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The Housepets! Alt-Text Compendium 
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Post The Housepets! Alt-Text Compendium
So you got your Housepets! book, but wanted to read its alt-text without going through the actual comic online? Or perhaps you were reading Housepets! on mobile, but couldn't see the alt-text? Have no fear! Because this topic shall save you from the alt-textless nightmare!

The Housepets! Alt-Text Compendium
The content is on the next post

Index of Arcs and Dates Wrote:
15. A Mouse Named Spo

16. Zap!

17. Fall of the Pridelands

18. The Continuing Adventures of Spot

19. A Sinister Shadow

20. Roadtrip Woo

21. Down At The Farm

22. Money Sharks

23. n-ple Date

24. The Uncanny Adventures of Spot

25. The Visitor

26. Oops I Arced

27. It's A Wonderful Dog's Life

27.5 All the King's Men (prose)

28. Ocean's Two

29. Imaginate, Too!

30. The Present

31. Spot McCloud Presents Comics

32. Dog Days of Summer

33. Theme Park World

34. The Adventures of Stripe

35. Movie Night

36. Scaredy Cats

37. Noob Tube

38. Hope of the Pridelands

Guest Week 1!

39. We're Snowed In!

40. The Preeminent Adventures of Spot

41. The Arc Specifically About Being Naked

42. Not All Dogs

43. The Great Water Balloon War

44. Let's Imaginate Macbeth!

45. The Interview

46. The Case of the Aztec Gold

47. A Respite In The Country

48. Spots and Stripes

49. A Holiday at the Zoo

50. Housepets Babies!

51. Show Business

52. What Money Buys

53. The Mall

54. The Critical Review of Spot

55. The Trial in Heaven

56. Let's Imaginate Guys and Dolls!

57. Testing Grounds

58. Taking Cover

59. PsyCon

60. Getting Physical

61. PsyCon2: PsyConner

62. The Retroactively Continuous Adventures of Spot

63. Temple Crashers

64. All Hallow's Ween

Guest Week 2!

65. The Unbearable Lightness Of Being A Dog

66. Trash Pickup

67. Love And War

68. Jack Of One Trade

69. The King and I

Guest Week 3!

70. Mice To Meet You


Yes, alt-texts only appeared since the beginning of the first Spo arc.

Formatting Notes:
- Feel free to tell me if there are any mistakes or anything missing
- The alt-texts are ordered by date, from the newest (top) to the oldest (bottom)
- Due to the irregular pattern of some one-offs, I decided to merge the one-offs with their previous arc. This includes holiday bonus, so you have to search them by date, title, or closest arc if you are looking for those
- One-offs, bonus, or intermissions during an arc are separated by lines, this includes the second wave of guest comics during the beginning of arc 41 (when Rick's laptop was busted)
- All entries contain date and title. Unfortunately, for readers of the book you will have determine the arc by yourself and search by the closest one
- The single one-off right after Guest Week 1! and right before arc 39 is merged with arc 39
- Arc 27.5 is placed right after arc 27 despite it appeared later than arc 29


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Post Re: The Housepets! Alt-Text Compendium
2013/07/31/ - A Dish Of Fish -
NOW you're critiquing my taste!

2013/07/29/ - Ciao Chow -
Character thoughts! Tarot: ''This is going right to my thighs'' Peanut: ''This is going right to her thighs''

2013/07/26/ - To The Market To The Market -
I prefer ''nonomonopia''

2013/07/24/ - Back Alley Dining -
consoling paw

2013/07/22/ - Going Double Dutch -

2013/07/19/ - Use The Doors -
I bet they have thumbs on their feet in THIS universe. Thumb-hoggers! (No offense to hogs)

2013/07/17/ - Use The Fours -
Peanut's checking to see if Grape's unusual shape results in an unusual smell. It's never been the case so far but you never know.

2013/07/15/ - Foursight Is 20/20 -
I should have known something was up when the camera didn't pan down

2013/07/12/ - Everybody’s Learning How -
But don't come crawling to me when your soul is sha--oh wait I already said it like that. Um, when your . . . spirit . . . is . . . smashed . . . beyond the galaxy?

2013/07/10/ - It Even Is Awesome -
Come on Grape, TV isn't so bad . . . is it . . . is it Sharktoberfest in July yet?

2013/07/08/ - It Even Sounds Awesome -
p sure grapes aren't a kind of date, peanut

70. Mice To Meet You Wrote:
2013/07/05/ - Stamp Of Approval -
In case you needed clarification--and I don't know why you would--I was shouting your name, not actually squeaking

2013/07/03/ - I’ve Got A Hand-le On Things -
In the Bigglesworth household you are not a number so much as you are a fraction of an integer

2013/07/01/ - Taxing-Onomy -
Also, that's only a half rhyme

2013/06/28/ - A Box Of Nerds -
The ''thing'' has to do with a video game Fido is unfamiliar with

Guest Week 3 Wrote:
2013/06/26/ - The END Of Spot -
My favorite part was where he didn't die

2013/06/24/ - The One And Only Taste -
. . . grrreat . . . grrreat . . . grrreat . . . grrreat . . .

2013/06/21/ - Sweet Deal -

2013/06/19/ - Darts As She Is Played -
Miles is such a lightweight!


2013/06/17/ - Guest Comic by Geradr -
It's... a statuette of the moon... filled with... honey?

2013/06/14/ - Guest Comic by rodrigo and Silly Zealot -
'I figured as much, I thought he wanted to switch the car for a motorcycle.'

2013/06/12/ - Guest Comic by Karishad and Stu -
Oh, hey, THERE'S that messenger bag!

2013/06/10/ - Guest Comic by CHAOKOCartoons -
Tiger has a mom?!

2013/06/07/ - Guest Comic by Ryusuta -
Life is but a... game... wait, no, that's not right...

2013/06/05/ - A Minor Glitch -
...but NEXT time...

69. The King and I Wrote:
2013/06/03/ - Year Five Epilogue -
You EAT the flowers now, right?

2013/05/31/ - End Of Year Five -
Also, sometimes I feel like I'm in the Wonder Years

2013/05/29/ - What Bwings Us Togefah Today -
Keene is slowly turning into the patrician, it seems

2013/05/27/ - Here Come Da Bride -
I found these in the back, I didn't know church came with snacks! / I couldn't find a suit that fit so I had myself dyed instead / I'm the most dressed out of all of you so why do I feel so naked in here? / ZZZ / Sasha get off the stage you're supposed to precede the bride

2013/05/24/ - Woe Woe Woe -
Hey hey hey, Petey's on the way! . . . to . . . back where he came from?

2013/05/22/ - Tactical Retreat -
Pete, why do you sometimes take that weird horse-like shape?

2013/05/20/ - And The Sentence Was Going To Be Déjà Vu -
''How is your head above the ceiling like that?'' ''I actually thought that'd be your first question''

2013/05/17/ - The Reason Is You -
This would be a lot easier if you weren't such open and considerate conversationalists!

2013/05/15/ - No Girl Allowed -
No you see it's a party where I have one final chance to be unfaith--wow that's an awful description, does culture really suck that much

2013/05/13/ - Turnabout Is Unfair Play -
There's a party in my mouth and everyone is naked

2013/05/10/ - Vow-olation -
Then you learn what the word ''rehearsal'' means and you start hearing it EVERYWHERE

2013/05/08/ - If We Hearse Now We Won’t Have To Do It Again Later -
Is this always what it's like in church?

2013/05/06/ - Pew Pew Pew -
With both animals AND weddings, we're a definite shoe-in

2013/05/03/ - Camera Obscura -
Can we do this again only while laying on the bed, kicking your feet in the air cutely?

2013/05/01/ - Put It In The Oven For Puppy And Me -
let's just avoid anything suggestive of hydrants

2013/04/29/ - They Make The Dog -
I mean they're only going to see it from a distance for approximately two hours, right?

2013/04/26/ - Shopping Block -
king stop looking at the camera!

2013/04/24/ - Compatibility Test -
''And you?'' ''She smells nice and rescued my thing once'' ''I figured''

2013/04/22/ - No -

2013/04/19/ - Get Your Good Side -
YES you signed a waiver, now get back to the mushiness

2013/04/17/ - The Important Details -
I didn't know Duke Nukem was in this comic

2013/04/15/ - Forward Thinking -
King, do you need a booster seat, I have one in gold or silver

68. Jack Of One Trade Wrote:
2013/04/12/ - Numbers Learning -
YES the unclosed air quote is on purpose. Think about it.

2013/04/10/ - Freshly Squeezed -
When life gives you lemons, make the rules

2013/04/08/ - Police Bidness -
This guy named Craig pointed us here

2013/04/05/ - Hot Deals -
It's a deal on account of it being hot . . . um, a hot deal

2013/04/03/ - Disarming Situation -
This is literally the greatest thing ever. The NES I mean

2013/04/01/ - Rube Tube -
I dunno who Craig is but he sure gets me a lot of business

2013/03/29/ - Here’s Your Sign -
Wolves tend to mean ''sweetheart'' literally

2013/03/27/ - Cleaning Up -
It was originally going to be a pun, ''Four Finger Viscount'', but then the arm thing happened

2013/03/25/ - Wet Markers -
At first I thought you told me I did fine, and now THIS

67. Love And War Wrote:
2013/03/22/ - Cats Will Be Cats -
How do you manage to scream like that anyway?

2013/03/20/ - Better In My Head -
The white box with words on it is reading my thoughts! Fortunately, to clear my mind, I am skilled in transcendent meditation. (The white box doesn't know that)

2013/03/18/ - Hereafter Thereafter -
You can eat chocolate in heaven, but why would you want to when you have INFINI-chocolate?


2013/03/15/ - Butt Of This Joke -
Not right HERE you idiot!

2013/03/13/ - Crush-ing Blow -
Oh yeah shake it girl. I like my protein shakes well-blended with a raw egg

2013/03/11/ - Tossing And Turning And Rinsing -
NOW he's naked, phew

2013/03/08/ - Too Late To Think -
You have to at least knowingly play along, that's in the trope rulebook!

2013/03/06/ - Dancing In The Dark -
Tony / I'll end up in a ditch just like Tony

2013/03/04/ - BFF: The Sound Of A Swinging Baseball Bat -
Be sure to leave a quarter in the Not Chocolate jar, this is club cocoa after all

2013/03/01/ - Eyes Like Faucets -
*gasp* he's nake--oh wait no

2013/02/27/ - One By One Equals Zero -
In fact, if you behave, you could be my middle girlfriend

2013/02/25/ - Words Are sWords -
Actually I meant to say penguin that time. Oops! I mean string.

2013/02/22/ - Speed Dater -
I also like things I don't like!

2013/02/20/ - Love Is A Phone Call Away -
I don't even OWN a helmet!

2013/02/18/ - I’d Be Home For Valentines -
You got us this time, lack of a social life! *shakes fist*

2013/02/15/ - In Good Company -
I don't know, I'm not my brother's trapper-keeper


2013/02/14/ - Make Them Love You -


2013/02/13/ - Swapping Gift -
the hydrant is such a romantic spot

2013/02/11/ - Dressing Down -
Why would they ironically release horror movies on valentines day if they didn't mean for us to spring them on our girlfriends

66. Trash Pickup Wrote:
2013/02/08/ - Shot In The Dark -
And after all that, it looks like distemper got them in the end

2013/02/06/ - The Pending Litigation Of Spot -
Everything I need to know I learned from Star Trek

2013/02/04/ - Nachos And Thou -
Australian Rules Football is a combination of all sports, plus rugby again


2013/02/01/ - Carry Fade-Out -
I am assured of its superiority to other spheres

2013/01/30/ - Worlds Collide (And Have Dinner) -
All I remember is straw, straw everywhere

2013/01/28/ - I Cast Burning Hands -
tears will sooth the pain! quick, rub your eyes!

2013/01/25/ - This Is The Way -
So early in the morning, mid-day, afternoon, evening, and deep into the night

2013/01/23/ - Party Spanner -

2013/01/21/ - This Is Whack Man -
That's Shaker Spear, you simpleton!

2013/01/18/ - Da Da Da Da! -
To be fair, with the right stick you can do ANYTHING

2013/01/16/ - The Prefix Makes It -
Do not taunt MEGA-Ball

2013/01/14/ - Identity Theft -
robot meter sees you

2013/01/11/ - Party In My Mouth -
It's like a party in my mouth and everyone is uncomfortably close

2013/01/09/ - Planning Face -
Distinct from the nom-enclosure, which is your mouth

2013/01/07/ - Stuff ‘Em In Yer Craw -
It was probably all that catnip you just ate

65. The Unbearable Lightness Of Being A Dog Wrote:
2013/01/04/ - Olfactory Assessment -

2013/01/02/ - Snax -
o n o

2012/12/31/ - Elaborate Setup -
Don't worry, I'm sure you can ferret it out

2012/12/28/ - Topical Humor -
What, didn't you get snack cakes in your stockings and store then on your beds like halloween candy?


2012/12/25/ - Is You -
Dogs are disgusting, Merry Christmas!

2012/12/24/ - Who needs a Coupe de Ville at the bottom of a Cracker Jack box?

2012/12/21/ - At Least I’m Gonna Say That I Tried -
King's room is currently being taken up by people critiquing how tacky of a party ornament his statue is

2012/12/19/ - I’ve Got To Go Away -
also why do these smell like lemons

2012/12/17/ - Baby It’s Cold Outside -
King get yourself in the panel please

2012/12/14/ - All You Need -
It's the ciiiircle of liiiiife (om, nom)

2012/12/12/ - Big Mouth For A Small Body -
How can you even reach your foot all the way to your mouth with those stubby legs

2012/12/10/ - Something-Off -
Bino is now dead, yup

2012/12/07/ - Tooth Truth -

2012/12/05/ - Of Brick Walls -
I apologize for the excessive empty space in panel two--I mean! The empty space represents . . . the uh . . . fact that composing panels is hard

2012/12/03/ - The Perfect Excuse -
In the modern day, any time anyone sees a ! by itself, they instantly think of the metal gear alert noise

2012/11/30/ - BYOBS -
Well if that's a problem, what if everyone wore a collar? And no clothes

2012/11/28/ - My Classics Minor Pays Off -
Esculentae etiam sunt rerum species

2012/11/26/ - I’ve Got A Funny Feeling -
Cheer up!

2012/11/23/ - In This Comic, Somebody Buys The Farm -
''Crumple'' is a funny word, but probably not in German

2012/11/21/ - Seasons Greetings -
For more on the nuances of canine greetings, pick up the new book, ''From Gut Checks to Butt Checks'' in stores now

Guest Week 2! Wrote:
2012/11/19/ - Guest Strip by Geradr -
Just some guy

2012/11/16/ - Guest Strip by Cipher -
Glowsticks make everything better

2012/11/15/ - Guest Comic by Karishad and Stu -
It's not my fault your butler has a silly accent that's impossible to understand on the phone

2012/11/14/ - Guest Strip by Frank -
She really is known the world over

2012/11/12/ - Guest Strip by ChaPa -
I'd say 'Napoleon Complex,' but the evidence is a little short

2012/11/11/ - Guest Strip by Muddypaws -
Better candy corn than creamed corn

2012/11/10/ - Guest Strip by Prof -
That's why it's a fan comic

2012/11/09/ - Guest Strip by Seth Iova -
Wet dog smell is in this season, by which I mean you can't avoid it

2012/11/08/ - Guest Strip by Norzman -
Surprise baths are the best baths

2012/11/07/ - Guest Strip by Kurowolfe -
Augh, I need several peanut butter sandwiches with a side of procrastination. All this singing is killing me

2012/11/06/ - Bring On the Dancing Dogs -
But we won't do it for YouTube!

2012/11/05/ - Guest Strip by Souji, NickCole, and CY_Law -
They say it's in the eye of the beholder...

64. All Hallow's Ween Wrote:
2012/10/29/ - Trolling With Trolls -
Question two: Are you now thinking about spiders crawling all over your face while you sleep?

2012/10/26/ - Boo-lean Logic -
Sasha, who gave you scissors

2012/10/24/ - We’ll Leave A Light On -
Make motorcycle noises! Now!

2012/10/22/ - Some Weening To Do -
For girls, replace all superheroes with princesses

2012/10/19/ - Spotting In Plain Sight -
If you can't blindly follow dumb children's movies . . .

63. Temple Crashers Wrote:
2012/10/17/ - At The End Of The Tour -
I'd hate to think I was evil simply for trying to do the right thing. And that's why I always assume nobody else is doing the same!

2012/10/15/ - Maybe To An Astral Plane -
PPPPS ballpoint pens are awesome

2012/10/12/ - All That Glitters -
Um, Daryl fainted. Also the light spell wore off. Also it's kinda difficult to show you everything when I'm going at the pace I do--what do you want, Sluggy Freelance?

2012/10/10/ - Even Quadruploons -

2012/10/08/ - Aaackbar -
Actually foxes do not bumble, they engineer their way into unforseen disasters

2012/10/05/ - The Writing On The Wall -
'Also I hate this writing wedge, can we fastforward a few thousand years to the ballpoint pen'

2012/10/03/ - Call Me Gordon -
Simultaneously stamp out evil and enlighten them!

2012/10/01/ - That’s Tragedy! -
then somehow Zach's shepherd's crook reaches over like a stage hook

2012/09/28/ - Giant Cavern Expedition -
and he's a priest, so no magic missile

2012/09/26/ - Stragedy -
Another one of the many pitfalls of adventuring. (In adventuring, pitfalls are literal)

2012/09/24/ - A Fox’s Home Is His Temple -
No, I don't THINK that sounded like tempting fate, why do you ask

2012/09/21/ - Split The Party (Don’t Split The Party) -
Gargoyles make great guards cause you can take them for granite

2012/09/19/ - Atrium, Actually -
The fox deserves the shinies because he has the longest, pointiest stick

2012/09/17/ - A Little Bit Of Class -
a fox with horns, how fitting

2012/09/14/ - Class Warfare -
Besides, the hat is already magic

2012/09/12/ - A Cliche Aphorism -
O almondy father, please bless this day our daily acorn

2012/09/10/ - Over The Shoulder -
You have really neat handwriting

2012/09/07/ - Live Action Imaginating -
Florentine courtesan just says 'bard' for some reason

2012/09/05/ - Call No Waiting -
It's not often you get to frame a question with the future perfect

2012/09/03/ - The One Left Behind -
Come to think of it I don't even know where I am or how I'm getting coverage

62. The Retroactively Continuous Adventures of Spot Wrote:
2012/08/31/ - The Retcon Retcon -
'So why did they make a clone of Stripe too?' 'Universal matter vibrations.' 'So, just because?' 'Yeah, pretty much.'

2012/08/29/ - Architect Of Sleep -
I take that look of utter disgust to mean I misspelled something?

2012/08/27/ - Spot The Difference -
It's a good thing I ingrained that habit when I got that short term memory disorder . . . no wait, that was Memento. What was I thinking of?

61. PsyCon2: PsyConner Wrote:
2012/08/24/ - Closed Dupe -
I wonder if this counts as déjà vu

2012/08/22/ - Looks Perfectly Safe -
I wonder if this counts as déjà vu

2012/08/20/ - Two Of A Kind -
I wonder if this counts as déjà vu

60. Getting Physical Wrote:
2012/08/17/ - A Winner Is You -
Isn't it always like the doctor to deliver bad news

2012/08/15/ - Overqualifying -
When do we get to the upside down sit-ups?!

2012/08/13/ - Let’s Get Physical, Physical -
going for the gold in physical-taking! woo

59. PsyCon Wrote:
2012/08/10/ - Extra Long Distance -
'At least it wasn't the DAWN of time. You have no idea how many causality violations that would create.' 'Um . . . '

2012/08/08/ - Operators Are Standing By -
'Don't I know you from somewhere?' 'Come on, that's LITERALLY impossible.'

2012/08/06/ - Being Conned -
It saves on the travel costs. Otherwise they're astral-nomical

58. Taking Cover Wrote:
2012/08/03/ - Thats Entertainment -
I wonder if he squeaks when you hug him!

2012/08/01/ - Sing For Your Supper -
After this we'll get all Barbra Ann in here and that'll be another hit without having to try

2012/07/30/ - Adult Subject Matter -
I can sing! That means I'm inherently talented at songwriting!

57. Testing Grounds Wrote:
2012/07/27/ - Disquieting Results -
In America? Pff

2012/07/25/ - Quell Phone -

2012/07/23/ - Genuflecting Pool -
This took me two hours and I NEEDED that time for more cramming!

56. Let's Imaginate Guys and Dolls! Wrote:
2012/07/20/ - Obligatory Reference -

2012/07/18/ - Spot Is In A Spot -
Samurai Cat, not of the Pizza variety

2012/07/16/ - Return Of The Television -
Sharktoberfest In July is better than regular Sharktoberfest cause you only get stupid Shark programming for one day, instead of all month


2012/07/13/ - Surprise And Dolls -
'but who gets married to--' 'EVERYONE'

2012/07/11/ - Wise And Dolls -
that . . . that came out wrong

2012/07/09/ - Reprise And Dolls -
The mice needed a raised platform to run across so they could get in shot . . . wait this isn't a mov--*punched*

2012/07/06/ - Drinking In The Locale -

2012/07/04/ - Hungry For Cheddar -
Nicely done, Nicely-Nicely

2012/07/02/ - Cheshire -
Max goes through a lot of toothpaste

2012/06/29/ - Backstage At The Club -
Not here for a pun, just brute force

2012/06/27/ - Just Kidding -
But at least she's happy to be a grandmother! You know, even IF you're part of that equation

2012/06/25/ - Mission Slip -
A sucker bet: Is it a blow pop or a tootsie pop

2012/06/22/ - Da Bet -
Everyone needs to play a brass instrument for this exact purpose

2012/06/20/ - Cheesy Goodness -
It was only a matter of time before I drew some cheesecake in this comic

2012/06/18/ - Guys And Debauchery -
And that's the reason it's so difficult to make fun of musical theater, because they kinda already know how silly it is

55. The Trial in Heaven Wrote:
2012/06/15/ - Jokers To The Right -
But let's be honest, EVERYTHING not within my tiny island of true knowledge is crazy-land

2012/06/13/ - Rhyme Time -
Tapping at the window, crying at the lock, 'DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY UNDERWEAR?!'

2012/06/11/ - Oldie But Goodies -
Also I was going to use it to pay for my stuff but okay

2012/06/08/ - Order Of Magnitude -
By the way mom asked why she keeps finding claw marks on the ceiling fan

2012/06/06/ - Science Diet -
Actually you're going on a diet because you alone quadruple our food budget


2012/06/04/ - Year Four Epilogue -
As fun as a grabbing cane might be, we'll just pretend he can reach the doorknob by jumping for now

2012/06/01/ - End Of Year Four -
As a reader of this comic, this means I know EXACTLY what is going to happen and I am very angry about it!

2012/05/30/ - Slide Rule -
Minus time served

2012/05/28/ - The Devil You Know -
So anyway, THAT excuses the whole violating the sacred order thing, right?

2012/05/25/ - We All Dream For Sundering -
I didn't used to be a powergamer, 'til I took a lightning bolt to the temple

2012/05/23/ - Fun Time Is Over -
FACE. You know, cause you only . . . appear . . . as a face . . . in this comic

2012/05/21/ - You Could Wait A Lifetime -
The comic about Housepets, ladies and gentlemen

2012/05/18/ - Mitigating Litigation -
Notwithstanding his dorkiness may be so enormous as to warrant its own investigation

2012/05/16/ - Here Come Da Judge -
Everybody knows that he is the judge! Well they should, anyway

2012/05/14/ - Chains Of Darkness -
That's why they subcontracted the serious stuff

54. The Critical Review of Spot Wrote:
2012/05/11/ - In All Fairness -
and far away, the faint sound of maniacal laughter

2012/05/09/ - Righting The Wrong Rights Wrongly -
I just couldn't get enough of how little chemistry they had onscreen!

2012/05/07/ - Round Table Discussion At A Square Table -
No YOU'RE dumb

53. The Mall Wrote:
2012/05/04/ - Comedy Tonight -
Besides, Avengers sold out

2012/05/02/ - A Softer Mall -
smack dab into the security guard at the top

2012/04/30/ - Mallopulence -
While writing this comic I had to crush a cockroach in my room. This is the strongest case for an artificial future.

2012/04/27/ - The Clothing Department -
Puppy-boots are in the shoe section. Apparently.

2012/04/25/ - Gotta Push Them Mall -
¡Guau guau! 'Huh, I guess that one was set to spanish'

2012/04/23/ - Come One Come Mall -
I felt a warm sensation, like being called home after long years in the dark

52. What Money Buys Wrote:
2012/04/20/ - With A Twist -
'How did you even get your right hand there?' 'That's my left hand' 'Okay . . . now I'm even more grossed out'

2012/04/18/ - The Problem -
If you like it then you shoulda hung a lampshade on it

2012/04/16/ - Wizard Needs Sleep Badly -
It's only fun if it's a challenge AND makes me feel powerful simultaneously! Why can't you do that!?


2012/04/13/ - On Purpose -
Well, you weasels are the masters of tubes . . . help me out here!

2012/04/11/ - The Pachyderm Lodge -
The upkeep costs for temples holding sources of unspeakable power aren't all that terrible

2012/04/09/ - Smile Though Your Heart Is Breaking -
And it is incredibly painful

2012/04/06/ - The Proposal–I Mean Proposition -
I noticed you put a widget from the National Geological Survey on my phone. In order to maintain my sanity, I will assume this is also random.

2012/04/04/ - Craving A Raving -

2012/04/02/ - Return To The Return To The Zoo -
Chicken wire? Whose pen do they think this is?!


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Post Re: The Housepets! Alt-Text Compendium
Aqua has run out of room in his previous post, so the content will start from mine. :D
51. Show Business Wrote:
2012/03/30/ - Perfect Hair Forever -
In the future, they decide Tiddlywinks is boring. So instead, they play tiddlywinks . . . on TRICYCLES.

2012/03/28/ - The Exciting Adventures Of Tiger -
Also, why are you sleeping on the table

2012/03/26/ - The Hunger (For) Games -
Obviously I have failed to convey the importance of the thing


2012/03/23/ - The Morning After -
love at first spite

2012/03/21/ - Fear Of The Known -
He didn't even tell her about the shovel, they just click like that

2012/03/19/ - The Optimal Solution -
I was tempted to make it 'qang' but I think **** Tracy beat me to it

2012/03/16/ - Tight Spaces -
IS THIS THE END OF KING?! (Not a serious question)

2012/03/14/ - Nah -
Oh! What are Hostess snack foods?!

2012/03/12/ - Small Talk -
wait, Tarot's not small, she's medium

2012/03/09/ - To The Window -
First comic without text! Oh wait now I ruined it

2012/03/07/ - Good Clean Wholesome Fun -

2012/03/05/ - Emphasis On The H -
why am I suddenly craving rawhide

2012/03/02/ - Backstage Pass -
If you want to know how I was carrying the cell phone while wearing a thin collar, I *static*

2012/02/29/ - Crowning Achievement -
always goes to the chairman's dog anyway

2012/02/27/ - Collie Glower -
border collie? I hardly know 'er! . . . wait no

2012/02/24/ - Bubbly Personality -
By the way . . . you smell like apricots LET'S GET STARTE

2012/02/22/ - Call Not Waiting -
The cow refuses to be milked in the middle of February unless one of the dogs does it

2012/02/20/ - Green To Romance -
to be discarded like an old rawhide, only to be dug up again when you feel nostalgic

2012/02/17/ - Pageantly Absurd -
by paid handsomely I mean you'll be paid by a someone very handsome

2012/02/15/ - Snow Time For Arguing -
I was thinking of two things and neither of them were . . . yes sir I have papers I will be right back

50. Housepets Babies! Wrote:
2012/02/13/ - Red Text On Pink Background -
Try and guess why Fido doesn't have any sunglasses


2012/02/10/ - Cats In The Cradle -
no no no when a mysterious cat enters into her room the curtains need to billow and a bright light shines behind him, you're ruining it

2012/02/08/ - Of Cats And Dogs -
we've been looking for this guy for a while, his picture was everywhere

2012/02/06/ - Ten Gallons Of Tailwhipping In A Five Gallon Can -
I don't know what you're complaining about, according to third edition rules a kitten can EASILY whip a grown man

2012/02/03/ - See Ya Later -
Such language!

2012/02/01/ - Cellar Door -
did . . . did you know that cats have to learn to land on their feet?

2012/01/30/ - Stranger Danger Exchanger -
I admit, when it comes to catnip, all self-preservation instincts shut off

2012/01/27/ - The First Time -

2012/01/25/ - Red Red Wine -

2012/01/23/ - Action Packed Excitement -
uh . . . hai-ya

2012/01/20/ - Too Cool For School -
And put on some Black Sabbath--oh wait, we're supposed to be quiet

2012/01/18/ - Acting Like Animals -
The system is flawless

2012/01/16/ - Taking A Swipe -
At a sixth-grade level! Despite only being like, two

2012/01/13 - Poetry In The Raw -
you are the master of unlocking my heart

2012/01/11/ - The Three S’s’s’s . . . s’ -
Coincidentally, Delusional Steve's former owners were used car salesmen

2012/01/09/ - Getting To Know You -

2012/01/06/ - Who Still Has A Photo Album Anyway -
Dog people as in people who prefer owning dogs, not dog people as in what they are compared to regular dogs from this universe

2012/01/04/ - All Work And No Play -
No, I don't draw from my own experiences to write for Res more than other characters, why do you ask

2012/01/02/ - New Year’s Res -
Do you want a blanket, or a throw pillow? Because I was just about to make one

49. A Holiday at the Zoo Wrote:
2011/12/30/ - Filling Up The 2 a.m. Slots -
they have to live vicariously through their daughters while they're young, before their daughters grow up to be exactly like them

2011/12/28/ - Ring Out The New Year -
Inform the Marquess of Queensberry


2011/12/26/ - This Was About Christmas? -
and that's the story of kwanzaa

2011/12/23/ - Glass Houses -

2011/12/21/ - Paper Trained -
'I assure you this suit could get very expensive' 'It's better than the one you're wearing, I hope?'

2011/12/19/ - Not As Dirty As It Sounds -
'Pesky rodents, always escaping' 'I'M A CARNIVORE YOU IMBECILE!' 'What's the matter? Not very Keene on your surroundings?'

2011/12/16/ - Celebrity Appearance -
Entertainment Tonight? TMZ? Escandalo? Animal Planet?!

2011/12/14/ - Hurlybird -

2011/12/12/ - From The Zebra’s Mouth -
Oh Miles, you should have mentioned you were someone's oversized tamaska

2011/12/9/ - From The Inside Out -
But we took a test to be certified tame! . . . well some of us. Two of us.

2011/12/7/ - From The Outside In -

2011/12/5/ - The Frugal Wolf -
Our original plan was to utilize your age ranges to our advantage, as most of my family are each under six years old and thus eligible for the 4.99 ticket, while a good many are under three and eligible for a free pass anyway, but this turned out cheaper

2011/12/2/ - A Holiday Extravaganza -
Boy, Miles sure is looking scrawny today, even moreso than usual

48. Spots and Stripes Wrote:
2011/10/30/ - Picked The Wrong Spot -
I think I hit her too hard, so let's hope my Super Brain Surgery is up to the task

2011/10/28/ - Romancing The Spot -
Okay so I'll skip the part where I drop you playfully and catch you again without telling you first

47. A Respite In The Country Wrote:
2011/11/25/ - Giving Thanks -
ooooh they're holding hands oooooh

2011/11/24/ - A Way With The Ladies -
I apologize for all the silent penultimate panels lately, but I did have a deficit after the comic on the 11th

2011/11/23/ - Dogs Who Stare At Water -
How about a cat? What if you could--oh, you're gone

2011/11/18/ - Lady Of The Lake -
She smells like a magical fairy pond of wonderment and cookies

2011/11/16/ - Jill Knife -
'Hey, she's like a more proactive version of YOU' 'I will also pretend that was flattering'

2011/11/14/ - I’ll Make Brat-Wurst Out Of You -
Enough of this witty repartee, have at you, scoundrel!

2011/11/11/ - Thinking About Thoughts -
While you're at it, you should probably do something about that horrid painful sensation

2011/11/09/ - Rosey Gasses -
You guys wanted this, right?

2011/11/07/ - Where I Wanna Be -
Or eye floaters

46. The Case of the Aztec Gold Wrote:
2011/11/05/ - A Bit Of Spot And Bat-Bat -
untz i guess


2011/11/02/ - The Spirits Are Down -
And I got through this entire arc without making a 'ghost of a chance' joke! . . . does that count?

2011/10/31/ - Printers Are Tools Of The Living -
I hope you have a permit to park that thing

2011/10/28/ - Nifty Backstory Powers Go -
Even though it's not necessary, I must tell you this story with all its due drama or else it's not fun for the audience

2011/10/26/ - Shades Of Meaning -
hey spo, sure you're not a reincarnated politician? you have a big enough mouth

2011/10/24/ - Visual Gag -
In the first panel, that's Fido talking and THEN Ralph, unless of course Ralph ALSO has a secret magical girlfriend (spoiler: he doesn't)

2011/10/21/ - All Haunted Places Have One -
Also do that thing where we, while running forward, back up a step first as though we were collectively a car kicking into gear

2011/10/19/ - Cunning Disguise -
that's totally racist, you guys

2011/10/17/ - Bright Eyes -
Don't worry Kevin, soon you'll be able to put all this BEHIND YOU

2011/10/14/ - Circling The Squa–Uh, Doodle -
It certainly makes sense to me that most animals would have very weird ideas of how the world works--though given what I've done to them, they're not exactly ill-founded

2011/10/12/ - Not Another New Character -
We can, however, improve the contrast so *beep boop boop* aaaand we have no new information, so this was a complete waste of time.

2011/10/10/ - Everyone’s Old Favorite -
He decided his getup needed a bit more lunatic flair

2011/10/07/ - We Can’t Stop Here -
I briefly considered not lighting the eyes of the bats, then thought, when have I ever done anything that made sense

2011/10/05/ - Always The One You Least Suspect -
Unless, of course, at the last minute a single piece of contradictory evidence comes up and points at the trucker. But that depends on how much time is left in the episode.

2011/10/03/ - Nobody Nose -
Spo will be returning shortly, which I will say right here because everyone is going to complain, seriously

45. The Interview Wrote:
2011/09/30 - Talking Points -
Their things will destroy our prosperity, despite them not having destroyed it before!

2011/09/28/ - A Game Of The Mind -
Tarot's going easy on her by tying one eye behind her back

2011/09/26/ - One Pewter Soldier -
It's almost like the module writers didn't want to reward us for finding creative sources of revenue!

2011/09/23/ - An English Major Wrote This -
But what is an adverb? An adverb is any verb that describes an advertisement


2011/09/21/ - The Staples -
Oh pshaw, there's always too much white rice

2011/09/19/ - Abura O Uru -
*I* thought it was silly at least

2011/09/16/ - Getting To Know Your Employee -
Other than that, it gets really annoying when the other students keep trying to hug you

2011/09/14/ - One Day At The Office -
Initially, when it said 'grew up in the forest outside Takayama,' I took it less literally

44. Let's Imaginate Macbeth! Wrote:
2011/09/12/ - Exeunt -
glory is fleeting but embarrassment is forever

2011/09/09/ - Play On, Macduff -

2011/09/07/ - They Fight -
The interpretation of the prophecy fully allowed for Macbeth to abdicate. But that wouldn't result in an awesome fight scene now would it

2011/09/05/ - And Again I Say Fie -

2011/09/02/ - The Crack-O-Doom -
The final prophecy has been removed for clarity, also because it was basically pandering to King James and we don't really care about him now, do we?

2011/08/31/ - A Tale Told By An Idiot -
Eye of newt and toe of frog, wool of bat and tongue of dog . . . wait what!? EWWWW

2011/08/29/ - Avaunted House -
Lucky thing is, this WAS a legitimate excuse for erratic royal behavior back in the day, so he's pretty much clear.

2011/08/26/ - The Milk Of Cat Kindness -
The patron saint of comeuppance IT'S A COINCIDENCE OKAY?!

2011/08/24/ - Macbeth Does Murder Sense -
What's especially weird is how Macduff plays the straightman for a series of vaudeville-esque jokes at the beginning of this scene. This Shakespeare stuff is far more campy than people give it credit for.

2011/08/22/ - A Sorry Sight -
But wherefore could not I pronounce “Amen”? I had most need of blessing, and “Amen” Stuck in my throat. And it really sucked because they had this super cool Gregorian chant thing going.

2011/08/19/ - Golden Opinions From All Sorts Of People -
Hie thee hither, That I may pour my spirits in thine ear . . . wait, are we sure this is the right play?

2011/08/17/ - All Hail -
The earth has bubbles, as the water has: yes that's really a line in the play

2011/08/15/ - The Scottish Play -
Fair is foul and foul is fair, hover your cursor over the comic to get the title text . . . ere

43. The Great Water Balloon War Wrote:
2011/08/12/ - Is This The End Of Spot? Again? -
It's never worked before, which is why this time it's SURE to work!

2011/08/10/ - The Artist Makes No Claims To The Accuracy Of The View -
I apologize deeply for the title pun; some things are irresistable

2011/08/08/ - The Artist Makes No Claims To The Accuracy Of The Views Expressed Herein -
Naturally, to become a true artist, it takes YEARS of upselling to rich people


2011/08/05/ - Odds And Ends -
By the way, you didn't see Bino while you were inside, did you? I wonder where he went

2011/08/03/ - Book Ends -
And the Opener of Ways called down the rain, which makes more sense than a non-climactic ending!

2011/08/01/ - The Only Way To End -
guitar screeeeee

2011/07/29/ - I Can Has Hubris? -
THAT is anticlimax. Get it right, people

2011/07/27/ - Make Profit, Not War -
For those of you who guessed one of the ferrets, sorry, it doesn't count unless you also could guess the evil master plan. Thanks for playing!

2011/07/25/ - Freelance Police -
I know it's a standard issue diabolical laugh, but try making an original one. 'La ha ha' is not nearly as musical as it sounds.

2011/07/22/ - Momento Mori -

2011/07/20/ - The Cat In The Mask -
um, don't worry, there's an actual explanation coming in the next comic?

2011/07/18/ - To The Edge Of Night -
Who has two thumbs and tried to do an aural joke in a comic? THIS GUY (also, two thumbs gag in text only)

2011/07/15/ - SUUUUUUURGE -
extra dark lenses today, boys

2011/07/13/ - Meddle Gear -
You know, I like drawing bunnies

2011/07/11/ - Highly Detailed Battle Plans -
Distinct from Chocolate Moose, which they filled their gallery with

2011/07/08/ - Undercover Rover -
This is significantly less clever than it looks

2011/07/06/ - Da Boss -
I was considering making it so that whenever you say my name, you have to wear an eyepatch

2011/07/04/ - Not For The Faint Of Foot -
It's a water balloon war, but I figured waterboarding would be kinda dark

2011/07/01/ - Guess What -
and they certainly did not grant asylum to any chicken

2011/06/29/ - The Bigger One -
Good thing this is a cartoon or someone might get hurt

2011/06/27/ - The Big One -
the six million dollar cat

2011/06/24/ - In Such A Mess -
No the cow on Max's box doesn't mean he's drinking beef tallow. That's just authentic Bulgarian Miak.

2011/06/22/ - Nice Job Being Stealthy Guys -
How is it that I have TWO rabbits feet and I keep getting pulled into these things?

2011/06/20/ - Rabbit (Duck) Season -
Though really, that's most days

42. Not All Dogs Wrote:
2011/06/17/ - Inappropriate Title -
As far as I'm concerned, if your main metaphor evokes something cooler than your actual story, you're doing something wrong

2011/06/15/ - Zoo Boo -
I apologize for doing puns twice in two weeks, but not for the fact that it is yet another roo pun. DEAL WITH IT

2011/06/13/ - The Continuing Adventures Of The Television -
stay tuned as we play this commercial three more times in the same half hour. on a cartoon channel.

2011/06/10/ - Sailing Songs -
It's just best not to ask where they got the raft

2011/06/08/ - Are You Being Cervid? -

2011/06/06/ - A Disease Of The Brain -
It was surprisingly easy to come up with old people jokes. So that's how newspaper cartoonists do it!


2011/06/03/ - End Of Year Three -
that's not lightning, Karishad just got hold of some firecrackers

2011/06/01/ - Enters The Hero, Take III -
I could have also titled this comic 'Fall Guy' but I had a theme going

2011/05/30/ - Enters The Hero, Take II -
oh bino, you're such a tease

2011/05/27/ - Enters The Hero -
Where is Sasha you might ask? Tune in next time when I might reveal that Sasha's role in this story is actually done

2011/05/25/ - Pillow Talk -
oh well Sasha has red text I guess that mean's she's the Kitsune's avatar!

2011/05/23/ - The Cuddle Bug -
all that running around . . . well MY dogs are bar--*gets shot*

2011/05/20/ - Cleaning Solution -
Honestly King, sometimes you don't act all that smart!

2011/05/18/ - No Reason -
Today's title pun is oblique enough that I thought I would point out that there is one. Hint: It's a response to panel 2

2011/05/16/ - Fox Can’t Let You Do That -
DO A BARREL ROLL now shut up

2011/05/13/ - Watch Out -
dun dun dun (dun)

2011/05/11/ - Because The Arc Is Not Allowed To End Too Soon -
Sabrina borrowed an umbrella from the wolf house. I'm not going to show it because let's face it, you ought to be able to figure this out on your own.

2011/05/09/ - How Low Can You Go -
Or the game limbo, which is another thing entirely, entirely

2011/05/06/ - Stinging Telegram -
Not to put too fine a point on it, but it's highly likely you're doomed

2011/05/04/ - What’s In A Name -
wait I thought his last name was Zechar what is this I don't even

2011/05/02/ - Did It Hurt -

2011/04/29/ - Fetch -
Yes Cerb is a girl now quiet I have a headache

2011/04/27/ - Would Never Hit A Girls? -
A guy forgets ONE anniversary . . .

2011/04/25/ - Three Good Reasons -
Well now's your chance to complain about the direction the comic's going. Hurry! Before you start to enjoy it!

41. The Arc Specifically About Being Naked Wrote:
2011/04/22/ - Poolside Manner -
Money can't buy happiness, so I'll just buy the misery of others

2011/04/20/ - Winning By A Hair -
I used to have a book that was entirely about bad hair jokes. That sort of thing is abusable people.


2011/04/18/ - Things Come Together -
No, I won't explain it, because that way it's funnier to me

2011/04/15/ - Things Fall Apart -

2011/04/13/ - Stay Thy Hand -
You will nay sully mine camera with your blair witchery

2011/04/11/ - The Majesty Of Day For Night -
I apologize in advance for being so tantalizing, lady dogs, and also intimidating, guy dogs

2011/04/08/ - Bush Baby -
Marvelous job you did, by the way

2011/04/06/ - Raiders Of The Lost Arc -


2011/04/04/ - Guest Comic by Tom -
You shouldn't be letting people do all these guest comics, Rick, you're getting lazy. And soft. And FAT

2011/04/01/ - Another Guest Comic -
Teh Brawler will now be drawing this comic APRIL FOOLS okay that's over with

2011/03/30/ - Peanut Has Been Bad -
This is ALSO what happened

2011/03/28/ - Housepets Will Be Right Back -
This is exactly what happened


2011/03/21/ - Naked Came I -
'Bino, I've already seen you nak--' 'I SAID WE NEVER SPEAK OF THAT AGAIN'

40. The Preeminent Adventures of Spot Wrote:
2011/03/18/ - Yell Phone -
I do this partly because people want to see them act like animals for some reason

2011/03/16/ - Standard Celebration Procedure -

2011/03/14/ - Beauty Sleep -
Happy National Jetlag-And-Fussy-Children Week!

2011/03/11/ - Face It -
AKA Peanut Glam Shots


2011/03/09/ - Ending This Nightmare -
I was justified! You saw his angry eyebrows!

2011/03/07/ - If I Had A Hammer -
Peanut and Grape feature because lets face it, if these go on longer than a week you complain voraciously

2011/03/04/ - Adventures In Aimless Moping -
This is actually the closest I have gotten to actual superhero comics this entire run HEY-OOOO

2011/03/02/ - Our Nation’s Enemy -
W . . . wait . . . is THAT how orphans (do not) dress?

2011/02/28/ - The Dark Age Of Spot -
Amongst our weaponry are such diverse elements as punching

39. We're Snowed In! Wrote:
2011/02/25/ - Meanwhile At The Zoo -
This is not the worst thing Karishad's been up to, such as hiring that contractor to chrome plate everything in the coon enclosure so they were surrounded by sparklies only to end up giving them all nervous breakdowns

2011/02/23/ - Relaxing Pastime -
Now can I please play through?!

2011/02/21/ - Egghead Mail-In Academy -
Most doctoral theses are based on the premise that everyone else is secretly mocking you


2011/02/18/ - Back To Reality -
Spit takes are the best kind

2011/02/16/ - Like Wheelchairs At Hospitals -
Sabrina is not covered in dragon slobber now because magic there I said it

2011/02/14/ - Kissy Faes -
Why a kiss when Peanut didn't do anything? . . . why do you care


2011/02/13/ - Your Heart Day Refresher Course -
What beautiful thoughts have been imparted this day


2011/02/11/ - Thing Of The Titans -
ohhh I faked you all out on where the punch was coming from

2011/02/09/ - Yggdrasil Root Beer, Actually -
There is no alt text which can do this imagery justice. You'll just have to wait for Friday.

2011/02/07/ - The Truck Stop Between Heaven And Earth -
No mores sandboxes after this point, so don't get the mega slush

2011/02/04/ - Most Dangerous Variety -
Talking Indirectly To The Audience Comics

2011/02/02/ - Going Down -
Okay obviously I divided your attention here--my bad

2011/01/31/ - Maleficent Portents -
Don't worry, we're not making PACTS . . . we've been asking them to fill out surveys

2011/01/28/ - Digging A Hole -
Now I'm hungry for some Braum's

2011/01/26/ - Made To Be Broken -
Okay I'll be honest, I pretty much just drew this for panel three

2011/01/24/ - Ice Cream Headache -
omn nomp

2011/01/21/ - . . . And Ice And Fire -

2011/01/19/ - Fire And Ice -
Spo's had to stay home recently with a series of adorable little colds

2011/01/17/ - Dream By The Fire -
Hey, who wouldn't treat King like one of their puppies? (except for the last panel)

2011/01/14/ - I’ve Got The Power -
Yes he means fake hot chocolate stop pointing it out

2011/01/12/ - Snow Doubt About It -
You know what I've learned about snow removal? Up in the mountains, they use FLAMETHROWERS to get rid of it. Yet another reason the mountains are better than the beach.

2011/01/10/ - Let It Snow -
Second Christmas has to be declared after Epiphany, but before spring


2011/01/07/ - Bait And Switch -
I thought you would appreciate a quiet activity, have I somehow misjudged?

Guest Week 1! Wrote:
2011/01/06/ - Guest Comic By Kyderra -
What is she doing here anyway? The spatial distances on this plane have collapsed! All space and time is but a single point! Or you know, guest comic.

2011/01/05/ - Guest Comic By Asteri -
snowcat, looks like

2011/01/04/ - Guest Comic By Slice -
Title it 'kerjäläinen', give me a fancy European pseudonym and place it in the gallery next to the 'found art' pieces. The price should be in Euros.

2011/01/03/ - Guest Comic By Mellow-Wolf -
I have NO IDEA what this says but it's pretty much the best comic ever

2011/01/02/ - Guest Comic By Aquablast -
quick, hand me the antidote in my collar, don't worry I have 98 others

2011/01/01/ - Guest Comic By Two_Twig -
Well I have to say he got my facial hair almost accurate

2010/12/31/ - Guest Comic By Gerad R -
He asked us, 'Be you angels?' And we said 'Nay, we are but cats!' ROCK OOOOOOOOOON!!

2010/12/30/ - Guest Comic By Valerio and Lightwolf21 -
Obviously, made by a fan who does not agree with Grape

2010/12/29/ - Guest Comic By B. Root -
Alternately titled Catharsis Comics

2010/12/28/ - Guest Comic By William Tjhi -
Yes English is not his first language but it's ADORABLE

2010/12/27/ - Guest Comic By Zander -
Sorry Joey, it doesn't work like the Neverending Story just because you don't stop

38. Hope of the Pridelands Wrote:
2010/12/25/ - Christmas Cards -

2010/12/24/ - No Comic Should Be Titled After The Song “Christmas Shoes” -
The title and alt text deliberately have nothing to do with the comic

2010/12/22/ - If Only In My Dreams -
In case you haven't picked up on it yet, Max can be kind of a jerk

2010/12/20/ - Are You Listening -
The new extreme power drink, irrational grape

2010/12/17/ - Oh No Not Again -

2010/12/15/ - A Writer Inside A Coffee Shop Inside A Bookstore -
I bet you didn't see the burrito coming back DID YOU

2010/12/13/ - Bad Or Good -
good thing we got here at 5 then . . . we might get out by morning

2010/12/10/ - Signer’s Remorse -
Too bad, no signing . . . feet . . . for you

2010/12/08/ - Springs Eternal -
But then I'll insist we have cake and then we have cake anyway

2010/12/06/ - After These Messages -
That's an ice cream shop . . . I think

37. Noob Tube Wrote:
2010/12/03/ - The Best Game -
Snow is tasty, but not all at once

2010/12/01/ - A Darker Turn -
What have I done to / - Mister Grinch? / - Is this a dagger before my eyes? / - Who would have thought for that old man / - to have so much blood inside / - Mister Grinch?


2010/11/29/ - Disposition Of The True Artist -
come on, this movie could be Sasha's meal ticket . . . or gravy train

2010/11/26/ - I Imagine Most Commercials Are Made Like This -
There was NO WAY I could make a comic referencing the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade and not do that

2010/11/24/ - True Art Is Weird -
the actor dog there is nobody in particular, stop asking!

2010/11/22/ - True Artistry Comes From The Heartburn -
The scripts were much shorter before then

2010/11/19/ - Serious Business -
The problem, of course, is that he has a high-pitched squeaky voice and is impossible to take seriously anyway

2010/11/17/ - Stage Hunger -
Canine Cibble: Why should K's get to have all the fun

2010/11/15/ - Ron Howard Powers Activate -
Also candy!

36. Scaredy Cats Wrote:
2010/11/12/ - Based On A True Story -
No squirrels were harmed in the making of this comic

2010/11/10/ - Advertising Power! -
Mrs. Sandwich can have an ATTITUDE when she wants to

2010/11/08/ - Tastes Like Glue -
I have EATEN MUD in order to avoid taking a bath

2010/11/05/ - And We’re Hopping, We’re Hopping -
You're lucky; I was about to make another comic about an obscure topic nobody's heard of, but then I thought, 'I want to draw kangaroos'

2010/11/03/ - I Apologize In Advance -
'So,' Grape asked, 'Did you actually read the book?' 'I didn't think I needed to,' Peanut replied, 'it's like Waiting for Godot only he shows up at the end, right?'


2010/11/01/ - Wrapping It Up (Not A Mummy Joke) -
The truth is there was NEVER any chicken

2010/10/29/ - And Then -

2010/10/27/ - House Of A Thousand Nightmares -
Well there goes life number SEVEN

2010/10/25/ - The Works -
All the spirits use TDS as their isp (trans dimensional services) so they can use SIM or AIM (spirit instant messaging & astral instant messaging)

2010/10/22/ - Alone In The Dark -
should have borrowed a DS or something

2010/10/20/ - The Problem With Volunteer Help -
Remember to turn off the fog machine, dry ice doesn't grow on trees

2010/10/18/ - Silly Rabbit Tricks Are For Chumps -
what do you think you're trying to pull, zach is not a cat and i came into this arc expecting scared cats

2010/10/15/ - Afraid Of “No Ghost” -
At LEAST our reflections have to weep blood

2010/10/13/ - Ghost In The Machine -
Pre-empting the same joke that XKCD will eventually make

2010/10/11/ - Psychotic Psychic -
And Max falls to the floor sort of like King did last Christmas?

2010/10/08/ - Though Creepy Twins Are Fine -
The 'actual evil' coefficient drops sharply after the third twin, not even counting the 'only a lookalike' fraction

2010/10/06/ - Ain’t Ain’t A Word -
I know I'm not Taoist, Buddhist or Catholic, but you know, what if?

2010/10/04/ - Where Did He Come From -
Nice boy but he doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut

35. Movie Night Wrote:
2010/10/01/ - Pet Project -
So yeah I bought this new protein shake and let me tell you it's really been helping with my routine

2010/09/29/ - Don’t You Wish You Could Read Like Me -
They were right though it is WAY better than the sequels

2010/09/27/ - Winning Strategy -
I need to practice humans more . . . but not tonight


2010/09/24/ - The End Result Of Being Cultured -
But if I don't TELL them how stupid they are, how will they ever KNOW?!

2010/09/22/ - Shouting In A Movie Theater -
'So you're saying they ideally should have left it untranslated' 'No, IDEALLY, they'd leave the movie in Japanese and force everyone to learn the language like they SHOULD'

2010/09/20/ - What Have You Done You Monsters -

34. The Adventures of Stripe Wrote:
2010/09/17/ - Where History Comes Back From The Dead Oh No -
The funny/painful part is that I didn't exaggerate that much


2010/09/15/ - CLIMACTIC SHOWDOWN (And Teatime) -
'And so I wrote about what was on my mind at the time' ' . . . I couldn't tell'

2010/09/13/ - Gotta Boogie -
While saving this comic as a PSD file, I notice a option box labeled Spot Color. It is grayed out. I am confused.

2010/09/10/ - Falling Into The Role -
Well it says there are in the tags, so they've GOT to be hiding somewhere around here

2010/09/08/ - It Comes With The Power -
naturally, now that Stripe is the protagonist, she stops questioning the world's shaky logic

2010/09/06/ - Same Spot Time Same Spot Channel -
You can tell it's good because you can't read it without ENORMOUS EFFORT ON YOUR PART

33. Theme Park World Wrote:
2010/09/03/ - The Ride Home -
I probably shouldn't have held off dinner until we were about to leav--HRRRK

2010/09/01/ - To The Tune Of The Irish Washerwoman (Or Whatever) -
The RIAA, being primarily headed by baboons, wish to file a complaint

2010/08/30/ - The Age Of Aquarium -
TONIGHT . . . WE DINE . . . ON FISH! *om gnom, om nom*

2010/08/27/ - Water Water Everywhere -
Only when the ranger isn't watching. Even ferals appreciate some sanitation

2010/08/25/ - Actually Nevermind -
I suppose my first clue should have been that nobody was coming back out

2010/08/23/ - It Was Either This Or A Mario Kart Joke -
Ohh! Ahh! Mysterious Racer B who do you think that is HMMMM?

2010/08/20/ - No, Its Too Perilous -
City Ordinance 611B, BY ORDER OF THE MAYOR all profit-based recreational parks, buildings and sites must have no less than five percent of their facilities devoted to educational content. May God have mercy on your soul.

2010/08/18/ - In Bed -
*gasp* sabrina said words

2010/08/16/ - Portrait Of A Caricaturist -
I'm constantly afraid I come across like this to just about everyone

2010/08/13/ - Winner Takes All -
This is one of many reasons why you shouldn't take the largest plush prize early in the day

2010/08/11/ - One Deeper -
Right next door there's a VR machine of this VR machine and it's right on the edge of Scanners

2010/08/09/ - You Are Here (But Not All There) -
I guess you could count it as a ride, considering it comes with free barf bags

2010/08/06/ - Kids And Old People Not Allowed -
What's with those old-timey pac-man pupils anyway

2010/08/04/ - Your Funventure Safariventure Adventure (?) -
No jokes about debriefing because they don't wear pants anyway

2010/08/02/ - The Happiest Place On Earth, On Earth -
Next up on news at ten, raw footage of what appears to be one of the milton ferrets firing live squirrels into a giant pool of jello

32. Dog Days of Summer Wrote:
2010/07/30/ - Ba Da Da Daaaaah! -
'Look at the bright side, at least it's not Spinach Rag' 'AAAAAAAGH'

2010/07/28/ - The Problem With Shared Universes -
These amazing powers are sequestered to a chosen few so that the world they inhabit remain unchanged from our own, and as a result, the entire world is no better off than if it never had any superheroes at all

2010/07/26/ - Cordiality -
Whatever happened to the good ol days?


2010/07/23/ - Thats What Its All About -
It's STILL better than my old home

2010/07/21/ - I Beseech Thee -
And then the house sort of vanished with a few possessions littering the ground where it had stood, we don't know why. Swamp gas maybe.

2010/07/19/ - This Is Not My Beautiful House -
Time isn't holding us, time doesn't hold you back

2010/07/16/ - Morning Routine -
I had an accident with a . . . strip of duck tape

2010/07/14/ - Never Believe It’s Not So -
Trickster figures be trickstin'

2010/07/12/ - Slave To Details -
What do you expect, that I should be an EXPERT on the laws of cause and effect?

2010/07/09/ - And Nothing But -
For those of you who thought the comic strip was over because it got weird: it wasn't. Welcome back.

2010/07/07/ - The Truth, The Whole Truth -
At least the cosmic game isn't The Game (cosmic edition)

2010/07/05/ - This Is My Tsk Tsk Face -
Pkyoo! Hkoopkyoo! Doo pew! Woo! Explosions! Fireworks!

2010/07/02/ - Into The Woods -
It's just that time of night when you find everything absolutely hilarious

2010/06/30/ - Not Sober Enough -
Since you don't have a tail, that just means I get to start with something more important

2010/06/28/ - That Would Be Weird -

2010/06/25/ - Its Getting Hot Out Here -
I might have only done this so I had a title for the third book. You know, if I ever get around to that

2010/06/23/ - >King: Knock The Phone Over -

2010/06/21/ - Rough And Tumble -
I guess the kibble really DOES make its own gravy

2010/06/18/ - Free Will Will Free You -
This is why you keep your muzzle closed and your plot secret

2010/06/16/ - Deliberations Over Ice Cream -
Wish fulfillment occurs in other ways when you have your own comic as well; sometimes they come with gumball eyes

2010/06/14/ - Hot And Bothered -
hey look a pair of pants

31. Spot McCloud Presents Comics Wrote:
2010/06/11/ - Right After When Animals Attack 37 -
THIS little pig went to the MARKET . . . but THIS little pig STAYED HOME

2010/06/09/ - You’re All Individuals -
i'm not

2010/06/07/ - Stale Jokes For Stale Mallows -
Guest starring BIFF--oh no wait, it's just Marvin


2010/06/04/ - Defenestrating Comics -
You know, if you ever get around to anthologizing your comics

2010/06/02/ - Oversimplifying Comics -
The four approaches to comics are 1) Future Venus de Milo, 2) Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, 3) the potion that makes doors in Super Mario Bros 2, and 4) the last scene of Richard III

2010/05/31/ - Reinterpreting Comics -

30. The Present Wrote:
2010/05/28/ - End Of Year Two -
To everyone else who writes: Stop stripping the personality off of your characters when they talk about love. For serious.

2010/05/26/ - Peanut Teaches Comics -
You're going to want to add a lot more blood, and also be sure to mention that Republicans are the source of all evil

2010/05/24/ - King In A Series Of Costumes At The Sears Photo Center -
Best comic ever, or merely of all time?


2010/05/21/ - They Always Know -
Oh whoops, looks like King left his staple gun here by accident, tee-hee~

2010/05/19/ - Little House In The Woods -
And then a little sham-pagne, and maybe a slow motion pillow fight

2010/05/17/ - Almost Fit For A Queen -
ALT PUNCHLINE: OKAY now help me open Fido's present!

2010/05/14/ - Keeps On Giving -
honey-bun bun honey bun biney hon bun bun

2010/05/12/ - Max Does Not Know Sasha Very Well -
Most of the book is far too subtle for her anyway

2010/05/10/ - Give A Dog A Bone -
Oh Biney, I haven't gotten to your present yet cause I just managed to move the last truckload to the back shed. But I'm sure it's in there somewhere!

29. Imaginate, Too! Wrote:
2010/05/07/ - The Private Screening Room -
Yes it's ANOTHER kangaroo pun

2010/05/05/ - Professor Spot And The Incredibly Geeky Joke -
You can tell he was destined to be a villain because of his name

2010/05/03/ - The All-Impersonal They -
I mean, why be indulgent when there's so much potential to be smug?


2010/04/30/ - Just Friends -
What's a little mushiness between friends?

2010/04/28/ - Also Stripe, I Mean Seriously -
And the only reason that Grape's been in his bedroom in the first place is because he kept borrowing her jingley mouse and not returning it

2010/04/26/ - I Thought You Knew -
But I thought that you knew that I knew that you knew that I knew about it!

2010/04/23/ - Turnabout Is Fair Play -
I left a pentagram in the oven see you guys

2010/04/21/ - Venting -
'and the candy didn't rot their teeth either, and there was also chocolate that they could eat and tasted like real chocolate'

2010/04/19/ - Game Over -
I feel very low on self-esteem all of the sudden

2010/04/16/ - Yes I’m Still Using The Same Background -
But it was only ONE army!

2010/04/14/ - I Can Show You The World -
Stepping on the bodies do doot doot doo

2010/04/12/ - The Princess Uses A Bow -
I think the funniest part is that she has to squint and cover her eyes at night

2010/04/07/ - I Need A Hero -

2010/04/05/ - Quick Fix -
Naturally we'd prefer to live in a movie rather than an actual battle-scarred savanna

2010/04/02/ - Solitudinem Faciunt, Pacem Appellant -
Don't worry, Spot can fix the plothole by . . . spinning?

2010/03/31/ - In The Spot Light -
I can't use the coarse language Saso does; I am a LADY after all

2010/03/29/ - When All You Have Is A Hammer -
Well how did you THINK he was going to get out of this one?

2010/03/26/ - Exceeding Expectations -

2010/03/24/ - For The Birds -
I THOUGHT that rambling sounded familiar . . .

2010/03/22/ - Getting Your Drama Face On -
This arc just became an excuse to draw lions in tribal wear

2010/03/19/ - Technicalikitties -
. . . I didn't say stop licking my feet! (guys I'm just kidding)

2010/03/17/ - Kitty Talk -
It ruins the ENTIRE point of playing pretend

2010/03/15/ - Your Mind Makes It Real -
And why couldn't you have been here for Candy World!

2010/03/12/ - The Calling -
'But if it was in the future then . . . wait . . .'

2010/03/10/ - The Second Comic With Ninjas In It -
You have chosen . . . ninjas

2010/03/08/ - Foreignese -
im in ur chest stealin ur h4rt

2010/03/05/ - Replacement Excuse -
First two-three panels is probably what everyone wanted to happen in Temple of Doom

2010/03/03/ - Indiana Was The Dog’s Name -
Yes I know it's impossible to go through childhood without learning the floor is lava, just roll with it

2010/03/01/ - Three’s A Crowd -
In it, Peanut had to find nine unique ways to kill Grape. You know, pretend!

28. Ocean's Two Wrote:
2010/02/26/ - Doghouse Rules -
so then there are these samurai vampires which have demon swords, and the demons are a thousand years old and so are the vampires because there was a war

2010/02/24/ - Nature Is Ruthless -
Truly, the pinnacle of modern humor is Monty Python references

2010/02/22/ - The Dayjob Of Spot -

2010/02/19/ - Show And Tell -
'50%' = 'six or seven cents worth', 'science' = 'powdered vitamins'

2010/02/17/ - Creator’s Lament -
see I have this idea, but I want YOU to do all the work, then we can split the profits


2010/02/15/ - Plan B -
I should probably get around to selling that carbon paper company before I skip the country


2010/02/13/ - Quick Valentine’s Bonus -
Housepets! is not responsible for hurt feelings, arguments or breakups resulting from the delivery of these cards, but most likely he/she will be VERY impressed


2010/02/12/ - Let’s Get This Over With -
bdguy n kitch, headin 4 pool thx bai :)

2010/02/10/ - Snacktime -
Special guest appearance by Peanut Butter and Grape Jelly Sandwich!

2010/02/08/ - Hiding A Tree -
darn you, tube sock!

2010/02/05/ - And Now Back To The Show -
I just got finished reading hiimdaisy's Metal Gear 3 comics so you can read that initial OKAY like Snake


2010/02/03/ - The Intermission Of Spot -


2010/02/01/ - Among Thieves -
and when I woke up, my pillow was missing

2010/01/29/ - Oh There We Go -
by the way I was being sarcastic

2010/01/27/ - Huh -
Taking off my beard on the side of the road so a van doesn't have to be drawn is the best idea now

2010/01/25/ - Secondary Objective -
As we say in the pneumatic tube business, 'there aren't enough of us in business to have a pneumatic-tube-specific lingo'

2010/01/22/ - When Casing, It’s Always A “Joint” -
They turned the ballroom into something more literal

2010/01/20/ - Obviously The Wisest Course Of Action -
Also I already paid deposit on this shabby apartment

2010/01/18/ - Pool Of Tantalus -
Okay okay, another hint: if you play connect the dots, it looks like a bunny

2010/01/15/ - A Man Of Secrets A Ferret Of None -
I hope Mister Steward doesn't ruin our fun again, those newspeople are so nice!

2010/01/13/ - My Favorite Villain Shorthand Is Orphanage Landlord -
This guy is SO Dickensian that even Pete wouldn't touch him

2010/01/11/ - Easy Money -
So that was this morning, and since we HAD an extra billion we invested in another fleet of rocket cars

27.5 All the King's Men (prose) Wrote:
2010/03/27/ - All the King’s Men, part 1 -
For the people who think there's a timeline, it takes place in the middle of 'It's a Wonderful Dog's Life'

27. It's A Wonderful Dog's Life Wrote:
2010/01/08/ - Nor Hand Nor Foot Nor Arm Nor Face -
I have no idea why we have fixed names; it doesn't make much sense to me. Besides, I always wanted to be known as EXCALIBUR! (you have to shout it and pump your fist)

2010/01/06/ - The Real Culprit -
'So it's also like the metaphorical--' 'No, like the regular death'

2010/01/04/ - What They Want You To Think Yadda Yadda -
Of course Miss Auburn could circumvent the entire problem if it turns out the old gods had survived the--*gasp* that's it! To the internet!

2010/01/01/ - Gregory Who? -
And now we can go back to saying the year like two separate two-digit numbers FINALLY

2009/12/30/ - Because One Christmas Special Is Not Enough -
AKA Spot (superdog) Saves Rick From Having To Do Art While Family Is Visiting


2009/12/28/ - So As Not To Leave You Hanging -
And then Sasha gets up and is like GROUP HUG

2009/12/25/ - So This Is Christmas -
I told you about that, right? I didn't completely overlook saying it in order to give you a bit of false hope?

2009/12/23/ - Since We’ve No Place To Go -
Yeah, I read The Little Match Girl. Not happening tonight.

2009/12/21/ - Your Heart Is Full Of Unwashed Socks -
The three words that best describe you, are, and I quote: 'Stink. Stank. Stunk.'

2009/12/18/ - ‘Tis Better To Give -

2009/12/16/ - Peace On Earth To Men Of Good Will -
This is the second time Fox's thoughts have been interrupted by uncomfortable laughter intended to conceal something! What does it mean!

2009/12/14/ - That Sinking Feeling -
King IS a bit taller than that, it's just that he's sitting down. Also, yeah this is such a weird comic

2009/12/11/ - Where Do Lonely Hearts Go -
Pete is sorta turning into the Once-ler, being just off-panel now

2009/12/09/ - Munchies And Crunchies In Here Somewhere -
'But it's COLD outside!'

2009/12/07/ - Home For Christmas -
In six, seven hours at most

2009/12/04/ - Try To Understand -
I don't see what 'Jamie from Mythbusters in a derby' has to do with a 'Gaspar'!

2009/12/02/ - An Undigested Bit Of Beef -
This is absolutely ridiculous! Have you gotten even bigger?

2009/11/30/ - And The Sentence Was Going To Be Time Served Too -
'S . . . so we'll be--' 'No, too late, you've ruined the timing'

26. Oops I Arced Wrote:
2009/11/27/ - A Thanksgiving Intermission -
Also we are thankful for our dull, placid documentaries


2009/11/25/ - Whoops -
It just doesn't work without the black speech bubbles

2009/11/23/ - So Cool -
'I wish I could say this may have been preventable, but you know, future sight.'

2009/11/20/ - None Shall Pass -
You know since there's only been the one, I need a different tag for the raccoon

2009/11/18/ - Everyone’s New Favorite -
Thinking up poems is tough / - I think that I've had enough / - Go away

2009/11/16/ - Off To A Smooth Start -
. . . I was gonna say 'dog' but okay

2009/11/13/ - I Could Have Done That -
Ye got te wiggle yer fingers when ye say it!

2009/11/11/ - Key Phrase -
This neighborhood has the most improbable backwoods ever

2009/11/09/ - That Zach Is One Bad Bunny -
Of course by many I mean like five, six tops

2009/11/06/ - No Appreciation -
You didn't see anything *waves hands about*

2009/11/04/ - Third Wheel -
Um, Jerry wanted to see you in the kitchen

2009/11/02/ - The Fun Never Ends -
here we go again!

25. The Visitor Wrote:
2009/10/30/ - Which Plans? Witch Plans!-
Making this comic, I noticed that Halloween night is going to be almost a full moon, so that worked out nicely

2009/10/28/ - Punkin -
Yes the pumpkin is falling over like a ham. IT'S A CARTOON


2009/10/26/ - How Terrible -
'Go For It!' is also a quote from Diddy Kong Racing

2009/10/23/ - Despite His Name Being Bill -
Up until this moment, Lucretia didn't connect the position of 'cook' with the act of cooking

2009/10/21/ - Puppy Power -
It's always funny when Peanut is yelling in the last panel

2009/10/19/ - Planted The Family Tree -
Nice hat

2009/10/16/ - More Human Than Human -
Is Peanut the king of makeovers now? No

2009/10/14/ - See You At The Party Officer -
I think I will possibly overlook the fact that your backyard currently looks like a ritual sacrifice

2009/10/12/ - Nature: Pushing The Boundaries Of Good Taste Since Forever -
You can tell it's still PG because I didn't drench Lucretia in any sort of fluid

2009/10/09/ - The Voodoo They Do -

2009/10/07/ - Did I Mention You’re My Best Friend? -
'Did you want an orange soda? That's all that's in the minifridge anyway'

orange soda is awesome btw

2009/10/02/ - An Eloquent Speaker -
She followed it up with a few choice locutions, but you'll forgive me if I don't wish to repeat them here

2009/09/30/ - What Are You Still Doing In My Room -
Oh, I'm sorry, would you feel more comfortable if we sniffed each others' butts?

2009/09/28/ - Stranger Danger -
At this point, the people who wonder about the setting details will be torn: was the movie Wolfman about a guy who turns into a regular wolf, or was it just inexplicably racist towards Greek people?

24. The Uncanny Adventures of Spot Wrote:
2009/09/25/ - Dear Tabby -
Maxwell knows. He breaks out in giggles every time it's brought up.

2009/09/23/ - Subbed Stands For “With Subtlety” -
'Um, I don't have a VCR' 'That's okay, I brought one of those too. Just in case.'

2009/09/21/ - Only Funny To Me, Probably -
And don't ever bring up the projects he hasn't started work on yet


2009/09/18/ - That’s Why You Save It For The Cover -
okay maybe I should put my fake skin back on before someone notices

2009/09/16/ - But Wasn’t That SHAZAM? -
I don't have to use my super intelligence for EVERYTHING you know

2009/09/14/ - The Uncanny Adventures Of Spot -
*I discovered a more elegant way to make notes in the comic, true believers! --ed

23. n-ple Date Wrote:
2009/09/11/ - Canine Scene Investigation -

2009/09/09/ - Next On Food Network -
Best episode ever

2009/09/07/ - Tiger Minus Tiger -
He doesn't spend ALL his time hanging around this pet-height table


2009/09/04/ - I Dare You To Do Otherwise -
Storyline is over, the betting booth has been closed. If you have a winning ticket, please see the register now.

2009/09/02/ - Staying In The Closet -
The spirits are awfully helpful guys

2009/08/31/ - Soul Scattering Will Do That -

2009/08/28/ - But Happiness Is Not Dramatic! -
How dare you resolve this with the introduction of yet ANOTHER character! I haven't even gotten all the ferrets straightened out

2009/08/26/ - Well, Why Didn’t You Say So! -
Wait, two comics in a row, ending in watching a movie? Yes.

2009/08/24/ - My Love It Has Three Corners -
It is not just a little spark, it is a flame; a big, roaring flame! Ah, I can feel it now. It is burning, burning, BURNING..

2009/08/21/ - Muchas Smooches -
Why yes, every one of these dates has been one long awkward moment!

2009/08/19/ - Increasingly Bizarre Implications -
'Well I would LIKE to say that this is the first time this has happened, but . . .'

2009/08/17/ - Heathcliff’s, A Subsidiary Of Roadkill Cafe -
Serving the 'Wednesday night' special on a Monday is exactly what you think it is

2009/08/14/ - Paper Faces On Parade -
Not that Max was a direct cause, he is just a believer in regifting

2009/08/12/ - Dear You Just Look FABULOUS -
My stars, I've always thought cats were such INteresting people

2009/08/10/ - Which Is Why She Doesn’t Talk About It Much -
I guess I could have saved everyone a lot of grief if I had made this the last comic of the previous arc! Ahahahehe heh heh . . . um *gets mauled*

22. Money Sharks Wrote:
2009/08/07/ - In A Laundry Bag With A Dollar Sign -
To be fair, it's called the 'Boy Bino Sure Is An Idiot Trust Fund'

2009/08/05/ - Something Went Wrong Somewhere -
Much like Lego(R) Bricks and Velcro(R) Hook and Loop Fasteners, the 'official' plural for the BlackBerry is BlackBerry(R) smartphones, which nobody ever says seriously

2009/08/03/ - So Close And Yet So Far -
Bino would make a great marketing exec

2009/07/31/ - They Pity The Foo -
'Come on, it's fun! Laugh with me! Ahahahahahahaha! Aha . . . ehehe . . . aheh . . . erm'

2009/07/29/ - The Delicious Bold Taste That Money Can’t Buy -
As you can see it is lined with many delicate frescos and commissioned bronze statues which would likely take an artist hours to render in any significant detail if he were to reproduce this room

2009/07/27/ - The Spirit Of Competition -
More things it is equally likely to be: bread, a box of roofing nails, a warehouse full of undergarments, half a matchstick, a second edition copy of Flatland, a new collar, love, a boxful of feathers, a chocolate factory, or 'satisfaction'.

2009/07/24/ - The More Things Change -
I know there are butlers not named Jeeves, but how many people named Jeeves are not butlers?

2009/07/22/ - First Things First -
Wait, what? Who died? Huh? What? Wait . . . what?

2009/07/20/ - Meanwhile Back In Babylon -
You gave ferrets THUMBS?! What were you thinking!

21. Down At The Farm Wrote:
2009/07/17/ - There Went Nothing -
This comic has been specifically formulated for YOU to feel Peanut's pain

2009/07/15/ - He Was Saving It For A Special Occasion -
Rufus thinks Peanut is talking about the collie at the house over, by the way

2009/07/13/ - Many Very Convincing Reasons -
I noticed on Wikipedia that barn cats tend to be female. Well how about that, you get your EXTRA learnuns in today.

2009/07/10/ - Probably Taking This Too Far -
This is what YOU wanted. You dirty, dirty people.

2009/07/08/ - Paralysis Of The Mouth -
Also we were going to have a wet fur contest; normally we don't like getting wet, but for YOU we'd make an exception

2009/07/06/ - Playing With Your Food -
To be fair, the cow is expressing a mix of indifference and obliviousness

2009/07/03/ - Pushing Up Daisies -
Made Of Win is NOT going to sit idly by as someone makes bad puns

2009/07/01/ - Do Those Still Exist -
ack no touch

2009/06/29/ - Get Your Shoes On If You Have Them -
You could have warned me my perceptions about country life were completely unfounded!

20. Roadtrip Woo Wrote:
2009/06/22/ - Of Dishes And Taking -
This is not necessarily just the second time she's wanted to kill him this road trip

2009/06/19/ - Fast Learner -
She is also a princess in disguise and ten levels higher than all of you

2009/06/17/ - Unspilled Milk -
Yes his name is Earl Sandwich. If your last name was Sandwich, I don't think you'd be able to avoid silly naming conventions

2009/06/15/ - The Other Alternative -
I really ought to draw Mrs. Sandwich more often, it's like she's not even there sometimes

2009/06/12/ - Trajectory -
Grape can't close the window because dad put it into 'lock' position after a few too many boredom sprees

2009/06/10/ - Another Page Of My Childhood -
As you can plainly see, they have been informed of Uncle Reuben's job since the previous comic

2009/06/08/ - No Excuses -
Guess which side of the family Uncle Reuben is on

19. A Sinister Shadow Wrote:
2009/06/05/ - The Mini Adventures Of Spot -
At least, I don't think I am

2009/06/03/ - Yes All Of Them -
Even the girls. It's not as bad as you think, actually

2009/06/01/ - Not Good With Children -
'What about Priority?' 'Two hundred thirty.' 'Aww . . .'


2009/05/29/ - End Of Year One -
I KNOW you were wondering

2009/05/27/ - I’m Never Going To Understand Humans -
Apologies to greyhound owners everywhere

2009/05/25/ - I Kid, People, I Kid; You’re A Good Crowd -
He's good people. For an animal.

2009/05/22/ - I Always Get Those Mixed Up -
Great, now I'M starting to monologue to myself

2009/05/20/ - Backseat Driver -
'Can you . . . can you say you're gonna drink his milksha--' 'YES THANK YOU I GET THE REFERENCE'

2009/05/18/ - Cool Clean And Refreshing -
I briefly considered giving Sergeant Ralph a German accent

2009/05/15/ - Or Belong To PETA -
Unless they were, like, going to McDonalds

2009/05/13/ - Headsteeringwheel -
Normally I would end the storyline right after something like this, but I have wanted to attempt to avoid ending them prematurely

2009/05/11/ - Smooth As Sandpaper -
If you do not imagine Bill's voice the same as Patrick Warburton, well, now you do

2009/05/08/ - Truly We Are Doing Good For The World -
Wow, Fox turned out rather scary, but then again I did decide to cover the whole van in opaque shadows . . .

2009/05/06/ - Something Is Missing -
Oh no he's naked! . . . wait

2009/05/04/ - Excellent Judge Of Character -
If you have been keeping up at home, you can probably tell exactly where this is going

2009/05/01/ - Like A Lightning Bolt Realization Strikes -
ASPCA is the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and they tend to be far, far more sane. Of course, you must have realized by now that the reason I bring them up is so you know there is an alternative. Oh crap I need something funny here. Um, BLAGABLOOGAH. GAH. Er. Okay, alt text is over, bye

2009/04/29/ - So Very Very Naive -
I remember a time when I would sit in the dark and have no urge whatsoever to speak my personal philosophy out loud

2009/04/27/ - No Joke Today, Just Violence -
There comes a time when, in writing a piece of fiction, that you realize you can make your characters do absolutely anything. This is one of those times.

18. The Continuing Adventures of Spot Wrote:
2009/04/24/ - Killjoy -
Grape can also get attached to minor villains. Why? Because within all of us is a small, ineffectual naughty person waiting to get out.

2009/04/22/ - Of Course It’s Gray, It’s Not Radium Paint -
Planet Orphan is, naturally, where all the orphans come from. It's a lot more conducive to G-rated storytelling than actually having missing parents?

2009/04/20/ - Because Good Is Dumb -
'Spot you idiot! This will make me consider being your not-cat girlfriend a TINY bit less!'

2009/04/17/ - Deus Ex Spotchina -
If you hang a large enough lampshade on it, you can handwave ANYTHING

2009/04/15/ - AKA The Author Needs A Break From Art Again -
Seriously, I haven't actually introduced any conflict into Spot before; this may be a corner I cannot write myself out of

17. Fall of the Pridelands Wrote:
2009/04/13/ - Any Year With No Fatalities Is A Good Year -
Panel 1: On top of the sign. Panel 2: On the wall by the patio. Panel 3: Third cinder from the left. Panel 4: Bino already ate it.

2009/04/10/ - It Was Covered In The Meeting -
About half of the rules concern the consumption of various items used in the hunt

2009/04/08/ - Housepets Gets Political -
The alt text is sorta like the little guy in the corner making his snarky soapbox statement, even though that's what the comic IS

2009/04/06/ - Because Mental Disorders Are Funny -
Aren't they just adorable?


2009/04/03/ - AKA The Non-Canon Adventures Of Spot -
As I recall his actual last words were 'Rot in a croc's stomach you decrepit son of a--' and then he was speared through the face

2009/04/01/ - Yeah I Only Read It Ironically -

2009/03/30/ - The Metatext Is A Harsh Mistress -
In the absolute least spoileriest way possible I'm just saying that page fifteen is so awesome. Just saying.

2009/03/27/ - Therin Lies Madness -
And Kurok, how could he involve himself with the cheetahs! Even though I've read six different guides to the stories I still don't have an adequate explaination! IT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE SO WHY AM I SO INVOLVED?!

2009/03/25/ - And Now, You Can Never Unsee It -
ALL of Joey's personal life incites this kind of reaction

2009/03/23/ - Five Weeks Of Allowance Down The Drain -

2009/03/20/ - Impenetrable Wall Of Text -
You are lucky: I could have gotten far, far more earsplittingly annoying with terminology, but I wanted to save space. Such as . . . Warpainted Thane Lightbringers of the Darkcleft Overhills! OW MY EARS

2009/03/18/ - Hey, It’s That Cat Again -
TRIPE-LE UP DEAL! Tripe 3 for 1

2009/03/16/ - Book Smarts -
No, this story arc is NOT just an excuse to draw buff lions in tribal clothing. At least, not entirely

16. Zap! Wrote:
2009/03/13/ - Well . . . That’s Over Then -
No crazy hijinks? What kind of a comic is this!

2009/03/11/ - Delayed Reaction -
You can fill in your favorite bad dog behavior. Interactivity!

2009/03/09/ - Bzzt -
Shock Collars: For the owner too lazy to punish his pet directly, but not quite lazy enough to not care

15. A Mouse Named Spo Wrote:
2009/03/06/ So No He Did Not Like The Box -
Don't worry, it's only a 12 hour shift

2009/03/04/ Midnight Confessions -
Spo wants to rub his face in SOMEthing, you see

2009/03/02/ Wonderful Night For A Bike Ride -
Bill hasn't been able to find a helmet that can cover his manly chin

2009/02/27/ And The Finch And The Shrew And The . . . -
. . . a sub-pet? I don't know, really

2009/02/25/ Especially Who? WHO?! -
What, you didn't think just because he wasn't in the story since Christmas that he's been doing absolutely nothing until this point, did you?

2009/02/23/ Their Naming Conventions Had A Cover Charge -
Anyway, like I was sayin', mom fed us cheese like ALL THE TIME. She would barbecue it, boil it, broil it, bake it, saute it. Der's uh, cheese-kabobs, cheese creole, cheese gumbo. Pan fried, deep fried, stir-fried. There's cheddar cheese, swiss cheese, mozzerella cheese, pepper jack cheese, cheese soup, cheese stew, cheese salad, cheese and potatoes, cheeseburger, cheese sandwich. That--that's about it.

2009/02/20/ Compensation -
The basket would have a card in it, and the card would say, 'I noticed your coat was looking a little dull, perhaps you could use some more protein in your diet'

2009/02/18/ This Is A Real 3rd Edition Gamebreaker -
Can you figure out which argument is the best one? TRICK QUESTION THEY'RE ALL STUPID

2009/02/16/ OHH DISS -
What is there a tiny Emeril in there?


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Sat Jul 23, 2011 10:24 am
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Post Re: The Housepets! Alt-Text Compendium
Obbl Wrote:
In arc 39 you forgot to separate the Valentine's Day cards from the rest of the arc.

Um :shock: wow, this is rather incredible. I had quite the enjoyable time reading through these again. :D
It's weird how I didn't realize how short some arcs were until I just saw them all together like that. :lol:

You are right! Thanks and fixed! :D

Glad that you enjoyed it (again), Rick does have a lot of great and funny alt-text!


Sat Jul 23, 2011 10:41 am
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Post Re: The Housepets! Alt-Text Compendium
Ooh, cool. This is a neat idea.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Friendly banter? Feel free to click the "PM" button below!

Sat Jul 23, 2011 11:56 am
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Post Re: The Housepets! Alt-Text Compendium
indeed. now you can just provide a link here when people in the comments ask for the alt-text.

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Sat Jul 23, 2011 12:00 pm
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Post Re: The Housepets! Alt-Text Compendium
This is one of those simple ideas that are awesome, but nobody thinks of! I am happy to know I can look through these without combing through the archives again!

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Sat Jul 23, 2011 7:56 pm
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Post Re: The Housepets! Alt-Text Compendium
so. this seems to only house the most recent arcs now. did you make an error and wipe the previous arcs?

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I do not actually believe any of what I'm saying.
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Fri Feb 10, 2012 3:47 pm
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Post Re: The Housepets! Alt-Text Compendium
RandomGeekNamedBrent Wrote:
so. this seems to only house the most recent arcs now. did you make an error and wipe the previous arcs?

Eh, that was an error. Not sure why, but time to time some texts went missing by themselves. It's back now.


Mon Feb 13, 2012 1:40 am
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Post Re: The Housepets! Alt-Text Compendium
Just for fun why don't we make up our own alt-texts

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Me - "Not at all, the fact that you're a dog and not a lizard is much weirder"

Mon Feb 13, 2012 2:41 pm
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Post Re: The Housepets! Alt-Text Compendium
JohnWillow Wrote:
Just for fun why don't we make up our own alt-texts

Sounds interesting, perhaps the fans have interesting alt-texts for the comic.

However, I am not sure if this thread is the right place for that. Since I wouldn't attempt to make a compendium for fan-made alt-texts! :P


Wed Feb 15, 2012 4:45 am
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Post Re: The Housepets! Alt-Text Compendium
JohnWillow Wrote:
Just for fun why don't we make up our own alt-texts

Make it a forum game! I bet it would be popular, copy/paste a comic, and put your own alt. text for it!

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Thu Feb 16, 2012 12:48 am
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