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A Prologue... 
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Post A Prologue...
Prologue: Investment

To some, he's a friend. To some, he's a thief and murderer...

To some, he's a complex person. To some, he's utterly insane.

To some, he's a human, to most, he's an animal.

And that last reason, my friends, is why most consider this one dog to be a dead man walking...

But we are getting ahead of ourselves, now; we're not ready to get into the actions of his hate, his insanity and burning goals and desires, oh no. First, we must find the reasons.

First, we must start with a pup, one rather new to the world, one quite unaware of the situation he was in. After all, he had barely been around long enough to open his eyes, so how could he know the cold reality of the place he lived in? But he was a very smart one. He could observe. See. Think, and take in what surrounded him. He would very soon, at least; for now he only captured a few names of things.

Brother. Two of them, which made him unhappy, always pushing him away from the warmth...
Sister. Always to his left side, always near, always there...
Litter. Him, his brothers, his sister, all connected to one another. Where they all had come from, he didn't know, nor think about...he was a new puppy after all.
Mother. The warmth. The comfort, the giver. Through her, there was safety, there was life.

For a month, they were all together, growing, playing, loving. The pups, anyway, as they tried to walk, started to bark, growl, and attempted to talk. However, one puppy, the observant one I mentioned earlier, noted that mother was often, somehow, both of two things that he had learned... "happy" and "unhappy." It bothered him, bothered him that this could be possible. Couldn't you only be one or the other? Wouldn't you be only happy to have us here? Both are questions he would have thought and asked if he only could. His brothers, they did not notice. His sister, she could tell, and he could tell that she could.

And then he received an answer to his questions.

Many new feelings. All of them, every one, were not ones he liked, were not ones that wanted to be felt. Unpleasant was the feeling when his skin was suddenly jerked upward, but that was only on the outside, and he almost didn't care. There was unpleasant on the inside, a great amount as he was pulled up, away, from his brothers and sister, and his mother...who could only sit, looking away with expressions that the pup would later learn as disgust and hopelessness. Sorrow, each one of the pups learned right then and there on their own. For the pup being lifted, the unpleasantness on the outside grew worse as something wet rolled out of his eyes...but it got even far worse when he experienced the new feelings of falling, sudden pain, and cold wire mesh. And so would the three others as they were dropped into cages and put into something of a cell block while the mother could only watch as her pups were taken from her for the sixth time, then forced into another cage herself.

All she could pray was that someone loving would buy them. All of them, and soon, before they grew past being cute. So they could leave and live, and not just be a breeder...or simply be left to die.

All in the name of profit.

This, this was the pup's first reason.

Spoiled Meat

Venison's backstory. I thought it was high time to string together all those bits and pieces together and show you what makes the semi-insane coydog tick, from his very start, to where he's at now. This prologue is done, and hopefully, it's only a taste of what's to come as I write more. The rest of the story is in outline stage now, but I'll update whenever I finish a chapter.

Let's see if I can't see this thing through to completion. This should be interesting...
Anyway. As I update, I'll be updating the title of the thread to show the progress (what the most current chapter is) so look for the telltale red mark and new title to see when there's an update.

Let's hope I can get a update written soon; this prologue is kinda depressing. XP

Oh, and being on the safe side, I'm just going to rate this fic PG-13 right off the bat, although I'm not entirely sure what's coming.

Alrighty! I hope you enjoy the show.

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Post Re: A Prologue...
Laid on the intrigue a little thick, but the first four lines are perfect. Interesting, will definitely keep up with this.

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Thu Aug 05, 2010 11:58 pm
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Post Re: A Prologue...
W-o-w! Another Pet-Friendly ficcie! I'm so happy this new trend is growing in this forum :D :D
Buck, this was a great prologue and I so wish you bless us with more :mrgreen:


Fri Aug 06, 2010 1:01 am
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Post Re: A Prologue...
Shmexy, I enjoyed the funky writing style, it gave it some nice suspense!

Fri Aug 06, 2010 9:59 am
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Post Re: A Prologue...
Dear House almighty.

My single issue is that it is a tiny bit short. But it's a prologue, not meant to be a full chapter.
Still, an excellent starting point for an excellent story.


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Fri Aug 06, 2010 9:08 pm
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Post Re: A Prologue...
Cornflakes, you think EVERYTHING is shmexy....

Moving on, good writing. Highly descriptive and entirely disturbing. WRITE MORE.

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