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Hopefully this is the not so long as the prologue :lol:

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Season III
Episode 1 – In with the new

Bannister House, L20 Apt. 203, Terrace High. January 2, 2011.

…or, rather, in front of the door of said apartment, where a female Maine Coon stood, whispering to herself what sounded like a prayer.
“Come on, Tegan Jackson, you can do this. Remember? That was your resolution for the new year, so you just hold out your paw, wait until Elliot opens and kiss him before he has the time to finish saying—“
“Good morning, Tegan!”
The apartment’s door hissed open, and a golden retriever came out. “These security cameras are fantastic! Better than a reality, I swear…Tegan?” He looked around, but his old friend had apparently disappeared.
“Up here,” she said.
Elliot looked up. “How did you do that?”
The cat was hanging to the wall just over the threshold, her fur all ruffled up in shock. “Cat thing. Don’t do that again, am I clear?” She relaxed her claws and fell down behind the dog.
Elliot turned. “Crystal. But why were you out there, mumbling to yourself? You looked almost scared, what happened?”
She saw the genuine concern in his eyes, and wondered if it would turned to laughter the moment she told him what she was mumbling.
And for the umpteenth time, she decided she really didn’t want to force his hand, not after hearing him one of the most vehement anti-interspecies coupling speech she had ever heard since they lived in Babylon Gardens. In fact, Tegan had really hoped her old friend would wise up after moving here… But, evidently, Bino and his gang hadn’t had a tough time convincing Elliot to the whole taboo thing.
Which left her undecided if giving it a last attempt at hope or drop the illusion of being with Elliot.
And yet, every time she was near him she felt something tingle inside, she felt like melting, she hated Sasha for being in that ad with him!
Elliot raised his head again. “Wow, even higher this time. Are you trying to set a record?”
“What. Did. I. Tell. You?” the Coon said from the wall.
“Hey, not my fault if you are being phased out, lady. Perhaps a stroll in the park would help?”
She jumped down. Guess it won’t hurt. “That would be great. Got your breakfast already?”
The retriever wagged and patted his flat belly. “I still got room here, you know that.” It was true: he had the metabolism of a nuclear plant. He burned calories faster than he could accumulate them. “Want to grab something at the Treat?”
“Sure.” Handsome like a prince, and always fit, what could a girl ask more for? She sighed inwardly, as she followed him to the elevator. But she also promised to herself that, should she not make it to kiss him today, that she would stop chasing a dream...

In a pet friendly compound, it must not surprise that pets were allowed everywhere, that every corner of the ‘Commercial Area’, ranging the first 10 levels of the 50-stores Fulcrum, was designed for humans and nonhumans.
More…interesting were certain experiments, like The Treat, a diner legally owned by the Terrace High Administration and managed entirely by animals. Raimund Gottschalk had taken care that the staff was accurately selected and trained to the best standards.
It came as no surprise that The Treat had become the official ‘waterhole’ for Terrace High’s pet population.
Despite the fact that right now the place was almost deserted, save for a scattered handful of customers. “Where is everyone?” Tegan asked. She had given a look at the place only yesterday, about at the same hour, and she had been glad she wasn’t a dog –her nose would have collapsed under the assault of smells, though it had been a great experience, to see so many pets gathered together in an amiable environment and not a human in sight. Mind it, she loved Mom and she liked humans, but…this place was like some secret hideout, a place where one furred guy could be himself…
A male Tamaskan dog approached the couple. He wore his collar, from which hanged a black bolt tag, similar to that superdog’s from the movie, and an apron. “I’m sorry, madame, but it looks like most of the residents decided to stay indoor after staying up late for the new year’s party.” The first understatement of the year: the party the Administration had thrown, both for the NYE and to welcome the new batch of residents who had won their new homes thanks to a lottery, including Elliot’s and Tegan’s families, had gone on until dawn.
Another thing that the Maine Coon and the retriever had in common was that they were early risers. They could sleep a handful of hours and then wake up as fresh as if from 9 hours.
“I am Isaac. Can I help you?”
Elliot’s eyes scanned the customers. There was a black rabbit waiting at the wet bar for his take-away bag to be filled, a minipischer with the security uniform, a Scottish Collie…and an all-too familiar Rhodesian Ridgeback, sitting all alone in the farthest corner, nibbling at some sandwich.
The retriever frowned for a moment, before smiling politely to the waiter dog. “Ah, you know what? We’ll come back when there’s some more life. Sorry, pal.” He walked away. A very perplexed Tegan followed him.

“Elliot, mind me telling what exactly happened in there?” She asked once the glass doors had closed.
“Haven’t you seen?” Now Elliot looked definitely upset.
And she hated it when he acted like that, out of the blue. “Seen what?”
“That dog!” He said that as if she had missed the most obvious thing in the world. “Volant! He was there!”
Tegan’s eyes narrowed as she tried to examine what was passing in his mind.
The dog let out an exasperated sigh. “Tegan, that guy is dangerous. He attacked a poor, defenseless blind pup, and he should be locked up and not… Where are you going?!”
The cat was walking back to the diner. When she felt Elliot’s paw holding her arm, she turned and gave him the death stare. He backed off, knowing he was in for troubles, not understanding why.
Tegan pressed her finger against his chest, her claw a hair’s breadth from piercing skin. “One word of advice: before putting someone on trial, you better know if you heard all sides! And so far, all we know about what happened between that guy and this Elvis, Elpis, is based on Gossip Today!”
“No! Now I am going back there, and I am going to try to break the ice with that dog. I may or may not succeed, but I will not treat him like a pariah out of misinformation. Any question?”
This time, it was Elliot that looked at her with reproach. “Yes. Are you doing it out of good heart or because you think he’s a hunk?”
Tegan’s expression fell to the floor. “Excuse me?”
The retriever crossed his arms at his chest. “You heard me. You’re a dog lover, that much is obvious, and I let it pass because I know you’re a good friend and you’re entitled to your quirks. But this is taking it too far!” He pointed at the diner’s doors. “You can’t just flirt with a dangerous guy only ‘cause he looks handsome in your eyes and—“
The slap she gave him sounded like a gunshot in the almost empty level. The few pets passing by gave the couple a puzzled look, before resuming their business.
Elliot looked at Tegan with the outmost surprise –as if he had just discovered a replicant had lived under her fur all this time. He was speechless, pupils shrunk, he didn’t literally know what to say.
Tegan, on the other hand, knew it exactly. “You know what makes Bino way better than you? He would try to help a fellow dog in distress. And you don’t even try to get near me again, or help me…” She didn’t add another word as she turned and stomped into the diner, and almost knocking down the rabbit who was getting out in that moment, his paws filled with bags with food and beverages. He was quite fast in moving aside at the last moment.
“Sorry!” she spat.
Shadow looked at the cat going. “Bejeezuz, ain’t she mad. Did you two fight for the same squeaky bone?” he asked the dog, who was still massaging his burning cheek.
“Nah,” Elliot said. “She’s just a stupid cat.” And with that, he walked away.
The rabbit shook his head –hangover, it must be that. Once he had tried the orange soda, and had decided to never try it again. O well, time to go to find a new friend!
Whistling, Shadow walked to the elevator that would carry him to the subway line…

Being alone had never been a problem for Volant Male. Of course, there had been a time in which he had longed for company, for a family…but those days were long gone. His trust had been betrayed too many times for him to just accept a so-called friendly smile face value.
But if a part of him, deep inside, still wanted things to take another course, wanted someone he could call ‘Dad’ or ‘Mom’… Yet Volant was also making sure his armor was on and sturdy. He was too afraid to drop his defenses.
And what good had brought that to him? He had given a slug to a guy who was trying to help him. A small, blind dog! Talk about first impression!
It came as no surprise that word of his exploit had literally flown in the local pet community. No wonder the staff at this diner barely acknowledged his presence. He was a customer, all right, but he was also the ‘mad dog’. Prolonged exposure could cause damage.
But Volant kept eating quietly, slowly, keeping his eyes on his meal and on the table, avoiding eye contact, morbidly content that no one would annoy him—
It was a funny picture, the big Ridgeback frozen in the act of chewing, only his eyes moving to study that perfect stranger –well, just as all pets were, except Elpis and the dog that had arrested him.
And Brother Lazarus, the cat that ran the local Chapel of St. Anthony Abbot. Perhaps it was him who had sent this fluffy female?
“Can I sit?” the Maine Coon asked politely, arms crossed behind her back.
Volant gulped down his mouthful, then said, “What if I say no?”
She cocked her head, eyes closed, and showed a smile that made him think of Lazarus’ warming expression. “Aw, you wouldn’t tell that to a lady, would you?”
Still holding his pastrami sandwich, he pointed at the empty seat in front of him with his muzzle.
“Thank you,” she said, sitting down. She then held out her paw. “Tegan Jackson. Charmed.”
Volant’s eyes ran from his sandwich to the cat and back again. He was definitely puzzled. What was happening, here? By sight or scent, he didn’t recognize this creature for the life of him… But, eventually, he put down his meal, cleaned his paw with the towel and clasped her paw, introducing himself. “Did Brother Lazarus send you..?”
Tegan thought about that name for a moment –oh, yes! That funny cat priest who spent the first half of the party introducing himself to the new residents! “Oh, no. I-I just saw you sitting all alone here, and thought you needed some company.” She feared she had said something wrong the moment she saw his body coiling up, his shackles rising.
But it passed as quickly as it had come. Volant sighed. “Sorry. I… You’re very kind, but I really don’t need someone playing Mary Sue on me. Thank you for your interest.”
With a pang of guilt, Tegan knew there was a bit of…interest in this gorgeous guy. He was in excellent shape, long legs, narrow but solid waist and a chest that could crash rocks. OK, so he was eye-candy, but she hadn’t come to him for that!
“Why are you blushing?” he asked, and that made her flatten her ears with embarrassment. Frick! She really had to keep herself in check!
Anyway, better trying to get Mr. Handsome to open himself, since she really wanted to help him. Tegan shrugged. “Whoops, dog lover. Gotcha.”
Volant cocked his head, blinking twice. “Really?”
Tegan nodded.
That seemed to break the depression spell. “You know, you sound pretty easy with that.” He then pushed the plate with the sandwich to her. “A bite?” He didn’t even consider it wasn’t polite to offer half-eaten food, but where he came from, food was just something precious, whatever the state it was in. Offering was a polite gesture in itself.
Much to his renewed curiosity, Tegan didn’t hesitate when she held out a finger and used a claw to pick a couple of slices of pastrami. “Thank you,” she said before eating the seasoned smoked meat. “Hmm, never had something this good!”
Volant immediately motioned to Isaac, who understood and went to order another sandwich and water. The staff too was curious about this unexpected development –if this somber, violent guy could sit politely with such a nice cat, perhaps their judgment had been too quick..?
“It’s on me,” Volant offered.
Tegan nodded. “Nonsense. I invited myself, I pay. In return, you’ll be my chaperon for the day.” She leaned forward, chin resting on her paws. “Is that a deal?”
What was happening?! Was this cat actually trying to woo him?! “Err, madame, I think…”
Tegan chuckled. “Relax, big boy. I don’t want to embarrass you. It’s just that I too am new and don’t want to be alone while exploring the place.”
Volant looked at the glass door, expecting to see that Retriever to come in any moment now. “You didn’t look like you were alone..?”
Tegan’s face darkened. “Nah, that was just a jerk I used to call friend. And to think I wasted years deluding myself into an inexistent relationship.”
“Well, again, you don’t seem to have problems with your…tendencies.”
Again that shrug, followed by a rolling of eyes. “Well, you know what? If I am to be a social outcast because my heart goes with the barking kind, I’d better try and enjoy my life rather than fearing it. Won’t you agree?”
Volant sighed. “You didn’t punch a helpless little guy because you’re mad at the world.”
Tegan’s brow knitted. “And what’s there to be mad? You’re young, in full health, and this is a fantastic place!”
Again his eyes flashed with fury, again his body screamed Attack!, and the cat fell silent, this time genuinely scared –man, this guy had some serious issues!
But when that moment passed, Volant just looked…deflated. His expression was blank, not as if he had realized his error, but as if he had bottled everything up. Tegan couldn’t help wondering what was wrong with him for being so repressed… Perhaps Elliot was right, this dog was really a time bomb…
Or he needed someone by him, just like Alandra. She too had suffered a lot, but she had never lost her good humor. Volant looked as if his spirit had been crushed one time too many. “Sorry,” he said.
Okay, so it was time to be diplomatic. She was experienced in that. “Don’t be. It’s my fault for putting ideas in your mind.” Her paw reached out to his. “Care to talk to me? About you?”
At that moment, Isaac put two plates on the table, a second sandwich for Volant, “This is on the house. For you and your friend.”
That word rolled in the dog’s mind like something so…exotic, new. He had had friends in his life, but he had never imagined he could have another one. Perhaps it was too soon to be sure, but if the staff thought he wasn’t all alone, he should not implement a bad impression after all.
Still holding that neutral expression that was a second nature for him, he said, “Please, put everything in a bag. The lady and I are taking them to the park.”
Tegan felt like wagging. So there, Mr. Bigot!

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You's hard to tell how I feel about this chapter. Partly sad because for the ruined friendship of Tegan and Elliot and the end of what possibilities could have come from it. And yet rather happy to see Volant beginning to improve, and the budding possibility of friendship between him and Tegan.

I am decidedly divided...ah well, guess all I can do is wait and see what happens next.

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It's great to see you back with the start of the season! :mrgreen: And what a fantastic start it is! Tegan and Elliot breaking their relationship is so sad. :cry: Elliot you need to get a clue and stop hating cat+dog relationships! Also like Shirosune said, it's great to see Volant open up to someone else besides Brother Lazarus. And Tegan thinking of Volant as a hunk really get the gears turning in my mind about future relationships. I can't wait to see how their walk goes! Not to rush you but i really need the next update to see how this turns up, until then ill have to hold my breath.

Author:  Shirosune [ Wed Jan 25, 2012 2:15 am ]
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musclecar326 Wrote:
Not to rush you but i really need the next update to see how this turns up, until then ill have to hold my breath.

Huh...good luck with that...I'll be sure to bury you with a generator, a wireless hotspot and a laptop if you don't make it.

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Kwesi ‘Later’ Cira knew his days of sweet solitude where over the moment his nose quivered at the coffee aroma. He caught his uninvited guest’s scent a moment later… Yup! Definitely over.
The Basenji dog groaned and tried to wrap himself more into his cocoon of blankets, but to no avail.
“I know you’re awake, lazybutt. Come on, I brought breakfast, not lead!”
The dog turned. He looked like he had just suffered the worst hangover ever. “I will pretend I understand what you’re blabbering, الآفات.” He rubbed his eyes, then yawned loudly. “What did you bring, other than coffee?” His paw reached tentatively the cup in front of him. He drank a sip, ready to spit it out in case it tasted…good!
“Not bad, eh?” Shadow said, seeing how the dog was suddenly awake and drinking with gusto. When he was done, Kwesi licked his lips. “Not bad? This is unbelievable, considering how you westerners treat coffee beans. Where did you get it?”
The black rabbit’s muzzle pointed in the direction of the Fulcrum. “At The Treat. At $1 per cup. And you still must taste the donuts!” he handed out a sugar-glazed pastry.
Kwesi might be proud, but he wasn’t so stupid as to refuse an offer for free food. It was the first lesson he had learnt during the long travels that marked his life with his family. When someone offers bread to you, they’re giving food to your heart as well.
“Must be a very pleasant thought,” Shadow said, breaking that train of memories.
Kwesi shook his head, blushing lightly. “Eh, yes. Thank you.” He ate slowly the food, despite feeling ravenous. Before you learn how to strike a deal, you must have learnt how to hide your desires. It had been really a long time since he had treated himself with such good food. Kwesi had lived off too many trash bins and low quality food at the soup kitchens. he couldn’t even approach a shop without risking being chased by Animal Control.
“Your family?” Shadow inquired.
Kwesi nodded. “Our diet was never boring, except that during our travels between a trading market and the other. During those journeys, we had to rely on couscous, and dried vegetables and meat. But when we’d reach even the smallest village, it was a feast. And every place had its own cuisine.” He looked at the last bite of donut. He missed so much those days, but he also knew that if he’d go back to his biological parents, they’d scorn him for being a coward, for running from the new life he had craved at the point of leaving his native land.
Shadow sipped his tea, then nibbled at a carrot cake –sorry for the stereotype, but he did love carrots. “Kwesi, why won’t you just let someone here adopt you? Heck, this place reeks with love for animals, and you’re one dog of talents: gardener, cook, scout, herbal therapist, trader… I mean, I believe almost all of the deadbrains here couldn’t put together two leaves without making a poison tea!”
Kwesi shook his head. “I told you already, yesterday: I promised myself to improve my life with my own strength, not as a pampered pet.”
Shadow rolled his eyes. “Then you could go to the local shelter, the Lucky Charm Grove. I hear they have great educational programs to make sure any stray coming in will go out a well-schooled pet. You don’t need to get a ‘pampered’ life, you could apply for any job allowed to an animal with enough competence. And you got lot of it for a starter.”
Kwesi took another donut. “And you know this place of wonders because you were there?”
Shadow’s ears dropped as he put a paw behind his head. “Err, because I read the blogs about it?”
“My point. Sorry if I don’t trust you…well, no I am not sorry at all, because I got to know too many so-called shelters. Ending up in a cage with a cot, TV and a bunkmate whose breath stinks like the things he used to roll in is not my priority…” he then regarded the rabbit with suspicion, his fangs slightly bared. “You didn’t tell anyone about my den, did you?”
Shadow put his paws in front of him. “Absolutely didn’t! Believe me, man, that’s none of my business, and you learn quickly the meaning of that phrase when you got a housemate like Chocolate.”
Kwesi didn’t look convinced, but at least he dropped that burst of hostility. He lapped at the remaining of the coffee. “I admit that I am curious about this female: during our travels, we met many shamans, but for me they never went beyond the parlor tricks. What can Chocolate do?”
Shadow shivered. “The weirdest things. Once she made me talk with my ancestors. They came from Australia. It was way creepy.”
“What, the fact that you’re part Australian?”
“The fact that she can speak with ghosts. Man, certain things should be left where they are. Oh, and they didn’t give me any winning lotto numbers. Turns out that the ‘all-knowing spirits’ is an urban legend.” Shadow collected the trash and ut it back into his paper bag. He stood up. “Well, that was fun. Now I gotta go, thanks for not kicking me out.”
“Will you be back for lunch?”
“I’ll try and bring you something during the day. Sorry, but this pampered pet likes to have his meals with his family. Fringe benefits, you know.” Shadow patted the Basenji’s shoulder. “But thanks for asking: I knew you would soften up, you’re not hopeless.”
Kwesi snarled. “Out! Before I lose my temper!”
Winter was the ideal season for Tegan. Her coat was just made for this weather, the snow crystals clung to her body, coating it in a delicate brine, but never reaching her skin. In days like this, she wished she could run with the wolves, nature’s perfect creations. One of the reasons she missed Babylon Gardens was that she didn’t get to meet Miles’ pack again… “Aren’t you cold?” she asked to the Rhodesian Ridgeback walking by her side.
With his short fur, the big dog belonged to an African breed. Not exactly designed for snowy winter, and he wasn’t even wearing a scarf. “I’m good.”
“Are you sure? We could just take one.” She pointed at one of the vending machines scattered in the park. They sold snacks and beverages, but also provided emergency medical kits, scarves and berets for pets.
Volant stopped and turned so abruptly that Tegan almost fell down. “Look! I have spent almost all my life since my puppyhood in a street, all right? I know what I’m saying when I tell you that I’m fine as it is, okay?”
Tegan just nodded. They resumed walking. They kept the silence for about twenty minutes before she said, “I’m sorry.”
“What for?”
“For what you had to suffer. I didn’t know…”
The dog kept looking in front of him. “It wasn’t your fault, so you don’t have to be sorry.”
“Is that why you’re so hostile to everyone?”
“I’m hostile because everyone only aims at backstabbing everyone else. The moment you offer a soft spot, that’s where they’ll hit.”
“But that’s not tr—“
“Didn’t you just tell me that your so-called friend was a jerk and that you wasted years drooling about him?”
Tegan sighed. “Elliot’s not a bad guy. He is…a jerk, but not mean.” And yet, she couldn’t completely believe her own words. She thought she knew him, but hadn’t imagined he could have hurt her so much.
Volant was just satisfied she had lost that happy smug of hers. He couldn’t stand those ‘always-happy’ attitude, it…unnerved him.
And yet, a moment later, Tegan’s smile was back, grinding at the dog’s patience. “Well, you know what? You’re wrong, Mr. ‘Worldisabadplacewithnohope’.” She fiddled with her collar, before producing a picture. “Here, look.”
Volant reluctantly took the picture. He examined it, his impassibility turning to genuine puzzlement. Of course, she had just told him she was into dogs, but he had never seen a real couple.
Even less, one like this: a brown-colored mutt with darker floppy ears and blue eyes, laying on a big pet bed, lovingly holding a lavender-furred female cat, as if to protect her…and her kittens. Five defenseless, tiny bundles of fur, all huddled against their prents’ bellies, one of them absurdly displaying the same identical color pattern of the dog, ear to tail.
“Peanut Butter and Grape Jelly Sandwich. Married, as far as this word can go for us pets. And blessed with a miracle despite the kittens coming thanks to a donor, if you know what I mean.”
Volant nodded, still looking at that amazing tiny creature and at the expressions of that dog and cat. As if they meant the world to each other…
Volant gave the picture back to Tegan with a sharp gesture. “So what? Is it my name Peanut Butter, perhaps? Are you going to fix me into a date with a cat? Because I don’t happen to share your tastes, lady.”
Tegan put the picture back into her collar. “No, I’m trying to see what can I do to help you back into society without being considered a bad dog. And don’t give me that ‘I-don’t-need-your-help’ crap, because you wouldn’t be here, now.”
And for the first time in that day, Volant…smiled. An expression that put Tegan at unease, a cruel smile accentuated by the only visible blue eye, while the other was covered by a tuft of fur. “Actually, you were useful in putting some pressure off me. And to get me some free food. As for the rest, who told you I needed help?”
Tegan’s jaw crashed to the ground.
Volant took the take-away bag without meeting her resistance. He produced a sandwich and took a bite. While still chewing he walked away. “See you not, happy girl.”
Tegan didn’t follow him. She just stood there, the most crestfallen cat in the world right now…

Volant enjoyed every bit of his ill-gotten meal. Really, manipulating that weird cat had been a stroke of genius, balm for his mind.
He didn’t mind some pressure off, but the heck he would allow anyone to come and tell him how to live his life! Granted, he didn’t want to be that kitty’s daily good deed’s scout medal!
Yes, he still was sorry for hitting Elpis, and there was that part of him that really wanted to stop distrusting everyone… But he also detested that part enough to keep it under lock and key! His ambition was to have some social pressure relieved, not become vulnerable again!
But he owed an apology to Elpis, and he couldn’t even call him. His owners had placed a forbidden zone all around him, and they’d toss him and Adam out of Terrace High faster than you could say ‘whathappened?’
Not that Volant really cared. In fact, he would be better off without that silly human who pretended to be his friend—
“Gotta give you that, boy! You know how to deal with meddlers.”
The Ridgeback froze, his head turning in the direction of the tree from which the voice had come, ready to teach a lesson or two about respecting other pets’ privacy—
He didn’t expect to see a big green parrot perching on the lower branch. “What do you have to look at, furball? Never seen a Military Macaw? Oh, and name’s Piper. Honored.”
Volant turned without a word and resumed his walk.
A moment later, with a flurry of wings, the bird was perching on his shoulder. “Tsk, it’s so rude to give your back to someone who’s talking to you, you know—Erk!
Faster than the eye could see, Volant’s paw had grabbed the bird and put him a hair’s breadth from the snarling muzzle.
“This was going to be a decent morning, and I’d like it to stay so! If you so want to be hurt, just keep talking!”
The parrot wasn’t apparently fazed. And when he spoke, much to Volant’s surprise, the parrot said, in a perfect replica of Elpis’ voice, “I’m sorry for upsetting you, Volant.”
The dog’s stupor was such as to let him drop the bird. Piper flew back on his shoulder. “I’ve got the rest of the message, verbatim from your small friend. If you want to hear it, just say so. It will be like hearing it straight from the source. Yes or no, boy? It’s cold like heck, out here and I’m not designed for this climate.” He shuddered, ruffling ever more his feathers.
Volant just nodded. The parrot even managed to replicate Elpis’ expression while he had given him the message. “If this message gets to you, it means that it worked: Piper will be our communication channel, my parents will not suspect him as our messenger.
“Volant, please, even if you want to tell me off, just say it to Piper so that he will report it, and I will not bother you again.” Then the parrot actually took a pause, imitating the other dog’s hesitation before sighing and saying, “I guess I have no more to add for now. I’m tossing the ball to you. But know that I hold no rancor: life is too precious to waste it in grudging, Volant. If you want someone to relate to, I’m here… Well, goodbye.” Then Piper said in a robotic male voice, “There are no messages left. Please press Rec to record a message. Beep!”

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So much to read and the all that in such a short time. ;)

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man i cant get enough!!!!!

i need to control my self of keep reading............

only because im soo hungry to continue.
and i havent finished season 1 !!"!!!!

this is better than many others books!!!!!!

sorry i need to hold back a little....

keep the great job.

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your enthusiasm is very welcomed :D

Author:  Zukio [ Wed Jan 25, 2012 1:40 pm ]
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OK, I just finished catching up. I read both seasons, both special episodes, and what we have of season 3. It is AMAZING! I have never read fan-fiction before, so I can only hope all fan-fiction is as good as this! You are amazing Valerio! Can't wait to read more!

Author:  legendario13 [ Wed Jan 25, 2012 1:44 pm ]
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you see !?

im not the only one!!!


now everyone´s gona belive me !!!!!....

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Zukio Wrote:
OK, I just finished catching up. I read both seasons, both special episodes, and what we have of season 3. It is AMAZING! I have never read fan-fiction before, so I can only hope all fan-fiction is as good as this! You are amazing Valerio! Can't wait to read more!

I love you all, guys.

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is reciprocal!!..

i liked the way you brougth ivan back to context.
you have a great ability.

Author:  Renkun [ Wed Jan 25, 2012 3:16 pm ]
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And better still great ideas and this is a rarity here (as far as I have read) ;)

Author:  legendario13 [ Wed Jan 25, 2012 6:14 pm ]
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Renkun Wrote:
And better still great ideas and this is a rarity here (as far as I have read) ;)

i know, he have a great imagination.

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(an advice. while reading episode 12 season 1. listen to credence)

rufus an avatar!!!??? :o

Author:  valerio [ Wed Jan 25, 2012 11:48 pm ]
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Not an avatar, no. Just his...last mission before leaving this world for good.

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At first, she didn’t hear him. The Maine Coon just stood there, sitting against a tree, her tail curled up protectively against her huddled body. If ever had a cat looked so miserable, that was her right now, in the snowy middle of the park known as Hexagon.
“I would ask you how you’re doing, but…it would be pointless, eh?” the golden retriever said, while approaching her.
She didn’t even move her eyes from the snow she was staring at.
“Sorry. You know me, sarcastic when nervous. Heh.”
Finally, Tegan spoke, with an almost atonal voice. “If you want to gloat, please do. Free for all, at the well-deserved expenses of a stupid cat.”
Elliot fiddled his fingers. “I’m not here to gloat.”
Tegan looked at him. “Then why are you here?”
“I, uh, followed you. I was worried that guy could hurt you.”
Tegan shook her head, chuckling weakly. “Heh, he killed only my pride.”
Elliot sat down next to her, then patted her knee. “I could get him for this, if you want to.”
She sighed, then looked at him, her ears completely flat. “You would? After what I did?”
Elliot shrugged. “I guess I called for it. I’m sorry for upsetting you. I mean…that was really under the belt. I don’t know what got into me.”
“Your hatred for mixed species couples?”
Elliot leaned his head against the bark. “I don’t hate them. I just…don’t think it’s normal. Cats are supposed to be with cats, dogs with dogs, etc.” It was his turn to sigh deeply. “But this is pointless, and I don’t want to fight again. I don’t want to fight ever again with you, Tegan. Will you forgive me?”
Tegan looked at his big puppy eyes, feeling ashamed for the slap she had given him before. “Of course I do. Just do me a favor.”
He wagged weakly. “Anything.”
“Kick my butt into the last floor if I try to play again the good Samaritan with that…brute.”
Elliot put a paw to his chest. “That will be my duty and pleasure, milady.”
“I hate you. But thank you.”
After that, a couple of minute of uneasy silence passed between them, before Elliot spoke, not daring to meet her eyes. “Err, so you are a dog lover.”
“Yes,” she answered, looking in turn at the falling snow.
“Uhm, do you like…me?”
“Since when?”
“Since always. I didn’t become a dog lover, I always was.” And you were always my knight in shining armor. But now, how could she spoke out those words? This was definitely not her idea of a romantic date. In a way, it hurt more than an actual fight. Talking like this made Tegan feel…dirty, as if she was confessing a crime to a confessor.
Elliot fiddled with his fingers for another minute, clearly searching for the proper words so not to hurt her. At least, tegan had to give it to him, he was doing his best. “Uh, would you like to kiss me?”
Of course, he wasn’t exactly the gentledog she had hoped to—UH?!?
Tegan’s heart stopped. She was sure of that. She was dead and now she was in the Eden of her dreams, the perfect place where magic happened. Funny, Eden looked and smelled exactly like Terrace High.
Or she must be hallucinating. Of course she was, this couldn’t be happening like this, out of the blue. Right?
But her eyes were open, and she was looking at Elliot, at the dog of her dreams. And he wasn’t laughing. There were no mischief in his expression. He was…afraid?
Afraid because this could end their friendship forever?
Or because he was scared of getting a bad case of cooties?
She nodded. Her arm went automatically around his neck –funny, she had never done that. All the time they had spent together, doing pretty much everything, and she had never…touched him. And she was so pleased he didn’t resist when she pulled his head closer, his lips parting slightly, his smell hitting her like something physical and sweet.
She cocked her head, knowing she may not get another chance like this… And she let him go just when their mouth were an inch apart.
The cat shook her head. “Not like this.”
The dog blinked. “What do you mean? I thought—“
“And you thought well, you are right, I… I love you, Elliot. More than you can imagine. And I am happy and proud for every second we spent together. And I am sure we can stay friends even now.” She lowered her eyes. “But you don’t love me, not like…like I do.” It wasn’t a question.
Elliot nodded. He caressed her cheek. “I love you like your best friend ever. But I’m not the cat person. I only wanted to make you happy. I don’t like to see you down.”
Tegan felt the lump in her throat growing. “Thank you,” she said with a trembling voice. “It means a lot. Especially coming from you.” Then her head darted forward and she gave the dog a light kiss on his lips, just an intimate peck. “My resolution for the new year. At least, the day was not a complete waste.”
Elliot huffed and turned his head away. “Well, thank you, ma’am!”
Tegan stood up and shook the snow off her fur. “Aw, c’mon! I was only kidding. The day has just started and now I need to find me a proper suitor.”
“In this case, you found the right guy, baby!” said a new, cheerful voice, startling them into a puff-up.
“And why are you doing this…service?” Volant asked, eyeing doubtfully the bird. He had bought a scarf at the vending machine. Unlike the shops in the commercial area, the machines were part of the contract deal for the homeowners: a limited expense amount was included in the monthly condominium budget, so that all a resident could do, within a monthly limit of $100, was to insert his or her FID card and get the required item. And if, in case of clothing items, they were returned to be sanitized and recycled, the item ended up coming for free.
And so, now Piper was all wrapped up in a scarf like a feathered woolly ball. It helped the parrot keeping a decent humor as he answered, “Because I got a big heart… But I think you’re not the kind of ‘hook-line-and-sinker’ guy, right?”
The Rhodesian Ridgeback nodded. Piper said, “Because I need a bodyguard, boyo: you got the brawn, I got the brain, got it?”
“Always hated that song.”
“But you’ll love my proposal, big guy: I’ll keep you and Elpis in touch, and in return you’ll be my casualty insurance. Oh, and I can do a lot more than playing the voice box: Believe me, I know things and I know how to use them. And I am not one of those ‘happiness hunters’. So, whenever you want me to leave you alone, you just tell it. So?”
Volant considered the offer. He could almost smell the arrogance coming from this feathered guy. And he found himself liking it. He wasn’t trying to be sickening friendly, no. He was striking a deal, simple as that.
And Volant needed information, if he wanted to avoid any bother. “Deal. But no heart-to-heart, remember.”
“Cross my heart. So, do you want to send a message to Elpis or not?”
The big dog nodded.
Shadow decided to walk, this time. After all, he wasn’t in a hurry, the snowfall wasn’t nothing to be worried about, and this place had many attractions to offer.
Like the zoo. Hmm, why not? It was ten minutes from here and he had never been at one. Not at this one: if he remembered well the brochure he had read, this park was going to rival River Ridge Park. In fact, part of the income of Terrace High came from the tourists.
At first, setting up a zoo so close to RRP had seemed a very bad idea, business-wise, but it was true that Noah’s Ark Biopark offered a lot of opportunities for families with pets, such as having the whole TH park for their beloved ones to play and wait, and the Fulcrum’s commercial center.
“Howdy, fellow resident!” said someone behind him. Shadow turned and recognized “Podge, right?”
The Scottish Collie walked towards the rabbit. He was panting heavily, but showed a happy smile. “Dat’s me, lad: I was doing my first daily jog around the perimeter. Care to join me?”
The rabbit wasn’t sure he had heard well: The Hexagon’s perimeter was long, considering that the park had total area slightly larger than Central Park!
The dog must have read his eyes, for he said, “It’s not as bad as it sounds, lad: not t’mention that my breed is made to run even all day long if necessary. Really, I don’t know how can you other pets not go fat by idling all day long. So? Care to prove that rabbits are steady runners?”
Shadow fixed an imaginary had over his eyes, in his best imitation of the cat Doc. “Ah’ll show ya who can run, canine.”
“Great! Let’s go!” and with that, Pawdrick ‘Podge’ Ross started running, but never going beyond a comfortable jog, for which Shadow was grateful. Any rabbit in fit shape could dash like lightning – except for his cousin Kevin. Honest, that hulking guy must have an engine to propel him – but they weren’t built to stand a prolonged run.
But Shadow wasn’t the type to turn down a challenge, even if in friendly fun. He had made a point not to show weaknesses, something he had to learn when dealing with Chocolate’s not imaginary friends.
“So? Like it here so far?” Podge asked.
“Yup! Great place.”
“Ye can say that again.”
“Great place.”
That caused the collie to chuckle. “Classics never die. When Dad said we had to move, I was scared outta my wits. I feared we’d end up in one of those beehives with barely a usable tree.” He shuddered. “But this is paradise! I only need a hundred or so sheep to herd and my day’d be done!”
“You were a shepherd?” Shadow felt his breath starting to run short. How the heck could this guy talk as if he were sitting on a bench?!
“A winner, lad! Never lost a sheep in my career. Instead, it was my parents who lost their jobs. Luckily, they found one here, together with their home.”
“And what do you *huff* plan to *huff* do?”
“Me? I’ll start writing my memories. I won’t get another job, so I’d better put my memoirs down for the posterity.”
“What about the tourists?” Now Shadow felt as if the snow under his feet had grown teeth, and it was biting at his legs. Not to mention that his breakfast was threatening to abandon his stomach.
“Herding children and pups? Now dat would be some idea, lad! I like it, I like how you reason. We should seriously discuss this matter in front of a good serving of Haggish… But where are you?” He stopped, panting, noticing only now that he was speaking to no one. He then saw the rabbit sprawled on the ground, the snowflakes instantly melting against his body. He was trying to get in big lungful of precious air, but even breathing seemed to have become a painful operation.
Podge shook his head, clicking his tongue. “Tch, lads today.” He bent down and helped the half-dead laporid on his wobbling feet then let him rest against his shoulder. “Tell ye what, Shadow, from now on my mission will be to make a real rabbit out of ye!”
Shadow could only elaborate one thought, given his conditions: was he a sort of magnet for all weirdos?! Or did Chocolate put a hex on him?
Then the rabbit’s brfeakfast decided to make a jailbreak.
“Eww, lad! Gross!”
And so they missed the winged shape flying toward the Fulcrum…
Karahalios House, Apt 494, Level 49

Level 49 was as far as money could get you in Terrace High. Level 50 was entirely occupied by Gottschalk and the Administration offices.
Level 49 was the only one holding double-sized apartments. Every one of the thirty-nine Residential Levels counted ten apartments numbered 0 to 9. Level 49 counted five in all, numbered 0 to 4. They didn’t differ from the other apartments, when it came to hardwiring, but the decoration was another matter entirely! Although Gottschalk didn’t want this experiment to become a social class contest, he had to concede some exclusivity to those who brought much more money than the other residents. Level 49 was the house of the five VIP families in the Country, they were allowed their quirks. And it made for good advertising.
Yup, every apartment at level 49 was a palace in itself.
Elpis Karahalios felt his palace as suffocating as a prison. Already his parents were shy of allowing him out, due to his anophthalmia, and now that he had been hurt –by another pet, at that, their paranoia had skyrocketed, and Elpis knew he had to wait until they cooled down enough to allow him more normal social relations.
For now, he was glad he was allowed his friends at his place. He knew all of the so-called ‘early residents’, as his parents proudly claimed to belong to in contrast with the batch families that had won their homes here, and of all them, one in particular always knew how to cheer him up.
“Rise and shine!” said the female husky/GSD mix that also happened to be the daughter of the Big Boss, from the threshold. “Hope you got no hangover, dear, because Gauss here does, and it will be such a pleasure to Trivial him to death!”
Her brother, who, unlike her, looked more built like a husky and patterned like a German Shepherd, just grunted.
Elpis wagged. “Hello, Curie. Gauss. Thank you for coming, really.”
She stepped in. “The pleasure is all mine, dear. I really needed to start the day with someone who still knows how to smile.” She cocked her head at her brother, who massaged his aching temples before saying, “I hate you.”
“Make yourself comfortable,” Elpis said, while walking toward the living room. “I got everything set. And I still want to listen to all the gossip. Heh, I’ll bet you collected a lot of it back at the New Year’s party.”
“Enough to make you drool, dear,” she said back. “For example, did you know that Frits…Oh.”
“What?” Elpis turned, just as if he wanted to see her expression. It was amazing, his ability to move as if his green eyes were....real, and not implants.
“There is that parrot, Piper, perching on your terrace.” Gauss said, relieved that it was not a soda-inducted hallucination.
“Piper!” Elpis’ meek expression turned into the biggest smile as he ran to the window-door. If he was here, it meant there was a message from Volant!

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Mmm. Really mystical.
The last wise advice of a friendly soul.
I like it.

Well im going to read episode 13,14,15,16....

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Karahalios House, Apt. 494, Lev. 49, Terrace High

Piper bit hungrily into the hot honey bread his guest had given him. The Military Macaw was even more famished than he thought –in fact, it was a darn miracle if he was still alive, he must have burnt all of his calories reserve flying up here. The building was perfectly insulated and there were no thermal currents to glide on while reaching the nearest floor to the top.
Well, at least the food wasn’t bad at all.
“So?” the Australian Terrier asked, while leaning on the table. Piper found it unnerving, to be scrutinized from a set of fake eyes, but he knew that all of the dog’s sharpest other senses compensated all too well. “What did Volant tell you?” He was also wagging so hard that it was a miracle he wasn’t taking off like a chopper.
Piper burped, then used the cloth the dog had provided to clean his beak. “Are you sure no one is listening? I don’t want to end up on your folks’ black list, you know.”
Elpis shook his head. “Don’t worry. This is the only place they will respect. I am granted my privacy, here.”
“Yeah, too bad your e-connections with that guy are cut off all the same.”
“Yes…” the dog said in a sad voice. Which was why the parrot was here, as voice box for the two dogs, thanks to his prodigious memory and his ability to copycat any voice.
Piper patted Elpis’ paw. “Sorry, boy. It’s this climate, it really kills my good mood. Anyway, here’s for the message.” He cleared his throat and then out came Volant’s voice. “Elpis, I got your message, and I only wanted to tell you, well, thank you. I appreciate your concern, but you should really let it go. I don’t think I am ready for this…friendship thing. It’s not you, it’s that I don’t connect well with anyone. I don’t believe there is something like good feelings. Not to mention that it would be safer for you to avoid me completely. It’s for your sake, we both are in trouble enough as it is. Of course, if you want to send me a message, you’re welcome.” Piper produced a beeping sound at the end of the message.
Elpis sighed. “Oh.” And what could he say? If Volant didn’t want his help, he couldn’t just force him to accept it.
“So?” Piper asked.
“Here’s what you have to say…”

A few minutes later, the parrot flew out of the apartment and into the corridor. The heck he wouldn’t take advantage of some warmth before going back to that snow desert!
After the door had shut, Curie Gottschalk turned to Elpis. “Ohh, this is so interesting. What did you two conspire? Hmm, tell it to mommy!”
Luckily, Elpis couldn’t see her almost…hungry expression, but he could perfectly make out her voice’s inflections. And it was as much unnerving. Curie was the resident head gossip, and she knew enough about the High’s residents, including the zoo animals, to open a CIA branch office. That was another reason for which everyone was friendly with her: if some of her skeletons started dancing out of her closet, heads would roll.
“I really don’t want to talk about it,” Elpis said, meekly.
“Did he offend you?” Gauss was already flexing his fist. He didn’t like Piper, there was something in that bird that made him think of the most fiendish broker Dad had met in his meetings…
“Oh, no, nothing like that! In fact, he was of great help. Let’s just say that…certain things didn’t turn out as I had expected, that’s all.” And back was his smile. “But enough with the sad stuff. We’re here to have fun, after all. At your expenses, Gauss, of course. So, curie, what are the news today?”
“Howdy, fellas! Why the dead faces? It’s only me, Sir Errol to the rescue!” said the silvery furred otter, leaning on the nearby tree. “And you, lady, look like one who needs a helping paw.” He flashed his tested latin-charm grin.
Tegan stood up. “What..? Where you spying on us?”
“No. I was just at the right place, at the right moment.” He sighed theatrically. “What can I say? It’s my curse to be there where I’m needed.”
“I don’t think she needs—“ Elliot tried, but, quick like lightning Errol was in front of him and placing a finger on the dog’s lips.
“Ss-hhh, dear. You lost your occasion, now let the grownups play.” Then he turned to Tegan, rubbing his paws. “Now! As I see it, your main problem is that, apart from Samson, which is handsome like a Greek god—“
“DON’T MENTION THEM!!” came an angry voice from somewhere in the far distance.
Errol waved at the horizon. “Sorry, Matt! Anyway, lady, as I was saying, you don’t really know anyone else here. Save for dear ol’ me and that socially impaired Volant. But, I believe I can turn your disadvantage in your greatest advantage!”
“How do you know all these things about me?” Tegan asked, feeling uneasy.
“It’s part of my job. Anyway: You are sophisticated, strong, smart. Too good for ads or Facebook, and definitely too good to start flirting randomly with all them doggies, and I happen to know those who got a feeling towards long tails.” He ogled at her. “By the way, do you think that with some imagination you and I could…no? Oh, well, one must try.”
Tegan and Elliot felt as if they were under the verbal assault of a car salesman. They couldn’t even think coherently enough to just tell him ‘no’. And they almost missed the last sentence the otter had just pronounced. “I’m sorry?” Elliot said.
Errol rolled his eyes. “Does anyone listen to the words of reason, here? Anyway, I was suggesting you found a club, lady.”
“I got a name, you know?”
“Too complicated, except when I have to browse my filing cabinet. Anyway, this place has no clubs. Nothing, nix, nada, zip, hic sunt leones! It’s your perfect uncharted territory, lady: be the first, open your room dedicated to the mixed couples before someone on the bigot wavelength of your non-friend here will anticipate you.”
“Hey!” Elliot snapped. Then, to the Maine Coon, “Let’s go, Teg! This guy is out of his wits, if he ever had any for a starter.” But when he pulled the cat’s arm, it was as if he had tried to move a rock! “Whoah!” he slipped on the snow and fell back on his butt. “Ow.”
Tegan was looking at the otter with a genuine interest. “A club? You know, I hadn’t thought of that.”
Elliot stood up. “Are you kidding? I mean, this guy is not exactly PG-oriented, and he may scare off the club's members if he applied—“ He was silenced by the paw suddenly pressed on his mouth. Knowing what kind of slaps she could inflict, the dog wisely decided to shut up and listen.
Tegan said, “I had taken for granted that pets were already organized, here. Why there is not a club, Errol?”
The otter’s black paw started combing his tail. “Hmm, I guess it’s because here there is already lots to do, what between the park, its attractions, and the insanely amount of multimedia entertainment inside the building. Not to mention the local rulebook… In other words, there is no need for a social club. Worst case, one can found his or her social network –in fact, there are a dozen or so of them, although for some reason no one will seriously deal with romantic issues... And that’s where you come in, lady!” He gestured the act of shooting her with his fingers, and produced a clicking sound. “Straight to the heart of the matter! I told you, you’re not alone, so go and start paving the road to your glory!”
Tegan nooded, and slapped her fist in her palm. “Yay! You’re so right, Errol! I’ll go work on it immediately”
“That’s the spirit! I’ll spread the word around, so be ready to get some visit!”
Tegan walked toward the building, freshened up by new enthusiasm, and Volant definitely behind her back now.
Elliot stood where he was, still not understanding what had just happened. The only thing that came to his mind was, as he looked at the otter as if he could turn into a Man In Black, “Do you really have a filing cabinet of the residents?”
Errol scoffed, placing his fingers to his chest. “So? Should I date you, I don’t want to order stuff you’re allergic to. I’m a gentlepet, after all.”
Elliot decided not to pursue the matter. He was developing a bad headache already as it was…
“I understand your position, Volant, and I respect it. You need time and I will give it to you. No pressure, I just hope you can deal with your turmoil. I know you’re better than you make us believe. Goodbye, and hope to hear from you soon.” The usual *beep!* followed.
“Always hated that beep,” Volant grumbled. “So? There was nothing else from him?”
“Nope,” Piper said. “Rather synthetic, for one who claimed to be friend, eh?”
The Rhodesian Ridgeback nodded. But what else could he expect, after all? Well, at least Elpis hadn’t waited long before the usual backstab. Volant was all too happy never to see him again!
Sandwich House, Babylon Gardens

A new rule had been made since the birth of Jill and Earl Sandwich’s baby and of Peanut’s and Grape’s five kittens.
Precious, precious silence, to be religiously respected in the name of domestic peace, whenever the six new lives would sleep.
For some reason, little Martin Gordon’s rhythm and the kittens’ were perfectly synchronized. As long as he or even one of them was awake, they’d all be awake.
For Grape Jelly that was not a problem. She loved to have her tiny bundles crawl all over her, fighting for her milk, and mewing in search of her tongue to bathe them. She could spend the whole day just purring to them.
And Peanut, wonderful mate and father of their litter, was always there for her. He had never neglected her necessities and had gladly taken all the turns whenever she had to move from the room. More than once, she had allowed him to curl up around the tiny bodies and spend some sleeping time with the happiest smile a canine could do.
Usually, little Martin was a quiet baby as well, much to the joy of his parents and the envy of their friends… But if someone made the mistake of interrupting his nap, he or she was in for an unforgettable concerto! Not to mention that ‘Calamity’ Jill would make sure the perpetrator would not repeat that mistake, ever again.
And so, to respect the precious silence moments, the rooms’ doors were closed during naptime. And all the cells were set on ‘vibe’.
For a human, that was not much of a problem, since they could put their gizmos much everywhere.
When a pet had only his or her collar, the buzz turned it in a mild shock collar. Quite upsetting, but unavoidable.
Peanut was jolted awake by his cell. Grape had given very specific orders: she would not carry the darned thing as long as she was feeding the kittens! Peanut was the family male, and he’d take the suffering that came from this form of social interaction. Period.
Peanut yawned silently then sat up as prudently as possible, while the cell kept torturing his neck. He tiptoed out of the room, then closed the door and took the phone. “Hello..?” He whispered, then his voice raised in excitement. “Hey, Tegan! How are you doing? We were just—“ then he heard one of the kittens mewling, followed soon by another…
And the strange magic brought even Martin G into the waking world and, Peanut knew by experience, straight into imminent doggie punishment. He sighed. “No, Teg, you’re not disturbing at all. My bad for forgetting to get out of the house. Rule #3 or #4, I can never remember. Yes, little Martin got quite a couple of lungs.” He opened the door to his room and walked back in.
Grape was there, while the little ones were protesting that uncalled wake-up. It was a funny expression she could put up in that moment. She could at the same time show a warm smile of love while her eyes promised painful death.
Peanut covered the phone with his paw. “It’s Tegan.”
The lavender cat nodded. “Yes, I heard you the first time, love. Say Hi for me, while you’re still alive.”
Peanut gulped, then resumed the conversation. “You heard? Oh, no, don’t worry, I got a stock of Bactine with me. What can I do for you…” he suddenly frowned. “What? A club?” Then, again, he turned to Grape, beaming with renewed enthusiasm. “Tegan wants to set up a social club for mixed species couple. Ain’t it cool?”
Grape covered her face with her paw. She should know better by now… “I think it’s a great idea, Nutty.” Then she went back to licking Nutella’s back.
Peanut knew he better make it short before risking serious mauling. “Listen, Teg, what about if I tell Joey to pay a visit and help you setting up the Club? He’s got all the experience… Yes? Great, I will call him today—“
“Gak!” Peanut dropped the phone and caught it in mid-air at the last moment. “Grape! I was about to close the—“ But then he noticed that his mate wasn’t angry. She hadn’t called out to scold him.
In fact, she looked…surprised, her eyes huge like saucers. “Peanut, look!” Then her eyes went to their firstborn, Dayshaun.
Forgetting to turn off the phone, Peanut walked to their bed. And when he too saw, he was…well, just speechless. Too happy for words.
Dayshaun, not only the living proof that miracles could happen and give a healthy litter to a cat and a dog, was also the proof of their union, through the fur pattern that perfectly matched his biological dad’s.
The kitten who, weeks before nature commanded, had just opened his eyes. Two splendid blue shards filled with curiosity towards the world that surrounded him.
Grape’s purring couldn’t possibly get louder than that, as tears of joy ran down her face.
A part of Peanut was tempted to take his dearest son and carry him all around the house to make him see where he was born and where he’d live without ever having to worry of being abandoned or given away. But for now, Peanut was just too proud, too happy to do more than licking at Dayshaun’s head while Grape nuzzled against her dog.
But one thing Peanut wanted to do, and he said in the phone, his voice down to a whisper, “Teg? Please, have a look at this…” And he aimed the cell’s camera at the spectacle.
Tegan too was at a loss for word, as she too shared those tears of joy with her friends.
And that moment too, that new miracle befallen on that wonderful couple, made her understand that this was no longer the moment to grudge over something she couldn’t have.
She was older than her friends, and from now on she’d devote her time to work for her happiness.
She couldn’t wait to open that club!

Episode 1

Author:  Zukio [ Thu Jan 26, 2012 3:17 pm ]
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Hooray! This was a great one!
I love how Dayshaun looks exactly like Peanut!

Author:  Shirosune [ Thu Jan 26, 2012 4:09 pm ]
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Yes yes yes, I love it. The last chapter has left the biggest of smiles on my face. A little Grape + Peanut + Kitten fun will brighten any day. *Nod nod*

That said, I must take a step back to part three from this episode and make a simple and small critique. Rabbits fall under the scientific order 'Lagomorpha' as opposed to 'Rodentia'. And if lagomorph seems a bit much, the family for rabbits and hares is 'Laporidae' or laporid for short.

Admittedly, none of that is spell-check friendly, but almost none of the full scientific names are so...yeah.

Author:  valerio [ Thu Jan 26, 2012 4:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

you are absolutely correct, Shiro! Alas, I fell under the old stereotype, rather than using the correct expression (not to mention that 'rodent' sounds funnier to use)
thank you for your observation! 8-) ...aand CORRECTED!

Author:  kavviyenta [ Thu Jan 26, 2012 5:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

Off to a good start. ;)

At least, Elpis isn't confronting any dog-specific culture...for now. So far, Piper hasn't done anything wrong, but we never know. This might influence the verdict later on.

Your version of the kitten is as good as Dean's.

Author:  EvanAierkan [ Fri Jan 27, 2012 10:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

Latest scene illustrated by request.


Author:  Zukio [ Sat Jan 28, 2012 1:45 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

EvanAierkan Wrote:
Latest scene illustrated by request.


This. Is. AMAZING!

Author:  valerio [ Sat Jan 28, 2012 2:03 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

hehehehe :mrgreen:

Author:  Zukio [ Sat Jan 28, 2012 2:21 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

OK, not sure if this count's as fan-art of your fanfic, but I took Grape's portrait pic and colored it with Peanut's colors for what I think Dayshaun would look like as an adult.

Dayshaun.png [ 37.29 KiB | Viewed 15080 times ]

Author:  EvanAierkan [ Sat Jan 28, 2012 2:31 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

Zukio Wrote:
OK, not sure if this count's as fan-art of your fanfic, but I took Grape's portrait pic and colored it with Peanut's colors for what I think Dayshaun would look like as an adult.

Now that looks pretty awesome. I mean really awesome.

Author:  valerio [ Sat Jan 28, 2012 2:33 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

Zukio, you just SAVED the day :D (oh, and Shaun's collar tag will be the fish-and-bone cross)

Author:  Renkun [ Sat Jan 28, 2012 4:23 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

lately there were all know who dayshaun's father really is the similarity is to great.
a picture of the small Tarot sandwich would be cool too :D

(Yes, i am a great fan of the besides characters :lol: )

Author:  Wolfy [ Sat Jan 28, 2012 7:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

agreed, that picture is so awesome.

such good story development going on aswell I can't wait for more!

Author:  Zukio [ Sat Jan 28, 2012 12:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

Wow thanks for the comments! I just used Photoshop, but I am trying to do new things with it.

Renkun Wrote:
a picture of the small Tarot sandwich would be cool too :D

(Yes, i am a great fan of the besides characters :lol: )

I love side characters too! I might try to recolor a picture with Kitten Grape for this if you want.

valerio Wrote:
Zukio, you just SAVED the day :D (oh, and Shaun's collar tag will be the fish-and-bone cross)

Thanks Val! I'll try to draw or edit it to have that in there! I just have 2 questions about it.
1) What are the Fish's and Bone's colors?
2) Which of the two tags is on top and which tag is the lower one for the cross?

Author:  valerio [ Sat Jan 28, 2012 12:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

white bone on top, golden fish on bottom
thank you again ;)

Author:  Sinder [ Sat Jan 28, 2012 5:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

EvanAierkan Wrote:

future guest comic

Author:  Zukio [ Sun Jan 29, 2012 12:06 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

Here is the redone Dayshaun with the correct collar tag, Val!

Author:  valerio [ Sun Jan 29, 2012 2:33 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

just the magic touch! :D

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Sun Jan 29, 2012 8:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand... caught up again. amazing as usual, Val. I look forward to the next episode.

Author:  legendario13 [ Mon Jan 30, 2012 8:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

Wait...Coming out to the reality again.
i just finished season 1 the end its just amazing,
but the crossover..
men its just the diamond on the golden ring...
you are flying high men.. go ahead and touch the sky....

Author:  angelusbr [ Mon Jan 30, 2012 8:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

a new season! and with a great start! also I loved the pictures

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