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I will be reading this soon. Like, probably at my 3:00.

Edit: And I have read. It was a great way to start off after being gone for so long. I'm also glad to see you're feeling beter. Keep up the good work.

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finally a update yes but now how i see it i'm to sleepy for that... :|

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I love the update! It solved the tension between Kwesi and Ali! and that's so sweet that he wants to adopt a pup with Ali, so soon, too. I know this chapter is about those two. But i wonder how Volant is doing. Also Welcome back :mrgreen:

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welcome back, oh author of greatness. I enjoyed the update and look forward to this fic continuing to the end of time.

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*crackles nuckles* I'm ready and writing update already, mon!

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The Coliseum Sports Center, Terrace High

A not less romantic scene was unfolding in the rooms dedicated to the martial arts.
And, like at Garcia’s home, it involved two animals.
A white-furred male wolf wearing the Lucky Charm Grove’s Security blue vest and an equally white-furred canine, a female Akita Inu.

“They do look cute, Keith-kun,” said the Japanese woman with an approving half-smile as she and the man standing on the mat looked at the couple.
As for him, Keith Greyfield’s thoughts – and worries – were more focused on the katana she was holding. Okay, he too was armed with the same weapon, but he wasn’t exactly trained to use it, while his stepsister had outclassed even her male colleagues back when she serviced in the Japanese navy. He nodded at Akuo’s words.

When the dog let go of the wolf, he said, “Thank you, Tsuki. I think.”
Tsuki Miyugi nodded. “I really missed you, Light-chan. Please, forgive this…display of feelings, but—“ she was interrupted by a claw gently brushing her nose.
“Hey, I don’t mind it at all.” He chuckled nervously. “I mean, I have missed you too a lot, and I’m sorry for leaving so unexpectedly, but… Well, it was complicated, you know…”
Tsuki nodded. “I read your e-mails, and your account was so captivating. I understand, don’t worry. And now that you and Keith-sama sorted your problems, do you think there could be room…for us?”
Light cleared his throat. Talk about priorities! Last time he had seen Tsuki, she was the Ice Wolf, perfectly in control of her emotions. If she had felt anything for him, Light hadn’t surely noticed. “Uh, I know it sounds silly, but are you sure..?”
She nodded. “You are what I always looked for in a mate.”
*gulp* “Heh, heh… And aren’t you afraid of me for what they did to me? This reprogramming thing can be scary stuff…”
Tsuki shrugged. “You overcame it. You fought your demons and defeated your enemies. You have fought with honor, found your companion and your family. Whatever the problem, you have proven you can deal with it. With you at my side, nothing can scare me.”
Light was sorely tempted to ask her, ‘Who are you and what have you done with Tsuki?’. “I still have a lot of things to do before I decide to settle down.” Particularly, I need to understand IF I feel something for you. His words sounded so lame even to his own ears, but he hoped it would enough for her.
Tsuki nodded, once again the ice wolf. “Of course. And once again,” she bowed. “I am sorry for embarrassing you. Please, promise you will think about this proposal.”
Light found himself wagging his tail. “That I promise, Tsuki. Thank you, and no, you did not embarrass me.”

Keith smiled at his stepsister, the fruit of his father’s service during a transfer in Japanese territory. Just like pretty everyone in the family, Akuo had shown her true blood by servicing as the first officer in the Japan Navy. For the love of her daughter Tsuki, she had eventually quit and moved to the US to live a civilian life as interior designer and decorator.
She was still a fighter at heart.
And she was angry.
And Keith couldn’t really blame her. “Akuo, look at them. I mean, not that I have those feelings for you, but you are my only sister and I love you. Couldn’t we just make up and*eep*”
“HYA!” her blade traced a flashing arc in the air. Only the ex-marine’s reflexes saved him from being beheaded! The two katanas’ clash echoed like a metallic gunshot.
“I really think you’re exaggerating a bit here, sister!”
She didn’t listen. She moved, graceful like a panther, and stroke again. Keith was moving like a clumsy mannequin –heck, he was trained with fire weapons and hand-to-hand combat!
The two found themselves now facing each other. Akuo’s face was a mask of cold fury, her voice icy like the polar pack. “Your lack of trust, dishonored your family. Simulating your death without keep your family informed is…unforgivable.” She jumped back and then attacked again.
This time, her blade traced a scarlet line against Keith’s arm!

Light was about to jump at his friend’s rescue, but he held himself. Although Akuo was acting pretty much like Temno, the wolf knew she really didn’t want to kill Keith. But she needed to avenge her honor, and Light too was happy that someone would give a lesson to Keith for the pain he had caused.
The truth was, Light still felt some grudge for being left out of Keith’s plans. His friends was right, the secrecy had to be kept…but Light had suffered more than anyone else at the news of Keith’s demise. He had been actually on the verge of offing himself.
So, yes, he was happy Keith was being given a lesson!

Keith was panting, as he tried to hold a defensive stance. “Look! Again, I’m sorry! How many times will I have to say it?!”
She was still fresh like a rose, not even a drop of sweat. “Until I will believe it. You had ways to inform us without your enemies to know better. You were trained for that. You are my only brother and I felt like my world had come apart. Light had gone mad with grief. Tsuki went out of her mind when Light had gone… Don’t believe that scratch will be enough to repay!” And with that, she attacked again. Keith managed to par twice, before being hit again, this time at the leg.
With a grunt, he fell to a knee. The heck he’d scream like a child for*
He gulped, when he found the blade’s point leaning against his throat.
“Next time you deceive us, you will learn to breathe with another hole.” This said, Akuo sheathed her sword. “Your e-mails were quite…interesting. You should publish them.”
The man stood up. “I’m not sure I want to draw any more attention from my enemies. Mr. Foster took me back as security chief for his shelter, not to fight international terrorism.”
“Said the man who abandoned his post to track down an international conspiracy.”
Keith sighed. “I told you already: it was to help Light…” then he realized she was joking. “Ah, and I’m sorry for not coming immediately after getting back. Again, a ton of work kept me.”
Akuo put her sword onto the rack. “I know. What are your plans for the future, now?”
“Keeping the lowest profile, and that means keeping Mr. Foster from going high noon.”
“Good luck with that. While you were away, he and Gottschalk offed the branch of the Russian Mafia of River Ridge. Not officially, I mean.”
Keith groaned. He had read the news and the reports about that, and about the attack at Sandwich house. In a way, the ex-marine regretted not having one like ‘Uncle Martin’ in his team. The man would’ve made head of Black Ops in no time and cleaned Afghanistan during lunch break. “I will take the fire and everything else for him. God knows he’s being overly ‘active’ as it is. Which means I won’t be having much time to visit, sorry.”
“I think Tsuki will find it, in case,” she said, pointing with her head at the two canines.
Keith chuckled. “And here I thought you would be left all alone, Casanova.”
The poor wolf blushed madly. “I’ll so get you for this,” he snarled.
“What do you mean, Keith-sama?” Tsuki asked.
Keith rolled his eyes jokingly. “Oh, nothing, it was about a certain Emily… Or was that Arietta? Hmm…” he drummed his chin with a finger
Flames blazed within Tsuki’s eyes. A big sweatdrop fell from Light’s head. “Keith, I love you. Why?”
“Misery loves company, my dearest friend. Have a nice date, now. Ciao.” He left, followed by a chuckling Akuo.
Light turned and tried to show a meek grin to his potential girlfriend. “Err, would you like to meet my family?”
Tsuki turned and stomped away. “Nevermind! Had I known you were such an easy dog, I wouldn’t have wasted my feelings over you!”
Light started running after her. “Tsuki! Please, I’m sorry! They were just friends, honest…”

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And another chapter. You never fail when it comes to updating after being away for a while.

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and Light is back in the game. all the ladies love 'im.

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RandomGeekNamedBrent Wrote:
and Light is back in the game. all the ladies love 'im.
-_- It's a curse.

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Don't forget Cameron! :D

Tsuki: What?! Another lover?!
Light: Can't this get any worse?
Keith: She's a cheetah. :mrgreen:

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kavviyenta Wrote:
Don't forget Cameron! :D

Tsuki: What?! Another lover?!
Light: Can't this get any worse?
Keith: She's a cheetah. :mrgreen:
Light: -w- can get worse. least she's not exactly competition for Tsuki anymore. :/

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The Ancient Roads spice shop

“Yes.” So spoke Alem Sandor Hassid, owner of the shop, as he was working on his invoice register. He didn’t even lift his eyes from the sheets written in a thick calligraphy.
Kwesi blinked a couple of times. “Really? I mean…really?” He then shook his head. “No, ack! I mean, just like that? No strict conditions? No threats of disowning? No accuses of not caring for my job?”
Mr. Sandor, as everyone – and himself – preferred to call him, kept writing. “Dear boy: you are a grown male, you know what you want and I know how much important is tradition to you. You want me to adopt a pup you’ll grow as your son and educate him in this trade. That is good. Nothing wrong with that.”
“But..?” the Basenji dog asked prudently, not daring to fall into an easy enthusiasm…
This time, Sandor lifted his head and put off his eyeglasses. He breathed on them and started cleaning them with a cloth. “You will be responsible for him, entirely. It’s your son, I don’t care for property laws. He does mischief, you are responsible. He breaks things, you pay. If you feel up to the challenge of being parent, that’s good for you, but you won’t come to me, whining for help. You do good, and he too will be properly hosted and fed. Do we have an agreement?”
Kwesi ran to the other side of the desk and jumped onto the man’s lap. He hugged him with all his strength. “Thank you. I will make you proud of me, mon père.”
The big, fat hand ran over the dog’s back. “Now now. Sandor is already proud of you. Just do a good job. And speaking of which, sorry, no permission. Use your free time to look for son.”
The man laughed. “What? Do you fear they are already giving out the only pup left? Okay, okay,” he patted the dog’s head. “Then tomorrow you can go to shelter and see if they have one, happy? But you stop pester poor Sandor after that.”
Kwesi gave him another hug. “I love you, Dad.”
“Yes, yes, that much I know. Now you go back to work. Op op op!” and he put the dog down before waving him to go.
Kwesi obeyed. On the door’s threshold he said, “But why do you keep talking like that even when we have no customers?”
“People like Sandor talking funny so they come here and buy. Must play the role even when I’m alone. Now work. Boy.”
Kwesi left his human’s office and went into the stock room, where he put on a mask and started unpacking the new spices. Though they were carefully sealed to preserve their freshness (and value!), it would happen from time to time that a jar or a satchel broke. And there were spices that a canine couldn’t inhale…
“Hel-lo?” said a merry voice. A moment later, a familiar cat head peeked from the threshold.
“Oh, hi Ali,” he said, without stopping. “Please, don’t enter.”
“Don’t worry, I read that weird ‘staff only’ sign. How did it go?”
Kwesi started placing the glass jars on a cart. “He said yes. Tomorrow we’ll go to the Lucky Charm Grove and see if they have one, and if not we’ll apply and they’ll search one through their PetAID net.” He spoke those words with a…calm, as if he was detached from the turn his life had just taken.
Alandra regarded him with a puzzled, if not worried, look. She followed him cautiously as her boyfriend got out the stock room pushing the cart toward the aisles. “And… Aren’t you happy about it? Have you had second thoughts?”
Kwesi pulled off his mask. “No. I mean, I am terribly happy, but…” he sighed before hugging her tenderly. “It’s that problem of mine, the only thing for which I am grateful I’m adopting. When certain emotions are too powerful, I do not react immediately, you know that.”
“Oh. I thought it was just the bad ones… But you showed happiness before. I mean, immediately, not later.”
Kwesi nodded. “I was never this happy. I feel like I’m losing my head. All of a sudden, every dream of mine is coming true. And this scares me like nothing before. My soul is in such a turmoil, and…” he caressed her behind her ears. “And you are here with me, ready to run at such a speed. Aren’t you afraid that things are going so fast?” He then let go of her, reluctantly, to get back to work. Mr. Sandor was a good human and owner, but he still hated that customers could see the cart hanging around.
While watching him, Alandra said, “I don’t want to lose another occasion at happiness, Kwesi. What good could come by waiting? Especially over something I already decided? Okay, it’s going fast, but it wouldn’t get better if we slowed down. It wouldn’t be better if I backed up. I want this relationship, I want to raise this pup, I want to be happy like Tegan and Elliot are, or like – what were their names? – Peanut and Grape. I don’t want to spend one more day wondering how it could be if I decided to accept your proposal, so yes I want my own family and I am ready to go that shelter and kick the staff and the whole Internet into giving us a cute, helpless Pasenji pup! Questions?”
For his safety, Kwesi decided he had none, though he did feel proud of his mate for being so strong. Alandra reminded him of his mother. Too bad she wasn’t born a dog… Shame on you!
“Why the blush?”
Kwesi turned and pushed the cart back to the stocking room. “Nothing,” came the muffled answer from under the mask. “By the way, did our President break the news to the Club already?”
Alandra lifted her gaze, seeing the scene already…

…Every single cell phone belonging to a pet living in Terrace High and Babylon Gardens was receiving the SMS sent by Tegan.
When she was done, Tegan threw away the molten glob that had been her own phone into a pile of phones that had met the same demise.
“I don’t remember if I messaged the President,” the cat wondered…

Alandra snapped back to reality. “She said she was working on that. Say, what about visiting Volant as well?” she asked while he was loading tins and boxes of tea bags.
“I think it’s a good idea. He may act like a jerk, but I’m sure he misses being here.”
“What makes you think so?” she asked as she stepped back to allow him to exit.
Kwesi grabbed the rolling ladder his owner had given him for the job and started putting the merchandise on its shelves. “He was living with his human. If he hated that life, he wouldn’t have given it a chance. He’s good at heart, but he needs time and patience -a lot of that, admittedly.”
“Do you believe he could be reeducated?”
Kwesi pulled off his mask. “Are you surprised? I know how prejudice can work, and I know how’s life in the streets. Hadn’t been for Brother Lazarus, I’d still be living in a hole under a tree and stealing food, or killing it. So yes, I feel for Volant, and it’s not pity or some other hypocritical attitude.”
Alandra raised her paws in mocking self-defense. “Wow, relax, amigo. I wasn’t teasing you. In fact,” she hugged him. “I’m so terribly proud of you. Tell me, do you think your parents will come one day?”
Kwesi nodded. “Once I saved enough money, I will buy them a first-class flight. I’m sure Dad, or Mr. Gottschalk, will help.”
“Oorr, we could go there,” the cat said in her most seductive voice, as her claws lightly scratched the canine’s chest. “Exotic places, new friends, and all the fun you and I could have. Alone…”
Kwesi got a nosebleed! “أحبك.” he said switching to Arab.
She offered him a tissue. “Whatever it was, I take it as a yes. It will be fun.” She patted his shoulder. “I’m gonna leave you to your work. See ya later, mi amor.” She blew him a last kiss before exiting the shop.
Kwesi got back to work, humming a song. Could life get any better than this? He felt only a pang of guilty pleasure, since he owed it all to his decision of abandoning his own family…but it was short-lived. After all, they had wanted him to take another road, break the tradition in the first place! He hadn’t left them out of a whim, but to pursue what he believed was important. And he had made it, and now his father had given him his blessing…
He was snapped out of his reveries when he felt like the crack of a whip against his butt! “Owch! But wattathe..?! Oh.”
“Yes, oh,” said the python, towering over him.
Kwesi rubbed his aching tailbone. “You know, Mac, there are other ways to greet someone. What’s eating you, lost your snack?”
Faster than the dog could react, the snake wrapped himself around his body. “I’d rather say you lost your better judgment, mammal,” he said/hissed with a tone that was both suave and sinister.
Alas, if he hoped to make Kwesi angry, he failed. The dog was very calm as he asked, “What do you mean?”
“You and Ali can’t be an item and you know it. Oh, sure, now you think everything will be fine, but life is just so full of surprises. What do you think you’re doing, hm? Your master could be expelled from this country anytime, you know how paranoid humans in this country can be when it comes to Arabs. Hadn’t you thought about that?”
Kwesi was about to answer…and found himself unable to.
Of course, that was plain ridiculous, that much his reason told him. For some reason, that snake was just toying with his feelings…
But what if Macajuel was right, hm? If the authorities decided to treat Mr. Sandor like they treated Volant? What would happen to me, to the pup, if I lost everything?
Mac nodded, his cold eyes staring into the dog’s as if trying to hypnotize him. “Humans can’t be trusted, you know that. You try to fool yourself into believing that they are good, but I don’t remember you trying and living with one before, hm? Life’s good when you can fill your belly, but…” his spires caressed Kwesi’s fur as if trying to hug him in a reassuring way, his smooth voice toned with sincere pity. “But when it goes wrong, for one like you, it’s not just an accident. Wouldn’t you think about it twice before engaging yourself for something so fragile? Or perhaps you’re in such a hurry because you fear you could lose it all otherwise?”
The snake uncoiled from the dog’s body. Kwesi just stood there, expressionless, mute. “Don’t worry, I am sure you’re no fool. You can take care of yourself. Just make sure other innocents won’t be involved. See you. Call me if you need anything.” He left, silent as a ghost.
Kwesi didn’t say anything. He just went back to work.

As for him, Macajuel was satisfied, while he slithered toward the nearest tree.
This will teach you to hurt MY Alandra!

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Macajuel!? ...having a thing for Alandra? O_o

Didn't see that coming. Great chapter though. X3 Glad to see the snake being...well...a snake. ^w^

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lightwolf21 Wrote:
Macajuel!? ...having a thing for Alandra? O_o

Didn't see that coming. Great chapter though. X3 Glad to see the snake being...well...a snake. ^w^

neither did I see that comming.
as for snakes. I would cry like a baby if one showed up in front of me.

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that jealous snake. Don't listen to him, Kwesi. Gottschalk would never let one of his residents get deported without good reason. Plus, is Sandor even an immigrant still? couldn't he get citizenship?

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sorry for being late with update. I am being terribly busy at work and am a bit of zombified at home. But I'm working on it and hope to have it ready for the next week.

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Don't worry about it Val we can wait don't burn your self out trying to get it to us.

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Mac!? has a crush
No way.
Just. How can it be possible?

Will wait to see where this goes

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Been longer but take your time.

I know you are unpredictable but I imagine the next chappie will involve Gaunt since he's the last pet to need a little more role.

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not quite (is almost finished with update), but as I use to fur left behind! :mrgreen:

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The Perimeter

“…Kudos to Mr. Gottschalk,” said the black wolf, as he jogged along the strip that, as the name implied, marked the extension of the hexagonal park. “Rarely I have seen such a display at the service of a residential area. Triple redundancy, state-of-the-art, portability…”
The white wolf, wearing the identical blue tac-vest of their common employer, nodded. “The Security control room is also supposed to be one of the main Crisis Management Centers during great disasters. As of recently, they simulated the effects of a nuclear first strike.”
The black wolf’s eyes sparkled with interest. “You kidding?!”
Light Greyfield chuckled. “No. In the sim, Terrace High was destroyed, direct hit. The Grove was razed, and Babylon Gardens was almost flattened.”
The black wolf grinned. “Cool. I never did a sim like that. You guys are so lucky!”
Light laughed this time. “And it gets better! The residents here weren’t forewarned it was a simulation, and they were evacuated into the Kingpin. That’s the name for a twin residential area built deep enough to withstand a nuclear attack of that magnitude.”
“Can I come live here?” the black wolf asked with a puppyish expression that was very rarely seen on his otherwise stern expression. “When do they have another sim?”
Light shrugged. “The dates are not given out. Gottschalk wants to make sure that people don’t feel prepared. He wants them to react as much naturally as possible –though after the last one, he was royally sued for scaring them out of their wits. He agreed at least to say ‘it’s a drill’ during the public emergency announcements.
The black wolf shook his head. “Humans are so no fun, sometimes.”
“Even your partner?” Light asked. “Come on, Temno, Natalie can’t be as bad as you depict her. Because she’s surely drawn well… At least, Keith says so.”
Temno sighed, shaking his head. “Brother, I’d rather throw myself into the arms of my old master. Her only idea of ‘fun’ involves bruises and things I didn’t think she could do with my tail. And when she’s not busy hurting me, she will boss me around the clock. I swear, I can tolerate it only because I have a long debt list to pay. By the way, do you know anything about that Fury that could help me? Her preferences? Her tastes? I will date her if it serves to save me even one day of ordeal.”
Light shook his head. “Mr. Foster told me you’d try and ask that. So, sorry, but no I can’t tell you. It’s up to you discover her weak points. Ask Diego for help.”
“Why him?”
The white wolf rolled his eyes. “I’d tell you but you wouldn’t believe me. Now, about—“ he was cut short by a dog. A basenji male had just ran between the two wolves, pushing them aside as if they didn’t even exist.
The first impulse of Light was just to shrug it off –he didn’t want to spoil his mood just because some stranger was rude.
Temno’s first impulse was different: his pride wouldn’t admit this kind of manners! His arm was already darting toward the dog’s arm, when a white-furred paw grabbed it firmly.
“Leave him be, brother,” Light said, quietly but firmly. Then he let go of the black wolf.
Temno huffed and rubbed his wrist. “Solid grip, I like it… But I hadn’t thought you had softened so much after living with a human. Manners should never be disrespected, you know.”
Light chuckled. “Yes, I can see you’re right: your mistress taught you well, after all.”
Temno growled low. “Watch it, snowpup!”
The white wolf’s head turned toward the nearby Coliseum Sports Center. “You, I and the ring?”
The black wolf grinned. “Bring it on, and a notary—“ both brothers were interrupted by an alarmed shout.
“Stop that dog!” the shout was coming from…an otter. A silver-coated male with black paws and legs. He was visibly tired as he repeated. “Stop…that dog…can’t you…hear?!” Then he collapsed on his knees, in front of the wolves. “Please. Urgent. Big time.” Then he made it in time to collapse into the arms of Light.
The white wolf nodded to Temno. “Go git!”
Temno flashed a white-fanged grin. “Yupi!” And off he went, as if he had just pent up a dragster’s worth of energies for that moment. The running dog had gained quite an advantage, but – at least by the angry barks coming from the tree-lined path – that was not a problem for the hunter.
“My, he’s good,” said the otter, still lying in the arms of Light.
“He is,” the wolf nodded. “You okay, mister..?”
“Errol. And what’s your name, Adonis? And your phone number? And timetable? By the way, I don’t mind carnivore restaurants.”
Light was puzzled, to say the least. “Err… I don’t live here…” he tried to say.
“Even better! Clandestine relationships with outsiders are the spiciest. Name’s Errol. Here’s my card.” He fished an actual business card. “Feel free to call me anytime, handsome.”
Light let him go as if he had just realized he was holding a bar of white-hot iron. “You weren’t really collapsing, were you?”
Errol stood up and massaged his butt. “Blame me for trying. That black David your bro—“
“Yes. And no.” Light said, preventing the question.
Errol’s ears flattened in disappointment. “Aw.”
“Let me go!” came a new, angry voice at that moment. “I said, let me go you stupid feral, wild beast, Republican!”
It was a funny spectacle, a big black wolf walking an all fours, tail up and wagging while he carried the Basenji dog by the scruff solidly locked in his teeth as if he were a daddy with his pup.
“I’ll tell him to let you go,” Errol said, once Temno had sat down, “under the condition you stop trying to run away.”
Kwesi growled, huffed and crossed his arms as he turned his head in an indignant scoff. “All right, all right you hormonic otter! Now could you tell this lackey of yours to let me—“ he hadn’t finished speaking, that Temno opened his mouth to protest. *thud* went his underside.
“Hey! I’m no ‘lackey’ for anyone!”
Kwesi stood up, massaging. “Stupid wolves. So, I am here. What do you want?”
Errol answered him, not caring about the two extra guests. The otter was quite serious now, far from the playful pet he used to act with the others. “I want you to stop try and run away from your home, you African fool! And I want you to stop with this nonsense about expulsions! You were on cloud nine until a couple of hours ago, wuddaheck happened to make you act like Volant on a blue streak?!”
Kwesi too didn’t pay attention to the two now puzzled wolves. He stuck a finger against the otter’s chest. “I told you what happened! It’s no nonsense, it’s true and I have seen it already before, back when I was a stray! When the authorities decide who is legal and who is not they won’t ask for permission! They could put Mr. Sandor in a jail because they decided he’s a terrorist or something, and I’ll end up in a cage of another shelter! Alandra will suffer! So I better leave instead of-of giving her the illusion of a relationship!”
Errol put his paws over his face and made as if trying to rip it off his skull. “Kwesi, I wish you could hear yourself, because now I am reasonably sure you have cut off your ears and put on a prosthetic. And no, now you listen!” he added as the basenji tried to speak again. “First, this is not some slum where police will do random roundup. Second, everyone living and working here has been thoroughly checked since before his or her birth! We’re talking Gottschalk, remember? Guy who makes seem that Foster guy a negligent hobo!”
“That’s true,” Temno whispered to Light. “Way too easy to break into that shelter.”
“And third,” Errol added, touching the tip of his finger, “Even if you were sent to a lager, Alandra would follow you, you, you… Tu es betes comme tes pieds!
“That didn’t sound nice,” Temno whispered.
After that tirade, the Canadian River otter seemed to deflate. “Kwesi, the worst thing you could now was to concede to your fears and abandon her. It would haunt you and it would wound her even worse than you did so far, and I must say, crushing the spirit of that sweet feline takes a lot.”
Kwesi sighed. “But…”
Errol patted his shoulder. “Now, now… You were just having your timebomb reaction, were you?”
A feeble nod.
“That’s a good garçon. Now let’s get back to work before your Dad decides you’re not taking this job seriously. I mean, why the worries? There are strays who would kill to be in your fur… Well, obviously they should, but you know what I mean. Ha! I think I did American pun!” he started pushing Kwesi away from that spot.
Garcia house

¡Hola, chica! Don’t I look muy fabulosa in this? And no pets were harmed to do it.”
Tegan just thought she had never seen a cat wrapped in a live python moving around with a burlesque music in background. “Well, it is…original, I concede that.”
“And it comes with flowers!” she snapped her fingers, and Macajuel’s tail reached around her holding a perfect, colorful bouquet. Alandra took them and sniffed them deeply. “Hmm, Mac. You are full of surprises.” She kissed his forehead and the serpent actually blushed!
Tegan saw but couldn’t really believe it.
“It has that effect on me, too,” the parrot standing behind her said. “I need to throw up.”
Tegan knew that Ali tended to be friend to everyone –after all, the poor creature had lived a pretty isolated life due to her clinical conditions. But showing such a degree of affection to a snake! What was going on in her head?! That was Macajuel, not the nicest of Terrace High’s residents…though he too was acting weird… “Is he simulating?” she whispered to the parrot.
Piper shook his head. “In that case, he’s really good.” He had known Mac for a lifetime, and when the snake was at his nicest he’d try and hug you into unconsciousness. And when he wasn’t busy planning someone’s painful demise, he’d sleep his free time away.
“Ready for the real show?” the Maine Coon asked the python. Mac nodded.
Alandra took two sticks her Dad used to support the ramblers. She held them out and Macajuel, at a surprising speed, started crawling around her arm and over the sticks. Then the cat said, “Mambo N° 5, please.”
The domotic system obeyed and the music started flowing through the air. Alandra started moving like a dancer, agile and flexible, an angel in fur, all the while the snake danced around her body and her arms, following her movements as if they were one.
Tegan was having problem keeping her jaw attacked to the rest of her mouth. For once, even Piper was simply speechless.
Even when the song came to an end, they would’ve stayed there like two salt statues, hadn’t been…for the clapping sound coming from behind them.
“Fantastica!” Kwesi said, in Italian, while clapping with enthusiasm. “You looked…too good for words.”
Alandra bowed, blushing slightly. “Aw, you think so?”
Only Piper noticed the flash of pure hatred that glimmered in the eyes of his old friend.
Kwesi went and hugged her. “Of course I do, my angel. And you will stay so even when your fur will turn grey. Please, forgive me for making you suffer.”
She kissed his nosetip. “You know I did already, but I forgive you.”
Macajuel cleared his throat. He was staring upset at the dog.
“And yes, Mac, you too were good. And thank you for your concern.” To a puzzled Alandra, he said, “He and I had a heart-to-heart about my future here. He was really worried for us, you know?”
“Oh, Mac!” Alandra hugged the snake. “You’re such a dear, but don’t worry. Everything will be fine.”
The basenji added a patting to the serpent’s body. “Yes, Mac. Everything will be juuust fine.”
“Never doubted it,” Mac answered through an inscrutable smile. “Anyway, I’m tired. And hungry. And you guys don’t want to see me feeding, so see you tomorrow. Kwesi, can we talk for a second? Alone?”
“Sure! Be right back, mon Coeur.”

Soon as the door to the apartment hissed closed, the python regarded the dog with half-slit eyes. “What’s with the nice guy act? I thought you wanted revenge, instead you saved my hide with her.”
Kwesi flashed him a grin that could’ve been easily mistaken for amused. “Nah, too easy. Whatever was your plan, I am just happy to have thwarted it and rub your snout in your failure. But next time you try another trick like that, I’ll be waiting for an hour before coming to your place and thrash it so bad that it will take the FEMA to rebuild it.”
The reptile nodded. “Fine. This round is yours, but don’t forget: Alandra is mine, you canine meddler!”
It was the turn of Kwesi to look sincerely startled. From his perching point, Piper almost lost his feathers!

Inside the apartment, Tegan was preparing some cold milk and honey. “Well, congratulations for the show. I mean, I don’t think I saw you so lively. Tell me, Ali, what’s your secret?”
“What secret?” the other cat as she took some dried fish immersed in layers of a sort of orange salt.
“The snake.”
“Mac? So?”
Tegan shook her head. “He was practically melting in your hands. I swear, you could’ve played fetch with him.”
Ali shrugged. “I don’t know. I only think everyone is too much…biased against him. You only have to know someone better. For example, did you know he spent many years in the forests around my birthplace?”
Tegan raised an eyebrow. “No. But again, admittedly, I don’t know anything about him or Piper. Not that they are being the most sociable members of the Club. In fact, I wonder why they registered at all.”
“To make friends. They’re just too stubborn to admit it.”
“And did Mac told you that?”
Alandra giggled. “No. But what else could be? I mean, we are ready to believe there is good in Volant, even if his attitude has been dangerous, and more than once. What could you find worse, in Mac and Piper?”
Tegan thought about that, then nodded. “You know? It’s in moments like this that I’m proud to have you as vice president of the Club.” Though, and for now she wouldn’t insist on that, she couldn’t feel anything good in those two dudes. She could see they were acting. Their smiles were cold, and yet…
A loud, hearty laughter came from outside the apartment. And considering the doors were soundproof… “Mac or Piper must be good at jokes.”

Kwesi was literally rolling on the floor. “My kidneys…my kidneys! Please have mercy, Mac-boy! Ohohohohoh! You…Alandra…” And out came another round of laughter. The poor dog was beginning to feel cramps at his tummy.
Piper was still there, his green feathers turning several shades paler.
Macajuel was blushing. “What?! Only dogs can be attracted to cats?”
Kwesi managed to get on his knees, still shivering. “So…so…you were trying to get rid of me because you think I am your rival?” He was trying to breathe between giggles. He sounded like a rabbit on highly concentrated soda. “Mac oh Mac… That’s so rich. I can’t even stay mad at you: you’re doing such a great job of embarrassing yourself!”
“Oh, really?” the tone of the reptile was glacial. “I could do an even better job of getting physically rid of you, mammal, what would you make of that?”
Kwesi cleaned his eyes from the tears. “Yes, yes. As if that would make you a partner for Ali. Please, just go home and get back to be your usual creepy self.” He walked toward the door. Before opening it, he added, “Since you’re being a good friend for Ali, and she’s fond of you as such, though, I will not tell her about your *giggle* feelings. Oh, and thank you for being frank. Now I know I have nothing to fear from you. See you.” And he walked back into the apartment.
Serpent and Parrot stood there in the middle of the corridor, immobile, blinking at the door.
Then, in a flat soulless voice, Piper said, “You and I have to talk.”

Episode 18

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Fri Oct 05, 2012 5:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

wow, Kwesi was kinda a jerk at the end there. If you find out someone wants to be with your mate, you don't laugh in their face and tell them they had no shot.
you calmly tell them that she's with you and that he should move on and find someone else he can be happy with. geez.

Author:  JeffCvt [ Fri Oct 05, 2012 11:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

I can't help but think the entire Terrace High population is going to regret this. Battles over a loved one never turn out well.

Author:  valerio [ Sat Oct 06, 2012 1:39 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

RandomGeekNamedBrent Wrote:
wow, Kwesi was kinda a jerk at the end there. If you find out someone wants to be with your mate, you don't laugh in their face and tell them they had no shot.
you calmly tell them that she's with you and that he should move on and find someone else he can be happy with. geez.

Now, now, not even you guys believed Mac could have feelings for Ali. Plus, Kwesi was literally pushed into a crisis by the sneaky snake. Let's just say Mac was due for a dish of revenge...
And, yes, Jeff, this doesn't bide well.

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Sat Oct 06, 2012 1:43 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

who says I don't believe he has feelings for her? I believe it. I don't think Alandra would ever return the feelings.
and Kwesi shouldn't stoop the Mac's level.

Author:  legendario13 [ Mon Oct 08, 2012 12:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

I think Kwesi is gonna regret that talk

Author:  copper [ Thu Oct 11, 2012 12:54 am ]
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Happy B Day Val!!! Hope you have a good one!

Also, reading through what I had to miss.... be up to date in a week or so... -_-'

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Thu Oct 11, 2012 1:10 am ]
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Happy bday Val. have fun.

Author:  angelusbr [ Thu Oct 11, 2012 6:18 am ]
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Happy Birthday, Valerio!

Author:  Karl [ Thu Oct 11, 2012 8:32 am ]
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Happy Birthday, Valerio. Wish you wealth and health for upcoming year.

Author:  kavviyenta [ Thu Oct 11, 2012 9:37 am ]
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Happy Birthday! thumbs up to you.

Author:  Zukio [ Thu Oct 11, 2012 10:38 am ]
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Happy Birthday Val!

Author:  valerio [ Thu Oct 11, 2012 12:21 pm ]
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*bows* thank you all guys. Unfortunately, I won't be able to write any update until I am done with my Nanowrimo!
Yup, I officially joined the race and am writing a thriller. In Italian. When I'm done (worst case, end of November), I'll go back to the ficcie.
Sorry everyone, but I'll make up for the time loss, promise!

Author:  _Stu_ [ Thu Oct 11, 2012 12:32 pm ]
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OMG happy birthday Valerio! :D

Author:  Big Fan [ Thu Oct 11, 2012 1:43 pm ]
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Happy birthday, I guess. I prefer unbirthdays, myself.

Author:  valerio [ Wed Oct 24, 2012 7:54 am ]
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Season III
Episode 19 – When it Rains...

Jameson House, Apt. 192, Lev.19, Terrace High

“HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND, AS OF RECENTLY?!” though Piper the parrot was not exactly known as the kindest of souls (to use a cute euphemism), he prided himself for being a self-controlled bird. He hated to lose his cool, he was the brain of the team, he collected information, he was a manipulator –and the animals like him, they-just-did-not-lose-IT!
This was his first time in much time, and it made him even more upset. And knowing him upset him even more…and so on, to the point that now his voice could have shattered glasses. Even worse, it made him forget that he was shouting right at the face of a 7ft-long python who could easily swallow him whole for snack.
Perhaps, Piper remembered that, for he suddenly managed to calm down…a bit, his chest emitting a funny wheeze as it swelled and contracted rapidly. “Macajuel, snakes do not fall in love with mammals! You and I will become the walking and slithering joke of this forsaken building! Please, tell me this is some weird but elaborate scheme to control that stupid—“ he didn’t even have the time to go ‘ack!’ as the python’s mouth opened wide, immense, and swallowed him whole!
The parrot tried desperately to put up a fight, but the maw remained closed. Eventually, the military macaw said, “Fine, fine, you walking stomach! I won’t insult her again! Now let me go, it stinks like a Chicago meat factory here! What the feather did you eat before me?!”
Macajuel spat his morsel. To the grossed-out bird, he said, “And you better keep that promise.” He then made a scoffing face. “Tss, you never understood me anyway. Why should I care about your opinion.”
Piper ruffled up and flew to his perch. “You should. The General won’t happy to know about this weird change of heart!”
Mac’s eyes gleamed dangerously. Piper gulped.
“You leave everyone else out of this, goofball, or I’ll make sure you’ll have to watch your back for the rest of your life.” It wasn’t the words, but the way he had spoken them. When Macajuel went ice-cold, you knew he meant business. And Piper had seen him swallow a female red hawk! Should’ve gotten rid of him and keep Bora with me, instead. I miss you baby…
Piper put his wings forward. “Okay, bro, peace! Once again, no more teasing, this remains between you and me. But…please, honest: what could you possibly find in a different Class?! I mean, I can understand why a dog could find a cat attractive, weird as it is: they both got fur, right? But…Alandra?! What heck of a spell does she hold on you, man?!”
This time, the snake blushed. And he…he smiled, as if he was some warm-hearted cub. Piper was tempted to pinch himself to make sure he was not hallucinating. “She…she is kind to me.”
Piper blinked. “Say that again?”
Macajuel sighed. “I said that she is kind to me, happy?”
The parrot put a wing over his face. Notlaughnotlaughnotlaugh… “Mac, my dearest old friend of so many nefarious plots, I can understand that our…job is not exactly social-friendly, but perhaps you are just a bit confused, didn’t you think of that? I mean, kindness – as much as it is a trait of the weak – is not ‘love’. If you really want to be friend with that feline, you don’t have to think of her in mating terms. Am I wrong?”
Macjauel didn’t answer. He slithered to one of the rats his owner kept tied to the lawn of the snake’s room. Piper saw his friend’s head dart. As usual, Mac took his sweet time and cruelty in feeding –and that reassured Piper, for there was still hope to bring him back to his senses…
But, when Mac was finished, he turned and said, “You don’t understand.”
Piper felt as if he could go bald. Even his beak drooped in despair. “What?”
“No one was ever kind to me. My mates, back in the jungles, were just egg-layers, and just as you said, our job is not social-friendly. I never cared for someone…for anyone but myself and you.”
Piper bowed. “Thank you, coldheart.”
“Alandra is different from the others we exploited, deceived, tormented, used… She really cares for me and you.”
Piper rolled his eyes, putting up his best Frazier voice. “Ah, c’mon! She’s just being friendly! She’s a weakling with a good heart, what’s so special about that?!”
“She invited us. No one here ever did that. And she likes to have me wrapped around her. And…she’s really soft, in a nice way.” There it went, a blush again.
Piper put both his wings to his face. “Okay, it’s official: I surrender!” then he threw up his wings. “You know what?! Fine! I’ll tell the General to leave her alone! When the operation’s done you may bring her with your and…and be her harness, belt or every other accessory! But until then you better stick to the plan. We’re this near!” he put two feathers as close as possible without touching.
Mac regarded the bird with suspicion. “Do you promise? Because if she gets hurt, you’ll be the next.”
Piper put his wing over his chest. “Killer’s honor. Now go rest. I’ll go look for a painkiller: you gave me a royal headache, weird slitherer.” He flew out of the room. Yes, he really did miss that hawk.
Perhaps, he reflected as Mac’s door hissed closed, the snake was right: they were really good at their job, but in all this time they hadn’t had never really looked for…something else. Mac needs a mate, badly. Heck with his fantasies, once we get rid of the Garcias I’ll find him a suitable one and he’ll be only grateful… Ah, Bora! Nasty, ferocious raptor! I don’t think I’ll find someone like you so easily…
Piper entered the bathroom. The General trusted his pets to have their own medicines next to his –not to mention that ingesting the wrong stuff could prove fatal. The parrot opened the cabinet and took a bottle of pills. Still brand new. *sigh* he so hated to admit he needed even one.
As he uncapped the bottle, Piper found himself thinking about her again. Was she really in love with him? Perhaps, if he hadn’t been so hasty in getting rid of her, he’d have someone to talk to, bird-to-bird, to fly with, to…
The bottle fell into the sink, the pills scattering over the porcelain surface, collecting around the safety mesh.
A drop fell into the sink. Then another.
Teardrops from the parrot’s eyes.
Piper looked at his own reflection in the mirror, through the haze of his tears. He tried to fight the trembling in his body, failing. Feeling silly, stupid, weak! And for crying over what? A brief not-relationship with someone he didn’t care for? As if Bora hadn’t been the only one he had exploited and then gotten rid of!
Get over it, you stupid sentimental featherball!
He tried to focus on his reflection, glaring at it as if he could scold it into discipline.
What he gained was a sob, and the sensation of a cold hand twisting his stomach.
He hated to admit it, but he was mad at Macajuel because he had opened a door that Piper had kept tightly closed for a long, long time.
Yeah, great work of dramatic introspection! What will you do, next time? Start seeking redemption for your past sins? Or ask Daddy to adopt a cute birdie?! Piper chuckled…chuckled again…and finally erupted in a long, maniacal laugh.
When it was over, he felt a little better. He wiped his eyes, still chuckling a bit. “I can’t believe it! I’m getting worked up because my partner in crime has the weirdest love life. Heh. Piper, old chap, you really need to calm down a bit. Plus, there’s plenty of feathered ladies in the world.
The parrot slapped himself. “Ack! Bad bird! Enough with the mushiness. I need to do something to get distracted, yes. It’s the stress talking. A good prank will get me back in a good mood, yes.
Then why do you sound so nervous?
Piper shook his head until he was sure he could hear the sound of glass clinking. He shut his eyes so tight that they hurt. “What’s with me?! Since when I got a conscience, dang it!”
Since you got me offed, of course.
“Uh?” When he opened his eyes, he met not his reflection.
He met the amused, cruel gaze of a female red hawk.
<Hello, luv. Or should I say ‘Boo!’?> Bora’s ghostly head protruded out of the mirror.
Back in Babylon Gardens, Peanut, wearing a paper hat with a Rebel Alliance Pilot drawn on it, sighed. “Max! You’re supposed to scream when you discover you’re the cousin of Jabba, not during the dogfight over the Death Star!”
Max emerged from the cardboard box with a TIE fighter painted on it. “Hey! That was not me, you mangy fleabag! Now can we go back to where I kick your X-wing into Rebel Scrapyard?!”
Piper flew out of the apartment with the speed of a Cruise missile, not caring if he’d run into something and break his neck. He just wanted to be safe from that hallucination, no from that nightmare –this wasntpossiblethiswasntpossible! The dead didn’t come back to haunt the living that was against the rules because if that would ever ever ever happen he would have to face every single feathered, scaled, furred, skinny creature he had caused the demise of and that thought was even more terrifying than the prospect of being encaged for the rest of his life in the filthiest shelter! No, he was just totally psyched, and he needed to get away from the building to refresh his--*FLUFF!*
Where did the light go? Piper felt as if he had just flown into a thick cloud made of…fur?
He felt an immense paw grab him and then pulling him…
…out of Samson’s chest. “Got ya,” said the St. Bernard, wagging. “What do I do with him now, ma’am?”
“Bring him to my place,” said the brown rat sitting over the dog’s shoulder. “I got an exorcism to do.”

Author:  lightwolf21 [ Wed Oct 24, 2012 7:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

The plot well as Mac's belly almost. >.> What did he eat before trying to eat Piper I wonder?

Author:  JeffCvt [ Wed Oct 24, 2012 9:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

Wow, so the past comes back to haunt the evil. I would have never guessed that.

Just one thing:
valerio Wrote:
But until then you better stick to the plan. We’re this near!” he put two feathers as much close as possible without touching.

You should take the much out here. Other than that, everything looks great.

Author:  legendario13 [ Wed Oct 24, 2012 10:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

So now, one is obsessive and the other (believes) is crazy.
And the General is not going to be pleased.
Bad thing... (awesome)

Author:  valerio [ Sat Oct 27, 2012 1:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

Barons House, Lev.13, Apt.130

“Why all the interest?” the parrot asked while nibbling a biscuit. “I mean, you and I barely know each other. And what could you possibly want from me?”
The female rat sitting in front of the perch sipped her tea, looking calmly at the bird. Piper felt as if she was staring inside him. It made him uneasy. “Because you have a problem of supernatural kind. I am the deputy custodian concerning this kind of problems related to this area.”
Piper blinked a couple of times. “Duh?”
“She said she’s the local Ghostbuster!” the black rabbit, Shadow, said from the nearby room. In the background, Dective Kane was giving a piece of advice to a juvenile criminal.”
“Inaccurate, but it gives the idea,” Chocolate said.
Piper ruffled up his feathers. “I don’t have a ghost problem. When you and that brute caught me, I was…just stressed out. Happens even to the best. Ghosts don’t exist. You’re only trying to psych me up.”
The rat didn’t looked fazed by that statement. “You were trembling and peeping for help like a hatchling.”
Now, Piper was a reasonable individual –he just hated being considered a weakling. That was the only button that could make him dangerous to anyone, his human master included. “Now you listen, you walking snack! You take back what you just said, or comes dawn and you’ll be spending the short rest of your life into a digestive system!” He bent forward, looking at his newfound enemy with hatred.
He then flew in front of her, and pressed a wingtip against her chest. “I. Am. Not. A. Weakling! Am I clear??”
“Then you won’t have any problem in humoring me. I am not charging for the service.”
Piper hung his head. “This must be the karmic idea of a bad hair day. First the snake going crazy then this. Lady, couldn’t we just forget this idea of an exorcism and let me go?”
Another sip. “Samson is not here, and you are not imprisoned. Feel free to go.”
Another couple of blinks. “Just like this?”
Chocolate shrugged. “I’ll try another way to cleanse you.”
“She’ll do it!” Shadow said. “Once, I had gotten a poltergeist infestation and refused to go under the usual ritual! What she did then was very embarrassing, but it worked! Now I can eat my cereal without the bowl flying everywhere like a UFO!”
Piper sighed dramatically. “And what would this…usual ritual be?”

“Candles, incense, pentagram, human skull… Geez, can it get more cliché than this?!”
Five candles stood at the vertexes of the silver pentagram traced on the pavement. Five more candles stood at the tips of the pentagram drown into a circle at the center of the first one.
The brown rat started lighting up a candle with a long match which emitted a sizzling, silvery flame, then she went to the other. “When you make bread, you use always flour and water. The rest can help to improve the recipe.”
The parrot, standing on the pavement at the far corner of the room, shook his head. “Magic like bread? That’s rich, gonna use that for a sequel to Forrest Gump? I always thought that the dumbolo’s luck was magic anyway.”
“You complained about stereotypes. Magic symbols and arcana are constant throughout the millennia, according to the required ritual. In this case, you’ll always have a double pentagram, candles, incense and a skull. The silver pentagram is the symbol of white, or ‘positive’ magic. The candles will guide the soul to the medium. The incense is to ward off any ethereal stench. The skull—“
“Ethereal stench?” Piper interrupted her. “Are we going to deal with the Devil? Sulfur pits, hellfire and such?”
“No. Some rancorous dead brings the stench of decay with them. The skull will physically channel the presence, so we can interact with it.”
Piper looked at the thing, rubbing his beak with a wing. “Eh. Thought mediums would do the talking. Possession and such.”
Chocolate went behind the skull and pushed it toward the center of the double pentagram. She then placed a candle over it. “This is safer, and less stressful. Not to mention that too many mediums are attention-seekers. I prefer the old school. Now, are you ready?” She lit up the last candle, and at the same time the room’s lights went out, immersing the environment in a creepy, shimmering penumbra.
Piper was impressed –he had to tell the General about that trick. It would work miracle with those tribesmen by the Amazon river…
Chocolate cleared her throat.
Piper looked hesitantly at the setup, then huffed and rolled his eyes. “Fine, fine, let’s get this charade over with! What should I do?”
“Come inside the pentagram. The spell will work it out by itself.”
“I can’t,” he answered.
“And why not?”
“Because I can’t move!” the parrot was trying hard to lift even a feather, but he felt as if he had been dipped in Krazy Glue.
Chocolate raised an eyebrow. “Hm, that’s interesting.”
The parrot glowered at the rat. “It’s not interesting! It’s scary! Do something, you…you…” he suddenly extended his right wing. By the way he was looking at it, it was clear that was not a gesture he had planned.
Then Piper slapped himself, repeatedly! “Ow! Ow! Ow! Stop it, you [censored] witch!”
Chocolate sighed and threw up her arms. “All this work for nothing! I swear, it’d be easier to work with poltergeists! But it was my fault for not asking the right questions, Piper. Hold it a moment.”
“Oh, don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere…” the parrot turned his head. “Say, you do look tasty, you know?”
Chocolate gestured in the direction of the bookshelves, half of them filled with various items. “Last one to say that is still puking her guts.” A moment later, a round mirror, inserted in a frame carved with runes, floated into her paws. “in your case, it would be literal, as that body is unfit to process meat. Right, Bora?”
The red-tailed hawk in the reflection sneered. “I thought I could just enjoy the taste, dear morsel.”
The parrot said, “She’s…possessing me? She’s inside me?! ACK! Take her away! Take her away!!!”
“Why, love, didn’t you say you missed me?”
“Not to the point of sharing my feathers with you, you t-treacherous—“
“You’re one to speak!” she hissed from the mirror. “You used me and got rid of me with that python friend of yours! One moment I was planning a life with you and then I was being digested!”
Piper turned a desperate look at Chocolate. “Lies! She’s an outright liar! Crazy spirit!” And then he spoke with the hawk’s voice –cursed his ability to copycat every voice! “Oh, and even your affiliations with the General are lies…Elegante?”
Piper saw himself spending the rest of his life inside a tight cage and a newspaper as toilet.
Chocolate put the mirror back onto the shelf. “I was aware of that, don’t fret over it.”
“You were?!” both voices said with equal stupor.
“I must be, it’s part of my job. There is no secret hidden from me in Terrace High. But I am not a superhero: my duty, again, is as warden of the supernatural. Save for exceptional situations, I am not allowed to interfere with everyday life.”
Piper gulped, hard. “So. You know…everything? I mean, about…”
“About your secret as well, yes. The one not even Macajuel is aware of.”
In a terrible flash of clarity, Piper thought desperately, <Let me go, stupid ghost! I must deal with her now! She can’t be allowed to breathe a second longer!>
<Forget it, ‘dear’. In fact, I will just enjoy staying here and watch your downfall: better than that magic box!>
Had he known that earlier, Piper thought, he would have offered that meddling rat to the hawk instead of…Ack! Enough of that! “What will you do then?”
Chocolate smothered the candles with a single gesture. “I don’t need to do anything.” As the last flame died, the lights returned. “About your secret, I mean: that problem is already correcting itself as we speak. But I really need you to work with me for a proper exorcism: you see, if there is not a precise will of the possessed to solve the problem, there is not much I—“
“Which means you can’t force me to stay here?!” Piper said
Chocolate nodded. “I could, only on the condition you become a supernatural threat, which is not the case so far, and I don’t dare to work on the assumption there is a definite future—“
“See you then!” an absurd amalgam of male/female bird voice said, as the parrot went to the door. It hissed open and the possessed parrot flew away.
“How rude,” Chocolate commented.

Once in the corridor, Piper flew straight toward the elevator. “I guess you can’t teleport me or make me fly faster or something ghosts do, useless hatchling!”
He answered to himself with a female voice. “Aside from the fact that you should be less rude with someone within your body, the only thing I can do is, for now, controlling you. And you are tempting me into crashing you into the wall. Any other questions ‘love’?”
“You’ll hold that against me for the rest of my life, will you?” he sighed, as the elevator’s doors opened. “Level 19!” he said. The cabin started.
He felt a renewed knot of ice in his guts. Until an hour or so ago, he didn’t believe in the supernatural –heck, for all the things he had seen and done in his life, he could as well call himself ‘Legion’, if he deserved a possession for every ghost he had personally created!
“So why there is a stupid ghost possessing me now?!” He asked aloud…then banged his head against the wall!
“Warned you,” he said to himself in a merry voice. “Oh, and it doesn’t hurt…me.”
Piper massaged his head. “I got that, you—“ he restrained himself at the last moment, as his mind went to the real heart of the matter…
What Chocolate Barons had said, earlier. That problem is already correcting itself as we speak. And, believer or not, even supposing she was making up some fancy sentences to impress him (she knew his secret? It would be easier that everyone paid their taxes!), he was paranoid enough to think that she could have used her contacts in the rat underworld (he knew every single rat was somehow connected to another, it worked that way, he had used those contacts himself!) to learn certain…things.
For example, about a certain, traitorous snake…
The door opened. Piper flew like a rocket to his apartment. The door opened. “MAC!” He called out. He went to the python’s room.
No. he wasn’t there. “Alfred!” he asked to the house. He had personally wanted their domotic system named after that character. “Alfred, find Macajuel, now!”
“He is not inside these quarters, Sir.”
The parrot chewed his wing, hoping the pain would calm his storming thoughts. “I can see that already! Where. He. Is. NOW?!
“Are we being nervous?” Bora asked. Anyone dwelling with the supernatural would’ve seen the hawk’s aura around his body.
“If I am right, this body you like so much could end up with a death cocktail stuck up the butt in a county shelter! But that is why you allowed me to come here, right?”
The hawk said nothing.
“Guessed so! Now keep your beak shout. Alfred!
“Master Macajuel is by the offices of The Daily Facts. By privacy reasons, I cannot divulge what he is doing or saying unless—“
“Override privacy protocols,” Piper said, calmly, replicating par the voice of R.R. Gottschalk, Terrace High’s owner.
“That cannot be done, master Piper.”
“But how could you tell—“
“Security members and the leadership of these premises must be identified by a complete biometrical scan to give me vocal orders.”
Piper almost fainted. He knew Mac, he knew what the python could do to satisfy his obsessions. The slitherer wasn’t stupid, he could be…really, really single-minded when he focused onto something. Piper had always imagined Macajuel as the serpentine equivalent of a shopaholic.
Piper knew what was happening at the house of the internet journal: someone was getting the scoop of his life.
And so, it was over? Like this? All because a snake had fallen for a cat? A cat to be taken whatever the costs?
Perhaps, it wasn’t too late to just fly away and building himself a brand new life…
“I like that idea,” Bora said. “But don’t forget to find a place with some juicy mice.”
“I hate you.”

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