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Peanut and Grape's Bizarre Adventure [PG-13] 
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Post Peanut and Grape's Bizarre Adventure [PG-13]
Hello everyone! Welcome to my crossover of Houespets! and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. A strange combination, I know, but one I am definitely interested in exploring. A fair warning that the content of this story is PG-13 in nature. Specifically, the story will be dealing with some heavy themes and there will be times when the action scenes will become rather violent. However, nothing explicit will be described, like blood or the like, and there will be absolutely no swearing.

Housepets! is owned by Rick Griffin. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is owned by Hirohiko Araki. Music references are credited in the Stand Bios following each chapter in which they are introduced.


The last thing Peanut remembered before passing out was Grape calling out his name.
No, calling it out is an understatement. She yelled his name, screamed it at the top of her lungs.

The last thing he remembered before that was a blinding pain in his chest.

Peanut’s entire body was heavy with entropy as he slowly started to regain consciousness. His eyelids were heavy as well, preventing him from getting confirmation as to where he was right now.

His ears, however, were still just as functional as they’ve always been. He knew right away that wherever he was, it wasn’t the comfort of his own home.

The most telling detail was the consistent, steady BEEP BEEP BEEP he heard coming from his left.

‘Let’s see.’ Peanut thought as he struggled to open his eyes. ‘I passed out after… something hit me. And now I’m in a cold bed next to a beeping machine.’

Peanut adjusted himself as he tried to rouse himself awake.

‘I guess I should count myself lucky that it is beeping.’

Finally, Peanut’s eyelids gave no more protest as they finally opened, allowing Peanut to confirm what he already figured out.

A hospital room.

Peanut looked down at the cause of his being here. His chest was bandaged up and how. Peanut tried to call out for a Nurse, or a Doctor, or anyone really, but his voice was hoarse and it was painful to speak.

Thankfully, it wasn’t long before a Nurse did come in; most likely to check and make sure he hadn’t died while no one was looking. She only gave Peanut a quick glance before rushing out, calling for a doctor.

Mere moments later, the Doctor helped Peanut to a level of comfort where he could actually speak again. To Peanut’s surprise, his family and a good deal of his friends from the neighborhood were waiting just down the hall in the Guest’s Room, immediately piling into the room as soon as the Doctor gave them permission.

Grape and his parents were obviously there, as well as Max, giving his girlfriend emotional support. Tarot sat next to Peanut on his bed, cuddling up to him as gently as she could. Sabrina stood nearby, her shoulder stained with Tarot’s tears.
Surprisingly, Bino was there as well. He stayed mostly to himself, leaning against the doorframe while doing his best to avert eye contact with anyone else. If anyone had any issue with Bino being there, they certainly didn’t say so.

Fido was also there, but not as a friend.

He came as the law.

“Peanut? If you’re feeling up to it, I’d like to ask you a few questions about your attacker.” Fido said, trying to stay professional.

“Attacker?” Peanut asked before coughing, his throat was still a little sore. “I was attacked?”

Grape suddenly found the floor to be very interesting. The Doctor cleared his throat.

“Yes.” The Doctor said. “Your chest cavity was pierced by a… an arrow.”

Peanut cocked his head. “An arrow?”

The Doctor nodded. “Yes, and a rather ornate one too. You are a very lucky individual. The arrow managed to miss anything vital.” The Doctor gave Peanut a reassuring smile. “Not only that, but one of your friends just happened to have the same blood type as you, and they were more than willing to share.”

A smile crept across Peanut’s face. “Really? Who?”

Peanut knew it wasn’t Grape, he knew her blood type. He scanned across the room, looking at Max, Sabrina, and Tarot, but they all shook their heads.

“Ahem” came a noise from the doorway.

Peanut looked back at Bino, still trying to make himself as invisible as possible. “Bino?” Peanut said, honestly shocked. “You saved me?”

Bino looked away from everybody else, all eyes now focused entirely on him. “Don’t mention it.” He said under his breath.

Peanut looked down at Bino’s arm, only now noticing the bandages around his forearm. Not only that, but Bino’s eyes looked incredibly tired. No, they looked drained.

Everybody present, at least those familiar with Bino and his… personality, all showed their surprise in different ways. Tarot and Sabrina exchanged a confused glance with each other. Grape raised her eyebrow accusingly, as if wondering whether the dog in the doorway was the same Bino they all knew. Only Max allowed himself a slight smile as he stared at his adoptive brother.

“Thanks” Peanut said. He wasn’t sure what else there was to say.

Bino gave a noncommittal shrug as Fido cleared his throat. “Peanut, the attacker?”

“Right, right…” Peanut said, searching his memories. “I… I’m sorry Fido. I didn’t see anybody.”

“Are you sure?” Fido said. “Any information, no matter how minor, might be important.”

Peanut closed his eyes, trying hard to recreate yesterday afternoon. “I was walking with Grape passed the shopping district. We were on our way home after playing in the park. Grape said something about a movie she saw and then I… I felt a huge pain across my chest. I blacked out almost immediately.”

Grape nodded, as if to confirm. “I can continue from here Fido. Peanut did get shot with an arrow. When he fell, I looked around to see who might have shot it, but the street was crowded with shoppers. Not only that, but the attack caused a panic, meaning if I did see the shooter, I probably couldn’t have picked him out of the crowd running around.”

Fido huffed. “Crap. Well, we have the arrow in evidence lock-up. It’s definitely… distinctive, to say the least. We’ll have forensics take a look at it and see if we can’t look up some kind of buyer of unique, antique arrows.”

Peanut raised an eyebrow. “What the mean the arrow is ‘distinctive’?”

Fido shrugged. “Well for one thing: The arrowhead is solid gold, and engraved up the wazoo. It’s definitely old, possibly an antique. You could fetch a pretty penny for something like that.”

Fido turned on his heel to leave. “Thank you for the testimony. I should return to the precinct.”

Mrs. Sandwich grasped Fido’s shoulder gently before he could leave. “Wait! Why would anyone want to attack Peanut? Is he still in danger?” She begged.

Fido gave Mrs. Sandwich a sad look. “I’m sorry. I wish I could say for certain. For now, all I can do is suggest you all keep a close eye on Peanut and maybe file a Wit-Pro with the BGPD. Until then, a contingent of cops will be keeping watch over the premises.”

With that, Fido left with Bino following after his brother. Max gave Grape a kiss on the cheek then turned to Peanut. “I need to go have a chat with Bino. You take care Peanut.” Max turned to leave before Peanut called out. “Max! Tell Bino I want to talk to him too when we have a chance!”

Max waved back without missing stride. “Will do, buddy!” He said as he walked out. Sabrina and Tarot left after a bit more time visiting, the Pomeranian needing to be convinced by the black cat to do so.

Tarot was adamant about staying the night with Peanut… until Sabrina whispered something in her ear. Whatever she said, it was enough to convince Tarot to go with her.

“Peanut, I’m sorry but…” Tarot said, still entangled with Peanut on the bed.
“It’s okay Tarot. Do what you need to do. I’m not going anywhere.” Peanut said, placing a quick kiss on her forehead.

Finally, Peanut was alone with his family, who made it very clear that they would be staying the night. Although they felt little comfort knowing that the hospital was under guard, they felt that every extra eye on Peanut could only help.

Night eventually crept up. The Sandwiches were passed out on a couch in the waiting room. The only reason they weren’t camping out on the floor in Peanut’s room was because a Nurse reassured them that Peanut could call for them immediately using a patient intercom.

Grape was harder to convince, and eventually the hospital staff agreed to let her sleep on a small cot in Peanut’s room.

The two kept each other distracted with board games Mr. Sandwich brought from their home.

“It’s kinda cool.” Peanut said, moving his rook.
“What is?” Grape said. “Nice move by the way.”
“Thanks.” Peanut said, though he had to wince as Grape countered perfectly with her bishop. “This whole thing. I feel like I’m in a spy movie! Like I’m the target of some… international assassin or something.”

Grape’s eyes narrowed. Peanut decided to be careful as he moved his pawn one space. “You shouldn’t joke about this.” She said.

“What? All I’m saying is that it’s kinda coo…”
“There’s nothing cool about this!” Grape snapped, her hand slapping the table the chessboard was on, knocking her queen off the board.

Grape immediately reeled back when she saw the hurt look on his face. “I’m sorry. I… I know what you're trying to do.” She said, placing her hand on his. “You don’t want us to freak out over you so you’re playing it like it’s no big deal.”

Grape brought her hand to her mouth, catching a gasp. “But… God, Peanut, this is a big deal! You almost died! Someone almost murdered you!” She picked up her queen and placed it back on the board.

Peanut looked down at the board, not wanting to meet Grape’s eyes. “... Your queen was two spaces back.”
“I’m moving it there. That’s my turn.”

Peanut grasped his knight, holding it up for a while. “Grape… I get it. You’re scared. Mom and Dad are scared. And I assure you I’m scared witless right now.” He grasped Grape’s hand.
“But just because we’re afraid doesn’t mean we should be paralyzed. It doesn’t mean we can’t smile.”

Peanut looked out the window. “When I’m discharged from here… I’m not going into Wit-Pro.” He said simply.

Grape looked at Peanut pleadingly, her eyes close to tears. “Peanut please, listen to reason. Whoever shot you is still out there. We don’t know if he’ll try again.”

“Exactly.” Peanut said. “We don’t know. We don’t know if he’ll try again, we don’t know if I was his target, heck, we don’t know if he even had a target. For all we know, he could just be some crazy guy firing arrows into crowds for kicks.”

“But I’m not gonna just go hide in a hole because of what might happen. I’m not saying we should throw all caution to the wind. Of course we’ll be more vigilant and of course we’ll be more careful, but we can do all of that without pushing the pause button on our lives.” Peanut said.

“And how exactly do you plan to do that?” Grape said, sadness turning to indignation.
“Easy, instead of hiding, we go hunting.” Peanut said. “There’s already a neighborhood watch in the G.O.D. club. We join it and be on the lookout for any weirdo with a bow.”

Grape scoffed. “You do remember that Bino is still the head of G.O.D., right? He doesn’t exactly like us and he’s made it perfectly clear we are not allowed in the G.O.D.”

Peanut shrugged. “Something tells me that, after tonight, he might be more open to the idea.”
“C’mon Grape. Are you telling me you don’t want to get some payback at the fella that shot me?”

Grape gave Peanut a hard stare. “That’s not fair.”
“Fair or not, it’s the right thing to do Grape.” He returned.

Grape was silent for a long time before giving a defeated sigh. “You're gonna have a harder time convincing Mom and Dad.”
Peanut shrugged. “We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.” Peanut finally placed his knight back on the board. “Checkmate.”

Grape scoffed. “Jerk.”


In the dead of the night, Peanut and Grape have finally let themselves fall victim to sleep. Were they awake to witness what happened next, their lives may have taken a much different turn.

Alas, such is fate. The moment Peanut was struck with that arrow, it was a foregone conclusion that their lives were about to become much more bizarre.

And that begins with a black spot appearing suddenly on the walls of Peanut’s hospital room. The spot enlarged silently until it was two heads taller than an average sized animal.

And indeed, three animals stepped through the spot on the wall, covered head to toe in heavy, hooded cloaks.

One of the hooded turned to her compatriot and nodded. The compatriot turned to the still sleeping Grape and Peanut.

Sandman…” She whispered.

Were you to be in this room, you would see nothing.
Were you to be in this room, and be part of a very select group of individuals, you would see a bizarre humanoid creature suddenly appear out of thin air, standing beside its cloaked master.

The apparition’s body looked to be made of glass, and indeed one could see shimmering golden sand sifting gently inside it. Golden bands adorned the joints of its glass body with golden beads taking the place of its eyes.

The apparition, Sandman as its master called it, raised its arms before a cloud of its golden sand wafted into the room, gently sprinkling on Peanut’s and Grape’s sleeping forms.

“It’s done.” The cloaked figure said, no longer whispering, as she dismissed Sandman from existence with a wave. “They won’t be waking up.”

The other two nodded. With their identities now protected, they removed their hoods.

“Alright Fido, do your thing.” Sabrina said, as Tarot snapped her fingers, closing the portal behind them.

Fido nodded, carefully stepping over Grape’s cot to reach Peanut’s bed.
Once Fido stood above the unconscious patient, Fido hovered his hands above Peanut’s head.

My Wayward Son!” Fido announced. Just as before, a creature emanated from Fido’s very being. This time, the apparition was not at all humanoid, instead taking the appearance of a blue lizard with wild, red eyes. “Yiiiii!” The lizard screamed, apparently happy at the prospect of existing

The lizard possessed two tentacle-like appendages on its back which, after the lizard landed softly on Peanut’s back, snaked their way to the sides of Peanut’s cranium.

so would you recommend it i don’t know it’s corny but if you’re in the right mood AGH PEANUT

Satisfied, Fido called off My Wayward Son, the lizard disappearing into the same ether as Sandman.

“Well?” Tarot said. “Don’t keep us in suspense.”

Fido sighed. “My Wayward Son confirmed it. Peanut’s testimony was accurate.”
Sabrina cocked her head. “You really think Peanut was lying?” She accused.

Fido shook his head. “Not lying, but maybe… confused? It was a traumatic moment.”
He turned towards his companions. “Either way, we now have to deal with the elephant in the room: Peanut is a Stand User.”

Tarot sighed. “Wonderful. Has he activated his Stand yet?”
Again, Fido shook his head. “Thankfully, no. My Wayward Son didn’t see anything about him summoning it. As far he knows he’s still the same dog he was before getting shot.”

“That won’t last long.” Sabrina said. “Sooner or later, his Stand will come out.”

“Until then, we’ll just have to keep a close eye on him and help him when the time comes.” Tarot said. “Best case scenario, we’ll have another member to our merry band.”

“What’s the worst case scenario?” Sabrina asked.

“Peanut loses all control of his Stand and he becomes a walking weapon of mass destruction, in which case he will need to be put down in order to save the lives of thousands of innocents.” Tarot said. “But let’s plan for optimism, shall we?”

Fido nodded. “Besides, this might just be a blessing in disguise. Our enemy has played their hand a little too eagerly. In their attempt to add more pieces to the board, they’ve given up their queen.”

Fido reached into his cloak and pulled out the root of this convoluted situation. “Now we have the Arrow in our possession.” He said, brandishing the gold-tipped weapon in his hand.

There is something that must be understood before the story may continue. The nature of these Golden Arrows are enigmatic at best. Even Tarot and Sabrina, who have feverishly studied the Arrow since it has made its way to their small town, still know so little of its secrets.

But there is one thing they have learned: The Arrow has mind of its own. And when it senses someone nearby who is… worthy of its gift, then by God and by thunder, it will do everything in its power to bestow said gift.

It didn’t take much: Fido relaxing his grip on the Arrow ever so slightly just as he was stepping over Grape to return to Tarot and Sabrina, but that was all it took for the Arrow to slide out of Fido’s hand and fall straight down.

Sabrina would later count themselves lucky that Sandman rendered Grape into such a state of unconsciousness that she didn’t even feel the Arrow plunge itself into her chest, just as it did to Peanut the previous day.

Indeed, Grape still lay there, blissfully asleep as Fido looked horrified at his blunder.

“OH CRAP!” Tarot said calmly.


STAND BIOS (In Order of Appearance)

Stand Name: Immigrant
Stand User: Tarot
Power: E
Speed: A
Range: A
Durability: C
Precision: C
Development Potential: E
Immigrant takes the form of a black portal that connects two surfaces across any distance in space. The only limitation to Immigrant is that the User must have physically touched both surfaces to make the connection. Meaning Immigrant can only connect to areas the User has already been to.
Music Reference: Immigrant by Led Zeppelin

Stand Name: Sandman
Stand User: Sabrina
Power: B
Speed: C
Range: C
Durability: B
Precision: A
Development Potential: B
Sandman, true to its name, can release clouds of sand that, when it comes into contact with its target(s), induces a coma like sleep. The User can willingly control who is affected by the cloud and who is not. While under the influence of Sandman’s sand, the User can then induce a coma on their own body to enter a shared ‘dream-state’ between themselves and their target. The User can only do this for one target at a time.
Music Reference: Enter Sandman by Metallica

Stand Name: (Carry On) My Wayward Son
Stand User: Fido
Power: E
Speed: C
Range: A
Durability: D
Precision: B
Development Potential: A
(Carry On) My Wayward Son is a mind-reading Stand. By attaching its cables to a target’s head, it can relay the target’s memories to the User, though the memories are shown abrupt and disjointed, almost as if watching a clip show. The User can focus the memories by pinpointing on the target’s current situation and the specific events leading up to said situation. While it has incredible range and can remain autonomous from the User for up to several dozen yards, it still needs to make physical contact with its cables to read the target’s mind.
Music Reference: Carry On My Wayward Son by Kansas

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Post Re: Peanut and Grape's Bizarre Adventure [PG-13]
I don't know a whole lot about Jojo's bizarre adventure but I'm interested to see where this goes

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Post Re: Peanut and Grape's Bizarre Adventure [PG-13]
Sounds interesting. I think I'll enjoy reading this.


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Post Re: Peanut and Grape's Bizarre Adventure [PG-13]
Just as before, a creature emanated from Fido’s very being. This time, the apparition was not at all humanoid, instead taking the appearance of a blue lizard with wild, red eyes. “Yiiiii!” The lizard screamed, apparently happy at the prospect of existing


That's how I'll imagine it from now on :lol: :lol:

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Post Re: Peanut and Grape's Bizarre Adventure [PG-13]
I've recently gotten into JJBA, this is pretty cool, keep up the good work :3

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Post Re: Peanut and Grape's Bizarre Adventure [PG-13]
THEME SONG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEUb6LioH38 (Credits Below)

Morning came like any other. The sun hovered comfortably just above the horizon as the denizens of Babylon Gardens began their morning routines. Some early risers tackling the day with vigor, others are just now getting up, while others saw fit to continue sleeping well into the noon.

Grape would have been securely in the latter group had it not been for the step-step of padded paws on the hard linoleum floor her cot was on. She rubbed her eyes, preparing herself to greet the new day whether she wanted to or not.

“Morning Grape!” She heard Peanut say, his voice way too happy for how early it was. “You want some coffee?” He asked.

Grape mumbled something unintelligible while holding out her hand, hoping her body language would get her point across. She felt the hot mug slip into her fingers before she gave a grunt that almost sounded like ‘thanks’.

A few sips later, and the caffeine was already working its way through her system. Enough that she eventually realized something was... off about this whole morning.

Her eyes, now wide awake, fell to Peanut. He was standing off to the side of the room, pouring his own cup of coffee as if he needed the caffeine.

Peanut, whom the day before yesterday had an arrow strike him in the chest, was standing on his two feet without a care in the world. “P-Peanut!?” Grape sputtered, mentally cursing as she splashed hot coffee on herself. She would worry about that later.

She quickly scrambled off the cot and onto her feet, placing the mug down on the counter the coffee pot rested on. “Peanut! What are you doing out of bed!? How are you out of bed!?”
Grape gave Peanut a quick look-over. Aside from the bandages across his chest, he seemed perfectly healthy. He did not appear to be in any pain.

“Oh! Right…” Peanut said, sheepishly rubbing the back of his neck. “Uh… Honestly? I just felt… a lot better today. Like, whatever happened to me didn’t happen at all.”

He awkwardly took a sip of his coffee as Grape continued to stare at him in confusion. “That’s not, like, weird or anything. Is it?”


After a few moments, Grape had managed to corral Peanut’s doctor before dragging him back to Peanut’s room. Peanut dutifully waited for Grape to return after she told him, under no uncertainty, that he was forbidden from leaving his bed until the Doctor could take a look at him.

The Doctor walked in the room with Grape in tow, happy to see that his patient was feeling better but sharing Grape’s concern over just how quickly he got better. “Peanut, Grape tells me you are feeling… remarkably better since last night.” He said carefully.

Peanut shrugged in his bed. “I don’t know what to tell you, Doc. I woke up this morning feeling right as rain. If anything, I feel better than I have in a long time.”

The Doctor rubbed his chin while Grape looked at him expectantly, as if waiting for the Doctor to explain this medical impossibility.

“Well before you go off and run a mile, why don’t I take a look at your wound and see how it is healing?” The Doctor said. Peanut shrugged as the Doctor began unravelling his bandages. “I hope for your sake you didn’t jostle any of the stitches loo…” The Doctor would have continued, but his train of thought was quite derailed upon seeing the stitches in question fall from Peanut’s now bare chest and onto his lap.

Both Peanut and the Doctor stared incredulously at the bits of strings and staples that had only been recently attached to Peanut’s chest. Indeed, the chest in question was still shaved to make room for the sutures, but any evidence of an arrow wound had completely disappeared.
Peanut’s chest was as unscarred and unmarked as the day he was born.

“I… What?” The Doctor said, summing up the thoughts of everyone in the room.

The Doctor kept staring at Peanut’s chest, even grazing his fingers across it as if looking for an invisible wound. “That’s… not possible…”

Peanut could offer no explanation to the Doctor, who was currently going through a minor mental breakdown, so instead he just shrugged. “Sooooo, does this mean I can go?”


With Peanut the picture of perfect health, the hospital could do nothing to keep him, despite the Doctor’s insistence at running tests over his miraculous recovery.

In truth, Peanut was willing to take any excuse to leave the hospital as quickly as possible. He was all too ready to begin his search for the one who put him in the hospital in the first place.

Mr. and Mrs. Sandwich, happy that their boy was going to be okay but just as confused as everybody else over his recovery, were currently signing Peanut’s release papers with the hospital’s receptionist.

Meanwhile, Peanut and Grape were in the hospital gift shop, attempting to alleviate the issue of Peanut’s furless chest.

“So, you still gung-ho on this ‘Join the neighborhood watch’ thing?” Grape asked, looking through the collection of pet-sized shirts and jackets the gift shop had.
“Yep. That’s priority number one as soon as we get out of here.” Peanut replied, browsing a stack of comic books. “This hospital’s actually got some pretty old issues. I might be able to re-sell these for a decent profit.”

“Don’t change the subject.” Grape snapped, taking a… colorful jacket off the rack. “Here, try this on.”

Peanut looked over at Grape’s choice before wincing. To say the jacket was ‘gaudy’ would be polite. It was primarily electric blue in color, with gold trimming on the collar, ends of the sleeves, and bottom of the jacket. A gold star was embroidered across the entire chest with gold lettering in the center that read ‘You Go, Buddy!

Grape obviously knew how hideous it was, and pre-emptively added “Hey, it’s either this or the pink shirt with the smiling heart.”

Peanut huffed and took the jacket. As luck would have it, it was a perfect fit. Grape nodded, apparently satisfied, as she pulled her wallet out of her collar to pay for the jacket. “Well, I’m telling this to you right now: You’re not joining without me.”

Peanut smiled. “You think I’d have it any other way?”


Of course, it took a week of constant pestering before their parent’s would even think of letting Peanut actively search for his own assailant. And a week longer before they finally relented to let him join the G.O.D.’s neighborhood watch.

The major turning points in the argument were Grape’s insistence that she would be at Peanut’s side the whole time, and even some assurance from Fido himself who claimed it might actually be the safest place for Peanut, surrounded by pets who were specifically looking for his attacker.

Unfortunately, there still remained one hurdle to jump over: Asking the head of the G.O.D. himself, Bino.

Still, the two kept their hopes up as they marched into the G.O.D. clubhouse, spotting Bino looking over something on a clipboard. When Bino spotted the two walking up to him, he visibly sneered.

“Oh god no, what do you two want?” Bino said, already feeling a headache coming on. He almost didn’t take notice of Peanut’s choice of apparel. “Nice jacket.”

Peanut looked down at the blue and gold offender before covering up the ‘You Go, Buddy!’ with his arms. “It’s just until my fur grows back in…” He mumbled.

“Nice to see you too, jerk.” Grape scoffed.

“Need I remind you, Grape, that you are a cat in a clubhouse for dogs?” Bino smirked. “You’re not exactly welcome here.”

Just as he said this, two dogs passed by, offering Grape a couple of friendly waves. “Hey, Grape! Wassup!” “How’s it going, Grape!” The two said, high-fiving Grape as they passed.

Grape gave a smirk to the now livid dog in front of her. “You were saying?”
Bino slapped his face, giving an angry sigh. “What… Do you want?”

Peanut gave a friendly smile, trying desperately to salvage the situation. “We’re here to join the club’s neighborhood watch.”

To their surprise, Bino didn’t immediately shut them down. Instead, he raised an eyebrow inquisitively. “That so?” He said simply.

“Yeah. We wanted to try and find the guy who shot me with that arrow a few weeks back.” Peanut said before giving Bino an earnest smile. “By the way, I never got to thank you for giving me some of your blood. You might have saved my life.”

Bino’s eyes widened, apparently not expecting any gratitude. He looked away, rubbing his arm. “I said don’t mention it.”

The three stood in an awkward silence for a solid few seconds, the two obviously waiting for an answer from Bino.

“... Fine. The watch isn’t really a part of the club anyway, we just oversee it. So you don’t technically have to be members to join.” He finally said. “Plus… I guess I can understand wanting to find the guy who shot you.”

He held out his hand towards Peanut. “Welcome aboard, I guess…” Peanut quickly took the hand and shook it happily. Bino hesitated before offering his hand again to Grape who was just as hesitant in shaking it.

“Okay.” Bino said. “First thing you can do, Grape, is go find Max and ask him about patrol routes.”

Grape cocked her head. “Wait, Max is in the watch? You let Max join?”

Bino shrugged. “Like I said, the watch isn’t technically a part of G.O.D.. Pretty much anyone can join. Anyway, he should be able to point you guys where you need to go. You should be able to find him in the park along with some other volunteers.”

Grape shrugged, turning to leave. “Good a start as any. Let’s go Peanut.”
Peanut turned to leave as well before Bino placed his hand on Peanut’s shoulder.

“Ah, actually I need to talk to Peanut.” Bino said. “In private.”

Grape turned back, clearly confused. “Why?”
Bino tried to keep his cool. “I… want to talk to him about the attack. Y’know, get his eyewitness report and all that stuff.”

Grape wasn’t exactly buying Bino’s excuse, but Peanut held up his hand before she could say anything. “It’s okay Grape, I can stay for a bit. Go ahead and meet up with Max, I’ll catch up with you.”

“You sure?” Grape said. Peanut nodded, motioning for Grape to get a move on.
Grape stood still for a few more seconds before turning on her heel. “Head straight for the park when you're done, I’ll be waiting for you.” With that, Grape began to walk out the clubhouse.

Peanut called after her. “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine!”
When Grape was out of sight, Peanut turned back towards Bino. “So you wanted to talk in private?” He said, motioning to all of the dogs milling about the clubhouse around them.

“Right.” Bino said. “Follow me; we’ll talk in the meeting room. It should be empty right now.” The two walked towards the room in question. “Unless Sasha and Kevin are making out in there… again.” Bino said with a groan.


Luckily, the meeting room was devoid of any such snogging, leaving Peanut and Bino as the only two in the room.

“So what exactly do you want to know?” Peanut asked, Bino standing across the room with his back turned to Peanut. “I’m afraid there’s not much I can tell you. It kind of happened in an instant.”

“Oh I know.” Bino said. “I know exactly what happened to you.”
“You do?” Peanut asked. “Then why did you want to talk to me?”

Bino turned around to face Peanut, who gasped when he saw just how icy Bino’s stare was. “Because the same thing happened to me…” Bino said.

Peanut looked confused. “The same thing? You mean you were shot with an arrow, too!?”

To Peanut’s surprise, Bino suddenly cracked out a humorless laugh. “Oh man, how long has my brother and his merry band been trying to find that dang thing?” Bino pointed accusingly at Peanut, clearly getting angry. “And now suddenly their oh-so-fearsome ‘enemy’ just leaves the arrow sticking out of you!?”

Peanut started to become nervous as Bino started ranting, more to himself than anybody. “Oh! But when it’s MY turn to get shot, he’s gotta rip that sucker out so he can just keep on making more Stand Users.” Bino started to glare at Peanut again. “I don’t mind telling you that it freaking hurt when he did!”

Peanut was now suddenly very afraid to be in the same room with this raving dog. “Uh… Bino? What on earth are you talking about?”

Bino stared incredulously at Peanut. “You don’t know, do you?” He said. “Have you summoned your Stand yet?”
“Answer the question, Peanut!” Bino yelled. “Have. You summoned. Your Stand yet?”

“Bino, I don’t know what you’re talking about!” Peanut said. “What is going on!?

Bino scoffed. “Fine… Fine…” He paced around the room. “Chances are that little witch is already planning something to do with you. But I wanna see what you're capable of for myself, first.”

Bino spread his legs as he took a stance in front of Peanut. “And unfortunately for you, the best way to awaken a Stand is when its User is under… duress.”

Before Peanut could say anything in response, something utterly strange happened. In a flash of light, Bino was suddenly surrounded by a bright, red aura. “You wanna know what a Stand is, Peanut? This is a Stand! Crush 40!

As soon as Bino said its name, his Stand suddenly materialized out of the red aura surrounding his body. Crush 40 was humanoid in shape with a slim figure. Its body was seemingly split in half, lengthwise. On one half, the Stand’s body was composed almost entirely of fire while the other half was composed almost entirely of ice. It had no facial features save for glowing, white eyes that looked absolutely furious.

Peanut shrieked at what appeared to be a monster hovering just behind Bino. “What…! What is that!?”

“So you can see it!” Bino accused. “That proves it, you are a Stand User!”

Bino started walking towards Peanut, Crush 40 following its master dutifully. Peanut, not wanting to see where any of this insanity was going, ran straight toward the door.

“Oh no you don’t!” Bino said. He raised his left hand toward the door, causing Crush 40 to do the same with his ice covered hand. A blast of cold air shot past Peanut before hitting the door, exploding into ice that covered the door almost completely.

“Ah!” Peanut screamed, forced to turn and face Bino and his pet monster again.

“You’re not going anywhere until you summon your own Stand.” Bino said. He raised his right hand this time, with Crush 40 mirroring his movements. The air above the Stand’s hand suddenly ignited into a large fireball. “You might want to hurry up.”

Crush 40 reeled back his hand before hurling the fireball straight towards Peanut like a Baseball pitcher.

Peanut covered his eyes and placed his arms over his head, completely unaware of the green aura glowing around him. He waited for the fireball to burn him to a crisp but he felt… nothing. Nothing other than a gentle breeze.

He risked taking a peek before seeing what looked to be a transparent, glass square in front of him. It was clearly what took the fireball for him. The ‘glass’ disappeared as quickly as it came, leaving Peanut to wonder where it came from in the first place.

“Ahem.” Peanut turned towards Bino as he was trying to get his attention. He didn’t say anything, instead pointing to something behind Peanut.

Against his better judgement, Peanut turned to look at what Bino was pointing at before gasping. What stood behind Peanut was yet another Stand. Like Bino’s, it was humanoid in stature but with clearly avian features like a beaked face, feathers, and razor sharp talons for feet. Its plumage was a pattern of green, black and white vertical lines.

Peanut didn’t know why, but he felt like he instinctively knew the name of this creature.

Ballroom… Blitz…

“It’s about time.” Bino said. “Seriously Peanut, I’ve got better things to do than kick your butt.”

That did it. Peanut would be the first to admit he never got along with Bino, but at least he tried to be amicable with him. But after this whole stunt of cornering him like an animal (his actual status as an animal notwithstanding), taunting him, and trying to set him on fire!

Peanut had enough.

Bino wanted to see his Stand so badly? Peanut was going to show him just what his Stand could do… as soon as he figured that out himself.

Peanut stood back up on his feet, Ballroom Blitz standing by his side. Bino smiled wide as Crush 40 prepared another fireball.

“Alright Bino, You want this, you got this!”


STAND BIOS (In Order of Appearance)
Stand Name: Crush 40
Stand User: Bino
Power: A
Speed: C
Range: D
Durability: B
Precision: B
Development Potential: B
Crush 40 has the ability to manipulate the temperature of anything it touches, including air. Its left hand can generate extreme cold while its right hand can generate extreme heat. It can also fire ‘temperature blasts’ that don’t come into effect until they actually hit something other than air. Crush 40 also makes its User immune to extreme cold and heat.
Music Reference: The band Crush 40

Stand Name: Ballroom Blitz
Stand User: Peanut
Power: A
Speed: B
Range: D
Durability: C
Precision: B
Development Potential: A
Ballroom Blitz has the ability to make invisible constructs of empty space. Anything caught within these constructs, including air, will be forcibly pushed out. The bigger the object, the more force behind the push. Ballroom Blitz has two major weaknesses. Its constructs can only take the form of simple geometric shapes, meaning it cannot make complex, moving constructs. Also, its constructs are static and cannot be moved once created, only dissipated. Beyond these limitations, Ballroom Blitz can create any shape of construct the User can imagine.
Music Reference: Ballroom Blitz by The Sweet.

Theme Song Credits:

Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town, Opening theme to Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable

Originally composed and performed by THE DU

English cover composed and performed by Triv and Mark de Groot (JorporXx)

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Post Re: Peanut and Grape's Bizarre Adventure [PG-13]
So to anyone still interested in this fic, know that I still plan on continuing it, but after a very short hiatus.

The thing is the webcomic itself is going through a pretty big story arc right now and I want to see if the status quo in the established lore goes through any major changes before I get too deep into this story.

(I made the same mistake with my Power Rangers crossover, which I'm sad to say is pretty much dead barring the possibility of deciding to re-write it from scratch in the future)

So, again, I apologize for going all Diva and putting it on hiatus only two chapters in, but I will continue it after the current story arc wraps up.

Fri Jun 23, 2017 3:21 am

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Post Re: Peanut and Grape's Bizarre Adventure [PG-13]
Soooooo ... any thoughts about returning to your saga? It's very good, and you really left us hangin' !

Sat Dec 02, 2017 8:53 pm
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Post Re: Peanut and Grape's Bizarre Adventure [PG-13]
Well, I've played the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure arcade games by Capcom, so I am somewhat familiar to the story.

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Post Re: Peanut and Grape's Bizarre Adventure [PG-13]
NHWestoN Wrote:
Soooooo ... any thoughts about returning to your saga? It's very good, and you really left us hangin' !

Like I said, I wanna wait for the current story arc in the comic to wrap up, which it seems like its getting close to.

I have some places I want to take this story, but I want to make sure canon isn't going to shoot me in the foot before I even get started.

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Post Re: Peanut and Grape's Bizarre Adventure [PG-13]
Understood. Good stuff's always worth a wait.


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Post Re: Peanut and Grape's Bizarre Adventure [PG-13]
JageshemashFTW Wrote:
NHWestoN Wrote:
Soooooo ... any thoughts about returning to your saga? It's very good, and you really left us hangin' !

Like I said, I wanna wait for the current story arc in the comic to wrap up, which it seems like its getting close to.

I have some places I want to take this story, but I want to make sure canon isn't going to shoot me in the foot before I even get started.

*reads most recent comic*
Well, just rip up all of my fanfictions then, Rick.

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Post Re: Peanut and Grape's Bizarre Adventure [PG-13]
What were you planning to do anyway?

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Post Re: Peanut and Grape's Bizarre Adventure [PG-13]
Krytus The Dreamer Wrote:
What were you planning to do anyway?

Well, I mostly meant that as a joke, since I don't really know what the endgame of this arc is going to be and I'm sure I can work around it.

Basically, without giving too much away, I wanted to involve the celestials in my story. That's why I wanted to wait because I felt like the celestials would be the most impacted by the end of this arc.

That said, It's looking like the arc isn't going to end anytime soon and it's not like the celestials are immediately going to become a large part of the plot.

That and I just really want to update again so, I'm definitely going to post the next chapter soon. Continuity be danged.

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Post Re: Peanut and Grape's Bizarre Adventure [PG-13]
True, nothin's more canonical than continuity....

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Post Re: Peanut and Grape's Bizarre Adventure [PG-13]
As Bino, or rather Crush 40, assaulted Peanut again and again with alternating blasts of fire and ice, Peanut found that Ballroom Blitz’ spatial constructs made for excellent shields.

Throughout much of the fight thus far, Peanut has spent most of his effort experimenting with BB’s abilities.

Peanut was perceptive, especially in duress. Others in his position would probably be quivering in fear witnessing a monster emerge from their own body while another monster threw fireballs at their face.

Peanut’s mind, however, was too busy connecting the dots of everything that Bino said since bringing him into the meeting room. Rambling on and on about the Golden Arrow, how he had been pierced by the Arrow just like Peanut, how being pierced by the arrow gave him this… spirit or ghost or… Stand.

Stand. That was the name Bino used to refer to Crush 40. He kept telling Peanut to summon his Stand, over and over.

Peanut was starting to get the whole picture. He and Bino were somehow given these ethereal guardians, these ‘Stands’, from being struck by the Golden Arrow.

There were, of course, many questions Peanut had for Bino, but the club leader was a little preoccupied at the moment.

“You can’t stay on the defensive forever, Peanut!” Bino yelled, lobbing an iceball that spread a blast of cold around an invisible shield BB just barely put up in time. “What are you going to do when a Stand user attacks you for real?”

For real!?” Peanut sputtered. “What the heck do you call this!?”

Bino smirked. “Training.” Another fireball was let loose, a straight pitch to Peanut’s face.

What happened next was nothing short of serendipity as Peanut reacted just a bit too slow to create the invisible construct before it was hit. Instead, Crush 40’s fireball ended up inside the construct, seemingly frozen within the prism.

Before Bino or Peanut could react to this, a loud PHOOM sound, like air being pushed through a pump, came from the construct as Crush 40’s fireball was sent straight back at Bino. Bino just barely managed to react in time, throwing himself to the ground as the fireball flew over him and struck the stage behind him.

A small fire managed to spread from where the fireball hit before Bino smothered it with a blast of cold air from Crush 40’s left hand. “Okay…” Bino said. “Not a bad trick.”
Bino positioned Crush 40 in front of him to shield Bino from another deflection. “But it’s not gonna work twice.”

Peanut took another look at the construct that caught Crush 40’s fireball. He remembered that whenever Ballroom Blitz created a construct in front of him, Peanut felt a rush of air, as if the very air inside the construct was pushed out.

Just like the fireball.

With nary a passing thought to where this burgeoning plan was going, Peanut willed Ballroom Blitz to create a new construct, a large tapered cylinder with the narrow end pointed straight at Bino.

And he formed the cylinder… around himself.

Peanut’s hypothesis was proven true as he immediately felt a force push him out of his own construct towards the tapered end. With a loud POP, Peanut was flung at high speeds straight towards Crush 40.

Another thing to note of Stands is that they, with some exceptions, cannot operate very far from their User. Think of a invisible rope tying Stand to User, so when the User goes anywhere, their Stand will follow them.

So it was when Peanut launched himself a high speeds straight towards Bino and Crush 40, Ballroom Blitz came with him.

With Bino unable to react in time to the suddenly projectile dog coming towards him, Ballroom Blitz took advantage of the momentum to land a solid punch on the center mass of Crush 40.
Then another. Then another. Then another ten. Then another hundred.

Ballroom Blitz’ arms became a blur of motion as countless blow after blow landed on Crush 40’s body, screaming a guttural battle cry in a distortion of Peanut’s own voice.


Another ‘quirk’ of being a Stand User is that the User often, again with exceptions, feels everything that happens to their Stand. So when Crush 40 fell victim to Ballroom Blitz’ hurricane of punches, countless phantom fists struck Bino simultaneously. When the barrage was over, the force sent Bino flying into the stacked folding chairs next to the stage, causing a loud crash.

When the adrenaline of the fight subsided, Peanut suddenly became very worried. That was not a soft landing by any measure of the word. Whatever problems Bino’s… volatile temperament caused, Peanut never wanted to…
However, Peanut was able to breathe a sigh of relief as Bino managed to struggle his way out of the mess of chairs, seemingly no worse for wear than a few bruises.

“Okay, I’m glad I didn’t accidentally kill you.” Peanut said. “But how are you just getting back up?”

Bino brushed himself off, shooting a sharp glare at Peanut. “Stand Users are a bit more resilient than most people. You’d have to hit me a lot harder to kill me.”

Bino cringed as he rubbed out the kinks in his arm. “But make no mistake. That hurt… a lot. So let’s just call this a draw.”

Peanut cocked an eyebrow. “Sooo… Just like that? What was this all about Bino?”

Bino shrugged. “I said I wanted to see what you could do for myself, so I did.”

Bino suddenly held up three fingers and started counting down. “And three… two… one…”


“Right on time.” Bino said, facepalming.

Peanut looked around, trying to locate the owner of the phantom voice and realizing he’s heard it before but never so… furious.

“Tarot?” Peanut said. As if on cue, a pitch black void opened in the floor of the club’s meeting room. Peanut, understandably, backed away from the void in fear but he noticed that Bino was standing undisturbed by the inky black vortex, if a little annoyed.

Rising from the vortex were three hooded figures. As soon as they crossed over completely, the black portal closed, leaving the room as it was save for the three new occupants.

The shortest of the figures pulled back her hood to reveal a very perturbed pomeranian. “Just what the heck was this stunt for Bino! What were you trying to accomplish!”

Bino shot a glare right back at Tarot. “Don’t pretend you're so innocent. I know you want to bring him into the fold, I just wanted to see if he could keep up.”

The other two lowered their hoods in turn, revealing Fido and Sabrina. “You don’t think you could have handled that a bit more… diplomatically?” Fido asked.

Bino scoffed. “Don’t give me that. Stands respond to duress. Would you rather he awaken his Stand in an actually dangerous situation? Would you rather he be completely unprepared for an actual fight?”
Sabrina pinched the bridge of her nose, clearly trying to stave off a growing headache. “There were other ways you could have…”

“WHAT IS GOING ON!” Peanut shouted. The other four pets in the room were suddenly reminded of his presence as the poor dog stood freaking out as the events of the day suddenly caught up to him.

Tarot suddenly looked very guilty as she stared at her near-traumatized boyfriend. “Okay, Peanut. Calm down and take a seat. We have a lot to talk about.”


Time passed as Peanut came to his senses, allowing Tarot, Sabrina, and Fido to answer all his questions. Bino stood silently to the side, still clearly in the hotbox from the other three.

“Okay.” Peanut started. “So the Golden Arrow is what caused this?”

Tarot nodded. “Yes, the Golden Arrow, or Arrows more likely, has been around since pre-civilization. Everytime it appears in history, it causes a large wave of Stands to suddenly awaken.”

“Okay, right, okay, and… Stands… What are they?” Peanut asked.

Tarot shrugged. “Best answer? A psychic anthropomorphic projection of your own… Spirit? Soul? It’s difficult to put to words. Basically, it’s a guardian who stands by your side. Hence the name ‘Stand’.”

Peanut looked over his shoulder, as if expecting to see Ballroom Blitz to be there, but his Stand as well as Bino’s both seemingly evaporated into thin air after their fight. “Is it… alive?”

Tarot shook her head. “Not in the traditional sense. It has no will of its own, just an extension of your own will.”

“So, that black portal. That was your…” Peanut said, pointing at the floor.

“Yes, that was my Stand, Immigrant.” Tarot said.

“And the rest of you?” Peanut asked, gesturing vaguely to his girlfriend’s ensemble.

“Mmm, yeah.” Sabrina said. “I don’t know if we should…”

“Go ahead.” Tarot said. “There’s no reason to keep secrets now.” she said, throwing a glance at Bino.
Sabrina and Fido nodded to each other before they were also covered in their own aura, yellow for Sabrina and blue for Fido. From Sabrina came a humanoid figure made of glass filled with golden sand. From Fido came a large blue lizard with wild red eyes and a pair of tentacles waving wildly from it’s back.

“May I introduce Sandman…” Sabrina started.
“And My Wayward Son.” Fido finished.

Peanut stared at the two new apparitions before finally asking. “Why are they all named after music?”

Tarot stared blankly before suddenly chuckling. “That… is a mystery I haven’t figured out yet.”

But suddenly, Tarot stood up with Peanut slowly following suit, still digesting all of this new info.

“But we’ll have to continue this later. We need to go. Now.” Tarot turned to leave with Fido, Sabrina, and even Bino following her.

“Wait! Where are we going?” Peanut asked.

Tarot suddenly had a look of guilt flash across her face as she turned to Peanut. “To find Grape. She was also struck with the Arrow. And if your Stand awoke this fast, then She needs us to be there when her’s awakens too.”

“Whoa whoa, wait! When did Grape get hit with the Arrow!” Peanut demanded.

Fido and Sabrina suddenly shared the same guilty look as Tarot.

“Oh, this should be good.” Bino smirked.


Grape found Max along with other members of the neighborhood watch next to the woods, looking like they were discussing patrol routes. Grape was surprised to see a pretty even split of both humans and pets within the watch, even some feral animals from the woods. She supposed a mad man shooting arrows around would cause everyone to be worried.

“Hey Max!” Grape said, trying to get the black cat’s attention.

Max apparently didn’t hear her in the crowd. He didn’t even take notice of her until she tapped his shoulder. He turned in surprise giving Grape a confused look.

“Hey, there you are.” Grape said smiling. Max gave his own awkward smile. “Yep! Here I am.”
“So, I Peanut and I decided to join the watch. Bino told me to find you on where I should patrol.” Grape said.

Max looked around, as if seeing if someone was listening in. Then, like a switch, something changed in Max’s face as he turned towards Grape with a toothy smile.

“Yeah yeah, sure. Um… why don’t you just walk with me through the woods? Extra pair of eyes and all that.” Max said.

Grape couldn’t help but purr a little at that. “Hmm, a private walk in the woods? Your not just trying to get me alone, are you Maxie?” She said.

Max looked confused at this before a look of realization crossed his face. “Oh, OH! Heh, yeah totally.”

With that, the two turned away from the group which paid the two cats no mind as they headed into the woods alone.


A dozen minutes or so passed before the two were well and truly deep in the woods. Grape couldn’t help but feel as though their wanderings were a little aimless.
“Um, Max sweetie. Where exactly are we going?” She asked.

Max was walking ahead of her, his back turned to her. “Just a little further er, babe.”

“Babe?” Grape muttered.

A few more minutes passed before Max stopped in a clearing. Grape knew they walked far enough to be a good distance away from anything resembling civilization.

“Okay Max, what is going on.” Grape scoffed. “What are we hoping to find all the way out here?”

Max apparently didn’t hear her, or he simply ignored her as he started talking to himself. “Yeah, this should be far enough.”

Grape was suddenly very worried. “Far enough for what?”

Max turned to Grape to reveal a mad grin and wild eyes stretching his face. “For no one to hear your screams. SMOKE ON THE WATER!

With that, a white aura formed around Max’s body as a strange creature seemed to form from Max’s very presence. It looked like a black and white harlequin but its proportions were far too spindly and wispy to be any kind of human. Its face was covered in a black and white mask, split down the middle to show both a face of joy and sorrow.

Grape, understandably, was freaking out at the sight of this as Max started rushing towards her.
As he did, the harlequin Stand, Smoke on the Water, waved its hands causing a sparkling dust to fall on Max’s body. As Max charged, his form seemed to be getting more and more transparent, his body seemed to be spreading out, like an image under the blur tool of a computer.

Like a cloud of smoke, Max’s body passed through a paralyzed Grape before solidiying itself behind her, knocking her to the ground with a solid kick to the back.

Grape managed to scurry away before Max threw a punch to the downed purple cat. Looking back, Grape saw that Max’s fist had embedded itself in the earth having now become solid and hard as stone.

“Wha-What the heck!” Grape shouted. “Why are you doing this Max!”

Max gave another crazy smile before throwing his head back in mad laugh. “I’m not Max!” he said.

Grape slowly got back to her feet. “What?”

Max, or rather, the person who looked like Max pointed to his forehead. As Grape focused where her assailant was pointing, she saw an iron headband suddenly shimmer into existence.

“This…” The imposter Max said. “Is my real Stand: Rob Zombie!

“What are you talking about!” Grape said. “What is going on!”

The imposter laughed again. “Rob Zombie allows me to fully control the body of whoever wears it. And if I happen to be controlling another Stand User, I gain control of their Stand as well. Like your ‘Maxie’s’ Smoke on the Water.

Grape didn’t fully understand everything the imposter was saying, but a few things got through. Namely, that this was Max fighting her, but not of his own accord. That headband was causing him to act like this.

Grape suddenly found all of the fear in her mind disappear, as if an invisible hand wiped it away. “Tell me something. Are you the one who launched that arrow in Peanut’s chest?”

The imposter laughed again. “I don’t know who this Peanut guy is, but if he ain’t dead then he just joined a very special club. Same as Maxie and you.”

“What are you talking about?” Grape demanded.
The imposter got a look of sick glee. “One of Rob Zombie’s other powers is the ability to sense other Stand Users. And you reek of a Stand ‘Babe’.”

“Answer my question! Did you. Hurt. Peanut!”

The imposter scoffed. “Not me. But my boss probably did. Which means after I drag you to him kicking and screaming, I’m gonna track down Peanut and do the same to him!”

Something within Grape snapped. Something instinctual and primal inside her was coming out. A dark red aura surrounded Grape just as one did for Max. A new Stand birthed itself out of Grape’s body. Like Smoke on the Water, Grape’s Stand was humanoid but much more stocky and solid in proportions. It’s skin seemed to made of rusted red metal with pipes threading down its arms, ending in two large pistons on the Stand’s wrists. It’s face was covered with a red metal mask that wouldn’t look out of place on a medieval knight.

The imposter Max looked at this sight before letting out whistle. “I don’t mind telling you, that is one impressive looking Stand!”

“You have no idea. But you will.” Grape promised. “Say hello to Rammstein!


STAND BIOS (In Order of Appearance)

Stand Name: Smoke on the Water
Stand User: Max
Power: B
Speed: B
Range: D
Durability: C
Precision: C
Development Potential: B
Smoke on the Water has the ability to change the density of its User via its ‘dust’. The User can become as light and intangible as smoke or as heavy and solid as steel. The User can also willingly choose whether their whole body’s density alters or only parts of their body.
Music Reference: Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple

Stand Name: Rob Zombie
Stand User: ?
Power: N/A
Speed: N/A
Range: AA
Durability: B
Precision: N/A
Development Potential: F
Rob Zombie manifests as a headband that allows the User to take complete control of the motor functions of anyone that the Stand attaches itself too. If the target happens to be a Stand User, Rob Zombie allows the User to control the target’s Stand as well, giving the User a basic understanding of the target’s Stand powers, implying some kind of control over whatever metaphysical source allows for the Stand’s existence. It can also sense other Stand Users.
Music Reference: The musician Rob Zombie

Stand Name: Rammstein
Stand User: Grape
Power: ?
Speed: ?
Range: ?
Durability: ?
Precision: ?
Development Potential: ?
Music Reference: The band Rammstein

So with the majority of our main characters’ Stands revealed, do any of you have a favorite Stand so far?

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Post Re: Peanut and Grape's Bizarre Adventure [PG-13]
Please remember to leave comments. There's nothing I love more than feedback, good or bad.

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