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Post Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread
Haichiko Mercy Care Center, Babylon Gardens

“The door was supposed to be locked, young man,” Officer Bill was saying to a very demoralized Fox.
The poor husky looked like he wanted to bury himself really deep. He looked like his housemate had been gutted, instead of lying on his bed without even a bandage on his body.
Lucky tried to say, “Dad, it’s nothing, really. He had locked it—“
“Evidently not.” Bill sounded cold like an iceberg. “And it is not ‘nothing’: a feral entered my house and attacked my son. He won’t be off so easy, next time. And Fox, once we’re back home consider yourself grounded for two weeks. End of the story. Excuse me, Lucky, now Dad’s off to get a baddy’s butt.”
Bill went out the room, and only then did he notice King. “Boy, where is your collar?” He asked suspiciously to the naked dog.
King’s paws went quickly to his neck as if he feared to lose his head. “I went in the bushes to retrieve a ball and the collar stuck in a branch and snapped!” For a terrible moment he saw himself caged in a pound for the rest of his life. Right in this moment, Bill’s hate-o-meter for ferals must be off the scale, and he surely didn’t need a pretense to vent against a lawless animal. King grinned in his most charming way. “Was gonna to ask Uncle Martin to buy me a new one.”
Bill grunted something but decided to let it go, for now. He had other priorities to attend.
King let out his breath. “I think I was dead.” He entered the room. “Not to sow salt on the wounds, but hadn’t you locked the door?” King asked to Fox.
Fox nodded. “That dog picked it.” It wasn’t a novelty, dogs had, after all, brains and opposable thumbs…but the lockpickers were a product of city life. Never had one come near the Gardens. If this meant a raise in the criminality level, it would also mean mandatory leashes again, and much less freedom for all pets. Fox had been living with Bill long enough to know his law. The husky cursed.
King’s thoughts had gone to the same rails. “Ah, Fox?”
The corgi smiled shyly. “Thank you for your offer, but this is really the worst moment to help me. I’ll go stay to Uncle Martin’s for a while.” There was, as a last resort, the Milton Equal Chance Program, but it meant go living under the same roof of the wolves, and the dog wasn’t exactly sure he wanted to do that. Not unless necessary.
Fox squatted in front of him, paws on shoulders. “Are you sure?”
King nodded, trying to put a brave face to it, despite this decision was wrenching his heart. “I’m sure. I need to be legal until I find me a new family, and Martin will gladly keep me off the street without placing me on the shelter.” Once he was in the system, Martin could not adopt him. And even if King would be lucky enough to find a family in Babylon, he’d have to stay separated from Fox. An internet connection didn’t make for the daily fun he had with the husky.
And to think that I hurt you by trying to separate you from your own family and friends… “I’ll be fine.”
Fox nodded and hugged him. “You’re too tough to let go, I know you. Take care.” He stood up.
King stood there, looking at him.
Fox stared at King.
King stared at Fox.
Fox said, “Well?”
King said. “Care to call a taxi for me?”
Lucky Charm Grove for the Abandoned and the Ferals.

Like most people, Martin Foster had this idea that, once a human being became a politic, his or her brains transmuted into a mass of inert matter powered by a neutron.
It was the third time someone called from the Town Council. It was the third time Martin said at the phone, trying not sound as if he wanted to rip the skin off his interlocutor and use it to redecorate his office, “No, ma’am. Yes, ma’am, all guests at the Grove are present and accounted for… No, there has been no breakout, my security systems are top level.. Yes, you can send Animal Control whenever you want to have them checked. Good morning, ma’am Councilor.” He closed the line.
Martin leaned back in his chair, covering his face with his hands. He wasn’t upset for these calls. He was upset because his animal control service was supposed to be good. He was walking on a thin line, by allowing the presence of Zach’s followers, but this problem…
Martin went back to his terminal, tapping frantically on the keyboard. According to Lucky’s description, the guy had clipped ears and tail. Meaning a vet had worked on him as a pup, and a vet fond of his or her license would register the surgicals.
The operation was not for free, and neither a dobie… Hmm, the creature could’ve come from a litter at the pound. Martin focused on the surgical records. Say, now that Lucky was back in full shape, it would take a good swing and fast reflexes to put him KO. Let’s say this dobie guy was at physical peak, meaning 7-8 years old. That, or he ate steroid sandwiches…
Martin didn’t really hope to be lucky at such a longshot, after all the dog could come from a nearby city, or being operated by a butcher without license…
Match found!
Martin felt like Greg Sanders after getting a match with only a molecule as evidence. Of course, for now it only meant that eight years ago a Doberman from a pound was operated to beauty standards, not that it was the culprit.
No better way than calling the pound and then see if the lucky owner had given real or false IDs…
The Academy, Locke County

“We should be there, doing our job, protecting our homes!”
But no matter how determined or threatening Bino looked right now, Budweiser looked like a granite wall, imperturbable, his arms crossed at his chest.
“No one goes to Babylon Gardens, grunt.” His voice was not angry, his posture didn’t speak aggressiveness. His was the quiet, firm authority of the unquestioned leader. “Especially now.”
Bino couldn’t believe his ears. Sasha could be in danger, right now! His eyes went to Peanut, seeing the same anguish in him, for once understanding him. “You can’t be serious, Bud! This is exactly why we came here for! What good are we, rotting here, while some feral is prancing in our territory!”
Budweiser nodded. Still without raising his voice, he said, “And what good would you be right now? You just came here, you’re untrained and unfit. And your owners have enough to worry about, without thinking about you throwing yourselves against a dangerous feral dog –that is, if there’s only one of them.”
Bino stood where he was, his body tense and trembling, snarling in frustration.
Peanut’s shoulders, instead, shagged. He remembered Grape’s anguish and pain when he had woken up, at the hospital. She had spent days near his bed, worrying herself sick over him. And he had then made the solemn promise to himself that he wouldn’t make her suffer like that ever again. He wanted to become stronger to keep that promise as well.
“Then what can we do?” Peanut asked/whimpered.
Bud pointed a thumb at the TV screen. “Watch and learn. KPET News has a full coverage, so you’ll have our point of view about what’s to learn on a real K-9 investigation.”
“Sasha! Are you there?” Fido knocked at the door of his housemate once again. “Sasha?”
Hearing no answer, he opened the door. “Sasha, it’s me, Fido.” He peeked in, fearing she could be in, waiting to glomp him. Despite her being married with Bino, she still was…frisky with her friend. After all, living under the same room with Fido was the drooling dream of all canine ladies in the neighborhood.
But the German Shepherd was not there. The room was tidy, it looked like it hadn’t been occupied since…when?
“Any problem?” Ralph asked him.
“Actually…” Fido started to think. When was the last time he had seen Sasha?
Two days ago? Was it possible? No, no, no. She was around the house, grabbing for munchies every now and then. And Fido was busy with his job, and after that with Sabrina. He did have a lot of time to make up for, since their relationship was out and in the open now. No more secret dating, no more searching for the right time and a hidden corner…
“Ack! Well, no, I was thinking, Sarge! I don’t know where Sasha could be: the place doesn’t smell like he’s been used, recently.”
Ralph threw his arms in the air. “Just great! And do you have any idea where she could be? She’s your housemate, officer!”
Fido nodded. “Well, she spoke about this doghouse King had built for her, after her Dad had left out of her house on that Christmas—“
“And where would this secret doghouse be?”
Fido touched fingers. “Ah, she never told me?”
Ralph facepawlmed. “I should’ve known better.”
Fido took his phone. “Let’s ask King.” He fast-dialed the number.
And an electronic voice told the hound that of all numbers, King’s was not on the list. “Figures,” he grumbled, yet puzzled, since his smartphone was supposed to be filled with all of the numbers of Babylon Gardens’ pets.
Yet, another thought keep nagging at his mind.
Sasha, a thief? Would’ve been easier to believe that the Sun orbited the Earth… Of course! Perhaps she was there by chance, when the thief had attacked! She had seen him…and perhaps she was in danger, right now, hostage to that…
“We may have a BIG problem, Sergeant,” Fido said.
An eerie quiet had fallen on Babylon Gardens.
Since almost all of its residents had a job in the City, the few pets allowed out didn’t feel at ease, all alone or in groups too small to deal with an aggressive feral –or maybe more. Bino’s absence had discouraged the Club’s dogs from organizing themselves, and the police couldn’t cover at the same time every corner of the community.
It was easy for a certain female to reach her destination unnoticed...although Sasha didn’t to exactly her best to keep a low profile.
She was walking toward the forest, whistling merrily I’m not a Robot and holding a sack across her shoulder. She met no one while she disappeared among the bushes and the trees.
She went on for another twenty minutes before she reached the small glade. King had chosen well the place, making sure Sasha could have some privacy, her own territory, and especially be well hidden from her abusive father.
Even after Roger Hartford had left Babylon Gardens, the doghouse the corgi had built had remained. Even if it had lost its function of emergency shelter, it was still Sasha’s ‘secret hideout’ and she liked to kept it neat and tidy, for herself…and for any unexpected guest.

The white German Shepherd leaned through the entrance, not without knocking first. “Anybody home?” she asked merrily. A growl answered her, yet she wagged only harder. “I know you’re hungry: here, I brought you some breakfast and medicines.” She opened the sack, revealing Tiger’s precious treasure, together with stuff taken from Fido’s drug cabinet. “I don’t know if it is what you need, but I’m sure it will help somehow.” Another grunt/growl. “You know, you shouldn’t be so grumpy. Now rest, please. Is there anything else I can do for you?”


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Post Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread
OH Sasha...so silly.

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Post Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread
no, Sasha!

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Post Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread
When she had been adopted, like all puppies of her age, Sasha used to think she had been the luckiest doggie in the world.
When her Mom had left, Sasha had been very, very sad. Mom didn’t like her, but Daddy had insisted to keep her home, so they had broken up. Dad was Sasha’s hero, he would protect her against all bad things and keep her safe.
When her Dad had started drinking, and the kind, strong man had left the place to an angry and drunken man, Sasha had not abandoned him, had tried to be a good girl because she loved Daddy. She was sure that one day he would remember the good times they had spent together.
When her Dad had abandoned her, Sasha had felt like her life was over. It had been her fault. She had come into her family’s life and her family had gone to pieces. Only Bino had given her a reason for living, staying with her, and eventually marrying her. She was so proud! The mate of the most important dog in the neighborhood! Sure, Fido was a real sweetie, and she was hypersuperdupermegahappy to live in his house, as part of his family.
When Bino had left to go the Academy, Sasha had felt…proud! For the first time in her life, someone dear in her life had gone away, and she had felt proud. Bino was going to come back a real police dog! Not to mention another thing he had left her before going away…
“You make him sound like the true American hero,” said a voice in a low, rumbling tone. The voice of a muscular Doberman, curling up on a bunch of thick pillows of the most different designs and colors. He was munching some salted nuts. Somewhere, Tiger screamed in his sleep.
Sasha was distractedly chewing a white chocolate, her eyes lost in a dreamy expression. “Silly. He’s not an American hero, he’s my hero.”
The dog’s hard, steel-grey eyes looked like they could’ve stared down a wolf and send him running. Yet, he smiled at Sasha’s words. “I can see that. Ah, thank you again for your hospitality.”
Sasha was knitting a beret using red wool. She had always been fascinated how humans could turn a ball of yarn into so many useful objects. Later she had discovered she was a natural at that, just like she could make music without having ever written a sheet. She rolled her eyes, as if the male’s words had been ill-mannered. “Oh, please, Otis! I love having guests. You and your friend needed a roof and I’m happy to give it to you. Though you could’ve asked, before entering. I had to wash three of my best pillows, you know.”
The big dog sighed. “Sorry. And thanks for the food as well. Hope you didn’t get in trouble to get it.”
Sasha paused her work, thinking about the blow she had given to Tiger’s head. Well, luckily he had a tough shell, and that was an emergency… She looked at the food left untouched. Her ears drooped. “She’s still not eating anything?”
Otis uncurled enough to reveal the sleeping figure…of a pup. A female, she looked no older than one year, some mixed breed with triangular, floppy ears. Her fur was a patchwork of colors, as if someone up there had decided to splash her with an improvised palette. There were grey, orange, russet, black and white, and traces of azure…
She was the cutest little thing Sasha had ever seen, and her motherly instincts had gone into overdrive. But that creature was also sick. Her breath was ragged, and she was warm with fever.
Haichiko Mercy Care Center

Fox answered to the second ring of his cell. That call wasn’t unexpected, perhaps the police had some information regarding the intruder who had beaten Lucky. “Hi, Fido. Did you get him… Uh? King?” He kept his cool, but icy panic stabbed his guts. Did they want to arrest him already? Had they discovered something? “Why are you… Oh, oh. I see. Yes, he’s gone to the Grove. Lost his collar, wanted to get a new one ASAP… Yes, sure, good luck boys. Dad will throw a big one when you get him. Bye.” When the line was closed, Fox felt good, sweet relief wash over him.
There was a time in which he was always worried about King’s temper (and still was, though not as much). But now, now that his friend was without a place to go, he really was scared at the idea that the corgi could end up behind the bars.
Fox’s face darkened, as he made his decision. He’d have to talk with Dad, and soon.
Outside his house, Fido had just closed the line, when the phone rang. After checking the display, he answered, “Mr. Foster, what a coincidence! I needed to call you to ask if you have seen King… What? Really? Uh-uh, on our way, no…yes, thank you. Byron house. Five minutes? Good. Now, about King…really? Thanks heaven. Can you please ask him where he built Sasha’s doghouse? We’re looking for her, she disappeared…” He listened in silence, waiting for Martin to answer –instead, he got an earful of angry corgi!
“What do you mean ‘she disappeared’, you sorry excuse of a mutt?!”
Fido felt his eyes buzz as if he had just been near an explosion. The telephone had just started sizzling. “King, this is not the moment to—“
“It is the moment! You’re not gonna make a step to that doghouse without me being your shadow, or I will go there now myself without you being the wiser, Sherlock!”
It was in moments like this that Fido hated his job. “*sigh*Alright, we’ll do it your way. But you won’t take any initiative. Deal?”
“…Deal.” The line went dead. Ralph was staring with disapproval at his officer. Fido just shook meekly his head. “Sergeant, please. Sometimes I think that Sasha should’ve married that little guy. I promise he won’t get in the way, alright?”
The German Shepherd shook his head. “I guess I’ll have to take your word for that. But you should know better than that, if you want to make a career.”
“Does it count if I bring good news about the culprit?”
The Lucky Charm Grove for The Abandoned and The Ferals

The large screen on the wall showed everything that there was to know about a woman and a man whose faces looked ugly enough to go straight to a cop TV show of ‘Most wanted’.
“Gentledogs, meet Simon Corset. Despite his pretty face, he used to be royalty. A real nerd, with magic hands when it came to motors and mechanics in general. On top of that, his father allowed him enough money to buy a Ferrari…if he wanted to.
“Comes out that, instead of saving his money, Simon used to gamble it and drink it. Until daddy stop sending him money—“
“And what has that do to with our current situation?” King asked. The corgi was barely restraining himself on his seat, while the other three dogs were listening attentively.
The Academy, Locke’s County

After the Principal had signed a disclosure agreement with the BG police and the shelter, the cadets had been allowed to follow the case live from their classrooms.
Bino’s liver had already melted to a pool of molten lava, at the sight of that..thing involved in an investigation while he had to stay put in his class!
Talk about injustice! Oh, you’re so gonna pay if you ever lay a finger on my mate, you, you..!
King sneezed. “Sorry.”
“To answer your question, first it’s important you know your enemy. As I was saying, Mr. Corset accumulated debts to pay for booze and repay his creditors. In the end, one of said creditors decided he had enough and broke one of Simon’s hand.
“That event also killed Simon’s career as student. Penniless, without a job that allowed him to live his way, he decided to adopt a pup.” The young man’s pictures slid away, to leave room to the pictures of a litter and a single, adorable Doberman pup.
“Meet Otis. Simon didn’t choose him out of his good heart. He raised and trained his ‘best friend’ to become a cat burglar, if I’m allowed. Simon was the brains, Otis was the muscle. And Otis learnt very well to do his job. During their stay on the streets, our furry friend broke into at least 123 apartments and 10 illegal stock rooms..”
Kevin whistled. “A busy bee if there’s ever been one.”
Martin nodded. “We know the number through the confession of Simon after his arrest. The police got him because his tongue got loose after a night at a bar. He was wanted for homicide. I’ll come to that.
“The plan was always that: never occupy the same spot, always on the move. Simon and Otis carried each a backpack stuffed with drugs, food and bottled water they stole from their targets. No cash, no jewels, not even illegal drugs. Simon would beg just to buy legally his alcohol without raising suspicions. It was a good plan: the police didn’t give priorities to break-ins when the only thing missing was food and some medicine from the cabinet. Too many homeless to look for, too wide the territory to search. Not to mention that the victims’ social status would range from the families with money to those who could barely afford a door. And the illegal stock rooms that were broke in were not ven insured, their owners decided they preferred to stay under the radar. Simon was no ‘Robin Hood’, he used Otis to take what they needed to live. And Otis, with his manual talent and his fine scent, would never fail his master’s commands.
“The first and only problem that put them high in the wanted list came when Otis stole, among the usual contents of a cabinet, a vital medicine for a man on post-transplant therapy. The man passed in a very painful fashion, and on top of that he was the brother of a City Councilor.
“Investigation led to S&O’s m.o., and, as I said, when Simon bragged about his exploits, the Force was on him. Otis managed to escape because Simon kept him in another place when he went to drink, not trusting his trusted pals to hiw own devices.
“That happened 3 months ago. Since then, Otis must have used his talents to feed himself. He must have chosen the Gardens, thinking it was less dangerous here than in the City.” The screen turned off. Martin looked each dog present in the eyes. “The Police has asked this shelter to cooperate in seizing Otis. I accepted, on the condition that we will take care of him and reeducate him rather than putting him down. Otis has made a mistake, but by the law and by Simon’s confession he was an instrument, not an accomplice.
“Now, it is my belief that Otis is not dangerous, at least not as long he’s not put with the back on the wall. King, you asked to be present, the law will give you the status of observer, but remember that you cannot obstacle the operation, least you want to be treated consequently. As for you,” he said to the dogs, “I will now introduce you to the liason between this shelter and the K-9 corps.”
As if that had been a signal, the door opened. In came a man dressed in the blue paramilitary outfit of the LCG’s security, followed by a sturdy white wolf in a tac-vest.
Back at the Academy, many females whistled in admiration. More than one decided that one day they’d join the security at the LCG.
Hannibal touched his ordnance jacket, feeling it so…inadequate. “That guy surely knows how to dress his security,” he mumbled.
“Meet Keith Greyfield and Light, alpha team of my security. Keith is a former marine of the Special Forces, Light has been personally trained by him. Should our target prove himself more dangerous than estimated, you’ll want these guys to cover your back. And now, good hunt.”


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Post Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread
Nice! XD Alright. Now to see some action.

Heh. Look at that... I started an actual Housepets! fan-fic.

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Post Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread
lightwolf21 Wrote:
Nice! XD Alright. Now to see some action.

AHA! I knew I'd lure you out, smartwolf! :lol:


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lightwolf21 Wrote:
Nice! XD Alright. Now to see some action.

Good to see you popping up! :P

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Post Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread
I feel really sorry for Sasha. The poor she-dog doesn't know who she's dealing with.

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I am so envious of you right now! :evil: You've put off almost 10 updates in less than a week where as I've put out 1 update in like a month. Your story is so awesome too!

Yes poor Sasha not knowing who she has been taken off so far. But here comes King and the K9 units to the rescue.

Yes, I am a furry.

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“Is that it?” whispered Sergeant Ralph, peering through his binoculars. Him and the his companions of the K-9 Unit had each been given one. Including King, who looked as if he wanted to dash for the doghouse in the small glade.
King took the binoculars off his eyes to stare at the German Shepherd. “Do they actually train you to put such questions?” he whispered back
Ralph tried to kill the corgi with his eyes. Fido almost slapped them both. He really wondered how could a nice guy like Fox stand this pup…
A human voice reached the animals through the Bluetooth receiver. “Quiet! This is supposed to be a covert operation, not a party. Well done, King, although…”
King almost shouted ‘Although what?!’, had to bite his lip to check himself.
“Infrared shows three occupants.”
King felt his blood turn into ice. Fido and the others shivered, inside: they all had feared there could be more than one feral involved. One went to steal, the other kept an eye on Sasha
Lost in those thoughts, King didn’t even hear what the human said, one moment later. “Say again?”

At a safe distance, from his position on a thick branch, Keith was examining the doghouse King had built for Sasha. That little guy had done a great job, the structure was well insulated, and its walls and roof very solid. Made for winter. And also an obstacle for a scanning at that distance.
“I said, one may be a pup. Or a small dog or cat, I can’t say from here. But I can see its thermal signature, and if I know my basic veterinary, that little guy or gal is feverish.”

Fido cursed in his mind, shaking his head. Not good: if there was someone sick in that place, Sasha could get it!
King looked with worry at his companion. “You look like someone announced a funeral. What--?”
Fido ignored him. “Mr. Greyfield, Sir. You must send for a veterinarian unit for Sasha…” he gave out a precise list of what would be needed.
King, despite being a dog, still had the memories of his former life.
And knew what was happening. The glance he threw at Fido told enough.
The police dog shook his head. “Given this new situation, an unplanned action would do more harm than good. Leave it to the pros, King.”

One of the pros being a white wolf dressing a camo tac-vest. His name was Light. He had been adopted by Keith after the ex-marine had found him wounded in the woods in a snowy night. Wolf and Man had formed a strong bound since then. And Keith’s military training had only served to enhance the wolf’s abilities
Light eventually got near enough the doghouse to listen to whatever the kidnappers were saying. Once assessed the situation, he was supposed to bring out the big dog in the fastest possible way, without harming Sasha. Keith was an excellent sniper, he’d take care of the rest.
Light listened…

“Her name’s Mirai,” Otis said, interrupting long enough to groom the sleeping pup. “Dad told me that it means ‘tomorrow’, in Japanese.”
“It’s a pretty name,” said Sasha, her ears low with worry. She should’ve known better than letting strangers in her house without telling anyone, and Santa wouldn’t be lenient on her for stealing to Tiger, but how could she ignore a plea from help from that poor little girl?
Otis nodded. “She…she belonged to a family that kept mistreating her. They ignored her, forced her to sleep in another room at night, rarely played with her. She was so sad, all she wanted was affection, and they treated her like some toy. And I too felt lonely when Dad would go to the bar while I waited for him to come back. And so, I asked him to steal the food and drugs from that apartment. And I’d get Mirai too.”
“How cute! You wanted to rescue her.”
“Yeah. You see, before Dad decided where to break in, he’d send me to study the targets, learn the habits of their tenants, to make sure everything went smooth. I told you, I only got food and drugs, and no one would get hurt. But Mirai… I couldn’t just leave her there.” He groomed her fur. He sighed. “We had made friends, you know? They would bring her to the park, and of course they let her play unsupervised with other pets; what if she met a bully, or worse..?” Otis growled. “Anyway, Dad got me this spiffy collar,” he pointed at the object matching the grey of his eyes. The tag was a brass, old-fashioned skeleton key. “And he made sure to keep me regularly groomed, so I looked like one of them nice, hi-class dogs. I went to the park and start talking with other pets without no one checking on me. For all the other furs knew, I was legal.” While he talked, Otis kept his eyes fixed on the pup.
“It was during one of my ‘walks’ that I met Mirai. She was sitting there by a tree, all alone and looking with envy at the other pets. It was like…like her soul was calling to me, to be helped. I simply forgot my mission, it was the first time I had put my heart before my stomach and my Dad’s.”
Sasha petted the sleeping form. “Aw, and how did your Daddy take it?”
Otis grinned. “Heh, you can imagine it. He wasn’t happy at all. He slapped me hard, called me names I shouldn’t repeat in front of a lady, said he should decide the targets and not me… But when I threatened him to leave him, he just had to accept my decision. His drinking habits were slowly killing him, his hands trembled and his memory was no longer good as when he taught me tricks to pick locks. He just couldn’t afford starting all over again.”
“I understand why you stood at his side,” Sasha said, taking one of Otis’ paws into hers. “My Dad…drank a lot too.” Then she suddenly beamed. Involutarily, she crushed Otis paw. The poor Doberman almost blacked out with pain. “Say, now that I think of it, you shouldn’t be hiding at all! There’s this friend of mine, his name is King! He too went through a hard time, and he was sooo grumpy! You two should talk, I’m sure he’ll be of help.”
Massaging his poor paw, Otis said, “Thank you, lady, but I’ll just pass. Once Mirai is better, we’ll be on our way. She trusts me to stay with her, and I’m pretty sure humans would separate us if we got caught—“
“Ahh, spare me, please!” said a voice, making Sasha and Otis jump. The Doberman growled horribly. Sasha just said, happily, “Kingy!”
“No, I’m the pizza boy,” the corgi said from the entrance.

Keith’s worst scenario was unfurling in front of his eyes. He furiously whispered in his Bluetooth, “I believed the civilian was supposed to stay back!”

“It was too late already when he started approaching!” Light whispered back. “At this point, let him do this his way. I am ready to intervene.”

The K-9 unit had the distinct feeling their career had just gone down the drain. Problem was, when king had dashed for the doghouse, they too had to decide quickly if make a racket trying to stop him or trust Keith and Light to cover him.
Now they could only pray things didn’t degenerate…much.

“What do you want, shorty?” Otis asked. The kind dog of a second ago had left place to the street fighter. If he decided to fight, King was dead, period.
The corgi swelled his chest in indignation. “I want you to give up, Ah-nold! Can’t you see your protégée is too sick to go on without proper care?! What’s the idea, kill her to protect her? Oh, and if you want to take Sasha’s pup as well, since you’re at it, please, I’m sure humans would love to test some new raspberry-flavored poison for your execution!”
Sasha’s eyes widened. Fido had promised not to tell anyone!
Otis felt his rage flaming off. “Pup..?”
“She’s pregnant, you dolt! And if Mirai’s sickness is contagious, she’ll miscarry. Now, you want another death on your conscience as well?”
This time, Sasha looked at Otis with horror. “Another..?” she wouldn’t dare to speak the bad word.
Otis looked at king with hate. He had read the news from a disposed newspaper at the park, after his Dad had been arrested. “It wasn’t my fault! I did what I always do, how could I know that that human needed his insulin so badly?!”
King wasn’t impressed. “You know, I used to hate animals, hate the pets’ cozy lives, hate the nastiness of the ferals. I wasn’t a nice guy, mister, and whenever I could, I took it on innocents. They punished me, and I started hating again. It took a lot to break the circle, but I did it. So, if you really care for Mirai, let her go. Give up, and you may even end up better than you think. Compared to the city pound, the Grove is the Ritz.”
Otis didn’t look at all as if wanted to give up. “Or else..? Think you can take me down, shorty?”
Contrarily to all common sense, King stepped into the crowded doghouse. He kept staring Otis in the eyes. “You know, you really make me remember that ol’ mean self of mine.”
“Too bad, eh?”
King…smiled. “Quite the contrary. It makes this much easier.”

Outside the house, Light was already on the point of barging in, when a horrible YOWLP was heard! The wolf jumped. That stupid civilian must have gotten it badly! “I’m in!” he said in the mike, before running to the entrance…
Otis was there, laying all curled up, cringing in raw pain while his paws held for dear life a male’s most vulnerable spot.
King was looking with a ‘ew’ expression at his punch. “I should say I’m sorry, bub, but you put Sasha in danger. No excuses.”

It hadn’t taken much for the police units to reach the place and secure the culprit. Otis was put in a security van of the LCG, while Mirai, on a stretcher, was placed in an ambulance of the shelter.
“Nothing contagious, at a first diagnosis,” the veterinarian said. “That pup is very delicate, and she wasn’t used at prolonged life in the wild. Some treatment will do her good, then she can go back to her owners.”
King didn’t exactly look happy at the idea, but he couldn’t do a thing about it. Mirai was still property, after all…
The corgi turned, seeing Fido scolding Sasha. Though he didn’t raise his voice, the hound made it sure he was really upset.
“You should’ve called us, Sasha! Called me, if you didn’t trust the others: did you actually think I could cause harm to that pup?”
Sasha looked downcast, her eyes turned to the ground. “I only wanted to help that poor girl. Their story is so…so much like mine.”
Fido sighed. “I see. Don’t worry, I know you acted out of your good heart. Just remember that I’m your brother now, okay? You can trust me, tough I am a cat lover.”
Sasha giggled. “Silly.” Then she turned to King. “Ah, Kingy? Thank you, you were so brave, so, so…” then she grabbed the smaller dog by the shoulders and gave him a most passionate kiss! The corgi’s head turned a fiery tomato shade, his ears almost ran along his skull to meet the white-furred female’s. When she let him go, he wasn’t sure if he was still alive. Somewhere in his mind, he was sure that if Bino knew about this there would be blood to pay. Somewhere in his mind, a residual part of an old life went ‘ick’.
But those thoughts faded like far, far away stars in the blissful heaven he was floating in…
And King knew a new line had been crossed in his life.
And he was both happy and terrified.
Milton Subsidiaries Inc. headquarters, New York.

The sliding glass doors hissed open.
“Today we enter the turf of the Top Predators, my dear,” Thomas Milton said. He was happy, like he had never been in a long, long time. He had almost forgot the meaning of the word ‘happiness’. The nearest thing he had felt to joy, last time, was at the news of uncle Henry’s death.
Thomas and his sister had met the lawyer, believing they were on the verge of giving the long-awaited turn to their miserable lives… Instead, they got the crumbs. The grisbì had been given to those tubular parasites of Henry’s ferrets! And no appeal could change that will. Alas, Henry Milton might have been an eccentric individual, but he was rightfully the CEO of a fantastimillion business. He was surely lucid enough not to be involved with politics.
Wasn’t it just ironic, that another animalist had given Thomas and Celia the means to rebuild their life the way things were intended to? The means to buy enough stocks of the M.S. and start a real career.
From here, from the heart of the world’s financial power, they’d become a force to reckon with. From the Subsidiaries, they would climb up to the presidency of the Milton Industries.
And after that, they’d kick the ferret and every other flea-infested pet out of Babylon Gardens and remake the place as a new citadel for business. More money would flow, and the Milton name would be glorified!
Thomas inhaled deeply. Hmm, scent of richness.
Then he bowed and gallantly offered way to Celia. “Ladies first.”
“I like it that you kept your manners, brother,” Celia said, stepping in. Even her usually grim face had relaxed in a serene expression. She had already decided to let Thomas enjoy his toys and financial war –she wanted a place in the sun of the Highest Society. She would make sure that her next home would become a standard in Forbes’ articles. Italian fashion designers would beg her to sell her their best creations.
And maybe she would have ordered a nice set of gloves made out of the fur of those ferrets. Yes, a proper lady needed proper accessories!
“Where is the personnel?” Thomas asked, all of a sudden, looking around.
Celia stopped daydreaming and looked around in turn, not less puzzled. Where the heck was everyone? The offices were furnished, but there wasn’t a single terminal computer, not a phone, nothing electronic. Not even a cable or a lamp. The desk tops were naked like the walls. The place looked like it had just been built, waiting to be inhabited. The steps of the new CEOs sounded like the place was a cathedral.
“Thomas, this is the correct address, isn’t it?” Celia asked.
For a fleeting moment, the man hoped their limo driver had got the address wrong. Then his eyes went back to the writing on the glass. “Uh, I’d say it is.”
“It was a rhetorical question, you klutz! I mean, are you absolutely sure you didn’t*eep!*” both jumped at the new voice that boomed in that empty sanctuary
“Ah, Mr. and Ms. Milton! What a pleasure to meet you!” said a man wearing a gray suit. He was a podgy individual with a fast walk, he made them think of a fat ant. He had a merry look in his eyes and a sported thin-trimmed moustache. He quickly shook his guests’ hands –at least, his hand wasn’t sweaty. “Name’s Edward Thorn. Call me Eddie. I am your managing director. I am so happy to meet you!” His voice had a baritonal quality.
Celia wrinkled her nose at the smell of anise coming from his mouth. A dog could’ve end up drunk near this man. And she really hated the Pernod! “And what could we do for you…Eddie? No, wait, please answer a question first: Why the desert? Where are the employees, the machines?”
The podgy man opened the leather file holder he was carrying. “Oh, right, sorry. Here, you can find everything here.” He handed the file to the Miltons. At a glance, it looked like the Society’s balance sheet…
Thomas and Celia looked at the fiscal year’s balance. And they almost burst in tears, pale like chalk statues. “Wut?” Thomas chocked like a fish in oxygen debt. The wrinkles on Celia’s skin multiplied until they threatened to break her face. “...Zero?”
Eddie nodded. Curious particular, he didn’t sweat. “Yes, ma’am. But now that you bought all of those stocks, we will able to hire personnel and buy us some second-hand machines. You’ll see, in no time at all we may be able to end up the next fiscal year with some nice net profit! Or, at least with enough profit to keep ourselves floating.” He pronounced that statement as if he had proudly quoted the national anthem. Then he shook again his bosses’ hands.
Thomas and Celia didn’t even notice, they just stood there, like salt statues, mannequins. Dead.
Then Celia exploded. With no forewarning, she simply exploded. She grabbed her managing director by the tie as if she wanted to hang him and shook him like a butter churner. Her voice was something thrown up from the bowels of hades, a promise of eternal torments. “THIS IS THE MILTON SUBSIDIARIES, PART OF ONE OF THE GREATEST MULTINATIONALS IN THE GODFORSAKEN WORLD! BY NATURE AND MARKET LAW, IT IS NOT POSSIBLE YOU WERE AT A STEP FROM CHAPTER 11! WHAT DOES THIS CHARADE MEAN?!?!?!?!”
The glasses trembled. Eddie almost lost his face. The wrinkles in his suit were smoothened by that fury. Yet he kept his anise-flavored smile, as he answered, “Ah, well, I thought you knew it. This is a Bad Company of Milton Industries. A way to dodge the current crisis, you know…”
Celia wasn’t listening anymore. She let Eddie go. She was sure an ictus was about to strike her.
Thomas went to a window. Looking at the street below, he thought that, perhaps, jumping down like those guys in ’29 wasn’t such a bad idea after all…
Bad Company. Thomas had multiplied Martin’s money to buy a colossal sick branch! He had just settled a mountain of debts, without a penny saved, and now he and Celia would have to work themselves sick, not only to recover part of their loss, but especially not to end up in jail for the next 300 years in case their company bankrupted.
Or they could just run away and live off crumbles, perhaps working for the mafias…
Celia didn’t even have the strength to cry her eyes out. A part of her was actually admiring those two furry witches, Carmen and Dolores, who were supposed to bring their masters the info necessary for the buyout.
The ferrets had outweaseled them, all right!

Episode 7


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So many things happening...Those two got what they deserved. Hee hee, those ferrets. And then there's the bit with King and Sasha...oh goodness.

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Old habits are hard to break. Sasha's still as friendly as ever. ;3


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I hope sahsa won't miscarry. She doesn't deserve it.

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Episode 8 – Welcome Home
By Valerio

The Academy, Locke’s County

“Down! Keep him down! Por Dios, Athena! You were supposed to be strong!”
The husky whose lineage was descended directly from the legendary Iditarod runner, Togo, snarled back at the black Alsatian, whose muscles rippled with the effort as well. “Yeah? And what are you, wuss?! Man, is this pup stronger than one thought!”
The two big dogs were barely holding down a very, very, very furious Bino. The dog was thrashing and foaming as if had been possessed by all the demons conceived by Dante Alighieri. He was mostly incoherent, but when he managed to form actual words, it was something that couldn’t be repeated not even in front of an exorcist.
A ring of cadet dogs had formed around the scene, and Tobee and Sigmund were collecting bet money in pawfuls.
Among the spectators, Budweiser was moving his gaze from the rabid dog to the plasma TV set he had broken in half on his knee, like with a rotten wood plank. Truth be told, the drill sergeant was glad to see so much vitality in that pipsqueak; he was already planning a nice set of exercises for the next week.
The reason for this racket? A KPET newscast regarding the capture of the burglar dog known as Otis.
A feat for which the City Council and the community of Babylon Gardens had to be glad for to a corgi dog named King.
Lucky Charm Grove for the Abandoned and the Ferals, Babylon Gardens

“…and we gladly bestow you, King, with this medal of honor for your exceptional merits in solving this crisis.” Fido placed the blue ribbon around the corgi’s neck. King stared at it incredulously. The medal was gold, depicting a stylized German Shepherd head surrounded by a crown of laurels and under it the words Fortitudo et Fide.
An award. He had actually been awarded for…for something. Not some mystical bone for being a helpless pawn in a cosmic game. A real award.
King was simply too stunned to cry with joy. He moved his eyes to the K-9 unit, who saluted him sharply. For the first time in his life as a dog, he really felt a sense of camaraderie, of…respect.
Then his eyes moved to Sasha, who was almost hugging herself. And then to Fox, who smiled proudly at him.
Wolfram Blitzen walked to the LCG’s owner. Although, formally, the Director was Evelyn Sunman, a retired school teacher, the spotlight went to the Gardens’ richest man. And, honestly, Miss Sunman was just glad for small favors: she liked doing her job without having to deal with the media, while Martin was their best buddy.
“Mr. Foster,” asked the Norwegian Elkhound, “What will happen to the two dogs you brought here, now?”
Martin nodded. “Mr. Otis will be kept under lock and key. Although Police and the City Council ask me to apply the law to the letter and put him down, it is my firm belief that the Doberman can be reeducated, given time and patience. He was literally raised to be a burglar, he never knew any other life than this. He lived his life as a survivor. I will make sure he’s deemed fit for society, that is the purpose of this shelter. We are not an extermination camp.” He stared hard at the camera, as if trying to challenge the viewers at home to defy his will.
Then came back the more formal expression. “As for Mirai, she just started a cycle of exams and cures. She’ll be needing rest and food before she’s fit to go back home. As for the rest, she’s unhurt: in this, Mr. Otis has been sincere, he didn’t want to cause her harm. This says something for his good will. Any other question?”
Wolfram nodded. “Yes, Sir: sources inform us that King is actually a feral. As of feral, his owner disowned him. What will it be of him?”
“You’re fast on learning these things.”
“Thank you, Sir.”
“Anyway, King will be staying at this shelter since law requires it. I am pretty sure he’s going to find a family ready to adopt him in no time. After all, he *did* prove he’s a good, reliable dog.”
“Isn’t it the truth, Sir.” The Elkound turned to the camera. “From the Lucky Charm Grove, Wolfram Blitzen. Now to you, Renata.”
“Is it really necessary, Uncle Martin?” Fox asked, looking through the one-way glass while members of the ID staff took samples of King’s fur, a bit of blood for the DNA bank, pictures, and other embarrassing bioparameters.
The man, standing at the husky’s side, patted his shoulder. “It’s a necessary formality, my friend: I already challenged the authorities by keeping Otis alive, I don’t want to give them another angle to attack me.”
That didn’t help Fox feeling better. He looked down at his feet. “But, as a guest of your shelter, he can’t leave now.”
“No, he can’t. Sorry, boy.”
Fox nodded distractedly. Inside the room, the lab technicians had finished. They put the shelter’s special electronic collar around King’s neck, followed by the medal. The corgi walked out the room.
The door opened, and King ran to hug his best friend. Of all things, he surely didn’t look downcast. In fact, he was grinning like a wolf after a juicy deer. His eyes were gleaming. He yapped like a fox on pepsi. “Did you see it? Did you see it?! I’m a gawd-darned hero. Like that Peanut guy! They might even sign me for the Academy, after Bino has left of course!” he let out a joyful howl.
Fox hugged him back. “I’m so proud of you, buddy. It seems forever since you were a lonely, scared pup whining on those stairs in the snow.”
“Heh. True, but I still won’t sniff your butt.”
The husky rolled his eyes. “*Tsk*, promises, promises. And tell me, hero, now that she can’t hear you: how was a kiss from Sasha, hmm? Hmm?” He nudged repeatedly the corgi’s chest. “I’ve been told it was something!”
King went rigid and looked around, as if ears were growing out of the walls. “Are you effing crazy?! It never happened, and it will never happen, it’s only a ridiculous rumor!”
Fox was puzzled. The little guy wasn’t kidding or acting out of modesty. He was genuinely scared! “King, what..?”
King lowered his voice to an almost inaudible whisper. “Bino will tear the whole Gardens apart if he ever learnt about it, got it? If necessary, I’ll personally cut the loose tongues who’ll blabber about what happened. I like my fur attached to my body. Got it?”
Fox ruffled King’s head fur. “Hey, no need to go psycho over this. Sasha is still uberloyal to Bino, and that what happened with you wasn’t cheating. She can be like that, you know it. In fact, Bino spends most of his pocket money in sedatives, at Valentine’s Day.” Sasha was quite popular. It took her about three months to sort through all the gifts she received, and she took care to answer to each male with great enthusiasm –much to Bino’s discomfort.
“Yes, but already Bino hates me as it is. He’d be sure I am trying to steal his girlfriend and mother of their puppies.”
Fox shook his head, chuckling. “Oh, King. I didn’t ask you about the problems of life and love. I only asked you if you liked you first kiss from a girl. Is that hard to answer?”
“Ah… Well, honest to dog, it felt…it felt really…” he was turning tomato-head again.
What did you feel, King? Honest is the word, right? You weren’t born a dog, all you know, all you are, have been shaped by your former life, as a human. And so? In the end, even if for the fun of some cosmic nerds, you were given a second chance, like in a F. Capra movie. You could choose, boy, you and only you could say ‘doggie side’ or ‘ape side’! And you chose doggie. You knew what you were doing, right? And why did you choose doggie? Because all you wanted, all your life, was another chance, that’s why! No matter how hard animals made it on you when you were a brat, you liked them.
And now that Joel is gone for good, where does that leave you, boy? In a life where being a DOG is natural. And it’s perfectly natural that dog boys like dog girls. Sasha is a girl. You are not forcing thoughts over yourself, you are responding to your body. Let it be a first step. No one is asking you to fall in love and drool after all the girls you see, just take it a step at a time, all right? Going native doesn’t mean going wild! YOU will decide if and when the time for puppies, adorable German Shepherd/corgi puppies running around the house, while your body lays six feet under after Bino has had his say in the matter, comes. Now, just enjoy your new life, that’s an order, DOG!

Despite his inner resolution, King barely recognized his voice as he said, “I really loved it.”
Fox slapped him hard on the back. “Now, that’s the answer I wanted to hear! I was beginning you were without hopes, fella! Now you know what? I’m going home and ask Dad to adopt you!”
King felt an immense relief, both for the change of argument, and, most of all, for the great news! “Really?! You will?!” He was so happy, he wanted a tail to wag it until it fell off!
Fox nodded. “You bet it! Now that you’re a hero, Dad will be all too glad to have you around. And we’ll celebrate with more orange soda, drinking it on the roof top. What do you say?”
King grinned. “That you better get ready: this time I’ll outdrink ya, dawg!”
Fox turned to Martin and bowed politely. “Please, take care of him until I call, okay?”
Martin ruffled the husky’s head fur. “No need to say, boy: he’ll be treated like royalty. In fact, I think he’ll hardly want to leave, after he sampled the life here. So, you better hurry.”
Fox thanked one last time, before running away.
Martin turned to King. “Ok, you know the drill. Sorry for the special collar, but you know it’s mandatory. Don’t worry about the meals, they are real food.”
“Yeah, I know that. Listen, can I go see Mirai?”
The man shrugged. “Sure, why not? Just don’t upset her, she needs to rest.”
King nodded, then walked away.


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I don't know if it's good or bad that King won't embrace ALL aspects of being a dog. But I wouldn't sniff other's rear either if I were him .

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Lucky Charm Grove for the Abandoned and the Ferals, Babylon Gardens

“Miss Johnston? Good morning, this is Martin Foster from…Yes, it’s about your daughter, Mirai… No, ma’am I didn’t mean… Yes, I understand you have reason to hate Otis for what he done to your family… No, ma’am, I am not equipped for what you are suggesting me to do. Now, I called about Mirai… Yes? Are you sure? I see. I will e-mail you the form, please sign it and e-mail it back. Good mo—“ the line went dead with a sound not dissimilar from a gunshot’s. Martin jumped slightly. He placed the cordless on the charger, then leaned on the desk to, his chin resting over his palms.
Poor Mirai, she didn’t deserve this, too.

She didn’t deserve all this, poor creature.
King had found the pup sleeping in her bed. She looked so minuscule and fragile, he almost dared not breathing, for fear of waking her up.
One year old. A pup her age must know happiness, the unbridled joy of her parents, biological or adoptive they might be. Not be ignored by her humans, and then kidnapped and then fall sick.
A lifetime ago, Martin had brought home a female white-furred cat. She was no longer a kitten, but she was in such a bad shape, it had taken weeks just to clean her up and bring her to fit shape. More time to make her trust this family where the man of the house was drunk and violent five days a week.
Thinking back about it, King knew why she, Honcho and Ringo had become so bitter as to kidnap him. How could they see little Joel as their friend, when he had told them they were safe in a place where there was no safety? What could one become, abuse after abuse?
King caressed the little paw laying over the sheet. “I’m sorry, Sasha,” he whispered. He couldn’t tell the truth, especially after she had kissed him in gratitude.
He hadn’t gone to face that Otis for her.
He had done it for Mirai. Light’s mike was connected on an open channel to Keith’s and the other dogs’. And after hearing it all, King had decided to rescue her. She was an innocent soul, she was supposed to grow surrounded by love, not on the run.
Like him.
Another paw leaned against King’s. This new limb was almost transparent, its flesh made of an eerie blue light. Yet its touch was warm and infused King with a sense of comfort.
King didn’t turn to see the spectral white cat embracing him, but he heard her purr in his mind. She was happy.
King kept caressing Mirai’s paw. “I miss you, Helias. God, I miss you so much. I wish I would’ve understood you, instead of hating you.”
The hate of a lonely child, who felt he had been betrayed. Who had grown into a bitter, petty man.
Was he really a better…person, now? Everything was so different now, but if Helias could forgive him, then he could start healing himself.
Helping Mirai would have helped him as well. With the help of Fox.
Heh, he couldn’t believe it yet: he was really about to go living with him! All the times King had acted like a spoiled child, the husky had given him a shoulder on which to cry, had never stopped believing in him, pushing him on, the wind under his atrophied social wings.
It was really a brave new beginning, and in the meantime he was treated far better than he had ever hoped for.
What could possibly go wrong?
Lindberg house

“I’m not adopting him,” Bill said to a very, very, very surprised Fox. “And that’s it.”
“Otis?” the tiny voice startled him. The ghost vanished. King said. “He’s not here. We’re at the shelter, he’s in…another room.” What could he say? That Otis was in a nice cell, and he was to stay here for a long time while she’d go back to her uncaring family?
“Can I see him?”
Oh, crap! Not the Doc Kildare scene, please! King found himself saying, “Now you must rest, visits are not allowed. I…Ah, I was passing to see a friend and found you.” If you’re lucky, she won’t notice you’re going nonsense, boy…
“I remember you.”
King felt himself going on the very pale side. “Eh? Er? Oh…r-really?”
Mirai smiled. “You were talking with Otis. Did you tell him to come here? To help him?”
Et tu, Karma? Starting my new life with a brand new lie! “Yes, dear. Now he too is resting. He went a long way to help you.”
Her tail thumped gently on the mattress. “He promised we’d stay together forever and ever. He will protect me. You will protect me and Otis?”
King felt a lump in his throat. “I will, dear. Now sleep. Vet says you shouldn’t stress yourself.”
Mirai nodded. “I know. At home they all would tell me to stay quiet, that I am delicate…” She yawned, revealing a row of sharp, milky white teeth. “Tell Otis that I miss…him…” and she was asleep again.
“I will,” King whispered, then stood up.
He knew where to go.
Fox wasn’t the type to lose his temper. The few times he had gotten really angry could be counted on the fingers of a hand, one of them being when Bino had given a catnip bomb to King. After that cruel prank, King had physically hurt Bino. A lot.
But never, never had the cultured husky felt such a powerful hostility towards his father.
“What do you mean, you’re not adopting him?! Dad, King is homeless, he trusted me to help him, and I want to help him! You can’t be serious, he-he saved Sasha and that pup! He has a history of abandonment issues, it took all this time to help him to be a decent dog again, and now I should tell him he’s going to stay in another jail b-because…” He was stuttering, almost incoherent. Yet, Bill’s words found their way in his mind like daggers made of ice.
“Because there’s not enough money, Fox.”
Any other argument from the dog died there.
Bill was sitting on the couch. He motioned for Fox to join him. Reluctantly, the husky hopped up beside his Dad.
Bill sighed. “I’m really, really sorry for your friend, Fox, and God knows he deserves better than this. But money’s tight as it is. I am a cop, not a bank manager. I just couldn’t pay for the vet, the insurance, the food, the toys for three dogs, not to mention a thousand other things.” He rubbed one of the dog’s legs. “Son, do you want me to lie? Do you want me to tell you that everything will be fine if we adopt King?”
Fox’s shoulders shagged. He slowly shook his head, his voice a whimper. “…No.” One thing he had learnt to value, living with Bill: the truth. For how much unpleasant it could be, it wouldn’t vanish if one closed his eyes and said three times ‘it’s not true, it’s not true, it’s not true’. “But Uncle Martin pays for food and vet…”
“For a limited time. Not enough for me to save for a doggie lifetime. Fox, believe me, I know it breaks your heart now, but all you can do is to wait for King to find a nice family. He’s a hero, he’s a good dog, and he’s cute like a spot star. He’ll be out of that horrible, horrible shelter in no time, you’ll see.”
Fox chuckled. “Now you’re mocking me.”
Bill hugged his son tight. “Hey, you know he’s gonna be better off at the Grove than everywhere else. And I’m sure Uncle Martin will provide a ride for you so you two can meet whenever you want.”
Fox relaxed…or, at least, he tried to do his best to put a brave face. “I feel like I betrayed him, though. I’m sorry, but I didn’t know the finances…”
“Not your fault, okay, son? In your place, I would’ve done the same. Do you want me to explain it to him?”
Fox shook his head. “No. It’s my responsibility. I will tell him.”
Bill chuckled, squeezed him again, “You really like that little fella, eh?”
The dog blushed. “Since I first saw him, I felt like he was my little brother. I just felt I had to take care of him. And everytime I could see him smile, it was like the biggest reward. That’s why I never hesitated to beat up Bino whenever he pulled those cruel pranks at him: King does not deserve that from life.”
Sandwich house

“Hey, Lucky! Come to inaugurate my new swing?”
Grape Jelly Sandwich loved that tree, under which she and Peanut had spent so much time, reading, listening to music, or just sleeping, always together. It was a rare occasion when only one of them sat at the shadow of the thick branches.
To be honest, when winter came, it would happen more than once that Peanut went out just to enjoy sitting against the cold bark and catching snowflakes with his tongue –with the cold, Grape went into full indoor mode.
Her parents had hung by a trick rope a spare car tire from the shelter’s car workshop. It had been punctured to drain the water, and it offered Grape some distraction and a great scratching tool.
The malamute tried to smile at the lavender cat. “Really nice, congratulations.”
Grape sighed. She hopped down the swing. She wasn’t smiling anymore. She looked worried. “Lucky, I know that expression. You had it since the vet bill came. It’s that ‘I am a burden’ expression. What happened? Something to Fox or your Dad..?”
Lucky sat on the porch. He sighed heavily. The cat sat next to him, he almost didn’t notice her.
His ears flat, Lucky said, “Maybe I should leave my family.”


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With apologies ahead of time to valerio and whoever drew this picture... this is a joke I simply could not resist making. My apologies for it being an old joke too. x3


Oh Biney! Your neck is so... *snrk* *giggle* ...so SCRAWNY! *falls backward laughing out loud* How do you get enough blood flow to your brain with a neck that pencilly?! *laughs so hard she's crying*

*Bino glares at her*


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"...That’s why I never hesitated to beat up Bino whenever he pulled those cruel pranks at him: King does not deserve that from life.”

Beating your own friend is something I will never understand =?

I'm a bookworm!

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Too bad Bill can't adopt King, but I hope everything will end okay for him.

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Useless useful goof! Bino should have a brown spot on his back.

That remind me, anyone ever thought of making a caption contest?

http://valito.deviantart.com/ my deviant gallery, nope there's no housepets in it

Unless you like Lilo & Stitch, kinda wish to see the experiments in housepets style

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Sandwich House, Babylon Gardens

Built to fight against the harshest winter, strong enough to pull heavy-loaded sleds.
Looking at a full-grown male Alaskan Malamute, one would think such animals would be buff and strong enough to withstand a certain degree of physical punishment.
Wikipedia had still to update the voice about their limits, in this sense.
One of them had a name.
Lucky knew his housemate of a lifetime ago was a tough kitty. He just had forgot how much. And she had just helped him remember.
The malamute was rubbing his sore cheek. He was sure the slap he had just got had cracked his neck vertebrae. “B-but, Princess, why?!”
Grape was staring at him with fire in her golden eyes. Peanut would’ve known better than saying a word when she was like that. “First, I am no longer ‘Princess Periwinkle’. Not in public. Second, have you gone mad?”
*snik* Out came her sharp claws. Her voice lowered to an ominous tone. “Another ‘but’ from your mouth, and I’ll give you the Scar look, boyo.”
Lucky gulped down his words faster than he had thought them.
Grape placed a paw on his thigh. “*sigh* Lucky, you can’t solve problems by running from them, didn’t you learn anything?” She referred to that time he had tried to run from home because he felt jealous of her. He had gotten run by a car, and from there things had gone downhill. Their family was already going through a bad moment, and Lucky’s vet bill hadn’t helped. The poor dog had gone into a depression, feeling stupid and useless.
And, not much later, Grape had been abandoned to save on budget. Lucky’s destiny was not less favorable, though it came a few weeks later.
Both cat and dog had been of course severely traumatized. Both had known hunger like never before. Both still were haunted by the specters of their past. Grape kept in shape, but she also made sure she had enough food around at any time. And sometimes she still tossed around at night, when her demons would come visit her dreams.
Lucky’s condition were no different. Only, he interiorized them a lot. He couldn’t bring himself to speak about his demons, unless it was Princess he was talking with. And when he felt a problem incoming, he’d go into a state of total panic, which led him to say and do things he’d regret immediately later.
“But it’s not fair!” Lucky said, using the forbidden word. “Pr-Grape, I am the stranger in Fox’s house. King should be there, he’s been Fox’s friend since before I was adopted by Bill. King should not be kept out because of…of money issues. Because of me,” he added with a pitiful whine.
Grape rubbed his back. “Hey, silly dog, this is nobody’s fault. Things happen: no one could think King could be abandoned just like that, without motivation. It’s not your fault your Dad is not earning enough money to have his own pack, like Uncle Martin…or Mr. Arbelt. But Bill is also getting enough money to take care of you and Fox, and if I got it right, he’d be happy to help King if he could. Hm?”
Lucky found himself nodding. “Guess you’re right, as always.”
Grape chuckled. “The curse of being female. Now, stop having bad thoughts. If you don’t want to be a burden on your family, go to Fox and stay at his side. You're not a stranger to them: it's time you prove it.”
Lucky nodded. “I… yes, I’m such a dolt. Thank you, Princess.” He leaned to kiss her cheek. “Peanut is so lucky to have you—“ Then he remembered. He looked at her belly, beaming. “Say, did you and Alcor--?”
Grape blushed madly, as she petted her white patch of fur. “Yes. Now I must only hope that the visit will be positive, but I’m pretty sure everything went fine. Peanut will be so happy!” It was easier and easier to lie about the truth, that she was already bearing Peanut’s litter, but it still broke her heart to lie every time, especially to a dear friend such as Lucky.
Lucky hugged Grape. “I can’t wait to hear the good news, Princess!” he stood up and waved at her. “Now I must go. Thank you again and good luck!” He sprinted away.
Lucky Charm Grove for the Abandoned and the Ferals

A lifetime before, King had seen many, too many so-called ‘shelters’. Places where the best an animal could get was a cage in which to stretch his or her legs. Cages packed like so many boxes ready for shipment. Cargo waiting to find an owner, but the happy ending didn’t come often.
King’s stomach churned, at the memory of what he had felt, back then when he was the sourpuss wonder against the world: happiness. You belong where you deserve to be, animals. How many times he had thought that with a grim satisfaction?
I am a better person now.
But for how much he repeated it to himself, that sensation of being…unclean wouldn’t just go away. Still long was the way to deserve heaven.
But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep.
King shook his head. Now, why have I just thought that?! He shivered. He felt like an angel had just walked over his grave.
King, ol’ pal, you really need to get a life. Definitely, he had spent too much time between mystical plots, tormentors, fears and assorted paranoia. Now that he was going to live with Fox, his life would take the best turn. No surprises there, just clean fun!
Get back in tracks, pup! He admonished himself. It was easy to forget this luxury hotel hosted the guests’ room. Not boxes, not cages, not cargo.
Guests. With their rooms, their toys, everything a pet could ask for. It came as no surprise that the Grove’s animals were the most wanted in the adoption lists. Who didn’t want a clean, educated pet who also had gone to school?
The City Board had been all too happy, later, to get an agreement (not hard at all to convince martin, honest) with the Grove to move there their own animals when there was free space. An optimistic projection estimated to reduction of strays in the city of 30% in the next year. There were actually ferals who came to the Grove to seek help.
Martin said every one of them deserved a chance. Even the monster dogs did. King thought that was a bit exaggerated: Bino, for example—
Focus, I said!
King stopped in front of room 807. Would one believe it? 20 stories, 20 mini apartments per story, up to five adults per apartment, without counting the emergency bedding. Under normal regime, 2000 animals could be hosted at the Grove. It was staggering.
Sense of guilt could do wonder on a billionaire, King thought, regretting it a moment later. The corgi ringed the bell, then spoke into the interphone. “Otis? May I in?”
King decided he could ignore the attitude. As if you’re being original, flea-ridden brute!
“I’m coming in,” he said, opening the door…banging his nose against thin air! “Ow!” Then rubbing his sore truffle, he understood: no bars for this cage, but a solid plexiglass panel.
“Say, that was almost worth ending up here, shorty.” Otis was sitting on his bed, chuckling.
“Yeah, what a riot. Listen, Mirai awakened, and she asked for you.”
The Doberman’s ears perked up. “Is she fine?”
“Like a wet canary, but yes. She’s just tired. Did you know she has a health issue?”
*blink blink* went the other dog’s eyes. “What?”
“Yup. The reason they kept Mirai without much of a contact was due to her poor immune defence system. You wanted to rescue her, and you almost killed her, congratulations bub.”
If a dog’s body could deflate, Otis would have turned into an empty sack before the corgi’s eyes. “I… I thought…”
King leaned a paw against the plexiglass. “Yeah, and speaking of brain matters, unless you got a neutron powering yours, will you give a straight answer? Did you kill that human on purpose?”
The dog sat up rigid as if he had been whipped “No! I mean, I didn’t want to kill him. I knew he must have problems, because of the insulin. Dad explained me everything he knew about drugs, so that I would steal only those we needed, without harming anyone. But I was s-so angry at that guy, I wanted to make sure he learnt a lesson…” Otis deflated again. His eyes became glassy. Whatever spark he had had in them was now gone.
He had failed Dad. He had failed Mirai. He had killed a human.
Mirai was far better off without him.
King looked in disbelief at that process. “Hey, big fella… I-I’m sorry, okay? It was stupid of me, I have not the right to judge you. Please, that pup is asking for you, she needs you right now. She trusts you to be at her side. Otis?”
A hand placed itself on the corgi’s shoulder.
“He must deal with it, first,” Martin said. “Leave him alone.” The man closed the wooden panel.
King felt really sick, now. “Martin, I-I…” words wouldn’t come to him. And what could he say? He did want to throw it in that brute’s face. And didn’t he deserve it? He was a criminal, for Pete’s sake!
Why did it feel as if he had just been a superbully, then?
Martin sat on one of the benches that faced the parapet. The sun was low on the horizon, the air was cool. A light breezes ruffled hair and fur.
“His life as he knew it is over, King. Otis killed a human, no matter the reasons for that gesture. He will never be deemed fit for adoption.” He sighed. “But I didn’t create this haven to kill animals. No more ovens, no more needles. There have been enough ghosts already. I can barely accepting put a terminal creature out of his or her misery, but…not for this.”
King looked puzzled at the man. Martin kept staring at the sky. “I can still bend the law on this: Otis will never leave the Grove. For what society’s concerned, he’ll eventually die here. But of old age.” His gaze went down, towards the statue that marked the entrance to the village: a bronze Madonna surrounded by pets. The statue that had been erected over the ruins of the crematorium of the previous lager. “Nevermore,” the man whispered.
“And what about Mirai?” King asked. The pup had a family, yet the first one she asked for was Otis. It would break her hear to leave without him.
The man nodded distractedly. “She’s low on the adoption list. It happens with genetically sick animals, few people are available to take the risk of caring for a pet who’ll require more and more attentions, always. I guess she’ll have to stay here for some time, too.” He didn’t add, hoping she’ll live a long life. “When she’s fit, I’ll let her meet Otis. It’s not they’re going Thelma & Louise on me.”
King chuckled at the image of Otis driving an old car with Mirai waving a big hat and howling joyfully. He needed some humor right now. “Think Otis will be fine?”
Martin nodded. “He’s tough. He led a hard life and, despite his crime, he tried to make the best of it. Not his fault if he grew up with a crook as a teacher.”
“Aren’t you being a tad lenient, Mr. fuzzy love?” King asked, wanting to play the devil’s advocate.
Martin was nonplussed. “Am I? I sentenced a dog for life in this shelter. Well, though I do not condone what Otis did, killing him outright is not less an injustice. I am putting him in the condition of doing no more harm, it is in my right.” And his tone suggested that argument was over… Though a help was given by the ring of his cell. King liked the old ring tone. Fox’s phone had it too, a memory of a past, perhaps better time…
“Foster. Oh, yes, miss Sunman? Are the papers ready? Thank you very much.” Martin closed the connection and put the phone back in the pocket. He was smiling as he ruffled King’s head fur. “Looks like you found yourself a family, fella.”

The ride to King’s new home was uneventful. The shelter’s car brought him to destination in twenty minutes sharp. King had his medal and his new collar on. It was identical to the old model, but the corgi had wanted it so: after all, no matter the reason, Pete had put King on the new road, he owed that birdbrain that much.
The car stopped in front of Lindberg’s house. Fox, Lucky and Bill were on the porch, waiting and wagging excitedly.
King got down the car and ran fast as he could, almost pushing down the husky when they met. Lucky joined them in a group hug.
Bill went to the car, to help the driver unload the dog food he’d been given as part of the adoption agreement.
When a lot of doggie kisses came from both husky and malamute, King didn’t pull back. He squirmed and giggled, for once just being a happy dog.
“We made it! King, we made it! You’re one of the family now! Yayz!”
The corgi just let himself embrace by the sheer physical sensation of being surrounded by the two furry bodies. So long, so long since he could trust himself to such a degree of affection, being…loved. He was home, truly and forever home.
“Heh, did you have any doubt, stupid dog?” King asked/grinned.
<He had reason to,> said a too familiar voice. In his mind. King almost growled.
<Hi, Pete, how can I be of disservice?>
<Watch your mouth, avatar. Know that the human couldn’t adopt you, he had not the money. So, posing for the last time as Mr. Welshman, I granted him a hefty found for your maintenance, telling him how I was sorry to leave with such a short notice, and it was only fair that you lived with your friend.>
King gave a mental scoff. <Should I believe you? No, don’t answer that. Why this interest in my welfare, since you sentenced me to the shelter yourself?>
A pause. <I came to the conclusion I need you where you are now, not closed in the shelter, or with another family. You’re welcome.>
<Kitsune gave you some earful, eh?>
<We’ll meet again. Sooner than you think, mortal. Good bye.>The voice disappeared from King’s mind.
Lucky let go of his housemates. Fox said, “Now the party begins, buddy. I couldn’t inaugurate this new life together without one.”
King raised an eyebrow. “Whaddayamean? HEY!” he found himself lifted up and carried like a woman by her husband into their new house. “What do you think I am? Some damsel in distress? Leggo of me you fluffytailed son of—“ the moment Fox had stepped through the door, a big cheer erupted.
King was stunned by the sight of all those familiar muzzles from the GOD Club. There were confetti and ticker tape everywhere. All dogs wore a paper hat and toasted to King with a paper cup of orange soda. A large banner hanging from the roof read WELCOME HOME, KING LINDBERG!
“Cheese, you two!” said Bill. Fox turned, showing his best Sunday grin. King was still squirming and blushing in his arms. And it was in that position that they were captured.


Episode 8


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oh, and since due credits are due...
Wolfram Blitzen and KPET are (C) Thomas K. Dye, author of awesome "Newshounds"!


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Oh jeez x3


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Huzzah! He's home. :>

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I should have never doubted you! I'm sorry for that. You never cease to amaze!

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Season II
Episode 9 – Just a day in the life

Florence House, Babylon Gardens, 5am

Sabrina yawned widely, a part of her still hoping she was sleepwalking, but the knocking at the door wasn’t a dream.
“Coming, coming,” the black cat mumbled, shuffling her feet on the parquet. She opened the door –no human would show at her place at this ungodly hour, the ferals had learnt their lesson well enough, and there were only three pets authorized to show themselves without fear of retribution.
One of them being “Grape. Hi, what’s up?” Sabrina rubbed her eye, smacking her lips. “Sorry, Tarot and I had a long session with the Spirits yesterday night. How can I help you?”
Grape stood on the entrance, looking fully awake and anguished. Outside, a drizzle was starting to fall. “Tell me there are no drawbacks.”
That caught Sabrina’s attention. “Say it again?”
Grape entered, her paws clasping her shoulders. Sabrina closed the door. The lavender cat was actually shivering as if it was a cold winter night and not a cool springtime early morning. “Drawbacks. They will not start crawling up the walls, rotate their heads and spray pea soup, talk in ancient languages and found a secret order of which they all aspire to be the leader, possess people, haunt dreams, vote for an Italian politico? You know, I’ve started reading…stuff, on the net and after that ghost problem we had, months ago, I…I am having these nightmares…” She let herself guided to a couch. She sat, looking at Sabrina as if the black cat was her last hope. “Did I do a terrible mistake? Will they be fine?”
Tarot was coming down the stairs. She too looked ruffled like a straw doll. She went to the kitchen to fix some tea –Grape needed the comfort of kin, right now, it wasn’t the case to interfere.
Sabrina examined the poor female head to toe. “Grape, I assure you, no drawbacks.” She smiled. “Not like the one you mentioned.”
“Not helping. Say, have you decided to make it a sport? ‘Let’s keep Grape Jelly on tenterhooks’?”
Sabrina chuckled. “No, it served to distract you. Seriously, Grape, all mothers at their first pregnancy experience these fears, nightmares, insecurities. Okay, involving spirits doesn’t help, but these one are benevolent. Only the angry spirits, the ones with suspended issues can reveal themselves dangerous, but the ones that allowed you this miracle have fulfilled their purpose already. They are gone to a better place, and your litter is perfectly safe… And don’t do that face. If you didn’t believe me, you wouldn’t have come here to soothe your fears.”
Tarot came with the tea in three steaming cups. “This is a mix of herbs that will calm you and reinforce your immune system. Sorry, its meant to be taken without sugar.” She put the tray on the table, then sat on her chair.
Grape gratefully took the warm cup. She drank, finding the beverage both bitter and sweet, but pleasant. She put down the cup. “I’m sorry for disturbing. In fact, Tarot, I never thanked you enough for—“ she started looking around, noticing a thing she had escaped so far –especially because she had never been there, before, unlike Peanut. “Ah, is it my impression or…or the furniture looks like a Snow White set?” The whole house appeared big because all the furniture was pet-sized. A human living there could easily suffer from back pains after one hour. That was something not even Uncle Martin had done in his old mansion, excluding the room of his pets…
Tarot sipped some tea. “Oh, that’s because Mom doesn’t need to use furniture.”
Grape tried to make sense both of the words and the casual tone the Pomeranian was using. And they didn’t make sense…unless…
The cat closed her eyes. She didn’t want to scream. “When did she die?”
“About ten years ago,” Sabrina answered. “She invited us to share this place with her. It’s a good nexus for psychic energies.”
Grape put down her tea. “I think I’ll go back home, to sleep, dream of pleasant things and try to forget I ever came here. How’s that for you?” She left the seat, walked to the door. “Say ‘Hi’ to…No, I don’t want her to answer.”
Lindberg House, 7am

The vapor from the warm water fogged the mirror with a uniform layer.
The white-furred finger slowly traced a line, then another, until the phrase was completed: home sweet home
The face of a corgi appeared between those clean lines.
Home. No longer another temporary pod, a dirty den where to spend time between a lousy job and the other, not the horrible place where to wait for another beating from his father.
Home was a place where he was welcome and loved. Part of a family. Such a concept was a real novelty to him. A part of him still feared he could wake up and find himself a human, in a cell, in the company of inmates ready to get a piece of him for his crimes against pets…
But last night hadn’t been a dream, though King didn’t have a precise memory of the previous night. There was a party, that part he remembered well. Then there were the presents from the members of the GOD club.
Then he and Fox had gone upstairs, giggling like hyenas. What had they done? Oh, yes, they were quite drunk on soda, and they had started singing and howling at the moon, sitting on the rooftop. What a concert!
Also, that explained the bruise on King’s skull. The corgi winced when he brushed it –that crazy cat lady had a very good aim, but it had been worth it.
King sighed. He was home. Who cared if it was the same place where Officer Bill lived, that same cop who had arrested him, a lifetime ago? He was home, with Fox and Lucky. He was happy.
King brushed his teeth. He rinsed his mouth then flashed a vain grin at the mirror. “Rowr.”
King hopped off the stool then went out the bathroom.

“Good morning, buddy!” he chirped, entering Fox’s room…then sniffed the air. His nose wrinkled. “Ew, what’s this burned smell?”
Fox was sitting at his desk, working at his computer. A strand of smoke was coming from the case.
“Oh, I’m answering an e-mail Bino just sent. Apparently, someone twitted him about last night’s party.”
King went to the chair the husky was using and let himself helped to sit up in front of the screen. Reading the mail, King let out a whistle of admiration. “Wow, and here I thought that I had a big mouth.”
Fox tapped on the keyboard. He was a fast reader and a fast writer. It didn’t take more than a couple of minutes to complete his answer and send it. The corgi was amazed. “Why do I think I just saw you e-punch him?”
Fox held the smaller dog to him. “You’re family now, and it is time I put it in reading letters. Now, wanna get breakfast? Dad has gone to work already, so the kitchen is all ours.”
King rubbed his paw. “No need to say that again!” he chuckled, noticing the bump on the husky’s skull in the reflection on the screen. “Does it hurt? I don’t remember you getting hit.”
Fox brushed the bump and winced. “That’s because you were out and cold when the cat lady got me. I couldn’t imagine a slipper could be so tough.”
“Yup. Say, where’s Lucky?”
“Oh, wanted to go visit Grape. He’ll join us at the park, later.”
“Great! We got the keys to the kingdom then…” He frowned. “It just came to me: why were the GOD guys so nice to me? I mean, no one called me names, played practical jokes and the such. Weren’t they the loyal followers of the fuehrer?”
Fox nodded. “They are and I’m sure they’ll run to him as soon as he’s back. But you know how pack mentality works. If the leader is a jerk, everyone follows suit. Now that I’m the boss, they’ll be good doggies, so enjoy while it lasts.” He kissed the corgi’s head fur. “Omelette with ham and cheese? Bet you never tasted it.”
King got down the chair. “Omelette be it then.” He ran down the stairs, laughing, his soul free of burdens.
Hunter’s Academy, Locke’s County.

Dear Bino,
It is not easy for me to answer to your latest e-mail, and I hope you won’t smash the computer after reading this. Honestly, I would like to see you successful at The Academy, not expelled on disciplinary grounds again.
This said, I must make it clear, so I won’t repeat myself: You appointed me President pro tempore of the GODC, and this means that while you’re away I am in charge. And, as President of the Club, it is my duty to throw a party in celebration of its best members, and King is such.
He saved a puppy’s life, he saved Sasha’s (your wife, remember?) life, he contributed to the arrest of a dangerous feral. He deserved his award, he deserves to be a member of the Club, he deserved a party. A party that I also threw to welcome him in my family.
I heartily suggest you to accept the fact, Bino, that King is my friend and my brother now. Dog knows I do not want to lose your friendship, but if you’ll force my paw, I’ll let you to your own devices. And if you ever try one of your pranks on King again, or if you’ll harm him…
Now I’ll leave you to your work. You must have a lot to do. I’m sure you will make us all proud, after all. You have proved that when you put your efforts into something you believe then you can work miracles. We all know the Club wouldn’t exist without you. Everybody is waiting for you to show your best colors.
Good job and good luck.

Bino was seething.
Well, looking at him, one wouldn’t have said it. He looked so…immobile.
His eyes were reading the words on the screen, but they also were distant, as if the mind couldn’t register the words’ meaning.
Bill had adopted King.
Not a hoax, not a dream. That no-good doer of a shorty was part of Fox’s family.
Fox was in danger, Bino was simply positive about it. His friend had been duped, had fallen for it hook, line and sinker!
And Bino couldn’t let such an injustice pass, nossir, no barking way!
He must ask for that favor to Tobee. The whizkid owed him, and he better obey—
“I see someone likes to break the rules,” a familiar voice said behind him. Bino tried to snap his phone shut, but Budweiser paw’s was faster.
The drill instructor examined the screen. “Hm-m. I see.” He closed the phone and tossed it back to Bino. “And I also see you were checking your email and tweets outside the allowed time. You got guts to challenge the rules, and I admire guts.”
Bino gulped. Somehow those words sounded more threatening than a death sentence.
Bud nodded. “Sure, let’s talk about it while we take a run together, hm?”
It had started to rain hard. Bino promised to himself that King would pay for this too!


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Same old Bino. He's too young to be in the "can't teach an old dog new tricks" category. He'll be chewing on his vest again in no time.


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I loved Fox's e-mail, while I hated Bino even more.

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Aw, crap! I don't remember where I left off!

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Post Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread
Russiarules1 Wrote:
Aw, crap! I don't remember where I left off!

You can start from the first post in THIS page

have fun, tovarich! :mrgreen:


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Post Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread
Hunter’s Academy, Locke’s county, 8am

“Why did you join the party, cat lover?”
The rain was a thick sheet that blurred the eye, covered the world, soaking one to the bones. The sky was an iron sheet swelled with dense clouds, There weren’t even thunder or lightning. Just rain, rain…and mud. The luddites who think our ancestors had a great life without tarmac roads must think our ancestors also got wings.
Running in the muck was like running in an endless quicksand pool
At Bino’s question, Peanut answered with a panting smile. “I didn’t want you to get all the fun, of course.”
Bino rolled his eyes. A witty Peanut! Where was the world going to? Well, it was true Peanut loved romping in the water when it rained. Many times he had caused a fuss at the Club, going out and coming back all wet and stinking of wet dog! And since there were no body towels available, every single time he shook himself dry it was as if it had just rained in! Bino was sure that the old Clubhouse had started to get moldy because of that stupid cat-loving mutt! Bino should have expelled him of course, he had, but his stupid good-doer big brother had opposed and everyone loved Fido of course just like everyone loved that invader from outer space King and King had just stolen his best friend Fox he had just stolen the sweet glory Bino deserved and then he’d steal Sasha and their pup Bino had to do something to bring ‘em all back in place at the cost of sending them all to the pound to teach ‘em discipline and—
Budweiser’s voice snapped him out of those reveries. “Whatever you’re thinking, cadet, keep it going, fuel it. It gives you real grit. Baddies will run away screaming like girlies when you look at them like that.”
Bino tried to bask in Bud’s praise. That evil version of Peanut had made it a point to speak true, not to make up his arguments. “How come you’re just wet, Bud?”
It was true: Bino and Peanut looked like mud zombies. Their fur had gotten quite heavy with rain and muck, getting some under their vest too. Budweiser didn’t even have his vest on, and yet the only thing that his fur had gotten so far, during this run in the woods track, was water. He looked odiously clean!
The drill sergeant didn’t even turn his eyes as he said, his wind unfaltering, “Bud is the fifth Rider of Apocalypse, Bud can climb Mount Olympus, Bud can kick Chuck Norris’ butt! I was born and the sky trembled. You two were born and sky had a merry jolly laugh! I captured thirty-seven baddies with my teeth and claws, you will be lucky if you can catch Tweety! Think you feel all dirty, now, cadet? You didn’t go on night shift in the city slums for two weeks, on a garbage men strike! Now, was that pride I heard rumbling in your throat, or is still that you miss your boyfriend back at the Gardens?!”
Remembering Fox, remembering that cruel e-mail he had just gotten, Bino growled, yes, but also mumbled another very, very filthy curse.
Bud stopped all of a sudden. Caught by surprise, Bino and Peanut tripped and fell with their face in the mud. When they raised their gaze, dripping brown, their ears plastered to their skulls, Budweiser was looking at them with eyes like a dragon’s.
“You were talking with me, grunt?” Grunt, not ‘cadet’. Pain ahead. “You were lacking respect to a superior, by very unfortunate chance?”
In a lucid hallucination moment, he saw himself sitting on a nearby tree, chipping a big log to make a cross with his name and the words Here Lies Stupid Dog. That hallucination waved happily at his muddy self, then went back to work.
But the irrational side of Bino decided he had had enough beating for one day’s work. He had had enough of The Academy, he wanted to go back home in shame, but ready to become exact sweet vengeance!
The other Bino was whistling merrily while he was digging up the grave adorned with the now-finished cross.
Bino cleaned his muzzle and got up. He walked until he was nearly touching Bud’s muzzle with his. “I was talking to you, Buddy! Gimme a chance and I will challenge you to the rank of pack leader! I will make slippers with your fur and then I will burn this whole stinking place down like effing Ol’ Atlanta!! Buddy!”
The hallucination had developed. Now Fox, Rex, Boris and Yeltsin were there, dressing black funeral collars, shaking sadly their heads. Sasha was playing Mozart’s Requiem on her Peanut-piano. With a last scoff, King and Tiger each threw a rose in the grave.
Budweiser…smiled. A thunder rumbled somewhere in the sky. “I see. Nice try, grunt, nice try. Perhaps you even hoped I’d maim you so hard that you would spend the remaining time here whining in a nice, comfy bed with your boyfriend cuddling with you.”
“Fox is not my—“
“ENOUGH, YOU INSIGNIFICANT FLEA-BAG!!” That wasn’t by far the worst he had called them, but it surely chilled Bino’s blood. By now, even the stubborn hound had understood he was in it like a mafia victim in the concrete.
Bud pointed at the ground. “Now, down, pup! Give me 50 push-ups in the shortest time possible and I may consider letting you live till tomorrow. And since you decided to join your little brother in this nice picnic, grunt,” he said to Peanut,” you too will do nice 50 push-ups. Down!”
Peanut promptly obeyed. It was quite hard to find a portion of solid ground, but after their wrists had sunk low enough, there it was. Peanut smiled encouragingly at Bino, who tasted even more bitter resentment at the words ‘little brother’. Bino decided he’d develop a plan to get rid of Grape first, then the cat-lover would follow!
Before the two dogs could start their squat, Bud laid over and across their backs!
“Thought I wanted to make it easy for you, sweeties?” He almost chirped, and that sounded really chilling. “I want you to work in synch. If I feel you faltering or unsynch, I will add 50 more push-ups. Got it?”
Both dogs looked at each other, then grinned. For once, they had a common enemy, and that united them. And when they started doing their physicals, both said in perfect synch, accompanying each push-up, “Drop. Dead. Buddy!”
Byron House, Babylon Gardens, 9am

“I don’t wanna! You can’t make me!”
“Tiger *grunt* you can’t goin’ on like *hrrgh* this! Come *nnnngh* on!”
Tiger was not a coward at heart, quite the contrary. Being mocked all his life for his catlike name had turned him into a very volatile-tempered canine. It was easy enough to mock him…if you kept yourself at a safe distance and with some muscle behind you.
That is why it was rather unusual to see him so…reluctant, to say the least, to approach a house. Only the wolf cubs had managed to put true fear in his heart, so far.
Sasha had just deserved herself a place in the hit list –literally, since it had been her who had recently struck Tiger in the head to steal his chest of munchies treasure. Munchies she had given to the dog burglar, Otis, in a misguided gesture of friendship.
In other circumstances, with any other dog involved, said action would’ve spelled real trouble and back to obedience school for one year.
In the case of Sasha, her new owners had taken Fido’s words that it wouldn’t repeat itself.
And it had also granted her a new degree of respect among the male canine population: a girl with such an unexpected tough vein deserved to be looked with new eyes!
Tiger surely had learnt his lesson the first time. He’d rather scamper in a corner than facing the might of Sasha! “I already forgave her, I swear! A greeting card for Christmas will do! Zach, please, I know you hate me but this is cruel! Get me to the vet if you want to punish me!”
Zachary the rabbit and Marvin the cat were pushing the reluctant dog toward Sasha’s place. The pitbull’s feet were furrowing the asphalt with a crackling noise.
The door of Byron’s house opened, and out came Sasha, paws clasped on her belly.
Tiger jumped into Zach’s arms, teeth chattering.
Sasha appeared downcast. Her ears were low like her tail, and her lips pouting in sorrow. “I’m sorry for hitting you, Tiggy.”
Tiger tried a smile/grin, but he kept clinging at the rabbit. “Hehe, nothing to worry about, dear, honest to dog! My fault for letting out of the house all of that stuff, too much of a temptation! What can I do for you? I am sure I saved some coconut biscuits…”
Sasha beamed. “Really?! I love coconut! But I wanted to give you something in return for what I took…” she turned and disappeared for a moment in the house.
‘?’ went on Tiger’s head, who dismounted. He approached the threshold, in time to bump against the sack Sasha was carrying.
“Here,” she said. “I saved them from last Valentine. Hope you like them.” She opened the sack, revealing… Preserves, chocolates, candies, biscuits, chewtoys, jerky beef –it was as if Tiger’s treasure had multiplied with the interests!
Tiger’s eyes trembled, while he stared at Sasha with the puppylike gratitude. “Marry me,” he said…then he frowned. “Hold it. If you had all this stuff with you, why did you have to steal mine?”
Sasha wagged. “Because I always heard the other dogs at the Club saying you needed to put yourself on a diet, silly.”
Marvin and Zachary chuckled, nudging each other. Tiger just took the sack, fuming. “And for your information, lady, I am going to lay Claymores around my precious, this time!”
Sandwich House. 10am

“Hi, Princess!” said both cat and dog, a red tabby and an Alaskan malamute, respectively, both with paws clasped behind their backs, both grinning widely from the threshold.
“I’m not--*sigh* nevermind,” said Grape to Lucky Lindberg and Felix Marsh. “Hi there, guys.” For how much she couldn’t like be called again Princess Periwinkle, the lavender cat was always happy to meet her only friends from her old life. “Are you planning some mischief?”
The two males looked at each other. “Are you planning a mischief, Lucky?”
“No, Felix dear, why would I?”
Grape’s eyes widened. “Guys, I already have to stand Antares and Aldebaran doing that thing. Please, of all people you spare me.”
Felix bowed gallantly. Since he had watched the Shrek movies, he had decided his hero was the heroic puss in boots, and Pridelands be gone! “My dear,” he said in his best Bandera’s imitation. “You are a lady expecting, you need your chevaliers to take care of your needs. We are here to make the best of your time and to obey every whim you’ll bestow on our humble furs.”
Grape posed regally before her subjects. “In this case, my loyal friends, I have a request. And I may need just your muscle and charme…”


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Post Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread
Well, that took a while to catch up on. I always do enjoy your fic. Nothing but a few grammar mistakes and messing up expressions.

Peanut seems to be enjoying the academy.Very good!

King and Bino are going to have a row over Sasha, I just know it! :lol:

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Post Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread
I have some idea of what Grape wants. :D
It'll lead to chaos!

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The Bigglesworth mansion, Babylon Gardens, 10am

“I guess you never met them before,” Grape said, knocking at the door. She turned her head to her chaperons: the malamute Lucky, and the red tabby Felix.
Both pets shook their heads. “Are they dangerous or something?” Lucky asked, frowning. Despite having passed years since he lived with his old housemate, he was still very protective of her, especially now that Peanut was away at the Academy and she needed someone to watch over her.
“Er, no. They are…original. I need your presence to distract them, that’s all” She knocked again, while behind her the others shrugged in puzzlement. “Where the fur did they go? I know that they’re at home at this hour.”
The door opened.
“You rang?” asked/grumbled the immense feline figure in a butler suit.
“Frankencat!” shouted cat and dog, almost losing their fur. They tried to run away, but where pulled by the tail by a pair of arms sticking from the suit’s waist. Grumbling, the Bigglesworth-creature dragged the terrified pets down the hall. “Guests,” he said. He let go of Lucky and Felix.
Of course, the trio’s attention was suddenly on the Bigglesworth in an old fashioned suit, standing on his head while reading a newspaper. “Ah! G.J., what a pleasure and a honor! I was just reading that Mom lost 50% of her stock investment value, and we may end up moving nearby the old cemetery!”
“And…is that a good news?” Felix asked.
“Of course! Lots of resurrection chances, there! Care to join me in the reading, G.J.?”
You’re doing it for Joey, you’re doing it for Joey. And Grape must still decide if that was a good idea: What with all his particular interests, it couldn’t take a ‘normal’ pet to get the poor dog out of his shell.
But Grape had promised him to fix him a date and she wouldn’t back up now. “Sorry, I am expecting and—“
At those words, BiggleGomez jumped and stood up. “By jove, if that is not the greatest news I heard since I stroke that deal on Giza with ole Tut! But tell me, dear, what can we do for you? Need to get rid of the inconvenient father? MOM!"
A hatchet flew at a whisker’s breadth from the muzzles of Felix and Lucky, ending its trajectory against the wall with a ‘thunk’ that didn’t leave doubts about the blade’s steel. Dressed in old rags, GrandMama B came in chuckling like a hag. “Missed! My eyes are no longer the same.”
“Because you got them at the discount, mother,” Gomez B said. “Next time, we go to the hospital’s obituary.”
Felix and Lucky had fainted.
“But my ears are still good,” said the cat. “So, Grape dearest, you want to get rid of the biological father and keep the dirty secret under six feet of dirt?”
“Mama, please,” said a Bigglesworth dressed in a very tight black dress that hid even his (her?) feet. “I am sure Grape does not need your help to do a job that she can do anytime with her own hands? Isn’t that so, dear?”
Before Grape could answer, Gomez said, “Ah, just like Uncle Tethanus! He so loved to fix things the old ways of nature! Got maimed by a wolf pack, really messy, but natural to the end.”
“Please, sit down,” Morticia B guided Grape to a couch. “Enough light, dear?”
“Yes, thank yo—“ she saw then that the bulb was attached to the mouth of a Bigglesworth wearing a black dress that made him look like a walking barrel. “Listen, can we just talk? I needed to discuss an important matter regarding a friend.”
Lucky and Felix were just coming to. Morticia B sat down in front of Grape and said, “But of course, dear. Mind if I smoke?”
“To be honest, yes, I’m—“
The cat had already crossed her arms and actually started smoking! Thick grey tendrils came from under her (his?) dress.
Felix and Lucky fainted again. Gomez B said, “Lurch, bring them to the Kitchen! Tonight we feast!”
“NO!” grape shouted. “Ok, let’s get to the point, Mister B. Do you know Joey?” she explained the situation. “This is the deal: a date with him, no pranks, no guys in place of girls. You give him hope for the future, I’ll pay you in goods. Your pick. Fail, and I will give your hairs, all of them, to the real Fester as additive to his catnip.”
Gomez B picked a chocolate cigar and stuck it in his mouth. “A challenge. Romance. Passion. A young, tormented soul in dire need of love! Interesting! We’re game!”
“Really?” Grape thought it was too easy.
Gomez B produced a handwritten paper, handed it to his guest. “The date goes well, you get us that stuff, and don’t mind the price: you got the rich Uncle, right? The date goes very well, meaning love triumphs and we’re even. Failure is not an option.”
Grape took the paper and examined the list. Yes, she better hope the date went very well, or even Uncle Martin would’ve frowned at the cost.
Lucky Charm Grove for the Abandoned and The Ferals. 12am

“Otis, you got visits,” Martin Foster said.
The Doberman was sitting on his bed, like he had done most of the time since he had been imprisoned for his crimes. He was to spend the rest of his life in the shelter, but he frankly didn’t care. He was alone, now. He had failed everything in his life, had—
His head snapped up. “Mirai?”
And she was there, in the man’s arms, clinging to his neck, but alive and well, looking healthier than ever with those big, trustful eyes!
“Patch…” he said, as he had dubbed her due to the patchwork of fur colors. Martin put the one year old pup down, and she run to him. She jumped in her lup and clung to him for dear life. “I missed you so much!” She cried in his belly fur. “At the clinic, I wasn’t allowed visitors, and so I called your name in my thoughts, hoping you’d hear me! I prayed so much for all of us! Don’t leave me pleasepleaseplease!”
His strong arms embraced her, making her tiny body disappear, save for the patch of head fur and the ears. “I won’t leave you, Patch. Remember? Best buddies.” You’ll have time to grow up, understand things and hate me, but for now please, whoever is listening, please let her be my friend.
Martin sat next to Otis. “You both are properly vaccinated and in good health. I see no problems in leaving you together. But I have to respect protocol, big boy.” He ruffled the Doberman’s head. “Whenever you’ll get out of this room, you’ll be accompanied by our security.”
Otis nodded, grimly, though he understood it.
Mirai looked at her hero with puzzled eyes. “Why do we need to be escorted?”
This time, Martin tickled her behind her ears –and by the way the Doberman just reacted, going more rigid, his eyes wary, the man was sure of his genuine protectiveness of the pup. “Because your hero is an important dog and you too are an important pup. I just want to make sure you’re both safe at all time.”
“*giggle* But Sir, Otis is the strongest doggie in the whole world!”
Otis nuzzled the pup. “Hey, Patch, don’t worry. Now that we’re in a new home, we must follow Dad’s rules. Right, Dad?”
Martin nodded. “Call me Martin: Everyone does, here. And yes, little Mirai, new house new rules. There are a lot of friends to play with and lots of things to do. And there is also a school, so you can study and learn a lot of things.”
“A school?” the pup’s puzzlement lasted a second, before being replaced by a burst of joy. “Cool! I never went to school. It’s like the humans school? With my desk and my pens and my bloc and books?!”
Martin nodded. “Everything accounted for, little one. You’ll start tomorrow. Now you and Otis just go out and enjoy your home.” Martin handed the Doberman a paper. “A note regarding the house rules, mister.”
The printed paper read, The guests do not know what you have done, save for the burglary. And no one needs to know. The guests have been informed of Mirai’s condition, so don’t worry for her safety, though I preferred to err on the safe side and add an escort to her benefit. Don’t mess this up, mister, I am extremely intolerant when it comes to pups. Have fun!
Otis nodded and handed the paper back to the human.
Martin put the paper back in its pocket then turned to the door and said, “You may in, dear.”
Otis wondered who the escort could be: surely some bully good-doer, hovering over him like a vulture, ready to stuff his head with what was forbidden to do—
“Otis, Mirai, meet your chaperon: Colombina.”
She had very, very little of the ‘pigeon’ her name suggested. In truth, she was a colossus among dogs. Jet black fur, a chest that could stop bullet, not an ounce of fat. Poor Otis felt as if he was a dwarf in front of her. But that was the effect the Tibetan Mastiff had on most pets.
Mirai was amazed. “You’re so huge!” Then she wagged happily. “Will I become as big as you, Colombina?”
“I just hope so, princess,” the mastiff answered with a nice smile made of teeth like daggers.
Otis gulped nervously.
The Academy. 3pm

Peanut and Bino made it back to the sleeping quarters only by hanging to each other. It must have been the very first time Bino ever allowed Peanut to touch him, even less help him, but he was definitely too tired to object. Plus, if he wanted to live long enough to have a word with the more accursed King, he needed to be alive. And he felt much, much dead right now.
Athena and Hannibal went to grab the two dogs, right on time. The poor souls collapsed in their arms. Peanut’s and Bino’s bodies were almost completely covered by mud at various stages of drying. Their furs cracked with each step.
“The shower!” Athena said to Sigmund. “Open the water, birdbrain!”
The Weimaraner ran to the bathroom and did as instructed. A few moments later, Bino and Peanut were laid down under a jet of warm water.
“What the fur happened?!” Athena asked, while trying to rinse Peanut’s fur. Bino was receiving the same treatment by Hannibal and Sigmund. “You were supposed to be out no more than one hour!”
A weak smile appeared on Peanut’s lips. “Heh. At a point, Bino started insulting Bud. Called him ‘Buddy’. Then Bud ordered us push-ups in the mud. Then Bino said other naughty things. Then Bud ordered more pushups, then I too said bad words…” he found the strength to chuckle. He was shivering all over from the recent effort.
“And why do you find it funny, perro loco?”
“I…I never insulted anyone. It’s…funny…” he chuckled again.
“Must…admire you, cat-lover,” Bino said. “Buddy surely didn’t…expect that…” he extended his arm to Peanut. The other dog answered. They had the time to hi-five weakly, before they collapsed in a deep slumber, their paws still tied.
“You should learn to be friendly like these two,” Athena said to Hannibal.
Lindberg house. 6pm

King knew things were going bad when a human listened to the phone without telling a word for more than 2 minutes.
Bill’s face and posture didn’t help. He was nodding from time to time since he had gotten the call. His face was even stonier than usual, if that was possible. One could have broken diamonds on it.
Fox hadn’t spoken a word, looking in apprehension at his Dad.
Both Lucky and King really hoped it was not a financial problem, or some dark side of Bill’s life. They both couldn’t stand it, they already suffered enough with their old families, to—
Bill hang up the receiver. Without turning, with an icy voice, he said, “That was my sister. Her farm, our family’s farm, was hit by a tornado.”
“Oh, Dad…” Fox hugged him. He had spent so many good times there, when they both went to visit his family. “Are they OK?”
Bill hugged his son back. “Yes, they are. They were at a fair when the thing hit. Bailey is safe too… But now they need help.” He placed his big hands on the dog’s shoulders. “They will have it rebuilt by next year, but in the meantime they need to split. We’ll have a part of them here. Is that okay with you? And I mean you two, too.”
It was funny to think of it, but King was sure that Bill was actually asking for his dogs’ permission. The corgi found himself nodding, imitated by Lucky.
Fox said, “We’ll do our best to help, Dad.”

Episode 9


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Post Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread
Oh my goodness. I know EXACTLY where you got that last part from.

Bino and Peanut getting along. Rather cute. :>

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Post Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread
I feel sorry for Bill's family. But does that mean Bailey is comming?

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Post Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread
angelusbr Wrote:
I feel sorry for Bill's family. But does that mean Bailey is comming?

*whistling* now, what makes you think that? :roll:


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Post Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread
Btw, gonna first write episode 10, then, in case, take a break before introducing bailey in #11. Would be not wise to write ahead of this epic canon arc ;)


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valerio Wrote:
Btw, gonna first write episode 10, then, in case, take a break before introducing bailey in #11. Would be not wise to write ahead of this epic canon arc ;)

Alrighty! Your recent update rate has been phenomenally fast. Can hardly keep up :P

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Season II
Episode 10 – Marriage of Conflicts

Sandwich House, Babylon Gardens. 7am.

“Grape Jelly Sandwich!”
The lavender cat, who was leaning like a rag doll against the chair by her desk, was startled awake. “Gak! Mom, you want to give me a heartache or what?!”
Jill Sandwich, wearing her bathrobe that still managed to hide her swelling belly, petted her daughter’s back. “You may be a grownup, now, child, but you still should take more care of yourself, especially now that you too are waiting. What was the idea, spending the night on the chair?”
Grape sighed and blushed. She purred at the touch of her mother –no matter how she loved her mate, she’d always have a special place in her heart for her parents.
Grape touched her belly. “I’m sorry, little ones. Mom’s waiting for Peanut to connect from the Academy. I just…don’t want to miss a single minute.”
“I can understand that,” Jill said, her hand going up and down her cat’s spine. Grape’s tail went rigid in pleasure –hmm, she SO needed that. She needed someone to give her some cuddles, she was going crazy without. Heh, if she asked Joey the poor creature would explode. Maybe Lucky…
Hmm, funny. First name coming to her mind was a dog’s. She allowed herself an indulging smile. Jellybelly, you’ve really changed, you naughty girl.
Or, Maxie? Yes, Maxie deserved to treat her. Hadn’t it been for him, she wouldn’t have had the courage to tell herself her heart belonged to Peanut. OK, although it wasn’t in Maxwell’s intentions to help her in that sense.
“Mom?” Grape asked, still staring at the Cat’s Eye screenshot, waiting for the connection to start.
“Yes, child?”
“Will be their numerous? Will you like to have many kittens around the house?”
Jill kissed Grape’s cheek. “The doctor will be needing a bigger screen to show your litter, you’ll see. And put away certain thoughts: Earl and I can’t wait to be grandparents. Our baby will grow up and play with his many brothers and sisters. And you and Peanut will be the best fuzzy parents in the neighborhood.”
Grape hugged tight her mother. “Thank you.”
Jill let her go. “I’ll fix breakfast. You come down whenever you want. Now have fun, girl. Say hi to Peanut for me, will you?”
Grape stuck out playfully her tongue at her. “Will try to remember.”
Jill answered in mock indignation while she went to the door. “What did I do to deserve such ingratitude?”
The door just closed, before the connection came to life. A second later, the sweetest call sounded through the speakers. “Graaaape!”
The cat fought back the urge to hug the screen that showed her beloved dog. “Peanut! Love, you look so gorgeous!” He surely was on his way to had some buff to his figure. She also fought back the urge to cry with joy. “I missed you so much, nutty.”
“Missing you too a lot, Jellybelly—Gak!”
The poor dog was playfully assaulted by two dogs Grape didn’t recognize: a beautiful Weimaraner and a red-eyed minipinscher that looked like a tiny Kevin. “Hello to you, Grape girl! I remember this loverboy here kissing you at the bus stop! Are you being a nice lady?”
The small dog was jumping like a rabbit in front of the screen. “He always talks about you he just will spend his free time looking at your picture it’s a nice picture by the way and he challenged Athena and Bud when they mocked his feelings and Bino too defended him!”
That took the cat by surprise. Grape frowned. “Bino defended Peanut?”
“I told you he’s not really a bad dog!” Peanut said.
“You’re lucky to have him,” Athena said from the screen. “This guy lives and breathes for you.”
“Don’t I know it…” she whispered
The husky introduced Peanut’s classmates, then dragged them away. “No eavesdropping, you bunch. Now let’s leave them alone.”
Grape was positive they were still somewhere in the room, listening, but she didn’t care. She touched the screen with a finger. Funny, she wanted to say so many things to him, keep him updated on the latest in the neighborhood…instead she just found herself looking at him, drinking in his image. Heck, she thought she could even smell him…
And Peanut was doing the same, ‘touching’ her finger, his nose quivering in her ghost scent. “I love you, Grape.”
“I love you, Peanut.”
“Are they…fine?” he asked, looking at her belly.
She nodded. “Everyone is covering me with attentions, here. I get to sleep with Mom, she says this is a special girls thing. When we feel like eating the strangest stuff, Uncle Martin gets it for us at the weirdest hours. I think he threatened with death a pizza boy for delivering one minute late, once.”
Peanut giggled. “I can imagine it. What pizza was that?”
“Anchovies and oysters.”
Peanut made an ‘urrk’ face. “You know I will not kiss you if you say that again!” retching sounds in the background.
“Hey, love your cat, love her taste for fish…” Then she remembered. “Oh! Almost forgot it! Alcor and Mizar get married, today!”
Peanut jumped. At once, all of his classmates, save for Bino of course, crammed in the screen. Clementia the cat was almost weeping. “What do you mean ‘married’?! Prince Sabatho can’t get married to a dog!”
“That gorgeous lady can’t get married to a cat!” Sigmund howled with a note of despair. “Please, tell me it’s not true!”
“They saw the pictures,” Peanut said.
“That’s ubercool I never saw a pet marriage can we can we today we don’t do physicals and don’t go to school we wanna see a real pet marriage it must be so romantic!”
“Truth be told,” Athena said, pushing the lively dog away, “We are really curious, now. I’ll bet yours must have been quite a show.”
Grape smiled proudly. “Oh, it was.” She grabbed the picture of her and Peanut posing in their dressing outfits, and showed it to the camera. “What do you think?”
The female dog’s eyes widened. “Wow. Girl, you look so…smashing!” She rubbed her fist against Peanut’s head. “And you look like a real nobledog with that tie, you sly doggie!”
Peanut giggled. “Grape, tell Uncle Martin—“
“You’ll tell him, once we’re all connected. I’m sure he’ll have organized a really great party this time: they’re his children after all.”
“Speaking of them,” said Hannibal, “congratulations to you, chica. With such a daddy, and a tough lady like you, your kittens will be winners.”
“Thank you,” Grape said. “And guess what, Nutty? I fixed a date for Joey.”
Peanut’s wagging could be heard loud and clear. “Really?! You’re great! Who is the lucky cat?”
“Bigglesworth.” She recapped the visit at that…original tribe.
Peanut, instead of laughing, nodded seriously. “That’s a great idea. I’m sure it’s a match.”
Grape felt a wave of relief washing over her. She really feared she had just sentenced that nice guy to an embarrassing doom.
“So, Lucky and Felix are taking care of you?”
“Everyone is. Hope you don’t mind me getting cuddles from Maxie, hon.”
Peanut sighed. “I hate not being there. If you need company, don’t worry about me, really. I want to see you smile.”
She touched the screen again. “You make me. Now I must leave, I am Mizar’s bridesmaid and must get ready. Open the Shelter’s Tube channel, to watch the ceremony. You take care and…*sigh* say hi to Bino for me. I love you.” She nuzzled the screen.
Peanut did the same. “Love you, Grape. See you later.” The screen turned off.
Grape sighed, happily, relaxing in the chair. She had feared she would cry, that she would go into a depression… Instead, she felt happy, as it was meant to be. She had seen her mate, she had talked with him, he was fine and missed her, but he was dealing with it like she was doing the same. She was sure next Sunday would come soon.
Dressing code wanted the collar to be black, given the occasion, but in the case of Antares and Aldebaran they would’ve looked stark naked. Not exactly the proper sight to a wedding, though the ladies would’ve approved.
And thus milky white collars with matching tie adorned the necks of the big dogs.
“It itches,” said Antares, trying to loosen his collar.
“That’s real fake croc, boy,” Martin said, brushing the back fur of the groom’s best…dog. “Designed by Gucci, so you better not dent it with those claws, or I’ll clip them to the wrist.
The dog’s hand left slowly the collar as if he had just discovered it had been booby trapped.
“This should go like clockwork,” Martin said. “You and your brother get to be Alcor’s best, and Mizar gets Sasha and Grape as bridesmaids.”
“Funny, thinking of it,” Aldebaran said.
“What?” asked his brother.
“Mizar, little sister Grape and Sasha. All of them pregnant.”
“Yush! Great luck! стукаю по дереву!” and both knocked on the wooden wall.
“A new generation, yes,” Martin said. Of course the three females weren’t the only one with cubs, but…All of them would keep them, that’s what made them so special. It wasn’t common, that a urban family allowed their pets to keep the litter. Not to mention Grape’s very special litter… Martin sighed, hoping this miracle wouldn’t turn a curse—“
Someone rang at the door. Funny, he had told everyone that the place was off limits until everyone moved to the shelter’s chapel. No one was supposed to see the bride.
“I’ll get it,” said the man. “You two don’t unlatch the collars, or else…”

They rang again.
The door opened. “Yes, yes, I heard you the first time, whoever you…are…”
At the sight before him, Martin’s mind went on two tracks.
The first track led to the marriage. He was determined to see Mizar and Alcor married no matter what, come the whole unholy ghostly armada if necessary.
The second track led straight to Endsville, where all good intentions ended up as stuffing for idiots, as George Stark would kindly put it.
And if what Martin saw was not a strange kind of ghost,
why then was his brother Joel standing there on the porch, waving him with a big grin on his face?
“Hi there, big brother! How’s you hangin?”


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