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Codename: Xanadu, c/o First National Energy Research Laboratories, River Ridge

“So, what was your job like, man?” Eddie asked to the King shepherd sitting on the seat row in front of him.
“What do you mean?” Dasco asked back, unfazed.
Edward rolled his eyes. “Come on, you know it! What did you see? Do we actually have a UFO stocked since Roswell? And the ‘Alien Autopsy’, it was a fake of course…but we do have a live alien ambassador hosted at Area 51, right?”
Dasco raised an eyebrow, much like Mr. Spock used to do when ‘Bones’ McCoy proved himself really dense. “Do you really want to know?”
Eddie nodded enthusiastically.
“Do you love your family?”
Eddie blinked. “Guh?”
Dasco kept up that poker face. “They would all disappear, along with you. Pets and their parasites included, if any.”
This made the youngest human of the group to fall silent, while their car ran toward the core cluster of Xanadu.
Iris kept looking at the panorama around them and visible under their feet. The car’s frailty was apparent, as it was made of plasteel and could stand a bazooka shot. “It’s so beautiful,” she muttered, feeling like a puppy during her first exploration of the world. “Sir?” she then asked to the black wolf standing near the door, together with that silent Natalie Domina woman.
Speaking of ‘standing’, their Captain hadn’t taken a second to rest since ‘welcoming’ the group.
“Speak,” Temno said.
“Uh, this area was hit by an earthquake, once. In fact, the old Truman Laboratories were shut down due to leaks caused in the fissile material storage tanks. Isn’t it dangerous to have a nuclear fusion reactor here, of all places?” Especially considering that the thing was supposed to revolution the energy market forever.
The wolf nodded. “First of all, Prometheus is supposed to just turn off, in case of structural emergency. The plasma core smothers itself like a candle fire. No fancy explosion, sorry for the drama lovers. The real mess will be turning it on, as that process requires a very generous injection of energy.
“As for the geological factor, well, I guess some you will know that there is no ‘safe’ place in the world, as tectonics go. Of course, building something right over the New Madrid fault or the San Andrea would be akin to harakiri, but in our case the vault has been restructured just like they did with NORAD base. Actually, improving the work thanks to Japanese cooperation. Oh, and by the way, Panderov and Beckett teams: your first priority will be to check the Samurais who worked with us in case something fishy slipped past our control.”
Sarah and Catherine nodded. This was their territory, international espionage. It was a safe bet that an hostile party would not rely on microphones and the such –no unapproved transmission could leave this place or reach it. And it was as much clear that privacy was nonexistent. No one could ask for a ‘personal favor’ without Big Brother knowing.
This left room to good ol’ spies only. Now, that was something hard to catch, unless you were a pro. Like a CIA spook and the daughter of a former top KGB Agent.
Under their feet, the car reached Green Cluster of this small-scale Coruscant. “Next stop,” Eddie said, “lingerie, women’s wear, cosmetics. Please don’t hit me, Cap.”
Temno shrugged. “I demand respect from my underlings, not lobotomy. And you all will hear a lot of jokes, it relieves the stress; actually, the eggheads can be actually funny once you stop wishing them dead. You’ll like to spend some time with them.”
“Is that an order, Sir?”
Temno grinned. “Do you need to ask?”

The car stopped over the roof of the central building.
The group disembarked. Jake was wearing his full combat attire. “Uh, Sir, do we actually need to introduce ourselves with all this stuff?”
Temno examined his ‘troops’: plasteel plates body armor, emergency kits (including ‘invisible cloak’ and AR contacts), HUD glasses and cameras which allowed each member of a single team to keep track of the other, skin communicators powered by the body heat, smartphones GT Omivac-Z3, sleeve stunners, GT Hyperflash neural grenades NG MIII, C5 explosive pack, boot knives.
Then came the weapons of choice, what humans and animals had decided to keep as personal item. Of course, their armory held enough bounty to last for World War III and some year later, but a good soldier would stuck to those weapons he or she would use more frequently.
In this case, Jake Torrance’s question was not really unfounded.
Archer had kept his arrows, his ‘Hawkeye’ quiver and his own compound bow. Considering he could turn any object into a weapon thanks to his exceptionsl marksmanship, he really wasn’t disarmed without bow and arrow.
Edward Pope Jr. now owned a PSE TAC 15 crossbow, his own quiver, and a SIG Sauer P238 loaded with six GT C5 fragmentation bullets.
Chance showed no visible weapons, but only because his vest contained anything he needed to be dangerous and taking his enemies by surprise. The cat had dubbed that vest his ‘Bat-belt’. Like him, Clayton Whitaker was good with an assortment of weapons, but since he excelled at short range combat and preferred to be of support to Chance, he had chosen a “Ranger” combat trench survival knife, a Tomahawk knife, and a KSG Kel-Tec Shotgun.
Iris and Sarah had been trained to fight, of course, but their job rarely required action on the field. And so, aside from the mandatory attire, they had gone for something more…discreet, which could add to their MAAD training. The Anatolian Shepherd had chosen two katanas and a GT Stun/Killer SK-08 gun. Sarah carried two Desert Eagles Mark XIX .357
Sodina and Catherine Panderov had eventually gone for items that could make their own bodies more lethal –retractable wrist claws GT M1 ‘Predator’, gloves reinforced with titanium layers, reinforced boots with hidden knives, and telescopic batons strapped to their arms.
Flare and Fredrick, who had trained to think and work as one, a requirement in their kind of specialty, carried a classical piece each: AK-47, and a bag to reassemble it according to necessity. Whatever else they needed, in case of defusing explosives or setting them, they carried it in their backpacks.
Lance and Jake carried each an XM-25 rifle by Alliance Techsystems, still to go on the market, and a multipurpose knife. Other than that, they too had their own backpacks –and no one still knew what was inside them.
Amar had chosen two items: As a spotter, his job was to be silent. All he needed were a Leonida Combat Survival Knife, and a GT SF-01 ‘StarField’ Spotting Scope. His partner, Elsa, carried a disassembled M107A1 in a hard bag strapped around her shoulders. That, combined with her talent, made her one of the most lethal women in the world.
Navy and Caleb couldn’t refuse their standard attire, and they really, really hated to use lethal weapons. So both had opted as well for the GT SK-08. Caleb had added a Taser X12 Stun gun for longer range shots. After all, they were basically negotiators. Right?
To say that Marcus liked overkill, there was no doubt: after a long debate with himself, and Temno’s refusal to hire a Sherpa, the dire wolf had kept his Smith & Wesson Bush Hog Kukri and the SOG cutting knife. He had strapped a Beretta M92 with 9x19 prabellum rounds to his thigh…and had replaced his first choice with two novelties: The Auto Assault AA-12 shotgun, and a Pfeifer-Zeliska .600 Nitro Express Magnum! A weapon that only one like him could fire like a ‘normal’ gun’. Damien, with his M4 Carbine with Grenade Launcher and his D2 Extreme Fighting Ka-Bar, looked small and inadequate!
Dasco had his Magpul FMG9 folding machine gun, a FNH Five SeveN ODG, and a Cold Steel Recon 1 Knife. Rusty was equipped with an M4 Carbine, a Beretta M9 pistol and a Walther P99C.
All in all, a sight to fear.
“As I previously stated,” Temno repeated as if that was the most normal thing in the world, “the research staff is used to the sight of armed guards, as they make up for 30% of general staff. You must instill at least prudence in your enemies, at best fear for their lives. Your different specialties will force hostile forces to rethink their strategies from time to time, while an amateur will think of you as some gun-loving, mindless mercenaries. Now, let’s meet your quarries.”

The elevator doors opened on a large meeting room –as local architecture went, a room occupying the whole floor. It must be an interesting show, when it was filled to capacity with scientists discussing over their pet project.
For now, it was just an empty amphitheater, the set for some post-apocalypse movie. Eerie.
Eddie scratched his head. “Sir, didn’t you say they were waiting for us?”
Flare sniffed intently at the air. “They’re here.”
Marcus was looking around, sniffing at the air too. “So? This placed is filled with humans, it’s normal that their smell is lingering—“
Flare shook his head. “They’re here. Now.”
“Beak! I told you guys we needed to work on the scent factor!” An incorporeal male voice said…a moment before a crowd filling the room to capacity appeared out of nowhere! Men, women and animals, all wearing their clothes and coats!
At the same moment, every single team member carrying a gun produced it and cocked it, aiming at the crowd!
A 50 year old man with a bald head and a short beard raised his hands in mock defense. “Ah, guys? Nerd joke, no need to raise hackles here. Plus, the liability would hurt you more than any bullet.”
The warriors lowered their weapons. “Just. Don’t. Do. That. Again,” Marcus growled, lowering his AA-12.
Dasco shook his head, while refolding his machine gun. “And to think I fell for it, during my previous assignment.”
The man stepped forward, He was accompanied by a Russian Blue cat. A graceful, pretty female Russian Blue cat.
“I think I am being in love,” Amar said.
“Saw her first,” Chance whispered.
The man walked to the dire wolf, showing no sign of hesitation or fear as he grabbed the enormous paw and shook it as if Marcus had been an old college pal! “I see Gottschalk chose all too well,” he said with a British accent in his voice. “Welcome to Xanadu, guys! I am Justin Wayward, Magnetic Containment Field Team Supervisor. But please, you guys ignore our degrees and just call us any way you wish. After all, you are not here to listen to a lecture.”
Marcus was looking at Wayward as if the human was an alien –how was he supposed to instill fear in the enemy if he didn’t even instill awe in this…puny creature?!
Jake and Lance were examining the crowd. The two newly elected guns for hire were actually drooling at the sight!
“I love my job,” Lance said.
Jake nodded. There was history at work, in this room. He felt has if he could learn everything only through osmosis! He had never seen so many brains he had only read about, so far. “I recognize at least two dozen people who…used to work at ITER?”
One of them walked to him. A woman, definitely French if her accent and the tag BOULANGER were clues enough. “We were part of the staff, oui, before budget cuts, political decisions, and reschedules put us in front of a choice: teaching at a ridiculous fraction of what we used to earn, and without a career worth of its name, or coming here.”
“And build our future,” a German male scientist said. His tag read FRIGSBURG.
Wayward nodded. “Science is about improving with what you know, after all. Wisely, Gottschalk thought he could use our talents and save time and money, rather than starting from scraps You could say his was the winning idea.”
“And doesn’t this give you…loyalty problems”? Iris asked. As a dog, loyalty was something built in her DNA. As a CIA agent, she couldn’t see herself giving her talents to any other country than hers.
Frigsburg shook his head. He was accompanied by a Doberman. A female as well. “Nein, not in the least. You see, it was our own countries who decided to sacrifice progress in favor of public money waste.”
“Especially my country,” a Mr. DONADIO said. He looked like the grumpy guy of that bunch. He also looked a lot like a younger Michael Ironside. He was accompanied by a female Boxer. “If I told you just how much cash our politicians spent for their own bordello pleasures instead of financing research…” He was becoming all red in the face.
“Dad,” the dog said, holding his hand. “Your pressure, please.”
The man sighed heavily, then recomposed himself. He bent down and hugged his dog. “Sorry, Tuscia. Thank you for reminding me.”
Dasco knew it wasn’t professional in the least, but he couldn’t help wagging. He whispered to Archer, “Is it my imagination or every single civilian fur here is female?”
Flare’s heart was beating hard, his nostrils flaring like a horse's. “No. Not imagination. Heaven.”
Wayward nodded. “You’ll discover that, except for Einstein, since Dr. Stanwick threatened to fire herself if she couldn’t keep him, every lab pet at Xanadu is a female. And with fine brains to match.”
“I want their puppies,” Lance whimpered.
Temno cleared his throat. “I think you all may want to keep a hold of your testosterone, grunts. Oh, and since we’re at it, FYI while the eggheads’ pets are females, every security animal is male. Don’t think it will be a milkrun to the ladies’ hearts.”
“Who is caring?” Amar shrugged. “I…like a good competition,” he said to the Russian Blue, correcting himself at the last moment. He didn’t usually care about his speech, but all of a sudden he wished he was more sophisticated.
“Meh,” Chance said, “Since there are so many fishes in the sea, you can have her.” Then he noticed Clayton rolling his eyes. “What? It’s not as if I was raised in a politically-correct culture.”
“GRUNTS!” Temno roared. The mercenaries sprung on attention.
The black wolf was almost projecting lasers from his eyes. “You are still professionals, and you’re asked to act as such! This is an informal meeting, but still not the school’s prom! So meet your quarries, eat something with them and then go back to your quarters, or explore the place, or anything else you’d like to do. Your first shift is set for tomorrow.” He turned and walked back toward the elevator—
“Sir!” Archer raised his paw.
Temno turned. His body screamed This better be good! “Yes, grunt?”
“Why Captain Domina didn’t speak a word so far? Her file says she…well, has no problems of sort.”
Temno smiled. “Because I ordered her not to. Just a way to remind you who’s top dog. And now, goodbye. I must go kill a sheppie who thought he could be a ladykiller with the wrong lady.”
After he and his partner had left the room, a long silence fell while the guns for hire looked at the civilians.
Eddie cleared his throat. He felt as if he was about to get flunked at an exam.
“Relax, young man,” said one of them. Spanish? “We’re on the same side.”
Eddie remembered that examining commission guy saying the same thing. Before a painful F hit him in history. His old man had eaten him alive, at dinner…were those fangs in this Spanish guy’s mouth? He needed air!
When Edward spoke, at last, his voice came out like a croak. “Uh, Archer and I rescued a scientist, once. Biochemist. Funny guy, always sweating and nervous. Heh.”
The scientist patted his shoulder. “Now, now. I am sure you have a lot of interesting things to say. Your colleagues of security have fine stories to tell, but I’m sure you guys did things that make you very interesting subjects to talk with.”
Eddie’s upper lip contracted like during a rabbit’s rictus. “Subjects. Yes. Heh.”
“So, to put you at ease, wouldn’t you like to speak about something easy? Like how Tritium and Deuterium collide to form Helium-4?”
Eddie fainted into Catherine’s arms. Wayward sighed through a facetious smile. “Dr. Galvan, you always know how to pick them.”
The man shrugged. “They can’t even make it hard. Remember that Venezuelan guy?”
“Didn’t he try to kill you?” Donadio asked.
Galvan shook his head, tutting. “It’s the job, colleagues: cabin fever may get to one’s nerves.”
“Didn’t the Cap say these guys were funny?” Sodina whispered to her partner
“Once you get past the wish to strangle them, I guess,” Catherine whispered back.
Jake was interested in another thing. “So, uh, can anyone tell me why the lab pets are all…girls?”
The answer came from a Japanese man tagged SHIRAKAWA. He bowed before answering and pointing at the Tanuki with him. “Because these daughters of our Earth are our family. Each one of us humans has completely devoted himself or herself to this job, we have left our…biological relatives back in our country, and our IDs outside Xanadu are coded.”
“You can’t be tracked,” Iris said. “Like in witness program.”
Shirakawa nodded. “We need recreation from time to time, fresh air, meet other people, but we are not stupid. We are well aware of the historical importance of our jobs. The work of the other Clusters is important, but it’s nothing compared to this. In fact, they depend on us giving them the fire to feed their products and the industry manufacturing them.
“In this contest, our furry companions are the family we need without the…complications of a human nucleus. And it’s only fair that they have the chance to build their own happiness rather than just hanging out with us.”
“Quite…pragmatic,” Sodina smirked. “So, they will be coming along with you during your time out?”
The tanuki bowed in turn. “We promise we will not be of hindrance to your job, Panderov-San.”
Edward was coming back to consciousness at that moment. “Sorry, guys. I…guess I didn’t sleep as much as I thought. What happened?”
Galvan went to him with a thick plastic cup containing a hot beverage. “Here, hombre. This will cheer you up.”
Eddie thanked him and took the cup. Yes, he so needed some cocoa right now…
Only a moment before drinking from it, did he notice something weird with the vapor –it wasn’t really going up the cup, rather it was pouring out like a liquid. “Uhh, is this cocoa?”
Galvan looked at the cup’s content. He seemed puzzled. “Hmm, I think I may have taken the liquid nitrogen by mistake. Here, let me try.” He took the cup and emptied it with a couple of gulps! Eddie saw his career dying in front of his eyes and his body grinded for his uncle’s next lunch!
Galvan smacked his lips. “Hmm, no. This is the cocoa, all right. I’ll fix you another—“
But Eddie had fainted again.
The scientist smiled. “A new friend.”

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Thu Mar 07, 2013 4:45 am ]
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well I'm not sure I pictured Iris with dual katanas, but It fits. plus, I love dual wield katanas. plus yeas, stun gun is very much her.

as for Sarah, yes, those weapons sound about right. though keep in mind, she'd only use one at a time because shooting with two hands has higher accuracy. but having two means more shots before needing to reload.

I'm enjoying seeing more of them interacting. I look forward to seeing them do their jobs.

Author:  Cerberusx [ Thu Mar 07, 2013 6:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

Love that Marcus's main gun is the AA-12! That shotgun is amazing! I had completely forgotten about it. The special Frag-12 round comes in three different variations. Explosive, armor piercing, and fragmentation. A gun that truly is a perfect weapon for a Dire Wolf that enjoys killing and will do so without hesitation.

Oh and then there is the Pfeifer Zeliska .600 Nitro Express revolver. Considered one of the most powerful handguns in the world! Love these guns.

Love you Val!

If you say that those eggheads actually made a functioning Railgun or also known as a Mass Accelerator Cannon/Magnetic Accelerator Cannon then I will die.

Author:  valerio [ Thu Mar 07, 2013 6:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

You can bet it, they are developing that as well at Red Cluster. I didn't want to introduce it now because it's still a cumbersome affair, and I want a fairly portable device.
I could save an apparition of that toy for an epic episode 8-)

Author:  valerio [ Thu Mar 07, 2013 10:47 am ]
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Today this ficcie has reached the 100,000 hits!
Please allow me a moment of pride while you all get this extra-bonus: a big thank you from the couple that started it all...and the new generations! With extra superduper spoiler added.
And a big, genuine and humble THANK YOU for being with me and my rants so far!
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

MEGA-AWESOME art by Stu!

Author:  kavviyenta [ Thu Mar 07, 2013 11:09 am ]
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I guess it is appropiate that the mercenaries have to change their usual equipment from what their profile indicated. Navy only use her knives for defense and distraction but her alternative probably work. (I don't even know what GT SK-08 is) :oops:

You really keep adding more characters that I hope you keep track and I know you do.

As for 100,000 hits pic, really CUTE and MAGNIFICENT! Stu did a spectacular job even with the shadow. Aw, Pixel is such a jinx.

Author:  valerio [ Thu Mar 07, 2013 11:20 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

Well, of course this is just an introductory episode, so not everyone is mishmashed in a row. I'll try to cover as much as possible and keep your interest going, before going back to the Gardens and Terrace.
And remember.
I have have plans for everyone.
GT SK-08 = Gottschalk Technologies Stun/Kill (Taser gun) mark 8, a made-up weapon with a lightning bolt kick!

Author:  Obbl [ Thu Mar 07, 2013 1:33 pm ]
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I believe in English we call it "harakiri" rather than "karakiri" ;)

Oh, Amar, you never thought paying attention to Elsa's grammar talks was going to be important, did you? :lol:

Also CORGSKY PUPPIES!!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:
King and Bailey wreak havoc upon the earth by turning the adorbs level up to 11.

Author:  valerio [ Thu Mar 07, 2013 1:45 pm ]
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*insta Japacorrection*
I am still undecided if applying Disney biology or not to the Wonder Three. Hmmm....hard to decide... Two boys and big sister or big brother and two girls? Hmm....

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Thu Mar 07, 2013 2:34 pm ]
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awesome picture by Stu...

though I may need some help identifying who's who in it. some are pretty obvious, but there are 5 Sandwich kittens and I can't be bothered top remember the decriptions of all of them, and I can't even remember who all have kids at this point. it's so epic.

Author:  valerio [ Thu Mar 07, 2013 2:43 pm ]
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Fair enough:

The biological litter of Peanut and Grape:
the Peanut-colored kitten is Dayshaun
the purple-tailed one is Parnok
The ALL purple one is Tarot
The two brown bundles of joy are Nutella and Louise

Rigel is the one with the dreamy eyes, Naos is her twin brother (Mizar is the mommy, Sarge Ralph is the daddy)

then comes Bosco, intrepid pup of Bino and Sasha.

The black cub is Mortimer, son of Antares and Celestia

There follows Pixel, adopted by Sabrina and Fido


Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Thu Mar 07, 2013 2:56 pm ]
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do we get to suggest names for cogskies? if you go for two boys and a big sister, Bishop and Rook could be good names for the boys.

Author:  valerio [ Thu Mar 07, 2013 2:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

I'll open a new thread for the contest.

Author:  TarkaTarquol [ Thu Mar 07, 2013 3:02 pm ]
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The sheer size of this fic is intimidating me. I wanna read it, but I fear it will take me a year to get through it all. X3

That aside, gratz on your milestone. And awesome picture to go beside it. Stu is an amazing artist.

Author:  valerio [ Thu Mar 07, 2013 3:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

believe me, Tarka, it can only get bigger :twisted:
This said, you're not forced to stuff it down your throat, take it easy and if you like it you may have a nice long hobby to pass time.. :lol:

Author:  TarkaTarquol [ Thu Mar 07, 2013 3:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

I have a bad habit of losing sleep over something I like to read. ^^;

I'll strap myself down with a few bottles of water and bucket of popcorn and start later tonight on it. We'll see how far I get.

Author:  valerio [ Thu Mar 07, 2013 3:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

Good read then! :D

Author:  Saturn381 [ Thu Mar 07, 2013 4:32 pm ]
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You know I always wanted to know what these children looked like and I have to say they all look great.

Also, I have a question to ask. What are the characteristics and personalities of both Mortimer and Pixel since Mortimer is a new character and the only thing I know about Pixel is that she is the adopted daughter of Fido and Sabrina and she's a mute kitten?

Lastly, congratulations for reaching 100'000 hits.

Author:  Cerberusx [ Thu Mar 07, 2013 9:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

So there are more security/guards right? You said they make up, "30% of the general staff".

It's just that the animal/human teams will be more along the lines of 'personal guards' for the eggheads right?

Author:  valerio [ Thu Mar 07, 2013 11:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

Saturn381 Wrote:
You know I always wanted to know what these children looked like and I have to say they all look great.
Also, I have a question to ask. What are the characteristics and personalities of both Mortimer and Pixel since Mortimer is a new character and the only thing I know about Pixel is that she is the adopted daughter of Fido and Sabrina and she's a mute kitten?
Lastly, congratulations for reaching 100'000 hits.

Mortimer is definitely the strongest of the new generation and he's well aware of it. Pround and vain like a miniBino, he aspires to be the guardian angel of babylon gardens. He treasures is friends like a wolf treasures his pack members, and respects humans like any good dog. Unfortunately, his management of friendship includes a regimen of training that is not often met with equal joy by his peers.
Oh, and he's in continuous competition with XXXXX, the daughter of King and Bailey (yes, I decided for Disney biology). You know, that typical puppy/adolescential thing that could lead to romance (one can dream!)
Pixel is a jinx. I mean, it's not that you *must* expect to have problems around her...just don't upset her. Of course, you can't know what can upset Pixel to the point that a manhole will erupt fire and throw the cover at you, but...okay, be prudent with her around.
Other than that, Pixel is much like Sabrina -responsible and mischievous, open minded and social but no mama's fool, curious...ok, too much curious for her own good. Nutella and Louise are her best friends because she knows she can drag them into her discovery adventures, hoping that one day she'l be a great detective like 'Doc'. Evildoers beware!

Cerberusx Wrote:
So there are more security/guards right? You said they make up, "30% of the general staff".
It's just that the animal/human teams will be more along the lines of 'personal guards' for the eggheads right?

Armed security is ALL about animal/human teams, at Xanadu. Again, whereas the civilian furs are female, security are boys.
And yes, the special First Line Team is the force assigned to the safety of Prometheus' core staff.

Author:  valerio [ Fri Mar 08, 2013 4:02 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

Commanders’ quarters, White Cluster, Xanadu – c/o First National Energy Research Laboratories, River Ridge

“’To remind you who’s top dog’,” the woman said angrily, as she walked out the elevator. “Unless you’re planning on working for Gottschalk for the rest of your life, you better watch your mouth! I know you are my superior, here, Temno, but you’ll have to go back to the Lucky Charm, where—“
“First of all, watch your mouth, Natalie,” the black wolf said, walking behind her. “Yes, I am planning to make this transfer permanent. So, to go to point to, no I am not coming back to guard a shelter, not when I can make a real career here. I had accepted to be a good pup because you guys needed to see me rehabilitated. And third, I had let you treat me like your rug because I didn’t want to give any trouble to Foster. So, vice-Captain Domina, you will either sign to leave this job or you’ll stay here and help me with the new grunts: those humans will soon be needing a human interface.”
“I’m not a walking terminal!”
“What?” a Rottweiler large as life and built like an oak asked from the table, where he was playing a poker game with three other males. “Your human is already giving you troubles, T-Dawg?”
Temno went to the table, took a seat and sat down between the Rottie and a Bull Terrier. “Nothing that I can’t handle Gorky. Now gimme some cards, Ferdy."
The game stopped and the Terrier handed Temno his cards. “Are those guys good? They must be, if part of their files are classified to us as well.”
Temno examined his cards, then held out high his paw. “Domina! Beer!”
A moment later, a can landed perfectly into his grasp. “I hate you, mutt!” Her voice followed.
“She loves me,” he said while opening the can with one claw. He drank a gulp. “And yes, they’re that good. There’s a couple of softies, but I trust the brass’ choice.” He then proceeded to describe the weapons of choices. The dogs listened intently.
“Heck,” Gorky said. “A wolf with a .600! I want to see him in action at the shooting range.”
“I’ll give you a whistle. I just hope he won’t have to use it outside Xanadu.”
Ferdy chuckled. He called for two cards. “Are you going softy, T-Dawg?”
Temno grinned. “Ask that again and I’ll answer your partner, after your funeral.” Then he sighed. “You know, I ain’t getting no younger, and I wasted my life as a pawn of a human monster. This is the first time I have the chance to do something good for furkind. And should an enemy succeed in kidnapping or killing the humans working at Prometheus, it would be a failure for me and for our future as well.”
“Do you think it will actually work?” A German Shepherd asked. He tossed some plastic chips into the pile at the center of the table.
Temno raised with the double. “There’s no ‘opinion’ in this matter, Badstein: It must work.”
“No, I mean: This whole animal rights agenda. We are here for the cash, you…well, are you here for that political stuff?”
“Meh, I know I’ll be long gone before that agenda is fully operative. Even with all the juices from Prometheus, reconstructing a whole town much like Hitler wanted to do with Germania will take many years. In the meantime, things will only start changing. Take the American humans: How long did it take them to abandon their own Apartheid starting with that Rosa Parks? And even today, between their own species, there are many frictions. We’re different species, it’ll be even longer.”
“But Gottschalk is a powerful human,” Gorky said, adding chips to the pile.
Temno nodded. “Milton started it all: he he built Babylon Gardens and managed to pass his legacy to his ferrets . Foster has protected it. Gottschalk is bringing politics and innovation to consolidate the experiment and extend it. Prometheus will make sure that Maud Gottschalk will carry on her father’s will. I spoke with her, once: She’s inherited all the traits, I am sure of it.”
“So,” Ferdy said, “you only must make sure your grunts don’t flunk it. By the way, is that Sodina free? The lab pets here are OK, but that lady,” he flashed his best macho grin. “Rawr. We needed some hot blood!”
The black wolf shrugged. “Help yourself. I’ll not be responsible for any case of broken bones you’ll suffer.” He put his cards onto the table top. “Royal Flush.”
It was 9pm, when the survivors from their first meeting with Prometheus staff walked into their quarters.
Edward abandoned himself to the embrace of the tall, large mattress that covered almost all of the bedroom floor. Hmm, soft like a cloud! “I can’t believe it,” he said, though. “I feel so…naked.”
“They surely have a way to make you talk,” Sarah agreed, starting to undress. “I should give their names to the Farm.”
Eddie’s eyes went really wide when her hands went behind her bra. “Whoa whoa, girl! We got a bathroom for that! I mean, I’m still a gentleman despite this uniform.”
The woman shrugged. “In case you hadn’t noticed, our partners are naked all the time, and we don’t spare on physical contact with them.”
“But this is different!”
“It is not,” Caleb said, undressing for the night, just as his colleagues were doing, one after the other. “Eddie, comradeship is about this too. You played football in college, right?”
“Uh, yes.” Now even the collars were being put into the cabinets.
“Well, you guys didn’t take your showers with the clothes on, right?”
Edward was blushing now. “We didn’t have girls in the locker room!”
“First thing a woman learns in the Army,” Elsa said, speaking for the very first time since their gathering, “is to stop thinking about herself as a woman. We’re uniforms, we’re ranks, we’re killers, we’re comrades.” She stood naked, perhaps the most precious specimen Eddie had ever seen in his life. The poor man was stuttering.
Elsa was the first to walk to the bathroom, followed by Amar. “If you want to be last in, help yourself. Kid.”
She was about to walk in, when a naked Edward Pope stepped in at a brisk pace and an angry frown on his face, followed by Archer, who was sticking out his tongue at her. “’Kid’ my @#£$%!” he was muttering. One could insult him, mistreat him, humiliate him…but being addressed at as ‘kid’ was the supreme insult. He was a man and determined to prove that, especially to his Uncle whose ghost hovered over this new job!

Within a few minutes, water was running freely. Even if the showers had the option of being turned into single cabins, for now the group washed without walls between them. The air was filled with water droplets, mist, and the occasional moans from the animals when dexterous fingers rubbed the right spots.
The only exception being Damien. The human looked like an ecstatic puppy as Marcus gave him a good massage with those claws that could have ripped him apart on a whim. “Guys, you should try him.”
“I studied accurately human and animal anatomy to know how to terminate my opponents better,” the wolf said working on the human’s blades. He sounded proud of that statement.
Damien sighed. “Marc, we need to work on the word ‘socialization’. We’re part of a group again, you can’t just scare off the others.”
Marcus grinned. “It’s part of the fun. It is you who is fixated with this ‘trust’ ‘thing’, right?”
“No one is calling me ‘coward’, then,” Amar said. He left the shower and went to the pile of towels. He picked up one and started rubbing himself vigorously. “There is a mini spa in the other room. Do that magique, wolf.”
Marcus rubbed himself as dry as possible. “Lean with your paws against the wall, I’ll show you here.”
The cat shrugged but did as he was told. A moment later, strong paws grabbed him around the chest. Paws large enough to hold him as if he were a stuffed doll.
“Ready?” Marcus said…and pulled. Amar’s fur, skin and muscles were slowly stretched down, to their limits, each nerve calling out with one voice, before the pressure was exercised in the opposite sense. Then the same, simple but powerful gestures were done with his legs and arms. All the while Amar was emitting what could be at best described like a mix of a moan, a gurgle and the loudest purring. It wasn’t clear if it was pleasure or a living being’s last rattle. “Ohhh mon mon mon mon…” he repeated, when Marcus was done. He fell down, sitting as if his bones had just melted, and definitely looking like he had had the time of his life. “Les moar…”
Iris and Navy walked out the shower together, grinning, wagging and spraying everyone around. “Me next!”

“So, guys,” Edward asked, when they were having the dinner in the living room, while an MTV clip was running on the wall. The humans were wearing a jumpsuit. Even if they hadn’t fought, he felt as hungry as a lion. “What are you going to do with your money? I mean, we could easily retire and start playing the good Samaritans with all this cash.”
“There’s this pet friendly resort,” Catherine said. She had fixed a lasagna dish for herself and Iris, god bless the microwave. “Blue Peak Shore. I’ll get a dog. Or two, or three then rent a room there for the rest of my life. You’re invited, but remember, the management is uptight with weapons.”
“I’ve always had this dream of being a farmer,” Fredrick said. “Flare agreed with me to come to a smallville called Applegate. Best fruits in the country. Buy some acres and then start mommy’s business.”
“Lance and I will keep working here as researchers,” Jake said. “If Gottschalk is near sending a team to Mars, I want to be there.” He ruffled Lance’s head. “Hoping he can be with me as well. Or his son. Anyway, this time we’ll have a pet up there.”
“I really don’t feel like going back to my old place,” Navy said. She was eating cannelloni with ricotta. “I don’t want to be some ‘social freak’. I’ll be content to keep studying psychology with Caleb. In a neighborhood called Sunset Plateau.”
“Much as we’d love to settle down,” Damien said, Marcus scoffing at that, “we’ll just keep moving and stay alive as long as we can.” And he bit into his bread with salami.
“Dude, you should stop hanging out with that wolf from time to time,” Eddie said through a mouthful. “I mean, he’s rubbing off on you! And one Terminator is enough already, jeez.”
“We got a bounty on our heads,” Marcus said. “Or, rather, mine. Damien, they want him dead because he’s in business with me. But the one getting my hide is going to be rich like any one of us.”
Archer was impressed. “Wow, and I thought I got all the loving.” The Bloodhound/Norwegian mix stuck his thumb against his chest. 2 million bucks, courtesy of the Aruba Dominican cartel!”
Damien chuckled. “So far, Al-Qaeda’s top bid is 50 million.”
Eddie almost strangled himself with his food! “Forgive me for asking, but is it safe for us to work with you guys?”
“Safe as it goes,” Marcus shrugged. “Darwinian selection removed from the games the ones with enough means and guts to get near us. Now they wait for me to get too old to defend myself.”
“Aw,” Sarah said. “We got only a 500,000 on us. Turns out it was a corrupted politician whose son we arrested for drugs manufacturing. Cheap, for a Senator.”
Flare was wagging his tail. “No contract on us, but…” he addressed Fredrick. “Remember that crackpot? Bomberjack, right?”
“Come on!” Chance said. “A guy actually named himself after an old videogame?! And did he wear a costume too?”
Fredrick shook his head. “No costume. Jack was good, though: He used to set up explosives in the most unlikely places. But he also was a serial killer, and eventually the brainiacs at FBI got to profile him and sniff him out while Flare,” he ruffled the dog’s head “and I sniffed out the bombs.”
Flare nodded. “And like any good baddy, he had left one last surprise behind: A pack of C4 hidden, this time, in frozen food.”
“No frick,” Eddie said. Frozen plastic explosive was one real killer. While this material was pretty stable, once it had been frozen it better stay frozen! Once you had it out of the freezer, you had about one minute, tops, to recommend your soul to your God.
“Yeah!” Flare said, grinning enthusiastically. “Jack’s last intended victim was Adrianne, his old fiancée, a classic! And she worked in this frozen foods market. His final challenge was for us to get there and find the packet he had slipped in a freezer. Now, I don’t like to admit it, but not even I could sniff out the culprit, not in time, not without causing serious damage to my poor nose. So we could only evacuate the market, since Jack had told us everything during business hours.
“But Jack had made a mistake: He wanted to make sure that Fred and I would be involved in the explosion. Go on, partner!” he patted the human’s thigh.
“Thank you champ: You see, there was only one way to make sure the bomb would be set off, and that would be turning off the power. No energy, no cold, boom!
“Jack was a time-bomb specialist. So we knew he had sent us off to the market at a given time because we weren’t supposed to have a chance: He had set a couple of small devices to go off and kill the main line and the backup generators.”
The tension was palpable. Everyone was listening intently, not daring to utter a word.
No one but Eddie. “So? What did you do?”
Flare shrugged. “Nothing. Before leaving, we called another team and sent them to defuse the smaller bombs.”
Fredrick shook his head. “Poor guy, he actually thought we’d take it so personally as to risk everyone’s life on that stunt. He loved too much them old ‘80s action movies.”
“And what was the bomb disguised as?” Catherine asked
“Lasagna. Three layers of explosive taste,” Flare said.
The woman stopped chewing for a moment, looking with dot eyes at the rest of her meal…then dug her fork into it. “What the heck, we live for danger after all.”
“Speaking of which,” Amar said, putting away his empty plate, “I am having a lady’s heart to make mine!” he walked toward the exit.
“It’s awfully late!” Elsa remarked. It’s not like she’s going anywhere, plus you should wash your teeth.
The cat tut-tutted. “Cats, nocturnal, remember? And then,” he flashed a grin before picking it with a claw, “You know that where I’m coming from, a male smelling like food is the most sought after. Hej så länge!” and out he went.
The woman sighed. “At least he is learning something.”
Eddie reached out for the envelope they had been given that morning. “Ok, time to see who gets first shift out of this hole!”
Archer was wagging like crazy. He had forgotten the last time he had tried to have a relationship with a girl, and this was some occasion to put together duty and pleasure!
Even the others had taken their envelopes and were opening them
Eddie said, “And the winner is—“

Archer’s howl of anguish made the building’s windows tremble for a long time…

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bah, curse you and Karlos. first he does his usual really long update at a time I don't have the time to read it before, then you update right before I need to sleep.
and both when I have so spend all day tomorrow in class or on the long trip home for Spring Break. Then I need to do homework on Saturday and catch up on the Youtube videos I missed tomorrow, so I won't get to read either one for another day or two :/

I want to read it but I need sleep :/

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Soowwwyy :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

Author:  D-Singer [ Fri Mar 08, 2013 4:49 am ]
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Wow, story’s picking up quick...

I see Dasco and Jacks got their usual gear minus their surveillance and tracking equipment. Guess that works, unless that's something they don’t need or don’t get until later...

I was actually hoping to seem some of that twisted humor and enthusiasm from Dasco, otherwise you’re doing a great job. Can’t wait till the next update.

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RandomGeekNamedBrent Wrote:
bah, curse you and Karlos. first he does his usual really long update at a time I don't have the time to read it before, then you update right before I need to sleep.

Oh, come on... it only has 18 pages =/

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Man, I really loved how not only did you have flare and fredrick talk but also have them tell a story. Your the best! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: Also the team looks to be working together great so far. All I know is that this chapter will be super long.

Another thing, when you mentioned 3 different RP neighborhoods all i could do was smile very big. I loved those references that you made.

Keep up the fantastic work Val!! :mrgreen:

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D-Singer Wrote:

I was actually hoping to seem some of that twisted humor and enthusiasm from Dasco, otherwise you’re doing a great job. Can’t wait till the next update.

I'm sure we'll see that twisted humor with Dasco and Marcus in the future.

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Sorry for double post.

But I loved your update Val. The stories you have them tell is great. And the part with Eddie being nervous about everyone stripping down. XD

And then there was the parts with Marcus! Those were great! And the story about the crazy bomber was great and what everyone would do with there money.

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Cerberusx Wrote:
what everyone would do with there money.

not everyone. Marcus derailed the money conversation with the bounty conversation.

Author:  Cerberusx [ Sat Mar 09, 2013 4:36 am ]
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So he did...sneaky. I like it.

Author:  valerio [ Mon Mar 11, 2013 2:55 am ]
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Codename: Xanadu, c/o First National Energy Research Laboratories, River Ridge

Of all the members of the First Line, Jean-Claude Amar Asad was the only one who could truly appreciate the…alienity of this place.
A sky of rock, metal and light. Tall buildings illuminated as if millions of colorful fires shone through their windows. A metallic web hanging above, where hundreds of tiny insects ran like busy bees in every direction.
And the silence. Even though the cars above hummed softly, theirs was like the voice of an incessant wind in the loud silence of this cavern forged by nature and rebuilt my Man.
Amar was used to open spaces, to the sounds of other animals, to the rain season and the powerful winds. His body ached to caress real grass, not a simulation. His senses could be fooled, not so the ancient call of his species.
And yet, this place was…ajabu. Wonderful! And still they wondered how had these apes become the masters of this world. Buwarans had had their own nation, even an empire before that, and they were still far from the level of progress intelligent creatures could gain.
Amar walked along the stone pavement, avoiding touching the metal-linen road as the warning signs recommended. ‘Danger! Magnetic Fields’ and ‘Danger: LowNo Traffic’ the graphene signs would read in different language and the unmistakable black skull and lightning icon.
Amar wondered what kind of a railway this was…and what could ever be ‘LowNo Traffic’!. But, after all, if he started wondering about everything they did here, he’d never stop. He wasn’t here to question authorities, and he surely had better plans for tonight than playing Jeopardy.
“Good evening, milady,” he muttered to himself intently, “You have being met me today… No, no, no!” he shook his head, then tried again. “Good evening, milady. We have met today…” Better! Amar remembered how some the humans and their dog soldiers had snickered at him every time he opened his mouth. They were being rude, but it was comprehensible they’d find his speech funny.
Amar hadn’t cared. All he wanted was to be free from his tormentors, avenge his family’s demise. The information he had stocked had been enough to inflict the hardest strike to the humans who had killed his father and mother, after separating them from him…
His claws had started flexing out and in. The African wild cat forced himself to relax.
Elsa had never made fun of him, they respected each other. In fact, she had put the bullet into the body of the human who had killed Amar’s mother.
Elsa had tried hard to teach her partner the basics of correct speech. Amar had given her a cold ear on that, but both knew he was absorbing each and every word with his prodigious memory.
He knew what to say, he just didn’t know how to! “Good evening, milady. We have met today, and I am being—I think you are a beautiful creature. Would you like to build your future with me?” His tail swished like a snake. Yes, that was it! No female would refuse a direct approach built on sincere intentions. Westerners were so weird, with their social preliminaries! All Amar needed was some etiquette, after all that beautiful Russian Blue had been born and raised in another world, literally! He couldn’t take her and build a hut as if they lived in the savannah—
“Bjehrto, Taktar!” a cheerful voice roared behind him, making him jump. Instantly, he drew out his Leonida Combat Survival Knife and got into a fighting stance…
The moment he saw the egg-shaped vehicle suspended at a feet above the road, just by the pavement, he understood: Low-Noise Traffic of magnetic cars. Remarkable.
And, speaking of Buwarans… A leopard and a black panther were sitting in the car, together with their human partners.
“Zo? Ghet kai?” ‘What? Do we know?’, Amar asked, sheathing his knife.
The black panther wearing the Standard Security Corps uniform left the car and walked to the other feline. “Sorry for scaring you, warrior. Even we tend to forget the effect this place has on our senses.” He saluted with a deep bow of his neck –Buwarans had kept the feline basic etiquette to show vulnerability as sign of respect. Humans offered empty paws to prove they were unarmed…while a cat’s paw was never in such condition. In fact, showing paw was the first step of a challenge…
And humans had imposed them this weird habit! “I am Orum, son of Mazar of the Springwater Clans.” He then pointed at the leopard. “And that is my brother, Garum.” He waited for the other feline to answer.
Amar mimicked the panther’s gesture and formal tone. “I am Jean-Claude Amar Asad, born of Mtenda and Simba. Honored to meet you, warriors.”
The panther nodded. “The honor is ours. We hoped we could meet you from the moment your coming was announced.”
“Oh?” All thoughts of romance forgotten for now, Amar raised an eyebrow. “I am being sorry, but I am not remembering that I ever worked in Buwara, warriors.”
“That much is true. But you helped us nonetheless. You see, several of us were ‘drafted’ into the humans’ guerrilla to do their dirty job. You know what happened after that.”
Amar nodded, a grim expression on his face: Every promise betrayed, no money, scarce food and the threat of seeing your family decimated if you turned against your tormentors/superiors.
Orum grinned a predatory grin. “When their death squads were defeated, we completed the job and exacted our rightful vengeance. Since then, no one is coming to Buwara to separate our families.”
Amar smiled. He wouldn’t call himself a hero, though: That title was for those who distinguished themselves in fight. He had only used the humans to his convenience, without even thinking about the Buwarans. “So? Are you too here for the equal right thing? I remembered that it was no longer a problem in your country.”
Omur stepped aside and motioned Amar to the car. “Why won’t we talk about it in a more…comfortable environment?”
Amar recognized something behind that polite request. Curious, now, he walked toward the egg-shaped vehicle. Once he and the panther had embarked, the thing hummed briefly and silently levitated along the mag-road.
“So, you guys have not been informed yet?” Garum asked, checking the control panel from time to time, although the car seemed quite capable of driving herself.
“We just came. I am—I guess the Captain will inform us, once he’s done lashing us,” Amar barely held a blush in check. Heck, even his peers were more sopshisticated than him!
The big cats exchanged an amused glance. Then Orum said, “Yes, he knows how to assert his authority. No wonder he’s your Captain.
“But back to business: Big business, in fact. You see, River Ridge is a sort of ‘decoy’.”
“Gottschalk thinks big. He doesn’t just want the USA to gain their energetic independence, he wants to make sure they politically depend on him. They will owe him big time, so big that when phase two and three go live, this and all of the following Administrations will have to submit to his will.”
Now Amar was really curious: Everyone knew that Gottschalk wasn’t a philanthropist…but how far would that human go?
Garum took the lead. “Once Project Prometheus will be giving its fruits, two other nuclear fusion reactors will be built but not in America.”
“Buwara,” Amar said.
Orum nodded. “One of them. The other will be built in the Free Republic of Oasia.”
“Never heard of it.”
“You couldn’t have. It’s a new nation – although still in the working – conceived by Prince Navheed Nair.”
Amar’s eyes widened. “The Animal Prince from Dubai?” he remembered him, a jackal, an actual jackal who owned his own fortune in oil thanks to the quirks of his deceased owner, much like the Milton ferrets had inherited Henry’s Milton mortal possession.
Garum nodded. “Despite his…reputation, he’s no stupid. Gottschalk informed him of his intentions, and Prince Navheed agreed that it was either losing half of his fortunes versus the new energy market, or using what he had to set an example and make true his and his owner’s dream: A new nation, in the heart of western world, where animals could rule and decide their own destiny.”
“And Buwara would offer…what, logistic and political support to this grand project, while benefitting of their new riches.”
Both big cats nodded. Orum said, “Even with all of his money, Gottschalk couldn’t speed up his animal right agenda, if an example is not set: Buwara is just an exotic country in the depth of Africa, humans don’t care for it. But things will change when the Republic of Oasia will be a reality. And even if that wasn’t enough, animals who want to decide of their lives will be having their own countries to migrate to.”
Amar nodded. He had studied Gabriella Lundberg’s program for the furkindred, a program based on Martin Foster’s principles. Among them, the end of ‘ownership’ for pets, who’d become full family members with the right to choose their human companions if of mature age…or leave them.
The maglev car proceeded among the clusters. Amar had all but forgotten about his romantic intentions for then night. He was…what? Puzzled? Awed? Confused?
For sure, he had just discovered that his job was part of something so big that he couldn’t see its end. “Why weren’t we being just informed, upon coming here?” he asked, his eyes lost in his own thoughts.
“Your colleagues are being informed right now,” Garum answered. “With a recorded transmission.”
“You were sent here to inform me personally.”
Another double nod. “We wanted to meet you, warrior,” Orum said. “This was a good occasion. So, what do you think?”
Security Staff Quarters, White Cluster

“I feel sick,” was Edward Pope’s first comment, once he had pressed the ‘pause’ button. There was a limit even to how much information one could take in one swipe. He also felt like drinking a whole bottle of Grappa.
“Talk about motivational speech,” Dasco muttered. He knew he looked, at best, dumbfounded, but he couldn’t help it –and heck, he had been watching over some weird top-secret stuff!
But that stuff was supposed to stay secret, hidden forever, either because it was too dangerous or because it would wreak havoc in the relationship between people and their Governments.
This stuff was going to change the world! No one in the room wondered why they weren’t told this last aspect of their job. “Well,” the King Shepherd said. “Finally we know what lays beyond the White Rabbit’s lair.”
There was only one of them who was actually smiling.
Marcus. “All my life,” he said. All heads turned to him.
The Dire Wolf laid back against the couch, his eyes staring at the LED-dotted ceiling. “All my life, I have lived to help my tribe, to help the People, to be worth of my father’s legacy. I have always dreamt to die a warrior, my name forever etched in my enemies’ campfire tales. But now…”
Damien looked with utter amazement at the single tear that flowed from his partner’s eye. A tear from a creature who had never shed any, not even for his own father’s demise.
“I will die a hero. My name will be passed among those who helped build a new world. The shamans will name the finest warriors after me. My skin will become part of a totem” He drew a deep breath. One could almost hear his powerful heart beating like a drum in his chest.
“No frick,” Eddie said. The faces of his colleagues spoke out loud enough.
Their old lives were over. Even when or if they’d retire, they could never go back to anyone they knew, unless this master plan, Codename: Arcadia, would really speed up. They would be stuck with their job until they could do it, that much was clear, and not because they’d be forced to –not even Gottschalk was so stupid as to force a bunch of top killers and hackers and what else to do their job…no, they would keep on working at Xanadu because it was that or abandoning their own actual chance to write history. That wolf was right, Eddie thought: One day kids would read about them and their adventures and play pretend to be them. One day, there would be books about Xanadu and the people who protected it.
Edward Pope Jr. couldn’t dishonor his family name by dropping this chance. Even if it would cost him his old plans to find the murderers of his father and make them pay!
Well played, uncle Jericho! He thought bitterly. Well thought, old crook…but thank you! With one move, his protective relative had trusted him with the job one could only dream of, and had kept him out of useless troubles as Eddie’s mother had always defined them. “So…” he said to no one in particular. “Anyone calling chicken?”
Chance grinned. “I still can see the faces of my friends when they surrendered…before being killed in cold blood. Ooh, this is so going to be their vengeance!”
Sarah, Catherine and their partners exchanged a slow nod. It was Catherine who spoke on the quartet’s behalf. “The rebirth of animal civilization to wreak havoc in the status quo…We surely will not miss the chance to become the most important spies in history of Man.”
“And, as women,” Sarah added, “this will hurt the boys twice.”
“I don’t hate or despise humans,” Flare pointed out, blushing. “But I can’t just go back to my old life and pretend this never happened. I’m sorry, Fredrick.”
Nelson hugged the Bloodhound. “Don’t say that. I always dreamed of…making the best of my job, and what better chance? History aside, everyone here’s going to leave a legacy to be remembered. Wouldn’t miss it for all the gold in the world.”
Natalie and Caleb exchanged a glance, saying nothing. So the last piece of the puzzle had fell nicely into its place, everyone here had a reason to support Arcadia. They could work for free, for their loyalty was the one unquestionable factor here--
“Well,” Eddie said, his thumb on the ‘play’ button of the remote. “Time to see what’s with this Free Republic of Oasia, guys.”
Amar had to focus hard on a question that had lingered in his mind, in the turbulent sea of so many more questions! “What’s with this ‘Republic’? Where does it lay, to be so…’close to the Western World’?
“Mexico. It is a city, once known as Isla de la Paz. It used to be the center of one of the most infamous pet fight organizations,” Garum said, his voice cold with rage. “Then something happened, and every human there died overnight. Our shamans say it was the work of the spirits, that they had come to exact their rightful vengeance.”
“But what really matters is,” Orum went on, “Is that the Mexican Government never claimed back that place, in fact no one did, not even the cartels.
“Officially, it was bought by an independent organization, the GMF Unltd. is not even mentioned. Of course it has not the means to sustain itself for a prolonged period. And so, at a certain point, Prince Nair, with our backup, will come to its aid and pour his cash into the construction of the third NFR. At that point…”
“…The laws already approved in the US will offer a chance of migration,” Amar concluded. “Buwaran ‘backup’ will consist of armed forces.”
Both big cats nodded. “Gottschalk will make it work as if with the Republic of St. Marino, in the Italian peninsula. After its foundation, its bank will become a node for international, tax-free transactions and deposits, provided that not one cent of that cash will come from animal-harming activities. Gottschalk will buy some Mexican politics, so that FRO will be free to prosper without undue interferences.”
“And Buwara is being fully informed of that?” Amar asked
Zu. Yes, our country has suffered enough, Africa has suffered enough the greed of the Western world. Our redemption starts here, at Xanadu. We will not have any other way.”
And Amar, too, knew that he wouldn’t have it any other way. He owed it to the memory of his family. He could be a hero…
“So, where were you going?” Garum asked.
Amar shook his head. If he wanted to raise a family, he would do that at the right moment, when his kittens would be proud to carry their names. “Nowhere in particular. Just bring me back to my teammates.”

Author:  D-Singer [ Mon Mar 11, 2013 3:35 am ]
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Man, Obbl's characters got a lot of use in this update...

Is that gonna be a thing for everyone? The story progression is catching, but I'm also dying to see more use out of the characters I contributed as well....

Author:  valerio [ Mon Mar 11, 2013 3:38 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

D-Singer Wrote:
Man, Obbl's characters got a lot of use in this update...

Is that gonna be a thing for everyone? The story progression is catching, but I'm also dying to see more use out of the characters I contributed as well....

I have no problem in repeating it: *everyone* will have their rightfully deserved moment. It's a question of the *right* moment.

Author:  Macsen [ Mon Mar 11, 2013 7:17 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

I just wrote a base page for H!tS on TV Tropes. ... sTheSeries

You deserve it. :3

Author:  valerio [ Mon Mar 11, 2013 7:45 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

I...I don't know what say, Kitch.
A moment ago I was cussing like an old sailor for the job I am doing at office, and now I am smiling like the biggest dope. <3
'Thank you' a million times is not enough. Oh, and if you tell me how to update the page, I'll happily provide.
*bows then hugs* thank you for making my week!
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Author:  Macsen [ Mon Mar 11, 2013 9:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

You have to be registered on TV Tropes, which is simple enough. When you do, there's an "edit page" button on the top of the page.

But be careful. TV Tropes will ruin your life. xD

Author:  valerio [ Mon Mar 11, 2013 9:16 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

Kitch Wrote:
You have to be registered on TV Tropes, which is simple enough. When you do, there's an "edit page" button on the top of the page.

But be careful. TV Tropes will ruin your life. xD

Thank you!
I once started to try reading it for fun, before realizing I had spent something like five hours on it.
I will devote myself to it on the weekends. I gladly accept suggestions in PM about the 'how-to' on adding tropes, as this will be my first experience with TT.

Author:  Honorable Intentions [ Mon Mar 11, 2013 12:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

Indeed TV tropes is a double edged sword, it's good for analysis and finding out whether or not a particular work suits your tastes. I found the Housepets! webcomic thanks to TV Tropes as a matter of fact. :lol: It is also really easy to burn a whole day and a half just mindlessly clicking through links, they even have a term for it called "wiki walking."

Anyways, the updates are awesome! I like how you are writing in all of the new characters and delving into them little by little. I can't wait to see further interactions between all of these characters because they are all so dynamic.

Also, since I was a little busy and missed the party bus, here's a late congrats on your 100,000 comic views!

Author:  Macsen [ Mon Mar 11, 2013 1:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

I'm looking for one of the illustrations by Stu. For some reason I can't seem to find it anywhere. It's the one where Grape and Peanut are reacting to awkward looks after coming out with their relationship.

Author:  Obbl [ Mon Mar 11, 2013 1:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

I am loving how you write Amar! :D I'm so excited to see his big screen time!
I'll be over here grinning like an idiot for a bit. Don't mind me :mrgreen:

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