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Author:  JeffCvt [ Thu Jun 14, 2012 5:43 pm ]
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A good update with quite a few funny moments in it.

I love these kind of things.

Author:  angelusbr [ Fri Jun 15, 2012 6:17 am ]
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Great fanart.

Author:  lightwolf21 [ Fri Jun 15, 2012 10:32 am ]
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angelusbr Wrote:
Great fanart.
Thanks. :3 It's not really fan-art so much as a ref drawing of my character.

Author:  GameCobra [ Sat Jun 16, 2012 5:49 pm ]
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Waaaait a minute... Socks and Garr? =O

Awww <3 you added them!

Author:  JeffCvt [ Sat Jun 16, 2012 8:05 pm ]
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Well, Val did say the winners of the contest would become permanent parts of the story, so why wouldn't they be in it?

Author:  GameCobra [ Sat Jun 16, 2012 8:36 pm ]
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It's just the excitement, really. I really love it when my characters are added to a story and i <3 Val for doing it still :3

Author:  valerio [ Sun Jun 17, 2012 12:14 am ]
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GameCobra Wrote:
Waaaait a minute... Socks and Garr? =O

Awww <3 you added them!

Yarn Magic, I couldn't leave that behind ;)

Author:  GameCobra [ Sun Jun 17, 2012 9:20 am ]
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valerio Wrote:
GameCobra Wrote:
Waaaait a minute... Socks and Garr? =O

Awww <3 you added them!

Yarn Magic, I couldn't leave that behind ;)

Socks: *Summons up nearby yarn to make a red <3 symbol for Val*

Author:  valerio [ Mon Jun 18, 2012 3:30 pm ]
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Sandwich House, Babylon Gardens

“Hi, kittens!” The male puppy looked a good combination of his parents. He sported Bino’s coat, and Sasha’s white fur on arms and legs. He was still too young to have both ears erect, but they were triangular, and there were bets he’d develop only one, just like his mama.
Soon as he saw the Sandwich kittens, he ran/trotted toward them, wagging his still minuscule tail. He stopped in front of Tarot…and pressed the white spot in the middle of her brow. “Bing!”
Tegan threw a questioning glance to her canine friend. Sasha said, “Apparently, Bosco is convinced he can lit up Tarot’s eyes with that.” She rolled her eyes with an amused smile. ”Silly pup, he should know it can work only at night.”
Yup, that was still Sasha for you.
Parnok was taking advantage of that moment to stalk the puppy from behind. Grape motioned Tegan to keep quiet. The other kittens and the two foster puppies just giggled through paws clenched against their snouts…
The white kitten leaped at Bosco. “Gotch—“ his grin of triumph instantly turned into an ‘O_O’ of surprise, as he ended up crashing into the grass.
By now, all the young ones were laughing out loud. Tegan and Grape were not trying to add their own amusement to the kitten’s detritement.
Parnok stood on all fours and puffed up is fur, a tiny white cloud with a purple appendage. “You cheated again! Bad dog!”
Bosco stuck out his tongue at him. “I didn’t! You’re too slow.”
Parnok replied at those words with another attack. And, again, Bosco dodged gracefully.
“How remarkable,” Tegan said, as now everyone was trying to catch the elusive pupyy, mostly ending against each other and causing mock battles to start. The Maine coon’s eyes, ears and nose drank at that scene with pure bliss on her face…
“I know,” Grape said, putting a paw on here shoulder. “I too wish this age could last forever.”
Tegan sighed. “I wish I could share this joy with you, today.”
“Give Elliot some time,” Peanut said, as he, Budweiser and Elliot walked into the scene. “I’m sure he’ll grow up into the idea.”
“PAPA!” the five kittens all but forgot about their friends and attacked their canine father.
“Ack!” Peanut laughed as he was dragged down by the small furies.
“Let’s play pretend!” Dayshaun said. Apparently, he got to sit on the chest of all his victims. “You’re the spaceship Laika I and we’re the intrepid crew to Mars!”
Grape squatted near her husband and mate. “I think there are no problems with that… But first I’d like to know how the work with the secret clubhouse is going.”
Peanut cleared his throat with embarrassment. “Ah, Grapey, well…” His finger and thumb almost touched each other. “Aaalmost finished. I put up the roof, it only needs a sign. And the toys And the furniture…”
Grape shook her head. “Dear, I thought I made myself clear, last time: Every day you’re late on schedule, it’s a day without special snuggles. You know what I mean, do you?” She flashed him a grin.
Peanut whimpered pitifully.
“Aah, don’t take it so hard on him, daughter,” Bud said, slapping her back. “He’d already have finished, but he has his papa duties to attend to.” The older hound wagged a warning finger at the lavender cat, his face a mock stern mask. “And you don’t want to keep a papa and his children from their rightful fun.”
“Pleeeease?” Peanut and the kittens said with an identical tone and grinning plea.
Grape stood up, threw her arms up. “Okay, okay, I surrender! I’ll ask Uncle Martin and his tribe to finish with the job! After all, the clubhouse is for their new pups as well.”
“Yay!” Then Peanut stood up. “Come, kits! Let’s take the hats!” And they ran back into the house.
“What’s with this clubhouse?” Tegan asked.
“Oh, it was my idea,” Sasha said, wagging and clasping her paws. “I think pups and kittens should have a common playground! A nice place where to grow together and as good friends!”
The Foster pups were trying to get Bosco, but the Byron pup was proving himself faster.
“And what does Bino think of that?” Tegan asked.
“He’s busy at the Academy, working his tail into a career,” Grape answered. “But he sent an e-mail that melted her PC, once.”
Sasha waved. “Oh, that was just stress talking. I’m sure he’s enthusiast that his son will be a nice doggie to everyone!”
Hunter’s Academy

“Really, man, you shouldn’t take it so bad,” said a wolfdog, shaking meekly his head at the sight unworthy of such a fine cadet.
Dressed in his blue uniform, Bino was laying on his cot, his right arm hanging out, a bottle of anise clasped in his paw. The dog reeked of the liquid and he’d speak with a drawl while he stared to the ceiling with eyes reddened by tears. “Leav’ me ‘lone with mah pain. Mah shon ish goin’ t’be a catlover *hips*. Mah dignity ish over…life over…whatevah…” and he drank again.
Hah! Take this, stupid earthling spaceship! The space belongs to the Venusian armies!” A brown paper bag - depicting a rough alien head with a trumpet nose and antennae – pulled over his eyes, Elliot was trying to strike down the Peanut-shuttle as it tried to reach its destination while carrying Tarot and Nutella over his back, the kittens wearing paper hats depicting space helmets.
Both the ‘venusian’ assailant and the ‘defending forces’ composed of the other kittens and Bosco were using paper balls as weapons. Elliot, Naos and Rigel were the Venusians, while Bosco had sided with the Earhtlings. The ship was protected by shields, so no hit could damage it until the pup and the kittens were untouched.
Elliot was discovering how hard could be to hit one of those small fur bundles. Dayshaun, against all biological laws, seemed to have taken Peanut’s speed and agility as well…

“Looks like Peanut has taken very seriously his role,” Tegan said with a grin.
“Bless him,” Grape nodded. “I don’t know what I’d do without his manic energies. Once, he’d use to drive me crazy. Now it’s as if he multiplied his strength. And he has still time for me when the kittens are done. Not to speak ill of the absents, but Max would spend all of his energies in single bursts before falling asleep.”
Tegan nodded. “Peanut’s all heart. He was just born to be a father.”
“Retreat!” Elliot was barking, as volleys of paper balls followed him and the pups. “The enemy is too strong for us!”
“Do you think Elliot will do a good father?” Grape asked.
“I know he’ll try. I know I can’t rush him, he just accepted the idea of…us, and it took my kidnapping to make him understand. Much as I like to tease him, he need room to think this through and through. But I’m sure he’ll be ready when the moment comes.”
At that moment, Elliot ran to his mate and hid behind her. Before she could realize what was happening, he peeked over her shoulder and said, “Neutral ground! You can’t involve a foreign embassy!”
“Oh, really..?” Parnok said, making his ball bounce in his paw. Getting closer, as his brother and two sisters surrounded the Terrace High couple.
“Grape, help?” the poor retriever whimpered.
The lavender cat raised her paws in denial. “Don’t involve me. You know that I still stand for communal anarchy. Which means, it’s free-for-all. Go get him, kits.”
Screaming, Elliot tried to run up the nearby tree…and was intercepted by a salvo of paper, which literally buried him! A moment later, a white flag emerged from the mound.
Peanut and the kittens improvised a victory dance. From the branch where they had found safety, Naos and Rigel looked with scorn at their fallen comrade. “And you call yourself a dog?” an exasperated Rigel growled. “Uncle Bino is so gonna make fun of us!”
“And what did you expect?” Naos said to his sister. “He is a cat lover!”
“Well, you weren’t picky when you chose him!”
“We needed an adult by our side!”
“Next time we pick up uncle King and aunt Bailey! They’re better at this!”
Tegan frowned at her friend. “My, they really are into this thing. Are you sure they’re the sons of Mizar?”
“I’m still here, you know?” the white-furred dog said from behind her, startling the cat. “And yes, they are. They are die-hard fans of Bino, dog knows why they adore him but they are the youngest supporters of the Good Ol’ Dogs club. I can only hope they’ll grow out of it.”
“Not their fault,” Tegan said.
Mizar nodded. “Bino can be the most charming dog, he is a good leader after all. Plus, there is the police thing, he’s almost a hero now. The pups are too young to see what he really is, and I have not the right to crush their dreams. As long as they behave.”
“And how’s the relationship with Alcor?”
“They instinctively respect his position of pack leader, but they really don’t like to call ‘papa’ a cat. Again, fortunately, despite being every member of the family cat friendly, they understand they can’t be lone wolves. But everything is difficult with them, sometimes, even the simplest decisions—“
“Enough with the small talk, girls,” Bud said, coming with a tray with a big jug of water, glasses and some cookies. “Time to rest. The day is still young.”

Author:  EvanAierkan [ Mon Jun 18, 2012 4:15 pm ]
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Grape shook her head. “Dear, I thought I made myself clear, last time: Every day you’re late on schedule, it’s a day without special snuggles. You know what I mean, do you?” She flashed him a grin.

Grape, you're such a scandalous girl!

I have to admit, I laughed out loud a bit when I read the Bino part. It just fits so perfectly.

Author:  GameCobra [ Mon Jun 18, 2012 4:31 pm ]
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This is going to take awhile to get use to. >.> But i shall read all of this!

and egad! Kittens! *immediately tries to find the source*

Author:  angelusbr [ Mon Jun 18, 2012 5:39 pm ]
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I respectfully disagree about Bino being a good leader.

Author:  JeffCvt [ Mon Jun 18, 2012 8:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

Bino is good at leading, just not the choices he makes while doing so.

That's what I see.

And more of the kittens and puppies!! Yay!!

Author:  legendario13 [ Wed Jun 20, 2012 4:52 pm ]
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What a reading, I really hope we keep seeing more of the little fluffy ones.

Author:  valerio [ Wed Jun 20, 2012 5:09 pm ]
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legendario13 Wrote:
What a reading, I really hope we keep seeing more of the little fluffy ones.

Well, I can spoil this:
'We're gonna go see Granduncle Reuben! We're gonna go see Granduncle Reuben!'
And imagine all five kittens doing 'The Dance'.

Author:  JeffCvt [ Wed Jun 20, 2012 5:36 pm ]
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valerio Wrote:
'We're gonna go see Granduncle Reuben! We're gonna go see Granduncle Reuben!'
And imagine all five kittens doing 'The Dance'.


*Brain shuts down from overload of cute awesomeness*

Author:  legendario13 [ Wed Jun 20, 2012 5:37 pm ]
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its like a dream, is beautiful!

Though it remember it me some bittersweet times

Author:  valerio [ Fri Jun 22, 2012 5:12 am ]
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Applegate Studios, Locke’s County

“…And this is the set where Primo plays the ads. It’s built so that new elements can be quickly added and removed, though most of the job is made by the CG whiz. Questions?”
A weimaraner raised his arm, wagging and sporting an enthusiast grin.
Spike facepawlmed. “No, Sigmund, I don’t know if they’re hiring for ads. You should ask the direction, not me.”
Sigmund made an ‘aw’ face.
Up went Pawdrick’s arm. “May yer sister vouch for us?”
The black German shepherd blinked his now dot-eyes. “…my syster?”
“Ya, yer twin sis. I loved her princess interpretation in that cookies spot!” all of the other 7 canine heads nodded in agreement. Then the Scottish colie nodded. “Cute lass at that, too. Would like to meet her.”
For a moment, Spike didn’t say anything. He just stood there, immobile, a big drop of sweat running down his temple.
It was then that Pawdrick said, “Perhaps she’d like a picnic? I’m good at fixing one. I’m an old romantic hound, and I’d really like a kiss like she gave to that shining knight.”

Spike’s howl exploded like the call of the mighty Fenrir in the final battle of the Gotterdammerung. It razed everything down in a range of 200mts “PRIIIIMOOOOOO!!”

“You called?” said a red Akita inu, coming at that moment.
“You are so going to suffer, today!” Spike’s expression was one that could scare the heck out of a stone, his voice the sound of a dark creature spawned in the darkest dimensions. “I will devour your soul for causing me the basest humiliation—“
Primo all but ignored that outburst. He just patted Spike’s shoulder as he passed by him. “Yes, yes, we’ll talk about that later. I know I owed you a big one for that scene in the ad. But right now, I need…” his eyes focused on Tsuki, who was hiding behind a table with the other groupies, holding out a rosary bead to exorcise the malevolent presence. Isaac was holding high a crucifix. Butch was ready with hammer and a wooden stake. “Oh, there you are, Tsuki-san.” He grabbed the white Shiba by the arm. “Sorry, but this is an emergency. Come with me!”
The other visitors from Terrace High exchanged glances.
“Do you know what this means, guys?” Sigmund asked, getting nods in return.
“They’re hiring!” as one dog, they all ran after the canine star. Spike, the saddest expression on his face, had only the time to raise a small sign reading WHY ME?, before he got trampled.

“Here she is, Mr. Seth!” Primo said.
The Director of A Dogland Apocalypse stopped himself in the act of tying a hanging rope around his neck.
Pawdrick, Maximillion, T.J., Butch, Linus, Isaac, Tsuki and Elpis were watching intently as the human, after a moment of hesitation, tossed away the rope. The staff let out a collective sigh of relief.
Seth walked toward Tsuki, who was still trying to understand what was happening. She just stood there, her blue eyes following the movements of the human as he, hands clasped behind his back, walked around her, examining her with eyes like two probes, nodding from time to time…
“Have you ever played in a movie? A family movie? A school recital? An ad? A PB&J Theater Play?” he asked with the same tone of a Gestapo officer.
Tsuki snapped into a smart position. “A couple of Kabuki theater session, Sir!”
“How’s your memory? Could you learn and remember your lines? Eh?”
“Sir! My memory’s excellent, Sir!”
“Do you think you could act disciplined on the set? I don’t need a mutt going panicky under my watch!”
“Sir! My mother is a former officer of the Japanese Navy, Sir! She taught me everything about discipline, and with excellent results if I dare say so. Sir!”
Seth nodded one last time. “Give her a copy of the script. We’ll make her do. Do you have any objection?”
Tsuki turned toward her friends, in time to see them dancing, playing trumpets, shooting out confetti and waving GO TSUKI GO! Signs
“I don’t think I’ll have any problem with that, Sir.” A second later, she was hit in the face by a thick copy of the script.
“Give her a roulette, too,” Seth said. He *yoink*ed Samson by the collar. “You and Primo with me, big boy. We’re so late that I could have directed a new movie.”
“Ah, Sir,” the blond woman of the staff said, hesitantly, “what about Ms. Froufrou?”
“The actress—“ she tried, but he tossed a USB key at her.
“There’s a copy of this story in there. Read it. Ms. Froufrou was only a walk-by, not even to be seen again. Clean her camper now.”
The woman shrugged and guided the new actress to the camper.

When they arrived at destination, a van was getting ready to leave the scene. Fists, curses, howls of despair came from inside the vehicle.
“It’s unfair, I say! Someone help me! Readers, fans, anyone! I must appear! I had a contract! MY HONOR WILL BE AVENG—“ the sound of a gunshot interrupted her. The van left in a hurry.
The dogs were left watching with a very, very worried expression and an identical sweat drop on their brows.
The blond woman laughed nervously. “Hehe, don’t worry boys: that was a tranq gun, just like they used to shoot in Star Blazers, you know. Hop hop, come inside, Tsuki.”
Tsuki, who had seen the original Uchu Senkan Yamato show, knew the truth, and was even more so worried…
Somehow, the camper’s interior had been already refurnished and redecorated so to resemble an average Tokyo pod –small, essential, and lifeless.
The woman guided Tsuki to the boudoir. “We’ll be done in a moment. Are you allergic to dyes?”
“No, ma’am.”
The woman patted the canine’s back. “Please, just Betty. Now let’s get you prepped up.” She took a jar of dye. “Let’s see, a shade of grey, a touch of russet, some black… Sorry, but you’ll need to look like another breed—Oh, schnickenstumple!
“Something wrong?”
The woman rummaged through the dyes jars. “Yes, no black dye available.” She patted both furry shoulders. You just wait here, girl, I’ll be back in a moment…or someone else may, should Seth decide to cut off my head. Tell my parents I loved them!” The woman left in a hurry, leaving behind herself a group of silent, astonished canines.
Everyone looked at Tsuki who, to her merit, had kept her cool so far. She was looking at her reflection, examining it as if searching for some defect, anything that could undermine her sudden new career…
“…Tsuki?” Elpis asked. “You OK?”
Tsuki turned, showing the BIGGEST grinning smile a canine could ever show! Her pupils had almost filled her eyes, and her ears were bent forward in excitement. “SQUEEEEE!!!”
“That means you like the idea?” Sigmund asked.
The Shiba inu jumped off her seat and started doing small jumps while clasping her paws. Her curly tail was wagging madly, and her face seemed frozen in that joyful rictus. Peanut in his happiest double Christmas mode couldn’t have been happier. “I’m gonna work with Primo in a movie! Mom will be so proud of me!”
Pawdrick hugged her. “We all are proud of ye, lass! I’m sure you’ll do—“ the Scottish collie was rudely pushed aside by a very enthusiast Isaac.
“Please tell me you’re going to be a regular at my diner, please!” The Tamaskan said in a tone of someone who already had a contract signed and registered.
“Err… I already am a regular at The Treat, Bolt.”
More regular, I mean! Breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, midnight snack! And I’ll assign you a booth all for you, so that you can eat in peace and everyone can see you’re there, enjoying our fine specialties!”
A heavy silence had fallen inside the camper. Crickets were chirping in the distance. Everyone was staring at him with dot eyes.
“What? She’ll have an open tab. It’s not a big deal for her.”
“Bolt,” T.J. said, eventually. “We really need to discuss this obsession of yours, one day.”
“Do you think you can play smart with me, eh, smarty?” If you wanted to see Samson gritting his teeth, looking like a real savage brute, all tensed up in physical effort, you had to pay a visit at the gym where he exercised himself near exhaustion.
But if you wanted to see Samson angry, you had to go way back in time, when his owner had had problems with loan sharks…and the St. Bernard had given the loan sharks a lesson they still hadn’t forgotten. It was the only known time the soft-hearted brute had showed his steel.
Today was the second, as he was holding Primo by the collar and snarling at him as if he wanted to tear off the Akita’s snout with a single bite. “This is not your home sweet home Alabama, doggie! You are going to learn what is real life, real pain, the hard way! And I don’t care if you survive, because I can have you replaced with any other effing mutt any time!” The Saint Bernard raised his clenched, trembling fist, ready to strike—
“Aaand stop! It’s a one-take!” Seth clapped at his actors. “Very well done, big boy. You look all the scary monster our consultants talked about.”
Samson looked happy like a puppy. “Did I? Thank you Mr. Seth, Sir! What do I do now?”
Seth sighed. “Primo, explain. I want to save my voice for giving orders, not to play Sethpedia!”
The red-furred Akita guided Samson away from the set. “Well, in the next scene you’re supposed to hit me hard on the mouth. But you’re not expert at the fake attacks, I take it.”
Samson confirmed with a shake of his head.
“So, we will roll the most dangerous scenes with a stuntdog in your place, while another will take mine.”
“Does this mean..?” Samson didn’t dare to hope.
Primo nodded. “You are in. And I’m pretty sure Tsuki will fit the role. You impressed Mr. Seth, it doesn’t happen often. I’m sorry the pay might not be very high, since it’s your first time, but—“ He was cut off by Samson’s long howl of joy.
Samson’s head was filled with a galaxy of questions, but only two came first. “And who will be my stuntdog? And yours? Can I meet them?”
Primo thought about it. “Well, they should be here any moment now, so why not? Just mind mine, he’s being a little…volatile. Oh, yes, and yours doesn’t like you a lot.”
Samson put a finger in his mouth. “Why?”

“Primo is so gonna die, this time,” said an Akita roughly similar to Primo. “And you better watch it, big oaf. My bite is worse than my bark.”
“Don’t worry, Spike. I’m good at this,” the sturdy Saint Bernard holding him by the collar said. “Just remember: follow my punch, don’t resist it and fall as you were told. It will be a moment.”
Right now, Spike had two main concerns: to get home with an intact face, and decide between exacting vengeance on Primo or thank him for giving him a chance to play in a movie. After all, since his human days, Spike had hoped to be in a movie…
Right now, he hoped it was worth it.
At that moment, four things happened:
- Mr. Seth said, “OK, silence on the set. Clapper!”
- “A Dogland Odyssey, Scene 2A, take 2.” *clap*
- “Aaaand action!”
- Samson waved to the stuntman St. Bernard. “Hi, Brutus li’l bro!”
- The Big Dog turned his gaze to his big brother just as he sucked a good one at his pretend victim.

Spike’s last thought was So gonna kill him…

Author:  angelusbr [ Fri Jun 22, 2012 5:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

If I heard Spike talking to me with a possessed tone of voice, I would probably wet myself. XD

Author:  JeffCvt [ Fri Jun 22, 2012 9:22 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

I love the comedy that you put into these pieces. It's just like Stu is making an arc out of these.

Author:  valerio [ Fri Jun 22, 2012 9:57 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

JeffCvt Wrote:
I love the comedy that you put into these pieces. It's just like Stu is making an arc out of these.

Thank you! :D His work and writing style are very inspiring 8-)

Author:  Big Fan [ Fri Jun 22, 2012 2:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

You didn't really kill the actress, did you?

Author:  valerio [ Fri Jun 22, 2012 4:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

Sir, I could consider quite offending such a question :lol:

Author:  _Stu_ [ Fri Jun 22, 2012 4:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

valerio Wrote:
JeffCvt Wrote:
I love the comedy that you put into these pieces. It's just like Stu is making an arc out of these.

Thank you! :D His work and writing style are very inspiring 8-)

and i'm happy for this xD you're doing great

Author:  valerio [ Tue Jun 26, 2012 12:38 am ]
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ack! ack! ack!
Stuck in Billy the Cat mode and unable to write update! :( Sorry, guys, will be back ASAP...

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Tue Jun 26, 2012 12:39 am ]
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I'll wait 0 u 0
though I don't know what you mean by Billy the Cat mode.

Author:  valerio [ Tue Jun 26, 2012 1:10 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

Sorry, I meant BILL the Cat

Author:  _Stu_ [ Tue Jun 26, 2012 2:58 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

Do not worry Vale, take all the time you need, we'll wait Image

Author:  Karl [ Tue Jun 26, 2012 6:32 pm ]
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valerio Wrote:
ack! ack! ack!
Stuck in Billy the Cat mode and unable to write update! :( Sorry, guys, will be back ASAP...

Always sucks when you can't get your mind off something and focus on one thing, eh?

Author:  legendario13 [ Thu Jun 28, 2012 3:37 pm ]
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:lol: i'll wait

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Thu Jun 28, 2012 9:19 pm ]
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thought I'd mention that Rigel and Mizar were mentioned on Jeopardy (the stars, not the characters).

also, Val, you should make a cast list. There are so many characters to remember.

Author:  JeffCvt [ Thu Jun 28, 2012 9:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

RandomGeekNamedBrent Wrote:
Val, you should make a cast list.

I agree with that. I have a hard time keeping everyone straight because there are just so many of them.

Author:  valerio [ Fri Jun 29, 2012 1:31 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

RandomGeekNamedBrent Wrote:
thought I'd mention that Rigel and Mizar were mentioned on Jeopardy (the stars, not the characters).

also, Val, you should make a cast list. There are so many characters to remember.

I will work on that, promise. :ugeek:

Edit - in fact, since I'm a bit stuck, I think I'll start immediately! :mrgreen:

Author:  Renkun [ Sat Jun 30, 2012 5:11 am ]
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take you so much time you need we can wait but i hope we must not to long wait for the next update^^

Author:  valerio [ Sat Jun 30, 2012 3:33 pm ]
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just finished wiith the Cast page and going to finish update.
posted: you can find the cast page, divided in two parts, HERE

Author:  valerio [ Sun Jul 01, 2012 12:56 pm ]
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Foster Mansion, Babylon Gardens

Smoke was coming from the chimney of what all pets in the neighborhood, which was grossly half the community’s population, and the ferals knew as ‘the food shed’. Punctual like taxes and sunrise, Martin Foster was cooking the lunch for his family and guests.
Upon planning the house that would replace the old Foster Mansion, Martin had taken into consideration the new generation: he had been right about Mizar and Alcor, and the Sandwich pets were part of the family anyway. Sasha would not miss an occasion to help Bosco socialize. Antares and Celestia were still cubless, but the human knew that was destined to change. There were still doubts regarding Aldebaran and Daisy… Mostly, because Daisy didn’t belong to him, and her owner wasn’t exactly keen on the idea of her having a litter.
King and Bailey, now there was a couple with great potential: they got along just fine –though it was difficult to tell how much fine with that Corgi, he never let enough more than the strict necessary when it came to talk about heart affairs. Once or twice had Martin tried to joke about a corgsky litter. The first time, King had fallen into a seriously embarrassed silence –he had positively started to radiate heat together with his deep blush. The second time, he had told things that not even a stray should know.
But as long as King and Bailey were an item, Martin would not fret –though one thing was true, he couldn’t have enough new blood in the family! The first time he had seen Naos and Rigel, just born, suckling at Mizar, he had felt his heart melting with pride, and all his fatherly instincts had since then gone overdrive.
A special wing of the house dedicated to the cooking was the least he could do to keep his family properly fed at any age and regardless of the species and numbers. With time, it had proven almost a full-time activity, but he still loved cooking, and this time he hadn’t to do it for a meager wage…
While laying fresh onion rings over a meat, potato, cheese and tomato tortino, Martin wondered if he should bring the pups to see where he used to work, in a lifetime when he was just a penniless student… “Hey, papa, I’m running out of flashbacks here. Care to share some of your mind?”
The white-furred cat was sitting by the same vast room’s island Martin was working on. A bowl with some raw minced meat lay in front of him, but he was just absently picking it with his claw. “Hm?”
Martin took a stool and sat down next to the cat. The human patted and rubbed his back. “Aw, what’s eating you? I mean, life’s good, you got two a great mate, two nice—“
“Ungrateful little specist monsters,” Alcor Foster said, with the first hint of anger since he had become father. Martin was too surprised by that reaction to say anything right on the spot.
Alcor sighed. “Sorry, Dad. You will think I am a horrible beast.”
Martin resumed his rubbing. “Nah, you just took me by surprise. You know, first time I see you like this and all.” He tried a chuckle.
Alcor’s golden eyes turned to the man that had saved him and Mizar from the brink of death. “I love them, Dad. Even if they are not my biological children, I love them with all my heart. Why do they treat me as if I was some monster trying to eat them?”
“Do you want me to talk with them?”
The cat shook his head. “No. No offense, Dad, but if it worked, that wouldn’t be respect to me: it would be respect to you. It’s not your fault if I am failing as parent.” He chuckled. “While Peanut, heh. Parnok may be such a scoundrel, and I’d swear he shares some Max’s DNA, but he loves Peanut with all his tiny heart just like the other kittens. And I’m pretty sure that one day, Dayshaun will break Rigel’s resistance if he’s dedicated like his papa.”
Martin hugged his cat. “Aw, you worry too much. You know there is a biological, although…weird link between Peanut and his kids. Plus, every kitten would love to have an awesome papa like Peanut.”
Alcor flashed him a predatory grin. “Are you implying that I am not awesome enough for my pups?”
“If you believe you are, just do awesome, then, instead of wasting time brooding.” Martin kissed Alcor’s snout. The cat made a face. “Ack! Dad, I’m not a kitten anymore—No, no! Not the tummytickle, no!” But he laughed hard and merrily when he and his human tumbled down on the pavement.
“Still the king of tickle,” Martin said, getting up on his knees. “Better?”
Alcor nodded. “Better. You’re right, I’ll try and get them more involved. Poor Mizar is taking all the load.”
The human chuckled. “Are you kidding?” he stood up and helped the cat up. “Boy, she is simply all too happy to be full-time mama. Once she told me that the only reason she can lose time sleeping is because she can curl up with them and you.” He sighed. “Time to call in the horde, we’ll discuss about it later.” He turned…and bumped into Aldebaran.
“Food!” he and Antares said with identical happy grins and voices, their trademark. They ran to the dishes waiting to be served. If it was Martin’s duty to cook for at least seven pets, it was the pets’ duty to set the table and bring in the food from the kitchen.
The human left the kitchen. “Are our guests in?”

“This place alone is big enough to accommodate one of our restaurants,” Tegan said, while sitting at the table. She was instinctively using a louder voice, though the room had been designed to allow the diners to use their normal voice, despite sitting at an huge round table Counting the Foster family, and the Sandwiches, Sasha with Bosco, she and Elliot, that made 19 of them, and Tegan counted seats left for 11 more. She remembered from history books that only in the middle ages there used to be such gatherings around a single table.
Another, identical but empty table was waiting at the other side of the room. The Maine Coon tried to imagine how could be a Thanksgiving dinner, here. Several families with their pets, immense turkeys over these tables, the sound of cutlery, the laughter and the typical bickering of the younger ones, the occasional cussing from the kitchen as the cooks fought over some last minute ingredient, the delicious smell of foods and furs and before all of that, the prayer paid all together, no separated tables. A tableau of humans and animals joined in a sacred moment. Family…
“You okay, Teg?” She barely registered Elliot’s voice and touch on her shoulder. With trembling voice, the cat said, “Yes. Never felt happier, love. Why do you ask?”
The golden retriever pointed at his eyes. “You are, uh, crying.”
Tegan rubbed her fingers over her face, discovering it wet. The others had fallen in a worried silence while looking at her. Tegan shook her head. “Oh. Silly me, must have been happier than I thought.”
“Mama does that too!” Louise said. Nutella tried to shush her, but she the cinnamon-colored kitten went on. “When we play with papa, she just stands there sometimes and starts crying. She says it’s because of happennies!”
“That’s happiness,” Dayshaun corrected her.
“Whatever!” Louise said, sticking out a tiny pink tip at him.
“Louise is even more dangerous than Parnok,” Grape said. “Like Tarot, she will listen to everything, but she won’t keep a secret.”
“No true!” An indignant kitten tried to say, but in that moment a sound of wheels and cutlery clinking announced the carts with the food.
Antares and Aldebaran went and sat at their seats. Antares took his chance and gave a lick at the snout of his beloved she-wolf. Heh, a wolf in the house: old Henry Milton would have been proud to see his dreams coming true…
Everyone started eating the moment they were served. Sounds and smells from families assaulted her again and she felt like crying with joy again. “So, do you come here often, Sasha?” she asked the white German shepherd. She didn’t even have to ask that question to Grape or Peanut. She could imagine Martin arguing with Earl and Jill over the turns to see the kids…
“Why you gigglin’?” Nutella asked.
Tegan took the plate of tortino from Martin. “Oh, nothing, kit. Nothing funny, really.”
The kittens exchanged a puzzled look. As one, Rigel and Naos shook their heads, making the tips of their still floppy ears wobble. “Cats are weird.”
Grape sighed. “Tegan you realize of course that we’re going to spend tonight explaining them the meaning of ‘contradiction’, do you?”
“Ah, only to the four of them,” Peanut said, ruffling Dayshaun’s head fur, making him purr and nuzzle against the paw. “I must just read the meaning of the word to Shaun and he’ll grasp it immediately. He loves books, just like his papa.”
“I’ll read aaall of the books of Uncle Fox’s library!” the kitten announced proudly. He then was served a portion of finely minced meat and a raw egg –the same food that the young ones were given.
“He bet he’ll read them faster than I did,” Peanut nodded.
Tegan had few doubts on the outcome of that bet, even if the species were different. She started cutting her steak. At her right, Celestia was cleaving her on, thick grilled slice, but her eyes were definitely lusting for the bone waiting in the middle. “And what do you get if you win, young one?” the she-wolf asked.
Dayshaun blinked, his expression betraying that he hadn’t really considered that aspect. He turned his head to Peanut. “Papa, what do I get if I win?”
“You get a book from Uncle Martin’s library.”
“Bosco and I come here every day,” Sasha said, wagging. That got the general conversation to go off tracks. The female ate a mouthful of her tortino. “You asked, right?” she said to Tegan. “It’s polite to answer.”
Eventually, Martin sat down. “Bosco has decided he’s Naos’ best buddy, so he’ll come every day to play with him some of the adventures Fido shares with him at home.” He took a sip from his soup, the only non-meat dish at the table. One of the reason he didn’t find it much tiring to cook for his pets was that they all had simpler tastes: as long as it was meat and some dressing, they were just fine. He was sure the ASPCA was going to rally a protest on his garden, one day.
“How are you doing with your own son?” Tegan asked.
Sasha wagged. “Oh, it’s really easy: after all, he’s only one.”
The cat should have known better. “I mean, is he being obedient, uhm, I mean…” Yes, what did she mean? Not that she had any experience to base her questions on.
Sasha saved her, as she counted Bosco’s qualities on her fingertips. “He’s a good pup. He chats every time he can with his papa, he naps a lot, he likes his baths…” when she finished her fingers, the German shepherd ate her new mouthful then counted on the prongs’ tips. “He likes yarn balls, he annoys the caterwauling cats because he wants to join them…”
Tegan listened with the closest thing to rapture in her eyes. Whatever the species, the cat decided there and then that her child would be free to be and do everything, just like Bosco.”No offense meant, Grape.”
The lavender cat decided not to ask. “How long till you two have to go back?”
“Who cares?”

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another great update. Also thanks for the cast page. there are so many characters, I'm shameful to admit I forgot who some of them were...

Author:  JeffCvt [ Mon Jul 02, 2012 9:04 am ]
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Poor Alcor. He's trying so hard and just can't get his kids to accept him as a father. Hopefully he'll have better luck in the future.

Valero Wrote:
The female eat a mouthful of her tortino.

Eat should be Ate right here. Other than that, everything looked fine to me.

Author:  valerio [ Mon Jul 02, 2012 9:10 am ]
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corrected, and thank you.

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Applegate Studios

Promise of troubles.
Big troubles from two big dogs.
Two St. Bernards. One, your typical specimen: tall, sturdy, thick coat rippling with beef. The other, your un-typical specimen: tall, shorter coat rippling with T-Rex.
Both starting at each other with open hostility before a worried and excited crowd, their bodies tense, fists opening and clenching like guns’ safeties going on and off…
“Samson,” said/growled the beef on the left.
“Brutus,” said/growled the hulking T-Rex on the right.
“Brutus.” And not another word, just their eyes promising pain to each other…

“My money’s on the big one,” Spike said, rubbing his paws, already foretasting the bloodbath.
“Which big one?” asked Primo to his black German shepherd friend.
“The bigger one. Brutus still owes me a sore eye.” He turned his head toward the red Akita inu, showing the ice pack covering his left eye.
Primo raised an eyebrow. “Didn’t you have a steak over that?”
“I was hungry.”
“Shouldn’t someone call Mr. Seth?” asked one member of the human staff. He looked rather worried at the idea of the amount of damage a clash between those titans would cause…
But no one answered his question, as they knew where the Director of the A Dogland Odyssey movie was at the moment: inside his room whimpering like a baby after Spike had had a chat with him about safety measures for stuntmen.

“So, you decided to run for your Oscar, I see.”
“And what if I was?”
Brutus snorted. “So typical of you. Couldn’t you choose another movie?”
Another long pause. “Nice job, ruining my career. Mama would be so proud of you.”
Their noses touched. “I’m sure she is, little brother.”
And then, with a sound like a thunderclap, roaring a bear laugh, Samson and Brutus hugged. “Man, I am so happy to see you on a real set at last!” Brutus said. “Enough with those lame spots! Now we can meet again without all that awkward silence!”
Samson put on a fake pout. “Hey, not my fault if I had to build myself up like a real dog first thing. Look at yourself.” He poked Brutus’ belly. “Soft like a big puppy! And you should be my stunt?!”
“Fangirls will trample you to get my autograph, you sore loser.” Then both dogs stopped upon hearing disapproving mutterings from the crowd.
“Welps,” Spike muttered, himself.
Primo walked to Samson “You know, it was Brutus who suggested your name to Ms. Lamars.” Justine Lamars being the talent scout who had recruited Samson for this movie.
The hulking dog looked at his brother. “And why would you waste this opportunity? I mean—“ but he was interrupted by a paw raised sharply at him.
“Brother, you were wasting time. Look at yourself, you’re perfect as it is, and instead you keep staying at home and exercising. We, the family I mean, all agree on this: you needed to start building your own career now. And don’t try to use me as an excuse to avoid taking some responsibilities: I have my career already, and you will not ruin it.”
Samson fiddled with his fingers, looking down at the pavement. “…thank you,” he mumbled.
“Ahh, think nothing of it!” Brutus slapped the other dog’s back, hard enough to make him stagger and the nearby windows to rattle. “At least, when the next reunion comes, you’ll be able to look at our big bro in his eyes—err…” that came when all of a sudden Brutus found himself the object of the intense attention from Primo’s groupies.
“Now you tell us all!” Elpis said. Despite his green eyes being prosthetic, they were flashing with interest.
Samson facepawlmed. “Really, guys, there’s really nothing interesting to tell.”
Brutus chuckled, as he produced a photography from his collar. “Here it is, his dirty secret.”
Samson bushed like a pepperoni. “Noyouwontdareyoufiend!” He tried to grab the thing, but Brutus held him at bay with one paw pressed against the chest. “Too late, little bro! It is time for disclosure. I still we have some time to talk about it before Mr. Seth comes back to his senses.”
Spike nodded solemnly. “Don’t worry, I don’t think he’ll leave his quarters until tonight. And it usually take guts for that.”
Samson fell on his knees. He was practically begging like a pup. “Brutus, please! You can’t do this to me! We are brothers!”
Sigmund patted his back. “Aw, pal, why the fret? You know we’re going to keep it a secret, if it embarrasses you so much, whatever it is.”
Hope glinted in Samson’s eyes. “..Really?”
The weimaraner flashed him a sly grin. “Of course not!”
Thunderclouds rumbled on the St. Bernard’s face. “I hate you.”

They had lunch at the cafeteria. Not the best of food, but at the moment all diners were focused on Brutus…or, rather, on the picture he had put at the center of the table for everyone to see. Samson was refusing to look, keeping an indignant pose and muttering unpleasant things.
“Daawwww!” all canines said. Butch had raised his tablet whose screen was also showing a cascade of little bubbling hearts around his DAWWW!.
Samson was trying to hide under the table, whining.
“Aw, don’t get all shy on us,” T.J. said, flashing his charming smile. “You were so cute! Who would’ve said, back then, that you’d grow into such a giant?”
“Elpis,” Isaac said. “You’re supposed to be blind. How can you go daaww too?”
The Australian terrier shrugged. “I can perceive cuteness, so what?”
And there was a lot to go in a single image. The picture portrayed a litter of three St. Bernards. At 1 year of age, they would already give an idea of what they’d become…well, almost all of them
At the center stood the biggest of the three, a real small titan. Like his siblings, he sported a keg-shaped tag on which the name, Azarael, was carved.
Next to him, Brutus…And trying to emerge from under Azarael’s legs as if from a couple of bars, the cutest runt of the litter one could imagine, with big eyes and lolling tongue, as if trying to make sure the camera captured his puppy joy, in contrast with the almost martial pose of his way bigger brothers.
Linus was impressed. “I can’t believe this tiny fuzzball was Samson. Are you sure you’re not a replacement?”
Samson started to dig into the pavement.
“Azar was the pride and joy of the family,” Brutus said. “Born perfect, housebroken perfectly, smart and strong. He also went at the Academy with Fido. After finishing his course, he moved to Italy, where he works for the Italian National Alps and Speleological Rescue Corp. In short, he decided to follow Barry’s footprints of fame. Me, I chose to follow Beethoven’s path, while poor Samson here spent his best years trying to compensate.”
“Just so you know, my hero is Buck!” Sam growled.
Brutus waved. “Big deal, trying to live up the name of a fictional character.”
“Beethoven is a fictional character!”
“But the actor is not, little brother.”
Samson started facedesking until cracks appeared in the tabletop.
“Anyway,” Brutus went on, while putting the picture back into his collar, “Every year we have a family reunion to talk about our achievements. Azar has had requests for pups from at least five breeding farms, plus he saved a total of 18 humans, last Christmas. Poor Sam could only talk about his body building.” He tried another back slap, but a life-threatening growl made him reconsider. “But our runt is a new dog now! He’ll make us all proud when we meet, next time.” He raised his glass of soda. “Cheers for Samson’s new career!”
The group toasted.
“Do I take it that yer family is very demanding?” Pawdrick asked. “I can understand that, lad. Mine is a lineage of shepherds, I was expected to perform at my best, not less. Shame on me was shame on me family.”
Samson took another sip. “Well, in our case the reputation of our farm was at stake. Each pup was supposed to be a prize dog, an investment. I still remember my mama and papa looking often at me as if they couldn’t believe I was their son.”
“Yup,” Brutus said. “No hope he’d leave the farm or have pups of his own. He was bullied all day round, but despite that he never surrendered. He was just too happy to live than worrying over troubles.”
“Daawww!” went the chorus, again.
“Imagine their surprise when Dad came at the farm and picked me up,” Samson said.
Brutus nodded. “There he was, this big human wearing a sweatsuit, cap, sunglasses and a square jaw. He never smiled while the boss showed him around, explaining him how much money he’d do with his dogs, yadda yadda yadda and the usual advertisement stuff.
“Soon as they came to our pen, he looked at Azar and me. As usual, papa and mama had hidden Sam. And, again, he found the way out of his cage. A moment later, just when the human was turning, Sam came running and greeting him with his usual enthusiasm.” Brutus snickered. “In other occasions, that would cause a snicker at best: one didn’t come there to get a runt, but in this case, well… You should have seen that human: he stopped dead in his tracks and turned. Sam kept yapping about how he was happy to meet a new human, how he’d be happy to be part of a family… And we knew it would end with the visitor to sport a complacent smile and say he was sorry and that he couldn’t really take a dog, and Sam would be left down again…
“Instead, the human took off his sunglasses and said, ‘You know, little one? I’m sure I can make something out of you. Would you like me to help you be a bigger dog?’. Sam almost wet himself with joy. The boss wasn’t sure he had heard it right and asked more than once if Sam was the dog his customer wanted. At the fourth time, Mr. Watkins threatened to break his nose.
“The boss *did* wet himself with joy: he was all too eager to strike the deal. And before we knew it, he was gone. And that was the first time we saw mama and papa crying, because they hadn’t thought they’d get separated so soon from him.”
Brutus emptied his glass. The others kept being silent. “Next we saw him was at our first meeting. Sam had played in an ad for his gym, and he was no longer the runt. Even Azar was impressed.”
“And what about your parents?” Sigmund asked.
It was Samson who answered, his voice suddenly sad. “Our breeding farm went bankrupt and all the dogs were given to other breeders across the country. Last time I heard of them, they were somewhere in Seattle. I tried to send a letter to them, but they never answered.”
“Azar and I weren’t the luckier,” Brutus said. “All we know through the researches is that their owners are a decent family. But we plan to visit them, one day.”
“Aw,” T.J. said. “I’m sure they’re all right, man. I mean, Seattle is a great place for a pet, what with all that space. Right, guys?” Everyone answered with a solemn nod.
<I could go have a look,> a voice inside Spike’s mind said. <Just to make sure. The three-dimensional space is not a boundary to me, you know that.>
“Better not, Matt,” the black German Shepherd muttered. In the case there was something crooked going on, it wasn’t in his place to spoil their expectations—
“Did you say something?” Primo asked his friend.
Spike was very quick in stuffing his mouth with a forkful of spaghetti and meatballs. “I said ‘nothing better than this cuisine’!” he said, spitting out sauce all over the Akita’s face. “Don’t you agree?”
Primo turned a funny shade of green and then ran away, in the direction of the restrooms…
“Sweet vengeance,” Spike said.


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