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corrected title
added AWESOME EvanAierkan Art!
Go chekie! :D :D :D :D :D

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Yay peanut is back. Happy days! And I love the picture, so cute :D

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You know he'll never hear the end of it from Bino. But Bino will get his.

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The fanart was great!

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oh yes that is simply perfekt
but is must be hard for the poor maxwell but so is that's life and he have his girlfriend selene to his balm ;) .

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angelusbr Wrote:
I loved King's reaction to bailey.
As for Bino, I did say that I would liek to see Bailey's REACTION. If he doesn't provoke I'll wish him no harm. Besides, think like this:
There's a guy who's a psychopath murderer (not Bino's case, obviously, but it's just an example to ilustrate what I mean). Many people can say: "he never stole and he was a good friend", but he killed. Others can say "he never hit a kid", but he killed.
In another words, qualities or not comminting certain crimes do NOT erase bad things done by said person.

Example of a murderer is not proper for what we're discussing, because we're talking about a paranoid jerk who is known for making someone's life unpleasant. But I get the point.
Crimes commited by Bino can be forgotten. But first, he must prove that he deserves forgiveness. And he must want it.

Also, try to understand me. There are like zillion fans of King, why there are only few of us who are Bino's fans. So I have to to jump out of shadows sometimes to support him :)

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Hunter’s Academy, Locke’s County. The night before

Peanut stepped back into the sleeping quarters. He had not much time to prepare the baggage.
He was really sorry to leave like this, like a thief, without saying goodbye to his new friends… And he was sorry to leave the Academy, but his dad was right: he must stay close to Grape, especially tomorrow, for the ultrasound. She must be so worked up, perhaps even scared. He must be with her, period!
Budweiser was right. Holy Santa, he was going to be a father, he couldn’t stay here, of all places!!
Peanut closed the door quietly. He didn’t need to turn on the light, he had learnt to know that place blindfolded –actually, Bud had given them several painful training lessons in moving in a pitch black environment, counting only on nose and ears. The most frustrating thing was seeing Tobee moving in those conditions as if he had Spot’s super senses, though the minipinscher’s performances were a stimulus for the other to do better instead of whining.
Peanut smiled, as he put his things in his bag. Heh, he had collected a lot of things to talk about and couldn’t wait to spend the night with Grape telling her, while hugging and—
Peanut put off his jacket, put it into the bag and zipped it shut. He would be mocked for leaving the Academy, but he could survive, as long as he had his family. And, after all, he had survived his cat-lover reputation, right?
Peanut put the bag over his shoulder and left.
And as soon as he was out, two charcoal black furred paws grabbed him and pushed him against the wall with enough strength to leave him breathless!
“Well, well, well, look what we have here. A deserter in our midst,” Bino said, while the Alsatian Hannibal kept Peanut nailed against the wall.
And Sigmund, Tobee, Athena and Clementia were there too.
Peanut tried a friendly grin. “Ehh, hi guys, nice night for a walk, eh?”
“Let him go, Psycho,” Bino ordered. Peanut almost fell down. It hadn’t taken long for Bino to become the second in command of the pack, much to Budweiser’s surprise. That mutt had shown a promising ability as leader, it must be conceded to him, though his temper needed some working.
“Peanut,” Bino clucked his tongue, “I am honestly surprised: it’s bad enough to leave the Academy, but leaving without saying a goodbye… But I forgive you: you have lasted far longer than I had imagined, and you deserve this bit of respect.”
Bino grinned in sweet triumph. “I knew you wouldn’t stay here until the end of the semester. In the end, victory is mine: you go back home in disgrace, I’ll be back top dog. And for this…” he actually hugged Peanut. “Thank you! And believe it or not, I sort of admire you. It takes guts to walk the mile of the shame, even if it’s for a cat.”
The other dog held him by the shoulders. “Do me a favor, kay? Tell my dizzy I miss her immensely, that I love her, and that she will be proud of me.”
Peanut was back smiling. “She already is, but I’ll tell her, promise. And guys, it was great to know you. I hope to meet you again at Terrace High once you become security.”
Hannibal shook paws with him, the others doing the same in turn. “There’s no ‘hope’, hombre: we’ll save you a place in the staff in case you moved there.”
Tobee handed peanut a packet of his brownies. “In case you needed a snack excitement makes one hungry pal:”
Peanut knew how that small dog loved his cookies, so he took the gift, nodding his thanks.
Peanut took the cookies. While putting them into the bag, he said, “Bino, I intend to throw a big party just for you. I knew you weren’t a bad dog at heart, and my party will make Fido envious.”
Bino didn’t know what to say at that. He knew Peanut wasn’t a liar, and that offer honestly surprised him. “I… Wow, I’ll take your word for it then, cat lover. Thank you again, I guess. Just don’t invite cats, okay?”
Clementia held out her paw. “Weird or not, you still deserve respect, pup. Make your kitty happy or I’ll pay you a visit.”
“Aw, daddy Peanut!” Athena crushed the poor dog in a bear hug. Only the extra muscle he had put on in these months saved him from hospitalization. “We’re gonna pay you and your lady a visit, after she has given birth.”
Let’s hope you don’t get a shock, then.
Sandwich House, Babylon Gardens. Today

When Grape Jelly opened her eyes, the first thing she felt was pure panic.
It hadn’t been a dream, she was positive she had gone to bed with Peanut, played with him, done…everything with him. And if memory wasn’t enough, his scent was still filling the room, his hair were littering their bed.
So where was he?
Had he gone back to the Academy? Had he come back home just for a visit, to leave her alone again?!
Grape stood up screaming his name.
“Grapey, I’m here!” And he was there, holding a tray filled with any possible food a pet cat and dog could eat safely. Peanut Butter put down the tray on the desk, before going to her, embracing her. “Shh, I’m here, I’m here. I just wanted to make you breakfast…”
Grape tried to fight down the tears. “I’m sorry, I-I didn’t see you there with me and I feared th-that you—“
The dog nuzzled her. “Silly Jellybelly, now it’s you who don’t trust me?” They both remembered the times in which he feared she didn’t want to spend her time with him.”
“It’s just these hormones, stupid dog.”
Peanut stroked his wife’s belly. “Hmm, you’re upsetting mommy, you rascals. Shame on you. Now daddy must put a remedy...” he kissed lightly the cat, while she caressed his muscly arms.
“Hmm, oh dear, someone really looks buff. I guess I should send a fruit basked to your father for shaping you up so good.”
Peanut laid back down, allowing his cat to lay all over him, her tail wrapping his waist. “Yup. I’ll have to spend some time to a gym, don’t want to waste all the effort.” He nuzzled her between her ears then nipped at one. “When do we have to go to the vet?”
Once, that word alone would’ve scared out of her fur, now she couldn’t wait to go. “Mom and Dad say there’s no hurry, the visit is booked at 11. Dad wanted to make sure we got some extra time for us, and then you must meet the others.”
“They can wait.” Peanut felt like he had spent years without her. His sensitive nose was getting him high on her scent, dog he needed her more than his life! “Grape?”
Peanut licked her shoulder a couple of times. “Do you still like to keep this secret?”
The cat nodded, caressed her belly. “Yes. This is something more than special, Nutty. This is unique, it is ours. No one else needs to know, because this blessing was given to us. Our children will grow healthy and strong, they will be our legacy. The world needs only to know that we love them, like we love each other.”
“Speaking of which,” Peanut said, offering her a second honey-filled croissant, “Need more energies? Puppy wants still to play.”
Grape bit into the pastry, chuckled, then stood up on her knees, pinning him down. “You know how to tempt a girl, but your friends have a right to see you, okay? Not to mention that I’m sure someone will be already on his way—“ She was interrupted by the doorbell.
Grape moved away. “Kitty now eats, doggie go get door. And thank you for the lovely breakfast.”
“Aye aye, Ma’am! And you’re welcome!” Peanut stood up and in a flash he ran to the door and from there down the stairs.

When the door opened, an unusual sight welcomed the Sandwich dog. “Joey!” unusual, but not surprising –after all, Grape had kept him updated on all the new developments during their Sunday chats.
But seeing live Joey, timid Joey who never got the guts to ask someone out, together with a cat, and a Bigglesworth at that, was a shock of sort. The way the Siamese leaned on him suggested a certain intimacy…
But all those considerations were put aside as Joey glomped the other dog! “Peanut! I’m so happy you’re back! I missed you so much!”
The other dog rubbed his knuckles over his head, like Athena would do with him. “You sure you’re not mistaking me for Bino?”
Joey shook vehemently his head. “The Club is not the same thing without you. So many new couples need to hear some words of encouragement from their hero.”
Peanut blushed. “Now, you’re making this up! Anyway, congratulations for your girlfriend. She’s…something.”
“I heard you, mutt!” Grape shouted from the window of their room. “Blanche Bigglesworth, you stare at my hunky husband for longer than one minute, you’re meal!”
“Since when admiring a piece of art is a crime?” Blanche said, examining Peanut head to toe. “I mean, wow! You should get a new mailbox come next Valentine.”
A cleaver flew at a hair’s breadth from the cat’s face, sticking itself between her feet. “Got it,” Blanche gulped.
“I’m gonna walk around a bit. Be back in time, promise!” Peanut ran out, closing the door behind himself.

The first destination was the nearby House Foster, or at least the family’s temporary residence while the mansion was being rebuilt.
Peanut was about to knock, when the booming voices of Antares and Aldebaran howled “GOOD MORNING!” Then the house trembled as if a 7.0 earthquake had just it it.
“He’s awake,” Peanut said happily. He opened the door, knowing he’d find it unlocked. “Uncle Martin, I’m home!”
“Peanut!” Alcor said, emerging from the kitchen. He set down the coffee pot he used to bring to his Dad and ran to hug and ruffle up his friend. “Ah, but it’s good to see you ol’ hound! The twins wanted to come and greet you, yesterday, but Dad thought you deserved to enjoy your first night with your mate.”
Peanut blushed and squirmed.
“Peanut!” said a she-wolf, emerging with a big piece of meat in her paw. She ripped a chunk and chewed. “Good to see you back, pup.”
“Good morning, Celestia. How’s living with Antares?”
The former Milton wolf nodded. “Good den, fine food, and he’s a good alpha. I’m sure he’ll provide me good pups in due time. For now he’s teaching me to play Elder Scrolls. Have a nice day.” While going for the stairs, she accidentally bumped into the second human inhabitant of the house.
“Watch it, juggernaut,” Joel Zechariah Robinson grumbled. He was excused in the fact that he was half-asleep. When he had come back into his brother’s life, he had thought he’d need an alarm clock, not knowing of the…ritual. He still had a half-breakdown each morning. “I hate this place, why didn’t they keep me in jail?”
“Which reminds me,” Alcor said, taking the tray. “Dad needs his coffee, hot. Luckily, this pitcher can keep it warm. Wanna come?”
“Sure! See you later, Joey.” And the dog followed happily the cat up the stars.

Martin’s room was a flurry of activity. The man was engaged in a session of wrestling with his twins. It was nothing short of a miracle he could stand the two big brutes clawing at him, nipping, biting and covering him in canine kisses.
Peanut wished he could do that with his Dad, but Earl, for how much he loved him, wasn’t keen on these…excessive displays of attention, except than with puppies.
Peanut swore to himself he’d dedicate playtime to his puppies every moment he could.
“Coffee!” Alcor said. Immediately, the twins let go of the human. Martin looked a mess, his hair had a punkish look. He must shave and his face looked as if it had grown an extra layer of black beard. He was still chuckling madly, eyes shining with adrenaline, as he took the cup Alcor had filled. “Thank you dear.” He downed the content, before screaming like a damned soul.
Martin jumped out the bed and ran into the bathroom, leaving a trail of vapor and burnt flesh smell behind himself. The door closed.
“One day you pests will kill him,” Mizar said, stepping into the room.
“Miz!” Peanut said, going to hug her. “You look lovely.” He couldn’t resist a sniff to her belly. In the last chat, Grape had informed him she too would do her ultrasound today. “And your pups smell lovely too.”
The white German Shepherd chuckled. “That, or I’m carrying a giant. It surely feels like one.”
“Is it your first pregnancy?”
Mizar nodded. “Soon I’ll have to walk on all fours, but it’s totally worth it. When I lived with the pack, in the streets, our females looked so happy with their new lives. It was as if, in that period, all of their problems were forgotten. I envied them, then.”
“No need to, anymore,” Alcor said, pecking her cheek. “Now let’s go, Dad must finish and he’s offered to carry us all to the vet. And he got his private bus, after all.”

When they reached the kitchen, Peanut was greeted by the second unusual sight of the morning. “Hi, Daisy,” he said to the black female who was serving some scrambled eggs to Joel.
“Good morning, Peanut,” she said, before looking with expectancy at the human.
Joel, leaning an elbow on the table while he held a cup of coffee, ate a mouthful of eggs. “Yes, yes, I like them, m-girl.” To Alcor, he said, “It’s like having Mother Teresa as a waiter. She scares me.”
Peanut was more impressed by the fact she had started talking. The story had come out by the mouth of her parents: it was no secret that Daisy had been adopted at the old shelter. And it was no secret that that place had severely traumatized her. Only the fury of Miss Sunman had prevented Mac, the old keeper, from inflicting further damage to the pup.
What the others didn’t know was that Miss Sunman used to read stories to the pups whenever she could. Daisy had been fascinated by The Song of The Forest, at the point Miss Sunman had left her a copy of the book. Daisy, to protect herself, had immersed so much in that world to get lost in it. Whenever she would say ‘Hi I’m Daisy!’, she’d send a message, ‘Will you protect me?’. Just like she her heroine had greeted Mortimer the first time they met.
Getting to know Aldebaran, who like his brother looked like the living copy of Mortimer, the wolf hero of that book, had crumbled the barrier. A little at a time, Daisy was recovering, much to the joy and pride of her parents.
Peanut had never heard her going further than her catchphrase. He waved at her, really not knowing what to say. “You okay?”
She nodded. “Want something to eat?”
“Uhh, not really. I’m so nervous, I think I don’t have the room for a crumble.”
Alcor helped himself to some hot hash brown. “It shows you never lived on the streets, pup. Never say ‘no’ to food. Especially now that the fridge is in constant danger, between Celestia’s snacks and my delicious wife’s craving.”
“Watch that tongue, cat,” she warned him.
Martin came in the kitchen. “Time for some exams, folks.”
Lucky Charm Grove Veterinary Clinic

“Grape, are you okay?” Jill asked.
A few steps before the entrance, the lavender cat had suddenly stopped. She kept her paws clutched against her chest, her breath short with fear.
“Grape!” Peanut held softly her paws. “Jellybelly, what’s up?”
She felt nauseous, her voice was thin, she badly needed a paper bag in which either breath or throw up. She looked at Peanut with pleading eyes. “And what if there’s…something wrong? Something… I don’t know… you may have given up the Academy for nothing…”
Peanut hugged her. “Shh, it will be alright, hm? We’ve gone this far, I’m sure it will be only good news, kitten. And I didn’t leave the Academy for nothing. I’d go back there and leave it again only for you. And the litter is just fine, I’m sure. I love you. Your family is here, Uncle Martin is here, nothing will go wrong.”
Grape let him guide her through the entrance. The others followed.
Grape kept telling it to herself: nothing can go wrong. For the first time, she realized the enormity of what she had done. She was pregnant of a dog. What if her body, her metabolism, were inadequate?

Last time Grape had been in a shelter, the ambulatory was a poor thing, a single dirty room with barely the essential for the basic shots. To get sick, then, was a sentence.
This place was much bigger even than the regular ambulatory of Dr. Chtulu. It smelled clean, but the disinfectant wasn’t overwhelming. The waiting room was provided with videogames, books and comics, and scratching posts for nervous cats.
“There she is, best mommy in the Gardens!” Dr. Stanwick, the head of the animal clinic, said from the study’s threshold. “I can’t wait to do the head count, my lady,” he said, squeezing Grape’s shoulder. He had such affable manners, he never treated his patients like so many pieces of meat. He liked to talk to them, listen to them. Every visit was like a visit with an old friend. Grape could do without the syringes, but she could trust this particular human.
“Neither can I,” she said, shaking his hand.
“That’s the spirit, girl. Now you, folks come in, I got room enough. Jill, be a dear and keep your hands off the instruments. Today you’re the Mom of my most precious patient, not my nurse.” He arranged the group composed of Martin, Alcor, and the Sandwiches, in a corner, while he led Grape to the bed. “Now lay here, dear. And you folks be quiet or it’s the waiting roo, for you. Grape, are you nervous?”
“Just a bit.” She looked at Peanut, who waved to her.
Stanwick ruffled her head fur. “Perfectly normal, dear.” He looked at her for a moment longer. His eyes were actually misting, the man had to put off his glasses and rub his eyes. “You were such a young, scared kitten, and now here you are, ready to be mom. You made this old man proud, young lady. And now, let’s see how much your family budget will have to suffer… Only kidding, Earl,” he added at the ‘hrrumph*ing sound coming from Earl.
“I tried to convince him that I will cover all their extra needs,” Martin said, shrugging. “He still insists of working his butt off to make extra money.” Despite him sounding cheerful, one could hear a note of nervousness in his voice. Martin had developed a strong bond with Grape, since it was him who had saved her from starvation during her days of stray.
Earl sighed. “Martin, I told you time and again: I will not rely on you as if you were my ATM. I didn’t start a family thinking of a future rich uncle, or I wouldn’t be better than those no-goods—“
“You two roosters, did you forget what I said about the waiting room, before?” the veterinarian interrupted them, while finishing spreading gel over Grape’s belly. He turned on and set the scanner, then took the sensor and passed it.
A few moments later, Mordecai Stanwick frowned.
Panic coursed through Grape, making her fur stand. She was so scared, she couldn’t even think.
Stanwick was examining the screen with a…perplexed expression, rather than worried.
They are not normal! They are monsters, it was a lie, he’s seeing something deformed, alien, with glowing ghostly eyes!
The study had fallen into a surreal silence, broken only by the rhythmic sounds from the ultrasound scanner…

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Oh goodness. Wonder what showed up on the screen...

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That doctor is about to see something never before recorded in the history of life itself. I still can't wait to see what they look like though.

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Lucky Charm Grove Veterinary Clinic. Prenatal exam room

How bad could it go?
With every second the wall clock stroke inside the room, the darkest chances took shape into the minds of the presents: Jill and Earl Sandwich, Martin Foster with Alcor and Mizar, and of course the pair most involved: Peanut and Grape.
This was supposed to be a simple routine procedure, a scan to determine the number and state of health of Grape’s kittens, nothing more. Medically speaking, she was fertile and fit, and nothing so far had suggested any problems.
So, what could be wrong? Why was Dr. Mordecai Stanwick frowning, perplexed, at the ultrasound device’s screen?
Jill had worked as a nurse before starting anew in the shelter’s clinic. She knew perfectly that, in situations like this, you didn’t want to barge in and shake the truth out of the medic.
But the cat on the bed wasn’t just any patient, it was her child, her sweet cat who didn’t need more trauma, after suffering long and hard enough in her life…
And yet, Jill’s knowledge of medicine was creating a monstrous list, in flashing letters, of possible malformations, problems that could cause a miscarriage or worse..! The woman clung to her husband’s shoulder.
Earl looked as if he was ready to smash the proverbial Harley on Jesus’ very head if that exam came with bad results.
Martin looked calm, and only a fool would have mistaken that emotionless expression for anything else than the volcano ready to erupt. The Devil would have to fear now…
Grape and Peanut exchanged a look filled with anguish. Had it been a terrible mistake, to believe in Tarot? The magic that had allowed that pregnancy, it had also generated monsters? The cat couldn’t stand the thought of being tricked so cruelly. Peanut was doing his best to put on a brave face, though: tarot was a friend, he must believe her, she wouldn’t be jealous and do a bad thing to his Grapey, right? Right..? And he kept caressing her head in reassurance.
Grape broke the long silence, saying, “Doctor..?” And more she couldn’t say. Doctor, please, if they are monsters, exorcise them, do something, anything, but first speak!
Stanwick put the scanner back in its socket then pressed the ‘print’ button. “Well, ladies and gentlemen, I can say I rarely saw something like this in my long career…”
By then, tension was a physical entity inside the room.
And yet, while the man spoke, a smile started showing on his face. He turned towards Grape. “…In fact, only two times I had the privilege to see a healthy cat your age, at her first pregnancy, carrying five healthy kittens. My most sincere congratulations, lady.”
Ten seconds of absolute silence followed. The intergalactic vacuum would be louder. No one breathed. Hearts stopped, while the neurons processed that information.

Otis was waiting for his turn for a visit, together with Mirai, when they and the bystanders heard a sort of explosion coming from the prenatal exam room –much like the Carnival of Rio, complete with Vuvuzelas!

Grape Jelly Sandwich was the superstar, every one of the present went to caress, pet and kiss her. Peanut kissed her like no tomorrow. Her parents kissed her each on a cheek. Jill wanted to squeeze her child like a toothpaste tube. Earl ruffled her back.
“Ka-CHING!” Peanut said, pumping his right arm, his smile flashing like a beacon. “Who’s your daddy?!”
Grape grabbed Peanut’s head and kissed him again, tasting his sweet tears of joy.
“Five,” he said when they separated. His paw stroked her belly. And he had really risked of losing this moment to stay at the Academy?! “Five, and you will be the best mommy in the world, the prettiest. “And he kissed her again, among the applauses of the present. This was the greatest dream come true, Santa’s gift of a lifetime, and Peanut would work superextradouble hard to protect her, against the world itself if necessary!

Martin looked as if he had gotten a palsy. Grinning as if he was the father, his hand laying on the veterinarian’s shoulder, he said. “Doc, you know you risked being crucified in the mess room, do you?”
With an equally happy smile, the medic said, “You wouldn’t dare, boss: you need me to see them born.”
“If everything is all right, doctor, why did you look so worried, before?” Grape asked, exhausted by that tension. “It was a very bad idea of a joke.”
Mordecai was about to answer, when Jill took a tissue and started cleaning the cat’s belly fur. “He had reasons to be worried, love. Five kittens is an exceptional pregnancy, especially in a cat your age, at the first experience.” She kissed her nose, “You’ll see, everything will be all right. The important thing is that they are healthy.”
Stanwick nodded. “We’ll keep you under strict control, young lady. I’ll set a schedule for the next visits, then you’ll have to follow a special diet and take the right pills. No exception, am I clear?” Then he smiled just like a good-natured grandfather. “In no time, with your cooperation, this will be a nice natural birth, do you like the idea?”
Grape nodded happily. “I’ll be your best patient, doctor, promise! And I will not fail you, Mom.”
Jill hugged again her cat. Earl joined the hug. “You could never, girl. Heck, we’re going to be grandparents, you make me feel old.”
Martin said, “I’ll have a word with the Miltons. Once I move into my rebuilt mansion, I’ll ask them to merge our houses. What with a baby and a litter of five,” he rolled those words in his mouth as if they were honey candies “you’ll be needing a lot of extra room. And I won’t accept a ‘no’: it’s my gift of welcome for the new tribe, the least I can do for them.”
“Well, thank you then,” Earl shook hands with his boss.
“Don’t. Taxes will make you curse enough. In the end, you can say I didn’t make you a favor. And Grape, watch out, you’re gonna turn into Purple Moby in no time.”
The cat reddened and flattened her ears. “Shut up.”
“Who cares?” Peanut licked her cheek. “You still will look the superbestlovely kitty in the world!”
Mordecai clapped his hands to draw the attention. “Now, everybody, this is a medical study, not an Irish pub! Everybody out save the Sandwich grandparents, we must organize the schedule. Oh, and Grape, in this first week you can eat what you want but avoid orange soda. Catnip is verboten forever from now on, though I know you’re a responsible kitten. Consider yourself delicate like a lily. Peanut, take the outmost care of her. No games that could cause any trauma, okay?”
“Dac!” Peanut looked as if he wanted to put her in a jar and preserve her until the birth day!
“My boys will keep an eye on her,” Martin promised. Antares and Aldebaran considered themselves brothers to Grape. And no person or pet sane of mind would mess with them. And if you added to the equation a she-wolf…
“You’re thinking of hiring one of your praetorians to bodyguard her,” Earl said, startling him. “I know that gaze. Thinking the same thing.”
“Perhaps we all could move to Alaska. Should be tranquil enough.”

When the group left the study, the first thing Peanut did was to fish out his cell and fast-call a certain number. But when the operator answered, the poor dog’s tongue turned into a piece of wood. “Uh, bah, buh…BUD!!!” he managed to say at last, staring at the device as if he could strangle it. His voice assumed the tone of a hysterical squirrel on soda. “MynameisPeanutButterSandwichIamthesonofDrillSergeantBudweisercalledBudandIneedtotalktohimNAO!!” he was panting like a tired ox. He had imagined he’d have to hang on for several, painstaking minutes. Instead, his biological father’s voice came from the cell a moment later. “Hey there, son! Tell me you called to give me good news. I haven’t taken a leave in five years and I want it to be worth it.”
“They’re five!” Peanut barked/shrilled, almost wagging himself off the ground. “Grape is waiting for five! I want you to be there to see them when they’re born. I love you!”
Hunters Academy, Locke’s County

When the news came from the speakerphone, Peanut’s ex-class erupted in a long merry howl.
“Congratulation, daddy!” Bino barked. “We’ll toast to you and grape with Orangina all day long. Bud is giving us the day off!”
Bud took the receiver and turned the speaker off. “So, boy, was your old dog right, was he?”
“Yes,” Peanut nodded, on the verge of tears, both for the stress and for the happiness of talking with his dad. “Yes, you were right. I don’t know how to thank you!”
“If you want to thank me, grunt, take care of your spouse, be a great dad. And don’t worry, I’ll be there for the happy day, it’s a promise. Whatever you need from me, just call, okay? I love you, son.”
“I love you, dad, Thank you again.” Peanut waited to hear the *click* from the other side, before calling another couple of numbers...
Costner House

When Bino had decided to renew the Clubhouse, he hadn’t thought of adding space for the sake of its members –not at first, at least. The idea was to have a larger number of listeners for his speeches.
In a way, the idea had backfired, now that all the space available had been filled to capacity for both the members of the GOD club and his brother Joey’s CLS members.
When Joey’s and Fox’s phones rang, no one dared to talk while they listened. Eventually, both presidents of their clubs nodded, then turned off the phones, and put them back into their collars.
“FIVE!” they shouted together. The hall erupted. Bottles popped open. As member of both Clubs, Peanut deserved this celebration, a little taste of what awaited him tonight…
Another couple received the news a moment later.

Maxwell and his old pal Ivan gave hi-five. The big cat opened a can of caviar Osetra Imperial Gold, $6,688.00 a can, a gift from his parents – the latest in a long list of adoptions – who were away all day, almost everyday, for their food import business. Caviar like this was their way to pay their apologies to their son.
Tovarishch Max, this is great day and great honor for our species! Five kittens, much luck!” Then he patted the black cat’s back. “I know you wanted them to be yours, but I’m sure you shall make great ростовщик. Five kittens, great responsibility. A friend can be precious like a husband!”
Max smiled to the big cat. “I’ll be just that, Ivan. Thanks for the vote of confidence: the genes may not be mine, but I’ll make sure the rascals will grow like real cats.” He winked.
“Five kittens…wow,” King said. He downed his soda. “Now we only have to wait for Mizar’s exam, right?” He looked with glazing eyes at Bailey, who was chatting with Jolene. He sported a dopey smile, as he imagined five adorable, cute, small corgi/husky puppies running around the house on their stubby little legs, nomming at their daddy’s ears and sleeping all curled up into their mommy’s fluffy tail.
Someone must have been inspired by the same idea, because a Dalmatian approached Bailey and started proposing for a litter…before getting a PAUNCH that sent him flying!
Bailey then waved at King. King did the same. Fox, approaching the drinks table, put a paw over the corgi’s shoulder. “Why don’t you ask her? I’ll bet she’s waiting for you to show some guts, loverboy.”
King sighed. “I’m drunk, Fox, but not that drunk. And don’t try to talk to her on my account.”
Fox chuckled. “No need to.”
“What do you mean?”
Fox didn’t answer, but showed that knowing smile that King had learnt to understand. And smaller dog blushed.
Ambrose House

<Yes, Peanut, I know. The spirits are really happy now, they are laying blessing all over the place. My congratulations, my dear. And congratulations from Sabrina, as well.>
<Girls, Tarot…> Peanut’s mind-voice came with a note of sadness. <I am so sorry for thinking ill of you, forgive me.>
Tarot smiled, while her eyes shone green with arcane energies. <Don’t worry, Peanut: in certain moments, certain reactions are…understandable. Now enjoy your special day, be happy with Grape.>
<I’ll call one of them Tarot, just as I promised!> there was no mistaking the happiness in his voice. <We owe you…>
<Again, sweet Peanut, I owe you. The spirits owe you. Now go, I don’t want to keep you waiting.>

Author:  valerio [ Tue Nov 29, 2011 10:50 am ]
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and with this update we mark the 20,000 hits!
I don't know what to say, guys, save that this is the best motivation to go on and do my best to bring you more emotions and updates.
Again, thanks to (or blame) Sinder and Two-Twig for inspiring me into writing this ficcie. And thanks to Rick Griffin for giving us the most awesome characters ever! *cheers*

Author:  angelusbr [ Tue Nov 29, 2011 11:18 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

Karlos Wrote:
angelusbr Wrote:
I loved King's reaction to bailey.
As for Bino, I did say that I would liek to see Bailey's REACTION. If he doesn't provoke I'll wish him no harm. Besides, think like this:
There's a guy who's a psychopath murderer (not Bino's case, obviously, but it's just an example to ilustrate what I mean). Many people can say: "he never stole and he was a good friend", but he killed. Others can say "he never hit a kid", but he killed.
In another words, qualities or not comminting certain crimes do NOT erase bad things done by said person.

Example of a murderer is not proper for what we're discussing, because we're talking about a paranoid jerk who is known for making someone's life unpleasant. But I get the point.
Crimes commited by Bino can be forgotten. But first, he must prove that he deserves forgiveness. And he must want it.

Also, try to understand me. There are like zillion fans of King, why there are only few of us who are Bino's fans. So I have to to jump out of shadows sometimes to support him :)

If Bino atones for what he has done, then I'll have nothing aginast him.
As for the chapters...we need fanart of Grapes kittens NAO!

Author:  Wolfy [ Tue Nov 29, 2011 11:22 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread


Author:  valerio [ Tue Nov 29, 2011 11:27 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

in case someone was actually interested, PM me for the specification of the mega DAWWESOME pic.

Author:  Macsen [ Tue Nov 29, 2011 1:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

Orangina reference FTW. :3

Poor Grape having a panic attack going to the vet again. x3

Author:  Renkun [ Tue Nov 29, 2011 1:55 pm ]
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I think the rascals will for mommy grape a cute but a wild pack of kitten with peanuts simply mind and his play instinct :lol:

i hope that grape have think over that's before she became pregnant

Author:  valerio [ Tue Nov 29, 2011 2:12 pm ]
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Renkun Wrote:
I think the rascals will for mommy grape a cute but a wild pack of kitten with peanuts simply mind and his play instinct :lol:

i hope that grape have think over that's before she became pregnant

yup! That's something at least a couple of them will get from daddy...

Author:  kavviyenta [ Tue Nov 29, 2011 2:37 pm ]
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Fantastic news!

I like to see how the raven react to Peanut's being home and being the father of five...and Rufus's granddaughter.

Author:  valerio [ Tue Nov 29, 2011 4:03 pm ]
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Babylon Gardens Police Precinct

There was tension in the air.
While the most of the K-9 Unit was deployed in the usual turns, the so-called ‘core members’, those who formed the most reliable squad, were waiting by the phone in the recreation room.
Even Kevin, the Doberman, who had problems staying put for more than 5 minutes (and that was a record), was sitting with the others, looking at the darned contraption, as if expecting it to ring with the mere power of his gaze.
Fido kept throwing glances at Ralph. The German Shepherd was trying to keep his cool, but his body language spoke volumes.
Terrance, the Scottish Spaniel, was positive that soon his superior officer would run to the shelter’s clinic to learn personally about the exams of Mizar.
Fido put a reassuring paw over Sergeant Ralph’s shoulder. It was like touching hard wrought iron. A tire could get punctured by the raised hackles. “Everything will be alright, Sarge,” Peanut said. “This is not the first time you donated, you know.”
But it was the first time the German Shepherd had donated to the most beautiful female of the Gardens. And the Foster female at that! Every pet in the nwighborhood knew how much Martin loved his pets, and what length he’d go to protect them… Or to avenge them. If something had gone wrong and Mizar came out of this traumatized…
The phone rang..
Despite the four dogs being tense like coils, they just looked at each other, not daring to grab the receiver. What if there were really bad news?
The phone rang a second time.
“Guys, remember: I loved you.” Ralph grabbed the receiver just as the third ring started. “Sergeant Ralph. Yes, doctor Stanwick, I’m ready to listen.” And listen he did, his grey eyes unexpressive like his face. Eventually he nodded. “Thank you, doctor. Thank you very much.” He put down the receiver.
“Sarge, if you are planning to kill us…” Kevin said, almost starting to sweat from his skin.
Ralph’s grin appeared like magic on his muzzle. “Two!” He was immediately squeezed by three pairs of robust arms, then lifted up like a rockstar in triumph.
“Hip hip hooray!” the three dogs cheered three times, before bringing him down and hugging him again.
Kevin ruffled his head –the heck with the rank, today they were pals more than ever, equals in joy and pride! “See? Nothing to worry about, ol’ hound! Another mission accomplished!”
“Two little Ralphs,” Fido said. “With such a Mom, they’ll look awesome. You started a royal dynasty, dog!”
“We should seriously think of making fine police hounds out of them,” Terrance said. “They will be surely fit. Their mother is as good as the father—“
“We’ll think of that when the time comes,” Ralph interrupted him, laying his arms around his and Fido’s shoulders. “Right now, all that matters is the pups shower party, and the clubs all are throwing one of all respect. So let’s just prepare to enjoy it.”
The Church of the Canticle of Saint Anthony Abbot’s Order

The Order wanted his members to live as simply as possible, just like the creatures of God that Saint Anthony had devoted himself to protect. That didn’t imply living in caves or like savages, but most of the so-called ‘modern commodities’ were not accepted as part of the Order’s style. Few of the concessions allowed in the age of global communication were a smartphone and a personal computer with internet connection.
And, in the case of Father William Ghetti, a tablet he had allowed himself last Christmas.
It was on said device, that he listened to Martin Foster giving him the gospel in videochat. Father Ghetti, who had celebrated Babylon Garden’s very first pet marriage, the one between Peanut and Grape, wished he had a crash cart handy. He was sure his heart had stopped with sheer joy. “Mister Foster—Martin, I’ll light up a couple of candles, the big ones, to thank the Lord for this blessing. Thank you for calling and yes, I’ll be present to baptize the newborn. In fact, I don’t think an army will stop me from doing that. Thank you again, Lord bless you and the families.”
Ghetti closed the connection. His expression was ecstatic while he made a couple of calculations. If he was right, or rather, if the biology schedule was right, by Christmas there would be eight new lives, and all destined to stay with their families –and not to mention the Sandwiches baby!
Eight new lives…plus one…
Father Ghetti stood where he was. He looked around with a conspiratorial expression…then he quickly asked forgiveness to the statue of the Saint. He started the tablet’s MP3 player and Irene Cara’s What a Feeling filled the air. Father Ghetti jumped with joy, a high jump to which followed three somersaults, all accompanied by a series of ‘Halleluja’…
Lucky Charm Grove for the Abandoned and the Ferals.

It did not have a name. It was simply called ‘The Store’. Someone among the guest had dubbed it ‘Needful Things’ and it had stuck, much to the displeasure of the manager.
But it wasn’t really a mistake: the store had it all, from food to useful things, everything for pets of course. It merged business with charity: the largest part of its income went straight to the shelter’s budget. And since the day Martin Foster had become a hero, saving the Gardens a couple of times, people were all too happy to do business with him.
Today, though, customers were of a different nature. The members of the three main pet clubs, Selene’s Schrodinger Circle, Fox’s GOD Club, and Joey’s Common Life Society Circle (they’re still debating over the definitive name), had decided to join their forces and allowances to buy as many gifts for the kittens and pups as possible. Needful Things looked like Alamo during the siege. It didn’t help that Peanut and Grape too were heroes, that Mizar and Alcor were Uncle Martin’s pets, and Sasha the mascot of the neighborhood.
Hah! King said, crawling out of a forest of furry legs. His fur was all ruffled up and he had gotten a couple of scratches, but he was still holding four wrapped-up packets. “Told ya that being small had its advantages, guys!”
Fox took two of the packets, Bailey the other two. “My hero,” she said, then kissing him on the head. King got a swarm of butterflies in his stomach.
“Now let’s go back home,” Fox said. “We have to set the room for all this stuff, we’ll need to do a street party again –man, I surely hope Bino comes back soon. How can he organize this stuff without collapsing?”
Sandwich House

“Have you ever seen something so beautiful?” Alcor asked to Peanut.
Sasha, Grape and Mizar were chatting amiably, sitting on the couch, while nibbling at cheese snacks. Their bellies, those promises of the new generation, were something that swelled the males’ hearts and souls with pride.
“Think we’ll be good parents?” Peanut asked to the cat.
“The fact that you ask means you’re on the good way to be one. Relax, Peanut: things will come natural, the aspect is…well, in the end it doesn’t make the difference.
Peanut nodded, but in a way he was a little sad that they were to be kittens. He was happy they were normal, but he really wanted to see a mini Peanut among them…
“Have you already chosen the names?” Alcor asked.
The dog nodded again. Then, counting on the tips of his fingers, tongue sticking out, he said, “First female born will be named Tarot. First male born will be called Dayshaun, we decided it together. The third will be named by Max: he deserves it after all, for being a really good friend to Grape. The fourth will be named by Mom, the fifth by Dad. That should be it.”
Alcor frowned. “A cat named by your ex love rival? Man, you sure like to live dangerously. Dayshaun is a cool name, and let’s hope Tarot won’t grow as psychotic as Tiger for being named after a dog.” He patted Peanut’s shoulder.
Earl put on the table in front of the couch another tray of snacks –he knew pregnancy could make one hungry, but these girls were like industrial ovens! If he gave them pieces of iron, they could eat those too!
“And what do you think Bino will do, once yours is born?” Mizar was asking.
“Oh, I made him promise he’d balance his job and his family, or I’ll wont’ allow him to see Bisha.”
Grape and Mizar exchanged a puzzled look. “Bisha..?” asked the cat.
Sasha wagged. “Yes! Like Bino+Sasha, so we’re sure we won’t forget his or her name. And it’s unisex!”
Grape was sure her kittens were shivering inside her. Mizar looked like she had heard the name of Death. “Err, I’m sure it’s original,” the cat said, “But wouldn’t it be better to keep it as a nickname?”
Sasha shook her head. “Oh no, we’ll have a couple of nicknames for him or her. One by Bino, one by me.”
The two females decided in that moment that their mission would be to try to rescue the poor thing from her parents’ influence. They couldn’t just imagine, for example, a female with Bino’s temper and Sasha’…lightheadness. It was like a violation of the most basic cosmic laws…
Jill called from upstairs. “Grape, Peanut, will come here a second?”
“Will take a minute,” said Grape, getting off the couch.

“What’s up?” Peanut asked, once they were in their room, where their parents were waiting for them.
Earl closed the door. “Children, we…wanted to speak to you only.” Then both went down on their knees in front of their pets.
Peanut and Grape didn’t know what to do. Suddenly their parents had this…strange expression, as if afraid to talk, but impatient to do so.
Earl drew in a deep breath. “Peanut, Grape, we are not exactly scientist, or highly educated people. There are many, many things in the world we don’t know and we won’t pretend to know, because certain things are too…well, complicated even for the finest of the researchers.” He paused.
Jill went on. “When I was diagnosed pregnant, I thought it was nothing short of a miracle, because the chances were inexistent. Dad and I had tried many ways to conceive a…butterball.” She ruffled Grape’s head. “But then a miracle happened, and a great gift and responsibility has been bestowed on us.”
Earl scratched behind Peanut’s ear. “We want you to know that we don’t care if a scientist would call your children with who knows what name. To us, it’s a miracle, something that has been given to you, something unique, no matter the shape.”
“Dad…” Grape started.
Jill held her paws. “My little girl, we saw how you changed since the day you started growing your belly, how you and Peanut looked at each other during the exam. And when I saw you so scared on that bed, with your husband giving you comfort, we understood the truth, for how…funny it could be.”
Earl nodded. “These are you kittens, and they will be our grandsons, and they are as precious to us as they are to you two. If it took a miracle to see them born, then be it. What I want you to know is that you can trust us with this little secret. We’ll be with you, always. Okay?”
Grape felt like melting, once the tension vanished. For how much she loved Peanut, she needed to share this experience with her parents in its fullest. She needed them to understand, to love her all the same. “Thank you.” She let Jill embrace her. She sobbed against her shoulder like she did when she was a kitten, and the nightmares of abandonment still haunted her sleep. “Thank you…”
“We thank you for this gift, children,” Earl said, holding Peanut to him. “Now off you go, the party is about to begin. And if you want to enjoy it, be natural. Don’t be afraid to show to the world you are the parents. For what everyone’s concerned, Peanut would treat the kittens of a donor with the same love, right boy?”
Peanut nodded happily, his floppy ears bouncing. “Yup! C’mon, Jellybelly!” He took her by the paw and let her out.

Author:  Renkun [ Tue Nov 29, 2011 4:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

That's secrect is now not more a secrect for the parents but i think that's is realy the best for grape,peanut and the little ones is must be a hard time for grape that's to hide but that's is now over at last home.

4 girls and 1 boys think is the best combination (i mine the kitten who she born are)and it make a little easier for grape not to many boys in her sweet home she had already enough with peanut and he have more to snuggle :mrgreen:

Author:  angelusbr [ Tue Nov 29, 2011 5:42 pm ]
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I thought it was great to see Ralph having his own kids.
great chapter.

Author:  Macsen [ Tue Nov 29, 2011 8:02 pm ]
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One has to wonder if Tarot had a paw in that, too. (Referring to Jill) :3

(8/18/13: I love this board's edit feature x3 lol)

Author:  Big Fan [ Tue Nov 29, 2011 9:31 pm ]
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Kitch Wrote:
One has to wonder if Tarot had a paw in that, too. (Referring to Jane) :3

One miracle per game. However, it is possible they subconsciously harnessed some of the supernatural energy that was flying around.

Author:  valerio [ Wed Nov 30, 2011 4:51 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

Overview Grove, in front of Sandwich House, Babylon Gardens

Portrait of different nuances of ‘amazed’.
Mizar stood with arms hanging.
Grape had a smug expression, as if thinking ‘almost there’.
Sasha was grinning ear to ear, clasping her paws in delight.
Matt Sternfeld looked as if someone had kicked him in the teeth. “Why animals get all these presents, why I have to beg for a lousy electric guitar?”
“Because this is supposed to be a Litter Shower,” said Hercules, the Belgian Shepherd behind him. “Just like humans’ ‘Baby Showers’. Friends gather, celebrate the new mommies and give presents to their pups and kittens. I believe you lack the necessary biological requirements, young master.” And with that, he dragged the poor boy away. “Can I open them at least?! It’s unfair, I say you! Pets should have bowls and a cot, not a party for their own!”
The three females kept staring at the mountain of gifts waiting for their litters.
“You know,” Grape said, “I was actually fearing Uncle Martin would buy that stuff himself. Dad hates feeling as if he lived on charity.”
“We’re popular, sis,” Mizar said. “Better get used to this. Also, it gives us an indication of the attention our litters will get.”
“I’ll set up a schedule for sitting them!” Sasha said, wagging crazily. “Boys will take turns on odd days, girls on even days. Dads get Sundays!”
Grape looked at Sasha like she once looked at Peanut when she thought he wanted to scratch his nail on her scratchpole. She put her paws protectively around her belly. “Sasha, they’ll have to clasp them from my dead cold claws first. Peanut left the Academy for them and me, he’ll fight even harder before leaving them in the paws of anyone else.”
“Must agree on that,” Mizar said. “Not to mention I’ll have to keep The Pack at bay, at home.” She now used that term to refer to Antares, Aldebaran and the newly adopted Celestia. “I’m sure the wolf will want to use my pups as beta trial for her maternity talents.”
“But the little ones must socialize!” Sasha said in indignation. “They must meet everyone and make friends with them!”
Not with a name like Bisha, thought the two females, exchanging a new worried glance.
Mizar sighed. “Well, girls, I’d say it’s better to start opening them and sort them, or we’ll never see the end of it.” She approached the mountain of gifts, flexing her clawed fingers.

“Owie!” Peanut rubbed his head. “Max, why did you slap me?”
The black cat was looking at the dog with severe eyes. “You made me a promise, mutt, remember? At that stupid party.”
Peanut remembered the chat he and his rival had had under the band stage, before the housewarming party at the old Foster Mansion started.
Peanut nodded meekly. The Academy had built him into a new, more powerful dog, but he still felt like a guilty puppy.
You promised me you’d take care of her, never make her suffer.” Max neared his index and thumb until they almost touched. “And you were this near to ruin one of her best days in her life, to pursue a stupid glory dream! Could one be more stupid?!”
“Look who’s talking!” Peanut growled back. “If you wanted her so much, why that stupid ‘macho-diet contest’? She was so worked up when I met her… Though that helped her back to me, so I guess I should thank you for being stupid.”
Both sighed. They lay down on the grass, arms crossed behind their heads.
“I’m sorry, Maxie,” Peanut said, eventually.
“For what, mutt?”
Peanut put a paw over the cat’s shoulder. “You worked hard to win her heart, but it was for nothing. Must have felt, well…” he didn’t know what else to say. Max had been a good friend in his absence, after all…
Max shrugged. “Don’t make a movie out of it, pup: I know you two wouldn’t break my heart on purpose. I had the chance to happen in a difficult moment between you. The signals had been there all the way, but it was I who chose not to see them. But I really enjoyed those dates—“
“False dates,” Peanut corrected instinctively.
Max flashed his grin. “Are you sure? She really seemed to enjoy them too.”
“Maaax…” peanut warned him, yet keeping his eyes at the night sky. Autumn was warmer than usual, the air was cool but not unpleasant. Peanut wished he could have Grape laying there with him, to warm each other…
“Sorry. Heh, still too easy to pull your leash, mutt. Blame it on Bino for staying at that stupid Academy, I can’t spend the day without a target of my glorious pranks.”
This time, Peanut turned his head toward the cat. He was grinning mischievously. “Are you telling me you miss him? Now that you’re the king of the house?”
Max blushed. “I don’t…miss him! It’s just that the place is not the same without him. You know, natural order and all those things. And don’t try to spread lies about this, you hear me?”
“Mmhh, I’ll think about it. What do I get if I don’t tell?”
“My gratitude and the integrity of your skin.”
“You wouldn’t dare.”
Max sighed. “Alas, it’s true. Hey, Peanut, thank you for allowing me to name one of your kittens.” He shook his head. “heh, I’ll really have to start to think of them as yours and Grape. I mean, the way you care for her, you seem the father yourself. But I guess it’s a cat-lover thing.”
“Hehehehe, yup!” Peanut was glad dogs didn’t sweat like humans, but he surely felt like panting, and his pads felt moist.
“Hey, mutt, you still okay with me being present in your lives? I’d be jealous crazy over a girl like Grape, especially now.”
“Once I was like that,” Peanut said, remembering the pangs he had felt when Lucky had come back from her past. “But then Fido helped me realize that love is stronger with trust, not jealousy. And then, Grape is jealous for us both, I know she’d never leave me. And I know I can trust a lot of people if someone happened to us. Including you, Max.” Then the dog ruffled the cat’s head fur.
“And I know she couldn’t get a better mate.”
“I know. She married me.” Peanut stuck out his tongue at the cat.
Max grimaced. “Throw it in my face, would you, Sir Nutty? My vengeance shall come harsh.”
Peanut rolled and placed himself over the cat, pinning his arms to the ground. “Hah! I smite at thee, black knight! What manner of vengeance could you conjure?”
“I can purr to her!”
“I can do better cuddles!”
“I bring her to the funniest places!”
“We play pretend… No, wait, you too play with us.”
“And you’d get bored without me, admit it.”
Peanut hesitated…and Max took advantage, lifting him and reverting their position. “Hah! And I’m smarter! It’s a cat thing.”
Peanut grinned. “You’re smarter…but I’m stronger!” He set himself free and grabbed the cat. After that, it degenerated in a fighting session. Peanut looked like a wolf, Max had doubled his fur volume. They definitely weren’t acting friendly now…
They stopped only when a certain voice said, “Testosterone! Look at you two roosters, will you!”
Both contenders looked like they had wrestled with a lawn mower. They were dirty with grass and dirt, their bodies scratched in several points. Peanut was trying to strangle Max, max was trying to chew off Peanut’s ear.
The crowd was looking amused at the scene. Grape didn’t know if feeling amused or angry at those two. She surely looked upset, tapping the ground with her foot, her whiskers trembling with indignation.
Both males stood up and assumed a meek position, tail and ears low, arms crossed behind their back. “Sorry,” they said in unison…and then they pointed at each other. “It was him!”
Grape laid a finger on both chests. “Max, I know you started it somehow, it’s just in your style. And you, Peanut, I thought the Academy stuffed some sense in your doggie brain!”
The poor dog whimpered. Grape pecked his lips. “Now, now, daddy. Come help me open the rest of the gifts, okay?”
Peanut nodded. He held out his paw to Max. “Peace?”
“Peace and love, bro.” max shook it. He looked at them go, then sighed and went to the nearby drink table.
“May I help you?” asked a silvery/bluish striped female cat, standing behind the table, serving the drinks.
Max smiled sheepishly at her. “Hey, Allegra. Thought you liked to have a day off… Or have you stopped working at Heathcliff’s?”
The cat shook her head. She filled a glass with punch and served it to Max. “Heavens, no. In fact, they’re planning to merge it with Marmaduke’s and get a single, bigger trattoria. I hope the tips will be good.”
Max downed his punch, held out his glass for another. “Planning to get married? It’s grown into the last fad. That, and litters, if you’re listening to the conversations.”
Allegra chuckled. “Yes, all of a sudden the idea of an extended family is no longer a taboo. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Miltons and Mr. Foster decided to join forces to create a foundation for the newborn or something.”
Down went the second punch. Max had it refilled. The world started looking more rosy, now… “What? No ‘Uncle Martin’? Blasphemer.”
Allegra shrugged. “Why? He ain’t my uncle. He’s a fine human, but I’ll reserve my love for my parents and my heart for my mate.”
“And who’s the lucky one?” Max grinned, not really hoping that—
“Still not found a proper suitor.”
Down on the ground went the cup. Max leaned over the table, elbow laying on it in macho Bogart pose. “Say, have you ever danced with a real pro?”
Allegra looked at the black cat with an intrigued eye. “Hm, I got a lot of that. Your credits?”
“I taught Grape and got her out of her shell.”
“Ohh, then I can’t miss this occasion, Valentino.”
Max decided that this party wasn’t going to be a flop, after all.

“Are you trying to get drunk again?” Fox asked to the figure sitting against the tree.
King shook his orange soda “Should I ask her to marry me, my friend? All this time, and I still tremble at the idea of saying ‘good night’ to her. She’ll think I’m a total klutz.”
The husky sat down next to the corgi. “One step at a time. You should try with a date, first. Bailey likes you, you know that.”
King didn’t look encouraged by that. “As if I and her had something in common. I’d end up gawking at her. Like I already do.”
Fox patted him on the leg. “You don’t have to start with big plans, loverboy…”
“You like to use that, do you?”
“Immensely. Now, start small. Ask her for a dance, okay?” He took the can. “Go rinse your face, and go talk to her.”
King lowered his ears. “She’ll go away, eventually. What sense in trying?”
This time, Fox caressed his friend between the shoulders. “Because if you don’t, you’ll regret it. You’ll spend the days asking yourself what could have been. This is not like the other time, when I tried to introduce you to my female friends. You’re positively attracted by Bailey, you got a crush big time. Help yourself and ask her to dance.”
“She’s your cousin!” King blurted out, a part of him still trying to cling at straws.
Fox winked at him. “And she couldn’t be in better paws than yours. Actually, I’d like you two siring a nice litter, they’d be awesome.”
King whimpered, still retaining a grumpy expression. “Not helping.”
“Sorry. Can I ask you a thing, buddy?”
“Is it just physical? Or do you think you could love her, I mean, like in a true relationship?”
King sighed. “Why do you think I want to get drunk? Perhaps I could tell her she’s the most gorgeous creature on earth and that I’d like to spend the rest of my time with her and then have an excuse in case I ashamed myself in the process. As for the rest…well, it’s complicated.”
Fox nodded. “King, would you trust me on this matter? As your best friend?”
“Sure. What do I have to lose but my minuscule heart?”
“Silly. Just lift your head.”
King shrugged mentally. Of all the requests… “Eep.”
Bailey was there! Laying like a cat on the thick branch, legs hanging down. “Hi there, cutie.”
King felt like he needed a shovel and dig dig dig dig his way down to China! “Uh, err, I…”
Bailey jumped down. To his eyes she appeared graceful and agile like a panther.
The female husky grabbed King’s paws and pulled him up. “You meant what you said, pup?”
King nodded, trying to find something to add.
Bailey gently guided him toward the party. “Good, because I would love to dance with you, and getting to know you better, cuddle… And if you don’t want to call it a relationship, let’s call it ‘a good start’, wouldn’t you agree?”
King turned briefly his head, and saw Fox giving him a thumb-up. Then the corgi leaned against the female. “A fine start, all right. So, what do you like to do in your free time..?”

Episode 12

Author:  angelusbr [ Wed Nov 30, 2011 5:16 am ]
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Oh, King. Getting drunk won't help your case. At all.

Author:  Macsen [ Wed Nov 30, 2011 5:29 am ]
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At this point he won't have to. Unless she gets him that way. ;3

Author:  valerio [ Wed Nov 30, 2011 2:03 pm ]
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Season II
Episode 13 – Family Matters

This episode is dedicated to LIGHTWOLF21. Thank you for two awesome characters and for joining forces!

Sandwich House, Babylon Gardens

Earl sat in the kitchen, holding a cup of sweetened milk that was getting cooler and cooler while he kept glancing at the wall clock.
“Watched pot never boils, dear,” Jill said, sitting next to her husband. “Why don’t you try to enjoy your newspaper?”
Earl groaned. “I should be up there, enjoying my morning shower, then get down here and enjoy my newspaper.”
“Don’t they have shower boxes at the Shelter?”
Earl almost crumpled the cup in his hands. “I’ll be darned if I have to borrow a shower for my hygiene. Sometimes I think I sold my soul to that man.”
Jill kissed his head. “Love, think of the second house. Once the works are done, we’ll be having three bathrooms and enough room for guests to invite our families… Oh, by the way, did your brother accept our invitation?”
Earl nodded. “Reuben’s family will be here.” He helped his wife to sit on his lap. “At least, with my two favorite girls waiting, there shouldn’t be a noise problem. Already Peanut has stopped calling out loud Grape’s name.”
“Yup. Almost unnatural. Our boy is growing up to be a real dog: soon the ladies will slobber after him.”
Earl looked up once again. A sly smile appeared on his lips. “Heh, remember when we used to spend the morning in the tub?”
“Back then, I didn’t look like a whale. Luckily, Grape is small, or she’d miss the fun. She’s taking her hygiene very scrupulously, now.” Normally, it would take elaborate strategies or brute force to make the cat have her monthly bath. Now she followed every single prescription given by Dr. Stanwick.
Jill’s eyes lost in her favorite dream, as she caressed her belly. “You still must buy the tub for the little ones’ bath. I want to put our baby and the kittens together.”
Earl stroked her hair. She knew how to keep it always perfect. “You like to live dangerously, dear: for all we know, they will look like Grape, but will have Peanut’s attitude to play. Five little hyperactive kittens means that no one is safe,” his voice had taken an ominous quality, “nowhere…”
“And isn’t that perfect? Our baby will be too busy with his brothers and sisters to keep us awake at night. And I can’t wait to put him together with the others in the new cradle.”
Earl smiled at the scene in his mind. “And are you sure it will be a boy?”
Jill started counting on her fingers. “Let’s see, heartbeat lower than 140, I’m carrying low, no morning sickness so far, I crave only cheese and meat, cold feet, I lie on my left side in sleep… Yes, I’d say the signs are all there. And if you don’t agree I’ll get a divorce.”
Earl kissed her softly. “You’re cruel, I like it… Aren’t you a bit worried about this…strange pregnancy of Grape?”
Jill silenced him with a finger on his lips. “I am not. It’s weird, it’s incredible, and we’re wandering into uncharted territory. But Peanut and Grape are our children, and I’ll just accept this gift with all my love. You having second thoughts, dear?”
“Perish the thought.”
At that moment, Peanut’s happy voice came from the bathroom. “COWABUNGA!!”, followed by a loud splash, and then Grape’s desperate, furious call. “MMOOOOOMMMM!!!”
Jill shook her head and stood up. “I get the towel, you get the mop.”
Lucky Charm Grove for the Abandoned and the Ferals

9am sharp.
Security morning shift started.
9am and all was well.
Save for two particular guests—
“Good morning, Miss Sunman.”
The woman almost left her heart on the ground.
“Problems?” Keith Greyfield, Security Staff head, asked.
The Director of the shelter went back to look at the monitor showing Otis and Mirai’s room. The screen showed them eating their breakfast in bed, sitting side by side. Luckily, space wasn’t a problem… “They keep staying as isolated as possible. They should be eating with the others, try to socialize.”
Keith shook his head. “I know how you feel, ma’am. The Pentagon runs a special shelter to help combat dogs to recover. Causing the death of a human is something even a stray will try to avoid if possible. That’s why the other guests are not really happy to have him around them.”
Evelyn nodded. “At least he’s in good company. He sacrificed everything for that poor girl… You know, Otis makes me think of my son, Will. A good soul, he left this world at eight, but he had the same generous heart. And look at that girl.” On the screen, the mixed breed whose fur resembled a patchwork of colors and spots held the Doberman a spoonful of oatmeal.
Evelyn lifter her glasses and rubbed her eyes. “Silly me, cooing like an ol’ hen.”
Keith patted her shoulder. “Don’t stop. You did a wonderful job so far.”
“As did you two. Now go get some rest. Your new second in command will keep things in order.” She referred to Kevin Marsh, another ex-marine who had recently moved into the Gardens with his cat, Felix, and had just left the Corps for the sake of his son. Martin knew how to pick them.
“I trust him on that;” Keith said, while his inseparable wolf, Light, waited by the elevator.

Only when they had closed their car’s doors, Keith allowed himself a loud yawn, soon followed by Light.
The man started the car. Light grumbled. “You should buy you a car. If not new, at least a decent one. This thing is…embarrassing to our rank. Not to mention that you’re earning more than enough to get a new one right away. Heck, the seller will strike a deal only because you work for the Shelter.”
Keith drove his Honda Civic along Babylon Garden’s suburbs. “This car is reliable and sturdy. Earl and that funny tanuki fixed her so good that I could use her to dance the Swan Lake. Rank is not only about showing the glossiest fur, alpha boy.”
Light mumbled something about being patriotic and help the national car industry, then he asked, “Do you think Kevin and Colombina will make a good team?”
“I know Kevin: he’s gonna shape up that lady for good. Colombina likes a strong partner, it gives her purpose.”
Light chuckled. “Doggie stereotypes. Didn’t expect that from you.”
“I remember you gawking at her and at the other females of the staff, during our interviews. Your eyes almost pleaded to take her.”
“Ha ha, smart guy.”
“And what about that girl? Emily, if I remember well. She works at the library, right?”
Light started blushing, a rarity from him. “Stop that!”
“Cute violet eyes. You looked she she had you hypnotized..”
“I said stop.”
“Brains and looks. What else could you ask from a girl?”
Now Light was growling. “You’re gonna pay for this, you know that?”
“All worth it. And then, what’s wrong with a little of spice? I mean, you are pestering me saying this job is boring.”
Light looked outside the windows, enjoying the scenery of that tranquil community. Save for a couple of major incidents, the place was idyllic. “It is, but in a good way. Although I fear that my teeth will fall off if I don’t keep myself in shape. I’m a wolf, not some retired ol’ shepherd dog!”
Keith’s gaze went to the forest. “What about a nice hunting trip? We’ll have to walk a day or two to get out of the reserve, then you can put those teeth to good use. No weapons, we eat only what we get. Deal?”
The animal’s emerald eyes gleamed with a savage light. “I feared you wouldn’t ask. Weekend?”
“Starting tomorrow. Now let’s have a nap, then we’ll pack up. Breakfast tomorrow at 3, we leave at 4. Let’s see if you’re good as you claim, ol’ hound.”
Light let out a sound between a laughter and a roar. “You’ll end up crawling after me, soft human! I’ll have to give you a piggy back ride home.”
“Dream on. I’ll need an emergency pack just for you…hm?”
While they were talking, they had reached their estate: a one-floor wooden building at the beginning of a five acres land. It was off the beaten track, but it was the right place for a wolf in need to keep in shape. Keith had added a laboratory where he could cultivate his model making hobby.
The land was bordered by a simple picket fence. A walkway of red bricks joined the gate to the house.
From their position, Keith and Light could see a car that wasn’t supposed to be there: a white Autobianchi, the old ‘60s Bianchina Berlina.
But it wasn’t the unusual car to have drawn their attention: it was the beeping of the alarm from the dashboard. An alarm connected with a series of movement sensors strategically placed inside Greyfield House.
Call it paranoia, call them old habits, but a man with Keith’s past didn’t reach his age without making many enemies.
And, apparently, one of them was inside his home. The LCD display, that when not working was camouflaged as the car’s clock, showed the intruders.
Keith and Light were fully awake now, tiredness replaced by adrenaline, their training suggesting a series of variables to deal with this unexpected situation.
“Funny kind of thug,” the wolf said, examining the figure sitting on the couch. “Not bad cosplay, though.” He was fascinated by that funny human hobby of dressing like characters from comics, anime and movies. The woman was tall, despite being Japanese, if Keith was right. She wore a white uniform of the Japanese Navy, the beret laying on her lap. “But the female looks rather attractive.”
Now Light was talking about the female dog standing beside the couch, in an alert position, her arms crossed behind her back. She was a Shiba Inu, well-toned. Her fur was white like Light’s and fluffy, and two hard eyes, probably blue. Light thought he’d rather kill a rabbit for her rather than starting a fight against her. What was the name of that guy in the Gardens..?
“Slow it, Romeo,” Keith said, his hand going for the holster. “They may want the hostile kind of action. Looks like your prayers have been answered.”
“May I regret for telling that?”
Keith stopped the car where it was –just in case that old Italian model was stuffed with C-4. Note to self: check for the long-range transmitters! Theoretically, they must have known of that intrusion long before nearing their place.
On the screen, the dog’s ears flicked. She said something to the human. They both kept their cool, the woman barely nodding.
“What did she blabber?” Light asked. Keith had taught him Spanish and Arab, and something of other main European languages. But that idiom was as alien to him as Martianese.
“Japanese,” Keith answered. “She said, ‘They are coming, Revered Mother’.”
Keith checked his weapon. “An unorthodox translation for something between ‘sublime’ and ‘sacred’. In Chinese and Japanese culture, humans consider animals as intermediaries with the otherworld. Animals attribute divine qualities to humans, and their hierarchy sense is stronger than in the western world. You harm an animal in an eastern country, you get the ‘parade of shame’, in which you walk on the road with a series of colorful ribbons on which your crime is described, then there is the fine, which is never cheap.”
Light smiled, also because when Keith started going wiki, it was because the situation wasn’t one of immediate danger. “Nice places. What do they say about wolves?”
Keith opened the door. The wolf followed suit. “Pets are supposed to give complete and absolute loyalty to their owners. They are masters at keeping their emotions under lock and key. Wolves…they are the ‘tricksters’, both the unforeseeable pranksters and the sinister emissaries from the world of the ferocious and restless spirits. They say that a human dead with vengeance in his heart will be reincarnated as a wolf in order to complete his mission. This…prejudice almost brought wolves to extinction in Japan, but now many colonies survive in the island. And now let’s go see who took the trouble to visit us.” He put the gun behind his back. Better not to draw unwanted attention…
“So we just step in?” Light asked.
The man nodded. “For what we know, there are traps everywhere around the house. If there were more intruders in the house, the cameras would tell us.” For once, Keith hated himself for conceding to the Gardens’ open door policy. Pets were supposed to have the right to visit each other, and no one had ever caused troubles. Only the ferals had been an occasional problem, but no more since Foster took care of them.

They opened the door. Keith was fairly sure the intruders hadn’t had the time to violate his weaponry, since it was protected by a steel door and locks that called for more than a credit card or even a lance…
At the sight of the human and the wolf, the woman stood up and bowed politely, imitated by the dog. She was young, no more than forty. Her short cropped black hair shone. No maquillage, and that made her black eyes as hard as the Shiba Inu, despite her voice being very smooth and warm, as she said, in a flawless English, “Keith Greyfield, we are very honored to meet you. My name is Akuo Miyugi and this,” her arm went to the dog’s back, “is my beloved Tsuki.”
“Uhm our pleasure, I guess.” Keith didn’t perceive any threat from this figure or from the dog. He knew a few women from the Japan Navy, but no one looked like this gal. “May we be of help?”
The woman showed the hint of a smile, her voice assumed an amused nuance. “I guess our father didn’t talk to you about me then.”
UH?!? Keith was fairly sure he had just gotten a temporary cardiac arrest. What he knew about his father was that the old man used to be a Navy officer, one of those officers who spent Christmas at home and the rest of the year on the sea. But Keith was also sure his mother was a regular USA woman, 100% tough Caucasian…
“I’m your sister.”

Author:  angelusbr [ Wed Nov 30, 2011 2:19 pm ]
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*Plays imperial march at the background*
Loved it.

Author:  Renkun [ Wed Nov 30, 2011 2:46 pm ]
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and two more interesting visitors for the babylon garden.

It's going better and better with every update 8-)

I love these story^^

Author:  Wolfy [ Wed Nov 30, 2011 2:55 pm ]
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Renkun Wrote:
and two more interesting visitors for the babylon garden.

It's going better and better with every update 8-)

I love these story^^

I will agree to that :D

Author:  kavviyenta [ Wed Nov 30, 2011 3:56 pm ]
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More surprise :o enough said.

Light does not learn of Emily until a week after Keith's demise. Plot hole I supposed?

Author:  Daggy [ Wed Nov 30, 2011 4:14 pm ]
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kavviyenta Wrote:
More surprise :o enough said.

Light does not learn of Emily until a week after Keith's demise. Plot hole I supposed?

Assuming you're talking about Lightwolf's own story, Valerio simply uses the characters and such. They had a kind of collaboration about that, but once they got to the new shelter, both authors went in different directions.

On note, a chapter devoted to Lightwolf! Should be rather good.

Author:  valerio [ Wed Nov 30, 2011 4:24 pm ]
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Author:  valerio [ Wed Nov 30, 2011 4:30 pm ]
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Greyfield House, Babylon Gardens

Keith poured the coffee in a cup and gave it to his…guest.
And how the heck could he call herr? That Japanese Navy officer was there on leave just to pay a courtesy visit, to call dibs on the old man’s testament, or to enroll him?
The ex-Marine wasn’t used to complications in his life. On the battlefield, he had followed the orders with discipline, being a good soldier, until he decided that certain games were too dirty, even for his sense of discipline.
For a while, he had lived his buen ritiro under the radar, like a good retired soldier, taking care for Light, until destiny had crossed his road with Martin Foster’s.
But even as head of Security at the LCG, he had quickly created his own safe routine. He kept both of them in shape, they trained the human/canine units and earned a hefty pay for such a tranquil job. No surprises.
Save for one.
The one sitting in front of him.
A woman that had in common with him only the height and the eyes. For the rest, it was hard to tell she was his sister, as Akuo Miyugi claimed to be.
The woman in uniform took the cup of coffee with a polite nod of the head. She waited until Keith had helped himself before saying, “I was born five years after you, at Okinawa. Our father was there on leave when he met my mother.”
“Oh.” Keith drank from his cup. “Uh, are there any documents that—“ Helloo? Your foot speaking! Require permission to stick self into mouth!
The woman’s eyes pointed at the manila envelope, the envelope Keith hadn’t still opened. He was sure he was seeing a ‘DANGER – RADIATIONS’ seal on it. Glowing.
“Birth certificate, DNA test, letters…” Akuo listed the items as if she was reciting the shopping list. “I don’t condone our father’s…attitude toward women for what concerns personal relations, but he did what he could to save the honor. He left enough money for my mother to live a normal life during maternity and find a good job. After that, he – what do you Americans say? – twisted some arms at the Pentagon to help me into the Navy.”
“I see. Er, are you here on leave?”
“Yes, and mine has been a good career.” Ouch, she knew how to slap you into good manners and being inscrutable like a sphinx. Keith had spent some time in Japan as part of his training. He still had headaches remembering his attempts to understand those people!
Hello Hello! This is your faithful foot waiting to taste some tongue!
OK, Lieutenant, relax! You’ve been through worse than this, right?

“Was it much hard?” he croaked at last.
Hmm, gooood tongue!
Again she looked at him like only a Japanese could do. “Hard as it can be for a woman in my country to climb the ladder in a world ruled by males. Your armed forces are a pack of libertines in this respect.”
Heyyy, wanna try the other foot? He feels so lonely, poor thing!
“Our father described you as a more…lively person. Am I making you uneasy, Keith-kun?”
“I don’t know.” He downed the rest of the coffee, ignoring the pain from the burn. “I mean, until a moment ago I was the only son, now I got a stepsister from the land of the Rising Sun. Why should I feel uneasy about that?”
Akuo emptied her cup and put it on the table. “No reason, to be honest. I came to also announce you that I took a…permanent leave.”
Welcome home, lefty! Now we can compare soles!
“I always wanted to live in this country. You have so much room” it was the first time emotions were showing in her voice “for you and your pets. Our house was a flat in Tokyo, and Tsuki spent most of the time there alone.”
“I know something about that.”
“In the end, I decided to choose in favor of my family.”
Keith smiled. “Wise choice.”
Aw, now we gotta go. But don’t worry, we may be back soon!
Akuo nodded. Keith liked her already, a woman who knew her priorities. At last, they did have something in common.
“Did you already found a home here at the Gardens? Or do you want to stay here until you find one? Shouldn’t be long.”
Akuo looked at the window. Tsuki and Light were there, two furry white spots sitting on the bench under the apple tree. “Not exactly. I already found a flat, at Terrace High.”
Keith whistled. That place was the skyscraper version of the Gardens. “No room in Tokyo?”
Aaaand back we are!
The woman looked back at the brother. “You’re what remains of our family; I’d like to have the occasion to be with you whenever I want instead of growing old as a stranger to you. Not to mention that, as I said, beside loving this country, Terrace High is much more affordable than an adequate apartment in Tokyo and more spacious.
“I love, I truly love my country, but I also want a life for my family and a life in which I must not fight for a position because I am a woman.”
“So, you have a plan already?”
Akuo fished a business card and gave it to him. Keith examined it. “Home designer. Interesting choice.”
“Tsuki has learned the art of Ikebana and knows how to set the flowers and plants. We’ll be fine.”
Keith put the card into his pocket. “I’m sure you will. Is there anything I can do to help?”
Akuo nodded. “Actually, there is. I need you to take care of Tsuki until moving will be done and the shop will be ready to be open.”

“Akuo-Dono doesn’t want me to stay in the city by myself until house and shop are ready. That’s why she brought me here.”
“Wow,” Light sniffed at the air. “It shows a great trust to a brother she never met. I hope your sojourn here will be pleasant then.” He sniffed again.
“What does that mean?”
“The scent of this season is good and harsh. It tells a wolf that the hard season is coming, the season of prey scarcity, when the fight for survival becomes really tough. But it also tell us that it is time to look for a mate, to consolidate a pack. It’s like a song, it makes our boil blood.” Light got off the wooden bench and threw himself down on the ground, rolling in the crackling dry leaves, moaning in pleasure.
Tsuki looked at him with a puzzled expression. “And you would be ready to leave Keith-Sama to follow the craving of your instinct?”
Light stood on all fours and shook himself clean. “Don’t know what this ‘sama’ thing means, but if it has to do with that ‘Dad’ thing, well, Keith and I are not that bonded. He can’t impose his will on me and vice versa. I stay with him because he saved my life and he’s taking care of me since then. It’s a question of honor, not…ownership.”
Tsuki showed a smile at last. She nodded. “That I understand and respect, Light-San.”
“Do you have to use these funny suffixes? They give me the headache.” The white wolf sat back on the bench. “Humans are complicated, but I like living in close contact with them. They are…interesting. I like to discover new things about them, especially discover they are not all crooks. I will make you know a couple of them who are really good with animals. Do a lot for us.”
Tsuki bowed her head. “I’ll be honored, Light-San, though what you find surprising should be taken for granted.”
Light’s voice lowered to a dangerous level. “Not really, considering how humans treat us ferals. You pets don’t have to worry about poisoned meat, poachers, pyromaniacs! Not to mention all the sickness and the wounds that can kill our young!” Then he exhaled. “Sorry, not your fault… I mean, not a fault if you’re domestic…” He knocked at his skull, grimacing. “Sorry. Enough.”
Like her owner, Tsuki showed no visible reaction. She looked as if she weren’t almost breathing. The poor wolf didn’t know what to say next. “Ah…want to see Keith’s weapon collection?” He whined.
This time, Tsuki frowned. “I don’t believe in the use of weapons, Light-San. I’ve been trained into the use of other fighting techniques to defend Akuo-Domo and myself.”
“Do you have to use them?”
“It’s a form of respect. You use that nickname...”
“I never called Keith ‘Dad’. Only ‘Sir’, and only during miss—“ then he understood. His eyes went pinpoint. “Son of…the Rising Sun! You’re mocking me!
This time, a smile appeared on the Shiba Inu’s muzzle. “Obedience to our human doesn’t imply suppression of our emotions, okami-san. Also, I always wanted to trick a trickster. If you read any manga, you’d know we’re not Vulcanians.” She then pulled at her eye and showed him her tongue.
One could say many things about Light, but not that he got a bad character. He could be not the most expansive of animals, but he was a good guy.
But one couldn’t mock him and get away with it! Light growled at the dog. “I hope those ‘fighting techniques’ of yours are good as you claim!” Then he jumped at her, throwing away everything he had been taught about etiquette…
…and found himself with his muzzle on the ground, without even realizing how it had happened.
Tsuki was still sitting there, cool like a marble statue. Her eyes said, You were saying..?
Growling, Light stood up. This was ridiculous, he was taller and stronger than this city girl! “Think you’re smart?”
“You attacked me. I told you, I do not need weapons, but not even in violence?”
“Save the Kill Bill talk for someone else!” The wolf didn’t know what magic he’d fallen to, but that was the first time someone knocked him down –correction, that such a pipsqueak knocked him down. Female or not, he’d teach her a lesson!
When he attacked the second time, he made sure that this time he’d give her some fright, together with a lesson of life. Time for someone to remember who was alpha!
He only remembered he had almost grabbed her, then he found himself down again –this time with a nearly dislocated arm! He was sure he had bitten his tongue. Ow!
And she was still there on the bench. If she had done ay effort, it didn’t show. Not even a hair out of place, what was she, a darned cat?!
Now I’d like to visit this place, Light-San.”

Author:  valerio [ Wed Nov 30, 2011 4:36 pm ]
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a precisation:
Light HAD met Emily as well during the interviews.


Author:  Daggy [ Wed Nov 30, 2011 5:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

Ah, true, true. These two females...hehehe.

Author:  kavviyenta [ Wed Nov 30, 2011 5:04 pm ]
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Yes, but he didn't know her name yet. He asked Martin about that when he gave the wolf the note containing you know what.

Author:  valerio [ Wed Nov 30, 2011 5:12 pm ]
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It can be safely assumed that by then he learnt her name, even without asking her for a date

Author:  valerio [ Thu Dec 01, 2011 7:54 am ]
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Greyfield Estate, Babylon Gardens

The gunshots boomed in rapid sequence. The baseballs exploded in clouds of fibers in the same sequence.
“Pull!” And a few moments later, two more baseballs, flying toward each other, met the same fate.

“Great aim,” Keith Greyfield said, lowering his weapon. He was genuinely impressed. He turned his eyes toward the Japanese woman standing nearby, her gun still smoking. “A waste, that such a good shot should go into home decoration business, dear sister.”
Akuo Miyugi, former officer of the Japan Navy, put the gun on safety and put it on the table. “What do you mean, nisa?”
Keith did the same with his weapon. “Believe me, I understand your desire to leave the military life, since I did the same. But why waste your talents? You could work for Security at the shelter. A tranquil job, save for the occasional madman or mad dog, and you’d watch over many innocents. Great pay, all the benefits, and a nice house. I got mine that way.”
“And decorating interiors would be boring? Living in a condominium would be…cramping?” As usual, Akuo showed the minimum necessary of her emotions.
Keith had decided to stop worrying about being accidentally offensive, or he’d have ended up cutting his own tongue. “You got Greyfield blood in your veins. And unless they pointed a gun at your head, you excelled in your studies for the Navy, you climbed the ladder. That’s family, sis: and even with Light to keep me company, without this job I would go crazy. A Greyfield can’t just choose to quit.” He sneered. “Time one week, you’ll flood my email box with pleas to join me.”
Keith and Akuo walked toward his house. “May I ask you a question, brother?”
“Of course. And please, you may be born out of wedlock but you’re still my sister, so enough with these formalities, though any western man will love a pretty oriental woman going all ‘honored mister-sama’ on him.”
For the first time in that day, Akuo openly showed an emotion: stupor. “Do you realize you just spoke like a stereotypical, sexist racist?”
Gotcha! That for getting on my nerves, sis, yadda yadda! And if you say a word, foot, I’ll cut you off! The ex-marine shrugged. “Sue me then. So, this question you wanted to ask?”
“Would you have accepted this fabled job if that implied leaving Light behind?”
“No.” Keith knew Light could one day leave him to go back to his old life, but it wouldn’t be him to kick the animal out of his live, never. “And anyway, Martin Foster is a freak control: before contacting each candidate for the job, he made sure they lived with their own furry companions and that they had the proper attitude towards them, so I never had to worry about your hypothesis.”
“It was Tsuki to suggest the idea for our job. While I was away, she studied books and magazines, chatted in specialized forums. In the end, she gave me lessons on the argument, and it didn’t take long before her enthusiasm rubbed off on me. She really wants to do this job, together with me, and I see no reason in denying her. Though I admit I’ll be needing my regular training session or I’ll go crazy.”
Keith patted her shoulder. “That’s my little sis!”
“But don’t think that decorating is some lazy job. I learnt enough to tell you it requires patience, discipline and the finest diplomacy.”
“Decorating interns?” Keith’s eyes wandered around his place. His idea of furnishing ended up with ‘practical’. ‘Comfortable’ was an option. ‘Decorating’ was an alien word for people who lived the lives of spoiled children. He had bought what he needed at the nearest IKEA, and it hadn’t taken longer than a day.
How much ‘discipline’ or ‘diplomacy’ did one need to convince a guy to buy a white couch instead of a red one?
Akuo must have read thoughts on his face, for she said, “Since the customer is paying you for these service, you need diplomacy to listen to a customer whose mouth expels insults to good taste, and then it takes diplomacy to tell the truth without hurting his or her feelings. Not to mention that a mistake in this job will cause rumors to spread: rumors mean end of business.”
“I’ll take your word for it. Heh, come to think of it there is this guy at the shelter’s workshop whose name is—“ a yelp from outside interrupted him. Keith stood up. “Light..?”

“’Third is the charm’, as you westerners use to say, right?”
The white wolf stood up, almost crawling, massaging his back. He leaned against the apple tree. Rather than expressing his true feelings, he said, “All right, you win. I can understand when I’m outclassed… But please tell me, how did you do it?”
Tsuki, the Shiba Inu, went off the bench. “It’s the essence of this art: let the enemy suffer his own attack. When attacking, instinct tells the aggressor the other will fight or flee. Instead, I just needed to apply the right force and leverage to…let us say, ‘trip’ you. The stronger the attack, the harder the damage.
“So, if your enemy won’t attack you, you’re helpless. Yours is not an offensive technique.”
Tsuki’s smile gave him a shiver. “Do you wish a demonstration?”
The wolf gulped. “No thanks.” But one thing he must admit: she was tough! Too bad she wasn’t a wolf, he’d ask her where to set their den…
“Why are you smiling like that?” she asked.
He shrugged. “Just some male fantasies, nevermind. Say, would you like to speak to a conational?”
Tsuki raised an eyebrow. “Is there another Japanese pet in Babylon Gardens?”
Light motioned her to follow him. “Come inside and see for yourself.”

“I still had to see the day in which you sported so many bruises, pal,” Keith said, seeing the couple enter. “Or did you let her win?” The man couldn’t resist, after his friend had boasted so many times about his fitness.
Light’s fur was half a mess, after biting dust so many times. Hard. “I’m gonna kill you in your sleep for this,” he grumbled while walking past the two humans and going to his room.
“You’d get bored to death without me!” Keith shouted after him, then the door slammed shut.
“Is it…respectful to tease him like that?” Akuo asked.
Keith slapped his thigh. “I don’t know. But I sure love it.”

Light went to his desk. He lit up his laptop.
“How long have you been living with him?” Tsuki asked.
“Enough to accept him as packmate.” Light clicked on the chatline icon, then selected the employee’s name. “Here’s hoping he’s taking a break. He works at the machine shop. A real talent, he fixed up Keith’s car and helps the business of Mr. Sandwich—“
The plumpy, brown-furred smiling face of a tanuki appeared on the screen. The frame allowed to see the blue neck of his uniform. “Ohayōgozaimasu! Watashi wa tasuke ni naru koto wa dekimasu ka? Oh, I’m sorry: I mean, Good morning, may I be of help?”
Light said, “Hello, Itsuki. This is Tsuki.” He moved away enough to allow the Shiba to talk to the camera. “Sai hi to our new friend, she’s from Japan too and she’ll be staying here for some time.”
The Japanese raccoon dog’s face beamed like a beacon. His voice became almost shrill with happiness. “Meiyo no tsuki wa, sorehānata o mitasu tame ni sono yōna yorokobidesu! Watashi wa kuruma no shūri no gijutsu o manabu tame ni koko ni taizai shiteimasu! Nani ga kono utsukushī kuni de, koko o motarashimasu ka?”
“I am here with my revered Mother in order to open an interiors decorating shop at Terrace High,” she answered. “And yes, this is a lovely country.”
The tanuki blushed while he put a paw behind his head. “Sorry for speaking in our language, but I really miss using it, Tsuki-San. So, I take it you’re here to stay?”
Tsuki nodded. “Yes. My mother is the stepsister of keith-Sama and she wants to keep the family ties together.”
Hai, this is remarkable. My family wants to start their own automobile business here, I hope they will choose this place to start. In the meantime, I’m supposed to learn how to work with these vehicles so that I can be of help.”
“What about talking about these plans over a meal? Do you know a proper pet friendly place where we could meet, perhaps tonight?”
Again that enthusiast light shone in the tanuki’s eyes. “Koko ni subete no resutorande wa shitashimi yasui pettodesu... Sorry. Every restaurant here is pet friendly. I will pick up the best one and let you know. Could I please have your email so that I can send you the schedule?”
Tsuki complied. They said their good-byes then closed the connection.
This time, the white dog was wagging happily. “Domo arigato, Light-Kun. I guess I hadn’t realized how much I missed talking with a conational. Would you like to join us at dinner?”
Light thought about that. “Well, I’d really like it, but I fear I’d get lost in translation. It’d be awkward to understand barely a couple of words.”
Tsuki patted the wolf’s shoulder. “Do not worry. It would be impolite to let a guest and a friend out of our conversation, especially one I just invited. So?”
Light nodded. “I guess I’m game then. Thank you… Oh, and don’t worry about ordering that strange Asian foods like insects and the such. When you’ve lived as a feral, you don’t get squeamish over a meal.”
Tsuki inclined her head in curiosity. “Did not know you Americans found ramen ‘strange food’.”
Light decided it was time to switch argument. “Wanna see something cool?”

The trapdoor lay at the end of the field, protected by an arc of photovoltaic panels. It consisted of a single wooden panel, much like any tornado shelter Tsuki had seen in documentaries and movies.
Save for the fact this country wasn’t usually interested by tornadoes.
Light pressed a hidden button and the trapdoor clicked open. The darkness it revealed was immediately flooded by neonlight.
The wolf stepped aside and bowed. “Ladies first.”

They stepped down a concrete staircase. Tsuki was impressed. “I have seen structures like this one in the documentaries. Never been inside one.”
Thick concrete walls
Zinc-plated plumbing that reflected the neon glow of lamps protected by a grille.
Six bunk beds.
A big tank filled with water.
Metal shelves, filled with canned food, sacks of flours and rice
Plastic tanks filled with gas.
Two showers.
An open closet displaying C-BURN suits, for adults and children.
An nuclear shelter.
Light approached another closet, revealing new socks and unisex underwear wrapped in cellophane. “The shelter was empty, already part of the property when we bought it. The humans who wanted it believed that 9/11 was the prelude to Third World War. But they ended up draining their budget in this thing, and they had to sell it together with the house for cheap. Not bad, eh?” He patted the dry wall. The engineers had done a really good job.
Tsuki entered a separated room where there were blocs of paper, pens, battery radios, a manually powered radio and a CB. She approached a line of shelves on which lay lead boxes. “What’s in these?”
“Batteries, a portable TV, a sat phone and the latest generation laptop, a tablet, game consoles, iPod…”
“Keith’s idea: without entertainment, this place would get to the nerves of the refugees. The boxes protect the stuff from the nukes’ EMP –hoping they won’t burst right over your head of course. A tech advantage during a global crisis can be precious as gold. Communications will be vital.”
“Does Keith-Sama have reason to fear a nuclear holocaust?”
Light shrugged. “Military thinking, I can understand that. In the wild, a good predator will try to stock his meat in a secure place. What about your human? She has no fear for the future?”
Tsuki shook her head. She went to the chair and sat. She turned on the CB. “Do the photovoltaic cells power this stuff?”
Light nodded. “We got our generator. The cells are for emergencies and come in handy to play with it without wasting gas.”
The dog turned the speaker on. The air was filled with the buzz of static while she tuned the device. She kept her cool while answering the wolf’s earlier question. “Akuo-Domo and I are ready to sacrifice ourselves in case such a tragedy occurred. Japan learnt a terrible lesson during the last war. If humankind didn’t learn from it, there wouldn’t be point in fighting.”
“And I am supposed to be the cynical one,” Light said. “So, something good on the ether?”
And something they heard, all right. The radio caught a name that made the wolf growl horribly, as if bloodlust had just hit him. “Don’t turn it off!”
Tsuki knew better than asking, and so she started listening with ears perked up.
The voice from the radio, between the statics, was saying, “…stupid deserved what he got. He almost destroyed the cover… Yes, yes, relax. We must fly even lower, now. That Foster is too dangerous, too many dangerous friends, and the DA is with him all the way… Yes, the plan will go on as scheduled. Now I must go. Wait for my call.” The communication let the place to the statics.
Light had written down the frequency they had casually intercepted. He recognized it, and that only added to his uneasiness. He turned off the radio. “Follow me.”

“There. Not the Ritz, but she should be comfy enough,” Keith said. Luckily, he kept an extra folding bed for Light, after he had destroyed a couple in his nightmares, the early times.
“Thank you, brother. I have brought the paper and scissors, she’ll make herself busy with her ikebana.”
Keith scoffed. “Please! She’ll be busy making friends. The local pets love to meet knew neighbors, they’ll lavish her with attentions.”
“I hope you’re right: back in Tokyo, she spent much time without any real contacts. Between her hobby and the internet, she was like a prisoner in her own house.”
“Again, you don’t have to worry. She’ll be fine, here. And I’m sure life at Terrace will be as much exciting, I’ve heard great things about that place—“
The door slammed open. Light and Tsuki barged in. The expression on the wolf’s face couldn’t be mistaken: troubles, big time!
“Keith, we got a problem!” the wolf said before recapping the conversation he had intercepted, word by word. “And there is more: they were talking about that PETA guy, Coppers.”
Keith went rigid, thinking to the madman who had threatened to kill Foster and half the neighborhood.
“And there is another problem: that voice wasn’t human. And it was communicating using the local Police frequencies.”

Episod 13

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A betrayer in the local police :shock:

I'm shocked that it possible the great question is now how is it?

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