rikki.
"Lead the way."
Zeke guided him back down the stairs, and through the front door. "Shelly, I'll be back soon!" He shouted, doubting that she would hear him, and snuck out as quick as he could, just in case she had.
Rikki loked up at the sky: the sun was now in the direction of the city. "It's getting late..." he said "I need to go soon..."
"Alright, I guess ill see you later then?"
Rikki looked at Zeke. He was starting to feel like another son... maybe it was because he reminded him of his daughter... "I guess... Are you gonna be ok without me for now?"
"Of course! Its not like I'm going to die of affection! Boredom, maybe. But really!"
Rikki smiled and looked down at Zeke a little more. Suddenly he pulled him into a big, snuggley hug, holding him close and tight.
Zeke tensed, but returned the hug after a moment. "See? I might die of affection at this rate!"
Rikki chuckled softly, staying in the hug he was giving him. He really liked Zeke, despite his level of domestication. He finally let go, ruffling Zeke on the head with a smile before he walked off. "Bye Zeke" he said over his shoulder, as he walked away.
Zeke twisted his face at being ruffled, but moments later, he smiled as he waved. "Bye Rikki!"
Rikki waved back before crawling through the bushes and fence, walking back to the Ranger's Station.
Zeke watched the Raccoon disappear into the bushes. When he was sure that he had gone, he turned and walked back into his house.

(( The end! ))

Author:  Neko [ Mon Jun 21, 2010 2:47 pm ]
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(Please beware, this epically long IRC RP is full of cuteness and action(sorta) It takes place when Frank,Matt,And Darin are leaving the concert)

<Frank_Holiday> As Matt walked, he heard Darin's stomach protest loudly
in his sleep.

<Nekoyasha> Darin's stomach growled again, so loudly this time that he
jerked himself awake. He looked around and saw he was still in Matt's

<Frank_Holiday> "Yeesh, you sound pretty hungry," Matt said to Darin.
<Frank_Holiday> "OKAY" Frank yelled back.

<Nekoyasha> "Con-sesh-shens?" He looked up at Matt.

<Frank_Holiday> "When you go to a concert, they're usually in a
stadium. People get hungry, and the people who own the stadium figure
they can make money if they sell food to the hungry people. Where you
get the food is called the "Concession stand"."

<Nekoyasha> Money, Stadium, Darin didn't know what any of those words
meant; but he did know what food was. "Food? I want some food, I'm so hungry..."

<Frank_Holiday> "So what would you like to eat?" asked Matt as they
arrived, "We have beef, pork, or chicken."

<Nekoyasha> Darin was almost drooling at the mention of those 3 words.
"Ooooh, I love chicken! I've only had it a few times but it was good!"

<Frank_Holiday> "Alrighty then," said Matt, smiling. "Four large orders
of chicken strips, please."
<Frank_Holiday> The Chicken Soon Arrived.

<Nekoyasha> Darin anxiously waited in Matt's arms for the 'Chicken

<Frank_Holiday> "Here you go," said Matt, dangling a strip well within
Darin's reach. "Eat up, but not to quick. You'll give yourself

<Nekoyasha> Darin took the piece of chicken, sniffing it before taking
a big bite out of it. He was instantly in love with the flavor,
gabbling down the rest of it. "Mmm, it's better then I remembered."

<Frank_Holiday> Matt laughed as he fed Darin another strip while
walking back out. "Like it? Try it with ketchup." He dunked the next
strip and fed Darin it.

<Nekoyasha> Darin looked at the red substance on the chicken and
sniffed it. It had a strange smell, so he licked it. He took another
bite, enjoying the ketchup. "Mmmm, I like ketchup!"

<Frank_Holiday> "Try barbeque too!" said Matt, dipping a strip and
holding it out for Darin.

<Nekoyasha> Darin took the barbeque dipped chicken, sniffing and licking
it before quickly consuming it. "Barb eh que is good too."

<Frank_Holiday> "There's lots more sauces you can put on chicken
strips. There's honey-mustard, Ranch, and Mayonaise. Here, try them
all!" As he spoke, he dunked strips and held them out in Texas Hold'em
fashion. "Pick a strip, any strip!"

<Nekoyasha> Darin looked at the chicken strips, taking the Ranch one. He
licked it, then proceeded to eat it. "Yum, I like sauces!"

<Frank_Holiday> "You win a free chicken strip! Pick another!"

<Nekoyasha> Darin chose the Mayonnaise strip, sniffing and licking it
before eating it in a few bites."Mmmm"

<Frank_Holiday> "You get another prize!! Have the last one!"

<@Nekoyasha> Darin liked this game, he kept winning chicken! He took
the last strip and repeated what he had done for the previous ones. He
quickly consumed the honey mustard chicken strip. Now feeling full and
content he snuggled against Matt's shirt.

<Frank_Holiday> "D'aawwwwwwww..." cooed Matt, tickling Darin's chin.
<Frank_Holiday> Frank rolled his eyes.
<Frank_Holiday> "C'mon, Dad, let's go," he said, lounging on the roof.

<@Nekoyasha> Darin couldn't help but laugh at the tickling. When he
stopped laughing he turned to the cat sitting on the car, then realized
Matt was intending to put him in it. "No, I don't wanna go in the metal car!" He clutched tightly to Matt's arm.

<Frank_Holiday> "Oh come now, Darin, it's not that bad," said Matt,
stroking his head. "Frank rides in them all the time."
<Frank_Holiday> "Yup, it's fun!" said Frank, hanging upside down on the railing (Subaru Forester with Cargo Racks)

<@Nekoyasha> Darin burried his face in Matt's shirt, "But their loud
and scarey."

<Frank_Holiday> "But you're perfectly safe! Frank's not dead, is he?"

<@Nekoyasha> "No..."

<Frank_Holiday> "Exactly. Now get in the car." Matt opened the
door and held his arm out over the car seat.
<Frank_Holiday> Darin dangled.

<@Nekoyasha> Darin let go and landed softly on the car's seat. He
quickly examined the interior seeing no immediate threats. He noticed a
bunch of new smells and started smelling the seat.

<Frank_Holiday> Frank stared from his perch and slowly raised an
<Frank_Holiday> Quietly, he whispered to Matt. "Has he been doing this all night?"
<Frank_Holiday> "Don't be mean, Frank," Matt whispered back.

<@Nekoyasha> Darin stopped sniffing the seat, poking his head over the
seat's edge and peering underneath.
<@Nekoyasha> He didn't see anything of interest, just a lot of metal
things. He sniffed the air underneath the seats, then sat back up
turning to Matt and the hanging Cat.

<Frank_Holiday> "Have an interesting adventure?" asked Frank with raised eyebrow.

<@Nekoyasha> Darin didn't understand what the cat was saying, he hadn't
gone on an adventure. He wasn't sure what to say, "I guess...."

<Frank_Holiday> "Well, scootch over, I want to sit."

<@Nekoyasha> "Oh..." Darin quickly scooted over to the other side.

<Frank_Holiday> "Alley.. OOP!" With a swing, Frank flopped gracelessly into the seat. "Ugh. That failed pretty badly."
<Frank_Holiday> "Let's go then!" said Matt, getting into the driver's
side. "Frank, help Darin with the seat belt, won't you?"

<@Nekoyasha> "Seat belt, What's that?" Darin looked over at Frank.

<Frank_Holiday> "Well, it's that th-... ummmmmmmmm Dad, I think he's
too short."

<@Nekoyasha> Darin was still confused as to what was going on. Turning
his attention to Matt in the front seat.

<Frank_Holiday> Matt twisted around.
<Frank_Holiday> "Well. THAT is a problem. Don't we have some rope in
the Fangirl Response Kit?"
<Frank_Holiday> "Yup! Wait... you're not gonna rope him in, are you?"
<Frank_Holiday> "Yup!"
<Frank_Holiday> "NO!" said Frank

<@Nekoyasha> "R-rope?" Darin backed into the corner of the seat and car door, getting confused and nervous.

<Frank_Holiday> "Okay, so that was a bad idea. Wait, how 'bout your
<Frank_Holiday> "....That's actually not a bad idea."
<Frank_Holiday> Frank pulled the vest out of the Kit along with the
<Frank_Holiday> "Okay, so put this vest on," he told Darin.

<@Nekoyasha> Darin looked at the vest, he had never worn any form of
clothing before. "I dunno how..."

<Frank_Holiday> "Here," Frank said, buckling the vest onto Darin's body. His limbs stuck out rather comically. "Well. That works. Now, to tie you to the seat..."
<Frank_Holiday> Frank looped the rope across some of the buckles on the
back and tied it to the seat back.

<@Nekoyasha> Darin felt uncomfortable in the vest, he couldn't even
move. It reminded him of how his Father would pin him down when they
played or when he was in trouble. He tried to pull his arms down to his sides
but it proved to be fruitless. He sighed.

<Frank_Holiday> "Is he secure?" asked Matt.
<Frank_Holiday> "Yup."
<Frank_Holiday> "OFF WE GO! FOR GREAT JUSTICE!!" Matt shouted.
<Frank_Holiday> The car VROOMED and went out the lot.

<@Nekoyasha> Darin wiggled within the vest trying to get comfortable.
He looked out the window (as best he could) and watched the passing
scenery. It was almost hypnotizing to the young cub, until his stomach
started to hurt. It grumbled its annoyance and caused Darin to be even
more uncomfortable. He tried to ignore the pain, but started whining
softly. (like a dog whines)

<Frank_Holiday> "You alright?" asked Frank, noticing Darin's

<@Nekoyasha> "My..Tummy hurts..." he said through whimpers.

<Frank_Holiday> Frank and Matt paled simultaneously.
<Frank_Holiday> "What did you feed him," said Frank, looking to to
<Frank_Holiday> "Chicken strips!"
<Frank_Holiday> "FROM THE CONCERT?!"
<Frank_Holiday> "Of course!"
<Frank_Holiday> "UGH!" groaned Frank. "You know how those Chicken Strips are bad for your stomach."
<Frank_Holiday> "They are?"
<Frank_Holiday> Frank facepawed.
<Frank_Holiday> "Did you forget the time I had some and was sick for a week?"
<Frank_Holiday> "Oh, that."

<@Nekoyasha> Darin started tearing up, still whimpering.

<Frank_Holiday> "God dang it," muttered Frank. "Hold on Darin, we're almost home. Sorry about the idiot over there."

<@Nekoyasha> Darin's tummy ache was hurting so badly he wasn't even
paying attention to what was being said. All he wanted was for the pain
to go away.

<Frank_Holiday> Matt swore up a storm as he made a swift detour to the
<Frank_Holiday> "Why do I always do things like this?" he muttered to
himself as he pulled in.

<Frank_Holiday> As the car stopped, Frank popped the door open and,
employing his best anti-Fangirl techniques to barrel out the door and
burst into the clinic.
<Frank_Holiday> Meanwhile, Matt unharnessed Darin and carried him into
the Clinic, with dramatic music playing in the background.

<@Nekoyasha> Darin buried his head in Matt's shirt, still whimpering.

<Frank_Holiday> Matt felt so helpless at his freshly adopted pet's
suffering as he delivered Darin into the waiting arms of Dr. Stones.
<Frank_Holiday> "What are his symptoms?" asked Stones.
<Frank_Holiday> "Really terrible stomach ache," said Matt. "He had some
Chicken Strips from the stadium down the way but..."
<Frank_Holiday> "Oh ****," said Stones. "Those strips, you have no
idea. They even give us humans intestinal issues."
<Frank_Holiday> He carried Darin into the clinic.
<Frank_Holiday> "Nurse, prepare for a stomach pump."

<@Nekoyasha> Darin wriggled in the Doctors arms, whimpering.

<Frank_Holiday> "Yessir!" saluted the nurses, already wheeling out the
equipment and moving it to the examination room.
<Frank_Holiday> "Alright pup, open you mouth..." muttered Stones,
gently prying open Darin's jaws and inserting the tube.

<@Nekoyasha> Darin gagged, trying to push the doctor away.

<Frank_Holiday> With no small amount of struggling, Stones managed to
insert the pre lubricated tube and pushed it down. "Prepare to receive
stomach contents!!"

<@Nekoyasha> Darin cried, still struggling. He didn't understand what
was going on, or why these humans were being so mean to him.

<Frank_Holiday> Stones flipped a switch. With a "Vrrrmmmmm..." and a
burbling noise, the machine extracted the mostly undigested chicken in
one long mess.
<Frank_Holiday> The unvomited vomit flowed into a large, transparent

<@Nekoyasha> Darin gagged and cried, the weird sensations confusing and
scaring him.

<Frank_Holiday> Stones flipped a switch and a fiber-optic camera at the
end of the tube turned on, activating a light.
<Frank_Holiday> "Clear!" said Stones, after checking around.
<Frank_Holiday> Meanwhile...
<Frank_Holiday> Matt and Frank sat quietly in the waiting room.
<Frank_Holiday> "...Frank," asked Matt.
<Frank_Holiday> "Yes?" replied Frank, toying with the end of his tail.
<Frank_Holiday> "Do you think Darin will hate me?"
<Frank_Holiday> Frank sighed.
<Frank_Holiday> "...I don't think so. It was an honest accident. I hope he doesn't."
<Frank_Holiday> "You think so?"
<Frank_Holiday> "Yeah."

<@Nekoyasha> Amongst all the stomach pumping Darin had struggled,
whimpered, and cried. Though he passed out towards the end, laying
perfectly still on the operating table. The only movement being his
chest moving up and down from his breathing.

<Frank_Holiday> "Patient is stable," said Stones, sighing and gently
extracting the tube and rinsing out Darin's mouth to get rid of the
taste of lube.
<Frank_Holiday> Cradling the unconscious Wolf pup in his arms, he walked
out of the clinic.
<Frank_Holiday> "How is he?" asked Matt worriedly, jumping up.
<Frank_Holiday> "He'll be fine. Just make sure he doesn't eat anything
heavy like bacon and stuff. Light food like dry kibble moistened with
warm water or chicken noodle soup is alright. And stay away from that
stadium food, I'm pretty sure that they got indicted for insanitary
conditions a while back."
<Frank_Holiday> "Thank you SO MUCH," said Matt, sighing in relief.
<Frank_Holiday> "Here, let me take him," said Frank. Reaching for and carrying Darin, who was still very tiny.
<Frank_Holiday> "Actually, I have some food for just this sorta thing,"
said Stones. "It's not safe to just feed him, you might give him
something bad. Take this."
<Frank_Holiday> He handed them a box of cans.
<Frank_Holiday> "These are special formulas of pet food for cases such
as this. Give him this when he wakes up and another in the morning and
one for lunch. He should be fine by dinner tomorrow for dry or wet dog
<Frank_Holiday> "Thank you again," said Matt, Frank following him with
thanks. With an exchange of pleasantries, the three walked out the door
and drove home.

<@Nekoyasha> Darin slowly opened his eyes as Frank got out of the car,
still in a sleepy state. He rubbed his eye's with the back of his paws,
then nuzzled against Frank's fur.

<Frank_Holiday> "Hey there, little guy," said Frank, tickling Darin's
chin. "Feelin' better?"

<@Nekoyasha> Darin giggled trying to bat Frank's paw away.

<Frank_Holiday> "I'll take that as a yes," replied Frank as Matt opened the door. Frank grinned and tickled Darin again.

<@Nekoyasha> Darin laughed still trying to push Frank's paw away.

<Frank_Holiday> Frank carried him downstairs as Matt went to retrieve
the sheets. "Feeling better, buddy?" asked Matt when he returned.

<@Nekoyasha> Darin looked at his stomach then at Matt. "Yes, but I'm
hungry again..."
He thought for a moment, "but I don't want chicken!"

<Frank_Holiday> "I'm sorry, Darin," said Matt. "The food at that place
was pretty bad, I guess...."
<Frank_Holiday> "Yeah, we didn't know that the food would be that bad for you," said Frank
<Frank_Holiday> "But the vet gave you some canned stuff that supposed
to be pretty good. Would you like some before sleeping?"

<@Nekoyasha> "Canned stuff, what's that?" he had never heard of canned
food before.

<Frank_Holiday> "Well, what they do is they cook some food and put it in a metal container before sealing it. This way, it'll stay good for
said Frank, laying Darin down gently on top of Matt's little
nest of sheets. "All comfy?"
<Frank_Holiday> They had progressed to Frank's room by this point

<@Nekoyasha> Darin looked around himself at the strange materials he
was sitting on. He leaned down and sniffed it, liking the strange
smell. He grabbed a sheet and pulled it up, examining it. He had never
seen anything like it and loved it. He fell on his back and began rolling
around in the sheets.

<Frank_Holiday> Frank and Matt laughed at Darin's antics. "So Darin,
do you want some dinner?" asked Matt.

<@Nekoyasha> Darin sat up, covered in a sheet. "Yes!"

<Frank_Holiday> Matt went up and got a small plate and emptied the can
on it. He came back down and handed Darin the plate. "Eat up, Darin!"

<@Nekoyasha> Darin looked at the strange substance on the plate,
leaning down and sniffing it. He immediately pulled back from the bad
smell. 'Maybe it tastes better then it smells..' he thought. Leaning
down again he took a small bite. It was a strange taste, it wasn't good
nor bad.

<Frank_Holiday> "What's it taste like?" asked Matt, curious.

<@Nekoyasha> Darin thought for a moment, "Kind of like animal fat and dirty grass..."

<Frank_Holiday> Frank and Matt both wrinkled their noses. "Ewwww..."
they said simultaneously.

<@Nekoyasha> Darin knew it wasn't the best taste but it's what was
given to him. He knew how hard times could get when you had to eat the
left overs which weren't the tastiest. He leaned down and quickly
scarfed down the rest of the food, just wanting to eat it and get it
over with.

<Frank_Holiday> "Sorry about that," said Matt, scratching his head.
"But apparently, this stuff is better for you then if we gave you
regular food."

<@Nekoyasha> Darin licked his chops not wanting to make a mess. He
looked down at the plate then held it up for Matt to take.

<Frank_Holiday> Matt took the plate up while Frank tucked him in.
<Frank_Holiday> "Sleep well, little one," said Frank.
<Frank_Holiday> Matt looked at the clock. "Jeez, it's 8:00 PM already?"

<@Nekoyasha> Darin scooted under the covers more so that it went all
the way up to his chin. "Is 8pm bad?" The little wolf had never heard
of time before besides noon and midnight which could be told by the Sun
or moon.

<Frank_Holiday> "Probably not, but I imagine you're pretty tired by
now. I'm just surprised what time it is."

<@Nekoyasha> Darin was still confused about the '8PM' but he
disregarded it as he was very tired. He rolled onto his side, closing
his eyes. "Good night" he said softly.

<Frank_Holiday> "Good night, Darin," said Frank and Matt together. Quietly, Frank got ready to bed himself.
<Frank_Holiday> "Night Matt," he said, before nodding off himself.
<Frank_Holiday> "Night Frank," said Matt, heading off to bed. After
brushing his teeth and such, he sat on his bed with a groan before
flopping down. With a sigh of exhaustion, he wiggled under the sheets
and went to sleep.

<@Nekoyasha> Darin had been sleeping for a few hours when he started
tossing and turning in his sleep. He began whimpering but soon jerked
himself awake. He was sweating as he quickly scanned the room before
realizing he had a bad dream. He looked down at the sheets he was in
and began missing his pack. Darin was used to sleeping bundled up next
to his family, not lying alone. He looked and Frank, making his way
over to him.
<@Nekoyasha> He walked around him and moved himself against Frank's
stomach and chest, nuzzling his fur. He turned over so his back was
against Frank's stomach before curling up and falling asleep.

<Frank_Holiday> Frank shifted to accommodate the new body mass by
draping himself like a blanket over Darin.
<Frank_Holiday> Then he dropped off back to sleep

(To be continued)

Author:  Auzzo [ Mon Jun 21, 2010 5:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Pet Friendly - Brookshire Meadows

Flake woke up double vision, but it wore off, "W-Where am I?" He looked around until he saw a Young Male Docter looking at a Clipboard, "Ah, Your awake. Apprently You have Eretna Poisoning in your arm that usually is Fatal, but luckly, Your wound is fine indeed. But incase it turns on you, It has been wrapped in a Cloth." He kept looking at the Clipboard and back at Flake. "Oh, and It will take 2 Weeks for the wound to it to heal perfectly." He looked at Flake for the last time and left the room."I should go to sleep.. He looked at his wound, then went to sleep.

Author:  DarkHeartsAndSuch [ Mon Jun 21, 2010 7:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Pet Friendly - Brookshire Meadows

After a few minutes of running, Kytes stopped and turned around. He was expecting to be followed, but relieved that he wasn't. The yarn he was tangled in had apparently fallen off while he ran, but was actually tied to the end of his tail. Wait a minute, he looked at the help button he pressed earlier. That was worthless. The button only had a range of a few miles, and was still set to phone the police at his previous neighborhood. He looked around him, hoping to notice something to help him get home. Three houses to his left, he saw his mom's Ferrari in the driveway. He instantly dashed towards his house and stopped at the front door. He looked in through the window to see if his parents were around. They weren't. He slowly opened the door and ran upstairs into his room. Plopping down onto his bed, Kytes thought to himself. Well, today was a definite failure. I normally don't have to use the alarm until at least a week after moving in. He rolled over onto his back, staring at the ceiling. "Let's try to do better tomorrow," he told his empty room as he slowly drifted off to sleep, despite it still being quite early.

Author:  thrasherblades [ Mon Jun 21, 2010 8:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Pet Friendly - Brookshire Meadows

Zander Wrote:
"Hello Shep, Im Felix. You must be one of Joy's friends." He said in a happy tone with a smile. He lovingly pulled Joy over next to him. and wrapped one of his arms around her and rested his head on her shoulder, still looking at Shep. "And she is my life" he nuzzled against the side of her face.
Joy put on a fake smile for Felix. but wasnt enthusiastic about it.
"Whats wrong? Something seems to be bothering you." He let go and looked at her.
"Is it another cat? Let me know where he is and ill beat the snot out of him." He smiled as he said it and playfully punched the air.
Joy giggled to herself nervously.
"Yeah-... I think its about time you go home. its getting late." She scratched the back of her head.

The husky scratched his head as he shook Felix's hand, burning
questions already invading his head. Who is Felix to Joy? Why is he kissing her? What is going on?!
"Yeah I better git on home first..." Shep said, reaching out to kiss Joy, but suddenly remembering Felix was watching them both. He then patted her on the shoulder instead. "Ill see ya tomorrow Joy. Nighty night partner.." Shep said, giving Felix a small salute and walked back to his house.

Author:  Zander [ Mon Jun 21, 2010 9:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Pet Friendly - Brookshire Meadows

Joy felt something inside her drop as Shep walked out the door. She sighed as she closed it behind him. She turned toward the happy-go-lucky Felix who looked like he just caught the fish of the day. "Its getting late... lets go to bed." she said, walking toward Felix, who was still holding the flowers. "Ok, let me go put these in water." Felix ran off toward the kitchen, soon returning without the flowers.
He grabbed her hand gently and started to walk her to bed. halfway they were stopped by there parents.
"Ok, Felix your bed is in here," She pointed to the living room. "We've got a sleeping bag made up for you. were going to bed really soon. see you tomorrow." She walked off toward the guest bedroom.
Felix looked at Joy and continued to walk toward her bedroom.
"You look less... peppy, then in Oklahoma. Whats wrong?" He asked, sincerely.
Joy looked up and sighed. "Its... sh- somebody in the neighborhood."
Felix stopped her and held both of her hands and looked deep into her eyes.
"is it Shep? if he hurts you, i-" he was cut off by Joy.
"No. No.. its- not Shep... well, yes.. but ill tell you.. later." She let go of his hands and walked into her room with Felix.
She got into her sheets and Felix stood by her bed. Felix tucked her in and kissed her forehead.
"Good night." Felix got up and started to walk away.
Joy grabbed his hand before he could walk away.
"Please stay." She said as he turned around.
He crawled into the other side of her bed and cuddled up next to her warm body, Purring.
She fell asleep soon from the warmth of his body.

Author:  RockstarRaccoon [ Mon Jun 21, 2010 10:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Pet Friendly - Brookshire Meadows

Rikki kept walking home after leaving Zeke's, still filled with warm feelings. He vaulted the fence, as usual, and went down the road, stretching himself out in the beautiful afternoon. He walked all the way back to the Ranger's Station, where he found Jack waiting.
They went outside while the sun was setting, and played fetch. Rikki had never understood why Jack enjoyed this game, as all he did was throw a stick or a ball and watch Rikki chase goofilly after it before he returned it, but Rikki always had fun, so they did it every once in a while. After a while it got dark and they got tired. Jack carried Rikki in on his back, and they went back to the Ranger's quarters. Rikki jumped off onto the bed and Jack sat down next to him, letting Rikki into his lap where he cuddled him like a pet.
"So," Jack asked, "You want to do anything tonight?" He grinned down at Rikki, ruffling his head.
Rikki did have something he wanted to do. "I was wondering if you could find something for me to practice reading with, maybe you could teach me a little more?"
Jack looked down at Rikki, tilting his head, "I think I have something, why the sudden interest?"
"Well, I just noticed that all the pets I've been meeting seem to be able to read really well, and I can't... so..."
Jack chuckled a bit "Rikki, you aren't actually thinking of becoming a pet for real now, are you?"
Rikki chuckled more, "You know I could never do that... I just feel like I might want to pick up the skill."
Jack gave him a thoughtful look before getting up, "well, I think I have something you might be interested in...." he went to his bookshelf and pulled out a textbook. "This is a book I had to learn out of in college, when I was learning ecology..." he looked at Rikki nd laughed a bit "I bet you're going to have a few corrections for it though. Hey, that's an idea!" He pulled a pencil and pad of sticky-notes from his bedside table, "Maybe you can write down corrections when you come across something you think is wrong."
Rikki looked up at the book and correcting supplies, a light coming to his eyes. "That does sound like fun..."
Jack opened the book and lied on his stomach next to Rikki. They went through several chapters of something only they found fascinating before going to bed: late for Jack, early for Rikki. They snuggled into bed together and fell asleep.


(( Expect Cale and Rocky, who have their night move into morning below. ))

Author:  Auzzo [ Tue Jun 22, 2010 12:00 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pet Friendly - Brookshire Meadows

Flake woke up from his wound hurting him, "Aggghhhh..." He cried in pain as 2 docters came in, unwrapped it and noticed his arm was oozing with green stuff, "Oh god, The side-effects of Eretna!" Both of the Docters pressed on the wound. Sixteen minutes later, Flake looked at the clock, "Five in the morning aready? He went back to sleep.

Author:  Zander [ Tue Jun 22, 2010 12:20 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pet Friendly - Brookshire Meadows

Joy woke up and rolled over and was surprised to see Felix. But she then remembered last night. She layed down a little bit before hearing footsteps comeing down the hall. Her eyes widened. She abruptly woke Felix up from his sweet dreams with a frantic shake. "Who- wh- what! whats wrong?" He said half asleep. "Quick get under the covers!" Joy whispered to him as the footsteps got louder. He realized what was going on and quickly pulling the covers over himself.
Joy's mom walked into the room. "Hey, have you seen Felix? hes not around."
"Heh, he- he must have went outside. you know Felix, always sneaking around." She said with fake enthusiasm.
Her mom gave her one last look before closing the door behind her.
"That was a close one." Felix added from under the covers.
He scrambled his way out of the bed and crawled out into the hallway, making sure the coast was clear before.

Author:  Neko [ Tue Jun 22, 2010 12:41 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pet Friendly - Brookshire Meadows


<RockstarRaccoon> Early in that morning, while everyone was sleeping
soundly upstairs, the door between the kitchen and the outside clicked
open. A young raccoon boldly poked his head through, and snuck in,
startled only momentarily by it shutting behind him. He peered around
the kitchen, which glowed in the diffused light from the windows,
sniffing as he crept in.
<RockstarRaccoon> There weren't many residents here, only a human and a
cat, both seemed male. They'd had strange company recently, a fox? He
couldn't tell. It was obvious they were sleeping, and he saw what he
needed. He jumped on the trash can, tipping it over.
<RockstarRaccoon> It made a somewhat loud noise, he had misjudged it:
he wasn't used to it. He hoped no one had heard and began rummaging.
These people were gluttons, throwing out a copious amount of good food.
How detestable, when other creatures were starving.
<RockstarRaccoon> He started stuffing it into his face, letting out a
sigh as it moved down to his starving belly.

<@Nekoyasha> Darin jerked himself awake when he heard a loud noise from
above. He looked at Frank and noticed he was still sound asleep. He
slowly squeezed himself out out from Frank's body. He crept out of the
room and cautiously climbed the stairs. When he reach the top he
sniffed the air, catching a whiff of a raccoon. He dropped to all fours
and followed the scent to the kitchen.
<@Nekoyasha> He peered around a corner and saw the raccoon who had
apparently just eaten out of the trash. Normally when facing danger
Darin would run and tell the others but this was different. He was the
only wolf here and he had to protect his territory, he had to protect
Matt and Frank. 'Ok, just remember what Father told you...' he thought. He barred his teeth and growled while making his fur stand on end.

<RockstarRaccoon> The raccoon froze. The cat must have heard him. He
looked at the door, but saw only a small puppy... wait... a wolf puppy!
Ceasar's? No... they were all his age... and what was it doing here?
It didn't have a collar... the smell got to his nose: definitely not
domesticated. Perfect.
<RockstarRaccoon> He spoke in a hush, so as not to wake anyone, "Are
you growling at me?" he said, innocently enough, and turned to it,
hunched over.

<@Nekoyasha> Darin kept his pose. "Y-yes I am! W-who are you, what are you doing here?!" he said through his growling.

<RockstarRaccoon> the raccoon kept his eyes fixed, staring at the wolf
-pup. He moved closer, on all fours, casually moving in as he made
conversation. "Me? Oh, I'm just a friendly neighborhood raccoon
getting a bite to eat! Now, mind if I ask you the same thing?"

<@Nekoyasha> Darin slowly backed away as the Raccoon got closer. "I-I live here!" He stopped growling, but kept his posture.

<RockstarRaccoon> The raccoon slowed a bit, raising a brow. "live
with humans?" he asked "where is your collar? Why don't I..." sniff
sniff "smeellll your domestication?"

<@Nekoyasha> Darin's fur fell back down to it's normal state. "W-what's a collar or a d-do-meh-fication?" He kept slowly backing away.

<RockstarRaccoon> Nope. Definitely no one's pet. How'd he get in
here though? Oh well! He moved closer. "Tell me, where are your
parents? A little wolf like you shouldn't be alone at this time of
night." He put a hint of concern into his voice, as if he wanted to
know where the parents were for the pup's own safety.

<@Nekoyasha> Darin's aggressive posture disappeared, a look of sadness
overcoming his face. "H-humans took them away..." it was all he could do to not cry.

<RockstarRaccoon> The raccoon stopped at hearing that, his mind going
back to his childhood. Humans. Animal Control. He winced at the
thought. This poor puppy must be miserable, how could he survive on
his own? It made him loose a lot of guilt over putting him out of his
misery, and his appetite began to increase.
<RockstarRaccoon> "That's so terrible! I'm so sorry!" he whispered
with real sympathy "It must be awful to loose your family like that.
All alone in the world with no one to... protect you..." He raised his

<@Nekoyasha> Darin started backing away just a bit quicker. "G-go away, Y-you got what you wanted didn't you?"

<RockstarRaccoon> "Did I? I wanted to eat a meal. In peace. Instead,
I find I'm not the only one trespassing in human territory. YOU belong
in a FOREST. YOU are part of a NATURAL ORDER. YOU do not belong ALONE
in a HUMAN house." he was about to move to pounce, when suddenly he
felt something hit him: a memory.
<RockstarRaccoon> "Tati!" The raccoon pup said "Don't go there, mom and
dad said it's dangerous! Wait for them to get back!"
<RockstarRaccoon> "I'm not scared!" the other pup replied "I want to
have an adventure! Daddy's the top-animal in all the forest! No one's
gonna cross me!" She started to walk away.
<RockstarRaccoon> "Tati! Please! Where are you going?"
<RockstarRaccoon> "I'm going to where the humans are destroying OUR
forest! They have no right to do that!"
<RockstarRaccoon> "Tati no! Dad said never to go there! If they
humans catch you-"
<RockstarRaccoon> "They won't! I'll be back before Daddy gets back,
you'll see!" and with that, she stormed off.
<RockstarRaccoon> That was the last time they saw her. His father had
told him that a black box, the "death box" as the forest animals called
it, had brought her away: no one came back from that.
<RockstarRaccoon> Now, he was staring at a pup, almost the same age he
had been. Could he do this? Could he really bring himself to do this?
He had food. He didn't need to hurt anyone.
<RockstarRaccoon> "Go away." he said, "just... leave." he turned around
and went back to the trash.

<@Nekoyasha> Darin was confused at the Raccoon's sudden change in
attitude. 'He isn't going to leave, I need to get Frank.' Darin stood
back up watching the Raccoon before quickly turning and running down the stairs.

<RockstarRaccoon> The wolf pup ran off, so the raccoon went back to the
food. It felt so good in him: he hadn't eaten much in days....

<@Nekoyasha> Darin rushed down the stairs, nearly tripping at the end. He ran into Frank's bedroom and over to Frank, shaking his arm. "Frank there’s a weird raccoon in the kitchen and he wont go away!"

<Frank_Holiday> "Blarrrr... Enya..." murmured Frank, head rolling back and forth. "Eh, you came back! Lemme sing you a song!"
<Frank_Holiday> "Soommmmmee day, when I'm Alll alone, when the World is COLD, I will feel a glow, just thinking OOOOffffff you, and the way you look, tonight..."
<Frank_Holiday> Frank snored and went back to sleep

<@Nekoyasha> "What, enya? Frank c'mon," he shook Frank's arm some more.

<Frank_Holiday> "Brbl."
<Frank_Holiday> Frank rolled over, nearly dragging Darin back into the bed.

<@Nekoyasha> Darin got out of Frank's grasp and backed into the hallway. 'Oh, Frank is being weird too...Matt! He'll know what to do, he must be the leader.' The young wolf pup turn and looked down the hallway, not knowing where Matt slept. He crept up to the closest door that was ajar going inside. It mostly white, he walked over to a white stone(toilet) and lifted it's top. "A spring?" He closed it back up and went to the curtains, peeling back and peering into the bathtub. 'where is he...'
<@Nekoyasha> Darin left the strange room , getting down on all fours and following Matt's scent to a closed door. He didn't know what to do, but he knew Matt's scent was coming from underneath this big wooden slab. He started scratching at the door, hoping to achieve something.

<Frank_Holiday> "Blrgl... go away Frank... no recording tonight...."

<@Nekoyasha> Darin heard it, Matt was on the other side. "Matt! Matt cmon!" He pounded on the door.

<Frank_Holiday> "...I don't care how inspired you are, I'm too tired to run the sound booth!"

<@Nekoyasha> Darin was confused, why were matt and Frank acting so weird. He kept pounding on the door, "Matt stop being weird and open, the...thingy!"

<Frank_Holiday> "BLARGL!" yelled Matt. He opened the door, eyes blood shot. "GO BACK TO SLEEP, FR- oh it's Darin. Hi Darin. Whaddya need?"

<@Nekoyasha> Darin attached himself to Matt's leg. "There's a raccoon in the kitchen and he won't go away and Frank is talking about an enya and won't wake up and I don’t know what to do!" He was almost in tears.

<Frank_Holiday> "Okay okay, don't worry about it, I know how to handle this. Do you want to come with?"

<@Nekoyasha> Darin looked up and Nodded, still hanging on.

<Frank_Holiday> "Alright then, come on." Matt clomped up the stairs, making plenty of noise to let the raccoon know he was coming. He poked his head in, wondering if the raccoon was still there.
<Frank_Holiday> "Hello?"
<Frank_Holiday> Matt flipped on the switch
<Frank_Holiday> PLINK!! The lights turned on

<RockstarRaccoon> The raccoon didn't hear him as he crunched down half eaten bags of chips. He was having a bit of a feast, and didn't even notice until the light turned on. The wolf cub was back! He pulled out of the trash and growled loudly turning to the door, "You little pest, I told you to go away! Get out before I tear you limb fr-" It wasn't the wolf. He froze and stared up at the fully grown human.

<Frank_Holiday> "Oh hi," said Matt. "You look hungry. Do you want some bacon?"

<@Nekoyasha> Darin Leapt off Matt's leg at the Raccoon's sudden aggressiveness, and hid behind Matt.

<RockstarRaccoon> The Raccoon didn't hear any of them, he just froze, thoughts running through his head. His instincts hadn't fully kicked in yet, and he was still deliberating whether to fight or flee.

<@Nekoyasha> Darin peered around Matt's leg and looked at the Raccoon.

<RockstarRaccoon> The raccoon let out small, quiet, confused growling noises

<Frank_Holiday> "Hey now, calm down," said Matt. "I understand you just want some food. So. Bacon?"

<@Nekoyasha> Darin didn't understand what was going on. Why was Matt being so nice to this Raccoon that was trespassing? He kept quiet and continued to watch.

<RockstarRaccoon> He could be out the door in a flash, but could he outrun anyone chasing him? He could try and fight, but humans were large, and often had alot of tricks to them... wait. Was the human offering him food? He couldn't figure out if it was a trap or not. He knew the human could have him killed for being here, but why would he offer to feed him? "What's the catch?" he said in a trembling growl...

<Frank_Holiday> "You leave and never come back. It IS bacon, the one of the most delicious things ever created."

<RockstarRaccoon> 'leave and never come back'. That was a proposition... Maybe he could trust this human? He wasn't exactly sure what bacon was, but if it was good... "How much bacon? Is it filling?" he was beginning to calm down.

<Frank_Holiday> "Here," Matt said, reaching to the Fridge and removing the slab of bacon he bought when he moved in. "This is bacon. I'm going to fry it up, so it should be pretty good." He showed the Raccoon what it was.

<@Nekoyasha> Darin looked up at the slice of meat, loving the smell. He wanted to speak up and say how he wanted bacon too, but was to uncomfortable and nervous around the raccoon.

<RockstarRaccoon> The raccoon wasn't familiar with the name, but he recognized the product: fatty meat. Exactly what he needed. "I... I can have all that?" He stared at the food, taking unconscious, yet cautious steps towards it, still on all fours, his back and muscles relaxing...

<Frank_Holiday> "Yeah, you can have a lot," said Matt, slowly reaching for a frying pan...

<@Nekoyasha> Darin slowly backed away as the raccoon got closer.

<RockstarRaccoon> The raccoon didn't notice it: he was still eyeing the food. If he could, he'd be salivating, his eyes glazed, he'd been hypnotized by the food. He got closer and began to stand up, reaching out a paw to take some. "th- thank you?"

<Frank_Holiday> "No problem!" said Matt, smiling. He pulled out the frying pan with a flourish and brought it down at high speed....
<Frank_Holiday> To land with a CLANG on the stove.

<RockstarRaccoon> The raccoon yelped, retracting back to his corner. "What was that?! What are you doing?!"

<@Nekoyasha> Darin Jumped at the sudden noise, making a yipping sound.

<Frank_Holiday> "Cooking," said Matt matter of factly, turning on the stove. "Why, haven't you heard of it?"

<RockstarRaccoon> The raccoon had, it was a way to make good food not as good: he liked his meat raw. "but, but, then it's not as good!"

<Frank_Holiday> Matt blinked.

<Frank_Holiday> "Oh, well if you like it raw...." He turned the stove off and pulled off eight strips of the thick-cut bacon. "Sorry, Darin, but you can't have any for your stomach, remember?"

<@Nekoyasha> Darin whimpered sadly, the bacon smelled and looked so good.

<RockstarRaccoon> The raccoon smelled the bacon: it was good food. But... why didn't he want the wolf-pup to have any? Was he torturing him? That was definitely wolf-food... Had he poisoned it? He was starving though, so he took a step closer. "Why can't he have any? Is it... did you do something to it?"

<Frank_Holiday> "He had a stomach ache earlier, and the doctor said he shouldn't eat anything fatty. That's all."

<RockstarRaccoon> The raccoon had heard of a doctor, more commonly called a vet, they helped animals... He knew he should be more careful, but he was so hungry that he just walked up to the human, however slowly, and held out the paw again.

<Frank_Holiday> Matt lowered the meat into the raccoon's paws. "Here you go. Now run along."

<RockstarRaccoon> The raccoon took the meat and quickly retracted with it, keeping himself out of reach of the human. "Um... thanks..."

<Frank_Holiday> Matt walked to the porch door and opened it. "C'mon."
<Frank_Holiday> Meanwhile, Frank smelled the delicious smell of bacon from all the way in the basement.

<RockstarRaccoon> The raccoon looked at the human, at the porch-door, and back. With that he put the meat in his mouth, and scurried out the door, his focus entirely on the human as he went out: that was a little too easy.

<@Nekoyasha> Darin watched as the Raccoon scurried off.

<Frank_Holiday> Waking up, he groggily followed it to the kitchen. Focused as Darin and Matt were on the Raccoon, and the Raccoon on the Bacon, nobody noticed him. Then he saw the floor. Then remembered that he saw a raccoon. He made the connection swiftly. Grabbing the cooled frying pan on the stove, he charged out the porch door and locked onto the target.
<Frank_Holiday> "FOR GREAT JUSTIIIIICCCEEEE!!!!!" he cried before swinging as hard as he could.
<Frank_Holiday> SPA- WAAAAANNNNGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(To be continued)

Author:  Neko [ Tue Jun 22, 2010 1:06 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pet Friendly - Brookshire Meadows

Neko Wrote:
Cale made it back to Sam and Rocky, noticing everyone else had left. "Well Flake had to go to clinic but he should be fine. Where did everyone go?"

Sam shrugged, "Everyone just kind of split."

Cale looked at the setting sun, "I hate to say this but, Me and Rocky should probably go home for dinner. Do you wanna do this tomorrow for sure?"

Sam nodded, "I'm gonna hold you to that!" She started rollerblading back home, turning and waving. "Bye!"

Cale waved back, "See ya!" He turned to Rocky, "ready to go eat?"

(From IRC)

<Zander> Rocky turned toward Cale still a little mad about kytes, but it wore off. "Its getting late, yeah i think its about time"

<Nekoyasha> "You better take the roller blades off, mom hates it when I try riding anything in the house."

<Zander> Rocky laughed, barely balancing on the roller blades. "Even if I wanted too i don't think i could even reach the door." He looked down at his roller blades

<Nekoyasha> Cale grabbed hold of Rocky's arm, "Sit down and just pull um off"

<Zander> Rocky sat down slowly with Cales help. He pulled each one off and set them down beside them. "Ok there off." He got back up and grabbed the rollerblades

<Nekoyasha> "Let's go eat then," Cale grabbed his board as he made his way inside and to the kitchen. "Mom what's for dinner?" Mrs.Patterson turned from the stove, "Spagetti and meatballs. It's almost done so go wash up and sit at the table."

<Zander> Rocky followed behind. Meatballs? spaghetti? He thought. he shrugged it off and followed Cale.

<Nekoyasha> Cale turned to Rocky, "let's put these away in the closet then wash up." Cale went to the closet by the front door storing away the skate board.

<Zander> "Ok" Rocky put them in the closet too.

Summary since Zander just disappears:

Cale and Rocky washed their paws then ate dinner, Rocky swooning over the deliciousness. They went back to Cale room where they continued where they left off. After playing for an hour or two they head off to bed, Rocky sleeping on the floor and Cale in his bed. As usual Cale removes his collar before settling down and going to sleep.

-Around 7 am-

Cale stretched, looking over to Rocky. "You awake?"

Author:  thrasherblades [ Tue Jun 22, 2010 6:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pet Friendly - Brookshire Meadows

"Shep! Shep! Come on boy get up!" A half sleepy Mr Shepard said hurriedly, using a strong right hand to shake Shep awake. The husky got up in a fright as always, he hated being startled from his joyride in dreamland. "But's only like....freakin' 7?! Wh.... What the blazes is...."

"What? Don't tell me you forgotten about the openin' of our shootin range today? And a BBQ too you suggested that as well remember? Helloo???" his dad said, an eyebrow raised. The husky froze for a little while as he began recalling. He nodded as he got out from his bed, stretching and yawning.

"Now there ain't much time son, so here's what we're gonna do. We're gonna git them guns and ammo from our shooting center in town and there's a whole lot of 'em so i'll need ya to do the shopping for our BBQ. I'll drop you off at the supermarket and I'll go get the stuff together with my assistant, who is off today but I called him back for this hehehe..." Robert said, faking an evil snigger. "You can go in ahead and ask someone to help ya out if ya need to, our fridge is kinda empty too." he said, looking in the direction of the kitchen. "Alright, get goin' son! I'll meet you at the van when you're done!" Robert said, putting on his shirt and jacket as he walked down the stairs.

Shep did a final stretch as he headed down the stairs and opened the door. He first walked over to Joy's place, but after recalling over what happened last night, he sighed and walked over to Jacob's instead. He knocked on the door and waited.

"<Good morning Miss Enya. It is 7 in the morning.>" A chamermaid said, entering her room silently with a tray filled with a savory American breakfast. Enya woke up from her sweet dream of Jacob and her riding on a unicorn over rainbows and did a big yawn and stretch. She smiled as she whiffed up the breakfast, her eyes still closed. "Mmmhmmmhmm Ooooh Jacob" Enya quivered as she sleepily chomped on the fried eggs and boiled chicken, looking so terribly adorable that the maids giggled as they left her room.

After breakfast, she washed up and went downstairs. Her uncle was watching tv as he put on his coat and tie while shoving toast and eggs in his mouth, getting ready to work which made Enya giggle a bit. Her uncle as he got dressed and went over to stroke her head, making her purr. <"Enya, we will have to start getting to work on new material for a new album next week, so do focus as much as possible. I'll see you later!>" Her uncle said, smiling and exiting the mansion, driving off his car out of Brookshire Meadows.

Enya happily slipped on her sunglasses and walked over to Jacob's place, humming a tune as she went.

Author:  Dr. Prower [ Tue Jun 22, 2010 7:57 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pet Friendly - Brookshire Meadows

Jacob opened his eyes and looked at the clock. "7am...feels more like 5am..." He let out a big yawn and slowly rolled over in his bed...and off it completely, banging his head against the dresser next to the bed. "Oww! Stupid...drawer thingy..." He stood up slowly and walked downstairs, hearing a knock as he made it to the bottom of the steps. "I am so not a morning person," Jacob muttered to himself as he opened the front door. "Hey Shep, what's up?"

Author:  thrasherblades [ Tue Jun 22, 2010 8:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pet Friendly - Brookshire Meadows

"Yeah hey. Remember the openin' of my dad's underground shootin' range? Yeah it's today bro. My dad needs me to do the shopping for the BBQ this afternoon. I figured we're gonna be gettin' alot of stuff so yeah that's...

"GOOOOD MORNING JACCOOOOOBB! Enya squealed, unveiling her sunglasses from her eyes and sprinted towards her boyfriend at full speed, stopping right in front of him and giving him a kiss on the lips and stepping back and smiling cutely.

Shep's jaws dropped on the floor, in shock as usual.

Author:  Dr. Prower [ Tue Jun 22, 2010 8:16 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pet Friendly - Brookshire Meadows

"Good morning beautiful," Jacob said, a big grin on his face from the kiss Enya gave him. He looked over at Shep and said, "Something wrong with you?"

Author:  thrasherblades [ Tue Jun 22, 2010 8:22 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pet Friendly - Brookshire Meadows

"Seriously your girlfriend is hot..." Shep said under his breath, composing himself again as Jacob shot him a weird look. "Well anyway, I just need someone to help me out at the mart cuz I'll be getting lots of stuff, judging from the amount of money Dad gave me." Shep said, taking out a few hundred dollars from his collar. "So how about it Jacob? My Dad's gonna bring us to a diner for breakfast first. It's all on him.."

Author:  Dr. Prower [ Tue Jun 22, 2010 8:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pet Friendly - Brookshire Meadows

"Sounds good. I'm in." He turned to Enya. "Hey, can you excuse me and Shep for one brief moment? I'd like to talk to him in private."

Author:  thrasherblades [ Tue Jun 22, 2010 8:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pet Friendly - Brookshire Meadows

"Oooh, Okay!" Enya said, slipping back her sunglasses onto her eyes again.

"Uhmmm yeah, sup Jacob??" Shep asked, curious.

Author:  Dr. Prower [ Tue Jun 22, 2010 8:31 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pet Friendly - Brookshire Meadows

"Just curious, are you going to act like that every time Enya's around?" Jacob whispered to Shep. "It's one thing to have a crush, it's another to make a total fool out of yourself."

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