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Housepets the Novelization.. 
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Shyanne Wrote:
Yeah..I dunno what to do. We all have an urge to do this, but I dunno how precise to the comic we would have to be or how creative we could be allowed to be. Obviously we couldn't do a "King and Sasha are a couple, omg!" I think, we should open another thread in the RP forum about this. We come up with a list of the arks. Then if someone wants to do a certain ark. They let me know, and they go to it. Then they give it to me. I will double check to make sure it basically stuck to the main gist of the ark. And then keep it. When I have them in chronological order, I can submit them on the thread, giving credit to who wrote what. I'd say they can submit it themselves, but ppl might submit out of order, since other people write faster than others..By the way..
Hera Ledro Wrote:
I sent a PM to Shyanne seeing what SHE wanted to do
..I'm a guy :P

OLOL xD My bad. Guess that shows me for assuming gender on a person's username xD

MilesKingford Wrote:
The question was generally meant for Shyanne but don't worry about. :)

I see what you mean but it would take a very long time to finish the book and some could make mistakes while acting. I would not require any addition assistance with the imagery of the book (I write everything with my own imagination, I don't know what everyone else would prefer but I am fine be left to my own devices) but I would need to know exactly how creative I could be, if something I wrote was a contradiction to what some else writes there would be problems of consistency. Therefore are we to wait for one person to write their arc out so that we would be able to follow from that or are we to all write out our arcs but attempt to keep the creativity at a controlled level to pretent problems from occurring. This was what I meant.

Also, I don't know about anyone else but I am anxious to get started XD

As am I. I'm currently constructing a workable outline for chapter one. My only issue is that I'm not exactly sure what we should incorporate into Ch. 1. Obviously it will be the first arc, but as that arc is fairly short we'll have to add in some filler (e.g. a brief interaction between strips that leads to the next). This would have to be looked over by Rick or by someone to whom Rick has given permission to oversee the project, as these are not our characters and, being fans, we may end up accidentally going out-of-character.

Now some chapters could consist of multiple related arcs and vice-versa; some arcs (e.g. Dog Days of Summer) are long enough and deep enough that we can make two or three chapters to cover their entirety. Other arcs will be more difficult to transcribe, specifically ones that are set in the third person omniscient (e.g. Theme Park World).

In essence, we will -have- to take some creative license. One arc does not equal one chapter, and we'll have to be very careful to set up certain chapters as separate from the other ones in their narrative and point of view.

Thu Oct 07, 2010 7:35 am
Post Re: Housepets the Novelization..
You could add in depth descriptions on the situation to fill chapters fairly devoid of much content, this will not only allow the reader to get a sense on what is happening and be able to imagine it with detail but it could spread over several pages if done right.

Some strips do not flow with each other so we will have to come up with something to add inbetween them to connect the strips together so it makes sense, Rick left a lot of gaps in the storyline for us to fill. Trying to figure out how to connect the strips will be a nightmare but they will make great fillers nonetheless.

Also we have to make sure that this story does not get too complicated, multiple related arc chapters can quickly become complex and be filled with too much information which would overwhelm the reader. It would be best to deal with one issue or situation at a time so that everything flows for our readers to easily follow.

As for the viewpoints in the story, we will have to make it obvious that there are changes to the viewpoint in the story otherwise the reader would become confused as to what is going on. The worrying part is to be able to include all the characters and be able to say what they are doing, the arcs sometimes jump from one scene to a completely different one and readers will be confused about what happened to the characters especially once they come back later on.

How long do we need these chapters to be? My chapters that I write as a hobby can be anything from 10 to 20 pages long.

Thu Oct 07, 2010 11:39 am
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