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Oh yes they call him the Streak!
I've been waiting to use that one for a LONG time… that IS Streak, right?

Author:  valerio [ Mon Dec 05, 2011 11:15 am ]
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Big Fan Wrote:
Oh yes they call him the Streak!
I've been waiting to use that one for a LONG time… that IS Streak, right?

yush! Second appearance by courtesy of great HOPPER200456.
It's good to see Streak is not forgotten :D

Author:  Big Fan [ Mon Dec 05, 2011 4:59 pm ]
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Big Fan Wrote:
Oh yes they call him the Streak!
I've been waiting to use that one for a LONG time… that IS Streak, right?

… And when exactly was the first appearance? Seriously, I can't remember.

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Gahk! I am away for almost a day and suddenly there is a million new updates plus re-edits. HOW DO YOU WORK AT THIS SPEED?!?!?! Took me so long to catch up, my poor eyes they were not designed to take in so much information in such a small period but please don't slow down, this stuff is awesome :D

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yes, a good question the is as you can write so fast and where get all the ideas for this here and the time that's all to write? :P

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Big Fan Wrote:
… And when exactly was the first appearance? Seriously, I can't remember.

Streak made a cameo in the final scenes of the special issue "Crossover", between the end of Season I and the beginning of Season II
Wolfy Wrote:
Gahk! I am away for almost a day and suddenly there is a million new updates plus re-edits. HOW DO YOU WORK AT THIS SPEED?!?!?! Took me so long to catch up, my poor eyes they were not designed to take in so much information in such a small period but please don't slow down, this stuff is awesome :D

I am a commuter with a very demanding muse and a laptop. :mrgreen: plus, in my lunch break I stay at office and I use it to write as well.

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Season II
Episode 16 – Memories from a Future Life

Lindberg House, Babylon Gardens, October 31st, 2010, 7pm.

“Will you teach me?!” King asked, begging shamelessly, standing on his knees, clasping his paws, ears bent backward. “Bailey, pleeeease?”
The female husky giggled. “Sorry, cutie, it’s not that I don’t trust you, but you have never herded cattle before. You can take care of the chicken, everyone at the farm started with that. Sheep will come later, but the cows and horses? It takes a lot of practice.”
King scoffed. “Chicken and sheep are stupid. How hard can it be to keep them under control?”
Bailey shook her head, then kissed his ear. “You don’t need to impress me, dear, okay? Look, I’m happy already that you’ll be working at the farm: it’s hard work for everyone, every day. And we get to stay together. I’m honestly proud of you, not many city boys are ready to change their soft lifestyle for the country life.”
King wagged his stubby tail. Just to hear her talk like that, he’d jump into the fire and brimstone!
“Hey, are you telling I’m a softie, cousin?” Fox lamented. “And shame on you, King. You turned from best friend to ‘who-are-you?’ And to think that I gave you the best years of my life!!” The husky assumed a dramatic pose, an arm covering his eyes.
King glomped him. “No way I could leave you, never! I would be so lost without you!”
Bailey huffed, turning her head indignantly. “Is that so? You love him more than me?”
King turned his head to her. “No! I mean, I love you, but I love him too, and...arrrgh!” He rapped at his skull. He reached out to her tail and dragged her to him. Then his arms went to their waists. “You two both make me happy.”
“I guess we’ll have to decide the turns, then,” Bailey said, ruffling the corgi’s head, mirroring Fox’s gesture. “I get him the odd days, you the even, cuz. And yes, you do need to work out a bit before returning to the fields.” She pinched Fox’s arm. “What was the last time you took care of yourself? You won’t survive the first hour of work.”
Fox blushed. “All right! If that makes you happy, I’ll start doing some exercise! But I still bet I can out-jog you.”
Bailey put her paws on her waist and puffed up her chest, almost giving king a collapse. “Say it again, I’ll be happy to remember it when I’ll have to drag your sorry butt home, tomorrow morning. And as for you,” she said to King, “Don’t think you’re exempted: you want to herd? You’ll spend a lot of time walking and running around.”
King fumed. “I hate you two.”
Sandwich House, Babylon Gardens. 8pm

“And now a nice mouthful. Nomnom!” At that command, the white-furred mouth closed on the fork holding the piece of meat, ham and cheese.
“Hmmm,” Grape Jelly moaned, chewing. Before her pregnancy, Valdostana Escalope was something Mom would cook her for special occasions. Now every day was a special occasion. Furthermore, Peanut was always read to go get her whatever she wanted when the craving came.
Her favorite foods, cuddles and a kicking litter. No problem could compensate for the happiness in moments like this.
Peanut cut her another forkful of meat. Max filled a glass of milk. “More to drink, ma belle?”
Okay, Maxwell wasn’t part of that daily ritual, but he had earned a place at the table for tonight. “Just a sip, dear.”
Max leaned the glass to her lips. She drank the right amount then he wiped her mouth with the napkin. Really, she should consider reusing her old name, Princess Periwinkle, what with the treatment she was getting.
“Later, Trivial?” Max asked.
“Twister!” Peanut proposed with enthusiasm. He got a couple of astonished looks.
“Ah, love?” Grape said. “Kitty no more good for that game, Hm?” she pointed at her belly. “But you know how to flatter me, for thinking I’m still flexible enough.” By now she was spending 90% of her time on all fours.
“Exactly,” Peanut said, sticking his tongue out. “At last I can beat you at that game!” A second later, a plate of fries hit him square in his face! When the plate slipped away, it revealed a clownish mask of fries and catsup, with a large catsup moustache.
“Bad doggie! Just one more joke on my looks, and no cuddles until birth day. And now go clean yourself, mutt.”
Peanut took an eyebrow of fry, used it to scoop a catsup moustache and ate it. “Will do. Sorry, mommy.” He pecked her cheek, staining it with sauce, then ran to the bathroom.
“Silly nutty,” she muttered.
“Can I clean it?” Max offered, looking at the lavender cat’s cheek. His eyes were shining in his ‘sly kitty wanna’ mode. He got a bucketful of warm milk over his head.
“Now you too go get clean, wannabe homewrecker!”

Peanut had entered the bathroom and turned on the light. He placed the stool near the sink and climbed up. He turned on the warm water faucet and removed his collar. The mirror fogged up while the dog washed with generous doses of soap. Once they all had that Macbeth play pretend, and Peanut had learned how much hard was to remove catsup from his collar and neck fur. Heh, Grape had made such a fuss to clean herself: what was wrong with water and soap, it left you clean and smelling good.
Once he was done, Peanut rubbed his face dry. He then wiped the mirror with the towel, and showed a fanged lovelock grin. “Rowr.” After that, he started posing in several ways –buffy macho, a-la-Gable seducer, innocent puppy, Casablanca Bogart “Play it again, Max.” Then Marlon Brando adjusting an imaginary shirt collar. “I’m gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse, Grape.” Yup, he should try that, tonight. Hmm-mm.
Too bad they couldn’t go ‘trick or treat’, tomorrow. But Grape couldn’t go, and so wouldn’t he. Well, at least he’d have some more time to work on her Christmas present. He had to finish it before the birth.
There was another secondary effect of staying at home, for Grape: she was updating her Pridelands fan fiction more frequently, at least judging by her increased contacts with Joey. Peanut had stopped trying to read it: what sense in grabbing pieces and bits of her work and even worse, upsetting her in the process? He could only hope she’d make it read to him.
And speaking of Pridelands, Peanut wondered if they should invite Res for the birth. Already, after learning of the multiple maternities, he had sent the Sandwich Family a really nice card… Yes, perhaps they should—
“Peanut Butter Sandwich,” said a voice, shaking him from his thoughts. Peanut took a moment to realize that voice was coming…from the mirror? “Oh, hi Sabrina. What are you doing in our mirror?”
Sabrina looked terribly serious. Her eyes were two pupilless golden orbs. Peanut had never seen her so serious. “Peanut, I need you. It’s of the utmost urgency.”
The dog rapped lightly at the glass, tilting his head sideway.
“Please, don’t. It gives me an headache.”
“Sorry. But I cannot leave Grape like this, at this hour—“
“It’s about Tarot.”

Grape looked again at the wall clock. “Is he really taking a bath?”
Peanut walked in at that moment. He went to Grape and gave her one of his best kisses. “SorryloveIreallymustgo!” he said like a squirrel, before walking out. He turned one last time. “Max, take care of her. For real, this time. No getting out until I’m back. I mean it.” And he was out before the two stupefied cats realized what was happening.
They heard the door downstairs opening. Max went to the window right in time to see him going to one of the Shelter’s pickups. Antares and Aldebaran were already waiting for him in the luggage van.
“Dad!” Grape called out. “What’s happening?! Peanut—“
Earl came up the stairs. He was holding a cell phone. “Something about Tarot, she’s disappeared. They need Peanut’s help to find her.”
Now Grape understood: Tarot and Peanut had been an item, while Grape had pretended to be Max’s girlfriend.
Only that Peanut had really been fond of Tarot. He had put his heart in that relationship, he needed his special someone and Tarot was there. But Grape believed that Tarot had only worked to make it so that she and Peanut became a couple. Heck, Tarot had literally pushed Peanut into Grape’s arm when things between them were going to reach the point of no return!
And Tarot had allowed them to have their litter…
Peanut would help her, all right. He’d do everything in his power to help her the best friend he had ever had. And Grape too owed her much, much more than she could have ever thought. She owed that weird dog their happiness.
Grape found herself holding her chest, her eyes close in concentration. Tarot, wherever you are, please come back to us. Peanut wouldn't give himself peace if something happened to you!
Florence House

Peanut understood it was really bad when he saw Fido. The police hound was sitting on Sabrina’s porch. At the sight of Martin, his dogs and Peanut, he ran toward them. Gone was the dog used to be in control of the situation, the trained cop that Bino had grown to detest. All the quartet saw was a helpless pup who just wanted to be comforted in the middle of a crisis.
Fido clung to Martin’s hand. “Are you here for Sabrina?! She-guys, she had fainted at the park, she could be sick right now. I tried to enter but—“
The door opened at that moment.
The black cat walked out. Her expression was solemn, but most important, her eyes were actually glowing of their own light, like golden beacons in the dark. “Thank you for coming,” she said to the present. Even her voice now had a deep, echoing quality no one had heard before. The eccentric feline had left place to the witch. “Time is of the essence. Now please, bring me to the Shelter.” Then she walked to the pickup, ignoring the others.
Fido grasped her paw. “Sabrina, love… Please, don’t keep me out. What’s happening?”
Her expression seemed to soften, but only for a moment, while she said, “There are things even a wonderful creature like you must not know of. It’s for your own sake. Please, forgive me for scaring you, this is greater than you and me.” Her paw slipped easily away from his. She went in the vehicle.
Fido’s expression flashed with determination. He climbed up the stairs and got up as well. “Whatever is happening, if it concerns you or Tarot, it concerns me as well, no matter how weird, supernatural or dangerous! And don’t say a word! I love you, I swore I’d stay by your side. I wasted years living a clandestine relationship because I was afraid for my career. Enough with fighting alone, Sabrina. I am will be with you. Always. That’s an order!”
Sabrina caressed his cheek. “I knew you would not let me go. I care for you, my brave one, I had to tell you.” She turned to the man, “Now please, go. The ritual must be performed before midnight strikes.”
Lucky Charm Grove for the Abandoned and the Ferals

Like every night, the shelter was illuminated by the lampposts and the helipad’s floodlights. While The Hotel, as the guests’ sleeping quarters was called, was freckled by a dusting of lights, the security quarters’s windows were never dark.
The pickup stopped at the main gate, where the head of night shift Keith Greyfield, the wolf Light, and veterinarian clinic’s chief Dr. Mordecai Stanwick were waiting.
Martin went off the car, followed by the animals. Another member of the staff took the vehicle to park it.
“How is our surprise guest?” Martin asked while the group walked toward the clinic.
“Stable,” Stanwick answered, adjusting his eyeglasses. “In fact, he’s almost completely recovered: an impressive feat, considering the conditions we found him in. He’s fully awake and already has eaten four meals, so we know he’s not a robot.” He chuckled. “And just like any normal patient, he can’t wait to leave his room.”
Stanwick nodded. “He’s simply immune to them. Of course, I could try a more massive dosage, but I don’t think drugging him into a coma would be the best idea.”
“I see. You took the right decision. Lieutenant, prepare the Zero Room for us all. Protocol Green/1alphaMFsc01010312100.”
Keith nodded. “On it, Sir.” Room Zero was the only place in the shelter without cameras, mikes, anything. It was a black hole in the security constellation that characterized the Grove. So far, that room had not been used once in an interrogation, so this must be serious as it came.
“I’ll move the patient to Room Zero,” Stanwick said, anticipating his boss’ request.

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This answer is good but not what I had expected. :lol:

I hope for everything ok with tarot is

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Cue the chicken scolding the corgi :lol:

I hope Bailey remind King that he has to move on all fours when he start herding cattle otherwise he'll get kicked. And there's the issue of watching where to step. At least, he'll have practice. :mrgreen:

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Kiing will be busy in the next days... or the rest of his life.

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Lucky Charm Grove for the Abandoned and the Ferals

Room Zero.
It had two uses. One official, one…less official.
The official use it was destined for was the first treatment of the most severe psychiatric cases among the guests. Sometimes, the traumas they had to suffer was so severe that they just needed an empty environment, soundproof, secure. The equivalent of the maternal womb. Only there, according to the psychiatric ward’s chief, Dr. Robin Keaton, could one patient feel safe enough to relax, to start walking his first steps toward healing.
Room Zero could be considered as a breach in security, knowing what kind of control freak Martin was, to the point that there was not a corner without a well-hidden camera. But Martin had sworn that not one of his guests would die on his watch, which was 12/365. He wanted to make sure that even the most traumatized of them could have a chance to recover, for how slim. He wouldn’t choose the lazy solution and have them killed because law allowed to kill them if they were psychiatric cases.
But Zero Room had been conceived with another purpose as well.
So far, it had never been used to that purpose. A dangerous subject who needed to be interrogated out of the sight and ears of the prying devices would find no evidence to use against his or her captors.
Tonight, another kind of interrogation, regarding a very eccentric matter, would take place in this room, It was far better than no one else would see and hear what was going to be said here…

When the cat walked in, escorted by Keith Greyfield and Kevin Marsh, he found Martin and his twins, Peanut, Sabrina and Fido. “About time you showed up, guys. Fido, I see Sabrina couldn’t convince you to stay out of this…” he shrugged, “but again, it was a possibility after all.”
For how hard they tried, no one recognized that strange cat, whose uniformly black fur was interrupted by a red streak running from his brow down his back, ending to his tail tip.
A cat that, according to Security, had appeared out of thin air in one of the rooms of The Hotel.
The cat bowed. “I’m sorry for this…unannounced meeting. Please, call me Streak. I’ll explain everything you need to know, but first I must ask you to open your minds, abandon prejudices, accept my words without questioning them. Especially because time is too short for a debate.” His tone was kind, his eyes and body language said he meant that.
Peanut answered first, “If you can help us find Tarot, alright.” Tarot was his bestest friend ever, he owed her so much, for helping him out when he was lonely, for putting him and Grape back together…for their litter!
If Tarot was in trouble, then he’d help her like he’d help Grape!
The others nodded without adding a word. There was no need to.
Streak sat down to the round table. “Sabrina, be a dear and tell me you brought what I asked.”
The black cat fished from her collar a crystal shard. Of roughly ovoidal shape, its milky surface was smooth and untouched on one side, the other was corrugated and filled with cracks.
Nothing special to any unknowing mind, although that was the proof that philosophers were right: there were things on earth and skies beyond our imagination.
Because that shard was what was left of the Marubian Eye, a fictional artifact created by the fantasy of Res Auburn for his blockbuster saga Pridelands. An object turned real in the Otherworld, the reign of the spirits, where dreams and nightmares came true.
A place Sabrina knew well of.
A place the other animals had visited during their mission to rescue Martin Foster from the restless spirits of Whiteman House…
Streak nodded at the sight of the shard. “Excellent. Now, it’s time for explanations.” He snapped his fingers at Colombina, Kevin’s canine partner. Then he pointed at the water dispenser.
Grumbling, the Tibetan Mastiff went and filled a paper cup, then gave it to the cat.
“Thank you, dear.” Then, just like that, he opened his paw and the cup fell down. Many an eyebrow raised in puzzlement and surprise.
Streak looked at each one of them. “What just happened, can you tell me?”
“You…let the cup fall,” Peanut said
“The cup fell and the water spread on the ground,” Fido said.
“You wet my feet, you stupid cat!” Colombina lamented, shaking her feet in turn.
Streak didn’t mind her. Instead, to the other two dogs he said, “Two facets of the same answer.
“Universe exists on a multitude of planes, each one of them linked by one thing: its physical laws. Those like me call it ‘the linear run’. No matter what temporal line, or parallel universe, you are, the same physical laws will apply there just as they do here. A cup of water falls to the ground, water will spill.
“But things will complicate when sentient beings enter the game. For sentient, I mean those creatures able to do a choice by will, be it to choose a flower to pollinate instead of another, or to shave another side of one’s own face. Every choice will generate an event partition, or ‘timeline’. You have seen me drop the cup, but I could’ve kept it in my paw and then using my time to choose another explanation, or I could’ve spilled the water… And the funny things, all of these universes now exist because I could’ve made a choice, but only in this one I am living now, because of a choice I made.
“Of course, your ordinary individual will never be conscious of an alternate universe. As I said, his or her life is being lived in the ‘here and now’. But some of them, either by chance or by talent, have the power to expand their consciousness to another timeline…or to walk between one and another.” He then let the others absorb the crash course on something it had taken him a lifetime to learn and manage…
And yet, Peanut was the first to answer. “Tarot did that. She left this timeline.”
Streak nodded.
The young dog went sad. “But I don’t understand: why would she do that? All of a sudden.”
“Not so sudden,” Sabrina said. Her voice was almost a whisper, her posture so…deflated, as if she had just sustained a severe beating, though the pain came from inside her. “It takes time, time and preparation to walk through the timelines. She had taken this decision…months before, at the very least. She was suffering and I hadn’t foreseen it. I failed her. I’m sorry…”
Fido hugged her by her shoulders. He kissed her on her head. “Love, this is not your fault—“
“I’m her best friend. We used to share all of our secrets, our joys and our pains! But I was too lost in my happiness to take notice, I…” her eyes went to Peanut. “She loves you, Peanut. She always loved you with a passion equal to the one you felt for Grape. You would’ve sacrificed your happiness for hers. And so did Tarot. I thought she had learnt to cope with the pain, I was so wrong.”
“And so she sought happiness in the only place where she could find it,” Martin said. “In a timeline where Grape would not constitute an obstacle.”
Sabrina nodded. “But, in her despair, she has severely underestimated the consequences of her actions. An error within a mistake inside a tragedy.”
Streak took again the lead. “Remember what I said about ‘here and now’? Us sentients create all together the universe we live in. A tapestry made of our lives.
“When Tarot left our universe, she deleted all of what she could ever do. The tapestry is broken, although it will take time for the ripples to manifest in their fullest. For now, Tarot has just disappeared, no one but Peanut and Sabrina suffer for her disappearance. But many and powerful are the forces playing around her. Bringing her back is of utmost importance.
“And, even worse, the future in the universe she had moved to is in grave danger, because there is someone who is not supposed to be there.
“Those like me, the Travelers, work to correct temporal and dimensional anomalies. With all due modesty, I’m good at that… But Tarot is better. I rarely worked with them wizards, and every time it took long enough to rewrite the Divine Comedy using a one-armed monkey and an Olivetti 22. With no paper.”
“And we don’t have that much time,” Martin said.
Streak lifted his index. “Twenty-four hours. After that…well, you really do not want to know.”
Before the others could speak, Peanut said, “But I know Tarot! She would never endanger anyone, not a universe!”
Sabrina put a paw over his shoulder. “It was a…mistake, Peanut. A strange and wonderful mistake. She wasn’t supposed to fall in love with you. She should have let you go. And it is my fault as her teacher to underestimate the strength of her feelings. Do you remember what she said, the first time you saw her?”
Peanut nodded. That was the night of Grape’s first ‘false date’. It was just something to help her to ‘consolidate’ their newborn relationship. And Peanut had been left home, alone with his fears, with his broken heart. Because Grape was afraid to be seen with him in public.
And that night, Tarot had come to their home, and had told him, “I came to be your companion in this hour of need. May I come in?” Just like that.
And she had made him happy. And he had been happy to be with her…right?
Peanut whimpered. He had spent those days waiting to be with Grape again, ignoring Tarot’s true feelings. She had taught him many strange and new things, he had learnt about eso-esothermia-esotericism! But he’d never understood that stuff, though the pictures on her books were really pretty!
But in the end, Tarot was a weird girl who made a terrible tea. Nothing else.
And he had left her alone…. “I’m so sorry.”
“Tarot never thought to steal you from Grape, Peanut, really,” Sabrina repeated. “She did what she had to do to help you two.”
“But I don’t know what to do!” the dog blurted out. “I don’t know where to go to find her, I-I don’t know what I could tell her if I saw her! Streak, can’t you do just live her life as she pleases? I’m sure she has thought of a way to make sure nobody gets hurt. She’s not a bad dog!”
Streak looked at him straight in the eyes. His voice assumed an ominous nuance. “Allow me to ask you in the bluntest possible way: will you sacrifice Grape’s litter? Yes or no?”
“No!” Peanut said it without the slightest hesitation. A moment later he felt horrible, but in the end…in the end he wouldn’t give up his children, never!
Streak nodded. “Tarot is endangering them with each passing second. All you have is one day, then the life you know and have lived, and the life you could have, all will be over. For everyone. Forever.”
Peanut’s eyes went to Uncle Martin. Mizar and Alcor’s litter. And then Sasha’s, and Fido’s and Sabrina’s relationship… And Mom and Dad’s baby!
Everything gone.
That was too much for him to bear, he wanted to run away, howl at the moon, being everywhere but here, to discuss of how to make Tarot unhappy!
“What…should I do?” he asked to no one in particular, his trembling fists set against the table top.
“It’s quite easy, thanks for small favors,” the dimensional traveler said. He pointed at the wall clock. “Midnight draws near. Midnight and one second, it will be Halloween. The arcane forces are very strong during that dy. Witchcat here,” he pointed at Sabrina this time “will draw from those forces what she needs to breach the timelines’ barrier. The Marubian Eye will allow her to do her job.
“Twenty-four hours, gentlefurs. You got the Halloween day to find Tarot and draw her back here, safe and sound. Not one nanosecond more. To quote a guy I admire, ‘Failure is not an option’. Questions?”
“Just one,” Fido raised his paw. “I take it you know this ‘universe’. How’s it…there?”
Streak sighed. “Let’s just say a misanthrope with a passion for books would love it. Now I suggest you all to spend this last time trying to focus on your task. Fido, Antares, Aldebaran, Peanut: it all lays on your shoulders. I must stay here to help you in and out of that timeline. Magic will breach the barriers, but without me you will be lost in the maze of the alternate universes.”
And so they waited. They didn’t want to concentrate on the nature of their task, there was too much to know, the concepts were…overwhelming.

Peanut wanted to help Tarot, really. He was scared, Grape would…would be alone for one day, worrying sick over him. I’m her mate, I’m supposed to be there to protect her, not to run away! But then he’d rethink over Streak’s question.
He wouldn’t sacrifice his children. And he would rescue Tarot!

Martin sat between his dogs, hugging them to him, wondering… If things went downhill, would he lose them? He’d still be a cook in some dirty diner, penniless, with no future beyond a filthy hotel room and a morsel to share with the occasional stray?

Sabrina was purring against Fido’s chest, trying to comfort him.
She could hide the words from him, but he knew her, he could read her like an open book. And he understood the implications of failure.
That was why he was determined to fight this battle. Her beloved dog was doing this because he just couldn’t draw away from helping out the others. Even if he had to challenge the gods themselves.

On the wall clock, the second ticked into minutes, the minutes into hours…
At Midnight minus one minute, Sabrina took the shard from the Marubian Eye. She put it in front of his eyes. “Now, Peanut, I want you to focus: Look in the Eye, and make a wish. Make a wish to find Tarot.” Her voice was becoming an hypnotic chant, her words started blurring in his mind. “Focus like you never did before, stronger than when you wish under a star. Look at the Eye, Peanut. Only at the Eye…”
Midnight minus 30 seconds. The universe had faded into three things –the Eye, Sabrina’s voice and the ticking of the clock.
Peanut didn’t dare to blink. He was just thinking of Tarot, his brow furrowing deeply, his brain pulsing with the effort.
“You’re doing good, Peanut.” Sabrina’s voice now filled the whole world, as if it was coming from everywhere. “You’re going to her, your beloved friend who needs you now more than ever…”
Midnight minus 10…9…8…7…6
Peanut saw stars within the crystal shard. At first, it was a sea of pinpoints, speckles in the dark. Then the dots started moving toward him, faster and faster, as if he was going too fast for their light. The universe before his eyes became a theory of multicolored streaks. Sabrina’s voice and the clock had disappeared. Peanut heard only his own voice, just the one word he said.
October 31st, 00:00:01

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Can't wait for more.

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Oh goodness...This is going to be good. I can already tell.

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From the Diary of Kevin Fitzgerald Marsh, Head of Security at the Lucky Charm Grove for the Abandoned and the Ferals

Year 1, month 1, day 1 After Man. 00:01 Zulu
It is over.
We made it. We fought the War to end all Wars. And we all lost.
Einstein said he didn’t know how Third World War would be fought with, but he knew what would have been used in the Fourth: sticks and stones.
He was grossly exaggerating. There will be not enough people left to start a new World War.
The animals will be left.
There’s the sixty of us, inside the Grove’s nuclear shelter…the last shelter in what’s left of a shelter. Fifty animals, ten humans.
The attack came like a thief in the night. Very prophetic. Almost all staff was on ‘strategic leave’. Bad news were building up, accumulating. More and more people were leaving to seek haven somewhere where the world could not reach them. But nobody expected it to happen: after all, who cared for the battles fought in some remote corner of the world, in defense of people whose name we couldn’t even pronounce?
Stupid globalization.
There were no safe places. And it doesn’t matter who lit the fuse. Russians, Chinese, Iranian… Who cares? Who will ever care?
We suffered the first strike. We answered. Someone answered in return. Pop goes the world.
This shelter is well furnished. Mr. Foster knew better. I wish he had come with us. We wish the war never broke out. We wish humankind weren’t born with an attitude to self-destruction.
I wish I had a Big Mac.

Year 1, month 1, day 20 After Man. 14:30
Hysterical crises among the humans. I had to sedate two nurses. The animals comforted the others.
Animals are taking it really good. Not with fatalism. They are being more…adaptable. I should say that I had underestimated that, but animals are intelligent like we are. And they have spent generations adapting to our lifestyle, to our neuroses… Heh, take this, specists! The fabled ‘human superiority’ is crumbling under stress. I’m starting to think that in the end, it will be our underestimated worldmates to throw the basis for a new civilization…
Speaking of which, the news from the ether are not comforting. The President’s last speeches were clumsy, forced, eventually broken by tears. Then the Emergency National Broadcast had stopped transmitting altogether.
I do not dare to ask how really hard it was.

Year 1, month 2, day 40 After Man. 17:00
Five suicides between the humans. The Geiger tells us the radiations level is still dangerous, though less high than expected, given the extent of the war. Perhaps winds and rains carried away the largest part of the fallout. Even the voices from the CBs have fallen silent.
I must organize groups to explore outside, to have a first estimate of the damage. It’s obvious we can’t wait for rescue anymore.
It’s obvious things are really, really bad out there.

Year 1, month 2, day 41 After Man. 21:00
The five humans I sent out didn’t come back, but I expected that from them. They had volunteered only to go back home, and I couldn’t force them to stay here, not without wasting sedatives, food and water for people who had given up. Yes, I’m a crook, so what? There are no more supermarkets, out there, no more malls, no mommy baking an apple pie.
The animals that had accompanied them are back. They told me what they said.
For now, I just feel sick.

Year 1, month 2, day 42 After Man. 07:00
The City has been wiped out. Direct strike.
Terrace High has crumbled like a sand castle. I know they too have good nuclear shelters, hope they had time to use them.
Babylon Gardens, according to the scouts’ report, got a better deal: it looks like the biggest and baddest wolf ever huffed and puffed over it, but destruction isn’t total, and for some unbelievable twist of luck radiations barely brushed the place. Yay!
I should thank Zachary for putting a couple of good lucky feet into it…if he’s still alive.

Year 1, month 3, day 80 After Man. 15:00
I got out for a first recognition with my own eyes. And to get some extra food and water. We got enough stuff and drugs for the next three months, and the animals are showing a great sense of discipline, but hunger is a beast better kept asleep.
The scouts were right: the Gardens are a mess, but I can recognize most of the place. I met Grape Jelly Sandwich. Poor dear, she’s still under choc, but she’s alive and well, and so is Peanut Butter. Mr. Foster would be so happy.
There are no news about him. His animals are dispersed. Earl and Jill Sandwich are dead. All of the survived humans of this community have run away, who knows where to, wandering aimlessly in a world that will grant them only a long agony…
I got an headache.

Year 1, month 3, day 80 After Man. 20:00
I’m tired, I’m so tired inside that I’m not even hungry.
We never thought about that, and yet we had the example right under our eyes.
Make it two examples.
Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Trauma, psychological wounds. People used to work in their own society as a part of a complex and sharp clockwork had found themselves incapable of organizing. They stood there, like broken machines, waiting for the authorities to rescue them, to fix them.
But today, tomorrow, authorities won’t come. Three months have passed and not one helicopter or aircraft dropped nurses and K rations packages.
I can’t unthink about groups of survivors fighting over the last soup can, under the apathetic eyes of other survivos too lost to feel the urge to live, only waiting, waiting…waiting…
Stupid cold.

Year 1, month 4, day 98 After Man. 13:00
The animals of Babylon Gardens are working.
They too suffered their share of losses. But pain and war didn’t stop them. Live or die, that’s the Prime Directive, and they are applying it. So many of them were ferals, before being adopted, and now they are back in their element, depending only on themselves, leading the other pets.
One way or the other, they had access to our culture, to our knowledge. You don’t need an army of technicians, just enough to lead the teams.
Pets. No, not anymore. Without their humans, now they are free creatures. Good for them. I would like to ask Felix what he thinks about that, but he’s dead. They found him and Lucky under the rubbles of my house. I remember they were having a Doc & Smith marathon that night. At least they were having fun when it happened. Grape was really depressed for losing her best friends from her kittenhood.
I cut my chin while shaving, this morning. It hasn’t stopped bleeding yet.

Year 1, month 4, day 110 After Man. 12:00
Reconstruction goes on. I shared all the food I could, keeping only what I need for me for another week.
I know I won’t last longer than that. Radiations got me too. I started losing hairs, this morning. I don’t want to look at myself in the mirror anymore.
What was I saying about reconstruction? Oh, yes, that dog. That conspiracy buff…what was it? Zapruder, yes! He’s organizing the reconstruction of the local Internet, though he hasn’t really much to work with since the Great Fall, as by now everyone call it…
Zap. Yes. I told him to spread the voice, avoid the nuclear power plants. No animal in the world can have the knowledge to run such places. Not enough staff for a place sized to be operated by humans, too much failsafes, and in the meantime the cores gets exposed a bit more at a day. And so humans will keep doing a mess, a lot of it, even after their demise. Pop pop pop nuclear pop, do the Chernobyl Dance…

Year 1, month 4, day 112 After Man. 12:00
They offered me a better shelter than this, but I don’t think it would be right to accept. I’d feel out of place. I like to think of myself as the last man on Earth. For sure, I still haven’t heard from my peers anymore.
The animals are coming in processions. They look at me with sadness and curiosity. Now I know what the last Neanderthal felt like. I am the past, part of something that will never come back to haunt them (ha ha!)
Now THEY are the masters of the world. I don’t know how much they wished for it, but it’s their chance now. They saw what and how many mistakes we did, the world is a canvas painted with them. Nobody, nobody with a gram of brain can be so stupid as to forget a lesson like this! Please, please, I pray you: do not allow your children to forget. Do not allow that the future generations forget all of this. Never.

Year 1, month 4, day 113 After Man. 12:00
Grape is pregnant. Peanut is the father.
They came to tell me, this morning. They are so happy, and so am I. And you know what? I don’t care how it happened, genetics be screwed! These are the first lives conceived after the Fall. I would like to bless you, little ones. The last idiot of the planet would see you and tell you the stories of when there was a species of big apes that thought they were the best guys for the job. Will you believe that your parents were pets, with barely the rights to a bed and lukewarm meals? Tell us another grandpa Peanut, did they really have no fur at all? Didn’t they die with cold, in winter?
We died and that’s that. By the warm sun of our atomic inventions.
And now it’s your parents who wear clothes. No, really: animals have still their fur, and wear clothes.
It doesn’t bid well.

Year 1, month 4, day 114 After Man. 12:00
Did I hear a voice from the radio? Voice of America? No, the batteries are dead, the gas tanks are dry.
Reconstruction goes fast. Grape communicates via a walkie-talkie. Yes, that’s the voice of the master. I can’t see them anymore, but I can hear them. They are out there, listening, waiting for it to be over. Dear me, do they really think that I’ll be back in full shape, kicking and ready to rip off their clothes, put back on the collars and tell them to eat from a bowl?
Perhaps it’s just knocking on wood. Ah, dear ol’ superstition, a fighter to the end, just like hope. I wonder who the new gods will be: surely not a cosmic senile old guy who didn’t move a finger to stop his ‘beloved sons’ from extinguishing themselves and take half of His creation with them! That would be a joke so cruel, too cruel… Or no?
Perhaps, the old guy up there DID actually move a finger, only one to press all of the red buttons. Let us be honest, after all: how many times did we tick him off? Heh, I’d be very upset if they prayed to me, calling for miracles every single day off!
I must not laugh. The taste of the blood in my mouth is really awful.

Year 1, month 4, day 115 after man. 12:00
Delirium. I ran out of drugs, I ran out of everything. Good old Kevin, dear relic, now it’s time for the last medicine: a nice .45 pill, hollow point jacket. Just one dose, no contraindications, tested, good for all ages.
I know why I have waited until the very last moment: we put all of our weapons to a silence, after they sang destruction with such perfection. It would be so unfair one of them sang again.
My redemption is supposed to pass through a long agony, but I think I gave enough now, including the content of my intestines. At last I really know what did it feel to live like a feral forced in those sordid ‘shelters’. My last humility lesson.

Year 1, month 4, day 116. 12:00 (maybe)
Felix came to visit me. He’s pretty like I remember him. He’s with Lucky. They smile. They are happy like I hoped. Now I know it was worth the wait.
Outside, the world goes on, the show goes on and I admit I’d like to be part of it. But the new Eden doesn’t have room for me.
Felix and Lucky are holding my hand. I don’t care if it’s blood that’s running from my eyes. Boys, please, I’m so sorry for pushing the buttons, to mess things up royally, to be an arrogant human who thought he was God. I’m guilty, guilty, guilty... But please, bring me with us. Don’t leave me here, alone. I sinned, I’ve been judged, I’ve been sentenced, I’ll suffer until the end. Please, bring me with you. I love you! Felix, please…

They hugged me. Felix purred. God…it’s the world’s most beautiful sound. What did that guy, Foster?, use to say?
‘When I am together with them, the world is all right, everything is going well’.

Year 1, month 4, day 117
I am the last tree that falls in the scorched forest, and nobody is listening to me.
Do you know what sound does it make?

A soft breeze lifted the last page caked with the blood of a human forgotten. The page was too heavy, and it went back to where it was laying.
A black-furred finger tried to lift the page, but it ripped. The last words of Kevin Fitzgerald Marsh rustled before falling into the stagnant water that covered the pavement. There were no more entries in the diary.
A skeleton lay in the cot. The bony hands were joined in a macabre parody of a last prayer, while the fingers still clutched the gun the human had used to go to his beloved cat. A thin blade of light from a crack in the ceiling made the weapon’s stainless steel shine.
Peanut, Fido, Antares and Aldebaran exchanged a not less than terrified look, in the quasi total darkness of the old bunker.
“And now what do we do?” asked Aldebaran.

Author:  angelusbr [ Wed Dec 07, 2011 8:37 pm ]
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That diary was depressing...
One thing I never got about diaries is why even writting something that is supposed to be a secret a good chunck of times someone else finds reads the diary.

Author:  Daggy [ Wed Dec 07, 2011 9:04 pm ]
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...So very powerful...

Author:  valerio [ Thu Dec 08, 2011 2:37 am ]
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Now, for those unfamiliar with this scenario, what you read on Kevin's diary is an authorized prelude to the events in THESE ficcies by a great author, Dean, who, alas, stopped writing them. Here are the links, enjoy them
Dayshaun, memory of the mother: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=190
Seattle Runaways: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=760
Dynamics: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=1010

Also, to the newbies' benefit, here it is, Hopper's ficcie featuring Streak
Changing Time: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=851

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Thu Dec 08, 2011 2:42 am ]
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curse you and your giving me more to read. T.T

Author:  copper [ Thu Dec 08, 2011 3:51 am ]
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Dean's fics were great, and this is a good addition to it all. I like the update! Very emotional.

Author:  EvanAierkan [ Thu Dec 08, 2011 11:01 am ]
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copper Wrote:
Dean's fics were great

You can say that again, awfully depressive fics though.

Author:  valerio [ Thu Dec 08, 2011 3:36 pm ]
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LCG Nuclear Shelter, Babylon Gardens. October 31st. The future.

Fido Byron sat on the stairs for the exit door. The shelter, or rather what was left of it, was a dark and damp place, filled with the stench of old things, molt and stagnant water. The darkness would be total, hadn’t been for the cracks in the ceiling that let thin blades of light in.
In this place, after a long agony due to radiation sickness, an agony ended by a .45 bullet, Kevin F. Marsh, Felix’s Dad, was dead. And Felix too was dead. And Lucky, and so were Uncle Martin, Mizar, Alcor, the Sandwiches, all the humans in the world. Even Mom and Dad. And what about Bino and Joey? Were they among the survivors? Oh, Lord…
Not even Peanut’s most vivid and grim fantasies could have summoned a world like this. A world devastated by the final war. A world without humans.
Fido had repeated that phrase several times since reading the…history in the pages of Kevin Marsh’s diary.
A world without humans.
But the words made no sense. It was…against nature. Impossible! Fido felt like something nasty was eating at the ore of his doggie being. Humans couldn’t be gone, forever. What was the point in becoming a cop, what was the point in being a dog if your kind’s best friends were gone?!
Killed by their own weapons. The greatest mass suicide ever.
And, if things weren’t bad as it was, Fido’s mind kept rewinding and replaying the words of Streak, the ‘cat’ that had guided them here.
No matter what temporal line, or parallel universe, you are. The same physical laws will apply there just as they do here.
And then, those terrible words from Mr. Marsh’s diary. Especially, Grape is pregnant. Peanut is the father.
Same physical laws.
Peanut is the father.

Fido couldn’t keep thinking of the attentions Peanut gave to Grape, to her mate, her wife.
The mother of their litter?
The police dog squeezed his eyes harder, trying to get rid of that train of thoughts. It was impossible! Dogs and cats couldn’t have litter!
I don’t care how it happened, genetics be screwed!
Same physical laws.

But why was he caring so much about that? Sabrina…she couldn’t bear, so it was useless to worry about—
“Fido?” Peanut’s voice was hesitant. It barely broke the wall of thoughts. Then Peanut called his name again.
Fido opened his eyes. He stared at the water rippled by the presence of those intruders from another time and place. “Are they yours?” He then lifted his eyes to meet Peanut’s blue ones. His voice and gaze wouldn’t accept a lie in response.
Peanut was sorely tempted to let the matter drop, instead, to lie outright… But Fido knew he and Grape had kept the cop dog’s relationship with Sabrina a secret for years. He deserved that much trust, even if this secret was really more important!
Peanut said only, “Yes. But it was a magic thing!” he added quickly…regretting it a moment later. Fido’s eyes burned in his mind. “I’m sorry…” he whispered.
Fido’s shoulders fell. “Magic… Heh, here I am, dreaming of such an occasion, to become father with Sabrina, knowing she’s a witch, never asking her to…force things. And you and Grape just get a miracle.”
“Fido, I—“
The hound stood up. “Please, don’t say a word. Just let’s go get Tarot, then you stay away from me.” He had sacrificed himself so many times, he had given everything, did his best for the community, because it was in his nature and because he believed in law and in the humans.
And this…mutt who didn’t even complete the Academy course was blessed with parenthood! And there was a world where humans had destroyed themselves and everything. A world that could still come to reality for what Fido was concerned!
It wasn’t fair! Magic could do everything, Sabrina could give him a wonderful litter, Grape was the proof!
Peanut stepped back. Fido was silently baring his teeth, his arms were trembling in the effort of self-control.
Somehow, he recovered. He stood up, and to the other members of the group – Antares and Aldebaran, other than Peanut – he said, “We know what Streak said bout physics, and humidity is not getting any better.” His voice was back to full professional mode. “Air will soon become toxic to breath.” He grabbed a torchlight, tried to turn it on, but of course the battery was out of power –how long did it take for a human to become only bones, in a place like this? Fido preferred not to think about the nature of the contaminants in that filthy water. He put the torch back on the night stand. Humans were no more, but he wouldn’t disrespect their memory. He took a metal box; he recognized it, it was supposed a container for a K Ration… But time hadn’t been kind on whatever it had been there, not even a starving rat would’ve eaten it.
“We’ll be looking for an exit,” one of the twins said. Then both disappeared in the shadows, black in black, betrayed only by their steps in the water.
“Peanut?” Fido asked.
Fido lowered his head. “I’m sorry for taking it on you. This…thing must be the most wonderful event a cat lover like us could ask for and I am turning it into a crime. Forgive me.”
Peanut wagged. “Don’t be sad. Please, Fido, I’d rather be your friend. And I’m sure you’ll be a great uncle for them.”
Fido raised an eyebrow. “Peanut…”
“Yes! You and Sabrina will be perfect, I’m sure of it. If I could trust someone to watch over them in our absence, it is you two!”
Fido had lots of doubts about that, but for now they had more important matters at hand. So he just nodded, hoping Peanut would drop this idea. They were all…worked up by this place, by this world… They weren’t lucid enough to talk about their families... “Found something, guys?” He hoped in a positive answer. Those dogs were strong, but the door had been welded into the its frame, it couldn’t be opened.
“Actually, yes,” said a twin. “Come, follow our voice.”
Fido and Peanut tried to ignore the stink from the oily water. They didn’t want for how long that stench would cling to their fur..!
“Air. Coming from up there.” Antares pointed at the ceiling but they couldn’t see him doing so.
Aldebaran knuckled against something metallic. “Ladder. Stainless steel, no mold. I tried it, it’s well-welded into the wall.”
“An emergency exit,” Fido nodded. He clumsily reached out before grabbing a step. “I go first.”
Antares held him by the shoulder. “No. We are here to protect you, remember? It’s our job to run the risks, here.” And before Fido could object, the big dog climbed up the ladder.
Antares reached the top. They heard him saying, There’s a handle. I’m gonna try—“ At that moment, the handle whirred open. There was a click, and the door opened. Antares, taken by surprise, screamed and fell down with a splash.
“Are you okay?” Fido asked, bending over him. Now they all were sprayed with that fetid water.
The big dog stood up. “Ew. Yes, thank you. We took worse during our training. Ew.”
The group couldn’t yet look at the trapdoor, their eyes had grown almost accustomed to the bunker’s darkness.
A dark shape appeared against the light. The contrast made it impossible to tell its owner, save that it had floppy ears. “Congratulations, robbers! You just won either a trip to the nearest cell. Now, will you come up now or must I use the bad manners?” A weapon safety went off with a click.
Fido grabbed the ladder. “We’re coming up. We’re disarmed.”
The shadow-animal fell silent. A moment later he spoke with a much surprised tone. “Chief?”
Fido decided it was worth to run the risk, since they were at a definitive disadvantage. “Anyone else with my voice, mutt?”
The safety went on with another *click*. “Chief! But what the fur are you doing down there?! Wanted to get the robbers all by yourself?”
“Believe it or not, I was showing these friends of mine around.” Fido tried his cheerful tone was convincing enough.
The shadow dog chuckled. “Your pick, Chief,, though I’d be glad if someone would warn me. I was really edgy, you know. How many of you are down there?”
“Peanut Butter and these two—“
The Peanut?! Frick on a stick with a brick! Send him up, chief! I want an autograph, no make it two! I’ll sell the other on the Net! Hah, the guys will repent for sticking me to this shift!”

Peanut was the last to leave the shelter. He found himself facing a boxer/labrador mix, with short grey fur and solid muscles. His paws were black up to the wrists, the black turning into streaks up to the elbows. Curiously, his claws were of a solid silver color.
The dog wore a uniform so similar to those the humans of the Grove security wore in their time. His green eyes shone at the sight of Peanut. His long, thin tail wagged like a pup’s in front of his hero. “Peanut Butter Sandwich, OMG!” He strapped his gun behind his shoulder, then grabbed Peanut’s paw and shook it. Peanut felt as if Daryl was crushing him again. Was he and the wolf pack still alive? Poor Miles, he had wanted his family to join the human civilization because he thought they could get a better deal living as members of society… And now society might have killed them all…
“Sorry for the horrible manners, but again I wasn’t warned about your visit. I’ll bet they wanted to make me a surprise, everyone knows I’m your number one fan! And wow, you’re even buffier than in pictures! Are you here looking for inspiration? This place has spawned so many pieces about the Great Fall. Come think of it, that would be your first work, right?”
“Uhh, yes?” Peanut’s mind worked frantically. Was this strange dog talking about his comics? Had he really got his The Adventures of Spot (Superdog) published? But he would never write something about so sad like…the end of everything…
The excited mixed breed was going on. “…and love that exposition of yours at the museum! You know how to talk to one’s heart, man! And who are these guys? Your assist…ants…?” Only then he seemed to realize something was really out of place, here. His enthusiasm was leaving place to puzzlement as he studied the quartet in front of him
Fido was starting to think they would have to knock him out, when the guard dog said, “You’re naked.”
For a moment, it was their turn to be surprised by that observation. All right, so guard dogs here wore uniforms, not a big deal, it happened even before—Darn it!
No, really: animals have still their fur, and wear clothes.

What was normal, natural, in their time, it was now a social anomaly!
Peanut saved the group at the last second. He raised his paw and said, “My bad! I asked them to be…naked. I wanted us all to feel like before the Great Fall, when our parents…” then his words clogged in his throat. Mom, Dad and their baby were…gone. It didn’t matter it had happened in another universe. Somewhere, his nightmare had become reality, and his Mom and Dad were gone! He wanted to be home! This place was bad!
The guard dog didn’t pry further. He shrugged. “Free will and all the stuff, I guess, though the collars are really creepy, man. Anyway, when you can do me that autograph, make it to Elias Holt. Or Tommy, if you prefer.”
“Tommy?” Peanut raised an eyebrow, but happy to change argument.
The other dog showed proudly, patting it, his gun. “Thompson MX1a1. Or ‘Tommy’. Of course, my favorite is the old M1A1, but that’s too big for me… Something wrong?”
Peanut and the others were thinking again to Kevin Marsh’s diary. Words they could never forget.
I know why I have waited until the very last moment: we put all of our weapons to a silence, after they sang destruction with such perfection. It would be so unfair one of them sang again.
Nobody, nobody with a gram of brain can be so stupid as to forget a lesson like this! Please, please, I pray you: do not allow your children to forget. Do not allow that the future generations forget all of this. Never.

And now there he was, happy puppy and his new death toy. Fido almost snarled –poor Mr. Marsh, such a desecration of the last human’s wish!
Peanut gave voice to Fido’s thoughts. “I don’t like them. Weapons brought away Dad and Mom. I hate them…”
Elias quickly strapped the gun back behind his shoulder, though the nozzle was still visible. Goodbye autograph, welcome foot in mouth! “Mr. Sandwich, I, I am…” he gulped. To Fido, he said, “Sorry, Chief, honest!”
Fido shook his head. “Just drop it, we’re tired and we stink like last year. Now lead us to the showers, will you?”
Elias’ heels clicked sharply. “Yessir! Please, let’s go. Do you have your own clothes or was this some nudist trip?” he asked, trying to lighten up the situation.
“We’d like a change,” Fido said, trying to avoid getting into particulars. “Something casual.”
Elias snickered. “I imagined so, unless you changed idea about that vacation.”
“Who did say I would?”
“Those who bet. I didn’t of coure: I know you miss awfully your lady.” He winked.
Fido fell silent. Careful, boy, careful…

The group came to the end of the corridor. A great bronze plaque had been framed in the tiled wall. It read

Antares and Aldebaran too, all of a sudden, felt the weight of the emotions they had tried to keep at bay.
Their Dad wasn’t the religious type, but he believed in those words. He had them framed at the entrance of the shelter, his prophecy and hope for a better world.
And now the meek had inherited the earth, But Dad wasn’t there to see it. And if the twins should remain trapped here, they’d never see him again…
The big dogs quickly wiped their eyes. Peanut and Fido had never seen them crying, it was almost surreal.
Beside the plaque, a smaller one read THE CRYPT OF THE LAST HUMAN – ENTRANCE $1.
Elias observed the two dogs’ reaction. “New here, eh? In this place there died the last human, or so the legend goes. But I know he was a good human. I met him when they brought me here at the Grove.” Then his voice became sad. “My Dad was dead in a car accident. I was supposed to find a new family, then came…well, everything.” He sighed. “It’s such a shame that the Administration let this place rot. They got the money but, as you surely saw, the real thing is a complete mess, it’s dangerous to go there. And the virtual tour makes it cleaner and cooler. Heh, some more years, and they’ll believe Bollywood did it, forgetting there was a this place at all.” He sighed again then started walking again. “Sorry, I too miss the old times, you know. Life was simpler, and more cheerful. Now I have to worry about dress codes, while once you had your collar and could run around and enjoy the wind in your fur. I understand why you wanted to go birthday suit, Peanut.”

The group reached the locker room.
“Here we are. I’ll get your clothes, then I’m going to go get bored ad my post again. Who knows, this time I’ll get a souvenir thief for real, this time. And…chief?”
“Yes?” Fido really needed to drink a pint of chamomile tea, now.
Elias was looking at him like a scared puppy. “Please, don’t tell anyone you walked before my nose without me knowing, okay?”
Fido patted his shoulder. “It will be our dirty little secret, soldier.”
Elias saluted sharply, then walked away, relieved. He had missed his chance for an autograph, but he had spoken with THE Peanut! Yay!
The quartet waited before the locker room’s entance until the clicking of the soles had faded away, before letting out a collective breath of relief.
Fido felt like he had sweated like a horse. “Guys, now let’s avoid the natives and focus on the mission. We must avoid everyone who knows our local selves or we’ll be in some serious…” speaking, he had pushed the door open. “…trouble?”
Fido had hoped that, given the hour, the room would be empty.
Not that it would be occupied by two dogs he knew all too well.
Two naked dogs, except for the towels wrapped around their waist. Two very surprised dogs, whose steel-grey eyes and blood-red eyes, respectively, kept staring at the big black twins. Their pupils actually enlarged.
“A-An…” the Doberman stuttered.
“Antares,” whispered the German shepherd
“Aldebaran,” said the Doberman, at last. His eyes glittered with tears of joy. His smile exploded together with his voice. “YOU’RE ALIVE!” And he tackled both twins with enough strength to send them down with one hug attack! “You’re alive! You’re alive! You’re alive!” At that point, he shamelessly dropped every vestige of hard-conquered civilization and started giving them sloppy doggie kisses on their faces, just like the happiest of puppies.
Ralph still could barely believe his eyes. He looked at the twins, then at Fido and back again. “Chief, you found them. For real…” Then he too fell on his knees to hug them. “If you just knew how…wonderful is having you here again. Heh, you look like you barely got older since…when…” The words couldn’t come easy. Even after all this time, those who had lived the Great Fall found it hard to talk about it. Everyone had just moved on, or they would’ve gone crazy, like the survived human before they died. The world, today, was divided between the Witnesses, who still suffered nightmares, who still remembered humans as their Angels, their benevolent friends, and the new generation. The young believed humans to be terrible and weird creatures, who had killed themselves because they were stupid as well. They couldn’t understand the nostalgia of their parents. They had never wore a collar in their life.
Antares and Aldebaran were the last pets from Babylon Gardens, the only one that had never been found, the last inheritance of the community’s most admired human. Fido had promised to find them, to celebrate their return or at least to give them a funeral.
Ralph and Kevin let go of them.”Well, alive you are, but still smelling like a sewer,” Kevin said.
Ralph punched Fido’s shoulder. “Vacation, eh? That was some good surprise! Who else knows?”
All plans to fly under the radar were kaput, that much was clear. Fido hoped he could lie convincingly to his best friends, even if they were aliens for what concerned him.
Fido showed an embarrassed smile, a paw behind his head. “Only the present company. Elias didn’t recognize them. I hoped I could make it through the morning, after a good night’s sleep.”
Kevin almost broke his back with a slap. “Five minutes and you would’ve missed us.”
“Lucky me! Listen, now I really need to clean up. We were in the crypt, they wanted to see it and Peanut wanted inspiration, please don’t ask, not now.”
Ralph gave him the thumb up. “What about this? We need to wash again, now. After that, we’ll leave for my place. A quick deep nap and tomorrow it’s super-party time. How does it sound?”
Fido thought of the answers.
1) better to waste the less possible numbers of hours to sleep.
2) find Tarot before day came, or it was game over.

“Say, Chief,” Kevin said. “You too look younger than usual.”
3) find a make-up artist to make them look older!

Author:  Renkun [ Thu Dec 08, 2011 4:05 pm ]
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let's say is so i like your updates but i dislike a bit the bad future story that's is not my think but i read this along

Author:  Wolfy [ Thu Dec 08, 2011 5:40 pm ]
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it is sad that so many have died but at least the story is good so it more than makes up for it. sooner or later they will bump into this world's versions of themselves and then they will have a lot of explaining to do

Author:  valerio [ Fri Dec 09, 2011 11:03 am ]
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The Monument. Formerly the Lucky Charm Grove for the Abandoned and the Ferals, Babylon Gardens. The future.

Mother Nature wasn’t a benevolent entity, nor a cruel one. She was simply pragmatic: whenever she could claim back some of the space it had been stolen from her, no matter how much time ago, she did so, without caring much for what had been built on that land.
Including the remains of the ex-shelter for the lost soul of a city that was no more.
The Hotel, the building that used to host the guests’ apartments, had been snapped in two stumps. What was left standing, over a pile of rubbles, had not one window intact left. Gas and chemical leaks had spread the fire everywhere. The brutal end of the shelter’s armory had dug up a hole in the security’s quarters.
Thick creepers covered like cobwebs what was left standing. The chapel had been destroyed in the Hotel’s collapse. There was no more a place to pray for the favors of a divinity now without faithful.
The walkways had been claimed by grass. Weeds sprouted from the fountains that one gave out refreshing water.
To paraphrase an old poem, Green, green everywhere…
The only place spared by the wild vegetation was the statue at the shelter’s entrance. The Madonna with animals, built over the remains of the crematorium. Perhaps that was the last monument, the reason visitors still came to this place. The humans had gone, but here was the last one, the last icon of a species that was capable of love, not just evil…
Fido, Peanut, Antares and Aldebaran stood there at the entrance, looking at what was left of a human’s attempt to rescue innocent lives, while humanity worked to destroy itself.
Kevin and Ralph, standing in front of the group, were saluting sharply. They were wearing their neat police uniforms, while the other pets had a casual set of clothes on, shirts, pants and shoes.
“Everything dies,” the German Shepherd said. “Everything dies, everyone lives, precious and ephemeral. We give life, we are life, we shall not steal life. Let the past fade, not the memory.”
“Thank you for your job, Uncle Martin,” Peanut said. It felt so…strange, to think of a eulogy for a man of another timeline…
“Those are great words, Ralph,” Fido said.
Ralph put himself at ease. “The Prayer of the Witness." Grape’s still embarrassed that her first literary work has become a sort of anthem for our generation.”
“Oh,” the twins said.
The group walked toward the police car –another weird sight, and another sign of who were the new masters of the world: a car shaped to fit animals. Fido couldn’t help thinking it was some overpriced toy car. A chuckle escaped him.
“You’re in a good mood, I like it,” Kevin said. “I tell you, you take your job too seriously.”
Ralph opened the doors, allowing the others in first. “Cut it, Kevin: we all are in a good mood now that the Foster twins are back. We’ll have a street party, just like old times. What do you say, Chief’”
“Ah, Ralph?” Peanut intervened. “Er, do you know if Grape is home?”
The shepherd got to the whell. “You can bet it. Max will try to lure her out while you’re away, but she lives for two persons: you and Dayshaun… Peanut, you really should start dedicating more time to her, to them. These ‘inspirational tours’ of yours are…getting on her, though she will never make you feel guilty for that. You have the luck of having a son, a unique one at that. He can’t grow with an absent father.”
“Peanut,” Fido said. “I just remembered a thing I had to tell you. It’s important. And private. Guys, do you mind?” And before Peanut could protest, Fido opened the door and dragged him out.
Kevin sighed. “And there goes the good mood. Again.”
Ralph turned back to the twins. “We missed you two an awful lot. What have you done in all this time?”
“Lost memory,” Antares answered.
“Fido found us wandering in the forest,” said Aldebaran.
“We miss Dad,” they both said, lowering their ears and muzzles.
The police dogs didn’t have any comment or question to make, about that. There were a lots of ex-pets, out there, still traumatized by what they lost. Some of them preferred to slip into a coma rather than facing this brutal independence…
“But what were you doing here?” Antares asked. “I mean, it’s the new HQ for the police station?”
“Or did you want some privacy?” Aldebaran grinned, mimicking hugging and smacking kisses.
“NO!” said the blushing cops. “We just wanted a calm shift, for a change,” Kevin said. “Fido can be so taxing!”
That made the twins laugh hard.
Ralph bowed his head in his shoulders, while gripping the wheel. “Kevin, please, shut up. Forever.”

Peanut was too busy trying to adapt to his clothes, to feel selfish. They were uncomfortable, they made him feel itchy, they pulled at his fur and he felt hot like a summer day! And his poor feet were killing him! Humans were crazy to wear this stuff!
“I need to see her, Fido! I need to see her and my only soon, I need to see the last good things that are left for me in this world! I can’t take it any longer, I’m sorry… Just one time, please. Or I’ll go crazy.”
Peanut’s discomfort toward his clothes was compensated by the sense of urgency from their mission. “Peanut, we have only this few time to complete the mission. I know you, you meet her and you won’t leave her, not without wasting precious hours. For all we know, if we let the next midnight pass, our world will become one with this. And I don’t want to lose my family, just like you don’t want to as well.”
But Peanut was looking straight through the police dog. Peanut wasn’t talking to him, he was talking to himself. “Just one hour, I need to touch her, smell her, tell her I love her. Please…”
Fido felt himself like he could crack and attack him one moment or the other. This…’place’ was exposing parts of him he had fought to suppress, to say he was edgy was an understatement.
But Peanut wasn’t one to close himself to his own emotions: when he was stressed, he went easily into a panic, and this place was the mother of all his nightmares. Appealing to his rationality wouldn’t simply work. And it could cost the mission even more time than a visit…
Fido took Peanut’s paws in his. “All right, we’ll do it. One hour, tops. Can you promise me at least that?”
Peanut nodded. He was trembling. “Yes. Thank you. And, Fido…”
Sigh. “Yes?”
“Don’t you want to see if Sabrina is ok?” There was no malice in his question.
Fido felt like a balloon deflating. “I… I’m sure she is. I…I just don’t want to know how different she may be. Perhaps she adopted a litter, she made those steps we never have time to do back in our world. Peanut, honest, certain things are better left alone.
“Do you have an idea of how bad all of this was for everyone? What if Grape has turned into a cynical creature, different from the cat you used to know and love? This Great Fall or how they want to call it, it’s something that changed a lot of things. And she’ll be older, too. What do you think you will tell her, when you see her, hm? Have you thought about it? If you start talking about a time that is no more, she may even hate you for that.”
“Is that why you don’t want to see Sabrina?”
Fido nodded. “The inhabitants of this world are strangers to us, Peanut. The less we interfere with them, the better for all of us.”
“And the mission.”
“And the mission.” Fido put a paw over the other dog’s shoulder. “Do you realize now?”
Peanut looked at him in the eyes…then turned away. “I still need to see her. If she and my son are fine, then there is something good in this world.”
Fido facepawlrmed.

“You look like vitamin advertisements,” Ralph said. “You really kept in excellent shape in all this time. How did you do that?”
Antares and Aldebaran beat their chest in unison. “Much exercise and a healthy lifestyle!”
Kevin laughed. From the dashboard radio, came the occasional statics and voice from the central and the colleagus. “Oh, I can believe that! But, can you give us a straight answer to one question, guys?”
The twins nodded silently. If bad came to worse, these two cops would wake up in the morning with a hefty headache…
“Did you spend your time here? At the Monument?”
Antares and Aldebaran looked at each other. “Uhm, yes,” said the first.
“Not everyday, though.”
“But we didn’t want to be seen.”
“We were scared.”
“This place was…familiar.”
Ralph smiled at them. “Hey, I told you already, it’s okay. We’re happy that you’re back, guys. Uncle Martin would be so proud of you.”
The twins tried hard not to think about Mizar and Alcor. They were gone too, their big brother and sister…
Ralph felt like an idiot! He was forcing them to revive those memories, they didn’t need that not now! He looked at Kevin with pleading eyes. The Doberman always knew how to lighten up the situation.
Kevin said, “Well, that’s another record for Chief Fido, then: he solved the Spooky-Doo case!”
Antares and Aldebaran exchanged a look, their minds relieved by that new argument. “Spookywhat?”
“The ghosts of the Monument,” Ralph said. “Visitors insisted that on some nights they saw these two black figures wandering around the ruins. Once, a gang of souvenir thieves was almost beaten dead. The pups insisted they were guardian angels. And some said it was your ghosts still looking for…well, him.”
The twins nodded without saying a word, hoping that someone up there would forgive them.
Two doors opened, then Peanut and Fido went in the car. They sat on the twins’ lap. Fido just said, “Go.” And he didn’t look like he wanted to talk about anything.
The car started, with just a purr of its electric engine. The first good thing about that world was that apparently the animals had learnt to keep wary of the petrol lure…

When the car was far enough to be just a speck of tail lights on the road, Two massive, black figures emerged from the shadows of the old shelter.
Antares and Aldebaran would’ve undoubtedly scared by their future selves. The long years in the wild had turned the good-hearted dogs into beasts at the peak of their physical potentialities. Their fur was shaggier and thicker, the muscles were rippling steel, and they moved on all fours like their remote ancestors of a time in which Man hadn’t branded their existence. Ironically, the future of the species could be the prelude to a return to the past…
The twins grinned, showing rows of ivory, sharp fangs.
“What shrinking violets we used to be, brother,” said one of them. If he had had any scar on his body, the thick fur now hid it well. The collars with the star tags that had given them names they no longer used were lost. Their voices were grim growls, as if all feelings but fierceness had abandoned them. It was another irony that now they were the perfect fightning machines their breeders had wanted them to be. Who knew if those human would have spared themselves the job of breeding them, had they known what was in their future…
“Un-believable, brother. Scarcely a meal.”
Two human hands, evanescent, glowing of an eerie light, lay on their heads, caressing them softly. Giving their hearts one precious, rare moment of peace.
<Thank you for not attacking them,> said Martin Foster. Ralph was right, they had come back every night, to see their Dad, just to ease their souls, to…feel, even if only for a few hours at night, as if the Fall hadn’t happened, that things were fine.
The dogs followed tamely their Dad back between the shadows, where the rest of the family, and their friends, were waiting…

“First do drop?” Ralph asked, slowing down before the entrance to Babylon Gardens.
WELCOME TO BABYLON GARDENS, the familiar sign said… Of course, the ‘A PET FRIENDLY COMMUNITY’ was no longer there. Animals were no longer pets. They were full citizens. Hooray!
Even the buildings were different. There were solar panel everywhere, there were more tall buildings, and of course each house was smaller, fit for smaller inhabitants…
It was all so alien, it was hard not to feel overwhelmed. Until now, the four canines from another universe had had a taste of what this place was. Destruction was easier to cope with. Now they were about to step into a living world where they didn’t belong.
“Ah, guys?” Ralph insisted.
Peanut made up his mind in that moment. “Tarot’s shop!” he said, remembering of all a sudden of a project she had discussed with him. She really wanted to open a shop for esoteric and magic stuff. “Can you bring me there?” Please tell me there is such a shop!
Kevin raised an eyebrow. “Of course, but, err…you know, closing time? Of course she’ll accept customers at any time, but—“
“The closest hotel to that place will do then, Ralph,” Fido said. “We’ll all sleep there. We’ll stay with these two lugs until I can find them a decent housing, tomorrow.”
“Don’t you want to see Grape first?” Ralph asked to Peanut.
Peanut found himself shaking his head. “I…changed my mind.”
The German Shepherd sighed. “Peanut, I know how these melancholy setbacks work. Every Witness will suffer from them every now and then. In your case, you seek shelter in your art. I understand it, but do you realize that Shaun thinks you’re his uncle? You should keep your marriage together before the lad decides to hate you for rarely being there.”
“Sergeant…” Fido warned him.
“Sorry, Chief, but you too can see it: he’s treating that poor cat like Bino used to treat Sasha, an off-on relationship, only without the screams. But of course, I’m only a friend, why care at all? Next stop, Veiara Inn.”
The car entered into New Babylon Gardens.

Author:  angelusbr [ Fri Dec 09, 2011 2:07 pm ]
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sorry for the delay. I had to leave the town for a day.
Great chapters.

Author:  valerio [ Fri Dec 09, 2011 5:10 pm ]
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Veiara Inn, New Babylon Gardens. The future

In this strange new world, humanity’s demise had left place to a new concept of architecture.
Animal population, at least that portion that could benefit of a traditional housing, was far less numerous than the old big apes. Add to that a new kind of housing, smaller, and species-customized.
And you had places like New Babylon Gardens, where otters had their home pools and waterways, where felines could climb even along their houses’ external walls… And trees! Big trees everywhere, a walkway in itself, a safe road for the climbing species.
The tall buildings were a thing of the past –at least, there were no longer the concrete jungles, the suffocating metropolises. Over the ruins of New York, Rome, Sidney, Tokyo, nature had been pandered to be part of the technological, eco-compatible world. In certain places, it was hard to decide where the forests left the place to civilization and vice versa.
Even with the demographic explosion following the Great Fall, NBG would look scarcely populated at all. The III World War had extinguished humans, but a vast number of their best friends had perished as well in the nuclear fires and the chaos that had followed.
Two sets of buildings stood tall over the Gardens, like a citadel within the city: The Expo, and the Polieducational District, also known as ‘The School’.
“I still envy you, Peanut,” Ralph said, while the animals looked at the buildings from their position over the hill. “Unlike you, I never got the time to join the Expo, but I’ll make sure my pups will be there and that they learn something from you.”
Peanut had to bite his tongue to refrain from making questions. He still didn’t know what job his other self was doing at that pretty building. C’mon, he loved to draw comics, but surely that couldn’t be reason to deserve a job in an exposition! And then, he wanted to be an astronomer, that was his secret dream…
"You know that one, silly," he said. "That's Ursa Major, the Big Dipper. It's actually supposed to be a bear."
"A bear?" she replied. "I don't see it."
"Neither do I."
"Well, what about that one?"
"That's Draco, the Dragon. He guarded the golden apples of the Hesperides from Hercules."
"Uh-huh. And that one?"
"Orion, the Hunter. He was killed by Scorpius, which you can see over there."
"Ooh! And that one?"

That sweet memory, their first night together as boyfriend and girlfriend, after their wonderful first kisses, soothed him, although a traitorous thought came to mind.
Uncle Reuben’s farm was still there? And who was running it? That new pup, Awesome, must have become a big boy now…
Antares pointed at a third, isolated building. Among all, that was the only one who made the four time-travelers remember of the world that was. It was majestic, with its triangular shape, like a stylized ‘A’. Glass and steel shone like gems under the floodlights.
Kevin answered, “That’s the headquarters of the Apollo Inc., or the ‘Administration’. They were founded by Zapruder, would you believe it? Of all pe-animals, he was the one who started working seriously to communication and energy, to allow the reconstruction. Eventually, they ended up running almost everything connected to the vital services.” The cop Doberman shook his head. “That guy is a human with fur, but he keeps things running. You know, guys? I envy you because you only needed to hunt a meal and a carpet of grass to sleep.”
“Kevin…” Ralph admonished him, knowing where the argument was going. It wasn’t exactly forbidden to feel nostalgia of the old days, but it was socially awkward. It meant you were old, unable to fit, unable to cope.
“Enough with philosophy,” Fido said, yawning loudly. “Now we all need some privacy and a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow’s a big day.”
Ralph motioned to the glass door with his head. “Good night then. We’re not holding you.”
“It surely looks an awesome place,” Aldebaran said. The hotel was built like a big villa, in an ancient style that made it feel…homey. “But who’s paying for it?” The question was automatic, but was there an economic system like they were used to at all?
“As police officers, we can put it on the tab of Apollo, though I think that ol’ Zap won’t have to object once he hears the good news,” Ralph answered. He gestured a salute with two fingers to his head. “Good night, Chief. And sweet dreams to everyone.” He and Kevin went to the car.
The quartet walked to the entrance.

The door closed with a hiss behind them.
The hall was large, roomy, with marble panels carved with highly detailed floral decorations. Large pictures on the walls depicted woods and glades with scenes of wild life. It felt like being inside and outside that place, between walls and nature. A large portion of the pavement was a thick crystal plate. Like a window, it showed a wonderful greenhouse rich with flowers.
“Wow,” Peanut said, examining the place.
Antares was drawn to a painting in particular. It depicted a family portrait, a female wolf and her pups. It was clear the wild creature was a fully mature one, tall, strong, proud… But the dog recognized her. “Celestia…” he muttered, feeling immensely relieved. He felt, no, he was sure that wasn’t a figment of imagination of the artist. That was a shard of real life. Celestia had survived, and so perhaps had done the rest of Miles pack…
Then his eyes noticed the artist’s signature, in the right lower corner. Small letters, as if the artist had been shy of adding that incongruous detail to such a fine work.
The signature were three roughly handmade letters. “Hey, Peanut! Look over here!”
The others came. Peanut looked. “Oh.” Now he knew why he was working at an exposition.
The three letters, P.B.S., where undoubtedly his signature for his comic. “Oh!” Peanut then went to the other paintings. And all of them carried his signature! “I’m an artist,” he said, still finding it hard to believe it. In a way, it was…encouraging to learn that he could reach such ability…
“That you are, boy,” a voice said. A voice, of course, everyone recognized despite the added touch of age.
“We are never enough grateful to have these things for free,” Fiddler said. She wore an elegant white dress. “And it’s a pleasure to return with a room for you and-Antares! Aldebaran!” her pupils became two dishes. She dashed to hug the big dogs. “You’re alive! Fido, you did it, just as you promised, you are—“
“What did my old ears hear?” said the voice of Keys, all dressed up like a hotel manager should be. And not less stupefied. “Holy Mozart! I can’t believe it, it’s you!” His stupor let place to the most immense grin a cat could show.
Fido raised his paws. “Ah, guys, please, all we need now is a room for four and sleep. Or this will become a parade.
Keys slapped the dog’s back. “Always the modest, eh? That’s all right, there’s enough glory to roll in.”
Fiddler went to the reception and got a good old nice brass key. She tossed it to Fido, who made a flying catch. “Pack Room 1, last floor, best of the hotel. “You’re all guests, complete treatment, no objections. We’ll hold here the party.”
Fido nodded. “You’re always the best, guys. Will you play for us?”
“Count on it! Special concerto, just like old times We’ll even use our old instruments.”
Keys pointed to the elevator. “Now go sleep. Leave it to kitties. Breakfast at eight… And congratulations again, Chief. The community owes you big time!”
Fido tried not to think about that, while he walked toward the elevator. This was the kind of lie that would break hopes and hearts. They’d have his counterpart’s skin for this… Or maybe he’d find a way to solve this mess...
Why did he have to be a hero? He was only a dog, not—
“Hey, mutt, nice timing here!” Fiddler said just when the group had walked into the elevator.
Peanut blocked the doors with an arm. He raised an eyebrow. “I’m sorry?”
The cat winked at him.”Well, we knew you were away for one of your inspirational tours, but you must be really in love to know that you would find her here.” She motioned toward the glass doors that gave to the restaurant. “She’s at the terrace.”
All plans and determinations crumbled like so many card castles. The dog stepped out the elevator. The look he gave to the others spoke enough for him.
Fido nodded. “I know you’ll do well. Good luck.”
The twins gave him the thumbs up.

Peanut walked through the room, tables set up for the next morning breakfast. He felt his heart hammering in his chest. What if Fido was right, what if this turned out the worst idea ever?
But Peanut kept ignoring that fear. He needed to see her, his beloved cat, his wife, his world. He had nothing else left, her and a son. He couldn’t just walk out on her, not even here..!
He reached the panoramic terrace. It was a fantastic sight. Peanut wished there was such a hotel in his world. Perhaps Uncle Martin could build one…
But that was another remote thought.
Because she was there. Only a twitch of her ears told she had noticed him.
Peanut stopped dead in his tracks: he recognized the feline figure…and at the same time he did not. His eyes and nose told him that was Grape Jelly. But Grape didn’t wear a black taileur. She wasn’t…old
Not so old, nossir, but…the moonlight showed the thin gray lines dusting her muzzle, like that color had been painted behing the white of her nose and mouth. And her eyes. Those were the eyes of someone who had seen many bad things. Sad eyes.
Peanut understood Fido, now. And he wished even harder that this Fall would never, never happen! And he’d make sure it would not! Now convinced more than ever! Grape would grow old, but she’d grow a happy old cat, and he’d never leave her and their family! He’d be a great artist and sell on ebay, but he’d never, never make her sad!
While he was lost in those thought, Grape had started turning, wondering who could be at that hour of the night… And then he saw him. And her sad expression left way to a burst of joy. She ran to him, shoes clicking on the concrete, and glomped him. “Peanut!”
Surely the years hadn’t made her weaker. She hugged him with the strength of a bear! Peanut’s ribs protested vigorously.
And when she kissed him, that gesture spoke of true love, but also of missing. She wanted him, she had missed him a lot, it was almost despair. When he returned her kiss, he did it to reassure her, to make her feel good, safe. Of course, he would’ve enjoyed it a bit more, without those stupid clothes! Argh!
She caressed his head. “Dear, I knew you’d remember to come here. I was sure you’d come. You remember? We conceived Shaun on this hill. We looked at what was left of the old Babylon Gardens and we promised to fill it with new life, to go on.”
Peanut nodded. Dear Santa, if you’re still out there, please forgive me forever and ever amen! “It was very romantic. I couldn’t forget.”
She leaned on him, her head on his shoulder. “Hmm, did you meet Shaun already?”
“Hn-no. He was sleeping. Didn’t want to disturb him.”
“That’s very sweet, but you know he never minds your visits, ‘uncle’ Peanut…” Then she frowned. The lavender cat stepped back, examining him head to toe.
“What did you do? You look so…young.”
Peanut’s heart froze. Grape chuckled. “I can’t believe it! You dyed your muzzle!”
She caressed his nose. “Love, was it so important to you? Don’t worry, you’ll be always my sweet mutt, no matter what.” And she pecked his nose.
He felt like she was betraying her with every passing second. “So, ah, uh…you didn’t hear the news?”
“What news? Did they give you that promotion at the Expo?”
“The twins! Fido found them!”
Her mouth went agape. “The… You mean..?”
Peanut nodded eagerly. “They are alive. They are right here, at the hotel! They want to make it a surprise, but I wanted to say it to you first!”
“They are alive…” It had worked. Grape had forgotten everything else. She clasped her paws in prayer. “Thank you, thank you so much…”

Fido sighed, hearing the couple confabulate like two excited conspirators, while leaning on the window. “You know, I understand what is your role here, guys. Not muscles, but distraction. We couldn’t have it this easy to our target without you getting all the attention—“ he stopped, when a feather fell on his nose. Fido crossed his eyes while staring at that object out of place… Then, he realized it was snowing. Feathers.
Fido turned.
The bed had been turned into a gutted corpse. To their merit, the twins had worked with in a remarkable silence. Fido caught them in the act of doing a tug-of-war with the last whole pillow. “Mrgrurf?”
The hound facepawlmed. “Well, more distraction is better than none, I guess.”
The phone rang.
“I’ll get it!” Aldebaran said. He took the cordless from the wall, listened for some instant then tossed the device to Fido. “It’s for you.”

“You look gorgeous, dear.”
Peanut and Grape were sitting at a table, munching at small pretzels. “You even look nervous just like you were my silly pup.”
“Oh, eh, I-I’m sor—“ he was interrupted by her paw on his.
“Relax, silly. I like it.”
She leaned forward. “Hm-m. You found a great esthetician. I look like our son’s grandma.”
“Ahh, not true! You’ll be always beautiful.”
She scoffed. “Pff, words words words. You know what would it take to make this night even better?”
Older or not, he still recognized that mischievous grin. “Err, no?”
“Let’s get naked.”
Peanut almost got a nosebleed.
Grape tugged at his shirt collar with a claw. “I’m sure Fiddler and Keys got spare collars for their ‘private time’. Let’s ask them. Let’s play pretend, for old times’ sake. We’ll play pets. This is the perfect night.” Then her expression changed, while she started caressing under his chin. “I miss them so much, I want…to remember them. With you, not alone.”
“Peanut?” Fido’s voice said. Grape blushed madly and sat back down. Peanut coughed. “Uh, hi.”
Grape walked to the police dog. “Fido! Peanut told me the great news!” She hugged him…then showed him the same puzzled look she had given Peanut before. “You too dyed—“
“I’ll give you the number. Peanut, Tarot called. She’s waiting for us at her shop.”
Grape raised an eyebrow, but after all that Pomeranian had kept her knack for…eccentricity. Not even the Great Fall could faze her.
Peanut stood up. “You know how she can be, love. Sorry.” He pecked her cheek.
Grape smirked. “Yes, yes, I know. Just be back soon. I’m gonna ask Fiddler for those collars…” She ogled. Then to Fido, “And double congratulations. For you and Sabrina, you know. Two good news in one day.”
SABRINA! That name was like the sweetest music for his aching heart. Sabrina, my angel, my precious love, you’re alive in this terrible world! He smiled at Grape, though it wasn’t for the reason she expected. “Thank you.”
Peanut hugged his cat one last time. “It was really great to be with you tonight. I’ll be back, okay? See you soon, Jellybelly. I love you.” And he walked away before she could answer.
He had never called her Jellybelly, since those terrible days. “Thank you…” she whispered. For a fleeting moment, she was sure she’d never see him again.

Author:  Wolfy [ Fri Dec 09, 2011 6:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

I am still waiting for the moment where their other selves come in and see them and everyone is all like :shock: . There will probably be something bad that wil happen to them and it is only a matter of time till we find out. I am looking foreward to more epicness

Author:  musclecar326 [ Fri Dec 09, 2011 11:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

OMG :shock: you are the master. The future sounds almost better then their world, and Peanut, Fido, and the twins are going to be in some bad situations in the near future. I can just tell that both trouble and happiness is coming. Are you trying to beat your record of 19 updates in a week?!?

Author:  Renkun [ Sat Dec 10, 2011 3:33 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

really cute and romantic i like this part but i think it's not right that peanut have this romantic show to the "other"grape and bring hope for her.

But i hope that's in his real time he for dayshaun and the other little not "uncle" but "daddy"peanut is :D

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Sat Dec 10, 2011 4:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

GAH!!! FINALLY, I'm on the same page as the latest update. just one more episode before I'm caught up.

Author:  valerio [ Sat Dec 10, 2011 4:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

Allow me to do you my congratulations! :D
So, what wss your fave episode so far?

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Sat Dec 10, 2011 4:40 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

Trick question: they're all awesome.

seriously, I could only choose a favorite if they were all self-contained, but the story goes on through the whole fic, so I view it more like one gigantic movie.

Author:  valerio [ Sat Dec 10, 2011 4:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

Why, thank you! :D

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Sat Dec 10, 2011 6:44 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

Caught up. finally. such an amazing fic.

prediction time: Future Peanut doesn't love Grape as much and the "inspirational tours" are him having an affair with Tarot. because this is supposedly a world where grape isn't an obstacle.

now I have a few more fics to read because you linked them to yours.

Author:  valerio [ Sat Dec 10, 2011 7:24 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

*pops champagne* congratulations on your success! After mine, the others will be a milkrun :lol:
Btw, did you also read the ficcies in continuity?
Star-Crossed (the one that started it all): viewtopic.php?f=13&t=140
Auld Lang Syne (prequel to SC): viewtopic.php?f=13&t=144
Symphony in Periwinkle (the masterwork that got me into writing mine): viewtopic.php?f=13&t=245

And of course Projectiles of Protection/A Lost Hope: the parallel ficcie set in my continuity: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=791

Author:  valerio [ Sat Dec 10, 2011 11:46 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

Ye Old Shoppe of Antiquities, Curiosities And Mysterious Items. 13, Raven Road, New Babylon Gardens. The Future

Fido and Peanut stood there, in front of the wood-and-wrought iron door.
The windows were closed, including the shop window. Only one had remained open: the small window door of frosted glass, from which a cone of light came, a small beacon in the near darkness of the street. After all, the new rulers of this brave new world could rely on other, keener senses than the extinct Man’s. The shop’s window door was like a small beacon casting an eerie cone in the air.
“Are you ready?” Fido asked.
Peanut nodded. He had made up his mind even before Fido told him Tarot wanted to see them: he’d bring her back home, one way or the other. He wouldn’t allow this terrible future to come to reality! He’d grow old together with his family, and his five children, not just one, and the humans wouldn’t get extinct!
Just as if his thoughts had been heard, the door opened without a creak of its well-oiled hinges.
The dogs walked in.

Inside, the air was filled with the smell of oiled wood, dried flowers in small pots hanging from the ceiling, candles, and the dusty scent of old books.
Peanut went to a bookshelf. He examined the paperbacks, the hardcovers, even a Gutenberg ‘s print of the Bible. Books written by people long gone, novels no human would read again…
“It won’t happen,” Peanut muttered.
Fido put a paw on his shoulder. “Never.”
The door closed behind them, barely with a *click* of the lock. “Well, she saved us the good ol’ slam,” Fido said.
“Please, sit by the table,” Tarot’s voice said from the kitchen. Together with her voice, came the smells of milk, vanilla tea and cookies. The dogs realized they were hungry, after all.
They sat down on a couch in front of a small round table with glass top and iron legs. Ironical: the mission had started around a round table, and it was going to end there.
Tarot came out, holding a tray. “I was waiting for you. Thank you for coming.”
Fido and Peanut were perplexed, to say the least: Tarot had undoubtedly changed. She wasn’t only older, but her body was in its full maturity. Her taller figure wore a long gypsy dress, rich in colors, with a black lace over her shoulders.
Tarot set the tray down on the table, then sat down in her couch. “I am happy to see you two are all right. This…kind of trip can be very stressing on inexperienced travelers.”
“Thank you,” Peanut said, wagging some despite himself. “I’m happy to see you’re okay too.”
“And congratulations to you, Fido.” She poured just a bit of sugar in her tea. “Milk?” She offered.
Fido nodded absently. “Congratulations for what?” It was at least the second time, they were congratulating him for something, and he had grown curious now.
“My, for your children of course. You and Sabrina decided to adopt, at last. We all wondered when you’d overcome your traumas and decide.” Tarot poured the milk, then offered cup and dish to the police dog. “I’m so happy for you.”
“Happy?!” Fido’s paw stroke the cup, sending it flying against an ornament –a glass human skull against which the cup shattered, drenching it.
Fido was baring his teeth. How long it had been since he let the stress get the best of him like that? “Tarot! There is nothing to be happy for! This world is a nightmare, it’s—“
“It’s perfect,” she interrupted calmly. “You have a real career as member of the police, not a pet rank. Peanut is the most famous artist in this State, and he’s got a beautiful son. Grape is a writer, Maxwell leads his band…We all have a new role in society, one we couldn’t hope to have in the…other timeline.”
Peanut didn’t share that optimism. He held out his paws and took hers. “Tarot, I—we don’t want to be famous, not at this price. Grape…Grape wanted to play pretend that we were still pets, she misses Dad and Mom, and I’m sure I-the other me is still missing them too. And…who knows how many friends did we lose.” He was close to tears. “This world is bad, Tarot. You are my bestest friend ever, please come back home. We’re all worried sick for you.
Tarot shook her head. “You don’t miss me, Peanut. Your heart is with Grape, as it was meant to be. I…am done, there’s no more place for me in your life.” She sighed. “I should have gone the day I pushed you down that hill and into Grape’s arms and heart. Staying around, hovering around a love I couldn’t pursue was my mistake.
She caressed his paws, delicately, as if they were made of some fragile tissue. “Peanut, Peanut, wonderful dog with the greatest heart. Around you, rancors abate, spirits sing. Even those who think ill of you, eventually they realize their mistake. You and Grape are so special, that the spirits allowed you to give birth.
“I was honored and happy to be part of your world, although briefly… But I realized that I couldn’t let you go. This was the only solution, my love.” She let go of Peanut’s paws, then took her cup. Her almost solemn expression let space to a childish smile. “Now please, drink your tea. And eat the cookies: butter and white chocolate, they are really delicious!”
“Tarot?” Peanut was scared by that sudden change of mood. The sad, but adult female had become a puppy playing teatime with dolls! “Tarot. I-I never put you aside, I will never forget you! I promised to name my firstborn daughter after you! I owe you so much, why would you think I’d leave you?!”
“You won’t be alone,” Fido said. “Sabrina will be by your side, and so will I.”
Peanut nodded. “Please, come back to where you belong.”
The happy puppy disappeared. The adult was back again. She set down the cup. “I am important for you, here, Peanut Butter.
“You are right, the Great Fall hurt you more than you think. And you come to me for help, for suggestions, for all it takes to help out your marriage. Here, I am truly part of your life. ‘Back home’, I’d be just the strange dog that speaks with the spirits. I’d help out the others…without finding what I need. And knowing you made me realize what I was missing, and now…” she shook her head. Another sigh. “Now I am with you. For you. Always. And you know why this is important? Do you?”
“Because you just said that—“
“I am alone!” she burst out. “Alone, Peanut, Fido. Alone since I was a puppy, when I could see the spirits and they’d talk to me. I grew up without a friend. I had no experience with the otherworld, and they filled my mind with their emotions. I was six months old when I learnt what it meant do die! I was one when I learnt things about the adults that one should never learn! At two years, I was old! I had no friends, I was only the weird dog that could do the Oujia thing at the parties.”
“Oh, Tarot…”
Tarot looked even older. “I didn’t know I had a psychic talent, I only knew that I was afraid of falling asleep. I was afraid of talking with someone for fear of hearing a spirit whispering…things in my mind. Once, I...I broke my ears in the hope of not hearing them anymore, that's why they are floppy.
“Sabrina came to me, proposing to help me to manage my talents. A little later, the spirits told me to help you and Grape. And now I know why, it was those spirits who have now allowed you to become father. I worked well, and you and Grape have your happy ending.” Pain and other emotions were alternating on her face as if a mad sculptor was continually remolding her muscles. “You know what a happy ending is, do you, Peanut? Of course you know, you read all the books of the library. Even the Little Match Girl found happiness before dying, because she could live at least the illusion of being with those she loved. She was happy. And with you…I was happy too.” She was barely controlling her trembling voice now. Her dress was getting stained with tears.
“I want to be happy. I am tired of serving the spirits. I am tired of training and being trained, I want a life.” She finally seemed to calm down. “I came to this place because not even they can find me here. The spirits of this world don’t recognize me, and so they leave me alone. I am no longer Tarot the wizard, I am just a seller of curiosities who will write an horoscope and read cards every now and then. And I have you. You two can’t imagine how good it feels not to have their voice in your mind every day.”
Tarot stood up. “But now, please, finish your tea and cookies. I must clean that poor skull. *Tch* the spirits were useful, after all, for these little chores.” She went to the kitchen.
Peanut said, “And what did everyone do, to deserve to die?”
Tarot stopped. She turned. “I’m sorry?”
“If you stay here, this world could come true. Mom and Dad, Uncle Martin…a lot of good people will die. A lot of our friends will die. I will be unhappy, Grape will be sad! I will have one son, the other four…” And then, he understood. Of course! It had been there under his nose all the time!
Peanut stood up.
Tarot stood where she was while he walked to her. And then, Peanut did something that he could have never, ever thought he’d do.
He slapped her. And considering he had put on some muscles, that gesture hit her even harder than she thought.
And it shocked her as much hard.
“You…this is not you! You helped me, Tarot! You helped my family, and now you would destroy everyting! This is isn’t you! Tarot would never do something bad to us all! Isn’t it true, Spirit Dragon?
Tarot’s eyes turned green. “How did you..?”
Peanut was beside himself with rage. It had occurred to him only once, but he was ready to challenge the gods themselves to save everything he held dear. And, in more than one way, he was doing just so. “We are only inferior beings, isn’t it true? If you don’t like us, you can always discard us, right? I thought that you were better than Pete! Instead, you used Tarot to hide! Why couldn’t you just let her go?!”
“Because what she said about herself was true, after all,” said the spirit through the dog’s mouth. “What she didn’t of course tell you was that I love you too.”
“Uh…” Peanut thought about that dream/not dream when he had met the creature. And she had kissed him, yes, or tried to. Sabrina hadn’t liked it.
“Tarot was troubled, and so I helped her find a place where we both could live happily. I just didn’t tell her I’d come with her, because the deal was that she’d never deal again with the otherworld.”
Peanut looked in those unnatural green eyes. “So you lied to her?”
“Not completely. For all that concerns her, she has the life she aspired to. And worry not about your universes: I can avoid any possible trouble to your timeline. If Streak hadn’t interfered, you wouldn’t even be here and everything would be fine. Believe me, Peanut, I have the power to make things all right for everyone.”
“But this world—“
“There are many timelines out there, Peanut: in one, Bino actually killed you. In one, a pandemic decimated humankind. In one, Pete conquered the world and perfectioned humankind. In one, you let go Grape with Max once and for all…. To me, they are only variations. I picked up one that would fit mine and Tarot’s desire. That is all. Now please, I must ask you to go. I wanted you and her to meet so that you understood why she left. Now that you know, do not force us to…go back.”
Peanut shook his head. “You know she can be happy at home. The problem is you. And you didn’t answer me, before: why take her with you? You don’t need her.”
Tarot nodded. “But she needs me. I owe her, I will protect her happiness. She accepted to be my avatar by her own will, it’s the least I can do for her. Now, please…” She turned to go in the kitchen…and bumped into a leg.
A human leg, extended at the height of her chest.
A human leg dressed in a pair of white trousers, with shiny white shoes.
A human leg belonging to a very human figure all dressed in white, leaning with his back on the sill.
“What’s the hurry, lady?” said the albino man, using a white-gloved finger to lift the brim of his white fedora, revealing a pearly smile and eyes red like rubies. “You know, it’s very rude to leave the game without warning. *tch* And to think things were getting interesting!” The figure turned his head to Peanut. “Oh, and thank you for finding her for us, boy: now you know why she was such in a hurry to let you go.”
Tarot’s shadow turned into the shape of the serpentine Dragon. “I am not coming back, Great Kitsune. Furthermore, you can’t make me now that I am involved with a mortal! I can’t play by the rules!”
“As if I did it, so far,” said another voice from behind Peanut.
The dog turned, and saw Fido…and the griffin shadow projecting from his body. The dog’s eyes were yellow like suns. “Draggy, I should say that I am pleasantly surprised! I didn’t expect you to act like this. So deliciously out of character What will be, next time? A nice reboot? An Infinite Crisis?” the dog clapped. “Because we know how it goes, girl: when Peanut will be healed from his scars, you’ll move elsewhere, and mess up things there too. You can’t help it! You love him, you can’t see him suffer, and so you will drag that poor Tarot from world to world, in seek of the love you’ll never have, until one of you two will go mad and start doing very naughty things. I am envious, I should’ve thought of that plan myself!”
“That won’t happen!” The dragon’s voice boomed.
“I can imagine why,” the Kitsune in the shape of an albino Michael Jackson said. “Because you will keep this world’s Peanut depending on you, right?”
“That’s not—“
“Now, what else could it be?” Fido/Pete asked. “As long as Peanut needs your help, you are satisfied. And if his marriage will fail, Tarot will be there to console him…hey, to give him pups as well, just to be sure! And you too will have your love by you. Everyone happy, right? Oh, of course, save for Grape and Dayshaun, but they can get Maxie, right?” The dog moaned like he was tasting the finest meal. “Hmm, rotten love, nothing beats that!”
Peanut just said, “Tarot.”
The female turned to him, eyes still green. “What?”
“I want to talk to her. For real. You stay out of it. Everyone stays out of it. I want to hear it from her.”
The dragon’s eyes turned sad. “Peanut, please, don’t…” But even a being like her had to lower her eyes in front of the anger Peanut was showing. She loved him, but she was hurting him. And Pete was right. In this world, Peanut was a sad creature, and she was feeding on that.
She wasn’t giving happiness to Tarot. She was giving her an illusion.
But it was so hard to let it go… “I’m sorry, my love,” the Dragon said. “I wronged you. I wronged you, and I forced three good dogs to see a world they were not meant to see, and in doing so I may have scarred them for life. Can you forgive me?”
Peanut put his paws over the dog’s shoulders. “Just give me back my friend. And get out of our lives. I’ll help her, We’ll all help her. We don’t need you!”
Dragon remembered when he had told her, with a puppy-like enthusiasm, That was awesome! And probably the second or third coolest thing I’ve ever seen!
And now he hated her. “…I think I’ll be needing a new avatar,” she whispered.
Kitsune rubbed her back. “Not so fast, lady. By breaking the implicit benevolence rule, what you did was a bit more severe than breaking the rules of the game. Heaven wants to have a word with you now.” The red eyes looked at the dog’s. “As for you and your friends, boy, consider your mission accomplished. It’s true you didn’t really save the world, but you saved your friend’s life and soul. A remarkable feat in itself, and some good karma too: Tarot helped you spawn your litter, you gave her a future. Now you can return home. Just make sure you keep your promise: forgive her and be a good friend to her.”
Peanut nodded. “No need to tell me! She’ll be fine, you’ll see!”
Kitsune lifted a glowed hand. Under his had there was now the familiar white fox head. “In this case, goodbye and thank you for playing.”
And he snapped his fingers.

Episode 16

Author:  Renkun [ Sat Dec 10, 2011 12:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

perfect ending from this Episode but....I want to read the next episode now I hate it to wait.... :roll:

Author:  kavviyenta [ Sat Dec 10, 2011 12:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

I knew Spirit Dragon would be involved! That was an awesome showdown!

Vivid description of the future. Honestly, I thought even though it has seven parts, this episode is a bit too short such as they need to explore more area of the future but at least you avert the "mission accomplished at the last minute" scenario.

Author:  valerio [ Sat Dec 10, 2011 1:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

kavviyenta Wrote:
I knew Spirit Dragon would be involved! That was an awesome showdown!

Vivid description of the future. Honestly, I thought even though it has seven parts, this episode is a bit too short such as they need to explore more area of the future but at least you avert the "mission accomplished at the last minute" scenario.

in general, I'd say you're right of course, but there's a problem: exploring that world in detail would mean write an exceptionally long episode. Furthermore, Dean's fics already offer that option; read them and you can see this world from the better point of view it's author's. ;)

Author:  Renkun [ Sat Dec 10, 2011 1:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

maybe find tarot if she is back in his timeline a new boyfriend only as idea Rex (the little girl and the beast :lol: ) or one another it give so many strange couples^^

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