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Post Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread
That pic was adorable. As for the chapter, it was great as ever.

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Post Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread
Foster House, Babylon Gardens

Jill Sandwich could barely believe this wedding frenzy that had exploded throughout the Gardens. All of a sudden, everyone wanted their ceremony at the church of Saint Anthony Abbot. And it was all thanks to the successful, very first wedding between pets, her Peanut and Grape! Eat your iver and suffer, Mr. Sandwich! She thought, not without some grim satisfaction, about her husband’s father, who had tried his worst to turn Earl into an animal-hater. “Mizar, you really shine like a star, today.”
The white-furred German Shepherd surely looked gorgeous. Fashion designers had tried to create lines of nuptial dressing, but the attempts had always ended up in funny parodies of human fashion.
Until Vincent Maison, from Montreal, had won the challenge with a series of sober accessories that didn’t cover the animals’ bodies, but rather evidenced their shapes and curves and unique characteristics. Yet, since Vincent would sell his creations at a ‘popular’ price, the fashion critics ignored him. And his newly created Maison des Animaux seemed destined to an inglorious end before it could even sell its creations.
Then came the wedding of two pets from Babylon Gardens, in the USA. The ceremony had been covered first locally by KPET, then it had gone national via the cable channels.
Vincent’s business had skyrocketed! Babylon Gardens had so far placed ten orders.
One of them was adorning the already beautiful figure of Mizar Foster: two veils wrapped her arms shoulders to elbows. Her left leg sported a thin golden anklet. White satin wrapped her tail so to create two cloudlike puffs. Her collar was white with a cerulean shade, and it was so thin, it looked painted around her neck.
Mizar chuckled while Jill finished combing her head fur. “I’m starting to think that you and Dad want to put us on show, not see us married, aunt Jill.”
The woman put the brush on the night stand. “After seeing two weddings, one would learn that a special day requires a special look…” She frowned, puzzled. “Child, is there something wrong?”
Mizar looked...distracted. Even her smiles looked forced. At Jill’s question, she shook her head. “No, everything’s all right, really, aunt Jill. I’m waiting, I have a wonderful family, the shadow of hunger has been cast away… I mean, why the pageantry?” She touched the satin around her tail. “Why put up a show, when I have my Alcor and…everything else, and no one can take it away from me?”
Jill walked behind the dog, then led her to the mirror. “It is for the others, dear. Every new married couple will inspire another, and so on. You’re not the children of an eccentric man, you’re pets capable to decide for your own life. You are proving that a mixed species couple can overcome the differences.”
Mizar sighed again. “Do you think I need to bear the burden of social responsibility as well?”
Jill chuckled. “Comes with the job.”
Then they heard the phone, from below.

“Given the occasion, you look really cool about this,” said Antares, brushing thoroughly Alcor’s back fur. “Until yesterday, you were so excited, I take it you and the future Mrs. Foster slept well.”
“Perhaps an hour. Much cuddling. No sleep. I love her. Im gonna be daddy.”
The big dog chuckled. “You make me proud, brother. You and her will have the neighborhood’s best pups. Aldebaran and I still must find our own girlfriends.”
“I know. I am really surprised you two still haven’t decided. I mean, You’re the most popular boys, I saw the tons of letters you received, and your e-mail box smells of rosy gasses! What’s the matter with you two?”
Antares blushed. “Ehh, to be honest, we…have someone in mind.”
The white-furred cat turned and grinned mischievously. “Ahh, so the problem here is dating,”
The black dog cleared his throat and started brushing Alcor’s tail furiously. His silence was eloquent enough.
“Ouch! Watch it, lug, I need that to show it at the altar. Who are they? Come on, or you’ll make me stay nervous until you tell me!”
Antares sighed. He kept looking down, as if ashamed and scared of the truth –and this coming from a warrior who fought against one of the monster dogs, killing him, and earning his own scar at the flank in the process. At Alcor’s insistence, he revealed the names.
The cat wasn’t surprised about the first name –in fact, he was surprised they hadn’t made a move before. But the other, Aldebaran’s pick… “Did I hear it right?”
Antares nodded. “напало мене несподівано. I’m as much surprised, but you should see him. When he speaks about her, he just…lights up. His teeth could do their own light.”
“And…does she know?”
“Does it matter?”
“I guess it doesn’t—Ack! Stop doing it, or next thing I know, I’ll be saying Я хочу, instead of—“ Alcor facepawlmed. “I’ve definitely been living with you two for too long… Say, do you think Dad will make it on time?”
Antares shrugged. “Don’t know. He surely looked mad enough, didn’t want to inquire.” He shuddered. “I saw Ukrainian training officers with those faces, and you don’t ask questions if you want to keep your fur.”
Alcor understood it. Dad loved his family more than his own life, but when his temper showed, it was better not to add fuel. “I wonder why. He should be happy.”
Antares shrugged again.
Then they heard the phone, from below.

This was supposed to be a nice, exciting day.
Smooth wedding, big party, gifts, internet coverage, the stuff.
Security was high, every angle covered.
Martin J. Foster sat on his couch, still holding his glass of cold tea in his hands, wishing it was Long Island Iced Tea. He needed to get drunk, right now.
He had just spoken to Lindberg house. With King. Who had just told him Bill was settling the house so that he could host part of his numerous family, after a tornado had devastated their property in Kansas. King said he was sorry, but they couldn’t make it to the marriage.
Martin had thanked him and hung up.
“Why, you look like you met a ghost, big brother,” said the figure sitting on the opposite couch. “You know, you’re supposed to be all happy happy joy joy and that stuff.”
Martin wished he was holding a glass of napalm to throw at that smirking face who was desecrating the memory of his brother. “Quit it, Pete. It’s not funny.”
Joel Zechariah Robinson looked scandalized. “Pete? Do you see any magical shapeshifting griffin, here?” He looked around. “I *am* your dearest brother, look. All legal.” A snap of his fingers, and the papers appeared in his hands. He quickly made them disappear in a flash of fire. “Whoops. Forgot I had them in my pocket.”
Martin sighed, emptied his tea in one gulp, hoping that creature hadn’t turned the tea into acid or something. “So, what brings you here…again?”
Joel relaxed in his couch, hands crossed behind his head, his eyes turned to the ceiling. “The good air, the open space, the green, the food, the fun… Seriously, bro, did you think that I could leave you after you got me a nice job at your workshop? I am not some ungrateful brat, you know.”
“You are only the cosmic guy responsible for—“
Joel dismissed it with his hand. “Let’s not get over that again, please! I can’t stand these shows of tearful gratitude! I’m talking new life, here, brother: new opportunities, new career…” for a moment, he assumed the aspect of the Joker as he said, rubbing his gloved hands, “New audience—“ that last sentence was greeted by a glass thrown with force at his face!
Martin stood up. “Since asking for rational explanation from you is pointless, I will tell you one thing: do harm and you’ll wish you ate Little Boy.”
Joel rubbed his face. “Loud and clear, Martin. Can I call you Martin? Can I help you with the wedding? I could materialize some nice—“
Martin raised his index finger to shush him. “If you want to play pretend being my brother, I guess I can’t help it. So you just go to the workshop, and do your shift like any normal mortal being.”
The other man shook his head. “Can’t. sorry.”
Martin rolled his eyes. This was surreal. “And why not, for…whatever’s sake?”
Joel pointed a finger at the nearby phone. “You got a call.”
The phone rang.
Martin picked it up, still looking warily at his ‘brother’. “Hello?”
“Good morning, ‘Uncle Martin’”, a male voice answered from the receiver.
Martin had a talent to recognize people, tell the nuances in his peers’ attitude. It had helped him survive and find decent jobs when he was penniless, it helped him tell a good pet owner from a crook. It had helped him to select the security staff for his shelter.
But it didn’t take any special talent to associate the word ‘trouble’ to the voice he was hearing at the phone. Martin felt an instant and deep hatred for its proprietary. His fist serrated around the cordless. “Who is it?”
“You’ll know in a moment. Please activate the speakerphone. And make sure your slaves and your guest stay here, or you’ll have many dead to account for.” And Martin could tell this guy wasn’t boasting. Whoever he was, he had the situation under control, or firmly believed it. Better to err on the safe side, so he activated the speaker. “You’re live.”
“Good. Now call everyone in the living room. And please, you and Joel sit down, you really should relax.”
Martin startled –how the heck could this guy know! Unless…
But, for now, he had to obey. He sat down. “Tell me.” He looked at Joel, who shook his head. The doppelganger didn’t definitely look like he was jesting.
But what mattered more, Martin hoped this stranger hadn’t seen him push a tiny button the same color of the cordless’ chassis…
Lucky Charm Grove for the Abandoned and the Ferals

The good thing about being security at this shelter, Alan Scott thought while walking along the tree-lined pathway, was the absolute tranquility. The pay was great, all medicals covered, the animals were happy to stay here and in finest health. And no one in his sane mind would get near a place where there were heavily armed guards, combat-trained animals plus about two thousand animals, most of them hardened by a lifetime in the pet fight clubs and in the street.
The Soviet Red Army would have a better chance.
And Since Mr. Foster knew it was easy to lower one’s guard, there were regular training sessions. All security must be fit and alert, just like his or her canine companion –in the case of Alan, a mixed breed with blonde, spotted fur. A sturdy dog whose friendly smile didn’t betray the fighting moster he could become—
Alan’s earpiece buzzed! A special intermittent frequency he was taught to recognize then act as if his own life was at stake!
Black Code.

“Lieutenant!” Alan said, stepping into security headquarters.
Keith Greyfield and his unit companion, the white wolf Light, were standing before a hi-res satellite map of the Gardens. “I know, Mr. Scott,” the ex-Marine, special ops, said.
A black dot of light, marking the highest emergency code, was blipping over the 3D rendering of Foster house. Black Code, the boss or the shelter were in danger.
A window in the screen showed what was happening in the living room, from where the SOS had been launched.
Marsh House

“Felix! There you are, silly tomcat! I was waiting for you to show up, now that Lucky can’t come because… Felix, what’s wrong?”
Felix was sitting on the porch, ears lowered and shoulders drooping. In his paws, he was holding an envelope with the logo of the USDOD.
Department of Defense.
Grape felt an icy shiver running down her spine. She and Lucky had gotten the best deal when their new families adopted them. Felix had been adopted by a USSOCOM commando, a man always traveling always on the front line in the most dangerous missions…
How long could it pass, honestly, before his son received the most dreaded letter, a letter he couldn’t possibly have the courage to open?
Grape sat down next to her old friend. “Oh, Felix. I…”
Felix just shook his head. He handed her the envelope. “You read it. Please, I can’t… I just can’t.” Kevin Marsh was the man that had saved his life, fed him, took care of him when he was a homeless feral so desperate as to stealing food from a military base, knowing they’d kill him on the spot. He simply couldn’t read the words that told him he was orphan again.
Grape nodded. She took the envelope and used a claw to open it.
Then opened the letter…


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Post Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread
Magic there, Joel. Kudos for making Martin VERY wary of you.

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Post Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread
So that was what Pete was doing with Joel's soul he obtained from heaven.

Tobee originally has green eyes, but everything change no matter what.

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Unless you like Lilo & Stitch, kinda wish to see the experiments in housepets style

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Post Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread
Babylon Gardens

Officer Parker and his canine companion, Sergeant Ralph, were the first to get the call signal from the central.
“All units. All unites redirect to 4, Overview Drive. We have a 10-67 and 10-68. All units, repeat—“
The afroamerican man and the German Shepherd exchanged an alarmed glance.
The car turned on the siren. In no time, others joined the concert while the pets ran to their homes as instructed to do in cases of emergency.
Marsh House

“So? What does it say?”
Grape was reading the letter the Department of Defense had sent to Felix, as per Kevin’s requests for his mail.
She was about to say it, when the police car rushed by the house, the sirens blaring loudly, followed by a second vehicle.
“Isn’t your place that way..?” Felix asked, before realizing what he had just told.
Grape’s eyes went pinpoint, then she rushed after the cars.
“Grape! No! You can’t get tired!” Felix run after her.
The wind carried away the letter.
Foster House

“Carl?” Joel asked.
The voice at the speakerphone chuckled with odious happiness. “Ohh, so you do remember your old friends, dear, dear Joel. Dear, filthy traitor. I see that collaborating with the slave drivers did a world of good to your record, ol’ pal. And to say that I would have loved you keep me company, back at the cage. When you’re not alone, one year can pass faster, you know.”
Martn frowned. “So, you’re the PETA fat guy.”
DA Office, the City

“Coppers!” Alex ‘Kostya’ Costantin roared, while listening to the live transmission, courtesy of the LCG.
Carl Coppers, the brains behind a thick series of pets kidnapping executed by the PETA! Coppers, one of the most fanatics within that club of extremists. The animalist equivalent of a Taleban. To preserve the ‘cause’, he hadn’t spoken a word after he was arrested for the attempted kidnapping and suppression of Fox Lindberg. And since there was no evidence regarding the other cases, he could be sentenced to one year only. After serving, he had disappeared from the radar. Until now.
Alex looked at his phone, as if it could give him the answers he needed. “What do you have in mind to do, you sorry excuse of a human being?”
“I already said it’s glandular, stop it!” Carl shouted with a hysterical, almost girly voice. He had lost his cool.
Martin smiled at that first triumph. The guy was nervous.
“Stop smiling!” Carl snapped.
Martin moved his eyes like he had done since the call had started…and there it was: at a corner in the ceiling. Big like a matchbox, painted like the wall as not to draw attention, at a first sight. You had to look for it.
“China Wireless Camera Set”, Keith said with a neutral tone. “Broadcasts on 1.2 Ghz in FM, optimal broadcast area 20 meters…that is, unless you use a signal amplifier. You can find that stuff on the Net at 40 dollars. Bet your house that the amplifier is set on the roof.
“How the heck did it get there?!” Horace Horton asked from the central, in teleconference with Kostya and the head of security of the shelter. “Foster is a control freak, he must have personally supervised every aspect of his own security. Who could put a camera and a transmitter without him or his cameras noticing?”
“The hardware was set while he was installing the security,” Keith answered. “No one noticed.”
“As for who installed that stuff,” Light added. “I’d say it was the only creatures small enough to evade the cameras and the sensors, and whose scent wouldn’t alarm the pets. Since ferals are, at worst, ignored in Foster house. At best, welcome.
Martin understood. And for the first time since coming to live in the Gardens, he cursed his open door policy. He had to concede it to that crook, using his love for animals as weak point. “The mice. You lurid son of a… You used mice to put that thing under my nose!”
A slow clapping sound came from the phone. “Quick to catch, just like they say of you, Uncle Martin! I’ll remember you in my prayers while your rotting slave driver soul burns in the deepest pits of the netherworld. And since we both don’t like to waste time while dealing business, know that I also set a number of explosives in the right points of your neat place. I press a fingers and your house, and perhaps the nearby houses of your criminal peers, will turn into a nice salad. Of course, the cops outside should be informed that the same goes if they try to intervene.”
In a second, all of the portable radios of human and canine cops squawked the same message from Chief Norton, “All units, abort! I repeat, all units abort now!”, just a second before Ralph and Parkr opened the door. Both human and his K-9 partner looked at the handle as if it could bit them. They stepped back slowly. The rest of the police could only form a circle around the place.
Lindberg house.

“I see. If there is something, anything I can do, please, don’t wait to call me, ok?” Bill hung up. He turned to his dogs and with a grim face he recapped the situation at Foster House.
King got his first shock learning of the explosive.
King got his second shock when he heard that the responsible was his ‘old pal’, Coppers. Man, it was so true that certain ghosts, simply, would not let you go! In a way, the poor corgi felt responsible, he should’ve slugged that fatso, instead of going with his fanatical plains… But, again, he was really a different person back then…
“Of all the lousy times for his brother to show up again…” Bill was saying.
King’s eyes went pinpoint. “Say wut?”
“His brother. Joel, also his accomplice in Fox’s kidnapping. He just showed up, this morning. I am sure he’s involved somehow.”
King looked at Fox. Only the husky knew the truth.
And it had a name.
Again the slow, outdated applause. “Great, simply great! If only people obeyed me like that instead of bullying me at school—“
Martin scoffed. “Yeah, they were bad with you, your are a victim of the system, and already I can hear your lawyer consuming boxes of tissues in front of the judge. You are not putting lives in danger just for the fun of it. So what do you want, mr. glandular?”
There followed an ominous silence. Everyone had gathered in the living room. Everyone looked at Martin as if he had just decided to go Ragnarok, complete with Viking funeral pyre.
Eventually, Coppers’ voice came back. “We want your money. Each dime you still have in your fat accounts. Make a hefty donation to our organization, you’ll clean up your conscience, save innocent lives in the only right way instead of building new prisons for them, and everyone’s happy. One minute to decide, or else…”

Outside, a dog-tired Felix finally reached the security perimeter. He had been carrying Grape all the way, to save her from the effort of running, given her condition.
It had also proved a bad idea, since she had spent that time in raw anguish, clinging with her claws to his neck.
“Grape!” Fido said. “You shouldn’t be here, we’re evacuating the area.” He recapped the situation. The cat almost fainted when she heard that her Mom was inside Foster house too! A moment later, she pushed Fido away and walked toward the house, grim determination on her face. She was ready to challenge the heavens if necessary, if it could save the most important human in her life!
<Grape, no!>
Upon hearing the urgent voice in her mind, Grape almost tripped. “Peanut..?”
The vision of her beautiful dog appeared in front of her, like a ghost. Poor Peanut looked so…downcast. <Tarot is allowing me to contact you this way because the situation is really, really serious. You can’t go there, Grapey, or the bad man will kill everybody. You must trust the others, now more than ever. Please…> his figure started to fade. Grape ran to him, ending up, instead in the arms of her Dad, who held her in his arms, while the poor cat cried herself sick…
A similar conversation was taking place, on the astral plane, between a tiny corgi and a titanic griffin.
"So, you will just let him..." King couldn't finish the sentence, both for the rage and the fear he felt. "Why, you..."
Holding the dog in his enormous paw, Pete said, "Just like I couldn't make you do what I want, nor interfere in your life if not as owner, now I can't godmod this situation. I can only play the role that once was yours."
King beat his fist against the golden finger. "Why become me, then?!"
"Because I knew about this Coppers mortal's plan. The money is just a commodity, in his plan, an extra. He wants to exact his vengeance on your former self, he needed his presence on the stage he set, or he would've blown Martin to smitereens without a second thought... Although he still intends to do so, once the money is trasnsferred to his account."
"He wants me dead so bad?" the corgi asked, uncredolous.
Th griffin's beak curved in a smile. "Congratulations, you were the first one to cause his arrest."


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Post Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread
I really hate that I can 'future read' and predict the basic premise of what's going to happen. -_-"

Now I don't get the same feelings toward stuff most others do. X|

Love me right now! Done.

SoujiTheFox Wrote:

Why do I still find this funny?

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Wow! I hope Pete can prevent any damage that crazy weirdo might do.

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Hunter’s Academy, Locke’s County

“Cadet Peanut!”
“Gak!” the young dog snapped to full attention. “Sorry, Bud, Sir, I—“
Budweiser was standing before his class, the TV set showing the drama occurring at Foster House.
The same house where Peanut’s Mom was being kept hostage by a bad, bad man who wanted to kill Uncle Martin and his family…
“I know this is personal for you, cadet,” Budweiser interrupted him. “And that is why you’re supposed to keep your cool, like the pros.” He pointed at the screen. Cops, both human and canine, were evacuating the area around the 4 of Overview Drive, creating a sanitary belt to protect the innocents as best as possible from the explosion a PETA terrorist had threatened to cause if his demands weren’t met.
Peanut saw that Grape and their Dad were still in the area, looking at the house. Grape, get away from there, pleasepleaseplease! Our pups, think of them, please! He felt horrible, thinking about them instead of his Mom, but he couldn’t help it. He wanted his mate and their litter safe, it was like the strongest voice he ever heard in his whole life! Tarot, please, watch over her!
Lucky Charm Grove Security Headquarters

“If these explosives do exist and are no empty threat,” Keith Greyfield said to the DA and the Gardens’ Police Chief in teleconference, “then they must be placed by the gas conduits. Mice can easily reach for them, and the smell can mask their presence; plus, they offer maximum damage. Three C4 charges, and a couple of blocks will go up like Pompeii. I saw something similar done during a couple of missions.
“How do we find and defuse them?” Horace Norton asked.
“They must be controlled via remote. We got jammers, but first we must know the detonator model and the remote frequency. Once we’re done, game over for Mr. Coppers.” Kevin knew about the PETA agenda, but this was new even for them. Right in this moment, FBI must be having a field day all around the nation. This had gone from animalistic fanatism to outright domestic terrorism.
And that told Keith that ‘Mr. Glandular’, perhaps, was ready to carry on the plan, money or not—
“That’s a good plan, but how do we reach those explosives without Coppers noticing?” DA Costantin asked.
Keith smiled. Turnabout’s fair play, ater all. “Chief Norton, please get me in touch with Officer Fido Byron. And let’s hope Mr. Foster buys us some time.”
Foster House

One minute.
One minute to decide of his own life, and the lives of his family, Jill’s, and who knew of how many other innocents.
Martin watched the cops, the cars and the crowd at what was presumed a safe distance. Heh, if his house went up like promised, the shockwave and the shrapnels would have caused a massacre. He could see cars flying, glass shards, bullets exploding, gas from the tanks, wooden shards… A hecatomb, and Coppers knew it. Martin was fairly sure it wouldn’t be over with the money transference.
“Your minute’s over, Uncle Martin,” said Carl Copper’s voice from the speakerphone. “So? Your money or their lives?”
Martin turned to watch at his family, the dearest thing of his life –Antares, Aldebaran, Alcor and Mizar, who was waiting for Ralph’s pups. And poor Jill, involved by sheer bad luck in that mess. And Joel, or rather the doppelganger of his brother, who decided to appear in his life just in this fated day… Coincidence? Who cared. If the creature who posed as Joel wanted to have some fun, he’d give him some fun!
Martin looked at the mini camera that had spied him since he had moved here after losing his old house. He smiled, as he said, “Go to heck.”
Keith, Norton and Kostya, who he knew were listening, must have had a heartstroke. The others in the room looked not less shocked. Carl’s voice broke. “I’m sorry?”
Martin showed the same expression he had showed to the Lady in Black when the monster dogs had gone for his throat. “I said, ‘вбирайся’, in case you didn’t get it the first time.”
The two black-furred twins chucked, and so did the white-furred pets, who had learnt some Ukrainian.
“I don’t care for your psychodrama and your crusade, Mr. Glandular,” Martin went on. “All I know is that you chose the worst kind of hostages.”
“Foster, I—“
“Quiet! You spied on me in these months, you know how much I care for animals, and that I’d die rather than see them hurt. But you just promised to kill not only me, but a number of innocents in the name of your petty vengeance. You know what? If they must die with me, I have no reason to cooperate! And I’ll up the ante, you idiot: Jill Sandwich is 4 months now. She dies, you better save the FBI the trouble and throw yourself in the Cocitus, or they’ll throw your sorry, fat hide in the worst hole at Guantanamo until the Sun will become a Red Giant! Now, you got me?!”
The telephone answered with silence.
Martin nodded. “And now that we made things clear, these are my conditions: let everyone go, save me and Joel. Then you get your money. Of course, the shelter will go broke and you’ll have had your nice vengeance. Heck, at that point you may even decide to blow my place up, if no one else gets hurt. We have a deal, lardo?”
“Is he crazy or what?!” Judging by his tone, Norton must really have had that heartstroke.
Kostya was, on the other hand, quite satisfied. “No, Sir: that man knows who is dealing with. I told you, he could shave with the Reaper's schythe. And he just bought us precious time, right Lieutenant?”
“On the spot, Sir.”
“K-9 Unit Officer Fido Byron online, Lieutenant,” said commcenter.
Exactly one minute later, Copper’s less bold voice said, “All right, Foster. Everybody out, as you asked.”
Martin nodded. To the others, he said, “You heard the man. Now go, you won’t have another chance. Jill,” he added after seeing her hesitating, “stay with your family, okay? And take care of mine.”
Jill walked away. Antares and Aldebaran took their brother and sister in their arms. Mizar and Alcor were scared like never before, they couldn’t even stand the idea of losing her Dad, become a feral again… But she knew she had to trust him. Dad would make it, just like with those horrible dogs…
“Take care, children,” Martin said one last time, before hearing the door closing. Outside, the sanitary cordon was being expanded as neatly and rapidly as possible.
When the perimeter was safe, Coppers said, “Time to get to work, Martin.”
Keith’s eyes lit up with predatory joy. “Gotcha, fatso!”
“Meaning, Greyfield?” Norton asked.
“Meaning that he just told us he’s surveilling the scene from a safe position in the hills. The best place to use a detonator without obstacles. And the best place to reach a road and run without being noticed, while the police is occupied on the crime scene. Hold on.” He imputed the data on the area map surrounding the Gardens… “Still too many spots to search. Now it all depends on those data about the detonator, with a little help from our friend.”
Martin opened a laptop. Carl was giggling, he sounded malevolent like an imp. “If only there were more people like you, uncle, world would be such a better place! PETA is really grateful for your donation.”
Martin tapped on the keyboard. Without looking at the camera, he said, “You won’t let us live through this, right?” He could almost see Copper shrugging.
“As future leader of the movement, I must send a clear message: no messing with the cause. I’m almost sorry you’re brother to the traitor.”
“Yes? I’m proud for it. He has made mistakes, but he amended for them, he took the right decision. While you let your fat go to your head.”
What the voice at the phone said can’t be repeated.
While scuttling along the gas conduits, Spo thought that after such a mission, they better give him a promotion big time and a racket!
But he also felt exhalted: since he had made friends with Fido, he had just dreamed a moment like this! They all depended on him now. Here I come to save the daaay..!
And he got an ubercool earpiece as well!
Found it! Right were that soldier guy had told him, under the belly of Martin’s place. A nice grey package like clay, only with C4 printed on its wrapping, instead of DAS.
And a blipping box, connected with two wires at the explosive material. And a third, metal wire running up the tube, and through the pavement.
Spo got near the package and started reading the detonator’s stats.
“TMP-RT01K4,” said Keith, repeating to the the others what the mouse had just referred. “Long range detonator, 4 radio channels, maximum range 3,300 feet.” The new data allowed at last to restrict the possible position of the culprit to a single area. Gotcha! “Spo, you were great! I’m gonna personally commend you for an award. Now leave it to us.”
“Can you do something?” Norton asked.
“Yes. Though we don’t have the time to find the frequence to block, the idiot attached it to a CB which operates on a single channel. Destroy the CB and the detonator can’t receive the signal. End of the problem.”
“So, we just need to put a sniper to shoot down the CB?”
“Correct. The only problem is doing it fast and doing it so that Coppers can’t see it, or Foster’s toast… Hold on.”
Keith’s cell had started buzzing, of all moments—Hold it! Only three persons had that number! Light, and the wolf was at his side, shaking his head. Foster couldn’t be possibly be calling, so…
Eventually, Keith grabbed the smartphone and put it at his ear. “Greyfield.” He listened for a couple of minute, the stupor on his face growing. “I… Yes, Sir, of course. This is a rather pleasant surprise. No, Sir, no objection from me. I shall inform the others at once. Thank you Sir, and welcome back.”
“Greyfield?” Kostya asked.
“Mr. Costantin, let us just say that a certain someone is going to spend a bad moment.”
“Come on, Uncle Martin,” Coppers said, his impatience growing. “We want to buy us some nice shoes.”
“Can you read what I am doing on the keyboard?”
“Then you’ll know I just sent the request for the transfer. Look.” He turned the laptop toward the camera, showing the proof of what he had done. “Fifteen minutes before the transfer is effective. We’re talking a large sum divided into small packages, or the law will block it, hostages or not.”
“Fair enough. You get your fifteen minutes. Now put that laptop where I can see the screen and don’t you two move.”
“Crystal.” Martin did as instructed.
What the fat guy didn’t know whas that not one penny was being moved at all. That screenshot was a fake, a way to buy Greyfield time. Martin knew before asking he was a goner already, but he couldn’t let Coppers understand it. He had saved his family, and as many innocents as possible. It was enough work for one day.
I’m paying you for this, Lieutenant! You better earn your pay, darn it!


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Martin has a steel pair of ****. This chapter was awsome!

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Foster House, Babylon Gardens

Fifteen minutes.
Enough to think and again to one’s own life, to the good and bad things, what you did and what you got. And those still left to do.
Martin would rather have a nice movie to watch. Because he really hated to think to all the things he had yet to do.
Fourteen minutes.
Instead, he’d spend them looking at a laptop screen, pretending the countdown would lead to the transfer of all his liquidity to a bunch of animalistic terrorists –pardon, to a nice cartel whose mission was to set all pets free and return them to their ‘natural’ life.
The transfer would never happen. Martin Foster himself had made it so that his money was frozen for eventualities such as this. No criminal, no kidnapper, no lowlife should ever get the message that he’d let them have it their way!
Martin opened the drawer of his desk.
“What are you doing?” said Carl Coppers from the speakerphone.
“Relax, piggie best,” Martin answered. “My little brother and I have the right to…” he put his hand in the drawer and took a blue packet with the golden logo ‘Life’ impressed on it. He showed it to the micro camera on the ceiling “…the last cigarette, eh?” Then he opened the packet and produced two electronic cigarettes. He handed one to Joel. He knew that wasn’t his brother, yet at the same time…it felt good to have his presence back in the house. He had missed him more than he thought.
Joel got his cigarette and lit it. “Tastes awful.”
“All the better to avoid becoming an addict, but they got just the right nicotine to help one relax.” He drew then puffed a cloud of diluted smoke/vapor.
“What are your plans?” Coppers asked.
“You’re too relaxed, considering you’re going to become charcoal in eleven minutes. I know you are a man of many resources. What’s your game, Foster?” No longer ‘Uncle Martin’, meaning he was getting nervous. Was it because he thought he was going to get multimillionar, or because of the time? Either way, time to put fatso at ease before he decided just to push the button and destroy the house before Security got to him. Martin trusted Keith Greyfield, he knew the ex-marine was working at a plan. Like the ground crew with Apollo 13. Only, that plan wouldn’t be ready in a minute, of course. “I was only thinking that now that you are officially a domestic terrorist, and have just pulled your associates in this PR definitive mess, every single animal owner will be after you. Hollywood and the music majors must have closed the taps and cut the oxygen tubes faster than light. I can already see the agents threatening to kill their protégées if they try to spell PETA again even in their own coffin.” Martin’s shoulders shook with a chuckle. “Heh, they won’t even need to put you on a trial, they’ll just call the dumpster. Not a coffin for you, Carl, but a sealed garbage bin and the sign ‘danger: passive cholesterol’”.
Joel laughed out loud. As Pete, he was starting to wonder why he hadn’t chosen one of this mortal’s pets as avatar.
“Stop mocking me!!” Again, Coppers’ voice came out rather like a hysterical girl’. “You think you’re so better than me because you’re fit and covered in money?!? Tell me, slave driver, who is gonna blow you to the Moon?? All that money, and the best thing you can do is force innocents in a prison, killing them slowly, day by day, their only hope reduced into falling into the arms of more slave drivers!” He was panting like an asthmatic ox.
Negotiation 101 never suggested to raise the temper of a criminal during a hostage crisis, but Martin knew he wasn’t a hostage. He was a dead man, and Carl was a man on two missions: vengeance, and money. His surreal crusade for animaldom was the highest priority in his mind, he wouldn’t kill his golden egg goose before he got his cash. And Martin decided he wanted at least some fun at the expenses of this idiot.
“Too bad you never came to visit the Grove, Mr. Glandular. Oh, silly me, of course you never showed up, or now you could eat only soup. A drop at a time.”
“Your brochures may speak all the languages of the world, Foster. I speak the language of truth, and you know it!”
Another puff of smoke. “And how could I forget it? Your staff still fills our box with your spam. Not only you make trees suffer, but our post boy wants to be paid an extra just to touch it. And never a word of thank you to pet owners on vacation.”
“What the frick—“
“C’mon, Carl boy, they save you time and money when they abandon their pets to take their nice vacation! I’m frankly surprised you don’t encourage it. You wouldn’t pass for kidnappers. In fact, you could create an award.” He traced an imaginary arc in the air. “Best of Year for returning to nature two dogs and one cats. Parents, to the right choice! Hey, you could use my money to give some money too.”
A horrible chuckle came from the phone. “Was that an attempt to ironic? We should do as you say: it’s the only favor a human could do to his slave.”
Martin, who had seen and still saw, every single day, the consequences of abandonment on those innocent souls – alone, broken inside, wounded, hungry, like that poor Grape, and Lucky, and Mizar, and Alcor – threw the camera a glare that should have melted it. With an unnatural calm tone, he said, “I hope they ripristinate the electric chair for you, psychopath.”
It was then that Joel spoke for the first time. “Carl?”
“Heyy, the traitor hasn’t lost his tongue then!” Carl clapped. “And here I feared you had consumed it to cooperate with the cops. So, Joel deares, how can I not be help to you?”
Joel walked to the camera. “Think you’re scaring me, mister? I don’t regret what I did, because that was, perhaps, the only good thing I ever did in my lousy life. You made me believe that we were helping animals, not making them suffer! Remember that last dog, Fox? Well, he got more guts and kindness in a claw than you under all of those folds of lard!”
“Joel, watch it—“
Joel’s expression became intense as Martin’s. “Watch what? Stop playing the Kapò! You can’t make us suffer more than now, and within…” he pointed at the monitor “…eight minutes we wil be dead and you rich. You know what you could do if you really loved animals? Throw yourself under a car: you’ll feed them for years to come!” He exhaled. “How much I wanted to throw that in your face!” He gave the five to his brother.
LCG Security Headquarters

“Greyfield,” Horace Norton’s voice sounded as if the Police Chief was watching his career going down the drain together with his immortal soul. “Tell those two madcaps that if they get out here of this alive, I’ll want a word with them.”
Keith didn’t say anything. He smiled and gave the fist to his wolf.
“I want to be like them,” Light said. “I love them.”
DA office, the City

Alex ‘Kostya’ Costantin wasn’t smiling.
His instincts and his knowledge about Martin Foster told him in capital letters that this there would be nothing left to be put on a trial. Perhaps a corpse, if he was lucky. That madman of Coppers had kicked the mother of all hornets’ nest!
And what if he got him alive? The case was federal, now, out of his jurisdiction.
Alex had started his career in law after a bunch of bullies had killed his dog, his only friend when he was a sick child. He had been grateful to an old mafia Russian thug for being avenged.
After listening to the words of Coppers, he decided he’d be glad if Martin had his way first.
Stepford Hills

Sitting in a white Ford van, staring the small black and white screen, Carl Coppers was getting purple in rage. He briefly considered the idea of pushing the button and blow up those two… Oh, sweet temptation, imagine the flames and then the cloud of smoke and debris, just like in that movie Zabriskie Point. Too bad he couldn’t include the slaves, they’d be set free from the suffering…
Five minutes, only five minutes to go! “Haw haw, the riot!” He said in the mike. “Since you think you’re such wiseguys, I’ll keep something for the plastic and a diet. Too bad you won’t see me after the cure, ha ha!”
“Hey, you’re getting in the spirit!” Martin said. “so much the better!”
Four minutes, four minutes! “Enjoy your last laughter, Foster. Then start praying.”
Three minutes.
There had been no time to empty the nearby houses. The Sandwiches’ place would be destroyed together with Martin’s.
Grape, shielded between her parents, thought only that her pretty wedding pictures book would be lost. Poor Peanut, he’d never return to his old home.
Two minutes.
At the Academy, Peanut and Bino held each other’s paws.
“The girls and your Mom are safe, at least,” Bino said.
“That guy’s got guts,” Hannibal said to them. “Too bad I never met him.”
One minute.
Antares, Aldebaran, Mizar and Alcor couldn’t help but watch, now.
Then the sound of a gunshot broke the silence! At the same time, a small cloud of plastic and broken circuits came from Foster house!
The crowd pushed to see what was happening, ignoring they were still in danger.
The chaos erupted in the police station! Norton was shouting in the mike, trying to make head or tail of what was happening—
“Chief Norton?” Martin Foster’s voice. Silence fell again, the agents and the dogs looked like paralyzed.
“The bomb has been defused. Send your BDEs to retrieve it.”
This time, a long collective chorus of joy erupted in the station.
Word came to the patrols and from there to the crowd. Their joy was heard as far as the hills.
Fido took little Spo from his head and gave him a big kiss on his head. “You were the best! We owe you big time, little buddy!”
Spo blushed down to his naked tail. “Ehh, just doing my duty, chief. To serve and protect, remember? And if you really owe me, please put me down. Got a last thing to do.”
A few moments later, the Foster brothers came out, waving to the crowd. Joel showed his thumbs up. A moment later, both of them were covered in a frenzied flurry of fours fur.
Inside the Academy’s projection room, the walls trembled under the howls of joy. The pets from Babylon Gardens hugged and jumped. Bino and Peanut were celebrated by their classmates as if they were the heroes.
“Peanut,” Sigmund said, “That guy is simply fantastic! Please tell us he’s adopting!”
“I want his cookies,” Tobee said, looking at the human as if he was his divinity.
Portrait of a man in panic mode!
A very pale and sweaty Carl Coppers kept pushing the detonator button as if repeating that gesture could make the impossible come true.
He had pressed the button at one minute from the transfer, the moment the screen had been filled by the electronic snow. How could he be so stupid to believe that (censored) would give up? But all that money…he had to give it a try, for the cause!
Eventually, the voice of reason started sounding in his troubled mind. Carl understood that with the transmitter gone, the bomb was useless. He had to go before the cops got him!!
His hand went to the ignition key, he turned it…and the van was shaken as if by a tremendous kick! Carl hear like a small explosion, then a cloud of vapor came from the radiator.
Carl opened the door. As long as he sat in there, he made a perfect target! And then, another hit could detonate the van, he thought hysterically…
From his position, well hidden by the tree he was using a shield, the man by the name of Kevin Fitzgerald Marsh, USSOCOM Lieutenant Colonel, centered his target within the crosshair of his CheyTac Intervention.
Hit the antenna had been kid’s play. The worst was finding a position that could allow him to destroy the thing and then the crook who had dared to endanger his friend and his son!
And no one could put in danger the life of Kevin F. Marsh’s boy and get out of it alive! He was only sorry he wouldn’t be the one to finish the job, but he would gladly score this third hit.
The Marine pushed the trigger.
Carl felt as if a monstrous punch had hit him in the shoulder! He heard the gunshot a fraction of a second later.
The PETA man fell down, where he lay, pale, his breath coming in short breaths mixed to whimpering sounds. Funny, it didn’t even feel that painful.
Still panicking, Carl tried to stand up…but the shoulder, or rather what was left of it, sent him a wave of pure pain! Carl fell back down, screaming. “Ah…ah…ah…” he panted, the cold was terrible despite being in late springtime. It was the choc, he knew that, but he was too confused to…
Three long, deep, bestial growls sounded around him.
Carl raised his gaze. “No…”
The dry leaves crackled slowly, while the three grey-furred figures emerged from the bushes, bared drooling fangs, their eyes filled with a monstrous fury, the fur standing, ears flat against the skull, moving on all fours like their ancestors, ready to sow death…
Carl crawled toward the van. He was crying without shame. “No. Please, no…” Why were they doing this to him? He was their friend. He respected they were strong and wild as all animals should be!
But the Milton wolves ignored his pleading gaze, and kept coming at him.
“You dared to threaten good people and their pets,” Miles said, with a voice much like Fenrir himself. In that moment, it was impossible to associate this predator to the kind and civilized animal that had chosen to join civilization together with his family.
People like Earl and Jill, pets like Peanut and Grape, had helped him to deal with the diffidence and the prejudice. To think that this fanatic had put their lives in danger… “And you made countless innocent suffer, without the least remorse.”
“You wanted to see what the behavior of a feral is?” Lucretia said, proceeding between her mate and Daryl.
Carl Copper’s last legacy to the world was the content of his intestines.
“Comrades of the proletarian revolution, a toast!”
The mice raised high their sponges drenched with soda and cheered in a collective roar, then sprayed the carbonated nectar in their mouth, imitating their leader on the stage.
The mouse by the patched eye put his loudspeaker back in front of his mouth and said, “With the end of the vile reactionary, the human Martin Foster, and his regime of food corruption of the revolutionary masses, the mice proletariat will retake its place in the sun, together with each single house of the human dictators!!”
The crowd cheered again, even louder.
“Comrade of the Free Mouse’s Republic! Today we celebrate, tomorrow we conquer!”
The crowd was about to explode in their third cheer, when a new, very powerful mouse voice said, “Ah, go schmuck yourself, loser!”
The leader of the revolution turned quickly. “Who dares?! Who dares to play the reactionary in this sacred moment?!”
From the curtain, emerged the familiar figures of Spo and Squeak. “The new bosses dare, former comrade Joseph Boris Trotsky. Your leadership his hereby revoked! Anything to say?”
The crowd had fallen into a stunned silence. JB was spitting in rage. “Y-you-you… How do you dare! Servant of the fat capitalists, reformist, traitor of the cause! And tell me,” he added, approaching the two ‘counterrevolutionaries’ with stomping feet. “Tell me, how do you and your cute traitorous girlfriend plan to defeat me and my people, shorty? Hm?”
The answer came under the shape of a gigantic lavender-furred paw that emerged from the curtains and grasped JB Trotsky in an iron grip.
The mice crowd, remembering a similar occurrence and recognizing the fur, tried to run for their life, screaming…only to find the way blocked by a red-striped cat and a black one, enormous like the Colossi of Rhodes. And very angry.
The lavender female emerged from the hole in the wall, her eyes shining with sacred ire. It was a miracle the mouse in her paw hadn’t been already crushed to death.
“Dear ex-leader,” Spo said, “you surely remember Grape Jelly Sandwich. You sent your own brother to die by her foot. And the big boys are Maxwell and Felix. And they still haven’t eaten.
“Now, before you get turned into a snack, know that Grape here didn’t take it well that you threatened Mr. Foster, and especially her Mom, who was in that house. Oh, and by the way…Martin is alive and well, your revolution has failed.” Spo shrugged. “What can I say? Life’s tough.” He showed the death-thumb to Grape. “Bon appetit, sweetie!”
The mice didn’t dare to watch, but they heard too well enough the sound of the cat’s feast…
After she had gulped down the meal, Spo turned to the crowd. “My friends!” short terrified applause “A new life lays ahead of us! Enough with revolutions, enough with rancors! The world above us is tough, hostile, dangerous, but this time, here in Babylon Gardens, we got at least one guy who will give us all food and shelter, even if it’s that same human you tried to kill!
“We mice have a dignity, and I tell you that from today on i twill be respected! Those of you who will come with us.” He put his arm around Squeak’s waist, “will know that prosperity awaits! Those of you who will stay won’t stand a chance. So, friends, are you with me??”
The crowd looked first at the three cats, then approved unanimously and noisily.
Squeak looked at her new boyfriend in admiration. “It’s the first time I see you put your voice to such good use.”
Spo took her in his arms, despite she was almost double his size, and kissed her! The crowd approved again and clapped. “My dear, you love me because you know I’m the toughest mouse.” Then he turned to Grape. “Hey, girl, for what it’s worth, my apologies even on account of my misled peers. You make sure Uncle Martin keeps his part of the deal, and you won’t see another feral naked tail in your houses.” He held out his tiny paw to the cat.
Grape gave him her index to shake. “Knowing him, this is a goodbye then. *burp!* I hope you’ll visit from time to time. Fido and Joey will surely miss you.”
Spo rubbed his eyes, but kept a brave face. “And don’t try to make me cry, you stupid feline. Tell Fido I really, really enjoyed my time with the Unit, though I don’t know how those boys will do without me. Now it’s time to keep these rascals under control. Martin said he wants to make pets out of as many of them. But should any one of them be a bad boy, I’ll send for you, promise. Oh, and say hi to Sabrina too.”
Grape nodded. “Will do.”
Marsh house.

“DADDY!” Felix ran to the man the moment Kevin got out the car, and hugged him with all his might. “You’re alive! You’re alive! I got the letter, but hadn’t the courage to read it because they send it when—“
Kevin, close to tears himself, nodded while returning the hug. “I’m so sorry for the misunderstanding, son. I quit.”
Felix blinked. “Uh?”
The man nodded. “I quit. They wanted to send me to Afghanistan for an indefinite period, and I told them what I thought of that idea. I guess only my war merits prevented them from court-martialing me until the next millennium. I’ll work for the Grove’s security, and the rest of time will be spent with you, boy. I love you, Felix.”
“I love you too, Dad. Thnk you, thank you…”
Lucky Charm Grove Chapel of the Order of Saint Anthony Abbot

Father William Ghetti closed the stoop, then nodded to the beautiful couple.
“Word of the Lord, now you are married, Alcor and Mizar Foster. You may kiss, and please do it before someone else tries to kidnap your father.”
The chapel burst into a loud laughter, cheers and applauses while the cat and the female canine exchanged a long communion with their lips…

Season II
Episode 10


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And on this episode, I'll take a break until the end of the current HP arc, since, as some of you may have understood, I am setting the scene for the arrival of a certain uberpopular girl.
So, for now, enjoy the read and this respite. [Ah-nold mode on]"I'll be back."[/off]


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Aw, man! You stopped writting just to tease us after this epic chapter, didn't you?

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Oh my gosh this is so ridiculously good. Masterful work. I can't believe I care so much about these characters!

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OH MY GOD, dude you are a master of typing. You put out 19 updates between the 10th to the 17th. Then 5 more between the 18th to the 19th. I bow to your talents and speed! :mrgreen: But awwww it sucks now that you wont update until the end of this arc. :cry:

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Awww now I have to wait for the next one. Well it doesn't matter seeing as reading this is worth the wait. Seriously well done on a good story!


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She needed to bite his head off. DECAPITATIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I am somehow convinced that Rick is postponing to keep me from updating... :?
Kitch, i take it you liked that scene? :lol:


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It's a Brütal Legend reference. :P


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Season II
Episode 11 – n-ple date2

Foster House, Babylon Gardens

“So, let me get it again…” but Martin Foster got interrupted by the other presence in the living room.
“*sigh*Look, it’s easy,” said Joel Zechariah Robinson. And was interrupted by his brother.
“No, it is not. Joel gave up his humanity. I was hugging him, when he became King for the final time. By his own choice. Whatever is left of my brother is gone…”
“No! That’s where you’re wrong! It’s true that Joel gave up his humanity, but he gave it to Pete!”
Martin felt another stab of headache threatening his sanity. Why couldn’t there be a Magic for Dummies book? No, better, why couldn’t magic simply disappear? “How did he do that?”
Joel’s green eyes lit up of a golden light, much like Tarot’s, when the Spirit Dragon used her as speakerphone. "No more tricks, Pete. I want to be King. Forever. And not only in the shape: I give you permission to take away what you have to, so that my humanity truly becomes a thing of the past. This is my redemption."
The words sunk in.
Martin felt a chill running down his spine. He still couldn’t determine if it was of anticipation or terror. “Do you mean that King…”
Joel nodded. “He has all the memories of his previous life, but he is a dog by all accounts. When he dies, his soul goes to doggy heaven. What remains of Joel Robinson, his very essence, his soul, is here in this artifact of my creation. I admit it, I use it as a channel, it’s fun, but he’s your brother. Call it a mystical clone if you want. I like to keep up with the latest fads among you mortals. And Joel’s original body was transformed already.” He chuckled.
Martin still felt that headache. “My brother is not a magician.”
“You mean when I materialized and burned the documents? Okay, no more party tricks, promise. I am on this plane as an observer for my avatar, whatever shape he’s got, whatever fate he chose.”
“Why...this?” Martin encompassed his brother’s figure with a gesture of the hand.
“Consider it a favor. You miss so much your brother, you keep punishing yourself for abandoning him. Now you have him back, in the flesh. Let’s see how your feelings were sincere, Uncle Martin.”
“I’m starting to hate those words.”
“So?” said Joel, once his eyes were back to normal. “Not even a welcome back hug?”
Martin shook his head. He stood up from his couch. “Rules are simple: you get the guest room. If you still like animals, you’ll be sharing said room with them. And I can assure you I have always guests. Wake up call at 7am, you’ll take the bus at 8 sharp and go to work at the shelter. Timetable is Mon-Sun, 9 to 18, resources will brief you on the details. And if you think I’m giving you too much rope, watch it or you’ll get strangled: security is the finest money can buy, you’ll be kept under better watch than in a real jail. And you’ll do some good to those you worked so hard to hurt, penitence or not.”
The man grabbed his young brother by the shirt. “You are guilty of mistreatment and kidnapping! I am sorry for not being there to help you with dad and mom and the the others, I’m sorry that Helias turned against you, but ultimately you turned your misfortunes into hatred against innocents. Time to clean your conscience, little brother.”
Joel raised his hands defensively. “Crystal. Any other disposition, master?”
Martin let him go. “That…thing will not speak to me unless I call. And give me some time to get used to the idea… Oh, and do not try to upset King for any reason whatsoever! He just found a family and is settling in his new life.”
“Aye aye Sir!” Joel saluted sharply.
Martin’s smartphone rang. He looked at the ID number then answered. “Good morning, Kostya.”
“What makes you think it is, Foster?” said the voice from the phone. Alex Costantin had been on the warpath, in the last 24 hours. As the DA had feared, the Feds had barged into his offices, then they had started a tug-of-war with the files on the PETA. Alex had an agenda against animal abusers, and he wanted to get to that bunch of fanatics big time, but since one of them had just claimed he’d destroy a pet friendly community in the name of the ‘cause’, and had actually placed a bomb powerful enough, the case had become federals.
If PETA had had any stock value, it would be now ‘under that coffee blotch on the pavement’, as Dilbert would put it.
“The fact that my phone hasn’t melted yet. How can I help you?”
“What can you tell me about Coppers? This is official, Foster.”
“He ran away. You know that no one of my security moved from the shelter, and that my weaponry doesn’t hold CheyTac Intervention rifles.” It was true on both accounts: even security was kept under strict control. And the best weapon of choice was the HK416, maximum range 300 fts, while the bullet that destroyed the antenna that Coppers wanted to use to activate the bomb and the one found in Copper’s van radiator belonged to the same 408CTI.
Forensics had few doubts Coppers, the so-called ‘PETA fat guy’ was a goner in all respects. The body hadn’t been found, but evidence suggested that the body had been maimed and dragged away by some wild animal.
Everything smelled of private justice, but neither Alex nor the Feds had more than suspects and circumstantial, nothing that could be brought in a court. Not to mention that Martin and Joel were now the local heroes, with the blessing of the ASPCA and a tonful of other animalistic organizations. And the Milton foundation had already erected a wall of attorneys in defense of the local hero.
“Foster, pray I’ll never discover a thing about this. When someone takes it on you, it’s like opening the Seventh Seal.”
Martin’s voice turned cold like glacier. He was in a sour modd and didn't care whose feet he stomped on. He spoke slowly, to make sure the Feds tapping the line got it too. “Spread the voice, then. Perhaps, next time they’ll think twice over it.”
Lindberg house

Officer Bill Lindberg was walking to and fro like a drill sergeant. He looked like he was having his field day in an interrogation room.
In front of him, there stood on attention his three dogs: the Husky Fox, the Corgi King, the Malamute Lucky.
King couldn’t help feeling nervous, seeing his new ‘Dad’ like that. He feared that if he opened his mouth and said ‘good morning’, he’d get it stuffed with a bar soap.
Not to mention the ‘return of Joel’. What the fur was that griffin thinking to do? You’re not fooling me, birdbrain! I will not return to you, if you’re listening (no, I know you are!)! I have a family at last, a real, loving family! I have both a brother and my best friend! I will not go back to that heap of misery that was my old human life, got it—
“Some problem in the eardrum department, boy?!”
King cringed painfully his teeth. “Nossir, Bill Officer Bill no, Sir!”
The man sighed. “Relax, boy. I’m ‘Dad’, not just another of your lousy owners, okay?” he patted his shoulder. “Don’t worry, I’ll repeat. And sorry, I am nervous as you all must be, guys.” The man stood up, arms crossed to his chest. “Now, as you know, a tornado devastated my sister’s farm, but as luck wants it, no one was hurt. They have spent the last day salvaging what they could, and now the family has split in two, relocating for as long as it will take to rebuild the place.
“We are expected to host my sister, Angela, two of her sons, Jake and Elwood, and two dogs, Bailey and Joline. Fox, King, Angela will sleep in your room. Mike and Elwood will have Lucky’s. As for you all, the cellar is large enough, cool, insulated and comfy. Sorry for not offering better for you, but this is an emergency, not a picnic. Are you ready to do your part, boys?”
Without saying a word, the three dogs saluted sharply, faces grim with determination to do their best to help.
Bill kneeled down to have a nice group hug. “Anyway, this isn’t gonna be hard as you may think. They all are good fellas, and you’ll enjoy their company. Also, knowing my sister, she’ll spend a lot of time cooking for all of us, and that means you as well. Believe me, you’ll end up praying she never leaves.”
“Sounds like a deal, Bi-Dad,” King said. “I’m grateful enough for having you all, but an extra won’t harm.”
Bill ruffled his head. “That’s the spirit, boy! Now, you three have fun and relax, they’ll be here by tonight.”

Once the three dogs had left the house, Fox said, “As interim President of the Good Ol’ Dogs Club, I must organize a welcome party for them.” The husky definitely looked anxious.
“Well, it’s not like we have to introduce them to the neighborhood right away,” King said. “Let’s just do this in the family, for now, then we can have a party. After all, I take it the guys are always happy to improvise.”
Fox shook his head. “This is important, King. You may not like Bino, but he gave me a responsibility and must do this as he would. It’s for the Club’s reputation as well: these dogs just lost their home, they need to feel welcomed and accepted, just like you when we met, remember?”
And how could King forget that? New to the place, not a friend, sitting in the cold snow waiting for doom to inflict him yet another cruel blow just to remind him the world was a terrible place where everyone suffered alone.
Instead, fate had given him Fox. And the offer to play with his squeaky bone...
“You crying, buddy?” Lucky asked, leaning his head on a side.
King quickly wiped his traitorous eye. “Nah, just…a good memory, that’s all. OK, Fox, think we can do it in time? We’ll need a ton of things to buy.”
The husky winked. “And who’re gonna call?”
Bigglesworth House

“Graaaape! I don’t think this is a good idea, now that I think about it*erk*!” Joey’s umpteenth attempt to escape was stopped by the sturdy leash tied to his collar. Yet, Fido’s youngest brother tried again to pull with all his might, for how much without avail.
Grape Jelly looked like she was trying to keep a hold of a frightened horse. Eventually, with a last effort, she pulled the young dog to her. And when they were muzzle-to-muzzle, she almost growled, “Now you listen well, puddingheart! I worked hard to get you a date with a lady cat and this could be the right one. You two should do a nice match, and you’re not gonna play sheep on me now!
“Now I’m gonna ring this bell, you gonna introduce yourself to the kitty of your dreams and you gonna be happy at this chance of spending a decent date, now that Squeak has left with Spo. Unless you prefer to spend the rest of your life alone and miserable.”
Joey’s determination to escape evaporated. He looked down, shuffling his feet. “Uh, I’m sorry for overreacting, I…*sigh* I should thank you for helping me.”
Grape caressed his throat with her claw, making him blush hard. “Joey, you’re the sweetest dog I ever met, after Peanut. You helped him when he needed a friend, and now it’s my turn to do the same. Trust me, your date will be a success.”
Joey looked at the door and shivered. “What if this is some prank they’re planning? They do have this reputation of being eccentric. A lot.”
Grape unclipped the leash and pushed Joey in front of the door. “And so is yours, boy, let's face it. No offens. As for the Bigglesworths, let’s just say that they value their life too much. Ready, loverboy?”
Cesar Millan help me! Joey pressed the doorbell button.
The door opened, slowly, creaking as if the hinges hadn’t been oiled in a long time, revealing a narrow and dark corridor.
Grape was puzzled –that thing wasn’t there, last time she came here. Maybe she had made a mistake in involving these fellas…
In the shadow, a pair of almond, cold blue eyes with thin slit pupils appeared. “Welcome, stranger,” said a purring voice.
“Are you here to meet your fate, ssson of Siriusss?” said a second voice, as a second set of eyes glowed nearby the first.
A third pair of eyes appeared above the first two. “Then come in. Face your deepest fear or sssuccumb to it.”
Joey tried to step back. “Erm, Grape? Thinking again, don’t you know a nice werewolf lady or a minotaur-GACK!!” at lightning speed, brown-furred paws grabbed Joey’s and dragged him in! A second later, the door slammed shut!
Grape stood where she was, jaw hanging low. She really hoped this was not a serious mistake…


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aaand here we go!
As promised, now that the epic farm arc is done and that King has decided to enjoy his doggy life as weird...err, best as he can, HPTS goes on.
Enjoy! :D


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YES! Un update!

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Foster House, Babylon Gardens

“HI!” said three dogs –a corgi, a husky and a malamute, leaning forward, flashing smiles full of teeth.
“Hi there to you,” said Antares. “Can we help? Dad and Uncle Joel are at work—“
“Actually, we need your help to organize a welcome party for the dogs of Aunt Angela,” said Fox. “I know you have a lot of stuff stored for emergencies, so we thought…”
“You thought well, брат,” the big black dog said, dragging Fox inside. Once the other two dogs were in, he howled, “Brothers! Партія!”
A moment later, Antares’ twin, Aldebaran, and Alcor came running. “Party!” said the cat. “Where? Who? When?”
“A street party,” Fox explained, after recapping the situation. “Much like the one we had for Fido when he came back from the Academy. I want as many dogs as possible to greet the newcomers, including the mixed couples.” The dog started counting the items on his fingers. “We will need tables, festoons, confetti… Luckily, we have stored biscuits, snacks and beverages, and—“ the moment he had raised his gaze from his fingers, Fox found himself looking at the twins already carrying a pile of folded tables and chairs over their heads.
“Ready to go,” said Antares.
“Tell us where, Captain!” said Aldebaran.
Fox just pointed out. “In front of my place. Don’t block traffic, please.”
The black dogs ran out, yapping happily.
Alcor shrugged. “You just made their day, boy. Follow me, we’ll get the decorations… But tell me, are you sure it’s a good idea? They will be tired after a long trip all the way from Kansas.”
The dogs followed the cat down into the cellar. “You don’t know Bailey and Joline,” Fox said. “They are always excited to meet new people. I am afraid they will tire you guys out. Don’t forget: country dogs, they are used to work rhythms that would kill Fido.”
Bigglesworth residence

Almost half an hour.
And not a sound came from the house.
“Grape..?” said the black, aquamarine-eyed cat to the lavender tail protruding from the bush
The long limb puffed out explosively. A moment later, the bush hissed, “Sshhh!”
Max sneaked into the bush. His eyes appeared belong Grapeìs yellow ones. “What’s up, catwhiskers?” he asked with a conspiratorial voice.
“Am waiting.”
“For wat?”
“I set a date for Jowy. With a Bigglesworth. He’s still inside. I fear something could happen to him.”
“’Could’?” Max said. His green eyes grew in amazement. “What did he do to you, to put him in such a predicament? I expected Bino to do such a thing.”
Her pupils rolled. “You didn’t know there are two dog lovers among them?”
Max sighed. “Is that relevant? They’ll eat that poor pup as a snack... But I guess we can’t help it now.” Then the bush rustled. Max’s eyes ogled at Grape’s. “Say, speaking of dates, it’s really been a long time since we had ours at Heathcliff’s. And don’t tell me you wouldn’t mind some good company, hmm?”
Her eyes became grim. “Paw off, tomcat.”
“Aw, kitty wants cuddles. C’mon, I know you belong to Peanut, but couldn’t we just have some fun in memory of good ol’ times? I miss you a lot, you know.”
“What did you have in mind?” she asked after a long pause.
Max started purring like an engine. “I’ve heard there’s going to be a big party for the new pets coming to Fox’s place. What about sneaking in, so you can keep an eye on Joey?”
Grape’s tail lashed while she thought about it. “Sounds like a plan to me. Not that we’ll pass unnoticed, but I think he’ll be happy to know I’m there to help him, just in case.”
“Having second thoughts?”
“Melium abundare quam deficere. Now let’s go to the window.”
“Mmm, spying on your friend. My beloved lady is back.”
Grape’s eyes smiled. “Silly, I never stopped loving you, and I owe you big time for hanging with me when—“
“Ahh,enough with that.” *kiss* came from the bush as he pecked her cheek. “Grape, let’s just enjoy this time together, okay? As your former boyfriend, I have a duty to take care of you while your doggie lover is away. And now let’s go.”
The two felines sneaked until they reached the window on the living room. Max helped Grape stand up until she could peek inside.
“Wow,” she said.
“What’s that?”

Arabian music was playing in the room where all the Bigglesworths were standing. Five feline belly-dancers were dancing with seductive movements and singing with shrill voices. Incense fumes tinged the air with pink swirls.
On the tek coffee table at the center of the room, there lay two plates, one filled with a pyramid of fruit jellies, the other with assorted kibbles. A Bigglesworth was feeding the guests with her own paws while both pets would lay on a big red couch.
“Hmm,” Joey said, laying with his head on the armrest, arms crossed lazily on his chest. He gladly accepted another jelly. He munched then said, “I must admit it, this is better than any dreams I had.” Surrounded by cats, homey feeling, and a beautiful female feeding him, while two cats groomed his feet claws. And not having to wear his cat suit for once.
“Believe it or not, sailor,” left-foot-pedicure Bigglesworth said. “Life within these walls is so boring!”
“Ayup!” said right-foot-pedicure Bigglesworth, rolling his eyes. “Outside, we hang only with Bigglesworth! And inside house and outside, always talking with Bigglesworth about Bigglesworth! Bigglesworth here, Bigglesworth there..!”
“You’re the first colorful note in our lives,” said the female, putting a kibble on Joey’s extended tongue. “A very cute colorful note.”
“We like cute,” said Bigglesworth-player, playing his Qanun. “And you’re smart, and you’re not afraid of being original.”
Joey blushed. “Heh, thank you. But...since I came here, I still haven’t met my date. I like your company, but I can’t date everyone, so…”
“It could be me,” said the female feeding him.
“Or me,” said a dancer.
“Or me,” said the player.
“Or—“ but they all fell silent when Joey’s happiness left suddenly the place to sadness.
“Oh… I see, it was just another way to…” to get some fun at the expenses of the weird dog, after dressing him up. Hooray!
Joey sat up. He tried to smile. “But I really appreciated your company, guys, until it lasted. Now, sorry, but I really must go home.” He walked toward the door. The worst thing was, he wouldn’t even have Squeak to talk to, she was with Spo, and together they were leading the former revolutionary mice, Peanut was at the Academy and—“
“Hey, pretty boy!” A brown-furred paw leaned on his shoulder. A moment later, Joey was turned around...and Bigglesworth deep-kissed him!!
Joey was able to stand up only because the cat was holding him by his shoulders. And when the feline was done, he looked like a bad case of resurrection. “Yke,” he said.
Ears and eyes downcast, the cat said, “Sorry for mocking you, pup. You’re a sensible and wonderful doggie, and yes, *I* would love to be your date at Heathcliff’s, tonight. Still game? We could go to that street party, it’ll be fun.”
Joey nodded frantically, his smile almost broke his muzzle in two. “My treat. Tonight. Eight. I’ll come pick you!” And he ran to the door. He would’ve crashed through it, hadn’t a Bigglesworth kept it open gallantly.
Soon as the door closed, the cat that had kissed Joey made a face, spitting. “That was gross! Next time I lose a bet, have a heart, guys, make me kiss a doggie girl!”
“Nah, I say he’s actually cute,” said Joey’s real date, caressing her own chin. “And with a sweet soul to match, unlike that grumpy corgi. Yes, I’d say this will be a nice date.”

Max helped Grape get down. “So?”
The cat leaned her back against the wall. “You are going to be my date. And since I’m a future mom, you’ll be a cavalier and kill that treacherous feline for me, if she breaks Joey’s heart.”
Lindberg house

“Are you going to drink it?”
A phone call from Fox had spread the word, and volunteers were now swarming like so many busy bees, setting up furniture and decorations. Bino had done a good job with them, teaching them to act like a disciplined pack in his absence.
The twins had, so far, distinguished themselves for the job they were doing. Their hammers sounded like machine guns –they had helped Dad enough times to do that job blindfolded, if they wanted to.
But, in those occasions, there had been no distractions.
In those occasions, Antares had never laid his eyes on the angelic grace of a she wolf.
He had often had thoughts about him and Celestia, the daughter of Daryl Milton. But, despite him being capable of fighting against demons, he had never fought against the fear of being rejected by the most attractive girl he had ever seen.
And, at last, she had come to him, to talk to him. Even if only to offer him a glass of cold milk. “Antares? Are you okay?”
He was standing there, kneeling on the stage, hammer raised in mid-air as if to strike the nail. He just answered, “Ghyebuh?”
Celestia chuckled. “I also wanted to ask you out for a date, tonight. Would you like to join me?”
“I’ll take that as a ‘yes’.” She bent over and kissed his nosetip. “See ya.” And while walking away with the pitch in her paw, she made sure she wagged her tail good.
The air was filled with the smell of the massive nosebleed from the male portion of the crowd. Nobody heard Tiger crying in dignified, manly silence.

The only male who hadn’t paid attention to Celestia was Aldebaran. He was sipping his own milk, courtesy of another female volunteer. He handed back the empty glass. When he spoke, his ears were half-lowered in indecision and shyness, a slight blush coloring his black fur in blood. “So… Would you like to be my date for tonight? I mean, it will be a big party, and I would really like to spend it with someone as cute as you.” He felt like a cheesy dork at every word he pronounced, but if his brother was getting a date with Celestia then he, Aldebaran Foster, had to try and speak his heart out!
The female wagged her bushy tail, flashed a big, white toothy grin and just said, “Hi, I’m Daisy!”


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I hope Max won't try anything. If he does, there won't be enough veterinarians in the world to help him.

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Oh my goodness, those dates. Fantastic.

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Nice to see it back now that dates change things.

Hope Fox won't have a hard time when he meet Allegra.

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Unless you like Lilo & Stitch, kinda wish to see the experiments in housepets style

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Lindberg House

“Yes? Angela, tell me… No, I was expecting you to come at 8… What? But Elwood told me… *sigh!* Yes, I guess you’re right… No, no no, don’t worry at all, we are set and ready since this morning. We only need to add you and your share of the family. My boys are really excited at the idea of meeting your girls, and the local pets organized a street party in their honor… Yes, this is Babylon Gardens for ya, lady! Love you.”
Bill hung up, under the curious glances of his dogs Fox, King and Lucky. “Guess what? They will be here in an hour.”
That was almost 4 hours earlier than announced! “The party!” the dogs took off. A moment later, Bill heard barked orders and a renewed frenzy in the dogs and cats working at the preparations.
Bill was proud of his son. He had leadership in his veins, and deserved better than that lousy Bino as a friend. In fact, he was happy he could adopt King, those two were born to be with each other, and Lucky was a fine addition, excellent at chores. So good that Bill suspected Fox and King were paying him to do their share…
Parker House

“Here you go,” Simon Parker said, snapping the cobalt-blue collar around his dog’s neck. “A gentledog, if I ever saw one.”
Joey studied his reflection in the mirror. That collar was his brother Fido’s gift to celebrate the first Annual Friendship Picnic of his own mixed species couples Club, the Common Life Society. Fido had made his brother promise he’d wear that collar only for two occasions: his first date, and his wedding.
At the time, Joey had accepted the gift with an ironic chuckle, he was sure that was a brotherly mocking and nothing more –heh, imagine, a marriage between a cat and a dog! The coming out of Peanut and Grape had been a social miracle in itself, and even then pet wedding in Babylon Gardens was not considered a rational idea, even if it concerned same-species couples.
And now, Peanut and Grape, Bino and Sasha, Mizar and Alcor were spouses! Six CLSC couples had already booked the services of Father William Ghetti of the Saint Anthony Abbot’s Order!
This had given hope to Joey, although not the courage necessary to seek for a girlfriend. Hadn’t been for Grape’s intervention, this day would still be waiting. His first date! With a cat! No cat suits, no feigning, just him, a smashing new collar and the prettiest of the ladies.
And, perhaps, one day, the church…
But for now he had to survive the date. She was a Bigglesworth, he better had to be cautious. Date or not, those cats had a tendency to surprise you…
Simon put his hands on his boy’s shoulders to calm him down. “Hey, champ, you’re trembling, you know.”
Joey inhaled deeply. “Dad, I guess you too were nervous at your first date.”
The man kissed him on the head. “Scared beyond PG-13. I remember I stood before Kate’s door for twenty minutes, like a frozen rabbit, the prom night. There I was, zitty teen, dressed up like a penguin, and sure as heck that the doorbell would give me electrocution if I touched it. And I had spiders wrestling in my stomach.”
Joey tried to imagine his Dad in that condition, and laughed. “I guess I did take something from you, then.”
Simon didn’t resist, and ruffled the dog’s head fur. “After all, you stole my heart, back then.” Then he took the comb and tried to work on Joey’s fur again, knowing it was a lost cause. Simon wasn’t exaggerating: when he had seen Joey, it had been love at first sight. He had never felt again something so strong for another pet…
The doorbell rang. Simon stood up. “I’ll get it. You try to relax, okay?”
The man wondered who it could be. He hoped it wasn’t Lester: that guy wasn’t a bad bone, but he could stick to Joey like a leech. When Lester was enthusiast about something, be it a movie or a way to destroy it, he wouldn’t stop until he hadn’t just made his point. No, Lester needed to dissect his point. And the nerves of those listening to him… “Bigglesworth?”
The siamese cat was standing there, with a nice new collar, smelling like talc, holding a wrapped up squeaky bone in her paws. “Ah, I don’t really know if this meets his tastes or he preferred one in shape of an orc. No offense?”
Simon was puzzled. He checked his watch. “Wasn’t he supposed to be there to pick you up? At eight?”
“Let’s say that unexpected circumstances ask for the date to be anticipated,” she said, entering the house. “And then, who really cares for these old habits of dame and cavalier—What’s up, doc?”
Simon had walked in front of the cat, staring at her with open mistrust, arms crossed against his chest like an irate divinity. “One bit of advice, lay: my Joey is a dog with a heart wide as the world, and a sensible soul, and only Martin could love his pets more than I do with my son. You or your twins play a prank on him, I get myself a new doormat. Clear?”
The cat showed him a terrified grin. “I’ll be a nice lady. Promise.”
“Bigglesworth!” Joey barked from the stairs. “What a nice surprise!” Then he ran down at full speed, and ended up hugging the Siamese. “You look wonderful! Nice eyelashes too.”
The cat batted her eyes. “Thank you. Grape gave me the idea, after two of my housemates went on a date. Each believed the other was a girl. But you too do your part: spiffy collar, here, and nice scent. You know how to impress a lady!”
Joey reddened and squirmed just like when Grape complimented on Peanut. “Ehhh, thank you… But, say, don’t you have a first name? I mean, yours is a bit too masculine for a date.”
“Hmm what would you call me, pretty doggie?”
Joey’s tongue tip stuck out as he thought. “Hmm, I’d say Blanche. Yes, I’d call you Blanche Bigglesworth!”
“Blanche be it then!” She pecked his cheek, sending him temporarily into BSOD mode.
Simon had quietly retired to listen at a safe distance without embarrassing his son.
Blanche said, “You asked why I was here early. Sorry, but news came: Fox’s family is gonna be here in less than an hour. And I don’t want to miss the event.”
“Me too, milady. Thank you for coming. Please, allow me…” gallantly, Joey offered his arm
“Old school. Where had you been hiding?”
Joey frowned, puzzled. “Ah, at home, playing D&D, watching anime, drawing for Peanut—“
The cat patted his arm. “It was a joke, dear. Now let’s go.”
“Back before midnight, you two,” Simon said. The door closed before he got an ansie, though he knew he could trust Joey on that. Few pets were as punctual as him.

The couple had just left the premises, when nine heads appeared from every possible hideout in the street –lampposts, manholes, picket fences, bushes and mail boxes. At the same time, the Bigglesworth all went “D’AWWWW!!”
Joey felt queasy. Blanche raspberried her housemates. “Jealous, that’s what you fleabags are!”
Milton House for the Equal Chance Program

“I don’t remember giving you permission to date a…pet!” Daryl grumbled. “How many times did you see him, to understand he’s the right mate?”
Celestia had just entered her adulthood, much like any adolescent becomes of age. She had played games with the other canine males of the neighborhood so far, now she felt like moving in the right direction. Her father’s displeasure, somehow, added to the thrill! “Reasoning like a human already, father?” She asked casually, while combing her tail before the mirror.
That had the power to silence the wolf. Of all the members of Miles’ pack, Daryl was the less enthusiast about joining human civilization, especially to become a pet, which was regarded as a serious downgrading of their rank.
But his brother Miles was alpha, he called for the decisions concerning the pack, and the pack obeyed, period.
“Sorry for the low blow, father,” Celestia said, tossing the brush on the chest of drawers. “But Antares has all the quality a wolf needs in a mate: he’s strong, he’s a fighter, he can be an excellent provider.”
“I never saw him hunting for his food.”
“He’s got plastic. AND a great den. I want to see our cubs born in Foster house.”
Daryl whimpered like a pup himself. “You are killing me with each word you speak. You…you’ll become soft, you will start watching soaps like Aunt Lucretia. No offense meant,” he added quickly at the threatening growl from the kitchen. “Celestia, please, leave this place if you want to find freedom, but don’t ask me to be grandfather to a litter of…wolfdogs.”
The she wolf turned and gave a peck to her father’s nose. “Sorry, but Uncle Miles is right: life can’t be reduced to fighting and starving for our own food. And when mine and Antares’ cubs will be old enough, they’ll go to a school and learn things.”
Daryl had to sit down, He gnashed distractedly at a bone as thick as his arm. “Are you really sure it’s Antares, of all dogs?”
“Would you prefer Peanut? Or Tiger?”
Daryl had almost a heart attack. His cub nephews were already there with an emergency cart and the plates humming.
“Dad, seriously, I am not going in the wild to seek for a mate. Be glad I found a real dog like Antares. Plus, he’s part wolf, he can’t be that bad.”
He glared coldly at his daughter. “It’s the only reason you are not grounded until your teeth fall off.”
The doorbell rang. “I’ll get it!” she yapped, before taking off.
Daryl looked at Miles with the closest thing to fraternal hatred. “Your fault. Remember, monster.”
Foster House.

“Please, tell me you didn’t use fur oil,” Mizar said.
Aldebaran finished combing his fur. He looked like a solid piece of obsidian. In sunlight, he could be dazzling, literally. He handed the object to the white-furred female dog. “Oh, no, I used this! It’s much better, and I so love the sensation of brushes against fur, hmm!”
The German Shepherd shivered. “I like my fur smooth, but I’ll keep my boyfriend’s tongue, thank you. Can you answer a question, big fella?”
“Shoot, big sister.” Despite the appearances, Mizar and Alcor were older than the black-furred twins.
“Why Daisy? I can still hear the legions of your fans crying their eyes out. Some of them tried to bribe Dad into adopting them! And you pick up the, well, less intellectual pup of the litter? Is it because she’s cute and helpless? Or because she won a big bag of money? Or because she likes to give trash to the ferals on Christmas?”
Aldebaran shook his head no at each question. Then he motioned Mizar to wait and went to the nightstand. He opened the drawer and took a hardcover book out of it, then gave it to Mizar.
The German Shepherd looked at the cover, depicting… “Oy!”
She just couldn’t believe it. Yet it was there, in front of her eyes.
The book was from a classic for pups, they had made a movie out of it in 1970, one of the two USSR production that beat Disney for the blockbuster run in the animation department.
The cover depicted a snowy field, with naked, almost black trees, the sun setting on the cold horizon, while two figures stood in the snow, looking at each other in the eyes.
There was this big black wolf with the eyes of a true feral, and this female black dog looked at him with the love of an innocent.
The book was Arseniy Dorofeievich Borzakov’s The Song of the Forest, and the two figures, Mortimer and Daisy, were the spitting images of Aldebaran and Daisy!
“My brother and I grew up with that book, like all pups of our country,” Aldebaran said with a dreamy expression. “I am sure that there is more to our Daisy than that phrase she keeps repeating, and…well…”
Mizar chuckled, giving the book back to Aldebaran. “And it’s like dating a star, eh?”
He had the decency to blush. “That, and…well, Daisy may sound weird, but as you pointed out, she’s got a big heart, and I want at least to know her. Do you remember that magnifying glass I had lost while moving here?”
Mizar nodded. “So? You got that replica as a Valentin—Oh!”
Aldebaran nodded. “Recognized her scent. She can be a nice girl, and she’s cute like my heroine.” In the book, Daisy was a mixed blood with no friends, because in her village only purebred could work with the sleds vital for the local economy. Daisy had grown up alone, and always wandered in the nearby forests, talking to any animal she would meet…until she met Mortimer! Mortimer the Terrible, the Black Fury, Scourge of the Herds! Mortimer, who no hunter could hunt down, Mortimer the merciless who gave death to the intruders of his territory!
Daisy had ended up wandering into Mortimer’s borders, got lost and fell sick. Mortimer, after finding her, instead of disposing of her, had brought her to his den, where he had nursed her back to health. From then on, the young female had learnt about Mortimer’s past, why he was so bitter, and had opened his heart to the world. The two had become best of friends, until…
“Miz? Are you OK?”
The white dog passed a paw over her eyes. “Just…well, I remember that story, read it after Dad brought us home. I so loved those two characters.” She patted Aldebaran’s arm. “Now you better go. You’re gonna be the stars, tonight, once they see you together, big boy.”
At 4pm, sharp, a van approached Lindberg house.

“Almost there, gang,” said the woman at the wheel.
“Oyayz,” said two boys’ voices from the back seat, without much enthusiasm. The dogs in the last seats didn’t say anything.
“You better start showing some enthusiasm, young men: it was bad enough that you lied to Uncle Bill about our coming. He’s offering us his place until next year, so either you behave or else…”

The van parked in front of the garage. The woman turned off the engine and stepped off the vehicle. Her brother went up to her and hugged her.
“Big sister!” He said. “What you would not do to pay me a visit, eh?”
She punched him jokingly in the stomach. “What would not you do to get me here, eh?” Angela Lindberg looked around, her hands on her hips. “So, this is the famed Babylon Gardens, eh? Ok, so it’s not a corner of concrete jungle as I feared., and the pets here are really nice. Hi boys,” she said to the crowd that was gathering.
No one answered. They were looking at the two boys who still hadn’t gotten down the van. They were returned cold glares from the blond, short-haired teenagers.
“Children…” Angela said with the quiet of a storm brewing.
The boys sighed and stepped off.
Angela said, “Forgive them. They must…adapt yet to the new situation.”
Bill led his sister to the entrance. “I’ll show you around, I guess they just need something decent to eat and some rest. Right, boys? Girls, think you can handle your new neighbors?”
“Oh, I don’t think there will be problems,” answered one of the females, stepping off, showing a grey-furred leg.
King looked at the creature, forgetting completely about the other.
Forgetting about everything that wasn’t that angelic vision with the sweetest smell in the world.
The most beautiful of dogs.
The one and only to whom he said, with a barely audible whisper, his ears completely flattened backward “Would you sniff my butt, please?”


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Post Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread
Great chapter.
I'm now wondering what Bailey would do to Bino if he tried something with King.

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Post Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread
angelusbr Wrote:
I'm now wondering what Bailey would do to Bino if he tried something with King.

Why do you always have something against Bino? =?

I'm a bookworm!

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Post Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread
Karlos Wrote:
angelusbr Wrote:
I'm now wondering what Bailey would do to Bino if he tried something with King.

Why do you always have something against Bino? =?

Because he should get what he deserves for being a jerk. If he does nothing horrible for others I wouldn't be cheering for his demise. But if you read the story, you would see that he's a major **** to others. He even ditched Rex away because of his name.

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Post Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread
angelusbr Wrote:
Karlos Wrote:
angelusbr Wrote:
I'm now wondering what Bailey would do to Bino if he tried something with King.

Why do you always have something against Bino? =?

Because he should get what he deserves for being a jerk. If he does nothing horrible for others I wouldn't be cheering for his demise. But if you read the story, you would see that he's a major **** to others. He even ditched Rex away because of his name.

Actually, you're not fully right. There were some scenes in Valerio's stories that brought Bino as a character closer to reader at some moments. First was when Grape and Max got into his room and later had a conversation with him. They found out that Bino is not showing about himself everything and he actually cares for others, like for Joey. Grape even wanted to help him.
Second was when Sasha was abandoned by her owner. Bino spent with her whole night, trying to comfort her and he was really worried about her condition, Later it was revealed by Jake that Bino was talking with Sasha through phone many night and he confessed that people misjudge him often and he know for sure that his dog is good at heart.

The fact is that he still behaves like a jerk sometimes. But you cannot look at him only as an outsider. You must also look at his psyche. He feels in danger all the time, he's paranoid and his personality is hard, which makes it not easy to understand, even making it unbearable at some point. And if you would be paranoid and see threat in everyone, how would you feel if suddenly enters and takes your best buddy away from you?

Valerio's point of view on Bino is sometimes different than mine, which is understandable. But I can see that he tries to understand it and he does that by writing. As you can see, so far he's on friendly terms with Peanut, which earlier he was seeing him as his enemy.

Besides... you say you cheer for Bino's demise. But tell me one thing, how would you feel is I would say such thing about your favorite character, King. Would it feel nice?

I'm a bookworm!

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Post Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread
Karlos has a series of good points. I never tried to portray bino as a cardboard-cut character. He deserves ro be known better, though he's not exactly a nice guy.
And let's not talk about demises, that's not an eventuality I'd take into option


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Post Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread
Outside Lindberg House

You know, those moments in which time stands still? Or, better, that single moment in which one could fit a whole declamation without being interrupted, as if father time had decided to take a vacation?
Two members of the crowd of pets that had gathered to welcome their new neighbors were immersed in that cosmic moment.
The cause? In the case of the corgi King, the sight of a grey-furred husky, with a blue bandana around her neck that matched her eyes. A creature of beauty, pure and simple, the perfect female.
One look, one whiff of her scent, and he had developed a crush that could rival only Peanut’s for Grape. And, without even hearing himself saying it, he pronounced the most elementary courtesy greeting among dogs. The words he had sworn he’d never pronounce. “Would you sniff my butt, please?”
Fox almost fainted in shock. His friend was mocked from time to time by the other dogs for his social inability to perform that gesture. And now…
King had spoken, and at the same time had offered his paw to shake, his eyes lost in his inner thoughts. A corpse would’ve been more lively right then.
Fox threw a glance at Lucky. He was puzzled that the malamute just offered his own paw without losing his cool, seeing how one…cautious guy such as King could react that way.
“You must be King!” said the female, shaking paws in return. “Fox told me so much about you, I just wanted to meet you! And you’re really cute as he says.”
King looked as if he could go meltdown at any moment.

The other dog from the Kansas caused a different reaction in Grape Jelly Sandwich. She spoke the name before realizing it couldn’t be true, that her eyes were playing tricks.
A remote corner of her mind told her that this was why animals’ constant nudity couldn’t be a clue to a brain determined to see things in another way, given enough motivation.
“Rufus…” Grape whispered, before running to the sheepdog and embracing him. “Rufus! Oh thank dog and cat, you’re alive! I can’t believe it, Peanut will be…so…” Then the dog spoke and the illusion shattered.
“I guess you met my grandfather, then? So you must be Grape Jelly.”
The cat blushed. “Uh, sorry, I… Dear, you look so much like him…”
The dog wagged. “I get that a lot, don’t worry.” She looked around. “So? Where is Peanut? I really wanted to meet him.”
Grape sighed. “He’s at the Academy, will be back by Christmas.”
“Aw.” Joline hugged the cat. “Don’t worry dear. He’ll be back with the brightest medal hanging on his chest…” Then something caught her nose. She sniffed the cat’s fur. And her eyes widened. “My, you’re pregnant. Congratulations!”
Grape nodded. “Thank you. And welcome to the neighborhood, you two.”
Fox clapped his paws. The crowd exploded in a collective cheer. Confetti started flying.

“I must admit it,” Felix said, while eating another hot dog rich in sauerkraut, onion and mayonnaise, “these guys know how to throw a good one… And don’t get me started on Uncle Martin again, you! With all that money he could easily rent the whole neighborhood for his parties. In fact, I fear that one day he and those crazy ferrets could start a 4th of July contest, and Dad showed me what a nuke can do!”
The malamute walking beside him shrugged. “Did you hear me thinking his name? And, frankly, I too like it most now. All these pets joined spontaneously to celebrate their new neighbors, they’re having a good time without worrying over making their guest happy…”
Felix scoffed. “Now you make him seem the bad guy. Ungrateful pup, who found you a family and made you meet Princess Periwinkle once again?”
Lucky lowered his ears. “Heh, sorry. But you know what I meant, right?”
The cat shrugged. “Yep. I guess so. Speaking of guests, why did you barely react to those gals? I mean, King went all head over heels for that Bailey, and I may be a cat but, wow, she looks like a real babe. And Joline? Something in her makes me wish she were a cat.”
Lucky chuckled. “I’ve heard that her granddad was into cats, perhaps you could set a date with her?” He nudged his old friend.
Felix blushed. “Stop it, silly mutt!”
“Seriously, why didn’t you just pick up anyone yet? Girls go nuts for shades of red like yours.”
Felix went to the table that worked as wet bar, and helped himself an orange juice, no soda. “Nah, still must find the right one.” He gulped down the paper cup’s content. “You know, I was really in love with Princess. Never told her, but… Sometimes I lied when I told her I had found extra food in the bins. Those were barely edible leftovers, but I saved them for her.”
Lucky wagged. “Really? That’s sweet. Stupid and sweet.” He sighed. “Too bad we all got separated. I missed you so much, guys…”
Felix chuckled. “Why the blush, boy? Too shy to admit you have a heart, too? I remember when we had to drag you out to play with us. You were always playing Brother Hermit in your room.”
“I wasn’t playing hermit!” Lucky answered, vehemently.
The red tabby was puzzled by such a reaction. “Okay, you know what? Peace, dog, this is supposed to be a party, not a brawl.
“That’s the spirit. Now, we only need to find us a nice couple of girls and start a howling vs. caterwauling contest. In the ol’ times spirit.”
“And did you bring the helmets, this time?”
The cat saluted sharply. “All protective gear ready and waiting, sir!”
Lucky beamed. “You know me too well, rascal.”

“Did you sneak your own club into this?” asked Blanche Bigglesworth, looking around. “Boy, never saw so many cats at a GOD party. In fact, I never saw any cat at a GOD party, beside Grape.”
Joey shook his head. “Well, no. I mean, the CLS members know better than mixing with Bino’s turf. And though I do recognize the cats, here, they must have come of their own will. I like it, means some social barriers are really crumbling at last.”
“I see. Have a look at the merchandise before the next love war, eh?” She nudged her date. “Confess, pup: you do find interesting one of them country girls.”
Joey didn’t even blush as he looked shocked at her. “No! I like you!” A moment later he covered his muzzle, this time blushing hardly. “Eep!”
The Siamese’s tail swished then wrapped around his leg. “Oh, my! You do know what you like!” She then leaned her head against his shoulder. “Is it just a quirk of the moment, or were you drawing pictures of us and hang them in your own little sanctuary?”
It was so difficult to tell when one of those cats was being serious or not! “Err, ‘us’?”
“You know, luv: not knowing which one to pick, I think you must have gotten a carpal portraying us.”
Joey shook his head. “Stop teasing me, Blanche.”
“Why? It’s half the fun.”
“And the other half being*mrfffhmMM*” his sentence was cut off by a new, long kiss. Joey simply melted in her arms, too happy to have someone to take the initiative.
“Why,” Blanche said, after letting him go, leaving him panting, “the other half is being scandalous in public. You know why they won’t consider you despite you being far more eccentric than Peanut?”
Joey knew only he was getting lost in those blue almond eyes surrounded by the exotic mask. He had always felt something for cats, but this was positively the first time he had fallen in love hook line and sinker. “Uh? Because I’m Bino’s brother and he always defended me?”
“No, because you never socialized with anyone…save for your creepy friends, that is. And a mouse, and it was rare to see you with her, outside of your doghouse. You managed to tell everyone ‘hey, I can cope because I’m basically ignoring you’. And life can be more than D&D and cat suits, pretty boy.” She purred, tickling his throat with a claw.
Joey cleared his throat. “And you? You discovered you were interested in me only today? I didn’t even receive a valentine with your smell on it.”
“Guilty, your honor. But again, I didn’t even know if you were interested in me! It’s not that you flooded me with pretty gifts.”
“Not true!” This time Joey was genuinely indignant. “I sent you boxes of orange fruit candies, because you like them!”
It was Blanche’s turn to be surprised. “Excuse moi? So, those came from…” She growled. “Ohh, those no-good, cheating…”
“They ate it?” They being the 10 housemates of Blanche.
The cat sighed. “I guess I’ll have to skin one or two of them as an example. You know what they did? Kept it under lock and key, and giving it only for my birthday!”
Joey’s face became grim, as he exchanged a knowing glance with Blanche. “Pick up one, I’ll hold him. Or her.”
“I like your style, pup. We’ll do great things, together.”

“See?” Maxwell said. “Nothing wrong, there. Now, can we just enjoy our date, ma belle?”
Grape let out a mock exasperated sigh and rolled her eyes. “Maxie..” she warned him, but the black cat was right: Joey seemed perfectly capable of managing the situation. Now she could understand why Peanut had been so apprehensive while preparing her for her first feline date.
And Max was right: she had to enjoy this time with her friends instead of wallowing in memories and fears again. “And what did you have in mind, alley cat? And no catnip.”
“Aw. So, what about Alcor? Is he worth his fame?”
She almost stumbled in surprise. “Max!!”
He shrugged. “What? He did give you kittens, and if you hanged out more with cats, you’d hear things about that snowflake that would make your blood blush.”
“Oh, come on, as if he was the only pretty cat of the neighborhood.” And this time she blushed shyly.
Max’s chest swelled with pride. “You know how to make a feline happy, ma belle.”
“And didn’t you have a girlfriend already?”
“Selene? You didn’t know? Her Mom promised her she’d throw her out of her house if she didn’t start to behave. It’s been instant good riddance for me.”
Grape hugged his shoulder. “Aw, I’m sorry. Can I help you?”
“Long as we stay friends, I’m happy enough. You could come to my place, tomorrow. Movies, junk food, no Dad, and all Bino-free.”
“Hm, that could be an idea. Titles?”
“True Lies, Terminator 1 to 3, Machete, XXX 1 and 2. Only mindless violence and no one disturbing us.”
Grape rubbed her paws. “I love your taste for danger, you should be a secret agent! I don’t mind adventures in family style, but a good shot of adrenaline never hurts. And of course, in case of interrogation, you took advantage of me and forced me to watch that stuff.”
Max flashed his familiar grin. “Ma belle, I must keep high my reputation.”

“I am sorry?” Antares had grown up with a very romantic idea of a relationship. He believed in taking it with the right measure of prudence, step by step.
Going to ‘family matters’ at the first date wasn’t exactly his idea of ‘prudence’.
“I want to bear your pups, what’s the thing you don’t understand?”
Antares studied the she-wolf. “Uhh…”
Celestia shook her head. “Come on, big boy: I am a wolf, I know what I want and you know it too, or you wouldn’t be dating me, now. I like some romance in my life, but I want a family first thing first. Know anything that could be more important? It will prove you care, that you want a true relationship, not just a mushy business.”
“I could ask your brother, but he seems interested in someone else right now.”
“Celestia…” Antares took a can of soda and downed it in a gulp. “We’re not in the wild, you know—“
“But I was born into it. And, again, I know what I want from my mate.”
A part of Antares thought that saying ‘yes’ right now could lead to trouble. Dad could disapprove, law could disapprove, wolfdogs weren’t exactly the most popular breed, and what if she wanted to give birth in a den somewhere in the forest? He’d be separated from his brother, his family!
But Celestia was the hottest babe in Babylon Gardens! And on top of that, no one had really tried to ask her out so far –though he understood why now.
Antares whimpered. “But this way you will never find someone in this neighborhood. I mean…” he expressed his doubts. Celestia nodded pensively to each point. When he was done, she said, “Ok. I promise I’ll look for a den within your house. But remember: that room becomes mine until the pups are strong enough to leave. Now, will you be my mate?”
Antares had only one last doubt. “I don’t get it. Since you are being so…straightforward, why this date at all? You could’ve just rung at the door and tell me ‘Hi, let’s have pups!’”
Celestia chuckled. “Oh, I wanted to, but I’m sure you would’ve fainted. Also, I wanted to make sure as many ears as possible are listening to us. Now you are mine, pretty pup. A female tries to lay a finger on you from now on, I’ll decorate our den with her head.”
Antares was sure she wasn’t kidding. “I guess I’m game… But promise me you’ll be nice with my family.”
“Of course! What did you take me for? A savage brute? Your pack is my pack.”
“And what about your family?”
Celestia grabbed a wiener straight from the grill it was being cooked on and ate it. “Not their business any more, once I move in with you. I will be part of your pack as the adult I am.”
“Cool! And when… I mean, the pup business…starts?” Antares asked with growing unease, feeling like the star of a NatGeo Documentary.
“Oh, that will wait until midwinter at least, so relax big boy.” She patted his chest. The poor dog almost fainted with relief.

Mizar had been right.
Now that they were together, the others looked at them as if they wanted to ask for an autograph at any moment.
But for how much Aldebaran felt secretly proud to be mistaken for Mortimer - the hero of The Song of The Forest - he was just happy to spend this time with his date.
That sentence she kept repeating, the catchphrase that had become her trademark, was the sentence his heroine had pronounced when first she had met Mortimer. ‘Hi, I’m Daisy!’
“So, have you been to many parties?” he asked the black female, offering her a glass of water.
She took the glass and drank it. For once, she wasn’t showing that typical grin of her.
“You know, I heard so many nice things about you. I always wondered why all you can say is that phrase… But if you don’t want to tell, it’s okay all the same. I mean, you save stuff for the feral, just like Daisy – the other Daisy I mean – saved them for Mortimer. And you make me feel so protective for you…though I always lacked the courage to knock at your door and invite you… But I guess it took my brother getting a date to convince me to ask you out…” He gulped down a glass of water, much like his brother had done with the OJ. “And here I am, not knowing what to say, because I don’t really know you, but to do that I should spy on you, just like Mortimer did, but I don’t want to spy, that’s ill-mannered, and I wasn’t trained to spy—“ He stopped when a black-furred paw touched his arm.
“Thank you for caring,” Daisy said.
The last time a ‘silence bomb’ had rippled through a crowd had been when Peanut had found the guts to ask Grape to marry him. A pet marriage was something most unheard of in the Gardens, especially a dog-cat one, and his proposal had quieted the party for a minute.
This time, the silence that fell was absolute, incredulous, and it involved humans and pets alike.
Daisy had spoken! She had actually spoken!
“Daisy,” Aldebaran said. She put a finger on his lips.
“Thank you, Mortimer. Will you be my friend?” And she hugged him, laying her head on his chest.
The dog blushed madly. Clumsily, afraid of breaking her, he returned the gesture. “Of course I will, Daisy. I’m here for you.” He used his best imitation of his hero’s voice.
The crowd didn’t dare to cheer for fear of breaking that moment. This was something that would be remembered for a long time…

“It was love at first sight, King, I must confess it to you now. You broke my heart when I saw you there on those stairs, so…cute, irresistible.”
The husky was squatting in front of the corgi, holding tenderly his shoulders, staring at him in the eyes.
“And I was afraid of my feelings for you, my dear,” the smaller dog said, without faltering, returning the gesture. “I had spent my time denying what I was truly feeling, until you came and made me see the truth.”
“Thank you. But you know you owe much to that big, grumpy heart of yours… And to your cute muzzle…” And with that, Fox actually neared his mouth to King’s, just keeping his lips barely open, with the corgi doing the same, slowly…nearer…nearer…
Until King drew back first, chuckling madly. “Darn, I lost this time!” Then he and Fox rolled down, holding their tummies, laughing louder and louder until tears came to their eyes.
“I can’t believe it!” Bailey said. Ironically, both her and Joline, the guests of honor, were staying at the club’s empty living room. “You actually did that scene in front of everyone?”
King managed to stand up, cleaning his eyes, still chuckling. “Heh, I thought we had killed Bino that time. He ran after us, cursing like a demon possessed. I swear his froth had become acid, like one of those Aliens monsters.”
Fox brushed his fur. “It wasn’t really nice on him, but he kept lamenting on how I was being ‘too friendly’ with King, as if there really was an affair between us.”
“And so I came with the idea,” King finished. “There are females who still hate me for almost breaking their heart.”
“I can imagine that,” said Joline. “Fox is a real cutie, just like his cuz. And she too is very good to keep the suitors at bay. King, you should feel honored.”
“Don’t exaggerate, now,” Bailey said, flicking her ears.
“Why?” King asked.
“Because she never called ‘cute’ anyone else. And although she likes the attentions the boys give her at the farm, I’ve never seen her impatient to meet another dog. So congratulations, Kingy: you have officially gotten her attention, don’t waste it.”
King felt again that curious sensation of having lost his central nervous system. “Ghebù.”
Bailey sat down on Bino’s favorite bean bag. “This place needs a radio. I have one.”
“We had one,” Fox corrected her, pointing at a canvas displaying the electronic interiors of said device. “Then we fought for it over a program.”
“Too bad,” the female husky said. “In Kansas, if you don’t have a radio or the telly turned on 24/7 during tornado season, you better dig your grave and save your relatives the funeral expenses. I heard the warning and ran into the cellar before the thing hit.”
“I’m sorry for your loss,” King said, his ears low. “I know what it feels when everything you care for is…gone.”
Bailey smiled at the corgi. “Don’t be, cute boy. It’s part of our lifestyle, you could say: you get Kansas, you get twisters. Though I wish we were famous for pizza.”
Fox facepawlmed. “That reminds me! Pizza should be served within minutes! The Foster twins had a load ordered for the party!”
Bailey stood up. “Then hurry we must. Joline, this time I’m gonna give you an advantage. You come here, cutie!” And with that, she grabbed King and easily lifted him over her shoulders. “Now we can go!”
And, as they ran, laughing, yapping, King knew he had found something special to hang on. 'Keep the radio on, this is the perfect song…' he sung in his head while he just enjoyed the moment, waiting anxiously what the future would bring…

Episode 11


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Post Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread
I loved King's reaction to bailey.
As for Bino, I did say that I would liek to see Bailey's REACTION. If he doesn't provoke I'll wish him no harm. Besides, think like this:
There's a guy who's a psychopath murderer (not Bino's case, obviously, but it's just an example to ilustrate what I mean). Many people can say: "he never stole and he was a good friend", but he killed. Others can say "he never hit a kid", but he killed.
In another words, qualities or not comminting certain crimes do NOT erase bad things done by said person.

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Post Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread
That little Fox/King interaction made me giggle. Daisy talking! Celestia wanting pups immediately! So much happening at this party.

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Post Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread
Thats daisy more say as "Hi i'm Daisy" is a little miracle

By the way good work thats translation i don't understand that to 100% but i hope in the near future more reading.

But the point thanks for your good and fast work than a translator

(yes i know my english is not realy good :roll: )

I'm a happy playfull kitty in a party of my soul but form time to time a evil wolf
that's my soul and i love it and I would want to change it never

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Post Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread
Season II
Episode 12 – A Day to Remember

Overview Grove, Babylon Gardens

It was a dark and stormy night…
Indeed it was. The lampposts’ light could barely break the think rainfall. Streams ran along the sidewalk, a liquid autumn taste of the snowy mantle that soon would have covered the neighborhood’s streets.
At the end of Overview Grove stood, like a surreal fortress, the cube that protected the construction site of the future new Foster Mansion. Hundreds of lights covered the structure, like a multicolored dusting of gems. For once, even the rain sounded louder than the working site, where activity never stopped. Martin Foster had paid a hefty amount to the Community Council to get permission to keep the site open.
At that hour, the only visible sign of life were the few lights from the windows. Almost everyone had gone to sleep.
They were still awake, at Sandwich House…

“You really should get some sleep, love,” Jill Sandwich said. She had her bathrobe on. “Tomorrow is a very special day, you know it.”
Grape Jelly was laying on the couch, embraced by a blanket and Maxwell’s body. The black-furred male was smiling happily.
At her mother’s words, she shook slowly her head. “I want to stay awake. Don’t want to be late, tomorrow,” she said, yet her eyes were glazed, and her voice did sound tired. She looked at her own belly, which now showed the sweet swelling. Grape felt tired, but deliciously heavy. She hoped there was two of them…
Jill petted the cat’s head. “Look at yourself, you’re almost dead asleep. Are you sure you don’t want to sleep with us, upstairs? Or in your room?” she tried, knowing what the answer would be.
The lavender feline shook again her head no. “Only when Peanut is back. Mom, I want him so much here, now.”
Jill sighed. “We all want it badly. But December is near, he’ll be back from the Academy in no time. Now sleep, young lady. You’re in good company, after all.”
Grape looked at the sleeping figure next to her. It was true, Maxie had been really caring, he had worked hard and successfully to keep her morale up. He had stood everything she could throw at him, in terms of foul mood, but one thing she wouldn’t allow was inviting him in hers and Peanut’s room. That wasn’t only a room, it was their…nest, the place filled with their memories, the place where she would raise their litter. Only their parents had a right to stay there.
Her eyes went to the room upstairs. Although she couldn’t see the door, that didn’t stop the river of her memories.
Like when she had first set foot in that house for the first time. She was grateful for being out of that horrible shelter, but still so scared. Everything was new, and the house was so…big! And she had wanted to explore every corner, touch everything, and yet so afraid to do so because she feared to grow attached to that place, feared they’d throw her out again…
And Peanut, a happy tornado of cinnamon fur, had done his best to make her feel welcome. Though that had included a weird game called ‘glitterfight’… And so, her first day as Grape Jelly Sandwich had seen her getting her first bath as well.
Grape chuckled. She still wondered what would a boy do with a tube of Glittertz, but then she hadn’t asked while her for got covered to the point it had taken almost one hour of thorough washing. Grape didn’t know if to be furious or amused, but her fears had been put away. Mission accomplished!
Peanut and Grape had grown up in that room, playing, reading, talking nearly about everything, roleplaying, doing their Romeo and Juliet rehearses with improvised costumes…
They had done more than living, in that room: they had walked their path together, day by day. Until their true love relationship. Until the culminant moment of that relationship…
And now he had to stay away, at the Academy! Now that they were going to be parents! Their union was perfect, pure as she had always envisioned it and the stupid mutt had to go and run after some cop career—
“Grape! You’re hurting me!”
Maxwell’s voice shook her back into reality –and she saw she was clawing the poor cat’s arm. “Oh, Maxie! Oh dear, forgive me, forgive me… *sigh* I must really start to check myself, or they think a mad cyborg got at you.”
Max massaged his sore arm. At least, he wasn’t wounded. “No harm done, ma belle. You have a right to be on edge.
Grape yawned. “I guess so, rascal. Where is Mom?”
“Here I am,” the woman said, coming from the kitchen with two cups from which the delicate aroma of milk and mint came. “Some warm milk should help your sleep.”
Grape took the cup and sipped it. “Thank you, but don’t stay awake on my account, please. You too need your rest.”
Jill ruffled her head fur. “Silly. I’m going to become Grandmother, and I won’t go to sleep knowing my girl is troubled.”
Grape examined her Mom’s figure, feeling a wave of tenderness and love wash through her. After due calculations, her litter, Mom’s butterball, Mizar’s and Sasha’s pups should be born just around Christmas. Father Ghetti was calling it a miracle, such a sudden increase in the Gardens’ population just in that holy day…
The doorbell rang.
Cats and human exchanged a perplexed glance: they weren’t waiting anyone, and Jake had given permission to Max to spend the night at Grape’s.
“Grape, be a dear and open the door,” Jill said. Was that her impression or her mother’s voice had just acquired…a cheerful note?
But Grape decided she was too tired to ponder about that. She had too much on her mind as it was. She went off the couch and from there to the door, as the doorbell rang again.
Grape opened the door and…
Hunters Academy, Locke’s County. Five hours ago

The K-9 officer by the name of Budweiser was sitting on the edge of the officers’ sleeping quarters.
It was the only place where he could have this chat in peace, with the company of a drop of anise.
The night was cool, the moonless sky veined with grey. Even the stars looked more sparkling than usual.
Budweiser’s jacket and collar lay behind him. Heck, for once it was his turn to feel nervous.
His nose caught the scent of the person he had sent for. A moment later, came the voice. “Did you want to talk to me, dad?”
Bud nodded and patted the concrete. “Sit down, son.”
Peanut took place beside the drill sergeant. He looked at the…naked figure sitting with that bottle of anise in his lap. The liquid’s scent made his nose wrinkle.
“I’m not your officer, tonight, Peanut. Tonight you’re not a cadet. Now put off that jacket and collar, Let your old dog see you well.”
Hesitantly, Peanut Butter obeyed. Off went the jacket, then the collar. The cool air against his naked neck made him shiver. Bud appeared satisfied by the sight. “Hm, you really grew up healthy and strong. Wish your mother and sister could see you now.”
Peanut gulped. “Do…do you know something, anything about them?”
Bud shook slowly his head. “They’re another reason I wanted to talk to you. I imagine you had recognized me immediately, of course.”
Peanut nodded, showing a timid smile. He wagged a couple of times. “I never forgot your scent. I...I wanted to hug you and greet you, but…I didn’t want to embarrass you in front of the others.”
“Hm, very good. You’re sweet and kind, just like your mother. And you got the responsibility from me.”
This time, Peanut didn’t control his wagging. “Thank you. Can I hug you now?”
“Help yourself. Sorry, but no drink from this bottle. That’s a vice you better not learn.”
Peanut embraced his biological father, feeling overwhelmed by emotions he had never forgotten. He felt like a pup seeking for protection, he just wanted this moment never to end! “I missed you so much,” he whispered. He had stood the rigid course because he knew his dad was there, doing his best to make him a better dog. He had worked hard to make Bud proud as well.
Bud capped the bottle. Better to be sober, now. “Son, I called you about…your wife.”
Peanut let the older dog go. He started clicking his claws, ears and eyes lowered. “You…disapprove?” Of course not even his father could have convinced him to leave Grape, no one in the whole world could. But meeting one’s biological parents was a rare occurrence, and peanut really didn’t want to have an argument with Bud.
Bud put his arm around his son’s shoulders. For the first time since Peanut had set foot at the Academy, his father smiled warmly, lovingly at him. “No. In fact, I am proud of you.”
Peanut almost fell down. “R-Really?!” he asked, almost not believing it.
Budweiser nodded. “You turned your love into strength, to win the barriers of species and social conventions. You married a cat. I watched at it through Simon Says...’s blog. Since then, I twisted many arms to make sure you’d end up in my class for when you’d come here to train.” Peanut had been interviewed together with Bino by Simon. “I wanted to see how good was the blood of my blood.”
If Peanut’s tail had been a helicopter rotor, the dog would have wagged his way up to the moon, so happy he was!
“You scored really high, and I am not easy with my marks, boy. I am positive you’d end up in the same rank as Fido. That’s why I wanted to talk to you.” His voice was sad and proud at the same time now.
“You shall not be a cop, Peanut. I will not allow it.
Peanut wasn’t sure he had got it right –he had heard every single word, but he couldn’t add a why to them. It was as if an alien thing had taken Bud’s place with the only purpose of wounding him. The young dog couldn’t speak, couldn’t conjure a sentence. He was sure he’d start crying, and he didn’t want to cry in front of his daddy, nossir!
Bud looked at the anise bottle resting on his lap. He sighed. “Once a year, I come here, good or bad weather. And I toast to the idiot I had been.”
Charlotte was a wonderful creature, and she gave me the best moments a dog could aspire to, and the most beautiful litter, even if it was only two of you. Her parents could keep only one of you and you…were taken away. At least, you found a great loving family. While I…” the older dog’s eyes became harder. Peanut tried to imagine himself with those hard eyes, the voice so bitter, but he just couldn’t…
“I dedicated myself to my career. I wanted to be #1 top dog, as a cop and as an instructor. I wanted to go all the way, I was determined to leave this place only when I couldn’t outdo my cadets. Heh, I was so proud for forging real tough dogs, fighters to the bone. And you know what shall remain of this splendid career? A display full of medals to keep me company. Too old to become a ladykiller, too old to sire pups.” Bud then looked at Peanut with such a grim determination, that the younger dog almost whimpered in fear. “And the heck I’ll allow you to ruin your own life, son.”
“No. No. And no! Now you listen well, then you can play young rebel on me, if you want to. The Gardens got more dog cops than fleas a mongrel. One less from this school won’t make a difference. And you have a family, darn it! A family so special that throw everything down the drain would be a crime. Your cat, your spouse is pregnant with kin because you can’t give her a litter. Tomorrow she goes to the vet for the ultrasound, and your best contribute to such a special moment will be ‘Sorry, love, call me this weekend, I’m busy’?! Not to play the ill-omen bird, but let’s say that you get a job the day she gives birth. You’ll write her a nice apology card and later watch the event in a home video?!”
“Silence, grunt!” Bud the fifth Rider of Apocalypse was back. His voice was a snake-like hiss through his bared fangs. “We all do mistakes, young dog, every one of us! You’re not the first, you won’t be the last, but I will be forever darned before I allow you to destroy your marriage, your family life, to pursue a dream of glory! You want to do the right thing? Do it, but only after taking the time to think about it! Wait to hold your cat in your arms again, wait to see her giving birth, hold that little furball in your arms, then you’ll see what really matters!
“And if now I hear you say it’s more important you wear that stupid jacket, then I’ll keep you here, I will break your back so that not even a puzzle wizard will be able to put it back together. And if at the end of the course you will be still alive, I’ll fail you until the only word you’ll ever learn will be ‘F Minus’. They won’t get you to guard a deaf, mute, blind and quadriplegic mouse!” When he was done, the Academy was immersed in a renewed silence of awe. Budweiser was panting.
Bud looked at his shocked son for a couple of minutes, before rage let place to a new tender smile. He caressed Peanut’s cheek. “Do this favor to yourself and to those you love. This job is not bad like going in the army, but it will drain your soul. You love that feline, don’t keep her away from you one more day.”
Peanut lowered his gaze. He thought of Fido and Sabrina. How much had they sacrificed so that he could keep his job? His colleagues hadn’t been lenient to him when he had gotten out of the closet. And Fido spent so much time away from his beloved cat anyway… Social acceptance or not, there was the timetable between them… “But I want to protect my family,” Peanut said. “I don’t want…to…” To nearly die, like that time with the monster dog.
Bud shook his head. “You did what you could, and it took the guts of a wolf. It’s not a question of strength, and you know it: bullets didn’t kill outright that thing. The whole K-9 unit would’ve been butchered.
“You must not feel ashamed for being a fly on the back on an elephant, but you must be proud for what you have there.” Bud’s finger touched Peanut’s chest at the height of the heart. “No training in the world will make you so brave to throw yourself into such a fight. Discipline may serve to make a wolf out of a mutt, but you already have what it takes. So, if you really want to get stronger, keep training at the local gym. The police station got one, I’m sure they won’t mind having you to finish your training.” He patted Peanut’s shoulder. “Heck, in fact you must go there, I don’t want to see my work wasted. I’ll e-mail them a note to inform them.”
Peanut beamed. “Would you do that?”
Bud nodded. “Only if you promise you’ll spend all time possible with your family, give all the love to your litter, as if they were blood of your blood…”
More than you think! Peanut thought, feeling guilty for not confessing the truth about his pups, but he had made a solemn promise, and this time he wouldn’t break it!
“Keep a pet family together is a heck of a rare privilege, cadet, make the best of it until your muzzle turns grey, and be grateful as it was thanksgiving every day. Deal?”
Sandwich house. Now

Grape was sure that wasn’t a hallucination, a lucid dream. She smelled his wet fur, heard the sound of a taxi running away. But it couldn’t be, right? There had been no letters, no phone calls, no e-mails, and Peanut was at—
But he was there, his muzzle wet by rain and tears and a meek expression, his ears downcast and his arms crossed behind his back. “Hey there… I was more or less expelled from the Academy and… Can I stay here for tonight?”
“PEANUT!!” Grape grabbed her doggie husband and lifted him effortlessly as if he were a doll. “YOU’RE BACK!!!” She held him tightly to her, as if she was afraid he could evaporate at any moment. She held him, petted him, kissed him everywere, on ears, nose, cheeks, tasting his fur as if it was the sweetest of the fruits. “Thank you thank you thank you—“
He interrupted her by holding her head and then kissing her, sweet and passionate like only he could be, making her feel one with her spouse, her only dog…
When their mouth separated, Peanut said, “Forgive me, you, Mom, Dad, everyone, I’m so sorry for…for being so stupid and selfish, for not thinking about us when you needed me most and—“
“Don’t think about it,” she said, ruffling his wet head fur. “You’re forgiven and all. You’re back and this is what matters over everything else. I love you, I love you so much Nutty!”
Peanut leaned his head against Grape’s shoulder. “I was a bad dog then?”
Grape nodded, her own face wet with tears. “You were horrible! And I was a stupid to let you go, and Mom and Dad were too, and all of our friends as well! Don’t let me go! Never again!”
Peanut took gently her paw and used it to cross his chest. “Cross my heart. Only you, in my life, Jellybelly.”
Grape purred loudly, losing herself in the comfort of his embrace…before remembering a thing. She turned, a mock threat in her eyes. “Mom! You knew.”
Jill came back with three more cups of warm milk and mint. She put the tray on the table. “The Academy called us on the mobile a few hours ago, so we too were informed at the last moment. Then peanut called and asked us to make a surprise for your benefit.”
Grape kissed again her dog. “Mmhh, and it was some surprise. And you know what could make it better?” The grin she flashed at him sent him into BSOD.
Then he recovered and lifted her in his arms, before running up the stairs with renewed strength.
At the same time, Max had quietly retreated into the kitchen, followed by Jill. They both looked at the reunited couple, she with pride and joy, he with a resigned expression.
“I guess it’s back to third wheel then,” Max sighed. “But it was good to be part of her life once again.”
Jill caressed his neck, “Don’t say that, silly: when Grape needed someone to fill the void, you were there for her. You’re still her best of friends, and she’d be very mad at you if you disappeared from her life.”
Hope gleamed in the black cat’s eyes. “You think so?”
The woman nodded. “I know my daughter, tomboy.”
From the room upstairs, Peanut was saying, “Grape? What are you doing? No, put it down. Surely you meant another thing, before… No, no, of course I love you but please not thi—“ he was interrupted by her joyful shout.
Jill sighed happily. She must remember to tell Earl to clean up, tomorrow. Yes.


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Post Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread
Still loving the story. |D

So much warmheartedness in it I could puke rainbows. 0 30

Love me right now! Done.

SoujiTheFox Wrote:

Why do I still find this funny?

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Post Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread
Expect cuddles
Receive glitterfight

I've been waiting for this update, it's glorious! :D


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Post Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread
I hope Max find someone to not be a third wheel forever.
great chapter.

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Post Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread
This is really epic !!! :lol:
I love it :D


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