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=) Glad to see it's back. I can tell why it was gone for a bit (D:).

kurowolfe Wrote:
Oh my God, the updates just keep on coming, aren't they? =D

He's got up to partway through Season 3 done, in italian. Just translating to english now, so they'll be super quick. Almost always had an update a day when I first joined the forums. Totally helped inspire me to write my own.

This really is fantastic. I would have no fan-fic of my own without this. ^.^

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OMG! Season 2! YAY! *happy dances*

Such wonderful writing, and so many sub-plots to keep up with! @_@

Not going to spoil it for other readers, but having read (most of) this season when it was in Italian, I can say that it's only going to get crazier/better from here. GO VALERIO!

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Costner House, Babylon Gardens.

"Me?" Peanut Butter Sandwich asked, not quite sure he had understood correctly.
Bino nodded, his face serious. Behind him Fido and Joey did not not look to be kidding. They were equally surprised, but at the same time Joey's eyes were shining with the fan's enthusiasm.
"You'll be the best student. After me, of course. "
Peanut shifted his gaze to Fido.
Bino said, "What? Don't you trust my opinion? The fact that you're a cat lover does not make you less than a hero: crazy as it might be, you whowed guts to deal alone with one of those behemoth murderers, to defend your family and your community! It's time to take the next step: you will be a great police dog!" There was a sincere note of pride in his voice, while his paws firmly held Peanut's shoulders.
Fido added his own paw. "I didn't give you our unit's jacket as a joke, Peanut, you know," he added, referring to his visit to the hospital after the events that nearly led to his friend's demise. "You always had a big heart and great courage. Bino's right, you have to put your skills to good use. "
Then Joey added his paw and said, as if in a common oath. "Hey, you know that I have always believed in you. Imagine how better you could've done, if you had trained properly."
Peanut bit his lower lip. "... And when should I start?"
No one, in the meantime, took notice of Maxwell, who was giving the group a sour look. Bino knew that now Peanut was ready to be molded like clay. "Well, for starters, think well about it; courses start in a couple of weeks. You can change your mind or sign up, no hurry. No one will judge you, should you give up. Meanwhile, Fido will give you some brochure, so you'll begin to get an idea. Okay? Think about it, don't rush it"
Peanut was not 100% convinced, but he knew one thing, the three brothers were right: he had to be stronger, to protect their kittens and Grape ...
District Attorney's Office.

Alex 'Kostya' Constantin was named 'animal lover' by those who knew him and would tease him, and 'White Fang' by those who feared him. Although he was promoted to head of that office for his repeated merits against crime in general, and the absolute inflexibility shown in each case, combined with a technical ability used to crush the opposing parties’ argumentations, Kostya never turned down a case of animal abuse. Never. Indeed, he felt a certain pleasure into solving it as quickly and painfully – for the guilty – possible. It was thanks to his work as well, that the city hadn’t seen another single Pet Fight Club since the Whiteman House’s.
Alex Constantin was the first DA who could boast of a decline in domestic crimes against animals by 58%. He owed everything to a dog, Mika. When he was a boy, Alex was frail and sickly, not today’s specimen which almost burst the jacket he was wearing. And Mika was a half-breed, slender like him, like an affectionate brother, and definitely more lively than his young owner. In the days spent in bed, in winter, Mika was Alex’s comfort. His parents worked hard to maintain the family and pay for their only son’s studies. They were loving parents, but they couldn’t dedicate much time to their son; that was why they had taken Mika. And still today, Alex was grateful to them for that.
Then Mika died. Killed by a gang of young thugs, just kids, but representatives of the gangrene that too often grew in people's souls. Mika had been sent to take the bread and milk -a simple errand, go to the shop across the street and back. Ten minutes, tops. It was such routine, that the shop owner always had the stuff ready, knowing Mika would be there sharp. Mika didn’t even have to wait in line, and the other customers never minded that little breach to the shop’s rules.
And those punks had killed him. Kicked him, beaten him to death for the fun of it.
Alex couldn’t even run to his best friend’s help, flu had weakened him too much. He could only run to the window and see the tragedy unfurl before his eyes, listen to each and every sickening sound, cry for a help that came too late. Mika was gone before Alex’s very eyes.
The choc nearly killed Alex. He had been in a coma for a week, and when he was back, he discovered that the perpetrators of that crime had been found and arrested, but they weren’t even punished! They were minors, and therefore not punishable if not by a fine - a fine! - inflicted on their families.
Alex Constantin never forgot it. Growing up, he fortified his will and his body. He studied law since high school, preparing for when he would go to college. He studied hard and went to the gym regularly: he began with the one in his block, a seedy awful place like few others, run by a fellow immigrant, Anatoly -fake name used by many Russians fleeing from legal problems in Rodina.
Anatoly was an old family friend, whose son worked with Alex’s father at the Ford Automotive assembly line. It had been Anatoly to give Mika to Alex’s family. And Anatoly hadn’t appreciated what had been done to Mika.
Alex had never asked what had happened to Mika’s assassins, he only knew that they had disappeared from the neighborhood, and that their friends were very scared to just mention them. And nobody, nobody in the neighborhood had never troubled Alex anymore. That had saved him time and money for his law studies.
Anatoly had decided to teach Alex how to become a real man, and had trained him without sparing himself. They said he had worked in the Russian Spetznatz, and certainly he proved it every day. Alex gritted my teeth and had endured all sorts of harassment in order to cease being a helpless brat, unable to defend his friends!
As a student, Kostya had passed with shining colors year after year. He had before him a potential bright career in football, but his head and his ambitions were aimed at the faculty of law, the prosecution, the Supreme Court! And nothing in the world would take him away from that goal.
Alex 'Kostya' Constantin was the youngest DA in the city’s history. He was a killer, a hard man of no half measures, no compromises. Once, they ambushed him in his own house to try and make him desist from an important process. Kostya had sent the thug to the hospital, under such conditions that it took eight months of tractions just to pick up a spoon to eat. No one had tried to threaten Alex Constantine since then.

The District Attorney nurtured a healthy respect for Martin Foster: he felt...a kinship toward that guy who could look Death in the eyes and spit on her bare skull, not to play the badbutt, but to tell her loud and clear that even God himself could come between a man and his noblest principles.
It was the very first time in his career, that Alex Constantin felt like a crook as he said, "No way, Mr. Foster."
Sitting across the desk, Martin Foster sighed, irritated. “I remember we were talking about unjust detention, here.”
“We’re still talking about Pet kidnapping, complicity in kidnapping, resisting arrest, and animal mistreatment during his ASPCA period. Even if the charges of evasion are gone, the rest stays.”
Martin nodded. He had collected many information on that guy, he knew there would be a battle to fight.
When Alex had been handled the case, he felt as if Santa had come. And for once, thanks to the slowness of the judicial system, Christmas had come in time for the DA to serve himself a nice gift, yessir!
Then Joel had escaped, or rather an incredible twist in the system had him transferred in another prison, exchanged for another, lesser criminal by the same name. And since the PETA fat guy had collaborated, conveniently laying the blame on the ‘runaway’, the judge could only commute an insignificant sentence! A year, already served!
Alex had vomited plutonium for six months, after that debacle. Three of his collaborators had changed office out of stress. But every search had tuned out a naught. Joel Robinson had disappeared into thin air. The DA had kept a very, very watchful eye on Joel’s brother, but the culprit wasn’ hiding at his place, in fact Mr. Foster wasn’t hiding his brother at all.
Imagine Kostya’s surprise, when Mr. Robinson had been discovered in another prison, under the name of Joel Weaver, accused of petty theft. The DA had skinned many bureaucrats before going to visit his former fugitive. He had dutily apologized for the mistake, before asking him to cooperate to inflict a blow to PETA, if possible, and get a lighter sentence. He had expected a resistance from Mr. Robinson, thus he had prepared a nice speech written in molten lava.
Instead, Joel Robinson had spoken. Had told everything to the last detail. And when he was finished, he had taken the block and the pencil. He had consumed two of each to transcribe the confession. He didn’t ask for anything, not a plea bargain, not a discount on detention, no mercy. He was intended to make amend of his mistakes. And it didn’t matter Fox was the only dog he had kidnapped while serving with PETA. He knew things about his ‘friends’, and hadn’t reported them, he was as much guilty for that.
Alex had looked at him, and in his eyes he had seen the brother of Martin Foster. Before him there was not a criminal, there was only a man who had found the courage to face himself, at any cost, for the sake of the innocents.
"We will go to trial, Mr. Foster, and ask for a fair sentence for your brother. Just be content that Joel has proven himself to be a very cooperative and sincerely repented man. I’ll take that into consideration, believe me.” Then Alex shifted his gaze to the dog sitting between Martin and Bill. "Fox... Forgive me, but I must ask you again: are you absolutely sure of your statement?" Asked to testify against the man who had kidnapped him, Fox had instead asked to give Joel a second chance, if possible. He had said that, during the kidnapping, Joel had tried to convince his boss to desist from that operation. That he was a bitter man, not a bad one.
Kostya had listened to Fox’s plea, trying to determine if that dog had been influenced by Martin, or worse had developed a sympathy for his kidnapper. Pets could suffer Stockholm Syndrome too, after all.
But he had found none. For some strange reason, Fox had defended that guy out of his heart. If Fox was a human, his plea would weigh in front of the system, but pets hadn’t the same legal rights –a thing that Kostya would correct when he’d ascend to the Supreme Court.
In his eyes, anyway, Fox’s plea did have a weight, and Kostya would not turn the dog down.
Alex Constantin rearranged the Joel’s file, closed it and got to his feet, imitated by the others. He took the file and said, "The hearing will be held in two hours. The defendant has waived his right to be represented by a lawyer, and if he’s stubborn like his brother, he hasn’t changed idea..." he paused, turning his eyes to Martin.
Martin shook his head. Kostya was right about that common trait. He couldn’t dig up any eventual evidence in favor of Joel, if he acted against his will. No lawyer, no proofs, what chance did his brother have?!
For the first time, Martin understood how his own attitude to play the martyr could irritate his beloved pets…
Alex nodded. "I understand. But, since the defendant has been very cooperative and all, I’ll allow for a personal favor. Please follow me."

Joel sat.
He sat on an iron bench that was eroding his butt, staring at the door, waiting for the usher to come and take him in the courtroom.
Even if he wasn’t guilty of evasion, this time no mistakes were made, a change of clothes had been provided at once and a ton of papers had been filled. A bracelet tag with his name had been fastened to his wrist. No way he could be mistaken for anyone else, this time.
Was he happy that it was over? Even if being back to human was a temporary solution, it could last days, weeks, months. What he could say to the other pets if King showed back? That he had gone on a loooong holiday without telling anything to anyone?
And Fox? He had a right to go on with his life, King couldn’t be an on-off presence, like the relationship between Bino and Sasha.
This, of course, provided that Pete would bring him back to be a corgi, to live in the Gardens.
Heck, he had really messed it up, this time. Serves me so right! He only wanted to be free of Pete’s talons, but he had also made a promise to be his avatar. He couldn’t act like a spoiled brat anymore.
Too little, too late, my boy. Joel clenched his teeth, fighting back the tears. He was human, he should be thinking of his old life, instead he was thinking of Fox, he earned for his hug, for his friendship, the first real sincere friendship he had been given by a pet.
I’m sorry, Pete. I’m sorry, darn you! I acted out of an impulse, OK? Please let’s get back to your stupid game, but please don’t let me lose the first real good thing of my life!
But when he raised his eyes, there wasn’t a magical blue-feathered gryphon.
Joel sat. He hoped the usher would come soon and end this charade. At least, something good would come out of this last mistake…
The door opened. Joel sat, as he had been ordered. "About time," he said. "You wanted to starve me as we--" He almost choked at the sight of Martin and Fox!
The DA said, "We will call you when we're ready. Take your time, you’ve got about 2 hours." He went out and closed the door.
Martin and Joel looked at each, neither daring to move.
Since Joel had returned, at least as a human being, had not yet met his brother. And in a sense, it was like to see him for the first time...
Martin ran to embrace him in a strong grip! "All this time," said the owner of the Lucky Charm Grove. "God, all this time. If only I had a day, only one, then..." Martin had won the record PowerBall money, four hundred million dollars, just the day before trial, of the ‘escape’. One day, and the story would have changed drastically...
"Enough with complaints, big brother." Joel grabbed Martin’s shoulders. "Finally I can look into your eyes without lifting my head. I'm surprised that dogs don’t get a stiff neck. No offense, Fox." Then Joel leaned over to embrace the Husky. "Hmm, soft." He sank his face against the dog’s cheeck. "You know, I still remember your scent, when I had a better nose than this. Now I feel as if I’m half deaf and suffering from rhinitis."
Fox licked the cheek of the man he once wanted, to use a gentle understatement, choke to death "Now I can be your own babes magnet, heh."
Joel laughed "I guess so. But for you I'll always have a good portion of pampering and a new book. When I get out of here, we’ll go to WonderBooks and will not let you leave without a load worthy of a mule." Then He gave him a kiss on the nose. "I love you, my friend. Promise me you'll have a girlfriend and many puppies for when we meet again.”
Fox blushed. "Promise.” Then Joel went back to sit. Martin sat down on his right, Fox to his left.
Martin patted his brother’s shoulder. He felt as if he'd just witnessed a miracle. "When you’re out of here, you will find the brand new Foster Mansion ready to welcome you. We’ll go to the shelter, and adopt a guest. Then I’ll find you a nice job with a steady income. Like the idea? Of course, I expect you to say, ‘fine’."
Joel slapped him behind the head. "I desist, but only because you’re my old brother. And can I have a sleepover with my friends?" He stroke nehind Fox’s scruff, rubbing hard, making him moan. "And don’t forget to extend my wishes to Sasha. I miss that girl. How is she?"
Martin snapped his fingers. "Oh, yes, you didn’t know! She’s gonna get married, today. With Bino."
Joel’s eyes went as big as saucers. "With Bino?" Then he assumed a dramatic pose, fists turned to the ceiling. "Noooo! My little airhead! Tricked into consorting with the devil!" He let out a dramatic sigh, and shook his head slowly. "I deserve it for missing this opportunity. And to think I wanted a nice litter from her."
"You would cheat on me?!" Fox said, as if about to cry. "I gave you my heart and you run after the first ditzy girl you meet?" He crossed her arms to her chest and huffed with indignation, his head turned toward the wall. "Traitor!"
They sat there, posing like that, for a full minute, watching the door, imagining what the guard must be thinking. Then they started to giggle...then started snorting laughter through their noses, mouths twisted into clownish grimaces...and finally laughed out loudly, hugging and holding while their kidneys stung with that continuous shaking.
Martin wiped tears from their eyes. "Oh God...oh God! You two are officially insane. You better check what you’ll write to each other, brother, or you’ll keep each other company in a padded cell.”
"Hey, I am gonna plea insanity, big brother!" Then, facing the door, he screamed at the top of his lungs, "I LOVE THIS DOG! I WANT HIM! YOU CAN’T SEPARATE US!" And all three began to laugh to an insane tone.
There were going to be two interesting hours, yessir!

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Hahahaha. Oh my gosh. I just want to see those two back together, to see if they'll have more fun antics!

Totally going to collapse from sheer awesomeness if these keep coming so fast. I'm willing to take that risk, however!

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For some reason, I couldn't even enter in this thread. :?
I Laughed at Joel's reaction at the news of Sasha's marriage.
Great job ion thsi great story.

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Awesome as ever, Valerio. Fox and Joel are having almost as good a time as Fox and King! :lol:

Bino wants to mold Peanut.... Is that a good thing or a bad thing? :?

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Too many surprises, AGH my head!!!
I really want to see that trial, it will be intense!
Peanut in the academy? Chyort, that's gonna be a good one.

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House Costner, Babylon Gardens

"This is the point in which you praise your own evil genius?" Max asked, holding out a blue collar with a bow to his housemate.
Bino took his wedding collar and straightened it out, while admiring his own reflection. "I don’t know what you're talking about, my dear feline."
The black cat’s eyes sparkled with fire. "The Academy. What do think you’ll accomplish, by bringing Peanut away from Babylon Gardens? You played it well, involving Fido, you knew Peanut would listen to him without discussion. Do you hope to wreck his marriage with Grape?”
Bino wagged his tail. "Pfff, please! He’s a cat lover through and through, with no hope! You see, my dear, if Peanut will become a good cop, he will owe me big time. He’ll learn his priorities. And my star will shine even brighter in front of the others (if there’s ever been need to). If, however, he’ll fail as I imagine, it will be proof that cat lovers are too soft to be associated with decent canines. Either way, I win. And you win too, dear. "
Max raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean?"
"A void in Grape’s life is going to be created, and you will fill it just nicely."
The cat bared his teeth. "I have no intention of-"
Bino, still gazing in the mirror, interrupted him with a bored wave of his paw. "You're still in love with her, you never stopped thinking about her. So shut up and thank me. You don’t have to get in her way, but she will come to you: Species affinity will play to your advantage, wait and see.”
Max said nothing. For at least a couple of minutes he stared at Bino in a dead-cold silence, torn between hatred for that scheming dog and hatred toward himself.
Because Bino was right. Max didn’t want to make Grape suffer. He had given her up, but only for her own good. But if she were to come to him, looking for help... Well, Maxwell wasn’t sure he would’ve denied her comfort…
The cat decided to change the subject. "At this point, I must conclude that there is some other plan behind your marriage with Sasha?"
Bino clucked his tongue. "No. I really love her. I just want to be sure that everyone knows that she’s mine, especially that King shorty, hoping he’ll stay desaparecido forever and ever."
“You’re all heart.”
Bino let out a theatrical sigh. “My greatest weakness, I know.”
Chapel of Saint Anthony Abbot’s order, Lucky Charm Grove

Father William Ghetti admired himself in the mirror one last time.
"They say vanity is a deadly sin, Father," said Evelyn Sunman, the Director of the shelter from the sill.
The Italian-American priest chuckled, in turning toward the woman. "Allow me a harmless weakness, Evelyn. This is a brand new robe I bought for the occasion, and in addition I will use it up in a hurry."
"What do you mean?"
"I looked to my e-mails, before coming here. I received seven more requests as officiant in pet nuptial ceremonies.”
Evelyn's eyes widened and showed a beaming smile as she clasped her hands. "That’s great, Father!"
William nodded. "I knew that those Peanut and Grape had started something, I felt it in these old spaghetti-eater bones. And this goes beyond my wildest expectations. As soon as I get the booking confirmations, I’ll send the list to ‘Simon Says...’" The man sighed. "Who knows. Perhaps one day soon, a legislator of this State will propose the legal validity of marriages between pets. I wish I could die happy.”
"Isn’t your Order already working in that direction?" Asked Evelyn. "Not about your demise, I mean."
Father Ghetti shook his head. "Every year, we present a detailed petition, filled with signatures from all over the world, but the Vatican has yet to decide. Some members of the order, so the rumors go, are planning a schism. You see, as Man is central in the Divine Design, it’s also true that the Lord has given faculties of intellect and speech to the creatures that surround us, live with us, untainted since Eden. It's time to take a major step towards their spiritual needs.
"Now the new generations, the future voters, are pressing for a law on pets’ civil unions. And the Church is likely to add another piece to its reputation as a retrograde institution.”
Evelyn frowned. "And the Order of St. Anthony doesn’t want to be accused of acute bigotry?"
William nodded. "Yeah. For this I am so happy that these marriages. We will prove to religious and secular institutions that the sky won’t fall if two children of God want to join in the holiest of bonds... Ah, but enough about politics, my child. Time to meet our future newlyweds!"
District Court, the city

The door opened.
The deputy George Abraham Lincoln, a black balding man of stocky build, entered, escorted by a guard. "It is time."
Joel Zechariah Robinson stood up, while his brother Martin Foster, and Fox the husky, waited on the bench as the prosecutor had suggested them to do.
Joel stopped in the middle of the room. The guard took the handcuffs and went to the prisoner.
Joel extended his wrists, holding them together well. The guard handcuffed them with a few flicks, and tightened them properly. Joel winced, but said nothing.
Fox was going to say that there was no need to take it hard on him, but Martin put a hand on his shoulder, and shook his head slightly. Now it was all in the hands of the Court, and any scene, however well-intentioned, would only have done damage to the cause.
Then the whole group went to the courtroom.
"Nervous?" Fido whispered to his brother.
Bino came to the altar, flanked by his brothers as witnesses, and his owner, Jeff. He felt as if a vise was gripping his throat, but didn’t dare put a finger between the collar and throat.
Part of him wanted to throw up the breakfast he ate a week before. He was really going to do it, to marry that sweet girl he had always given for granted…
But another part of him rejoiced at the plan that he was carrying out.
"I'm happy," Bino whispered back, still looking towards the nave. As per tradition, he hadn’t laid eyes on the bride, before coming here.
At that moment, Keys’s keyboard started playing the song, accompanied by the ineffable violin of Fiddler. Although it gnawed Bino to ask two cats to play for a dog ceremony, he had to admit that those two were on the ball.
The music was a perfect melody that sounded like a gentle wind in the chapel.
"You chose it?" he asked Joey.
The younger brother nodded. He had earned the right, since Antares and Aldebaran would sing. And they, for the occasion, proved to have a very gentle voice.

Harmony always, when I look around me
And your smile I see,
I can feel it surround me.
A miracle I find in your company

The bride entered.
Bino gasped and suddenly shook Fido’s paw with the strength of a bear trap! The poor older brother barely stifled a whimper of pain, and whispered frantically, "Stopitpleaseyourebreakingmypaw!"
Bino kept staring at Sasha, accompanied by Ryan Byron, Peanut and Grape, while a blond Labrador pup sowed the flower petals from a basket. "She’s...gorgeous ..."

One glance is all that I need.
What I was searching for, I've found it.

Even the Foster twin dogs fought to keep control during their performance, while Fiddler and Keys allowed themselves wide, appreciative grins.

Can you believe it, I'm walking on water
And I'm high off the ground.
Must be some mystique that weaves it.
I'd never have thought of this power I've found

Like Grape had done in her time, Sasha proceeded slowly, allowing her beating heart to calm at the sight of her knight, her lover, that grumpy puppy to whom she had given her heart since the first day they met, from the days of innocence to this day of full knowledge of their reciprocal feelings.

One glance is all that I need.
What I was searching for, I've found it.
One look, and now I believe
I could just wrap my whole self around it.

For Sasha, that moment was only the natural consequence of their relationship. It had never been a question of bearing patience' with Bino: She had been waiting for this day as one waits for the night to turn into day. Even when everyone said that that night would be everlasting...
Antares’ and Aldebaran’s voice broke into the chorus. Fiddler's violin played with unexpected force.

Holy, to me, just one glance is holy.
One touch of your heart, to me, that's holy.
Holy, to me, just one glance is holy.
One touch of your heart, to me, that's holy.

"How comes there’s no one?" Fox asked.
In fact, the room was empty like a small store on Sunday. No public, no jury, only the usher was present.
"Closed hearing," Martin whispered. "It means that the acts of this trial won’t be divulged to the public."
"Is that a good thing?"
Martin didn’t dare answer, but he really hoped so! When Alex Constantin put his teeth on an animal abuser, he wanted to make an example out of him or her. An audienceless hearing was unheard of, for him!
As soon as everyone had reached their seats, the usher said, "Stand up! Enters the Court! Presiding Judge Eleanor Elizabeth York!"
Even Fox knew for certain that this was going to be tough: Dad had often talked about this woman, nicknamed 'Dreadnought' who, when it came to protecting the animals, was even more a bloodhound than Constantin! If by some miracle, a very good lawyer could help his client to escape the system with some unexpected quirk, she sank all hope with a sentence worthy of Machiavelli. Every trial was like a ‘Law & Order’ episode, when she and Kostya worked together. The media adored them. It wasn’t uncommon that the defendant parties opted for a plea.
E.E. York didn’t look like a warrior: She had taken much from her great-grandmother, immigrated from Dublin during the height of the terrible famine of 1848. Tall, with beautiful copper-red hair that shone like fire, green eyes and soft skin, a face that seemed made for the sighs of love and not for the judicial wars. Those who had underestimated her, basing on appearance, had repented in a haste.
The Judge York sat. “I hope you all are ready, gentlemen and gentledog. I got a lot of work to do, and I’ll add an extra month of detention for every week of delay.”
You've seen it, walking on water.
Miracles like you never seen before
Holy, to me, just one glance is holy.
One touch of your heart, to me, that's holy.
Holy, to me, just one glance is holy.
One touch of your heart, to me, that's holy…

Sasha reached the altar while the last notes of Mike Oldfield’s song faded slowly away. The glass arch that welcomed bride and groom displayed pink hearts on its left side, and green diamonds with ‘B’ engraved in them on the right.
Bino and Sasha held out their paws. Fido and Peanut placed a wreath of flower on them, before the spouses joined them.
Father William Ghetti cleared his throat. "Once again, we find ourselves in front of friends, parents and of our Lord to celebrate the most sacred, the most precious union two hearts and souls can aspire to. Bino and Sasha, someone may think you're really an unlikely couple..." giggles rose from the audience. Bino flushed with anger, but kept smiling at Sasha. "...Yet we all know how you truly compensate each other. The strength and temperament of a leader, softened by the sweetness unmatched by this creature we all love unconditionally. The one who lives his responsibilities with dedication, and the one ready to remind him of what is good in life. Bino and Sasha, are you ready to exchange your vows in front of our Lord? "
Judge York examined one last time Joel’s dossier. Then she shifted her gaze toward the prosecution’s table. "Attorney Constantin, do you confirm what I have before me?"
Alex nodded. "The attorney confirms, Your Honor. “
The woman remained impassive like a sphinx. She rarely lost a poker game with her friends; defense lawyers suffered a lot when addressing her. "Will you consider adequate the requests for the crimes of which the defendant is accused?"
Alex replied with equal formality. Actually, he was the only one who knew how to out-game her at poker. "The District Attorney believes that, given the circumstances, they are severe enough."
Martin almost bit off his lower lip. Fox back fur stood on end.
Judge York turned to Joel. "Mr. Robinson, do you have anything to add beyond what has already been filed?"
"I…" Bino cleared his throat, trying to stifle the shaking in his voice. "I don’t want to count the times I caused you pain. I don’t want to remember the times I've taken you for granted. I don’t want to remember anniversaries and parties where I recycled cheap gifts for you. I know and I'll always know what a fool I was in taking for granted a wonderful creature like you, a heart big as the whole world. Sasha Byron, let me stay with you, even when I'll be away away, because from now on nothing can separate us. And no matter what my ambitions may be or come, no longer I’ll be walking my road without having you by my side. So I promise."
Everyone who knew Sasha had known her happy smile, her carefree attitude that one could mistake for sheer dumbness. More than one was amazed by her solemn expression, as she said, "I always knew that yours was a good dog’s soul, Bino Costner. And for how many difficult times we had, those in which you really opened your heart to me you have given me more joy than anyone else could. I had only a wish, that this day may come, the day in which the wrongs be corrected, and a new start begins. This is our life together, and I promise not to disappoint you."
"’Ignorantia legis non excusat,’ goes the saying. But I will not invoke neither ignorance nor the misfortunes that have characterized my childhood.
"A human being has the power to change his life, has the power to turn weakness into strength, the misfortune into success. I chose to surrender to bitterness, to become an obnoxious person, which over time has done nothing but blow off steam at the expenses of the innocents, to make them feel the pains I suffered.
"A process, this process, won’t do to make amends for what I did and what I have been an accomplice of, but I am serene, Your Honor. Because now, finally, I do the first right thing. Today I begin to manage my responsibilities and I will not use any means to hide from them. I am sure you will be just in your sentence." Joel then shifted his gaze to Fox. "And I'm grateful to this wonderful creature for opening my eyes, for forgiving me. I have nothing else to say, Your Honor.”
Father William Ghetti nodded. "The Lord is witness. Bow your heads, dear children." And after they had obeyed, he passed his thumb dipped in holy water on their foreheads to trace the sign of the cross. After he had closed the stoup, he said, "Word of the Lord, now before Him as in front of your families and your friends, thou art married. Bino, you may kiss the bride."
The two canines bent forward, still holding paws, not to break the wreaths, lest it would bring bad luck, and exchanged a sweet, long kiss. Very long. From the audience came a chorus of approval, howls and whistles of encouragement. Bino and Sasha were oblivious of their surroundings.
Father Ghetti sported a big smile. Peanut and Grape were counting the seconds, mouthing the numbers...
When Bino and Sasha broke the kiss, Peanut said, "Ha! Three seconds less than me and Grape!" He and the cat hi-fived.
The couple hugged, breaking wreaths and causing a shower of white and violet petals, as the crowd applauded.
Bino winked at Peanut. "Heh, I hadn’t even warmed up, cat lover."
Peanut stuck out his tongue. Grape put herself between the males. "Okayyy, ladykillers, today’s a truce. We still have a big party to take care of."
"Mr. Robinson, I haven’t met often criminals, be them petty thieves or murderers, ready to welcome their judgment with an open mind and heart. This does you credit, and I wish there were more of your kind, despite some bureaucratic errors for which we apologize.
"But justice can’t and must not stop in front of a good speech or good intentions. You, as a defendant in this trial, have simply done what you must, and the only favor you did was to yourself. We don’t hand out prizes or medals for accepting the just sentence, and I don’t care about your feelings, just like for any other criminal I take care of. If you don’t like it, appeal." Judge York paused.
Bill was impassible. Martin and Fox were so wired up, a simple brush of a feather could’ve shattered them in a million fragments.
Joel was calm. He could stand in front of the King of All Demons spewing sulphur and curses to make the Heavens cry, and he wouldn’t budge.
No more fear.
The Judge took the gavel. "Joel Zechariah Robinson, for the crime of resisting arrest, as required by the prosecution, you are sentenced to a fine of one thousand dollars payable in cash or securities, or five months in prison. For the charge of kidnapping the dog Fox Lindberg, you are sentenced to two years of social services without wage, to be serviced at the Lucky Charm Grove for the Abandoned and the Ferals, hoping you’ll learn something during this experience. During this period, you will remain on probation and are required to report twice a day to Babylon Garden’s local precinct. A minute later by the scheduled time, and you will pass those two years in a cell." She tapped the gavel and got to her feet.
The silence that followed was thick enough to cut with a knife. Only the steps of Judge 'Dreadnought' York as she walked back to her office indicated the presence of life in the courtroom.
Fox exploded. There was no other term to define the state of excitement that possessed him in that moment. All the accumulated stress turned into a wave of sheer joy, a flurry of fur, wagging tail and slobbery doggy kisses! "YAYZ!" His howl reverberated throughout the hall as he tried to drown Joel. "You're free! yourefreefreeandwontleavemeYAYZ!"
Joel was finding it difficult to stand on his feet. "Homph, take it easy, boy, or I’ll go to the hospital, not to work."
The guard fumbled awkwardly with handcuffs for half a minute, before being able to open them. Joel hugged the dog tight. "Thank you! Thanks for everything, Fox, and thanks to you, mary sue. Thanks a million.”
Martin was already taking his wallet. "Just be a good citizen, or I’ll end up broke." He sighed. "I’ll save a salary, at least... Say, you always like waffles with hazelnut ice-cream, right?"
Joel's stomach growled like a hungry lion. "Tempter! Even with your snacks, a year of kibble wasn’t exactly my favorite experience –no offense, Fox. Book a visit to your dentist and Weight Watchers, when we’re done."
"Count on it." Then, to Kostya, "That's why you wanted a Closed Hearing, right?"
Alex gave him dry smile. "My record of victories remains untouched, Foster. After all, justice is supposed to help a man to redeem himself, sometimes. "
Martin made the gesture to seal his lips. "I'll carry to the grave this dirty secret."
"You better, or I’ll sue your hide for defamation even if you’re in the grave. For the rest, let’s hope to meet again on better grounds."

Season II
Episode 1

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Looks like Bino is still scheming. I wonder how Sasha will react when she finds out what her husband is plotting. You are a very good fast writer, Valerio. I envy that.

Author:  kurowolfe [ Mon Jul 18, 2011 1:36 pm ]
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A wave of gladness washes over me as I read Judge York's sentence. I mean, things worked out for them, Joel and Fox, and they can stay as best friends after this. That alone made my day! :D

And the wedding ceremony was beautiful as well. Bino must be really glad to have married Sasha now, despite his schemes.

Glad you're back, valerio, and lovely work here too. Just keep them coming at us! :D

I have a question though, what's the title of the song that was played in the church?

Author:  valerio [ Mon Jul 18, 2011 1:52 pm ]
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The title is , from the LP 'Earth Moving'.One of his most touching works.

Author:  kurowolfe [ Mon Jul 18, 2011 2:03 pm ]
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It is a great song, and I can picture and hear the wedding now. Epic stuff! =3

Author:  Russiarules1 [ Mon Jul 18, 2011 3:36 pm ]
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Man, this was my 3rd favorite chapter! Well, I don't remember the other ones, but I know this is the 3rd one.
And another one bites the dust! Good work, Valerio!

Author:  Blue Braixen [ Mon Jul 18, 2011 4:32 pm ]
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Oh, just wait until you see what happens later. *giggles*

Author:  copper [ Tue Jul 19, 2011 12:14 am ]
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This is turning out well.I love every minutee!

Joel and Fox are reunited, and the get to hang out together still. Great!

Bino and Sasha are united now. Excellent. Hope nothing happens...

Grapenut is competitive!Counting the seconds of a kiss. :lol:

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Season 2
Episode 2 - Invitation to party with surprises
By VALERIO (later revised by OBBL)

Foster House, Babylon Gardens

Matt was sure he had just walked into a nightmare. "Please tell me this isn’t true," he murmured, his face ashen, shifting his imploring gaze from the Belgian Shepherd Hercule to his parents.
"Son," his father said, admiring the crowd of pets, dogs and cats and rabbits, gathered in the duplex’s backyard. "You spent too much time avoiding socialization. It’s time you learnt to appreciate the small joys of this community. We didn’t move to let you go back to your old attitude."
Matt's mother was ecstatic. "How many beautiful creatures all together! This Mr. Foster really knows hot put together a party. But what a shame that his place was destroyed." Her gaze went to the end of Overview Grove, where a large colored cube hid the sight and the sounds of the construction site working at the reconstruction of Foster Mansion.
"I thought this was only the housewarming party," said Matt's father, noticing the banners that celebrated the marriage of a 'Bino and Sasha', and the return of an equally unknown 'Joel'.
Matt, for what concerned him, was watching with utter disgust the chefs intent on the barbecue: four huge wolves! Two males and two females, complete with apron and chef's hat, working with burgers, chops, ribs, wieners, sausages and bread rolls with a VulcanMaster-2000 grill.
"The first person who asks me to eat anything touched by those beasts...I’m gonna barf, I warn you."
"Matt ..." his father tried to warn him, but at that moment came the landlord. "Stan! Alice! What a pleasure to meet you again!" The man flashed them his friendliest smile and shook vigorously the man’s hand. Then he took Alice's hand gently and gave her a kiss as a perfect gentleman. "Enchante, Madame. I’m so happy Hercule found such a loving family. And despite what was said by your son, Miles, his wife Lucretia, his brother Daryl and his daughter Celestia are exceptionally skilled cooks, as you can smell. And the food I have personally selected, only the highest quality stuff.”
"If so," said Matt, looking at the animals as they ate, "how come you’re sharing it with them?"
Stan let out a growl that would have put a lion to shame.
“What? Pets are supposed to eat pet stuff, not ours!”
Martin smiled, but the smile didn’t reach the eyes. He was about to say something when a new voice behind him said, "Forget it, big brother. I'll take care of him.”
Martin turned. Behind him stood a younger man, about thirty, with brown hair, green shirt and yellow tie. "Gentlemen," said Martin, "this guy here is one of the reasons why I’m throwing this party: my brother Joel, recently cleared of the unpleasant accusations of animal mistreatment."
District Attorney, City, three hours before ...

The District Attorney, Alex 'Kostya' Constantin, a man with a brilliant career in front of him and a record of trial victories behind him, was busy working on a pile of dossiers as tall as his arm, when someone knocked at the door.
The man let out a resigned sigh. His secretary had a precise order: let pass through that door only the cases involving animal abuse. His staff was paid to manage the rest, but Kostya was at the forefront when it came to the rights of those who didn’t have enough.
The DA just hoped it wasn’t something too serious. He was almost in a good mood for the sentence imposed at that Joel, and at the same time he had paid his debt to Martin Foster for his help against the zoomafia that had run the old lager-shelter.
However, Kostya wouldn’t have complained about the interruption in itself: His parents had passed him a strong will and sense of duty. He was able to work three weeks in a row, sleeping a few hours and pulling forward by sheer force of will. Especially for a good cause. Even because of this, he respected Martin Foster: that guy would make a great Attorney...
"Come in," Alex said, neutrally. The door opened and a woman walked in. Close-cropped crewcut blond hair, breathtaking body, sculpted by numerous gym sessions, jade tiger's eyes, an anthracite-gray suit that exalted her aggressive femininity. Alex knew her by face and fame, one of the few defense lawyers he honestly admired, professionally. "Mrs. Verde, "he said, rising and offering his hand. He added a polite smile, a rare thing.
"Mr. Attorney," the woman said, shaking hands and then sitting down in front of him.
"So what can I do for Warreck & Verde Attorneys at Law Firm? There are problems in paradise?" In fact, it was difficult for him to imagine problems in a place such as Terrace High: that apartment building was the vertical version of Babylon Gardens, created to host only families and singles with pets. The rules were strict on the subject, and the law firm of Daniel Greene Warreck and Melissa Verde took care to enforce them, without exception.
"There are problems, but not by us," Melissa said, pulling out of her bag a dossier and a USB stick. She handed them to the Prosecutor. "Looks like the pet dog of one of our clients was involved in a curious scandal. Fraud and extortion, a simple mechanism, but that has caused several stains and premature resignation at the local ASPCA facility.”
Kostya pricked up his ears, while leafing through the file... And his eyes widened when he saw the name and the photo of one of the victims. "You gotta be kidding me, right?"
Melissa shook her head. "When Mr. Robinson was sued for abuse, back when he worked for them, the shelter’s guests were unanimous. Under the law, their attendibility wasn’t considered, considering that animals’ depositions are merely indicative, not solid proof. They were, however, enough to fire Joel Robinson, and by then his brother wasn’t the wealthy benefactor we know today.
"As I was saying, one of those animals, currently a resident of the Terrace, had a crisis of conscience and has retracted, releasing a detailed interview with the online newspaper, the Daily Facts. At that point, the owner turned to us to investigate the facts. Let’s say that if this is true, there are enough people in the staff involved to close the entire shelter. They gave extra food to their guests, trained them, backed each other to extort money to the part-time volunteers or land them in on false accusations. The charges, according to our key witness, were always the same, identical, photocopied. Since the system doesn’t check the evidence from animals, when they don’t trash them, unless particularly serious cases of abuse, this game went on for years." Melissa smiled like a tiger ready to leap on its prey. "What do you say, Mr. Attorney? Is it enough for this office?”
It was like asking a glutton if he enjoyed a delicious cake. If Alex hated those who mistreat animals, even more he detested those who dared, for greed, to sully the reputation of volunteering!
And he hated even more to have concocted a case against Joel Robinson when half of the charges were unfounded. Yes, that the man had been complicit in the abduction of a dog, but if he had ended up in PETA a tormented man, it was because some rogue element at ASPCA had put him in troubles, hurting him even more with the false accusations by animals he wanted to protect…
Kostya picked up the phone. Before picking up the receiver, he said, "You want protection for your client, right?"
Melissa nodded. "Total."
"Fair enough." He picked up the phone. A long round of phone calls waited him, the first one to tell Martin Foster that his brother was in for an additional discount of penalty which, in short, would clear his sentence. Then he’d have to talk with Judge York both for Joel and obtain a warrant for the ASPCA shelter and make sure to close that nest of vipers, and transfer its guests to the Lucky Charm Grove for the Abandoned and the Ferals.
Then, he would chat with those crooks. One by one.
He was just in the mood to kill someone ...
"Matt, these are Bino and Sasha. Guys, this is the son of the new neighbors. He’s a little shy.”
Matt gave Joel a look like 'You GOTTA be kidding me,' and looked at Sasha's outstretched paw as if it were an alien artifact. He was about to laugh - since when dogs were getting married, for heaven's sake?! - when the hand that Joel was holding on his shoulder squeezed, throwing a twinge of pain.
Matt shook Bino’s paw.
"Look," his mother was saying in that shrilly happy voice. He was sure, just because humiliations were never enough, he heard his father's digital camera snapping a picture! "They're already making friends, how cute!"
Joel said, "Bino is the neighborhood dogs’ ringleader, so to speak. If you need any information about any of the species, just ask. With all due courtesy. Sasha makes very good cookies, I've heard.”
Bino looked briefly into Matt’s eyes, and knew immediately that this brat was trouble. On the other hand, he liked how this Joel guy had introduced him. A human who respected him made his chest swell up with pride! Perhaps this human wasn’t as bad as they said... "Very pleased," said to the boy.
Matt mumbled a greeting through his teeth.
Joel was having the time of his life –that boy reminded him so much he was younger (and even after that, to be honest), but there was a difference. Joel’s pets had betrayed him, they had kidnapped and abused him when he only wanted to help them. This Emo punk was just a spoiled brat, and put him against Bino could produce sooo interesting results!
At that point, there came a brief rustling from the speaker. Martin’s amplified voice followed, "Ladies and gentlemen, gentlefurs male and females, welcome to this very special party to celebrate three major events: the inauguration of this modest, albeit temporary, home..." chorus of laughter and some whistles. "The marriage of Bino and Sasha ..." round of applause and wolf-whistles. "And the return of my brother, Joel."
Stony silence. The crickets sang in the distance.
It was at this point that Fox went up to the dais. He took the microphone from Martin. He cleared his throat and said, "Guys, I know you have your reasons to be wary of that human," he pointed at Joel with his free paw. "I myself would have given my tail to have him between my paws and teach him a lesson or two...well, I probably shouldn’t add more in front of the ladies."
Giggles from the audience.
Fox said, a bit louder. "But Joel is not a bad human. Sure, he made mistakes, and he kidnapped me, but he wouldn’t have done that if any of us had tried to speak with him, if we tried to understand him when he was confused and betrayed himself." He turned his gaze to Fido. "If we had followed our nature. That’s what I did, and what I discovered made me realize that it was the right choice. Nobody knows it, but Joel was only going to pretend to kidnap me.”
If Joel and Martin were surprised by that lie, they didn’t show any emotion.
"He wanted to recover me and take me home, but he was arrested, and the rest is history. I'm not asking you to trust him blindly, even if he’s Uncle Martin’s brother...”
More giggles.
"But I’m asking you to trust me, my judgment, my friends. I take full responsibility for my words. I hope that's enough.” He gave back the microphone to Martin then walked to Joel.
When the two embraced, the first applause came from Fido, soon imitated by Sasha, then by all others.

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Another great update. Now you've completely spoiled me with these fast updates! You are now not allowed to spend more than a day without Updating!
Just kidding, of course.

Author:  kurowolfe [ Tue Jul 19, 2011 9:45 am ]
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Yay, update!
Good call, Fox, I'd applauded too if I were there, I'd even almost clapped my hands here XD

I'm beginning to like Alex as a character. I'm always intrigued by how attorneys think and work, and his dedication towards his job is quite something. I initially thought he's only a one-off character, but he certainly has a bigger role here, and his battle with the ASPCA will be something I look forward to.

It's a bit sad to think that at my place, pets, or animals for that matter, are not given enough rights and are regarded by few as either mere asset or major threat. Not all, but these people do exist.

As usual, sweet and swift, valerio. I'll be waiting for another one tomorrow! =3

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Have you guys ever seen that internet meme called "AAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWw YEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH"
Well... there you go.
Enough said.

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Great update! Matt is going to really hate the coming days, I bet.

Joel is there, Yay!

I can't wait until tomorrow to see what comes next!

Author:  valerio [ Wed Jul 20, 2011 6:43 am ]
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Foster House, Babylon Gardens

"Hey, dizzie."
Sitting at the kitchen table, Sasha looked up to Joel, turning a curious eye to him. "How do you know?"
"Uhh, know what?" The man in green shirt and yellow tie sat next to the bride for whom there was a nice party going on, in the garden. And of course, Bino was too busy enjoying the salaams of his minions, instead of being with her.
"Kingy calls me that. And he's not here." The already weak smile disappeared completely. Her pink eyes went back to the table top. "No King and no Daddy. I wish they were here to congratulate me, and…" Sasha sniffled and took a Tish, You! She honked loudly, then her smile was back, together with a weak wag. "But I'm really being silly. This is such a beautiful day!"
And, for how he could be sorry, thinking of Martin, now more than ever Joel wanted to be King again, he wanted to be able to console her as the canine friend she trusted.
Joel gave a brief hug the female. "Hey, you’re not silly. And I’m sure that right this moment both of them are making a toast for you.”
The wag became more pronounced. "Really?"
Joel nodded. "And how. I've heard good things about this King, he’s the guy who built a doghouse for you, right?”
Sasha nodded vigorously.
"And your Dad left so you could have a better family, right?"
This time, her shoulders drooped. "I wish he was here, to tell me I'm his pretty princess beauty."
Joel ruffled the head. "Then we’ll send him enough pictures of this day to saturate is email box. What do you think? I can take care of it, if you want.”
Sasha hugged him with the strength of a python! "Thank you so much! I’ll tell Uncle Martin to give them to you! Now excuse me, I must return to the others!" She jumped off the chair and ran out, happy as if nothing had happened.
The man felt a tingle in the back, the ghost tail of the dog he used to be... He couldn’t resist turning his head and try to look--
"You miss that, do you?"
Joel jumped. "Martin! I see you still got the habit of sneaking around."
The landlord went to the refrigerator and helped himself an ice tea with lemon. "You know what they say about old habits, right?" It had become a sad habit for him, moving around their old house in silence, not to disturb their father...namely, not to attract his attention. And his violence.
Martin drank the tea, then sat across the table. "Want to go back to be King, right?" He asked, smiling gently, but with that unmistakable tone of seriousness.
Joel nodded. "I’m happy to be back in my old furless skin, but as King...I had rebuilt an interesting life, brother. Before, I didn’t think I could ever have a friend, let alone a dog. I didn’t think I’d get a hope of happiness. Maybe Pete wanted to teach me how to improve myself before returning me forever to humankind, but…”
Martin reached out to hold his brother’s hands. "Look, it’s not your fault. In fact, I should grovel at your feet, to beg your forgiveness. Things would’ve been different, had I not fled, leaving you alone…”
Joel glared at his brother. "Enough! Enough with this nonsense, okay? We mutually decided that that is a closed chapter, okay?”
Martin shrugged. "Ok, sorry. But martyrdom is so funny. Every time, my boys prepare ice cream to console me."
The other shook his head. "You're sick. Anyway, needless to dwell on what I can’t have. We’ll take care of that when Pete is back. In the meantime, do you think you need help, with the shelter? I’d like to help."
Martin's face grew serious. "Remember the ASPCA shelter where you worked?"
Joel bit his lower lip, stifling a curse. It was the very guests of that place who betrayed him, throwing him later into the arms of PETA and everything that would follow. Funny, though, as such winding road would also lead him to desire to be a dog for the rest of his days... "So what?"
"When the prosecutor told me you were free, he also told me that shelter will be closed, since the staff is involved in a matter of fraud and extortion against others like you. All their animals will be brought to the Charm. So yes, another volunteer won’t hurt. And if you know any of those animals, you’ll help me understand if they are reliable for adoption.”
Joel nodded slowly. "It can be done.”
"Great. And Fox? How is he?”
Joel sighed. "He’s making the best of a bad job, but the way he looks at me, I think he wants to hand me his squeaky bone to play with. Even if he’s got friends since long before we met, I think I was the only one to make him feel more at ease. With me he’s always had that…protective attitude, you know.”
Martin stood up. "Yup, that’s his nature. But now, no more long faces. This is a celebration day and we must still gourge ourselves with the best steaks from Miles & Family Co.! Then I'll let you all the time you want to play with Fox. Feel free to sniff his butt if you want. "He gave a pat on his brother’s back. He chuckled.
Joel put his face in his hands, remembering when he mentioned his first meeting with Fox. "This will persecute me for a long time, will it?"
"Hey, if you’re embarrassed by common canine rituals, think on the bright side: no taxes, no embarrassment to go around naked, you dress up with a collar, you can hunt cats without being sued. And the whole world is your restroom!"
Joel put on the 'eyes of death'. "When Pete returns, the first thing I’ll do is bite you."
"Dream on." Martin went to a cabinet, and opened it, revealing the contents reserved to the guests. A selection of the most expensive spirits on the market. He pulled out a bottle of Macallan Fine and Rare Whisky Collection. "It's time to be bold, brother: let’s celebrate with style!"
Grape Jelly Sandwich knew what Peanut had asked of her.
She knew how much it cost to him to accept the biological limit of their relationship.
He knew that he was doing this for her, and for both of them. For their future.
And Grape loved him even more for that. She wanted to take time to arrive at the definitive decision in a peace of mind. She couldn’t do it with everyone’s eyes on her, especially their parents. This was something that must be discussed quietly, in a context in which the two of them would be alone, undisturbed, like at the farm (barn cats allowing).
And she didn’t intend to wait for their next vacation! Thus, as they said, desperate times...
"You want to join us? Sure! Here, have a Big Miles!" The wolf handed Grape a monster hamburger whose mere sight and smell made her stomach grumble, even though she had eaten enough to get ashamed.
Grape took the plate with the sandwich. Miles said, "We’re leaving the day after tomorrow. The Foster twins will come as well. You already have what you need? A trip in the woods isn’t to be taken lightly." The wolf shook a warning finger.
Grape nodded as she chewed with an ecstatic expression -to be a child of the forest, the big boy cooked a lot, lot better than Dad! "I’ll ask Uncle Martin, since he already provided Peanut the camping stuff. "Then, in a more wary tone, "Uhm, no offense,'re not going to drag him in some weird adventure thing, right?" If Peanut idolized Fido as a good example, he was nothing short of fascinated by wolves. In particular, he had helped Miles’ pack in adapting and and relating with the neighborhood when they had come to the Gardens to leave their wild life.
Grape feared that if Miles had asked Peanut to join them in a hunt, the silly, adorable mongrel would obey blindfold. And the idea of Peanut boldly facing a 400lb-red deer made Grape shiver out of one of her lives.
Miles gave a pat on the lavender cat’s back, almost knocking her down. "Don’t worry, however. Peanut had promised to be good so you didn't have to worry. And Mr. Foster wanted Antares and Aldebaran with him as his escort, just to make sure.”
Grape breathed a sigh of relief, even if she was ashamed for doubting her husband’s better sense.
Heh, how quickly things could change? It seemed only yesterday that Peanut was flabbergasted when she told him she was a female. And now, already talking about kittens, a family of their own... Calm down, Jellybelly, good girl! One step at a time. Organize camping first! Even with one day only at disposal to get ready, Uncle Martin would work out everything. For once, it was good to rely on him, sometimes!
Oh, yes! First she had to tell Mom and Dad!

Earl Sandwich and Jill wanted much to be elsewhere.
Not that the party was boring, quite the contrary. The atmosphere was perfect, the food excellent, and even the sense of impending catastrophe that hovered in the minds of the couple didn’t look so gloomy.
The two humans looked at Grape talking to Miles. Whatever the topic was, she looked very excited, judging by her smile.
Jill sighed. "We can’t postpone it any more, dear."
"You make it sound like something bad," Earl said, smiling tenderly.
"Well, 'you know what happened, the other time. The poor child doesn’t need certain traumas, again.”
Earl nodded. "But there is a difference, dear, and you know it: we’ll be with her all the way, as we always were." He passed a hand through her auburn hair, then kissed her forehead. "In fact, I hope this will prompt her to, let’s say, extend her family." He winked mischievously
He shrugged. "We can afford it, right? In fact, when I have saved up enough, we will get us a new house, bigger, and we will put it in the testament to our children, or those who’ll come after them. If old Milton could leave a multinational in the paws of those weird ferrets of his, our pets can’t surely be less the wise.”
"Okay, but let's get not too far with this organization. First thing first, we must break this news to Grape and Peanut in the ... But what's going on now? These aren’t Fiddler and Keys."
Suddenly, from the stage that housed the pet band ReFur Project was coming an awkward sound, as if a drunkard was trying to butcher Fiddler’s violin...
Everyone had plunged into a stunned silence at the sight of the new singing duo who had burst onto the stage: the two hosts.
Martin was killing the violin. The poor cat looked at the human with pure terror in her eyes, while clasping her paws in a silent prayer. Joel, holding the now empty bottle of whiskey, leaned on his brother's shoulder, and both were loudly singing an Irish ballad.

Good evening, all my jolly lads, I'm glad to find you well
If you'll gather all around me now, I will tell the story
For I've got a situation and begorrah and begob
I can whisper all the weekly wage of nineteen bob
'Tis twelve months since October as I left my native home
After helping to bring the boys Them Killarney harvest down
But now I wear my waist and around the gansey to belt
I'm the gaffer of the squad That Makes the hot asphalt
Well, we laid it in a hollows and we laid it in the flat
And If It Doesn’t last forever, sure I swear, I'll eat my hat
Well, I've wandered up and down the world and sure I never felt
Any Surface That Was equal to the hot asphalt ...

"Ever seen them in such conditions?" A morbidly fascinated Peanut asked to Alcor.
The White Cat shook his head slowly, as if he himself couldn’t believe his eyes: Dad was sober as a judge, the strongest thing he had ever taken was an Irish coffee, in winter, and only if it was very, very cold! One glass of that stuff could stone him!
"Antares, you come with me. Mizar, 30% saline solution from the drugs closet. Aldebaran: bucket, towels and cold shower ready at once. Let’s do it, folks." And he headed towards the stage, followed by the huge black dog.
"Er, Daddy ..? Uncle Joel?" He said, when he had reached the stage. He yanked at Martin’s shirt over and over. "Dad? Please, you’re making an exhibition--"
At least, they had stopped playing and singing. Martin ruffled the head of his cat. His breath could fill the tank of a cigarette lighter. "Ah, my dear * hips * the idea is just that! This is such a great party, won’t you agree!"
"Today, ‘happiness’’s da word!" added Joel. He looked at the bottle and shook it. "I think there’s some left in here. Have a sip!”
Alcor took up the bottle that the man handed him. "No thank you, Uncle. Now, please, let's go back inside. If you can’t walk, Antares will help you, okay?"
The man slumped against the dog. "Okay. Hey, pretty puppy, you know that you too got a cure ladykiller muzzle..?"
Before anyone could say or do something, there came this 'Smooch!’ mercilessly amplified by the stereo set! In the audience’s even more appalled silence, there came the snapshots from Peanut’s, Bino‘s and Matt’s cameras. The boy had, at last, found a reason to be happy to be at that silly party!
Poor Antares decided to drag his quarry by the feet, and to heck with family niceties. He was deeply embarrassed and red as a tomato! “Ow! Ow! Ow! Hehehe!” Joel couldn’t stop laughing all the way. Alcor helped a giggling Martin to lean on him.
"You two are such killjoys, you know?" Martin said, casually throwing away the violin behind his shoulders. "Hmpf!"
"I'll save you!" Fiddler grabbed the instrument just before it reached the ground. Then she started cooing all over it it as if it had been a real kitten. "Poor dear, now you're safe. The bad men won’t harm you, never again! "
Jill and Earl decided that they would put off till tomorrow that chat with Grape and Peanut…

Author:  angelusbr [ Wed Jul 20, 2011 7:07 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

I loved it as always. i'm looking foward to see Grape and Peanut's reaction to their parents news.

Author:  copper [ Wed Jul 20, 2011 7:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

Well, that's not good. Joel kissed him? :lol:

Wonder what the conversation is between the sandwiches?

Great update! Can't wait to see the aftermath...

Author:  kurowolfe [ Wed Jul 20, 2011 7:54 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

That was sweet of Joel to console Sasha at the beginning, well, before he went on stage. I literally fell off my chair laughing my head off seeing Joel and Martin sang. I'm amazed that the song still rhymes XD And nice save, Fiddler!

Like copper and angelusbr, I wonder how will the conversation between the two Sandwiches' couples is going to proceed.

Huh, and I sorta want to have Miles' steaks as well, I haven't had any meat for more than a week now (=.=')

Thanks for the quick update, valerio, and see you tomorrow! :D

Author:  Daggy [ Wed Jul 20, 2011 11:45 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

*grin* Pretty much all I can say. Still fantastic.

Author:  Russiarules1 [ Wed Jul 20, 2011 1:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

This story has almost everything a person can ask for!
Pets- Check
Fun- Check


*Cough*a couple of cold water filled buckets*cough* can fix the*cough,cough*alcohol problem*cough*

Author:  valerio [ Wed Jul 20, 2011 3:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

Foster House, Babylon Gardens. Evening.

The fan was not yet able to completely remove the smell of vomit. Joel and Martin Foster sat facing each other in the shower, clothes drenched with cold water, their backs propped against the walls of frosted glass. Saline IVs still hanging by their arms.
"How long before these drips take effect?"
"About half an hour. Perhaps. Works miracles with hangover." Martin felt as if he had gotten a whitlow inside his brain. He was afraid of thinking, so much it hurt. He was sure he’d faint any moment. His tongue was a rotting sponge and he had just discovered that his eyes had become more sensitive than a vampire’s at noon.
He couldn’t see that his brother was in no better shape, but the voice sounded as sufficient evidence. If only Joel lowered it a bit. Completely, perhaps…
"I actually kissed one of your dogs?"
"Completely drunk, Your Honor." Martin chuckled, thinking back to that scene... and then regretting that gesture painfully. Ow. "You know what they say, right? In vino veritas."
"Flip off. You stole that poor cat’s violin. She was crying. Monster. Maybe you hate the music?”
"No. I actually envy her, she works miracles with that instrument, and I wanted to try it myself. I never had a violin.”
"I am not a ..."
"I know, brother."
After a long pause, Joel Z. Robinson-Foster said, "You know why I kissed him?"
"Surprise me."
"I wanted to lick his face. I thought as if I was still King.”
"Cool. And still, very embarrassing."
Joel growled. "Doesn’t it bother you?"
Martin grunted. "I've never had a dog for brother. It’s like a Disney movie. But please don’t use the trees for your businesses, as long as you are human. I think the neighborhood will be talking about this memorable party for a while, as it is already."
Joel thought of the photos snapped by Peanut, Bino and that Matt. He knew Peanut would keep his for his and Grape’s amusement. But if he opened the Facebook pages of the other two, he was pretty sure of what he’d find. "I hate Pete. Couldn’t he turn me into a cat and save me this humiliation?"
"And you can’t do without him. Rather, apologize to Antares.”
Joel was able to lift his head. "I'm sorry for embarrassing in front of everyone, Antares."
"Oh, never mind," said the giant dog, who like his brother was standing in front of the shower, ready to bring the two humans in their rooms. "Next time, try when you’re King."
Joel growled again. "But why everyone is so laid back about a magical griffin turning people into dogs?! Is this Twin Peaks?!”
Martin chuckled. "Well, 'you told me that this guy is virtually omnipotent, right?"
"That you can’t kick him in his leonine butt, right?"
"That he and his friends decided to play with our lives for fun. Including Peanut’s."
"Well. Since we can’t do anything about it, let’s just take it as it comes." Martin waved his hand in a circle. "Hakuna matata and all that stuff. Let’s just hope they won’t raise my taxes.”
"I envy you, you know?"
"Cuz I’m the best?"
"No, Mary Sue. Cuz you take these things philosophically. I’ll bet you want to be in my fur.”
"But I also have a family I love, two pets to watch over and a shelter to run. You should—“
At that moment, the doorbell rang. Martin stood up and pulled out the drip. He did feel better, at least. "Must be the neighborhood’s ethics committee with an expulsion mandate. I'll take it." He took the towel that Antares was holding out and wiped summarily his hair.
The doorbell rang again. "Coming, coming. And let a poor rich guy enjoy his hangover, sheesh."
Martin opened the door.
He found himself faced with a funny-looking old guy dressed in an out fashioned beige suit, gray drooping mustache and a bowler hat that covered his eyes.
"Good evening, Mr. Foster. I really wanted to meet you. My name is Pete Welshman, and I'm here to get back my dog.”
Sandwich House

"It's official: I'm worried."
Not one, but two fully-equipped TreckMaster backpacks waited in the living room.
Grape couldn’t talk with Uncle Martin, today. Not to mention that he wasn’t likely to show his face after that show. She was also sure that Fiddler and Keys had composed a funeral dirge in his honor... In short, Grape was afraid she wouldn’t be able to do that trip with Peanut...
Instead, everything was ready.
"Surprise!" Peanut said, jumping up on her from behind and then lifting her
Her fur doubled in volume, and her ears flattened. "GAK! Mutt, you know the surprise hug is banned, in our relationship!”
Tail wagging, Peanut put her back on the ground. "This makes it even funnier!”
Grape stroked smooth her arms. "I'm beginning to suspect that you are Max wearing a costume. Anyway, how come there are two backpacks? Who is with you?"
Peanut beeped her nose. "You, silly. Uncle Martin knew you'd end up coming and had prepared the stuff, There’s everything you need inside that backpack, check it out.”
Grape opened the ‘pack and quickly inspected it. Yes, there was just everything from dry shampoo to the canned food she loved, repellent and a paper bloc and pens for her to write her fanfiction...
Peanut leaned on her shoulders, encircling her waist. "I told him what to put in it. And I know that you like using pen and paper when you want to work outdoors." He kissed her cheek. "I'm glad you changed your mind."
Grape purred, stroking his cheek. "How could I miss such a romantic occasion?" She was so tempted to tell him everything right there and now, but she wanted to make it a special surprise! "And, wow, you’re so attentive to details: I don’t know whether to congratulate or take better care my privacy."
"Graaaape!" Came out in a voice filled with anguish.
"Ouch!" The cat put a finger in her ear. "My poor eardrums, and to think you apparently lost that habit. And take it easy, lug, I was joking." This time it was her to kiss his nose. "What girl doesn’t like her hubby know how to anticipate her wishes? I should've fallen in love with you long before the trip to Uncle Reuben's.”
Byron House

"One last step, come on..." came Sasha’s voice from the entrance of the attic.
She was answered by a series of wheezes and gasps, as the happy bride was brought step by step into her love nest.
When, finally, Bino had finished, Sasha let her knight put her down. He was bent over, with a yard of tongue hanging out. He wished King was still here, to let him do this honor… Typical of that mutt to disappear when he was really needed, for once!
"So," she said, wagging his tail excitedly. "You like it?"
In this sense, Bino had changed. Once, he’s just ask to throw himself over the first pillow and snore undisturbed until the next noon. Instead, now, he looked around and nodded, even managing to smile appreciatively.
The dusty attic of Byron house, where he and Fido had on occasion combed through the old photos, cards and objects of the his elder brother’s parents, had been transformed into a very swanky corner. Sasha owned an unearthly amount of stuff, what with all the gifts the males of the neighborhood gave her every Valentine's Day. It didn’t seem possible that one could put it all in one room and keep it tidy, but it had happened, with room to spare.
"It's beautiful," Bino said, rubbing his kidneys and straightening up. He flashed her a mischievous grin. "You just need the Adonis statue, baby!"
Sasha hugged her husband. "That’s what I've always had, silly. It was a wonderful party, and you have organized everything beautifully. I couldn’t have better dog with me!"
Bino still remembered that Valentine’s Day, when he had had the nerve to regift her with stuff she had given him during the years. She had seemed so happy, so very happy that even he was ashamed of fooling her that way (or so he had thought).
He remembered how he always wanted to see her like this. Without mentioning King. And now here they were, the future was theirs, as a couple in every respect. And Bino was the King of the World.
"Have you thought about who you’ll give the Presidency of the Club to, Biney?" She said, managing to destroy that perfect picture with a curious sound of breaking glass. Bino was too surprised to frown on what was the ultimate blasphemy. "Huh?" He stammered.
Sasha pulled him toward a nest of pillows of various bright colors. She pushed him down and straddled on his figure. Bino didn’t resist, he was still too stunned. "Silly, if you want to become a great police dog, you’ll have to work hard, do lots of turns on patrol... Have you seen how much Fido dedicates to his job? You'll have to do even better! How will you handle the Good Ol’ Dogs Club as well?”
Simple question. Obvious question.
D'oh! Bino facepawlmed. And now that he had announced it, he couldn't backpedal, lest he was branded as wishy-washy for the rest of his life.
But he was the Club's founder, the Club would DIE without him!
"And then there are the puppies, don’t forget it!"
This time the abyss opened under Bino. "Puppies?" He repeated, his voice very similar to that of the rabbit Zachary.
Sasha nodded. "Of course! * Giggle * You don’t think they grow under a cabbage, do you?"
Her fingers slooowly opened his collar. "Honey, there’s no hurry. Let’s relax now. A nice neck massage will make you feel a lot better. Then, tomorrow morning, you’ll give me a decision. About how many to have. Or I’ll sew your tail to your butt," she added with that merry tone she had used when she had promised to staple his eyelids to his eyeballs if he ever regifted her again.
Bino swallowed, trying to smile at her.
He wondered if the Marine’s K-9 Corps still accepted volunteers for Afghanistan?

Season II
Episode 2

Author:  Daggy [ Wed Jul 20, 2011 3:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

Started reading before you PM'd. Owned.

Peeetttteeee, oh nooooo.

Author:  loomCAT [ Wed Jul 20, 2011 3:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

Pete?! :shock: Oh dear...

And Sasha is quite forceful, isn't she? I can't believe I'm saying this, but poor Bino... :lol:

Author:  Russiarules1 [ Wed Jul 20, 2011 4:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

Two updates in one day?

Pete is back? This will be interesting *Villain smile* Heheh, nice...

Author:  angelusbr [ Wed Jul 20, 2011 4:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

Russiarules1 Wrote:
Two updates in one day?

Pete is back? This will be interesting *Villain smile* Heheh, nice...

interesting indeed! :D

Author:  EvanAierkan [ Wed Jul 20, 2011 5:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

Russiarules1 Wrote:



Author:  kurowolfe [ Wed Jul 20, 2011 5:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

That was a surprise, I mean, Pete nonchalantly entering the scene asking for his dog back! Will Joel accept the offer though, since he seemed to really want to be King again?

And yay for Peanut's and Grape's first getaway! Peanut's quite the partner, being able to plan ahead for his spouse :D

Double update FTW, and nice update as usual, val! Erm, so, see you soon? XD

Author:  Russiarules1 [ Wed Jul 20, 2011 5:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

EvanAierkan Wrote:
Russiarules1 Wrote:



You sir, are win.

Author:  copper [ Wed Jul 20, 2011 7:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

Dude!! Awesome. Can't wait for the next update now!

Pete is back to his generic disguise. Hope no one attacks, like Fox...

How will Fox take this? How will Fox take the Antares debacle!?!?!? :?

Bino has some thinking to do. Hope King gets the presidency!!

Author:  valerio [ Thu Jul 21, 2011 10:44 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

Season II
Episode 3 - Soul to Soul, Heart to Heart
By VALERIO (Later revised by OBBL)

Foster House, Babylon Gardens.

"Oh master! How good to see you again! I'm so happy! Pleasepleaseplease don’t ever leave me again!”
So he was saying, his voice sobbing with joy, the man named Zechariah Joel Robinson, as he hugged the late guest of House Foster.
A rather unusual visitor: an anthropomorphic gryphon, with cobalt-blue plumage and golden eyes.
"Mmm, soft too," said Joel, his face buried in the shoulder of the muscular creature.
The being named Pete didn’t seem impressed by that demonstration of affection. With imperturbable expression and voice, he said, "You're making fun of me, are you?"
Joel let go of Pete. He sported an amused smile, and gave him a pat on the shoulder. "Please, Allow me some satisfaction, master."
Without changing expression, Pete raised an aquiline paw, his claws ready to snap. "I could always decide that it's more fun to have a hamster, you know..."
"Okay, that's enough, you two," Martin Foster said, interposing between them. He wasn’t sure it was a good idea, to tease a creature talented in the magical arts, but he knew his brother. Joel’s tongue could be really cut. "Let’s try and behave like civilized people. Pete, you have come to take back my brother. Joel, you made a pledge of loyalty to Pete. Want to work on this, instead of playing top rooster?” Okay, perhaps not the wisest choice of words with a half-avian around…
Pete nodded, and went to sit down. His large wings folded behind his back, producing a rustle as he sat on the armchair. He gestured, and a cup of steaming tea on a saucer appeared in his paws. As the two humans were sitting in front of him, Pete sipped tea, then said, "Enough with the enigmatic preamble and the half-truths, Joel my boy: I chose you as avatar not only because you are a good example of how, with a push in the right direction, a mortal can redeem himself from his mistakes, but also because a wide and interesting chains of events revolves around you, thanks to your friendship and your blood connections. To be honest-"
"Good one," Joel interrupted. Pete gave him the withering eye. The human gulped. "Sorry. Go on.”
Pete cleared his throat. "I said, just by virtue of this chain of events, keeping you as human would forfeit my participation in them. After all, you are to be my avatar as dog, so the rules go. And I want back in the game, without further ado. And I believe that, at last, you know where your priorities are, my boy. "
Joel hung his head ceremoniously. "Your pleasure is my duty, Master."
Pete rolled his eyes. "I guess I’ll have to deal with that part of you. At least I can count on your loyalty?"
This time, the human face became business-serious. He glanced to his brother, then back to gryphon. "No more tricks, Pete. I want to be King. Forever. And not only in the shape: I give you permission to take away what you have to, so that my humanity truly becomes a thing of the past. This is my redemption." Then, to Martin, "Please don’t believe that I don’t care about you. But frankly, I don’t have this great life to go back to, and I want to think about the future, what awaits me, not the shadows of the past. Just as you finally made it to put aside your old mistakes. Our mistakes shaped us, but it’s time to leave them behind.”
Martin put his hand on his shoulder. "Whatever your shape, you'll always be my brother, Joel. No matter where you live, or with what owner, I’ll always be there for you, whenever you need help. I'm proud of you, for your choice. And I'm glad I could be with you again, even if for this short time. Just promise me that your relationship with Fox will remain strong, okay?”
Joel hugged Martin. "No need to say it, it wouldn’t be worth if it weren’t for him. Thanks for everything. Thank you for always believing in me, for fighting for me when everyone else had turned their back. And extend my thanks to that Kostya mastiff for me, okay? He was the first honest man of law I ever met.”
Martin nodded. "I will."
Without leaving his brother, Joel said, "Pete?"
"Yes?" Said the gryphon, again raising his paw, ready to snap his fingers.
"Fox ..?"
"You two will be free to live your lives as you wish. I promise.”
Joel nodded. "One Last thing. Can you give me a Disney? Only once, to end it with style."
Pete nodded. "So be it."
* Snap *
The first time the gryphon had transformed a man into a dog, a cloud of smoke had pointed out that process.
This time, Joel’s body was enveloped by a series of bright streaks, like liquid light, which redesigned his body in gentle waves, while clothes and skin were replaced by the familiar white, brown and black fur, the face by a pointed muzzle, hands into paws…
And King was back.
Martin stroked the back of the Tricolor Pembroke Welsh Corgi. "How do you feel?"
King broke the embrace. He stroked his still naked throat, and said, "My name is King...." Then he sighed. He searched his memory, but the name that he once had as human was really gone. His memories of those years were already fading. Joel Robinson was gone, even if he hadn’t forgotten the man on whose lap he sat. "I feel good, boss. Just a little 'naked."
* Snap * and, once again the liquid light moved along his neck, this time recreating a familiar collar, with a dog tag in the shape of the king chesspiece.
"Much better." King jumped down from the man’s legs. "Now excuse me everyone, I have a friend to see before he worries himself to death. See you at home, master! Don’t wait for me!" He added with his familiar sarcasm, before running off like a bat.
Pete and Martin waited to be alone. Then the man, still smiling at the door, said, "He suffers and, omnipotent or not, I’ll make you extinct."
Pete shook his head and took another sip of tea. "Intrinsic Benevolence policy aside, I'm not your enemy, human. Plus, despite everything, could you honestly say that my work hasn’t made a better person out of Joel? "
On this, Martin could not argue. When Kostya had presented him the statement Joel had released after his arrest, his brother had suffered in reading each sentence. He couldn’t believe that Joel had written in his own hand so much poison toward animals at large. Those terrible words were the result of a lost soul, on the edge of a bottomless pit. Martin’s sense of guilt had skyrocketed, since that day...
Yes, Pete had taken away his brother, but had given peace to a suffering soul, although in a most twisted way... "And what will happen, when your game will be over?"
The Gryphon shrugged. "This only the Game Master can tell, and let’s it be clear: he hates spoilers. I can only tell you that I’m not going to his master forever. In fact, this will last for less time than you think... And please don’t ask for more. Keep remembering this: Whatever happens, King will be fine. This is my wish as well." * Snap * a puff of smoke, and Pete was ‘Gaspar’ again. The walking cane over his shoulder, the man walked toward the door, humming the theme of 'Ghostbusters' ...
Lindberg House

Dad had left for the evening shift.
Lucky was at Felix’s place, and it wasn’t his fault if he could stay with his long-lost friend, after both had been abandoned…
Bravo, Fox! Did you really need to add this cheery thought, eh?! The Husky threw away the paperback he was reading. The book bounced off the wall and a page tore off. It was supposed to be a humoristic book by a Stefano Benni. It wasn’t making Fox laugh.
Fox sighed and went to retrieve the book. He didn’t like to damage them, but ...
But I miss King! He had many friends, and all had tried to cheer him up. Bino had even refrained from throwing his jokes about King, even if it was a temporary truce.
Fox should be happy for Joel, and he got to see him whenever he wanted... But Joel wasn’t King. That is, they were the same person, they had the same mind, same heart ...
But he missed King, the dog he had did his best to help from the beginning. That adorable grouch who had done so much for Sasha, managed to get out of his hell... No matter what the truth about his nature, it was King to be Fox’s friend. Joel was ... human.
It wasn’t the same thing.
A drop fell on the book page.
Fox had many friends.
And why Bino of all dogs?
Because it was easy not be really his friend. Bino was arrogant, mean, a leader who demanded unconditional loyalty, not affection. If obeyed, he was on your side, and Fox, frightened by his first loss, fearful of suffering again, had accepted a subordinate role. Follow the leader, and you won’t have problems.
But King had breached into his heart. He had filled that void, led Fox to actually take care for someone. It was really like ... NO! Not 'like a'! King was a brother, his best friend. A true friend ..! "Tch."
Fox shook his head at the sight of the pages that he had unvoluntarily ripped off with his claws. Sighing, he took the pile of paper and threw it in the trash bin. Luckily, Dad gave him a hefty allowance…
They knocked at the door. "…Coming," Fox said, rubbing his watery eyes with his arm, ears flattened. He only hoped that it wasn’t Bino proposing to pick on Peanut. Peanut deserved much respect for coming out about his relationship with Grape, coming to the point of marrying her. Maybe Fox should look for a girlfriend, or at least stop treating poor Lucky like a stranger.
But Lucky was with Felix, now! He knew Fox was suffering, and had decided to go elsewhere all the same! Some friend, ha!
"Yes?" He said, opening the door.
"Ah, I've heard that you were looking for me?"
The only word that could define the mood of Fox, with his fully erect ears, eyes like pinholes and lips pursed in a tiny 'or was 'appalled'.
Well, King was in front of him, hands clasped behind his back, with that sad and at the same time full of expectation expression that he had showed that winter, when he had opened his heart the first time.
Yet, Fox could still not believe it.
"We can stay like this all night if you want. No hurry. "
"YOU’RE BACK!” * Crink! * went the bones of the poor Corgi, when Fox hugged him with all his might. "Please," he whispered in the large ears, happy and yet too scared it was just a beautiful dream. "Please tell me that you have come back to stay."
If King had ever even had a residue of doubt about his decision, then, those words dissolved it. "I'm back to stay. I'll be good, Fox I’ll even try to be civil with Bino, but I won’t give up on you."
"And Pete?"
"Still my boss, but he promised he won’t stop me hanging out with you... And now, why are looking at me like that? "
Fox's expression had changed, and now the Husky was staring at King with a…hungry grin. "I'll show you why!" And pushed King to the ground, pinning him by his shoulders.

From the house, one could hear the sounds of a canine tongue working at full speed and the voice of King shouting happily, "Fox! What! GAK! NO! Not the face! Bad dog! Shoo! Help! "

Author:  kurowolfe [ Thu Jul 21, 2011 11:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

Yay for Joel becoming King again! Well, at least for now. And do I see a Brother Bear reference? =3

I love the reunion scene. I just love it. Really :D

Thanks for the sweet update, valerio! Now I can sleep in peace (it's like 1am here XD).

Author:  copper [ Thu Jul 21, 2011 11:46 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

DAWW!! So sweet! Fox loves his little buddy, huh?

Well, it seems Pete has softened, but that can't be a good thing to lose an entire part of yourself, good or bad.

So the game end soon... wonder how.

Author:  angelusbr [ Thu Jul 21, 2011 12:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

So now Joel is King again. Can he switch back and forth now? I can't wait for the next masterpiece.

Author:  Daggy [ Thu Jul 21, 2011 2:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

*smirk* Oh King. He's back. And d'aaaaaaawwwwwwwww at Fox.

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