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Accents O_O" 
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Post Accents O_O"
For me, it's a thing with non-voiced voices, same applies to the Housepets! cast

Peanut (Greek Accent) Peanut, eh, has for me a greek accent honestly even if he's born in the good ol' USA, it then later turns into a more Italian accent when he's really happy (I met a dog that looked like him in Greece a few years ago)
Grape (Teenage version half British half American Accent) she has in my head a british and american accent
Max (Californian Accent, teenaged) Max is still probably in his teen years and his personality reminds me of california for some reason lol
Fox (Australian Accent) for some reason Fox to me has a Australian accent going even if I knew that Fox is a country boy probably. and sometimes when I feel like it turns into a Japanese accent, (I associated huskies being Japanese mostly)
Bino(Tom Hanks Accent) strangest part, honestly he sounds a bit like Tom Hanks (not explaining that)
Fido(German police accent) obviously by now if you know him, or a normal accent.
King(basically Russian accent) he's probably going to have a child version to fit with his small size that and he does have a temper to fit better with Russia. :lol:
Tarot(bit of a mystic African accent) she's magical, nuff said.
Joey(kid accent of Bino's) little brother to Bino, again nuff said
Res(American accent) normal accent :roll:
Sabrina(mix of Tarot's and a normal American teenage accent) because she's influenced by Tarot
Bailey(Valley Girl Accent) it's freaking obvious
Pete(Normal American Adult accent)
Great Kitsune (South Korean accent)
lastly, the ferrets have a upper class english accent, though sometimes they adapt to normal American accents

That's my brain to you, folks! tell me how you think :D

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Post Re: Accents O_O"
well, I'm not any expert of accents, so I can't tell, but I always imagined their voices like mine (without accent, just neutral), but now with a second thought, It just stupid because I'm a hispanic guy, so it doesn't have any sense XD

mmm... All I can say is probably that:

- Grape have a New York accent
- Kevin a german accent (Rick only confirmed Ralph doesn't have, but said nothing of Kevin)
- Boris a russian accent
- Res a cannadian accent (but just for me XD)
- Fox maybe is like his cousin Bailey (with kansas accent) and he tries to suppress
- Miles a fake british accent

the others I think are normal, only with particularities in their voices, like:

- Peanut with a energic and playfully voice
- Tarot with a softly and polite voice
- Bino with a sarcastic and paranoid voice
etc etc


Thu May 24, 2012 7:41 pm
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Post Re: Accents O_O"
I'm pretty sure most of them have Midwest American accents, with the exception of a few clearly foreign ones.

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Fri May 25, 2012 1:35 am
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Post Re: Accents O_O"
Considering the setting, it's that or Southern. = P

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Post Re: Accents O_O"
well if the Radio show is to be believed, Joey is Southern and Bino is British.

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Post Re: Accents O_O"
I believe everyone has the same American accent =P

except Tarot and Rex. I believe Tarot has a softspoken Egyptian accent while Rex has a bronx accent that's high pitched for some reason @_@

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Fri May 25, 2012 5:33 am
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Post Re: Accents O_O"
No one really has an accent to me. (Exept Bailey. But even she didn't have a thick one.) They sound excited or angry depending on what is going on in the comic, but I never really immagined them with accents.

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Post Re: Accents O_O"
Eh, it is all relative to be honest. Since they were all born and raised in the same nation for the most part, the majority of them should have the same accent. Having said that, let your imagination run wild with it. Accents are always interesting, and if you want to put one on a character, it is alright. I find it fascinating myself, and they all have a bit of a Southern Drawl to me, since I am from the South. :lol:

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Mon May 28, 2012 8:04 pm
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Post Re: Accents O_O"
I imagine Pete would have a voice like Geoffrey Rush. Grape even said in the comic where his human self moves in that he's "Welsh".

Max - Whatever accent Simon Helberg or Jim Parson has
Fox - A touch of kansas
Tarot - Soft english or egyptian
Karishad - Scottish, I don't know why
King - General American
Kitsune - Cockney

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