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Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Wed Jan 16, 2013 4:07 am ]
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Bino deserved every slap he got and more. This is a new low for him.

he needs a Mega-Ball to calm him down

Author:  EvanAierkan [ Thu Jan 17, 2013 2:31 am ]
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Getting Bino permanently suspended from the force would be too wishful thinking, eh? Definitely knew this was going to happen after Peanut punched him.

Author:  valerio [ Thu Jan 17, 2013 3:35 am ]
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*hugs Evan*
So GOOD to see you here again, Evan! :D
And just stay tuned for next updates, you'll know what awaits Bino...

Author:  valerio [ Sat Jan 19, 2013 3:48 am ]
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Lucky Charm Grove for the Abandoned and the Ferals, Babylon Gardens

The vehicle stopped in the internal parking lot. Someone among the passing guests and human visitors turned heads to see who was the newcomer, but all in all it was like stopping with one’s car by the border of the Park.
Peanut had visited the Grove many times, but this was his first as…a guest. Not to mention he was still guilt-ridden for what he had done and what it had caused. In a way, it served him right for not listening to his better judgment.
But he missed his family already. His legs felt jittery as he stepped down the van. He was sure he would’ve stumbled like a pup, hadn’t been for the human hand holding tenderly his paw to help him.
“Now, come on,” Jill said. “You know this place. You’ll probably have more fun here than you think now—“
“Dead pup walking!”
Within the blink of an eye, Peanut Butter Sandwich jumped and clung to his Mom’s figure, whimpering and trembling.
The woman threw a killer eye to the Rhodesian Ridgeback, who had shouted that bad joke. The big dog was laughing hard as if that had been the funniest thing ever. “Let me guess, Bill: still no success in educating Volant?”
Bill Lindberg, Director of the LCG, facepalmed and sighed. “Oh, we succeeded all right: by now, everyone with a fur on, here, acknowledges him as the boss.”
Jill looked at the black-and-brown big dog. “You’re kidding, right?”
“I wish. And you know we tried every correctional and educational measure, short of killing him. One of our shrinks suffered a mental breakdown… But at least, Volant’s innocuous enough if you leave him alone.”
“Bill, the idea was that Peanut could spend this time here without further stress.”
“Don’t worry, we’ll treat him exactly like any other guest, and you know it. His separation anxiety will be treated by our clinical staff.”
Jill sighed. “I know protocol and rules, Director: I work here, remember?”
Bill nodded. “Nice to see that you remember. Therefore, you know what to do now.”
The woman went on her knees and hugged her dog. “Bill will show you to your room. There, you will find the collar you’ll have to wear as long as you stay here: if you put it on without being asked, it will prove you’re willing to be a good guest. The vets have your clinical records already. Lunch is at 1pm, but you can have five snacks each day. There is a paper map and a holographic map in your room. First day, you’re free to do what you do so that you can get acquainted with the place. Tomorrow morning, after breakfast, the staff will help you organizing your studies or laboratory activities.”
At the last sentence, Peanut smiled and wagged. “Cool! Do you think they will make me work on my comic? Can I do another diorama for Grape and the kittens?”
Jill nodded, fighting like a lioness against herself to keep her own tears from emerging. “Whatever you need, you must only ask. It’s like living at Uncle Martin’s house.” She kissed Peanut’s cheek one last time. “Now go, and make me proud.”
Peanut saluted smartly, a mock solemn expression on his face. “Aye aye, ma’am!” Then he unlatched his collar, and gave it to her. “You keep this.”
Hesitantly, she just put her hands on it, without keeping it from his paws. “Peanut…”
He shook his head. “Grape will want something of me. I mean, something…more personal than just a few toys of mine. Also, I want you guys to keep it because, well, so you can give it back to me yourselves.”
Jill nodded and took it. “I’m sure this will make Grape happy.”
Peanut then turned to Bill. “Let’s go, Skipper.”
She watched Bill and Peanut walk away, in the direction of the tall central building. Yes, this would be one long month, and all because there was one dog who had taken from the worst of humankind…
Byron House

“Is he sleeping?” Fido asked.
“Like a rock,” Sasha answered, leaving the door ajar. “At least he took that from me: he can sleep his problems away, tomorrow morning he’ll be better, you’ll see.” She followed Fido up the stairs. “What’s wrong with him, Fido? It can’t be just jealousy, or envy. He’d never hurt Bosco, I know it.” And yet her pink eyes were pleading, as if she desperately needed a confirmation. “Do you remember him, when Bosco was born?”
Fido nodded and smiled. It was then, in that night at the Grove’s clinic, when Grape’s kittens and Mizar’s pups were born as well, that he had seen the true Bino, the gentle dog. Not the politician, the Club’s chairdog, the ‘dog of the people’. The birth of Bosco had revealed what had been hidden under layers and layers of prejudice and hatred.
Not to mention the marriage itself: Sasha was content as it was in their relationship, she had never insisted even after Peanut and Grape had started the way. It had been Bino, who had proposed –heck, he had removed his collar for her, in a public place!
And even before that, it had been him who had come to her when she was abandoned by her old owner.
“Layers and layers of prejudice and hatred…” Fido mumbled, lost in his thoughts.
“What?” Sasha asked, making him jump.
“Uh?! Err, ah…” he sighed, before fumbling in his collar. He produced his phone. “I need to make a ca—“ and then the cell ringed. Fido rolled his eyes, recognizing the number. “Guess I should’ve remembered.” He flipped it open. “Tarot?”
“I’m at the door. And before you ask, I don’t want to knock and wake up Bosco.”
“Do we need to involve Tarot?” Sasha asked. “I mean, right now it’s not the time for palm-reading or what.”
Fido went to the door. “She’s a psychic, and right now what Bino needs is a new level of help. Trust me.” He opened.
“The time has come,” was the first thing the Pomeranian said. “You have chosen wisely, at lat, Fido.”
“What do you mean?” he asked, while Tarot walked in.
The small female got close to Sasha and held her paw in hers. “You are right, about Bino: there’s more to him than your and Fido’s experience can tell.”
Sasha felt a hard lump in her throat. “Is he…sick? Is there something in his head that makes him angry?”
Hearing that, Fido felt the absurd need to laugh. Bino’s head had been X-rayed so many times, that not even a blind mouse with a pair of those X-ray glasses could’ve missed any physical problem with that thick skull!
Tarot shook her head. “The sickness I speak about is something that no doctor could cure. It is his secret, his secret pain, something he used to build his character, but also nurtured his hatred. Something he has hidden so well that now not even he knows it’s there. And like a poison, it affects his heart, day by day, year by year.”
Fido was really trying to make a sense out of those words. “But we all know he was bullied as a pup! His only ‘secret treasure chest’ is his room. Why becoming a police dog should make him even crazier about cat—“ Then he understood. His eyes shrunk to dots. One could almost hear the gears whirring madly as his mind made the connections…
And yet, it was Sasha, with a rare flash of insight, that said, “The cats. It’s not about cat-lovers, it’s about cats.”
Tarot nodded. “Now you two are ready. Only one remains to be involved.”
Peanut opened the door.
What he saw, was…well, an apartment. A small, furnished, studio apartment with a separate bathroom, all fit for the size of a dog like him. There were even various electronic items, such as an e-book reader, a tablet, a PC, a TV set built in the ceiling…
Peanut’s attention was immediately drawn, though, to the item laying on the desk top: a certain grey messenger bag! His tail went into overdrive mode. He quickly thanked Bill for showing him the place, then he ran in and closed the door…and almost cutting Bill’s hand in the process!
Peanut sat down and opened the bag. He found his drawing kit, and a big bulging envelope. Grape’s smell on it put him in an even better mood immediately.
In spite of his excitement, Peanut opened the envelope slowly and carefully. He extracted first a folded A3 paper sheet.
New tears welled up in his eyes, but this time it was because of joy.
A drawing occupied the paper. Peanut saw in it the talented paws of Nutella and Louise: a drawing showing Peanut walking from their house to the shelter, the latter imagined as a big shiny place filled with happy animals and humans. A WELCOME DADDY sign hanging at the shelter’s entrance. From their house, Peanut’s family smiled and waved him with handkerchief and confetti…just as if he was going on a cruise.
COME BACK SOON! Said the writing under the drawing, followed by the signatures of Dad, Mom, Papa, Grape and their litter.
Peanut’s tears flowed free, but he kept smiling. “Papa will be back soon, little ones.” He took a roll of adhesive tape and used it to attach the drawing over the desk. He turned his head –yes, he could see the drawing from the bed. Peanut chuckled: no better distraction from his reading than this…
Then a doubt assailed him. Just when had they done the drawing?
Peanut took a second envelope inside the larger one. In it, he found this time a folded A4 sheet and…Grape’s collar! Even before touching it, he knew this was the one she wore usually. His nose couldn’t lie.
The dog’s paws gently caressed it, well, more like brushed it, for fear of removing that sweet, delicious scent. “Grape…” He had to force himself to move his eyes onto the paper to take it and unfold it.
‘My Dearest Peanut,’ the letter started in that elegant calligraphy of hers. ‘Don’t be surprised: we organized this present for you yesterday night. You still can sleep like the whole Cliff of Dover, especially after a stressful day.’ Peanut found himself blushing as if she was physically there, scolding him with that sly smirk he so loved to see. ‘If you want to make something useful out of this separation, please update your comic. We still are your greatest fan, and some new pages will be the best gift ever for the kittens.
‘I know my collar is a poor substitute for the real me, but I know it will help you pass the nights. Just don’t use it as an excuse to stay locked in your room. And don’t embarrass papa when he’ll come training the Security. And, above all, do not worry about us: because if you did, it’d mean you don’t trust me to take care of our family, got it?’

Peanut could almost feel her claws tapping dangerously his inner thigh. He gulped. “Yes, ma’am.”
‘Now you put this letter down, sniff the collar and get out of that room. You need to meet people, right now. You’re not made to play the hermit... Well, what are you waiting for?!’
Peanut put the letter down on the desk top. “Don’t need to get all worked up, Jellybelly.” He folded the paper and put it into the desk’s drawer. He then took the purple collar and sniffed it a couple of times, deeply. A whine escaped his throat.
As usual, she was right: of the two, Grape was the pragmatic one; she’d come up with the solutions to a problem. And that was why he always called her out when he needed help—
A lightbulb went off in his brain! He just knew what to do if he couldn’t have her!
Peanut left the chair and ran to the door, opened it and…slammed into a wall! The Canadian Pointer mix bounced and fell down, but at the same time he heard the wall fall down with a grunt.
“Well well well,” Volant said, still sitting on the pavement. “I still had to meet the pup who could put me down.”
Peanut gulped, recognizing not only the dog who had just made that bad joke before, but that same bad dog Mom used to talk about…
*sigh* Way to start his detention.

Author:  Cerberusx [ Sat Jan 19, 2013 5:03 am ]
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Yeah! More Volant! Love that bad dog!

Author:  musclecar326 [ Mon Jan 21, 2013 3:47 pm ]
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I hope nothing bad happens between those two. Like if Volant goes into the room then grabs grapes collar and destroys it. I feel like if that happened that peanut would go berserk and fight Volant.

Either way great updates so far for this chapter can't wait to find out whats wrong with bino, and how detention goes for Bino.

Author:  Gavin [ Mon Jan 21, 2013 4:46 pm ]
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musclecar326 Wrote:
I hope nothing bad happens between those two. Like if Volant goes into the room then grabs grapes collar and destroys it. I feel like if that happened that peanut would go berserk and fight Volant.

I think Peanut might have a good chance of winning in that case.

Author:  Big Fan [ Mon Jan 21, 2013 4:59 pm ]
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musclecar326 Wrote:
I hope nothing bad happens between those two. Like if Volant goes into the room then grabs grapes collar and destroys it. I feel like if that happened that peanut would go berserk and fight Volant.

For some reason, I expect these two to be fast friends, despite the way Volant welcomed him to the shelter.

Author:  valerio [ Tue Jan 22, 2013 1:52 am ]
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Lucky Charm Grove for the Abandoned and the Ferals

“Hey, new dog!”
Peanut wasn’t even listening, his mind occupied by another task entirely as he ran down the stairs, too impatient to wait for an elevator.
“Hey, stop I said!”
He didn’t stop. He reached the ground floor and from there ran in the direction of the recreational areas warehouse, or the ‘fun outlet’ as Mom and Dad called it—
Then a paw strong as steel grabbed Peanut’s shoulder and almost made him fall! The poor dog yelped, more with surprise than pain.
“You deaf?!” asked the black Rhodesian Ridgeback, staring at him with his cold blue eye, the other hidden by a thick tuft of fur. “Who do you think you are?!”
Peanut stood up. “I am a guest, here, just like you!” he barked back. A part of him still told him to apologize and all, but he was honestly tired of being pushed around. He had to count on himself now. And he wasn’t anymore a scrawny pup, he had trained in and out of the Academy, under his Papa’s supervision! “Now leave me alone, I have to do an important thing!” he put his paw against the other dog’s chest, and pushed him back, making him fall.
By now, their bickering was drawing some attention. In fact, a small crowd of animals had gathered. Peanut was sure he was hearing some of them exchanging bets on his odds to survive.
Volant grinned and stood up. “A troublemaker, eh? You know, I’ve been challenged by better mutts than you. They learnt their place, just as you are going to as well. How painful do you want to make it?”
Peanut stood his ground. If he cowered now, he would disgrace what Bud had taught him, he’d disgrace himself as a family father. How could he protect them if he played the scaredy puppy every time there was a problem?! “I am not here for troubles, Volant. I am not here to challenge you. But you don’t scare me.”
The Ridgeback nodded. “Good. I hoped you weren’t: I will enjoy a lot more making you beg for pity. Meet me at the gym, in an hour—“ and it was then that something grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and lifted him as easily as if he were a toy.
“Let’s say that this time you leave the new one alone, will you?” said a brown bear, a big male built like a dreadnought. “And don’t tempt me into hurting you. I know guests who would pay me for that.”
Volant growled horribly, but he knew when he was at a disadvantage. A moment later, he shrugged and showed a smug. “Heh, that’s all right, Boris, I’ll be a good doggie. Cross my heart.” And he made the gesture.
The bear seemed satisfied. He grunted and put the dog down. Excited whispers were running through the crowd. Peanut discovered that now they were all looking at him as if he was some super-duper hero. He blushed, not knowing what to say or what to do.
Volant dusted himself. “Well, pup, looks like you got powerful friends: big brownie here has never lifted a claw in defense of anyone in this place. You get to live, but just stay out of my business.”
“I fear he can’t,” said a new voice. A moment later, a raven landed onto Peanut’s shoulder. “I am still his watchbird, my friend.”
Peanut’s face lit up with joy. “Nevermore!” he squeezed the bird to his chest. “Daww, it’s been ages! Where had you been?”
“*erk!* Just give me back my bones and I’ll tell you, okay?”
Peanut blushed again, his tail still wagging crazy. “Uh, sorry.” He helped the raven back on his shoulder.
“Do you know this pampered mutt?!” Volant asked.
“Do you know this bad dog?” Peanut asked.
Volant’s snout almost touched Peanut’s. “Hey! Try say that to my face!”
“I am saying it to your face! Good dogs don’t bully around!”
“Good dogs are losers! They won’t survive a day out in the street!”
“Well, I did, and it was very far away from home and I also fought with a human!”
“Yeah, right! Next time you’ll say you saved the world!”
Left…right…left…right went the other animals’ heads.
It was then that Never nodded to Boris. The big bear put himself between the rivals. “Okay, end of the fun you two! Go do what you were doing, or this time I’ll give a good scruffshake to both of you.”
Volant huffed. “Fine, fine! But this big bozo won’t be around every second to watch your back, mutt! See ya around.” He turned and left, all puffed up proudly.
And just after the big dog was far enough, a boxer/Labrador mix went and hugged Peanut tight. “You’re either the craziest or noblest of dogs! But thank you all the same!”
Peanut returned an awkward hug. “Uh, you’re welcome?” Now that the adrenaline rush was becoming a trickle, his legs started wobbling. And the general attention he was still getting made him really uneasy. He turned his attention to the bear. “So, uh, Boris, is that right?”
The bear offered his paw. “Honored. I hoped I could meet you, my aunt described you and your mate in such I way, she made me curious.”
“Oh, sorry. It’s Badessa.”
Back was the wagging. “Oh! Is she fine? I too remember her well!”
Boris nodded. “She’s fine, though she’s growing a bit old to forage for herself. She’ll never admit it, so I come here from time to time to collect some food and herbals. In fact, I’ll be leaving tomorrow, so just watch out pup.”
Never rolled his eyes. “Hey, I’m still here you big chunk of fur!”
Peanut petted the bird’s ruffled feathers. “Never mind, I am not scared of Volant. But how do you know him? Is he from Uncle Reuben’s farm too?”
Never shook his head. “Nah. He’s one pup with a tough life behind him. A good guy, really, just overly paranoid: he believes in biting first then talk. He likes to ‘test’ every new guest. And I know him because—“
“Graaaape!” Peanut howled suddenly, surprising everyone in hearing range. A moment later, he was off and running like a bat out of hell. “Sorrysorrysorry!” he repeated, almost trampling everyone on his path.
“Mind telling me what’s the hurry?” Nevermore asked, flying by his side. “Grape’s not here, you know it.”
“I must get a thing at the fun outlet, I almost forgot! Ohh, I hope they haven’t run out of them…” he turned to the left, toward the 1-story building whose LED plaque read RECREATIONAL AREA WAREHOUSE.
It was then that the raven remembered one thing. “Peanut!” he tried to say, with an alarmed voice. “Watch it! You are not wearing—“
The whole building trembled as an 8-Richter had just hit it.
“Ah, you okay buddy?” Never asked, peeking between the feathers of his wing.
Peanut was still there, glued to the glass of the doors, sprawled like a squirrel after an embarrassing accident. “Foors fifn’t owen,” he mumbled. He was sure he had swallowed half of his teeth.
Never hopped to him. “Err, that’s because you weren’t wearing your collar. Without that, the systems will see you as a visitor and there are restricted areas to them.”
Peanut slid down on the ground, then lifted a thumb. “Fanks. Will ‘emembah.”
“Or you can put it right now,” said a gruff voice, handing him the blue-and-gold gizmo.
Peanut looked at the collar, then at the cinnamon-furred paw holding it, and finally at “Papa?”
“Call me by name and rank, son: for the duration of your stay, I am Instructor Budweiser.”
Peanut stood up and took the collar. He had grown up, become stronger, but still he felt like a cadet in the presence of the dog wearing the vest with the shelter’s logo and colors. He nodded. “Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir.” He put on the collar.
“I am here strictly on work account. I had passed by your apartment to remind you to keep yourself in shape and be an example for the other guests: I won’t have the blood of my blood whining like a puppy.”
Peanut saluted sharply. “Sir! Yes, Sir! I won’t disappoint you!”
Bud nodded. “What were you doing here, by the way?”
Immediately, the younger dog started wiggling his fingers, not daring to look into his biological father’s eyes. “Um, I was going to get a cat plushy and put Grape’s collar on it so that it would keep me company.”
Bud groaned. “At least, try avoid carrying her around and having conversations.”
“But what are you doing here today, if it’s for work…Sir? I mean, you train the guards on Monday.”
The older dog grinned. “The better day to start off the week! Anyway, I can’t tell you: you’re a guest, you’re not supposed to know certain things. Am I clear on that? Now go get that darned thing.”
Peanut saluted again, then turned and…hesitated a moment, his leg just moving by inches toward the glass doors…
The doors opened. Peanut ran in. He came out a moment later with a life-size purple cat plushy toy and the happiest smile.
“My, that was fast,” Never commented.
“Uncle Martin had this delivered here for me,” Peanut replied. “And left a message: ‘It’s not against the rules to make a guest's life easier’.”
The raven hopped on his shoulder. “Count on him to find a loophole.”
“Yush… But tell me, how do you know Volant?”
“Well, he had a friend, back when he was a stray, a raven named Lugh. Have you seen that feather hanging by the collar? That’s the only thing that remained of him.”
Peanut made a sad face. “Aw. I’m sorry.”
“Heh, perhaps you’re the first one to say it and mean it, here.”
“Was he abandoned?”
Never nodded. “Once, when he was a pup. And the next time he gave his trust to humans, they dropped acid on his left eye –the one he covers with his fur.”
Peanut fell silent at that. He covered the rest of the walk to the dormitory with a gloomy face.
Parker House, Babylon Gardens

“Coming!” said the voice from behind the door. It opened on the smiling expression of Joey. “Hi guys!” he said to his unexpected visitors –Fido, Tarot, Sasha. To his oldest brother, he added with a sudden sad expression. “I’m sorry for what happened between Bino and Peanut… Why are you looking at me like that?”
“What are those?” Fido asked, looking at the goggles matching the collar’s color.
Joey pointed at them. “These? Cool, eh? They came with the Sakremon Season 1 complete boxset. And they’re useful to eat my grapefruit at breakfast. But what can I do for you guys?”
Tarot stepped forward. “It’s about Bino, Joey. It is time we talked about what happened…back then.”
Fido looked puzzled: did Joey actually know something that he didn’t?
Joey sighed, his shoulders stooping. He tried to look at Fido in his eyes, but he also looked scared himself. “I’m sorry, Fido, honest. But I had made a solemn promise to Bino, back then, and…it was a puppy thing, I never gave it much importance. Why bring it out now? Is it because of what just happened?”
Fido nodded. “I believe that, whatever it is and whatever I should’ve known, it has fully emerged now that our brother has become a police dog. Joey, Bino is spiraling out of control, he even harmed Bosco.”
Joey’s eyes shrunk. “No, it’s not true.”
“It is,” Sasha said. “I was there, Bino acted like…he was out of his mind.” She put her paws on his shoulders. “Please help us heal him. I want my Biney bun-bun back.”
Joey sighed again. He turned and walked back into the house. “Better put up the kettle, this is going to be a long talk.”
“With all due respect, Master, Hachrama is not allowed in this game. Just like any other Akkadian-based word, or any dead language word.”
The anthropomorphic griffin sitting at the other side of the table crossed his arms and turned his head in a scoff. “Hmph! A dead language is such only when no one else aside from a few academics speak it. And where I come from, everyone knows Akkadian!”
“This is not Paradise, Master. In many ways, I should add. Please choose an English words. Acronyms are allowed, remember.”
Pete sighed. “Fine, here you go.” He snapped his talons. *Poof!* and the ivory Scrabble squares disappeared, to be replaced with the letters forming the words GAME OVER.
Volant smirked. “I thought you were in a good mood today, Master.”
“I am. My victory is one step away, Draggie doesn’t know what to do to stop me without playing the agent of chaos. On top of that, I have a fine Dark Paladin and an ally to protect my interests. Couldn’t go better than that.”
Volant looked at the board. “Then why this? Spoilsport?”
Pete indicated the door. “No. You’re going to be busy.”
They knocked at the door.
Puzzled, Volant stood up and went to the door, wondering who could it be. Humans contacted him via the collar when they needed him. And the animals were wise enough not to disturb him, ever. This place was his dream come true: food, a cozy room, a powerful demigod as his ally, AND he could leave the place whenever Master needed him to beat up someone…
Could it be Elpis? He considered, his paw an inch from the handle. Of all the (few) animals he knew, that blind Terrier was the only one who made Volant feel protective of…
O well, Elpis was allowed to drop in, so—
The door opened…on Peanut’s smiling face. “I think we should be friends!” He said. He was actually wagging!
Volant’s face dropped, he was simply too stunned for reaction, when the new dog hugged him!
“Don’t say I didn’t warn you,” Pete smirked.

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Tue Jan 22, 2013 2:59 am ]
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valerio Wrote:
‘It’s not against the rules to make a life’s guest easier’.”

I believe you meant a guest's life
valerio Wrote:
And they’re useful to eat my grapefruit at breakfast.

well that's a risk you take with that particular piece of fruit

Author:  Cerberusx [ Tue Jan 22, 2013 3:49 am ]
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I actually expected Peanut to do that at the end. I can only imagine what Volant will do once the shock wears off. I imagine Volant will fight Peanut at some point and win of course!

Author:  Honorable Intentions [ Tue Jan 22, 2013 4:52 pm ]
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*gasp* Boris as a good guy. :lol:

I have a feeling good old Peanut might be able to work his charms on Volant, but we shall see what happens.

Author:  valerio [ Tue Jan 22, 2013 4:57 pm ]
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Honorable Intentions Wrote:
*gasp* Boris as a good guy. :lol:

I have a feeling good old Peanut might be able to work his charms on Volant, but we shall see what happens.

In this universe, Boris didn't hang up with the wrong friends :lol:

Now, to see how to use Jon and Snow...hmm...

Author:  Honorable Intentions [ Tue Jan 22, 2013 5:05 pm ]
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It would be interesting how things turned out for them. Might be interesting to see Peanut's kids find their universe's Jon. :lol: They would be the only people out there able to recognize him.

Author:  valerio [ Tue Jan 22, 2013 5:17 pm ]
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...Aaannd we have sudden inspiration! :D
You know how to tease me! :mrgreen:

Author:  Honorable Intentions [ Tue Jan 22, 2013 5:26 pm ]
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Hooray! Glad I could help. ;)

Author:  valerio [ Thu Jan 24, 2013 11:28 am ]
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Volant’s apartment, Lucky Charm Grove for the Abandoned and the Ferals.

“…And I like rubber mice, I have my own ultra-ball, I like Grape’s tail…well, I love cat tails. Have you ever seen Shardul? He’s a tiger at the zoo and he got the most awesome tail. Oh, and Mom does the best baths! Did your Dad do you a bath? You should try it…” Judging by the fact that the word flow was going on uninterrupted by almost two hours, it definitely looked like Peanut was going to say everything about himself, no matter that there was a closed door between him and the Rhodesian Ridgeback who was leaning against the door as if trying to block out those words as well.
“…and I am allergic to chocolate, but that’s a dog thing, and to crawfish. Grape loves to taunt me when there’s Japanese at Heathcliff’s. So once I tried to eat some crawfish, but I spent the rest of the night and the following day being sick. Grape told me that it was really stupid but also very brave of me. Do you want to see the pictures of our kittens?...”
“Kill me, Master, please,” Volant whined.
“Please, you’ve endured worse than this,”said the gryphon sitting on the bed. “And this mortal is not trying to make fun of you, his efforts to make friend with you are sincere. Believe me, he’d make a good addition to your life.”
Volant pressed harder against the door. “I don’t need another addition in my life, I don’t need another friend. Elpis is quite enough. Now—“ but by then, he was alone in the room. “I so hate him when he pulls that on me.”
“…I like Scrabble, D&D, and Pridelands. Have you ever read it?” It was then that Volant decided to open the door –well, almost ripped it out of its hinges, making Peanut fall into the room.
“Do you have a glass of water?” the Canadian Pointer mix asked from the ground, still smiling. “I am thirsty.”
Volant sighed. “I’ll bet you are. When was the last time you spoke so long to someone?”
Peanut stood up and dusted himself. “Oh, at Uncle Reuben’s farm, after Grape and I…”
“The place where you two made out?”
“So you were listening!” Peanut looked delighted.
The other dog blushed. “Hard not to: especially when you started describing your first kiss. Do you realize not everyone is a cat-lover?” He made a face to emphasize the point.
“Anyway, yes, that was the night when I really opened myself to her. We didn’t sleep a minute. And you really need to try.”
“What?” it was a task in itself, to follow that pup’s logical rollecoaster.
“Cats! They are not bad as friends once you get to know them.”
“Sorry, but the only cats I got to meet where the ones trying to steal my hard-earned meals. But you’re a pampered pet, what would you know about that?”
Peanut took a seat and sat down. He wasn’t smiling now. “Grape was. She too was abandoned, and…and she nearly died of starvation. And then she ended up in that ugly shelter before Dad and Mom brought me there to pick up a sibling.”
Volant sat on his bed –memo, clean that seat before using it. “Please! As if I hadn’t heard that story since coming here! I could collect them in a book and it would end up in a minimarket’s discounts basket.”
Peanut gave him an indignant look. “Not true! The Charmed Stories is still a best-seller!”
Volant facepawlmed. “Going back to whatever thread you had derailed from, no, I don’t want to make friends with cats, I don’t want to make friends with you, I don’t want to make friends—“
“Elpis is your friend! Never told me.”
Another embarrassed blush. “I…only feel protective toward him, that’s all. As for you, I feel this urge to open you up and see if you’re a Disney animatronic programmed to be unrealistically happy! So now be a smart doggie and leave my room!”
Peanut just stood where he was, wagging in that mostly irritating way. “No.”
Volant had to remind himself that not only Boris was a friend of Peanut. There was another cosmic entity, that Spirit Dragon. And there was Mr. Foster, owner of the shelter, Uncle Puke-a-Rainbow…and also the only human who could turn Volant inside out like an old glove… “Please?” he whined.
Peanut crossed his arms and turned his head, smirking like a puppy who knew he couldn’t be punished. “Make me.”
Volant teeth started gnashing like a bear trap’s. “Is that so, eh?” And with that, he laid himself down on his bed. “You’ll leave on your own will then. I can wait.”
Peanut regarded him with an inquisitive/puzzled look. “And why should I?”
The other dog counted the reasons on his fingertips. “One, you missed lunch and while I can survive four days without a morsel, I doubt you can do the same. Two, tonight Security will escort you to your room. Three, even if you managed to convince them to let you stay here, you will have to sleep. And I can wait…” he didn’t growl nor bristled his hackles. He seemed…happy.
The Canadian Pointer mix’s survival instincts got the better of him. “I…I think I am hungry. Later.”
When the door closed, Volant sighed, contented. “Gotcha. ‘Friend’.”

“No luck,” Nevermore said, landing onto Peanut’s shoulder. It wasn’t a question.
“I think he hates me,” the dog whined.
“Oh, no, he doesn’t hate you. Honest to Crow.”
“He hates everyone.”
Peanut pouted. “You’re not helping.”
“No, I wasn’t. In fact, you better watch it: Volly can kick brains other than tails. What with all you said about yourself, he could easily start crushing your spirit instead of physically hurting you.”
Despite those words, Peanut felt actually…relieved. “Oh, well, that’s not a problem then! Bino spent all his life trying to crush my spirit.”
“Said the dog who fell for his latest provocation and ended up here… Aw, sorry for that, pup,” he added as soon as the dog’s face went back to a sad mask.
“You know? I wish Bino was kidding when he had said those horrible things, threatening to separate me from my family. But I know he wasn’t… He was just like a rabid dog.”
“That bad? Although he never stroke me as a happy puppy.”
Peanut raised an eyebrow. “Do you know him?”
“Hey, I’m a feral bird, remember? Walker-watching is what we do best.”
The dog nodded. “This time…it was different. The way he spoke, it was as if he wanted to tell me those things all his life. As if becoming a police dog had unleashed something really, really bad in his heart. Poor Fido, he had such hopes on him…”
Haichiko Mercy Mixed Species Hospital, Babylon Gardens

C.S.I Miami…
…Criminal Minds…
“Ugh.” Bino felt the first pangs of a headache. “Procedurals. If I see another procedural, I’ll destroy that TV set. Where have the funnies gone?!” He put the remote on his lap.
He had read all the comics they had given him, including Radioactive Man. He had lamented the absence of more comics. He had been promised more were on their way. He had been kindly but firmly reminded he didn’t own the comics library, that there were other patients with a right to read them. He had been promised a heavy sedative shot if he insisted. It had sounded like a threat, somehow.
“Next time, I’ll be more careful. Yes.” He had to admit it, he had underestimated the determination of that crazy cat lover. Bino wasn’t surprised that Peanut had found a ton of guts to attack that monster dog: he had just done his sacred duty as pet! Even the most coward at heart must defend his family, no matter what! Heck, even that runt of Joey could do what a dog gotta do!
But Peanut finding the guts to attack him? A cop?! “Next time, I’ll make sure you end up in the city pound.” And he better work up a plan soon, before that weird Lundberg human would transform every pound in a mini-LCG!
It was scarce consolation, but the idea of Peanut being separated from his ‘family’ served to lift the spirit of Bino. It didn’t matter that the Grove was very far from the idea of ‘proper punishment’, Peanut would spend that month far from his…wife.
“Hmm…” Bino mumbled, his mind derailing into another devious scheme. Grape must be furious, yes…so why not lure her into a customized punishment? “Oh, yes, back to square one for you, tomcat…” the just dessert for the pains she had inflicted him throughout the years! And it would further break Peanut’s spirit as well!
Bino started wagging his tail. He really wanted to laugh, but for now he needed to play the part of the good doggie. For his plans to work, he needed to make friends in the Force, and that meant he had to convince the shrink that he was the victim.
Bino’s expression turned so dark that it would have scared a wolf. He was grinning like a dement, his green eyes bloodshot. “And then I’ll take care of you, dear big brother.” Oh, yes, Fido needed to be taught a lesson! He was bringing shame to the K9U! He had been rightfully demoted, once, for his unnatural love life! And he could be demoted again!
Last time, no doubt about it, they had gone soft on him, reinstalling him in the rank because ‘Uncle Martin’ had granted for him, he was sure of that! “But this time, “I’ll be here to fill the void! No one will rescue you, you glorysponge—ACK!” He almost jumped out of his fur, when the telephone on the night stand rang!
Bino put a paw to his chest, looking at the ringing white thing with pure fear in his eyes.
Had they listened to him? Was that Chief Norton telling him that he was out?
The telephone kept ringing. Whoever was at the other end of the line must not care of the fact that perhaps a patient was sleeping.
Perhaps it was Rex telling him that Grape had done something and had been impounded. That brought a smile to Bino’s face while he reached out to grab the handset.
“My boy,” said a voice Bino did not recognize. A merry voice with…a squeak, as if a tiny creature was speaking to him. “I should say that your commitment is making me proud, but…I find it a bit disturbing now.”
Bino looked puzzled. “Who’s that?”
“My boy!” this time, the voice sounded genuinely shocked, although it was hard to take such feeling seriously considering its tone. “I am genuinely shocked! I mean, did you really forget your old pal?”
Bino was feeling nervous, now, but not out of bad mood.
It was fear: he knew that voice. “…Mod?”
“Give the dog a bone! My young bro Moe would be so happy to hear that! How ya hangin’, bro?”
Bino’s paw was squeezing the handset so hard, the plastic was creaking. “It’s you, Squeak, is it? Or is it Spo?” He gritted his teeth. “It’s not funny, do you hear me?!”
Only silence came from the other end.
Bino slammed the handset down, eliciting a ring from the phone. “Not…funny…” he repeated, looking at the thing with renewed hate.
Joey had just entered his enemy list! “You have broken the promise!”
*drip* a drop wet the white sheet. *drip* then another.
But if he was angry, why was he crying?
Why couldn’t they leave him alone? All he wanted was—
“Avenge me?” said that same squeaky voice…coming from somewhere over Bino’s head. “I told you already, it’s sweet of you, but when it becomes an obsession it does one no honor.”
Bino closed his eyes. “You’re not here. You’re an hallucination.”
“Heavens, I better be not! Or you will need a shrink and a straightjacket. Come on, no hugsies for your old chum?”
The dog’s fingers serrated the sheets. “You’re not here. You’re dead.”
“Yes I am. Luckily, the light at the end of the tunnel wasn’t the one at the end of the digestive tract, I should add.”
Bino was trembling, now. “You’re not here. It’s a trick, a cruel trick. Stop it!” And yet, he didn’t dare to reach out and feel if there was actually someone laying on top of his head.
Because his nose was perceiving his scent.
His nose couldn’t be hallucinating, right?
“Right-o, Bingo. Your mind can play tricks on you, but not your body.”
Bino… smiled, a tired bitter expression. “Of course.”
“Boy, I don’t like where this is going.”
The dog shook his head. “No hallucinations, right. It’s just a dream.” He laid back against the mattress. “Stupid subconscious,” he muttered, closing his eyes.
The voice stopped speaking.
His last thought was for Bosco: that pup seriously needed to be educated like a real dog…

Author:  JeffCvt [ Thu Jan 24, 2013 11:54 am ]
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Please tell me there's hope for him or something. Short of having his ear bit off like Max, I don't think anything is going to stop him.

Author:  valerio [ Thu Jan 24, 2013 1:37 pm ]
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for all the answers, stay tuned on this same (Spot)channel!

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What happen to the research lab recruit thread? I know you said to have it locked but deleted completely?

Heh, a life-size plushy. Grape should make sure it's not gonna replace her.

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It's been moved to the Dead Thread Bed over in Not the Comic. here's a link

I have to point out that Bino could very easily hallucinate a scent or touching something, just as easily as he can hallucinate hearing or seeing something. The brain processes all of those things.

Author:  valerio [ Fri Jan 25, 2013 6:28 am ]
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RandomGeekNamedBrent Wrote:
It's been moved to the Dead Thread Bed over in Not the Comic. here's a link

I have to point out that Bino could very easily hallucinate a scent or touching something, just as easily as he can hallucinate hearing or seeing something. The brain processes all of those things.

Not that he's being quite rational right now... :lol:

Author:  Cerberusx [ Fri Jan 25, 2013 3:22 pm ]
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Kind of reminds of me of Isaac Clarke from "Dead Space" video games.

The brain is a finicky thing....

Author:  musclecar326 [ Tue Feb 12, 2013 10:35 pm ]
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What happened to this thread were did Val disappear to? No update to this chapter for almost a month, has made me very anxious for the premiere of my security team in a future chapter. I really hope nothing bad happened... :shock:

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well, we know Val's fine, he's been active in the RP section.

but yeah, an update would be nice Val. or a status report on the upcoming update

Author:  Cerberusx [ Wed Feb 13, 2013 12:54 am ]
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Writers block if I recall. So we just need to be patient and wait is all.

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Writer's block unlocked just this morning. Should have something ready today.
And believe me, guys, if I wanted to quit this ficcie I'd say it loud and clear.

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We can't wait Val! But yeah writers block sucks, but it happens so no worries. If you ever need to bounce ideas off someone I'm sure a lot of us would be happy to help.

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Wed Feb 13, 2013 2:56 am ]
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especially if those ideas involve our characters =P

Author:  valerio [ Wed Feb 13, 2013 7:21 am ]
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The dog’s eyes snapped open. Every trace of sleep lingering in his mind and body just evaporated.
“Bino? Wake up!”
He was awake.
And…what? Puzzled, or scared?
Because he wasn’t laying in his bed at the Haichicko Mercy Hospital for Mixed Species.
He was laying in his own room.
And it was Joey who was calling him.
Joey, with his puppy voice!
“*giggle* I can see you’re awake, big bro.”
Bino’s eyes moved, slowly. He knew it was a dream, what else could it be? Time and space didn’t flow backwards, in reality, and he couldn’t be there all grown up in his room before it got divided so that Maxwell could have his own space.
He understood, he knew, and yet he said, hesitantly, “Joey..?”
Joey was so…small. All happy and innocent, his tail almost a stub, and that spot on his eyes that by then would threaten to cover half his face. He looked as if someone at the assembling line up there had got a bit distracted with the proportions.
Bino knew it was a dream, and yet he couldn’t help feeling an urge to hug him. That little hyperactive runt had a tendency to put himself into troubles without even knowing it. Heh, mighty Fido wasn’t always out there for him, while Bino was…
“Are you okay?” Joey asked, with a genuine concern in his voice. He had his arms clasped behind his back. “Did those bullies hurt you again?”
“Uhh…” Bino was about to ask what his brother was talking about, when a squeaky voice said, from behind Joey, “Hey, in case you hadn’t noticed, mister, I’m still stuck behind you and my best view is the panorama of your skinny butt! Want to get over with this or not?”
Bino felt a surge of acid and fear washing his stomach. I want to wake up I want to wake up I want to wake up! But he didn’t wake up. He knew that he was somehow awake. He was hallucinating, then! Yes, he had fallen sick, really sick and this was a sort of lucid dream.
But why this?! Please, mind, stop it!
Joey turned his head to whomever had had spoken. “Shush! You will ruin the surprise!”
“Aw, too bad. Already done. So please spare me and introduce me.”
Bino really wanted to tell Joey to get out of his room, but what he said was,

“And who is your friend?” Bino asked, smiling, looking at someone only he could see, while sitting on his bed at the Haichiko Mercy.
Anyone else seeing him acting like that would’ve send for a shrink and a big shot of sedative.
The three dogs standing there knew better than that.
“I didn’t know…” Fido said with a lump in his throat.
“It was our secret,” Joey sighed. “I’m sorry, I had promised I wouldn’t tell.”
Tarot held the younger dog’s paw. “It’s not your fault. What happened, what you are seeing, poisoned Bino’s heart because he didn’t let it go. You will understand.”
Fido felt sick. It felt as if he was…violating the most intimate part of his own brother. He heard the words, and perceived every feeling from that flow of memories. ‘Empathy’ wasn’t by far enough to describe what was happening, and yet he had to know now, because it was clear that Bino’s long-living hatred couldn’t be dealt with by simply disciplining him…

Joey extended his tiny paws as if to make an offering to a god. “Ta-daa! Meet your new friend!”
A mouse. A regular, grey-furred mouse…with a brown spot on his left eye. Just like Joey. “Meet Mod!” the puppy said.
“Mr. Mod for ya,” the mouse said. “And thank my imaginative mother for the choice, although it’s hard to come up with something original when your family is really large. Charmed.” Mod extended his paw.
Bino, instead, took him and put him in his own paws. Poor Joey must have kept him there for a while now, knowing him. He shook the mouse’s paw. “Ah, charmed. Mr. Mod.”
“Just Mod. We’re friends, now, right?”
Bino chuckled. Yes, Joey was right, the usual bullies had treated him like a mop over his fanlove for the character of ‘Doc’ from the TV series. Dogs weren’t supposed to love or admire cats, right?
And Bino really needed a friend, or at least someone he could have always around without being bullied. And a mouse was always better…than…
“Right,” Bino found himself saying.
“Good!” Joey wagged his small tail. “Now you get to know each other. And Bino, don’t sniff butt with him ok? Ciao!”
Bino saw his little brother running out the room. “Please, wait…” he said with a feeble voice.
The door closed.
“Wouldn’t have worked anyway,” Mod said, shaking his head. “Memories are just like that, your sweetest dreams or your most awful nightmares. No middle ground. And you cling to them, always.”
Bino barely perceived the lights from the window moving in an accelerated sequence, casting eerie shadows in the room. “But I don’t want to relive them.”
“You do that every day.” Mod tapped his head. “It made you what you are today, it shaped you. We are all defined by our ghosts, and you clung to me. As I said already, I’m honored, but it also become your excuse to be a complete jerk sometimes.”
Bino growled like a rabid dog, he almost got scared by that fury. “I am not a jerk! I…I don’t like cats! It’s natural! And dogs shouldn’t—“ he felt a throbbing pain in his temple. “I mean… I don’t…” He massaged his head. Outside the windows, days were passing faster.
Mod looked at the room. “You don’t like yourself, buddy. You vent against others what you perceived as a failure. You are not exacting vengeance against the world. You are punishing yourself.” The mouse sighed, a smile crossing his lips. “All these days… Do you remember?” he snapped his fingers. “Yes, of course you do: you couldn’t wait to get home just to be here with me, and spend hours just talking, or playing Scrabble.”
Bino nodded. He couldn’t help smiling himself at those memories. He could see himself, a puppy laying on the floor…throwing up the board and saying un-nice things. “And you beat me every time.”
“You’d be surprised at how many things mice learn, what with our lifestyle.”
Bino bit his lower lip. “But it didn’t help you live long…”
It was night, now. The sun had just set.
They knocked at the door.
Bino felt his blood turn into ice. “No…”
Mod nodded. “Yes. You know you can’t fight it.” He tried to put his paw against the dog’s arm, a gesture of comfort…and it passed through the furred flesh.
The mouse looked at his own limb. “You’re starting to deny it, now.”
They knocked again. Bino looked at the door, wanting whomever it was there to go away, but he knew it was useless. “Mod, please, I—“ but when he looked back at his palm, he saw it empty.
Then he saw his puppy self, running around the room, looking frantically for a place to hide his small friend.
Bino held his head. “Should’ve chosen better, stupid stupid stupid!”
“Not your fault, buddy,” Mod said while puppy Bino finally decided that the best way to hide a mouse scent was behind something smelling stronger! Like those awful camphor satchels Dad used to preserve the winter wool shirts! “You were in a panic, you were a puppy, you couldn’t think of everything.”
“I will take care of that,” Bino said, but this time to himself, like in a litany. “I will take care of every details, I will make sure of it but please don’t—“
The door opened. “Okay, and that was our share of good manners, pup,” said the Russian Blue cat, walking in. He was accompanied by a silvery-bluish kitten who had the same green eyes of the adult. “What’s taking you so long?”
Bino slammed the drawer shut. “No snacks here! I mean, nothing!” He flashed his most diplomatic grin. “Hi, Archimedes! Pythagoras,” he added to the kitten, trying to prevent his heart from bursting.
Archimedes looked around. “Well, I can see for myself that there’s nothing edible here. Wanted to offer some to your pals?”
The puppy nodded frantically –in fact, he grabbed the cat’s paw and dragged him outside. “Dad just got some new beef jerky!”
“Get out get out get out…” Bino said to the blue cat, gritting his teeth. Mod was right, he had clung to this memory, he had replayed this scene for months, fueling pain and anger…
“Nah,” Archimedes said, just on the threshold. “That stuff is a killer for kidneys. Frankly, I don’t know how you dogs can eat such—“
“*sneeze!*” from the drawer. Loud enough for any sensitive feline ears.
Pythagoras run to the chest of drawers and opened it. A moment later, a voice could be heard. “Oh, phew! How can humans be alive with this stuff permeating their clo—“ his eyes widened in a comical fashion, given the situation. “Oh, hello young predator… And hello to you, big predator,” he added to Archimedes. He tried a friendly grin. “I was, ah, dropping in?”
A moment later, a paw grabbed him. “Hello, morsel.” Archimedes turned to Bino. “My, my, were you actually saving such a meal for yourself? Really, you’re more cat than I am, puppy.”
Bino was no longer a spectator now. He was there, a puppy trying to tell his cat friends that Mod wasn’t a prey, that he was a friend. But he couldn’t find the words. He knew what was going to happen if he didn’t talk. Why, why he couldn’t speak?
“Because we’re your friends,” Pythagoras said. In Bino’s memories, his voice had an…evil quality. Something unpleasant, dark.
The same sadistic quality present in Archimedes’ voice. “Come on, pup: you started hanging out with us to watch that show, make cat jokes about dogs. Because the other dogs were bullies. You didn’t want to lose our friendship.”
“Ain’t that the truth, buddy,” Mod said from the lethal clutches. “And please, stop thinking of these guys as the incarnation of evil, it’s so cliché.”
Eventually, Bino spoke. “He..hehe, you’re wrong. I-I was, ah, keeping him as a surprise. For you guys.” There! He had said it! He had made a choice, he had sentenced a friend to nature’s laws because he didn’t want to look weird even to cats.
Archimedes’ eyes flashed. “Well, if that isn’t a nice guest. Yhank you pup, owe you one.” He sniffed at his prey, smirked. “Ew, smells awful, but he looks delicious. Let’s see.”
“NO! WAIT, YOU STUPID, DIRTY—“ Puppy Bino stood still there while the adult ran toward the cats, in a grisly parody of an attempt to stop the unavoidable. I’ll save you, I’ll save you, I—
Of course, he passed through the cat’s body while the mouse vanished into the hungry maw.
Archimedes patted his belly. “Food chain. Gotta love it. Now, who was for a movie? I’ll pay for the pizza, pup, let’s go.”
Bino followed, dumbly, his mind a turmoil of emotions. And none of them good.
“I killed you,” the adult dog said from the pavement, when the door closed. “I…killed you.”
He heard the mouse’ voice, but didn’t dare to raise his gaze. “Technically, it was a cat that did it, but so what? You can’t change it, buddy. And I don’t hold a grudge against you. Look at me.”
Bino kept his eyes shut.
“Cross my heart, I am not a zombie and don’t look like something that’s been digested. Look at me.”
Bino did so.
“See? Luckily, your fantasies didn’t taint your memory of my awesome looks.”
Bino stood on his knees, trembling. He took the mouse in his paws. “You said you’re not..?”
Mod shook his head. “I’m not mad at you. You were not a knight in shining collar, buddy. Had you tried to rescue me, it would’ve been painful and awkward.”
Bino sighed. “But I lost their friendship, eventually.”
Mod wiggled a finger ‘no. “Wrong: you ditched them. One day after the other, you stopped hanging out with them…and with any other cat. You decided you had to be a dog through and through. That the best way to punish yourself was to reject your own feelings. Is that why you prefer to have people respect and even fear you rather than being close to you, right?” And it didn’t sound like a question at all.
Bino nodded meekly.
“No friends, no hurt, a classic. Sasha, now, wow! She made quite a breach—“
Bino frowned. “Hold it! How can you know about her? You’re dead!”
Mod facepawlmed. “Please, don’t make me regret coming from Heaven, okay? Anyway, as I was saying, Sasha was the very first one to force you to open your heart. Your marriage proposal was sincere, just like every day spent with her until the birth of your pup. Sorry for the recap, but you need it.”
Bino kept listening, until Bosco was mentioned.
Bosco, and his…deviation—“Yowlp! Why does everyone keep slapping my nose?!”
The mouse rubbed his palm. “Because you deserve it? Buddy, Bosco is not ‘deviated’ or what else! He’s got cat friends, and far as you know he may become the new doggy Valentino or a Peanut! But he’s not going to suffer what you suffered. Because that’s the point!”
“Shut up! I’m trying to teach ya something: you don’t hate Bosco, you are not mad at him because he’s got cat friends! You want to protect him!”
Tears flowed as Bino screamed loudly, “Yes! I don’t want him to suffer! What’s wrong with that!”
“Nothing, of course,” was the calm answer.
Again Mod wiggled a finger to the dog. “But you are making him suffer. He doesn’t understand why you are angry at him. Sasha doesn’t understand why you’ve gone ballistic. Peanut keeps being the receiving end of your frustration. Fido thinks you’ve gone over the edge with power. You may lose your admirers as well. And don’t insult me by telling me you don’t care!”
“But—“ Bino huffed, his usual annoyance look painting his face now. “So what? Are you going to pull me a Capra and show me how gloom the future will be if I don’t ‘redeem’?”
“No need for that: you’re doing such a nice job so far. I am here just to tell you that you should stop it. After that, it’s your fee will. Any question?”
“Uh… No, I mean, why now? If this is real, if I have not gone crazy, why now of all times?”
Mod smiled. “Because you started building something, and I’m proud of you silly puppy. Just…keep up the good job, will ya? Believe me, Heaven is lenient, but only up to a point. And I’d like to see you again when the time comes.”
Bino made a worried face at that statement. “Er, I hope you don’t mind me saying that you can wait for that, do you?”
“We get that a lot, don’t worry. I must be going, now: Minoxes got a new maze for us to try. I swear, he could use something else than cheddar for the goal. And as for you, again, just stop seeing too much of yourself in Bosco: he’s got good friends, let him be and everything will be fine.” Mod started to fade while his eyes started glowing green.
“Wait! Can you show me the future? Angels can do that, right?”
Mod shook his head. “I am flattered, but that’s not my field. You don’t know half the bureaucracy to do that, believe me! But I know one thing: you’re better than now. Show it to me, if you don’t want to prove it to anyone else, okay? See ya. Later…”
Bino reached out for him, but by now his old friend, the true one he had had since puppyhood, was gone.
And he was awake.
In the company of Joey and Fido.
“You okay, brother?” Fido asked him.
Bino realized he had been crying in his sleep. He mumbled something about subconscious then wiped his tears. “I’m trapped here, in your company, while there’s a job to be done. Of course I am not okay, you glorysponge. Can you make yourself useful, instead?”
Fido nodded. “Of course, tell me.”
“Send for Chief Norton, will you? I…need to speak with him. And why are you two smiling as if you were high on anise?”
Joey shrugged. “Oh, nothing,” he answered while Fido left the room. “I’m just happy that you’re okay.”
Bino had still a very fresh memory of that weird dream. He couldn’t help asking, “You did not tell him, did you?”
Joey made the gesture of zipping up his lips and throwing away the key… Then hugged him! And with more force than Bino had expected from that runt. “I miss him too, you know.”
Bino could understand that. That is why he always protected Joey, despite his…peculiar preferences. Even if they costed him a real dog life. “Do you know if he had sired any…you know, litter?”
Joey nodded. “I thought you’d never ask. Yes, he…did, during the times you were away and…”
“Spare me the details, please… And why are you looking as if you had something to add?”
Joey fiddled with his fingers. “Well, he also is…was…”
The younger dog showed a sheepish grin. “Spo is his grandson?”
Bino groaned while facepawlming. “Figures.”

Author:  musclecar326 [ Thu Feb 14, 2013 12:57 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

Amazing update! Right away the chapter was confusing but then after reading some of the last one then rereading this one slowly. I understood, and enjoyed revisiting Bino's memories very much. I never would have thought that this was the reason Bino was always mean to cats and the dogs that like cats. Beautiful back story for his behavior :mrgreen:
Keep up the fantastic work, ill be sitting on the edge of my chair waiting for the next one. (Literally I will)

Author:  valerio [ Thu Feb 14, 2013 1:21 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

Yush! Happens when the author breaks his readers' attention with these long breaks.
Sorry for that :(

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Thu Feb 14, 2013 1:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

it's fine. a whole lot of us reading this can't say anything to you about keeping your readers waiting, cause we have readers waiting months =P
we should all make an effort to update half of half as often as Val

Author:  valerio [ Thu Feb 14, 2013 2:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

The Library, Lucky Charm Grove for the Abandoned and the Ferals, Babylon Gardens

“Have you seen Volant?!”
The raccoon almost jumped out of his fur –in fact, he dropped the books he was carrying and jumped onto the nearest shelf! “Volant! ACK!” he burrowed between the books faster as he could, making many fall in a flurry of pages and hard covers. A moment later, only his eyes were visible among the volumes.
The Canadian Pointer mix dog who had asked that question looked at the scared creature with genuine puzzlement. “Relax, he’s not here. I only asked if you’ve seen him around. I can’t seem to find him anywhere.”
The raccoon’s head peeked out from the books. “Oh, you’re that crazy dog who wants to make friend with him. Peanut, right?”
Peanut wagged. “That’s me! You must be Mike, right? The librarian!”
Mike looked around prudently before leaving his makeshift shelter. He sighed at the mess he had made, then proceeded to pick up the books and put them back in order. “That I am. And please, don’t do that again.”
“What? I only asked if you’ve seen Vol—“ Peanut looked around, surprised at how fast could that coon disappear. “Where are you?”
The coon emerged from under a chair. “Do. Not. Do. That. Again!”
Peanut whimpered. “Did he hurt you?”
“One day he just came and decided to storm the library. His idea of fun. Oh, to his credit not one book was ruined, he’s too smart for that, but believe me: I preferred to work alone to put everything in order rather than having him around to ‘help’ me. Every time he greets me, he makes me feel as if I’m next on his choice of desserts. I’ve heard about you, pup, why would one like you be friend with that monster?”
Peanut chuckled, “Oh, he’s not evil. Not even the bad bad dogs were evil at heart.” He looked around, his eyes getting a hungry look at the display of books available. As usual, uncle Martin liked to play big, the shelter’s library could be compared to the City’s own library. The Sandwich dog decided that he could spend the rest of his 1-month sentence here, reading.
“You like what you see?” Mike asked. “We got a nice selection of everything, e-books included. What’s your mind food?”
“Are you an expert?” Peanut asked back. “How long have you been working here? Do you have an owner or are you a temp? Are you a mascot?”
Mike took a ladder and moved it toward a rack, then started climbing it with some books inside a shoulder bag. “Curious like a pup, I see. I’ve been here since the start, I was one of the first ferals who volunteered. And since I am still here I don’t have an owner, but I’m on the adoptees list. Despite my species’ bad PR, I’m pretty sure there’s a family out there willing to get a bibliophile coon. So, your pick?”
“Do you have The Stand?”
“Stephen King?” Mike climbed down the ladder, then walked toward a rack filled with the books by the mentioned author. “Hope your parents won’t give me troubles for this,” he said, handing out the thick book. “Ain’t it too scary for you?”
Peanut shook his head. “Oh, no. Once I almost died, I saw real ghosts, I fought on the astral plane… I can tell fiction from reality, you know.”
Wisely, Mike decided not to inquire further. He just walked to the reception desk and tapped quickly something on the keyboard. “Done. Go and enjoy your read, furry brother. And please, if you really want to make friends with…him, just keep him away from here.”
“Can I visit you? I mean, just to talk. I never met a raccoon who loved books so much.”
“Blame the disposable society. Heh, I loved to pick up edible trash and used books. Those, and scarves, are Christmas’ best choices.” Mike made a face and shuddered. “Along with disturbing Simpsons’ shorts.”
“Do you have comics as well, here?”
“Sure thing!” He motioned Peanut to follow him to an aisle filled with racks of colored hard-bound volumes. “Complete series. I’ve heard that some humans feigned to abandon their pets so that they could steal stuff from here.”
Peanut couldn’t but agree on that. He actually wondered how long more could he stay here if he punched Bino again…
The Canadian Pointer mix shook his head vigorously. “Bad dog!”
“Oh, nothing, just…thinking silly things.” He pointed at a specific hardcover on the third shelf from bottom. “That. Number one. And two as well.”
Mike nodded. He grabbed the ladder and climbed up. “Excellent choice, although a bit…juvenile, for one who likes King.”
“Oh, but it’s not for me… And why do you use the ladder? I thought there were mobile shelves available?”
“Oh, this is on my suggestion: the staff is made of natural born climbers. We can make some exercise on the job, at least.”
Peanut looked around, his eyes meeting only a few readers scattered around the hall. If there was someone else working at the library, they must have chameleon DNA. “What staff?”
The raccoon fumed. “What staff, nya nya…” He brought down the selected comic books. “Never heard of ‘graveyard shift’? I am the skeleton crew for tonight. Tomorrow, it’s Emily’s shift, and you don’t dare to lay an eye on her if you value your cinnamon hide.” He almost threw the books into Peanut’s arm, making the dog bend down a bit.
“Who’s Emily? And I am married with a litter, I don’t need to lay my eyes on anyone.”
Mike remembered who he was talking to. He rubbed his temples. “Yes. Right. Cat-lover. Sorry.” He grabbed the pendant hanging from his blue-and-gold collar and opened it with a pressure of his thumb, revealing a picture. “This is Emily.” His voice suddenly assumed a dreamy quality, which reminded Peanut of his own love sighs back when he’d spend his nights all alone thinking of Grape, before they were a real couple. “Ain’t she the beautiest beauty in this beautiful world?”
Peanut surely agreed on the fact that the dog was really cute. And even he found her pure violet eyes intensely attractive. Exotic eyes, full of mirth and intelligence. One could spend hours only staring at those gems… “Wow.”
The pendant was brusquely shut. “Yeah, wow. So you better remember to stay true to your weird family, mister.”
Peanut titled his head in puzzlement. “But you are a raccoon!”
Mike blushed, keeping the pendant between his paws in a pose that, for some reason, mimicked that of Gollum with his ‘preciousss’. “Yeah, but you married your feline companion. Marriage, tss!”
The dog put his fist on his flanks, finding a new surge of aggressiveness –which of course happened every time his family became the object of a discussion. “I married Grape because I love her and wanted to raise a family with her! What are your plans for you and Emily?”
“W-we’ll stay girlfriend and boyfriend. We plan to be adopted by the same family so that we’ll live in a real house, together, but…without the weird marriage thing, that’s it!”
“But what do you have against it?”
“It’s a human thing, not a feral thing!”
Question marks were multiplying above Peanut’s head. “But aren’t you planning to become a pet?”
Mike blushed even harder. “D-Doesn’t mean I’m getting h-humanized and do human things! I have a feral dignity to protect! Can I help you with something else?”
Peanut, books in arms, just turned and walked away. “No, nothing, really. I just can’t wait to give these comics to Volan—“ *scamper scamper scamper! Rustle! Thbonk!* Peanut just froze and turned his head slowly.
Mike was there, nestling on the top of the shelves. “Bad dog! Bad!
The gym

“Come on, you big piece of rotting fur! Is that the best you can do?!”
The air was filled with the sounds of punches and kicks against the largest sand-filled sack. Volant was panting as he kept hitting the thing, using every time a different sequence and position.
It had been hours since he had started. Even a lion would have run out of energies by now. Volant kept kicking and punching, under the unceasing spur of Nevermore.
“Phawg! I’ve seen carcasses performing better than you. And they didn’t smell awful like you!”
“Keep that up, bird…and I’ll test…how your carcass will stink!”
Never rocked his head left and right. “Tss, promises, promises! Are you trying to break a record, by the way?”
*Punch* *kick* *kick* *somersault!* *kick* “I’m trying to get tired enough to sleep through all tomorrow. It’s the only way to avoid being annoyed by that annoying—“
“Hi, Volant!”
The Rhodesian Ridgeback’s last punch missed completely the sack. The dog crashed muzzlefirst against the reinforced fabric. He stood there, as if someone had pinned him in that funny position, head buried into the sack, arms hanging law. “Weren’t you supposed to be sleeping like any soft house dog?” he asked, panting heavily.
Peanut approached him. “Grew up with a cat. Raising kittens. Nocturnal rubbed off on me. I’ve got something for you!”
Still without moving, Volant groaned. “And I guess you won’t stop pestering me until I agree to see what it is, right?”
Peanut kept wagging his tail. “Right! See? You know me already!”
“Wish I didn’t.” The big dog turned…in time to be given the two hardcover comic books. “Wut?” he examined the Volume 1 illustration: a rampaging dog, one tall as a human, no 6ft. tall if the proportions were correct. He wore a tattered gray and blood-red costume. And the humans he was holding in his talons had all the reasons to appear terrified: the canine creature’s short black coat bristled like a live thing. A pair of taloned dragon wings extended from his back. His brow featured two long horns and his fangs, set in a long pointed snout were something that couldn’t belong to nature’s laws.
Bold red characters called out the creature’s name DEVIL DOG.
For once, Volant was left speechless. “How…remarkable,” was his only comment.
Peanut opened the comic to the first page. “See? There’s the introduction! Devil Dog used to be a police dog before bad humans killed his partner and then his family, and so he stroke a deal with the Matagot, who is a cat trickst—“ he gulped when he saw the flash of familiar rage crossing Volant’s eyes.
“No spoiling, mutt.” He snapped the book shut with enough force to amputate the Canadian Pointer mix’s fingers –hadn’t Peanut been fast enough to retract his paw. “Now evaporate while I go check if this stuff is half as good as the ads say.” He walked away.
“Comic books,” Never said, landing on Peanut’s shoulder. “Should have thought of that. Nice idea, champ.”
“Thank you. I thought that Parnok loves to spend time with them. He made his own superhero costume, but for some reason he believes that a good hero should rule over the masses with a benevolent iron fist. I think he got that from Grape—“ his words were broke by a loud yawn.
Never tilted his head with a worried expression. “Hey, ex-meal, you should go sleep before you start talking with ghosts again. Your wife wouldn’t like you dying with exhaustion.”
The dog walked to the nearest bench and sat on it, arms sprawled against the backrest. “I don’t want to go to sleep in my room. It feels lonely.”
Never perched on the backrest. “Even with that stuffed cat you got to keep yourself company?”
Peanut looked at his feet dangling. “I miss my kittens too. And…and I don’t want a surrogate.” Then his eyes wandered in the direction where Babylon lay. “And I feel stupid to act as if this was the end of the world, because all guests here suffered something far worse than a simple punishment. I am being just a spoiled pup.” He sighed heavily.
Never chuckled. “You love your family, and I don’t remember that’s a crime in itself. And no one is comparing your situation to the other guests’. Hey, pup.” The raven hopped onto his thigh. “You spent your first day here trying to be of help to the most infamous one among the guests. And I know you didn’t do it only to forget your troubles. So you’re not spoiled and stop whining. You should—“ at that moment, he realized he was talking to a very asleep dog. “Well, now I see why Volant finds me boring sometimes.”
Peanut had just started drooling and bursting nosebubbles, when a female voice said, “Aw, look at him, the poor pup.”
Never knew that the huge Tibetan Mastiff wearing the blue and gold vest was one of the good guys, but still that sight would give him a case of the willies. “Hello, Colombina. Thought your shift was over. Mr. Marsh,” he added to the human wearing the Security uniform.
“It is,” Kevin Fitzgerald Marsh, Security vice-leader, said. “We were just heading to our quarters.”
“Can we keep him with us?” the big female asked, her eyes glued to the sleeping canine. “Only tonight, I mean.”
Kevin rolled his eyes. “Colombina, you know the rules…”
“But he’s new, he feels all alone, he needs someone to protect him. Just one night.” She clasped her paws against her bosom and actually managed to do the doe-eyes. With sparkles! “Pleeeease?”
Never chuckled. “Sir, don’t you worry: Peanut will not mind, I’m sure. And he does need someone to take care of him.”
The human nodded, although reluctantly. “All right. Pick him up, but don’t wake him up. And if he says ‘no’—“ he was in the middle of the sentence when he realized his partner was hopping away with her precious cargo. “Never mind, I guess. Never, are you sure?”
The raven flew over the other’s shoulder. “Peanut has an habit to bear the world’s weight over his shoulders. He seriously needs to be distracted by someone else who is not Volant. Perhaps some of you off-duty guys could keep him in shape, tomorrow morning. Get him exhausted and the job is done. At least, it worked at the farm.”

“Are you okay, guys?” Mike asked with indoor voice, raising his head.
The two bats lifted their heads from their books, looking down at the coon from the branch they were hanging from. They shushed to the staff member.
“Sorry.” Mike stifled a yawn. Quiet night as usual. He wondered if he could live in a human family, where someone was bound to make noise all the time, save at night when of course everyone would sleep –hopefully, given what he had read about human teenagers. Those could be real beasts!
Not to mention that no house could hold these many books…
But Emily wanted so much to live in a family, he couldn’t be a burden to her desires. Right?
“I was looking for you.”
Of course, Mike recognized the voice. He shut his eyes, held his breath while thinking so hard as to get a headache. I want to disappear! Earth, crack open and swallow me whole please please please!
No such luck. The raccoon turned. With some luck, Volant was too tired to mess up the whole place, this time. “Can I help you?”
Volant grinned.

Author:  lightwolf21 [ Thu Feb 14, 2013 10:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

Yay! X3 Always great seeing a character from my fic back in action in yours, Valerio. :3

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Fri Feb 15, 2013 2:24 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

I just can't wait til I get to see my own characters in this. You just keep me waiting. First with Ase and Bruja until who knows when, now I'm waiting for Iris and Sarah for a few more updates.
waiting is icky :/

Author:  valerio [ Fri Feb 15, 2013 2:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

RandomGeekNamedBrent Wrote:
I just can't wait til I get to see my own characters in this. You just keep me waiting. First with Ase and Bruja until who knows when, now I'm waiting for Iris and Sarah for a few more updates.
waiting is icky :/

considering what I have in mind, the former Kings of Champions will take longer than originally planned before they are back as not only guests, but protagonists. And I WILL make it sure it will be worth the wait :D

Author:  D-Singer [ Fri Feb 15, 2013 2:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

RandomGeekNamedBrent Wrote:
waiting is icky :/


It doesn’t help that waiting only gives you time to think up extra character quirks you weren’t smart enough to add before turning the protagonists over to the writer. :/

It makes you itch to see where the creativity goes.

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Fri Feb 15, 2013 2:36 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

well, knowing they'll be in it despite not being the winner of the contest and waiting is better than them going to waste

D-Singer Wrote:
RandomGeekNamedBrent Wrote:
waiting is icky :/


It doesn’t help that waiting only gives you time to think up extra character quirks you weren’t smart enough to add before turning the protagonists over to the writer. :/

It makes you itch to see where the creativity goes.

I agree. Val, I suggest before writing the characters, you ask the creators if we want to add anything :3

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