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Author:  legendario13 [ Sun Mar 04, 2012 10:22 am ]
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*mouth shouted*

....guess not......

Alandra said. “Come on, let’s get this over with. I want to sleep until doomsday and you.....

*shivers* oooh gal, you better be careful with what you wish.

(your story is so touching, it brings me so many memories, yet make me soo SAD FACE.)

Author:  Sparky [ Sun Mar 04, 2012 4:48 pm ]
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Another awesome update, though sad. :( Great job once again!

Author:  valerio [ Sun Mar 04, 2012 5:27 pm ]
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this episode refers to the events as told HERE


Thanks to Light for a great saga!

Author:  Zukio [ Sun Mar 04, 2012 9:54 pm ]
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Awesome update Val!
I'm shocked that Keith is dead
Now I have to read Light's fanfic to find out what happened.
Can't wait to see what happens next!

Author:  copper [ Sun Mar 04, 2012 11:06 pm ]
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ah, so this is when that happened. I was wondering about that. Great update as always. Tsuki needs an outlet.

Hmm.... Morrigan is going to cause trouble now, isn't she? :|

Author:  lightwolf21 [ Mon Mar 05, 2012 3:44 am ]
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Somehow I'm not surprised some people waited until now to read my fanfic regarding Keith's death. >.> I've had that chapter posted for quite a while now. :/

Author:  legendario13 [ Tue Mar 06, 2012 7:44 pm ]
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lightwolf21 Wrote:
Somehow I'm not surprised some people waited until now to read my fanfic regarding Keith's death. >.> I've had that chapter posted for quite a while now. :/

I have read it only until Alandra's boyfriend died, poor Tony.

But i have been reading it.....
You thought i was going to missed it?

by the way
Ya'know this kinda spoiled my reading. :( <--- slightly sad

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Tue Mar 06, 2012 8:28 pm ]
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good update. sad. I need to get to reading Light's fic. maybe over the summer.

Author:  Coatl_Ruu [ Tue Mar 06, 2012 10:09 pm ]
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Oddly enough, I've already read lightwolf's fic. Sooo.. I read the spinoff before the source material. Heh. Of course, at the time, Light's was a lot shorter ... and valerio's was still in Italian. But anyway, great update. ^^

Author:  copper [ Tue Mar 06, 2012 10:54 pm ]
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Coatl_Ruu Wrote:
Oddly enough, I've already read lightwolf's fic. Sooo.. I read the spinoff before the source material. Heh. Of course, at the time, Light's was a lot shorter ... and valerio's was still in Italian. But anyway, great update. ^^

Yay! I am not alone in how I read it all! I started when Lightwolf and housefox were translating for Valerio! It has remained excellent through every part. Good show, Valerio! Bravissimo!

I am glad to see the reaction to his death now. Truly sad.

Author:  valerio [ Thu Mar 08, 2012 11:24 am ]
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Barons house, Apt. 130, Lev. 13, the Fulcrum, Terrace High

Chocolate was glad that, for once, her rabbit housemate was away. He tended to be nervous when she exercised in magic. He tended to be even more so, when she talked with ghosts.
Even friendly ones.
“I can understand and appreciate your concern, Morrigan,” the female rat said to the spectral figure sitting in front of her. “But calling out to the spirit of a recently deceased to pay a visit of comfort to a living is not exactly a good idea.”
Morrigan made a sad face. <But what harm can it do? Surely not to Keith, he’s dead already!>
“He just died, dear. He must still adjust to his new reality. Calling out to him now wouldn’t help him in this difficult transition. There is a risk he’d never let go of the mortal world. That could turn his sorrow into something worse.”
Morrigan crossed her arms and turned her head in a scoff. <Hmph! I’m still tied to Lizzie and am not ‘something worse’! And I can manage myself pretty well, thank you.>
In answer to that, Chocolate gestured. Emerald sparkles surrounded at the same time her paw and a nearby cup filled with warm milk. The cup floated in front of Morrigan, then gently laid down. “This should meet your taste, right?”
Morrigan didnìt even question how that funny rat knew it, but yes, in life that was her favorite brand of whole milk! She tried to grab the cup, but only then she remembered she was a ghost. So she willed the cup of milk in front of her to lift, as if her paws were physically grabbing it, then drank. The liquid made its way to the stomach, evidencing it like white-coated sack. The cat licked her lips. <Mmm, good.>
Chocolate raised an eyebrow. “Funny you should say that, as you no longer have taste buds.”
Morrigan rolled her eyes. <OK, so I am imagining I have them, big deal!>
“No. You’re acting as if you were still alive and capable of enjoying these small things of life. And you have been dead for some time now. Imagine what would happen to a recently deceased one, should he find himself so close to the living ones. The restless soul of Keith Greyfield could easily haunt the soul of Light. The wolf’s conditions would worsen, his very life force would be drained away.”
<But that did not happen with me and Lizzie!> In fact, Morrigan had become her sister’s guardian angel.
Chocolate nodded. “Because you always had Elizabeth’s best interests at heart, although you’re always walking on a thin line. So far, her innocence has guided you, given you a purpose to stay on this plane and protect her… But what will happen when she decides to live her life with a mortal to protect her and not you?”
Now Morrigan was pouting. It was one of those moments that Shadow would have called ‘True Scare Moment’.
Because if the ghost’s expression could’ve looked cute, the sudden trembling of all the objects in the room was not! <She will not forget about me!> Morrigan said, and her voice was now one to chill souls.
Chocolate was impressed, as her ears and eyes moved to analyze the perturbance. She had her room warded against the influence of several kinds of supernatural entities, yet Morrigan’s rage was overwhelming the wards. A less trained creature would have cowered in front of that phenomenon. Instead, an unfazed Chocolate addressed the spirit. “I rest my case. So, no, I will not summon Keith Greyfield’s spirit. Please, go in peace.”
Morrigan hissed angrily, her face deformed for a moment in a mask of terrible hatred, but then she disappeared. At the same time, several objects fell to the floor and the milk inside her ‘stomach’ fell in a puddle.
Chocolate sighed, then stood up. The pacts with Dad were clear: she was to clean every trace of supernatural-induced mess.
The rat motioned for a mop to float to her, then started to use it to wipe the milk from the pavement.
“That was an interesting show,” said a new voice in the room.
Chocolate turned to address a crystal ball, which was glowing with a steady golden pulse. “I must concur, teacher. She’s a very strong spirit. Were you keeping a third eye on us?”
“I heard you…or rather, her. Like dropping a bomb in a quiet pond. Aren’t you worried that such an entity is loose in your territory?”
The rat shook her head. “Just wait a few moments, please.” And, as if that had been a signal less than five seconds later the objects that had fallen down started floating back to their previous position.
Morrigan appeared a moment later. She was fiddling her fingers with a most embarrassed expression. <…Sorry,> she said.
Chocolate smiled at her. The wet mop floated into the bin. “Why? You only reacted as any big sister would do.”
Morrigan puffed up her chest. <You bet I do!> Then she turned into a cheerleader complete with pompoms <Lizzie forever WOOT!> And a moment later she was back to her sorrowful self. <But what can I do to help Alandra?>
Chocolate sat down on her pillow. “It’s good you are worried for her: you would do a nice protective spirit for the whole building, instead of a single family.”
Morrigan’s head turned into a bare, flaming skull. <Didn’t ask you about that!>
“Sorry. Shadow too has warned me about this habit of mine.”
Carter & Cartwright’s DE2 Advertisement Agency, Apt. 225, Lev. 22…

…Although, for now, the place should’ve been called ‘Warehouse 225’, given its current conditions.
When Daniel Elmer Carter and his London cousin Daniel Eustace Cartwright had decided to move to Terrace High, little had they suspected about the desire of their common dog to improve the quality of their job.
Well, Carter did have a suspect: Linus had always provided an insightful and helpful suggestion or two for his job, and Carter was grateful to the Pug for that.
But right now Daniel feared he had been a bit too…grateful. He knew that Linus had some ego, but when the pug had proposed (euphemism for ‘taken charge’) to redecorate their place in order to make it look more professional, both cousins had thought about some minor stylish change.
Not Armageddon!
A small army of workers was changing furniture, reprogramming the ShoWalls, replacing HEPs, redecorating…
“Why?” Cartwright whimpered.
“Ah, don’t worry poppa,” Linus said, while admiring the work. “All your old stuff will be put in our storehouse at sublevel 3, nothing will be thrown in the garbage, though I’d have something to say in regard.” He giggled.
Carter was already seeing the new, ultra-modern apartment being born. It felt as if going to live in a spaceship.
“Oh, and remember to thank the lady here,” he said, pointing his thumb at the white-furred Shiba Inu by his side. “It was her idea and I agree with her wholesale.” He giggled again, like he did when he was really excited. Apparently, his owners’ discomfort added to that excitement. For how much the humans tried to deny it, HE was the puppet master of their lives. “Now be good boys and go enjoy a drink at the bar while I finish supervising. You’ll see, your first clients will sign up a contract only for the privilege of being here!”
The two humans meekly turned and got out of the apartment.
Linus waited until the door had hissed shut, then he turned to the other dog. “So, is this how you manage your stress? You refurnish homes?”
“I’d rather start kicking things, but I prefer to invest my rage in something constructive.”
Linus nodded. “Not that I mind, sweetie, but wouldn’t you be better off with him right now?”
The small dog facepawlmed. “Light! Woman, please! Right now he needs comfort and you’re here working instead of helping him out of this mess!”
Tsuki turned and walked toward the door. Linus followed him at a fast trot to compensate for her stride.

Once they were out of his apartment, Tsuki kept walking in the direction of the elevator. “I love him,” she said.
Linus didn’t seem impressed by that statement. “Even the more reason to be there.”
They stopped in front of the door. She pressed the call button. “That’s the reason I am not there, Linus. I was there, yesterday. And Light is beyond reason, in his current state. He doesn’t need the burden of a relationship, right now. He is angry, confused, panicked. I cannot just ‘comfort’ him. I don’t trust my own feelings on this…” The doors opened and the canine couple walked in. Tsuki pressed the ‘T’ button. The elevator started going up. She sighed. “I wouldn’t do him a favor by standing close to him in this moment. I feel like I’d be taking advantage of him.”
Linus scoffed. “Yes? As if you’d just jump all over him and start doing weird numbers on him! Come on, Tsuki: can’t you be the friend he needs, in this moment? This is not some ‘all or nothing’ issue, you know.”
The Shiba Inu stood silent until the chime announced they had reached the ‘Top’ floor.
The doors opened on the Stellarium.
The afternoon was slowly fading into the evening. The crispy air ruffled her fur. Linus shivered.
Tsuki lifted her eyes to the stars. Visitors could activate anytime a holographic generator with a software containing a detailed astronomical encyclopedia, to learn everything they wanted about those far gems of the night, up-to-date.
She sat down on the nearest bench. “I don’t know what he wants, how many times must I tell you? And I… I can’t risk opening myself to him only to be rejected. Light is still truly faithful to Keith, and I fear he will remain so. I’ve seen it happening.”
Linus jumped up. He wrapped himself in his arms –jeez, what was Japan, a province of the Northern Pole? “You know what they say: no risk, no gain.”
“I prefer ‘No risk no harm’.”
The Pug rolled his blue and green eyes. “Suit yourself. Just remember this: there’s plenty of ladies there at the Lucky Charm. One of them is bound to go strike and then you’ll only have yourself to blame… But if you don’t mind me asking, why this fear? Of all the pets in this place, I thought you were the strongest.”
Tsuki didn’t meet his curious gaze. “Ah…I just never dealt with a loss in the family. When Revered Mother brought me in her life, she was barely in connection with her family. I was the only one she really would care for, and for this I felt honored and happy.
“When she learnt about Keith-sama’s existence, she was so overjoyed, it was as if she had discovered a piece of herself she hadn’t suspected she had lost. I was happy for her, happy with her. And our first encounter with Keith proved us right on him, he was a good man and a fine companion for his wolf. Revered Mother moved here also to stay closer to him… And now that he’s gone, she-we both are without a purpose. her only roots to this place are gone. I feel lost.” This time, it was her who grasped her own arms, her clawed fingers flexing against her biceps while she fought back the tears.
Linus felt like an idiot -correction, he was the King of Dummies! He hadn’t considered that aspect, easy as that. “Does this mean that you and Ms. Akuo will leave?” he shuffled his feet, uncaring for the cold now.
“I don’t know.” Tsuki’s eyes scanned toward the last remains of the setting sun. “It depends on her.”
Linus understood that it was also because of that, that she didn’t want to get attached to Light. Apparently, the guy who had said first ‘better to have lost in love…’ was a cynical crook.
She was looking at him now. “Do you realize that the workers will finish redecorating your home in the middle of the night?”
The Pug giggled. “Of course. Where would be the fun, otherwise?”
Garcia House, Apt. 333, Lev. 33

Doctor Rozen wasn’t fond of tranquilizers, she tried to prescript them as less as possible.
In the case of Alandra Garcia, she had to make an exception. The cat’s health wasn’t exactly at the top notch, and the last two days’ worth of stress could affect her current state.
The pills she had given to Alandra would not only allow her to sleep, but also to suppress her dreams. The cat needed a long night of uninterrupted sleep, without nightmares to wake her up in the middle of the night.
The woman hadn’t told her patient about that aspect, focusing on the sleep she needed, instead. That was why Alandra wasn’t surprised when she felt as if someone was watching her –it was that nagging, but pleasant sensation she got whenever Dad would watch over her when she was more sick than usual, and sleep was a precious conquest…
Alandra stirred and yawned, her tongue curling between her teeth. She smacked her lips as she sat up…and got fully awake, her mind filled with wonder and joy. “Uncle Keith!”
Keith Greyfield was there, a pale luminescent shape in the dark room. The baby light her Dad still used to turn on since their days in Colombia barely illuminated the shape of Volant, who was sitting near her bed, his arms crossed to his chest as he snored lightly. Her exclamation didn’t do much more than making him grumble something unintelligible before he went back to his slumbering.
<Hi there, Ali,> the spectral figure said, his smiling lips unmoving. She heard him only with her mind, but he heard him as if he was speaking with his voice. In a moment, all of her worries were washed away. She so wanted to hug him, but just when her paw touched the hand resting on the blanket over her thigh, her fingers passed through the ghostly limb.
Alandra made a sad face. Keith said, <Don’t worry, dear. I’m sorry that you’re so down because of me, you know, but I didn’t abandon you… Well, I didn’t die on purpose, at least.>
“Not funny.”
<Sorry. But Ali, please, try to understand: if I were given the chance to do it all once again, I would. I saved many innocent lives, just like I did with yours and your father’s. I’m here because you called me, but I can’t really stay. I already did what I could for you, now you must live on.> He winked at her. <I heard you found yourself a boyfriend, congratulations.>
Alandra blushed heavily. She drew the blanket up to her exposed neck. “How do you know?!”
The ghost pointed at himself with his fingers. <Are you really asking, young lady?>
She lowered her ears. “Sorry. I…forgot. Uncle Keith, does this mean that you won’t come back to visit me?”
His ethereal hand caressed her head, transmitting her a weird sensation, like something cool and warm at the same time. <Silly, of course I’ll come back, when you dream of me. Just like Antonio visits you from time to time. But as a spirit, I must pass on. And believe me, it is hard for me too.>
Keith nodded. <Light will miss me so bad, as I am missing him. I can only hope he’ll find another friend, but it’s beyond my powers now. What happened can’t be undone. It’s up to us to make the best of these sad events, even if you can find it hard to believe it right now.>
Alandra nodded, her eyes downcast. “Keith..?”
<Yes, dear?>
“Will you and Antonio be together then?”
<Of course. I hope he likes to play Gin Rummy. Light hated it, but only because he hated to lose.>
Alandra chuckled. “I guess you’ll find out. Thank you for coming, Uncle Keith. I love you.”
<Love you too, Ali. Now get back to sleep, and the next time you dream, let it be good dreams. I’ll say to Antonio for you.>
“Ok. Good night.” She snuggled back against her big pillow and under the blanket. She threw a last glance at Volant, whispering a thanks to him as well, before closing her eyes.
This time she smiled

Author:  Zukio [ Thu Mar 08, 2012 11:38 am ]
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Another great update Val!
Morrigan can be quite scary.

Author:  Sparky [ Thu Mar 08, 2012 5:45 pm ]
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Zukio Wrote:
Another great update Val!
Morrigan can be quite scary.

I second that, great job Valerio!

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Fri Mar 09, 2012 3:58 am ]
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I third it. great work as always. that last scene got close to penetrating my heart of stone. ^_^

Author:  angelusbr [ Fri Mar 09, 2012 6:13 am ]
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RandomGeekNamedBrent Wrote:
I third it. great work as always. that last scene got close to penetrating my heart of stone. ^_^

fourth it.

Author:  legendario13 [ Fri Mar 09, 2012 7:18 pm ]
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It's something awesome what you do.

I love the story so far, you bring me so many memories.

Thanks to all of you guys for being soo awesome.

Author:  valerio [ Sat Mar 10, 2012 6:59 am ]
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Garcia House, Apt. 333, Lev. 33, the Fulcrum, Terrace High

When Alandra opened her eyes, the first things she saw were the many plants in her room, the sun creating beams among them…and a big Rhodesian Ridgeback sitting by her bed.
“How are you feeling?” Volant Male asked. If he was concerned, as usual he was doing a good job at hiding it.
Alandra sat up. She rubbed her eyes then yawned loudly and stretched, vertebrae popping. “Much better, thank you. I had this wonderful dream, tonight… But you’ll think I’m silly…” she blushed.
Volant stood up, stretching himself. Lucky him, if one could call it ‘luck’, he was accustomed to sleeping in the weirdest positions. When you lived in the street, you don’t care much for your next corner as long as it allows you a decent night’s sleep. “Why should I think that? You just lost a good friend, though I find it hard to believe that when talking about humans. A good dream is only welcome.” I wish I had one, he thought but refrained from saying it out loud.
Alandra sighed, then got down the bed. “I dreamed that Keith had come back to visit me, to tell me not to worry for him. It felt…so real. But I know it was a dream, because I spoke so loud that you would’ve woken up and…” she put a paw over his arm, feeling the tension rippling his muscles. If she thought Kwesi was a nervous dog, this guy here was like a live wire.
“Thank you for watching over me, tonight,” Alandra said. “Care for breakfast?”
Food was another thing he had learnt not to refuse. Volant nodded and followed her to the kitchen. “I noticed your owner and your so-called ‘boyfriend’ didn’t even show up tonight.” He didn’t add anything else caustic, but his tone was explicative enough.
Alandra opened the fridge, her tail swishing. While taking what she needed to cook, she said, “Please don’t call him that. He’s my Dad. And he had already told me he couldn’t be here tonight, and it’s not the first time. He has a lot of work to do in order to get a real job at the botanic laboratory. Now that I am better and we have the money, he must improve his position.”
Volant sat by the table. “So now that the burden is off his shoulder, he can pursue his career. Nice deal.”
Alandra took a stool and used it to reach the cooking tools. Part of her wanted to be so mad at him! Why would he act so mean when it was obvious he wasn’t like that?!
The cat broke a couple of eggs in the pan and added milk before whipping the mix. “Dad always did everything for me, because he loves me. Now it’s time for me to help him getting a well-paid job. Keeping him chained to my life, now that would be playing the burden. And if he left for the night, leaving you to watch over me, it means he trusts you, Volant Male, so please stop playing the ‘bad dog’.”
Volant took a glass and filled it with milk. “I’m not bad. It’s the humans who should not be trusted.”
Alandra was about to retort, when they rang at the door. Both pets threw a glance at the monitor and saw the Basenji standing there. “Oh, look who’s here. Guess I’ll leave you with your boyfriend, now that it will be easier for him. Call me if you need me.”

When the door hissed open, Kwesi was surprised to see that bully standing there.
Volant didn’t say a word, just stepped out and walked away.
Before the Basenji could speak a word, the more familiar voice of Alandra said, “Hello, Kwesi.” He turned and found himself wrapped in a hug –well, that Maine Coon mix could be the runt of the litter, but she had unexpected burst of strength!
“I’m so happy you’re here,” the cat said, as if wanting to bury herself against him… “What’s wrong?” she asked when he didn’t even return the gesture.
In fact, Kwesi was looking at her with an expression of sorrow. And he looked as if he hadn’t slept a single hour. He almost reeked with fear. “I’m so…sorry, Ali.”
Alandra broke the hug, though she kept her paws over his shoulders. “Sorry? Why? I don’t understand. Kwesi, what happened?!”
The dog’s ears flattened. “Uh, do you remember what I told you about my…temperament?”
The cat nodded, not sure where this was going.
Kwesi kept looking at the pavement. “I lost it, yesterday. I was so frustrated, so…angry that you were suffering and I couldn’t help you. I had tried to control myself but in the end I just didn’t make it. I…” he drew in a breath, as if confessing was a physical pain in itself. “Brother Lazarus had to send for the veterinarian to calm me down. I think I broke something that belonged to him, and I couldn’t sleep tonight because I was so lost in my self-pity.” He sighed. “I’m sorry for thinking I could be your friend. I wasn’t even there when you needed me the most. I came to tell you not to worry over me, I’m—“ He was ready for almost everything she could throw at him, at this point, from accusations of being a coward to claw slashes.
He hadn’t even considered the idea of being shut up by a kiss –and what a kiss! She held him with that unexpected strength of her, keeping her mouth firmly locked against his. For a moment, their collar tags clincked together.
Tegan would’ve found that moment even more touching because it so mirrored one happened to her friends Peanut and Grape, on a certain night…
At first, when she broke that passionate moment, Kwesi was really out of breath and words. And when he found the latter, the first thing he said was, “What’s burning?”
Alandra sighed. “Ay, I think I just killed the breakfast.”
Kwesi petted her neck and flashed her a grin. “Wanna me help you clean?”

When the two figures walked into her apartment, a certain ghost nodded with satisfaction and left the scene.
When she reappeared, she was standing in the room of a certain female rat. <It worked, Chocolate! Just as predicted… What are you doing?”>
Chocolate Barons was busy cleaning some silver amulets. She looked quite focused on the task. “I’m polishing the amulets. The secret of any successful white magic ritual stands in the state of one’s tools. The first thing I learnt as apprentice was to keep everything neat. Even a proper disposition will influence the wards. Feng Shui should be more appreciated—“
“Sorry. Were you saying..?”
<I said it worked! Ali is better, and she and Kwesi just kissed!> The cat ghost hugged herself. <Daww, that was so romantic! You know, I’m liking this idea of being the building’s guardian angel. Thank you for talking me into it.>
“My pleasure. Just remember, haunting is a responsibility too. Don’t overdo it: mortals must be able to make their decisions in autonomy. Should they even perceive the supernatural influence, they will question said decisions.”
Morrigan assumed the shape of Keith Greyfield once again. <Aye aye, ma’am.>
“And don’t play with the deceaseds’ images. They found it disturbing.”
This time she assumed the aspect of Fiddler wearing a large blue, white-collared robe, making an upset face. <Spoilsport. Yeesh!>
Alandra looked closely at the pan which, just a few minutes ago, showed an apparently indestructible carbonized patina. “Say, you do know how to keep things clean.”
Kwesi blushed. “Aw, that’s nothing. I always helped mother cleaning up. I was especially good with the sand. You know, often we had no water to clean the pottery.”
The cat put the pan on the draining board. “You’re a pup full of talents. I like it.”
And not only that, it seems… “Ah, Ali? About that, er, kiss thing…”
She turned, got down the stool and hugged him again. “I know, it was impulsive of me, but… Kwesi, please, don’t leave me. I’m sick and tired of people leaving me, dying on me. You’re the first great thing since Antonio’s death. I need you, okay? And I’m sorry if you’ll now think I’m just a pathetic kitten craving for attent—“ This time it was him who gave her a kiss, though just a quick peck on her lips.
And, this time, he returned the hug. “You’re not a pathetic kitten. In fact I think you’re one of the strongest, most life-loving creatures I ever met. You didn’t give up, you never did, when it would’ve been so easy. You suffered great losses, and here you are being strong for both of us.
“It was me who acted like a spoiled, self-centered pup, thinking I was too little for one like you. I ruined what was good in my life and… And almost lost yet another gem.” He held her tighter. “Will you forgive me?”
This time, she purred. “Only if you promise you’ll never run away from me again. Never. And when you’ll feel your temper growing, call me. I’ll be there for you, okay?”
He nodded, inhaling deeply her sweet scent. For the first time in his life, he felt grateful for this second occasion, grateful as never before. Kwesi really believed he could even get in touch with his parents, with pride in his heart, not shame… “So, I guess we jumped the ‘best of friends’ step?”
Alandra giggled. “I guess we did. I love you silly African doggie.”
“And I love you, spoiled Colombian kitty.”
“And don’t forget the chocolates. Valentine’s near.”
And he had just the right idea for the occasion…
Miyugi house, Apt. 288, Lev. 28

“Will you keep in touch with us?” the Pug asked. It was a…strange show, him looking so crestfallen. Normally, Linus was happy and lively to the point one thought he lived on caffeine. Now he looked as if he had just lost his best friend.
In a way, it was going to become true.
Just to make it clear, Linus was not in love with this female Shiba Inu. He wasn’t even attracted by her, he knew that.
But he felt this…affinity. As if she completed him somehow, no not ‘if’. He was the hyperactive, talkative guy while she was the strong but tranquil, controlled girl. He would miss her a lot.
With Mr. Greyfield’s demise, Tsuki’s Mom had no reason to stay in America any longer. She had started a new life here to keep in touch with her only brother.
The fact that Akuo Miyugi hadn’t showed up yet since going to Keith’s funeral didn’t bode well. She was probably reading her brother’s testament and setting up legal things like moving the remains to Japan to follow her, it was in her right to ask so.
At Linus’ question, Tsuki nodded. “Don’t worry, I will keep giving you all decoration tips.”
“You don’t think your Mom will go back to the Navy?”
The white-furred dog shook her head. “No. She made it clear she wants to spend the rest of my life with me. Enough with leaving me alone in favor of some mission.”
Though Linus appreciated that cool side of her personality, he felt irritated by her apparent lack of emotion. It had taken a lot or her to show some, yesterday. “You don’t seem so thrilled. I mean, you’re going back in your country. Everyone loves their own country. I surely love mine… Right?”
Tsuki sighed. “Thank you for trying to cheer me up, really… But the fact is, I am happy with my Revered Mother. I don’t really care for an agglomerate of buildings within an imaginary set of lines. My heart lies with my family. That’s where my home is.”
Linus giggled. “Now you’re making me feel like a fool.”
She shrugged. “Well, don’t. I just offended my Mother and almost every single living Japanese human and many pets with what I said. After all, my people do have a strong bond with their country.”
The Pug nodded. “True that. So…why are you so, like, carefree about the matter?”
Tsuki leaned forward to take her cup of tea. She sipped, then, while still holding the cup, said, “Because it’s a part of me. I wasn’t exactly the most disciplined of my litter. Mother got me for free because they didn’t think I could get a family.
“Perhaps it was in Mother’s American streak, but she always says she saw a bit of herself in me. All I know is that it was with her that I started showing respect and proper behavior.” She put down cup and plate with a tinkle. “Now all that we must do—“ She was interrupted by the bell. “I’ll take it.” She started to leave the couch, and it was then that the door hissed open.
Linus saw a sparkle of excitement in her eyes lighting up her mask. He was sad that she felt compelled to check herself even when her own family was back home. And no, the fact that his Dad was sometimes scared by his enthusiasm in similar occasions shouldn’t be an argument against a healthy instinct!
Akuo Miyugi walked in the living room. She bowed to her guest. “Linus-san, I’m happy you’re here. My dearest daughter needs someone to talk to.”
Linus waved at her. “Aw, shucks. What better occasion to make a pass at such a beautiful creature?”
Tsuki went and hugged her Mom. “What did you decide, Revered—“
“Please, just ‘Mom’,” she interrupted her while petting her back.
The Shiba Inu cocked her head with puzzlement.
Akuo put her brow against the dog’s. “At least when we’re home. After all, we do live here, right?”
Tsuki’s eyes shone with joy. For a moment, she was back to a happy pup, uncaring for any rules. “Do you mean—“
Akuo nodded. “This place is not just for me, my dearest daughter. It’s for you to live as well. You have a right to be true to your nature, in a place where you can plan for your own future. And if you love Light like you said, when he’s fully recovered we could add him to our family. And it would be difficult to do so while living in Japan, don’t you think? Not to mention a last thing.”
Tsuki was almost fainting with joy. She didn’t think she could stand yet another good news. “What is that…Mom?”
“Hina Matsuri,” the woman whispered in her ear.
This time, Tsuki howled with joy.

Episode 6

Author:  Wolfy [ Sat Mar 10, 2012 8:32 am ]
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well I have no idea what "Hina Matsuri" means but apart from that everything was wonderful :D

Author:  Shirosune [ Sat Mar 10, 2012 9:14 am ]
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Easiest to explain this way. Hina Matsuri, also called Girl's Day, this would be my best guess as to what's being mentioned, but I could be wrong in that.

That aside, I'm loving this. A bit sad for the loss of Keith, but bad things happen sometimes, and that's just the way life is. It's good to see Alandra and Kwesi's relationship progressing, though it does seem to be happening a bit fast, it's also being driven by a kind of situations that make such speed is almost unavoidable.

Seeing the way things are going with Tsuki is also interesting, this situation is working well to show her true character a bit, rather than the 'proper' and 'well behaved' side she tends to show. Linus both amuses me and creeps me out, but then again, pugs have that effect on me in real life to, though for different reasons than Linus yeah, always, I'm looking forward to seeing what's to come.

Author:  valerio [ Sat Mar 10, 2012 3:09 pm ]
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Season III
Episode 7 – Be Mine!

Jackson House, Apt. 202, Lev. 20, the Fulcrum, Terrace High. Valentine day.

“So, this is it?” ‘Private’ Elliot Bannister asked to the Maine Coon. The female cat was busy brushing her fur while checking her work in a mirror. “Your first official date?”
The cat stopped brushing long enough to answer, “Yup. Funny, I thought I’d be more scared. Instead, I feel so…relieved.”
“What do you mean?”
She smiled at her Retriever friend since cubhood. “I mean that I have no doubts. I know what I want and today I want to have clean, wholesome fun.”
He smirked. “No whips and pawcuffs involved?”
Tegan pointed at the chest of drawers with her brush. “Open up. Last drawer. Under the pillows.”
Elliot shrugged but did as asked. And when he removed the pillow, he found himself staring at a box with a big pink heart on the cover, and the unmistakably alluring expression of Duchess, the Sayuki posing in quite a seductive manner over a heap of pillows. The label on the box read, ‘Freedom to Love – Essential Tools for your Warm Nights’
“I think I got a nosebleed,” Elliot whimpered. He felt as if he were touching an ingot of radioactive material. “You know, dear,” he said while putting the box back to where he belonged, “all of a sudden I am happy I didn’t fall for you.”
Tegan chuckled. She put the brush back on the night stand. “Easy with those thoughts, lionheart. I bought it because it was for charity… And also because I want to recycle it for one of those spicy Christmas Gifts. I don’t need that stuff, don’t you think?” And in saying that, she turned and made quite a show of posing like a goddess of seduction. Peanut would have left Grape for her, she was sure of it.
The dog smiled tenderly at her. “You’ll knock him down, the lucky guy.”
She sighed. “And you? Not even a stir?”
Elliot shook his head. “Sorry. You should change species first.”
Tegan didn’t stop smiling as she walked out the room. “I hate you, you know that? But today you can’t break my heart.”
Elliot stuck out his tongue. “Hey, I’m the one without a date, today.”
“Because everyone in the club knows you’re a heartless monster!” She called from her bathroom.
His ears flattened. “Won’t you have pity on me? At least for today, this shouldn’t be a day for hate!”
Tegan emerged from the bathroom. His ears pricked up, his nose quivered. Whatever powder she had doused her fur with was wow! Elliot found himself wagging.
Tegan walked before him and took a purse. “So? Less picky all of a sudden?”
“What did you use?”
“Oh, a little something I bought at the Ancient Roads spice shop. Kwesi recommended it: says it’s a pheromone-free powder created to stimulate dogs. Do you think I put up too much of it?”
“I just think that, in a dark room, I could even find you attractive.”
“You will die for this!” she said, before stomping away. Elliot laughed wildly, holding his belly.
Male house, Apt. 305, Lev. 30

“What are you going to do with her?” the parrot asked.
The Rhodesian Ridgeback brushed the lock that usually covered his red eye, then worked on his ear lobes. “What do you mean, Piper?”
The bird, perching on the dog’s shoulder, scoffed. “Are you going to give her a good date before crushing her spirit? Or will you do it right on the spot, ruining her day?”
Volant put the brush back on the stand. He applied a modicum of scented powder. It had been ages since he had used stuff like this.
“Ohh,” Piper said, chuckling like an evil imp. “You’re going to crush her after the date, eh? All the better, perhaps it will be a month at least, before she starts playing the happy President again.”
Volant nodded, but he didn’t tell his parrot friend that he hadn’t the least intention of hurting Tegan. Despite his scorn for the so-called ‘happy feelings’, that patina of lies belonging to spoiled pets, he had to concede it to that cat, she had tried to be helpful, and she was Alandra’s best friend. Alandra wouldn’t have him and his friends as guests at her place if he hurt Tegan.
What would humans say, in this occasion? ‘Grin and bear it’. This date had been his idea. Perhaps, if he showed Tegan he wasn’t attracted by her, she’d drop her interest in him and leave him alone. “Piper?”
“Yeah, buddy?”
“Why do you hate this date idea so much?”
“You hate happy people. I hate Valentine’s Day. It’s just a stupid mark on the calendar, good for compulsive spenders and sweets gluttons. I like it when someone ends up crying his heart out during this oh-so-special-day-of-love!” He ended up that sentence with a falsetto voice and batting eyes. Then he made a face. “Ew.”
They rang at the door. “This must be her. Piper, please, stay in the living room while I go to answer.”
The parrot saluted smartly. “Aye aye! Just remember to give me all the details when you’re back.”

Tegan drew a couple of breaths.
She was nervous, despite what she had said to Elliot. But what could she confess to him? He just couldn’t understand those aspects of her, that much was clear by now.
But she couldn’t really blame him for not being into cats. It had been her who had wasted years cuddling an illusion of love with the handsome creature. Sigh, if only they had chosen her instead of Sasha for that Kibble spot –she liked that stuff, too! – perhaps he would’ve seen her shining and—
Stop it stupid! She scolded herself. Of all times, this wasn’t the right one to cry over spoiled milk.
The door hissed open. She felt her heart jumping high. How could she have almost forgotten what a splendid hunk he was?!
“Hello, Tegan,” the Saint Bernard Samson said.

The door at Male house hissed open.
The dog stood agape. “You?!”
“Hello, Volant,” said the Australian Terrier.
Despite the small dog being blind, he seemed to look straight into the other dog’s shocked eyes. He kept smiling. “Yes, that would be me.”
Volant’s gaze went from Elpis Karahalios to the two dog behind him –Gauss and Curie Gottschalk, the dogs belonging to none other than the landlord. And they were not smiling.
Elpis sniffed at the air. “Hm, you put on some powder. Nice touch, if I were a girl. So, ready for our date?”
“Date?” What was happening?
Elpis nodded. “Tegan told me you really wanted to see me, so…here I am.”
Volant was surprised, but not stupid.
Tegan had stitched him up! She had never wanted to date him! But why this?
As if sensing the Ridgebak’s thoughts, Elpis said, “Volant, don’t be mad at her: we talked about you, about…me and you. And she was really worried about you, but she also knew you wouldn’t accept to meet me, even if I were chaperoned. So, she set up the date thing.”
Volant wondered if her small talk about finding him attractive was sincere as well or a nice-played stage as well… Not that he cared, really. He wasn’t into cats, in fact his heart wasn’t into anyone.
But he had missed Elpis. Of all pets here at the High, he had been the only one who had tried to befriend him out of kindness. And Volant had hit him. He was the only one he felt guilty towards. “I’m not mad. I’m just…surprised, that’s all. I thought your owners would make a rug out of my fur if I even said you ‘hello’.”
“Well, they weren’t exactly enthusiast at this idea, but when Mr. Gottschalk offered the services of his dogs, they really couldn’t say no.”
“We have been trained in a military academy,” Gauss said.
Volant would’ve loved to test that training, adding some adequate comment, but he decided that Elpis didn’t need another fight right now. He tried to put a smile in his voice. “I guess it’s a date, then. Where do you want to go?”
The terrier wagged hard. “The movies! There is that new movie, Power Charge, featuring Primo! It’s a national premiere!” Volant was about to ask about the ‘watching’ a movie with a set of prosthetic fake eyes, when Elpis added. “They have a facility to describe the movie to the blind. So don’t worry. I am used to such a feature, it will be fun. And you will throw in other visual details I missed.”
It was then, at that moment, that Volant understood what he liked about Elpis: sure, he was rich, perhaps even spoiled… But he had been faced with a rare handicap, anophtalmia, meaning he was born without eyes. He had grown up in a world of darkness, and yet here he was, ready to savor life to its fullest.
While him, Volant, had tasted the bitter of life and decided he couldn’t find any sweet in it anymore.
Elpis compensated him, in a way—
“I decided that this day sucks and I’m going home, bunch of losers!” Piper said as he flew away. “Don’t bother to call me until tomorrow!” he added.
“I wonder what’s wrong with that guy,” Curie said, shaking her head. “Anyway, don’t you worry about me and my brother, Volant. We’re going to stay at a distance, we’re here only to show Elpis’ parents he’s being watched. And I should add, given what he tells everyone about you, I’m starting to believe you are one good guy after all.”
“Thank you, I guess,” Volant grumbled as he followed the group toward the elevator.
“Mind me asking a question, Sam?”
“Sure. I mean, ask away.” The big dog wagged.
“I didn’t know you liked…well, cats. Why did you never tell, back when we were in Babylon? You surely don’t have to fear any retaliation.” That was definitely not a concern: Samson was not only a big dog, he could wrestle down a full grown wolf or even one of the dogs of Mr. Foster! He was the only dog she knew who practiced body building, and not for work like Kevin.
And the results were impressive: not an ounce of fat under the thick fur. One could think he was part bear, while he was all softie. Samson looked impressive but he wasn’t testosteronic like the police Doberman. He had acting ambitions, but he had never been seen courting someone –this despite him being one of the four male canines getting more Valentines together with Fido, Antares and Aldebaran.
When news of his preferences would reach the Gardens, many hearts would collapse.
Samson answered with that deep, booming voice of his. When he got angry, he could roar like a dragon. “I, well, I didn’t want to get in the middle of a gossip, that’s all. Though humans find interspecies relationships cute, many animals could find my preferences…well, disturbing. And that wouldn’t help my career here, nor my Dad’s business.”
Tegan was puzzled. It was sad, upsetting, but she couldn’t just shrug off that taboo. “So, why this date, now?”
“Because I like you and respect you.” He blushed. “You didn’t found the club just to smite the catlovers haters, but to give us all a chance at happiness. In doing so, you exposed yourself, you are very brave, and I was very stupid to think I could hide like a scared puppy.”
Then Samson beat his chest proudly. “So I told myself, ‘The heck with it, if other pets can be proud of what they are I can’t be any less than that!’ And so here I am, escorting the nicest-looking lady of this neighborhood to a fine treat.”
The cat pushed herself against his tall, stocky figure. “Thank you, Sam! I so needed someone to speak to me like that.”
He winked. “Wait another year, and you’ll have more than enough fans howling at your window. You’ll ask them to shut up and just fight over you.”
“My, you know how to talk to a girl! But I hope you won’t stop being my number one fan.”
He laughed, the sound shaking his body. It was like staying near a walking earthquake. “Count on it.”
Jameson House, Apt. 192, Lev. 19

“Did they spoil your plans already?” the snake coiled in the grass asked as the parrot entered their room.
Piper perched on a branch. “I suggest you refrain from speaking until tomorrow, or I’ll show you there are certain unpleasant advantages in being a bird.”
Macajuel chuckled. “Sleep is not one of them, you know that.”
“Ah, shut up! I’m so furious that I could-I could—“ and right at that moment, they rang.
“I’ll get it, you handless, useless crawler!” Piper decided not to look who it was. He needed someone to vent his fury on, and even Herr Gottschalk would do in this moment –in fact, it would be totally worth it, to see if he could break the cool of that E.T. nazi!

The door opened.
From the pavement, Piper looked up and down, but he didn’t find anyone to see…
He only found a paper. A folded card, to be precise. Pink, like all those stupid Valentine cards. Hmm, it showed a mark on the edge, as if someone had held it with just a couple of fingers.
Someone’s weird idea of a practical joke? Well, at least the thing didn’t smell of something unpleasant. Carefully, he opened it… “Well well well,” he muttered.
Not a big pink heart. A single human skull holding a rose in its teeth occupied the two folds. The text, written in bloody character, read, Be my Valentine. Let us bring fear to the weakling. Meet me at the Stellarium. Now. (or get lost)
Piper’s eyes lit up. Even if it was a joke, it had style.
He picked up the card in his beak and flew toward the stairs.

Author:  Sparky [ Sat Mar 10, 2012 4:05 pm ]
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Two days in a row? You're spoiling me Valerio! Not that I'm complaining. :D

Author:  kavviyenta [ Sat Mar 10, 2012 4:54 pm ]
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Now that's some amazing twist you got there! ;)

To be sure, Elpis is the opposite of Duchess. That is he think like a human who insist he has no knowledge in "doggyhood" but actually do whereas Duchess, well, you know.

It's good to see Tsuki feel better, but reading Light's fanfic further than usual and you'll realized that's not gonna last long.

Author:  angelusbr [ Sat Mar 10, 2012 5:02 pm ]
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Everytime I see Tengan, I remember of tengen toppa gurren lagann, and I imagine Tengen as Kamina for a even weirder unkown reason.

Author:  valerio [ Sun Mar 11, 2012 3:42 am ]
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In front of Hunters house, Apt. 441, Lev. 44

“No way!”
Give it to Shadow Barons: when he got something in his head, he would not budge. “Jasmine Hunters, I want you to be my Valentine. I don’t care if you don’t like chocolate, or if you don’t want to go to a date: just let me in and let’s have a nice chat in front of a drink and a celery.”
Silence from the monitor.
“Jasmine, I know you’re in. Errol told me you spend your time in that place and why.” He put his free paw to his chest, while with the other he’d hold a luxury box of chocolates. “Believe me, I don’t want to force you out of your house, I just want to spend some quality time with you. You are pretty like a snowflake, it’s Valentine day, come on!”
The monitor didn’t turn on, but a voice came from the speaker, a moment later. “I’m gonna skin that otter, one day. All right, Come in, but remember to respect the procedures or you I’ll personally recycle you like Soylent Green.”
Procedures..? Shadow stepped in.
The first thing that hit him was the strange, plastic-covered white walls. Unlike his home, it was like entering in a big, neon-lit cabin with sprinklers all around from the pavement to the roof.
“Please put your belongings, collar included, into the sterilizing box to your right,” said a feminine recorded voice. “if your collar contains any items, please remove said items and put them into the sterilizing box as well.” Shadow’s puzzled glance went to the opening panel, which revealed a box large enough to put in a valise. “Please put your belongings, collar included, into the sterilizing box to your right,” the voice repeated.
Shadow remembered Jasmine’s threat –and he had watched that movie, it had given him nightmares for a week. “Ask a guy to undress at their first date?” Shadow chuckled to ease the tension, as he put the chocolate in the box. Then he snapped his collar open. “Lady, you know what you want, I daresay.” He put the collar too into the sterilizing box, then the panel slid close.
“Please don’t move,” the robot voice said. “Body steriliziation procedure activating.”
He didn’t like the sound of it. The second thing that hit him, a moment later, was a this spray of pungent vapors from the sprinklers that made him sneeze and shut his eyes. “But what the fur?!” He coughed as the sprinklers filled the room.
A minute later, the spray ceased, leaving him not exactly wet, but as if he had walked into a mist. A panel in the wall to the left of Shadow slid open and a mechanical arm stretched out, carrying a large white towel. Shadow guessed he didn’t need voice instructions to clean up. The funny thing was, as he passed the towel, he didn’t feel as if he was getting wet, like with water. And it did have a pleasant, dry scent after all. “Say, what’s this stuff?”
This time, it was Jasmine’s voice to tell him, “Disinfectant in microspheres. By wiping it, you’re breaking the spheres and effectively covering yourself in the stuff, so be sure to rub every single square inch of your body. A sensor will warn you when you’re done.”
By now, Shadow was intrigued instead of upset. Errol had told him that Jasmine was a sort of nurse who took care of her parents’ sick child, but what could justify these measures..?
Panic crept into the rabbit’s thoughts, as he stopped wiping himself.
Perhaps the girl was highly contagious! She had Ebola or a rare case of smallpox or tuberculosis!
<Don’t worry, my friend,> said a voice inside his head. <If that were the case, that child would be dead already and the apartment declared unfit for use.>
Luckily, Shadow was used to have his housemate inside his head. He had stopped minding his privacy, as he knew she would never violate it. “And what if she’s a Chernobyl child, Chocolate? Could she be radioactive? I don’t want to lose my glossy fur and ears!” he could’ve thought his answers as she had taught him, but in this moment he wasn’t exactly being cool. He started rubbing himself more vigorously, afraid of exposure.
<Same thing. She is only a very sick human child, Shadow, not a biological threat. You’ll see.> The mind-voice shut up the moment Jasmine’s voice said, “Who are you talking to?!”
Shadow *eep!*ed then said, “Ah, well, that was my housemate. She’s a telepath.” He really hoped Jasmine wouldn’t ask him what species she belonged to. Well, theoretically she could know anytime, since there was a board list of the pets living in the building available on Terrace High’s site and in the Hall…
A green light and a chime told him, he supposed, that he was done. “Please put the towel onto the extension, then stand still for the final step of the sanitization procedure. Thank you.”
Shadow did as instructed, fearing yet another spray of the stuff.
“Please close your eyes.”
He did so. A moment later, for a moment his vision was filled with a bright flash, then the robot voice said, “Procedure terminated. Thank you for your cooperation. Welcome to Hunters house.”
The door slid open, while he felt his ears popping from the pressure differential, as fans in the sterilizing room kept all residual filth inside it. The door then closed.
Jasmine was waiting for him in the living room. “So? Like it?”
For a moment, Shadow didn’t know what to say –in fact, for a moment he wasn’t sure he had seen her at all!
Jasmine was an albino, pure white fur with only pink eyes and nose as notes of color. And she was standing in the middle of an apartment where the predominant color was white. Only white –furniture, pavement, drapery, even the TV set. In that ghostly world, the windows were like floating openings on the real one. Even her voice sounded muffled from that uniform whiteness.
“Uhh,” Shadow muttered, unsure of what to think.
“Is this your rabbit friend?” said another voice, from upstairs. Shadow couldn’t miss a single note of color in that place, as if eyes were thirsty to find a tonality. He had noticed the figure even before hearing it.
The one who had talked was a child. A girl of no more than 10 years old, dressing a white dress. Her head was shaved and covered with a sort of glossy patina. Her pale face was like a floating head in the whiteness. Shadow wasn’t sure she was a ghost, but he smiled to her as he waved her Hi. “Ah, yes, I am. Much pleasure, I’m Shadow. What’s your name?”
The girl walked down the white stairs on her milky sandals. She was smiling shyly, her big green eyes intent on the black-furred figure. Then those same eyes went pleadingly to Jasmine.
The female rabbit nodded. “He’s clean.”
“Yupi!” the child said, and hugged the male rabbit with an unexpected strength! “I’m Clarice Therese Hunters! Nice to meet you Shadow!”
“My *erk* pleasure, ma’am!”
Clarice let go of him, though she still held him by his shoulders, her eyes glued to his figure. “You’re all black.”
“Heh, that I am, dear.” His paw went to his bared neck. He blushed. “Ah, Jasmine, if you don’t mind…”
Jasmine chuckled. “My fault, sorry. Wait here, I’ll get your stuff. Nice neck, by the way.”
He whimpered. Clarice giggled. “You are all red now, Mr. Shadow! I’m happy that Jasmine’s got a boyfriend!”
Shadow wanted so much to be elsewhere right now.
“We’re not still an item, dear,” Jasmine said, coming back with the box, the collar and the other items spread on its surface. “Here,” she said to Shadow. “Where did you take the chocolates, if you don’t mind?”
Shadow put his belongings back into the collar, then snapped the collar shut around his neck. “Ah, at Mirabello’s.” That was the most expensive shop, they produced their own chocolate, and drew a lot of customers of the rich kind of breed. Shadow had paid for a box with six months’ worth of chores rounds at home. He still hoped this was worth it.
Jasmine nodded. “I know it. They are very careful in sterilization procedures.”
Clarice’s eyes lit up. “Does this mean that I can have one?”
Jasmine opened the box. “Even more than one. Imagine this is a gift from Prince Caspian for this special day. Now why don’t we all go to the couch?”
Shadow followed their hosts. Before he realized he was asking it, he said, “What’s she sick with, Jas?”
“I’m a bubble girl!” Clarice replied happily, as if that was the most normal thing in the world.
They sat. Jasmine opened the box and gave Clarice a chocolate. “Her IDS is practically nonexistent. Severe Combined Immune deficiency Syndrome, it’s called. Weird karma for the only daughter of two medics, eh?”
Shadow’s eyes went to the picture hanging on a wall: it depicted two adults wearing a white outfit, posing together with their child who, in turn, was holding a kit Jasmine. They actually looked happy. There wasn’t the hint of sadness in their expression.
“The most used solution is the insulating bubble,” Jasmine was saying. “But Clarice’s parents refused it. They had made big money before having their baby, so they contacted Mr. Gottschalk and proposed him to adopt a radical architectural solution: a whole ‘bubble house’. A place she could live in and where she could meet people and pets, provided the required safety procedures. Which include, by the way, a UV flash to finish sterilizing. Luckily, we live in an age where she can connect to everyone in the world. For once, hooray for Facebook. Plus, she can study and have a full quality support from professional teachers.”
“I see. And…” he looked around “the white theme is related to her problem?”
Jasmine nodded. “It’s the only way to detect any visible impurity. In a colored environment, a stain, mud, anything could pass unnoticed.”
“Oh. Speaking of that, I…” he sighed, getting ready to be thrown out at any moment now. “Do you know that my housemate is a rat?”
“Of course. I studied every single file about the resident pets and humans. And no, I haven’t any problem with your housemate. Rats are exceptionally clean creatures, given the chance. Did you say your housemate rat is a telepath? Like dolphins?”
“I’m studying mathematics!” Clarice intervened. “When I’m grown up, I’ll become a Cryptographist and protect my country from spies and hackers!”
Shadow sounded impressed –and glad for that change of argument. “Oh, and how far are you into your studies, young lady?”
She thought about it. “Oh, I’m reading a treaty about the Diffie-Hellman key exchange protocol. Did you know that David Kahn defined the public-key cryptography as ‘The most revolutionary new concept in the field since polyalphabetic substitution emerged in the Renaissance?’”
Shadow was frozen in the act of taking a chocolate. “I think I got lost after the Hellman name.”
“Did I mention she’s quite talented?” Jasmine said with a grin.
Shadow popped the chocolate into his mouth. “I can guess that. But how could you use mathematics to have fun?”
Clarice nodded. “Oh, I could combine Game Theory and Probability Theory to develop a game for you. In fact, I am doing just that. I want to be a videogame designer as well.”
Shadow smiled. “Videogame, eh? I can play Dragon Age, and then the God of War saga, and the Elder Scrolls saga… I like fantasy a lot.”
“I love that too! I want to work in the World of Warcraft team!”
“Really! That’s my dream too! Will you hire me as your consultant? I got some cool ideas!”
Clarice looked at him, as if examining him. “I might…” she said with a prudent tone. Then she smiled. “If you will play with me at Sacred!”
“Deal!” he shook paws with her. Then he turned to the other rabbit. “Hey, Jas: you with us?”
She left the couch. “Gonna set up the game. You two are toast.”
The Stellarium

“Ookay, I am here, whoever you are.” Piper had waited ten minutes for his mysterious fan to appear. And it still was cold in that accursed stargazing facility. The parrot shivered. “If your idea is to kill me with a cold, know that I’ll be waiting one minute sharp, before going back home, so the joke will be on you! Come on, don’t be shy.”
He looked around, just making sure he hadn’t missed a spot before perching, but again there was not a shadow but his own in sight.
Piper sighed. He was right, that was the silly idea from some of those silly members of the silly club. What did they think? That he’d break his heart over a stupid card, though done with style? Sheesh, pranksters nowadays really lack brains. Present company excluded. He turned and opened his wings to take off…when a flutter of wings at his back made him jump. Judging by the noise, it was one big bird. And Piper knew better than picking on those bigger than him.
“Relax, buddy, I’m leaving.”
“Already?” said an almost purring voice –if such a definition could be applied to a bird’s voice. “Our date just started, Piper. Don’t you want to be my Valentine?”
Piper froze and turned. He was about to say something, when he froze –if with fear or surprise, not even he could tell.
Of all things, he hadn’t really expected the card that had invited him here to be true.
He hadn’t expected to be invited to a date by a hawk. A big, red-tailed female that could’ve easily eaten him as snack.
“Hello, boy.” She spoke with a tone that was both seductive and sinister. “I am Bora. How are you?”

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Sun Mar 11, 2012 4:12 am ]
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love is in the air. and I can tell you're rushing because this chapter's about a month behind.

Author:  legendario13 [ Sun Mar 11, 2012 11:20 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

soo sweet and sometimes bitter at the same time.

Author:  Zukio [ Sun Mar 11, 2012 5:47 pm ]
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Hooray for all the updates! I loved the ‘Freedom to Love – Essential Tools for your Warm Nights’ joke, especially the cover of the box. I look forward to the next update!

Author:  valerio [ Mon Mar 12, 2012 12:48 am ]
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“Hello, boy. I am Bora. How are you?”
Dead, was all the poor parrot could think right now, while staring at the enormous female red hawk perching before him. Was that hunger in her eyes? I am dead and I wish that stupid Valentine card was a joke. “Hi there?” he managed to say with a terrified grin.
Bora rolled her eyes. “Aw, come on. If I wanted to eat you, you wouldn’t even have noticed my coming.”
“Should that make me feel better?”
“It should make you feel alive. Right now, you look like you’re about to give up the ghost.”
“Sue me, lady. So, what’s with the Valentine thing? You don’t exactly look like my star-crossed match.”
Bora shrugged. “That’s true. In fact, I didn’t want any romantic commitment with you. I used the card to lure you out, where we could talk. In private.”
“I’m listening.”
“How about we join forces?”
“I’m still listening.” And he was getting interested too. Oh, yes..! “You spoke about ‘fear’.”
The hawk nodded. “Quite so. The human invaders destroyed my nest and deprived me of my hunting grounds. I want to make them pay, but I want it to be subtle, make them suffer without having their guns aimed at me. Do you know what I mean?”
“Yup. I call it ‘maximizing pain’. I have my reason to detest the hairless apes, but alas I don’t have the physique. But I got the smart.” He tapped his own head. “
Miyugi House, Apt. 288, Lev. 28

“A festival of what?” Linus asked. He knew Japanese people could be…eccentric, but—
“Not ‘a festival’, but the Hina-Matsuri, or ‘Doll Festival’. We celebrate it on March 3. It is a very fun holiday for us, and Mother and I will make sure to put up a great display. The dolls serve to contain the bad spirit and renew good luck and health throughout the year. Sort of ‘out with the old, in with the new’. There will be songs, good Sake and the richest colors.” While talking, the Shiba Inu kept examining the red and golden decorations taken from a crate. Her Mom, Akuo, was checking on the dolls they had been given as samples.
The pug stood sitting where he was, shaking his head in puzzlement. “I guess that’s the reason you look so excited, Tsuki, but today is Valentine. You should be checking your mail box at the post office for cards and gifts. You’re pretty, I’m sure someone sent you some sweets. Don’t you have Valentine in Japan?”
Tsuki paused and turned. She was wagging. “Oh, we do. It’s just that, well, on Valentine it’s the girls who buy the chocolates for the boys. One month later, on March 14, there is ‘White Day’, when the boys return the gesture with another gift if they received one. And it must be a white-themed, more expensive gift than the one the girl gave, or in case of a relationship it means they want to cut it off.”
Linus felt at the same time confused and relieved to see that his impression on these people was correct. “So… Don’t you have someone to send your chocolates to?”
Tsuki shook her head. “I wanted to send one to Light-kun, but again…I’m afraid to overstep my limits. He just lost his partner and best friend, he needs time to heal. But his psychiatrist says he’s strong. I hope that in one month he’ll be healed enough to attend the Festival and become adopted!” She wagged harder.
Lumiere Theater

Throughout the movie, Volant’s attention had been split between the screen and the small dog sitting at his right.
Elpis Karahalios couldn’t be watching the movie, but his attention for the screen, as if he was actually seeing the images, was…strange. As if his brain refused to accept the fact he didn’t have eyes to see.
Of course, it was the earphones that described the movie scenes to the Australian Terrier, but just the way he went enthusiast, as if that was perfectly normal…
And I envy him for this. It felt so good, to be with someone who enjoyed life without hypocrisies, someone who could understand him not to be a ‘good neighbor’…
“Hey, Volant! You still here?”
The Rhodesian Ridgeback shook his head as if waking up. “Uh, yes I am. What’s up?”
Elpis shrugged. He put the phones down into the armrest. “Nothing, unless you like the credits.”
The big dog realized only now the movie was over. He grumbled. “Sorry. Lost in thoughts.” He stood up. With the corner of his eye he saw their chaperons, Gauss and Curie Gottschalk stand up as well. He didn’t like it but it was part of the deal after all: if you want to talk to Elpis, you do it under supervision.
“I hope you were focused enough to appreciate the movie,” Elpis said. He held out his paw for Volant to take, just as he had done when walking in the theater. The crowd wasn’t exactly easy for him to manage.

After walking out the theater, the two German Shepherd/husky mixes following at a distance, Elpis said, “So? Liked the movie?”
Volant nodded. “I liked the experience more.”
“Being at a theater, I mean,” he answered with his eyes lost in his memories. “It’s been a long time since I was in one. When I was a feral, I used to sneak my way in.”
“When was the last time you were at a movie?”
Volant shrugged. “Oh, I’d say three, four years ago.”
“Good! I will rent a lot of titles and a ton of popcorn. I propose a marathon: we start at, say, nine o’clock and from there straight to bedtime. What do you say?”
“That you can’t come to my place and that I’m dead if I just ring your bell.”
“You’re not forbidden to come to the Club house, right?”
Volant scratched his head. “I don’t know…”
Elpis waved. “I see. Not enough privacy?”
“More or less.” Volant didn’t want to show any vulnerability, that was the problem. Whatever came from his heart was destined to Elpis alone, for now. One thing was enjoying a movie in an anonymous crowd. He could even stand the prying ears of those two chaperons, since he had no say in the matter, but willingly exposing to those silly happy creatures..!
Elpis winked at him. “Then I know the perfect place. Trust me on that: it will be epic!”
Ross house, Apt. 267, Lev. 26

“This from Anastasia, this from Natasha, this from Martine, this from Francine, this from Kate, this from Sapphire…” Pawdrick stopped counting his Valentine cards the time to inhale this particular scented card, as if that was the scent from heavens. “MmmmMMM! Oh, Sapphire, my wild thing o’beauty. I miss you so much too.” He opened the card and read the content. He grinned like a wolf. “Oh-HO! Lady, y’are still a naughty lass!” he chuckled, as he closed the card, put it back in its envelope and put it all on top of the pile.
It had been T.J.’s and Zane’s idea to gather at the Scottish Collie’s place to count their Valentines. The other two pets’ cards together couldn’t compete with the pile of their friend.
“I can’t believe there are so many girls writing to you from Scotland,” Zane lamented. “I mean, Podge, you were a sheepdog, where did you find the time for so many girls?!”
The collie scratched idly his chest with his claws. “Lad, if there is one thing we sheepdogs can find time for is some good-natured affection during our job. The hardest part come when the sheep must be herded in and out the fences. Other than that, when the day is calm and the sky is blue, and the sea shines like a liquid mirror, all that it takes is a lass keeping you company.” Podge sighed. “Ah, I may have left my country, but so many good pups carry on my blood and the good herding tradition.”
The brown-furred cat shook his head. “Too much information…lad. Okay, so you have a lot of fans back in Scotland, but I don’t see them lining up outside your door!” He flashed a triumphant grin, as he showed a card to his friend. “Look here! I already got three gals who want me to sing for them. When I’ll be done, fur will be flying!”
“Meaning that this time they’ll hit you with your own guitar?” T.J. said. He was hit with a foam pillow a moment later.
“Barbarian beast!” Zane hissed. “You’re only envious because you got almost no cards!”
“That much is true. Ow.” T.J. stopped massaging his skull in order to check again his cards. “Let’s see, most of them come from the Picasso Art Club, two from the Yatzee Club, and this…Oh.” He shook his head, as if in resignation.
Zane chuckled. “What? Another from your sister?”
The black Labrador rolled his eyes. “Daisy still has not understood that Valentine’s Day is not a day when relatives exchange greeting cards. It’s unnerving, though she is sweet. Look at what she attached to the card, Podge.”
The collie took it. “Awww, look at her!” A big red heart framed a picture of a female black Labrador sporting a daisy-shaped tag, laying in the beefy arms of a very big black dog. The writing at the bottom of the picture read simply Me and Mortim—Aldebaran! Happy Valentine, brother!
“I can understand why she sent this to me,” T.J. said. “It’s so good to see her happy.”
Podge gave the card back to T.J. “Lucky lass she is. That big guy is something impressive. Good pups she’s bound to have.”
T.J. coughed. “Podge! She’s my little sister!
“So? Doesn’t that give her the right to pass her blood to a new, stronger generation?”
Zane was trying his hardest not to burst out in a laugh. “Podge, I wish we had met you before moving here!”
The Collie shrugged. “What about ye two? Anything incoming from the love horizon?” And when cat and dog just avoided meeting his gaze, he made a fan out of his cards and let out a sigh of commiseration as he fanned himself. “Better to have loved, lads, better to have loved, you know.”
This time, he was hit by two foam pillows.
Ancient Roads Spice Shop

“Bueeenos dias!” said a voice behind the basenji dog, while he was busy putting away glass jars of powdered spice mixes with Arabian labels.
Kwesi, who was wearing an apron and lattice gloves, didn’t even flinch, his tongue tip sticking out as he stretched out to complete his task. “Oh, hey Ali.”
The Maine Coon mix pouted. “No fair. This should be the part in which you jump, fall down in a tumble of jars, everything breaks down and you end up covered in the stuff and sneezing!”
Kwesi turned, smiling at her as he ruffled her head fur. “You forgot to add the part in which I get fired. Oh, and I am used to spend the night sleeping with an open eye, so no you can’t take me by surprise.” He stuck out his tongue at her…and she passed her fingers over it. Kwesi just stood there, looking puzzled and cute, moving his tongue between his closed lips before drawing it back inside. “Why did you do that?”
“Because it’s funny! When was the last time you did something funny?” She then grabbed him by a paw and started pulling him. “Now come on, it’s Valentine’s day and I still don’t see my chocolate box and my card!”
Kwesi shook his head. “Ali, Mr. Sandor just hired me, I can’t take free time already! What will he think?”
“I think that you two are young and in love, and that this is the day you should be celebrating together,” said the Mid-Eastern man leaning from the counter. “Take the rest of the day off, Kwesi: you put the load in order and sold a couple of items, so I know you got a knack for business too.” He winked at the couple. “Go have fun, children. God knows time does not run backward… Not to mention I’m not bound to sell much today.” Sandor rolled his eyes as he put up a nice parody of himself. “Stupid Americans and their fads! Today only chocolate they buy! Poor Sandor gets ruined!”
“Thank you, Sir!” Kwesi pulled apron and gloves off. “Tomorrow I will give a recipe to do spice-filled chocolates! Next year it will be a triumph!” That was the last thing he could say before being dragged out of the shop.
Sandor shook his head, smiling warmly. “Ah, to be young again... I wonder if you ever were, my old friend,” he added, addressing a statue standing in a corner of the counter. A statue representing a fairly fat Persian cat with her paws folded over her belly and her tail curled up around her legs.
At those words, the statue opened one sleepy eye. “I used to be. In another life, I think.” And she went back to her drowsy business.

Author:  Zukio [ Mon Mar 12, 2012 1:17 am ]
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Another great update Val! It's an awesome thing to find in the middle of the night!
I am shocked about the statue talking!

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Mon Mar 12, 2012 3:20 am ]
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intriguing. I look forward to seeing the explanation behind the living statue.

Author:  valerio [ Mon Mar 12, 2012 12:21 pm ]
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The Slice of Life Pizza & Fried

“So,” the Australian Terrier said, while munching a mouthful of Margherita with mushrooms. “Anyone important in your life?”
Volant stopped eating for a moment. He was about to say ‘mind your business!’, when he both remembered of their chaperons, and that, after all, Elpis wasn’t being sarcastic or something. That was just an innocent question, to be expected on this particular day.
The Rhodesian Ridgeback finished his slice of pepperoni pizza. “Depends. Love-wise, no one. I had a friend. A very good one. He is dead.”
“Oh. I’m sorry.”
“Why? Does knowing it affect your life somehow?”
Elpis put down what was left of his slice. He had a sad expression. “No, it doesn’t. But it affected your life, a lot. Am I wrong?”
Volant wouldn’t be surprised if this guy could read his tone like that Dr. Lightman could read the body language. “He’s the reason I’m still alive. I miss him.”
Elpis nodded. “Would you like to go to the chapel and pray for him?”
The bigger dog threw him a puzzled glance. “Would that make him come back?”
“No. It would make you feel better. And perhaps, he would be happy to hear your voice.”
“That’s silly. Stop talking about it, okay?” Volant took another slice.
The Terrier shrugged. “Okay. Was he a raven, right?”
Volant sighed. “Elpis, what did I just say?”
“Hey, I thought you were referring to the praying thing. But if you don’t want to talk about that guy at all, that’s all right with me. Sorry for upsetting you.” And back to eating he went, showing no sign of being angry himself.
They went on like this for four minutes, before Volant said, “His name was Lugh. I met him before ending up with my previous owners, while I was a young stray. I owe him his life, he taught me all the survival tricks, led me to the best food, told me stories… But in the end a pack of strays got him while he was trying to protect me. Anything else you want to know?”
Elpis shook his head. “Only when you’re ready to talk about it. Thank you for sharing this.”
“You guessed because you smelled my feather, right?” His paw gently caressed the black feather attached like a tag to his collar.
The other dog nodded. “Just a residual trace, but it’s still there. I thought it must be important to you. You and Alandra are the only one displaying a personal item instead of the usual tag.”
“I see.” Alandra owned a piece of yarn from the scarf belonging to her former and deceased boyfriend, Antonio. “You know, it was Lugh to talk me into trusting humans again, finding a family. I forced myself into accepting Todd and Bill because I owed it to him. I felt…as if I had found a compensation for finding a new family, even if it wasn’t the perfect one. I was sure he had watched over me.” It was at that point that his voice became a growl. Volant was so lost in his thoughts that he didn’t notice Gauss and Curie standing up, ears fully erect, ready to intervene. “Oh, but the truth became so clear in the months that followed. The truth that there is no ‘guardian angel’, no love in this stupid life.
“Even before pouring acid in my left eye, Todd and Bill had done their best to make my life miserable. Almost no food, my hygiene deteriorating to the point that I was almost back to my feral condition, and no respect for my…” he touched the feather again.
At that point, the two Gottschalk dogs had come to his and Elpis’ table. “Any problem here?” Gauss asked.
Volant stood up. “No problem at all. I was leaving. Goodbye. And you don’t get in touch with me again, Elpis. This was a bad idea.” Before they could react, he was already walking away with large steps.
Curie scratched her head. “What’s got into him, Elpis?”
“His own ghosts, that’s what,” Elpis said. Being so good at reading in one’s voice and smell could be, to him, a curse. Undistracted by the physical clues, the small dog could almost see the emotions as if they were a body aura. And Volant’s aura was tinged with so much sadness, fear, hatred…and under all of that there was a pup desperately crying for help.
Elpis took his decision right then. “Guys, I need to talk to Tegan: I think the Club must be involved more in this matter.”
Hunters house, Apt. 441, Lev. 44

“Is she sleeping?”
The white female rabbit pressed a button and the door slid close. “Like a stone. You know, I’ve rarely seen such a big smile on her face. Thank you, Shadow.”
The black male rabbit put a paw behind his head, his ears bent down. “Aw, for what? I really enjoyed this time together, Jasmine.”
“And I enjoyed having you here.” Jasmine bent forward and gave him a peck on his cheek. Shadow went BSOD, the dumbest smile on his face. “I’m sorry for being so…brusque, before, but as you have seen I have a great responsibility. I must take care of her 24/7 while her parents are away for their job.”
The couple walked down the stairs. “Couldn’t they just hire a human nurse for the job? Not that you’re not doing a great job yourself, eh!”
Jasmine nodded. “They tried, but for some reason Clarice never related to another human. She ended up being depressed most of the time and that would influence her health status. She absolutely loves animals, thus her parents trained me to be a nurse and a playmate, the real life friend she needed.”
The rabbits reached the living room, and from there they went to the exit. “And…” Shadow looked down, shuffling his foot. “Don’t you miss having a life of your own?”
Jasmine shrugged. “Not really. I knew what I was being trained for. And I don’t want ‘a life of my own’, if that would mean abandoning Clarice to herself.”
“Sorry, I didn’t mean—“
She patted his shoulder. “I know you didn’t, silly. But you are welcome to visit me anytime from now on.”
His ears perked up like springs. “Really?!”
Jasmine nodded. “Of course. You know where and when to find me. Now go home.” She yawned. “I’m tired too, and my eyes must rest after all those videogame sessions.”
Shadow flashed her a grin. “Heh, you’re just a sore loser.”
“Said the rabbit whose tail was kicked around by a sick human child.” She opened the door to the sterilization chamber.
Shadow gulped nervously. “Please tell me I’m not to repeat the procedure.”
“Don’t worry, that is performed only upon entering. Now go, lionheart. And call me before setting up a new date.”
The smile she gave him made him feel all wobbly. Waving at her, Shadow entered the chamber walking backwards…and tripped on the threshold. The door closed on his call of pain.
Jameson House, Apt. 192, Lev. 19

“I am grateful for the time we had spent together, my love.” The mouse hugged his mate. “I will never forget you.”
“And I will not forget you,” the female said, trembling, trying to fight back the tears. “Thank you for bringing a little light in these dark times.”
The male caressed her ear. “Don’t thank me. Without you, I would’ve faced this day without hope, already dead inside. Thank you for staying with me even in this circumstance, it means a lot.”
“It means a lot for me too. I wish we had left a litter behind, but hey, we’ve been lucky enough as it is.” Then he kissed her.
Behind them, an enormous tail tip tapped on the pavement in annoyance. “Are you two quite done? I’m getting hungry,” the Python said.
The male mouse sighed. “I guess we did. And remember, you promised to be quick, no pain.”
Mac sighed. “I must be getting soft. Stupid romantic day. Now hold still…”
The two mice held each other tight.
A moment later, it was over and Macajuel was smacking his lips. “Hmm, filled with love. Sweet.”
The Hexagon Park

“Eeeagleee!!!” Tegan was beyond herself with joy as she kept flying, her arms spread out and her fur ruffled by the crisp air.
She wasn’t exactly a small cat to start with, but Samson wasn’t even just a big dog –he was big and strong enough to carry her on his palms and running, panting like a steam engine, his ears bent backward. His footsteps were like thunder. All pets they happened to cross wisely threw themselves aside.
Tegan wished this moment never to stop…but, alas, stop it did when Samson tripped. “Whoops!”
The cat didn’t even time to scream, as she plunged into the thick snow at the side of the walkway, leaving a precise impression of her arm-spread body.
“Tegan!” Samson quickly scrambled to his feet and ran to the mound. “Are you okay?!”
Tegan emerged in a small explosion of snow, raising triumphantly her fists. “YAY! Let’s do it again!”
The hulking Saint Bernard sat down. His breath was creating thick clouds like a dragon’s. “I think I’ll pass for now. That was a lot of exercise, especially right after eating.”
Tegan shook herself clean, then sat down next to him. It was like sitting next to a stove! “And a magnificent lunch it was, thank you for that too.”
Samson produced in a bow. “Thank you for what? I did my duty as your cavalier for today, ma’am.”
She made a pout. “Aw, and won’t you be my cavalier again?”
This time, he reacted wagging with enough force to cause a tall spray. “Really?! Would you date me again?”
Tegan nodded. “Of course. I hope this day is the start of something, well, important. Will you give it a try?”
Samson nodded, while taking her in his beefy arms. She curled up like a ball, almost disappearing into his chest fur. “I will try. I just hope it works out fine, I… Tegan, I never tried something like this. I’m totally new… Tegan?”
But by then she had fallen asleep, just a gentle purr following the movement of her flanks.
The big dog shrugged. “Well, I guess this is a start.”

Episode 7

Author:  legendario13 [ Mon Mar 12, 2012 8:06 pm ]
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We all like the love stories, but we need to understand what that implies,

Be devoted until the end.

It's exceptional, keep it like this Val.

Author:  musclecar326 [ Mon Mar 12, 2012 10:32 pm ]
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I haven't commented for awhile but I've been reading the whole time. The updates were beyond describing with such words as fantastic or amazing. I especially like all the new relationships and the Valentine's day chapters. The fake date that brought Elpis and Volant together was great. It really helped Volant learn that Elpis just wants to learn more and be his friend. Then Kwesi with Ali is adorable. He got a job and opened up his past all because of her, that is great character development for both Volant and Kwesi. Samson and Tegan are a good couple as well. Shadow and Jasmine make a great couple as well considering that they are opposite colors and all. It is sad that Clarice has that disease and cannot leave the apartment. Finally Piper and Bora teaming up is not good at all, they will cause mass amounts of trouble, and fear. I think that is it...

Author:  RandomGeekNamedBrent [ Tue Mar 13, 2012 1:16 am ]
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a Scrubs reference and a Lie to Me reference. very good sir.

Author:  valerio [ Tue Mar 13, 2012 4:32 pm ]
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Season III
Episode 8 – All creatures Great and Small

Order of Saint Anthony Abbot’s Chapel, the Fulcrum, Terrace High

“Spiffy, dear. It becomes you.”
The tiny female mouse was checking herself at the mirror. She ran her fingers inside the white collar. A golden tag shaped like a cross imposed over a paw print, symbol of the Order, hung from the collar. “Thank you big boy,” she said with a voice quite loud for such a tiny figure. “But I prefer being legitimate than support a fad. Not to mention vanity is a sin, right Brother?”
“Wise words, my child,” said the black-robed black cat, who was holding the mouse in his palm. Then the Order’s representative turned to the Basenji dog, who had made that earlier comment. “I’m sorry for not introducing Saga to you when you came living here, Kwesi, but she was shy of…new presences.”
Saga sighed while she kept checking her figure. The collar and IDs Piper had given her had been anonymously sent back to Piper’s owner. The feline priest wouldn’t have her owning stolen items under his roof. “Brother Lazarus, I was just being prudent, not afraid. After all, ferals are known for not being picky when it comes to snacks, and I had just spent enough time waiting to be eaten by that satanic python to be at ease with another stranger around. No offense meant, Kwesi.”
“None taken. I’ve been called worse.” He looked at the extra tiny collar. “Say, where could you put some pocket money in there?”
“Oh, like for the other pets, the collar has a chip,” Lazarus said. “She only must pass near one of the POS in the commercial area, and it will automatically detract the amount.” All money transactions were operated electronically. One could keep his or her own treasure at home, but the use of cash was forbidden, especially because even the apartments had terminals where to recharge the credit cards and collar chips. A thief looking for cash would’ve wasted his time here.
Kwesi ran a finger inside his own new collar –a simple white and black colored model with the same cross and paw tag. He didn’t like being a ‘pet’, even if he was one from the moment the Order had adopted him. He could only become a streeter again or become adopted by a family. “I thought you considered money a sin or something.”
Brother Lazarus chuckled. “Greed is a sin. Money spent wisely can do a lot of good. When you’re back, I will give you your copy of the Bible with the Good Samaritan’s passage put in evidence. I expect you to read it.”
“Okay.” Kwesi hadn’t been raised on a particular creed. His father, a spice trader, would get in touch with many villages and cities in their travel from Chad to Egypt and back. Belonging to a religion could prove dangerous, while he believed in diplomacy and keeping a true neutral position. After all he was a trader, not a preacher…
The cat put the mouse on Kwesi’s shoulder. “Don’t worry, my child, I’m not trying to convert you. Faith is something that comes from the heart. I can only show you the words, but it’s up to you to answer the call from our Lord. Don’t feel obliged to obey our Lord: He wouldn’t like something less than sincerity.”
Kwesi chuckled. “Not the best way to gain a large number.”
Lazarus nodded. “But it’s the best way to gather the strongest, purest souls.”
The dog walked toward the door. “Nothing can put you down, eh?”
The cat shrugged. “They tried to put me down twice, child, and the Lord decided I should live and help out the other unfortunate souls. Believe me, no verbal bickering could change that.”
Saga slapped Kwesi on an ear. “Now you shut up and go to work, stupid whelp! Sorry Brother.”
Lazarus waved them goodbye. “I’ll put a coin in the jar for you. Now off you go, Kwesi, or you’ll be late for work. And you, Saga, please be careful with that collar, they’re not easy to find for one of your size.”

When Kwesi got out the chapel, once again he found himself looking at the many temples occupying that level. The air was rich with the scents coming from them, it had a…stupefying quality.
Most of all, what really stroke him was the silence. One expected this level to be filled with songs, dancers or whatever humans did related to their cults… And they probably would. Yet, as Brother Lazarus had explained him, since the level was a sort of ‘neutral ground’, all rituals were supposed to be conducted inside the single temples.
Sure thing, considering the normal level of activity of the commercial area, this level was quiet like a cemetery. Kwesi shivered, then walked towards the elevator.

“Can you drop me by the Park?” Saga asked, once they were in the cabin.
The dog pressed the button. “No. I promised Lazarus to keep an eye on you.”
She sat down and huffed. “No fair. I want to live my adventurous life at its fullest, not to rot in a spice shop!”
Kwesi snickered. “You won’t be rotting at all, not with all those spices available.”
“Was that some sort of morbid African humor?”
“There were tribes who loved those jokes. Father made them.”
“Only cuz they got no TV, believe me.”
Kwesi sighed. The elevator stopped and the doors opened. After the silence of the ‘temple level’, the sounds and scents here were a refreshing experience. “Someone woke up on the wrong side of the nest, I see.”
“You would too if you should be chaperoned every given day!”
“Well, you are not exactly a titan of mouse. Brother Lazarus is only worried that you could get hurt.”
She waved the notion away. “Okay, okay smartguy. Tell you what: you find me a chaperon who will bring me to the park and watch over me, under the promise he or she will get me back here when we must go back home. Come on, it’s reasonable. You can’t condemn me to boredom 24/7, where is the ACLU when you need it?!”
Kwesi massaged the ear she was offending. Such a powerful voice for one so small..! “Saga, please. I have a responsibility with you, and I will not fail Brother Lazarus on this, all right?” He stepped into the Ancient Roads spice shop. “And now please behave. I need this job, and as you pointed out yourself I am not picky when it comes to snack.”
She crossed her arms in indignation. “Carnivores! You’re all the same. Hmph!”
Kwesi inhaled deeply the spice-scented air. He asked himself if this was the same scent the Melange had. During their travels, his father had given him a copy of Dune. Kwesi had been fascinated by the planet Arrakis, he wished he lived there as a Fremen, riding the majestic sandworms like a true knight of the endless desert world—
“Are you going to stay there all day or start working?” asked a gruffy voice behind him.
“Gak!” both mouse and dog jumped. Kwesi turned. “Who the—Oh, it’s Mr. Sandor’s statue.” He scratched his head, puzzled, as he examined the object depicting a milky-furred Persian cat. “Creepy,” he said, taking it by the arms. Heh, Mr. Sandor must have done that voice-throwing trick. Kwesi didn’t want to think the man had a stuffed animal in his shop. It would be like having a corpse—
“I can walk by myself, thank you very much,” the statue said, opening two droopy eyes.
This time Kwesi fainted.
“Funny position for working,” the cat said.
“You’re…alive?” Kwesi asked at last.
“Of course I am. And I have a name, Ali. And I am the resident pet.”
Kwesi stood up. “B-But you never moved, you just stood there like a…”
A pale smile crossed the cat’s face. “I have mastered the finest art of sleep, my friend. Nothing can disturb my naps.”
The dog shook his head. “I believe you. Next time, just warn me, okay?”
“Same here,” Saga said. “You’re like a ninja of sleep.”
“I will take that as a compliment. Now please get back to work, dog.”
Kwesi regarded her with scorn. “Is that so? Because I didn’t see you doing your part to help, cat!”
The fluffy feline stood unfazed. She just moved her wrist, and flexed her fingers. Kwesi gulped at the sight of five claws that could easily belong to a leopard! “I watch this place. Anything against that?” Somehow, spoken with that drowsy voice, that question sounded even more menacing.
“Noma'amno! Gonna get the broom!”
The door slammed open at that moment, and a short earthquake shook the shop. A booming voice shook the air. “Hey, Kwesi! You in?”
When the jars stopped trembling on their shelves, the dog said, “I’m here, Samson. What’s up?”
The giant Saint Bernard walked in. “You forgot already? Today’s our first day of volunteer job at the pound! Won’t you come along?”
The volunteering, of course! Kwesi smacked himself mentally: the idea was both to help out needful pets, and to forge a stronger bond between the Club’s members. Brother Lazarus had said he’d participate too. Kwesi wondered why the cat hadn’t told him…
“Ah, sorry, Sam. I really can’t come. I’ve just got this job and it’s important that I keep it.
Samson nodded. “I see. That’s why I brought along someone to keep you company.” He stepped aside, revealing the familiar figure of a Maine Coon mix.
Kwesi wagged like crazy. “Alandra!” Then, to the big dog, “Thank you, Sam.”
“No prob. It was her idea after all… Say, can I take Saga with me? Thank you.” He stretched out his paw, palm upwards. “Hop in, little thing.”
“With pleasure. At least someone knows how to treat a lady!” The tiny mouse hopped into Samson’s paw. To Kwesi, she said, “Admit it, loverpup: you’d rather have her company around, and Brother Bear here is the best defense you could think of.”
Kwesi nodded, reluctantly. To Samson, he said, “Take good care of her. I am not sure I want to see Brother Lazarus angry at me, okay?”
The Saint Bernard put Saga over his head fur. She disappeared immediately into it. “Don’t worry… Hehe, she tckles.” He giggled.”
“Quiet, down there,” her voice came from inside the fur. “I’m trying to make a nest here. Hmm, fluffy!”
Samson waved his friends goodbye and went out the shop. Saga asked him, “Say, tell me they’ll have already fed by the time we get there. I wouldn’t like meeting someone’s maw.”
Samson pouted. “Why, don’t you trust me to defend you?”
“Well, I know you could wrestle with Steve, but we’ve barely known each other, not to mention that my tastes where males are concerned don’t involve your size. No offense.”
Samson wagged. “I like you. You’re tiny and cute and talk a lot. I will protect you, don’t worry.”

Author:  Sparky [ Tue Mar 13, 2012 8:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

Im loving these updates Valerio! Can't wait to see what Bora and piper have in store.

Author:  legendario13 [ Tue Mar 13, 2012 8:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

well i think is great how all the pets get along with others soo easily.

Big softy Samson FTW.

Sparky Wrote:
Im loving these updates Valerio! Can't wait to see what Bora and piper have in store.

Right now i dont want to think about it :? i just hope they keep it on this astral plane.

Author:  kavviyenta [ Tue Mar 13, 2012 10:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

Nicely done. More interesting characters to come. Look like Kwesi can't use Alandra's nickname anymore. By the way, Ali's gender is confusing since you mentioned the persian was a girl in the previous episode. Interesting to see Ali has polydactyly, ironic since cats in real life have five digits.

Hope we can see Flash soon. He hasn't play a role since his intro.

Author:  valerio [ Tue Mar 13, 2012 11:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

kavviyenta Wrote:
Nicely done. More interesting characters to come. Look like Kwesi can't use Alandra's nickname anymore. By the way, Ali's gender is confusing since you mentioned the persian was a girl in the previous episode. Interesting to see Ali has polydactyly, ironic since cats in real life have five digits.

Hope we can see Flash soon. He hasn't play a role since his intro.

Thank you for noticong! I corrected the mistake. Yup, it's a girl :oops:
And flash's gonna appear very soon as well... ;)

Author:  valerio [ Thu Mar 15, 2012 12:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HOUSEPETS! THE SERIES Official Thread

The Parking Lot, Sublevel 3, the Fulcrum, Terrace High

Two vehicles stood in a small plaza reserved to the couriers. Two battery-powered vans with the white-and-green colors and golden logo of Terrace High. The drivers were waiting at the wheel.
Two groups of pets were assembled by the open back doors. One was composed by the security team 3 – Sigmund, Tobee and Athena – plus Lazarus, Samson and Tegan. The second included Hannibal, Shadow, T.J., Zane, Butch and Drake.
“Okay, you bunch of wannabe losers,” a female Brazilian Shorthair cat was saying, “you volunteered for a job of responsibility, not a picnic. Group 1 will take care of the guests at the River Ridge Pound, while Group 2 will do chores at the Noah’s Ark Biopark. I confide none of you will give us problems and that by the end of the day there will be some happier animal on this filthy world of sorrow! Make a mistake and you’ll regret it, believe me. Oh, and no romantic thingies: this is a job, got it? Hannibal will be supervising Group 2 and he got bored as of recently, and when he gets bored, he bites. I am speaking for him because he’d set an example straight away and clip someone’s tail. Everything clear, losers?!”
The animals stood smartly like so many soldiers. They were afraid to speak a word.
“Then let’s get this show on the road. Hop in!” She climbed the small ladder to van #1 and sat down on the left line of seats, soon imitated by the others in her group, while Group 2 got on their vehicle.
The vans started, their electrical engines humming. Then one moved toward the main exit, the other went for the opposite end of the parking lot, toward the service road –thus was called the path built parallel to the underground line used by the residents and the visitors to move quickly to and from the Fulcrum.

“Why are not we using the Line?” Shadow asked Hannibal, raising his paw –not that it was needed, but somehow he was sure it was better play it formal if he wanted to keep his ears whole.
“Because the Line got its timetable. Like Clementia said, we’re not doing a touristic visit to the zoo: plus,” he pointed at the boxes laying between their seats and the driver’s cabin “that is not shopping stuff. Unless there is an emergency, we’re not supposed to use the Line as a van. Other questions?” That was a rhetorical one, but someone in the group hadn’t gotten it. The black-furred Alsatian’s head turned in the direction of Butch, who was gesturing a question. In vain, the Persian cat sitting beside him was trying to keep the boxer quiet. Eventually, Drake sighed and started to say, “My pal here wants to know—“
“How many sublevels we got,” Hannibal finished for him. “What? Didn’t you think it was part of our training to know sig language? Anyway, I think you were talking about any ‘super-duper secret installation’ below the ones the map of this compound show?”
Butch nodded eagerly, smiling like an overgrown puppy. Drake scowled. “Right, as if he’d tell because you’re being so cute, you—“ Drake got his second surprise of the day when the Alsatian said, “Actually we do.” That caught the general attention.
Hannibal shrugged. “It’s the first thing Security is supposed to know about the place, so that we can help to manage a full-scale emergency. And by that, I mean something on the scale of WWIII.”
A cold shiver passed through T.J.’s back –and not only his. “Do you mean..?”
Hannibal nodded. “A nuclear shelter. Or rather, something that would put to shame the known government installations. It’s called ‘Fulcrum II’ –not really original, but it gives you the idea.
“Gottschalk invested a lot of money just to make sure that in case the building above is leveled and the environment is made inhabitable, all residents, pets included, can move down there and keep on living as comfy as possible before being allowed back to the surface. I’d give you the stats, but don’t worry: one of the reasons I talked about it is that you’ll all be living in it soon.”
As their van proceeded toward the city, Clementia kept a wary eye at the monitor showing the back camera visual.
Of course, that wasn’t a private road, and there was supposed to be traffic, but…she didn’t like it that that particular car, a white Of course, that wasn’t a private road, and there was supposed to be traffic, but…she didn’t like it that that particular car, a white Toyota sedan, kept following them maintaining a precise distance, accelerating or decelerating just to make sure it didn’t lose track of their quarry.
“Hey, Sid,” she said to the intercom.
“Yes, ma’am?”
She allowed herself a moment of gloating. She’d work for free just to hear that respect from a human! “Have you noticed that white car in your rearview mirror?”
“Yes, ma’am. The recording equipment is working properly. We already sent Security a request for information about the plate.”
“Good job.” Somehow, she was sure they would find nothing useful. Whoever drove that car knew they were being watched. They had a job, reporting the van’s movements and do so only at the end of their task. ‘Recording equipment’ included a radio set to intercept any communication from that car, and apparently no one there was going Alpha Team, Bravo Team, target is maintaining course, over.
Then, just as the van took the exit for the city, it was the car to maintain its course, soon disappearing in the distance.
Sigmund clasped his paws. “Looks like we were being a bit nervous,” he said with a merry tone.
Clementia nodded. They’d discover it soon if it was the case. Real pros would use a second team at this point, but after all there was no reason to scare the civilians. Not when no one had a clue why would a car follow their van. Samson was just a canine body builder and his owner was clean, no criminal records or shark loans tailing him. Brother Lazarus was a miracle cat who had survived two euthanasia attempts and had been adopted by the Order of Saint Anthony Abbot. He hadn’t an enemy in the world. Tegan… Hmm, Tegan and her friend Elliot had had a run-in with a gang of criminal animals in the past, they had been kidnapped…
Clementia mentally shrugged that option away. Yes, you are being so much paranoid baby! Only because PETA had tried to get to her, once, didn’t mean there were shadows behind every corner. Not to mention that the culprits had been all arrested, and as of today PETA was a pale shadow of the organization it used to be thanks to that PR fiasco in Babylon Gardens…
She felt a paw patting her shoulder –well, at least the gesture was meant to be friendly, but it sure rocked her body as if the paw’s owner wanted to shake her out of a hysterical crisis like in that Airplane movie…
“Hey,” Samson said. “Whatever troubles you, you know you can count on us to help.”
“Rule #1 when I’m out of duty, mister,” she said in that quiet/dangerous tone. “Dogs do not touch me. Am I clear on that?”
Samson’s paw disappeared as if he had just touched radioactive material. Tegan giggled.
“What?!” Clementia snapped.
“Oh, nothing. You just make me remember of someone… A guy you’d get really along with.”
“What do you mean ‘living there soon?” Drake asked
Hannibal shrugged. “No big surprise, announcement’s gonna be made soon: it will be like those safety drills on a cruise ship, only that in our case every single resident will be instructed to spend a week inside the shelter. No exceptions. Should a real-life situation occur, you all will have to be ready to face it. A nuclear war will not be merciful on those who will hesitate to run to safety. That is also a reason why Mr. Gottschalk wanted the humans to have both home and job inside the Fulcrum, so as not to be separated should a crisis occur.”
Hannibal’s words were commented by a couple of minutes of silence broken only by the van’s hum.
It was Shadow the first to speak. “Talk about overkill! Ain’t our landlord being a tad paranoid? I mean, humans can be weird, even crazy sometimes, but it’s not that they’ll unleash a nuclear war—“
“There are asteroids. One cosmic boulder large enough could cause a global nuclear winter. The eruption of Yellowstone could cause a collapse of the United States as we know them… I read the list of possible disasters, and it is long and scary. Anyway, it’s not that we or the humans living here have a say in the matter: the drills are mandatory, and are scheduled at least once a year. And yes, repeated drills will teach the residents how to behave in the best way possible, without being uselessly instructed during a mass panic.”
“Like in japan!” T.J. said, snapping his fingers. “I saw it on documentaries. People react orderly as if it was a perfectly normal thing.”
Hannibal nodded. “Administration wants to make sure to minimize the panic should the time come…ah, but here we are.”

The van stopped inside a parking lot. The ShoWalls were adorned with themes related to nature and animals from the earth, the sky and from the sea. Big arrows on the pavement guided the visitors to the elevators.
Hannibal unstrapped first, then went and opened the doors. “Now come on out, we’ve got a lot of work awaiting. Butch, T.J: get that crate and watch it: see that ‘FRAGILE’ caption? Imagine that your bones are like that crate’s content, in case you dropped it.”
Butch got down first and pulled the crate –well, at least it wasn’t heavy. Even the black Labrador had an easy time first pushing it then grabbing it as he got down. “What’s inside it, boss?”
Under Hannibal’s instructions, Drake and Zane took hold of a sack each. “Toys,” he answered. “Even if the Administration provides everything the guests need, they have their own fans thanks to the Park’s Facebook page. At first, children would send the toys via mail, but most of them got broken during delivery, or got lost, or stolen – a mailman in particular would think no one would miss a toy destined to a bunch of beasts, his words. In the end, the Administration decided to collect the stuff and send it in one expedition to the Biopark.”
“Is that all?” Drake asked. “Just play Santa and we’re done?”
Hannibal flashed a grin of his steel, ivory-coated teeth. “You wish, gato, you wish…”
River Ridge City Pound

“Something wrong?” Clementia asked.
Tegan looked unnerved. She threw glances at the structure around the parking lot. Her ears twitched to and fro, like her whiskers.
The security cat patted her shoulder. “Relax, sister: the first times every volunteer will react like you, there’s nothing to be ashamed of.”
“It’s not that…” Tegan said, leaving the sentence suspended.
“Oh, and what would it be? Too afraid to get your fur smelling like lower class? Too afraid to see how’s some of the real world out of our gilded gage—“
“It’s been so long, since I was here,” the Maine Coon interrupted her, while looking around. “I was less than eight months old, I barely remember the aspect of this place… But the scents…” She sighed, then was back to her merry self. “Sorry, boss, I was just lost in memories. What are our assignments?”
Find me a hole where I can bury myself, Clementia was tempted to say. “Tobee, you and Tegan with me to the cat area. Athena, Siggy, Sam, to the dog section. Brother Lazarus…”
The feline priest nodded and walked away, to where he was needed most.

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