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Post Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread
whether well will be the fur of Grape's babies in an interesting way some to Peanut fur color then have this would be puzzle fast around the father.

one falls if by the "donor" not the same fur has colour

I'm a happy playfull kitty in a party of my soul but form time to time a evil wolf
that's my soul and i love it and I would want to change it never

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Post Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread
The MFG Foods & Dairies Inc. headquarters, otherwise known as The Gardens of Eden Farm, or The Farm, or (suggestion by Milton Ferrets remains unpublished due to rating and yes, they got an additional quota of the stocks to stay happy with such decision)

Evelyn Sunman had dealt with human teens in a public school for over thirty years. That experience had helped her understand and take better care of the traumatized guests at the old shelter first, and at the Lucky Charm Grove later.
She was sure she had seen a lot of…well, unusual things. She was sure nothing could surprise her anymore.
Okay, she was surprised by the Grove, or rather by the idea that a single human could spend millions to create a citadel where strays and ferals were better off than the many pets at the Gardens.
And she was surprised that a pack of six ferrets could inherit enough money to last several lifetimes.
Okay, so there were many other things that could surprise Evelyn Sunman.
And for now, the list of the temp workers for the Farm topped them. No wonder reporters had stormed the company’s e-mail box with pleas to witness the opening of the farm. But the company’s owners and partners had been adamant: only three reporters were allowed.
Simon Parker, to represent the voices of the Gardens with his blog, Simon Says…
Guinevere Cardore, to represent the audience of Terrace High, through the journal Daily Facts.
Robert Alan Rock, reporter for the pet columns in The River’s Bridge from River Ridge.
“Are you sure this will work?” Robert asked. “Canada tried experiments like this, but we’re talking about isolated, small communities. Something on this scale, so near a big, growing community such as Babylon Gardens—“
The person the human was asking those questions was…a wolf. A bonafide North American male timber wolf, his muscled body covered in the soft winter coat. And he seemed definitely at ease with that situation: in fact, Simon aside, the reporters had been impressed by the animal’s laid back attitude and politeness. It was hard to believe that Miles Milton was born in the woods and had spent most of his life there.
“You see, Mr. Rock,” Miles said, wagging slightly, “the rest of my family, though not really interested in joining permanently human civilization, is still keen on getting a job to earn enough food to sustain itself for the winter. Not to mention an adequate roofing and bedding for the hardest season. In other words, why waste an opportunity to make it easier?”
“We thought wolves were really the independent and proud lot,” Guinevere said with half a smile. She so loved wolves, being near a whole pack was such an exciting experience! The ones at the zoo were…well, let’s just say that easy life had tamed them in body especially. They looked like giant, soft toys before these honed…ferals? It was hard to think that this pack of two females, two males and three cubs were fully licensed as pets…
“We still are,” Lucretia, Miles’ mate, said, “But I also believe that that lifestyle su*hmrphh*”
Daryl, Miles’ brother, had been extremely quick in grasping her muzzle and shutting it. While the she-wolf glared, Miles grinned amiably at the reporters. “Hehe, what my dearest mate means is that in the end we opted for the less risky lifestyle for us and the cubs. My nephew, Celestia, ended up becoming mate to one of the Foster dogs, Antares, and we’ll soon bond our families through their cubs. Isn’t that exciting, Daryl?”
Miles’ brother looked like he’d rather eat the toughest anatomic part of a Rancor, but he forced himself to smile and say, “Oh yes, it is! My dear child and that beast will prove we really want to stop being ferals.”
“Do you think other packs will step in this direction?” Simon asked. “The public really needs to see wolves as the good guys of the story, as for a change.”
Miles nodded. “We surely hope so! The idea is to set a good example. Someone had to make this first step… Ah, here they come!”
The farm’s bus was entirely white, save for a large diagonal green stripe encompassing the company’s golden logo.
There was still time for a last question. Once the bus would stop and the work force stepped out of it, the reporters would only observe and take notes, no questions.
Guinevere turned to the top brasses of that company: the ferret Keene Milton (Milton Industries Unlimited), Martin Foster (Lucky Charm Grove for the Abandoned and the Ferals) and Reimund Radulf Gottschalk (Gottschalk Technologies & Entertainment Unlimited). Much to the envy of her colleagues, she was the first to ask the last question. “Gentlemen, how will the community at large benefit from this enterprise?”
“This will be the first farm run almost entirely by animals,” Martin answered. “Due to legal reason, management must be human, in this case represented by Miss Evelyn Sunman here, and by Lana Milton…” the white-furred female ferret waved at the reporters “…Okay, that was an exception… and of course by a representative of GTE, Miss Caledonia Purcell. But the work force will be entirely animal. Most of it will come from my shelter, while the remaining quota will come from the Milton wolf pack’s selections.”
R.R. Gottschalk was a…peculiar individual, if looks counted for something. 6ft tall, 200lbs, short hair, so fair to be almost white, and an angular face with two eyes of such a deep blue that could be mistaken for black. His voice was…hypnotic, low, with a chanting quality. People had always a first impression of talking with a boa ready to eat them. “The sharing in management will make sure that the media won’t perceive a conflict of interests between us. The Miltons, Mr. Foster and I share a common passion toward animals, we’ll make sure they earn a better place in society. The dogs and cats working here all year round will earn a full pet status.”
“I am absolutely sure the ferals will all behave,” Keene said, using a tissue to clean his ever-present sunglasses. “I mean, I have this bet going with Pedrito el Drito from Mexico, and I won’t lose to him.” When he realized a deadly silence had befallen and everyone was staring at him, he put on his glasses. “Only joking. Sheesh, can’t a businessguy have some fun from time to time?”
The bus stopped in front of the entrance. The reporters fell silent. The camcorders kept rolling.
They came down, one by one. The cubs were wagging furiously in excitement, but they remembered to be polite and wave at their relatives instead of running to them.
All of the three humans were equally impressed. This was definitely not something you saw every day.
Once the ten wolves were lined up, Miles walked to them and introduced them.
First an old female with a witty gaze. She still looked sharp of mind, most definitely. “This is Lucretia’s mother.” Then came an old male with a cataract glazing his eyes, wearing a mantle over his shoulders and carrying a big stick. He looked like the Clint Eastwood of all wolfkin. “Uncle Deadeye and his daughter, Natalie," this one a shy-looking female with deep blue eyes.
Then came a one-armed male whose left arm definitely compensated for the missing limb. “’Four Finger Discount’ Jack. I guess you understand why, and his mate, Lucretia's sister, Elaine.” The female in question sported two nice sets of golden earrings. "And Poncho, Jack's brother." The wolf in question wore the green clothing that gave him his name.
“Speaking of brothers, this is my brother, uh, Daryl,” Miles patted the shoulder of the identical twin to Daryl –well, identical save that he didn’t wear the hat. Then Miles introduced the last couple. “And these two are my cousin Rodney,” this was a male wearing a red bandana around his neck. “And his mate, Snow.” An albino she-wolf, cute enough to melt glaciers! The cameras lingered on her for a couple extra minutes. She was granted to make the best advertisement for the initiative!
Robert just couldn’t hold his tongue. “And what use there would be in…a blind wolf and a one-armed one?” he asked, still moving his eyes between the two males in question.
“They will be our lead watches,” Miles said. “Uncle here has compensated his eyes with his other senses.”
As on cue, a gnat hovered over Robert’s face. The reporter tried to chase off the annoying insect…when Deadeye’s claws pinched it in mid-air, at a hair’s breadth from the human’s nose.
Robert gulped. “Ah, thank you..?”
The old wolf grunted.
“As for Jack…” Miles grabbed a spade he had brought for the occasion, and tossed it to Jack. “Ready?”
“Always,” grinned the one-armed wolf.
Daryl bent down to pick up a rock. Like a pitcher, he threw the ba—err, rock.
Jack hit! A sharp metallic clang echoed through the fields. The present raised their heads to look as the rock flew high, high, high, high…
Gottschalk’s cell rang. He activated his Bluetooth auricular. “Yes? I see… No, you can tell them my Company is not involved. Thank you.” When he closed the communication, he said, “That was my assistant. He said a Chinese communication company competitor lamented the destruction of one of their satellites with an unknown device launched from this area.”
Jack puffed out his chest. Elaine looked proudly at her mate.
Simon decided he better not ask how the old she-wolf could be useful. Yet Lucretia’s mom must have caught his train of thought, because she said, “Having still problems with your ulcer, son?”
And how did she know..?!
The female sighed. “Yes, I know, it wasn’t the same since that cop got a personal grudge against you and used any pretext to fine you. Luckily, you got that nice Bill helping you.” She patted Simon’s arm. “Oh, and remember: just two pills of Multicentrum a day.”
The man was scared now.
“Ookay, that was a nice show and all,” Lana said, clapping her paws. “Go to the General Evaluation Coordinator, you’ll find him together with the rest of the staff at Stonhenge.” She pointed in the direction of the cluster of rustic buildings.
“General Evaluation..?” Simon tried to remember the organization chart:
- the Company Partners,
- the General Management
- the General Evaluation Coordinator, responsible of assessing the candidates most fit for the various jobs and keeping an eye on them.
- the working force, divided in
o Watch Staff
o Agricultural Staff
o Herding Staff
o Food Processing Staff
o Bureaucratic Processing Staff (do NOT ask!)

“Sorry for asking, Mr. Foster,” Robert lifted his hand, while the group proceeded behind the wolves. “But now that I think of it, how will you make sure the hygiene standard will be met in the food processing?”
Martin regarded the reporter with a strange look, as if he had been asked if it was true that Earth was round. “Why, they will wear the proper clothing.”
“It’s a new design from my industries,” Gottschalk cut in. “It will allow the animals to work without shedding any fur and keep their body temperature within a tolerable range.”
“And what about training?” Guinevere chimed in.
“Oh, we just started,” Lana answered, with Captain Subtext saying ‘Sheesh, are you being paid to ask such questions?’. “Our staff will be taught at the Shelter’s school. I swear, that place could compete with the finest private high schools in River Ridge. Anyway, they’ll be all ready and prepped when it’s time to turn the efforts of our farmers into food for your tables and for the bowls of your beloved furry friends.”
“What educational level are we talking?” Simon asked. It was a reporter thing: when in packs, the media men couldn’t obey a vote of silence if one question was asked. In extreme circumstances, the reporters thinned their herds by their own in order to win the first question.
“For now,” Martin said, “basic instruction sets, the stuff that comes from obeying the orders of the more expert animals and humans working here. We obtained the permanent collaboration of a family from Kansas, they’ll provide precious insight about the job. At the same time, I will be educating the new generations to all the disciplines related to efficient farming. In a few years, the Gardens of Eden will rely almost exclusively on animal arms and brains.” Martin was trying to keep himself cool, but his eyes were shining with excitement. “It will prove to the world at large that ‘feral’ does not mean ‘lost cause’. The market will prove us right… Ah, but here we are.”
The living quarters, or ‘Stonehenge’, were the finest replica of brick houses, each one three stores tall, arranged in a perfect circle, giving the illusion of an ancient village. The architectural design had come from Martin’s shelter. The commodities were pure GTE. The sheds that hosted the working facilities were separated in other blocks at a distance from Stonehenge, so that all blocks formed the vertexes of a perfect square surrounded on the left side by the agricultural area and on the right side by grassland.
“Unlike for us,” Martin said to the reporters, “walking is not a problem. Any animal fit for the job, here, must be in good shape as well, of course. That is why we keep working facilities separated from the living quarters. It also helps in case of accidents. But please, now meet the rest of the staff –or, at least, that part that wills start working here from now on.”
It was an impressive scene: 100, between dogs and cats, all wearing the familiar special tracking collars from the Lucky Charm Grove, were standing on attention in five groups of 20 in the middle of the square, all waiting for the wolves to complete the assembly.
Bailey, like her housemates at the old Kansas farm, were standing in front of each group, ready to lead their teams to their duties.
The sixteen wolves placed themselves in position. Miles’ cubs were the only young ones present, but they were strong and (hopefully) disciplined enough to do their part. Not to mention that Miles and Lucretia had insisted that their kids started learning something about responsibility. And you didn’t just say ‘no’ to a mommy wolf.
“About time you showed up, lazytails,” said the General Evaluation Coordinator. “You wanted to make sure your colleagues dug roots here? No need to worry: first to say this is too hard a job, I’ll make sure he or she’ll be feeding the roots of our local vegetation. Circle of Life! That was the best line in that movie!”
“Ladies and gentlemen,” Martin said, pointing at the hound, “Please meet our GEC, Sergeant Budweiser Sandwich.”


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Post Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread
Please note: for now, I made up the blood relationships within the pack. i asked Rick for some clarification, if he can give any. I will modify that post, should new elements come up.

Edit: lineage corrected, courtesy of Rick! :D


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Post Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread
Awww yeaah, Bud is going to teach those maggots some hard knock academy discipline! :lol:


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Post Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread
they will find hardly one better or stricter teacher well but Bud simply for it has been born.

I'm a happy playfull kitty in a party of my soul but form time to time a evil wolf
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Post Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread
The Gardens of Eden Farm, Babylon Gardens

“How many cows are we talking, here?” asked Simon Parker, throwing an eye to the wide herd grazing peacefully, under the watchful eyes of their herding dogs.
Using a binocular, Bud examined the scenery and took notes on a pad already thick with scribbles. “Five thousand. They are let out in turns.”
The blogger whistled. “That’s a lot of milk, mister.”
Bud nodded distractedly. “There’s a large demand for raw milk. The brasses plan to cover it.”
“We thought the wolves were going to run the herding thing.”
“We tried with that Miles guy. He’s the softest son of the woods I ever met, but when the sheep saw him they went into full panic mode. One died of heartstroke. By the way, we’re gonna have ribs, for dinner, hope you like them.”
Simon followed the hound, not sure what to say. “Err, so, the wolves..?”
Bud let out a sigh. “What’s with them brutes? As if this whole animal farm idea depended on them to work! Darned PR… Anyway, they are and will be working in the fields, where they can put to good use their muscles without harming anyone. And when they won’t be working in the fields, they’ll be studying woodwork.”
“Not to make their own chew toys, but things to sell. Humans love handicraft, and those wolves have showed they have good ideas.”
“I see. So, cows and sheep. Other animals?”
“Horses. We breed them for races, and there will be soon an equitation school. Hens. And pigs. They may be an unruly bunch, but our dogs survived the street, they know how to be meaner. Not to mention that we have promised to throw the indisciplined ones to the wolves.” Bud didn’t look like he was kidding.
“Well, you surely have a rough-and-ready way of managing things, here.” Simon tried to chuckle. For how much he loved animals and his blog was all about them, he felt…uneasy at the idea of a farm where 95% of the staff was animals. Talk about Orwell syndrome!

“The wolf will live with the lamb/the leopard will lie down with the goat/the calf and the lion and the yearling together; and a little child will lead them.”
“The children are too young to lead,” Keene Milton said, distracting Guinevere Cardore from the poetic images forming in her mind, while watching the pack of wolves working the land together with cats and dogs from the shelter, as if they all were born to it. Either it had been thanks to Bud’s instructions, or to their will to stop living as ferals, even if for the current season. But one could hope…
Guinevere rolled her eyes. “That was the Bible, Mr. Milton. Isaiah, 11:6.”
The ferret held out his paw. “‘And the business will flourish/And there will be major dividends/And humans will love their animals; and a ferret will lead them.’ Milton, 1:1. Charmed!”
The woman shook the paw. “I think I understand how you manage to keep your stocks up: investors are forced to buy, not knowing what will you say the next morning.”
Keene flashed a splendid ladykiller grin. “Love me, love my stock, lady.”
“What crops are you starting with?” she asked, deciding it was time to get back to business.
“Carrots, Beets, Onions, Turnips, Irish Potatoes and Other Root Crops. Lettuce, Cabbage, Collards, and some other leafy crop. Sweet corn, beans and pepper.”
Guinevere looked puzzled. “Aren’t parts of these crops unsuitable for this climate?” she asked. “Aren’t you using…genetically altered crops?”
Keene made a face. “Madame! Call me thief and skin me alive, it would be less dishonoring! Haven’t you noticed anything since you came here?”
The ferret pointed down at the ground. “Touch it.”
The doubtful woman did so… “Oh! It’s…warm.”
Keene nodded. “Just enough to make the seeds sprout. That Gottschalk guy got the idea from them Arabs, who created air conditioning in the middle of the desert, and so he connected a network of small tubes to a geothermal system to warm up the lands for winters and provide heating for the buildings. I don’t know what it means, but it’s so crazy, it could actually work.”
Guinevere decided not to pursue that last statement.
When the driver announced, “Next stop, Babylon Gardens! All passengers for Babylon Gardens get ready to disembark!”, Bino could barely restrain himself. He had done the return trip without his classmates, since their families had come to pick them up. They too could benefit of the bus, but it was a common occurrence that the families couldn’t wait any longer for their sons and daughters to be back home. Leaving the Academy was a party by itself, a collective moment of unbridled joy.
Jake had offered to pick up Bino, but the hound had declined; he wanted it to be official, he needed to bask in sweet glory!
And, judging by the crowd that had assembled with welcoming cartels, this would be one to remember, especially when he’d announce he had already signed his part of the documents to run a new course, this time to specialize as a real police dog! Let’s see who will be cowering in the shadow of whom, dear brother!

The bus stopped with a hiss of brakes and a slight lurch.
The doors opened and out came Bino.
And, for a moment, everyone just fell silent. Astonished.
“What?” asked the irritated guest of honor. Like Peanut, he had put up some muscle, but he still looked too near to his usual self. Only his neck had…grown a bit. But still Peanut looked buffer. And lucky for the general mood, Peanut had decided to stay home with Grape.
The crowd cheered. And this time, Bino Costner was really the superstar. He felt positively energized by the attentions, unable to understand why his snotty brother had acted as if they were trying to lynch him, instead…
The human part of the farm’s staff included a veterinary and a couple of nurses. They were young, but they had been hired by the shelter and put to work without sparing them. Curing strays and ferals was a tough job, and there was never a lack of patients. Going to the farm had been, actually, a sort of promotion –tranquil settings, patients at the peak of their shape, a healthy environment.
There was only one creature that needed constant monitoring: a puppy with a patchwork of colors as fur.
“So, what’s the verdict?” Miss Sunman asked when the veterinarian put the stethoscope back around his neck.
The man patted the puppy’s shoulder. “Mirai’s fine. Changing air did her a world of good, and this place is just what she needs to stay healthy. Just make sure she doesn’t get near any sick animal and she’s good to go.”
“I will take care, promise!” the puppy jumped down from the bed and put a thick scarf around her neck. “Can I go play with Otis now, Mom?”
Evelyn felt her heart swell with joy every time that sweet creature said that word. How could anyone take such love for granted? “Of course you can, dear. Have fun. And don’t pester the wolf cubs, they’re busy right now.” It was too bad there weren’t any other young ones to play with, but this was a place of work, not to raise a family.
For now…
“…For he’s a jolly good leader, for he’s a jolly good leadeeerrr! And loyal to him we’ll stay!!” the soda glasses went up and they were downed in a collective gulp.
Bino couldn’t think he could have a better day than this! They were pledging their loyalty, they were all rooting for him! Bino was almost afraid of discovering this was a dream…
But there was something wrong, after all, now that he thought of it. So far, he hadn’t noticed it, taking it for granted that everyone had gathered for their beloved leader. Peanut was not there, and that was okay; no cat-lovers at his party! King wasn’t there, which was even better: it meant that Rex had done his job and now shorty was surely hiding somewhere in a corner, weeping his eyes out –ah, sweet vision! “Rex, just my dog!” Bino chanted, a little high on soda himself.
The bulldog blushed as Bino hugged him. “It’s good to have you back, boss!”
“Rex, I have wronged you!” the smaller hound said, jabbing a finger at Rex’s chest, “I will never find someone as loyal as your big self! I will commend you back into my personal circle, my boy.”
Rex grabbed Bino and lifted him up, almost squeezing the life out of his body! “Thank you, boss! Thank you so much!”
“*irk!*” Bino was positive his shoulders had just been dislocated. When Rex put him down, he massaged his back as best as he could. With a slight expression of pain, he said, “Rex, my most loyal dog, where is Fox?” That was the missing detail! Fox had always been there, at every initiative of the Club, and he couldn’t miss this one, especially since he had organized it himself! Bino wagged, still looking around. “So? Where’s he hiding? I must congratulate on him, he really knows how to throw one!”
The party was at its fullest. Nobody paid attention to Rex as he said, “Err, he told me to tell you that if you want, you can find him at your old spot.”
Bino frowned, more intrigued than upset. Now, that was a strange message: it had been so long since that day…
Bino nodded. “I’m going. You keep the others occupied, no need to turn down the atmosphere. Be back in a jiff.”
And Fox had better have a good reason for spoiling his mood!
The old spot.
Their own secret words to indicate the place where they had become friends.
Bino could not forget that day: he was just learning to be a good leader. He had just founded the Good Ol’ Dogs Club, Fido was at the PR, he was walking around the neighborhood with a notepad, a pen, and a folder that was supposed to be the safebox for the registration quotas. There was only a pawful of members, including Peanut.
Bino smiled at the memory –ah, those were the days, when the future was a paved road in front of him, with his name written on it!
It was during one of those ‘recruiting walks’, that he had met Rex and Fox. Rex was young, but he was the local bully. Everyone was afraid of him, you just didn’t want to be found with your squeaky bone near that brute!
Fox was…well, Fox. Even then, he was the reasonable, amiable doggy, the guy who chose mostly peace over war. He wasn’t a weakling, but he’d rather dialogue rather than brawling.
And Rex loved someone who didn’t raise a paw to defend himself!
When Bino had seen Rex hitting Fox, he had done what no one else had dared to do, save for Fido: he had put himself between aggressor and victim! Suicide? Perhaps, but Bino respected Fox because that young husky believed in his ideas, didn’t care if someone mocked him for being an avid reader. He was proud, and Bino had always felt for him, perhaps the only dog to whom he wouldn’t ask loyalty.
But that confrontation had also been Bino’s epiphany, the moment of revelation! He hadn’t physically attacked Rex, but he had used every iota of his charisma, every ounce of raw force of will, and his best tongue-lashing ever to put the big mutt into his place! And when he was done, panting, snarling, his pupils two small dots immersed in the fiery green of his eyes, he knew it was worth it.
And, much to both dogs’ surprise…Rex had called Bino ‘boss’! Rex had laughed out loud and had slapped the smaller dog’s back, recognizing in him a leader!
Since then, Rex had become Bino’s shadow, never leaving him during his walks, the muscle behind the brain.
And Fox? He and Bino had sat down by a tree and had started chatting, getting to know each other. It was the first time the Club’ President had opened himself to a perfect stranger, not finding in Fox yet another enemy ready to scoff at his tastes, but a nice guy who had helped him to relax, to be…natural.
Bino’s expression changed from smile to sour in a flash, as if a mask had fell off his face. That was why he hated King! King, that little, lurid, filthy thief! Bino couldn’t forget, would never forget the way Fox was smiling when he had introduced that…stranger in the Club’s midst, without even asking his best friend first!
Bino had saved that catnip bomb for Peanut, but it had come useful on that arrogant midget of a dog. And the way King had left the Club after that, humiliated, crazed, smelling like a dirty cat… That was supposed to be a moment of glory!
Instead, Fox had attacked him. Fox had turned from peaceful guy to wolf, and Bino had spent the rest of Christmas and another festivity in ICU at the Haichiko Mercy.
Did that make Fox a traitor, another backstabber? Bino had tried not to believe that, but he also saw how Fox was becoming almost an item with the odious corgi.
The final blow was King’s adoption. Into Fox’s family. And Fox’s e-mail telling him to accept that or break their friendship.
Of course, Fox had welcomed King in his life once and for all while Bino was at the Academy, where he couldn’t prevent that…crime to be committed!
Using Rex to spread some rumors about King was a real stroke of genius: if Fox wouldn’t take care of the midget, the rest of the canine community would, and guess what? It had worked!
Yes, of course it had worked, that was why Fox now wanted to meet him at the old spot where their friendship was born: to celebrate!
Bino’s smile was back on his lips…and it broke with a sound of shattering glass, when he heard the voice that snapped him out of his dreams.
“About time you came,” King said.
And Fox was nowhere to be seen.


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Post Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread
Bino fall into its old pattern again unfortunately what sees Sasha to this opinion says :(

I'm a happy playfull kitty in a party of my soul but form time to time a evil wolf
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Post Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread
And the epic battle shall begin!

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Time for fighting. yay. hopefully, Bino is put in his place and stops acting like a jerk.

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Well this should be interesting. Can't wait to see the epic battle of words that they will fling at each other! The biggest mouths in Babylon gardens...

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The Gardens of Eden Farm, Babylon Gardens

“…and so I told him to cut your tail and let it hanging at the door as a sign of true love.”
At those words, Bailey just let out a distracted monosyllable, while keeping on feeding the chickens.
Jolene, who was cleaning the coops – thank dog they gave them gloves! – cleared her throat. “I guess you’re not really here, eh, girl?”
“Hm? What?” the female husky shook her head, snapping out of her trance. Only then she saw that the chickens she was feeding were covered with a layer of food, and looked really upset. “Aw.” She started brushing them with her paws. “Sorry, girls. What were you saying, Jolene?”
The Australian Shepherd chuckled. “Heh, you are in love with that little guy, eh?”
Bailey blushed violently. “Jolene!” She snapped.
The other female shrugged. “Can’t say I don’t understand you: that King is the cutest corgi I’ve ever seen.” She leaned herself on the coop, a dreamy expression turned to the sky. “I must decide if I want to nibble those delicious ears or hug him and protect him. But I’ll bet he’s far from weak, hmm…”
“Stop it!” Now even the chickens were clucking their hilarity. Bailey wanted to hide in a far corner of the farm.
“Are you worried for him?” Jolene asked, suddenly turning serious.
Bailey sat down. She nodded. “Fox told me King and this…Bino guy must settle an old grudge or something. I wish I was there.” Then she chuckled. “And you’re right, he makes me feel so protective of him.”
“Mr. Perfect, this time?”
Bailey rolled her eyes. “Who knows? He can be really edgy sometimes, snappy too, but I like that: he’s one who can fight back, not a city softie like the other cousins from the big city. At the same time, he’s so helpless… I can understand why Fox took him under his wing.” She sighed.
Jolene grinned. “Well, at least he’s not a cat. I swear, grandpa Rufus could be so embarrassing in heart matters!”
But Bailey’s mind was already back on the train of worries. “I hope he’s all right.”
Jolene went to her. She ruffled the husky’s head. “He’ll be. And anyway, I asked a family friend to keep an eye on him.”
Bailey frowned in puzzlement. “You mean..?”
Jolene nodded.
The tree was an evergreen. Its thick branches made for an excellent hideout while, at the same time, they allowed a certain raven to watch the events unfolding under his eyes.
Nevermore knew that guy called Bino, kept an eye on him from time to time. Never liked him, nossir! He was sorely tempted to fly down and dig a new hole or two in that presumptuous dog’s ears, but he had his orders: allow King to run away, should things go downhill. And then call for help from a certain couple of friends…

“What are you doing here? Where is Fox?” Bino was about to explode. Just when he thought things were going his way, Fox had backstabbed him again, and sent him to meet this midget! “Well? Cat got your tongue, King?” He pronounced that name as if it was an insult. In fact, his only presence was an insult! How dared that dog show himself?! “Answer, darn you!”
But King just stood there, immobile, looking at Bino with unwavering eyes.
Bino couldn’t believe it! Was he really trying to lure him into a staring contest, of all things? In answer, Bino put his muzzle at an inch from King’s impassible expression. “You know what?” He said with fiery eyes, just like when he had put Rex in place for the first time. “I just should break those ears of yours, see how gutsy you look then!” he snorted like a bull against King’s face.
Bino tensed up, wanting to vent all his rage against this friends-thief, waiting for an excuse, even a flicking of the ears…
But King just kept looking at him.
Bino turned, arms crossed to his chest. “Fine! Now I can see the truth! This is a trap and you want me to beat you up so that Fox will have an excuse to attack me and ruin our friendship forever. You know what? Go suck an egg! I won’t have it! Tell your new friend that for all I care he may be gone and rotten!” With that, Bino started to stomp away, when King’s voice made his floppy ears stand up, for a moment.
“I won’t insult your intelligence.”
Bino froze and turned. “Say what’”
King was scowling now. “I said that I will not insult your intelligence and tell you that I understand why you’re this way. Because I do not know what happened to you. I only know it must have been bad, because one thing I know for sure: no one gets to be born bad at heart.”
Bino walked in circle around the corgi, slowly, regarding him from head to toe. “And if you don’t want to insult my intelligence, why did you speak at all? Do you have something to say that could be worth my attention? Thief?”
It was King who lowered his eyes and ears first. Bino’s first wave of inner triumph evaporated like under the blast of a supernova when the corgi said, “My father hit me.”
King was trembling, now, his fists clenched, as bitter memories he wanted to forget flooded back like poison in his heart. Memories to belonged to another self, but that were fit for the occasion. “My father, my very human father, the person I was supposed to trust and love, hit me. Every given day. He was a drunkard, a loser. I could count on my finger the days in which he was in a good humor.”
All Bino knew about King’s life came from Fox. And Fox had only told him King had had a hard one. But this..?
Could he be lying? Making things up?
The corgi’s eyes were shining with tears. “I had a brother. He ran away, leaving me alone with…him. I didn’t know what to do, I felt betrayed. I guess I had remained at home because there were these pets. They had promised me they’d be my friends no matter what. And I believed them because I needed a certainty, that someone cared for me.
“But when, eventually, I ran away with them, they…turned against me. Treated me like trash, discarded me like trash. And when another human adopted me, that Pete Welsh, of course he was no better. All he wanted was his status toy to live here, not a family.”
Bino was trying to process that unexpected flood of information. Either that little guy was the best stage performer ever, or he had gotten everything wrong about him!
But a good leader couldn’t be so wrong about a dog.
King sat down, leaning against the tree. “Do you know what I was doing when Fox met me the first time? I was sitting on a porch, trying to forget the pain from the shots and the death wishes. Do you know how it feels when everything that could go wrong does? When the best thing you see when you try to imagine your future is a car running over you?
“Fox just…came. He saw me and told me ‘Hey there, new dog! Wanna fight over a squeaky bone?’ And you know what? I was just sure he was mocking me, or, at best, that he’d get to know me and discard me like everybody else did. I didn’t like him, okay?
“But he insisted. He didn’t give up. I did nothing to encourage him, yet he just went on until I felt myself relax, dropping my defenses. It is a good sensation, you knew that?”
Bino saw a hysterical smile floating between tears, as if the very soul of King was torn between conflicting emotions.
And for the first time since meeting him, Bino didn’t felt so sure at all about this creature. All his certainties were…shaken.
Bino sat down next to King. This wasn’t an enemy now. He had suffered things that no dog should suffer. And this, a good leader must understand. “King, I…”
“Fox tried to get me into socializing. Heh, I had never even sniffed a butt so far, and there I was, trying to trust this guy who just wanted to make me feel good.”
Bino put his paws behind his head. Without even noticing it, he said, “Heh, don’t I know that: Fox has this gift.”
King nodded. “He took me to a party at Bill’s. A police dogs party. I was nervous as heck, but that day didn’t go really bad. Then he asked me to hang out at the Club. ‘Everyone’ll love you’, were his words.” His head drooped. “Until you played that prank on me. And I was back to my worst years, I was so sure I had been lulled into dropping my defenses to be kicked around once again, that every single one of you had conspired to make it clear that I wasn’t welcomed at all, that I would stay alone…” After that, he just fell silent. Those events were long past now, but still they hurt so much…
King didn’t see Bino trying to hold out his paw, hesitating, trying again then stopping.
This would be so easy, part of him said. Just a push in the right direction and I could snap him.
Then again, why?
Bino had built part of himself on his saddest memories. When he was a pup, he liked the ‘Doc’ Character from the Doc & Smith TV show. The cat character, thus making himself very unpopular among the dog fans.
And there were other things. Fido was a real pest before going to the Academy, but it was Bino who got the blame for the troubles Fido got into. And there were other things…
But had his been such a bad life, respect to what King had suffered?
Yeah, Dad Jeff could be a strict human, but he loved them in the end. And even Bino must admit that from time to time it was his and Max’s fault (because Max provoked him every time!) for upsetting him. Fido was the superstar, but now he too was going to be a cop and the neighborhood loved him, the dogs were loyal to him. He had a wonderful, if slightly dizzy, wife, and a cub incoming. His son!
King had found his family for the first time in his life, and honestly he couldn’t have had better luck than this.
Fox was a good friend, really, a dog of the people, just like Bino was.
King startled when the brown-furred paw leaned on his shoulder. “Bino..?”
“If you’ll ever tell what I’m going to say now, first I’ll deny everything, then I’ll kill you.”
King raised an eyebrow.
“I’m sorry, okay?”
This time, King’s pupils shrunk. Had he actually heard..?
It hurt Bino’s throat to speak those words, but on the other side he was happy: Fox hadn’t betrayed his secrets, hadn’t made fun of him behind his back. He was really trying to defend this guy. Just like Bino had defended him against Rex.
Bino was happy he had appointed Fox as President pro tempore. Now he knew he could appoint him permanently on that role, when he’d go back to the Academy. “I’m sorry for…acting like a raving paranoid. Fox is my best friend, and I felt threatened. I guess I…forgot my role. I should have tried to welcome you.”
King wiped his eyes. “And I guess I didn’t make it easier by teasing you whenever I could. I was so scared that you would separate him from me.”
Bino chuckled. “I can’t believe it.”
King did the same. “Me too.”
The chuckling became stronger. “We fought over that guy like a couple of fangirls.”
“*hee hee* Even worse, like two cheerleaders.”
Finally, they both let out the tension in a single, explosive roar of laughter, bending in two, holding their tummies. From the branches above, Never nodded satisfied.
Bino wiped his eye with a finger. “So…sorry, for asking, but… You and Sasha..?”
King relaxed back against the tree. “Man, Sasha is really a cute pie, but she was *always* your girlfriend. She’s just being friendly with me, that’s all. Plus, I do have a girlfriend now. Fox didn’t tell you?”
Bino’s eyes widened. “No! Who would have the courage to—“ He blushed. “Sorry.”
“Heh, ‘s nothing. I’ll introduce her to you, tomorrow. Her name’s Bailey.”
“Fox’s cousin? He told me she’d come to live here, but—“
King sighed, just like he was suffering. “What can I say? The best ones can’t resist me.”
Bino punched him jokingly on the arm. “Just stay away from my wife, speaking of whom…” he stood up and brushed his fur. “Listen, do you think I could trust you with a simple commission?”
King grinned like a fox. “Anything to make your life harder, boss.” And though it was the first time the corgi used that word, and sarcastically at that, Bino felt good hearing it from him.
“Just tell the others they can keep having fun on my account. I have a family waiting for me!” He winked, before running away.
King shook his head. “I can’t believe it…”
“I told you it would work,” said a voice behind him.
Fox came from behind another tree. “Bino can be such a difficult guy, but he can listen. You two only needed to talk.”
King sighed. “Okay, I admit it: I let my prejudices get the best of me. Happy?”
Fox went to the corgi and hugged him. “I’m happy that you two started to know each other instead of fighting. I don’t want to lose his friendship, and so yours.”
“He didn’t apologize for that blog stunt.”
“He did, and you know it. Believe me, it’s the second time in his life he ever said he was sorry.”
“Does this mean I get to be an honorary member of the Club, now?”
Fox shook his head. “No. Only that you get to call him boss and be part of his inner circle. Remember, when he sends for you for a walk, you’ll say ‘how fast?’.”
King threw the husky a pleading gaze. “Can’t I just be his enemy again?”
Fox patted his back. “No such luck.”
King made a face. “Feh! I guess I’ll spend part of my allowance in Tylenol from now on, then. Now let’s go home: I’m hungry and I want at least to make sure to have dinner with Bailey. Hoping she won’t be too tired for that.”
Fox laughed. “King, my boy, you really need to know her better! She’ll have enough strength left to snuggle you to death!”
The corgi grinned. “Sweet way to go, here I come!” And started to run.
Costner House

In a way, Max was happy that Bino was back: it meant he had the perfect victim to annoy. He needed to vent, and his housemate had come back at just the perfect time!
“Let’s see…” the black cat hummed to himself, while rummaging in his toy basket, his tail lashing with pleasure. “Adhesive ticks, electrostatic fur charger, eau de ammonia for butt, concentrated cat scent, ultrasonic whistle, catnip pillows, expired dog food, rabid foam toothpaste…” With the proper planning, he could use all that stuff in one day. Last time he did that, Bino had not dared to show himself around for one week. Maxwell couldn’t sleep home for a week before Bino’s rage would subside, but it had been SO worth it—
They rang at the door. “Aw, rats!” Max let go of his basket and went down. It couldn’t be Bino, he was too busy basking in his ill-deserved glory. It couldn’t be Allegra –she was cute, funny, but too intellectual. If she were a dog, she’d make a perfect girlfriend for Fox… “Coming!” he shouted, but they had stopped ringing.
Max, instead, found a letter on the pavement.
No stamps, no address, just his name written in an elegant calligraphy. And that sweet perfume that spoke GIRL.
Max opened the letter with trembling paws. The elegant writing didn’t belong to Selene, he could tell that. So, who was the mysterious gal? Hmm? He was in desperate need of some good news, after all the blows he had taken…
The letter read,
Dear Max,
You don’t know me, but I know you. And I admire you. You are cunning, you are swift of mind, intelligent. In short, you have the qualities I seek in a boyfriend.
But do not think you won my heart already: in fact, much work you have to do, before you are allowed into my life.
Consider this letter the first in a series of tests. Prove yourself worthy, and you will know Love as you never knew it before. And please do not get a nosebleed over this paper, it costs a fortune!
Now, dear Max, for the test: go to Yorkfield House. Bring your spray paint, the red one. And write on the door ‘I love you!’
Prove thyself worthy.

All of the shadows and problems, simply, evaporated. In a moment, Maxwell was his old, scheming, excited self.
A mysterious girl!
A challenge for love!
Troubles ahead!
And, on top of that, PRANKS!
Max ran back upstairs to get the spray can. Oh, and he needed his camera too. This would be his finest hour, yessir!

Season II
Episode 18


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Post Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread
which of the many girls does have him the letter everyone well this is written probably the biggest question at the moment I exclude Grape, Daisy and Sasha,Tarot and Blanche maybe one of the barnyard or bigglesworth cats :mrgreen:

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King and Bino no longer hating each other. That was a nice way to do it. :3

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OKay...I didn't expect King to tell Bino about his past. But this also shows a growth of character for both of them.

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Season II
Episode 19 – MAXimum Quest!

Milton Subsidiaries headquarters, New York City

“What does it mean?” Celia Milton asked, looking at the new logo that read MFG SUBSIDIARIES.
The woman’s eyes went to Thomas, but the bald man looked equally lost. “Beats me.”
Both brother and sister felt a shiver running down their spines. When dealing with anything related to those accursed ferrets, even if they were the owners of that branch of the Milton Industries, one was never too much on guard.
But…MFG? Thomas knew most of the most influential multinationals, and tried to list them in his mind.
Mizuho Financial Group? No way the Japanese would be interested in a former bad company.
MFG.com? No, manufacturing wasn’t something the Milton Subsidiaries treated.
Message From God? Skip that!
“I say there’s only one way to find out,” Thomas said, walking toward the entrance. Celia had to agree: and woe to whoever had had the funny idea of playing boss! They had bought the bad company, they had transformed a failure into a money machine! And they would use it to turn that bunch of rich, spoiled ferrets into gloves and coats! It was the least those tubular rats deserved for getting the best deal out of Uncle Henry’s inheritance!
The couple entered the building. The door hissed closed behind them.
One minute later, sharp, the glass door opened and out flew Thomas and Celia, screaming. They ended up into two big trash bins.
A moment later, Hulk Hogan and Mr. T came out of the entrance, dusting their hands.
“Easiest and best ten grands ever!” Hulk said, grinning. Mr. T just said to the bins, “And don’t show your face around here ever again! Foo!” Then both walked back in
“What happened?” said Thomas, emerging from the bin. He looked consternated.. In answer, someone knocked on his shoulder –a white-gloved hand, to be precise. The hand of a mime, Pierrot-faced, derby hat and all. Before Thomas could speak out, the mime lifted his hat, revealing a letter envelope laying on his head. He took the envelope and handed it to Thomas.
“What?” Celia growled from her bin.
Thomas read the letter with a growing sense of anguish.
Dear Thomas, Dear Celia,
I really hope you are fine and in good health when you read this, because this will hurt even more.
I did not appreciate you two trying to attempt to the life of Grape. I did appreciate it even less, considering her expecting state. But of course you wanted me to know you could hurt me even from a distance.
I hoped we could settle our differences in a more civilized way, on the stock market grounds, like gentlemen do today. But since you chose to go the hard way, I decided to accept a partnership proposal to merge my small enterprise with the Milton Industries and the Gottschalk Technologies & Entertainment Unlimited. MFG is for Milton-Foster-Gottschalk.
I hoped you liked the trash bins idea, since you used the dogs of the landfill’s custodian to try exacting your petty vengeance. That was my idea.
As a Company, we decided to apply some downsizing due to the merging, after the Milton ferrets applied a clause in your contract. Said clause allows the ferrets to take back their quota in the Milton Subsidiaries whenever they wanted, since technically Milton Subsidiaries is still part of the Milton Industries… But don’t worry, you will find your payout in your account. Unlike you, my partners and I like to play by the rules. I only hope some hacker didn’t drain your account, one can never know, these days…
Hope you’ll come visit. My boys would love to have a word and a bite with you.
Have fun!

And a second later, the letter burst out in a flame! Thomas let out a short shriek.
“What happened?” Celia asked again. “Why are you screaming like a girl?!”
Thomas lifted the bin’s lid. Slowly, calmly. He then put the lid down against the bin. He leaned into the bin… Then he screamed like a demon possessed, “It happens that your thirst for revenge and your hatred for animals cost us everything, you [censored], [censored], [censored] idiot! We’re penniless, out of a job, back to square one! And you know what?! Do not dare to think about me ever again! The only mistake I ever did in my life was to follow you around! I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU!!!” Then he started hitting the bin with loud clangs, until both were taken away on grounds of disturbance…
Yorkfield House, Babylon Gardens

“You look worried, dear,” the female Saluki said, while eating her breakfast.
Babylon Gardens was born a community for middle-class families, affordable houses exclusively for families with pets.
A series of scandals in the past had enforced the rules about getting a pet to raise him or her properly, not just to get through a loophole.
That didn’t prevent rich families from expanding the pet-friendly community with their own clusters of top-class houses. No one really objected, since it served to the good name of the community –though the prices were kept affordable for the middle class just as Henry Milton had wanted.
Yorkfield House was one of the first erected during the so-called ‘Phase 3’ of Babylon Gardens’ development. Its owners were a family of solid ties with their homeland, the United Kingdom. Someone said the Yorkfields descended from a branch of the Tudors…
For sure, their dogs had been raised in the strictest respect of etiquette. Even the cats from the exclusive Schrodinger Circle had to admit this family had their merits.
At his housemate’s question, the English Springer Spaniel, sighed unhappily. “It’s Bino.”
“Oh?” the female nibbled at her orange marmalade omelette. What other pet owners would consider spoiling was perfectly normal in the upper class. “Bino? He just came back from the Academy. Announced he was going to be a police dog, just like you, right?”
The white-and-black furred male nodded. He took a bite from his porridge. “I fear he is acting to outdo his brother, not for the sake of the law. He needs to remember that police work is not something we do for glory or for competition. Competition is reserved to the annual games. I fear his attitude could lead his unit into danger.” He took another bite.
The two dogs ate in silence for another couple of minutes, before she said, “Terrance, I am sure you can relax. Every young dog is hungry for attention, for glory. You said it yourself: discipline comes with practice. Not everyone is like you, after all.”
“Why, thank you, Duchess dear,” Terrance said with a slight nod of the head. He finished his porridge then wiped his mouth with the napkin one last time and left the table. “I will be back tonight. They want us to meet the new agent.”
Duchess pecked her housemate’s cheek. “The one who will replace Bill? I am happy he works for the Shelter, now, but I will miss his presence in our streets.”
Terrance went in the anteroom and took his blue K-9 unit jacket. He started putting it on in front of the mirror. “Yes, he would scare the prowlers most quite effectively. We all miss him. But they say his replacement is a veteran, specialized in working with animals.” He finished adjusting the fur around the collar. “By the way, please set me an appointment to the saloon. *tch* I can’t believe how fast my fur grows out of ordnance.”
“Will do,” Duchess said, sipping from her glass of milk. She heard the door opening, then closing—
The saluki spit her milk all over the table. She made a face at the mess, but she was more worried about what could cause such a reaction from Terrance. She left the table in a hurry, then ran to the door. “Terrance! Dear heaven, what got into you to—“ Speaking, she had opened the door. “What are you looking at?” she said, perplexed.
Terrance was there, fists clenched, eyes sparkling with holy wrath., fur bristling. ‘Upset’ was definitely an euphemism. And he was looking straight at her. “The door,” he hissed through clenched teeth.
Duchess stepped out and closed. “Oh dear!”
The front door, a custom-made western red cedar piece, had been turned into a canvas! The wood had been painted with a big heart of the most glaring, outrageous pink paint. And, inside the heart, the words I LOVE YOU!

*click-whirr* went the Polaroid, taking another shot at the delicious scene.
This had gone even better than he had hoped. Even if the mysterious lady who had prompted him into this prank was a fake, and she only needed someone to do the dirty job for her, still she had some inventive mind!
It was as if fate had dropped a chance for happiness right into his lap! And Maxwell needed some happiness, especially now that his best friend Ivan had left the Gardens.
Too bad he had forgotten to bring the tape recorder. Seeing Terrance losing his temper like that was a reward in itself!
Florence House

If Max was feeling like running straight along the path of happiness, Tarot was dealing with a dilemma.
She had committed a mistake, and she knew it. In her hastiness of cutting her ties with Spirit Dragon, she had forgotten that such entities had back up plans, to make sure they could continue with their games without the necessity to be present at the board.
The golden-furred Pomeranian was sure that by now Dragon had contacted Maxwell, and was working already to form a bond with him. They had discussed about him (and all of the neighborhood as well), and Tarot had noticed a certain…interest in her spiritual companion in that feline trickster.
She couldn’t rely on the implicit benevolence rule: both Pete and Dragon had proved they could ignore that rule or bend it dangerously. Pete had showed more attention for bending. Dragon had fallen for her passion for Peanut, eventually creating havoc in several lives, involving two universes…
Tarot sipped her roots tea. Dragon wasn’t evil, she was just…involved. Pete enjoyed messing with mortal lives, but he knew his place, though in a very arrogant way. Dragon thought she could love a mortal, and that had resulted in losing contact with the reality of the Game.
But Dragon had a right to get back in the Game, and the Game Master, Great Kitsune, hadn’t expelled her. Huh, some GM…
Tarot thought about Pete: the griffin had tried to lure Grape into being his avatar by acting like a friendly creature. To make sure to win her mental resistance, though the first contact had come through a dream, he had put Peanut in said dream. Grape loved that dog, and if Peanut trusted Pete, so could she. Very well-played.
When Pete lost his chance to get to Grape, after Dragon had warned her and Peanut about his real nature, the griffin had acted in a more direct manner, bending the rules to create one: King.
And Dragon? Tarot felt a wave of shame wash through her. True, Dragon was still the subtle manipulator, and an ancient and expert one at that, while Tarot was only a puppy in front of a divinity.
A puppy so in need for a friend, to the point of letting Dragon convince her to form a bond of...love?
“Of course! That is the way!”
Tarot put the cup and saucer down on the table, then went and took her scarf.
She knew she should warn Sabrina, but her poor friend had gone to the shelter with Fido, to start choosing a kitten to adopt for next year. And those two dear needed a chance at raising their family.
Not to mention that, despite Tarot being only a speck in front of the otherworld, she still knew how to move in these matters.
And Maxwell needed to be helped out of the Game before it was too late.


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I would have liked for Mr. T to have said "Foo'" at the end of his sentence.

and I wonder who likes Max. Unless of course the note was written by Spirit herself. I hope not.

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great stuff

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EDIT - corrected Terrance's breed to English Setter, my mistake.
And added 'Foo!'. Thanks!


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Lucky Charm Grove for the Abandoned and the Ferals

Fido couldn’t believe they were really here!
Well, he had been there already, on official visits, to help out at the local school… But this was definitely the first time he was here to help Sabrina choose a kitten to adopt!
In a way, he was going to become uncle. Once Sasha’s pup was born, it would befall on his shoulders to help his housemate to raise the little one, what with Bino specializing at the Academy to become a police dog.
But there would be plenty of help to go around. Bino’s wife or not, Sasha was still the most popular girl, there would be fights to help her raise the pup…
Fido shook his head. Sabrina, walking by his side, held his paw. “Scared?”
He put up an embarrassed smile. “Heh, you betcha. This was my idea and here I am, more scared than when I first met Bud. Sorry.”
“Having second thoughts?”
“No!” And with that word, his fears evaporated. “No way, this is going to be the first step to our new life, together. Nothing will make me change my mind.” And he meant it: it seemed ages ago, when he was scared at the mere idea of being seen in public with his beloved cat. And now he was going to choose a…son? Daughter? Would he be a good father? After all he too was a cop dog, he couldn’t dedicate all the time he wanted to—
“Love, try to relax,” Sabrina said. “You’ll just recognize the right one as soon as you see it. Be it boy or girl. Now, let’s just sit down.”
The couple sat on a bench. They were in the middle of the so-called ‘kindergarten’ area, reserved to puppies, cubs and kittens. The shelter currently hosted fifty-three of them, most of them in good shape, a minority sporting the scars and small mutilations of their past hard life.
They look so…happy, Fido thought, as if they had never known the hunger, the deprivations. It was funny, in a weird way: in a ‘traditional’ shelter one felt as if their pleading eyes, their miserable looks, tugged at your soul, you wanted to adopt them all, and you fought a battle to decide over which one to pick, hoping you made the right choice.
The Grove offered a complete and detailed file of each single guest, psychophysical evaluation, preferences, habits, hobbies… And yet, Fido didn’t like the idea of running through the files like examining a supermarket’s shelf with the special offers.
Sabrina was right: they needed to see the right one. And if they thought it was the right one, there would be chatting, getting to know each other, and eventually the file to help a little.
Four human couples and a single male were occupying five other benches, and everyone just kept watching as well. Watching their future children interact in the most natural way… “You know,” the hound said to Sabrina, still looking at the young ones, “I understand why Bill accepted that offer to work here.”
“Thinking of doing the same?”
“Nah, I saw the CVs of these human/K9 teams. They would eat one like me for appetizer. Not to mention that I’d spend most of the day here…” He held her to him, and she nuzzled his neck. “I want to stay with you, lady of my soul. And with our beautiful kit.” Too bad her Dad wasn’t here, but Mr. D’Angelo was always busy with his anthropology papers. It was a rare day when he could spend even a few nights at home.
But what really mattered was that, despite Fido’s apparent doubts, he had actually taken a day off to come here, today. This alone meant he was sincere on his plans about a family!
Sabrina’s voice cut through his thoughts once again. “What do you think about her?”
And this time, Fido managed to avoid shaking his head as if waking up. He looked at the kitten Sabrina was pointing with her eyes –a cute little thing about 8 months old, give or take. Her fur was jet black, and she had deep blue eyes, like sapphires floating in the dark. She was playing with a big ball of yarn, leaving around her a web of threads the other kittens were trying to get entangled into. The pups added their attempts to fight with the kittens, with mock growls and well-planned surprise attacks. Outraged, the felines answered unsheathing their tiny claws, hissing and jumping like coils. It was like watching a perpetual motion merry-go-round, and the little female was its engine.
At a certain point, she must have realized the two pets were watching her, because she stopped and, still holding the ball, she stood up. She waved her little paw at them.
“She just looks like you,” Fido said, waving back. “Is that why she caught your attention? Please, don’t tell me she’s a ghost.”
Sabrina chuckled. “She’s not a ghost, silly.”
The kitten ran to the couple. She held out her yarn to them.
“You want us to play with you?” Sabrina asked, placing her paws on the ragged ball.
The little one nodded, without saying a word. She didn’t let go of the ball until she was sure Sabrina had gotten it. Then she put her paw to her collar and produced a laminated card. On the front, there were the stats –name, age, health…a synopsis of her personal file. On the back, written in the goofy attempt only a young one could display, but still readable, in capital letters, there was this message reading, HI! MY NAME IS PIXEL! I AM MUTE! I CAN READ LABIAL AND CAN SIGN-SPEAK!
Fido looked at Sabrina: she was going to go all ‘aw, poor dear’, but he guessed the little one had had enough of pity in her life, and she surely didn’t need to be reminded of how awkward the grownups felt around her. So, the dog immediately started to address Pixel both speaking carefully and gesturing to her. “Hi there, Pixel! I am Fido, and this is my mate Sabrina. Her Dad has given her permission to choose a kitten to adopt. Would you like to live with her?”
Pixel’s eyes went wide. She moved them from Fido to Sabrina, back and again. Immediately, her tiny paws started moving. <You live with her?>
Fido shook his head. “We live in different houses. But we are betrothed.”
<Like a mommy and a daddy?>
Fido nodded. “Yes. I would really like to be like your daddy. And you?”
Sabrina felt herself swell with love and pride –that was she loved of him. Like Peanut, Fido had a natural attitude towards the young ones. She was sure he’d make the right choice.
<Awesome! Do you like lasagna? Will you teach me to hunt mice?>
Babylon Gardens Police Precinct

“Am I still on time?!” Terrance asked, almost slamming the door open.
The Spaniel was answered by a wall of amused looks. In his haste to meet the new human/K9 unit that would take the place of Officer Bill, he had…forgotten about the indignity he had to suffer early in the morning.
“Sooo..?” Kevin was grinning from ear to ear. “Tell us, lucky boy, who’s your ardent fan?”
That caused a series of chuckles from the canine half of the present.
Terrance went and took a seat next to Sergeant Ralph. “Someone who will pay with his dear life,” he grumbled. The lowlife had covered his scent with ammonia, but he was positive it was a male. He was positive it was that…cat! The police had a list of his pranks long like Main Street. When it came to make life difficult for the canines of Babylon Gardens, you could just count on Maxwell Costner! What stroke him odd was the escalation, though: it was the first time Max would target the house of a police dog. Rumors wanted him to have refused a generous compensation from Bino for playing a good prank on Fido--
Police Chief Horace Horton entered the room. “Guys, this won’t take long! Allow me to introduce your new colleagues, whom I hope you’ll heartily welcome back in our ranks. Officers, step in!” He said to the open door.
And, much to everyone’s surprise, in came Janet Masterson and the Doberman Danko!
Costner House

“You look like you got a triple date, stupid cat,” Bino said, not raising his eyes from his book.
Max was grinning like in his best days. “Thank you. I love you too, obsessive-compulsive mutt.” He bent and kissed the dog’s head fur. Bino startled as if he had been poked with a cattle prod!
“Gak! What did I tell you about my personal space, you mangy…” Bino tossed the book at the cat, but Max had already ducked. The book bounced against the wall and fell down, opened in the middle.
Max went and picked it. “Hmm, what do we have here?”
Bino’s pupils shrunk as he jumped off the couch. “Oh, no, don’t you dare, you! That’s my stuff, give it back!”
But the black cat was dodging quite effectively every attempt of the hound to get him. In fact, he was intently reading the book while at the same time dodging Bino. “Ohh, Procedural in Bodily Search! Funny title for a saucy book, Biney!”
“That’s not a saucy book!” Now Bino was almost foaming.
Max grinned again. “No? But here says certain things about sniffing out drugs on couriers… Or is that in couriers?” He made a face while his eyes darted along the pages. “Ew, do you really do those things with your noses?”
Bino roared like a wolf and jumped at Max. Max moved aside. Bino made the third impression in the wall, before collapsing to the ground.
Max marked with a red ‘X’ the impression. Then he squatted next to Bino, handing him the book. “You are really being serious with this police stuff, man.”
Massaging his skull, Bino snatched the book. “Yeah, something wrong with that, pest?!”
Max’s expression became serious, almost…sad. He lowered his ears as he said, “No, nothing. It’s just that, well…”
Bino understood where the cat was going. He felt a wave of pride washing through him. “Is that what, Maxie?”
Max leaned his back against the wall, his eyes turned to the ceiling. “I missed you, okay? And I’ll be missing you when you’ll go back to that stupid dog school! Happy?”
They stood silent for a couple of minutes. Max kept staring at the ceiling while Bino ran his paw over the book’s hard cover.
“It’s not that I’ll be away for long. Just more six months to specialize, then I’ll be back here…”
“But you’ll spend most of your time at the Police.”
“True that.”
“And who am I supposed to torment?”
Bino flashed a grin at his housemate. “As if you lacked the ideas. I heard what you did there.” He didn’t even have to ask for confirmation, nor to watch Max’s body language to know it. “Who is the girl who pushed you to violate your own rules not to pester the cop dogs? I know that Terrance, he won’t be satisfied until honor is avenged.”
Max’s tail swished. “And you’re gonna tell him?”
“Nah. At least you got the decency of getting to one of Fido’s pals. That was good.” He handed out his punch to asplode. Max did the same. “But don’t you dare to do it again, or Dad will find you a new residence at the Shelter.”
Max chuckled. “Of course this means that I must do it again.”
“I’m serious. I don’t want to see you in troubles, okay?”
Max pondered those words, before sighing. He shrugged. “So what? I have no girlfriend, I’m the laughingstock of my peers, the dog that chewed a piece of my ear is planning a vengeance against me, Ivan is gone and now you’re going to leave for other six months and then spend almost no time here.” He wasn’t crying, but his voice was trembling. “At least, at the shelter I’d be in good company.”
Bino put his paws behind his head. “I know you don’t mean it.”
“Oh, and how so, o wise hound?”
Bino nudged the cat. “You will spend this time elaborating the finest plots to get at me. And since you know I’ll be trained for the direst dangers, you’ll work even harder. Face it, tiger, you can’t resist a challenge like this.”
Max scoffed. “Tss, please! Your jacket will be my trophy to wear! Wait and see, mutt—“
They knocked at the door.
“I’ll get it!” Max stood up and ran for the door just like Peanut used to do. Perhaps it was the mysterious girl for whom he had played that absurd prank at the expenses of Terrance… He must remember to ask him something about that…
But when Max reached the door, he didn’t find a new letter waiting for him.
Instead, when he opened it, he found himself facing, “Tarot?”
The Pomeranian spoke with her usual calmness. “Hello, Maxwell. We need to talk.”


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Dear Bino, that is a saucy book. Don't fool yourself.

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Oh my. Three Carls. All different people.

Good to hear of Janet and Danko back in the department. So they won't need to be in Terrace High.

http://valito.deviantart.com/ my deviant gallery, nope there's no housepets in it

Unless you like Lilo & Stitch, kinda wish to see the experiments in housepets style

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well, unless Rick changed Terrance's breed in the actual book version of AtKM and I don't remember,
Rick in AtKM Wrote:
an English Spaniel with a proper accent

So Sabrina gets a mute kitten, eh? interesting. ^_^

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I edited that to setter, before you posted. thank you. ;)
Also, edited Sabrina's dad's name to Edward. As someone said, too many Carls!


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No, I'm saying I'm pretty sure he's actually an English Spaniel and you were right the first time.

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Lucky Charm Grove for the Abandoned and the Ferals.

“I don’t know, lady,” Sabrina’s father said from the PC screen. “Pixel is surely an adorable creature, lively, smart… But if you want to communicate with her you need the help of Fido. You don’t know sign language.”
“He can teach me,” Sabrina said.
Fido sat next to her, inside that cubicle in which family members could talk to each other at a distance, in privacy. It saved a lot of time going and coming back from the shelter. “That I will do, Sir. You know you can trust my word.”
The man still seemed unconvinced. “And what about her needs? You will have to spend all your time with her, lady. You just can’t let her wander around like any other cat… Not to mention there will come a time when I can finally be home for more time than now.”
“You always wanted a tranquil pet with you, that’s why you like me.”
“That, and because you know how to get rid of the feral pests.”
Fido tried not to chuckle at that –yeah, sure, Sabrina was exceptionally skilled at that. She knew exactly which levers to pull with Fido to find a new place for the ferals she never had the guts to hunt as part of her cat duties.
Stanley D'Angelo just sighed. “Let’s strike a deal, and I want you to take it seriously.”
Sabrina barely contained her big grin of triumph and joy. She had him, but she managed to strike a serious posture and intent expression. “Tell me.”
“You will take care of her, housebreak her, do all that is necessary to make sure she’s a fine pet. But should you fail at that, Pixel will go back to the shelter. No questions, okay?”
Sabrina nodded. “Deal.”
“I’m not kidding, lady: Pixel will be needing a lot of extra attentions, and there’s a fine line between loving someone and spoiling someone. You know I take education pretty seriously. And I count on you, Fido, to support her, olay?”
Fido nodded. “You will not regret this, Sir.”
The man grumbled. “Fine. I will be back by Christmas, then we’ll sign all the papers. And, Sabrina?”
“Yes, Dad?”
The man smiled tenderly. “I know you’re gonna be a good big sister.” Then the line went off. Fido and Sabrina just stood there, looking at the monitor with blank expressions for a minute.
Then they looked at each other…started smiling…
Babylon Gardens Police Precinct

“How did you get back into the force?” Sergeant Ralph asked Danko.
The Doberman shrugged. “Well, Janet has never stopped insisting that the authorities examined our position and drop the charges of indignity. At last, the DA approved her motion and reintegrated us, though not on the same rank. This means you’re top dog, now, brother,” Danko grabbed Kevin and rubbed his knuckles against the other dog’s head.
“Well, this surely comes as a boon,” Sergeant Ralph said. “What with the departure of Quincy and Zeke, you fill a position. In six more months, Bino will fill the second vacancy, and you will be his referee. Do you think you can manage him?”
Danko nodded. “Sure! I’ve met that little guy a couple of times: thought he could boss me around…” the Doberman grinned. “Can’t wait to show him how things are really done, here, Sarge: give me one month, and he’ll be whimpering like a puppy to get back home to Daddy.”
Ralph wagged. “Just don’t be too hard on him. For some reason known only to Dog, Fido loves him. Not to mention that, after all, that pup is really trying to do the right thing. You’re only to make sure he behaves, not to discourage him.”
“Aw, Sarge, you know how to kill one’s fun.”
Similar thoughts were passing through Maxwell’s mind, while he and Tarot were walking along the streets.
Max felt as if the whole world was conspiring against his rightful fun! On top of all the problems he had accumulated, as if Santa had come carrying a bag full of bad Karma this year, the cat was just being told that perhaps his secret admirer, the lady of the pranks, could be a sort of cosmic entity messing with him.
Okay, if he had heard Peanut saying such a thing, he would’ve thought outright it was an attempt to make fun of him.
But Max had dated Sabrina long enough to know she and Tarot wouldn’t make fun of him about certain matters.
In fact, he had left Sabrina because, like Grape, he couldn’t stand the idea of magic! Heck, life wasn’t supposed to be complicated by things coming from other dimensions, right? Leave that to Hollywood or to some crazy fanfic writer! But Sabrina wouldn’t stop drawing pentagrams and chanting in Akkadian! How can a decent, loving guy stand that crazy stuff?!
Max scooped up some snow and made a ball out of it. He threw it lazily against a parked car. “So, I should better stop playing pranks for this…spirit lady? And she’ll leave me alone? That’s all?”
Tarot nodded. “An avatar will be such only through a willing bond. He or she cannot be forced into said bond. But you can be tricked into it: Spirit Dragon knows your weaknesses, has watched you. She will manipulate your emotions so that you will bond with her believing her a friend.”
Max looked at the Pomeranian with intent eyes. “And she’s one of the baddies?”
“Well, to be honest, no. They are…different. Too much different to consider them friends or foes like any other mortal. But her idea of ‘priorities’ could…override yours. One cannot measure intentions, even less when we’re talking about creatures as old as the stars themselves.”
Max shuffled his feet in the snow. He looked undecided for a moment or two… Then he beamed up. “Cool!”
The shock almost made Tarot trip. “I’m sorry..?”
Max was most definitely excited. And his eyes were retaining their natural aquamarine color, thus showing he was speaking by his own will. “You see, Sabrina was such a bore! She was all serious about magical matters, it was all ‘Max don’t touch the Book of the Lost’, ‘Max don’t run your fingers on the blood ink’, ‘Max don’t sniff the vapors from the Ebony Heaven candles’! Sheesh, once I asked help to Zap with Latin just to tell her a joke in that weird language, and she snapped at me, telling me I almost summoned a demon from a place called the Pits of Rath!” Max put his paws over Tarot’s shoulders. He was grinning like a possessed creature –which could even be too close to reality!
“I was worried of being alone and now, not only I have a friend, but it’s an ubercool dragon! And she loves pranks of all things.” He bent down…and kissed the smaller dog’s head. “Thank you! Thank you for clarifying everything! Man-o-man, this is SO going to be best friendship ever! I can’t wait to know what will be the next prank! Or should I take the initiative, this time..?”
At those words, Tarot felt a chill run along her spine. She grabbed the cat’s collar and starts shaking him until his bones were rattling. “Max, what have you done?!”
The black cat was all too happy to tell her, in vivid details.
I Love You! He had written, thus committing his soul to her.
Just like she had done in her time.
“Please don’t be too happy for me,” Max said, before waving her goodbye and running back home. Surely hoping he’d find some more ‘suggestions’.
Tarot was thinking that now there were a cat and a dog, just like the Game was originally intended. This meant that Dragon could be left free any moment to rejoin the session.
*sigh* why couldn’t things be easy, for once?
Foster House

“Gottschalk?!” Eunice Robinson, grandmother of Martin and Joel Foster, was undergoing a peculiar transformation. In her righteous fury, her face was remolding like clay under the taloned hands of a demon artist. Her expression was less and less close to the definition of ‘human’. “A German? Grandson, I refuse to believe this! Your grand-grandfather gave his blood an arm to fight for freedom and democracy, and this is how you ungrateful whelp repay his sacrifice?! By becoming partner of that no-good nazi?!”
Martin had hoped his grandmother would choke herself on her meal, but no such luck. Oh well, he and Joel could still hope she’d get a heart stroke, an ictus… “Raimund Gottschalk is not a nazi, grandmother. His grandfather was, about like all industrial moguls at the time. And he’s one of the most devoted animal lovers here around, in the rich guys department. Why don’t you go back enjoying the vacation I had paid you?”
“You sent me to Syria! I spent the last two months in a cell trying to convince those savages I was not a CIA infiltrate!”
“I’ll book you a place for Egypt then, grandmother. You always wanted to see the pyramids, if I remember well.”
“I hate you. Couldn’t you just send me to a safe place?”
“Australia, then. No political backfires… You wanted to go see Darwin, where grand-grandfather was stationed when the Japanese Empire attacked, right?”
Eunice scoffed. “I guess that would do. Thank you.”
Martin managed to hide his grin –that was the perfect zone for the month’s bushfires. Now to convince her to move ASAP…
“But I will not move until you sorted this absurd partnership with that Kraut, grandson!”
Martin sighed inwardly –why life wasn’t a Tarantino movie where he could call Wolf?
At that moment, a merry howl filled the air of the living room. “DAAAAAD!!” Eunice spilled soup over her dress.
Antares came in running a moment later, accompanied by Celestia. “Dad! Dad! Dad! Great news, Daddy!”
His twins were, normally, very energetic and playful puppies, but this time Antares was even more excited than ever.
“What did I say about interrupting me during meals?” Eunice said, coldly.
“That I could ignore that rule,” Martin answered, ruffling his son’s head fur. “So, what’s the big news, boy?”
“Celestia is expecting!”
Martin’s smile was not less immense than when Mizar’s pregnancy was announced. He pumped his arm a couple of times “Yush!” Then he addressed the she-wolf. “Girl, are you absolutely sure? Did you run tests, check-ups..?”
She looked sternly at the human. “Sir, believe me, one million years of evolution make me an expert on the matter.”
Which meant that coming next May…
Eunice stood up. She looked at the group as if they could grow horns and start eating her at any moment. She could barely stand the presence of that...feral. But the idea of wolf pups? No way! “I think I will go to Darwin. Now. And you better get me the papers pronto, grandson.”
As soon as she was gone, martin hugged strong Celestia, startling her. “I love you, baby!”
Yes, that was definitely a great day for the Foster family.
When Tarot was home, she wasn’t really surprised to see a human dressed in an old-fashioned beige suit and a derby hat waiting on the porch.
“Hello, Pete,” the Pomeranian said.
The ‘man’ took off the hat, revealing the blue-feathered griffin head. “Hello there, mortal. I was thinking that now you need some help with our whimsical scaly friend.”
Tarot tried to ignore it as she went for the door. “Not your help, Pete. You tend to become…invasive when you’re given the chance.”
The griffin chuckled. “I may be a sort of a jerk, dear, but I am still being honest about what I am. Can you say the same for your ex-friend?”
Tarot lowered her head –after all, who she wanted to mock? She could never be really rid of the Game, nor of her abilities. Best she could do, like Sabrina had told her many times, was to cope with her nature and make the best of her fate, not let fate dictate.
Not to mention that Pete could do more damage if left unchecked on this plane…
The Pomeranian opened the door. “Come in. And don’t try to upset Tomi. You don’t want to know what I’m capable of.”
The griffin put his hat back on. “That’s what I always liked about you, dear: you got a streak in you. You and Grape would have made such good conflicting avatars!”

Episode 19


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Post Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread
"ubercool"?I am not for certain this this an English is word more wrong German :lol:

you would turn from the U in a "ü" or "ue" it would be correctly in German

I'm a happy playfull kitty in a party of my soul but form time to time a evil wolf
that's my soul and i love it and I would want to change it never

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It's a word I made up so much time ago and decided I like it. :P
Oh, guys, and for late Christmas treat, I'll be submitting the next episode in one single chapter instead of splitting it. So get ready for a little longer and enjoyable reading ;)


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I greatly look forward to the next episode.
still a little disappointed that the letter just came from SD. I wanted another cat.
or possibly even a female dog. ^_^

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I thought about a cat, but I didn't know who to pick up.
A dog? Max is the cat type, it could've never worked...

Hmm, or could it?
After all, it's only the end of the season, not the end of the series...


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you could always choose a random background pet from one of the comics and say it's female and pair her with him.
unidentified background characters can be useful.

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we'll see, we'll see... 8-)


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valerio Wrote:
we'll see, we'll see... 8-)

You're so evil...

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Renkun Wrote:
"ubercool"?I am not for certain this this an English is word more wrong German :lol:

you would turn from the U in a "ü" or "ue" it would be correctly in German

uber- is a prefix in english, which came from the german "über" and is a synonym for "super". So, uber is right. ;)

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Episode 20 – The End and the New Beginning

Babylon Gardens, December, 25

Florence House

“Come on, say it.”
Tarot was tapping her fingers on the table. Her eyes went to the furniture; after the attempt of cleaning her place of her magic-related items, everything was back in place. Just a snap of fingers from her guest, who was now sitting in front of her on the other side of the table, and it was as if she had never tried to get back to a normal life.
Great power, great responsibilities.
Stupid Lee’s syndrome!
Peanut had seen Tarot upset a couple of times. It had happened when Spirit Dragon tried to meddle with her avatar just to throw advances at the poor dog. Tarot had scolded the immensely more powerful being with a…passion. The other was when he had gone to another universe to rescue her. He had seen a suffering creature he wished he’d never see again.
He had never seen her so cold-angry, as she said, “For the last time, Pete, I am not going to plea you. Pleading forms bonds, and you have your avatar already. You said you wanted to help me weaken the bond between Max and Dragon? This is your best chance. And you know you can do it, since it serves to the purpose of preventing a series of deaths in this community. Intrinsic benevolence.”
The griffin rolled his eyes. “That’s why I never tried to lure you into being my avatar: you’re no fun.”
“Truth be told, I find it funny that I know how to play better than you guys.”
“Don’t push your luck, mortal.” The griffin raised a taloned hand.
“No one’s will is being forced in this, I assume.”
“Relax. It’s just a nudge in the right direction. It was bound to happen already. Now, let the grownup to their job.” And Pete snapped his fingers.
DA Offices, River Ridge

Alex Costantin was upset. But it happened often, with his job.
He surely did not need more pressure than he already got, but the FBI didn’t care about that: the data collected with the cooperation of that Russian family from the Gardens hadn’t proved enough. The Russian mafia operating in town was still as strong as ever. They had excellent informers, and didn’t need to shed blood: once they learnt what the traitors would say, they moved onto other businesses. Easy like that. And so the Feds kept expending protection money over useless witnesses. And once those witnesses were out of the protection program, well, too bad they had decided yakking to the wrong persons in first time.
Alex knew this operation was a bad idea. The list of pets and people who were supposed to help authorities into seizing the River Ridge cartel could’ve been drafted by an undertaker. The District Attorney could already see Santa carrying a load of coffins on his sled…
And what was worse, so far the old bosses had left Foster out of this out of respect… But how long would pass before someone decided to teach a lesson to the guy who had spoiled their business in Babylon Gardens?
Alex helped himself to a glass of Scotch. Perhaps, now that foster was partner with that creepy mogul, Gottschalk, and with those weird ferrets, the Mafia would realize the game had grown too dangerous. Foster was a rich nobody without really important connections. The Miltons had a lot of friends –of the kind that would grab the first occasion to lock them in a zoo and keep them there.
Gottschalk, now that was someone with real power. He had at least four Senators in his pockets, you just didn’t kill his friends—
They knocked at the door. Alex really, really hoped it wasn’t his secretary with another file to process ‘with urgence’. His desk top already looked as if his papers had been turned into tribbles! He was fairly sure that if he spilled water on them ad midnight, they’d start growing fangs and eat him!
“Come in,” Alex said,
The man entered the room and closed the door behind him. “You’re the District Attorney, is that right?”
Alex looked at the glass panel that showed in reverse the black capital letters identifying him. He couldn’t say he knew that tall guy, black hair, green eyes and a cheap suit that couldn’t hide the fact that he must do some working out… “Can I help you, Sir?”
The man took a seat. He sat down without asking permission to. He then said, “My name is Gregory Anatolyvitch Williams. I have been working with the River Ridge cartel for the last twenty years, as second in command of Mr. Anatoly Williams, my father and head of the cartel.
“I…have been obsessed by certain nightmares about what I have done. I wish to turn myself in on the grounds of multiple homicide, animal abuse, corruption, extortion…” he stopped long enough to produce from his jacket his wallet, and then a thick manila envelope. He put it on the desk. “This contains papers written by me and by my father. You will also find memory sticks filled to capacity, documenting our money flux of the last ten years at last. Before that, we used only paper. The envelope contains the key to the warehouse where those documents are stacked. Oh, and for your information, please don’t use your car. There is a bomb in it, placed by my brother.”
Alex listened to that talk with an expression he was sure must have been extremely dumb. Of course, it happened that criminals underwent a change of heart, but this?
At the mention of the bomb, the DA’s hand flew to his phone. He quickly dialed security and warned to send a BDE team immediately to the garage.
After that, Alex took the wallet and checked the patent –and yes, that was Gregory, no doubt. The guy’s record was long enough to build a bridge over it, but nothing that FBI could use against him in this specific zoomafia investigation.
Until now.
Alex decided to leave the envelope to the Bomb Disposal Experts. Just to make sure.
But his eyes went to the calendar.
Santa had come to town, after all. Not with coffins, but with the biggest ring of keys for a lot of cells!
Foster House

“I know it’s not exactly tradition, to celebrate and exchange gifts at noon, but we’ll have to do with it this time,” Martin said. “Thank you for helping, Ryan. When you’ll taste my cabbageballs, you will threaten me to get the recipe.”
“The pleasure’s mine, Martin. Luckily, there is another man who knows how to cook, in this neighborhood. Earl is great with the grilling, but for some reason everything else he’ll try to cook comes out tasting like motor oil.”
“Ew. My boys say that I should try to be add more spices in my dishes, but after working at a Tex-Mex for six months I don’t wanna even see a label of that stuff. Oh, and don’t forget to add sugar cane only, for that cake dough.”
Ryan scoffed. “You do your part and keep an eye on that thing.” His head went in the direction of the window, which had been covered with a blue panel…

…But it wasn’t the only window to have its view covered. That, because the street in front of Foster House was occupied by a humongous juggernaut. A blue two-wagons truck sporting the LCG golden logo –two hands encircling a paw made with a heart. And, under the logo, the words, SPECIAL MEDICAL MOBILE UNIT.
And it was special: with the help of Earl, not having permission to land his Mil-Mi26 in the middle of the street, Martin had refitted the only second existing model of a GM Terex 33-19 “Titan”.
That thing, literally, would dwarf many houses in the Gardens.

“You know, man, there is this rumor that you tend to compensate. A couple of ambulances would’ve helped.”
The time had come. According to the calendars, the litters were due starting today. Martin had paid a hefty amount to the administration, to park that thing, but he had entered Total Control Mode. He was scared that any possible thing could go wrong. Even his sweet Mizar was one week late, as if her pups wanted to make sure to be born on the same days of the other litters.
“The Titan is the safest way to help them to the hospital. Worst case, they can deliver right in it in complete safety, the vans are equipped with all the latest tools and instruments, they are literally moving clinics. They can move through the thickest snow and will break any ice layer. Even if someone tried to bazooka them, they’ll discover only a warship could break through the armor.”
“There are also rumors you’re being slightly paranoid.”
“Better safe than sorry, man. The moment one of our girls is ready, every one of them will be carried to the clinic, no exception.”
“Paranoid. Nice party you’ve thrown, by the way.”
“Thank you. Hopefully, next one will be thrown at my new place. I think we’re violating several laws of geometry, here.”
“Forgot to tell you: congratulations for Antares and Celestia. This will be the first dog/wolf pup born within domestic walls. A real achievement. It will bond your family and Miles’ pack.”
Martin rolled his eyes. The oven ringed and he went and opened it. After he had pulled out the meatloaf, he inserted the lasagna. He closed the door and said, “I’ve been having nightmares on that, I tell you: Celestia studied the blueprints and chose the room where to make her den. I’ll have to host permanently her pack now, since they want to protect her and give various advises to Antares.” He sighed. “Luckily, I can host sixteen wolves, three dogs, one cat and three pups... But I think I can forget having guests for the rest of my life, unless I move here a Bavarian castle.”
Cooking the foods for an unearthly amount of animals could be taxing to other people, but Martin had enough energies left to work for two more days like this. And he’d make sure this would be his first real family party, since it included the Sandwich pets, of whom he was co-tutor, and Sasha and Bino and an assortment of other guests, while the wolves would celebrate at the farm. Here, they’d have a standing buffet, there wasn’t a table large enough nor enough seats.
The Good Ol’ Dogs Club, the Schrodinger Circle and the Common Life Society had worked not less hard to throw their celebration party for the birthing day. Poe Plaza, in the so-called ‘upper side’ of the Gardens, had been confiscated from the pets to be turned into an open theater. The snow had been plowed away, salt had been spread in generous amounts and the forecasts were of clear skies and dry air for the next two days. Mother Nature had conspired to give its best to this special day. And since Selene was the only one of the three Clubs’ Presidents to be left in charge of operations, she had worked with a passion.
The other pets had been put to the hardest work ever. During the latest 24 hours they had been doing shifts to set up the party. Bino’s dogs hadn’t been exactly happy with it, but Fox was still the President, and Bino had ordered that no one gave troubles, given the occasion. There would be time to present the bill to the cats, later…
Ackerman Reserve

“Cheers!” said Zachary Arbelt, raising his carved wooden cup. His body had been painted with several colors made with leaves and dirt. He looked like an ancient native, but he couldn’t care less. In fact, for once in his life he felt good! He was honored, he was respected and he was among friends who wouldn’t taunt him.
And this stuff they were giving him tasted really good. Funny thing, it wasn’t soda, but it made him feel soooo light-headed. “Guys, your Opener of Ways is pleased with you!”
The group of his feral followers cheered.
“In return, I will personally lead you to into the new age of well-being and prosperity!”
More cheers.
“Ee-nough with living off the land, or off the trash! Enough with being scared of higher predators!” the rabbit felt as if a new fire was coursing through his body and mind. Well, part of that fire came from the realization that he was fed up with being the bottom pet! He had really tried to be nice with Tiger and Marvin, but after that short time in which they treated him with respect, he was back to square zero! When they all did something together, it was because the other two were forced to by Dad.
And if Christmas was time for the new year’s resolutions, then he, Zachary Albert, would play his role of Opener of Ways!
Whatever the handbook said about that.
Lucky Charm Grove for the Abandoned and the Ferals

Father William Ghetti had been ready since marking the last day on the calendar. He had made vow not to move from the shelter’s chapel until he saw the litters born. Of course, science dictated that they could be born in different days, but of course Father Ghetti was a man of faith. The idea that this small miracle could be spoiled was simply unacceptable. It had to happen, it had to happen today: Christmas day, four females including Jill Sandwich, eight new children of god and one baby. And top of all, the eight new pets would stay with their families –a rare occurrence, if ever there was one!
Holy water and caffeine were ready in massive amounts. Just to make sure, his altar boys had the order to wake him up with any necessary means, should the birthing news arrive during sleep. For the occasion, they could summon the help of Karishad!
Keith Greyfield and Kevin Marsh, their partners the wolf Light and the Tibetan Mastiff Colombina, were in fibrillation: the shelter’s security measures had been multiplied to their maximum limits, given the occasion. Every corner of the compound had been finely combed. Special triage protocols were active. Even the four Apocalypse Riders couldn’t enter without clearance from Foster himself.
When they had been summoned to deal with an unauthorized guest, the two men hadn’t even asked who it could be. They’d ask questions later, if necessary…
But when they reached the main gate, they relaxed upon hearing a familiar voice saying, “Young man, I put bullies bigger than you in their place back when you wore diapers and thought your world ended with your cradle! So God help me you better step away this moment or I swear I’ll—“
“Miss Sunman!” Keith said. “It’s so good to see you again!”
“At last! Keith Greyfield, when you decide to put toddlers on watch duty, will you be so kind such as to inform them that I worked in this place before they were even born? And that I had the pleasure to meet Grape and take care of her before she became a Sandwich pet? And that that gives me the sacred right to be present in her most important of days?!”
Keith leaned his hand over the younger guard’s shoulder. “She’s all right, Jon. You’re lucky we’re on time to spare you from her ruler: that’s a veritable WMD.”
The security heads escorted the woman into the shelter. “Where are Otis and Mirai? I thought you three were inseparable,” Keith asked.
“Oh, I guess Otis was jealous, even if he didn’t show it. So he just said he’d stay at the farm and celebrate Kwanzaa, today, together with the wolves and the rest of the animals. Mirai, of course, didn’t object. She still lives and breathes for that big guy.”
“Kwanwhat?” Kevin asked. “Is that the name of a Tony Danza show?”
Evelyn shrugged. “An African-American festivity. Why wolves should celebrate it is beyond me, but I have no objections: in fact, it’s good to see those creatures integrating so well with the rest of the community.”
The Gardens of Eden Farm

“If you weren’t here, I’d think this is a nightmare,” King said. He had loved the idea of celebrating the festivities at the farm, even if it was near the Gardens. Okay, he’d celebrate any festivity, anywhere, long as he’d have Bailey at his side, but along with sixteen wolves?
And yet, the dogs and cats looked like they were having the time of their lives playing with them, chatting with them, mauling carcasses together…
“Aw, where has your adventurous spirit gone?” Bailey asked, slapping his back. “Wasn’t you the one who wanted to live and work here?”
“I’d also like to feel safe,” the corgi said, looking at the pack. “And something tells me I wouldn’t be, here.”
“Ohh, what do I hear, here?” Fox said. “C’mon, buddy! Where’s the dog who kept fighting for open minds and against prejudices?”
“I’m still all for them. I just like my flesh and bones together, thank you. And why are that guy dressed in a poncho and cubs looking at me with that hungry look? And why would a wolf wear a poncho?”
Fox was pushing the corgi toward the group King had just indicated. The husky was grinning encouragingly. “Ah, don’t worry. They said they wanted to cut you in a game of theirs. Don’t worry, Bailey, Jolene, Lucky and I will also play. It’s perfectly safe.”
The smaller dog’s feet now were digging furrows. “And the rules of this game would be..?” his voice was almost a squeak now.
“It’s called ‘Sheepwatch’. They are on predator team. We are the sheepdogs supposed to watch you. They try to catch you, we try to defend you.”
“My resolution for the new year will involve making slippers out of your traitorous hide—GAK!”
Martin’s idea of buying IKEA furniture with folding table and chairs had proved useful: now he could leave plenty of room to the benefit of the Christmas tree and a pile of gift coming from half the neighborhood. The room looked like Santa’s warehouse, and over the many various-sized packages, one would tower over them: a 3ft x 4ft box wrapped in glossy blue paper dusted with golden starts, and a thin golden ribbon with a large bow keeping it together.
Mom must have worked on the wrapping, Grape Jelly pondered. But that was a minor detail, considering who that gift came from. For once, Uncle Martin had been outclassed!
Grape kept circling the package, while proceeding on all fours –since it had become nearly impossible to stand on her two feet. But her physical uneasiness was overcome by her amazement, as she sniffed and inspected the gift with big eyes and quivering whiskers. “So, Peanut…this is the famous ‘mystery project’ you were working on?”
Peanut nodded. “Yes!” he answered, proudly, before sounding a little worried. “Don’t you like it?”
Grape walked to him and nuzzled his chest, purring. “Silly Nutty: I must still open it. It’s only that…” she sat down, still looking at the box. “Wow. Whatever it is, it must be something really worth spending all those weeks in the garage. My present is so insignificant, in comparison…”
Peanut caressed her throat, then kissed her head between her ears –tokens of affection that still got him high as if it was the first time he got intimate with her. His blue eyes went to her round belly. Please, Santa, make it be today! That would be the best of the best presents ever! “I’m sure that whatever it’ll be, it will double extra mega better than mine. You always chose the best one, Jellybelly.”
The lavender cat blushed. “Heh, you’re always so sweet, I don’t know what I did to deserve you…” She pointed at a package in the first row of the presents. The paper matched Peanut’s fur colors. “That is for you. And you better enjoy it, mutt.” She kissed him on his cheek.
Peanut blushed and his face contorted in a happy smirk. “Thank you,” he mumbled, his eyes fixed on the wrapping. He was just sure what it was, but almost didn’t dare to believe it for fear of being disappointed.
Did he dare to open it?
Grape saw the answer the moment a flurry of paper filled the air like so much snow. The blue ribbon matching Peanut’s eyes landed on her head. But seeing him widen his eyes was definitely worthy that little mess.
Peanut’s pupils had actually grown, at the sight of the lavender hardcover-bound book, the thick leather giving an antique appearance, and the golden printing reading,

A Tale from The Pridelands
By Grape Jelly Sandwich

“Your fan fiction…” Peanut was about to cry. He shook his head a couple of times, still stupefied. The fanfic she had started writing back when they had gone to Uncle Reuben’s for the first time.
Grape nodded. “Open it, love.”
Peanut opened the volume, slowly, as if he was afraid to break it. The paper was thick, similar to parchment. The first page read just,

To my most devoted and patient fan, faithful husband, soul mate and only love of my life
With heartfelt gratitude and the certainty of a lifetime together

This time, Peanut didn’t hold back his tears as he went to the first chapter. And there it was, the first line he had ever read of that book…

Her name was Gapre. All at once, when Petir's eyes met hers, it was like an arrow shot in the air, and when the arrow landed in the depths of his heart, he was hers fully…

Peanut closed the book and, still holding it on his lap, gently bent forward to give her cat a long and deep kiss. “Thank you so very much, I…I don’t know what to say, this is so…beautiful!” he then put up a scoff. “It’s almost a shame that Joey got to read it before I did!”
Grape ruffled his head fur. “He’s the only Pridelands canine fan who shares your point of view. I know he’d be a good editor and keep his mouth shut. Unlike a certain doggie I know…”
Peanut would’ve liked to remark he was still keeping and would keep the secret about his paternity, but this was not the time to argue. This was the time to enjoy the Spirit of Christmas, and he enjoyed the immense present she had written for him, since the beginning! He really wanted to ask her if she had written the inscription then—“
“Yes, I did,” Grape said, startling him. Had he actually spoken out loud his thoughts?!
Grape leaned against him. “Can’t a lady know her mate and the father of their litter? Yes, I wrote that inscription when I started the book. It was my first concession to my fantasies about you.”
“Oh.” Peanut’s finger traced the golden impressions. “I thought you were afraid of your feelings.”
“Hm-m, doesn’t mean I didn’t harbor them.”
“And you wanted to marry me, then!” Peanut wagged like crazy. “That’s why you didn’t want me to read it! You were afraid I’d see that phrase!”
“Peanuuut…” she growled warningly.
But he already was chanting, his head moving from side to side, “Grapey wanted to marry me, Grapey wanted to marry me...” Then he stopped and kissed her on her nose. “But don’t worry, love, I will read this one slowly. I want to enjoy it.”
Grape felt really proud of him now. Peanut was famous for being extremely quick in his reading, and his words meant he really cared for this present, although she already had few doubts about it. She could smell his happiness when he had opened the present.
“And now, time for my present!”

“Your prying ears off that door, young man,” Budweiser said, yanking Maxwell by the collar.
“Erk!” The black cat fell on his butt, then massaged the injured area. “No need to be so rude, mister! I am a cat, I am curious by nature, and Grape still owes me! Hadn’t it been for me, she’d still be closed in her anti-social shell!”
Bud threw him his killing eyes. Max fell silent as if he had been whipped into silence. “Couldn’t care less, feline: this is their moment of intimacy, perhaps the last one before they become the center of the general attention. You spoil this moment, I bury you into the next geological age!”
Even worse, Max’s pleading eyes didn’t find solidarity in the others present in the room: Sasha and Bino, Tarot, Joey and Blanche, Alcor, Mizar, Antares, Aldebaran and Daisy, Felix and Lucky, and Sergeant Ralph. He stood where he was, crossing his arms at his chest. “Judas. Each one of you.”

Grape wasn’t a paper shredder. She liked to unwrap carefully her presents, and then recycle it to make neat, crunchy balls to play with! This time, though, she had had to fight against her instinct to tear the wrapping apart in curiosity.
Eventually, she revealed the balsa wooden box under the paper. Just a plain brown box, without markings or labels.
“Peanut,” Grape said, running a paw over the wooden panel. She lingered over the metallic pivot. He had said that she only needed to pull it and reveal the present. “Peanut, please tell me this is not one of those stupid Matryoshka gifts. Because if your present is as big as a wedding favor, you’ll become its content, got it?”
Peanut just shook his head. He was sporting a solemn expression. “It’s not a Matryoshka, so open it already. Come on!”
Grape pulled the pivot…

From the living room, they heard the sound of the wooden panel hitting the ground. After that, silence.
And after ten long, eternal seconds, Grape shouted, “Oh. My. GOD!”

She had all reasons to be excited.
Surprised, no doubt about that.
She had always liked Peanut’s comic series The Adventures of Spot (Superdog). But for how much she was a fan of his work, for how much he worked on that comic, he still wasn’t a very…talented artist.
To paraphrase that Mastercard ad, ‘Discovering that Peanut is a sculptor: priceless!’
A sculptor with such a talent? Only Tom Hanks could say it: This is divine inspiration, gentlemen!
Grape stared intently at the DAS-made diorama, a true-to-life replica of Uncle Reuben’s farm. There was everything, from the houses to the animals, including Made of Win, the horse she had rode on together with… Yes, there he was! Rufus, herding the chickens. And the barn cats, sitting on the bales, in the barnyard…
And, on the barnyard’s roof…
Grape felt her throat clenching in a knot of the most powerful emotions, at the sight of the two detailed figures sitting on the red roof, holding each other in their first, tender kiss.
Grape held out a claw toward that reproduction of her and Peanut, the reproduction of that unforgettable moment that had changed forever their lives, in the best possible way…
Grape’s claw brushed the tiny fish-shaped tag, pushing it against Peanut’s bone-shaped one. *clink!* the tags went, just like then. Her memory was filled instantaneously with those sensation, the warmth of her sweet dog as he embraced her in that summer night, the smell of his fur, the strength and tenderness he used to keep her to himself, wanting her, afraid to hurt her…
“Peanut…” Grape was breathless. “How did you..?” Her eyes went from the diorama to him and back again. “How did you do all of this? This is… It’s…”
Peanut hugged her. “I just knew how to do it. I saw it all in my mind, and I wanted to replicate it. That’s all. I guess I didn’t want to let this memory fade. It will be like my old special photo. But this time no gel pens.”
Grape’s attention was still all for that piece. She didn’t know how, but Peanut had worked his own magic with it. She could hear Uncle Reuben’s tractor plowing the fields, Aunt Kate telling her children to stop scaring the hens, Rufus barking –God how he missed him now…
And she and Peanut. That terrible argument they had because he wanted to leave her, because he feared he had lost her for good, in favor of Max…
And then that kiss.
Grape wiped the tears off her face. “Wonderful memories, Peanut. I’m sure we’ll find the best place for this model so that the kittens will know about it and know how much their daddy and mommy love each other. Thank you.”
Peanut was about to say something…when someone behind them said, "Aww, ain't they cuuuuuute?"
For a moment, Grape was sure she had been actually teleported back in space and time to that fatal moment.
When she had realized that, during that moment, she had left the roof’s hatch open.
That, or she was hallucinating… But then Peanut smiled, wagging, and said “Clarabelle! Mary Ellen! Betty Lou!”
Reuben’s cats opened the doors and in they came. “Will you look at this?!” Mary Ellen said, admiring Grape’s belly. “We’re tanking up with sweetness, today! You, them kittens and this diorama! Peanut, honest.” She kissed his cheek. “My, my, you got talent and some more, city pup! Makes me wish to sleep on that hay!”
“’S good to know ya remember us so well, Peanut,” Betty Lou said. “Cuz, let me say it, y’all got the perfect boyfriend here! From mommy to mommy, yer scandalously lucky! Five kittens! I topped my sis with four, but I was lucky I could keep Sly. Y’all get to keep them all.”
The three cats started lavishing Grape with attentions and a lot of purring.
Peanut got his dose…in a way, when a land-to-land missile crashed into him and against the presents pile. “Hi, Uncle Peanut!” said a very happy pup, licking his face with a commitment.
“Hi to you, Awesome,” Peanut said, lifting the pup by his arms. “My, you are growing into a big dog, you know that?”
“*giggle* everyone tells me that!” Then, as soon as Peanut put him down, Awesome ran to Grape. He caressed her belly, then his eyes went wide. He put his ear against her. “Ohh, I can hear them moving! Aunt Grape, think I can play with them?”
The cat ran her paw through his head tuft. “Sure! As soon as they are grown up enough to visit the farm, we’ll see who gets tired first, little rascal.”
Awesome beat his chest with his fist. “Of course, I will win! I will be as strong as Uncle Peanut!”
By then, the ‘special moment’ between the spouses was over. The rest of friends and relatives poured in.
One of them perched on Grape’s shoulder. “Olà, meadow flower!”
“Glad to see you again, Nevermore. For once.”
“For the sake of peace, I’ll pretend you’re sincere, ungrateful feline. You still owe me a life, you know?” It was literally true, for without Never’s intervention, three certain dogs would’ve destroyed more than a family…
“You still keeping an eye on us, like Rufus asked you to?” Peanut asked.
The bird leaned his head on one side and winked. “As always, dear. As always…”

“Are they still all in?”
“Every single one, boss,” said the mixed breed mastiff by the name of Diego. “They won’t even know what hit them.”
Before working at a landfill, the owner of Fredd, Diego and Armando had run his own car junkyard. Every day, humans of all ages would come in search of spare pieces for their car. The three bored dogs would spend hours and hours listening to how a car or a truck could be fixed…or broken in order to swindle the insurance.
It was amazing how could such big and powerful vehicles be so vulnerable to a thing like a small hole in the oil pan. A big thing like this would stand any collision, so the girls inside wouldn’t suffer… But Foster would pay a LOT for the damage caused by that monster. Not to mention the sheer pleasure of watching the show! Dad would be proud of them!
A part of Fredd told him that causing an accident with a megatruck like that wasn’t the best idea ever, but the Dogo’s mind was mostly burning with the humiliation of being beaten by a cat. Exacting vengeance was Fredd’s sacred duty, and he was intentioned to leave a mark on those happy families!
Karma bites back, Maxie!
“Uh, boss?” Armando said. Fredd turned to him. “What?!” he hissed. “Why are you still there doing no—“ something pulled the screwdriver from his paw, replaced it with a small firecracker.
Before Fredd knew it, there was a small explosion, though sufficient to burn his hand. He whined, still not comprehending what had just happened…
He had his answer when a couple of blue eyes shone through the shadow cast under the Titan. “That was a first warning,” said a mellifluous voice, a purring cat voice.
“Then we’ll go serious,” said another voice, associated to two more blue eyes.
Diego and Armando started feeling nervous. Fredd, instead, crackled his knuckles, grinning. “Think you can scare me, kitties? Last time you got me by surprise, this time—“
“This time we’re gonna get you by number,” said a third voice. Brown paws stepped from behind a massive wheel.
“A large number,” said a fourth, as more paws stepped from another wheel. Diego and Armando hugged each other.
“We want just to play,” said a sixth pair of eyes.
“Join usss…” said a seventh. And then there came this chuckling, something sinister and cruel like only a cat with a mouse can be, as a seventh, an eigth, and finally a tenth pair of eyes filled the shadows.
Diego and Armando clung to each other like puppies, whimpering pitifully.
*snkt* went the claws.
“We’ll do this with love,” said one of the felines.
“Slowly,” said another. *snkt*
“Very slowly.” *snkt*
And then the sunlight flashed against more claws and teeth than the three dogs had ever seen! And they were so close…
Fredd tried to do the ‘V’ sign with his fingers. “Peace and love?” He also tried a friendly grin.

Peanut, Max and Never enjoyed the show from the pathway. The sounds that came from under the Titan could have come from a dantesque circle. Tufts of fur started flying everywhere.
“Please help me!” Diego shouted, a bloody and scratched figure pitifully trying to crawl out of that punishment. The arms of three Bigglesworths caught him like tentacles and brought him back into sufferance.
“Better than the movies,” said the black cat, sipping from his cup of cocoa. “Thank you, Never.”
“My pleasure, man. I had their number handy just for the occasion.”
The animals stepped inside.

“I thought you’d spend today with Miles’ family,” Aldebaran said to his brother. Daisy was cuddling against him, lost in bliss.
Antares nibbled at an eggs-and-tuna sandwich. “I wanted to, it would be my first time with a wolf pack. Cool… But I made it clear that I won’t be far from Mizar and Grape when the time comes. They need us, brother!”
“Amen, brother.”
Down went another sandwich –wurstel and cheese, this time. “Not to mention that I’m a bit scared of Daryl.”
“Well, he keeps looking at me as if he wanted to debone me like a turkey. He scares me. And I’m not sure the rest of his family doesn’t share his feelings… I mean, have you seen that Uncle Deadeye? I swear, the moment he says ‘Come on, make my day!’ I’ll run back to Ukraine, cubs or not cubs!”
Aldebaran patted his shoulder. “Daisy and I will take care of them, in that case.”

“Soo, almost here, eh?” Alcor said, rubbing his mate’s belly. “You’re being late enough, guys. Time to come and take a look at the world.”
It felt strange, that he and Mizar had needed a donor, while Peanut had the luck of siring his own litter…but, in the end, the cat was happy with his solution. Though these puppies wouldn’t share his blood, they’d have his love. They’d call him Daddy and he’d be proud of them.
Heh, if someone told him, back when he was an alley cat, that he’d have a loving family, a dog for mate and that he’d raise her pups as his children…
Alcor kissed Mizar’s belly lovingly. Yes, life could be strange, but it was also so wonderful! “Thank you, Ralph. You don’t know how much this means to us.”
The German Shepherd’s grey eyes were filled with all the love a canine could muster, as he looked at Mizar. “Thank you for allowing me this honor, guys. You will be the perfect parents for them. After what you have gone through in your life, you deserved this.”
“Will you look at yourselves,” Mizar’s paws went and stroke both males’ ears. “Alcor, you are married with me, remember?”
The golden-eyed white cat nodded. “I would never forget that, beautiful. And I swear you, our kids will never know the life of the ferals. And we’ll send them to the Academy so that they’ll be the greatest of the cops, to save more like us.”
Ralph wanted to hug them.
Byron House

“Think we should bring her to the party?” Sabrina asked. If there was a happier cat, right there and now, only Grape could compete. Sabrina cuddled against Fido, letting herself melt into his buffy arms.
“Nah, there’s enough company for them, there.” Fido felt like…well, he had nothing to compare to that sensation, right now. He was happy, he felt as if he was accomplishing something for the first time in his life. This wasn’t about following his ‘nature’, his ‘sense of duty’.
This was family. This was him stepping into a world he had kept at bay for too long. And if he was afraid that he’d have to choose between his family and his job, then from now on he’d be even a better police dog, to protect Sabrina, to protect his child.
The kitten that was now sleeping in her cot, purring happily.
Pixel would be a handful, being mute, but Fido knew Sabrina would soon start speak telepathically with her. He knew it would happen: when it came to developing a secret language, girls would stop at nothing, and what better language than the mind’s?
“Don’t worry, guys,” the minuscule mouse said from Fido’s head. “I’ll keep an eye on her while you’re away playing hero. Promise.”
Fido lifted his eyes instinctively, though he couldn’t see the creature nested in his head fur. “Thank you, Spo, it means a lot. Does it also mean that you’re back?”
“Yup. Too much politics leading them ferals. I really missed you pal, you know?”
“I do. And I missed you too. The dogs of my unit keep asking about you.”
Spo sighed like a martyr. “I know, I know! It’s not easy to do without me. Tell them I’ll come visit. For now, I want to be this fuzzball’s guardian angel.”
“And what about Squeak?” Sabrina asked.
“She keeps the role of leader. She’s got it in her blood, and I am not going to dissuade her.”
“Hey, bro! Any news from dear grandma?” Joel asked, while carrying a plate filled with lasagna and slices of meatloaf.
Martin had filled his plate to capacity as well. “Last I heard of her, she was being kept under lock and key for assaulting a group of Japanese tourists. Oh, and her hotel burnt down in a bushfire. She’s paperless, that’s why she called me.”
“And when will you contact the Embassy?”
Martin bit into a forkful of lasagna. “When she’ll swear she’ll never, ever try to get in touch with us again. Oh, and, Joel?”
Martin smiled shyly at him. “I’m happy you’re back. Even if in this…well, really weird fashion, I’m happy you’re back. I just hope it lasts.” He hoped he had spoken low enough in that chatter of many different voices.

“Wolves working in a farm!” Reuben dug into a turkey leg with a passion, as if he wanted to tear apart those who had had that brilliant idea. “Mind me, Earl, this spells troubles! A lot of troubles! Wolves can’t be like pets!”
“Reuben…” his wife tried to chide him, mockingly. “Come on, it’s not that our packs will come and knock at our door for a job, after all.”
Earl Sandwich chuckled and shook his head. “So, brother, the old liberal doesn’t want other people run their own business as they wish? Is that yet another Christmas Miracle incoming?”
Reuben threw a cold glance at his brother. “Yeah, as if it served any good to talk to you, when it comes to animals!”
Kate stepped between the two brothers. “Reuben Sandwich, you are a guest at this house and you’ll act accordingly, just as you ask to your guests at your place. Or you will cook your own turkey, at next Thanksgiving.”
Reuben mumbled something that could have been interpreted as an apology.
Jill lifted her Coke glass. “Leave it to a woman to give peace to the world…” Then she let out a soft moan. Luckily, it passed unnoticed in the general clamor.
Earl kissed his wife’s cheek. “You all right, love?”
She nodded. “Looks like Billy the Kid too is getting tired of free meals and bedding.” Jill too was late on the schedule, but the gynecologist had said it happened, especially when it came to first pregnancies. What mattered was that she and the baby were fine.
It hadn’t come as a surprise for the Sandwiches. It looked like the little rascal just wanted to be born together with the litter!
Kate frowned. “Billy the Kid?”
“Oh, no,” Earl said. “Just a nickname we came up with, given Jill’s past nickname—“ the rest of the sentence was lost in a chocked grunt as Jill stuck her elbow into his sternum. “Love,” she said, grinning like the IT clown, “don’t push me into breaking those ribs of you. And if you want to have other children, Reuben, do not ask.”
“Mom!” came from one of Reuben and Kate’s children. “Mom, come!” the little girl was tugging at her mother’s shirt and pointing at the buffet table. “There is a mouse eating at our table. It’s gross!”
Mary Ellen, Clarabelle, Betty Lou and Sly drooled as one cat. “Dessert!” the grey-furred Betty Lou said.
“I heard her first!” Clarabelle said, while the whole group ran toward the table with a renewed hunger in their eyes—
They all ended up crashing against the barrier made by Antares and Aldebaran.
“Not that we don’t like being this close with ya, studs,” Mary Ellen said, massaging her muzzle. “But why the stop? You called dibs?”
In answer, both dogs indicated a rather unusual scene –and even more so in the eyes of four country cats used to treat feral mice the old-fashioned way: Joey running to the table with the biggest smile on his face since his first date. “Squeak!”
The female mouse stopped eating the ham and cheese sandwich and ran toward the young dog’s held out paw. She ran along the limb and stopped over his shoulder, nuzzling her friend’s neck. “Hmm, did I miss all of this, loverboy! It’s so good to see you again!”
Joey nuzzled her back. “Same here, cutie! So many things happened since you left. I wish I could have talked with you.”
“All of them good, I hope.”
“You can bet it, beauty.” He motioned to the Siamese cat standing next to him. “Squeak, this is my girlfriend, Blanche Bigglesworth. Blanche, my best friend ever, Squeak.”
“Eee, congratulations!” Squeak held out her paw to the cat, temporarily forgetting she was a potential meal. “Aw, wish I met you at your first date, it must have been the cutest thing! You’re one lucky cat, Blanche.”
Blanche held out a finger She was too puzzled to think of that juicy mouse as a meal. “Oh, that I am… Err, you know, Joey told me about you, but…but I thought he was kidding.”
“That’s the trouble with him, actually: I don’t think he got a sense of humor at all. He’s just too weird to believe. No offense meant, dear.” She kissed his ear. “And thank you for the ‘beauty’: I’m eating so much that I’m turning into a doughnut!” she picked her belly.
Joey pinched delicately her ear, just like she liked it. “Nah, you remain the sweetest-looking mouse in the world.”
“Thank you. So, it’s not a problem if I’ll be visiting you more often?”
Joey beamed up like the happiest puppy! “You are coming back? Of course I’ll be happy to see you more often! Where are you and the others staying?”
“You can find us under the park of the new Foster Mansion. That human gives us permission to dig our dens there in exchange of pest control.”

“Mine will be born first!” Bino said, waving a ten dollar note. “And he’ll look way more awesome than yours!”
“All parents will say that!” Alcor said. “So that last doesn’t count. Mine will be born first!” And he waved twenty dollars.
“Mine will come first!” Peanut chimed in, adding his money.
Bino added enough money to cover the others’ bets. He had just ransacked his savings, Sasha better hurry up! “His first whimper will be your first lesson!”
“Males!” Mizar said, shaking her head. “Count on them to find a way to compete! This is supposed to be a happy day, you know?”
Bino stuck his tongue at her. “Sourpuss! Only because that money is already in my pock—“ At that exact moment, a piece of plaster fell from the ceiling and hit him on his head!
“Aw, dear!” Sasha said, while the twins helped Bino standing up.
“Mommyyy…” Bino looked and talked like a happy drunkard. “Lookie at the comets! Let’s go ride them yeeee…”
Martin sighed –though he wasn’t really fond of that dog, Bino surely didn’t deserve that. *sigh* luckily, these would be his last days in this place, which wasn’t surely built to stand the hyperactivity of his twins…
“I’ll go get some ice,” the man said, then went to the kitchen.
He had just walked in, when his cell buzzed. He took the device. “Foster.” Just let there not be any problems… “Oh, Kostya: nice to hear from you. Right on time for season’s greetings, I got all the gang and some more, here… What? Sorry, audio’s terrible, are you where? Newscast? Hold on.” He took the remote laying on the counter and aimed it at the TV set, setting the channel on KPET news.
The screen flicked to life, then showing a spaniel dog reporter. “…Renata Fayre. As we speak, the largest Russian cartel operating in River Ridge is being arrested by the police after one of their members turned himself in exchange of protection…”
Martin looked at the lines of prisoners being boarded on several vans, under the watchful eyes of a platoon of SWAT. “Holy macaroni,” Martin whispered. “Kostya, you just earned the (censored) biggest fruit basket human being ever got. Drinks are on me. Thank you very much and thank you for the great news!”
Martin turned off the phone. At last, that problem was solved! The future looked even brighter!
But just as if someone in the checks and balances department had heard him, Earl walked into the kitchen. He looked pale like a corpse.
And only then did Martin notice the unnatural silence that had befallen in the house.
Martin felt his heart stopping. Oh, no! Please not something serious, not now nonononono!


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“I refuse to graze!” king said. It was already humiliating enough to walk on all fours like a sheep. It was already humiliating enough to play the sheep in a game between wolves and dogs –not to mention that he had collected enough bruises to last him a lifetime. But grazing? No way!
“Aww, it makes you look tastier!” said one of the cubs. Then all three of them grinned at him in what they thought a pleading way. “Pleeeeease?”
To King, they looked definitely hungrier.
King was about to give them a piece of his mind, when Fox’s cell rang. And so did Lucky’s. And so did Bailey’s and Jolene’s, and King’s…
Fox put the phone to his ears, hoping there wasn’t a problem. “Bino? What?!”
And he wasn’t the only one to react the same way…
At Poe Plaza, everyone heard the rumble of the GM Titan’s 3,300 HP EMD 16-645E4 V-16 engines revving up. The crowd sported a forest of hearing appendages.
The three TV screens, that until now had broadcasted music, now showed the face of the Lucky Charm Grove’s Head of Veterinarian Medicine, Doctor Mordecai Stanwick. Silence was like a physical presence. No one dared to breath.
“It has begun,” Stanwick said, his eyes betraying his excitement, while he spoke in a cool voice. “The first to go into labor is…Grape Jelly Sandwich. All vital stats are normal. She is being carried at the clinic right now.”
The felines assembled and many dogs erupted in a cheer that soon involved the whole crowd.
Then the money of who had bet on Grape being first in labor started exchanging paws. Selene knew she was going to be rich today…
At the Police Precinct, Police Chief Horace Norton himself was at the radio. “You got green lights and zero traffic from there to the Shelter, Foster. Godspeed and good luck to the ladies.”
“Thank you, Chief,” said Martin’s voice from the speaker. “I owe you one.”
Truth be told, Horton and Martin had planned the route carefully, considering that the reconverted truck could easily squish any car like a bug and any human like an ant. But the police chief said, “We owe you, mister. Congratulations again. And Merry Christmas.”
Doc Stanwick was used to every possible range of problems and experience, he had seen the world during his service as military vet. It had taken a near-death experience to make him retire from duty, despite performing under the most extreme scenarios, working on patients just a step from death’s door.
Helping three healthy animals to give birth, though for their first time, in one of the most modern structures, with the best staff and tools money could buy, was supposed to be a milkrun.
Despite this knowledge, Stanwick was pacing the meeting room back and forth like a tiger. He kept licking nervously his upper lip, as if he wanted to rip it off with his tongue.
He knew he had all he needed to do a good job, and he kept listing the reasons something could go wrong and cost him his life
Grape, Mizar, Sasha. The three most popular and loved girls.
They’re only patients, they’re only patients, they’re only patients! And should something happen to them, Foster will rip my heart out to weigh it on great Anubis’ balance!
“Doctor?” a nurse asked, tapping his shulder.
“Eeep! Oh, it’s you Miss Mayers. Please, whatever you need to tell me, just bring me a chamomile, later. A strong one.”
“Uh, Doc? The Mobile Medical Unit just called. Sasha and Mizar went into labor as well.”
Until that moment, Stanwick had felt like a beginner of parachuting. He was in the airplane, looking at the wide world below, terrified to jump.
Now he was falling, and he’d better make the best of his abilities. No time for second thoughts or fears. He had studied and worked for a moment like this. This would be his finest hour!
Mordecai turned and addressed his staff. He was in full control, the man who could look a Taliban in the and tell him to get lost until he had done his job! “Ladies and gentlemen, this is it. From now on and until we won’t hear mewling and whimpering, you won’t be having friend, lovers or families. The end of the world will wait, everything will wait. Kristos, bring your team to delivery room 1. Mayers, triple check of instrumentation. Make sure there are food and snacks for the guests and that the visitors’ room can host them properly. At the first sign of separation anxiety, heads will roll!”
Men and women stood up. Mayers said, “Do you still want that chamomile tea, Doctor?”
He shook his head. “Coffee! A lot of coffee and transfusion bags and needles to shoot him straight into our veins, if necessary! And don’t forget the donuts!”
“Temperature range stable…”
“Good fetal heartbeat…”
“Normal pressure…”
“No blood loss…”
Jill Sandwich, sitting beside Grape, kept caressing her head in a reassuring way. “Grape, love, Peanut is in the other van. He will be with you as soon as you’re hospitalized and in your room. Shh, dear child. Did you hear your medics? Everything is going fine, you’re doing great. The kittens are okay, and you’re just scared; that’s normal. Now be my brave kitty, will you?”
“Are you scared too?” Grape asked. She didn’t feel brave, she didn’t feel relaxed. She wanted her mommy, she wanted Peanut! Where was that stupid mutt when she needed him?
“Grape,” Sasha’s voice said, breaking into the cat’s wall of anguish. The German Shepherd’s voice was like a sun beam into the storm.
Grape turned her head to meet the dog’s candy-pink eyes, those eyes full of life, of trust. Sasha knew that things would be all right, perhaps in some weird way she knew the truth about the litter, and yet there she was, having the time to share her love. To console her. “They will be beautiful, Grapey. Everything will be fine, and our kids will play all together, like a biiig family.”
“You know, I wish I could share your optimism,” Mizar said, trying to smile, failing. Luckily, the contractions weren’t frequent, but heck if they hurt! “What if no one of them is white? Alcor wishes so much that at least one of them shared our fur color. I understand him, it’d help him feeling more…daddy, you know.”
“Oh, I’m sure they will be,” Sasha said. And, to Grape, “And I’m sure one of them will just look like…”

“Eh? What?” Peanut looked at his father, Budweiser, and at the same time looked through him. “Uh? Dad?” His eyes went to the crowd of guests. The gigantic refitted van could easily host everyone that had attended the party, with room to spare.
Peanut looked through Budweiser, staring at the wall as if it was made of glass, trying to imagine his wife laying there, calling to him…
“If this is of consolation, son, I was equally terrified when your mother went through her labor.” Bud held Peanut’ knee in his paws. “You’ll be so scared that you’ll feel like tearing the world apart just to be with her. You won’t feel happy until you hold your firstborn in your arms. You’ll want to bite ad growl at everyone who will speak to her but you. Because you can’t imagine being separated from her now more than ever.
“But, Peanut, now you must check yourself, stay in control. Grape is in the best hands humankind can offer, she’s with friends who understand her troubles. You’re so worried that you would only get on her nerves right now.”
Peanut whimpered.
“Now be brave, son. For her and for the family you are going to raise.”
“Do you…do you still remember my sister? What happened to her?”
“I remember her when she was a wee puppy, but after you two got separated, well, I never heard about her again, or your mother. I can only hope she’s fine, so you see, Peanut. And you, Bino, and you, Alcor: enjoy this life, this gift you have been given. You won’t have a second chance at it, take it from an expert.”
Bino didn’t exactly look like he was sharing Bud’s thoughts. But he was having second thoughts.
He had worked hard, was still working hard, to become a good police dog. To relish in sweet glory. To set an example.
But now he was going to be a father. For real.
Stupid stupid stupid! How did he end up in this mess? He just couldn’t leave Sasha to her own devices. What if Sabrina or Fido tainted the pup with their cat-loving ideas? Even worse, if he started making friends with Peanut’s litter?!
His pup…growing up all soft and a cat-lover.
But would the Club members understand if their President dropped the run for the police?
“Hey, Bino,” Peanut said, patting his back, startling him. “Why the long face? You should be the coolest of us right now, don’t you trust Sasha to deliver the pup safe and sound?”
Bino chuckled. That weird dog was right, after all, he had to be a model, not just another anxious parent. “Heh, for all I know, she might be trying to convince the other girls to fill their rooms with stuffed unicorns.”
“And then she will ask for her Peanuts piano and try accompany Mizar in her AAAAARRRGGH ballad in si bemolle concerto,” Alcor added.
Silly jokes, but enough to release the tension in a good laugh.
Wiping his eyes, Peanut said, “So, Bino, did you already chose the name?”
“We asked our parents to keep the gender secret, so that if it’s a boy, I’ll name it. In such case, his name will be Bosco. T.G. Bosco, tough stuff. And you two?”
Alcor shrugged. “Dad chose them already. We owe him, he saved our lives, he gave us the best of life. Though we’re pretty sure he’ll take inspiration from the stars, as usual.”
“What’s the ‘T.G.’ for?” Max asked.
Bino sported a triumphant grin. “The Game. And you just lost.”
Peanut was about to cry. But before the others could try to maim Bino, the slight lurch announced the truck’s halt.
They had reached the shelter.
Foster Mansion

The new villa, destined to host Martin’s expanded family, was ready at last.
Gone were the workers, gone was the cube hiding the construction site.
The palace was larger, sturdier, a Shingle Style building.
A building waiting patiently for the arrival of its inhabitants. The doors were closed, the windows shut, not a light was shining, everything was quiet, outside…
…and inside. The anteroom’s white marble floor was so shiny, one could reflect oneself in it. The plastic wrapping had been removed from the furniture. The curtains waited to be moved away from the windows.
In the kitchen, the most modern room of the house, an assortment of stainless steel, copper and marble tools waited to meet the ingredients from the pantry to work on new delicacies for demanding palates. The ranges held their scalding breath, waiting to be touched by the pans hanging over the big counter. The oven’s mouth was patient, it knew that its hunger for big dishes would soon be sated….
Inside the game room, only the empty chairs confronted each other, before the excited players started using them.
Inside the library, the books and the e-readers waited, patiently, as always. They knew someone would come to turn their pages to seek solace in a quiet corner away from the frenzy.
This was a good place. A place clean from the dark presences that had haunted the previous house. Now this land was at peace, Foster Mansion would be a sanctuary, not a receptacle for sorrows.
The Aztec Jaguar spirit walking around the house, diffusing an eerie blue glow, would make sure of it.
This was his task, now, after all.
The shelter’s guests had seen their share of medical emergencies, and even a couple of deliveries. They were used to a certain degree of excitement in that place. And then there were the school, and the theater and the games… One got never bored, there.
They still had to see the procession of three stretchers surrounded by medical and security teams, and after them a thick crowd of pets and wolves and humans chatting excitedly between themselves and at the phone. Even that Otis guy was in the crowd, rumors were he was a friend of Sasha.
Sure thing, if someone tried to harm the three females laying on the stretchers, chances were that someone would get extinct.
“Good evening, lucky ladies. I am Margaret Redwall, and I will be your doctor for this final stage of your trip to maternity.”
Grape, Mizar and Sasha looked at the smiling woman, her face marked by the happy wrinkles, green eyes set between wisps of blond hair. Maybe it was the drugs they had been given to calm the labor pains, but for some reason the veterinarian’s smile looked like a velociraptor’s. A hungry one. “I will be your physician until you enter the delivery room, where Doc Stanwick and his equipe will take care of you. After that, congratulations! You will live the most beautiful time of your lives, although for now I must ask you to refrain from cursing. Questions?”
Sasha raised her paw first. “Will we get ice cream, after?”
“The nurse will give you a list of allowed post-partum foods. Remember, what you eat goes to your beloved children, so take care to follow that list, no exceptions. And this means, no ice cream, Sasha. Sorry.”
Mizar raised her paw. “Will we deliver in one single room?”
Margaret nodded. “Yes. And under the very eyes of your relatives and friends. There will be a glass wall and a speaker to allow the others to see and encourage you.”
“Can our mates be present?” Grape asked. “During delivery, I mean.”
“Of course. Your husbands will be there for you all the time. Only the other relatives and friends will stay in the adjacent room.” She turned and went to the door. “Now I’ll leave you with them. We’ll be checking on you every thirty minutes. You see those buttons? Press them for any necessity. The hospital is at your disposal for today, enjoy it ladies.”
For some reason, the sight of the crowd assembled in the ‘show room’ close to the delivery room made Stanwick think about those zombie movies. And he was really happy that the glass was bulletproof.
The head veterinarian cleared his throat. The crowd fell silent. Thirty heads turned toward him. Stanwick almost heard them thinking Braiinnnss.
“Ah, gentlemen, gentlefurs, really, you don’t need to stay here. Why won’t you go to the cafeteria? You will find foods and entertainment to spend these hours before—“
“We can’t go,” Jill interrupted him.
Stanwick tried his most diplomatic smile. “Ah, Jill, believe me dear. I understand you, you are involved after all, but really, you need to relax a bit while waiting—“
“I can’t go,” Jill corrected herself, “because I too must be hospitalized.” The woman pointed at the pool of broken waters drenching her feet and the pavement. “Martin got a place for me too, in that delivery room, right?”
Mordecai Stanwick decided to faint…straight into the arms of Father Ghetti, who was smiling like the most blessed of souls.
“Praise be!” the priest said.
“Hi there, Princess Periwinkle! Sorry for being late!” the malamute said, walking into the room. “Nice place, you got.”
“Lucky!” the lavender cat gladly accepted a hug from him and a peck from Felix, her old, first friends. “It doesn’t matter: it’s important that you two are here, now.”
Felix took a seat and sat next to a very happy Peanut. “So many adventures together, Musketeer, and now…this. Who would’ve predicted it? We’re so proud of you two, guys. Right, Lucky?”
The big dog nodded. “You can say that again! Don’t worry, Princess! We’ll help you raise your litter like true fighters!”
Grape sighed. “I’d prefer them to be good-natured, book-lovers like my Peanut.” She caressed her dog’s cheek. “But I know it’s wishful thinking.”
Peanut held her paw, giving her a smile that counted like a wink.
At that moment, silence fell in the room. Many hostile eyes followed the movement of a familiar Doberman, followed by a patchwork-colored puppy.
“Uh, hi, Sasha,” the big dog said, his ears cast low. “You okay?”
“Yes, she’s okay, and you can go now,” Bino retorted, before his wife said, “Otis! Mirai! Aw, it’s good to see you again!” Sasha waved to the couple. Bino facepawlmed.
“Look,” Otis said. “I never had the occasion to tell you I’m sorry for the troubles I caused.”
“You bet your sorry tail you’re sorry, mister,” Bino growled. “How did you dare to endanger—“
“Bino,” Sasha chided him. His eyes shrunk.
“B-but he kidnapped you!” he said. “He made you steal stuff!”
Sasha pecked him on his cheek. “Love, Otis was only worried for Mirai, he didn’t mean ill. I helped him because he had only me to help him, even if he should have told me the truth. What matters, now, is that Mirai has found a home, right girl?”
Hiding behind Otis’ legs, the puppy nodded. “Can I play with your pup when he grows up?” she asked shyly, her tail giving trembling wags.
“But of course, sweetheart! And I too hope it’s a boy, so he’ll grow strong and noble like his daddy.”
Bino just couldn’t stay angry when she was like this. Sasha just…trusted people. She wouldn’t have it against someone, and he couldn’t spoil her mood.
And even if Bino knew he was the best dog in the neighborhood, only Sasha could speak of him that way, the only canine who believed in him!
Bino stood up and offered his paw to Otis. “If she forgives you, I guess I can do the same. Just watch it, okay? Next time I’ll be a cop and will keep an eye on you.”

“You know,” Mizar said, looking at those scenes. “I wish there was someone of my old pack to share this moment with.”
Alcor looked puzzled. “Didn’t you tell me that they’d bite off your tail rather than allowing you to have your pups?”
The white-furred dog grinned. “Exactly. I would so love to see them getting jealous.”
“Vindictive. I love your mean streak… But seriously, we should start cultivating some friends of our own. Our life’s been too limited to our family, so far.”
“And do you really think we’ll be having time to look out for friends, after the pups are born?”
Alcor’s tail swished. “I do. Pups are friends-magnets. Ralph is on the list already, and many will follow, even if we’re one weird couple.”

Max didn’t know what to say or do. This wasn’t definitely his moment: he was just there to…root for Grape, though he hadn’t really a place here. He was a good friend, and Grape had enough of them right now.
If only he had someone with him to be happy with, even Bino! But of course Bino had better things to do right now—
Max’s cell buzzed. The black cat took it, hoping it was Selene, or even Allegra…
He didn’t recognize the number on the screen. “Hello?” he answered prudently. Then his eyes shrunk. “Ivan? Is that you? Yes, of course… What? You can come back? When?” He was now grinning from ear to ear. “Of course I’ll be waiting, this is just great! Yes, yes, of course. I’m still here. Thank you for calling, pal! I miss you!” He stuck out his tongue at the phone. "And no, I am not that desperate!"
And when he put the phone back into the collar, he was sure Someone had listened to him.
Yes, this was going to be a great year!
Security Offices, Level 1, Terrace High

“Odearodearodearodearodear am I still on time mind the doggie victory drink incoming wee-o wee-o wee-o!”
The black furred paws grabbed the bowl with the special punch the minipinscher was carrying.
“Yeah, you’re still on time, perro loco,” Hannibal ‘Psycho’ Bates said, putting the bowl down next to the snacks buffet. “I hope this beverage of yours is as good as you claim.”
S.A. Tobee Gallant threw an indignant look at the bigger dog. “It will knock you straight into next Christmas mister I can bet mah cookies on that!”
Sigmund Follett stepped between them. “Heel, boys. We’re here to celebrate the paternity of our friends Bino and Peanut. Let’s try to remember that, will ya?”
The cat Clementia just sat at the monitor synched on the veterinary clinic channel.
“You’re rooting for Peanut, are you?” the husky Athena said, not less focused on the show. “C’mon, I know you had set your eyes on him.”
The Brazilian Shorthair snorted. “Admittedly, he’s cute, for a dog, and too sweet to be a cop. But I guess that’s what makes him a good mate for Grape. I’m sure he’ll be a good parent despite the species barrier.” She shrugged. “After all, humans can be good parents for us.”
Athena looked perplexed, while she scratched her head. “I don’t know why, but you can make it sound offensive somehow.”
At the police precinct, Janet was sitting in a meeting room, together with hose colleagues who could spare some of their free time. Danko was sitting on her lap. A delivery, even if one so peculiar, wasn’t an event for which the police staff would ask time off, but everyone rooted for Foster, they just wanted to make sure that guy got the best deal, after what he had done for the community.
“So?” she asked to the screen. “Any news so far?”
The webcam sent her the image of a man who could be smiling and being hysteric at the same time. “We’re running the last yard, dear. Jill is in labor, we got a poker. Ghetti is having a mystical, Stanwick wishes he was in Timbuctu, security is having puppies themselves. I am discovering my inner clerical. Wish you and Danko were here.”
The woman laughed. “Yes, we’d like to be there too, but I guess there are already enough people as it is—What was that?” All of a sudden, a piercing cry had broken the silence. The tension in the meeting room raised up a notch.
Martin looked toward the corridor. “That was Jill. They’re carrying her to delivery room right now… Oh.”
Martin’s mouth had fallen. He looked really silly when he said, “She’s not the only one.”
Poe Plaza

“Gentlefurs,” Mordecai Stanwick said through the screen, causing the excited crowd to fall silent again. “We announce you that Mizar Foster, Sasha Byron, Grape Jelly and Jill Sandwich have been brought to delivery room. The final phase of the labor has started. All vitals are normal.”
And, again, the crowd saluted those words with enough passion to make glasses tremble.
Fiddler and Keys stepped onto the stand. In that moment, no one noticed them.
Then. Fiddler tapped her foot on the wooden floor. Her paw moved, and notes started flowing from her violin, accompanied by Keys’ faithful keyboard.
The voice of the violinist cat started singing the first notes of that sweet ballad…
Dancing to the feel of the Drum
Leave this World behind
We'll have a drink and toast to ourselves
Under a violet Moon

It was this that made life worthy to be lived.
It was for this moment that every sacrifice, every joy, and every pain had a value.
The value of a new life.
Sasha’s mind went back to the breeding farm, to the sweet tongue of her mother cleaning her, in the warm haven of their bed, while she tasted the nectar of her suckling. It went back to the pride when her future parents chose her, before giving her the heart-shaped tag that she still wore.
A happy life, all in all, despite the problems, despite the troubles of her family, despite Daddy’s problems, but having always Bino at her side, and an awesome friend like King, and then the new house, living with Fido, knowing she had never been alone…
Bino saw all of that in her, and he knew his dizzy doggie had grown, although he could barely realize it was for real.
He saw the minuscule shape Sasha was gently cleaning with her own tongue, that blind, whimpering, suckling shape who still had to grow into a definite aspect, although his body already sported a nice brown spot on his back and white forepaws and legs.
If this was a dream, Bino didn’t want to wake up. Fot now, he was at peace with the world, with himself.
A boy.
“Welcome to the world, little Bosco Byron,” Sasha said in a soothing tone.
Bosco Byron.
Not only Sasha’s pup, but a member of the family now and forever.
Bino turned his head in time to see, through the glass that separated the delivery room from the show room, Fido, Joey and Max pumping their arm in perfect synch, chanting with the biggest grins, “Dududududududuhnnn…Boscooh!
Ryan and Beth Byron hugged each other. “God, he’s so cute! I can’t believe it!” Beth said.
Jeff gave Bino a thumb up. “Congratulations, buddy! You were great!”
And, for once, Bino was barely listening to them, as he spent those moments licking Sasha behind her hears, and sniffing his son.
“1-0 for the Gardens’ Police YAY!” Tobee said, jumping up and down on Psycho’s lap.
Sigmund and Athena hi-fived.
“Relax, you guys,” Clementia said. “Next litter incoming.”
Tudor Rose with her Hair in curls
Will make you turn and stare
Try to steal a kiss at the Bridge
Under a violet Moon

For many, many males at Poe Plaza, that birth meant that Sasha would be no longer the object of their Valentines.
But little did that matter, for the general attention was like magnetized by the screens. Those same males who cared for Sasha had rooted for her happiness, and there it was, in its best shape ever.
There would be time to start collecting presents for the pup…
It was this that made life worthy to be lived.
It was for this moment that every sacrifice, every joy, and every pain had a value.
The value of two new lives.
Twins. Male and female, both white as the purest milk, with only brown muzzles and ears. Two new lives for now conscious of their hunger and their new condition, while their mother cleaned them and fed them, the previous pains all forgotten.
Mizar’s mind went again to her feral days. So long ago, when hunger and thirst were constant companions, and when even the cold bars of a dirty cage could be called home, or rather, the last place to live before she died… And now all of that belonged not only to the past, but to a dimension of dreams, a memory that would never live again. Thanks to the love of a cat, love found in a place where love had died. The love of a human who had believed in her. The human who had earned the right to name them.
“Welcome to the world, Naos Foster…” she kissed the male puppy’s back. “…And Rigel Foster,” she said then to the female.”

Antares and Aldebaran did their best to crunch their Dad’s bones with their mightiest hug. “We’re uncles! We’re uncles! EEEEEE!!!” and then licked like crazy the human’s face, licking away the copious tears of joy.
“What kind of names are they?” Reuben asked. His wife punished him with a hard slap behind his neck. “Ow!”
“Blue supergiant stars, Puppis and Orion constellations respectively,” Martin said, his eyes glued to his girl, his arms around the shoulder of his boys. He turned his head only to address Ralph, “Thank you. Thank you so much..!”
Ralph too almost paid no attention to the man. He wished with all his heart he was there. “I thank you for allowing all of this, Uncle Martin. I’m sure you’ll do a great job with them, as grandfather. Oh, and great names too.”
Bud rubbed his chin. “They’re really big already: I believe we have two great candidates for the Academy here, Sarge.”
“Best miniralphs ever!” Kevin said, slapping hard the German Shepherd’s back. “Never seen such perfect pups! They’ll make great cops!”
“Dream on,” Martin said. “They’re going to be spoiled and loved, and theirs will be a pacific life, not one of danger or violence. No offense, Sergeant.”
Raise your hats and your Glasses too
We will dance the whole Night through
We're going back to a Time we knew
Under a violet Moon

More toasts where raised in honor of the three new lives. Now almost everyone was dancing, cats and dogs together, without distintion of class or species. Even Selene joined Fiddler and Keys, adding her voice to the song, giving it an almost supernatural quality.

Cheers to the Knights and Days of old
the beggars and the thieves
living in an enchanted wood
Under a violet Moon

Close your eyes and lose yourself
In a medieval mood
taste the treasures and sing the tunes
Under a violet Moon

This my delight on a shiny night
the seasons of a year
to keep the lanterns burning bright
Under a violet Moon

Of course, no one among them could perceive two certain presences enjoying that party as well.

The aquiline paw went to the green-scaled reptilian one.
“Would you allow me this dance?” Pete asked to Spirit Dragon. “Today is a day for joy and for a truce, don’t waste it brooding.”
The cosmic female smiled and started dancing around the gryphon, creating universes in her spires. “I hope you’re not going to ask me for a date. Cerberus would take it personally, though you two are no longer an item.”
“Or perhaps she’s still waiting for me to apologize,” the griffin said, assuming an awesome rampant pose, with his wings spread out in full. “Who knows? Ohm, and by the way, it’s good to see you back. I thought Heaven would be less…lenient.”
Dragon smirked. “You hoped so.”
“You know she’s the last to die, dear. But you know what I mean. Had I done something that magnitude, I would still be locked in the shape of a parrot and eating cheap seeds.”
That image made the reptile chuckle. “Let’s just say that my privileges have been revoked. From now on, you have the favor –that is, until you’ll make a mistake big enough to equilibrate our parts. I hoped you would like it better if it was I to tell you. Oh, and I…” here her expression went somber for a moment. “I apologize for acting like I did. It was…egoist of me.”
Pete was almost ecstatic, even his feathers had ruffled up in joy, making him look buffier. “Best Christmas present ever, dear. I forgive you. Now, please, let us forget about work and just enjoy ourselves!” Pete spread out his arms, his head to the sky…

…and the sky was filled with fireworks! A shower of them, in a multitude of colors and shapes, much to the joy of the celebrants.

Raise your hats and your Glasses too
We will dance the whole Night through
We're going back to a Time we knew
Under a violet Moon

It was this that made life worthy to be lived.
It was for this moment that every sacrifice, every joy, and every pain had a value.
The value of five new lives.
Grape Jelly Sandwich felt at the same time completely exhausted and fueled up with new energies. It had been so painful, but oh so sweet! Everything had gone smoothly, just like the vets had told her. Like Sasha had told her. She had only to follow the voice of her body, ignore every other presence that wasn’t the new life fighting to come to the light, to meet the world it would grow into, to breathe, to mew their need for a presence to give them comfort, protection, food.
Grape did no longer feel clumsy, tired, embarrassed… She felt proud. Her five kittens were fighting at her belly for the best suckle, and she was living moments that she knew she’d carry in her heart forever. Not forced to worry about finding the next meal, not scared of losing everything. They were here, and they were here to stay.
Grape was purring, purring as she had never done, and Peanut was leaning on her, licking her, kissing her. The sweet dog that had sworn eternal love on the roof of a barnyard, a lifetime ago, before they knew miracles could happen.
And who cared if now everyone was looking with wide, incredulous eyes, divided between shock and acceptance? No one would make these creatures less hers because of someone’s prejudices.

Bino couldn’t believe it. Sasha was grinning happy, but Bino couldn’t share her joy.
What he was seeing was…impossible. Simple as that. He wanted to comment, say something, but he also had the impression that if he tried to, he would sign his death warrant.
Eventally, Bino decided that there would be time to get to the bottom of this…thing.

“No, Doc, you’re not going to take a sample of their DNA,” Martin said. The man was smiling, but back was that hint of steel that made Stanwick realize he’d never see his Noble Prize. Not if he wanted to live. “Just accept it as this season’s miracle. Like Father Ghetti there.”
The priest, dressing a sterile gown despite his protest, was looking at the litter with eyes full of love. A miracle, indeed! One of those things you didn’t ask explanations about. The Almighty had wanted to add His touch to the love of His two children, and William Ghetti wouldn’t dare to insult such gift with his presumptuous doubts of a mere man.

Jill looked terrible, she felt terrible. She felt like dying. How could something so beautiful be so painful?
And yet there she was, her girl, who had just given birth to five! “Look at her,” she said, crying with joy instead of pain. Even her labor was forgotten, at that moment. Her husband was caressing her moist hair, holding her hand tenderly. “God, Earl… We are grandparents. For real. Can you imagine those fuzzballs running around the house, playing with our kids?”
Earl nodded. Nature had taken a bizarre turn, here, but who cared? Those were his grandkids, and he would raise them as he had raised Peanut and Grape. To be influenced by the looks would mean refuse the same, powerful love that had driven a cat and a dog together. “I imagined it for so long, my dear. I prayed every single day that his dream became reality.”
Jill waved to Grape, letting her know she was proud of her. “I will pet them until their fur starts to fall. I must only decide who’ll be the first—“ Another contraction made her crunch her husband’s hand. She snarled like a lioness. “Earl, if Billy the Kid won’t come out soon of his own, you’re authorized to get a crowbar and pull him out of here!”

Grape returned her mother’s gesture. She nodded to Peanut, and then, to Father Ghetti she said, “It’s the moment.”
The priest nodded and wet his thumb into the stoup and repeated the ceremonial done with the previous litters. “Welcome to the world, Dayshaun Sandwich,” Grape said, with the man running his finger on the kitten’s light fur. A kitten whose fur pattern reflected in every detail Peanut’s. The son of love and ancient magic. Grape had no doubts that Dayshaun would share his father’s eyes color as well.
Then, while the priest proceeded to wet his thumb for the second blessing, she licked her second born’s lavender fur, a uniform purple hue interrupted by a single white spot in the middle of her brow. “Welcome to the world, Tarot Sandwich,” she said soothingly for the dog to whom she owned this miracle. Tarot had loved Peanut, and had blessed him, no both of them, with the supreme happiness.
Grape looked at the glass wall, finding Max waiting. This was his moment. She owed him too, she owed him for bringing her out of the shell, for making her realize she loved Peanut after all. And Max was still her best friend, she wouldn’t let him down on this…
She saw Maxwell licking her finger and running it on the glass, as if he wanted to bless the white kitten sporting a tiny lavender tail. Through the speaker, she heard him say, with tears of joy in his eyes, “Welcome to the world, Parnok Sandwich.” Parnok, an epic name! Grape really hoped he’d live to be worth of it and not ashamed of it.

It was the turn of Grape’s parents now.
Jill felt almost too thrilled and moved to say out loud the name she had chosen, hoping her daughter would like it –but now it was too late to back off, right?
“Welcome to the world, Louise Sandwich,” she said. Father Ghetti blessed the tiny female, identical to her third born sister.
Earl saw his wife going really pale. The moment was coming for them too, and so he had to say it without further thoughts. “Welcome to the world, Nutella Sandwich,” she said to the fifth born, entirely brown like Peanut’s darker shade of fur.
Then Jill started screaming.

“Perhaps it wasn’t a good idea to have them all in a single room,” Martin said. “Ow!” he shouted when a familiar pain burned behind his skull.
And there she was, Evelyn Sunman, tapping her faithful ruler on her palm, while staring coldly at her boss. “With all due respect, I couldn’t agree more on that. You could avoid this embarrassment with just a bit of good sense. You only needed to ask me.”
Martin massaged his throbbing head. “Miss Sunman, I did consult with the Sandwiches! It was their idea to deliver in the same room of their daughter—Ow!” a second hit interrupted him.
Evelyn nodded. “I know it, boss. And I know that a pregnant woman will take the most absurd decisions if you let her. And in cases like this, husbands will become victims of such decisions. A third opinion is required.”
“I’ll remember that. If I survive this multiple trauma. Ouchie.”

Raise your hats and your Glasses too
We will dance the whole Night through
We're going back to a Time we knew
Under a violet Moon

Once a time, not so long ago, there was a man that had suffered and had become a bad man.
Then that man had been turned into a dog, and he had found friends, and love.
And one day, King knew, he would seal his bond with this new life with a litter of adorable corgi/husky puppies to take care of.
For now, King was happy to be with his family, to witness these special moments. He encircled Fox’s waist with one arm, while Bailey bent down to hug the corgi.

Joey knew this was a miracle, something so unique that he and Blanche were privileged to see it.
It was a miracle, something that belonged to Peanut and Grape only.
But it was also the proof that cats and dogs did mix well together. That his club wasn’t just a hobby, but soon it would become the center of something important, much important to many pets…
“The guys and I will sew them some nice suits,” Blanche said.

Fido and Sabrina too felt blessed just for seeing this day.
Yes, it was a shame that they could not conceive… But seeing the expression on the faces of Peanut and Grape, they knew that what mattered was that they had each other. That the future was a bright pathway for them, that they shared a bond as unique as the litter that Fido knew he would protect from all harm if he could.
And he knew that Sabrina was thinking the same thing. This was not the time to be envious or jealous. This was the time to help the new generation carry on the new status quo. And even if she couldn’t change the world, she’d show the world that there were far more important things than old prejudices.
And so Sabrina added her silent blessing to Peanut, Grape, and their children.

The first time Grape had seen a butterball, she was surprised and fascinated by how much they could be small, noisy…and naked. How could one of those things live without fur was a mistery to her. And even more of a mistery that they could grow into the tall beings that ruled the world…
When Grape had met her first baby, she was sure he’d be her playmate, someone to have fun with –surely not the cause of her first run from house, the start of her problems…
But today, those thoughts had no space anymore in her mind or in her heart. When she saw Mom’s human cub, just like Peanut she knew she would love him and protect him to her best. Just as she would do with her own kittens.
Ad when, at last, the nurse handed Jill the cleaned baby, wrapped in a cover, with a beret over his tiny head, Jill looked at her cat. “You’ll choose his first name, love.”
*!* Grape almost collapsed. Peanut’s eyes shrunk and he only said, “Wow!” reflecting the others’ reaction in a most efficient way.
Father Ghetti knew he’d need a face transplant after smiling so much in a day. This was going to go down in the annals of the Order of Saint Anthony Abbot! A human allowing her pet to choose the first name for her own son!
Grape gulped. “Mom…”
Jill looked at her as if she wanted to hug her. “You earned it, girl. This is your little brother, and it’s only right you’re involved in his life. Perhaps not in the law’s eyes, but in ours you two are equal, and that is why you will choose his first name. Come on, don’t be shy: Peanut is right, you have taste.”
In that moment, Grape’s mind was being assaulted by a series of the least fitting names a baby could have, from Frisky to Zorro! Tiger? Already taken! Baron? Too vain! Yoghurt? Out of this world!
Then it came. Yes, it was simply obvious. Why not dedicate the name to the person who had made this all possible, the person who had rescued her the first time, allowing her to reach the safety of a shelter, and then a wonderful family?
Not to mention that there was a sandwich with that name too –and the most expensive sandwich in the world at that! It had been created by a chef called “Martin. His first name will be Martin.”

In the show room, the man almost collapsed into the arms of his dogs. “Grape…”
“I owe you my life and thus my family, and my beloved dog, Uncle Martin. I am here thanks to you. It’s only right the baby got your name. And I’m sure he’ll run the shelter one day.”

Earl nodded. “We knew you’d choose well, girl. We are proud of you. And we’re sure our little Martin Gordon Sandwich will be the best brother for you and Peanut. Father..?” he added, to the priest.
Father Ghetti wet his thumb with the holy water for the last time, to run it over the baby’s head. “By the power bestowed by the Holy Church and by the Order of Saint Anthony Abbot, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, I welcome you into the world, Martin Gordon Sandwich. May your life be long and wonderful, surrounded by the love of your peers and by the unconditioned love of these creatures. May you respect and love them in return with as much passion. Amen.”

Raise your hats and your Glasses too
We will dance the whole Night through
We're going back to a Time we knew
Under a violet/Under a violet/under a violet MOON!


Episode 20


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Post Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread
And here we are!
The grand, sweet finale for the adventures of our heroes of Babylon Gardens!
The post was supposed to be one block, but I just discovered there is a limit of 60,000 words. Mine was 84,000+ :mrgreen:
I hope you enjoyed reading this long adventure as I did writing it. (and giving you a heck of a headache)
Now, after a short break, there will be the second special issue, and after that the pilot for season III
Again, many thanks to those who inspired me and supported me.
And long live HOUSEPETS!


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Post Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread
Wow :o is all i can say about that epic season finale. I held my breath during several situations, and also laughed, nearly cried at the end. All the names are fantastic and very original. My count is almost done, the only thing left is if you post any more before New Year's. It is a big amount.

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Post Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread
amazing finale! I hope this fanfic doesn't end soon, it really is awesome. :D

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Post Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread
well there's another season, so at least 20 more episodes after the special.

I still have to read the rest of this finale. a lot to read at once.

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