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“I know a place in town where they serve a good brunch,” said Celia, wearing a jacket. “We need calories between one purchase and the next. Whether you like it or not, young lady, I intend to reach the bottom of that prepaid card.”
“No problem.” Janet slipped into a light sports jacket, sleeveless and full of pockets. “But I won’t be your Sherpa, Aunt Celia.”
“No need to. The first thing we will do is turn that walking piece of scrap to a dealer. I want a real car.”
“Don’t you want to wait for Thomas to finish resting? Maybe he would like to spend something for himself. “
Celia walked toward the door. “Honey, I know my brother. As soon as he gets his six hours, he will return to that computer and will remain there until tomorrow morning. Back in his Wall Street days, he was the busiest bee in that arena of brokers. As long as he makes money, he’s in his element, and your only concern should be the IRS. I am the one that gives a human nuance to our lifestyle. That brat used to live on fast food long before we ended up into your arms. “So,” she opened the door. “Leave it to ‘Aunt Celia’, and do me the kindness to keep me away from any mutt. Come on.”
Father William Ghetti.
He had served an impeccable long forty years of honorable activities for the Canticle Chapel of Babylon Gardens. He officiated at weddings, baptized children, and presided over many funerals. Too many funerals.
William Ghetti, an Italian American who had taken his father’s shovel-like hands, and his mother’s generous heart. He had a deep faith, and his eternal question was why God had decided not to grant a longer life to those innocent creatures who were the animals that accompanied us in our lives.
He often answered to himself that it was because God wanted that, in the short time they would spend with us, animals would shine even more intensely with their love and devotion.
For this reason, their earthly remains deserved a peaceful rest.
Not this... desecration.
“Are you all right, father?” Officer Parker asked.
William held back a retch, while before him the sad workers, under the direction of the veterinary coroner had lined up the skeletons of scores of dogs, cats, rabbits, birds... Not right at all, no! It was as if they had been killed a second time! I have blessed empty coffins. There are so many restless spirits who could not enter the hereafter because some greedy sinner wanted to save money and may his soul burn in the darkest recesses of the Tartarus, amen!
“It’s all right, Clarence,” he managed to say, his voice scratchy. “Did you find more of those...?” He gulped. Pits?
“No, Father,” said Ralph. The poor dog had lowered ears and his tail was tucked between his legs. What could such a thing do the soul of such sensible creatures? What would it mean to sniff-search for his fellows creatures while they were stacked like some bunch of piled-up junk? “That was the only one.”
Father Ghetti turned for a moment towards the ruins of the old shelter. He had lost count of how many times he had implored his people, during the service, to at least join to improve the living conditions in there... At least, he was always given some decent food and money…
Now nothing remained of that sad place. The bulldozers and the backhoes were removing the last of the rubble at an amazing rate. One could wonder if that horrible place had ever existed...
Then Father Ghetti looked at the bones. His hand went mechanically to caress the head of Ralph. “Will you ever forgive us, children?” He sighed, a long and trembling sigh. The only help he could give the police was the name of the funeral parlor that, instead of preparing the bodies for burial, threw them in this pit.
The temporary shelter was located five kilometers from the sites. The sounds of the work force were almost non-existent. The loudest noise was the rain beating against the pet houses and the staff barracks’ roofs.
Martin got out. He didn’t like to leave King behind, but right now it was better that he was alone. He went to ring the bell.
“Hi, boss!” Almost screamed one of the volunteers, while opening the gate. “Nice day for a little visit, eh?”
“I’ve had better. Did you know?”
“Ms. Sunman told us, on the phone. What a mess!”
“No one knew anything?”
“Only Mac worked at the crematorium, we did not want to set foot in there.”
“I understand. The police will interrogate you, and I expect you all to cooperate, okay? “
“You betcha... Won’t you get a cold, sir?”
In fact, Martin’s clothes were stuck to his body, and his hair was a shapeless mass splattered on his head. Martin showed off his friendly smile. “Nah, saving on the shower. Is Silent Bob in his house?”
“Where else?”
Martin thanked him and ran down the broad aisle formed by the pet houses. Hearing him, cats and dogs all had started leaning out of their houses and greeted him. He returned the greeting hastily, and went straight to a certain house at the corner.
“Bob?” He said, getting on all fours. He was dripping profusely. “Are you there?”
The Alaskan Malamute sitting on the cot wagged – a shy movement of his tail, but a marked improvement, considering that last time he acted almost like a statue. Silent Bob nodded.
Martin sat down in front of him, and took his hands in his own. “So, champ? You wanted to tell me something? But that’s okay even if it is a just to see me–” He was interrupted with a bear hug from the dog. Even being on the edge of skinny, that puppy had some strength left!
Martin was about to protest so that the poor dog wouldn’t get all wet, but chose to return the embrace. “I am happy to see you’re better, handsome.” He stroked the dog’s back.
Then Bob left him, but not without stopping to look him straight in the eye. And Martin, in those pearls of two different colors, for the first time he saw something.
A wish.
Bob was burning to tell him something. A dog that in almost a year had not uttered a syllable, the dog that everyone was sure would end up in the crematorium staying mute, he now wanted to talk. In his eyes there was a hope that had been feared dead.
Martin held his hands to encourage him. He nodded slowly, returning his gaze.
“You would...” His voice was deep, powerful. Had he been fully fit, Martin would’ve sworn that this was a true wolf of the wild forests talking. “You would do anything for me?”
And at that moment, Martin forgot the terrible realities of the old shelter. He forgot about every problem. Now there was only that cry of help, and he held with even more strength the paws of the no longer ‘silent’ Bob. “Yes. Whatever you need.”
The dog leaned forward to speak directly into his ear.

Out of the doghouse, three cats were lurking on both sides of the structure, triangular ears firmly attached to the walls.
“Hear anything?” Whispered a female whose three colors – red, white and black – were outlined on her fur as if on a canvas.
The male next to her, a semi-long haired gray and red, without taking away his ear from the kennel, replied, “No.”
“My tail for a word from him,” hissed the second female of that trio. A thick group of onlookers had formed around the doghouse. Silent Bob was talking about something, and nobody could understand what he was saying!
A Pitbull nudged an emaciated Newfoundland. “That human is fantastic, no one else was able to pull him out of his shell.”
“Quiet, you!” hissed the other dog, glaring at him. “You want him to hear us and go all silent again?”
At that time, Martin left the pet house. The other animals did not even pretend to run away, instead most crowded around him, all excited out of sheer curiosity!
Back on his feet, the man said, “I was politely asked to tell you that it is useless to try to learn something from me. He will speak only to me, for now. He says he loves you all and he’s sorry if anyone was worried about him.”
“Yes, yes, but what did he say?” Said one of the cats.
“He asked me a favor. And I hope to fulfill it ASAP. Do not ask which favor, he won’t tell anyone but me. End of discussion. Now go back inside, you scoundrels, and dry yourselves with the towels you’ve been given. I will have someone bring you something warm...”
Something warm.
Ghost had eaten a soup made of pasta and meat with warm broth. Only some time later, would he have learnt that it had been brought by Evelyn. A very different kind of food would wait for him, unfortunately.
For now, Ghost was sated. Shelter or not, he never failed to appreciate a good meal.
Morning came, and he had yet not seen that funny-talking doctor, when a bruiser of a human came in. “Rise and shine, snowball!” It was a large human being even by the standards he was used to. He was, to begin with, ugly. He had muscular arms, hunched shoulders, a protruding belly, and he wore a kind of uniform of an undefined color, wrinkled and covered from years of stains. He reeked of alcohol.
He had talked with a drawl, and showed a grimace of disdain on his face. He looked like he really wanted to give you a kick, rather than talking.
Ghost’s reaction was natural: fluff out his fur. “My name is Ghost, not ‘snowball’!”
The human monster opened the cage. “Yeah, right, Mr. Ghost ball. Get out!” He didn’t even wait for the cat to come out, he just pulled him by the arm as if the cat were weightless, and almost detaching his limb from his shoulder.
“Hey!” The animal hissed... only to be slapped with sufficient force to stun him.
“Rule number one,” said the orderly, “My name is Mac. Rule number two: your name is ‘nothing’ and you’re a nobody. Rule number three: for every trouble you cause, I will inflict you mucho pain. Is that clear?”
If pure hate could’ve killed, Ghost’s eyes would have become death rays. With clenched teeth, he said only, “Crystal.”
Mac pushed him towards the door unceremoniously. He gave a laugh as noisy as it was fake. “So we understand each other! Peace and quiet, we don’t ask for more, here!” He was playing the buddy, now, yet he continued to push the poor animal as if he wanted to trample him with his boots. “Can you feel the peace? We humans love our little creatures to be as silent as the night before Christmas. That means they’re good and obedient. “
They passed a wooden cage where a female German shepherd was housed; she was white, dirty and haggard. She looked at Ghost with a pair of intense blue and very curious eyes.
One last push, and Ghost found himself stuck in another cage, next to that of the female. “There you go,” said Mac, closing the door. “Two snowballs keeping company! And don’t say that Mac doesn’t care for you, eh?” And walked away, the air still vibrating with his loud, fake laugh.
The cat was not sure if his back was still whole, and all that pushing was making him feel disoriented.
The view, from what he could see through the little wire door, was distressing beyond his expectations. The sturdiest cage, there, looked less robust than the trash bins in which he had spent the coldest winter nights. There was a terrible smell of rotted wood, mold, and diseases. Mosquitoes and flies are already fighting over the mud. You could bet that leishmaniasis claimed many victims during the summer season...
And there was the silence. That Mac guy was right, it was as if someone had removed the vocal cords of all of the guests. Ghost instinctively touched his throat. That was the reason that he almost jolted when someone said, “Hello!”
It came from the next cage. The other (ha ha so funny Mac!) “snowball”. Ghost could not see her, but he could imagine her there, all curious and a little excited just like any dumb dog could be, leaning against the door of her cell (from which came much of that terrible rotten wood stench)
The cat sat in a corner of his cell. “Hi,” he muttered.
“My name is Angel. What’s yours?”
“Nice name. You like mine?”
“Don’t you have better things to do than bother me, dog?”
“I’m lonely.”
“What a shame, poor puppy. Perhaps I could pick a tear out from your eye? Together with that eye?”
“You don’t need to be so mean.”
He was about to start screaming, then remembered the slap from Mac. In fact, she wasn’t raising her tone. “Sorry if a feral cat doesn’t trust you fleabags. I didn’t grow up with a cat for a friend in a comfortable home, just like you. Now shut up.” He crouched against the wall to ward himself against some of the damp morning cold. And yay, the she-mutt had shut hp her trap!
Females were the worst ones, the toughest when it came to fights in the middle of the street for a piece of trash, especially when they had to feed their young. Sometimes Ghost was lucky to get out alive.
Who knew if his friends had escaped the attentions of Animal Control... or what you might call ‘friends,’ your fellow raiders, mercurial formations that changed from day to day depending on the convenience or the health of their members. There was a fine-honed cat, that Felix... Red tabby with pure fire in his veins, and a true master in the art of getting by. So good at it, that more than once he had managed to steal an extra portion of food. If he had tried that in a pack of dogs, he would’ve be torn to pieces, but feral cats tended to reward ambition, and they left him in peace as long as he helped them get more food. And that was what he did best.
Ghost envied dogs a little: So obsessed with hierarchy and rules they may have been, but they could move around and hunt as a whole. When one caught you, it meant that you were already surrounded. For this reason, it was easier for AC to catch the cats: ‘Divided we fall’. On the other hand, getting a single cat wasn’t easy, while with dogs you could do a nice roundup in a single stroke.
Advantages and disadvantages, balance and imbalance.
Ghost sighed. For what it was worth, to abandon himself to those speculations...
“I’m a feral, too,” Angel said suddenly. That voice made him think of the scratching of claws against the stone. “By birth.”
Ghost applauded. “Hooray hooray! So if we were on the street, I’d have a reason to claw an eye out of your skull! Now that I know, can I sharpen my nails?”
She fell back into silence. The rest of the day was spent between nervous naps and the most complete stillness, broken only by the occasional stretching and some walking in circle.
The first meal of the day came once, towards the evening. A slop of tin meat and pre-cooked pasta that smelled like the 3-weeks uncollected trash from an illegal Chinese restaurant. Mac generously slammed two ladles of the stuff in Ghost’s bowl before taking the trolley to the next cage. “Today we clean the mess hall, so it’s home delivery service! Protesters get nothing!”
Ghost stared at that meal as if it could come to life and attack him. “Almost every day, he says they’re cleaning the mess hall,” Angel sighed. “Come on, eat. If Mac sees even a crumb for a leftover, you won’t eat anything for a week. It is not so bad after the first three or four times.”
The cat held his nose and ate as if his life depended on it. He cleaned the bowl in record time, knowing that later he would have to avoid throwing up that stuff, knowing that he could not indefinitely hold his breath to avoid the toxic fumes that came up along his digestive tract.
When Mac went to inspect the progress of the newcomer, he was impressed. “Say! A cat who appreciates good food! You make me very happy, good food must never get wasted, nossir! So...” He opened the cage just enough to slip the spoon, and two more rations went into the bowl. “Here is a nice prize to encourage the gourmet kitty!”
Ghost became positively green under his fur. It was the first time he had experienced food as a punishment. Mac walked away laughing. Ghost decided that at the earliest opportunity, he would have ripped the belly of that scheming female!

But those opportunities did not occur. The days were alike, mingled with one another in a hypnotic dance. Ghost quickly lost track of time. He could tell the difference between morning and evening, but no longer knew how long he had been there. It seemed like forever. Then there was the constant chattering of Angel, the real icing on the cake of madness! And he had never been in the mess hall. From time to time, Ghost would imagine such a happy place, where everyone could meet and talk and enjoy that horrible slop.
Sometimes, a visitor would come, a human being. Ghost and Angel were the ones who drew the most attention, but it was always her that they wanted to see first, and only to bring her back in the cage shortly after. The few who asked about him, he made them run away scared, but for some reason this did not seem to anger Mac. In fact, the orderly almost seemed to hope that this stubborn street cat remained where he was. For some reason, when humans would choose a new pet, they tended to want male dogs and female cats. It was a psychological mechanism that eluded Ghost, but that also meant that he and Angel seemed destined to be each other’s company for a while.
For a year, as she had told him. “Then I’ll go away anyway. In a few months. Then it’ll be your turn.” Again she exhaled that sad sigh.
Ghost did not seem to be saddened by the news. “I’ve heard worse, fleabag.”
She fell silent. The cat was absolutely sure that somehow she was staring gloomily at him with those intensely blue eyes of hers. “You saw the chimney,” she asked in a voice suddenly different, more... creepy.
Ghost nodded, although she could not see it. “So?”
“A year. Nobody in here has remained a day longer. Then, away you go... through the chimney.”
The cat felt himself sinking. Suddenly, he knew that there was a fate worse than staying in that cage. “You’re kidding.”
“All of us... You, too...” For the first time since he was there, he felt sorry for that silly female. “Nah, you’re kidding!” He curled up in a ball in his ‘favorite corner’, and sank into a long nap.

He woke up at some point of the night because of a sound even more unusual to the night hours’ deeper silence…
Since he was there, Ghost had subverted his habits, sleeping as much as possible. It was a defensive mechanism: to be awake it was like being asleep. You’d end up opening your eyes into a nightmare far worse than the unconscious could curse you with. In fact, sleeping could hopefully bring some happy dream...
Ghost was ‘institutionalizing’ himself. He even forgot how he ever ended up there, it seemed like he was born there. Did the other animals have this feeling? In his hazy memories, once Mac had left an open cage. Whose? Ghost remembered that, despite the cage being occupied, no one had come out. Was it him? Were they afraid to be beaten up by that monster? Then there was a time when two dogs had just had enough. While the others were silently watching, those two had tried to avenge the oppression they suffered... and they were lucky not to leave the shelter with every bone broken.
It also looked like Mac obeyed someone, but no, he was the master...
And the nights were quiet, like the nights of a cemetery where only the headstones were missing.
Except this particular night. Ghost awoke suddenly. It was a sound he had heard from other prisoners (let’s call things by their name, yes?), but, coming from Angel’s cage, it gave him a deep sense of anguish.
Angel was whining. No, crying. That merry female who was always trying to engage in conversation with him was sobbing. You could tell she was making a terrible effort not to howl and unleash the holy wrath of Mac. But there was so much pain in those sobs.
They were all alone with their pain, at the shelter, and Angel just wanted a little company to stand her own pain.
Ghost touched the walls of his cell. He swallowed. “Angel?”
The crying stopped abruptly. Between sobs, she said, “Y... Yes?”
“I’m sorry.”
“For... what?”
The cat rubbed the wall as if he was doing with her, gently, almost without realizing it. “For being... mean. Can you forgive me? I… I just don’t know really what to do when it comes to dogs. To me you’ve always been the enemy, and...”
Angel sniffed one last time. The familiar joy in her voice was coming back. “It doesn’t matter. I’m glad, if we can talk a bit. Tell me, would you like to have a family? A human one, I mean. I don’t think they are all as bad as Mac. Or that they all cook as bad as the cook.” She giggled.
Ghost imitated her. “If the whole world was like this place, there wouldn’t be a use to living, then. No, I did meet some kind humans, and sometimes I wondered if I would be well-received if I moved into their homes... And every time I had a second thought. Each time, a wasted opportunity, considering how it finished.”
“Yeah. The pack logic got the better of me: I was not the alpha, I could not decide, and had no mate to support me. If the pack decided to stay away from the humans, I obeyed. Yet sometimes, when we slept in some hidden corner in a public park, in the evening, I saw humans walking with their pets. And they would look so happy, so relaxed... Even if we used to mock the devotion of the domesticated, I would see the peace, that love in their eyes and I wanted to be in their place...
“And now that I have the opportunity to live with them, it’s them who refuse me. They look at me, touch me, tell me how beautiful I am... Then they think again. Always. Ghost...” The tears threatened again to break through in her voice. “Is there something wrong with me? Why don’t they want me? During the visits I’m a good girl, I... I...”
“There is nothing wrong with you,” he interrupted, his face against the wall. “You are so kind and beautiful. You are perfect, and they are... stupid. But don’t worry, you’ll find a human who will understand you. You’ll see. “
“What did you say?” Said Angel.
“That you will find a–”
“No, before that. About me. “
The Cat frowned. Had he said that for real?
Because he believed it. Life in the street taught you to lie like the most skilled cheaters, but also to be honest with your own emotions.
And Ghost had not said those things just to comfort her.
But it was absurd, she was a dog!
And with him she had always been... “Kind. Angel, you…” He swallowed again. “You were wonderful to an alley cat like me. And I... I think it’s really, really, really unfair that a family won’t take you out of here. You’re beautiful. “
The cat then surprised her more, doing something he thought he had forgotten. Ghost began to purr. As hard as he could, shaking the wall against which he leaned, he gave her what he could to comfort her, to be near her.
And she answered, scratching lightly against her cage.
And when they resumed speaking, it was an unstoppable river, an exchange of information and hearts that lasted all though the night.

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It was the knocks at the door that woke Danko. Despite being sleep deprived, the Doberman was soon up and wide awake. He and his partner had been together the most night shifts of all their colleagues in the department. Some people jokingly called them the new ‘Doc & Smith’, because those two also worked almost always at night...
“Coming, coming,” muttered Danko, when the knock was repeated. He wondered vaguely who it might be. Perhaps it was one of Mr. Foster’s animals, who came to make sure that all was well. Or maybe a particularly curious neighbor. New guests, new friends to know and a new butt to sniff...
The knocking ceased.
As a precautionary measure, the Doberman quickly checked the intercom... Hmm, there was nobody at the door. Was this someone’s idea of a joke?

Danko opened the door. He quickly sniffed the air in search of a threat, his ears and eyes stretched wide open, but all around he didn’t perceive anything but the tranquility of the road and the pets playing in their gardens. He took a couple of steps forward–
Something exploded from the bush in front of him and *THOOMMP!* slammed him into the house!
From the bedroom came the terrified voice of Thomas Milton. “Russian bomber attack! Everybody to their fighting po– no!” His expression was one of pure despair, at the sight of TWO Dobermans who were happily fighting in the middle of the living room. “OK, it’s just a nightmare,” murmured the poor fellow, still in shirt and trousers, shaking his head sadly. “Now I go back to sleep and it will all be over, yep.” He closed the door, leaving the two dogs to romp.
“Weee, Kevin,” said Danko, the dog for whom ‘happiness’ seemed just an alien concept, so far. “It’s great to see you!” He stood up and hugged his friend of many raids in search of bad guys.
Kevin returned the hug with equal enthusiasm. “Brother, I’ve missed you so much!” Separated by only a year, the two dogs came from the same breeding farm, same mother, different fathers, although both very thoroughbred champions. Both Kevin and Danko had trained at the academy, excelling in their course... but in the end, it was the excessive enthusiasm of Sergeant Ivan Danko and his partner that marked the end of their career in the police.
“I was off duty, and I thought about paying you a little visit,” said Kevin.
Danko ruffled Kevin’s head. “Wow, but look how you’ve softened! By dint of following rules and codes, I bet that’s already a lot if you’re allowed to bark at the baddies!”
“I’m soft? Look who’s talking!” Kevin rubbed a playful fist to the belly of his brother. “I’m the one who tackled Fox’s kidnapper! You, however, are here to babysit a couple of halftracks! You’re going to be chasing tires, at this rate!”
“Halftracks? Do you know who they are? The directors of the old shelter. Milton’s grandchildren!”
Kevin almost collapsed. “Are you kidding me?”
“Not at all. Mr. Foster wants them to multiply the funds he set for his pets and keep an eye on them, and has asked Janet and I to… Kevin, what’s wrong? “
The other Doberman suddenly seemed transformed in the incarnation of some ghoulish, demonic hound. His red eyes seemed to glow with their own light. “Where is he?” He growled, while knowing perfectly well the answer.
Danko stood for a moment as if fascinated by the suddenness of this transformation, and when he saw his brother approaching the door, he realized, and stopped him just before he opened the handle. “Kevin, are you crazy!? What do you plan to do? I know that they are scoundrels, but–”
It was a fact that, technically, Danko was stronger than Kevin, but Kevin pushed him away with brutal ease, fueled by anger. “No! You don’t know what kind of crooks they are! It’s not just what they allowed the animals to suffer under their management, this morning they found a mass grave! Over one hundred skeletons of bodies that were supposed to be buried at the pet cemetery and that instead were thrown into a cellar under the crematorium, to save on costs!” Kevin turned back towards the door “And since I’m off duty, it won’t be the police dog to be blamed for this just dessert!” He rammed the door with one shoulder, and the door opened suddenly in a hail of shrapnel from the lock.
To avoid the risk of unwanted escapes, Martin had set up bars at the windows. Thomas could not do anything but sit huddled against the bed’s headboard. “Listen, dog, I... I’ve heard, and I swear that I have nothing to do with this story! I have never dealt with such things, I just followed the law, please don’t kill me!”
To say that Kevin was out of his mind was today’s understatement. “Let’s do it this way: I’m gonna bite a hand off you, and you will use the one you have left to sign a full confession. Maybe I’ll let you live, afterward.” And still he advanced, his eyes fixed on the trembling Thomas, who for the first time in his life was really looking at death in the face.
“Kevin, no!” It was Danko to tackle his former colleague this time. With consummate skill, before Kevin could react, Janet’s dog pinned him to the ground with a perfect catch move. “Listen, for heaven’s sake! If they’re also guilty of the crime you’ve just described, killing these humans will only put you in trouble, and won’t bring the dead back to life! I understand you, believe me, but please, calm down!”
“I didn’t have anything to do with these funeral frauds!” Thomas was shrieking. “Will you believe me? Celia and I just inflated the accounts to cheat the municipal funds, and if I wanted to get rid of unburied bodies, I would incinerate them to hide the evidence, allow me at least a modicum of common sense!?” Too late, he realized who he was talking to. He gulped. “I mean, look, I, well... D’oh!”
Kevin seemed to have recovered. “Let go of me, Ivan,” he said slowly. When he was free, Kevin stood up, rubbing his arms. “You still have a good grip, brother, congratulations.” Then, to the man, “If you didn’t have anything to do with it, do you know who did? Police are investigating on the funeral parlor, but that seems to be a dead end.”
Thomas nodded. “Predictable. The crematorium was Mac’s territory. He and the ‘chef’ were birds of a feather, and they were both recommended by our pet food suppliers. I bet that the funeral agency had an agreement with Mac for the… disposal of the bodies. He didn’t use the oven because he knew I would see the gas bill, and any diligent citizen with control over the accounts would begin to wonder why there were irregularities in the table of cremations.”
Kevin nodded. “Yeah. And you swear to me you’ve never taken a penny..? “He gave a murderous gaze. Danko tensed, ready for anything.
Thomas shook out his hands vigorously. “Hey, will you grant me another shred of... okay, whatever. Well, I saw what that Foster gets like, when he goes off his rocker! And you want the truth, Sergeant? I am more afraid of him than you. If only he had the suspicion that Celia or I had something to do with this crap, we would end up in a crematorium. Alive! So I can safely assume that your dear rich uncle knows that we have not descended to such baseness. His concept of punishment is to pay us minimum wage and make us work hard for the good of the animals. Or we would already be dead.”
Kevin thought it over for a second. Yes, what the coward was saying was compatible with what he had learned about Mr. Foster. That human was not just a rich guy with a predisposition to giving parties in style. He had committed himself to rebuilding the shelter from the ground up, making sure that the animals received the utmost comfort. And after bringing Mac to the brink of death, he had sued him for the repeated abuses on the old shelter’s guests…
“Okay,” Kevin said, and turned toward the door. “I’m sorry for the door, Ivan. And as for you, human, you already have much to answer for. Don’t add anything to the list, or we shall meet again.” And he turned away after giving him one last dirty look...
Ghost tried his best to look fierce to the intruder who was about to ruin his life.
Yet, the human squatting in front of the cage didn’t look at all impressed. He sported a big smile on his lips, his head tilted slightly to the side. He was not pretending, that accursed big ape, he was serious, and Ghost felt an icy knot in his bowels and a stab to his heart.
That human had come to adopt him.
“Hello, handsome,” said the man. “My name is Martin.”
Ghost snarled, something resembling a jaguar ready to fight for his life.
“That cat is just a troublemaker, sir,” said Mac, “If you want to follow me, I can show you–”
The human Martin shook his head. “No. I want to talk to him.” His voice was sickeningly polite, but firm. Even that pea-sized brain of Mac understood it, and shrugged. “As you wish, sir. Do you want to head to the interview room?”
Martin stood up and walked away.
Mac put the key in the lock of the cage. “Now you be good and follow me to the room where you will have a good chat with the nice man who will maybe take you away. All clear?”
Unfortunately, over time Ghost had learned that if there was one thing you can count on from Mac, it was his propensity for violence. And worse still, the cat no longer had just himself to worry about... “I’ll be good a good boy.”
Mac nodded. “Bravo, snowball. Now, come on.” And this time he had not even pulled him by the arm. Ghost imagined that there was at least one advantage to these pre-adoption visits: the prospective parents must not be shown a damaged good.

He had never been there.
By human standards, this place edged the definition of ‘bleak’, with its thick gray walls, a single ground glass window, too high for even a cat to reach it. By human standards, this was an interrogation room rivaling the Gulag.
To Ghost, it was a luxury room. How long had it been since he had so much room to move, unless he was in the infirmary? And then, there was the absence of smell. To avoid humans feeling uncomfortable, this place offered a minimum of hygiene. You could have fooled a normal person.
In this place, as always, either a human would adopt or think it again.
Martin smiled. He showed shades of… contagious happiness. He was not all hugs and kisses, his eyes were alert and inquisitive.
As soon as Ghost entered, accompanied by Mac, Martin said, “Hello again.”
Mac went out and closed the door. A one-way mirror allowed him to monitor the progress of the interview.
Ghost sat opposite the man. He said nothing. He decided that it would adopt the tactics of that newcomer, Silent Bob, as Happy Mac had called him.
Martin sighed. “Is it okay if I call you Alcor?”
“It’s a star in the Ursa Major constellation, a white dwarf. They say that locating it with the naked eye was a test to join the royal guards, back in the ancient Arabian kingdoms.”
“I think I have found the star that I was looking for.”
Silence. And that human kept being so… patient!
Martin sighed. “You know, by law, the shelter’s administration can deny the adoption, if the animal proves himself openly hostile. An absurd clause voted by some paranoid counselor because of those domestic accidents caused by particularly traumatized pets… As if spending more than one day in this place wouldn’t drive you over the edge already.” He placed his elbows on the table, leaning slightly forward. “Look, these talks will last up to one hour at a time, and you know what? If necessary I will come every single day, until you have given me a very solid reason to treat me as if I wanted to do you harm. What do you say? Is that a deal? “And he held out his hand.
Ghost didn’t squeeze it.
“Okay. Let’s play to who’s grumpier until to the end of the hour. I won’t go away, not before then.” And with that, Martin put up a pouty face.

Angel knew what had happened when Mac slammed the cat inside the cell. “I don’t know what you want, Mr. Emo, but if you like it here, no one’s stopping you. You know where you’re going, in the end, after all.” He closed the cage and walked away. “I’ll never make sense out of these ungrateful fleabags…”
“Ghost!” Angel almost barked. “What happened?”
“What happened is that human is stupid if he thinks he can take me away from here,” said the cat, licking his arm briefly. He was even used to the stench that emanated from himself, now.
“He wanted to..?” The female didn’t believe her ears. “Ghost, have you gone crazy! There are animals, here, who would give an arm and a leg to get out of here clinging onto a human, and you... you...” She was so angry that, to heck with Mac, she would have demolished her cage just to get that thick-headed feline and beat some common sense into with some shot to th–
“I love you.”
Her pupils shrank to pinheads. Her ears flattened on her skull as if they were threatening to fall. The fur on the back of her neck stood up. “What..?”
“I love you,” repeated Ghost. “I don’t want to get out of here before you do. It’s already hard enough to know that we may be separated forever, but I won’t go and leave you here.” She didn’t see the cat crying, but his voice betrayed him. “You... you are a wonderful creature, and if you’re destined to go… through… the…” He breathed heavily a couple of times. “Then I will come after you, or with you if necessary, but I won’t leave you here! That’s it, there! Stupid dog!”
Angel was usually the one that started the talk, encouraging him to speak, and cheering up both of them.
Now she was speechless.
Since he had finally opened, that night, Ghost had changed, had become another cat, sweet, able to touch the right chord to make her feel better. Every so often, she joked to herself saying that there was some dog under that hard cat shell.
And now this. “You... love me?”
After a while, he, all sad, said, “Yes.”
“‘Wow’? That’s all you can say? ‘Wow’? That’s all I’m worth, for...” He was really getting angry. Angel interrupted him frantically. “No, no I meant... I’m sorry, that is... I think I’m in love with you too.”
Ghost’s heart skipped a beat. Loudly. It fell to him to say, “…pardon?”
“Since that night. You... you showed me all of yourself, you told me everything about you, trusted me because I wanted it, and you comforted me when I needed it, and you’ve been close at all times since then. You’re a wonderful person, Ghost, and… beautiful.” She felt herself blush. If he had seen her at that moment, she would have turned red like a brick. “I said ‘wow’ because I hadn’t had the courage to confess, I feared that you would’ve driven me out again, and I was afraid to be alone again... But you love me too. Thank you.” “Uh,” Ghost said after a long pause. “‘s nothing, I mean… Hold on a sec.”
Angel heard him make an effort, while a little at the time his paw came out of the hole in the mesh on which he had patiently worked since that night. Nothing that could allow him to escape, of course, but at least enough to allow her to stretch and touch his fingers.
It was their first contact, a clumsy brushing of the hands that, yet, was worth more than the purest and most precious of kisses. Ghost then had to withdraw his hand. “I love you. And I promise that I will do my best to see you happy. You’ll find your family before me, you’ll see.” Then he rubbed the arm that had rubbed against the mesh. “Owie.”
Angel chuckled. “If you want to make me happy, silly cat, take the chance that you’ve been given.”

But he didn’t.
Martin kept his word: He came the next day and the day after, and each time he was never short of an argument. If he were not human, thought Ghost, Martin could have been Angel’s brother. He was sincerely committed to convincing the cat to follow him, but every time he was faced by the ‘wall of silence’. Yet, each time showing that heck of a nice smile and promising to return.
Ghost was divided: one part was very tempted to accept, in the end the human was a good person, he could swear as sure as he had learned to recognize people at a distance – good ol’ self-preservation instinct.
But he dared not ask him the question that threatened to undermine everything – would he take Angel, too? And if that guy was found to be a bluff, him and his love for animals? Would he have left for good?
But to be without Angel? Without that sweet and wonderful female? She who had kept him out of despair? For however kind some of the shelter’s staff was – Evelyn, the doctor with the funny accent, and that chubby young guy – it was Angel who kept hope alive. He loved her, more than his own life. He would not leave her there, period!

The turning point came a week later. Martin had learned right away to bring along snacks that he surreptitiously slipped into Ghost’s cage. The ritual was simple. Martin would come, greet the guest, while Mac, now accustomed to the visits of that strange young man, would not notice, and some protein bars slipped through the cracks.
Ghost was grateful, that food was the first taste of paradise since he was in that lager. He always made sure to share it with Angel.
Martin, on that fateful day, had decided to try out a more… direct approach. When the cell door was closed, this time the man sat down beside the silent cat. And he put his hand on his shoulder. An affectionate gesture, in his intentions, but for a cat accustomed for months to Mac’s brutal pushes & shoves, that was a very different kind of signal!
Ghost howled in an unearthly fashion, unsheathed his claws, striking like lightning Martin’s left forearm! Four knives sank deeply into the flesh, saving the human’s tendons and arteries by chance alone.
It had happened so fast, that for a moment the man stood where he was, still, the wound was oddly clean... And a second after, the blood began to flow copiously! A very pale human tried to hold his hand firmly over the wound, clenching his teeth, breathing rapidly, while blood flowed in large drops on his blue jeans, as if they were macabre paint stains.
Ghost was in shock, himself. His reaction had been so immediate... it surprised even him.
Yet, as Martin had every reason to be afraid, he just seemed very amazed… and sad. As if he were wondering what mistake could he have made…
Then time began to run normally, Mac raged into the cell, accompanied by the veterinarian. He was pale, not out of concern, but anger. “Mr. Foster!”
Martin stood up. Ghost huddled in a corner. He knew what awaited him, and now he was really scared.
Martin’s gaze crossed the cat’s, and without stopping to dab the wound, his fingers streaked with scarlet, he said, “Don’t hurt him!”
Mac seemed surprised by that statement. “Mr. Foster, you have to care–”
“I SAID YOU MUST NOT TOUCH HIM, AM I CLEAR ON THAT?!” The kind man had disappeared. In his place was an alpha wolf, an angry mother cat, an animal ready to defend its children with its own life. “Now I am going to… let you tend to… these scratches,” Those wounds would have required a dozen stitches, at least. “Then you will accompany me to the site managers, and come tomorrow morning... I’m taking him away. Got it... Mac? Don’t you dare to do him harm, in the meantime!” Then, as the doctor cut his shirt sleeve with a pair of scissors, Martin smiled a wanton smile at the cat. “It’s all right, boy. Tomorrow you’ll be out of here, I promise.”
Ghost saw Mac’s fists contracting, but the orderly did as he was told, and brought the animal to his cage without a fuss.

The law was the law. If the animal proved himself entirely unsuited to adoption, he had to be suppressed and the body destroyed.
Ghost had heard this repeated so many times that he had little doubt that tomorrow he would be stuck still alive in the oven for what he had done. The human Martin could not break the law, could not get the papers, it was impossible! Either that human was lying or didn’t know how things went in the real world. The animals were not allowed to act that way!
Despite all of Angel’s attempts, he said not a word, he stood where he was, all curled up while waiting for retribution. So this was the end, what did some more pain matter?
Mac arrived in the evening. He didn’t say a word. He opened the door and took the cat by the scruff of his neck, meeting no resistance.
He used the heavy boots to kick him over and over again, making sure that everyone heard the sound of reinforced leather against flesh. Mac didn’t speak through it, he didn’t need to.
And when the cat was brought back in the cage, more dead than alive, Angel said, “I’m sorry.” And she didn’t know what else to do but stick her hand out of the cage.
Somehow, Ghost found the strength to do the same. “I’m sorry. I promised to stay with you... Instead... I’ll go first... Angel? “
Their claws lightly clinked as they brushed together. “Be happy. Promise? Help the next... that will be here...” He coughed, and tasted blood. He would have liked to curl up and die there, but chose instead to prepare to face the ultimate test with dignity. He would not have implored Mac, never, never... “I love you.”
“I love you.”

The execution was regularly scheduled for 8 am, before the opening. Program: strawberry-flavored injection (blueberry for the more sophisticated), free auscultation and a nice roasting to finish. Not even half an hour, and a lifetime of emotions, hopes, and memories would become a shapeless mass of ashes scattered by the winds.
8 am arrived. The silence was more grave than usual. The neighbor inmates had grown fond of the new lovebirds, and if they could they would have fought tooth and nail for them. As it was, they could only bid their last wishes to Ghost, who at least would stop suffering.
Angel said nothing. Curled up in her cage, she could only contemplate a few more months of solitude, before joining her beloved cat. She hadn’t told him her thoughts to spare him those last shards of anxiety, but she just couldn’t go on without him. As soon as she saw the familiar black and gray smoke from the chimney, she would begin to wait her turn, doing nothing to prevent it...
Came the eighth.
It passed.
“Maybe he got a stroke,” said a cat.
“Maybe the oven broke,” said the half-Dalmatian.
Hypotheses started flourishing. The only thing that worked for years in that place was that accursed oven, and Mac was always its grim supplier. He wouldn’t have missed this show, not even by jest! He prided himself on being punctual like a Swiss clock, in this ritual...
So, between rumors, prayers, hopes and assumptions, 9 am arrived.
And a car came to the shelter. All the animals looked towards the entrance. Even Ghost dared to hope, now...
Then, the unmistakable footsteps…
…of Martin Foster. The man was accompanied by another person, a guy with a pair of metallic glasses, his hair short and black, and he had a slight limp. His jacket was dirty, as if he had just used it as a napkin for breakfast.
They arrived in front of Ghost’s cage, and Martin said, “Open it please, madame.”
Evelyn came over and put the key in the lock. Martin told the man who accompanied him, “Carl, you know what to do. See you in the car. Madame, please wait a minute. “Then he squatted in front of the cage. “You are free, boy. Just like I promised you.” He held out his right hand. His left showed a conspicuous bandage. And he smiled. “I mean it. You don’t have to spend another minute longer in this lager.” His hand remained where it was. He moved his fingers to call again.
Without moving from where he was, Ghost said, “D-Daddy? “
One word was enough to illuminate the human’s face. “Tell me... Alcor.”
“If...” the cat swallowed. “If I come with you...” This could be the biggest mistake of his life, but he would never forgive himself if he didn’t do it! “Can Angel can come with us? Please?”
The man nodded his head to Evelyn, and shortly afterwards they heard the sound of the key opening the cage next door. Martin, with that smile of his, said, “Of course! Whatever makes you happy.”
Alcor took the hand of his very first adoptive parent. He groggily went out for the last time from his cage, and gladly let the human help him to stand up. Martin would have embraced him, but the poor guy was just so bruised...
To Alcor, that didn’t matter. The pain was just an annoying background noise now that he could finally stay in front of Angel, no longer a barrier dividing them.
The two animals embraced and exchanged a long, deep kiss! The other prisoners from the neighboring cells shouted and applauded their encouragement, not sparing some not-so-romantic phrases.
“Angel, we did it, I love you I love you–”
“Mizar,” she interrupted, earning a puzzled look.
Martin answered for her. “Alcor’s binary star. I had decided to adopt her with you the moment I saw you. I never imagined you two had such a beautiful relationship, and I’m happy to see you so united.” He stroked the heads of both, and they both gave him a hug around his neck.
“I am so sorry for your arm,” sobbed Alcor. “I, I was just...”
“Shhh-shh, I know. I can imagine it well, and... It’s all right.” Martin gave both of them a kiss on the forehead. “Now let’s get out of here...”
“...The rest is history,” said Mizar. “Dad never stopped being the best human being possible, even for a second. It is even more beautiful that he is committing so much for the new shelter. If he says it will be a wonderful place, I believe him without a doubt.”
Peanut drank the last sip of his cup. He wagged its tail. Grape considered herself lucky to have avoided all those tortures. Her stay in that place of pain had lasted very little time at all. Mizar and Alcor, however, despite so much time spent in there, enduring many hard trials, had seen such a beautiful love blossom between themselves.
Grape took Peanut’s hand. What they both felt was no less beautiful, and had grown up without the scourge of deprivation in that shelter, and that was why they would have to work even harder, because their relationship was never to be taken for granted.
And she knew that she could count on her sweet dog.

Season I
Episode 3

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But then I was like :D

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First I was like :(

But then I was like :D

EDIT: Holy cow, you ninja'd me with a UPDATE :D

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Just finished the second update. That flashback to the shelter was so heartwarming. It's so sweet that even in that diabolical place, some good still came out of it.


This has been my favorite part so far.

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yoyodude Wrote:
Just finished the second update. That flashback to the shelter was so heartwarming. It's so sweet that even in that diabolical place, some good still came out of it.


This has been my favorite part so far.

Trust me, it only gets better.

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How do you make such a horrid place so romantic? Dude you're amazing!

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ChristopherJackal Wrote:
How do you make such a horrid place so romantic? Dude you're amazing!

Other people got the monkey on their backs. I got cupid :mrgreen:

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*Tries to learn Italian*


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Anyway, Val, your writings amaze me.

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Italian is a language I want to learn. Did before these fics. There's three, actually: Italian, Japanese, and Swedish.
Anyway, Val, your writings amaze me.

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Ach! If I wasn't so busy with my ficcie myself, I'd die for this!

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To Famfrit with money, Teach me Italian now, Val.

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Great story. I love the original characters. They fit very well in the neighborhood. Can't wait for the next update.

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Heh, almost done with Season 1, Episode 4, Chapter 1.
Edit: DONE! Now we wait for Val. :mrgreen:

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Tha Housedog Wrote:
Heh, almost done with Season 1, Episode 4, Chapter 1.
Edit: DONE! Now we wait for Val. :mrgreen:

will go for it after:

1) writing my contirbution for ATKM contest
2) finishing special episode 2

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Season I - Episode 4 - Tiger, tiger ...

Gym Villa Foster, Babylon Gardens, 10:00 am

35... 36... 37...
At first, the idea of the fitness club had seemed a good one; the animals in the neighborhood had been immediately struck with envy at the idea that a handful of elected ones had access to the top new gym in the Gardens.
... 41... 42... 43...
The first official member was Tiger. In full regalia, the peach-furred pitbull had taken his membership card. Bino was devoured by jealousy, and that was the sweetest moment of the day. That, and when Mr. Foster had made that unforgettable encyclopedic lesson on the word 'tiger'. And Tiger, from that moment on, no longer had the name of a cat, but a name that was akin to the terror of men and of the jungle, the king of Panzer Divisionen, the hero of Mompracem, Sovereign of the Manchu, steed of the gods!
... 48... 49... 50!
"Excellent!" Said Daryl, helping to lay the barbell into place "Now, a pause and then we’ll go to the tapis roulant."
In the first three days, Tiger would’ve liked to return a wee kitty and give way to Bino! As the first and sole member, he had been the subject to the undisturbed attentions of those two monsters named Antares and Aldebaran. The young Ukrainian twins were not walking dynamos, they were an entire nuclear power plant! Tiger couldn't believe that someone could be so strong! Rex was a bulldog who had always been successful thanks to his physical abilities, he was Bino's bodyguard, and was the vigilante for the Good Old Dogs Club.
In front of Martin's two dogs, he would be lucky to be seen as 'skinny.'
Antares and Aldebaran did two hours of intensive exercise every single day. Changing equipment every time, they sometimes preferred to swim in the indoor pool, sometimes more than swimming, it seemed that they wanted to try and sink a battleship. An impact from them could destroy a tank!
Two hours that, in the words of their master, could have broken the back of a U.S. Marine, and still have enough energy to carry on until the evening.
Tiger had arrived on the third day with the belief that he had volunteered for a circle of the underworld. He suspected that Bino had guessed, but now he was determined not to give in! He would breathe his last in that gym before he would withdraw! He was Tiger, not a wimpy cat!

On the fourth day, they had just started to work with a tapis-roulant with built-in TV, when some new members arrived. Seeing them, or rather, seeing one of them in particular, Tiger's heart had skipped a beat, his pupils had shrunk and he had just stopped walking, dazed… And at that point, the mobile platform had dragged him down with a sinister noise of bones crackling, among the general curiosity. At least, they made him the favor of not laughing at his clumsiness.
One of the new members had smiled at him.
A beautiful one.
A wolf. A beautiful she-wolf. She was a member of that Milton pack, the younger one among the adults. She had the delicate gray fur like the others, but her eyes... Two crystals of a blue so clear they were almost white, the eyes of a supernatural entity, an angel with a spontaneous smile, graceful and her voice like a spring breeze...
"Hello," said the young wolf to the dog, holding out her hand. Tiger vaguely realized he was showing here a dopey smile. He shook himself and tried desperately to play the 'tough macho' card. He cleared his throat with a fierce scowl and said, "Hello to you..?" And then he remembered that he didn’t know her name! Of course he knew, Miles and Lucretia, their dynamic puppies-who-still-had-to-choose-their-name, and Miles’s brother Daryl. They were the only wolves of the forests that had decided to join the pet community of Babylon Gardens, working for the Milton Ferrets as their security staff.
This female who came from the sky and that smelled of pine, grass and flowers in the morning, was unknown to Tiger. Had it not been for education, rather than ask her name he would’ve recited a poem.
"Celestia," said the wolf, bringing it back on planet Earth. "My name is Celestia. It is the latin word for 'starred sky'. "
"Beautiful name. Tiger. A pleasure. "
"You have a really nice place, Foster pets," she said suddenly, taking her hand from Tiger's, making the poor dog fall down back to the ground. The she-wolf looked around, impressed.
"Call us Antares," said one of the twins.
"And Aldebaran," the other glossed, as he sat at a bench for abdominal muscle training. The weights he had set looked more suitable for an elephant than a dog. "Nice to have you among us, members," he said, and started pumping.
Tiger set his tapis-roulant for a ‘hill slope’ and started to do some jogging. *Puff! * so, I've never seen you around here before *puff!* "
Celestia stood on the platform next to Tiger's, and set it on the same slope. When she began to run, the dog's eyes were filled with the sublime vision of that beautiful wild figure at his side. He was close to get a nosebleed, and even closer to a heart attack.
"Oh, I thought about it before joining the rest of the pack," replied the wolf. The puppies were climbing to the rope, and the sister had cannonballed into the pool, while the adults were devoting to their usual exercises. Aldebaran and Antares chatted with their booming voices. The sounds of the equipment joined the general cacophony, transforming the gym for the first time since its inauguration, into a place that was very much alive. "I understand Aunt Lucretia's needs, she has to take care of the cubs, and basically living among humans is better than watch out for them and going hungry in the winter... But I don’t have these problems, and old habits die hard, even for a young wuffie as me." She gave him that smile again.

Since then, Tiger had made a life or death mission to become one of the most fitted males in Babylon Gardens. The wolves were punctual in their visits, and so was he. The members were increasing day by day, and so were the potential competitors. Reservations and turns had to be established, at last, and Tiger was ready to fight for his life, to make sure he had his sessions with the wolves.
Seeing him so dedicated, Daryl had decided to spend some time as his 'trainer.' "The body is a sophisticated machine, my boy," Miles' brother had said. "When you live in the forest, you put in use all the parts of your body, every day that Heaven has given us, but in this human community, you harmonize your work .... You have to love your body, champion." And so he began to torture him making him try out each machine of the gym in painful turns.
Tiger didn’t care, as long as he could take in the sweet vision of Celestia. Every fatigue was less tiring, if she was there, with those spectral eyes of hers.
One day, however, after the weights, Daryl had told him, "You think you could do something more than looking?”
Tiger was drinking from a bottle of supplement. That stuff was disgusting, at first, but now it wasn't so bad. Certainly it prevented those painful night cramps.
Without stopping drinking, Tiger turned to the wolf with yellow eyes, a puzzled look, and a raised eyebrow.
"My puppy, Celestia. Don’t you want to get with her? "
A spray of supplement reached to the opposite wall!
Tiger coughed a few times. He was shocked to say the least! He knew these creatures weren’t born into houses, but thoroughbred ferals, it was expected they were more…audacious… But what the heck!
Daryl gave him a couple of pats on the back. "Come on, don’t tell me that my little lady is not worth a bit of courtship?" And he asked it with a grin filled with very bright and very sharp teeth.
Tiger didn’t know whether to blush or turn pale. "No, well, buh ..." He swallowed. "I hadn’t imagined to act so…direct, not now, I MEAN I WON’T…"
Daryl laughed. "I know what you mean! You are not a Don Juan, a ladykiller, a conquistador! But my little girl finds you attractive, and always asks me about you, and aside from your weird antics, I have not heard much about you. However, you are a gentledog, and that suits me!" He gave him a friendly pat that almost threw Tiger against the wall. "Can I reserve a seat at the restaurant and a movie ticket?"
"Dad," said Celestia, "I'm old enough to choose a name and keep it, don't you think I could handle this pretty boy?" She scratched his head.
A long Gregorian chant rang out from the gym. It was the collective anxiety of the males who had just lost the race.
Tiger was thinking of a list of things to buy for Valentine's Day, and a super Christmas present for Mr. Foster for coming to live there with his gym ...
Milton & Masterson (& Danko) House

"Now that's the ticket!" Said Celia Milton, looking around satisfied. Once she had bought a fully fledged SUV, she had been commuting between the city and the suburban community of Babylon Gardens, looting shops, to transform one of the many town houses into half a palace.
And though Celia Milton was a cruel woman, who, together with her brother was responsible of the old municipal shelter’s darkest management, she was also a woman with class.
Janet Masterson, a former cop, private detective, had the task of keeping an eye on the Milton brothers, 25/8, while Thomas worked over the trust made available by Martin Foster to make it grow for the benefit of the new shelter and the inheritgance of his pets.
Observing the fruits of Celia's work, she understood how those two rascals had managed to lay waste their wealth and their share of the Milton’s inheritance.
If Thomas was a stock market investor compulsively wandering among the banks like a casino, Celia tended to spend only in brand-name stuff. Nothing in the residence of Milton & Masterson cost less than a thousand dollars, including ornaments.
Celia glanced to the only room without a door. "And you should thank me, mutt! That pillow alone is worth a hundred of your meals! So, refrain to chew it in your sleep!"
The dog Sergeant Ivan Danko responded with a deep growl. Celia hated animals, but would not have tolerated having one room of the house that was not up to her standards expectations.
"Can I ask you something?" Said Janet, drinking coffee from her favorite cup, with "Top Dog" written black-on-white, "Why didn't you try to do something like this for the old shelter? That environment was one of misery... "
Continuing to gaze at her work, Celia took a pack of cigarettes from her pocket, opened it, and also revealing the lighter in it. Martin had given them permission for this vice, if it served to keep them good.
Celia lit a cigarette and exhaled with delight. "Please, with that ‘job’ we barely scraped together the money for rent and for Chinese take-out. If someone so much as mentioned chicken with almonds, I know where I’ll stick the chopsticks…”
Janet decided not to further taunt the woman. After all, being kept under control every day by a dog, and see the millions Thomas was doing with his nocturnal brokering ending up to animal welfare was punishment enough.
The doorbell rang.
Janet went to open the door, and was confronted by a motorcycle Officer’s uniform, and a very familiar face decorated with the ever-present sunglasses. "Bill!" The woman threw her arms around her former colleague. "About time you showed your face, dear my unfaithful traitor!"
"Look who's talking!" The policeman who, according to Peanut, could break a wolf in two with his bare hands, seemed overwhelmed by the girl, and scoffed at as a schoolboy. "And you? You have just disappeared since..." He bit his tongue, but the damage was done.
"Since we were dismissed by the police? Ivan, did you see who's here? "
From the threshold, the Doberman looked at the policeman coolly. "Must shake paws or bite his butt?"
"What? It was he who reported us to the Disciplinary, did he? You give your trust to that traitor, and we win a ticket for resignations. And now excuse me, I would like to rest. "
Celia, without saying anything, sat on the couch to enjoy the scene. Interesting...
Janet sighed and let go of her ex-colleague and ex-boyfriend. "I don't suppose he’ll ever forgive you. And I’m still a little too angry, you thick-headed Southern big boy. Come on in, I have a little bit of coffee left."
"Your secret blend?"
She shrugged, pointing at Celia with her head, then the bedroom. "We’re back to night shift. I thought it would’ve been worse, but at least here you can chat with them instead of staying in a van or a cold room to stare at them at a distance."
Bill closed the door behind him. He removed his glasses and his brown eyes stared at Celia with a contempt fiery enough to incinerate an oak forest. The woman returned with a Siberian frost.
"Danko has always been very loyal," said Bill, following to Janet in the kitchen. "I understand that in his eyes I must have been the Judas Supreme, but you know that there are rules to follow... Why are you giggling?"
Janet took a new cup, which bore the inscription, "I'm right there!" With an arrow pointing down, and filled it. "You still feel the need to justify yourself? If it means that they suffer, I'm glad. I was afraid you had dismissed us with ease.”
Bill took the cup. He took a sip. "You could write to me."
"Too busy with my work. With the crisis, it seems that the betrayed spouses prefer to remain ignorant rather than pay a paltry fee to find out who makes them suffer. And I am never alone, anyway, Ivan is always with me.”
"You always had a funny relationship with that dog," said Bill, staring at her from behind the cup.
In response, she showed off an unambiguously mischievous expression. "RrrrrWURF!"
Bill laughed, spraying coffee. "You're crazy, you're just crazy!"
Babylon Gardens Temporary Shelter for the Abandoned and the Ferals

Outside, the animals were wolfing down their food. One could hear the poor Liam, the new chef, trying in vain to distribute rations to the guests who were trying to overwhelm him.
From his prefabricated office, Martin Foster smiled. The door was open, a mosquito net protected from insects, but let all the sounds pass. He had wanted to immediately put at work the ‘open door’ policy, with guests as much as with staff. Moreover, he loved the sound of all those animals that had finally ceased to suffer under the previous management.
In the distance, one could hear the frantic sounds coming from the construction sites. The two companies worked frantically 24/7, without stopping except for the meals. Martin had invested heavily in this new shelter, and had made it clear to the workers that if they gave blood and tears for the job, the reward would be more than adequate.
For now, however, his attention was towards the guests. They had eaten several months' worth of terrible food, the result of shady contacts handled in parallel by some of the staff, under the nose of Thomas and Celia. The animals were malnourished. In fact, the doctor had diagnosed vitamin deficiency, protein deficiency...
Happy thoughts, Martin!
It was over. That phase of their life was over, period. Now they could eat well, and seemed determined to catch up. Dr. Stanwick was very clear, healthy and varied food was fine, but they must not stuff themselves.
Police were investigating the atrocities committed, he put to good use the talents of that Thomas, and in less than a month, the new shelter would be built, a model with no equal!
Evelyn Sunman ran the paperwork relating to Finance. Martin was convinced that it took a degree at Hogwarts Academy to be an accountant!
Him? He had to oversee all projects to add last-minute details (much to the suffering of the architectural study that he was squeezing beyond human limitations), listen to the animals, give them comfort and fulfill their wishes.
A wish, in particular. What had been asked by a dog known to all only as 'Silent Bob' because since his arrival at the old shelter he had shown a total silence and no desire to interact neither with humans nor with other animals.
The Alaskan Malamute had only recently come out of his shell, thanks to encouragements from Martin. A dog who had asked that human to do a simple search for him…
Evelyn had rarely seen Martin so focused on a couple of those old files. When asked even to bring one, it was the only time she wanted to put on her gloves. There was so much sadness in each of those papers...
But Mr. Foster was studying those two files as if his own life depended on them. Every now and then, with that look lost somewhere in his mind, he muttered only a few words on the edge of his lips, 'Santa' and 'Serendipity'.
What could Santa Claus and Serendipity have to do with those files, the woman didn’t know, and was not sure if she should ask...
"Miss Sunman?"
She nearly jumped. She had not realized how much she had focused on him as well. The pen fell on the desk... "Yes, boss?"
"By chance, there are two cats that are biting my ankles?" Martin asked with all the calm of the world, without taking his eyes from the files.
She blinked her eyes several times, before making the connection. She bent down and saw that indeed there were two young cats, one male and one female, black as coal, clinging to the legs of the man, playfully sinking their teeth into Mr. Foster's calves, their tails waving like snakes. "Yes, boss."
The two kittens giggled, but didn’t let go.
Martin leaned under the desk. "And what could these vicious killers ever want from me? Hm?"
In response, they left their 'prey' and almost climbed on his lap, heads hung like those of two small dark Ghosts. "Ice cream!" They said in chorus. "Icecreamicecreamicecream," They sported a smile full of teeth to emphasize the request.
Martin sighed and stood up. "Okay, rascals. But only one, until tonight.”
"No stories. And if you ever got a sore tummy, the doctor will put you on a diet for a week.” He went to the fridge and took out a pair of walking vanilla ice cream. Discarded them and gave them to two kittens ... Rather, they were almost ripped from the human hands. As they had appeared, the two kittens disappeared running through the pet door. With the warm season, the ice cream had become a required daily ritual... "I'm going home for lunch, Miss Sunman. Don’t hesitate to call me, in any case.”
"Don’t count on it, boss. Enjoy your meal, and I say hi to your boys for me, especially Mizar and Alcor."
Martin went out. Soon after, they heard the chorus of greetings from the guests.
Evelyn's gaze went to the folders that remained on the desk...
The woman thought back briefly to that Mafalda comic strip, in which the little girl speculated why a woman could not be a minister, then imagining said woman ready to call to her friends about the contents of the secret files.
Shame on you, Evelyn, shame! What would Mom think if she had seen her browsing the files of her own boss?
These are the shelter’s papers, Mom! And she knew them by heart. Mr. Foster had merely put them on his desk.
Evelyn got up and went to see who those files belonged to. She knew all the animals who had passed through the old shelter, maybe she could help the Mr. Foster resolve any issue tied to their past. That was what he paid her for, right?
The woman opened the files. One was Silent Bob’s. The other... "Oh." How could she forget that poor little creature? She had spend so little time at that squalid place, but she was so nice, that Princess Periwinkle...

Author:  Pecan [ Sat Nov 06, 2010 7:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Valerio's translated fanfics

Once again, a good job.
The last bit... Is this meaning what I think it's meaning? (I haven't read the originals, so I'm just left guessing... But I think I might just have to put up with Googles crappy translator if this gets any more awesome.)

Author:  Russiarules1 [ Sat Nov 06, 2010 8:34 pm ]
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It's beautiful, I just can't express myself with your marvelous work.
To be honest, I cried. The story is outstanding and simply beautiful, I love it.
I am speechless, someone should give a trophy or an Oscar or something like that.

Author:  ChristopherJackal [ Sat Nov 06, 2010 10:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Valerio's translated fanfics

Val you're amazing! I loved the Tiger and Caelia part! Your stuff is too good, I may explode before the next update!

Author:  valerio [ Sun Nov 07, 2010 2:52 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Valerio's translated fanfics

Pecan Wrote:
Once again, a good job.
The last bit... Is this meaning what I think it's meaning? (I haven't read the originals, so I'm just left guessing... But I think I might just have to put up with Googles crappy translator if this gets any more awesome.)

it means what you think it's meaning :lol:
Just watch out for episode 5... ;)

Author:  copper [ Sun Nov 07, 2010 3:04 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Valerio's translated fanfics

Awwwww, Tiger gains confidence and gets a girl. A wolf at that! Great going there Valerio, this is getting better with every post.

Author:  Karl [ Wed Nov 10, 2010 9:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Valerio's translated fanfics

Valerio. I've read all of this and I would like to thank you for such wonderful time :) Reading your work was really entertaining :)

There are moments that melt my heart. One was when Max and Grape were in Bino's room. I couldn't believe that Bino can keep such secrets. And I feel sorry for him. I kinda know how it feels.

And the moment when Alcor and Mizar's relationship starts to bloom. I've read a lot about such places and It's really magical that love can still be there. My heart sank.

Now it will be difficult for me to write a good fanfic. I will have to try my best. Otherwise I won't be worth to look on your wonderful works.

Well guys, now you don't have a choice but to translate rest of Valerio's works ASAP! ;p otherwise my life will be less colorful. So work hard. Work to give us satisfaction :mrgreen: Especially that I've twisted my ankle now, I really need satisfaction guys, so I beg you =(
( Oh, by the way. If near your desk sits a woman that wears funny clothes, has flowers in her hair and plays on a harp - it's a muse that was send from Olymp)

Author:  Blue Braixen [ Wed Nov 10, 2010 10:16 pm ]
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ACK! I've fallen behind! :(
I'll try to do a translation tomorrow :)

Author:  valerio [ Thu Nov 11, 2010 12:40 am ]
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Heh, as always, Karlos, save some thanks to Sinder and Two-Twig, who brought me into this. seriously, I wouldn't have started this ficcie without their oh-so-precious inspiration and work.
And the muse? Hah, I got mine on iPod and listen at her a LOT :mrgreen:

Author:  Blue Braixen [ Sun Nov 14, 2010 2:52 pm ]
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Alright, I'm working on Episode 4 Chapter 2 now. Expect it by the end of the day if Val logs on again by then.

Author:  Andrea [ Sun Nov 14, 2010 3:13 pm ]
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I feel sad for you guys that can't read the story as it goes. :cry:

Well, just wait and you'll see ;)

Author:  Blue Braixen [ Sun Nov 14, 2010 6:38 pm ]
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Alright, Episode 4 Chapter 2 finished and sent to Val for review!

Author:  copper [ Sun Nov 14, 2010 11:51 pm ]
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Yay! I have been waiting for an update. This story is so good that I have become more impatient than a child on Christmas Eve.

Author:  Blue Braixen [ Sun Nov 14, 2010 11:57 pm ]
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copper Wrote:
Yay! I have been waiting for an update. This story is so good that I have become more impatient than a child on Christmas Eve.

I mean it though, I have a tendency to waste my time playing forum games instead of doing translations...
But no more! I will not play Forum Games! AS MUCH...

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