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Come on, Bino! We used to do this, remember?
Yeah, when we were puppies and our ‘crowd’ was a bunch of musically illiterate peers. Guys, have you seen how many of them are out there? And there are Fiddler and Keys too! If we fail, I’ll be the laughingstock of cats!
Too late to play scaredy-cat now, big bro!
And you don’t push it, Joey! Fino—
No! It will come natural to you. You’re with all of us, with me, and we’re doing it for them all, not for us. You’ll do your best just like us. I trust you.

Not to mention that this song is old: No one out there is old enough to remember it. And those who could must be too old to leave their house. So relax, our…small edit will pass unnoticed.
In case you’re wrong, Fido, you’ll be the first to go.
Ok everybody! Lights are on. Ready?

The lights flooded a most unusual show –at least in the eyes of those pets who knew the actors well enough.
Alcor produced a short crescendo with a trumpet. Joey and Aldebaran followed with keyboard and drums, respectively.
The rest of the group was composed by Bino at the guitar, Sabrina and Sasha giving the time with short vocalizations and swinging their hips as if inciting the crowd to clap and follow the music.
Which the crowd started doing as the rhythm got faster, their eyes glued to the figures of Fido and Fino both holding a mike.
And Fino started singing:

Listen to the news, changes are coming soon.
All around the country, it’s social revolution.
Just look around yourself, tell me what you see.
Older orders explode into the colours of the peace.

At this point, Sabrina and Sasha let out a long background vocalization, as if they wanted to fill the air together with the dog. Fino kept singing.
The mighty wolf and dog join in an’ sing the praise:
‘Kick the door and hit the shore and be somebody else’
This whole new life is waitin’ us and all is fair
This no longer the time for castles in the air!

Fido took immediately over.
Here we go with the new sensation! (Joey and Bino New Sensation!)
We're on every station (Every station!)
Such a kind of a legend to turn you on
Dig that rhythm, human and listen to the voice of your friends

(Everyone) Listen to your radio!
Grape and Peanut were by now dancing at the rhythm, uncaring of the giggles from their humans.
Thomas interrupted himself right for the time to say to his sister, “What? They sing and play well, it’s not a crime!”
Fino took the lead once again.
All across the planet, politicians tremble (Sasha and Sabrina Ooh-ah, ooh-ah)
Continental power’s rocking with the fearless gambler (Ooh-lalala)
Now the time is here, now it's coming true (Ooh-ah, Ooh-ah)
This wave of change is overwhelming each one of us
Acrobats and comets are streaking by
40.000 wolves are howling at the sky
Your innerfun circuits are cruising without fear
All inviting you for partytiming here

That's the start of the new sensation! (Joey and Bino New Sensation!)
We're on every station (Every station!)
Such a kind of a legend to turn you on
Dig that rhythm, human and dig this band!
new sensation! (New Sensation!)
We're on every staa-ation (Every station!)
Such a kind of a legend to turn you on
Dig that rhythm, human and listen to the voice of your friends

By now the crowd was a frenzied mass! Even little Clarice was swaying to the rhythm while sitting on Flash’s shoulders. Tiger had decided he was a new John Travolta, much to the delight of his dates.

Listen to me, Listen to me, Fido and Fino were singing.
Listen to me, Listen to me, Joey and Bino were singing . And then Sasha, Sabrina, and every member of the band joined in repeating that mantra, without losing the rhythm, in a crescendo…until the music started slowing as if in a long sigh.

Fino sang, as if praying to his listeners,
Now listen to me, listen to the voice of your friends
Oooo, We better return to be one
Listen to your good heart, yea,
We better return to be one
Oooo, We all better return to be one!

This time, everyone joined, exchanged vocals in the final chorus, all rules gone in the name of the common fun.
new sensation! (New Sensation!)
We're on every station (Every station!)
Such a kind of a legend to turn you on
Dig that rhythm, human and listen to the voice of your friends
(Everyone) Listen to your radio!
Listen to your radiooo!

Sabrina closed with her longest vocalization, while the music faded away.

The crowd renewed their enthusiasm. Fino wasn’t even panting when he said, “Thank you everyone, guys! It’s good to be back!” He waited again, then, “When I left Babylon Gardens, we were all babies. Now we are adults, some of us raised a family, some of us are gone…but all of us are on the verge of a historical moment. And I will stay at home to watch it happen, with you, next week.” More cheers. “But every one of us remember and never forget: This is but a first step of a long road ahead of us, animals and humans. In my travel I have visited countries where the furkindred built their fortune, or were citizens since the times of the legends.
“In this country, in this time, we will be no longer ‘just pets’ only when we will have proven our worth. Bino?”

Bino felt every single eye on him as he advanced and took the mike his oldest brother was handing him. The thing weighed in his paw like history itself. Playing and singing had had a cathartic effect on his nerves, but right now he’d feel as if throwing up.
And yet, he kept all of it well bottled. Everyone saw only the leader of a dog club in perfect self-control clearing his throat and then say, “A good pet is known as ‘man’s best friend’. And this we’ll always be. It hasn’t to do with ‘being a pet’, though. It has to do with loving our humans…even when they don’t really do their best to deserve it.” Chuckles from his audience. His confidence was building fast, just like when he’d address his fellow dogs only.
“Starting next week, more work will wait for us. More responsibilities. To humans, they may be a handful, but for us it will mean rethink our whole lives. One step at a time.” He drew a deep breath for pause. Looking at the crowd, he said that word he’d never thought he’d speak out. And he felt proud. “Together. Cats, dogs, rabbits, birds… Domestics and ferals. All of us! Under the flag of peace and equality.”

“See?” Zach was saying to the raccoons. One of the kits was sitting on his shoulders, the other on Falstaff’s. Truck was hopping up and down to get a better view. “Perhaps you got the wrong Opener, hm?”
The taller of the two coons shook his head. “Nah. Thanks to you, we are seeing the way opening. We owe it to you, not him. And then you’ll be there to give him advise on what to do, Opener.”
So much for trying.

“Many of us will be scared by this big change. Some will face the change with hate, they will try and stop us, denigrate us, insult us, not realizing that in doing so they will be also insulting the humans who want to help us all. We’ll show them we can be better than that. One step at a time, until our cubs, our pups, our kittens, hatchlings…Until there will be a road large enough for us to walk together. Without fears. Without injustices. Together! he concluded with almost a howl, asserting his belief, transmitting it to everybody!
Fino and Fido took their brother’s paws and lifted them as if he was the champion, while the rest of the band did the same in a chain of salute. The crowd was crazy now.
“We have a problem, Ms. Milton,” said the voice at the phone.
“You don’t have to tell me,” she said, her eyes fixed on the four dogs on the stage. Especially Bino. “What shall we do?”
“You must warn your ‘agent’: The mission has a new parameter. Gabriella Lundberg is no longer the only obstacle, that pack of dogs is as much dangerous.”
Celia could only agree: Since Loony Henry had founded Babylon Gardens, pets had been just pets, not some…political party! Slaves weren’t supposed to pretend they were a bunch of communists demanding for rights! They were supposed to be happy to have food and a home! “I think he can take care of all of them in one sweep. Discreetly.”
“He better, Ms. Milton.” The line went dead.
“Cool guy, eh?” William the squirrel asked the albino rat. Both were sitting on a table filled with enough stuff to satiate a tribe of mice.
“You can say that again,” Abner answered, munching at a piece of cheese –ok, so stereotypes tasted good. He also started to wonder if there really was more to this ‘equality’ thing than he had supposed.
Abner decided he’d have to talk with that dog.
And take care of another business, first thing... He produced a tiny cell from his collar, thank human genius for microtechnology. He may be a rat, but Carl Coppers still regained his own memories. And contacts at PETA, especially the ones he had kept for himself…
Grape wasn’t sure she was hearing it right.
Or watching it right, for that matter.
For what she and Peanut knew, the TV screen was a window on a parallel universe.
She could accept what she had just witness if right now Bino’s head would do a 360° turn and showed his usual demonic features.
“I would like to share your worries,” Peanut said. “But I believe that Fino’s miracle here was bringing out the true leader in him.
“He’s not a leader!” Grape blurted out. “He’s…everything bad that you could find in a dog! If you were only the hundredth part of…him, I’d have married Maxie!”
Peanut comically feigned a sudden pain in his chest. “Ow!” he groaned. “You hurt me too much! Goodbye, cruel world, I die loveless!” He made a spin on his foot and fell down onto the pavement, his mouth half open and his tongue hanging out.
The kittens giggled. Peanut opened one eye. “You are orphans and you should be sad. I blame this on you, Jellybelly.”
Grape grabbed a flower from a vase and stuck it in his paws. “Shut up and try look like a decent dead, Nutty.”
One hour and several songs later, the party had taken a much unexpected direction: Fino was no longer the only superstar.
“A true endorsement, eh?” Joey said to Bino. All brothers were panting despite the evening’s cool air. Everybody was either congratulating or trying to sniff at them, asking autographs…
Bino smelled of his own ecstasy. His smile was so…puppy-ish and contagious that it was impossible to believe he had ever been one of the meanest dogs of his neighborhood. “I know I deserved this, but it surely feels even better than expected!”
Fido rolled his eyes. Fino said, “You may act your usual self, but I know you better than that, pup. What you said wasn’t a play pretend. I could’ve written that speech for you.”
“I agree with that statement,” a new voice said.
King. Bino’s eyes darkened for a moment, but after all he knew the Lindberg pack would be here. He had just hoped that King, of all dogs, would stay away from hi—
Lost in those thoughts, Bino was snapped back into reality when…King hugged him!
“Thank you,” the smaller dog said. “Those were wonderful words, I—I waited so long to hear them coming from one of our kind.” And he wasn’t kidding. He had hoped that animals could take their own legitimate stand since he used to be a little human kid forced to witness the almost daily abuse of his pets…
“A-Are you crying?” Bino said, blushing slightly.
“Shut up and let me enjoy the moment, you stupid mean bully.”
Fox joined the corgi in the hug. “About time you showed true leadership. Thank you.”
Bino’s arm went around the husky’s shoulder and gave him a squeeze. “I’ll take that as a compliment, pal. But don’t push it.”
“Heh, just making sure you it’s you and not a clone. Do you realize that from now on you’ll have to work heart-to-heart with cats as well? To say the least.”
Bino sighed. “After Fido’s wedding, I’ll start organizing the Clubs into a single organization. I’ll be needing a lot of help from you guys.”
Fox nodded. “In this case, let me introduce you to your new assistant for the PR’s feline bureau.” He moved his arm and, as if by magic, appeared the mixed tabby female. “Bino, this is Allegra. We lend each other our books from time to time. She’s well-informed about a bit of everything and like you loves to organize things. I’m sure you’ll two get along.”
“Charmed,” Allegra said, extending her paw. “Great speech there. It will be a honor working with you.”
Part of Bino felt a pang of anger for Fox’s ‘betrayal’, for daring to introduce him to a cat…this way, without consultations, curriculum, voting…
But then he couldn’t deny what he had just said on the stage.
He couldn’t break the promise to Fino.
He couldn’t go back now. He couldn’t be a different dog, deny his own feelings, but sometimes you had just to take a compromise and make the best of it if it was for the greater good.
And Bino, of all things, was a dog of the people.
“I expect a lot from you, lady,” he said, shaking paws, knowing that this image would become popular on the pets’ Facebook pages. “And I’m not one to turn a blind eye on mistakes. Ask Fox if I’m exaggerating.”
She interrogated the husky with her eyes. He just shook his head no.
Nearby Costner House, Babylon Gardens

“I like this place,” Marcus said, looking around. The grizzled, scar-ridden wolf was carrying his security Dragon Skin Tac vest, a selection of weapons attached to his body, and his trusty AA-12 Assault Shotgun. He was scanning the quiet neighborhood as if his eyes were radar dishes.
His native American human partner may have been an impressive specimen of a human, but he still looked like a teenager working with with an adult. Even Damien’s M4 Carbine GL looked like a child’s toy…But it was just fine with him! By focusing on Marcus as the real threat, their enemies would commit a sever underestimating of his partner! “First time I hear you say that about a civilian settlement,” Damien said. “But watch it, if I hear you talk about finding a mate, I’ll have you seen by a shrink.” Aaand humor attempt #562…
Marcus just raised an eyebrow. “I like it because satellites can easily survey the site, and because close combat it’s made easier in the suburbs, especially where housing is made of wood. Easy to get rid of.”
…Fail! “Just do me a favor and don’t share your ‘professional notes’ with the local security, will you? They are already afraid of you as it is.”
“That would be ‘of us’.” A rare smirk appeared on Marcus’ muzzle. “Admittedly, it was funny when that Sturm dog was put in place by Amar.”
Damien chuckled. “Yeah, not bad for a ‘wee kitten’, those were the words right?” Come on, come on, give a laugh you grumpy— But then, their attention was drawn to a car approaching.
The vehicle stopped in front of Costner house, the engine letting out a vigorous steaming protest.
The passenger door opened, and a black Turkish Angora cat came out. He (she?) had the richest mane – the collar was nowhere to be seen under it – and quite the long, fluffy tail –which was swishing nervously as he spoke in a snappish, angry tone.
“’An easy errand’, Mom called it! Yeah sure! Hit and run, you’ll be a minute! And guess what!? Now we have to reorganize everything, bring in more guests, find a decent location! What does she think we are? The Salvation Army?!”
The driver’s door opened, the human being a lean Asian American whose ancestry had well mixed to create a tall, athletic figure. His face belonged to one used to smile frequently. The cat, on the other side, had two…weird, in lack of other words, emerald eyes slightly curved and with pupils that seemed unable to change, giving him a permanently ‘crazy’ glare.
“Hobbes, relax,” the man said. “You know how these things go. That’s why you were promised an extra treat if you do as instructed.”
The cat fumed. “Yeah, sure…” then his eyes went to the security team, “And what do you have to look at? Never seen a car broken down in your reservation?”
Damien spoke before Marcus decided to radically ignore Sergeant Ralph’s recommendations about ‘socializing with the neighborhood’. “Ah, sorry. We’re sort of temporary here. We were just wondering how we could be of help.”
The man bowed, then produced a business card. Calvin Sugary – Pet Psychiatrist it read, among the other data. “Yes, your help would be really appreciated. Hobbes and I were on our way home when, well, you can see it. Do you know any good shop? We’re not from here.”

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and now for the mandatory legalese:

Performed by ALPHAVILLE

With respect and apologies for the editing. Hope it came out good, guys ;)

And thank you a lot, Brent: Corrected immediately :D !

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So Celia's hired a assassin on fino, fido, bino, and Joey.
Normally I'd be okay with bino but valerio has managed to make him likable (in this world at least).
He did a impossible task and I won't let it go to waste.
*dials number on phone*
Hey unicron, I need a favor.

Note: if you don't know who unicron is google him. You'll be surprised I'm calling him on Celia.

Author:  valerio [ Thu Jun 13, 2013 5:25 am ]
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We-ell, I needed a good enemy for episode 10, which by tradition is somber. And a certain forumite provided me an awesome couple for the role...though his idea wasn't exactly that, originally :lol:
And...Unicron? Ain't that a tad overkill? I mean, Death Star is SO much more cool, 'Tron!

Author:  Legotron123 [ Thu Jun 13, 2013 7:35 am ]
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valerio Wrote:
We-ell, I needed a good enemy for episode 10, which by tradition is somber. And a certain forumite provided me an awesome couple for the role...though his idea wasn't exactly that, originally :lol:
And...Unicron? Ain't that a tad overkill? I mean, Death Star is SO much more cool, 'Tron! ... keOverkill
Besides.......... I need to set a example.
And only in your dreams would unicron lose to the Death Star.
He'll have eaten the power core before It can get in firing range.

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I worried about TarotXKarishad in canon, but I believed it's possible in your fic since Peanut is now with Grape. Speaking of that, poor poor Maxwell, he just had a chance with Allegra and ironically lost her to Fox who he tried to help find a love.

Author:  valerio [ Thu Jun 13, 2013 8:49 am ]
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kavviyenta Wrote:
I worried about TarotXKarishad in canon, but I believed it's possible in your fic since Peanut is now with Grape. Speaking of that, poor poor Maxwell, he just had a chance with Allegra and ironically lost her to Fox who he tried to help find a love.

He's not gonna stay lonely hart for long... ;)

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i have a couple of things to say.

First I am so very happy and appreciative that you brought my character of the Fulcrum, FLASH! I very much enjoyed and almost squee'd :mrgreen: when i saw him get introduced to Jasmine. And I love the small parts that were included of him and the girl interacting. I am very grateful for that.

Second, This new side of Bino is awesome! :P He might actually be nice now, and not the bully of the dog neighborhood. Also Bino work with a cat? Scandalous! I just hope that all works out for the better in the end, and not end up horribly wrong. :twisted:

Author:  valerio [ Wed Jun 19, 2013 1:25 am ]
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Awesome Flash deserved more attention, yup!
And as for Bino...well, yes, it's about time he started to evolve as a leader rather to stay in a corner when history called -but let's face it, guys. We all owe it to the magic of FINO! :D

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Foster Manor Park, Babylon Gardens. Wedding Day.

“Is there a particular reason for bringing me here, Honey?” the Shorthaired Shetland Sheepdog female asked the Longhaired Collie walking with her, while looking around. The park was a triumph of flowers, decorations, monitors with a small amphitheater at its center. The smell of flowers and candies was almost overwhelming.
Honey patted her friend’s shoulder. “I thought the place should be an explanation in itself, Vanilla. Look around you!”
“I’m doing it. This place is a giant wedding cake top. Are you suggesting that I should redecorate my room? Because I won’t use this style.”
The Collie sighed. “I was hoping that you would feel inspired on a more…personal level.”
Vanilla blinked a couple of times from under her green hood. “Honey, we’re talking about the wedding of a cat and a dog. Unnatural. Weird. Do you think that I should act unnatural and weird?”
“No. I was thinking about ‘romantic’.”
“And I was thinking that you keep overrating that particular aspect of existence.”
“Oh, Hockey! Try and enjoy the atmosphere! We need no swooning, just enjoy the occasion for sightseeing while Dad is buying some stuff at the farm’s discount market. And you should’ve let me invite Rupert.”
“Rupert?” She looked at her friend as if the Collie was talking about the traditions of the lost continental tribes of Epsilon Eridani c. “He’s barely in the friend zone, and he lives for writing. I’m sure he loves his keyboard more than anything else. What would he do here except eating? Not to mention that this ‘pet wedding’ thing is-is absurd, kibble! Romance is overrated already, and now there are pets thinking it will do them good if they add…” her arm encompassed the scenery crowded with human and animal stuff arranging the last details.
“I used to think that way, you know?” said a voice from behind her.
Vanilla let out a short “Yip!”, feeling lucky that her expression could not be seen. When she turned, she managed to keep a straight face, though, despite a part of her still wanting to hide behind Honey. She recognized of course the purple cat and the dog –although he wasn’t wearing the red collar, but a nice red harness, as if he was some Northern Husky and not a Canadian Pointer mix. "In case you haven't learned it yet,” the Shetland said, “it’s rude to startle pets this way.”
The other dog nudged her, discreetly. “Oh, hockey, not everyone lives by your rules,” Honey whispered to her, then in a higher voice, and wagging her tail, “Hi there! You must be Grape and Peanut Sandwich!” She extended her paw. “I’m a fan of yours!”
Grape shook. “Really? Thank you, but what for?”
Honey nodded and produced a paper sheet taken from a magazine. She handed it out to the cat.
Grape’s eyes widened. The sheet was the cover of a magazine called 'New Pet Life'. It portrayed Grape and Peanut wearing their wedding attires, and the five kittens posing as well, squatting at their feet, showing their best grins. The title of the cover read 'What Love Can Conquer'.
“Heh, didn’t even think that someone would read it already. So, I don’t remember seeing you around. Where are you from, you, err..?”
“Honey and Vanilla Cake! We came from Radiant Gardens to see the wedding, to see Fino and hoping to see you. I watched your ceremony on TV, during a documentary, and it was so cute!”
Peanut wagged his tail, although blushing a little. “Really?”
Honey clasped her paws. “Yup! Especially when you started licking her snout at the ‘kiss the bride’ part. Dawww!”
Vanilla cleared her throat. “So, what, well, made you change your mind about pet wedding?” She asked the cat in a condescending tone, almost wrinkling her nose, not really expecting a reasonable answer, considering she was talking to someone who had violated three of four nature’s laws herself…
Grape didn’t even glare at her as she sat down under the nearest tree, soon imitated by the others. After all, how many times had she heard other pets thinking of her as ‘weird dog lover’ already? In fact, her respect for Peanut had grown she had realized what he must have endured since the day he showed his ‘cat-tailed dog’ drawing to Bino. “I must thank Peanut for…making me change my mind. He came up with the proposal, all of a sudden, during a party. Like that, with no forewarning. A classic.” She chuckled, blushing slightly…Then she sighed. “But who am I kidding? By then, we had just come from…a bad crisis. My former owners wanted to take me away from him, and I hadn’t been that scared since he got almost killed. And so, when he proposed, I realized that yes, I wanted to marry him and pray that our bond would mean more than a mockery of the humans’ funny customs.” She took a pause, while her guests were holding their breath. “I don’t know if pet wedding should be institutionalized, but if it helps a couple to make their future better, I’m all for it.”
“And what pushed you into marrying a cat?” Vanilla asked Peanut. She knew she sounded a bit snobbish, but by now she was also quite curious as well. Curious at how romance could blossom between such an unlikely couple. When she had tried to have fun with her peers, the pups had gathered around her to insult her and make her suffer for no other reason than fun. And now she should believe that a different species couple could--? No way!
Honey snapped her back into reality. “Ladies and gentlefurs, my sweet sister!” She happily barked, indicating her with a theatrical gesture of her paws.
Peanut didn’t look as if he minded that question. “Err…nothing? I mean,” and he started counting on his fingertips. “Everything was already there. She’s pretty, I like cats, we got a nice litter, we lived together already, and we were already best of friends, so…what’s weird?”
Vanilla wasn’t sure what was worse, his inability to understand his own situation, or the fact that now he was looking at her as if she had a serious reality check problem! The Sheepdog just decided to pull her hood over her face until almost only the snout tip would emerge. And they say that change is good, Kibble! “Never mind. There just seems to be an epidemic of this sort of thing in this neighborhood.”
“Speaking of litter…” Honey looked around. “Where are they? I thought you never separated from them.”
Grape nodded. “Oh, all of the Foster pup are back home, and the kittens are with them. Of all the people outside my family I trust for their safety is Uncle Martin.”
“So, do either of you have a boyfriend yet?” Peanut, wagging his tail, asked the girls.
“No!” Vanilla answered quickly, as if the word itself could scald her. Then, more calmly, “And I’m not looking out for one, thank you.”
The collie giggled. “She’s still in the denial phase about romance at large. I still have to find my perfect someone…But I think we’ve wasted enough of your time already.” Honey stood up and took Vanilla’s paw. To the couple, she gave her phone number, “Come visit us if you can. And bring the rest of the family. We’ll be hanging around until the wedding.”
“And enjoy this event by ‘looking down on it’ from the hills,” Vanilla added, quite under her breath, before they both walked away.
“Cute girl,” Peanut said, looking at the hooded dog.
“Are you kidding? She kept dripping snob-ooze. I expected her to belong to Duchess’ school of sociality.”
Peanut shook his head. “Nah, she’s just very, very shy. Reminds me of you when you used to take your sweet time to become my girlfriend.”
Grape sighed. “I fear I have traumatized you for life with that. Just don’t rub it off on the kittens if you care for your life.”
Costner House

“Is he done?” Fino asked his youngest brother.
Joey, who was standing in front of the bathroom door, rapped against the wood.
He was answered by an unmistakable retching sound. “Almost,” the youngest dog of the litter. “Now it comes when I knock. Want me to try again?”
Fino’s snout twitched. “Not really.” He approached the door. “Hey, bro: I think you’re a tad exaggerating. Come out and face it like a dog, will ya?”
The door opened a moment later, revealing a very tired canine. “Easy to say…for you,” Bino said. He looked a bit on the greenish side. “I don't think I have a stomach anymore.”
Fino’s and Joey’s noses wrinkled at the stench coming from the bathroom. “I believe you,” the oldest brother said. “Although I still can’t understand why you’re so upset. I mean, it can’t get any better than this, for you. You have a family, a prestigious job in the police, and now you’re gonna be a political figure for the largest pet club between here and River Ridge.” Then he nudged Bino. “Unless you’re still nervous cuz Peanutty will be a part of this big family picture, eh?”
This time, Bino had the decency to blush and look sincerely embarrassed as he went back into the bathroom. He flushed the bowl, then went to the sink. He opened the water and splashed some water on his face.
Bino turned off the water and looked at his own reflection in the mirror, his fur dripping minute drops. He felt old. “That time, when…when I threatened him…” He sighed. “I was scared. I was back from the Academy at last, I was going to shine in the force…and still I saw Peanut getting all the applauses. I was scared. Like I am now.”
At that point, even Fido had joined the party. Bino’s three brothers stood silent while he kept speaking. “A part of me will be always looking out for someone to steal my place in the sun, heh.” He scoffed, then tried a weak smile. “This is happening for real: I won’t be having any excuse, it will be me and my responsibilities. I-I am a dog of habits, I love it when everything falls into a pattern I drew. And now I am going to lead an effing revolution. And I feel like I am betraying the trust of all humans owning a pet from here to the city…” He sighed again. “And I still feel as if it was Peanut’s fault, f-for coming out with that stupid cat and ruining the patterns. I can’t do it. I want my ball, I—“ He felt two arms hugging him from behind.
Fido’s arms. His older brother’s head was resting against his shoulders. He spoke in a soft voice. “This is happening because it was bound to happen. Every one of us, including you, could’ve said ‘no’ when the humans started working for the change and asked us to join. And you’re right to be scared. We all are. Heh, Fino’s all big talk but eventually he’ll go away, again, leaving us to do all the job.” He paused then hugged Bino a bit stronger. “And we will be here at your side.”
Joey joined in a group hug. “But he didn’t ask you to do that speech just to pet your ego: He knows you’re up to this job. Do you trust him?”
Bino nodded. His arms encompassed at best Fido and Joey. “Of course I do. It’s just…Heh, history is a big burden. I guess I’ll appreciate someone to share the weight… But don’t ask me to sniff a kitten or something like that.”
Fido let go of his brother. “I’ll sacrifice myself for the sake of PR, don’t worry.”
Bino stuck out his tongue. “Never had a doubt. Now go get ready for this stupid wedding. And no one steals my shampoo, it’ll take an eternity to wash off all of that cat stench off my fur—“
“Actually,” Fido interrupted him. The dog was biting his lower lip by now. “I came because I need to use the bathroom. Now.”
Bino’s shoulders’ stooped. “I hate you.”
Fino led him out of the room. “Nah, you don’t. Now, I’d rather talk about an important matter regarding you.”
The younger brother raised an eyebrow. “Such as?”
Fino fiddled a moment with his solid gold collar, then handed out the result of that search. “Here.”
Bino blinked, as he examined the object without understanding. “Glasses?”
Joey grinned. “Cool! T-glasses, just like Terminator’s!”
The oldest brother nodded. “Yup. Tough glasses for the tough leader. Not to mention that it’s a shame that you’re the only one of us without these items. Take them and put them on.”
Bino took the glasses, but hesitated. “I dunno, I never saw myself with this stuff.”
“If you don’t like them, I’ll get another pair. But I shall not leave the Gardens without you looking at your best.” Fino pushed Bino toward a mirror. “Now have a look. And pretend I’m not here.”
“Hard to.” But Bino put the glasses on all the same. He then started a funny pantomime, pretending he was the deadly cyborg. He grinned . “Ok, I must admit. I look totally cooler with these. Too bad there’s not an epic explosion behind me.” He saw in the mirror his brothers joining him with their glasses and goggles on.
“Welcome in the club,” Fido said.
Bino frowned. “Weren’t you using the restroom a moment ago?”
“Making sure you wouldn’t call embarrassment to avoid putting on your glasses.”
“You chose them, did you?”
Fido grinned. “Guilty.”
Bino sighed. “Ok, so you got good taste, but I won’t credit you in public.”
“I’ll live with that…But, say, don’t you find it funny?”
Fido nudged at him. “Mr. Ace-Uber here is the only one still single. We got to beat him to something at last!”
“Hmph, not really,” Fino said. “Now that you’re out of the market, there’s more for me!”
D'angelo House

“Itty-Bitty got a Potty/Broke the Potty/Got a Bitty/Not a Nutty-Bitty…” At the end of the rhyme, Bosco wagged and smiled at his mommy. “Did I get it good?”
Sasha had many, many reasons to love her pup with all her heart, wishing every time that he’d never grow up. One of them reasons being that when he smiled, Bosco looked exactly like his papa when he was happy –still a rare sight, despite things having improved so much for him… “You got it perfect! You will outperform everyone else at the next Eastern Puppy Show!”
The female German Shepherd was standing near the door of Sabrina’s room. She knocked. “Girls? Sorry, but time is running short: We must put on our dresses—“ she opened the door… “Oh, sorry. Didn’t know you had a guest.” Then she waved a finger. “But don’t you know that boys can’t look at the bride before the wedding? It’s bad luck.”
“Oh, I was about to leave anyway,” said the fox standing in front of Sabrina and Tarot. “I will do my part. Piece of cake. And next time, call me for something harder than that, ok? Today it was pizza day.” He walked to the door and stopped the time necessary to chivalrously kiss Sasha’s paw, making her giggle.
“Who was that?” she asked, once she had closed the door.
“His name is Karishad,” Tarot said with that inscrutable expression she often displayed. “Let’s just say he’s a good luck charm for this wedding.”

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Aaand now for the due credits:

HONEY AND VANILLA CAKE are (c) Chewy Chewy. Wrote under supervision and approval.

And hey! At last I got a way to include the Supreme Fox in the cast, yay! :D

Author:  Legotron123 [ Tue Jun 25, 2013 6:12 am ]
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A bit short but still good.

Author:  Obbl [ Tue Jun 25, 2013 10:15 am ]
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Bino Wrote:
I want my ball
Valeriooooo! Quit doing this to me! Makin' me feel 'n' stuff. *pouts*

Excellent update! :D I'm excited to see where this is going

Author:  ChewyChewy [ Tue Jun 25, 2013 12:21 pm ]
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Awesome! :D Thank you very much!

Author:  valerio [ Tue Jun 25, 2013 1:18 pm ]
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ChewyChewy Wrote:
Awesome! :D Thank you very much!

you're quite welcome for the permission, and thank you again! :D

Author:  kavviyenta [ Tue Jun 25, 2013 1:43 pm ]
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Cake Sisters, Woohoo! If the Chimera cross path with the other deities...

Imagine if the movie would ever make a dog-shaped cyborg.

The fox is back in action! We're now in the eye of the hurricane of puns.

Author:  valerio [ Mon Jul 01, 2013 1:18 pm ]
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Lorenzo’s Patisserie, Babylon Gardens

“…Look, I am not saying it’s a bad idea,” Bailey was saying. “It’s just that there will be enough sweets going around this wedding to stuff a dinosauce—“
“Dinosaur,” King corrected her.
“Whatever. Anyway, we could spend our allowance on something more…original, don’t you think?”
The corgi scratched his head. “You are right, luv, but… I mean, it will be a contest for originality as well. I am sure everyone must have thought what you think. And considering that Joey is now part of the Bigglesworth family—“
“Say no more,” she interrupted him, raising a paw.
King grinned. “And then, those two will be needing a *lot* of calories for their honeymoon.”
She answered with a knowing wink and a wag of her tail. “Well, that much is true. I’m happy, you know, that they adopted. Must be sad to be so much in love to break the species barrier and not be able to procreate.”
King lowered his ears, looking sad. Don’t I know that! It didn’t matter that, at all levels, he was a dog. Part of him would be forever haunted by the memories of his old human self…
And then, the Corgi’s eyes went to his wife’s belly. Please, let there be life growing in there! Despite it all, he could procreate, that much he had been assured so many times that eventually Sabrina had threatened to turn King human again and for good if he ever woke her up in the middle of the night to appease his fears on the matter.
He almost didn’t notice her strong arms embracing him. He sighed, content, feeling safe. “They’ll be alright, luv,” she said. “And it’s almost our turn. We should look happy, right?”
King nodded. “Right…” Then he and Bailey caught the words the human customer in line in front of them was saying.
“…Byron, Fido, yes. And say, dear Sir, these things look so good that I’m not sure they’ll make it to destination.”
Lorenzo was a balding man of…large build and a smile that looked more similar to a rictus. It made King feel uneasy –Lorenzo, the Serial Baker, guess his secret ingredient of the day!
“What are you looking at?” asked the Turkish Angora cat, snapping him back into reality. King was pretty sure that he had never seen a feline look so…angry. Quite the opposite of his human, who said in a soothing tone, “Hobbes, manners.”
The cat scoffed. “He was staring at you.”
King blushed. “I-I wasn’t staring at anyone! It’s just that I didn’t recognize you guys. Your—“ he managed not to say ‘owner “Dad, does he work in the force?”
“The local police, you mean?” The Asian-American man chuckled while handing his credit card out to Lorenzo. “Heavens, no. I am just a private pet psychiatrist. I am writing an essay on interspecies relationship, and since that coverage of…” he frowned “what were their names? Oh, yes, Peanut and Grape, I noticed there’s been this boom of interspecies marriages between here and Terrace High. But Fido Byron is the first police dog taking the vows, this will make for an interesting chapter.”
“And you want to bribe him into an interview with those?” King’s head pointed at the box of sweets.
“King!” Bailey scolded him. Then to the man. “Sorry, Mr…”
“Sugary. Calvin Sugary.”
This time, King chuckled. “Like in Calvin and—“
“Watch it,” the cat growled quietly. And little Joel had spent enough time with really bad animals to understand when it was time to just shut up.
Calvin sighed. “I’m sorry. I adopted Hobbes after endless attempts to…heal him. I’m afraid he’s still not versed in socializing—“ then his phone rang. “Sorry.”
King approached the counter to place the order. Through the corner of his eye, he saw the man frowning and then looking progressively worried as he listened and nodded slowly. “Sir, I can understand your situation,” he was saying, in a low voice. “But please, it is not as bad as it—“ he kept listening. King looked at the cat, who looked almost…happy that something was troubling his…Dad.
Eventually, Mr. Sugary closed the communication. “Looks like we’re needed elsewhere, Hobbes, but you can stay here if you want. It’s a question of work, and—“
“Last time I heard that I was left at a shelter’s door, so no thank you.”
The man sighed. “Hobbes, you could at least be kind and give the pastries to Mr. Byron. You know my rules, no money wasted.”
Both King and Bailey moved their heads left and right as they followed that verbal match.
“Look, either you’re in a hurry or not. Was that Mr. London? His stupid dog will pretend he’s dying every time he’s denied a treat! We could just deliver that stuff before it gets stale here and then—“
“Look, I could do that,” King said. The glare he got from the cat almost bleached him. “I-I mean, I have to deliver some sweets to Fido as well. If you’ll just write down a note to him, I’m sure he’ll be glad to get in touch with you. Heck, that guy will help everyone if you ask him nicely.”
Calvin thought about that. “It could be an idea… And I must admit it that right now I don’t really feel like interviewing.” He produced a pencil. Lorenzo immediately handed him a small card and envelope. “You can attach this to the package, Signore.”
Calvin nodded and started writing. When he was done, he put the card into the envelope and let Lorenzo attach it to the sweets. Then Calvin produced his wallet. He handed out two $50 bills to Lorenzo. “Give the young man everything he needs and wrap it up nicely, ok?”
King blushed. “Uh, Sir, that’s really not necess—“
“Nonsense! You’re doing me a great favor. Consider it a fee, for the sales of my book, should Mr. Byron call me back, ok?”
“Ok!” Bailey said, handing out her paws.
Calvin checked his watch. “We could even be back before the ceremony’s over. Come on, Hobbs.”
“Hooray,” the cat grumbled.
King looked at the couple go, and couldn’t help thinking he was just like Hobbes, once... “Err,” he said, looking at the package in Bailey’s paws. “What’s there? I don’t want to buy the same thing—“
“Oh, you couldn’t, Sir,” Lorenzo interrupted him. Apparently his face couldn’t relax in a…human expression. “Those are our most expensive products, Mr. Sugary paid 200 dollars for them.”
King’s eyes popped out of their sockets! “Whabut?!? What the Christmas are they made of??”
The man gestured him to wait. He disappeared in the laboratory, then came back with the most fragrant specimen of cannoli both dogs had ever smelled! King and Bailey moaned and started drooling.
“My Citra Imperiale,” Lorenzo aid proudly. “Pure citrus fruits cream in the most delicate fillo. Have a taste, this was the last one and it’s on the house for Fido’s friend.”
King made to reach out—and with a powerful snap of her jaws, Bailey ate the whole thing in one bite! It testified to her ability that Lorenzo’s hand was still whole.
“Orange and grapefruit…” she said, chewing merrily, rolling her eyes. “With just a whiff of lemon, right?”
The man nodded, though still massaging his hand as if checking its physical presence. “Y-yes. Right. Fruits from Sicily, best in the world, just imported. Now, what can I get you?”
King looked at the exposed product. He wondered how could one stay in business with such prices, but again the boom of pet weddings must have saved this guy…
The Corgi’s eyes fell on a white-glazed cake with a $25 tag.. He indicated it. “And that would be..?”
“White Sacher. Dog safe. I have three of them available.” Back was the grin. “Shall I..?”

A few minutes later, the couple was walking out the shop. Bailey was carrying the pastries, King the two cakes, each one in a bag.
“I think we should discuss the assignments, here,” the smaller dog grumbled. “These things are heavy.”
Bailey wagged. “Why? Should you trip, the cakes will fall only a short distance and won’t get ruined. It’s better this way. And then I get to do this without the risk of dropping them.” She bent down and pecked King’s head.
King felt his toes curl and he hopped once. “I guess there’s merit in your idea…” His smile assumed a worried nuance. “Uhm, say… About the pups…”
Bailey frowned. “Yes, luv?”
“Uhm…Are you happy with the idea that they may be something more than…just pets? I mean, able to pick up a real job, earn their money, more rights...” He was so enthusiast about that perspective, but he was also scared he’d have to fight against centuries of subdual. And Bailey was very susceptible.
The Alaskan/Siberian husky wagged her tail. “I’ll be happy if they can have a good life and a loving family. And live together. I still miss my sisters.” Her eyes lowered as her good humor faded in that moment.
“There were only females in your litter?” King felt like the most insensitive of jerks. All this time, and he had never asked about her family…although it wasn’t exactly the center of social conversation. Again, centuries of subdual, during which it had simply grown natural for a pup to be separated from its family. It was rare that someone would miss kin they never got to grew up with…
“Yes. Four of us. We were given an owner when we were four years old.”
“Wow, that’s pretty late in a dog’s life.”
Bailey nodded. “Chuck tried to keep us all, but he had also to collect money for his own children’s schooling, and business was not good, so…” she sighed.
King raised a paw to grab hers. “One day, this won’t happen again. Our pups will never be separated.”
“Do you think so? And what if this caused problems with our humans? You can’t force them to cough up money when there is none.”
“Then adoptions will be made harder. It won’t be like picking up a good at the store. More things will have to be taken into consideration, including the right to sire a family. Trust me, I know Martin: He’ll fight like a momma grizzly just for that.”
She didn’t look convinced yet. “But in the meantime? Dad will be stuck with us, Fox and our litter. It is a lot to ask him for, don’t you think?”
King found himself nodding. Bill may have a rich wage as Director of Martin’s shelter, but still it was a finite amount of money, and the future promised to be rich with expenses…and King remembered all too well what had become his own old life because of lack of what could he tell her to appease her fears? He was her mate, he couldn’t just treat her with condescendence.
His paw squeezed a bit harder. “We’ll think of that when we get there. We don’t know what our pups will have at their disposal, in terms of social services, or who knows what else. So let’s just don’t fret right now ok? I’m sure you’ll do your best. And I will make sure not one of us will be separated, no matter what.”
Bailey giggled. “Sometimes, hearing you speaking like a little human is weird, but this time it’s so sweet.”
King cleared his throat, then said, “Say, what about inviting your sisters? I mean, for the birth of our pups.”
Bailey giggled again. “Silly! I still don’t even know if I’m pregnant.”
“All the better to start arranging everything already. First step, getting in touch with your sisters. Then—“ his nose caught the scent and he felt just like raising his hackles. Even Bailey had gone rigid.
“What the…” King said, watching the procession of coyotes walking down the street. Native American coyotes, their bodies all painted up, carrying an assortment of bags and weapons ranging from bows and quiver of arrows to…Winchester rifles. It was a pack of ten, and cheesy as they looked – as if they had come out of an old b/w western movie – they also moved with the greatest dignity, while two bikes with the colors and the logo of the Lucky Charm Grove escorted them.
Toward D'Angelo house.
“Do you know..?” Bailey started to ask.
King just shook his head. “Believe me, when it comes to Sabrina and Tarot, I’ve learned not to ask questions. Let’s go, before this stuff gets spoiled.”

Many eyes pried from every available discreet corner, as the procession stopped in front of D'Angelo house
It was a pup who opened the door. He looked with dish-large eyes at the newcomers, as if he couldn’t believe it. His nose was moving as if it had a life of its own. “Coool. Who are you? Friend of Mama or Sabrina’s? Are you here for the wedding? Do you do dance? I am Bosco Byron what’s your name?”
“His name is Firebrand,” Sabrina said, coming from behind the pup. “Thank you for coming, my friend.” She hugged the canine figure.
The coyote bowed slightly. “You don’t have to. I owe you my life, and so does my litter.”
Sabrina’s tail swished. “My congratulations for your happiness. Please, come all in.” She moved aside.

“Where is your…human?” Firebrand asked, looking around.
“I asked him to wait for me at the wedding site.” She reached into her golden collar, and produced a tiny, flat box. “This is not something meant for human minds.”
The coyote let out a chuckle. “Bias from such an…open minded creature. You never cease to surprise me.”
Sabrina was not smiling. “I am protecting him. In recent times, twice were the doors to the otherworld opened.”
“I know. And the second time, the echo reverberated through every sensitive mind in the world. Your friend was either very brave or quite the fool.” Firebrand extended his paw. “Worry not, hallowed one. I have walked near the other realm, I took upon myself the duties that belonged to my ancestors. I am ready to repay my debt to you, at any cost.”
Sabrina gave him the box. Her face said nothing, but her mind was a whirlwind.
Once again, they were about to meddle with the realm beyond mortal experience. But this time, a single mistake could sentence her beloved one, the creature who, of all the living ones in the world, meant everything to her.
Meant enough to risk her own soul and the wrath of the heavens.
But if this meant giving Fido a chance, any chance, then it was worth a try. I have given any chance to conceive, Spirits. I have trained to do what I can do best: Help those in need. Well, now Fido is in need, I am in need. I will not fail!
The coyote opened the box, revealing the gold needle inside. A trinket, nothing special if not for its value –at least to a human, or to any untrained creature of this world.
Like Sabrina, Firebrand could clearly see the eerie blue light emanating from the needle.
<I am ready to honor my debt,> said a voice, coming together with the light, echoing inside the minds of the animals.
Costner House

“I’ll get it!” Bino said, upon hearing the rap at the door. They knocked again. He fidgeted with his tie collar. “Sheesh, will you calm down?! I hope you’re not fangirls hoping for a last kiss—“ he opened the door. “Oh. It’s you.”
“I’m happy to see you too, fearless leader,” King said. “Now will you let us in? This stuff needs a fridge.”
Fino came in. “Well, if it ain’t my favorite butt-sniffer! Are you bringing gifts to the spouses already? Better you wait, shorty: One of them could still decide to break up at the altar.”
King and Bailey walked in. “In that case,” said the Corgi, “These will serve as consolation for a broken heart.”
“Lorenzo’s?” Fido said. He was wearing his tux like a real gentleman’s dog. He drooled at the sight of the bags’ logo. “Why, King, thank you! I—“
“Before we forget,” Bailey interrupted him, handing him the small envelope. “The pastries are the gift of a human, a Sugary something. Said he wanted to interview you.”
“Sugary, like Calvin Sugary?” Fino asked.
“Do you know him?” King asked him.
Fino nodded. “Yup, though not personally. Former Pet Psychiatrist, he fell in disgrace after failing to diagnose a severe stress disorder in an adopted dog who, as it turned out, was a victim of…severe abuses. The dog eventually killed his humans and had to be put down. Doc Sugary’s license was trashed. He still writes an article or two from time to time, but his days as shrink are quite over. What was he doing here?”
King frowned. “Said he wanted to write a book about this wedding. He was quite excited.”
Fino shrugged, then took the pastries from Bailey, while Bino took care of the cakes. “It wasn’t his fault, after all. Fido, my dear brother, you might want to have a chat with that human.” He sniffed at the box. “Hmm, do I detect citrus here?”
“I could use a snack before going,” Joey said from the kitchen. “I don’t think we had a decent meal since yesterday!”
King’s stomach growled as well. Fido laughed. “Well, since we’re at it, why not? At least we won’t act like hungry strays at the banquet. King, Bailey, since you were so kind as to give us the cakes, you’re welcome to share the pastries.”
“I just had one,” Bailey said. “I’ll pass. Where’s the bathroom?”
“Straighthead, last on the right. Come on, guys. Let’s make it quick, we’re almost late.”
Bailey almost took off.

She made it just in time, before she started throwing up her earlier sweet meal.
When she was done, she gave a last, resentful look to the bowl. Such a waste… She flushed then went to the sink. She took the stool and used it to climb at the height of the mirror. After washing her face, her fur still dripping, she looked at her reflection and fiddled with her collar to take a mint box.
Bailey popped out a mint and chewed it slowly. Despite her previous experience, she was…smiling.
Her paw ran to her tummy. She didn’t like keeping it hidden from Kingy, but she had to make sure, and by now she had no doubts.
It had started. The most wondrous gift of love was growing inside her. It made her feel exalted and terrified at the same time. She felt protective like a she-wolf and yet so vulnerable…
Could she trust King’s promises? Would everything be all right? She knew that King wasn’t making up his promises, he wasn’t exaggerating. He would keep his family united, she had read it in his eyes. But he was a dog, and this ‘special rights’ thing was still to come.
And yet, he was ready to move heaven and earth to make it come true. For them.
Bailey chuckled. King, so cute and helpless and yet gifted with such inner strength… She had fallen for him right away, as if they were meant to be one.
She had to trust him. She had to believe she would see her sisters again and that she’d grow old together with her litter.
Bailey took a towel and dried up her face. She smiled at her fuzzy reflection.
It was time to break him the news. Poor dear, he had tried to hide it, but the way he looked at her tummy…perhaps a part of him knew already. Not to mention that it would add to the wedding’s atmosphere.
Bailey jumped down the stool and went to the door.
Lundberg House, River Ridge

“Aren’t you tired of standing like that all the time?” Gabriella asked her dogs, two scar-ridden huskies, one of them with jet black fur. The woman helped herself to a pitch of iced tea and filled a glass. “Come think of it, I don’t think you ever relaxed, guys.”
“We don’t need to, ma’m,” said the black husky. “This is hardly tiring, considering what we were trained for.”
“Not to mention that we have a duty to protect you,” the other husky said. “You are already drawing enemies to you, we wouldn’t relax knowing you might be in danger.”
“And, after all,” the black husky said, grinning viciously, “it’s a pleasure to take care of your problems.”
Of that, Gabriella Lundberg had no doubt. After the hate mail had started, three times fanatics had tried to kill her, by gun or blade. Single or in group.
They had learnt quickly, after meeting Alvaro and Garr. In one occasion, the black husky had earned another scar, but the responsible for that wound had barely made it to the hospital alive.
Pet Fighters. Trained to be killers, hardened to all feelings. A great image boost, to adopt them when most of the people would never even think of that…
Gabriella’s phone rang –funny, the ringtone didn’t belong to any of the numbers in the list, and only a restricted few had access to her number…
She took the phone. “Hello?”
And then she heard her own voice. Just as if she were talking to herself. “Good morning, Ms. Lundberg.
“Good morning, Ms. Lundberg,” Calvin Sugary said, smiling. “I think we should discuss a matter of the utmost importance, regarding your political career.”
“Who am I talking to?” to her merit, her voice didn’t waver.
The man turned and looked at the panorama through the large window. “Please, that is of no relevance. You may call me…your furry friends’ last chance, though.”
Bailey walked into the kitchen. “Guys? We really need to go, Sabrina is not going to—“
Her words died in her throat. She felt as if someone had just kicked her into her stomach.
They were pranking her, of course, what other explanation could be for what she was seeing? “Guys..?”
“I suggest you call the veterinarian guard, madame. And better do it now. Send them to Costner house. There, you’ll find an example of what we can do if you keep your silly campaign.
“I am going to hang up now. Just leaving you with a fair warning: You have nine hours, tops before those poor dogs pass from coma to a…less pleasant condition.”
They were so immobile. Laying down on the floor, barely breathing. Fido, Fino, Bino, Joey.
King. Just as if they were…sleeping, their food laying by their paws, as if (something BAD) sleep had struck them.
Bailey bent down over King. “Love…King, love, please wake up.” She couldn’t bring herself to scream. Her eyes were crying copiously, but she couldn’t scream. Instead she whimpered like a mommy with her pup, nuzzled him, shook him…
To no avail.
“Before that time, you’ll go to television and announce your retirement. At that point, I will make sure the dogs are administered a dose of the antidote. But of course, the longer you wait, the harder the damage to their organs. Have a nice day.”
He hang up.


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All right!! All right!!!

Sorry about that, he tends too over react.
I may not like that you made Calvin and Hobbes evil, but I'm not gonna HURT you over it!
The airfare would cost too much anyways.

Author:  valerio [ Mon Jul 01, 2013 4:18 pm ]
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Legotron123 Wrote:

All right!! All right!!!

Sorry about that, he tends too over react.
I may not like that you made Calvin and Hobbes evil, but I'm not gonna HURT you over it!
The airfare would cost too much anyways.

give your thanks to Otaku-Boy.
Initially, he proposed C&H for my contest in regard of the FNERL security. I discarded that contribution because they were plain *evil* -though I did find them intriguing enough to give them the honor of an appearance.

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Wed Jul 03, 2013 1:38 am ]
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can;t wait to see the conclusion of this gripping saga. I know all will turn out fine, but I wonder if C&H will get away or if the security team will handle them

Author:  valerio [ Wed Jul 03, 2013 5:29 am ]
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Season IV

Haichiko Mercy, Babylon Gardens

“Say that again, doc?” Martin Foster asked. He sounded even…calm, considering the course of the events.
Anyone that knew him knew that as a sign of his fury. Like the man standing beside him, he was looking through the ICU window. Martin was looking at the five dogs laying on their beds, each dog attached to a breathing machine. They didn’t look like they needed help to stay alive, even at that level. In fact, Fino, Fido, Bino, Joey…and King –each one of them looked like they were taking a nap. Not a wound scarred their body. Nothing could make one think they were just one step from death.
“Severe symptomatic hypotension,” Doctor Mordecai Stanwick said. He was considering giving the man next to him a heavy sedative. Clearly, Martin was considering several options of murder for the responsible for…all of this. “Basically, something caused a sudden and severe drop of blood pressure in these dogs. With it, came a multisystemic shock, including lack of oxygen for the brains. They fell into a deep coma before realizing it. In fact, we are lucky to put them into ICU—“
“Not lucky,” Martin said. “The killer wanted to make sure we could only watch and do nothing for them. How can we prove him wrong, doc?”
The older man had seen his share of pain since the days he was a war veterinarian, and then a medic for the old private shelter/lager, before Foster took up the business… And, still, he couldn’t conceive a human being acting with so much malice against the innocents!
And yet, he couldn’t give a satisfactory answer to his friend.
“Blood analyses are in,” said a woman’s voice behind them. Mordecai turned. Martin did not, just said, “So?”
The woman being Constance Rozen, chief veterinarian working at Terrace High’s clinic. “Worst case scenario, I’m sorry. We found no trace of toxins or poisons in their blood.” She tapped against her tablet’s screen. “Environs are negative as well. No traces of needle marks on their bodies.”
“Which means,” Martin said, “no gases in Bino’s house, and nothing in what they ate. And preliminary investigation also showed no sign of breaking and entering.”
Constance shook her head. This made no sense! What had just happened violated all laws of biology! To act so fast and with such force, the toxin, drug or poison that it may be, it must have been either swallowed or injected and leave a trace!
“We could try a series of cures,” Stanwick said. “But it’s time we’re fighting against.”
“And the longer we wait, the more probable the risk of irreversible brain damages,” Martin said. “Not counting cumulative damages to kidneys and liver, we just can’t pump them with everything.”
“We could try a kind of pharmacological cure for each dog,” Constance suggested. “See which one works better. Without further information, we have no other choice. But we need the parents’ consent, pronto.”
Martin nodded, reluctantly. He produced his phone. He was furious, he was impotent, they all were. But this was a solution, albeit the lesser of evils. It wasn’t like pulling a Sophie’s Choice, sheer luck would determine the result. And Martin was pragmatic enough to realize there was nothing else he could—
“NO!” Together with that desperate scream, the window itself bent forward as if a tremendous punch had just been inflicted to it! All three humans jumped back. Martin dropped the phone, Constance almost broke her tablet in two.
Stanwick had seen many things in his life.
A ghost wasn’t one of them –though he was pretty sure that the female black cat in the glass was still pretty alive. “Sabrina..?”
Martin remembered when Tarot had first appeared in the mirror of his bathroom. He didn’t share the same ancestral fear his friends were displaying. In fact, this much unexpected event was almost a relief –it meant that other powers had just joined the game. “I take it that you know something we don’t, Sabrina?”
Sabrina’s eyes were glowing like beacons –the mark of the supernatural forces at work. “Please, whatever you want to do, stay your hands!”
Constance’s mind was literally filled with questions, but all she said was, “But.—“
The cat shook her head. “Their lives hang by a thin thread, that much I know. I…I am doing my part to help them, but their bodies must not be strained further. Their…” she clutched at her chest as if wanting to stop the heartache with her bare claws. “Their essence has gone elsewhere…Believe me, mortal science will only do what the poison didn’t.”
“Do you know what caused this?” Martin asked.
Sabrina nodded. Tears of pure liquid light flew from her eyes. “No. I only know what happened, not how. But this much I can tell you: You have the answer before your eyes. Now, again, please, refrain from intervening until you have understood my words. Promise me.”
“But even if you…” Constance was starting to feel dizzy: Definitely, this was way too much to absorb for one day. “We need to keep their brains and bodies functioning! Or when they’ll open their eyes, they’ll be reduced to vegetables.” She turned to Martin. “You can’t just believe—“
“Believe me, then.”
And this time, Constance was sure this new apparition at the side of Sabrina was a ghost. “…Morrigan?”
The second female cat waved. “Hi, Aunt. Long time no see.” Her paw reached out and touched the glass, gently bending it. “So now you know Lizzie’s little secret.”
Constance touched the glass where the paw would lay. She had felt so…so guilty for losing Morrigan, years ago. And, she realized now, it had been from that day that Elizabeth had found her ‘imaginary friend’… “What are you doing here?”
Morrigan nodded. “My part to help. Please, Aunt Constance: Sabrina knows what she’s doing. If you want to help, just think. And when you’ll understand, then you can really help us save your friends.”
Despite a lifetime worth of teaching and experience in medical science, Constance nodded. “I will…do as you ask, then.” She chuckled nervously. “But if I discover you are an hallucination, I won’t keep that promise.”
Both cats nodded. Sabrina said, “You won’t regret it.” Then, both just faded away.
Martin’s eyes went to the other three pets present in the ICU room. He hadn’t had just the heart to keep Bailey, Sasha and Blanche out. No matter what the effing law would say, to everyone else they were the wives and had all the rights to stay there along with their life mates no matter what.
The answer lays before your eyes, Sabrina had said.
But Martin, Constance and Stanwick couldn’t imagine what was it right now, not when their minds were busy with anguish and a thousand problems connected with this crisis.
Martin started walking toward the exit. “I leave them in your hands. Just keep them alive! I’ll be busy tracking down a criminal!”
He opened the door.
And found himself facing a wall of reporters shouting questions and aiming cameras and mikes, flashes popping wildly.
The man just ignored them, walked toward the end of the corridor where two stocky, armed bodyguards stood. They let him pass and blocked the way to the reporters.
Martin entered the room, where the owners of the comatose canines and their wives, together with the closest friends, waited for news.
Among them, the two figures that had attracted the attention of the media. Raimund Gottschalk and Gabriella Lundberg, River Ridge’s candidate Mayor.
Because this wasn’t just a mere crime against animals, something worth some more attention given the case’s profile –Fido was one of the Gardens’ top cop dogs, Fino was a media star and King belonged to the director of the Lucky Charm Grove Shelter.
Gabriella had just been contacted by the killer. Whoever it was, he/she had made it clear that, to spare the lives of these five victims and possibly more innocents’, she had to withdraw from her run to the seat. Easy as that. And she had to announce said withdrawal within the 6 hours left to Fino, Fido, Bino, Joey and King. Only then would the killer make sure the antidote would be administered…
“Any news?” Peanut was the first to ask through a trembling voice.
Martin shook his head. “They are stable, which is a good news in itself. They are quite the fighters.” He felt worth of his middle name, ‘Judas’, for keeping the truth from them all. “Right now, the only thing we can do to help is discover the culprits. Chief Norton?”
Babylon Garden’s police chief said, “Lorenzo the baker is not involved. We scanned his cameras, his orders list, every single email, but there is nothing that could suggest he’s an accomplice of our mysterious foe.”
“What about Mr. Calvin Sugary?”
Norton examined his tablet. “He left before the crisis happened. He had registered at yesterday’s party at Terrace High in honor of Fino, but had left before it was finished. Witnesses agree that he was there, scribbling occasionally on a note pad, while his cat was being quite rude to everyone speaking to him.”
Martin and Gottschalk had been informed already that the two had been seen hanging around Costner house by a FNERL team. Their car had broken and it had been brought to a car shop to be repaired. Mr. Calvin and his cat Hobbes had spent the night at a Bed & Breakfast, but they had done nothing worth of drawing attention. Just two tourists visiting with the intent of speaking with Fino, that’s all.
And anyway, paranoia or not, Mr. Sugary’s records had come out clean. Hobbes was a typical case of highly traumatized cat. And both had never had any contact with criminal or shady organizations, PETA included. Neither had they any training that could speak ‘foes’ or ‘killers’.
And, of course, Calvin and Hobbes Sugary had had not a single occasion to nearly kill those poor dogs. Heck, they were away when it all had happened!
“NSA wasn’t of any help as well,” Gottschalk said. “PRISM could only track down the call to Ms. Lundberg to a disposable phone…or, rather, its burned remains. No prints, no DNA. The Federals are checking the call’s recording, but the voice seemed to be altered too well to filter out the garbler before any useful time.” Again, the time to get the antidote.
The answer lays before your eyes. Martin sighed, inwardly. Why couldn’t everything just be solved by magic and telepathy?!
<It was done, once,> another, familiar voice said in his mind. <Those were the times before humans established their science and their strength to dominate Earth. Those were the times chaos walked alongside order, existence tilted on a precarious balance of forces magnificent and devastating. You have seen what happened when the boundaries were broken, almost at the expense of your own life, and when the dead spoke to Isla de la Paz’s corrupted inhabitants.>
Martin remembered it all too well. <And yet…> he started to think out to Pete.
<Why do you think I play a game by so strict a set of rules? Other than the fact it akes victory even tastier, I mean. Dragon and I could enjoy turning your puny existences over at a snap of our fingers. But now fate is the dominant force, the ultimate balancer. We of greatest powers and skills can only bend the rules, circumvent them without breaking them… Otherwise, all sort of Powers-That-Be would feel authorized to claim this plane. The last living beings who dared to challenge the rules paid the ultimate price. Ask Richard Spencers, if you do not believe me.> There was no scorn or malice in the gryphon’s voice, just…sadness. A rare thing to hear from him.
<But all of these speculations won’t be of any help right now. I don’t want a history lesson, I want action!> Martin felt sure his mind was about to burst, so strong he was thinking out those words.
<We are working on that, mortal. But you must trust us, be patient.>
“…anything?” said another voice, making Martin startle.
It was Ryan Byron, Fido’s Dad. “Are you there, mister? I asked you why can’t we speak to the press, say anything, muffins and cookies it!”
“Political reasons,” Gottschalk said, drawing the general attention. “The killer has implied that Ms. Lundberg’s retirement is bound to the secrecy regarding this vile act. Should we tell the media why these dogs were poisoned, not only would it spread panic, but we’d lose any chance to get the culprit. And they’d surely elaborate another strategy to succeed in their intent. The fact that they brought such an attack means that our political enemies are quite desperate. Tomorrow is election day, this is their last chance. And before you ask, yes money is another reason: The Prometheus nuclear fusion reactor will bring a veritable flow of money to the City and State. Controlling that money and power might well lead one to Presidency of USA.”
“And couldn’t you just think of that?!” Ryan’s hands clawed rhythmically, as if he wanted to jump at the tall an and strangle him. “Are you telling that from now on every one of us must expect an attack?!”
Gottschalk’s calm didn’t come from fury, like Martin’s. He was speaking as if anger was beneath his capacities. “Tensions will arise as things progress. We have just started. Richness will draw parasites, enemies, all sorts of lowlife. Animal rights will draw fanatics. I should say I am sorry, Mr. Byron, but we are living interesting times.”
Martin put a hand on Ryan’s shoulder. “Fido, his brothers, all those pets out there yesterday… They are ready to do their part, and they count on us. We are working for the future, guys. Of course, I will not just sacrifice the welfare of my beloved ones, and no one here is expected to do the same. And we will do our best to protect them…” His expression, which had softened during that speech, suddenly hardened. “And no one here better thinks that the vermins won.” He grinned like a ferocious wolf. “In fact, let’s see how nervous they will get as time passes before you take a decision,” he added to Gabriella.
“They will wake up soon,” Sasha said. She even managed to smile at her friends.
Blanche was fairly sure even a good-tempered creature like that funny dog was about to snap. “How could you say that?”
Sasha kept stroking Bino’s paw. “Because…because Biney would never abandon Bosco. Or me. Or his friends. It’s just…not like him. Even Peanut was away for many days and then he came back. Because he loves Grape. They love us. They will not leave us.” Just like that, as if she had been asked where the Sun would rise.
At that, Blanche just hadn’t a rebuttal to speak out. She couldn’t think that her sweet crazy pup could stop smiling forever…
Bailey kept holding King’s paw. Until…what? It seemed so long since she had just thought how strong this cute little dog was at heart.
She hadn’t imagined he could be so fragile… Please, please! Whoever can listen to us, to ME! Please, help him now!

Author:  Legotron123 [ Wed Jul 03, 2013 6:51 am ]
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Another reason for me to hate politics: it brings out the worst in people.
Also did they bit notice that right before they passed out the dogs passed out they each took a bite of those cookies?
The cookies given by Calvin sugery?

Author:  valerio [ Wed Jul 03, 2013 7:22 am ]
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Legotron123 Wrote:
Another reason for me to hate politics: it brings out the worst in people.
Also did they bit notice that right before they passed out the dogs passed out they each took a bite of those cookies?
The cookies given by Calvin sugery?

I'll discuss any political matter in PM.
As for the pastries, yes, as you may have read the doctors already analyzed that...and found nothing at all.

Author:  Cerberusx [ Wed Jul 03, 2013 1:52 pm ]
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There are drugs and poisons that will leave no trace after a certain amount of time. What they are is something I do not know.

Author:  valerio [ Wed Jul 03, 2013 2:09 pm ]
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Cerberusx Wrote:
There are drugs and poisons that will leave no trace after a certain amount of time. What they are is something I do not know.

hehe, you will be surprised

Author:  Legotron123 [ Wed Jul 03, 2013 2:18 pm ]
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valerio Wrote:
Legotron123 Wrote:
Another reason for me to hate politics: it brings out the worst in people.
Also did they bit notice that right before they passed out the dogs passed out they each took a bite of those cookies?
The cookies given by Calvin sugery?

I'll discuss any political matter in PM.
As for the pastries, yes, as you may have read the doctors already analyzed that...and found nothing at all.

Well at least you got one thing right about Calvin and Hobbes: they're [data expunged] geniuses!!!!

Author:  valerio [ Wed Jul 03, 2013 2:19 pm ]
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“Where the heck..?”
No words could have better described the current situation of these five dogs.
A moment before, Fino, Fido, Bino, Joey and King were in the kitchen, savoring tasteful citrus pastries. A moment later, they had felt like closing their eyes.
And now they were here.
Everywhere they looked, the ‘place’ was an endless expanse, featureless rocky plains under a monolithic grey sky. Even the air itself tasted…grey, neutral.
The silence was the worst of it all. Total, absolute, it literally absorbed the canines’ words, as if they were speaking through a muffler.
“We’re definitely not in Kansas anymore,” King said.
“We can see that, shorty!” Bino snapped. “Obviously, we’ve been drugged and dognapped…” he felt sick at his tummy. He put a paw at his belly and… “What the?!” he touched and tapped at the swelling that wasn’t supposed to be there! “I got fat! Who fed me fats while I was sleeping?!”
Joey took that occasion to giggle.
“And what’s there to laugh at?!” He touched his arms, his chest. “It’s as if I never went to the Academy! Agh! This is ridiculous!”
Joey pointed at Fido. “I giggled because you guys look funny. Fido, you got your old fluffy head fur back.”
His older brother touched the spot in question. “Hey, it’s true! And you too look…different.”
King touched his own muzzle. Was it actually larger? And his ears definitely felt smaller. “Guys, are we hallucinating? Fido, you look…less muscled. Less defined.”
Fino was looking around. Of all of them, he was the only one who had kept his looks. “We better start walking, guys. We may not know where we are, but I am fairly sure that staying here is not recommended to our health.”
The other four dogs nodded, silently, before joining him in that walk to nowhere.

“Have you noticed it?” King asked at a point. Despite they knowing they were moving, the landscape kept being the same. Not an bird, not an insect, nothing came across their way. “We’re not tired. I don’t feel hungry, thirsty…” And not only that. All emotions seemed to drain from him, as if his very soul was a dripping faucet. His thoughts were clear. But he couldn’t care less… Perhaps it was this why he wasn’t running around, screaming Bailey’s name at the top of his lungs? The same reason the others, too were acting so…detached?
Were they dead? Funny, such thought wasn’t even scaring him…
“There’s merit in your words,” Fino said. By now, that weird metamorphosis process had progressed. The oldest of the litter was a black and white, blurred figure. “Whatever this place is, is obviously not connected to anything natural. We can only—“
“Bah!” yapped a voice behind them. Only now did they realize Bino was no longer in line.
“Who cares of boring stuff!” Bino said…if that thing was Bino! King managed to feel surprise at the sight of a…what? A draft? Something that could have been born out of a 7-years old child’s imagination? “I want to go to the Tour Effit and throw Dad’s laundry everywhere ahahahaha!” He started running in circles.
King turned to the other dogs.
Fino was disappearing. Or, rather, fading away.
“How upsetting,” the dog muttered, looking at his arm.
King’s mind was racing…and this time he felt something stirring at last.
His eyes desperately scanned for a rock, a bush, a river in which to drown –anywhere but here, in front of the others!
These ‘metamorphoses’ were connected to time as well! Joey looked like a younger idea of itself, and so everyone else, just like Platonic distorted reflections!
Which meant that any moment now…
Much to his horror, King saw the human hand in place of his paw. He felt like screaming but turned quickly, trying to hide it.
Why must I be right for once?? Even if they all survived this, the others would know his secret! It would be over, his marriage would be over, he would be shunned by everyone! Nonononono—
Sudden pain cleared his mind. A deep pain, coming from his back, as if a giant needle had stung him. “What the..?” But even that question had to wait, as he realized that his paw was back to normal.
And even his mind felt…clear now.
“OWCHIE!” Bino screamed with the voice of some gnarly gnome-pup. “No fair!” He was laying down, now, with…a dart stuck in his butt. The fact that suddenly he looked like his usual self was of no consolation to the myriad new questions—
“Hey!” Joey, this time. King made it in time to see him, Fido and Fino progressing back to their usual selves. Each one of them with their own dart stuck into their body.
Fino flexed his paw. “Well, if this ain’t a much welcomed twist.” He unplugged the dart. “Anybody got an idea of what just happened?”
“You were given a dose of your own medicine, so to speak,” said a new voice. They all turned, and saw…
…A fox. A fox wearing a cape, showing a mischievous smile and holding a gun in his paws. “Welcome to Limbo, folks. You may call me Dirty Kari if you want.” He deftly rotated the gun and holstered it at his back.
“I don’t believe we ever met, Sir,” Fino said, warily. “But what did you call this place?”
“Limbo, the halfway between Heaven and Hell, the no-place, the quintessence of neutrality. As you have just experienced, you were losing all your features on your way to get – in lack of a more proper term since we are on pretty PG grounds here - neutralized. As for how you ended up here, well, you were right: You were poisoned, and right now your bodies out there,” he pointed at the sky with his thumb, “are in a deep coma. Since you are neither dead nor alive, you ended up here. Lucky pups.”
Bino facepawlmed. “Even accepting that this is not a huge, detailed anise trip, how would that make us lucky?!”
Karishad shrugged. “Meh: If you ended in the other neighborhoods, it would be forever and ever and ever. No bailout. Hell has become even stricter about confinement since the last time a couple of mortals visited it. So far, you haven’t drawn attention because you’re halfway to Endsville, while I went to the Heavenly Store and got your fates—“
“Our what?” Joey asked. Despite the situation, the youngest of the litter looked actually excited. He was wagging!
Karishad showed one of the darts. “The most important parts of your souls. Heaven has this Hall containing all living souls waiting for judgment.
“Souls are made of many things, among which there is fate, our destiny, what shapes us as we shape it.” He suddenly turned to the reader, with a tone worth of any health spot. “Keeping it in shape is important, kids!” Then, back to the dogs. “With you as legitimate owners of your fates, neutrality has temporarily lost its grip on you. Now you can move through Limbo while your friends arrange the rescue.”
“Sabrina!” Fido’s ears perked up. “She’s…trying to set us free?” And before he could get an answer, he drew in a deep breath and howled her name with as much force as he could!
King did the same with Bailey’s name, imitated then by Bino and Joey. They went on until they felt…tired, panting.
“You are more alive, here, now,” Karishad answered to the questions in their eyes. “So you feel tiredness as well.”
“Do you think they heard us?” King asked.
“I’m sure of it. But you may have another problem now.”
“And what would that be?” Fido asked.
Karishad indicated the ground. “As long as you were wandering souls here, you were like specks of dust no one would care for. But this stunt of yours…well, it just made your presence known to the Netherworld.”
Fino facepawlmed. “Not to sound like we were ungrateful, but…why not give us a forewarning?”
“Honestly?” the fox grinned. “You would’ve done it anyway.” Then he massaged his chin, thoughtfully. “BTW, you don’t happen to have sins to answer for, do you?”
King could think of about a dozen or so just to start. Bino gulped. “What kind of sins?”
Karishad shrugged, rolling his eyes. “Oh, the accountants at Soul Resources are not picky. Anything from pride to rage, vanity... Being a Saint is so difficult these days, tch!”
The dogs had just the time to exchange worried glances…before the ground started shaking!
The fox tut-tutted. “Aw, looks like someone at staff wants to have a word with you. Sorry, but I can’t do anything else for you. See ya later!” He wrapped himself in his cape…and disappeared with a flash of sparks –and a merry jingle at that.
The rocky ground trembled so much, it became impossible to stand! But that was even the last of the problems, as big fissures opened under the feet of the group! Joey was the first to fall in –or at least, that would’ve been his destiny if it weren’t for Fino, who grabbed him at the last moment.
“Got ya, runt! Hold it, I’m not abandoning you!” And despite the fact that Joey was the litter’s lightweight, it was like holding a block of lead! Fino’s muscle tensed until he was sure his arm would fall of its socket! “Not…nngggh…abandoning ya!”

The others weren’t doing better. Fido and Bino were holding for dear life by the margin of the fissure.
The two brothers exchanged a hard look. And Bino…grinned, as if this was actually funny! “Hah! Betcha I can out-hold you, catlover!”
Fido returned the grin. “Not…a chance…Chairdog!”

King found nothing to be happy about. His stubby fingers couldn’t just hold long. Why hadn’t Pete turned him into a cat?!
Whatever was waiting for him in the fissure was roaring, like a hungry, indescribable monster.
The Corgi dared to peek down…and found a river of flames and…screaming things flowing into those flames, their arms and mouths outstretched to get him. King was fairly sure he’d suffer nightmare for the rest of his life –if he made it back to his body, of course.
His fingers kept slipping.
But wasn’t this that he had expected for himself, after all? All the harm he had done to innocent animals, and only to vent his rage for his troubled infancy...Wasn’t that to be punished?

“You should leave me,” Joey said. “Please, I don’t want you to get down with me!”
Fino was haflway bent down into the abyss, his teeth completely bared in the effort. And he was having a good look at the flaming horror waiting for them. “No! It’s unfair, you have committed no sins! You’re the most innocent soul of us all! You must not go down there! And if someone decided to punish you so hard for whatever stupid thing you may have done, then I’ll sin by pride and fight them! I. Shall. Not. Abandon. You!”
Joey started to smile, even to hope…but right then, the shaking ground decided to differ.
And crack.

“I’m not gonna leave you alone,” Fido said. “If we fall, we fall together.”
Bino nodded. “Always the glory-sponge, eh? Bet that is your sin, brother.”
“Heh…Guilty, it seems. But nevertheless…we’re in this together.”
The ground was cracking like old bread under their clutch. Bino just said, “New bet: Let’s see who makes it down first and gets more butts to kick.”
“Sounds like an idea.”
And then they let go.

“No…” The stubby fingers gripped harder into the rock, despite the predictable outcome of that battle.
King serrated his teeth. “Just…no!” And, against all odds, the Corgi managed to pull up a fraction. “I…regret…nothing!”
Another inch up, his inner fire fueling him up. “Things happen. Life will throw at us all sort of things. Some of them we can help, some we can’t.” He could actually see himself standing in front of Bailey, as if that scene was a hologram playing before his eyes. Another inch up. King smiled. “I can help this, Bailey. I have the chance to build something important with you. Frankly, it scares me down to the bones, because everything is so new to me. But I know you are and will be with me day by day, step by step. Just like Fox helped me discover a new world, now I must rely on you to discover my own soul.” The symbol of the cross that Brother Lazarus had written with the holy water on his brow started to glow of a powerful light. Another inch up.
“Bailey Lindberg, I promise you now and forever to be your only mate, to be true to you, to give you all I can. Because here starts the road we will be walking together. I will not worry myself for what is to happen, but I’ll face every challenge, to make sure we stand together, no matter the costs. I love you.” And while the others were losing their fight, King was actually—
The rock cracked one time too much.
King fell to his doom, his paw reaching out for that image of him kissing her on that wonderful day, fading into black…

Author:  Legotron123 [ Wed Jul 03, 2013 2:58 pm ]
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Ooooohh the poison was MAGICAL!!!
Probably should have guessed that when Sabrina showed up.
Though seriously I'm not surprised by the idea of politicians being murderous [data expunged].

Author:  valerio [ Wed Jul 03, 2013 3:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

Legotron123 Wrote:
Ooooohh the poison was MAGICAL!!!
Probably should have guessed that when Sabrina showed up.
Though seriously I'm not surprised by the idea of politicians being murderous [data expunged].

Magical poison, eh? *thinks, foot tapping...* Hmm, no.
Nice try, tho.

Author:  legendario13 [ Wed Jul 03, 2013 4:37 pm ]
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That last parragraph... I totally saw it coming from miles away hehehe

Not dissapointed though, your writting is always out of the stablished schemes.

Author:  Cerberusx [ Wed Jul 03, 2013 6:41 pm ]
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If anything it was a poison from the Amazon or something. After all even if they found out what the poison is chances of them having the antidote would be very slim.

Author:  valerio [ Thu Jul 04, 2013 4:19 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

Oh, and by the legalese way: Karishad appears with permission. Limbo (c) STU, used with permission.

Author:  valerio [ Thu Jul 04, 2013 7:19 am ]
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Milton Manor, Babylon Gardens

“How long yet?” Thomas Milton asked, tapping at his own wristwatch as if it would help time to pass faster.
“Five hours,” Calvin Sugary answered, then sipped at his drink. “Hmm, Aperol Spritz. But please, my dear friends, don’t be so nervous: This is supposed to be a day for joy. I read the files about Ms. Lundberg: She’s really attached to power, I admire that. She will wait until the last moment, when her associates have run out of all other options to save their precious pups. For how much Ms. Lundberg is attached to power, and I honestly admire that, she can’t fight this fight all alone once the funds and political support vanish from under her feet.
“Are you absolutely sure about that?” Celia asked. “Even with those weasels out of the game, Gottschalk and Foster still make for formidable foes, and they are not spoiled rich kids.”
Calvin nodded. “Foster would literally give his life to save an animal. He’d kick Gottschalk into Munchkinland if it helped to save those five mutts. Trust me, their alliance is over already.”
“What about the antidote?” Thomas asked, warily. “Even if they keep their part of the promise, you can’t just walk in there and offer the stuff. Not without disappearing right away from the face of the planet.”
Calvin chuckled. “Oh, please. Why do you think emails were invented? A message coming from an anonymous European cybercafé mailbox, courtesy of our common employers, will tell the veterinarians what to do.” He raised his glass. “Don’t you just love modern communication?”
River Ridge Mayor Office

“Gentlemen, do you realize that for me it is over already?!” Robert Horace Lyndon, the current Mayor was shaking his head in despair. “My chances were pretty slim already, but since this thing is like winning three lottery tickets in a row, my staff decided to give it a try. But now?! I’m deader than a dead horse! I couldn’t even rise up as a zombie! Heck, not even if we were in Italy could I rise up to this seat again!” He looked at Gottschalk and his political opponent, both sitting in front of his desk. “Of course I didn’t organize this attempt against the lives of those dogs, but of course everybody will think that I was involved! Who could trust a Mayor who’d poison or even kill five innocent dogs to get to the seat? In case you hadn’t noticed, do you remember the case of that quarterback who used his dogs in pet fight clubs?”
Gabriella had to concede that to the man: There were many bad things a politician could be condemned by the public for, but in America hurting pets was still tantamount to a major crime when morals were involved.
“Which leaves us to the Third Party candidate,” Gabriella said. “But you must admit that it’s not very likely, Bob. He’s a Green through and through and the only reason he hadn’t a chance is because he didn’t have enough funds and friends in high places.”
Lyndon nodded. “Yeah, and I know he’ll get to be your right hand faster than Superman, once you sit here.” And of course, should Gabriella retire, he wouldn’t make it far. “Heck, the City won’t make it far if she retires, right Herr Gottschalk?”
The tall man nodded. “Most definitely so. I will surely not give my support and resources to any other Administration. I have other places of interests to turn to. I will lose money to move Prometheus to another location, but my credibility shall remain intact. Coherence is a much appreciated value in this business where other politicians sell themselves for a barrel of oil.”
And it was then that it hit them.

When they left the office, in a hurry, Gabriella said. “We got it all wrong.” She had no doubts about that.
“Quite certainly so. Whoever we are dealing with is not interested in River Ridge, and not even in Prometheus.”
“Did you have a suspect?”
“Yes. I just did not think there would be fools idiot enough to actually put their anti-animals zealotry before the economics.”
The woman showed a bitter smile. “Being a god makes you forget how unpredictable us mortals can be, eh?”
The illustrious duo left the building, followed by the flashes of the reporters. They entered the limo waiting for them. Once the car had started, Gottschalk shook his head. “Only the completely irrational ones, not enough rare a category, it seems.”
“Do you think I should retire?” Gabriella asked, bluntly. If her main sponsor withdrew his support, she’d be a queen without a throne. River Ridge would remain just another town without a real future. Her ambitions would stop here.
“Not yet. Wait until the last moment. Make them suffer, while we keep searching for clues.”
“Do you think they left any, at this point?”
Gottschalk nodded. “They left five of them, actually.”
Intensive Care Unit, Haichiko Mercy, Babylon Gardens

“Bailey, cuz..?”
The Siberian/Alaskan Husky mix groggily lifted her head from King’s body. She looked exhausted as if she hadn’t slept in days. Her face fur was all matted and darkened with tears. She looked at Fox as if she couldn’t recognize him. “Uhr..?”
The Alaskan Husky helped his cousin and housemate to stand up. “You should take a rest, really,” he said, softly. “I’ll watch over him for you, okay?”
Bailey shook her head weakly. “No…No, must be here when he…wakes up…” Nevertheless, she let herself helped up.
Fox smiled at her –a task in itself, given the intense hatred he felt for those who had hurt his friends. He knew there were bad humans in this world, he wasn’t naïve at that. But that…someone could do this only because of politics, only because pets wanted more rights…
You have worked so hard get here, Fox was thinking. He hadn’t imagined how much he loved him. You won over your mistrust, your hardships, you…your heart is too big to stop beating now!
Once, Fox had told King that, given the chance, he’d stay content to live his life as a pet, without complications, without having to run things and get stressed for that. A good human was one who would take care of his or her pets’ needs. Law would take care of the bad ones.
Looking at his friends laying there, suspended between life and death, because some stinkin’ fanatic wanted things as they were… Well, it pretty opened the Husky’s eyes over that matter. I swear, King. I swear on everything I hold dear that whatever happens, I’ll fight for our future. Even should Ms. Lundberg retire, we will NOT! Bad humans waged war on us, just because we want to exist! And we won’t step ba—
The miracle happened at that moment.
“…Bailey…” barely a whisper through the breathing mask. But it was there, strong and wonderful like celestial music! Both Fox and his cousin jumped. Bailey started shaking her mate as if he were a rag doll. Suddenly, she was beaming. “KING! Kingy! You’re awake! You’re…fine?
But King wasn’t moving. His eyes remained closed.
Bailey gulped. Perhaps she was going crazy, she had started to hear things… But then, when she looked up, she saw Blanche and Sasha looking at her with the same bewilderment while they were equally bent over their husbands.
The miracle had happened. They had talked. And it had passed.
At that moment, Stanwick, Rozen and a team of nurses came rushing in, pushing a crash cart. “We’ve got a reading!” The old veterinarian said. “Are they..?” But a look at the situation smothered his hopes.
Fox helped Bailey to sit down. She caressed her stomach as if it was hurting.
The man went to her. “Bailey, are you sick? It’s perfectly normal, given this terrible situation. I could give you something to ease—“
“I’m pregnant.” At least, those muttered words managed to draw the general attention. Sasha cleaned a tear before smiling at her friend. “Why, congratulations. How long?”
“Just…started.” Bailey looked at King. “Didn’t tell him yet. Wanted to be sure, wanted…” she sobbed. "And now he may never know it..."
Fox hugged her. “Then he has one more reason to come back to you. He—“ He was interrupted again, this time by Stanwick.
The veterinarian looked like a gigawatt bulb had lit up over his head. “Bailey…You did ate that pastry, this morning, right?”
Bailey frowned, puzzled, but nodded. “Uh…why are you asking?” But by then, the man was frantically gesturing to Constance. “Your report! What was in those pastries again?”
“I can tell you that,” Bailey said. “I tasted—“
“Fresh orange juice, 12%, fresh lemon juice 2%, fresh grapefruit…86%,” Constance read on her tablet. The bulb lit over her head too. “Oh my…”
And this time, Stanwick was smiling.
The answer is before your eyes.
The man put his hands over the dog’s shoulders. “Bailey, it’s of the utmost importance: Did. You. Drink. Anything at all, yesterday at the party?”
She shook her head. “No! I told you, I am pregnant. I…I drank only water. There was soda flowing everywhere and even Kingy drank—“
But by now both medics were looking at each other and nodding. Both produced their phones and speed-dialed.
“Ted!” Constance shouted. “We got it! Get all the Amlodipine you can get your hands on and come in ICU 2 yesterday!”
Stanwick was almost crying with relief…and although he was still worried this crisis may not be completely averted, it felt great to have the explanation! “Martin! Yes, we got it! I saw it happen during a mission in Iraq. Calcium Channel Blockers! They were in the sodas they drank at the party! Yes, the preparation was gastro-resistant, with gradual cumulative release. The grapefruit in the pastries’ cream interacted with the CCB, perhaps Prevex, and caused the sudden hypotension… Yes, Sir, we are sure! Bailey ate the same pastry, she was at the party, but she didn’t drink anything but water! Your culprits were inside the catering staff!”
“Does this mean they will make it?” Fox asked after the man was done. He and the wives were looking at the humans with almost fear of learning the answer.
Stanwick nodded, feeling as if the weight of the world was removed from his back. “We’re on our way to discover that. But, believe me, we made a huge step here.” He bent down in front of Bailey…and kissed her tummy. “You may have already saved your daddy. Not bad for being so early in life.”

Author:  Legotron123 [ Thu Jul 04, 2013 7:50 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

I can't wait to see the villains reaction when they find out their plan has been ruined.
Also I can't figure out where this show would air if it was a tv show.
It's too kiddy too be on something like adult swim, but s1 ep10 would make sure no kids station would air it.
It's conflicting.

Author:  Obbl [ Thu Jul 04, 2013 12:17 pm ]
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Wow! Excellent method there Val. I was angling at something natural, but I never would have come up with that.
Now make those suckers pay! :twisted:

Author:  musclecar326 [ Fri Jul 05, 2013 1:59 am ]
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I didn't check the forums for 3 days and then i have to catch up on 4 updates that were heart wrenching. :shock: I sat on the edge of my seat holding my breath half the time. I love how your writing is 3x better then some of the drama/action blend movies i watch. A little mini movie plays in my head while i read this and imagine the scene laying out in front of me.

Fantastic work! :mrgreen: I can barely wait for the next update to see if the vets' current lead pans out or not.

Author:  valerio [ Fri Jul 05, 2013 8:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread


At least, he’d get to try and make life as hard as possible for whoever was down there waiting to torment him.
King had just started falling toward the fiery pit and its screaming, monstrous inhabitants. He turned to look at them, all fears gone, a big brick-eating grin on his face. He wouldn’t go to them like a coward, cowering and closing his eyes. The Abyss was staring at him? I will out-stare you back, mister—
“GOTCHA!” said someone…behind him, just as a couple of white-furred paws latched against his leg!
The fissure started closing.
The things were flying toward him now! King could distinctly hear their deformed, snapping jaws.
“Uh, guys..?” said that same voice. “Now would be a good time to pull us up!”
“Ask the big time hero!” Said another…girlish voice? “He said he’d take care of it! I’m just here holding you two, you dolt!” King wanted to turn and see, but right now, just like a deer in front of car lights, he was mesmerized by the horrors coming at him.
And then King felt himself being pulled up rapidly.

“I’m sorry…” Joey said to his oldest brother, as both fell, their paws still latched.
Fino smiled to comfort him. “Hey, we tried."
Joey nodded. And at least Blanche has a big family to take care of her, right? Now it was time to be brave for them, and— "Ack!“
A paw covered in spotted orange and white fur latched against his scruff! A moment later, Fino was being pulled up as easily as a pup, though his concern was still not letting go of his little brother.
And when they were up and safe, he finally could take a look at their savior.
A jaguar, dressed in what Fino and Joey recognized as a tribal Aztec warrior’s attire. He looked immense and solemn… “I know you!” Joey said, wagging. “Fido told me about you: The Aztec Gold case, you are Teoxihuitl!”
The warrior nodded.

For a moment, just as he started falling, Fido wondered if he was paying for the sins of his puppyhood…or if the heavens were really looking down at his interspecies romance… But in the end, what mattered that he wouldn’t go down abandoning King nor his brothers!
He took a good look at the monsters waiting for him and Bino. “You may get me, but you’ll never own me, you heard me?” He growled. His last coherent thought went to Sabrina. If she was on her way to help him, like that weird fox had said, then she was too—
“Sorry for being late!” Said a female voice, as paws latched at his scruff, braking his fall!
Fido turned his head, relief and joey almost making him faint. “Sabrina! I knew you’d make…it?”
The floating cat, pulling him up and to safety, definitely wasn’t his black-furred lover. “I hope a fan will do, cute pup. Oh, and I am Morrigan, by the way.”
But, as realization sunk in, Fido’s attention was back to…Bino?
The cop dog giggled.

“What do you have to laugh at?!” Bino said, he too being carried to safety. He was also tucking his tail and legs as if afraid to be bitten. “I am not being rescued by a cat, am I?”
“If I were you, pup, I’d shut up and give me thanks, ok?” said a squeaky voice Bino knew all too well. His eyes shrunk He turned his head. “Mod?!”
The creature holding him by under his arms definitely looked like the ghost of his puppyhood friend…except that now Mod was shining with a bright light that kept the monsters at bay, as if they were trying in vain to stare at the sun.
A big ghost mouse with a nice pair of wings attached to his back.
“Well, pup?” The mouse grinned. “Never seen a guardian angel before?”

The things came closer… And the walls seemed to close to escape…
“Hey!” Said a third voice. A male’s this time. “I’m pulling up three of you! But of course you must criticize me now of all times, right?”
“I could do this better than you!” the female immediately behind the corgi said.
“Yeah, you volunteered after all!” said the second female.
“WILL YOU JUST GIVE A PULL!” King shouted with a mix of anger and panic.
Closer… A flaming claw almost touched King’s snout!
“Done!” King barely heard, as he was pulled out. The fissure closed with a resounding thud that made the whole plains tremble. The hand of a fire demon remained stuck into the crack –much to the screeching pain and cusses of the creature. King just butt-crawled as fast as possible from that thing. He was panting hard –talk about ‘too close’! He frantically swore to himself that he’d start a charity as soon as he was back in his body, back with Bailey!
But right now, he also owed a ton of thank you to—
His eyes saw them, but his mind just didn’t make the connection.
Two corgi twins, two gracious females who looked exactly like him. And a male who was Bailey’s spitting image, including the bandanna. They were sitting down in front of him, panting as well. Happy.
And then, they were all over him, hugging him, licking him, whining and crying with joy like overgrown pups, despite them being the same age he and Bailey were. “Daddy daddy daddy!” they were saying.
King smelled their scent, felt the touch of their furs, felt…something stirring inside of him, something so deep and good… No, this wasn’t some devilish trick, he was sure of that! Whatever miracle was just happening, he wasn’t complaining for once! “My…kids…” he did his best to hug them back. He was openly crying, too, now. “My kids!” They weren’t exactly the stubby-legged pups he had imagined the first time he had met Bailey, but he surely had hoped it was them: two girls and a boy!
King pushed them away enough to take a new good look at them. “My kids! You…you saved me.”
The male stood up, soon imitated by the others. Only then did his father notice that his ears were white on the top side, while the twins’ were grey. “Shucks, as if you wouldn’t have done the same for us,” he said, much in the same tone King would’ve used.
Then one of the girls fiddled with her collar and pulled out a small, folded piece of paper. “The funny fox said this was for you.”
King took the paper and unfolded it. The hurried writing read, ‘Borrowed them at Heaven’s waiting room. You owe me, pup. See ya!’ And then the paper disappeared in sparks and a merry jingle.
Heaven’s waiting room…
Which meant… “Bailey’s pregnant.”, King said, blinking.

“Guardian angel..?” Bino repeated, blinking with much the same stupefied expression.
Mod had shrunk back to his original size, although retaining the tiny wings. “Yup! When I died, I went straight to the Upper Floor. It’s true that I really missed you and all, but I had nothing left behind. You had your family, your bros, your friends –despite your continuous attempts to ruin it all…”
The other brothers giggled. Morrigan and Teoxihuitl smirked.
Bino blushed. “Yeah, blame me if the world is not up to my standards!”
“Anyway,” Mod went on, “I decided I just couldn’t let you spoil your own pup. So I applied for guardianship.”
“For Bosco? You came back for him?”
Mod shrugged. “Well, for all your family. Trust me, you guys will be needing some help. The bad guys have just started to strike. Oh, and before you ask, I don’t do miracles: Forget always perfect chewing toys and uberbouncing mega-balls.”
“And when we’re back, you won’t be allowed to see me if not in dreams and visions. Guardian Angels have a duty to be discreet. And you try and be a nice guy, or I’ll pull you a Capra, got it?”
Bino rubbed his fist against his chest. “Meh, don’t worry: I already know that everyone would suffer without my presence.”
Mod facepawlmed. “Why me, Dog?”
Fido turned to the jaguar warrior. “Teoxihuitl, if you’re here it means that Sabrina sent you?”
“Yes, she did. She had kept that trinket you had given her. I needed to honor my debt to you, for putting the treasure in safe hands. When this is over, we shall part ways and you will personally put the object back where it belongs. Until then, I will protect you.”
“Protect us from what?” Bino said. “The fissures have closed, we’re safe here…well, better off than a minute before, right?”
“They’ll come back,” Morrigan said. “They’ll summon those who, like you, come from the in-between.”
“Just how long will it take for the others to rescue us?!” Joey blurted out. “I mean, you guys were sent here, right? Why don’t open a portal or something back home? That fox just made it!”
“Karishad is…quite a peculiar case,” Mod said. “It would take many cachet to explain. Sometimes, it baffles us as well.
“As for when the portal will be opened, it all depends on how fast the human science will heal your bodies. Only then will Sabrina and her allies summon you back. And then there is the fact that time passes…well, here there is no time at all. A few minutes in the mortal world may equal to…more time in Limbo.”
Bino waved his paw to dismiss the concept. “Philosophical speculations aside, couldn’t she just heal us magically?” He scoffed, meaning to sound sarcastic.
Teoxihuitl answered with outmost seriousness. “Magic is binding. The moment you sealed your fate with other powers, you couldn’t just dismiss it. Sabrina will recourse to such measures only should the humans fail.”
Fino sighed. “Well, I trust them, as we all do I think, or we’d all be already back in our furs.” He turned to look at King’s group standing at a short distance. He smiled. “At least, someone’s making the best of this situation.”
Bino gulped, well imagining who those other three dogs were. “Just great. So I already know that my son will have to look out for three threats!”
Mod tapped his skull. “You sure you’d rather not have a familiar? A nice imp, perhaps? They can help you do magic tricks, great at parties.”

“And…” King almost didn’t dare ask it. “Your names are..?”
The twin sisters giggled. The one on the left said, “Ours were, or will be picked, by mommy! I am Lira.”
“And I am Mckenzie, or ‘Mac’,” said the other. “Those were the names of the first dogs working for the Lindbergs ever. Mom thinks it’s good luck.”
King nodded, his eyes misting. “Ain’t she right already.” He looked at the male, and again saw himself in the mocking smile he was given.
“You know it already, papa.”
King nodded again. He did owe Pete big time. He owed that meddling gryphon a lot of pain, but also something wonderful. And even if it had been King himself to make the best of what was intended as a punishment for his sins s a human, nevertheless he wouldn’t be talking to his own litter now, hadn’t it been for Pete.
And if Pete had called him after a chess piece name, King had decided to do the same since the day he had wanted his own puppies. He wanted the name of the one who would take the place of the King on the chessboard of life… “Rook.”
The male nodded. “I like it a lot. I want it to be the first word I hear from you when I’m born. Promise?”
King hugged him. “I promise. I love you, kids.”
They were interrupted by a slow, sarcastic clapping. “Yes, yes, nice family and all,” Bino said. “What about moving, now? It’s not like we’re having a picnic!”
“Are you talking bad to papa?” Rook said, taking a step forward. And if Bailey already was a force to reckon with, Rook had some extra muscle to show who was boss!
Bino hurriedly stepped backward with a funny squeaking “Eep!”
“Not to mention that there’s really nowhere to go,” Fino said, looking around. “This is a no-place without time. Wherever we go, we’ll find ourselves stuck in the same place.”
Joey punched his own palm. “So we better stick together and get ready to give them a warm welcome, right? Let’s show who’s boss—“
The ground started to tremble again.
Bino whacked Joey behind his head. “You just had to tease them, didn't you?”
The ground trembled to the point that, again, the mortal dogs and their allies could barely stand…
And then, in the distance, the ground exploded like a volcano! Blistering magmatic bodies and rocks fell in a deadly shower toward the group.
Mod snapped his fingers. “Miracle!”
As if pushed away by an invisible field, each rock fell away from the intended targets.
“You know, we could use that a lot more,” Bino said to his guardian angel.
“Here I can use them, we’re outside the mortal boundaries, but I can’t abuse it. That’s why I’m not alone.”
Rook stood protectively before his father, growling Lira and Mac watching the sides. Now the happy-to-go canines had been replaced by a ferocious, protective pack.
“You said that this new whoever-it-is…” Fido said to Morrigan, “…It’s an ‘in-betweener’ of sort, like us, right?”
The ghost cat nodded. “Like for me, and many other mortals, sometimes death is not a step toward Heaven or Hell. We just can’t accept it. Sometimes, we linger on by sheer force of will, waiting to settle what was left behind in our lives.”
“Figures,” Joey said, looking at what was emerging from the pillar of smoke and fire. Sure, that thing could be a monster as looks went. But even with her gnarled body, the two snarling heads with jowls dripping sizzling poison from the dagger-long fangs, the flaming eyes…yes, that thing was a most unwelcomed memory from a past that everyone wished to be forgotten.
The creature grinned with a predatory joy. “Oh, look who’s here for dinner: We wanted so much to meet you too, when we were alive,” said both heads belonging to the female Whiteman killer dogs.

Author:  Legotron123 [ Fri Jul 05, 2013 8:58 am ]
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In my head I'm having trouble picturing rook and I'm thinking "oh well, I'll just wait till he appears in the comic."
Then a lightbulb goes off in my head.

Author:  GeckoZY [ Fri Jul 05, 2013 10:02 am ]
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Yey, an update marathon! XD

Didn't expect King's pups to appear though! I wonder if they can remember what happened there.

Author:  valerio [ Fri Jul 05, 2013 10:07 am ]
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I love writing this ficcie, but episodes like this puts me in a spree that surprises me too! Today I carried my PC around during my errands for the office, so I got to write on the bus as well, and then at the post office while waiting for my turn at the teller... :lol:

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